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  1. If you wear for extended periods of time, your bladder may get in the habit of voiding, since you wore diapers for an extended length of time. Kind of a lazy bladder....months, not days.
  2. If you can complete these advertising slogans: Winston tastes good.... I'd walk a mile ... You know you're old when you forget to crap
  3. If you remember the old "black" rotary phone and you called Pennsylvania 2000, or a party line for two to four where everyone would pick up and the operator would say call for Jones, Smith etc. When a movie show was .10 cents to .25 cents and popcorn was 10-25 cents and penny candy was a penny. A candy bar was 5 cents.
  4. You know you're old when the music came out of an AM only transistor radio!
  5. You know you're old, when the hair on your head has migrated to your back and butt!
  6. I donated with Paypal and I still don't have my badge
  7. Check this one out DD
  8. looks down and smirks ummm, errr, yep Mine is a little different due to some input from Dom/mes stating their baby's were turning them inside out. Mine if you do, you still are identified.
  9. I think part of the reason you get upset with him going without is that you also enjoy the imagery and the time spent with him is bonding in some way, is that correct? When he goes on his own, you almost feel like he's cheating or looking for a bigger and better deal (BBD). Also, he may getting excited in his pampers without Mummy's permission too. You can install software that will restrict his access without a password from Mummy: netnanny cyber sitter are two I'm aware of, but, search parental controls for the web.
  10. I have wristbands for $5.00 plus shipping for any DD member that wants them and window clings that say Adult Baby on Board I'll include as long as they last for an additional $1.00 http://www.ebay.com/itm/282374208944? http://www.ebay.com/itm/282382435399? They can be seen here.
  11. Hanna, I applaud you for your interest in learning more about this, but I must caution you not to forget your interests as well. It is important you progress at your speed. If you're not comfortable with something, voice it, this way it keeps a line of communication open between you two. Human urine is sterile and it's warm, which for some people is erotic in itself, but it is an acquired thing for most. The easiest way I can say to get used to it, is wet yourself when you go to the bathroom. Don't pull down your panties. They should allow you to experience the wet feeling, but allow you to get out of them before being abhorred by doing it. It will also cool and drain quickly. I suggest you do this In privacy and when YOU are comfortable with, surprise him. I think you'll be pleasantly pleased with the reaction he'll have! If you can't get comfortable with it, it more than likely is a psychological fixation we have when we are toilet trained and shaming that comes when we fail, after a successful potty training....most girls train sooner than boys, but the shame felt is equal when we fail. This isn't a failure, but the mind will attempt to reveal those shame feelings you may remember from either your training or someone you know that took a longer time of training their bladders to hold it till on the potty.
  12. Institutions buy was is least expense and what their main office tells them. Many are under bid contracts and if cloth backed diapers are less expensive and perform as well as plastic backed products, they buy what the reps. pitch them in the bids. If plastic backed are less expensive than your cloth backed products, you'll hear crinkle crinkle in the nursing homes and assisted living homes or hospitals.
  13. Hello, Mamabug, the place to find your baby boy is more than likely, a place like FetLife. There are hundreds of male ABDL's in the Sunshine State that I'm sure would be honored to have you take control of their diapers.
  14. I'm looking forward to updates on this please.
  15. done!