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  1. This will be my first story that I have written on DailyDiapers. I don't consider myself a writer and most of my writing experience over the last ten years has been scientific papers. I welcome any constructive criticism and feedback to make the story better. This story is something that I have been thinking about writing for around a year and I think I have all of the major plot points down with an ending planned and epilogue. I don't know exactly how long this story will be but it will be a novel length. I plan on averaging a chapter a week at this point. The story will center around our main character William Gauss, who is an applied math graduate student at Arizona State University. The story is centered around an illness that Will gets in the beginning. This story will be a slow burn in the beginning, as far as ABDL content goes, but if you stick with the story, our main character will be in the deep in of diapers soon enough. Since I am new to writing, I did base all my characters off of people in my life but all the names and relationship types are changed. I also am trying to make this story as realistic as possible, so I will use real places in the US. I plan to draw a lot from my own experiences for this story, but I have never lived in the places or attended the universities in this story. The only science fiction of this story will be Will's illness, but I will do my best to make it as realistic as possible from a medical standpoint. Saving Grace Chapter One I leaned back into my chair, stretching my arms above my head. It was getting close to 5 pm and after a long afternoon of grading 60 calculus II student's homework, I had finally finished for the day. Shutting my eyes for a second, I contemplated the lowly life of an applied mathematics Ph.D. student and Teaching Assistant. Don't get me wrong, I love the classes I am taking, and I discovered that I love teaching the calculus recitation classes and working at the tutoring center. Even my students tell me that I make a great teacher. But out of all my responsibilities, there is one thing that I have the hardest time motivating myself to do; grading 4 to 8 hours a week. With 60 students, it can be very mind-numbing. I open my eyes and look around my small office. I share this office with two other Ph.D. students, but unlike them, I use our office. They like to do most of their work at home if they can and I usually only see them briefly a few times a week. Not that I don't mind, it's nice to pretty much have my own office. I shut my laptop and stuffed it into my backpack and grabbed my bike that was leaning against the wall opposite of my desk. Opening my office door and pushing my bike out, I turn around and lock my door for the day. Pushing my bike down the corridor, I make my way to the elevator. As I get halfway there I hear someone behind me shout out, ``Hey Will.'' I turn around to see it is one of my friends and fellow grad students Steven walking down the corridor toward me. Steven is a guy of average height, maybe a little shorter, with an average build. He has shaggy black hair, a full beard that is kept neat and trimmed, and brown eyes behind a pair of glasses. We have been friends since starting at Arizona State University almost two years ago. We met at in-service week, the week before classes started. As he made his way to me, I said, "What's up, Steven.'' "Getting ready to leave for the day; have you started on the Abstract Algebra homework yet? I am stuck on the proof dealing with factor rings,'' Steven told me. I said, "I started all the proofs for each problem but have not really delved into trying to solve them yet. I plan on spending a few hours tomorrow trying to get the homework done.'' "Cool, hit me up tomorrow when you get done with classes and we can meet up and work on the homework together,'' he said. "Will do, I will shoot you a text when I am walking out of my last class tomorrow. See you tomorrow.'' I made my way to the elevator and hit the call button. The doors open up to reveal no one inside, so I push my bike into the elevator and hit the button for the first floor. After a short ride, the doors open up and I push my bike towards the exit. Hitting the handicap button by one of the exit doors. I push my bike through the exit and say a silent prayer to myself, thanking God for the Americans with Disabilities Act, or it would be a hassle getting my bike in and out of the building. Walking out of the Wexler Building, the eight-story building that has been my home during the day since moving here, I push my bike to the end of the sidewalk. I hop on my bike and begin my two-mile daily commute to my apartment just off campus. It is early March and even though I am in the desert climate of Tempe, Arizona, just outside Phoenix. The temperature can still get chilly and thankfully, I have my hoodie on to protect me from the slight chill in the air on my bike ride home. As I am riding my bike through campus, I think to myself how different Arizona is compared to my home state of Georgia. The place I called home until moving here a little over 18 months ago. The high temperatures never bothered me too much because of the lack of humidity, but the lack of humidity did take me some time to get used to. I definitely had to start using lotion and lip balm regularly to keep my skin from peeling off my body. Looking off into the distance, I can make out one of the sights that make me love this place, the mountains that surround a third of the city. After a short 10-minute bike ride, I pull into the parking lot of my apartment complex, passing by my parked silver 2011 Toyota 4-runner that I rarely drive during the week. My apartment building is a two-story building, with a stucco exterior with multiple light colors adorning the walls. I hop off my bike at one of the stairwells that lead to my apartment on the second floor. Hoisting my bike over one of my shoulders, I make my way up the stairs and down the catwalk that runs along the front doors to all the apartments. Standing at the door of my home, I unlock the door and push my bike inside. Walking into my one-bedroom apartment, I lean my bike against one of the chairs of my dining room table. My home is not the most luxurious, but as a single student in my twenties, I made it a very cozy place for me. Furnish by mostly thrift stores and use items off Facebook. The main open floor plan of my apartment has a desk on one side of the front door facing the window, made using two old filing cabinets with a one-inch thick piece of stained hardwood to form the top of the desk. Beside my desk is a large whiteboard mounted on the wall for writing reminders and working on homework. My office area is complete with a nice leather chair. Beside my office area is my living room area complete with a cloth couch with two end tables on either side with lamps and family pictures on top of the tables. In front of my couch is a nice used area rug with a hardwood coffee table stained a dark brown. On the wall opposite my desk is my large flat-screen TV. mounted on the wall itself. On the other side of my front door is the dining area with a white wooden table and four white chairs with wicker seats. The kitchen area consists of a large island with a stove in its center, and cabinets below the counter, and a breakfast bar on the other side. There are three hanging light fixtures above the island. Running along the wall are floor-to-ceiling cabinets with counters and a sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator. The walls are painted off-white with an accent light green painted on the kitchen wall and island. The floors are a composite light wood pattern that runs throughout the apartment. There is an alcove behind the kitchen that leads to the bathroom and the bedroom. I kick my shoes off by the door and I am greeted with the smell of pot roast that has been cooking in the crock-pot all day while I was at school. I walk through the kitchen into my bedroom. My bedroom consists of a queen-sized bed in its center with a nightstand on one side with a lamp and my wireless phone charger sitting on top. To my right is a large dresser with a lamp and a middle-size flat-screen TV. on top. All the furniture is made of hardwood and stained dark brown to match. Beside the doorway is a closet that runs the length of the wall with large light green sliding doors. Tucked away on one side of the closet is a washer/dryer combo. Walking to my dresser, I pull out one of the drawers to grab a pair of gray sweats and a white tee shirt. I strip my clothes off from the day and throw them into the hamper beside my dresser. Quickly slipping on my sweats and tee shirt, I can now put the long day behind me. Walking back into my kitchen, I take a small pot from one of the cabinets by my stove and set it on the stovetop. Turning around I reach into my pantry cabinet and grab the half-empty large bag of white rice. Turning the stove on, I mix enough rice and water into the pot to make 4 cups of rice. With twenty minutes to spare, I walk over and collapse on the couch, and grab the remote to turn on Netflix. Flipping through Netflix for about 10 minutes, I could not make up my mind and decided to re-watch Taylor Thomson's latest special. A few minutes into the show, my rice is now done and I get a bowl out of the cabinet by the sink and a fork out of the drawer next to the sink. I serve myself half the cooked rice and take the lid off my crock pot to ladle in a big helping of pot roast with potatoes and carrots. I sit back down on my couch with my dinner and a can of sparkling water and continue watching my show. I take a bite and savor the flavor of the roast and how tender it is after slow cooking all day. I may not be a chef, but when I set my mind to it, I can always put together a good home-cooked meal. After finishing the bowl and taking a few sips from my beverage, I decide on seconds and finish off the rest of the rice with another helping out of the crock-pot. With my stomach full and my show wrapping up, I go to the sink to rinse out my bowl, and the pot and load them into the dishwasher. Turning my attention to my pot roast, I slid the pot with the lid out of the crock-pot and set it into the refrigerator to heat up and eat off later this week. With it only being 8 pm I lay back down on the couch and turn on Shane Gillis' latest special. As I lay there watching t.v., I notice that I am getting tired and having a hard time keeping my eyes open. I think to myself, that the day must have taken more out of me than I thought. Deciding to call it an early day, I turn off the TV, throwing the now empty can in the trash, and walk into my bathroom to get ready for bed. Walking into my small bathroom, with a small white vanity with a sink and a cabinet mounted on the wall above with a built-in mirror, a toilet right beside it, and a bathtub/shower along the wall opposite the door. The bathroom is completed with white walls and light brown tile for flooring. I look into the mirror and see a young man looking back. I am tall, at 6 feet even, with a slim build. I have dark brown hair, a full beard that is kept neatly trimmed, and hazel eyes that seem to change from an almost brown to an almost green color depending on the lighting. I begin my short nightly routine by brushing my teeth and rinsing my mouth out with mouthwash. After spitting a couple of mouthfuls of water from the sink faucet, I look back into the mirror, taking note that my hair is starting to get shaggy. I make a mental note to get a haircut this weekend. I take a pit-stop over to the toilet to empty my bladder and with a quick wash of my hands I move towards my bedroom. Crawling into bed under the covers, I set my alarm for the morning, noting that it was only 9:30 pm, and set it on the charger. Turning over in bed it only takes me a few minutes to succumb to sleep. I wake in the middle of the night from a dead sleep, with the immediate need to throw up and throw up now! I bolt from my bed and rush to the bathroom. I make it over the toilet just in time to projectile vomit all over the bowl. My stomach is twisted in knots and feels like it is turning inside out as I throw up the contents of my stomach. When I finally stopped, I took some toilet paper to wipe my mouth with and flushed the toilet. Before the toilet could finish flushing, I was hit with another immediate need. I need to poop and I need to poop now! Turning around and jerking my sweat pants and boxer briefs down, I plant my butt on the toilet seat in time for a massive wave of semi-solid poop to exit my rear. After sitting on the toilet for a few minutes, I can finally take stock of what is going on. I notice that all my joints ache and I feel like I am coming down with either the flu or a stomach virus. After wiping, I turn around to flush and notice that I pooped a lot. The amount suggests that I have not gone in a few days, even though I had a normal bowel movement the morning before like I do every morning. Stepping over to the sink I wash my hands and wash my mouth out with mouthwash. I step into the kitchen and grab a glass of water to sip on. I walk back to my bedroom with the glass of water. Looking at my phone, the time is shortly after 1 am. I hope to myself that I feel better by tomorrow morning. I crawl back into bed and as soon as my head hits the pillow I pass out. Waking again, I notice that it is still dark outside and I feel nauseous and I have to poop again. I jump out of bed, run to the bathroom, and sit on the toilet to have my bowels explode into the toilet. As I sit there, I get more nauseated and I have to lean over to the bathtub to throw up what consists of stomach bile into it. Again, my joints ache, and I now have a headache to add to the list. I sit for a moment to collect myself. I wipe, flush, and rinse the tub out. I go to the sink to wash my hands and mouth out and go back to bed. As I am lying in bed, I think to myself that I am glad I don't have any teaching responsibilities tomorrow, I will definitely need to stay home from school. No less than 5 minutes later I fall back to sleep.
  2. As a result of multiple surgeries and underlying medical conditions my wife has had to start wearing fecal incontinence pads: https://amzn.eu/d/092bg8Le The problem she is having (other than the obvious) is finding underwear that will accommodate and support these pads. Right now the only ones she can use are specialist medical ones that come up high and have solid support. She needs more but unfortunately they are around £40 a pair and she needs a few. I was wondering if anyone knew of a cheaper alternative? They need to be big and the supports are a must. She wears a size 16 (UK). We live in the UK so need to be available over here. Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions.
  3. This story is a translation from an unfinished story I wrote in French a few years back. I've changed up a few little things, but it's still mostly the same. I'm translating it in small bits at a time, but I'm also planning to keep going once I reach the end of what I originally wrote. Hopefully you guys enjoy it! The Awakening Chapter 1: A brutal awakening Everything is foggy. I’m trying to wake up. I feel like I’m trying to swim up from the depths of the ocean. Darkness turns to gray, then to blinding light. I’ve opened my eyes. It takes a few attempts until I’m able to keep them open for more than a second or two. I think I also dozed off in between those attempts. I’m not really sure. Eventually though, it seems like I’m able to keep them open. Where am I? My vision is very clouded, but I can see I’m lying in a bed. I think it’s a hospital bed : the room does look a lot like a hospital room. I’m covered with a very light sheet. I feel so weak, I can barely lift my head. There’s a pole next to me, with a bag of solute hung onto it and a tube goes from it straight into my arm. I feel like I’ve been asleep for months. But as much as I try, I can’t remember being in any sort of accident or anything that might lead to me being hospitalized. How long have I been here? My vision is awful, but as I look around me, I don’t notice any flowers, cards or any of the kind of stuff you would typically expect if I had been in a hospital and I had been visited by friends and family. Either it hasn’t been long enough for that to happen, or, and it makes me shudder to think, I've been there for so long that this kind of “get well” stuff has been removed and not replaced. That or maybe movies have been lying to me all my life about how these things go. This thought is enough to make me smile weakly. On that thought, I also realize that this hospital is weirdly silent. If this were really a hospital, wouldn’t there be nurses and people walking about everywhere? But I can’t hear anyone, as if I were completely alone. This thought wakes me up a little bit more, and I’m starting to feel tinges of panic making its way across the thick fog of my mind. With great pain, I try to move my arms, but try as I might, I feel like my arms have been replaced by wet spaghetti. With great effort, I move my head to look at them through my foggy vision. It’s hard to be sure, but from what I can see it seems like my arms are extremely skinny. I’ve never been fat, but those arms look like what you’d see in an african famine documentary! My heart starts beating faster as panic once again creeps into me. How long have I been here? I feel a piece of rubber near my hand. Moving my fingers to touch it, I think it’s another tube, and I think it’s going under the sheets. The discomfort I feel around my privates confirms that this must be a catheter. In fact, this piece of tube going inside me is so uncomfortable I wonder how I didn’t notice it before, though I’m still so numb to everything that maybe it isn’t all that surprising. For the first time the thought truly crosses my mind : I was in a coma. And looking at my arms, it seems obvious that I’ve been in that state for at least some time. Immediately I start thinking of those stories where people awaken after years in a coma and struggle to get back to their old life because it’s been so long. How long would it take for me to lose as much weight as I did? I try to remember how old I am. How.. old? I… I can’t remember. A vague memory of entering a brand new apartment flashes in my mind. And entering university? So I’m.. college aged? I try to reason. At most, I must have been asleep a couple weeks, maybe a few months at the max. People who wake up from a coma after years are extremely rare, and when they do they’re basically vegetables, unable to do anything for themselves. Vegetable. That word makes me feel a deep pit in my stomach. The silence of the room becomes suffocating. I don't understand why I haven’t seen a nurse yet. Shouldn’t I be hooked up to a machine that would warn them if I woke up, or something like that? I try to scream, but the only sound I’m able to produce is a pathetic moan. This attempt at screaming sends a wave of deep nausea across my body. It feels like I haven’t moved a muscle in years. A fresh wave of nausea mixed in with panic besieges me at the thought that this might actually be the case. I keep moaning, with barely enough strength to do it. Suddenly, I hear a door open, and can see the silhouette approaching. It’s speaking to me, but all I can make out is complete gibberish. I try moving my limbs, but once again, I can barely move any muscle in my body. Suddenly, through the gibberish, I can hear my name: “Miss Filion”. This woman’s voice knows my name. I’m actually in a hospital. They’re gonna help me. I’m gonna get better. Relieved that I am safe, but mostly because of exhaustion, I sink back into a deep slumber. I awaken once more, this time to a male voice. The owner of that voice flashes a huge smile upon seeing my eyes open. More gibberish follows: “Miss Filion! Welcome back among us, my dear one! I am doctor Brodeur. I’m the one who took care of your case since you’ve arrived here. - Oh, we have retinal reflex! She can even follow with her eyes!” As he was speaking his incoherent words, he pointed a small light in my eyes, and was waving it left and right in front of them. With great pain, I followed that light, having some vague idea that this is what I was supposed to do. I can hear how delighted he sounds after I do that, and it makes me weirdly proud. It’s weird, I feel like I should understand the words he’s saying, but somehow they’re all scrambled when I hear them. At least I can recognize the emotions in them. I attempt a weak smile to show the doctor I’m aware. I can feel spit dripping from the side of my mouth. “Miss, can you tell me what your name is?” I can hear his voice. I can hear that he’s asking me a question. I can even recognize that he’s speaking English. But I just can’t make out the meaning of what he’s saying. My pride turns to distress. I can’t understand him. I’m a vegetable. Fuck no no no no no! It seems that he’s noticed how agitated I’ve become. “Calm down, calm down! Everything is ok! You’ve been in a coma for a long time. You need to be patient!” A single word makes its way through to my broken brain: Coma. In a coma. I try to repeat the word: “aaaaaaaaah”. I’m pathetic. I can’t speak anymore. I forgot how to. I truly am a vegetable! But I did hear the word. Coma. And I am thinking to myself, speaking to myself using words in my head. Maybe I’m not completely a vegetable. I’m here. I am here. The doctor, seemingly in reaction to my attempt at vocalizing, speaks what I suppose are encouraging words. I don’t know what he’s saying, and I once again feel myself drifting off to sleep.
  4. A/N: I know, I’ve posted again!! I’m currently sick with Bronchitis and have nothing better to do than write all day (just kidding, I could do all my missing college work) but I prefer to write this!! It’s a six part story, already fully written so I’ll post two parts together every few days! I am also still working on my other story: Babydola so if you haven’t read that, go check it out!! Enjoy for now! Synopsis: At the House of Strange Entities, nothing is normal, even seemingly lonely old Mrs. Fox. If only Clara had realized that sooner… ooOoo Part 1: The Arrival The House of Strange Entities was a very strange place indeed. The young woman had stopped for a bathroom break, spotting an exit sign for the pink one-story building a few miles back traveling down interstate-145. Filled with miscellaneous objects, each room was a different discovery yet there was one common denominator: vintage Everyone had their interests and Clara was the last to judge but there was just something… off. Though in the beginning, She hadn’t been able to put her finger on it. Now, she wished she had. But it was too late. The owner of the museum, Mrs. Fox seemed surprised when the blonde appeared. She said they didn’t get many visitors. “Yes, well I thought it best to use the bathroom,” Clara’s cheeks flushed pink. “I’ve still got another few hours to drive.” “Where are you headed? I can tell you're not from around here.” Her voice was delicate and soft, reminding the nineteen year old of her grandmother. She must have been in her mid sixties, possibly even early seventies from the wrinkles just beginning to show on her aging skin and salt and peppered hair. Dressed in a yellow floral print knee length dress, white cardigan and a string of pearls around her neck, the older woman certainly did have style. Clara knew the importance of stranger safety but this woman didn’t seem capable of hurting a fly much less a five foot four, one-hundred twenty pound girl. “I’m from Massachusetts, actually. My cousin’s getting married in the Finger Lakes Region.” she admitted. “Oh, that’s wonderful!” the woman exclaimed. “I lived up there for many years. What a beautiful place. I must say though, you seem awfully young to be traveling this far on your own…” “Well, I'm nineteen,” the young girl shrugged. “My family wanted to come up earlier and I was still finishing my college exams. I’m joining them now though.” “Hmm…” the woman smiled, eyes glued to her face. She gulped, shifting back and forth on her feet, unsure how to respond. It was the same as when she met someone and they said, “oh I knew you as a baby!” Like oh! Ok! That’s Interesting? Wearing a sundress she wasn’t cold but her arms wrapped around herself, feeling the slightest chill despite the humid air. Brushing it off, she turned back to peer out the window, her car parked right out front. The sun was lower than before, she noticed and if Clara was going to make the trip before sundown, she’d have to leave soon. “Oh, do you have to leave? I was going to offer you a tour!” “A tour?” She said turning back, head cocked to the side. “Yes! I’ve got quite the collection of old items around here. Antique rooms from way back when. I usually charge a small fee but I’ll show you for free!” Her lips pursed, unsure whether to take up the offer. Instead, she apologized, “I’m sorry, it’s just that it’s going to start getting dark soon and-“ “Oh, it’s just a straight drive pretty much from here,” the woman waved her hand like it was nothing. “Where are you going, Ithaca? Geneva? It’s a Wednesday afternoon, there’ll be hardly any traffic. Stay for a bit longer, it’s only a few rooms. Besides, it’s nice to have company. Not many people come around.” Ok, now she just felt guilty. The woman seemed genuine and Clara would hate it if her own grandma hardly had any company like this. She’d want someone to stay for her. Sighing, reluctantly, she agreed knowing how much one small act could mean to another. A half hour couldn’t kill and then she could get back on the road. “Oh this is just splendid! You won’t regret this, trust me!” She hoped not. Walking behind, Clara couldn’t help but shiver at the breeze that followed. ooOoo Part 2: The Cooking Station She’d lead her through another door, entering a 1950s style kitchen. While black and white tiles lined the ground, the cabinets were a striking pop of turquoise blue compared to the brightly colored red table. Staring in surprise, It’s like she’d taken a step back in time. “Welcome to the cooking station, dear. It’s not just any regular old kitchen.” Oh she could see that. Lined on the table were an antique china set of plates, priceless just buy the look of them while the cabinets were full of unrecognizable gadgets she could not name for the life of her. There were little place cards , she didn’t bother to read, gazing around the room in great interest. “I was always quite the collector and I knew, even way back then, that these items may be of value some day,” the woman explained, standing by the stove, mixing something in a steaming pot. Had that been on this entire time? Clara tried to look closer only for the woman to shoo her away. “Each room is interactive, you know. You go through it as if you are a part of it! Sit down dear, you’re too skinny. This’ll be sure help!” Cracking a smile, Clara couldn’t help but obey. Settling down at the table, undoing the lacy cloth in her lap, she was hungry now that she came to think of it. Being the broke college student she was as well, never would she deny free food. “So this is part of the experience?” “Oh, yes,” Mrs. Fox replied as she scooped out what looked to be mash potatoes into a bowl and poured a glass of steaming milk. Setting down the dishes, Mrs.Fox sat across with none for herself but staring with a questioning glance, she felt it best not to ask. “Everyone once in a while a larger group will come and I’ll have many more dishes. People have always loved to fantasize about the past so I thought why not bring it to them in a different way!” It was smart, the young girl had to admit as she took a spoonful from the small dish. “What you’re eating there is Morning Glory Mash. It was a common dish back in the day. My mama used to feed it to me and I bet if you ask your mama, she’d know exactly what you’re talking about. The black bits in there are the seeds and give great nutritious value. Great for getting your tummy grumbling as well when you need to go number two.” Ewww. The young girl grimaced slightly, not wanting to think about taking a shit. However, at the woman’s hopeful glance, she continued to eat, forgetting about it. She could defiantly taste the seeds, biting into them. They had a certain bitterness that canceled out nicely the saltiness of the potatoes. It only took a few moments to finish as she ate bite after bite until the bowl was empty. She’d have to remember to ask her parents about this. “The milk now has just a touch of sugar,” the woman said, pointing at the glass. “It’s another staple with any meal or if you have an upset stomach.” Clara didn’t think much of it, gulping down the creamy sweet deliciousness until the last few drops and her stomach was full and bloated. “Good?” The woman smiled, nodding toward the empty dishes. “You’re a great cook!” she said, patting the cloth to the corners of her mouth. “It’s almost as if people get to physically taste the past! It’s a nice change from the normal history museums, just looking through a glass case-” “Yes, well food is the key to anyone’s heart!” They both let out a laugh, knowing oh how true that was. “Shall we move onto the next room? I think you’ll find each one a little different.” Without a thought she agreed, following behind the shuffling woman in absolute naivety. Ignoring her previous reservations, Clara realized she had been silly. There was no danger here. OoOoo A/N: Thanks for reading! Two more parts will come in a few days (or if I decide just to post early) I love reviews also so please tell me what your thoughts are! I’d love to hear them!!
  5. “Is my little girl excited for her visit to the doctor?” Mommy said as she looked back at me in the rear view mirror. “Yeah, super excited” I told her, the sarcasm practically dripping off of my words as they came out of my mouth. “Is my baby being sassy?” She looked back at me in the mirror with one eyebrow up. I immediately knew that she meant business. All I could see was her dirt brown hair tied into a ponytail, her right eye, and that eyebrow positioned in the last place it wanted it to be. “Of course not mommy. It’s just...who really LIKES going to the doctor?” “When I was a kid, I did” mommy told me with that matter of fact tone in her voice. “In fact, I remember a time when I was around 7. I wanted to go to the doctor’s office so badly I took a red marker and drew red dots all over myself. I wanted my mom to think I had chicken pox so she would take me to see doctor Shelly. I think I liked it so much because she was such a nice lady and I felt special every time I went there. Either that or the lollipop at the end” she said with a small laugh. As we took a left, a smile emerged on her face as she saw the front of the building. “Look sweetie, we’re here” she told me in a sing-song voice as she pulled into the parking lot. As I got a look at the building, it just looked like any normal store she would see on any road in any city in America. All I knew is that mommy paid a lot of money to get this “special” visit to the doctor to happen. She had to actually buy the building as well as all the stuff inside. I thought she was crazy when she told me a couple weeks ago, but she told me it was going to be used more than just a doctor’s office. She even added in a wink to make me wonder even more. When you are a lawyer, however, you are able to spend money on stuff like that. Include my big girl job of a veterinarian and we live pretty comfortably. The rear driver’s side door opening up brought me back to the present. Mommy showed me a huge smile, no doubt very excited to show her little one all the work she had put in just for her. “Are you ready to go princess? If you want to, you can take Charlie with” my lovely girlfriend told me as she unbuckled me and helped me out of the sedan. Of course I was going to take Charlie with me, what kind of a question was that? I took him with me everywhere I went. The teddy bear’s soft fur was something that calmed me down regardless of the situation. Everything from cuddling with him during playtime to having to deal with the mean owner of one of my patients, I knew that Charlie would be there to comfort me. As they walked up the concrete walkway towards the front door, mommy’s hand in my right hand and Charlie bear in my left, I was glad I picked a short sleeve shirt on such a warm day. To be fair, it was a short sleeve onesie, but only me and mommy knew that. No patterns or anything, just a light pink color. I wasn’t sure where this place was located, so I wanted to make sure that I was as low key as possible with my little side. The onesie was tucked into a pair of tight blue jeans. I often went for a pair of sweatpants when wearing a onesie, but I know mommy loved the way my butt looked in these jeans and I wanted to make her happy. She did something nice for me, so I was going to do something nice for her. Once we reached the door, she smiled down at me. She was naturally 3 inches taller than me, never mind the heels she was currently wearing. They looked amazing combined with the black dress she was sporting. “She looks like she is ready fora night at the opera as opposed to taking her baby girl to a doctor’s appointment” I thought. She did, however, look sexy as hell. Once we got home, I was going to rip the dress off… “Are you ready baby?” She asked, more of a rhetorical question than anything, as she opened the door to the building. Mommy knew I was still a little apprehensive, so she went in first and let me follow. Once I got a view of the inside, I was blown away: I looked exactly like the waiting room of a real doctor’s office. Chairs lined the white walls. There were even toys on the floor for the little ones to play with as they waited. The last thing I saw was the front desk, completely with a very beautiful woman in her mid 20s smiling back at us. “Welcome” she announced with a syrupy sweet tone as we walked up to the desk. “How are you doing today?” she asked mommy, almost ignoring me. I looked at the name tag she was wearing. Kayla. What a pretty name. “We are doing great. We are here for our appointment” Mommy answered her with almost the same tone that made my little side go wild. All I wanted to do was cuddle Charlie to calm me down. “Ok, You must be Kelsey Anderson” Kayla said, flashing a big smile at mommy. She nodded back at the lady. I couldn’t remember the last time I was allowed to call mommy Kelsey. When we were at home, it was only mommy. Any mention of her real name would end in a spanking. I learned pretty quickly it was mommy or nothing at all. “Which means this little sweetheart must be Katie” Kayla’s attention shot down at me as she gave me that wave that all adults gave to kids: the one where they just wave their fingers. “Yup, this is my little Katie. Why don’t you say hi princess?” Mommy pulled me in front of her. Great, now there was nowhere to hide. I couldn’t even hide behind mommy. Looks like I have no choice. “Hi…” was all I could muster. When I am in little space, I am incredibly shy. Mommy was the only one who could coax anything more than two words out of me. “Hi there Katie. Can I tell you a secret?” Of course you can, who doesn’t love secrets? All that I could respond with, however, was a slight nod of my head. “When you are done seeing the doctor, why don’t you come back to see me before you leave and I will give you a little something for being such a brave girl?” My head nodded much faster and I even let a smile show at that remark. I wonder what it could be. Candy? A huge stuffed animal? A unicorn?!?! The possibilities were endless. “Prefect! You two can take a seat while I let the doctor know you have arrived” the nice lady told us as she motioned us towards the waiting room. Mommy thanked her as we walked over. While mommy found a seat on one of the chairs, I walked over to the toys on the floor and immediately began playing. “This might not be as bad as I thought” I whispered to Charlie. He was my favorite stuffed animal, so I told him all my secrets. I sat him down between my legs as I poured the puzzle I found out of the box. “Look Charlie: Pooh Bear!” I showed him the box. Just as I got all the pieces flipped over, I heard a voice from the other side of the room. “Katie and Kelsey. The doctor is ready for you.”
  6. Elizabeth's Behavioral Modifications (Rewrite) Edited and Updated 11-18 Chapters 1-4 https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/326758372-elizabeths-behavioral-modification Plea For Help Greetings, I am Dr. Anna Christenson; I want to introduce myself and my finding on you to the Board and my Peers regarding the revolutionary behavioral modification program my team, and I have developed for unruly Individuals who tend to misbehave. We begin with our most recent case study. The patient was presented to us by her so loving husband, who contacted us on her behalf regarding her poor behavior. He described her behavior as an out-of-control teenager with the mouth of a sailor. I explained to Ryan that our behavioral Program is considered experimental at best as we are still collecting long-term data, and we couldn't charge him for services. Ryan understood these conditions and asked if we could set an appointment to discuss this further. I was initially hesitant, but something in his voice sounded desperate. I agreed and got his contact information for our intake coordinator to contact him with the pre-physiological questionnaire. Good Morning; I see everyone has gotten their coffee and treats. Let's discuss our caseloads and possibly new candidates. Let's start with a quick update on patients; Alisson's responded after looking at her notes. Adma is doing great with his continued hormone the virtual environment therapy sessions; Greg and Sarah have been transitioned to the daycare program while their caregiver is at work with private one-on-one sessions with you, Dr. Christenson. Melissa, how are you coming along with the maintenance dosages for behavior control? Making excellent progress, Dr. Christenson. I'll have a new formula ready for clinical trials by next week, which should prove more robust and resilient. Ok, on to new business. In your folders, I present you with a 26-year-old female who shows signs of verbal abuse towards others while acting immaturely. Her husband has hired four life coaches to date. The first three quit, and the other was put into the hospital. The patient threw a vase at her. Her husband also says she has a mouth of a sailor. Please Let me hear your opinions. Can we help this young lady learn to act appropriately? Dr. Greg smirks; it sounds like she needs a good spanking and a bar of soap in her mouth for that kind of language; nurse Heart says, we all know you'd enjoy that way too much, Doctor, but I think she will be a good fit for phase three trials. After a few more comments, everyone agreed they had their next candidate, willing or unwilling. Alison, will you contact Ryan and set up an appointment for the first available in my calendar? Yes, Doctor. I'll make the call and get everything in motion for her. Good Moring, is this Ryan? Dr. Christenson asked to call you to make arrangements for you and Elizabeth to come into our office for an intake appointment this coming Monday at 7 am if that could work for you. Please, pack Elizabeth a bag of clothes for her trip home. We'll have you done here in about 2 hours. We are sorry to admit that you must wait about an hour Before meeting the Doctor. This is entirely for Elizabeth's benefit, though. Ryan and Elizabeth arrived at the clinic with the ruse of them participating in marriage counseling. Ryan and Elizabeth buzzed into the waiting room, where the receptionist had already set out some breakfast pastries and drinks. Elizabeth jumped at the opportunity for free food and proceeded to have several cups of expensive coffee and pastries. Ryan just sipped a cup of coffee while reading an article on his phone. Elizabeth whined to Ryan that she forgot to charge her phone and was about to die and he should let her use his work phone to play games on. After an hour of waiting, Elizabeth was bored, and her whining turned into insults and profanity about Ryan being inconsiderate for not letting her have a new phone. Elizabeth demanded that the receptionist get off her lazy ass and get the Shrink so they could get this over with. The receptionist typed into her computer, "The Patient is ready. "Exactly 5 minutes later, Heart walks into the waiting area and Says," Good Morning; you must be Elizabeth and Ryan; please follow me to the therapy room. Nurse heart pulls out her access card and passes it in front of the card reader, unlocking the door to a hallway; as she escorts the couple down the hallway to a beautifully decorated office; The Doctor will be with you in a moment. I'll be back a bit when it's time for her physical exam. A moment later, A knock on the door; opens with a tall, slender woman entering who is wearing a lab coat. Good Morning you must be Ryan. It's a pleasure to meet you in person finally. I'm Dr. Anna Christensen, Head Psychologist, and you must be Elizabeth Ryan has told me so much about you and how much he loves and cares for you. Now Elizabeth and Ryan, what brings you into couples therapy? Elizabeth goes first, proclaiming her worthless husband will not provide for her and is neglecting her needs, thinking he should do more to help out at home once he gets home from work. After Elizabeth finished berating Ryan, I messaged The Nurse to come to get Elizabeth for her Physical so that Ryan and I could speak privately. A moment later, a knock on my door Nurse Heart entered the room with a clipboard telling Elizabeth it was her turn to take her vitals. After Elizabeth leaves the room, I ask Ryan what the real story is; Ryan begins with I am sorry for my wife's horrid behavior. As you can see, she has no respect for anyone and believes the world revolves around her. Elizabeth refused to work at home or find a paying job out in the town; as I told you on the phone, Elizabeth injured the last life coach I hired. She feels work is beneath her, so I am forced to come home, cook dinner, and do the housework before I get any free time. It is like living with a helpless child; I have to tell her to shower half the time because she smells horrible and is still wearing the same clothes from 3 days ago. I'm sorry, Doctor, for ranting like this, but I am desperate. Can you help us? I am so sorry, Ryan, that you have endured this, and why haven't you left Elizabeth? You have only been married for five short years. Ryan responds, stating he still deeply loves his wife and believes she can do better with some counseling. Ryan, this Program is an intensive program. We start with a five days inpatient program that will use medication and hypnosis to curve the destructive behaviors. At first, there might not be many new changes, but gradually over time, she will change and have those more desirable and appropriate behaviors. Now I do have to warn you that we have had some behavioral regression in this Program. The reversal does have the advantage that the patients are more docile and cooperative, and there have been cases of even infantile behaviors. Rayan Infantile behaviors! Like what? Well, Ryan, in all our cases, all the patients have regressed to the state of a small child. This state can last for as little as a few weeks while we work through her childhood traumas, so please don't be surprised if she has a few accidents. You did say you were taking care of a bratty child. How about a polite child? Ryan sat there listening to every detail, almost unsure how to respond. A moment later, Ryan calmly says, ok, but just one question, will I be washing her bedding more than the 2 or 3 times a week she is peeing in her bed? No, Ryan, we'll send her home with some appropriate nighttime attire for that issue. Ok, Ryan says what do I need to do to make this all happen? Nothing at all, Dr. Christensen says it began. My nurse or I will call to keep you updated on her progress this week, and you will take her home Friday on your way home from work. The Exam Meanwhile, Nurse Heart was getting Elizabeth's height and weight back in the clinic. While Elizabeth was taking her blood pressure, she began nervously shifting in her seat, asking the Nurse to hurry up because she needed to use the bathroom. Nurse Heart told her she would be done sooner if she could sit still to get an accurate reading. Elizabeth was dam near dancing in her seat when the Nurse took her blood pressure cuff off and then proceeded to have her put the thermometer in her mouth. Elizabeth was almost begging to be finished because she had to pee so badly. All done, the Nurse proclaimed. Elizabeth ran down the hall, trying to remember the direction that had come to find her way back to the bathroom. The nurse Heart followed, telling her they needed a urine sample. Still, it was too late as Elizabeth rounded the corner finding the bathroom just as she began losing control busting into the bathroom, ripped off her tight jeans, jerked her panties down in one motion, and sat on the toilet. While sitting in the bathroom, Elizabeth surveys her wet clothes to see how wet they are and convinces herself they'll be okay till she gets home in an hour. A moment later, there was a knock on the bathroom door. Nurse Heart asked Elizabeth are you alright? Is there anything you need? A few moments later, Elizabeth emerges from the bathroom and greets by the waiting Nurse Heart; Elizabeth, all done? May we finish with our tests before returning you to your husband? Elizabeth nods and" says yes, Nurse." Now let's get you down to the exam room so one of our fine resident doctors can do a quick physical on you to make sure you qualify for this Program. Elizabeth questions the Nurse what about Ryan? Oh, don't worry, Honey; Nurse Megan is taking excellent care of Ryan as he is having the same test down and some blood tests to check his testosterone levels, just in case. Hello, you must be Elizabeth; I'm Dr. Miller. I am here to give you a quick physical. Please take a seat at the exam table. The Doctor quickly checks her heart, asking her all the routine questions, asking when her last period was and if she has had recent issues with her bladder. Elizabeth answered that she had just finished her period and had no bladder issues since she was a teen. Dr. Milles asked her if he could do a quick OB exam. Elizabeth, now panicking, asked the Doctor if this was necessary. It's just marriage counseling. Dr miller responded yes; it is essential because there might be the need for medication to help her feel happier if the Dr orders it. We want to make sure there will be no unforeseen issues. Reluctantly Elizabeth lies back on the exam table, allowing the Doctor to remove her black sweatpants, revealing her white-soaked panties. Excuse me, Nurse, can you make a notation in her chart that our little patient has had an incontinence episode so that Dr. Christensen is aware of her minor issues? Elizabeth, did you have an accident? You just told me you don't have any bladder control issues. Did you lie to me? Trying to avoid making eye contact, Elizabeth said, "no, Dr, I'm a big girl only children pee their pants." You are correct, Elizabeth. Only children who can't control themselves wet their panties, the Doctor responds condescendingly. Nurse, can you get her some dry clothes and appropriate panties for her to wear, please? Yes, Dr, please excuse me. I'll be right back, Elizabeth; one last question has you got this year's flu shot? Elizabeth Answers no, Doctor, I have been too busy to make the time. Okay, thank you, Elizabeth. Would it be okay if I gave you your flu shot? You aren't scared of needles, are you? No, I'm not afraid I'm a big girl, and yes, you can give me whatever shots I need so that we get this dam appointment over soon. Okay, I understand, but language like that is inappropriate and will not be tolerated here, especially with Dr. Christensen. He disapproves of little girls using foul language like this. OH, I'm glad you're back, Nurse. I explained to our little patient that her potty mouth was not appreciated and not allowed in our offices. A moment later, Nurse Hearth returns with what appears to be a pair of sweatpants and a clean pair of panties for Elizabeth to wear, handing them to Dr. Miller while she walks over to the tall glass cabinet and retrieves three vials. Elizabeth is already lying on the exam table, and she instructed her to lift her legs up and then lift her butt so Dr. Miller can slide her pants on so they can see Ryan. Elizabeth hardly noticed as she was paying close attention to the Nurse's Heart, filling three syringes with clear liquids. Dr. Miller announces there all done. Elizabeth's attention snaps back to Dr mill just as he fishes, pulling up the sweatpants and what feels like some very bulky granny panties, not her bikini-cut panties. Elizabeth is confused as she begins to reach down her pant to feel her underwear just as the Nurse comes over to the exam table with the syringes in hand. Okay, Elizabeth, I have three-shot for you as Dr. Miller has requested, and you also agreed to know with these three shots, some of our patients might get a little sleepy, but it's okay and will pass quickly. Okay, here is the flu shot, your B12 shot, and lastly, some Ativan to help you calm down and help you act your appropriate age. Elizabeth begins to tense up as the user gives her shots, thinking how much she hates needles. As Elizabeth becomes very relaxed and begins nodding off, Nurse Heart steps out of the exam room and promptly returns with a wheelchair. The Nurse and the Doctor transfer her to the waiting wheelchair securing her with a butterfly harness. The Nurse comments to the Doctor, "I hope she can stay dry till Doctor Christensen is all ready for her" Therapy Hello, Doctor Miller. Is our little patient ready for her therapy session? Yes, Doctor, she is already wearing a pair of training pants because she already peed all over our guest bathroom earlier. Nurse Heart, can you please assist Doctor Miller with setting up treatment room 3 and go ahead and top off the diaper cart with some extra supplies for our little patient? Doctor Miller started her IV, so she is well hydrated. Nurse Heart, can you get her wired to EEG, EKG, and bladder pressure sensor? Nurse Heart, you perform a "DRE" Digital Rectal Exam on her, please? Doctor, It feels like she is slightly impacted. Would up like me to insert a suppository or give a micro enema now or wait, Dr. Christensen? No, we can work on that in our therapy session today. Okay, Doctor Karen, send her in! Start the dosing of Lysergic acid diethylamide -25 very light we want her to be open to new suggestions from the hypnosis script and let the drip go for 30 or 40 mins for that to take full effect. Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Honey, can you hear me? Yes. And do you know where you're at today? Yes, and where is that? At School. What are you doing at school today? Swinging. Are your panties still dry? Yes, teacher. Thank you, Elizabeth. Nurse Heart, can you note on her chart that she regresses to about a 5-year-old level with our initial induction? Okay, let's begin again, a little light up and the IVs. We want her to be more aware and responsive. Elizabeth, can you hear me? It's your teacher Mrs. Christensen. Yes, teacher, Elizabeth responds. Are you being a good Girl today? Yes, teacher, I am a good girl... That's right; you are a good girl! Do good girls say bad words? No teacher. That's right, Elizabeth, a good girl, uses nice words. What happens if you use naughty words? Elizabeth responds by shaking her head NO. Elizabeth... Bad girls who use naughty words get spanked, and Bad Girls who miss behaving are sent to the corner for timeout... Do you like time out? NO Elizabeth responds Nurse Heart, go ahead and put the VR Headset on her and let's start the program one day 1, please. And we'll let her sleep while we eat our lunch here and let nature take its course, which shouldn't be much longer with all the high-fiber food she ate this morning. As everyone was finishing their lunch, they heard the familiar gurgling sound coming from Elizabeth's direction then the smell filled the room. Doctors, why must we use cloth training pants on the patients if we intend for them to make messes in their panties? Because Nurse Heart is part of the reinforcement program, they are not big girls/boys; only toddlers and babies mess and wet their panties. Okay, back to work, guys; I'll get the diaper cart while you Doctors do your doctor thing for her. Okay, Christensen was ready. I've stopped her IV, and there she goes peeing her already poopie patties like the baby she is. Doctor Christensen removes her headphone and stops the music. He calls Elizabeth, Elizabeth; what did I say about being a good girl at recess? Elizabeth shakes her head and says I was good, I promise. Elizabeth, did you have an accident again? No, teacher, I didn't have another accident. I'm a big girl! I see. Let me check your pants then and see if my nose is lying. You should be ashamed of yourself, and you said you're a big girl. Do big girls wet and mess in their big girl panties? No teacher. Elizabeth, can you tell me who pees and poops their panties? Little girls? Wet and mess up their panties. And what do little girls like you wear, Elizabeth? Diapers, "Elizabeth responds," Do little girls get to wear pretty panties? No teacher. Little Girls wear diapers. Okay, Honey, let's take you to the Nurses office so she can clean you up. Alright, Nurse Heart, your turn. Let's get her cleaned up and into something more appropriate. Okay, Doctor, give me one minute to finish up her notes. Did you ask her daddy if he wanted cloth diapers or disposables for her? We need to know by Wednesday so that I can submit the requisition order to the diaper delivery service with her measurements. for her diapers, rubber panties, and onesies. Okay, back to the business at hand. Elizabeth, still under the effects of the chemical cocktail Hurse Heart, "I thought you were a big girl; I was mistaken. You are just a little girl, aren't you? Elizabeth," making a pouty face, Nurse Heart says firmly, you are a preschooler; only preschooler make wet and mess their pretty panties as you did. That's not being a good girl. Now is it Elizabeth? It's okay, baby. The Nurse responds, let's get you cleaned up. There you go, all cleaned up; let's get you into these pretty diapers for the rest of the day. I know, Honey, these aren't your panties. You soiled your backup panties, so all we have is emergency diapers for you till your daddy picks you up with clean clothes. It's okay; I'll tell you, daddy, it was an accident. Why don't you lie here in my office and take a nap till it is time for your daddy to get you? Okay, Doctor, your turn. Okay, let's take her down to level 2. Do 2 hours of subliminal messages following up with 1 hour of post-hypnotic trigger words. The Alarm will sound if she wets her diaper and will record how much pressure is in her bladder so we can work on those levels later this week. The Nurse Heart, please let Megan on the Teen floor know that we have a new tween for her coming up at the end of the day. A short time later, an alarm begins to sound from the therapy room as Nurse Heart pushes around a cart of supplies filling the cabinet before she goes home for the evening. Nurse Heart coos to Elizabeth while checking her IV to see if it is empty yet, who is still wearing the headphones, that she is such a good girl and you deserve a special reward for being a good girl. Nurse Heart walks over to a metal two-door cabinet and gathers the supplies needed to change Elizabeth's diaper and a new in-the-box magic wand vibrator. She begins by removing her headphone so Elizabeth can see her Nurse. Nurse Heart unpins her wet diaper and pulls the front down, exposing her cleanly shaven Vulva. Only good little girls who use their diapers get this reward. Nurse Hart applies the now pulsating vibrator to her Vulva and gently moves it in a circular motion as she gradually increases the power and speed of the vibrator until Elizabeth's Heart is pounding and she is breathing quite heavily. As Elizabeth's breathing slows and her body relaxes, Nurse Heart Turns off the vibrator, places it back into the box, and changes Elizabeth into a clean diaper. The Nurse places the headphone back on Elizabeth's head and allows her to nap until Megan calls down from the teen floor, saying her room is ready for her. A short time later, Elizabeth is wheeled up to the 3rd floor to a nearly empty secure ward that is brightly colored like a juvenile teenager's room. Nurse heart presses the call button when a heavy-set brunette woman wearing a lab coat approaches the door and buzzes her in. Hey Alison (Nurse Heart), how is our little Princess doing tonight? She had a fantastic first day, with about 8 hours of therapy so she might act a little bratty we're focusing on the usual week one phrase, "Elizabeth is a good girl," "Elizabeth is a bad girl," and if you need to put her in her place tell her is an "Elizabeth is being a brat," be warned she'll probably wet and mess with this phrase and embarrass the hell out of her with any luck. She is in a daytime diaper, but it's up to you now if you want to treat her as you did Sarah. With training pants till she loses her potty privileges, then heavy diapers. Go ahead and do the usual nighttime diaper for bed tonight. She is on diuretics and laxatives. Here is her medication box for dinner and bedtime. Her meds are to be crushed and served in a baby bottle or sippy cup with either juice or milk; Her med dosing is on the high si, so that it might help her in the morning with behavioral issues. We'll see. If she misbehaves, Doc said level one punishment, so Corner time and spanking if she pushes the matter. Typical age-appropriate bedtime pajamas for her and whatever you see fit for the rest of the night for clothing for her The Teen Floor Gradually Elizabeth is awoken by the sound of voices or a TV. She groggily gets out of bed to tell Ryan to turn the fucking TV down so she can sleep off her hangover. As she walks out of her room and yells and swears to turn the TV down, she stops mid-sentence as everyone looks and starts at her with their mouths wide open in shock. A Heavyset Woman wearing a white nurse's uniform gets up from a rocking chair and says it's okay. Let me get you straightened out. Jimmy, Why don't you let someone else have a turn at Mario? Hello, Elizabeth. I am Nurse Megan, and you are on the Adolescent floor for the night. Wheres Ryan? Ryan is probably at home after a long workday relaxing, and you are here at the clinic still. But I was just at the clinic for marriage counseling. I know, honey, But the doctor said your behavior is way out of control, and you need some more therapy to help you and Ryan get along better. Now sobbing and unsure of what to do next, Elizabeth is shocked when she hears Nurse Megan Say," Elizabeth is a good girl" and should come with her to the bathroom to get her wet panties changed for the evening. Elizabeth nods and responds, Yes, Nurse and follows Megan down the hall past several other bedrooms to a communal bathroom. Let's get you up on the changing table so we can clean you up now. Nurse Megan lifts Elizabeth's legs in motion, pulling down her wet sweatpants and exposing her soaked diaper. Elizabeth is almost in a daze and suddenly realizes she is not wearing panties. Still, she is wearing a diaper, not the panties that she was wearing this morning, or even the fucking panties she had to wear after the dam nurse didn't let her go to the bathroom in time, causing her to pee herself. What the hell? Why am I wearing a Fucking diaper? Elizabeth expresses. Excuse me, young lady, Elizabeth, that is being a bad girl; that is not how you speak to a caregiver, now is it? Nurse Megen lifted her legs even higher, exposing her butt to the air in one motion slapping it? Use this as your only warning if you use foul language here, you will be spanked with my paddle. Do I make myself clear young lady? Or do you need a handprint on that pretty butt of yours? NO! Nurse Megan! I'll be good. Now let's find you some age-appropriate panties. Let's see; I have little girl's diapers and preschool panties, Elizabeth cries, begging Megan for adult panties, not those ugly baby ones, and trying to convince Nurse Megan that she is a big girl and wears panties. Megan responded by saying according to what the nurses have said, there were several accidents today, including peeing all over our lovely guest bathroom and them messing in both of your big girl training panties during your therapy today; maybe I should keep you in a diaper like a little girl. Elizabeth was half sobbing and crying, begging not to wear diapers like a baby. Megan says big girls wear pretty panties, not little girls who poop in their panties. Elisabeth, what do little girls wear who wet their panties? Diapers Nurse Megan. And if I let you try wearing big girl panties, that's a big IF, and if you wet those panties tonight, does that mean you are a little girl? NO! I am a big girl. I don't pee my panties on purpose. Okay, Nurse Megan responds I'll give you a chance tonight to wear big girl panties till bedtime, but at bedtime, you will wear a diaper like the other kids here. Elizabeth Nods her head in understanding. If you argue at bedtime, I'll have to introduce my spanking paddle to your bare butt. Now young lady, about the mouth of yours, you used a bad word when you came out in the day room. I will give you A choice. Now you walk back out there and say you are sorry for saying bad words, or you can choose to take a time out in the time-out chair over by my desk, and if you continue to use bad words, I will spank that bottom of yours. Not what is your decision will you go? Say you're sorry for talking rudely or take a time-out. Looking confused and not remembering using any bad words, she told Megan she would be nice and say sorry. Elizabeth shuffled her feet back to the day room where the others were the kids playing the Mario cart and said in an obnoxious tone; I am sorry for being inappropriate. Megan flops on a couch by herself, pouting and watching the others play the stupid game. Elizabeth is more aware of her surroundings and notices that everyone in this room is an adult but acts like a kid. She also noticed a horrific smell from the man playing the game on the couch. At about the same time, Nurse Megan approaches, pushing a metal cart and asking who is ready for snacks. Everyone jumps up and grabs a cup with a straw or what looks like a giant sippy cup Megan hand Elizabeth a cut with a straw and a few containers of animal cookies and goldfish crackers. When the man so smelled walked up to get his snack Megan announced, Hold it right there, mister, I think we need to change your poopy butt first. Elizabeth ripped open her snack because she hadn't had anything since breakfast, and she was starving; throwing her trash on the couch next to her, and then proceeded to suck down her cup of apple juice. A moment later, a young girl looking about Elizabeth's age came bouncing in from another part of the room, still sucking what looked like a giant sippy cup. Hi, I'm Sofia. What's your name? Elizabeth responds, saying hi, to Sofia. I'm Elizabeth. Say you want to go and help me do a puzzle till they let us have a turn playing Mario. The boys always hog the Nintendo after school. Elizabeth having nothing better to do, says sure, gets up, leaves her trash on the sofa, and goes into another part of the room as Sophia takes her trash and now empty sippy cup to the bins over by Nurse Megan's desk. A short time later, the boys come running back into the room, crashing back on the couch, yelling it's my turn now, Sophia, oh that's Jimmy, and he's a big poopy pants. Suddenly Sophia looked up behind Elizabeth and said hi, Nurse Megan; I was making a new friend. Well, that's nice of you, Sophia, but Elizabeth left her trash on the sofa and needs to go pick it up and be a good girl. Now Elizabeth! Please clean up your mess and do like the other kids did and put your trash in the garbage and your sippy in the dirty dish bin. Elizabeth lets out a grown, rolling her eyes, gets up from the puzzle, pushes past another kid, and throws her cup and trash in the garbage in front of Nurse Megan. No, Elizabeth, you didn't listen, did you? I said the cup goes in the bin with the dirty dishes, and the trash goes in the garbage can. Now fix it, or I'll send you to the time-out corner. Elizabeth's mouth lights up without thinking again, "What the Hell? I am the adult here. Why are you treating me like a child?" you have no right to tell me what to do. Now pissed off! She grabbed the cup from the trash, threw it in the dish bin with a loud crash, and walked by Nurse Megan, muttering that she was bitch under her breath. Megan gasps well, "I guess time-out will not work for a mouth like that now, will it." Megan reaches over at lightning speed and proceeds to grab Elizabeth by the ear and a wooden object from the top of her desk, all while dragging Elizabeth down the hall, screaming and swearing toward her room. Once in her room, Megan told her to stand in the corner while getting ready for her spanking. A moment later, Nurse Megan ordered Elizabeth to come and lay across her lap. Now I am going to spank you for being a bad little girl. Pulling down her sweatpants and training panties, exposing her bare butt while keeping her panties in place, I am going to give you ten swats for using such naughty words, young lady. Elizabeth begins kicking and screaming NO, NO, you can't spank me. I'm too old to be spanked. Oh, I see, and what happens to little girls who use bad words? Elizabeth is still struggling. Elizabeth responds that bad girls get spankings. And is Elizabeth being good right now? No, Nurse Megan. Hold still while you get this spanking; smacks her butt with the paddle and says one out loud Elizabeth screams in pain with Megan, conveying now count 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Okay, now that's over; let's change your panties; you are wet. Look like your sweats are still dry here. Let's put these on now. Please be a good girl tonight, so I don't need to spank you again. Megan begins to walk back to the day room. She notices her panties are thicker than she had a moment ago. Nurse Megan the panties feel weird. Those panties are our preschooler training panties. Let's see if you can keep those dry for the rest of the evening. If you have an accident, they should be okay and not leak. Nurse Megan tells Elizabeth to be a good girl and find Sophia so they can play Mario together and play Legos until cleanup. Elizabeth walked over to the couch and took the controller from the boy's. This game is stupid, and I could be home watching reality TV shows. Hey Sophia, can we watch TV instead of playing these silly games? No, we can't watch real TV here. We only get to watch movies here. A little while later, Nurse Megan came around again, passing big cups of juice this time as if I wanted apple juice or grape juice; I picked an apple juice. Nurse Megan said she didn't have any clean straw cups left for the night, so everyone got sippy cups and no complaining, warning us it was almost cleanup time. Nurse Megan disappeared again, probably going to bug the boys; thank God I was trying to win this race until Megan yelled clean up time. After cleaning up, everyone must go potty and wash their hands before dinner. I didn't want to stop. I was having fun for once; Nurse Megan walked over to Sophia and asked her if she was dry. While dodging her head around, Sophia was trying to see the TV, so she didn't crash in the race. Nurse Megan responds no; you're wet; you need to sit on the potty, change your pull-up, and take Elizabeth with you. She probably needs to go potty anyways. Elisabeth proudly says no, I am a big girl, and I'm still dry, unlike baby pee pee pants over here. Nurse Megan Says, "Elisabeth, you're being a brat, that was means," Sofia groans. It's okay, as she crashed her car in the game with Megan turning the TV off. Let's go potty, Elizabeth, before we get into trouble, as you did earlier today. As Elisabeth and Sophia walked towards the bathroom, Elizabeth suddenly needed potty because she had to pee and make poopies and began yelling she needed to go potty; Elizabeth tried running but just froze as she wet and messed in her preschool training pants. Nurse Megan comes over to Elizabeth, asking if Elizabeth is still a big girl and if she is acting like a little girl. Elizabeth, now standing with a yellow and brown puddle crying meekly, said I'm a little girl. Okay, let's get you changed; Sophia flies by, running to the potty and sitting on the potty. Moments later, Sophia, when you are done on the potty, you may pick out any pair of preschool training pants you would like to wear. Would you also please get a pair for Elizabeth while I find her some clean clothes? Nurse Megan says Sophia comes and picks out two pairs of princess-printed training pants and transparent rubber panties for them, about the same as Nurse Megan, returns from the lines cart one last pair of preschool pants and onesie for the evening. Elizabeth was less than thrilled by the attire. Once all dressed, Nurse Megan helped her off the changing table. Sophia took Elizabeth by the hand back to the day room to help set the table as instructed by Nurse Megan. A woman wearing a kitchen apron set out dinner trays and filled our sippy cups with more juice. Everyone was excited to see we were having chicken nuggets and pizza bites for dinner with steamed vegetables and rice. Nurse Megan said if everyone eats all our dinner, we could watch a movie and have popcorn before bed tonight. We were allowed seconds on the nuggets until they were all gone and all the juices we wanted to drink. After everyone had been excused from the table and cleared their plates to the dirty dish bin, we ran to the couches. We waited for Nurse Megan put a movie on. Okay, Sophia, you get to pick a movie while I take Elizabeth to her room to help her get her Pajamas on before the movie starts. Nurse Melisa and I walk back to my bedroom. Now Elizabeth is a good girl. Let's get you ready for bed so you can watch the movie. She then proceeded to undress and change my wet training pants into a thick cloth nighttime diaper and a pair of onesie-style pajamas that zippered in the back with a loud-click sound. After she finished, she told me I was a good girl and told me to tell Sophia it was her turn and to wait on the couch till the movie started. After everyone was in their nighttime diapers and pajamas, Nurse Megan put in the movie Sofia had selected: The "Little Mermaid." I didn't complain about the movie. It was okay, and Sophia seemed to be enjoying it. Nurse Megan joined us on the couches, sitting with us girls, bringing over a bowl of popcorn that we all devoured and sippy cups for the boys and me. As the movie continued, Sophia whispered something to Nurse Megan. Sophia, "Are you ready for your baba?" Nurse Megan asks. Sophia nodded yes. Sophia scooches into nurse Megan's lap. As Nurse Megan reaches over to the tray, picks up a full bottle of milk, and then placing into Sophia's waiting mouth, letting her snuggle until her bottle was all gone. As the movie ended, two boys and I were sound asleep, and Sofia was fighting to stay awake till the movie was finished. Nurse Megan told us it was time for all of us to go to bed, and she would be in to give us night time loves and to tuck us in momentarily; then we needed to be quiet while she did her paperwork and had coffee with Nurse Kathy when she came on shift. The Night Shift How did your evening go with the children tonight, Megan, " it was ok, Kathy, fairly routine we got a new one. She is still in the adult brat stage so she might be an issue come morning time. I had to lite her butt up once tonight. She seemed to have made new friends with baby Sofia. Oh, that reminds me, we need to adjust Sophia's bedtime program to level 3 tonight and that she has a pacifier tonight. How did the boys do tonight? Let's see, Jimmy and Stevie are on week one of level 3. They just had their hormone shots yesterday, so they are a little whiney; watch out for Stevie. He has been tugging at his cage, and it looked red when I changed him tonight. I'll have Dr. Milling check it during morning rounds to ensure it is not too tight. Adam did great tonight. He played with the boys most of the evening. He did ask if his mama would come to visit, but I think she had errands to run after she left for work, so she'll probably check in on him in the morning while he is down at the daycare. Adam stays at level 3 for another week until he starts sucking his thumb more often. At least there were no new notes in his chart about adjusting his program tonight. All their Bottles and headphones are on the cart, along with four new pacifiers. Ok, Great, thank you, Megan; kiss your princess on the head for me when you get home. Kathy poured herself a warm cup of coffee and set off on her rounds, taking care of the boys first with a quick diaper change and placing each of their headphones on their heads for some soft, soothing music for the evening. Jimmy and Stevie were sound asleep, both sucking their thumbs, and Kathy replaced the thumbs for milk bottles with their nighttime medications. On the other hand, Stevie was sucking on the corner of his blanket. Kathy made quick work of him, stopping ever so briefly to appreciate how baby-smooth his pubic region was. On to the girl's room, slipping into Sophia's room and slipping the bottle in her waiting mouth, and placing her headphone on was a piece of cake. Kathy slips into Elizabeth's room to find her sleeping facing the wall and glides her hand down to the hidden crotch zipper; she unzips the sleeper enough to slide her hand in to feel her warm diaper. She is not too wet and will be fine for a little bit. Her favorite part of the job was the week one babies, who are still adjusting. Not sure if Elizabeth would be willing to take her bottle yet, Kathy decided some snuggle time was to ensure she drank all her bottle with the nighttime medication in it; Kathy Slips into her bed and under the warm heavy blankets, allowing Elizabeth to roll over and snuggle her naturally. Kathy gently guided Elizabeth's head to rest on her chest, allowing Kathy to feed her the bottle and rub her back simultaneously. With a bit of rubbing of her lips, her mouth opens, and she begins to suck the bottle slowly, but she is doing well. Kathy eventually stops snuggling, whispering in her ear that she is a very good girl, and slips a pacifier into her mouth before adjusting her headphones for the night. Kathy does the same with the rest of the children swapping their bottles with pacifiers and whispering to each one in their ears what good boys and girls they are. Returning to her desk, Kathy types on the keyboard and, with a mouse click, turn on soothing music for each child. Making a mental note to probably change Elizabeth in an hour once the laxatives work their way threw her. Floating on Clouds Elizabeth walks back to her bedroom with everyone else. She is not sure what to think of her situation. If she argues or uses terrible words, Nurse Melisa will spank her again, but if she acts like everyone else, it is not so bad except for the wetting my panties thing. I had never peed my panties like this before, except for the occasional accident. Nurse Melissa shouts. "Ok, kids, lights out. I'll be around a bit to tuck you all in and give you bedtime, loves." A few minutes later, Nurse Malisa comes in, pulls up a thick heavy comforter, and tucks me in, kissing my forehead, telling me to be a good girl and sweet dreams, princess. Elizabeth, oh Elizabeth, where are you, silly? I hear a familiar voice calling, but I don't see who calls me by name. All I see are other kids playing at a park. All I desire is to play; then I hear the voice again saying good girls get to play with their friends. As I run off to the swingset, my tummy starts to hurt, so I stop running; then I hear the voice again say, Good Girls, make poopies in their diapers; play with your friends. So I run off to play on the swing set. I swing for what feels like forever, going higher and higher until I feel like flying through the clouds. I fly through clouds with a blue waterfall flowing from cloud to cloud. I hear a woman yell snack time, so I fly back to the park, where a bright blanket is lying on the soft green grass. I join several other exciting children for snack time. As I am eating a snack, I hear Honey, you must be thirsty; let's get you a nice bottle of juice to drink. The woman tells me, good girls, drink their bottle till it's all gone, she reaches into a bag, pulls out my bottle of juice, guides the nipple into my mouth, and gently lays me back till my head is resting in her lap as I lay there slowly sucking and enjoying the sun shining down on my body, feeling all warm and tingly. I hear the voice again say it's time to get you changed. I lay there sucking my baba while she unsnaps my Jumper and unpins my wet, messy diaper. "I should give you a big reward for being such a good girl," The woman says as she pours lotion into her hand and slowly works it into my diaper area. I like this a lot. I spread my legs wide and let the woman's fingers work. A few moments later, I felt pulses of electrical shocks racing through me as the woman announced she was all done, closed up my diaper and rubber panties, and pulled her Jumper; ok, you can play some more till nap time. Rounds Nurse Kathy checks her watch, lays down her book that she has been reading out of boredom, and glances over at her security monitors, checking on all of her babies and making sure everyone is sound asleep for the night; their movie-time bottles should ensure that they all stay asleep for the evening. She puts down the terribly written romance novel one of the other nurses left for her to read. Getting up and stepping into her supply room, she emerges with her stocked diaper-changing cart and heads down the hallway with the cart in tow. Starting with her poopy boys, expertly, she unlocks and unzips the legs of each sleeper and removes their soiled diapers. Then uses her pocket lite and inspects each chastity cage. Making sure there was no poop anywhere on the cage, she removed their cages and put clean ones on them. When she was cleaning Jimmy's cage, she noticed how small he was now; she remembered when he first arrived, Jimmy was above average size, but now he was no bigger than 3 inches. Oh, Jimmy, you have been such a good boy, I hear. It would be best if you were rewarded. Kathy reached into her cart, pulled out a bin with Jimmy's name on it, and retrieved a rectal massager slipping a condom over it and slipping into his now lubed bottom. she then proceeded to do quick work of bringing jimmy to an orgasm and obtain semen sample for the lab. In contrast, jimmy lay there sucking on his pacifier. She gives him his reward as she brings him to another orgasm, making sure he is adequately drained of semen, and he slows his sucking. Kathy takes a baby wipe and cleans him up, applying a heavy coat of barrier cream and powder, then locking him back up in a new clean chastity cage and pinning him back into a thick nighttime diaper. Kathy makes her way to Sophia's room; she notes in Jimmy's chart about her rewarding him and producing a semen sample for the lab. Kathy quickly changes Sophia and rescues her stuffed doggy that had fallen to the floor. Her final stop of the night was Elizabeth's room. She turned on a small night light, adjusting it so as not to bother her while she unlocked her sleeper and pulled down her very wet and stinky diaper. She quickly cleans her up, tossing everything into the attached diaper bin on the cart. As Kathy glances at her chart, it doesn't say I can't reward you for the rest of the night. Maybe it will help you sleep better. Kathy reaches into a drawer in the cart and pulls out a small pink device designed for encouraging positive behavior. Kathy applied a liberal amount of lubricant and slipped it into her vagina with a moisture sensor wire sticking out into her diaper. Kathy then programs the device with her tablet to activate when the moisture sensor reaches 98-96 degrees with a ramped program until Elizabeth orgasms; then, the device turns off till it's activated again. Kathy could also manually control them from her tablet anywhere on the floor. After pinning the clean diaper back and snapping on clean rubber panties, she zipped and locked the sleeper back up. Kathy went into the bathroom, pulled out the now full diaper pail, and placed it by the main hallway door for the night crew to pick up when they drop off clean diapers and linens. After she finishes her rounds, Kathy goes into the small kitchen area and fixes herself a meal and a fresh cup of coffee. While eating, she pulls out her cell phone, opens her nursery cam app, and spies on her baby, who is sound asleep at home. Kathy sat back at the desk with her coffee and continued reading her book, tapping a button on her desk to reactivate the motion sensors in case someone tried to get out of bed like last night, glancing at the security monitors every once in a while. A while later, the alarm went off, indicating one of the kids was moving a lot. She mutes the alarm and looks at her security monitors. Seeing that Elizabeth had just rolled over to her stomach, Kathy turned her tablet back on and looked at the app for the vibrator, indicating it had just activated and turned itself off within 5 minutes. This process happened a few more times before the kids were gotten up. Morning Routine At 6 am, the door alarm sounded. Kathy was delighted to see it was her long-time friend Ruth, who had come in an hour early to visit before Ruth started her day shift on the floor. She pushed in two large hampers of clean diapers and another card full of linens and children's clothes. There were five shelves on the tall cart, each labeled with a child's name and containing clean clothing and bedding. Oh good, you found a cleaJumperer for Sophia. She was upset she didn't have one to wear for school yesterday, and I figure she and Elizabeth can share till Elizabeth's clothing order arrives. Over the next hour, Kathy and Ruth worked together to get the ward cleaned up and ready for the day's activities. Shortly after breakfast and the morning rounds, the caregivers from the school program would arrive to collect the children for the day's therapy and learning activities. The two nurses worked quickly to get the kids up from bed. The first began with the three boys taking them to the shower room and stripping them out of their heavy soiled overnight diapers. The Nurses strapped each child into a tilting shower chair with a locking butterfly harness and wrist straps, preventing little hands from wandering while they worked. They then rolled them into the large oversized shower, where the nurse made quick work washing them down and doing a quick shave off any excess facial hair; since the Hormones and laser hair removal treatment last week, the boys now lacked any form of pubic hair making it easy for the nurses to perform their morning duties. Each of the boys was washed and then dressed in clean diapers and secure locking onesies before being allowed to choose their clothes for the day. After the boys were ready for the day, they were sent off to the playroom until breakfast. Next were the girls; the Nurses usually took extra time getting them all pretty for the day. Kathy woke Elizabeth up, removing her headphone and placing them on the nightstand in their charger for later use. Surprisingly Elizabeth was still sucking on her pacifier this morning, so she opted to let her keep it for the time being to see how long till she didn't want it anymore as a way to judge her age level today. If the smell in the room was not telling enough, the vast brown and yellow stain rubber was a sure sign that she was in a very heavily soiled diaper. Still groggy, Kathy helped Elizabeth out of her locking sleeper into the waiting shower chair, where Kathy secured her with a locking neoprene butterfly harness to prevent her from falling out and hurting herself. Once they were in the shower room, she removed the heavily stained diaper. At that moment, Elizabeth begins to moan through her pacifier, breathing heavily as a stream of pee through the over-saturated diaper onto the floor. Kathy noticing that she is peeing, immediately begins to praise her telling her what a good girl she is and that a good girl gets rewards. Let's give you a break as Kathy removes the vibrator from her and places it into the bin to be cleaned later. Kathy went to work scrubbing her down in the warm steamy shower. Elizabeth waking up from her groggy sleepiness, is enjoying the ever-so-gentle touch and soothing lullaby that nurse Kathy is signing. At about the same time, Nurse Ruth entered Sophia's room to discover that she was awake already, having removed her headphone and placed them neatly on her nightstand, which was still happily snuggling her stuffed doggy while sucking her pacifier. Nurse Ruth reaches out her hand to try to steal her precious passy was meant with a blocking hand and her head shaking NO. It's mine in a baby voice. Ok, princess, hop up into the shower chair and let got get your princess parts squeaky clean Ruth helped Sophia into the waiting shower chair and strapped her in with a locking butterfly vest. Sophia loved her morning shower time, especially with Ruth, who knew how to make her feel special. As the hot water sprays over Sophia, she begins to relax as Ruth expertly scrubs every inch of her body, paying extra attention to her princess parts, letting her finger wander into Sophia's now waiting vagina, asking Sophia if she was a good girl last night for Nurse Kathy. Sophia spread her legs wider as the pressure began to build until there was an explosion of sensation and warmth. as Ruth removed her figure, a gush of pee poured out of Sophia onto the shower floor with nurse ruth telling her she was such a good girl as Ruth finishing up washing Sophia's hair as she is making a muffled whining sound though her pacifier that she needed to make poopies without missing a beat, Nurse Ruth whispered in her ear Good Girls don't need the potty to make Make poopies. Soon Sophia was grunting and pushing out a load of poop in the shower while Ruth told her she was a very good girl and would get a treat this morning. The Nurses took each girl into the adjacent dressing room, where brightly colored jumpers with matching tights and diaper covers were on the changing table. Now girls announce Nurse Kathy. Are you big girls today or princesses? Kathy approaches Sophia and asks if princess Sophia is a big girl because if she is a big girl, she could wear those great sweats pants and sweatshirt with training pants, or if she is a beautiful princess, she could wear this beautiful Jumper and matching tights. Sophia almost spat out her pacifier, announcing she was a princess and wanted the pretty clothes. Kathy approaches Elizabeth, still contently sucking on her pacifier and staring at the brightly colored Jumper. Elizabeth, you know good girls wear Jumpers and tight, right? Only big girls wear ugly clothes with yukky training panties; you know you want to be a princess today, don't you? You did not like those yukky cold wet training panties yesterday! Elizabeth is now screaming in her mind that she is a big girl. Still, while staring at that beautiful Jumpers, she slowly nodded her head yes and pointed to the Brightly colored Jumpers for her clothing choice today. Elizabeth, that's a good girl. You make good choices. Nurse Ruth and Kathy do quick work dressing the girls and combing their hair into ponytails for the day. Kathy reaches into a bin under the changing table, finding matching pacifier clips for each girl. Before helping them down to the floor and escorting them into the playroom until breakfast time.
  7. Hey everyone, finally getting the time to write again. This is a commissioned short story, though as discussions continue in the background, the plot is getting deeper and more complex than our originally planned 10 chapters will allow for, so who knows when it’ll be done. Insert obligatory mention of my Patreon here… Anyway, have fun with this one. There’s a little inspiration coming from The Handmaid’s Tale, except without all the rapey murdery stuff. Fear gripped Penelope Russo as she stared at the paper on the wall. Seven years she worked at Donatello, never missing a shift, always coming in to cover other people, and her name wasn’t even on the new schedule for next week. Since the day she graduated high school, she’d waited tables there, while other girls came and went. How could this even be happening?! “Tony wants to see you in his office, Penny.” Jacky Phillips tapped her on the shoulder, and she nearly jumped out of her skin. The girl was barely twenty, but they became fast friends when Jacky started working there. Well, more than friends on occasion… friends with benefits? But that was behind tightly closed doors, not spoken of at work or anywhere else. The look on Jacky’s face confirmed what Penny already feared; this wasn’t going to be a good conversation. Jacky gave her a quick hug. “Good luck, hun.” “Yeah, thanks.” Dejected, she walked through the kitchen, up the stairs, and knocked on the general manager’s door. “Come in!” the low voice boomed behind the door, with that signature Jersey-Italian accent thick through it. She opened the door and stepped inside. “Penny.” He shook his head. “Penny, Penny, Penny, what am I gonna do wit’ you?” “Tony, please, you can’t…” “Look, you’re a hard worker. You’re polite. You make sure everyone’s drink is full and their food gets out hot. But I’ve told you over and over, the guys have expectations. Parents bring their boys in here looking to get them hooked up. You know this. I know this. And the big boss knows it too, and he says I gotta let you go, because you won’t do it.” “But Tony!” “You need a man, Penny. You need to be home making babies for your man. Not here turning into an old spinster. The customers complain, they want their waitresses to be friendly. And young. And the girls, they flirt until they find a guy that clicks, and boom, I’m hiring a new one because she went off and got hitched.” “Spinster, Tony! I’m twenty five, not fifty!” “When did I hire you, Penny? You were eighteen. Most of these girls that I hire, they’re fifteen, sixteen. That’s what the customers want to see, young girls they can pair up with their teenage sons to make grandchildren for them.” “But Tony…” “Penny, look, I know what you are. Don’t worry, my lips are sealed. But it’s not my world, Penny. I just gotta live in it. Back in my grandfather’s day, no one would even blink over someone like you, but since the religious kooks took over, I mean, what’re you gonna do?” Penny struggled not to cry as Tony’s words cut through her. All throughout school, she and every other girl was drilled about how the most noble profession and honorable profession for women was being a mother and wife. Only the Barren went to work, because the fertile were needed to keep the population growing. But as much as she tried to like boys, or at least to tolerate them, she lusted after other girls. Boys, they just wanted to squash her tits with their meat-hooks and then hump her like a dog until they were spent. Girls went out of their way to make her feel good, touch all her special places the way she’d touch herself when she thought about them. The dirty, dirty thoughts she had. And she hated herself for it. “I just… what am I gonna do, Tony? As long as I’m making eggs, they won’t let me work in the factories or go to college or anything! This is all I got!” “I wish it didn’t have to be like this, Penny. Maybe try being nicer to the boys at another place? Maybe suck it up and get hitched what they expect of you? I don’t know. Maybe…” He leaned over and got much, much quieter. “Maybe I know a guy. Maybe he can get you some of those sticks, you know what I’m saying? Maybe you make a phone call or somethin’.” He slid a piece of paper across the desk with a phone number on it. Penny shuddered, but took the piece of paper and slipped it into her purse. One of her “girlfriends” in high school tried to get hold of the “egg-breaker sticks” - injections you could take that would turn you up as infertile when you went to the clinic to get harvested every month. But they were as illegal as heroin and cocaine. A cop showed up for her at school not long after that, and no one ever saw her again. “Th… thanks Tony.” She hung her head, and he stood up. “I wish you luck Penny. You’re a good kid. Take care of yourself, huh?” She stood up as well, taking his outstretched hand and shaking it weakly. “I’ll have your last check ready for you on Friday, okay?” “Sure.” “Hey. Maybe… maybe in a few months, I might be needing a front of the house manager, eh?” Her mind reeling, Penny trudged back down the steps and out the back door, speaking to no one on the way. Tony’s words burned at the back of her brain. Why? Why’d she have to like girls? Why couldn’t she just be normal and find a husband and have a happy life surrounded by kids? It would have been so much easier than what she’d been through since high school. She thought about the phone number he gave her. God, if she got caught, she’d wind up disappeared like that kid Sarah! But if she didn’t get caught, that was her golden ticket! All she needed was to turn up empty at the fertility clinic three months in a row, and she’d be reclassified as a Barren. No more pressure to get married, no more being a waitress and getting groped by horny teenage boys while their parents laughed about it. She and her little circle of special friends would still have to keep quiet about their little get-togethers, but no one really cared about what Barrens did with their free time. It was only illegal for boys - If a man lie with a man as a woman, it is an abomination, was how the verse went. Girls, well, society thought it was shameful, but the Coalition couldn’t find any biblical justification to outlaw it. But first she had to at least try to find another job. Even if she could get the sticks, she had to keep her rent up long enough to make it three months…
  8. I could write a novel about yesterday, but I will try to make this as brief as possible. I ended up seeing a urologist yesterday for incontinence. That was not the plan when I woke up yesterday. I had a scheduled appointment with a different specialist for an unrelated issue and incontinence came up and that doc referred me to urology. Incontinence was already in my chart and I previously declined urology referrals, but this was the second time so I figured I will keep getting referred until I go, so I agreed. As it just so happens, there was an an opening that day. So I get to the urologist office. They take me back almost right away. First they had me pee in a cup, which normally I wouldn't be able to do on command. Though as luck would have it, I felt my bladder getting full and and I was able give a sample with relative ease. Next the assistant had me raise my shirt and pull down my pants exposing my soaked diaper and she did a quick bladder scan. I was feeling self conscious about how wet I was and so asked if I could change my diaper when she was done. She suggested I wait until after the doctor is done because he will want to do a male exam. Though she did ask if I needed a brief, but when she came back with a flimsy pull-up I told her I'm fine using one of my own diapers. It was weird to discuss it so matter of factly with a medical person who didn't know me. Though I figured it's urology and the appointment was specifically for incontinence. The urologist came in after that. He was a nice guy, though rather plain spoken and blunt. He asked a bunch of questions about my incontinence. There was no use in lying to him and I didn't really have time to think about what to say. So I told him the truth which was that even when I was fully toilet trained, I didn't feel comfortable with it and by the time I was a teenagerI made my way back to diapers. Since then my bladder control has plummeted which is fine by me since I don't mind wearing diapers. (I did leave out the ABDL and unpotty training stuff as that wasn't pertinent). He kind of shrugged and said to each their own. I asked him to use discretion in charting and he looked at me like a 3-headed alien and kept on going. He then had me take off my diaper and did his exam and he suggested further bladder studies should I be interested in treatment, and then he sent me on my way. Afterwards I read the treatment note he wrote on my online medical chart. To my dismay, he wrote that I prefer to wear diapers and don't want my incontinence treated. It's not a lie, but it was not particularly flattering to see it in writing in my chart for any other provider to see. I suppose I could ask him to remove it, though at this point I’m just going let this one go It wasn't until late in the evening after the panic attacks fizzled out that I felt a wave of relief and perhaps even joy. I realized that I never, ever have to worry about wearing a diaper in a medical setting again, for the rest of my life!! From now on if anyone asks me why I have a diaper on, I just tell them it's in my chart and I've already seen a urologist for it. I also realized that if I ever get hospitalized, I don't have to feel self conscious about asking to use a diaper instead of a bedside commode or worse, being catheterized. I also don't have to worry if I get a UTI or bad diaper rash that needs treatment. Frankly it's a huge RELIEF. Plus the whole experience was strangely validating. Even though my incontinence is psychological in origin, I didn't get any impression that that made it less legitimate. I keep thinking about how I took off my diaper for the physical exam the doc threw a towel under me to catch any leaks, which I imagine he would've done for any patient he saw with bladder control issues. In fact I was low key relieved he put a towel under me to catch leaks. TL;DR - For better or for worse, it's now in my chart that I prefer to wear diapers to manage my incontinence. Though mostly for better.
  9. Hi all! Currently, I am in search of cheaper diapers to flesh out my padding stash. I am not too much worried about them having top notch absorbency either. It's somewhat preferable to me that I can actually use them up before needing a change! I've been looking at the tena ultra briefs so far, but the only medical brand diapers I've really tried have been the Northshores. I love Northshore, but I'm moreso in search of something "light" and that I can have MORE of for the price. Okay, with all that being said, they still need to be functional beyond 1 go. Those of you that have tried them, are Tenas worth the purchase? Do you have any other recommendations I could look into? Thanks for your time in advance! -Mew.
  10. Tricked by my family I decided to enter this story in @kasarberang competition. Feel free to post feedback and suggestions, and I welcome constructive feedback. Introduction: I guess things haven’t been normal for a long time. Bedwetting and bladder issues runs in our family. Mom tried to avoid the topic, but aunt Cassie didn’t deny it either. My older sister Katie, who is now sixteen became older and more mature, she helped babysit me. Mom was irritated that I didn’t want to wear diapers, and often fussed about it. My sister Katie made it seemed like she didn’t like changing my diaper, but mom wanted her to help babysit me anyway. Sometimes mom wanted me back in diapers “Because” for reasons I didn’t quite understand. Mom kept telling me it wasn’t a punishment. For the first time, mom went on a business trip, with my sister “in charge”, now she is 16 and trustworthy. My aunt was around to check on us and help out, but she worked as a nurse, for a medical clinic. Little did I know how things would change for me. Getting ready: Aunt Cassie brought over some food for while we were gone. My sister drinks a lot of Gatorade, and seems to always read the label on food and drink. She likes to stay active, and is glad she doesn’t wear pullups to school much. Mom asked if we had plans for the almost two weeks she will be away. My sister says she’ll be studying, but didn’t say which subject. Mom didn’t seem surprised. Cassie mentioned that I had a doctors appointment this week, for a “checkup”, which made me worry about what the doctor needed to check. I’ve been to doctors and hospitals enough, and things happen unexpectedly, and sometimes hurts and I cry like a baby. I wet my pullup a lot just thinking about it. Mom handed Katie a wallet of gift cards, for CVS, Grubhub, and a few other places. We had plenty of frozen food, but could also order food delivered. Cassie handed a folder with some papers, that mom put together for while she was away. “Mom, did you schedule our daily activities in advance?”, she asked. “I don’t want you two sitting around watching Netflix all day”, mom replied. Cassie also brought over a box of diapers and other supplies, supposedly for her neighbors, but I knew it was meant for me. I had started to cry, and Cassie picked me up, and tried to comfort me, as my sister walked with mom, bags in hand. “You sure are a little girl, aren’t you?” Cassie said quietly. She checked that my pullup was now soaked. A few minutes later, Cassie had me back in my room, removed my pullup, cleaned me and put a diaper on me. My sister came in, a little surprised I hadn’t thrown a tantrum. I really don’t like getting put in diapers during the day, or getting changed.
  11. Characters: Jessica, Age 32, Six Foot 2, Red Curly Hair, Hour glass figure with FF-Cup Breasts, College professor, Initially discharged on parental leave but lost her child in birth. Months later, shes been prescribed some anti-psychotics and anti-depressants, but is still at a loss Until she notices one of her old students, Anastasia, walking home in the rain. Within a week, she decides to make her her own, which leads us to the fateful day....
  12. Hello Everyone: Well, I have been trying to figure out why I cannot stop this ridiculous COUGHING FIT that I have had since January - it gets so bad some nights that I sit BOLT UPRIGHT in bed, and I feel like I am either gonna cough up my lung, or that my airway will close up. I think it may be due to my allergies or something in my environment, or due to severe bouts of bronchitis. Usually, when I get the bronchitis, the doctor gives me some prednizone to help me open things up so I can get rid of whatever it is. This year however, I have been coughing like crazy, and with my asthma, I have my inhalers and such, and he knows that a nebulizer helps me to get the rest of whatever it is out of my system - However, they want me to have the Pulmonary Function Test. I have to see the Pulmonologist on Tuesday, and then HOPEFULLY, when this COVID-19 thing is over, I can get the test they want me to have. It has been a nightmare sometimes, because it feels like I am unable to breathe. This sucks guys and girls - Hopefully they can help me get whatever is causing this under control - I continue to use the nebulizer with the duoneb med mix - It helps, but I would like to be able to get to to the bottom of this! Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I work through this with my medical team Thanks, Brian
  13. The first 100 people to use this coupon code ( VY46X ) between now and the end of Black Friday will receive a free copy of my latest book, Test Subjects Wanted. You will have to create an account but the book is free after registering. This is a story about Thomas, a bright young man with a limited career path at his present place of employment. A chance look at a help wanted ad was about to change his life. He didn't know what he would be doing but he knew the money was a lot better than his entry-level tech support job at the electronics store. What amount of cash would it take for him to commit a significant amount of his life to something he would never want anyone else to find out about? Something that left no permanent effects and would ultimately help humanity as a whole but required a significant personal sacrifice by him? Follow Thomas as he makes a better life for himself and the world but at what cost to his dignity? This documents his participation in a medical research study, one where all of the test subjects are diapered and force-fed for the duration of the project. With the procedures the doctors have performed on the subjects, they have no choice but to use the diapers they are locked into. At least he will have company. Available ebook formats: epub mobi pdf lrf pdb txt html
  14. Changing Roles Chapter 1 Chris sat miserably silent in the passenger seat of the car as his wife chatted to the couple standing outside in the mall carpark. The couple were Dave and Anna. Anna was a firm friend of Chris’s wife Sue and Chris had teamed up with Dave on the golf course a few times. At least they said hello to me, thought Chris unhappily. Since Chris had been ill he’d become used to the type of awkward greeting he had just received as both Anna and Dave had ducked their heads down and said hello. They said it with the usual look of concern, and as usual they waited until Chris had returned their greeting in the halting, stuttering manner which was now the best he could manage. Their faces had then gone back out of Chris’s sight, probably with relief, Chris thought. There wasn’t much they could say to each other since Chris’s problems had begun. Conversation was as difficult for them as it was for Chris. ‘We’ve been looking at a new driver for Dave,’ Chris heard Anna say before returning to his jumbled thoughts. ‘Just a bit of shopping,’ he heard his wife reply a moment later, and he felt a jolt of despair. Sue had been buying diapers for Chris. He was wetting every night now, and the doctor had recommended a thicker diaper from the medical supply firm next to the mall. Dave and Anna were looking for a golf club for Dave, and Sue was buying diapers for Chris. As if to underline Chris’s new needs, he felt another jolt, this time from his lower body. He turned to say something to Sue, but couldn’t get the words out. He put his hand on her thigh, and gave it a squeeze. Sue turned to him, and saw the look on his face. ‘Well,’ she said to the two torsos Chris could see next to the driver’s window. ‘We’d better get home.’ ‘OK,’ Chris heard Anna say. ‘Good to see you. Bye Chris,’ she added with another quick look inside the car. ‘Yeah, see ya Chris,’ he heard Dave say. As they drove out of the carpark, Sue turned again to Chris. ‘Are you OK, honey?’ she asked. Chris nodded, but Sue could see that he wasn’t comfortable. She guessed the reason. ‘Honey, we’re going straight home. I asked you if you needed to wee in the mall. Why didn’t you say so then?’ she said. ‘It’s OK,’ Chris stammered. Sue turned out onto the main road, then reached across and put her hand to Chris’s crotch. ‘Oh, it’s not OK, honey. You’re wet again,’ she said. Chris looked down at the crotch of his chinos. It was soaked. He hadn’t been aware of peeing. ‘Honestly, Chris…’ she began, but was interrupted by Chris’s tears. Sue took a deep breath. ‘Chris, please, it’s not the end of the world. Just be thankful it didn’t…’ ‘They were buying golf clubs for Dave,’ Chris blurted out, managing to string all the words together without stalling. He took a breath. ‘And we were, you were, buying, d, d, diapers for m, m, me,’ said as his tears overwhelmed him. Sue loved Chris deeply, and her caring instincts welled up. Chris often cried now. The doctor said it was a result of his lowered ability to cope with his emotions. ‘Honey, we’ll just get you home, then we can fix you up, OK?’ said Sue. Chris nodded through his tears. Neither spoke as they drove on. Chris was worrying that his problems were taking over more of his life, while Sue was thinking this meant another discussion about daytime protection. She decided she would be much firmer with Chris this time. After all, the doctor had said that it would be better for both of them if she took a firm hand with Chris. ‘Whether you like it or not, Sue, your roles have changed. You need to take charge of the situation a little more. He needs that, and it’s better for both of you,’ she had told Sue. She was thinking about the doctor’s words as she looked across at her unhappy husband. ‘I love you, sweetie,’ she said. Chris returned her words with gratitude in his eyes. He was trying to say something. ‘It’s ok,’ Sue said. ‘We’ll be home soon.’ To be continued.
  15. Hello everyone! I have been wearing 24/7 straight without cheating for about 2 weeks and have been essentially reverse kegaling to weaken my bladder muscles. At this point (depending on my hydration level) I don't feel any urge except RIGHT before my urine exits my urethra and it's too late to stop it and I don't dare try(!!). Occasional little "twitches" are felt inside my bladder which I believe could be tiny spasms but they are few and far between and I barely notice them. Recently, however (and first few days into diaper training) I have had this slight "discomfort" about halfway down my urethra (tube which urine travels through the penis to exit the body). It's not painful and it's very tolerable per se but it's just annoying enough to get my attention. I've noticed that it happens most often during "dry spells" when my muscles are relaxed but no urine is leaking out. Sometimes it is irritating enough that it can keep me from going to sleep...like I said an annoyance. My urine is clear or slightly yellow (aka..healthy) and I'm drinking ~80 oz of water and have about 5 cups of black coffee a day along with cranberry juice here and there. I realize that muscles can weaken along the urethra and that signs of atrophy are pain/discomfort from non-use but I wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone else had similar instances during their diaper training journey. Basically is this progress and an expected change in my body as I progress and will it go away? Thanks for reading and I hope to hear back from someone soon.
  16. I am disabled, I have Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified with traits of Aspergers Syndrome, Epilepsy and multiple learning Difficulties. What does that mean ? I have autism, while I am generally High functioning, I also have traits of low functioning autism as well, sensory issues, communication difficulties and stimming One problem I have with sensory processing disorder, is that I am hypo-tactile, meaning I don't get the same stimulation from something touching me as you would. Because of this I have always enjoyed the sensation of a poopy diaper, as it is kind of a sensory input for me. Being epileptic when I have a seizure (between 1 and 3 times a month) I am usually incontinent. Aside from that I have full control over my bladder and bowel The problem I have is because I am mostly High Functioning, I am overly smart, I can talk about all kinds of things, from Integral and Differential Calculus to Philosophy, from Material Science to Sociology, and I am a Computer Geek and a science nerd. I hate being so intelligent, and such a know it all, because it makes it hard to find friends with similar interests. I honestly wish I was Severely Disabled, and functioned on the cognitive level of a 2 year old, so I wouldn't know any better, and could be looked after 24/7 Knowledge is scary, and it can be used as a weapon as well as a tool.
  17. I apologize in advance, you're in for a heck of a read. When I finished part one, I found that I had typed 11 pages! Yes, 11 pages in 12pt font in a text editor! Yikes. Please enjoy, I'm hoping to make two future chapters (assuming I don't hit burnout) Or at very least, some illustrations of the project. Based on the story "Diapered Gals" by Lady Daisy on Literotica. The inspiration to write a story like this is based on my personal DL (diaper lover) lifestyle. For me, diapers aren't a sexual outlet, but a lot of online stories go straight in that direction. I also enjoy seeing stories that don't evolve AB's (adult babies) as that too isn't part of my lifestyle. Enough about that- Enjoy! T oday was the day. I was moving house, from a small apartment on the west end to a house of my own in a quiet unassuming suburb. Michelle, one of my best friends, was at the apartment with me packing up the last of my things into her car, while I made the last checks around the empty building. "Bedroom? Check. Kitchen? Check. Bathroom? Check." "Who are you talking to?" Michelle's soft voice piped from the doorway, as she entered and looked at me walking about in circles. Michelle was a complete sweetheart of a best friend, average height and build with adorable dimples on each of her rosy cheeks. Her short brown hair was tied back into a small ponytail to keep out of her equally brown eyes while we packed, and like myself, was dressed casually in jeans and a black graphic tee. "Well?" She said, as clearly I didn't respond quickly enough to her; lost in my own little world. "If we don't get going soon Andrea, we're never going to get everything unloaded by nightfall!" She was right of course, as it was already one in the afternoon and we had about an hour's drive ahead of us. I gave her a knowing nod before playfully motioning her out the door as I walked after her. "Yeah, lets hit the road before I regret this whole moving idea, and all the work that goes into it." I said, locking the apartment behind me and heading towards my own car, which was equally full, if not a bit smaller than hers. I looked back one last time with a knowing smile that this look at my old apartment would be my last. Michelle climbed into her SUV, the main reason I had asked her to help, as I got into my tiny red sedan. I adjusted the mirror, ensuring that she was ready to follow, before revving up the engine and heading onto the city streets. I was ready to start my new life somewhere a little more comfortable. *** It was about a half hour into our drive, and the roads had opened up considerably. Where we started driving through crowded streets, we now found ourselves traversing an open highway where there was open space for miles around. Few other cars and trucks dotted the landscape, the occasional person passing on this non-divided highway, but nothing to be excited about. They had their destination, and I had mine. That was, until it hit me. Out of the blue, a black sports car drove straight for me, straight across the yellow line into my lane. I looked in horror, as there was nothing I could do before the driver plowed straight into my car. I braced for impact as our two cars spun straight across the other lane, off the highway. When we hit the trees, everything went black. *** A beeping, quiet at first, but nagging and annoying is the next thing I could process. I felt like everything around me was in a haze, like I was looking through a fogged over window. Instinctively I pulled my hand up to my head, feeling as though I was dragging a cord behind it. "She's awake!" A mystery voice proclaimed. It wasn't Michelle's, in fact it wasn't feminine at all. As my vision started to focus, I saw where I was. In front of me stood a young hospital nurse, dressed in blue scrubs with cute black and blue polka-dot pants and matching bandana atop his head. He was a tall black man, a bit on the heavier side, with dark eyes that looked like deep blue pools of water. He smiled at me as my eyes focused on him, and this time he addressed me personally. "Good morning Miss Verblau, it's good to see you awake. I'm Dave. Do you know where you are?" He asked before taking a small flashlight from his pocket and checking on my eyes. I shook my head at him and he spoke up again. "I'm not surprised, you were in quite a wreck yesterday. You were admitted to Sacred Heart Hospital yesterday afternoon, do you remember anything from your past? Your name perhaps?" As soon as he finished his sentence, he looked over his paperwork, and everything I couldn't explain suddenly made sense. I must have blacked out when that car hit me! But what of Michelle? She was driving behind me, was she okay? And my car, loaded full of half my life, where was it? I looked back up at him inquisitively and spoke up. "I...have a lot of questions." I said, plainly and simply. He looked down at me knowingly, like this is a statement he had had often before. "Your friend Michelle, the one who phoned in the accident is in the waiting area. Now that you're awake and out of intensive care, I'll get her back in here and we'll do an evaluation. It's sometimes best to have a friendly face to jog a patient's memory." I nodded at him before he could even finish his sentence, and Dave quickly left the room. While he stepped out, I had a better look at my surroundings. It was a traditional hospital room in most ways. The walls were painted a sky blue, with the usual hospital materials littered about the walls. The bed was also a soft blue color, the warm blankets wrapped over my lower body, and what looked to be an iv drip alongside the bed. I could assume it was antibiotics and saline, as well as few other monitors hooked up for my heart rate and oxygen levels. For now, I was in a room by myself, which considering I was unconscious, was likely not abnormal. No sooner did Dave leave and he was back with Michelle at his side. She looked relieved, and not worse for wear. It appears that if she was involved in the accident, she was out unscathed. She smiled widely at me in relief, as though she expected me to not yet be awake. Dave quickly took his assessment, then took his leave after bringing Michelle in, and I struggled to find the words. "How are you feeling?" Michelle asked first. She saw my struggle to say much of anything, and like always, knew exactly what to do. "I....I'm fine." I stammered, taking a deep breath from the oxygen tubes in my nose. "My car, the other car-" I didn't get far into the next sentence before Michelle took my hand in hers and calmed me. "It's going to be okay." She said with a relaxed smile, before continuing her explanation. "The damage is bad, and your car will be totaled, but right now it's in a junking lot until you're better. All your stuff is safe. As for the other car..." Her voice trailed off as she started the second part of her tale, starting the next sentence more sternly and solemnly. "The other driver is dead. No official word yet, but the officers said he looked like he was potentially on some pretty strong drugs." "Dead..." My voice trailed off a bit. I felt terrible for what happened, even if it wasn't my fault. I was the lucky one; I would be able to go home soon. All things considered, my body felt fine and I didn't feel any indicators of broken bones. Though I did have a few itchy bandages, one on my leg which felt saturated. I put aside my concerns about the other driver and pulled up the blankets briefly to look at the damage, but quickly fluffed them back down and turned a few shades of red. Michelle immediately recognized my discomfort. "Was it something I said?" She asked, though she pointedly looked down at the blankets that I had pulled tighter around myself. I refused to let her see what I had just seen, but perhaps the nurse from before could shed some light on the situation. "Michelle?" I asked, "Would you mind getting the nurse back here?" She didn't wait for a moment before stepping out of the room to find Dave, or one of the other nurses of the floor. While I was alone again, I pulled up the blankets to get a better look at what I thought I saw. I know that when in the hospital, patents are generally removed from their personal clothing, and given hospital gowns and shoes for the duration of their stay. However, usually in a situation like this, patients either have no undergarments or some sort of cath. That was not the case. These undergarments were far too purple for my tastes. Before I could think on it a moment more, Dave's voice returned to my ears, the nurse closing the door behind him, leaving Michelle in the halls while I spoke to him privately. "Andrea, I see you're in a bit of discomfort." He picks up the clipboard on my bed as he continues explaining the situation, reading over the clipboard for any additional details. "In the accident, you were mildly injured. I know you don't feel it, but you've suffered minor whiplash and damage to a few of your vertebra. Now, fortunately we've been able to pin the damaged vertebra back together, but the nerve damage isn't something we can reverse. We're assuming from a medical standpoint that it will recover, but it will take awhile as well. The bleeding has been controlled, and you have a few stitches from the initial incision-" "So what I'm wearing..." I interrupted, Dave responding in kind. "Ah, you're more interested in that. What you're wearing is a medical diaper. Molicare Super Plus if you'd like me to be exact with the branding. The nerve damage means that you have temporarily have spasms all through your lower body, including your bladder, hence the diaper. We discussed different options, but this is the least invasive method due to its temporary nature. When feeling and sensitivity comes back in those areas, you can retrain your body to become continent again, which according to patients that have gone through similar cases, is not as complicated as you may believe." I didn't respond to that. All I could do was look down over myself. I looked fine. I looked normal. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that I was laying in a hospital bed in a hospital gown, it didn't look like anything was wrong with me. Most importantly, I felt perfectly fine, other than the fact that I was in a hospital wearing a gown and a diaper. The reality of what had happened to me had just started to hit home. I didn't cry, nor scream, nor run out of the room, even though everything in my being wanted me to. Instead, all I could do was look back up at Dave and ask one simple question. "Dave? How long until I can go home?" I plainly asked. Somehow, I felt like leaving this hospital would put everything behind me. "Well," Dave responded, as though he seemed like he didn't want to give an exact date or time without a doctor by his side. "I'll have to check with the staff, but you'll be free to leave almost any time. The only thing of importance is that with the grafted bones in your spine, you should avoid staircases for awhile, and we'll only be able to send you home with a few basics, so we'll give you a short list of medical items to purchase before you leave, or on your way out. Is there anything else I can help you with?" I shook my head. There was in fact one more thing on my mind, but Dave was a nice young man, and I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of him. I didn't know the first thing about diapers, and quite frankly, didn't want to ask. But as he left, I wish that I had. It was an unfamiliar sensation, a bit of a strange uncontrollable tingle, like the sensation that your foot makes when its asleep. But at the same time, it was kind of numb; likely from the aforementioned nerve damage. I had no control over the sensation, nor the experience that was to follow. I felt my body completely let go and pee at full force. My vagina was entirely soaked in a warm rush of urine, which thanks to gravity, rushed into any space it could find down my buttocks. It was there that I felt the liquid pool inside the diaper between its fibrous insides and my soft skin, before quickly being wicked away into its filling. Soon, all that I was left with was a warm, damp sensation, much like a hot towel, caressing my backside. Much to my relief, the diaper did its job and my hospital gown and bedding were dry. I was relieved, and it wasn't as horrific as I had expected, though maybe part of it was due to the fact that half my sensation was temporarily gone from the area. Moments after Dave left, Michelle returned. "The doctors told me they're going to clear you to leave soon." She said, a smile upon her face at the very thought. "Yeah," I responded. "I'd like to be out of here and recovering in my own bed quite frankly." Michelle looked a bit concerned and pressed her finger against her lip before responding. "Err...Well Andrea...I'm not sure if you remember, I mean it all really did happen fast, we were moving you across the state. There isn't really a bed for you to go home and relax in." I had forgotten! The move! My whole life was packed up in those two cars, and I didn't have anything unpacked in the new place yet. Then again, most of my things were also inside my impounded car. If I was recommended not to use stairs, I'm sure I would also be recommended not to life heavy objects. Clearly my expression spoke for me, as Michelle piped up again, a smile back on her face. "But you know," Michelle began, with a familiar smile. I knew that expression; it meant she already had everything figured out. "I have the office with the spare bed where my sister stays between semesters in college. I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you borrowed it until you got back on your feet." "I would really appreciate it." I smiled back, looking up at Michelle and saying the next thought on my mind with renewed energy. "When are we leaving?" "I'll get it figured out with the doctors, but not until tomorrow at least. I didn't empty the car yet, and I'll need to do a quick cleanup on the office before moving you in. I'll see you tomorrow, as soon as I can." She waved at me, and I waved back as she scurried out of the room. If I remember anything about the office from the last time I visited, the office desk and nearby tables were usually littered with coffee cups and empty takeout trays. Best friend or not, Michelle wasn't really the neatest person. It wasn't long after she left that another guest came to my room, closing the door behind them as they entered. Damn, I see why patients in hospitals never sleep! This time it was a woman. A long black-haired woman of what I believed to be some kind of Asian descent. Her eyes were narrow, with decorative black and green makeup, matching her shining green eyes. She too was dressed in traditional scrubs, a plain pink top and argyle pink, black, and white pants. She was of average height, I could tell by her height relation to the sanitizer and latex gloves she put on before approaching me. She approached me and opened a drawer at my bedside before speaking to me. "Hello Andrea, I'm nurse Sabrina. I know Dave was just here, but because you're female, I've been sent to get you cleaned up a bit. Have you been comfortable?" She asked me with a smile similar to a motherly figure. I nodded my head in both understanding and agreement as I looked down to get a glimpse inside the drawer. From where I lay, all I could see was a stack of purple diapers in the drawer, and nothing else. I sighed as I had a feeling where this was going. "I assure you Andrea, I plan to make this as quick and comfortable as possible, and not in the least bit embarrassing, okay? Remember, I'm a medical professional, and my job is to make sure you leave here healthy and infection free, not cause you unneeded embarrassment." I nodded again at her as she pulled closed the curtain around the bed. Even though I was in a private room, it was another level of privacy. She pulled the blankets off to the side and pulled my hospital gown up, leaving my half-naked body exposed, wearing nothing but gray hospital issued socks and a soggy purple diaper. She looked over it for a moment, though at the time, I wasn't sure quite at what. She returned to the drawer for a moment, pulling out a few supplies and setting them aside. The first appeared to be some form of body powder, I didn't recognize the brand. The second was a large jar of Balmex, which I could tell immediately from the smell. I never liked that smell. The third was a large package of adult wipes, and finally she set out a clean Molicare diaper. Like an expert, she popped the four tapes open and carefully rolled me onto my side. She lifted one leg using her shoulder and wiped my buttocks and privates completely clean. The wipes were a bit chill, but the clean sensation felt nice over my half-numb body. She then opened up the jar and applied a healthy layer of Balmex to my skin, followed by a light powdering. She then expertly lay down the diaper and gently rolled my bare body back onto it, snuggly wrapping the diaper along my hips, taping it back shut. All in all, it really was like getting cleaned after a refreshing bath. "There." She said, smiling at me as she was proud of her work. She nimbly rolled up the used items and tossed them in the biohazard bin near the door, putting the diapering supplies back into the drawer before throwing the gloves away. "Thanks." I said, uncertain of what reaction most people gave the men and women who changed diapers for others. The last time I had worn diapers I couldn't have been older than two, and certainly I didn't thank anyone then. She smiled back at me in response. "Of course, it's all to keep you comfortable and from developing any kind of infections. If you have any questions, or you think you need another cleanup before myself or one of my coworkers comes, just call, okay?" I nodded and thanked her again as she took her leave. I looked over at the clock, and though it was early in the afternoon, I had nothing better to do but close my eyes and return to sleep. * * * The day had arrived. Two days after the accident, the hospital had cleared me to go home. I was given my own clothes back, but I wore of Michelle's old college lounge pants. Unfortunately my jeans were far too tight to fit much less hide the shape of the diapers I was now wearing, so I had them stuffed into a bag. At least once I got back to Michelle's, I could just wear pajama pants without question. Dave had me set up in a wheelchair, standard hospital procedure for discharge patients. He had rolled the of us down into the main room, where we waited for Michelle on the other side of a large glass window. The hotel always had a very classy waiting room, spacious and surrounded on two sides with massive glass windows. The floor was a sparkling black tile with white flecks, and the furniture matched that. Black countertops and table tops for the reception area, and navy blue padded couches in the waiting areas. We needn't wait long before I pointed out Michelle's SUV. Like I assumed, the SUV looked just as perfect as when we had left my old apartment. It looked as though Michelle cleared out some of my boxes, which she likely stored in her garage. She stepped out of the car as Dave pushed me out to meet her. The three of us politely said our goodbyes and thank yous, and off we went. Fortunately, Michelle lived near the hospital and, much to my relief, we didn't need to take any major highways. We didn't talk much on the ride; she had nothing to say, and I didn't mind the silent trip for once. It wasn't more than a half hour before her little blue house came into view. Michelle lived in a small middle-class neighborhood in a semi-rural subdivision. Like many of the homes in the area, they're small little one floor homes. We always assumed the entire subdivision was made up of small pre-fabricated homes, but over the past fifty years, some were demolished, others renovated, and others left perfectly as is. Michelle lived in one of the updated ones, where the size of the home was still the same, but everything on the outside and inside was updated into the modern generation. She pulled into the driveway of the little house, parking just outside her garage. The garden full of ornate copper sculptures and well-trimmed bushes, coupled with freshly mowed grass like a traditional well-kept suburban home. She opened up the car door and helped me to my feet, leading me up the short cement walk into the front door. The home was cleaner than I remembered seeing it last. Michelle must have worked night and day to get it back to this level. Like I said before, she's known to be quite a bit of a slob. Her living room was relatively neat, save for the piles of pillows and blankets that covered her favorite easy chair. The mossy green carpet was free of stains and complimented the warm brown walls. I walked past the couch and coffee table as Michelle led me down the hall to the left. She stepped ahead of me before stopping and pushing open the door to one of the rooms. "Well, this is the place! What do you think?" She said excitedly as she stepped back and gave me space to look over the room. The office was nicely renovated from a bedroom into a small spare room and office hybrid. The walls were a nice shade of mint green, complimenting the dark green carpet, and dark brown blackout-shade curtains covering the large single window. To the right of the room sat a black computer desk, complete with desktop and printer, also well cleaned, though the ringed stains of coffee mugs were distinctly burned into the tabletop forever. To the left was the twin sized bed and nightstand, a matching black coloration with another shade of green on its leaf printed comforter. Everything seemed pretty normal until I continued looking around the room and spotted the dresser to my direct left. On top of it sat an open case of diapers, with a variety of creams, powders, and wipes by brands I had never heard of before. Clearly, Michelle had done her homework before I got here. "It's wonderful Michelle, you've more than outdone yourself." I told her, smiling as I turned around and gave her a hug. She smiled back at me, squeezing me tightly for a moment before letting go. "I'll go get the two boxes of clothes I put in the garage, okay?" I nodded in agreement and sat myself down on the bed as she left. I kicked back and relaxed for a moment as she brought the boxes inside. As before, I thanked Michelle for her help as she plopped them down. "Really, it isn't any trouble." She said. "I know if it was the other way around, you'd do the same for me." She was right of course; if she was in an accident, I'd more than happily house her until she could get back on her feet "In that case." I began, "Would you mind handing me some of my clothes? The doctors didn't want me lifting or bending like that with my damaged spine. You know, the whole lack of pain sensitivity thing." "Stay where you are!" She said, nearly interrupting me with her enthusiasm. "I've got you covered, I'll pass em up." She finished as she kneeled on the floor alongside me, opening up the boxes, and handing out shirts, one by one. Around then, it hit me again. I hadn't thought about it much since I completely voided my bladder at the hospital, but suddenly I felt the urge to pee. It came on quickly, and I realized the sensation, but by the time I did it was too late. There was no way in hell I would have been able to make it to a toilet in time, much less stop myself. Every effort I tried to slow or stop the stream did nothing. It rushed out quickly like a faucet, dousing my entire diaper in warm water. The warmth spread from between my legs up the front and back as it pooled inside my diaper. But then the unthinkable happened. I started to feel the warm liquid stream down one of my legs. I looked down in horror and was completely mortified. It wasn't bad enough that I was wetting my pants without realizing it, nor was it bad enough that I was wearing a diaper to keep others from knowing I was wetting my pants, but the diaper leaaked and now my urine was making a dark spot on the crotch of my pants as well as down the leg. I froze in horror and must have turned a dozen shades darker as I looked down at Michelle. She knew. "Stay right there Andrea, I know what to do." Michelle said, surprisingly calm about the situation as she got up and walked out of the room. How did she know what to do? She acted like this wasn't a first for her. Michelle didn't have kids, and I couldn't think of any ageing family memebers she would have taken care of. Michelle came back into the room with a towel over her arm, and some kind of large navy-blue pad in the other. She lay the pad down on the floor and set the towel underneath me. "Now slowly and carefully...lay down here, okay?" Michelle said, motioning towards the pad as she got back to her feet. She took my hands to help me move and position myself, and I followed her words, the embarrassment stuck to my face as I looked over towards her. I am so so sorry..." I said, looking a bit frustrated at her, but all Michelle did was smile. "It's okay." She assured me. "This isn't my first go around if you haven't guessed." She responded. I didn't completely understand what she meant, but I assumed that maybe there was another friend or family member that had a similar situation in the past. "Did the staff teach you how to properly change yourself? I think that's why it leaked." She asked me extremely plainly and a bit bluntly, though considering the situation that just unfolded, it was quite appropriate. "No," I responded. "Not really anyways. I clearly don't think I have a good handle on it." That was putting it simply. By my flushed cheeks and soaked pants, saying I didn't have a handle on it was a serious understatement. But Michelle didn't pry much farther before taking charge a bit. "In that case, she responded, let me show you how it's done." She stood up for a moment, grabbing an armful of products off the dresser. She carefully peeled off my wet pants, balling them up and throwing them to the side. I turned more shades of red, not because I was exposed around Michelle, she had seen me naked before, but instead because I was laying on her floor in a drenched and leaking diaper. She smiled at me before speaking again. "You don't have to watch if it make you uncomfortable, but I want to do it right for you, okay?" I didn't really know how to respond at the time, though I decided I should watch her to learn how it was done. She carefully peeled open the tabs of the diaper and lifted my legs up to pull the diaper out. My spine didn't seem to mind the motion, so I didn't stop her. She didn't stop there, taking a few wipes and cleaning off all my skin, from my buttocks and vaginal areas, to down my thigh and leg where I had initially leaked. She unfolded a brand new Molicare and slipped it in place where she removed the last diaper from, if not a bit higher. She then used a different set of lotions and powders, as these distinctly smelled of soft cocoa butter, nothing like that strong disgusting Destin from the hospital. Confident of her work, she lay my legs back down, split around the diaper and folded the plastic material over my waist, fastening it much tighter and better fitting than I had. "And that Andrea, is how it's done." She said proudly, and without another word, picked up my balled up pants and the dirty diaper and walked away. She left my laying on her floor in nothing but a diaper, a tee shirt, and a pair of striped socks. I sat up trying to comprehend that as well. It didn't feel right, but also didn't feel wrong. At least, it didn't feel wrong until my uncontrollable bladder felt that it wasn't done with its previous actions, and gave me another warm, yet small squirt into the crotch of my new diaper. Great. I sat up at that point and found a new pair of pants to wear, carefully pulling them on. They didn't fit quite right, but at least I could close the button in the front. Unlike the lounge pants that I had ruined, these pants did nothing to hide the massive bulge I felt between my legs and over my backside. I also couldn't pull these pants any higher, the top lip of my diaper peeking over my pants with no way to push it back in. "We might need to get you some new pants for a little while." I looked back towards the door and saw Michelle leaning against the door frame, shaking her head at me. It was time I asked. "Alright, I'll bite. Michelle, how do you know so much about diapers and how to take care of someone wearing them? I wanted to ask before, but it just kind of caught me completely off guard." I asked her, giving her a curious expression as she walked into the room and sat down on the desk chair. "Well," She began, as though she was about to tell a story. Her voice trailed off and instead of continuing, she unbuttoned her high-waisted pants and worked off her belt. She pulled her shirt upwards slightly to reveal just how high her pants sit on her hips and started to slide her pants off, revealing something that I didn't expect. Instead of the undergarments one would expect to see on a person taking off their pants, Michelle sat in front of me with her pants around her knees and a white diaper with blue tapes around her waist. It sagged very slightly on her hips with a yellow stripe that was starting to turn a distinct shade of blue "It never came up." She continued. "I've been incontinent most of my life, but it's sometimes controllable. I wear swim diapers, and sometimes pull up pants that look like briefs if we're going out somewhere awesome, but if I know I'm not going to be able to reach a bathroom in a reasonable time, diapers it is." She didn't seem in the least bit embarrassed by her predicament and smiles at me. "I don't think any less of you, and I hope you don't think any less of me either." Michelle finished off as she stood back up and started to work her pants back on. Admittedly, I was a bit jealous. She knew just what to wear to make me none the wiser to her diaper wearing. "No! Of course not!" I said quickly as I started to feel better. "Michelle, you're my best friend. What you wear under your clothes doesn't make you any less my friend. And...well, it is super helpful that someone knows how to put one of these on." I patted my backside, indicating the diapers on my hip. "You know what that means, right?" Michelle excitedly asked as she stood back up and took both my hands in hers. A wide smile spread across her face as she pulled me back up onto my own feet. "What?" "It's time to go shopping!" Michelle grinned excitedly and pulled the both of us to the door.
  18. Ive been on this site before and come back for another go and after reading a lot of posts etc. I decided to make one myself and tell you all a little about my story. Gather round, it might take a while. My name is Gemma, born and bred in the mountainous region of North Wales in the sunny British Isles. Im 27
  19. So I have had an ongoing and rapidly recurring Urethral stricture down there, and have had it since I was 12 years old. (it's a blockage of scar tissue, "a kink in the house" if you know what I mean.) To anyone who may know about this, the experience of using the potty can be anywhere from mildly stinging, to extremely painful depending on how small the constriction gets. Well, I'm finally going in to have it permanently taken care of. My surgeon's a pretty cool guy and was really good at explaining what's going to end up happening. However, it's gonna put me out of work for probably 3 weeks while it's all taken care of (It's ok I got short term disability pay ready to kick up). This is the second time i have had this taken care of though, the first time was just a mere incision. However, the scaring return, mainly due to that tissue being damaged and unhealthy. The purpose of this other surgery is to bring healthy skin in and cut out the damage scar tissue. I just wanted to post this topic mainly because if there are anyone out there with similar pain, make sure you get it checked out. Don't ignore it, it'll get worse and you'll really be hurtin'! I have a dream that people around the world can one day potty without pain!
  20. So lately since I've started wearing diapers once or twice a week I've been getting Urinary Tract Infections. I was born female and still have "female" genitalia. I'm wondering if other people with the same genitalia have the same problem as me? I recently read this thing online that said after peeing we should always wipe but when i wear diapers for a long time I obviously don't.
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