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  1. Age of Onset?

    I was potty trained when I was around 2 years old, then returned to diapers when I was 5, but just for a week or so when I found some left over diapers from when I was little. My parents let me and my 9 year old cousin have them to play mommy and baby with, as long as I didn't use them. Well, I did so anyway and that's where the fun stopped. My parents took them away and shamed me and I didn't dare to go near diapers again for some time. A few years later at age 10-11 I search and found them again. I think it was like five or so diapers left. When they were used up I bought my own and kept them hidden in my room. I think I had the largest size of baby pull-ups. After they expired I bought the largest tape ones and kept buying those and goodnites until I was 18 and could order adult diapers online.
  2. Potty training age and accidents?

    I have very few and vague memories of still being in diapers when I was still little. I'm not sure how to describe them, but they're memories that has always been there for me. They might be false since I can't have been very old but I remember going to a daycare in the town I lived in until I was around 3 years old. I have a few memories from that time. One diaper related one is when I was playing with one of those two floor parking lot play sets with cars once when I realized I was using my diaper and got up and asked for a change. I think the last time I wet the bed was when I was around 10. It didn't happen often but I remember doing it a few times. I'm not sure if I only remember the most embarrassing episodes but I frequently wet the bed when I wasn't staying at home, like when my family was on vacation, I wet the bed at the hotel, I did it when my youth group had a sleep over at church too and once at my friend's house. I know I was potty trained when I was around 2 years old because a doctor asked my mom about it and that's what she told her. The reason why the doctor asked that was because from when I was 7-9 I had a few accidents during the day which caused a lot of stress for me. I had to run to the bathroom every time I had the chance back then, even if I didn't need to go, or else I'd wet myself. I remember taking a risk by not doing it once before I walked home from school (about 10 minutes) and ended up having an accident on the way home. When I got home, I hid my jeans under my pillow, where of course they where found by mom later.
  3. One time when I was little, like four years old, I wet my bed on purpose. I was supposed to go to bed and my parents didn't let me get up to use the bathroom because they thought I was just faking it to stay up longer. To prove them wrong I began wetting the bed and giggled. Of course they got mad at me but pretty sure they took my potty breaks serious after that
  4. looking for an old story

    http://sparklestories.lefora.com/topic/11269734/Diary-Of-A-Madman#.VXiPKEYpr6U Pretty sure that's the one
  5. 3000th topic,

    Since you posted here, I think you owe us a story now.
  6. Bad Seed

    Another update, keep them comming! Hmmm... I don't really know what to comment on yet other than the story is progressing nicely and I'm looking forward to what happens next.
  7. Bad Seed

    Thanks for the update! I agree about the good character devlopment and I'm now awaiting the plot. ^-^
  8. Bad Seed

    Still like the story, keep it up! I'm wondering the same thing as Cameron, if Lilian will be joining the programm as well as I don't mind some diapered and regressed girls too.
  9. The Obvious Title Game

    The russian who murdered the pawnbroker with an axe?
  10. Bad Seed

    Still reading on The regression program is part of the school I think.
  11. Bad Seed

    Cute start! Looking forward to discover more about the regression therapy program.
  12. Tricky Treats (updated 9-22)

    Really enoyed the sweet scene with Kaoru and Danny, but Gabby is in big trouble now! Can't wait to see what happens next.
  13. Writers should also try to show rather than tell. WB Daddy already touched this, but I want to evaluate or clarify this a bit and add my own example. If I, for instance, would like to write a scene were a character is nervous as she is entering a huge stage I could say: "Sara was nervous as she walked up the stage to do her presentation. She went to the podium and nervously began reading her manuscript. It somehow went better than she thought." OR "Sara pressed her paper tightly to her chest. She had never talked in front of so many before and there was so much that could go wrong, but she still had to do it. Her name was called and she took a deep breath, bracing herself. This was it, there was no turning back now. As she walked up the stage, still going through her manuscript over and over in her head, she didn't pay much attention to her feet which almost tripped over a microphone cable. Fortunately, in spite of her shaky legs, she manged to keep her balance and rushed the last few steps up to the podium where she at least was partly hidden. She put her paper down and to her horror her hand's had clutched it so hard it was defaced by wrinkles.The crowd was silent, and she could feel the anticipation growing. She swallowed before opening her mouth but her mind stood still at the first word. She closed her mouth again, rubbed her sweaty palms on her pants and looked down at the paper. As she had feared her keywords was mostly illegible, but she could interpret one thing. One of her closest friends had written something at the bottom of it, which didn't really belong to the subject, but would still prove useful. It said, "You can do it!" accompanied with a smiley. Once Sara read it, she thought of her friend and how she had practiced reading the presentation to her a few hours earlier and how easy it had been then. With the picture of her friend in her mind, the words suddenly came back and she was finally able to start the presentation." The first one is telling the reader what happened. It reads similar to a police report or a news article. However some writers claim that you should always be showing, this can still be useful if you want the pace to be quick. Maybe the presentation wasn't all that important to the story, but had to be there for something else to happen. The second one is showing. In the that one, I never mentioned how Sara was nervous. Instead, by revealing the scene to the reader, he or she will be more involved and engaged, consequently creating a more enjoyable story. So if you only tell rather than show, your story will look like a dry, boring police report and won't be as engaging or interesting. There is a ton of articles about this on google if you search for "show don't tell" if you need more examples. A short one: "Sara wet her diaper." Or "Sara's diaper swelled up as her bladder let loose, making It feel wet, warm and squishy between her legs."
  14. The Weird Scholarship

    It's definitely an unique approach and I like this a lot. Thanks for writing.
  15. Know of any other good abdl story sites?

    I read that story and loved it. Is it still available somewhere? It's one of my all time favorites.