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  1. Are you loyal?

    I jump around, so boring to stick with one brand.
  2. How do you deal with clothes?

    I never had to make much change to my wardrobe. I wear loose clothing anyway and long shirts and I wear a bathing one piece suit under my clothes if they can't keep my diaper concealed. I have had to get rid of a few things when I decided I will be 24/7 and it wasn't going away and I don't care for the bulge because no one pays attention and the ones who do are looking for it but they are either ABDL themselves or incontinent. But no one is going to approach you and ask if you are wearing.
  3. AB/DL celebrities? (with pics!)

    Some of the links are not clickable and some photos no longer exist and MEL C wouldn't load for me. But the ones I saw look clearly diapered. Also let's stop assuming every person wearing a diaper is AB/DL because they could have a medical issue. Old thread I know.
  4. Wetting In Public

    I just wet my diaper whenever I feel the urge i can do it without thinking about it and sometimes I do it without realizing I have done it until I notice the urge is gone and I feel dampness. I can pee while doing other things. Only my husband can tell when I have wet myself or when I am doing it. he says I get a look on my face. It feels so natural and normal now to wet myself, nothing goes through my head when I do it.
  5. Diapers: the natural alternative to toilets?

    Sorry I still think you are a DL if you choose to wear a diaper for any reason other than a medical issue. I also see it as a lifestyle if someone just chooses to wear one as a choice of underwear and use it as an alternative for their bathroom but I still put them in the DL category. Can one fall into this category and into the fetish one too? I know there are people out there that use them for convenience like waiting in long line for hours and traveling or taking an EXAM or working a job that won't allow potty breaks and they can;tr hold it until their next break. No I wouldn't call them a DL because I see that as a medical need. If you have to wear a diaper because you cannot hold it like a normal person, then you have a medical need.For some people if you gotta go, you gotta go and I also feel if you cant hold it without cutting in line to use the toilet, you need a diaper and that is medical need especially if you are pregnant. But if you wear one just because it feels normal and right, DL. They feel normal for me too and I feel complete in one but I still call myself a DL because I like diapers and like using them than the toilet. I have nothing against toilets, I just prefer using diapers. I will only use a toilet if I have to for a number two because it would be inconvenient to use my diaper at that time. I don't even need to think about feminine products either because I can just have it in my diaper. I could still use a diva cup to make it less messy but I don't mind having it in my diaper. But I also get turned on in them too and when I get changed by my husband. But I think all this debate about what makes someone a DL is all political correctness because people are bothered by the word DL as if there is a negative stigma to it. People do it with other terms too so they try to redefine them. I just say it the way it is. If it looks like a duck. "Yeah I am a DL because I find it normal to wear and use diapers and that is what I prefer than using the toilet" than "I am not a DL because they don't turn me on, I just prefer to wear and use diapers because it feels so right and natural and normal than using the toilet." Come on. I know there are other DLs out there that don't want this to be normal and don't want it to be natural so hence they do not wear them 24/7 because they want those diaper times to feel special or else those different feelings will go away if they wear them all the time. DL is also a spectrum, a DL spectrum. The is one side of the spectrum where it's a sexual fetish and the other side where it just feels normal and natural to wear and use them. I think if you wear diapers long enough, it starts to feel normal and natural and you can pee and poop in them without a lot of effort when you feel the urge. I can poop in mine now sitting and relaxing my muscles but I still give it a push. This is what I wanted.
  6. How To Pee While Walking?

    I have never started peeing while walking unless you count dripping. I have peed as I was walking after I started going when I was standing but never as I was walking. I find it impossible to keep my bladder relaxed all the time because my bladder muscles naturally tighten and then I let loose when I feel the urge.
  7. Anyone have pet peeves?

    I just hope you won't need to slam on your breaks or else the asshole behinds you slams into you and that is one wrecked car you have.
  8. Anyone have pet peeves?

    I have a lot of pet peeves. I hate it when someone posts a new story and it's an old story and not something recent that has happened. I can't stand it when someone comes up with a theory or speculation and treat it like it's a fact than their opinion and there is nothing to back it up because they got it out of their head. It also annoys me when I hear someone complain and they do nothing to fix it. Some people just complain just to complain and people who just find things to complain about so they complain over petty stuff. People asking for your opinion or sounding so concerned and then get upset when you give them an answer they didn't want. Also excuses excuses, anything advice you give them, they shoot it down with another excuse. Stupid people People bumping old threads (I am not talking about random threads like this) just threads where someone posts something asking for advice and that member is long time gone and the situation is most likely resolved and done with, plus lot of members who have posted in it too are also gone so replying to their posts will just be pointless. Also you gotta love it if you were once ignorant about something and then you have changed your views since then and someone bumps the thread and another person replies to your post in it scolding you for your ignorance that was long over. I remember the time when someone bumped a thread on another forum and it turned into a flame war because a member who no longer went to the forum posted something misogynist a few years back and a drama broke out so one of the moderators removed the thread. So members there were fighting with another member who no longer went to the forum so they were like talking to the air. People who think there is one way to doing something so when you do your job differently than them, they think you are doing it wrong and then tell you how to do it and also criticize you People who don't let you have your own opinion so they argue with you and people who always want to be right and think they're always right People who interrupt me while I am speaking People who enable their obese family members or spouses Stores not sticking to their opening schedules People who come in the restrooms while I am cleaning them Impatient drivers People who ride on my ass and also follow right behind me when I turn onto the road than waiting a few seconds Can't get anyone to understand at work that I am not in a rush and I am working my normal pace and the fact I can't get anyone to understand there isn't always lot of trash for me to take or recycling and the fitness room isn't always used or the conference room so that gives me less work to do.
  9. How far have you taken the AB/DL lifestyle?

    I wear my diapers 24/7. That is what I do now than the AB stuff.
  10. I wished you opened the diaper so I can see it unfolded.
  11. ABDL pet peeves

    Leaving my rash cream up in the bathroom and I am in the basement changing when I realize I forgot the rash cream.
  12. ABDL pet peeves

    ABDLs invading incontinent and bed wetting forums with their fantasies. People there do not want to hear all this "enjoy your diapers" stuff, they want support and ways to overcome their problem or to learn to deal with it if they can't fix it or hear fake IC stories or fake bedtwettting stories. Plus it makes us all look like creeps. C'mon now, ABDL forums exist so they can come here and post their desires and fantasies here. It's sad how IC forums have resorted to "This is not a ABDL forum." Diapers going up in prices. I know about money inflation but for people with limited income like me whose pay doesn't keep up with raised prices, this is a problem for me. I don't want to go for cheap diapers that will leak I have to carry extras with me or that will leak when I wear at night or having to change in the middle of the night. They don't feel like real diapers. ABDL stories with baby diapers instead of adult diapers. Someone posting their advertisement for their company disguised as a ABDL story and someone posting their ABDL story and only showing part of it as a way to sell their ebook because you have to buy it to read the rest of the story. I quit reading someone's stories here as a result of this because he did it every time.
  13. Cheap diapers are just not worth it

    I used to use cheap diapers and now I find I like premium diapers better because I can go the whole day without changing and they never leak and I don't need plastic pants. So it doesn't matter if I get 80 or 72 or 48 in a case. Plus I keep stocked up in diapers and buy whenever there is a sale so I get them cheaper. That way I don't buy them every month.
  14. How comfortable are you going out diapers?

    Very comfortable. It feels normal to do it and I don't feel any different.
  15. If wearing diapers became a fad

    To change in and wash your hand and to throw away.