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  1. My husband and I decided to retire as parents and give our kids away. We will miss them but promise us to give us lots of pictures of them as they grow and keep us updated about their lives. Six year old boy Height: 4 feet one inches Weight: 58lbs Eye color: Blue Hair: short Color: Brown Type: curly when uncut Teeth: one baby tooth missing and the other one is loose Interests: Mario Brothers, his 3DS, Legos, watching youtube and making Mario levels, likes to tell jokes and will make up stories and say he was just kidding and he is very creative and will build with stuff, he likes Pokemon and watching TV and likes Nick Jr. Likes to play with Barbies and dolls and play with blocks and likes Shopkins. Cons: whiny, will ask you the same questions over and over when he wants something, screams when mad, does fake crying when upset. Has a short attention span so he can’t do homework very long and doesn’t know all his numbers or the alphabet yet and still can’t read because of his short attention span. He is also a picky eater and won’t like foods before he tries them and uses hunger as an excuse for his poor behavior when you call him out on it and he goes “hungry.” Pros: very smart and wants to do chores to earn things and can keep his room clean when motivated and he is very sweet and caring and he loves school. He will come with all his clothes and toys and books and his video games and his medicine and IEP, shoes, plates, cups, sheets and blankets, bed. Health insurance not included. Two year old girl Height: about three feet Weight: About 34 pounds Eye color: blue Hair: short and curly Color: Brown Teeth: all 20 baby teeth intact Interests: tea parties, dresses, make up, jewelry, dolls, scribbling, her underwear, watching TV, Little Charmers, Shopkins, Dore the Exploror and Nick Jr. Cons: still not bowel trained so she will try and hide and poop when she can so never leave her alone or let her go off alone and she is in her early stages of potty training so she could regress in it and start refusing to sit on the potty again and just go in her pants. Also gets stubborn and defiant when tired. Still uses fingers to eat her food and I tell her many times “no fingers” and she stops and then does it again and she will sometimes tear her room apart and one of her books. Pros: Can talk and is starting to use complete sentences and tell you stories, can help herself to the fridge and take food out and give it to you for when she is hungry, will want to brush her teeth and can put herself on the potty all by herself. Is very loving and will not go outside without her shoes. She will come with all her toys and clothes and her toddler bed and her pull ups she still uses for at night and she will come with all her shoes, toddler silverware and her cups and bowls and plates, strollers, toddler sheets and blankets. Health insurance not included. These children are trauma free and come from a happy home and daughter is free of any special needs and the son is active and must make noise while playing and has a short attention span but can wait in lines now. You can either come to pick them up or we can send them to you but you have to buy a plane ticket and you must come and pick them up at the airport. First person to post here wanting these children wins and you come collect them or pay for their fare
  2. I think an IC person might have limitations like standing in new York Times square for New Years because what if they needed to change their diaper or what if they poop? They would lose their spot. Or they might not be able to travel because how are they going to get more diapers while they are away or what if they get stuck at the airport because flights get cancelled? They don't sell adult diapers there. What about hiking? How are they going to change or dispose their used diaper? Unless they want to carry it with them. They used to not be able to go swimming but now they can because of swim diapers. It's not like they can hitch hike on the road and travel by feet and explore the country like some people do because where will they get diapers? But it depends on how the person looks at it. They might find it a inconvenience or see it as a disability because those things are just luxuries. But now what about when they are poor and can't afford them, oh boy and health insurance doesn't really cover them and when they do, they offer crappy diapers and those are not even real diapers.
  3. I've never screamed bloody murder over being labeled and I don't know what labels you used for your book when people complained.
  4. I say it's only a mental issue if it impacts your life and your functioning. Anything can turn into a mental issue if it controls your life and affects how you function.
  5. I guess you have not lurked in the right communities to see this. I saw it on fetlife, Wrongplanet, Reddit, heck I have seen people giving themselves cute names like aspie, autie, autist, aspergarian, and I have heard that deaf people like to call themselves deafie, and people with Downs syndrome calling themselves downie, and people who are psyically disabled love to call us non disabled folks able bodied. Not everyone gives themselves these labels.
  6. I already said in my OP. transgender people call non transgender people cisgender or cis. People in the autism community call people who are not autistic neurotypical. Deaf people call none deaf people hearies. People with personality disorders call people who don't have one a non. I have seen people in the sociopath community on Reddit call none sociopaths neurotypical. Now people with duspraxia are calling normal people neurotypical. JK Rowling called none witches and wizards muggles because she had her characters call us that in her series. And of course people with kinks and fetishes are calling people vanillas who don't have a kink or fetish so how is this any different if we came up with a name to call none ABDLs since not all kinksters are ABDL but we certainly can't call them a vanilla either if they do have a fetish.
  7. Because other communities do it.
  8. I call them "non ABDLs" because not every kinkster is ABDL.
  9. I can tell the wife started out as vanilla and the husband got her into it.
  10. I have a disability but my mom doesn't consider me to be disabled. I do sometimes feel disabled because of limitations it has set on me like not being able to go to college or have a real job because it requires a college degree and I also think it's people that disable me but I can still work and do everything a normal person can do like walk, talk, drive, go to places on my own, I have a good sense of direction, I can feed myself and clean my house and I can bath myself and change my own diapers though I am not incontinent.
  11. You did chapter 3 twice so it should be 5 chapters instead of four.
  12. I can make posts here from my old laptop which is what I am doing now. No I have not tried another browser and I can't just download a new one because of limited space. I am going to see if it works with IE. It works for IE on my other computer. Very weird. Now I know I need to use IE to make posts here. But I don't have that problem on my phone and I also use Chrome on it.
  13. I just tried clearing cookies and it didn't work. I can only insert images but not do text.
  14. For some reason the reply box won't load here for me but it will on my phone so I am not able to make any posts here from my computer or respond to any PMs or compose any new ones. The problem started last night. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  15. I think denying your child a product they need that would give them humiliation is a form of child abuse. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that. I feel mad for you.