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  1. Banned members

    Why isn't anyone allowed to send a member a PM? I never mind getting them here on this board. Can't the same thing happen here on this forum in PM? Just seems illogical to need permission first to send a PM in the chatroom.
  2. Banned members

    Most students graduate high school when they are 18 and there are 12 grades total than 11 years. We call them grades than years. then 18 is the average age for university when kids go off to college. I understand in the UK the average age is 16 and most kids are 16 when they finish high school and there are 11 years total and kids start reception at age four which we call Kindergarten here and it's five in most states then kids start. So you guys are one year ahead because you guys start primary school one year sooner. Second grade here would be year 3 over there. California is the only state I know that allows kids to start kindergarten at age 4 and the cutoff date is somewhere in December for when the child must be five by. It wouldn't be uncommon for kids from that state to finish high school at age 17 because they were one year ahead because they started kindergarten early. In Montana, the cut off date is early September so a some kids can still be 17 when they finish high school. In Washington and Oregon, it's the end of August. But most kids are five when they began kindergarten because of their birthdays.
  3. Banned members

    So I don't understand then why you would assume he is under 18 if you were 18 in high school. That seems a bit hypocritical. Unless you were worried he was a minor lying about being 18. I am glad to be past that day where you are legally an adult and still attending high school and everyone just keeps assuming you are underage because of being in high school. Just imagine how annoying it must be to keep getting kicked off websites and having to prove your identity to get back on. That would be a pain the butt. But I am glad it wasn't like that back then when I was in high school.
  4. A Poll For Married D Ls

    I always like hearing forced into diapers stories.
  5. Accepting who I am

    I no longer feel disgusted with myself for wearing them. Now it feels normal and I see diapers as a type of underwear.
  6. Adult Baby - Escapes Jail (UK)

    But they are sharing it with the rest of the world. I wonder what random stranger is going to want to see it? I would imagine an AB creep would be watching it and getting turned on by the diaper change which is bordering on pedophilia and child porn even if it's not the baby itself, it's the fantasy of someone doing that to them and they are imaging themselves as that person getting their diaper changed.
  7. Adult Baby - Escapes Jail (UK)

    Yeah why would he look at images of babies in diapers. If I want to see diapers on someone, I am going to be looking for adults in them and typing in adult babies or adult diapers to narrow down the results. Also what do they mean by indecent images of kids in diapers? Just when is it illegal to look at images of babies in diapers? They are all over the internet and in parenting magazines. But then again I get nothing out of it and I would not be saving them to my computer or uploading them to my tumblr page. I can see how someone might get the wrong idea if all you have is kids in diapers. I have known a few ABDLs who liked putting kids in diapers and saving images of kids in diapers to their computer and I didn't see anything wrong with it then because my mind wasn't that sexual then about it. But now I find it creepy because I don't have that innocent mind anymore and I am more aware of the sexual side of ABDL and it's bordering on child porn. Not illegal which is why I call it bordering child porn. Strange the man would get in trouble for it. Plus I don't think I would still want to talk to those ABs who like to keep images of kids in diapers and looking at them for their satisfaction and they have no photos of adults in them. If they have old baby diaper ads, that is fine with me. I am talking about personal photos of kids in diapers, not ads. I can understand if they were trying to find adults in them and videos about it and they accidentally came to the ones with babies in it and just as long as I see videos of adults in them I will know they accidentally clicked on the baby one because I have been there which is why I type in "adult diapers" to filter out the baby ones. Why parents want to post videos of their babies getting a diaper changed or showing them in a used diaper is beyond me. What is their motivation behind it? What vanilla person would want to see that? Now if it was an educational video about how to put a diaper on, that is different. That could be helping new parents out and those who don't know how to put a diaper on a child. Same as for how to clean up a blow out.
  8. PeekABU 6250ml

    I think it would be impossible to leak because you would start smelling like piss before you could fill it to its capacity. I think they would be great use for work or trips and you only may need to change once a day. Change when you get up and put a clean one on when the day ends or put a clean one on the next day if you want your whole bed to smell like piss. Not worth the money IMO because I don't pee that much.
  9. Adisc Now 18+ Only

    So you guys changed it too.
  10. Jealous of girls

    I didn't get any in pregnancy and my boobs got bigger too during breastfeeding and were real big while engorged and they hurt but no new stretchmarks and I didn't use any creams.
  11. Jealous of girls

    I even got stretch marks all over my breasts from the growth spurt and the lines are still there and hard to see. Because they deflated, now they are above the breasts too because that is where the tissue used to be. I remember seeing purple lines and now they are all white lines and blend in with my skin.
  12. Jealous of girls

    Mine really grew that year and they got from A size to a D size in a couple months and this was right after school started for the year. My boobs had a growth spurt. I had breast in 5th grade but they were small and maybe an A cup and then they grew to big breasts. Kids teased me about it and thought I stuffed them. Then they were a double D in middle school and now they are a C again after breastfeeding.
  13. Jealous of girls

    I was made to wear long shirts that covered my thighs because my body decided to change and boys were staring at me. In third grade I was made to wear training or sport bras when my nipples decided to start sticking out so boys wouldn't stare at me. Then I was confused when I saw my aide wearing stretch pants but not wearing a long shirt to cover her thighs. Plus high schools have dress codes where girls are not allowed to wear tank tops or show cleavage or wear short shorts that show their bodies too much or anything that shows their body too much. I think 6th grade is late for starting to grow breasts, mine started in 3rd grade and the following year, other girls caught up. I was the oldest in the grade because of my summer birthday so I started kindergarten at age 6 than when I was five like most kids. Early puberty is hard. I have seen some start it sooner than age nine.
  14. Where do you buy it at?
  15. Hangs out in Walmart to Diaper Up

    LOL good one, how do you fake it lol?