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  1. Yes congratulations Repaid & Curious (I miss her), oHIo State are the champions!
  2. she is beautiful AE :)
  3. my favorite pic of them all - you two enjoy your new dungeon, thanks for sharing the pix!
  4. Huggie


    Hi twin :) your sporting a cute dipee there ;)
  5. Huggie


    nice pic!
  6. BOTH, I often just wear due to my activity schedule. I would say my just wearing/using is 70/30%. I do wear 24/7.
  7. I like WELLNESS the most for fit
  8. I did get them but have not been near or in water with them yet. I hope to wear them soon.
  9. I just saw this new product that was introduced to the Tranquility line. I called for a sample via 1 800 467-3224, press 7 for customer service. (USA)
  10. Well when I have a mess in my diaper or pull-up I will use the hand held shower in the tub
  11. I wear diapers alot when I go out for a serious drinking session with a booster pad. During winter months I usually put plastic pants over the diaper too. It's funny when I decide to go I get in my pee stance while with the guys and let er flow without alerting anyone as to what's going on and I think "geez if they only knew",
  12. I have a small rope gym bag that I always have at least one but usually two pull-ups in it