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Found 11 results

  1. Witch's Baby

    One day a curious teenager wanders into the woods and fonds a curious cabin. The cabin belongs to a witch! The witch (or wizard!!) a little older than the teen ager. The witch invites the teen in hopes of slowly getting the teenager diaper dependant and like an infant! Does anyone want to be the witch/wizard?
  2. Wet In My Sleep

    I wear a diaper to bed most nights, not because I have to but because it's comforting and I want to. I don't have to wear because I was a bed wetter until I was almost 17 when my parents finally broke me using a bed wetting alarm. the problem with doing this is that I have urge incontinence and an overactive bladder so my bladder capacity is very small. I don't have the capacity to go 8 hours without voiding. I really don't have the capacity to go 4 hours without voiding unless I've purposely dehydrated myself beforehand. The result is that even though I wear a diaper to bed I wake up at the first urge to go so I just get up and use the toilet. This saves me money because I can slip the diaper off in the morning and reuse it when I get home from work. I woke up twice during the night last night. I got up and used the toilet and then just pulled up my diaper afterwards. When I got up this morning I didn't notice anything wrong until I had slipped my diaper down past my knees and I noticed it was heavy. Way heavier than a dry diaper would be. Sometime between my 2nd time getting up and morning I must have wet myself in my sleep without waking. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. The only times I've wet since being broke with wit alarm is a couple times when I got stupidly drunk. I have terrible daytime control but I never worried about staying at a hotel or as a guest at someone's house without a diaper on because I had 100% confidence that I'd wake up to pee. There's major conflict going on in my mind about this. On the one side I'm happy and hopeful that I might be able to sleep through the night and not have to keep having my sleep inturupted. On the other side I know what it is to be a bed wetter without control and I wouldn't be able to choose to sleep undiapered even if I wanted to. It would make traveling or visiting relatives logistically more difficult. Whatever this is I'll just deal with it. Hugs, Freta
  3. Opps, I forgot my night diaper

    From the album wet night

    Another wet bed, oh my.
  4. The Pee Fairy

    Enuresis was struggling she couldn't believe these two mortals had captured her so easy. One had her by her yellow gossamer wings. She could not be seen by mortals because they didn't know for sure if Fairies existed and she didn't want to be the one to remove all doubt. She fluttered her wings but just couldn't free herself but she was in a great position and when she kicked out she got #2 in the place where mortal men hate to get kicked. She was able to get around enough to bite #1 mortal in the thumb. She heard you bitch and was smashed against the wall, that was the last she remembered for a while. When she came to #1&2 were both passed out, both had been drunk when they caught her, that was why she was so surprised when they had actually caught her. She checked her wing and one was good the other was bent at an awkward angle. She had heard of it but didn't believe it until now, that was when Fairies and mortal meet the Fairy looses control of their bladders she was wet, her gown was wet she waved her wand and both mortals lost control of their bladders. She knew she couldn't fly to the kingdom, but how far could it be? She began walking and she noticed that the sun was getting low in the East. Night was over she found a place to sleep in an old hollow log. When the sun was getting low in the West she crawled out of the log. Her body didn't hurt as bad as earlier her wing was still out of commission, and she was wetter than she was last time, hopeful that goes away soon she thought. About 3 hours later she arrived at the Kingdom and when the other fairies saw her condition she was rushed t the Royal Fairy Hospital. when she awoke again her wing was straight but had a cast on it. She looked between her legs and she had wet diaper on. The Doctor said I'm Doctor Fairyhealer your in somewhat bad shape. What kind of mortal contact did you have? They almost captured me, but I fought them off, they were drunks. She said trying to minimize the contact.
  5. Two months in diapers

    Two months ago, I had an accident while out in public. It was a concern to say the least. I went home and changed, and told my wife about it. She was very understanding. She went to Walgreens and bought me some XL sized adult diapers. The largest package they had. I tried one on and loved the feel of it. I went out and ran some errands again, and felt so much more secure wearing the diaper. I didn't feel like anyone knew I was wearing one. I didn't have an accident, but I did have to go, and since I was wearing a diaper, I just went in the diaper. It was kind of convenient, actually. Since then, I've worn diapers all the time. I wasn't going to wear them to bed but my wife reminded me of the price of a new mattress and so I wore a diaper to bed that night. When I got up the next morning, my diaper was wet, not real wet, but clearly I'd peed in it at night. I told my wife and she good about it. She told me I wasn't getting any younger and that this was part of getting older. I decided then that I would wear diapers all the time. I've gotten used to the idea and have a supply of plastic pants that I wear over them. I go in the diapers all the time now, and have more and more accidents, where I go but it's not intentional. I wet my diaper at night about 2 or 3 times a night. I think I'm heading towards total incontinence, but I'm not sure if this is how it goes... slowly. Which makes sense, since I'm guessing people don't become incontinent over night. I was a little upset about this at first, but now, I've embraced it. The Experience Project has been helpful as well. I'll update periodically as this continues, kind of a blog so to speak.
  6. For the longest time I've used goodnights, but they lack any protection in the back. This is a problem because recently I've had issues with pooling and leaking. So I've been wanting to try fitted briefs. I'm having trouble finding out what's really good since every supplier says that there product is "the highest quality for iccontinece." I know the general rules like briefs are better than pull-ups, as general rule depends suck, and form can decide if it will leak or not. I think the best ones I can get my hands on locally are tenna or attends, but I don't know much beyond that. Any help?
  7. Our bed

    From the album Bed wetting

    Can you guess which side of the bed is mine?
  8. how to start bed wetting

    I am looking for help so I can wet the bed while asleep. Can anyone help need tips allready drinking 2 pints water before bed time
  9. Bed Wetters General

    I know a lot of people out there who were prone to bedwetting at a young age even into their teens, I was among them. There was something about diapers, I enjoyed them but I didn't like the sticky and irritated feeling in my skin or the reprimands from parents on the topic. I was glad I was over it at 11. The first time I went diapered 24-7, I was abruptly stopped when I began wetting the bed at about 2 weeks, I stopped wearing trying to stop the nocturnal wetting but for 3 days I was getting worried and was doing a lot of laundry. I had a trip coming up so I discontinued any diaper play for about 2 months. Around New years I decided to do it, I was in a stable environment, a dependable supply of diapers, and some people I could talk to. It's now passed day 80 and it's becoming more routine, I was still a little intimidated when I started bed wetting again and it took a lot of reflection to get passed my deep embedded subconscious thoughts regarding it. When I upgraded to a more absorbent diaper after 30 days I was a bit surprised that the result was a more comfortable nights sleep. I started to get used to wetting every night, that became the case. A few nights I went undiapered and was happy I didn't wet the sheets, I still felt in control. That was broken down recently when I went undiapered and fell asleep after a bath and woke up in a tangled web of wet blankets, sheets and a robe. I was disappointed in myself for one of two things either going undiapered... or wetting the bed... I couldn't decide which. I Tried again the next night and was met again with a morning of laundry. It was hard to share with the people I confided in as it was hard to joke about, "Well it's just diapers from now on then" I was selective with who I told and made it a priority to diaper up every night. Since then it's been a pleasant transition. I was wondering what other people experience in regards to this controversial topic, depending upon choice or circumstance, wetting at a young age or starting as an adult. Trials, implications, wisdom, regrets, experiences, observations, thoughts, or questions I wouldn't mind speaking on the topic.
  10. I Finally Joined! (First Post)

    Hello everybody! I've been reading the forums for the past few days and really been enjoying myself so I finally decided to join in on the real fun. Just wanted to introduce myself and meet some members. I'm a 24yr old DL in TX. I was a bed wetter growing up and as a youngster my parents put me back in diapers to protect my mattress. I absolutely loved them and I would keep them on as long as possible the next morning until my parents pulled the plug. I started buying them on my own many years later in my mid teens and been wearing on and off since then. Now for the first time in my life I live alone and I would really be enjoying myself being diapered all the time without hiding them but I couldn't find any worthwhile diapers in town! Tomorrow I get my case of Classico Bambino diapers and I plan on being diapered for the majority of the time. Lol, I keep catching myself checking the tracking number to see where the heck my diapers are. I'm looking forward to joining in everybody's discussions and making some online friends with similar interests in the process. Thanks, BambinoBoyDL
  11. This morning, what I wore to bed was maybe maxed out and leaked a bit on the bed. Back in grade school, I would of flooded the bed b/c of no protection (emotionally and functional) Well the mattress had it's protection. But That's an old story... It wasn't that bad. Just one of those mornings I had to get up, not wake up. Took care of it, and back in dry pants. Happy in a Nappy. Gawd, what a difference having some control over your own life can mean..