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  1. Diapered & Dominated By Fulldiapermichael

    As I awaken from my slumber Mommy is looking over me and asked me the all important question. Did I ever want to be out of diapers and gain my continence back ever? I looked at her and thought for a few seconds and said, "I would like to be able to choose potty or diaper." Mommy said, "Babies don't have a choice." The surprised look was captured when a flash went off and she showed me my surprised expression and then she said, "I've spoken with Dr. Grace White and she agrees, you should be in diapers fORE VER baby." I then felt a pin prick and my eyes closed and blackness over took me. When I was able to make my eyes open, I was strapped to a gurney and I felt my groin covered with a thick huge diaper. Then I saw the doctor and she had the body of Goddess and her hips and thighs were like concrete with not much movement. Her breast were full and pressing hard against her scrubs and lab coat. She walked over to me and said, "How's my patient?" as she placed her hand firmly on diapered crotch and began gently massaging me to a full erection. She said, "You enjoy this bABy boy because it's the last orgasm you'll ever have." No matter how scared I was I reaching that point of no return every man knows where there's no turning back, you're going to cum. Just as I felt the climax I felt something in my rear expand and caused excruciating pain and my diaper fill in the rear as the front filled with my semen, shortly there after my bladder cut loose and I pissed myself. Dr. Grace said, "Oh you're realizing some of the modifications made to you over the past few months bABy boy. By the time we're done with you, you'll be pooping and peeing in your diapers like a good little bABy boy. Your Mommy wants you helpless and completely diapered dependent for the rest of your life. You when we're done, your body will process everything put in to it and turn it into baby poop and pee that just ends up in your diaper, pants or bed when not diapered, but trust me we're going to make sure it's going to be in your diapers. The new diapers you'll be wearing will be all test designs for all the men of the world. The world Women's Domination Association will be slowly rendering the male population diaper dependent, just like you, however it will done so secretly, most will start slow with wetting accidents, then they will mess their under pants and the women in their lives will insist they wear protection. This is where their descent into total diaper dependency wetting and messing themselves helplessly. The diapers are being manufactured in Germany where women have been Dominant for decades. The women have been placing their men in Windels for years, from small children males, not toilet trained as their female counter parts were. Europe would be first to see diapered males society, followed by the America's. You see this is has been in the planning since the first lady UN President was elected. It will be as it should be and you're going to be our diapered poster bABy with 24/7 camera coverage of you slow, but sure diaper regression....every time you wet or mess, it will be broadcast to other sects in the world women's association. We will be able to prompt your bowels and bladder on demand to get the best footage. Of course in time, you'll be wetting and messing your diapers helplessly on command. Everything that goes in, will come out in your diaper, GUARANTEED. Every time you potty in your diaper, just think, you're not the only one, by a long shot. Soon men will be waddling wet and stinky with his women in charge. Each new inductee will be testing the latest and greatest new diaper. Thicker than the last group...each diaper will handle more urine and feces from their wearer. Women will know who isn't diapered and the female police will track them down and treat them to their first treatment and first of many diapers. AS each new bABy inductee is diapered, the diaper will start it's treatment of the male wearer and soon, their bladder and bowels will start to collapse and atrophy to a point where diapers will be a necessity. If you haven't noticed, more and more females are getting their college degrees and fewer men are college attendees or graduates. The women hold secret meetings to plan and strategist of the female consortium are training Doctors, Physicist, Biologist and Engineers to design thicker and more durable diapers, rubber pants and systems to make the transition to total diaper compliance worldwide of the entire male population in the next ten years. A few select will be left fertile to populate the world with more females. The revolution has started....who will be next? YOU
  2. Adult Baby - Escapes Jail (UK)

    Pictures of children in any state will get you into trouble in the US, since laws are so gray when it comes to child pornography. So, storing images of under age persons wearing diapers is not a good idea, smart or even slightly intelligent.
  3. To go full time requires planning and logistics. These means diapers, anywhere, anytime, period. If she's going full time, is she also going full out, wetting, and messing? If so, packing changes and cleaning supplies, powder, lotion, diaper rash creams and barrier cream. Are you going to use cloth, disposable, or a combination? In public, will you be discreet, or will some humiliation take place? Will friends and family be exposed also? Like I said, "A lot of planning and logistics."
  4. Xcode Swift Coders

    Are there any IOS programmers that would be willing to mentor a novice IOS coder, but a programmer in MS technologies for many years?
  5. IOS Swift and Xcode

    Are there any coders here who would be willing to lend a hand to help teach me xcode and swift? I'm a coder in other languages, but I just love swift and xcode.
  6. Dang You South Dakotans!

    I'm in South Dakota also in Sioux Falls. Hel looooooooo out there
  7. Diapered & Dominated By Fulldiapermichael

    Long time coming... As I was meeting personnel at the facility, they were all accepting of me being Prill's diapered baby boy. Many of the women argued and competed to change me, feed me and generally interact with me as an infant adult. While we were at work, I wasn't allowed to cover my diapers so the staff could tell visually that I needed to be changed if I was wet or messy, and both occurred without me even giving it a second thought until I felt the moist or sticky mess in my diaper. Time seemed to run on-and-on to being changed out of a wet or messy diaper, into another diaper that soon or later would also be wet or messy. Mommy had increased my fiber and fluid intake at work to keep me from getting dehydrated or constipated. I did before she switched things up, I did get constipated and her staff was well versed in how to resolve that issue with suppositories or God forbid an enema and a re-diapering and monitoring me till I committed my infantile doody. When I was really constipated, the one woman Gwen used a double bardex and had me retain it for 10-15 minutes to make sure it would work really well, which it did and I even blew out a diaper or two, so after that, I was also put in institutional thick, tight rubber pants that had loops and buckles to insure the wearer couldn't remove them without staff permission. Gloria when I met her it was night when mommy had to come and take a shift for a no-call/no/show. This is when someone scheduled, neither calls in or shows up for work, so the DON has to staff it with another employee, or they have to work it themselves. Thankfully, I didn't have to come in very often when Gloria and Mommy had to work. Gloria was a LPN and couldn't do injections, only RN's were permitted to do that with patients. Well, Gloria, thought the least of most men due to her lousy relationship history with men in the past. She was convinced all men were liars, cheats and of course bigbABy's. She on more than one occasion explained how when she did her ex's laundry how disgusted she was with stains in the front and rear. She stated it was like taking care of an overgrown toddler. Gloria was constantly giving Mommy tips on punishments to give me. Onetime she mentioned leaving me in a diaper until I got a nasty diaper rash. Every bABy male should experience a diaper rash so they know what it really feels to be helpless, so she took it on herself to leave in wet and soiled diaper for a full 12 hour shift and my bottom was itching and burning and Mommy recognized the symptoms as she also had worked in the NICU when she first graduated college. She knew what the visuals were also. So, when she changed me that early morning she was livid with Gloria and got right up in her face and said, "If you ever neglect my baby boy like that again, I'll FIRE YOU. YOU GOT THAT?" Gloria said, "Yes Ma'am, I'm sorry." Mommy said, "Don't tell me, tell HIM." Gloria came over to me and said, "I'm sorry baby." I didn't acknowledge her apology. I just looked at Mommy and mouthed, "Thank you Mommy." She mouthed, "Love you baby boy." As we were riding home, I kept shifting in my seat and mommy said, "I'll make it better at home baby boy." She could see I was on the verge of tears. She placed her hand on my leg and squeezed. I knew it would only get better from there. We got home and as I exited the van with her holding my door, I felt her hand grab my diapered posterior and gently guide me into the house right to the nursery and changing table. There she removed my rubber pants and diaper and flipped me over on my stomach and pulled out the thick diaper paste and smearing all over my buttocks and through my legs, groping my crotch and penis. It intern started rising to the occasion and she rolled me over on my back and proceeded to rub the paste between my legs, up my scrotum and finally my erection and I could feel a fantastic orgasm cumming and I was tensing up and felt it starting at my toes, radiating up my calves, into my thighs and then radiating my head, down my neck, through my chest, into my abdomen and both were about to crescendo in my crotch and groin gloriously. When it hit me it was like I was hit by a freight train and an atomic bomb intensity. I slowly closed my eyes and drifted into a restful slumber as I felt mommy fasten a clean diaper on, but not before she inserted something inside me. It felt like a butt-plug, but I didn't really care. As I slept my dreams were of Mommy and I. I was suckling at mommy's teat and all of sudden my mouth was filled with warm milk. As it trickled down my throat I could feel my bladder and filling up. I also felt a twinge in my bowels and I knew that both meant I would be wetting and messy helplessly again. I drifted off to sleep in my dreams and felt the warmth from my bodily functions were emptied into my diaper. Little did I know, I was actually doing the same thing as I slept, as mommy planned. to be continued sooner...hopefully
  8. Test Subject

    I do hope that you will continue, please
  9. goodbye all

    Sadly, this is quite common. Pressure for us to quit. The problem lies in that this isn't something you can just turn off like a switch in our lives. It's part of what makes us who we are. We have all gone through the binge and purges of the Fetish, until we finally realize it's not us with the problem. It's those around us who make us feel like what we're doing is wrong or immoral, but who's to say what we do, not harming anyone is wrong...I personally have binged and purged thousands of dollars of media, clothing, accessories and friends that were TRUE friends. Accepting me for who and what I was, without reservation. Then there were those who persecuted me when I confided in them, threatened to out me to my church, employer and family and friends. Now to me that was WRONG, not me having a Fetish for wearing diapers and wanting to be treated by woman like a baby.
  10. Diapers are contoling me

    Blurting out that you love diapers is a shocker for many people. You need to learn how to use tact and finesse when speaking to a female. You can tell a woman, "When I look into your eyes, the hands of time stand still." and they'll take that as a compliment, but if you say, "You've got a face that could stop a clock." well probably not received with quite as much enthusiasm, is it? Breaching the subject should be subtle ... such as, by the way, I have kind of kinky turn-on...wait till she asks, "what is it?"...then say, " I think it's sexy as Hell for a woman baby me." Let her ask, "What does that mean?" Then say, "Cuddle after she diapers me and then breastfeeding." Or, I like to wear diapers as a stress reliever and have a woman dominant me. Be considerate and give them time to process it, don't push it. She more than likely will have more questions. Be forthcoming with your answers, honest and true. Look to talking with medical profession woman that deal with diapers and such. I have had great luck telling nurses, PA's, and yes even female doctors about my Fetish. Met some great women and some awesome times diapered with them.
  11. Potty Training AFTER using 24/7

    Muscle atrophy is a common occurrence with many women after child birth, leaks from laughing, or urge incontinence is quite common and they're told to do Kegels to restrengthen those muscles. There are also Kegel's for men. It will take time and patience, but you can regain daytime continence with diligent work and re-training.
  12. Just told my girlfriend of 16 years

    The best and only advice I can give, is keep an open communication line with each other. Also, try and find something that she enjoys, while you are in nappies and make it happen for her also. Pavlov conditioning is a great way to keep a partner happy and willing to participate.
  13. Side Sleeper Diapers

    I too am a side sleeper and I've tried placing booster pads at the sides and it works, though it does take some getting used to. Also, taping the sides with packing or other tape will cut down on leaks also. Using a vinyl or rubber pant over your disposable will definitely decrease leaks accidents.
  14. What is Worse, Diaper or Nude?

    My first MRI I was told could take up an hour or longer. With a weakened bladder and bowels due to four strokes I have opted on those times to wear a diaper. The male and female techs acted as if it was natural to do that. I don't get embarrassed easily when wearing diapers, why should I?
  15. Wetting or messing?

    If this is just in diapers and hypothetical. I would choose whatever my body wants to do ... so there!