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  1. Spokane Girl

    Pregnant and i'm a baby/toddler.. advice?

    Yes I have children. Two of them and they are both potty trained. I still wear mine 24/7. I change in my bedroom or in the bathroom. Kids are not going to care if you are wearing a diaper, they will forget about it because it will seem like they won't remember they caught you in one. Also get a lock on your door or teach them to knock before coming in. I don't think you need to give up happy meals or frozen kids meals. I also knew someone at work who liked coloring so don't give that up either. Also don't give up watching kids shows. Plenty of adults like Legos or coloring or kid shows they grew up with. I think it has a stigma it's considered a guilty pleasure and considered taboo so adults keep it a secret but when you go online, you see it everywhere because everyone is anonymous so they are open about it. This doesn't really need to be an AB thing.
  2. Spokane Girl

    Do diapers shrink your bladder ?

    They can.
  3. Spokane Girl

    Parents being a jerk

    I thought this thread was going to be about parents being bigots over diapers and being ABDL but nope, your parents are not jerks. They are just concerned about your health.
  4. Spokane Girl

    Butt plugs

    Can anyone here who is bowel IC actually feel the plug in their butt?
  5. I am seeing how some people here like to make money off their stories when they have fans or lot of people commentating on their stories. So how exactly does it work?? Do you still get charged money for using the service even if you don't have any fans? Do you of course have to pay taxes for the money you earn there from your fans? I think they take some money from the money you earn for their service if I understood correctly. But what about if no one ever becomes your fan there?
  6. https://imgur.com/AI2i55X https://imgur.com/an5mQEB Give me your best offer and you pay the shipping too. I will tell you when I find out the cost, just will need your zipcode. I am in the Portland, OR area. I will also do local pick ups.
  7. Spokane Girl

    Resale America sucks.

    I thought Resale America was a rummage sale or something or a thrift store. It doesn't sound like it.
  8. If you are incontinent, the answer is pretty obvious. But what about if you don't have a medical condition, what do you tell them when they find out and ask you about it? Or do you just dodge the question?
  9. Spokane Girl

    Health and ABDL

    ADD, OCD, anxiety, Asperger's, anorexia nervosa. I have never been diagnosed with a learning disability but I have been told that is what I have, same as for depression but never found that in my medical records either.
  10. Spokane Girl

    ABDL song parodies

    Now I would like there to be a voice. I see this was a parody of a James Bond song by Carly Simon. Nobody Does it Better.
  11. Spokane Girl

    ABDL song parodies

    There used to be the Mamma Mia baby version but I can't remember the website it was on. It had a bunch of parody songs. It was about getting potty trained and the baby didn't want to quit but his mom said it had to come to an end and he keeps having accidents. Momma Mia here I go again.
  12. It felt normal and I was looking forward for them to be out of diapers. Potty training them was challenging too and it;'s not easy so I can understand why parents would get frustrated with potty training and I have heard extreme cases in the news where they would get charged with child abuse. Makes me wonder what other things have happened that don't appear in the media. I remember my mom spanking my youngest brother for wetting his pants. Maybe he refused to use the toilet earlier so that was why he got spanked.
  13. Spokane Girl

    I'm a little confused

    Playing the devil's advocate, maybe he read the ABDL community and saw all the sneaking around posts so he thinks you are doing it too. I am sorry he is not accepting of your lifestyle, is it possible you can find a room mate and move out or move in with relatives? You might have to move out of town then if they live far away.
  14. I was watching it on TV on New Years Eve and two people admitted to the news person they had on diapers.
  15. Spokane Girl

    Eating healthy is expensive

    There are lot of fatlogic myths out there that justify obesity and people being overweight. In fact very few people are overweight because of a medical condition, most people just eat too much or eat the wrong foods that are high calorie density. Plus most people think they are eating healthy but don't know about the calorie count thing and toppings are calories and so are drinks they have, those all count.You don't have to eat too much to not lose weight or to gain weight, you can eat very little and still not lose weight because of the kinds of foods you are eating that are high calorie so you are giving your body the calories it needs to maintain its weight. Plus you don't need to eat every time you feel hungry. The problem with that is most people mistake thurst for hunger or boredom for hunger and if we ate every time our brains told us to, we would all be heavy. Also IMO telling kids to clean their plates and making them finish their food is a way to set them up for obesity and also when your stomach is used to always being full and always having large portions, you will eat that much and always feel hungry when it doesn't have all that food. Over time your stomach will shrink when you eat smaller portions and cut out snacking and you will get full faster eventually and not eat as much and you will feel less hungry. Most people will snack when they are concentrating or thinking like if they work at a desk job.