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  1. I recently had a thought, briefly mentioned in the Idea Adoption Thread, but when Amazons get Littles from other dimensions, I've noticed it's always more civilized/modern day worlds. It makes me wonder if they could get Littles from less modern/civilized dimensions, or otherwise worlds where humanity is in a rough enough place that being abducted and forced into diapers is an improvement. Imagine living in the middle ages, during the time of the Black Plague, and then suddenly being whisked a land of giants where everyone was healthy and clean, including yourself, and the price to pay was becoming a baby for those giants.
  2. On the flip side, Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh. Her issue is that she wants to be cute, and likes cute things, but is so tall and unintentionally intimidating that she can never quite manage it. I've often thought she'd be a prime candidate for an ABDL for that reason, but imagine her in the diaper dimension, where she's every but as tiny and cute as she could ever hope for. Another idea could be Detective Conan, only instead of being shrunk to the size of a first grader, Shinichi and Haibara are turned from Amazons to Littles. In a similar vein of "being in the diaper dimension is more blessing than curse", one thing I've never seen is a DD story with Littles from another world where, in that world, humans aren't the dominant species. Coming from a world where being human meant you rated somewhere between "slave" and "livestock", at best, becoming trapped in a world where you can eat your full without fearing for your life would practically be heaven.
  3. I've started something of a slow burn on mine. Every time I empty my diaper pail I toss out a pair of my big boy pants with them. I haven't worn underwear in about a month now. It's been either diapers or pullups (for work)
  4. There's a Japanese comic called My Hero Academia that has a character with something like this. He was, in fact, just recently re-introduced. His power is specifically that anyone who replied to him verbally came under his control. However it also specified that a recording or transmission of his voice wouldn't work, since at that point it just becomes electronic signal. Not sure if that's something you'd want to incorporate, or if that maybe just means that the recording would have to be really good (or jus convince the Pet even), but something I thought I'd toss out there.
  5. In a world where, Because Reasons, toilet training occurs much later in childhood and is, by no means, guaranteed to succeed, how does society regard the "Hopeless Cases" who never grow out of needing diapers? On the Diaper Dimension side: A gang of Littles who band together to avoid adoption, at any cost. I have a version of this I tend to use as a character's backstory if/when I resume Student's Pet, but I'll put it out there for anyone else who wants to flesh it out further. Various ways that Amazons procure Littles for adoption. Note the distinction of how they find and adopt Littles, but how they get them there to adopt in the first place. My own thought was a series of shorts with different methods each. Basically "Where do Littles come from?"
  6. Well that prompts a potentially unsettling question: What about the "animals" that are raised as livestock.
  7. Humans seems much like the intergalactic equivalent of a pet monkey. Like if Gloena were Aladdin, Jen would be her Abu. Also I'm enjoying this story a lot. Not just for the diaper side of things, but also because I'm fascinated at the idea of a race (or races) who sincerely see humans as just a kind of animal and treat them accordingly. Do you know where other stories like that could be found, if it's not out of line to ask?
  8. For what it's worth, it's not so much that DD did anything but a while back something hit that site and wiped out a large percentage of posts. That's why you might see a lot of older stories marked with "Repost"
  9. Like Hares to the Amazons' Tortoises. That makes me wonder think now, if a Little's life stages are proportionately shorter vs an Amazon's or vice versa. Does an Amazon spend more time in actual babyhood/childhood than a Little? There are a number of stories where a babied Little is used to pick up the pace on an Amazon child's development. Maybe Amazons have longer pregnancies, which contributes to the low birth rate (something I've had/thought of as the case in my own stories)
  10. I like the different stories take place in different locales/counties options myself. I tended to get the impression that the Diaper Dimension is a large group of island nations rather than big continents, so numerous counties is a simple way to explain differences both minor and major. The closest I've dabbled into an actual country with its own rules is mention of a Japan analogue, Hankokku, where the view of Littles is a strictly conservative Littles=Children, with no distinction drawn beyond that children become adults. I even had the thought, thanks to this thread, that a Hankokku nickname for Littles is "Eternal Children". Though the idea of the country was mostly to explain why an character (an immigrant from there) modeled her daycare after a Japanese preschool/kindergarten, which I really did for the heck of it and skip in a reference to One Piece's amazon queen, Boa Hancock.
  11. The story was "Those Three Words" a link to it should be in my signature for reference. I never gave that elderly little an exact age. The most I did was note that her care had passed on from her "Parents" to her adult siblings, so she'd been adopted for a long time. For myself, I never put too much thought into total lifespan. I generally assumed Littles and Amazons were similar. I could see rapidly aging or lower lifespans as a Proportional Lifespan thing, or Littles being freed if they get old enough they aren't cute anymore, as more than a few Amazons in these stories tend to be pretty superficial about this stuff. For longevity, it could also be Amazons have rejuvenation / life lengthening procedures in their more scientifically advanced world that Littles wouldn't have access to outside of adoption.
  12. Made my own shot at "A New Mama, A New Life (a Lyrical Nanoha story)" but no luck. google and Bing had already updated and yahoo didn't work at all.
  13. You're welcome. That's where I left off last. Hit a bit of a block as far as getting from here to my next main plot point so things have stalled a bit.
  14. If there's a story potentially lost by the crash I most want to see again in some form, it's the Lyrical Nanoha diaper-fic "A New Mama, A New Life". I PM'd the author so we'll see how that goes but I thought I'd put a more public request in too in case anyone has it. I've only got the very first part of it saved
  15. Student's Pet A Diaper Dimension Story Part One by Babystevie26 Catherine Benton, math teacher at Hippolyta Middle School, sat on the toilet in one of the girls' restrooms. In front of her, the door of her stall had just been swung open. Standing at the door, staring at her was Allison Jaruwalski, one of her seventh grade students. In Catherine's hands were a pair of panties and a skirt, both wet due to the fact that she had not quite made it to the toilet on time, despite the rush that had prevented her from remembering to lock the door properly.The scenario would be bad in any context. For a Little in Amazon society, it was the Kiss of Death. It mattered not how old the Little nor how young the Amazon, once the former had a potty accident in front of the latter, there could be only one outcome.Today would be no exception, but it would be unlike many such encounters before it."I'm sorry, Miss Benton," Allison whispered. "I couldn't think of anything else that would work."Allison took a deep breath, as if preparing herself, then continued speaking."To think I believed you were different," Allison said loudly. "I'm disappointed in you, Miss Ben-no." Allison shook herself. "I'm disappointed in you, Catherin-no, Cathy. How can you teach middle school when you can't keep your panties dry. That's something even kindergartners figure out. An adult shouldn't have any problems; but, then, maybe you aren't an adult after all."Throughout her student's tirade Catherine… Cathy now… had closed her eyes, struggling not to cry. It took her a few moments to realize that something sounded… off. When Cathy opened her eyes again, she saw Allison was not looking at her. Even as she continued talking about how Cathy was no better than her own Little sister when her diapers leaked, Allison was watching the door."Come on." Allison held out her hand. Before doing anything, Cathy started to put on her panties again."Leave them off," Allison instructed quietly."But-""I said leave them off," Allison repeated, this time in a shout. "When we walk out of this room everybody needs to see what you did!"Before Cathy could even attempt to argue further, Allison grabbed her hand and pulled her out into the hallway dressed in nothing but her blouse and socks. Cathy's wet skirt and panties were held tightly in her free hand, visible to any onlookers. Her shoes, kicked off so Cathy could remove and inspect the damage to her clothing, were left on the bathroom floor where they'd been discarded. ---------- Cathy struggled to keep up with Allison as she marched along. It didn't help that as she moved Cathy looked around her to see if anyone was there to see her humiliation. She caught sight of one person as she and Allison passed her. An In-Betweener girl, not much taller than Cathy, who Cathy recognized by face but not by name. The girl watched them pass, eyes wide. She seemed about to try and stop them, but thought better of it.The halls were otherwise empty. It was near the end of the school day, and last period was finishing up. In fact…"Shouldn't you be in class right now?" Cathy asked."I ditched," Allison replied in a whisper."What?" Cathy asked. "Why?""To make sure I could get to you before Ramirez did."With that answer, everything began to fall into place."My 'accident' was nothing of the sort," Cathy seethed."Oh, I highly doubt that, Miss Benton," a man's voice said. Both Amazon and Little froze.Entering the hall behind them was a man of impressive height even for an Amazon. He easily towered over both Cathy and Allison. He looked the pair up and down before turning to Allison."So it seems the inevitable happened, Miss Jaruwalski?""I-If by that, Mr. Pavel, you mean Miss Be-er, Cathy had an accident, then yes."The tall teacher nodded."No surprise. We were pressured to hire for diversity but…" Pavel sighed theatrically, "everyone knew it was only a matter of time. I'll arrange to have someone manage the remainder of her class today." He smiled. "At least it's Friday, so we have until Monday for to get her replacement. Speaking of which, shouldn't you be in sixth period, Miss Jaruwalski?""I was feeling sick," Allison said promptly. "Something I ate, I think. I left last period because I had to throw up. That's how I found Cathy." She held up Cathy's hands, lifting the bottomless Little up to her toes. "She ran into the stall next to mine just a tad too late.""I see." Vice-Principal Pavel's eyes narrowed. "Then get 'Cathy' here to the Home Economics classroom. They'll have everything to care for her properly and you can go back to class.""Actually, Mr. Pavel," Allison responded, "I-I was thinking I'd take her back home. My parents have been talking about adopting a playmate for my Little sister at home. Seems a perfect chance."Pavel's face turned grotesque from the grin that appeared on it."Aren't you going to put her into a diaper, first?""Um… no," Allison said, then, more quickly, "I told her to carry her wet clothes so everyone could see right away that she can't trusted with panties or big girl clothes."Pavel laughed."Not bad. Yes, I think that will send a message just diapering her could never convey. Very well, take her home and get her situated. I'll explain to your teacher that you left with my permission and we'll see you on Monday.""Yes, sir. Thank you, Mr. Pavel."Allison hurriedly led Cathy out of the school building, leaving Cathy's career as a schoolteacher behind it. ---------- True to her word, Allison did not diaper or otherwise re-dress Cathy. She was led naked but for a pair of socks from the waist down and carrying the clothes that would have been covering her bottom half had she not peed in them. More than a few passerby pointed and laughed as she was led along. An occasional Little watched her go by, in their eyes a mix of sympathy and "better her than me."After about thirty minutes of walking, Allison had led Cathy to a suburb with several two-story homes. Allison opened the fence into one, painted a pastel blue. Cathy had to catch her breath thanks to the pace Allison had set."Mom! Dad!" Allison called as soon as she was inside. "I'm home!"There was no response. Cathy assumed that meant nobody else was home. Once Allison was sure of that herself, she let out a sigh and let her shoulders sag."Come on, Miss Benton," Allison said, leading Cathy further into the house. "It's not much but you can borrow a pair of pants from my sister. I'm afraid she doesn't have any underwear, though, unless you want to wear a diaper right away."She guided Cathy to a nursery. Knowing Allison's family had a Little, Cathy was not surprised to note that she could fit comfortably on or in every piece of furniture in the room. Allison pointed out the dresser where she could get a pair of pants then, to Cathy's surprise, turned her back to the Little."Seems kind of late to worry about my modesty after marching me half naked over several blocks," Cathy said as she pulled on a pair of pastel pink shorts. They were on the baggy side, since they were meant to be worn with a diaper, but Cathy was just fine putting off that part for even a little bit longer.After taking off her socks, dirty due to the walk, Cathy told Allison she could turn around. Since she had not changed her shirt, Allison turned to find her former teacher barefoot, dressed in a white button down blouse and baggy pink shorts decorated with puppy paws."I'm sorry about that," Allison said. She averted her eyes from Cathy's face. "I had to act fast. Get you out of the school as quick I could.""Because of Ramirez?" Cathy asked. Allison nodded."Which Ramirez?" Cathy asked. "The teacher or the student?""Does it matter?" Allison asked. "They're mother and daughter, anyway.""Point taken." Cathy began pacing the nursery. "The mother has made more than her share of remarks that I'd be better helping her teach home ec than teaching math myself."Allison shuddered. Cathy did not notice."On the other hand, the daughter's been failing my class. She's failing most of them but mine's the only one taught by a Little," Cathy's tone grew ironic, "so that, of course, had to be a mistake.""I overheard them talking after home ec," Allison said. "They said on Friday they'd put something in your coffee to make you have to pee badly.""Then when I had my accident, they'd swoop in, get me diapered like I should've been from the start, and that would be that. Since it was Friday they'd have all weekend to break me, too, if they were worried about anyone missing me. Except, of course, you got to me first.""I… I couldn't let that happen," Allison said. Cathy noticed her voice had become shaky. "They aren't very good to the Little they already have. Y… You deserved better, even if 'better' is just… just convincing my parents to adopt you instead."Tears began forming in Allison's eyes."I'm so sorry," she sobbed. "You're not like any other Little I'd ever met. I didn't want anything bad to happen to you, but the only thing I could think of was take you before they did." Allison wiped at her eyes with her hands. "I destroyed your life as much they would've!"Cathy was stunned. She stood there, eyes wide, as the thirteen year old Amazon cried her eyes out and apologized for doing what her kind had done to Littles since time immemorial.Maybe there's hope for them yet, Cathy thought. I better comfort her before she convinces herself otherwise.She walked to Cathy and held her arms open. The girl took the hint and she fell to her knees to embrace the Little who had once been her teacher. Cathy, being barely two-thirds the younger girl's size, staggered under the weight but stayed firm on her feet, hugging Allison back."You're far better than Ramirez or her daughter," Cathy told her. "You're better than a lot of people out there. You truly wanted to protect me from something you knew would be terrible. I'd be lying if I said I was happy about becoming someone's baby. But-urk…"Allison's hug suddenly became tighter for a moment. A few desperate taps on her shoulder from Cathy made her loosen her grasp."I'm not happy about it, Allison, but I'll let you in on a secret."Allison released Cathy, who took a few steps back."None of us want to admit it, and we'll do whatever it takes to avoid it as long as possible, but every Little who lives among you Amazons knows deep down that this," Cathy gestured to the nursery around her, "is inevitable. Even the ones like me who try to make it work as adults know the moment will come. The moment where we piss off someone who thinks we should be pissing ourselves, or the moment where some vulnerability shows in the wrong place and the wrong time, or just a moment where we're sick and tired of fighting it and simply let someone take us."Cathy approached Allison and rested a hand on her shoulder."Every Little knows that moment will come. Mine came the moment I drank my diuretic-laced morning coffee. In fact, when you get right down to it, I hit all three. I ticked off the wrong person. You caught me with my wet pants down, and…" Cathy sighed. "If the choice is the nursery or having to keep looking over my shoulder for the next attempt to force an accident, I'll take the nursery. I'm not happy about becoming a baby, but if it has to happen at least I know I'll have a Mommy truly out to protect me."Allison was quiet for a moment. Then she began crying again. Unlike before, at least, she smiled as she did. She hugged Cathy again, picked her up, and stood."I promise I will!" Allison wailed. "I promise to not let anything happen to you! I'll be a good Mommy! I swear it!""That remains to be seen, young lady!"The voice shocked Amazon and Little out of their personal moment. Both looked at the nursery door to see an Amazon woman standing over the both of them. Clinging to the woman's hand was a Little dressed in a bluish-green jacket and red skirt. Cathy recognized the uniform of one of the local daycares. Pinned to the Little's chest was a name tag with "Eloise" written on it."M-mom!" Allison stammered. Her grip on Cathy suddenly tightened as the she saw the unamused expression on her mother's face. Student's Pet A Diaper Dimension Story Part Two by Babystevie26 "Sissie!"The other Little, seemingly oblivious to the tension in the room, slipped out of her Mommy's grip, ran up to Allison, and hugged her legs. "H-hey, Stinker," Allison said."I'm not stinky," the Little protested. Then she looked at Cathy, still in Allison's arms. "Who's that? And why's she wearing my pants?""Th-this is Cathy," Allison said. "She's- she was a teacher at my school. She wet her panties so…" Allison swallowed. "So I…""You brought her home," Allison's mother nodded. "Actually, Vice-Principal Pavel called me on my way to get Eloise from daycare and told me what you did. I must say I'm not very pleased with you, right now, Allison.""But why?" Allison asked, then she shook herself. Probably, Cathy thought, because she realized how petulant she must have sounded. "Why, Mom? What was I supposed to do? Leave a Little who obviously can't care for herself alone? I wouldn't do that! Not when I saw her sitting in that stall, looking at her wet clothes like it was the end of the world. I wouldn't leave her there, not knowing when, or if, someone else would come along."Allison had begun to squeeze Cathy tighter during her monologue. In a way, this was fortunate since the need to breathe meant Cathy didn't get tempted to respond to any of Allison's remarks. Cathy understood her fate hung by a thread now. Whether she remained with Allison or got sent to some Littles' Orphanage or worse depended on a thirteen year old girl's ability to get her mother to say yes to "Can I keep her?" Cathy looked up at Allison's mother. Gone was the look of disapproval, replaced by a look mingling, to Cathy's eyes, understanding and maybe just a little pride."Oh, Allie, sweetie, I know just where you're coming from." She placed a hand on her daughter's shoulder. "Perhaps I should've had this talk with you sooner. I thought I had more time, but you're growing up so fast." She sighed. "When a girl reaches a certain age, Allie, she starts to experience changes, both in body and mind.""M-Mom…" Allison started blushing."Hear me out," she insisted. The hand on Allison's shoulder moved up to her cheek. "You saw Cathy there, with her wet clothes, and your heart ached, didn't it? You said you wouldn't leave her alone, but the truth is you couldn't, could you? The thought probably never even crossed your mind, did it?"Cathy watched Allison avert her eyes as her face grew red."No," she answered quietly. "I never even considered it.""That's a woman's maternal instinct," Allison 's mother explained. She smiled at her daughter. "When we see a child in trouble, it's our very nature to want to do something about it. You saw a Little in distress, which is pretty much the same thing, and you had to help. Of course, it's never quite that simple. How did you expect to take care of her, for starters?""Well… haven't you and Dad been talking about adopting again?""Yes, but that was us. We hadn't decided yet." The adult's tone instantly went from understanding to firm. "You don't get to make that decision yourself, then try to hand off the responsibility when you realize you can't handle it.""I wasn't!" Allison said suddenly. "I won't! I can handle the responsibility. I swear it.""Can you?" Allison's mother said, then turned her head and narrowed her eyes at Cathy. "Then answer me this: If you brought Cathy here home because of a pee-pee accident, why haven't you put her in a diaper yet?"Allison tensed."How can I believe you can be trusted with a Little when you aren't able to recognize your Little can't be trusted to keep her pants clean?""Mommy those are my pants!" a voice cut in.Cathy had almost forgotten the other Little in the room. The same was probably true of the Amazons, as they briefly turned to look at her. Eloise had been quietly following the conversation same as Cathy had, apparently."If she can't keep the pants she's wearing clean, then," Allison's mother corrected with a roll of her eyes and a twitch of her otherwise frowning lips."I-it's not like that, Mom," Allison said. She stepped away from her mother, her eyes were scanning the room, as if searching for inspiration. Then she turned back to her mother."I was going to give her an enema," Allison told her mother. Cathy's eyes went wide at the mention of enemas, but Allison continued before Cathy could respond. "I remember Dad said that Littles on their own live in squalor. Dirty homes, bad food because they can't reliably cook for themselves, things so on. So I got to thinking Cathy's tummy's probably full of unhealthy stuff like that and should be cleaned out.""Really?" her mother asked, raising an eyebrow."Yeah, so I didn't put a diaper on her right away because I was gonna do that. Then I realized I'd never given an enema before. Only helped you when you gave Eloise one."A whimper from the floor told Cathy that had not been a pleasant experience."I'd hardly be responsible if I tried to do something like that and hurt my Little girl because I didn't know what I was doing. So I decided to wait for you to get home and, since you'd be home real soon, I thought it'd be a waste of a diaper."Allison's mother looked at her daughter intently. Cathy didn't know it, but that look was one Allison had seen on her mother before. The look said "You're lying. I know you're lying. You know I know. But your excuse is just plausible enough to pass muster."Unfortunately, in Allison's experience, this meant often having to put her money where her mouth was. That promised unpleasant things for Cathy's very immediate future. "All right," Allison's mother said eventually. "You have a point. No time like the present. Undress her and bring her to the bathroom."Allison hesitated only for a moment before setting Cathy back on her feet and unbuttoning the Little's blouse. Once that was off the pants came next. There was no bra. Littles didn't have much in the way of breast size so one could go either way without much undue effect. Cathy had opted to go without because it also meant going without comments about how she was dressing like a grown-up or was padded in the wrong places.Once Allison was done, she took Cathy's hand and followed her mother to the bathroom. Once there, Allison released Cathy and left her to get own devices while she was shown how to prepare the solution for the enema. The other Little, Eloise, waddled in close behind them. Cathy was left naked, standing next to her fellow Little, still in her daycare clothes."It won't be so bad," Cathy heard Eloise say. The other Little placed a hand on Cathy's bare shoulder."Mommy and Sissie aren't doing it because you're naughty or trying not to poop," she continued. "So you'll get the soft kind. It'll make your tummy tickle from the inside but it won't hurt unless you try and hold it super long."Cathy only nodded as her new friend imparted her wisdom. If tips on how to take an enema could be called such."Try to hold it in for a while, though," Eloise went on. "If you poop too soon, Mommy will think it didn't work enough and do it again.""How long is long enough?" Cathy asked. "How many minutes should I aim for?"Eloise looked at her blankly."Are minutes the long hand or the short hand?" she asked."Um… the long hand," Cathy replied. Eloise considered this then held one arm straight up and the other just slightly off to her left."About this long," Eloise said.Before Cathy could ask for clarification, a pair of large hands grabbed her from under her arms and lifted her from the floor. Allison's mother carried her to Allison herself, who sat on the toilet with one hand in her lap and an enema nozzle the other.Cathy was placed on Allison's lap, lying face down as if to receive a spanking."Everything is lubricated?" Allison's mother asked."Yes," Allison replied with a hesitant nod."Then begin."Cathy tried to brace herself, but she still yelped as the nozzle entered her rear. Cathy began to squirm as warm water began to enter her body from the wrong end. She felt herself held down be Allison's relatively large hand on her bare back. Held down that way, there was nothing to do but lie there, naked, facing the linoleum floor while a girl she had assigned homework literally mere hours ago shoved a tube into her butt and pumped her full of water, or whatever it was this family used in their Little's enemas."You're doing very good, Allie," Cathy heard a voice say from above her. Then a hand patted Cathy on her head. "You're being very well behaved, too, Cathy. You're making your mommy very happy."Cathy heard a footsteps move away from her before the voice spoke up again."Now stay like that until the enema bag is empty. Once it is, set the alarm and get a diaper on her. There's a few under the sink with wipes and lotion.""I won't need the plug?" Cathy heard Allison ask. Silence for a moment, then…"No, this first time we can go without. Littles always try to hold it when they're first put into diapers. I'm sure you can count on Cathy to hold out as long as she can before she expels the enema. If that still isn't long enough, we'll fill her up again and use the plug then."Cathy, beginning to feel bloated from the liquid going into her, resolved to hold it as long as she had to in order to avoid a repeat."Speaking of filled up, I haven't changed Eloise yet."Cathy heard a rustle of cloth and then a crinkle."Ellie's a soggy girl all right," Cathy heard Allison's mother say. "I'll get her changed and come check on you in a few minutes, Allie.""Okay, Mom," she said. After a few moments, presumably to ensure they were alone, Allison spoke to Cathy directly for the first time since her mother came in."I am so, so sorry," Allison whispered desperately."I can't decide if your improvisation skills are great or terrible…" Cathy muttered."It's almost done," Allison said."Oh, joy…"Eventually Allison announced the bag was empty. Cathy heard her press a button then lift Cathy herself off of her lap. Allison put the Little down on her back on the bathroom rug and left her there to get what she would need. Cathy felt no motivation to move from where she was. Eloise's description of her "tummy ticking from the inside" was apt. It wasn't painful, but it wasn't pleasant either. Eventually Allison returned with lotion, powder, a box of wet wipes, and a diaper."The first of many…" Cathy sighed as she eyed the plastic rectangle in her teenage mommy's hand. Allison looked guilty again, but Cathy shook her head."I told you, already." Cathy frowned. "Inevitable. Let's get it done."Allison nodded and got to work. She took some wipes and cleaned Cathy's diaper area. They were cool to the touch and made Cathy flinch. Allison further wiped down the Little's legs, which Cathy realized she had never properly cleaned besides a quick rub down with toilet paper following the accident that brought all this about.Following that came lotion being rubbed into Cathy's skin, followed by a liberal coating of powder. Finally came the thing itself. Allison gripped Cathy's ankles, lifted her bottom half off the rug, and slid the diaper underneath her. From there it was a simple matter of bringing up the front and the sealing of Cathy Benton's fate was complete with the sealing of the diaper tapes.Once a Little was put in a diaper, they were never going to be taken out of them except to be changed into a new one.Which is going to happen sooner, rather than later, Cathy thought as the tickling sensation in her stomach grew stronger."Stand up, please," Allison said. Cathy did so, and saw Allison was under the sink digging something out. When she emerged, Allison was carrying another white object. They almost looked like panties, until Cathy got a closer look and realized they were panties. Plastic panties."Mom told me to put these on you, too." Allison held the pants out for Cathy to step into. "In case of leaks when the enema comes out."Cathy obliged and the plastic pants were lifted into place over the diaper itself. Cathy briefly examined them and tested their fit before looking up and seeing Allison staring at her with a faraway look in her eyes and a rather vapid grin on her face."Is everything all right?""You…" Allison stammered, "…are so adorable!"Cathy's reply ended before it began when she doubled over slightly from a cramp."How much time do I have?" she asked instead. Allison checked the timer she had started before diapering Cathy."About three minutes," she replied.Left with that time limit, Cathy huddled down into a fetal position and decided to wait it out. Under most circumstances, she preferred to pace. To keep moving. The enema churning in her belly made that prospect sound more uncomfortable than she would have liked. Instead, she stayed put and tried to find a position that took some of the pressure off her stomach until it was time. The diaper created a noticeable crinkle each time she moved. Allison sat on the toilet watching her. Whenever Cathy turned her head to look of Allison, the Amazon girl was grinning with that same faraway, dreamy look in her eyes.Eventually the timer dinged and Allison confirmed that time was up."You can go anytime, now, Miss Be-er Cathy," she told the Little."Any chance of getting to use the potty?" Cathy asked as another cramp made her wince."Sorry." Allison shrugged. "We don't have a potty. We used to, when I was a toddler. Mom and Dad wanted to train Eloise and I together but she flat out refused. So once I was out of diapers they just tossed it.""So you don't have a potty at all?""Nope.""Um… Allison, what about that?" Cathy pointed."What about what?" Allison asked. Cathy seemed to be pointing at her, but Allison just stared back. Cathy moved her hand down. Allison looked further, eventually she bent down further until her head was level with her knees. It took Allison a few seconds staring at the base of the toilet bowl before she got it."Oh!" Allison exclaimed. "Potty, right."Cathy rolled her eyes."But the answer's still no," Allison shook her head. "I wouldn't mind, but Mom's expecting a dirty diaper and if she doesn't get it she'll think I'm not dedicated to doing this right."Cathy knew the answer before she'd even asked the question. It had been worth a try to ask, but Allison was right. If Cathy didn't follow through from her end, so to speak, her fate as a Little of this household would become a great deal more uncertain. Given the alternatives, and that poopy diapers were going to be a common part of her life now whatever happened, Cathy resigned herself to what had to happen.She breathed deeply and tried to relax, only for another stomach cramp to hit. Rather than start the process, it instead made Cathy instinctively clench and try to hold it. She tried to bend over or squat, as she had seen Littles and babies do before, but she couldn't quite make herself release, even with the enema."Wow, Mom was right," Allison said. "You are holding it as long as you can, even when you're trying not to.""Soiling yourself on purpose isn't easy when you haven't done it literally in decades, enema or no enema," Cathy told her. Then, finally, she managed a push that started the ball rolling.Allison watched the ex-teacher assume a bent over, knock-kneed position as wet farts sounded off from her diaper. Cathy grunted with the effort as she filled her diaper. It was the runniest, most watery bowel movement the Little could remember having.As she did her business she felt a hand on her back. Eloise had come back, changed out of her daycare uniform but not into anything more than a dry diaper. She took Cathy's right hand in her free one and held it. The hand on Cathy's back began rubbing."Did she hold it long enough?" Allison's mother asked as she walked in."A minute or two extra, actually," Allison replied. "Just like you said, she held it as long as she could.""I've seen enough Littles try to fight it at work," Allison's mother said. "She'll learn eventually. In the meantime, be mindful of how often she goes. If she isn't making mommy a present at least once a day, she may be trying to hold it. Or she may be legitimately constipated. Either way it'll be time for some encouragement."Cathy shuddered, but wasn't herself sure if it was from having finished soiling herself or the idea Allison might have to do this to her again."Now, Allison," her mother went on, "you gave her the enema, she's filled her pants, what comes next?""A diaper change," Allison answered immediately. Her mother waved her finger theatrically with a "tsk tsk"."Not yet," her mother said. "You're probably thinking that since this isn't a punishment there's no reason we shouldn't change her right away?"Allison nodded."As much as she's gone, there may yet be a bit in her system. Before we change her we need to make sure as much of the enema is out of her as possible. Otherwise you'll just have another poopy diaper within the hour.""What do I do, then?"In reply Allison's mother took Cathy's left hand and walked her to her mommy. Eloise, still holding Cathy's right, followed along. Cathy's expression soured as she moved in her dirty diaper. Allison took Cathy's hand in her right. Her left found its way behind Cathy and cupped the back of her diaper."Feels like she emptied out pretty good to me," Allison noted."There's always more," her mother said in a chiding tone. She took the hand Allison had been using to check Cathy's diaper and moved it to the Little's stomach, and instructed her to massage Allison's tummy. Allison complied, and Cathy didn't think it felt too bad until suddenly her bowels pushed more out into her diaper."See what I mean?" Allison's mother asked. "Keep that up until nothing's coming out then you can change her. I might do it in the tub, give her a rinse before you put a new diaper on her. We'll give her and Eloise a proper bath after dinner."Allison acknowledged the instructions and continued rubbing Cathy's stomach. Cathy didn't keep track of how long this went on, she only knew that it ended when she heard a door somewhere in the house open and close and heard a man's voice call "I'm home.""Daddy!" Eloise squealed. She immediately ran off to meet him. Unfortunately, one thing she didn't do was release Cathy's hand first. Eloise's rush to leave yanked Cathy unexpectedly backwards. Eloise stopped when she felt Cathy's weight getting pulled behind her but it was too little too late.Cathy fell backwards and landed squarely on her butt. The good news was, covered as it was by a diaper, that was the most protected part of her body to land on. The bad news was that she had also spent more time than she cared to think of soiling it, meaning she landed right into the mush that filled the seat of her pants.For the Little who had once been Catherine Benton, math teacher, this was the last straw. In a matter of hours she had been abducted, however well intentioned it had been, forced into a thirty minute walk half naked, given an enema, made to release it into a diaper, then sent careening into her own filth. All while everyone around her, including possibly her would-be savior, regarded her as a toddler with no say in any of it.Well, fine! Cathy thought as the tears began. They want a toddler, I'll give them one!Cathy began to cry. Student's Pet A Diaper Dimension Story Part Three by Babystevie26 Not the head not the head anything but the head!That was the thought running through Allison Jaruwalski's mind as Eloise's carelessness sent Cathy tumbling backwards. Fortunately, her prayers were answered when Cathy landed on her butt. Unfortunately, falling like that caused some of the enema mess to leak out of her diaper even with the plastic pants. Cathy sat on the floor in her leaking diaper for a few moments, her face expressionless. Then began to cry.Not just cry, but scream. Allison watched in helpless shock as the most adult Little she had ever met gave herself over to a massive temper tantrum. Cathy went so far as to throw herself backwards; still, thankfully, not hitting her head on the floor but hitting the floor with her fists and feet.Instinct took over then. Allison ran up and picked Cathy up from the floor."Shh…- Allison said, attempting to soothe the Little even as she screamed in Allison's ear. "It's okay Cathy. Mommy's got you. You're okay, baby."The sweet nothings eventually worked their magic as Cathy's screaming died down."There we go," Allison continued in that same soft tone while stroking Cathy's hair. "There's a good Kitty Cat."Still softly cooing Allison stood up and carried Cathy to the bathtub. Allison put Cathy down on her feet, facing the Little toward the wall. Cathy leaned forward, resting her hands on the wall and making no sound other than an occasional sob.Allison helped Cathy step out of the plastic panties and saw that her landing had essentially caused a blowout in her dirty diaper. The mess that should have been contained within had been squished out of both leg and waistbands. Cathy's lower back, belly, and upper legs were covered to some degree. Allison took deep breaths through her mouth to try and avoid gagging or vomiting from the sight and stink.She reached around Cathy and undid the tapes of her diaper. As the diaper plopped down into the tub and Allison got a full look of the Little's mess covered lower half her self control failed, sending her scrambling to the toilet to throw up. After a moment she braced herself, went back to the tub, and found a shower nozzle to begin rinsing off Cathy."I suppose we can't question your sincerity after that display."Both Allison and Cathy flinched at the sound of that voice. In all that excitement, Allison had genuinely forgotten her mother and sister were still in the bathroom with them.Cathy stayed facing the wall, but Allison looked back and saw her mother beaming at her. Eloise was in her arms, sucking her thumb and watching everything before her with worry in her eyes. At some point during the tantrum Allison's father had entered the bathroom. When he had come in, Allison had no idea, but she saw the pride in his eyes, in both her parents' eyes, and grew suddenly bashful."You still have a lot to learn," Allison's mom said, eyeing the toilet bowl where the girl had just lost her lunch. "However, I'm a lot less opposed to this adoption than I was an hour ago.""I was very impressed, too, Allie Cat," Allison's dad told her. He kneeled down to her current eye level. "When your mom messaged me that you brought a Little home, I was concerned. Too many people, even adults who should know better, treat the Littles in their families like toys or pets. I was very happy to see you weren't like that. You understand that a Little needs to be cared for like a child and acted accordingly.""So… so Cathy can stay?" Allison asked hopefully. Her parents nodded."We'll work out the details over dinner," Allison's mom said. "For now, get Cathy cleaned up and diapered. It's spaghetti night so she won't need more than that." Allison's mother briefly nuzzled Eloise, also in just a diaper, getting a giggle from the Little. "Get yourself cleaned up and changed, too, dear. You need it almost as much as Cathy."Allison looked down at herself and discovered, to her disgust, that hugging someone wearing an extremely leaky messy diaper caused unpleasant things to happen to one's clothing. The front and sides of her school uniform was covered in brown where Cathy's stomach and legs had come into contact. Thanks to her blouse's short sleeves, her bare right arm, where she'd held Cathy's legs, also had some of Cathy's mess on them.Allison made a grossed out face, then turned around to reclaim the shower nozzle and continued to wash the rest of the poop off of Cathy first. From the corner of her eye, Allison saw her father nod, as if she had passed another test of some kind."I'll take care of cleaning up the bathroom itself while you get dinner started," he told Allison's mother. Then, to Allison herself, "I'll take care of the tub, too once you're done. We'll be needing it after two Little girls get done with their spaghetti."With that, Allison finished rinsing off Cathy's body and began drying her with a towel instead of wipes. On her father's advice, Allison was thorough with the job, getting into every nook and cranny she could think of. Aside from an occasional squeak or moan, Cathy was silent during this process.Once that was done, Allison asked her father to hand her a diaper for Cathy. Allison did a quick stand-up diapering of the Little before taking her hand and leading her to Allison's own bedroom. Once there, she turned to Cathy and found the Little glaring at her."My… my room has its own bathroom and… and shower," Allison explained to Cathy, stammering in the face of that glare. "And I… kind of get the feeling you'd… you'd rather be alone right now. Can I trust you to stay here while I wash up?"Cathy didn't answer. Instead, she climbed onto Allison's bed and turned to the wall."I… guess that's a… yes?" Allison shrugged and got a change of clothes before heading into her bathroom. She stripped off her uniform, wondering if it was even salvageable after that enema fiasco. She'd have to talk to her mom about that.She took about twenty minutes to make sure everything was scrubbed off of her before she got out. She dressed herself and, as she brushed her hair, stepped back into her bedroom to find one of her dresser drawers had been opened. Looking to her bed, Cathy was more or less where Allison had left her, sitting on the bed facing the wall except she now wore one of her Mommy's tops. As a thirteen year-old who had not yet had a major growth spurt, Allison was one of the shorter Amazons in her grade. She still had a full head on the tallest In-Betweener, but even with that factored in her shirt was big enough on an adult Little that Cathy might as well have been wearing a dress.Allison smiled but suppressed the powerful urge to gush and say 'awww'. Instead, she walked to Cathy, grabbed the hem of the shirt, and yanked it up over the Little's head before she realized anything was happening. Cathy let out a yelp of surprise as the shirt went past her face and past her arms before she could attempt to resist."Allison!" Cathy hastily put her arms in front of her chest."No extra clothes until after your bath," Allison told her."Why not?" Cathy asked."It's spaghetti night," Allison said."That doesn't answer my question," Cathy replied. Allison tilted her head and blinked at her, unsure how that didn't explain everything."Have you seen babies eat spaghetti?" she tried."I'm not a baby!" Cathy said, tears forming in her eyes. "I'm not a baby and I'm not your 'Kitty Cat', either!" Cathy began breathing heavily. "You know, as loathsome as they are, at least Ramirez and her daughter would have been intentionally humiliating me! You… you put them to shame without even trying!"Allison, stunned at the remark, fought back tears of her own. She took a deep breath and smiled at Cathy."So…" she began hesitantly, trying to sound light-hearted, "I guess you're still upset about the enema?""Maybe. Or maybe it's the diapers, or the fact that every member of this household saw me covered belly to knees in my own filth, or that I needed to be comforted like a toddler by someone literally half my age, or the utter lack of any dignity I've had from the moment I wet myself today! Take your pick!"Allison sat on her bed next to her Little girl."I'm sorry about that whole enema thing." Allison tried to get her arms around Cathy, who squirmed free and sat at the foot of the bed. "I'm sure Ellie is, too. And I'm sorry I'm not treating you like a grown-up. I know you are, really. Even if I can't show it around Mom and Dad."Cathy didn't answer, but she no longer looked like an animal ready to bolt either. Allison went on."You know… Eloise is the only Little I've really been around until I started middle school. I thought all Littles were like her: babies who couldn't grow up.""Then you met me?" Cathy asked."Partly." Allison nodded. "Everyone else thought a Little teaching was funny-""I remember…" Cathy said bitterly."-but I was amazed. You were just like the Amazon teachers. Better, actually. My math grade was never better than in your class."Cathy blushed."But some times, like when I first saw you in a diaper, this feeling comes over me. I think it's that maternal instinct Mom talked about. It's why I lied about a stomachache, why I hid in the bathroom near your classroom, why I came up with that stupid enema idea in the first place."I wanted to protect you, Cathy. I wanted to hold you tight and make sure nothing could hurt you." Allison sighed. "Great job I did at that. Mom thinks I can do it now, but I'm not so sure myself, anymore."Wallowing in self pity, Allison never noticed Cathy scoot closer."It's all right, really…" Cathy leaned against Allison. "You're trying to be good at it, at least. I told you before that's more than a lot of Amazons do. Your dad was right. Too many of you giants see us Littles as baby dolls to dress up and parade around."This time Cathy didn't resist when Allison scooped her up and sat the Little in her lap."I'm sorry for throwing that fit," Cathy went on. "After I landed I… well… it kind of hit me." Cathy here her hands palms outward and spread them apart. "'This is my life, now'. I thought I was prepared for that, but I think it made me panic a bit to realize it for real. I thought to myself 'you want a baby I'll give you one'.""You sure did that," Allison chuckled. "Actually, thanks to that, we're past the biggest hurdle. Mom and Dad are okay with keeping you. They'll never see you as an adult, but they won't go out if their way to embarrass you, either.""I suppose that's about the best I could hope for," Cathy said."It won't be all bad," Allison said, patting Cathy on the back. "Eloise is a pretty happy Little, and she's lived here since before I was even born. Why take tonight, for example."Cathy looked up at Allison and tilted her head."Have you ever seen babies eat spaghetti?"Cathy shook her head. Allison laughed."It's a mess. There's a reason you and Eloise are going to be in just diapers while you eat, and why bath time comes immediately after. I, meanwhile, have to remember my manners, not make a mess, and use silverware. I remember being four years old and jealous because I had to wear a bib while Ellie could just make a mess to her heart's content."Cathy grinned at that."All right," she conceded. "I suppose it wouldn't be a bad idea to get into the spirit of things. If I'm not going to have much choice may as well try and look on the bright side where I can find one."A knock on the door ended their conversation."Dinner time, Sissie!" a Little voice called through the door."Okay, Ellie," Allison called back. "We'll be there in a minute.""Is Cathy in there?"Little and teenager looked at one another and shrugged. Cathy got down onto the floor while Allison stood and opened the door. Eloise walked in and approached Cathy. She fidgeted and averted her eyes rather than look directly at her fellow Little."Um… I'm sorry I made you fall on your poop."Allison had to bite her lip. As apologies went that was certainly… unique. Cathy herself blinked a few times before responding."Um… it's all right…" Cathy told Eloise."Really?" Eloise asked hesitantly. Cathy nodded, prompting Ellie to give Cathy a hug. Cathy reluctantly wrapped her arms around Eloise while trying very hard to ignore the squee coming from Allison."Okay, Stinker," Allison said when she collected herself, "can you take Cathy to the dining room please, and let Mommy know I'll be there in a minute?""Okay!" Eloise released Cathy from her hug, but still held one of the other Little's hands. Holding it tight, she ran from the room, pulling Cathy behind her and treating Allison to the sight of two Little girls, naked save for their diapers, running off to get dressed in the spaghetti dinner they would certainly end up wearing as much as eating."So… adorable!" Allison squealed after they had left. Student's Pet A Diaper Dimension Story Part Four by Babystevie26 Michelle Jaruwalski watched as her Little Eloise led Cathy into the dining room. Not for the first time, Michelle reflected how the figure of a Little girl in just her diapers was not all that different from a woman's. Minus, of course, the beyond proportionately smaller chests and, in Eloise's case, the layer of baby fat that gave her a pudginess the other, skinnier Little lacked.Well, time to get a start fixing that, Michelle thought as her eyes went to the two plates of pasta cooling on the counter."Sissie said she'd be a minute, Mommy," Eloise reported."Thank you, Eloise," Michelle replied."Minutes are the long hand," Eloise said."Yes they are, sweetie." Michelle smiled at her girl. Then Eloise turned to her high chair."There's two chairs." Eloise pointed to the extra high chair Alastair had set up after he finished cleaning the bathroom. "Is the other one for Cathy?""Actually, Ellie, the other chair's for you," Michelle told her. "It used to be Sissie's."Eloise looked petulant, like she wanted to argue giving up her high chair. Her expression changed to one of interest when she was told it was Allison's old high chair. Cathy, meanwhile, looked at Allie's old chair, then to Eloise's, and her expression became a glower. Unlike her more innocent counterpart, Cathy apparently understood why Eloise was the one changing chairs.And that, Michelle thought, is because those high chairs demonstrate the difference between Littles and children.Allison's old high chair was built for a baby. The other high chair, now Cathy's, was built for a Little. Unlike a baby chair, a Little's high chair had noticeably more restraints and straps on them. Between the leg straps, the waist buckle, the wrist cuffs and the headband, it was possible to render a Little absolutely immobile when she sat in that chair.That was important because, unlike children, Littles were all too certain they knew what was best for themselves. A child needed only the waist buckle so they didn't accidentally slide out. Littles like Cathy, who had yet to understand that they were not and never would be the equals to their Amazon caretakers, would kick and fight and consistently end up getting hurt trying to get out of their high chairs if they were not properly restrained in the mistaken belief that they could eat properly at the adults' table. A pediatrician's receptionist like Michelle saw that kind of thing frequently. At least once every other week parents brought their Littles in because they tipped over their high chairs while sitting in them, or fell trying to get out of their cribs, or any other of a whole host of things Littles did to hurt themselves because they thought they could be independent. It frequently reminded Michelle what a blessing Eloise had been. It helps we got Eloise early, Michelle reflected. Ellie was hardly immune to needing discipline every now and again, but she has always understood that she was their Little girl and was as obedient a Little as one could hope. That was why Michelle knew Eloise could be trusted with the child's high chair. Cathy, meanwhile, had only hours ago been removed from her inevitably doomed attempt at adulthood. She seemed cooperative, but how much of that was just biding her time?And will Allie be able to handle it when she decides to act? When Michelle approached, Eloise raised her arms without prompting for her Mommy to pick her up. As Michelle placed her into the high chair and buckled the waist strap, Eloise seemed to marvel at how the chair didn't have "wrist pads" or even a "headband", even though neither had been used on Eloise in years."Is that my old high chair?" Michelle heard Allison ask as she entered the dining room."It is," Michelle answered as she locked the tray into place. "Your dad got it out for Eloise. Would you put Cathy in the other one please?""Sure." Allison held out get arms and waited for Cathy to take the hint. Once she did, Cathy raised her own arms so Allison could lift her into her high chair. Allison had noticeably more trouble lifting her Little than Michelle had. That was hardly surprising, Allie was still fairly tiny herself to her mother's eyes.Then again, what child isn't? Michelle thought wistfully. She watched Allie buckle Cathy's waist strap, but was interrupted from placing the tray by Michelle suddenly clearing her throat. Allison jumped and looked at her mother."What are you forgetting?" Michelle asked her. Allison stared blankly at her. "The straps," Michelle told her. Allie stared at Michelle."But we never use those," she said."We never use them for Eloise," Michelle told her, putting unmistakable emphasis on the last two words. "You don't know what Cathy will try, so she needs to be more secure.""I'll do her legs then," Allison said. "She'll need her arms free to eat."Michelle nodded her approval as the girl did just that, securing her Little's legs to the high chair and leaving her immobile from the waist down. Cathy was clearly unhappy about that as Allison put the tray in place. Michelle saw Allie give the Little a sad, almost apologetic look. Michelle grimaced.Yes, she definitely needs a better idea of what being a Little's Mommy means. While Michelle thought about how to accomplish that, she got two plates of spaghetti covered in marinara and placed them in the two high chair trays. Eloise began digging in immediately, heedless to manners as she grabbed some noodles in her hands and stuffed her face. Cathy watched the other Little indulge her inner glutton for a moment before looking around her tray. Which prompted Michelle to give the Littles each a bottle of milk. Eloise ignored her bottle in favor of the spaghetti. Cathy held hers for a moment, still examining her tray as if looking for something more, then shrugged, set the bottle aside, and grabbed a handful of spaghetti of her own.She was looking for silverware, Michelle realized. If Cathy was used to silverware before, she would have to learn to live without. Leaving implements like that where a Little's hands could find them was asking for trouble. She'd seen more than one Little hurt themselves or their parent because a knife or fork was left too close. The most Cathy could expect in this house, if she held her own utensils at all, would be a plastic or rubber spoon.Allison dished up her own pasta and sat down. Her father Alastair arriving from the attic soon after."Allie's old crib is there, all right," he reported. "It's disassembled though, so we won't be using it tonight.""No rush," Michelle told him. "She can bunk with Ellie for a few nights until you have time to put it together."Michelle noticed that Allison wasn't paying her parents' conversation much attention. Cathy, on the other hand, only looked inattentive. The Little made just too much of a show of eating her food when Michelle glanced her way.Nobody spoke much during the first helping. Just small talk and Alastair getting the story of finding Cathy in the bathroom stall out of Allison. After about two or three helpings per person, everyone was content in their chairs, high and otherwise.Eloise's upper body was covered in sauce and, the way she ate, Michelle knew she'd find more than a few noodles in her diaper when it came off for bath time. There always were. Cathy wasn't as lathered in marinara as Ellie had been, but after a slow start she got into the spirit of things and ate with gusto. Her hands, face, and chest were saucy, but she'd kept it out of her hair and Michelle doubted she'd find any pasta in her pants. Then again, going by the gas Cathy seemed to think she had passed without anyone noticing, some might soon end up in the Little's diaper for an entirely different reason.Clearly that enema didn't quite finish its work, the Amazon thought to herself. Not that she could blame Allie for re-diapering her too early. That whole thing had turned into a bit if a mess for more then just the literal reason. That thought brought Michelle back to the topic she needed to broach with Allie."Allison," Michelle said, continuing when she saw she had her daughter's attention, "it's time to discuss Cathy."Cathy started paying attention to the conversation from her high chair."For now, she will sleep with Eloise," Michelle began. "Daddy found your old crib, but it's going to need some assembly and it will be a while before we have enough time to devote to it.""So like when Gwen sleeps over?" Eloise asked from her high chair."That's right, sweetie," Michelle confirmed. As Eloise kicked her legs in delight her Mommy turned back to Allison."She's going to have to use some of Eloise's clothes, as well, until we can go shopping for more," Michelle went on. "For day to day, Cathy will be under similar, but more restrictive rules as Eloise.""Why?" Allie asked. "Cathy's a good girl, right?"Allison directed the last part to Cathy, who nodded."She says that now," Michelle said, "But until I've seen for myself that she can be trusted to behave I don't want her being given any more chances to misbehave than can be helped. So she will be on a short leash, and you will be the one holding it.""Um…" Allison began, raising a hand as if to raise it in class, "Are you talking about an actual-""I'm being metaphorical," Michelle interrupted, then turned to her husband. "That reminds me. Al, do we still have Eloise's harness?""She outgrew it when she was fourteen." Alastair shook his head. "We never replaced it."Michelle nodded and continued."Furthermore, when she does misbehave, you, Allison Jaruwalski, will be the one to discipline her."Allie nodded."You will also be the one responsible for making sure she's fed, clothed, clean, and happy. Daddy and I will help, but the bulk of the work is yours. That means, for example, if you want to make plans to hang out with your friends, you will need to either take Cathy with you or arrange for us to babysit. We will not allow you to dump the responsibility on us because you want to go running around on a whim.""I told you, I won't!" Allison protested."And we're going to hold you to that, Allie Cat," Alastair told his daughter. "We also still expect you to keep your grades up and handle the obligations you already have.""What… um… what if I can't?" Allison asked warily. "Then you won't retain that responsibility," Alastair said. "You'll likely end up losing a few of the privileges you currently enjoy in the process, like going out whenever you feel like with your friends.""What?" Allison asked incredulously. "But that's not-""Fair?" Alastair finished for her. "You earn privileges be proving yourself responsible, Allison. You're allowed to go out without an adult chaperone because you've shown you don't need constant supervision. You'll earn the privilege of a driver's license when you're old enough and can demonstrate you know what you're doing. On the other hand," he nodded to the Littles in their high chairs, "if you couldn't be trusted to reliably use the toilet you would be put into diapers. If you couldn't be in a normal chair or bed without the risk of falling out, you would be placed in a high chair or crib."You want to assume some very adult responsibilities, Allison. The problem with that is you aren't an adult. No, you're not," Alastair repeated quickly and firmly to stop the teenager's automatic protest before he continued. "You are also not a child anymore. Unlike Littles, who are incapable of succeeding in adulthood despite their most earnest efforts, you're growing into a fine young woman. If you're truly as determined as you've shown yourself to be, you'll have your chance to prove you're up to the challenge. Should you be unequal to that challenge, the consequences will fall on your head."While her husband spoke, Michelle watched her daughter and newly adopted Little. Allie had looked steadily more nervous as her father spoke. She was clearly only just now realizing the magnitude of what she had gotten herself into. Cathy looked at Alastair, her face red and expression a grimace. Michelle assumed the Little was either feeling offended at Al's dismissal of her "adulthood" or pooping."Is that understood, Allison?" Alastair asked.Allison was quiet for a long moment. Then she nodded."Understanding everything I've told you, do you still want to adopt Cathy your Little girl?""I…" Allie swallowed, "I do."Allison's expression was anxious as she answered. Her voice cracked as she spoke the words. Yet despite that, or just maybe because of it, Michelle's heart swelled with pride.My baby girl is growing up… she thought. Then she heard a loud belch to her left. Michelle rolled her eyes.My Little girl, on the other hand…"'Scuse me," Eloise said as she set her empty bottle on the high chair tray. Michelle couldn't stop herself from grinning."And now, with the mood burped into ruin," Michelle said, "I'd say it's time to give our Littles their bath."With that, Michelle moved to release Eloise from her high chair. Allison followed her mother's lead and did the same for Cathy. In her case it took longer due to the leg straps that had been used. Eloise was allowed to walk on her own. Allison, mindful of Michelle's concerns about Cathy, grabbed the Little's wrist and led her back to the bathroom. As they walked, Eloise kept pace with Cathy and Allie and talking to her fellow Little. Michelle walked a way behind the children."Don't touch anything until we get to the tub," Eloise said in what she seemed to think was a conspiratorial whisper. "Mommy and Daddy get mad and spank when s'ghetti sauce gets on stuff."Eloise was giving her new crib-mate advice. Michelle smiled. It was exactly that kind of helpful behavior that earned her Little high praise at daycare."And if you gotta poop, do it now," Eloise continued."I don't have to p… I don't have to," Cathy said, a tad too quickly."Then why were you farting?" Eloise asked with her ever absent sense of propriety."I-I wasn't-""Don't lie," Allison suddenly said. Michelle nodded approvingly. Cathy pouted and became quiet.Looking at the Littles, Cathy didn't seem to be messy. No telltale sag or smell to indicate poopy pants. Eloise wasn't dirty, either, but Michelle knew by now she had wet at least a small amount.Alastair had finished cleaning the bathroom of the mess from Cathy's enema leak before dinner. It was now ready for its more typical purpose, at least where Littles were concerned, of bathing. Allie, having helped bathe Eloise plenty of times since growing too big to bathe with her Little sister herself, was already turning the taps for the bathtub to fill it.Michelle saw to the Littles. As she suspected, Eloise's diaper was damp. In other circumstances she would have left it on for further use before changing. For now, she removed it and, as she'd known she would, Michelle found a half dozen stray spaghetti noodles had fallen inside during dinner. Eloise either never noticed or never cared that her food had worked its way into her diaper that way.Michelle turned to Cathy to see her bent forward, her hands on her knees, which themselves were touching. The red on the Little's face and occasional grunt told Michelle she was trying to take Ellie's advice and soil herself sooner rather than later. Michelle tapped Allison on the shoulder and pointed her Little's situation out to her. She tried not to be too amused when Allison got that glossy eyed, faraway look she got when she watched something she thought was adorable.The tub filled quickly but Allie waited for Cathy to finish her business before doing anything else. Once she was done, Allison took off her diaper and used some of the wipes from earlier in the day to get the worst of this new mess off her bottom. Allie plopped Cathy into the tub in front of Eloise and washing began.Eloise cooperated as much as she ever did. She let Michelle get the basic scrubbing without incident but started to squirm and whine when it was time to shampoo. Ellie had very low tolerance when it came to her hair. It was the main reason the Little's brown hair was kept short, just above her shoulders. It was simply easier than having to constantly chastise her for complaining and whining when washing it or brushing out the extra tangles that came with longer hair. As if to contrast her companion, Cathy handled washing her longer blonde hair fine, other than trying to insist on doing it herself. Yet when Allison scrubbed her down, she squirmed, complained about roughness, and positively yelped when Allie's washcloth found more personal areas.Eventually the two Littles were cleaned to their mommies' satisfaction. From there on the girls could be left to entertain themselves with the bubbles and bath toys until they became too pruney to stay in the tub. It was at this point that Michelle called Alastair to watch the girls while she took Allie to go pick out pajamas for bedtime. Cathy looked dismayed at being left with Allison's father.That's too bad, dear, Michelle thought towards the Little. It was normal for new adoptees to be shy around caretakers of the opposite sex. She would just have to get used to Alastair changing and cleaning her as much as Allison and Michelle.Besides, Michelle thought, I need to talk to Allison alone. Without Cathy around to influence her reaction.They quickly settled on a nightgown and diaper cover for Eloise. Cathy was trickier. In keeping with her desire to keep the newly adopted Little from getting into trouble, Michelle's first thought was to put Cathy in what Eloise referred to as "mitten jammies". True to the nickname, they had padded mittens clipped on them that prevented Little from fully closing her hand, effectively removing any dexterity she otherwise had. They saw a lot of use when Eloise would try to get into and grab things she shouldn't, when she had her climbing out her crib phase at twelve, or when Eloise's grabby handed daycare friend slept over.The reason it was a difficult choice was that the mitten jammies were footie pajamas with the mittens attached to the sleeves. The seasons were in the early stages of transitioning from summer to autumn, which left temperatures too warm for a full body sleeper. Allison had argued, rightfully so Michelle had to admit, that making Cathy suffer through a sweaty night was unfair to her when this was more about preventing problem behavior than punishing it.As a compromise, Allie found a long sleeved nightdress that could be used. The mittens could be attached to the sleeves, if not as securely as to the footies. Allison promised to give Cathy a very clear warning that she would wear them all weekend if she got out of them. They also found an old diaper cover of Eloise's that could be secured to prevent Little wearing it any access to her diaper. Allie laid out the pajamas on the changing table and was about to leave to get the girls out of the tub."Allie, wait," Michelle said suddenly. "I need to talk with you before we get the girls.""Um… Okay?" Allison said. There was some clear nervousness in her voice. "Is this more about responsibility?"To Allie's credit, she caught herself about to roll her eyes and stopped it."Yes," Michelle said. "Your Dad covered the bulk of it at dinner. However, there's one thing he left out. One thing we agreed upon while you were in the shower."Allison nodded."When you started school, and word got around that one of your teachers was a Little, a lot parents were dismayed," Michelle explained. "For good reason, I think. Little Cathy was going to have an accident, make some mistake, or otherwise confirm to that she had no place in a grown-up's world. Everyone knew it. That's why one of your teachers, Ramirez, promised to keep an eye on things and take action when the inevitable happened." Michel shrugged. "She would have, too, except you beat her to it."Allison's eyes suddenly became hard and her mouth became a thin line at the mention of Ramirez.I thought that might be it… Michelle thought. She had met Elizabeth Ramirez only once, at Parent-Teacher Night. The woman had come off as abrasive. The type that was clearly used to getting her way. Michelle remembered her Little, a miserable looking boy who sat in the playpen she kept in the Home Ec classroom. She had not met Cathy that night. The Little teacher had gotten permission to skip, presumably out of concern a parent would get the urge to adopt her before the school had made plans to replace her.She knew Allison was not particularly fond of her home economics teacher. Michelle vividly remembered that Allie had come home very upset one day, rambling about how Ramirez had used her Little as a demonstration in baby care. At the same time, Allison had been fascinated by Cathy, a Little who knew her mathematics. Not surprising, since Eloise's math skill was limited to counting on her fingers and toes. Allison didn't spend enough time around other Littles day-to-day to realize that many Littles frequently did have an education, useless to them though it was.Allison hadn't said so, had noticeably avoided saying so, but Michelle was now certain she had acted as she had after learning Ramirez planned on adopting Cathy herself. Between the maternal instinct she had developed for the Little and her distaste for the person who had planned to take her, Allie could only have reacted one way. Cathy, obviously sharing that distaste, seemed willing to go along with it, as well. That was exactly what Michelle hoped to confirm before she continued."The reason I bring this up is because since this afternoon I've received several voicemails from Mrs. Ramirez." Allison's eyes went wide at that. "I haven't answered them yet. Eventually I'll have to, but before I do I wanted to make sure you understood yours and Cathy's positions."Your dad talked to you about personal responsibility. If you try to do something and fail, on your head be it. What I'm going to explain is that things are very different when you take responsibility for someone else's well-being. If you do that and fail, it has consequences for the person you've taken into your care as well as yourself. Do you understand me?"Allison managed to nod, despite how nervous this conversation was clearly making her."Good. Now, Daddy promised you the chance to prove you're capable of taking care of Cathy on top of your other responsibilities. I promised that if you failed you would not retain those responsibilities. So this is what's going to happen: in short, you have two months. If, at the end of that time, we feel Cathy has been well cared for and there has also been no significant change in your grades at school, she will remain in your care. If you can not take care of Cathy properly, or your grades fall below what your father and I are willing to tolerate," Michelle made sure she was looking directly into her daughter's eyes, "we will send Cathy away to Mrs. Ramirez as originally discussed." Student's Pet A Diaper Dimension Story Part Five by Babystevie26 Mrs. Ramirez stood in front of the class, lecturing her home economics students on using the sewing machine. Everything was going normally until an odor began to make itself known, and every eye turned to the playpen Mrs. Ramirez kept next to her desk. The Little inside sat on his knees, holding a stuffed bear in front of his face. His only clothing besides his diaper was a powder blue T-shirt. Mrs. Ramirez stopped her lesson and sniffed loudly. "Oh, dear," she said. "It seems Rafael made a stinky." The reactions among the students varied. Several, especially the boys, made exaggerated gagging noises or pulled their collars over their noses. Most of the others started giggling like little kids when someone says a dirty word. A few, including Allison Jaruwalski, tried to comfort the Little with assurances that everything was okay and they'd get him cleaned up right away. Little Rafael only hugged his bear harder. "I'm so sorry, everyone." Mrs. Ramirez sighed theatrically. "Let this be a lesson for all you potential parents out there. Poopy pants can happen anytime, anywhere." Then she grinned. "Now, who's going to change him?" The gross-outs and the gigglers immediately went silent. Most of the girls who had been cooing suddenly became reluctant to offer their services. Even those who had changed Rafe's wet diapers in previous classes backpedaled at the prospect of a dirty diaper. As a result, there was only one volunteer. "I'll do it, ma'am," Allison offered, raising her hand. With Ramirez's nod of approval, Allison stood up and walked to the playpen. Rafael tried to back away from her, scooting himself as far back into the corner of the playpen opposite Allison as he could get himself.And smooshing that mess of his all over… Allison lamented. His Mommy was having none of that, however. She got hold of him under his arms and stood him on his feet. He was oddly shaky standing up. In fact, he had to hold on to Mrs. Ramirez's arm to not fall on his bottom. In doing so, his bear moved away from his face and Allison saw the Little's face was red, even though it didn't seem like he was still pooping. "Before I hand my Little man over," Ramirez said. "Let's make sure he actually is our poopy pants. It wouldn't do to go accusing him when someone else might be our stinker." At that, Mrs. Ramirez looked over at the students, her gaze lingering on the In-Betweeners in class as it passed them. They blushed but said nothing in response. Ramirez then cupped the back of Rafael's diaper in her hand and moved it around, shifting the mess contained inside her Little's pants. Allison watched little Rafe's eyes close and begin to tear up. He must have a rash, Allison thought as Mrs. Ramirez picked up her boy and handed him to Allison. Mrs. Ramirez took the liberty of spreading Rafael's changing mat on the side of her desk opposite the playpen. Allison laid him down gently, not wanting to move the mess around and irritate his rash more than she could help. "Hold on, Miss Jaruwalski," Mrs. Ramirez said. "I remember you once said you had a Little at home, right?" "That's right," Allison answered. "My little sister's been at our house longer than I have, so I've helped with plenty of dirty diapers." Rafael whimpered from the desk. "That may be," Ramirez told her. "However there's one tiny difference between changing a girl's diaper and a boy's. For that reason, I recommend turning him to the side a bit. Yes, exactly like that." That last came as a response to Allison turning the Little boy so that his lower half faced the class instead of Allison. Once that was done, Allison started her work by untaping and pulling down the front of Rafael's diaper. As his messy bottom was revealed to the class there was a chorus of "ews", "grosses", "that stinks", and laughter. Rafael was crying openly now. Allison used the front of the boy's diaper to clean the worst of the mess just as she did with Eloise at home. Afterward, she put the messy diaper aside and began using proper wipes Mrs. Ramirez had set out for her. As she did all this, she cooed at Rafe, promising him he'd be all clean real soon. It didn't have the desired effect, as the boy just shook his head. As Allison wiped she suddenly learned what Mrs. Ramirez meant by the difference between a boy's diaper change and a girl's. Eloise occasionally peed mid-change, but in her case it had never been a projectile. Even though Mrs. Ramirez's warning meant she wasn't in the line of water, Allison still jumped back. The stream shot forward from the teacher's desk and stopped just short of the front row of student's desks. The kids nearest jumped back, desks and all, and the girl who had been closest screamed that it has gotten on her shoes. Allison leaned down and have Rafael a kiss on the forehead. "Don't mind them, sweetheart" Allison whispered conspiratorially. "They're just a bunch of wusses." "Please…" Allison heard a tiny voice say. A tiny male voice. "Please, just make it stop." ---------- Allison lay in bed, pondering that day. It had been early in the school year and, until that moment, Allison had made nothing of the fact that Ramirez kept her Little at school. That scenes such as the one she remembered were common, as the students in her class regularly got to feed, change, and play with Rafael. Until that moment Allison had assumed the Little guy had just been shy.Hearing that plea was the moment it all feel into place. Holding the bear in front of him. The red face even after he'd pooped. The tears even after Allison confirmed there had been no rash. The soft words that worked on Eloise failing.Rafael had been embarrassed. No, it was more than that. He'd been ashamed.And that… that didn't make any sense…Why should a Little be embarrassed of messing himself? That was what Littles did! There was nothing for him to be ashamed of. Then Allison had found herself thinking how it would have felt if it were her. If she had sat in that playpen and pooped herself. If a random teenager had yanked her out of it to change her. If it had been her dirty butt on display for all to see…The very idea mortified her. Yet wasn't that because she was an Amazon? She was a mature woman, whatever her father might say. Littles didn't care. Littles didn't know any better.Or did they?After that, Allison started paying close attention to Rafe. The boy never touched his toys. Never made a sound if he could help it. Anytime he caught Allison or someone else looking his way, he threw his bear in front of him like a shield. He seemed determined to make sure nobody noticed him.If that was so, Rafael was doomed to failure. Putting aside the smell when he soiled himself, Mrs. Ramirez frequently set aside ten or fifteen minutes before the period ended to let the students get their things together to leave and then, if they wished, spend time with her Little. Ramirez did that almost every day, and taught her class almost every period. So several times a day Rafe had people, mostly girls, carrying him around, trying to make him play, and changing him if he needed it. Or sometimes regardless of whether he needed it, since Ramirez was not averse to letting him be used as a practice doll.At first Allison thought that Mrs. Ramirez, like herself, had simply not realized that she was humiliating her Little. That had prompted her to start watching Ramirez more closely during classes. The next time Rafe made a stinky, Allison kept her eyes on her teacher and watched her instead of the Little like everyone else did. What she saw on the woman's face was a look of glee. That was the moment Allison realized that Elizabeth Ramirez was absolutely aware of what she was doing. She knew full well how embarrassed her Little boy was by being the class doll. She reveled in it.That had been the day she has come home crying. She had tried to tell her mother what was wrong, but knew she hadn't gotten the message across very well. Her mother hadn't seen the problem with a parent having her Little be used as a teaching aid in home ec. Eventually Allison had gotten across the fact that she thought Ramirez was doing it on purpose to embarrass Rafael. Her parents had gently explained to her that some adults viewed Littles like toys, or even pets. Things to display or to use to put on a show.Allison's heart had ached for Rafael. He went through that every day and there was nothing she could do other than volunteer to change him and make it quick as she could.One day, as she came into home ec, she saw Mercedes Ramirez complaining to her mother about her math grade. The grade given to her by a Little."That can not be right," Ramirez told her daughter. "Obviously Catherine Benton does not appreciate the work you put into your classes." Allison watched her teacher as she eyed the playpen beside her, and the Little within. "Perhaps it's finally time she learned just how precarious her position truly is."She was sure Cathy, or Miss Benton as she had been at the time, fully appreciated much work Mercedes did. The issue, from what Allison knew, was that Queen Bee Mercedes didn't put in any work if she could get someone to do it for her. Not that her mother believed any such thing. If the woman put as much concern into caring after her Little as she did spoiling her flesh and blood child…Allison shook her head. Now was not the time for such thoughts. Right now, the important thing was to focus on the Little she could do something for. She didn't know if her mom truly would give Cathy to Ramirez. Not if she had a choice, at least. Even so, the only other options Allison could think of were a Littles' Orphanage or Etiquette School. Neither struck her as much better in the way of alternatives.Allison's thoughts were interrupted by a harsh buzzing. She reached her arm out almost instinctively to hit the snooze button on her alarm. Ordinarily Saturday was a "sleep in" day. Allison's mother had other plans. Today was to be a girls' day out at the mall. The main reason was to get Cathy things of her own so she would not need to share everything with Eloise, followed by a playdate with one of Eloise's daycare friends. Allison's mother had made it clear, however, that this was also to be her next real Little's mommy. ---------- "I'll have my hands full with Eloise," she had told Allison. "It will be on you to make sure Cathy behaves herself and is disciplined if she can not do so." That had sounded simple enough, except Allison's mom had one last bombshell to drop. "By the way, you are forbidden to tell Cathy about anything we've discussed tonight." "What?" Allison had asked on confusion. "Why not?" "Because if she knows the situation she will behave accordingly to avoid the outcome she doesn't want." "Isn't that a good thing?" "If it were just a matter of getting her to accept her life as your baby, yes. However, the point of all this is not for her to behave but for you, Allison, to make her behave. If I have reason to believe you have told her then I will end this whole test in failure and you will be saying your good byes to Cathy before the day is done." "But that's not fa-" Allison began, then stopped herself and took a deep breath. "Mom, Cathy's smart enough to figure things out without my telling her." "Some of it, sure," her mother conceded, "but not all of it. Even if she does, Cathy can only suspect unless you, I, or your father tell her. None of us are going to do that, are we?" Allison was silent for a moment. Then she sighed. "No ma'am." ---------- Allison pulled herself out of bed. As she did, she thought back to the family's talk during dinner last night. She realized only in hindsight that her parents had tricked them. Or, perhaps, they had just tricked Cathy, since Allison's mom had come clean to her soon after. That talk had made it sound like Cathy was all set to be adopted without a hitch. Cathy wouldn't have any reason to think that her status as a member of the family would be in danger. Not immediately, anyway. She might well act up if Allison did something she didn't like, which would put Allison in the position of having to do something about it. As she dressed for the day, Allison realized that the only thing she could do now was meet her parents' demands or fail in the trying. She had to become the best mommy for Cathy she could, whether Cathy herself liked it or not. Her Little girl deserved nothing less. Student's Pet A Diaper Dimension Story Part Six By Babystevie26 It hadn't even been a full twenty four hours yet, and already the Little who had once been Catherine Benton was discovering how being an adopted Little differed from being an adult Little.She sat in a carseat in the back of Michelle Jaruwalski's minivan. The morning had started early, with the Littles being taken out of their cribs and dressed for the day. Allison was putting one of Cathy's arms through a T-shirt sleeve before the Little had been awake enough to realize what was happening. Unfortunately, her reaction to the realization was blind panic that resulted in Allison getting kicked in the face.Fortunately, the girl was not hurt. Amazons were so much more sturdy than even the strongest Little that Cathy's random flailing didn't even cause a bruise. In fact, Cathy had wondered more than once if that difference in delicacy was one of the reasons Amazons viewed Littles as they did.Unfortunately, while Allison hadn't been hurt, she had punished Cathy. It seemed out of principle more then anything, since the incident had been accidental and punishment light. Allison had put Cathy over her knee and given her a spanking with her overnight diaper still on. The diaper was still dry after a full night's sleep, to both Allison's and Eloise's genuine surprise."Littles on their own always manage at least some potty training," Allison's mother explained. "Never for long. There's inevitably an accident and, if they're lucky like Cathy was, it happens around a grown-up who can help take care of it."We have very different definitions of "lucky", Cathy had thought as Allison swatted her padded behind. The swats actually got a bit harder when Allison heard herself acknowledged as a "grown-up". Allison was clearly determined to impress her mother with how responsible she was.After all that had been done, Cathy and Eloise were each dressed in shirts and overalls with ruffles on the bottoms, buckled up, and off. Just as with the high chairs, Cathy suspected that Eloise's current car seat had originally been Allison's. Putting aside Eloise nearly throwing a tantrum over the seat Cathy was placed in, Cathy's seat was a tighter fit, as if designed to prevent her from moving around while Eloise was luxuriating in her ability to stretch and turn any way her seat belts allowed.Cathy had not had much experience riding automobiles. Driving herself was simply out of the question in a city sized for Amazons. Car services and taxis were required by law to put Littles in car seats like the one in which she now sat, and even with the most reputable there was no guarantee once you were buckled in that you would be let out. At least not at the place you wanted to go. Cathy had used the bus on occasion, but had begun avoiding it after an Amazon woman who rode regularly tried to insist Cathy sit on her lap when there were few seats available. Now she was free to enjoy the car ride free of the paranoia of being driven somewhere to be diapered thanks to the fact that had already happened. I'll take what I can get, Cathy mused as she watched the scenery go by the window. Cathy's pleasant mood sank immediately when the minivan entered a parking lot and she realized where they were heading.The Otrera Mall was, as its name implied, the biggest mall in the city of Otrera. It was also a place no Little ever ventured near given the choice. The paranoia that Littles wanting to retain adulthood developed as a survival skill warned that any place guaranteed to be crowded with Amazons was a risk. It would be all too easy to get scooped up by some would-be Mommy or Daddy and go unnoticed in the crowd. However, that alone was not the reason free Littles avoided the mall like the plague.Like many malls, the Otrera Mall boasted, along with its main entrance, multiple entrances that took shoppers through its largest stores. One of them, the one the minivan was currently trying to hunt down a parking space in front of, was called simply "The Little Store". The name was ironic because it was easily the largest store the mall had, if the size of its signage was any clue. It also was not a store for Littles to shop in. It was a store for Amazons with Littles to shop in. In short, it was a baby store. A baby store whose merchandise was specifically catered to babies whose actual toddler years were far behind them.The Jaruwalski minivan finally found its space only a mild hike from the doors. A hike that neither Cathy herself nor Eloise had to make themselves. Allison and her mother each picked up a Little and carried them along. As Allison unbuckled Cathy from the car seat and lifted her, the pressure of the Amazon's grip on her midsection reminded Cathy that she still hadn't peed today and her bladder was beginning to make its resentment of that fact known. She twisted and turned in Allison's arms trying to find a position that would take some pressure off without fighting the teenager's hold or make Cathy too awkward a burden."Stop squirming," Allison chastised. She tightened her grip on the Little. Ahead of them, Eloise was just as squirmy, but more in excitement as she chanted "Toy store! Toy store!""If you behave," Michelle told her sternly. "And that starts with calming down before Mommy drops you."Eloise stopped jumping and twisting quite as much, becoming a more manageable weight in her Mommy's arms. Once inside, Michelle got two shopping carts. She plopped Eloise into the seat of one while Allison hefted Cathy into the other. "I'll be in the diaper section when you're done," Michelle was telling her daughter as Amazons buckled their respective charges in the seats of the carts. "We're running low anyway and we'll need a few other things now that there's a new Little in the house."You and Cathy head over to the clothing section." Allison began grinning at the idea of going clothes shopping. Michelle grinned but spoke seriously. "Don't get too excited. You can pick an outfit or two, but your main job is to get Cathy daycare clothes. Understand?"Allison gave her mother an exaggerated salute and took Cathy's cart off in one direction while Michelle and Eloise went in another. Eloise waved happily at Cathy and Allison as they parted. Cathy looked around as they made their way to the clothing section. Cathy had only ever seen the Little Store from the outside or in television ads. Now a morbid curiosity and a desire to distract herself from her need to pee prompted her to get a good look at the reality.On the surface, it looked like any store that sold goods for children. The clothing section which they headed toward had dresses, rompers, and so on that any child would look positively adorable in. Parents carted their children around, trying to find something that was just the cutest thing. It was only when one looked closer the differences became apparent.Clothing marketed for Littles, or more precisely clothing marketed for the parents of Littles, advertised features like extra room in the chests to accommodate a woman's bosom, modest as that often was for Littles. The children shopping with their parents were not excited, hyperactive, bored, or some combination of as one might expect. Most were solemn, resigned to their fate to become dress up dolls in this place. A few fought with determined futility. Cathy watched one boy fight being put into a sailor suit until his Mommy put him over her knees and spanked his bare bottom. "So, daycare clothes?" Cathy asked, tearing herself from the sight. "What are those?""Clothes you wear at daycare, silly," Allison answered. She seemed to be watching the mommy and Little boy too."I mean what kind of clothes am I getting?" Cathy tried again. "Oh, right." Allison blinked and turned to Cathy. "It's basically like the outfit you saw Eloise in when her and Mom got home yesterday. The lady who runs the daycare is Miss Matsuko. She's an immigrant from the Hankokku islands, and she modeled her daycare here after the daycares and preschools in her homeland."Cathy nodded. She'd only ever heard about Hankokku. It was a much more conservative country than their own. Here, a Little could be recognized as an adult, at least until she inevitably proved she wasn't. There, the law had long skipped that step and flat-out regarded Littles as somewhere below Amazon children. Children were expected to grow and contribute to society. Littles were not. The idea that Littles were capable of living as adults was literally a foreign concept to them."She has the cutest name for Littles," Allison went on. "She calls them 'chibikos'. You'll love it there, I'm sure. It's been years since I went but Miss Matsuko is still one of my favorite teachers.""I can not wait," Cathy said. She squirmed again as her body continued the fight to keep her pants as dry as her tone. "Are you okay?" Allison asked. "You've been wiggling around since we left the house.""I'm fine," Cathy said. A blush creeped over her face. "Just need to pee.""What's stopping you?""Years of habit, mostly," Cathy told her. Allison bit her bottom lip for a moment. To Cathy, Allison's face had the look of a student who wanted to ask a question but was too nervous to raise her hand to ask it."Do you have a question Miss Jaruwalski?" Cathy asked in her most teacherly tone. Allison stayed silent for a moment longer before speaking."Why?" she asked finally. "Why do you try so hard?""Huh?""When I got you home yesterday, you told me that every Little knew being adopted was inevitable. You said they knew it, but never wanted to admit it. Mom has all kinds of stories of Littles who come to the doctor she works for. Stories of Littles who worked as programmers, or writers, or even one who tried to run for mayor before his opponent adopted him. Why did they all do that if they all knew that they were just going to end up in a crib somewhere in the end?""Why does anyone do anything, when each and every person knows they're just going to end up in a coffin somewhere in the end?" Cathy asked, bitterness creeping in to her voice.The cart stopped abruptly. Allison stared at Cathy wide-eyed."Is… is that what adoption is for you?" Allison asked in a quiet voice. "Death?""M-Maybe that's a bad example," Cathy said quickly at Allison's distress. Allison just stared, her expression unchanged. She apparently knew as well as Cathy did that it was actually a perfect example."We just want to take care of you," Allison said. "We want you to be happy. Like Eloise.""How old is Eloise?" Cathy asked. Allison blinked at the sudden question, then started thinking. "She had her twenty-third birthday this summer.""And when was she adopted?""Before I was born," Allison answered promptly."So she was ten or younger?"Allison nodded. "In other words, Eloise has been subjected to this for more than half her life. Almost as long as she can remember," Cathy explained. "She probably barely remembers a life where she didn't wet herself daily, if she does at all. On top of that, your parents are nice people, views on Littles notwithstanding. Because of that, you may never have realized Littles like Eloise are the minority. Most Littles are much older than you before their adoptions, and aren't so lucky in who their parents are. They all know, on a subconscious level, whatever they'll admit, that even if they're lucky they won't reach their thirties in dry pants."You're right, in a way." Cathy sighed. "We probably shouldn't bother. But when you know you won't truly see adulthood, or won't for very long, you do everything you're able to because you know this will be your only chance. People, be they Big, Little, or In-Between, want to leave a mark while they can.""Even… even you?""Even me," Cathy confessed. She crossed her arms managed to grin. "I didn't make it through the first semester, but even so people will remember, at least for a while, that there was a Little who was a damn fine teacher."Despite her attempt at levity, when Cathy looked at Allison the girl was frowning. Allison pushed the cart again without another word and picked outfits. Cathy watched Allison silently toss in a pair of sea green smocks like the ones she had seen Eloise wear, along with white undershirts and red skirts to complete the ensemble. She picked up a package of socks and a pair of shoes and tossed them in. Allison didn't say a word throughout."Hey, um, Mommy," Cathy said. Allison's eyes perked up at being called "Mommy". Cathy pointed to a random rack. "Doesn't that dress look like it'd be cute on me?"Allison looked in the direction the Little had pointed in. The rack had frilly dresses that would indeed look adorable on a Little girl. Cathy hated giving her Amazon ideas in that direction, but decided it was worth it when Allison started to smile again.Whatever she wants to think, she's as much a kid as they think I am. Cathy leaned forward and rested her chin on her arms. Shouldn't have opened my big mouth.Cathy watched Allison's mood pick up as she looked at another dress. Allison was just about to hold it up for Cathy when her eyes became wide again. This time, she wasn't looking at Cathy, but at something behind her. Cathy turned in the seat of her cart to see what was so bad. Her own eyes went as wide as Allison's.A few clothing racks behind them stood two girls. At a rough guess Cathy thought the smaller of the two was an In-Betweener. She was about Cathy's size, but her features looked legitimately young; about middle school age. In fact, she even looked familiar. At the same time she didn't come close to Allison's shoulders, suggesting she wasn't an Amazon. She also barely reached chest height of the taller girl holding tightly on to her hand. The taller girl was definitely an Amazon. An Amazon both Cathy and Allison knew all too well. When the dark haired Amazon girl turned and saw Cathy and Allison, a smile spread across her face. She immediately made a beeline for the pair, dragging the In-Betweener girl miserable behind her.Cathy wasn't ashamed to admit that she felt a surge of terror at the sight of Mercedes Ramirez coming towards her with a smile on her face. She was slightly more ashamed to admit that terror caused her need to hold her bladder to completely fall off her list of priorities. Student's Pet A Diaper Dimension Story Part Seven By Babystevie26 "Look Estelle! It's Miss Benton!"Cathy sat in the baby seat of a shopping cart, trying very hard to ignore the fact she was flooding her diaper in fear. Allison looked like a deer caught in a car's headlights. Striding towards them was the younger half of the mother-daughter pair that had placed Cathy in their sights for adoption. The mother-daughter pair Allison had thwarted at the last minute.Mercedes released the hand of the In-Betweener and walked right up to Cathy, completely ignoring Allison."Lookit'chu, Miss Benton, you are just the cutest ever, yes you are!" Mercedes reached up and pinched Cathy's cheek. Cathy couldn't quite help crying out in pain at the Amazon's grip. The sound seemed to rouse Allison, who immediately placed herself between her Little and her upperclassman. "And who are you?" Mercedes asked Allison sweetly. "Oh, I know. I heard that Miss Benton was taken home by a seventh grader after she had a pee-pee accident." Mercedes smirked. "You must be her little sister!"Even though Allison had her back to Cathy at that moment, the Little could almost feel Allison's face turn red. "What grade are you in, honey? Third? Fourth?"Allison's grip on the cart tightened. "I'm in seventh," Allison replied. However, it was so quiet Cathy had to listen to hear her. The In-Betweener girl tilted her head, as if she hadn't heard. "Don't be shy, sweetie," Mercedes went on in that syrupy tone. "Did you say second? You're a bit big for second grade, though. Had a growth spurt early? I've been there. It's hard to be the biggest girl in class.""I said I'm in seventh," Allison said through clenched teeth. Mercedes smiled a predatory smile. "Don't lie, now, cutie." Mercedes wagged a finger at Allison. "You can't be in seventh grade. You're too tiny. Oh, I suppose you could have skipped a grade or two. But, you see, I don't think that's the case because anyone smart enough to do that wouldn't have been stupid enough to take what's mine!"The last sentence came out so hard, so fast, and so suddenly that that Allison flinched as if she'd just been struck."I know exactly who you are, little girl." Mercedes grabbed the In-Betweener's arm and yanked her forward. The girl let out a "meep" of surprise as she was pulled."Estelle here was our lookout on Friday. She was supposed to tell us when Baby Cathy here peed her pants. Only you got there first, and Stella didn't even try to stop you, did she?"Mercedes directed the last words to the In-Betweener, who shook her head miserably. Cathy realized this was the girl she had seen briefly as Allison had left the bathroom with her."We actually don't blame her for that." Mercedes patted Estelle's head. "Stella here knows her place well enough not to try to stop an Amazon, even a midget. She told us she tried to find us and tell us what had happened, but you know who she found instead?"Allison shook her head. "The vice principal caught her in the halls without a pass. The stupid man even took her to his office and lectured her. By the time she got out and told us what went wrong you were long gone.""I- I said I couldn't-""You couldn't find me or Mother." Mercedes patted Estelle's head again, then that predator's smile appeared. "You say that, but didn't you have your phone the whole time? In fact, weren't you supposed to call us when the time came? You never actually did that, did you?"Once again, the final words came out so unexpectedly harsh the In-Betweener flinched."N-N- It was…""Speak up, Stella," Mercedes said sharply."I didn't!" Estelle shouted. Some eyes of the other customers looked their way. The small girl turned red and began to tear up at everyone's sudden scrutiny."No, you didn't." Mercedes turned to Allison again. "In-Betweeners… they aren't much better than Littles when you get down to it. Why when Mother started making her displeasure known, wittle Stewwa hewe went pee-pee, didn't she?"Estelle started openly crying now. Mercedes turned back to Allison. "Right onto the floor of the home ec class. Well, my mother knows how to deal with tiny people who can't keep their underpants dry."With that, Mercedes reached down and lifted Estelle's dress, revealing a thick diaper underneath. The In-Betweener fought Mercedes for about half a second before a glare from the taller girl made her put her arms to her sides. "Still dry?" Mercedes asked sweetly. "Good girl, Stella. Keep it up and maybe you'll be back in Big Girl Panties on Monday." Mercedes patted Estelle on the head a third time and addressed Allison again. "She's staying at our place this weekend, you know. Mother thought Rafael could use a playmate and her parents certainly didn't object." Didn't dare object, you mean, Cathy thought to herself. In-Betweeners were barely a peg or two above Littles on the Amazon social order. It was less common for them to be adopted and babied like Littles, but it was not unheard of. It wasn't difficult to imagine the senior Ramirez arranging a permanent adoption for Estelle and her parents if they didn't consent to letting her "borrow" Estelle herself for only a couple days.Allison bit her lip, her eyes wide as she watched the In-Betweener be humiliated in front of her. Mercedes let her stare a few seconds longer before speaking again."Now, Jawalski-""Jaruwalski," Allison managed. "Don't care," Mercedes said, quick enough that Cathy wondered if she'd expected the correction. "I don't know whether you realized what you were doing when you took Cathy here home. Mother thinks you did, but me, I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were an idiot instead of an obstacle. So, here's what we'll do." Mercedes wrapped her arm around Allison like they were friends. "You give Cathy to us, we go our separate ways, and we all pretend this unpleasantness never happened. We can have our mothers negotiate the details if you think it's needed.""A-and i-if I refuse?"Mercedes looked at Allison in disbelief for a moment, but recovered quickly. "If, for some reason, you're foolish enough, to tell me 'no', then I will use all the clout I have as the popular girl and make your life a living hell."Allison's face became pale. Mercedes removed her arm and turned Allison to face her, looking down at the smaller Amazon."You see, right now, you're just some scrub. You are beneath me in more ways than just eye level. Nobody in school knows or cares who you are. You defy me, and I'll see that changes very quickly. Catch my drift?"Allison have a shaky nod."Good. Now, what's it going to be?"Cathy watched Allison. From the new angle Cathy could see her face. Her eyes were wide and flitted between Mercedes, Cathy, and even Estelle the In-Betweener. Cathy saw Allison's hand still on the cart trembling. Mercedes's intimidation was doing its work, frightening Allison and keeping her from thinking clearly. Every time Allison's eyes met Mercedes's, Cathy saw the girl shudder again. Cathy realized her Mommy was moments away from giving in if nothing stopped her. Cathy wanted to speak up, to tell the Amazon girl not to listen to Mercedes. Yet the older Amazon's attitude was having an effect on Cathy too. Her bladder was still releasing everything she had been holding since she woke up into the diaper she wore. She found herself unable to utter a word.Then she realized she didn't have to. Instead, Cathy allowed herself to give in.A new sound entered the conversation. It started small, then grew steadily louder. All eyes turned to the shopping cart where Cathy Benton sat. She was whimpering. She remembered herself in that bathroom stall. She remembered what she felt when she heard the door open. When she heard an Amazon's heavy footsteps while she stood in the stall with pee running down her legs. There was only one emotion a Little could feel in that scenario. Cathy remembered that, but this time she didn't try to hold it back. "Uh-ohhh… did wittle Miss Benton have an accident?"Cathy's whimpering became crying as she let the memory of that terror overwhelm her. As she imagined what could have happened had it been the spoiled adolescent who had come to claim her then. "Oh, dear. It seems Catherine made a stinky. Now, who's going to change her?"She remembered the Little, Rafael, and saw his fate becoming hers. She thought of that and did nothing to hold back the fear like she would have before. Cathy cried in unmistakable terror. "I didn't want anything bad to happen to you, but the only thing I could think of was take you before they did."The hand on the cart ceased trembling. Allison turned her back on Mercedes to immediately see to Cathy."Oh, baby, what's wrong?" she cooed in calm voice. In her current state, Cathy barely noticed Allison lift her slightly."Oh, dear. No wonder you're upset. You're leaking all over. My little Kitty Cat must have been holding a lot of pee-pee in since this morning. That's why you should just go when you need to, silly kitty." Allison ruffled Cathy's hair. "Don't you cry, now, Mommy will get you changed right away."Allison moved to take Cathy away for a change when a hand gripped her shoulder. Through the tears, Cathy thought she saw Allison wince."Hey, we're still talking," Mercedes said angrily."No, we're not.""What?" Mercedes Ramirez said in that low voice. Allison turned, threw off Mercedes' hand from her shoulder, and met the larger Amazon's eyes without flinching."I said we're done here. I won't give you Cathy," Allison said. "You're not going to turn her into another doll for your collection or… or some pet to humiliate just because you can. You're not going to hobble her so she can't get away from you. Yeah that's right." This was in response to the surprise on Mercedes' face at the last remark. "I've seen those scars above Rafael's feet. I researched what they were. You just go ahead and do your worst, bitch, because you will never touch my baby girl!"With that, Allison grabbed the shopping cart and left Mercedes Ramirez staring at her as she took Cathy too change. Allison didn't see the shock become rage, nor did she see Mercedes grab the In-Betweener Estelle's wrist and yank her away in a different direction. Student's Pet A Diaper Dimension Story Part Eightby Babystevie26 Eloise walked through the Little Store with her Mommy. She would've preferred to ride in the cart like she had been, but she couldn't. Mommy had given her a special job."Hand me that yellow bottle, Ellie," Mommy told her. Eloise obeyed, grabbing a bottle labeled "numbering lotion" and handed it to Mommy. Mommy thanked her and dropped it in the cart alongside the bags of diapers, wipe packages, and extra bottles and bibs.While Sissie and Cathy were getting clothes for school, Eloise was helping Mommy shop for extra Little supplies so Cathy didn't have to keep using Eloise's. Much as Eloise would love to be clothes shopping, too, she was glad for this. She liked Cathy, but she didn't want to share everything with her follow Little, nor get in trouble for not doing so. Mommy had made it very clear that Eloise wasn't to complain about that, going so far as to bring out the Hairbrush to be sure there was no question of what would happen if Eloise kept whining or throwing fits. However, Mommy also promised to get Cathy enough things of her own that it wouldn't be a problem.Eloise's job right now was to get things on the low shelves so Mommy didn't have to bend over for everything. Eloise was doing a good job. Mommy told her so whenever she thanked her. She also told Eloise she was being a good example to other Littles in the store. That made Eloise smile.Mommy was looking at flavored pacifiers when the urge hit Eloise. She recognized the sensation immediately and made no attempt to resist it. It had been such a long time since Eloise had possessed conscious control of her bowels that the idea she even could resist never occurred to her. Instead, as soon as she felt her belly rumble she stopped, bent her knees, and farted. That started the process that turned Eloise's face red and made her grunt once or twice as she pushed. The sounds coming from Eloise would be rude coming from anyone else; they were the norm for a Little making a messy.As Eloise finished, a feeling of relief washed over her. With a pleased sigh she looked up and saw Mommy smiling down at her."I think someone went poo-poo," she said. "Was it baby Ellie?"Eloise squirmed as Mommy lifted the Little up and over her shoulders. Eloise heard a loud sniff behind her."Pee-yew!" Mommy suddenly held Eloise far away from her. "She certainly did!"Eloise laughed at her Mommy's playful tone. She squealed as Mommy brought Eloise nose to nose for a bunny kiss."It's about time to meet with Sissie and Cathy, anyway." Mommy shifted the Little to her hip, resting Eloise's thighs on her arm so as to not smush the mess inside Eloise's dirty diaper.As they proceeded to the potties that had changing areas for Littles, Mommy stopped to look at a package of bibs. A grown-up woman, pushing a Little boy in her own cart, stopped and sniffed the air. She leaned down to the Little in her cart and sniffed again."Oh, I'm sorry," Mommy said, noticing the other grown-up. "I think you're smelling mine."The grown-up was pulling back the waistband of her Little's diaper as Mommy spoke. She looked at Mommy and smiled."So I am. Still, you can never be sure," she patted her Little boy's head. "Poopy pants can happen anytime, anywhere.""Don't I know it." Mommy laughed and patted Eloise's bulging bottom.Eloise looked at the Little boy. His face shined bright red from his mommy's diaper check. He was trying his best to look away, so he likely didn't see Eloise trying to wave at him. Eloise's mommy was still talking to the boy's mommy, who was watching Eloise."She's so friendly," the lady told Mommy. "What's your name, cutie?""Eloise, ma'am," came the prompt reply."Polite, too," she said to Mommy. "What's your secret?""No secret," Mommy replied with a laugh. "Just love, patience, and firmness, applied as needed. Ellie here has been part of our family for almost her whole life.""Certainly explains why she's so used to things," the other lady sniffed loudly. She placed her hand on her Little's head. "I've had my Rafael for the last year and a half and he still makes such a fuss when he needs a poopy change."The boy in the cart turned even redder and tried to turn away, only to wince as his mommy used the hand on his head to grip his black curls tightly and forcibly turn him to face Eloise and her mommy. Eloise frowned even as a smile grew on the lady's face. In that moment Eloise understood what kind of grown-up the other lady was."Mommy..." Eloise tried to get her Mommy's attention, only to be hushed"Rafael?" she said instead. "Oh, of course! You're Mrs. Ramirez. I should have realized... I'm Michelle Jaruwalski. I'm sorry I haven't had time to respond to your messages yesterday."The other grown-up's eyes widened and her smile flickered for just a moment. Then became normal as she spoke again."It's quite all right. Elizabeth Ramirez, but obviously you know that." She looked at Eloise. "I'd offer my hand to shake but since yours are full of Stinky Little Girl, I won't make you move her around too much.""Don't let yourself feel embarrassed." Old advice, given when Eloise had truly been a child, rang in Eloise's mind. "There's grown-ups out there that love to embarrass Littles and watch them squirm. No matter what happens, be it bathtime, declarations that you made mommy a present, that means you pooped, diaper changes in front of strangers, or the grown-ups saying mean things about you like you can't understand them. Your face turns red and too many grown-ups will want to see you redder."Ramirez watched Eloise as she spoke, but the Little's expression didn't change, nor did her pudgy cheeks lose any of their peach color to blushing red. Eloise knew how this routine worked. The grown-up would pounce as soon as she thought she had an opening; remarks about her diaper wouldn't be enough. Her only regret was she had no way to communicate this to Rafael beyond example. Then an idea came to her."I made poopy!" Eloise announced. She bobbed up and down I'm her Mommy's arms. It made her mess spread in her diaper, but that didn't matter to Eloise. What did matter was the grown-up's smile flickering again as Eloise squirmed in exactly the wrong way than she'd wanted. Rafael was now watching her more closely."You certainly did…" Ramirez said with a sniff. She turned to Mommy. "You've definitely got a knack. Allison is just a dear, as well. She's always helping with little Rafe here. Still a child herself yet I've watched her change his diaper so efficiently that he barely has time to realize he's wet."She bent down and kissed her Little on the top of his head. He whimpered, and the grown-up's smile got bigger."I'm very proud of her, myself," Mommy said. "Not even driving age and she has a maternal instinct that can put actual mothers to shame. I worry, though. It's the kind of thing that can go to a girl's head.""Is that what happened with Catherine?" Ramirez asked."Almost certainly." Mommy nodded. "To hear Allie tell it, she saw that Little in wet panties and absolutely couldn't ignore her." Mommy sighed. "In truth, I think she's in over her head.""I'm inclined to agree," Ramirez said, frowning. "At that age, children tend to overreach.""That's actually why we've put her in charge of Cathy. My husband's at home sorting out the paperwork. On paper, we're the ones adopting her, otherwise Allie has the mommy responsibilities. Even if she proves unable to handle things right now, it'll be good for her in the long term.""I thought of doing much the same," Ramirez said. She smiled and waved her hand. "My own daughter, she wants to show me she's an adult. Once Catherine was adopted I'd planned to make my Mercedes her caretaker, just like you're doing, and-"Whatever the woman was going to say was interrupted by the entrance of two others. The first was a grown-up girl about Sissie's age. She gripped the hand of and pulled along a big kid dressed like a Little. The big kid was crying and rubbing the arm as if it was in pain."Mamá, you will not believe what just happened!" the grown-up girl said. Eloise winced at the volume and pitch of the girl's voice. When she opened her eyes she saw Rafael and the big kid shaking."Mercedes, watch your tone," the other grown-up told her."But Mamá, I saw that dwarf that stole Cathy!"Eloise felt her Mommy's arm suddenly get stiff. The other grown-up looked at Mommy, then back to her daughter."Mercedes, not now." Mrs. Ramirez gestured to Mommy. "I'm speaking to Mrs. Jaruwalski."Eloise noticed the extra stress the woman put in their last name. Mercedes, however, did not."Do you know what that runt did? What she said to me?""Be quiet, Mercy," Mrs. Ramirez snapped.Mercy? Eloise thought. Eloise's vocabulary did not contain the word "irony", but that did not mean she couldn't recognize it when she heard it. She also saw Mrs. Ramirez gesture her way."Right now you are acting less mature than the Little in the dirty diaper. Get yourself under control or you'll be the biggest child in this store to get a spanking, today!"Mercedes' eyes went wide as her mommy made that threat. Eloise could relate. She didn't like getting spanked, either. What confused Eloise for a moment was the angry look Mercedes gave her. As if it was Eloise's fault she was getting scolded. Mrs. Ramirez turned to Eloise's mommy."Alas, it seems it may be too early for mine as well," she said. Mrs. Ramirez sounded friendly, but she was glaring at her daughter the whole time. "Maybe your daughter getting Catherine first was a blessing in disguise.""But Mamá-""Hush! You've embarrassed us both enough for one day!"Mommy watched this for a moment before sitting Eloise in her shopping cart. Eloise was used to dirty diapers enough that she barely reacted as the mess in her diaper was squished."It was a pleasure to see you, Mrs. Ramirez, but I can see you've just gotten busy. I'll leave you to it," Mommy said to the other grown-up as she buckled Eloise into the cart"Do not worry, Mrs. Jaruwalski," Ramirez said quickly. "This won't take long.""It's fine. Best to be thorough with these matters, so don't rush on my account. Ellie needs a clean diaper before she smells up the whole store, anyway."Ramirez frowned, but gave Mommy a nod."Very well. I hope we have a chance to speak again."With that she went back to scolding her daughter. Eloise tried to wave at Rafe and the big kid but if either saw her they didn't wave back. Mercedes saw and shot a dirty look at Eloise before her mother grabbed her chin and forced her to look at her mommy.Mommy didn't say anything to Eloise as they made their way to the potties and changing rooms. Not even the usual assurance that she'd be in clean pants before she knew it. She also seemed to be going a bit faster than she usually pushed shopping carts. That part would have been fun of not for the rest of it.When they arrived Mommy and Eloise found Sissie and Cathy waiting for them. Sissie sat on a bench by the potties with Cathy in her cart. Cathy looked like she'd been crying."Sissie!" Eloise cried out. Both Sissie and her Little looked at the approaching cart. A soon as Mommy saw Sissie's face the cart picked up speed again, coming to a sudden halt next to Sissie's. Mommy looked at Sissie, who looked pale."Allie, honey, what happened?" she asked. It was a moment before Sissie answered."I just called my school's queen bee a bitch to her face.""Ooooh! Sissie said a Bad Word!""Eloise, hush." Mommy addressed Sissie. "Care to elaborate?"Allison launched into the tale of the encounter with Mercedes Ramirez. Eloise ignored them and looked to her fellow Little in the cart next door. Now that Eloise had a closer look, she could see Cathy had definitely been crying."Are you okay?" Eloise asked."I'll be all right," Cathy said. She sniffed. "Just let myself get a bit more upset than I meant to is all."Cathy sniffed again. Then again. Then cast a look at Eloise."What?" Eloise asked. Cathy stared at Eloise a long moment before she answered."How do you do that?" Cathy asked. "How do you just… sit there like being in a dirty diaper is the most normal thing in the world?" Cathy's face became red. "I wet until I leaked and I'm mortified."Eloise looked at Cathy's lower half and saw that Cathy had indeed leaked, going by the wet spots on her shortalls. She was also dripping just a little. Then she looked Cathy in the eyes."It is normal," Eloise said. "We're Littles. Where else are we going to pee-pee and poopy? The potty?" Eloise laughed. "Have you seen the size of a potty? We'd fall in and bwoosh," Eloise spun her hand in circle. "Right down the drain.""My old place had a Little sized potty, I mean toilet.""Who emptied it?" Eloise asked."Not a potty-, toilet like that," Cathy said. Then sighed. "Never mind, it's embarrassing to talk about this.""Why? It's just diaper stuff," Eloise said. "And potty stuff, too, I guess.""Do you just casually talk about your own poop all the time?""Oh, yeah," Eloise replied. "I'm always being asked 'did Ellie make poo poo?' or told I made a stinky. Whenever I'm playing with the other kids at school or the park there's always that moment when we all notice the smell and-""How?!" Cathy exclaimed. "How can you be so... so blasé about being treated like a baby?"Eloise looked at Cathy thoughtfully. She understood now. Almost every Little she'd ever met had this problem."I'm not being treated like a baby," said the girl in the dirty diaper. "I'm being treated like a Little. If I were a baby Mommy and Daddy would expect me to actually try and use the potty, to graduate preschool, to drink from things other than bottles and sippies. They don't expect any of that because I'm a Little.""You talk like there's a difference," Cathy said."There is a difference," Eloise said. "Babies grow up."Cathy stared at Eloise."They really got to you, didn't they?" Cathy replied finally. "You never had a chance."Eloise sighed and leaned forward on her seat. She rested her head in her arms and turned her face to Cathy."I was so sure you'd get it," she said. "Because you're smart, and you don't put up fights over everything... but you're still thinking you can be a grown-up, aren'cha?"Cathy scowled at Eloise, but any retort was cut off by Mommy and Sissie, who had finished their talk and approached the Littles."Is everything all right here?" Mommy asked sternly, her eyes focused on Cathy. Eloise turned to face her Mommy."We were just talking," said Eloise. Cathy said nothing.Mommy looked from Cathy to Eloise."Fine," Mommy said. "But if I think you two are arguing at least one of you is going to meet Mr. Hairbrush."Eloise gulped. Cathy's face was red, but otherwise normal. She probably didn't know what hairbrushes were like when they were used on a Little's bottom rather than her top. Mommy reached into the cart and lifted Eloise out of it, then turned to Sissie."I'll change stinky if you get leaky," Mommy said to Sissie as she got Cathy out of her cart. Sissie nodded and the grown-ups collected a few of the new changing supplies from Mommy's cart."Mom, did you get what I asked about?""Right there." Mommy pointed at one of the bottles Eloise had helped get.Sissie thanked Mommy and the grown-ups took their took their Littles into the potties to get their diapers changed. Inside there were potty stalls all along one side. The other was half sinks half changing tables.Sissie took Cathy to the changing table at the end. Mommy laid Eloise down on the table right before it and started undoing the snaps on the bottom of her shortalls."Yeah, these are soaked through," Eloise heard Sissie say. "Hey, Mom, can I get one of Cathy's new outfits?""Have they been paid for?" Mommy asked as she pulled the hem of the shortalls to Eloise's stomach. Sissie must have shaken her head because as Mommy began untaping Eloise's diaper she said, "Then no. She'll have to go without until the parking lot at least. More likely until we get to Ms. Mayhew's."Eloise heard Cathy moan. She herself smiled at the mention of Gwennie's Mommy. That meant her playdate with Gwennie was still on."We took stuff out of the carts when we came in.""That's different," Mommy said. "We took changing supplies. The store doesn't mind that. Littles need clean diapers. Pants are optional."Eloise heard Sissie coo at Cathy, who was making sad sounds. Eloise made her decision then. With what was for her a minimum of squirming, Eloise slipped her arms into the shortalls and, from there, pushed the garment over her head and off of her entirely.Mommy was too busy wiping Eloise's bottom to notice anything was amiss until the Little flung the garment over the side of the changing table. She caught sight of the shortalls falling and threw a stern look Eloise's way."Eloise Jaruwalski just what do you think you're doing?"Eloise cringed at her Mommy's tone, but held firm."I wanna be like this!" she said. Mommy looked at Eloise, then over to where Sissie was changing Cathy. She nodded, then grabbed Eloise by the ankles, pulled her legs up so her bottom was exposed, then have Eloise five hard spanks on her bare butt. Eloise began to wail."That was for throwing your clothes on the floor," Mommy said as she released Eloise's legs and began to rub lotion onto her.When both Littles had been changed, they were set on the floor outside the potties and placed under Sissie's watchful eye while Mommy put all their stuff into her cart went to pay for everything. Sissie looked at them with her "Oh my goodness you are so adorable!" look on her face, but she didn't say the words this time.Without their shortalls, both Littles were now dressed in pastel t-shirts, their shoes and, of course, their diapers. Both of their faces were red, Eloise from crying after her spanking while Cathy kept pulling at the hem of her shirt. Cathy tugged at it even though it stubbornly refused to become long enough to cover her belly button, let alone her diaper. Eloise watched for a moment before grabbing one of Cathy's hands in hers."It's okay, Cathy," Eloise said. "It's less embarrassing 'cause we're the same."Cathy looked at Eloise, then down at herself. To Eloise's relief, she giggled."Yeah," Cathy said with a shake of her head. "I guess we are."Eloise thought Cathy sounded sad as she said that. She got no time to dwell on this as Mommy came back at that moment. She handed a Sissie a diaper bag like the one used for Eloise."All the essentials for Cathy are there," Mommy said as Sissie took the bag and started looking through it. "Everything else I took back to the car for now so we didn't need to lug around shopping bags and Littles."Sissie nodded as she picked up Cathy. Eloise held up her arms for her Mommy to pick her up and Eloise and her family were off for more shopping.Eloise hoped her stunt during her diaper change didn't ruin her chance of going to the toy store...