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  1. I'm a little confused

    Playing the devil's advocate, maybe he read the ABDL community and saw all the sneaking around posts so he thinks you are doing it too. I am sorry he is not accepting of your lifestyle, is it possible you can find a room mate and move out or move in with relatives? You might have to move out of town then if they live far away.
  2. I was watching it on TV on New Years Eve and two people admitted to the news person they had on diapers.
  3. Eating healthy is expensive

    There are lot of fatlogic myths out there that justify obesity and people being overweight. In fact very few people are overweight because of a medical condition, most people just eat too much or eat the wrong foods that are high calorie density. Plus most people think they are eating healthy but don't know about the calorie count thing and toppings are calories and so are drinks they have, those all count.You don't have to eat too much to not lose weight or to gain weight, you can eat very little and still not lose weight because of the kinds of foods you are eating that are high calorie so you are giving your body the calories it needs to maintain its weight. Plus you don't need to eat every time you feel hungry. The problem with that is most people mistake thurst for hunger or boredom for hunger and if we ate every time our brains told us to, we would all be heavy. Also IMO telling kids to clean their plates and making them finish their food is a way to set them up for obesity and also when your stomach is used to always being full and always having large portions, you will eat that much and always feel hungry when it doesn't have all that food. Over time your stomach will shrink when you eat smaller portions and cut out snacking and you will get full faster eventually and not eat as much and you will feel less hungry. Most people will snack when they are concentrating or thinking like if they work at a desk job.
  4. Eating healthy is expensive

    Muscle burns more calories so once I started working out, that could explain why my metabolism increased so I am able to eat more food and I don't have to feel I am starving myself to keep thin. I basically have to eat sweets to maintain my weight or else the weight will keep dropping. Working out keeps my muscle mass.
  5. Eating healthy is expensive

    Eating less food is not starving yourself. That is also the problem right there, people who are overweight think they have to "starve" themselves to lose weight but they have no idea what normal portions of food are so they tend to have larger portions of food and tend to eat often throughout the day like snacking. They have no idea what normal eating is so they think they have to starve themselves to lose weight when they don't even know what starving is. Starving is a misused term. People will use it to mean they have fasted or gone all day without food because they didn't have the chance to eat yet or because they are very very hungry .
  6. Eating healthy is expensive

    Whoa holy batman, that was a lot of fatlogic there. Also that is not how diets work, you are supposed to keep your new diet and not go back to your old diet. That is why diets fail because people think diet is a temporary thing you to do lose weight but it's not, it's a permanent lifestyle change, even works outs are a lifestyle change. CICO is the only way that works. If I stopped working out, I bet weight would come back on over time again if I ate the same. It does not mean my body is set at a higher weight and it's trying to maintain that weight. Even if you do work out, you are not supposed to have reward food or else you are eating back the calories you have burned. If you want to lose weight, you just got to be more active and not eat more food to compensate.
  7. How much do you wear diapers in front of significant others?

    Diapers are part of who I am so I wear them all the time 24/7 and they are under my clothes and just another type of underwear and my husband keeps me in them.
  8. So ABU is taking Tykables to court

    There was the time when Disneyland took the Edmonton mall's amusement park to court over their name Fantasyland. Disneyland had that name too in their theme park for a certain area of rides and this place happened to have that name for their theme park. Disneyland found out and took them to court and Fantasyland changed their name too Galaxyland. I thought that lawsuit was also silly and I mean c'mon, it's just a name. It's not like they called their park Disneyland and used their Disney characters but Disney is known for being picky about their names being used or anything related to it. I once heard a song in choir and it was about going to a themepark called Wonderland but just by the description of it in the song, it sounded like Disneyland, that was because it was Disneyland and the park didn't want their name in the song and the writer's couldn't get permission so they used another name. I thought it was their loss. They probably wouldn't want any of their toys or movies being mentioned in novels either or else they take the author to court. I have mentioned Disneyland in my stories or any of their games or movies and still no lawsuit by them lol.
  9. So ABU is taking Tykables to court

    Hello everyone I am going to trademark the word Incontinent for my stories for Incontinent Natalie and anyone who uses the word "incontinent" in their title, I will, take you to court if you don't take it out of your story title. I will also trademark the name Natalie and anyone who uses that name in any of their stories, I take you to court if you don't change your character's name. I don't want people to get confused and think I wrote those other stories because of the name Natalie or because of the word Incontinent in their title. This post is satire. I have never heard of Snuggies baby diapers other than in Ashley's Diaper Adventures and I can't find the word for baby diapers other than Snuggy or Sugglers. I have seen other diaper companies copy other diaper companies. Who was the first to put leak guards in their baby diapers? Now all the companies do it. Now they all do cloth like, they all do prints and prints all over now and they all do tabs now than having you use pins.
  10. Am I a diaper lover?

    This is funny "Am I a diaper lover?" Makes me think when people ask "do I have a (insert disorder here)?" Except anyone can claim this label and it won't make a difference because it's not a disorder and there is no criteria for it.
  11. DiaperMates?

    I had an account there, never met anyone. Back when I was on it in 2006 and 2007, I met lots of guys from there. Maybe because I was single and had my boob size listed because I look the description too literal and listed down too much body description. Then I got less messages from guys when I took out my bust size.
  12. 24/7 and Sports

    I work out in my diapers. I have ran on them and do Zumba in them. I also do my other workouts in them
  13. What's wrong with wearing 24/7? The article just comes off to me as if you wear them all the time, it's bad. Some ABDLs do think you have let it take over or that it's unhealthy if you wear them all the time.
  14. The author might be a 24/7 diaper wearer phobic.
  15. Things I see wrong with this article: Monitor whether your thoughts are consumed by wearing diapers. You may find yourself continuously thinking about diapers and wearing diapers. If you think about diapers and diaper wearing constantly in a way that interferes with daily living, it may signal a problem. Persistent thoughts about obtaining a certain thing can be a marker of addiction.[1] You may struggle to get things done because you are thinking about diapers. Has your work productivity declined, or are you finding it harder to get things done around the house? You may find your thoughts getting off track due to thinking about diapers or diaper wearing. How he heck do diapers cause this? When you accept it and just wear them, they are off your mind. Now it should take care of this problem. Ask yourself if your diaper wearing interferes with daily living. If you struggle to engage in normal, functional behavior (such as getting up, going to work, buying groceries, and cleaning) because of your diaper wearing, this also may be a problem. Interfering behaviors can be emotionally painful, and it’s important to regain control of behaviors before they spiral out of control.[2] Again, how do diapers cause this? How do they stop you? You just wear them like you would with underwear. Note if diapers interfere with relationships. If you’ve had difficulty relating to people due to your diaper usage, this may be a problem. You may struggle with family or your partner because of diaper use, yet still use diapers despite the problems they cause in your social life. When habits or lifestyles interfere with social functioning, yet you still continue to engage despite the problems they cause, it can indicate an addiction.[3] Reflect whether you’ve experienced relationship decline since using diapers regularly. Think about whether your relationships with friends, family, co-workers, and partner have suffered. Declining relationships may be limited or no contact, more tension, or difficulty relating. Again, this is a family problem and a society problem and a person problem. Not the problem of the diaper wearer. If people were more tolerant of ABDL, this would not be a problem. Monitor your behaviors. If you’ve noticed that your behaviors have changed since starting to wear diapers, reflect on their impact on your life. If you’ve noticed that you cannot go without diapers, spend a lot of time in diaper-related activities that detract from daily functioning, and have limited interests due to your diaper fascination, this can be behavioral markers of addiction.[4] Just wear them and problem solved. They only stop you if you are still ashamed of it and haven't fully accepted it. Should they make you feel sad, socially isolated or depressed, consider changing your use. If you’ve developed a dysfunctional emotional response to diaper wearing, this may mark a degree of addiction. This just stems from lack of acceptance of self for liking them. They go through shame knowing this is not normal which is why the binge and purge cycle is common in ABDLs. This is not the diapers, it's the person having a hard time dealing with their like of diapers. Be honest if you isolate yourself by wearing diapers. Wearing diapers at home may create a sense of safety in the home, and a feeling of fear if you leave the home. If you tend to shy away from leaving the house because you are wearing diapers, consider only wearing them in the privacy of your own home. I will agree this is sort of a issue here. Either get over the fear of wearing them out of your home or consider doing it when the time is right. Reach out for help. If you struggle with your relationship to diapers or want to change your diaper habits, talking to a therapist can be helpful. A therapist can help you understand a work through the emotions associated with wearing a diaper. There is no cure to ABDL, I still have yet to hear about someone truly getting over it. I mean they have no desires, they don't suppress it, they have lost total interest and never go back to it ever. Seeing a therapist to convert into a vanilla is a waste of your time and the therapist's and the money. Instead they can only help you deal with your like of diapers and learn to accept it. Then you will notice how much happier you feel and realize how normal it feels to wear a diaper and you are functioning much better. People will just assume you have a medical issue if they find out and people don't say anything about your diapers. They don't care and you will find how no one says anything about your butt or the bulge. You just stop caring about the sound and the bulge and find no one is paying attention. You even stop thinking about if your shirt rides up and a piece of diaper shows. You will even pee in them in public and not give it a second thought. It just becomes normal. You might feel an urge to pee and then feel it's no longer there and notice the warmth in your crotch or the front. You just carry on.