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  1. Spokane Girl

    Spouse Question

    There are men out there who are disgusted by the whole diaper thing so they are not going to accept a woman in diapers. I know because I have ran into guys online who were revolted by the whole diaper thing. Couple of them had a crush on me but I was not their type because of the diapers.
  2. Spokane Girl

    How old were you?

    9 years.
  3. Spokane Girl

    Wearing clouds site hacked?

    I can still access the site but it is not secured. I use paypal anyway so it doesn't matter.
  4. Spokane Girl

    My mom opened my package from north shore

    We can pay all our bills and pay for my kid's school and pay for gas and our food. We don't get any other assistance but social security and Oregon healthy kids plan and Medicare. We can also pay off our credit cards and we use our tax return money for things like home repairs and car repairs. I lack talent and other skills that will give me higher income and cleaning doesn't pay enough. I can only work uneducated jobs and people have to want to hire me which is also tough. I have troubles getting a job while I can keep one. I have tried applying for other jobs in the past that isn't just cleaning but none hired me. I have thought about doing online prostitution and my only fear is becoming the female Chris Chan. I have thought about being a stripper too. I could just use my tax return savings to buy a stripper suit if I have to since I've read those can cost a $100. I tried to get into modeling too but got rejected.
  5. Spokane Girl

    My mom opened my package from north shore

    I never said she had a disability, I said I realize she is probably just normal and this isn't the best she can do because she can do better than that is what I meant. I don't see how my post could get misunderstood when I was very clear in it. Then every person on disability should be starting their own businesses then so they won't have to collect any payments from the gov. They should also pop out children so they can get more money from the gov to do well financially.
  6. Spokane Girl

    My mom opened my package from north shore

    This was an ouch and a slap in my face for someone with a disability. Then I realized, she is probably "normal" and this isn't the best she can do. For someone with a disability, I wanted to move out and have my own place. No I can't get an education or get a better job. I collect Social Security so that makes us do very good financially.
  7. Spokane Girl

    My mom opened my package from north shore

    Ugh, this was one of my pet peeves of living with my parents in high school and when I graduated. They open your stuff without reading the package or the envelope. Must be an auto pilot thing because everything was always theirs until their own kids start to order online and they still think every mail is theirs.
  8. For other premium size medium diapers. Or if you have a pack of size small of the same diapers. These are a bit big on me so I want to get rid of them. These run on a size large despite what the package said. I also have some loose ones too. PM me or respond here for diapers you have you want to trade for.
  9. Spokane Girl

    Dry Care 24/7

    I got a case of these and I must say the mediums are way big on me and seem to run like a large on me. The tabs over lap to make them tight and thew rise is way too high. I want to try a size small now. Probably buy a pack or contact northshorecare or llmedico to see if they can send me a sample of the size small. They do hold a lot.
  10. Spokane Girl

    CTDC bear hugz/sweet dreams

    When I got them, I didn't like how they fit and the hip sizes are off. The rise is too big and I didn't like how the plastic on the top poked in my skin when I had the top folded down. The bottom stab had started to rip from the plastic over time. The upper tabs were too close together. It felt like I had ordered a large than a medium. I wish they made a smaller size. But they do hold a lot and I had to change because it got too smelly from the urine. Did he say why they won't make them anymore?
  11. Spokane Girl

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    The police will actually let the suspect follow through with their plan before arresting them. That is the only way they can get evidence to arrest them. If I was planning to kill my husband and someone reported it, I think the police will go undercover and "work" for me and go with the plan. Instead of killing my husband, they would take him into protective custody and explain what is going on and then they come back and tell me he has been killed and then they would wait for me to pay them before they arrest me right after. Or they have the person who reported me to work undercover for them and they wait for me to pay the person before they come out of their hiding spots to arrest me. The person would have a hidden microphone in their shirt for the police to listen in on our conversation. This is what always happens in movies. I have heard of something like this happening in real life except it was with a bomb. Some kid was going to bomb Pioneer Courthouse Square here in Portland during the Christmas tree lighting but his dad had found out his plan and reported it to the police. The dad had worked with the officers before arresting him but they waited till that day to do it when he was about to follow through. It sounded a lot like a movie except this was real life. https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2010/11/fbi_thwarts_terrorist_bombing.html
  12. Spokane Girl

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    I once started a thread on ADISC asking about what would it be called if someone was emotionally attracted to kids but not sexually and I wonder if a pedophile can also be asexual. They get attracted to kids but they have no desire for sex and don't have sexual attractions. Some people don't get sexually attracted to someone until after they have met them and got to know them so if a pedophile is like that, they wouldn't get sexually attracted to kids because they would have to know them first and be with them to get attracted. Also imagine if a pedophile is also sickened by porn so they never look at CP because they find it sick. Pedophilia is more common than we realize. I've been reading about them. There are pro contact and anti contact pedophiles and anti contact pedophiles share the same thoughts as us about minors while the pro contact believe that kids can consent and have adult relationships and think they only get traumatized because society tells them it's wrong. And the thing is, they don't see anything wrong with this and how fucked up it is and how twisted they are. In their own mind they are just innocent and misunderstood and everyone else is just intolerant towards kids having relationships with adults. The anti contact reject these pedophiles as well like we do. I used to talk to a guy online back in 2002-2003 and he was into diapers. He liked diapering his 4 year old niece an changing her and everyone in his family was okay with that. He was also engaged to a woman with kids and one day he was heart broken because his now ex fiance had found a bunch of photos on his computer with kids in diapers and she got the wrong idea and broke up with him and left him with her kids. Looking back, the fact he only had photos of kids in diapers seems rather creepy. Why only children than adults? You could find photos of adults in diapers back then too but I think you had to pay for those and there were still adults out there that posted photos of themselves in diapers. This was true on message boards too in the 1990's. There are lot of free diaper photos of adults out there. So yes I can see how his fiance got the wrong idea and I wonder as well. At least on ABDL sites, you see photos of adults in diapers so I don't bat an eye if someone posts a vintage diaper commercial or a vintage diaper ad and there is a kid wearing a diaper. To me there is nothing sexual about a kid wearing diapers but it's also very boring to be looking at photos of them which is why I don't look at any. Someone might be looking at them because they like the prints or like looking at vintage diapers.
  13. Spokane Girl

    What Else Do You Wear To Bed With Your Diapers?

    Mine were big and I didn't like them hanging and I didn't want them to get stretched further out and have them sag.
  14. Spokane Girl

    What Else Do You Wear To Bed With Your Diapers?

    Why wouldn't you sleep in a bra?