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  1. story

    Please don't leave us hanging.
  2. I applaud you first and foremost for wanting to learn and grow together. If you both eat a diet high in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables you won't have any issue when it comes to performing your doody for each other. Roughage such as salads and cabbage will provide the fiber necessary to easily fill your diapers without straining. You can also make a fruit bomb with fruit cocktail and a little Senna. The later will have explosive results and if you use TOO much Senna cramping will be intense. You can also substitute fruits and vegetables with Miralax and Benefiber, both are over the counter products that will produce results also and can be mixed in food or liquids. Be cautious using laxatives or suppositories as your body can develop a dependency on them. If you really want to experience total loss you need to look into hollow butt plugs. They rob total bowel continence from the wearer!
  3. story

    I do hope there's more? Please
  4. I think we should have a Military board.
  5. Just joined the party (or potty) and looking forward to additional updates on his slow regression back into diapers and additional CD's from mom :D
  6. Love it, I hope there is more. Thank you
  7. Starting over..a diaper.....hmmm
  8. Love it, Sally, please do continue. This is getting good.
  9. I love what I'm reading. I do hope that you'll continue, and soon, please
  10. Interesting premise, I do hope that you'll continue.
  11. I too applaud you for taking steps to understand your boyfriend's desires for diapers. Wearing diapers for some is no different than a woman wanting to wear sexy lingerie under her Bobby Brooks slacks. Now mind you many women feel threatened by a man seeming less than a man, because he's wearing a diaper, but has the sexual activity diminished at all since he started wearing to bed? If not, look at them as disposable underwear, puffy and noisy. To test the waters and explore if it's sexual, get frisky with him while he's diapered. If this leads to a nice love making session, he's just a diaper lover and enjoys wearing them for comfort. Now, if on the other hand, you get a rise, more than he usually supports when you are fooling around, you may have a little more than a diaper lover. If he's not using the diaper at this time, offer to allow him to. Tell him you'd think it would be cute to change him. See if he does or does not. It's a way to test the waters so to speak.
  12. If you wear for extended periods of time, your bladder may get in the habit of voiding, since you wore diapers for an extended length of time. Kind of a lazy bladder....months, not days.
  13. If you can complete these advertising slogans: Winston tastes good.... I'd walk a mile ... You know you're old when you forget to crap
  14. If you remember the old "black" rotary phone and you called Pennsylvania 2000, or a party line for two to four where everyone would pick up and the operator would say call for Jones, Smith etc. When a movie show was .10 cents to .25 cents and popcorn was 10-25 cents and penny candy was a penny. A candy bar was 5 cents.
  15. You know you're old when the music came out of an AM only transistor radio!