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  1. Does urine penetrate plastic lined diapers

    My ex used to poke pin holes in my diapers in the back so I had wet pants and didn't know it along the leg gathers so I had that toddler half moon on each side.
  2. Looking for advice

    Frequent diaper checks from the back by pulling his pants and diaper and sniffing, groping his padded posterior and feeling for lumps or weight. Groping the front of his diaper or finger checks inside the legs. Tushy pats and just asking, "Did you make a poopy?" Did you pee-pee in your diaper baby?" Tushy pats to ensure he's diapered. Ask him how far he wants you to take it, he'll tell you unless you treat him like an incontinent patient. Either as a special needs person that requires a caretaker 24/7...Good luck
  3. One Word Challenge - Poopy Diaper

  4. New Year's Baby

    I think it is getting good and in hand. Please do continue.
  5. New Year's Baby

    Most Excellent story, please do continue.
  6. Funishment (DM/LB) - Final 3rd Part Up!!!

    Please keep it, and him going.
  7. Wife In Charge

    This is really progressing quickly. Poor Bob is gone and so is her continence. Please do continue.
  8. Funishment (DM/LB) - Final 3rd Part Up!!!

    I love FemDom stories where the male is humilated and diapered. Please do continue. Thank you.
  9. So ABU is taking Tykables to court

    Personally, I'm not going to buy either!
  10. First time and I loved it!

  11. List of Rules for the Baby

    Rules for bABy from Mommy: 1. Mommy is in charge and always right. 2. bABy is always bABy and is Mommy's. 3. bABy wears and uses diapers. 4. Mommy changes and checks bABy at HER convenience. 5. bABy is subject to wet or messy diaper checks by Mommy at any time at ANY PLACE. 6. It is at Mommy's discretion to when, where, how and why bABy will be changed and into what type of diaper.
  12. Wife In Charge

    Thank you, Sally, for each and every contribution and chapter. I look forward to reading more. I love your writing style and compassion most of the women in his life have to his "so-called accidents". What would they think if he started soiling his nappy/diaper? Is that coming?
  13. Bigger, bulkier but soft messes?

    A diet high in fruit and vegetables will ensure a very volume bowel movement and it's healthy
  14. Wife In Charge

    Thank you, Sally, for each and every contribution and chapter. I look forward to reading more.
  15. Wife In Charge

    Thank you for the extra work Sally. I'm looking forward to reading more about poor Bob.