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  1. Lot of parents were pissed at the company for this promotion because of so many people showing up and people waiting for hours in line only to be turned away and so many upset kids. I have a feeling they won't do this promotion again or they don't announce it on social media and only keep it in emails to bonus club members. That way thousands of people won't show up. People could come in different days for their promotion that was in their bonus club membership on their BAB account. That way no large lines will happen.
  2. I still think they should have ran it for 30 days. But maybe they were afraid of parents would come back for more Build a Bears.
  3. Lot of parents and kids were upset over this. I am sure Build a Bear won't do this again. Or maybe do it better next time like have it go on all month than for one day.
  4. The line was so massive at the mall here, they closed it and couldn't guaranteed when it would open again. Now I am dealing with a grumpy child because I "broke my promise." I should have just woken up when he woke me up and leave early before eight. Lesson learned.
  5. I am bringing my kids to this. I don't want to pay $29 for a build a bear. I once spent $15 there because they had a sale and it was getting one stuffed for $15 so that was how I got two Hello Kitty's. But it does not include clothes or any assecories.
  6. Spokane Girl

    Do others feel this way or is it just me?

    I would never be with someone who just tolerated my need for diapers and me wearing them. I don't think it would be good for either of us.
  7. Spokane Girl

    What Else Do You Wear To Bed With Your Diapers?

    Just my pajamas. I would sleep naked but my son comes into my bed in the middle of the night.
  8. Spokane Girl

    The Naughty Couple!

    It would really help if you used quotation marks and new lines for each character talking.
  9. Spokane Girl

    When did you start pooping in your pants?

    When I first started wearing diapers but it used to be very hard and now I find it easy. I used to hate the cleanup and now I enjoy it.
  10. Spokane Girl

    Is it wrong to look at women in diapers?

    I don't think it's wrong, I am married and I still look at photos of adults in diapers online. I wouldn't go to a munch and try and see other peoples diapers there or go out in public and go asking every stranger if they are wearing a diaper and asking if I can see it. I am not going around being a peeping tom.
  11. Spokane Girl

    Going 24/7

    LOL way to kick the habit.
  12. Spokane Girl

    Today I realized I am the bad driver

    At least the driver was honest about why they did they the accident, sorry about your sister.
  13. Spokane Girl

    Today I realized I am the bad driver

    Yeah it is sarcasm, sadly people have this mindset of driving and then they think I am the bad driver when I follow the laws and do defensive driving and be safe on the road. It's funny people will admit to these things online without even realizing they are telling you they do bad driving. I have even seen people say how they are so good drivers, they can text on the road or how they are good drivers they can go fast or how signs that say "no u turn" are only for people that can't do it safely. I have also seen some say speed limits are for bad drivers that can't go fast safely. People are pretty stupid. But at least the internet gives me a understanding of bad drivers mindset to help me understand why they drive the way they do. I sometimes deal with it in my area as well and I just ignore them. I can't go if there is a pedestrian crossing moron, they have the right away in the state of Oregon. I can't go if there is a car in front of me. I can't go any faster if there are other cars in front of me so get off my ass. I am not stopping on the tracks. I am not turning left on a red light so honking at me won't make me go. I am not pulling out in front of traffic to get t boned so honking at me won't make me go until it's all clear. I am not playing car racing on the road so I will always let you win. And seeing this many idiots on the road somehow makes me a bad driver.
  14. Spokane Girl

    Pregnant and i'm a baby/toddler.. advice?

    My daughter developed self awareness at a year and a half because she tried to pull down my pants one day while I was lying on the bed. That was when we stropping doing it in front of her. So some children may start knowing what is going on around them before age two. Once they start to show signs they are becoming aware is when it's time to do it in private away from them.