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  1. Thank you. The stores usually carry some good brands in small packs, and some cheap ones in bulk. The advise is helpful.
  2. For the longest time I've used goodnights, but they lack any protection in the back. This is a problem because recently I've had issues with pooling and leaking. So I've been wanting to try fitted briefs. I'm having trouble finding out what's really good since every supplier says that there product is "the highest quality for iccontinece." I know the general rules like briefs are better than pull-ups, as general rule depends suck, and form can decide if it will leak or not. I think the best ones I can get my hands on locally are tenna or attends, but I don't know much beyond that. Any help?
  3. Stress the fact that she's still the same person, just letting more of herself shine through. Also if she has questions your mum should really hear it from the horse's mouth. Just remember that you're all family there (girlfriend withstanding but it's still a similar relationship) and this kind of communication is the most important and the longest developing. There is no "one and done" telling someone, because your girlfriend, you, and your family will all learn and grow throughout her transition. Just take it slow and let her ask as many questions as she needs; then have cake or something afterwards. Things are always better if they're followed by sweets. Icebreaker, banishes awkwardness, and feels like a reward to reenforce positive feelings.
  4. Goofy

    Simplicity 9185 1

    I really like this design, reminds me of a national costume.
  5. Goofy

    Tea Set

    I'm with lanthey on this, children should be supervised and given opertunity. If they can show responsibility with china then they should be able to use it, same as glassware at dinner. I was allowed to play with my grandmother's china dolls when I was six and they're still in great condition. I know stuff can happen, I've been to the ER enough myself- worked aroubd it too-, but most of us servive childhood just fine.
  6. Goofy

    Boy's Toys In A Girl's Room?

    I was the youngest for almost my entire childhood so ALL THE TOYS belonged to me eventually. That being said eventually my older brothers action figures mingled in with my older sisters dolls. Now, I'll admit that I am a bit boyish. I don't think this is a bad thing though. Even when I do my little girl play I still don't toy discriminate. Although I have played with a sissy before and she admittedly was WAY too girly for my taste. Almost annoyingly so.
  7. Hello, an welcome to the site. I'm a LG - I've not been much into AB lately- but I'd be happy to help out any way I can.
  8. Goofy

    new little girl in the nursery..

    Welcome to the site.
  9. Goofy

    New here; The name says it all

    Yes, I wasn't much thinking of doing so. I'll probably do ab original if I get around to scanning one.
  10. Goofy

    New here; The name says it all

    Lovely, wakko, I wish you the best of luck. Thanks for the reply.
  11. Hello, I'm Goofy both in name and in character. I've been on other ABDL sites before, namely ADISC, but I'm new to this site. I'm a LG by nature and that reflects greatly in my personality. I enjoy writing, painting, and music. I'm very friendly and love to listen to people; that said, I hope to make some new friends and hopefully reconnect with old ones. Well, there's my old college try at an introduction. I hope I did decently.