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favorite pull up


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I just wish Goodnites were slightly larger! They work even better with an infant diaper stuffed inside (there are tutorials on other web sites where you can put the diaper in between the Goodnites interior layer and the plastic)

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My favorite pull-up has been and always will be Goodnites. I've tried them back when they were all white and unisex. I have tried Pampers Underjams but wasn't too pleased with the product the sides always broke a part after wearing them for awhile. Not sure if they improved or stayed the same.

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My new favorite pull-up is the tena extra. I like then because they are very comfortable and soft. They have leg gathers which is something I always look for on any diaper or pull-up. The absorbency is better then the attends over night. I have used the tranquility pull-ups and they always leak on me and these haven't.

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Since they were introduced in 2014 I have worn GoodNites Tru-Fit as my work day pull-up diaper.

When in Australia or New Zealand I wear the Tena adult pull-ups sold there during the day and Tena adult diapers in bed.

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The one thing I hate about all adult pull-ups is the frilly grandma panty look they all seem to have around the waistline. Would love to see one of the AB diaper manufacturers come up with a AB style pull-up.

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