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  1. Because other communities do it.
  2. I call them "non ABDLs" because not every kinkster is ABDL.
  3. I can tell the wife started out as vanilla and the husband got her into it.
  4. I have a disability but my mom doesn't consider me to be disabled. I do sometimes feel disabled because of limitations it has set on me like not being able to go to college or have a real job because it requires a college degree and I also think it's people that disable me but I can still work and do everything a normal person can do like walk, talk, drive, go to places on my own, I have a good sense of direction, I can feed myself and clean my house and I can bath myself and change my own diapers though I am not incontinent.
  5. You did chapter 3 twice so it should be 5 chapters instead of four.
  6. I can make posts here from my old laptop which is what I am doing now. No I have not tried another browser and I can't just download a new one because of limited space. I am going to see if it works with IE. It works for IE on my other computer. Very weird. Now I know I need to use IE to make posts here. But I don't have that problem on my phone and I also use Chrome on it.
  7. I just tried clearing cookies and it didn't work. I can only insert images but not do text.
  8. For some reason the reply box won't load here for me but it will on my phone so I am not able to make any posts here from my computer or respond to any PMs or compose any new ones. The problem started last night. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  9. I think denying your child a product they need that would give them humiliation is a form of child abuse. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that. I feel mad for you.
  10. Either Steve aged ten years overnight or there was a typo.
  11. Actually you can: https://www.disabilitybenefitshome.com/disability-benefits-blog/2013/04/urinary-incontinence-and-ssdi-benefits/ If it keeps you from holding a job and getting one because it's that severe, you can get it. Plus you can also get it for bowel incontinence too. http://www.disability-benefits-help.org/disabling-conditions/bowel-incontinence
  12. We already call anyone who isn't into any kinks or fetishes a vanilla. In the Harry Potter world we are called muggles because we are not witches or wizards and in the deaf community people are called hearies because they can hear and in the autism community and other communities like sociopath communities and dyspraxia communities, people are called neurotypicals who aren't those things. Allistic is another word for people who are not on the autistic spectrum and in the transgender community people are called cis who are not transgender. In the homosexual community people who are not gay or lesbian or bisexual are called straight. And because not everyone into kinks and fetishes are into ABDL but yet aren't also a vanilla because they are into a kink, what separate term shall we give them?
  13. What did it look like?
  14. Do you consider it one? Why or why not or does it depend?
  15. We already have transphobia, homophobia, acephobia, xenophobia, what else? How about a term for those who hate fetishes or hate ABDLs specifically? What term shall we give them? What about for those who hate people who wear diapers specifically? I call them diaperphobics. But for ABDL, maybe ABDLphobic.