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  1. Patricia Discovers His Secret

    Fantastic update, thank. you very much and please keep it going and him too
  2. Just found out BF has diaper fetish

    First of all, I would like to say as others have. You have a lot of guts and honor to come here and attempt to find out more for your boyfriend. First find out if this is just comfort, or does it sexually excite him to wear them. If it does sexually excite him, you will need to find some part of this that is exciting for you. Maybe you're a dominant person and will enjoy the power exchange that comes from taking over his diaper wearing. Maybe you're a nurturing partner and will enjoy the closeness that comes from changing him lovingly and caringly. Maybe it will just be sexual and when he's aroused you rip off his diaper and make mad passionate love. Fear comes in all sizes and shapes when it comes to exposing our Fetish to a partner. Fear of rejection. Fear of lose and the partner seeing us as less of a person, whether it be male or female. He may be telling you it's for comfort, because he doesn't know it telling you he wets or messes them would repulse you or push you away. The first time I met with a partner and she diapered me, I had an erection, while she inserted a catheter and put me in a diaper to make me helplessly wet my diaper. Fantasy, turned nightmare...but I was glad I found someone that accepted me, not just the outside me, but the inner me. It allowed my id or inner child to come out and she loved it too. She would diaper me and dry breastfeed me until we both drifted off to sleep. I too was apprehensive about meeting with her, but after I did, I fell in love and we got married, with me diapered about a year later under my tuxedo and for our wedding cake it was a diaper, with blue diaper pins that said, "New beginnings". Everyone but Mommy and I was in the dark, but we knew. The best suggestion I can give is if you want him, then make sure he knows you do. Tell him, don't ask and say, "Mommy accepts you as you are." If that's weird, just you accept him. Probe and see the extent of attraction to the diapers and if he does use them occasionally, if for nothing other than convenience. You may find him while diapered in a constant state of arousal which you can take advantage of as you see fit. Explore the dynamic and have a few drinks or some 420 time and talk openly about both your fantasies, dreams and aspirations for the future. If you find he's sexually stimulated wearing and or using his diapers, you have a ready made diapered stud at your beckon call. I hope this helps?
  3. Babynapped

    Interesting...I'd like to see how this develops, please do continue.
  4. Let's Play Diaper Land, Epilogue

    This just keeps getting better and better, please do continue.
  5. Let's Play Diaper Land, Epilogue

    Please do continue
  6. Patricia Discovers His Secret

    Another turn for his worst, and her pleasure. I do hope that you'll continue. Love it
  7. Panty Thief Punishment 10-03-17

    Thank you once again for another great addition. I sure hope there is more, please?
  8. Mourning Las Vegas

    Praying for Las Vegas. End of statement!
  9. Kinda Personal...

    The biggest issue with feces is the issue with UTI's, which most women ar familiar with. Proper clean up techniques are key for helping to eliminate this problem are vital. No playing in the feces or extended wear fooling around physically while messy.
  10. The Adventures of Alex Chapter 16 added

    His decent is progressing quite rapidly. Please do continue.
  11. Patricia Discovers His Secret

    H*LL hath no fury like a woman....Claire is setting him up for a big fall into infancy. Please do continue
  12. Panty Thief Punishment 10-03-17

    * Thank you for the great addition. Please continue. Love it!
  13. Patricia Discovers His Secret

    Revenge is mine sayeth she!
  14. Patricia Discovers His Secret

    Great addition, please continue!