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  1. I kinda wanna see short(ish) Diaper Dimension works involving Amazons somehow getting hold of a few extra-small/Little characters from other works and babifying them for a few days/weeks or 'adopting' them or the like, like Yue Ayase from Negima, Cinque from Lyrical Nanoha, Nonon Jakuzure from Kill La Kill... Probably NOT Neo from RWBY, though, since she's evil and bloodthirsty, a mute minuscule malevolent murder machine...
  2. Perhaps you should have this moved into the Completed Stories sub-thread so it doesn't fall away and get lost in the ether?
  3. DKN117

    Cute comics.

    "I think Halo is a pretty cool guy, kills aliens and doesn't afraid of anything" "And thus Metroid has saved his univurse again!!1!" [/IMG]
  4. DKN117

    Cute comics.

    I wonder if you'll ever diaper any other cute little boy characters, like Negi from Mahou Sensei Negima, Shouta from Kobayashi's Maid Dragon, Erio from Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS (or Yuuno from the original season or A's, back when he was Erio's age)...
  5. Well, between that last line and today's new episode of RWBY (APATHY-INDUCING ZOMBIE-GRIMM!!), I think I've had my fill of horror for the day...
  6. So, calculations regarding Amazon sizes vs. our/Littles' sizes. I will use my own height - 5 foot, 9 inches - to demonstrate. First off, the Amazon size that I generally see in most stories - their 10 feet tall is our 6 feet tall. With this: To find out how small you appear to an Amazon, multiply your height by 0.6, or 3/5; I'm 5'9", so I would be the equiv of ~41.4 inches (~3'5.4"), the size of an Amazon 4-year-old or so To find out how tall you would be as an Amazon, multiply your height by 5/3, or 1.6 (well, actually by 1.666666...); I would be 115 inches (9'7") Second, the Amazon size seen in Superfunnel's works - Amazons' 15 feet in height is our 6 feet. With this: To find out how small you appear to a Superfunnel Amazon, multiply your height by 0.4, or 2/5; I would be equiv to 27.6 inches (2'3.6") - about the size of an Amazon 8-month-old To find out how tall you would be as an SF Amazon, multiply your height by 5/2, or 2.5; I would be 172.5 in. (14'4.5") Lastly, if you wanna go for a point in-between those two scales, then (10 & 15, 11 & 14, 12 & 13...) their 12.5 feet is our 6. With this: To find out how small you appear to this scale of Amazon, multiply your height by 12/25 (0.48); I would be equiv to 33.12 in. (2'9.12") - around the size of an Amazon 20-month-old To find out how tall you would be as an Amazon, multiply your height by 25/12 (2.083333...); I would be 143 & 3/4 in. (11' 11.75") Fair warning that math is NOT my strong suit; if anybody more math-inclined than me wants to correct any errors I've made, please feel free to.
  7. What if the original author is either deceased, or has seemingly dropped off the face of the Internet?
  8. Can't believe I got my hopes up that there weren't any sinister ulterior motives here on the part of the Crimson family and of Libertality in general... In other news, I managed to come up on my own with a reasonable set of equations. For Amazons of a 10-ft. height like what's seen in most fics, you go '[Little's height] x 0.6 = [Perceived Amazon equivalent-height]'. For the 15-footers used in this story, go '[Little's Height] divided by 2.5 = [Perceived Amazon equivalent-height].' Meaning, somebody who's 5'10" would be the equivalent size of 42 inches, the size of an Amazon 4-year-old, for the former, but for the huge Amazons here they'd be the equivalent of ~28-29 inches, the size of a nine-month-old.
  9. Hold up. Previously, a year or two ago, someone (I can't remember who; the post was lost in the Great Crash) provided a math formula we could use to tell a Little's equivalent size as seen by an Amazon: [Little's/IB's height] ÷ 18 x 11 = [equivalent Amazon child height] - meaning, say, I'm 5'9", but to an Amazon I'd be equivalent ~3'6", the size of an Amazon 4-year-old. This was used to explain one reason (but, of course, not the only one) why Amazons treated Littles like babies - because to them, Littles were the size of Amazon babies & toddlers. That equation was geared for Amazons generally being in the 9-10 foot height range, which seemed to be the 'standard' for most Diaper Dimension fics. However, you've mentioned Amazons as being 12-15 feet in height in this story. 1) Why the change? 2) Can anyone provide an equation for telling how small a Little/IB would look to Amazons of this new, bigger size?
  10. So, in the backstory, while they were dealing with those Nasty Norks did they find any crystal dragon statues?
  11. So, I have ideas percolating in my head regarding a possible future story, and there's one thing I want people's opinion on. Say we have a character who is being put into extra-thick padding to more thoroughly 'babify' her. She could be put into a single, super-thick diaper, or she could be double-diapered with the resulting puffy thickness being equal to the super-thick single diaper. Again, the resulting puffy, waddle-inducing thickness is the same regardless of which option. But which one would feel more babyish for the character being babied? I'm asking for more experienced writers' opinions on which option - single extra-thick, or double-diaper - you think would have more of a psychological impact, would make the 'baby' feel more helpless, more babyish, and/but also more cared-for and secure/protected (the story-idea focuses less on sexuality or humiliation and more on WAFFy cuteness, the caregiver showering the 'baby' with love and affection and baby-talk & such). (I can't really go by personal experience because the only diapers I've worn - the now-discontinued plastic-back Depends, and now 'Tranquility Slim Line' - are comparatively 'skinny', not even enough to force any kind of effect on my walk (that I can notice) when dry; I've never been padded thickly enough to make me waddle or force me to crawl, so I can't draw on that for my character(s)) If this isn't the right thread for this, please don't just delete it, infract me, and be done with it; point me in the right direction, to the thread where I should ask.
  12. Yeah, we can wait. For Diaper-Dimension stories, we can instead go read more of Exchanged. ...No wait, that story's gone silent. Okay then, we can go read "A Little Legal Issue". Wait, no, it's vanished after the Great Crash... "Biggest Little Vacation" No, that's gone silent... "No Means No"? No, that's disappeared... "Student's Pet"? No, that's gone dark... ... ... Hurry it up with the next chapter, Kimmy.
  13. This is partly to toss out a couple of ideas, and partly to hopefully get some answers from more experienced DD-verse writers on their opinions for them. First: We have a female Little who is very, very paranoid about ever being 'taken' by an Amazon. So much so that she pretty much never leaves her house, ordering her groceries and other things by phone and having them delivered to be dropped off on the front porch or whatever; she works from home (an IT job); her house is tricked out with all kinds of security stuff (locks on every window, a half-dozen low-tech and high-tech locks on her front door, alarms, visual-spectrum and infrared cameras...); the few times she ever has to go outside, she makes sure to have throwing knives on her person and a "taser field" generator (produces a pseudo energy shield around her body that provides a nasty volt to any Amazon who tries to grab her); and she has "a few" weapons hidden about the house, and even sleeps with a high-caliber pistol under her pistol and a freakin' shotgun under the covers next to her (and yes, she's willing to use her guns; OPTIONAL: a few years back, one Amazon thug working for a black-market group, thinking he could catch her and sell her when he came across her during one of her incredibly rare outings outside her home, learned this the hard way in the form of 8-gauge buckshot to the knee). All to protect herself from the threat of Amazons trying to take and 'babify' her, a threat she sees as being constant. She basically lives in a constant on-edge state, paranoid and overly alert, locking herself away from the world to be safe, and willing to kill others - or herself - to keep from being 'taken by one of Them'. How would different 'types' of Amazons react if they learned of this girl? How might her current status get 'found out'? The second idea is considerably more light-hearted. There is a unique organization from which Littles can 'rent' themselves out to approved Amazon customers, to be those Amazons' babies for a pre-agreed period of time (default is a week). Littles who work for this organization state ahead of time what they are and are not willing to put up with (one blanket rule is no permanent hypnosis or 'alterations' (such as surgery or chemicals or whatnot)); Amazons seeking to 'rent' a Little-baby have to be approved, being given background checks and behavioral profiling to ensure they would follow the given rules & guidelines (anti-Little Amazons virtually never get approved; an Amazon has to be able to respect 'their' Little as a person, and such; the organization is thus pretty... unpopular with anti-Little's Rights people, though they have legal protection preventing those folks from making too much trouble); Littles working for this organization are basically guaranteed protection from being snatched up 'for real', living in well-protected 'safe' areas when not on the 'job' (and nothing says a Little can't have a different job while also occasionally 'part-timing' as a 'rentable' Little-baby). Of course, occasionally a Little and their Amazon client form a true bond as they just 'click' together; it's not unheard of for a Little employee to 'retire' from the organization and (willingly!) become their Amazon client's legal full-time Little-baby... I'm not even sure if I'm getting the abstract ideas in my head into proper form as words, but I hope you guys get the general idea. What do you think?
  14. A FEW MONTHS LATER As usual, Ellie woke up feeling comfortable and content. She woke up to two familiar and welcome feelings: her binky in her mouth, and a warm little body cuddling onto her. Ever since Tim, Jessica, and Maya moved in next door, Ellie and Maya almost always slept together, either in Ellie’s crib at Katie’s house (like now), or in Maya’s crib at Tim & Jessica’s house. And of course, occasionally Emily would sleep over, and all three of them would happily cuddle together in one crib. Through experience, Ellie knew not to try to move her lower body right now, knowing that her night-diaper was thoroughly wet, and if she moved she would feel how it had become cooled and clammy and icky. She had long since lost any ability to ‘hold in’ pee or poop; she could still feel it coming, and feel it coming out, but there was nothing she could do to control it as it came out into her waiting diapers whenever it needed to. Though, after this long, the sensation of wetting had actually become a little pleasant, and even the feel of pooping a teensy bit, too. …It still also felt icky, though. She was… almost used to what she was usually dressed in nowadays – always either a frilly, lacy, poofy diaper-exposing dress, or a soft-cotton shirt with a cutesy saying on it that left her diaper and the (always powdered) lower edge of her belly fully exposed (when taken out & about in the latter, she was never given a skirt or the like to hide her diaper). Her hair was always kept in pigtails held by lacy ribbons, and all of her diapers had cutesy designs with pink. She was still occasionally embarrassed by all of this, especially when she was taken out in public, but she had pretty much gotten used to it. Plus, her diapers were always nice and super-comfy, soft and puffy and ‘hugging’ her body. And part of her had come to like how cute the designs were, too. She had since mostly adjusted to having only one eye, as well. She still had occasional problems due to her reduced field of vision and depth perception, but with help from her loved ones she was getting by. And of course, mommy always had cute and very comfy eye-patches for her. Katie was a wonderful mommy, always showering her ‘baby’ Ellie with love and affection, hugs and cuddles and kisses and the like, and Ellie couldn’t help but love all of it, even if it still embarrassed her sometimes. She fed Ellie lots of good food, breast-fed her every night and sometimes in the morning, let her watch, read, and listen to pretty much whatever she wanted… Ellie blushed slightly as she recalled how Katie would also occasionally ‘help’ her with ‘that thing’, too, getting her baby girl to ‘make cummies in her diapie’. Recently, she’d started occasionally using an object she called “Baby Ellie-belly’s Mister Buzz-Buzz”, a vibrating thing that… well, Ellie didn’t think she knew the words for what it did for/to her… Returning her thoughts to the now, Ellie smiled behind her pacifier as she held Maya close. She started softly stroking the other Little’s hair, and Maya cooed softly, snuggling a bit closer while slowly sleep-suckling her binky. After about a minute of it, her little eyes slowly opened, looking up at Ellie, who did not stop stroking her hair. She hugged Ellie a little tighter, sighing contentedly. The two ‘cousins’ got along magnificently, supporting each other, providing each other comfort and entertainment and company. There really was something special between them. Speaking of something special between two people, Ellie had not failed to notice the tone of the interactions between her ‘mommy’ Katie and Katie’s ‘friend’ Greg. The two Bigs took quite a few opportunities to see each other for whatever pretenses, until finally, about a month in, they had just come out and started actually dating (or maybe it was that they were admitting that what they’d already been doing was ‘dating’). There was definite chemistry between the two, and it helped that Greg was quite fond of Ellie (in a purely paternal way). The nursery door was slowly opened, and a pair of footsteps approached the crib. Ellie looked up just in time to see Katie’s warmly smiling face looking down at her and Maya. “Good morning, cutie-babies” she cooed to them. “I never get tired of how adowable you two are when you’re cuddling like this! Do you think you’re ready to get up yet?” After a few seconds, Ellie nodded, with Maya following suit. “Shall I get you two out of those icky wet diapies and wash you up?” More nods, these more emphatic; cooled clammy diapers were never fun. Katie giggled. “Alright, then…” The crib’s side was lowered, and Ellie & Maya squeaked as they were both picked up, Katie expertly holding one ‘baby’ in each arm; the two Littles were unhappy that the pressure pushed their clammy wet diapers up against their butts and crotches, but there was nothing to do about it, so they just wrapped their little arms around Katie and held on. A little while later, two nice & clean babies were side by side on the nursery changing table, being made ready for the day by their ‘mommies’. Ellie let out an adorable little baby-giggle as her butt was baby-powdered, as did Maya right beside her, and soon the two girls sighed happily as their nice, thick, super-comfy diapers were taped up – both of them light-pink with tiny red hearts all over. Then, Jessica grinned, and that was all the warning the diapered duo got before she began tickling their little bellies, making them both squeak and giggle. Katie smiled and focused on Ellie, letting Jessica use both hands to tickle Maya. In the midst of tickling, Katie bent over and blew a raspberry on Ellie’s tummy, making the one-eyed ‘baby’ squeal with helpless laughter. Eventually they stopped, letting the two Littles start slowly coming down from the tickle ‘high’, still sporadically giggling and twitching. Katie quickly and expertly pulled a super-soft cotton shirt onto Ellie, light-pink to match her diaper’s color, with a big red heart on the front. She then picked Ellie up, giggling softly as she snuggled the little one in her arms, gently touching her the tip of her nose to Ellie’s and then hugging her so that her chin rested on Ellie’s shoulder. She started rocking the little one back and forth, one hand rubbing her back while the other cupped and patted her thickly diapered bottom, comforting and soothing her. “Mommy’s baby girl…” she whispered with love. “My precious widdle baby… Mommy loves you, Baby Ellie. Mommy loves you so much…” “…Wuv you too, mama…” Ellie murmured, hugging the woman tighter. She meant it wholeheartedly. “Let’s go get you some breakfast; I’ve got some chocolate-chip pancakes ready for you. And after that, I think I’ll ‘feed’ you this morning, too.” Ellie’s binky-covered smile grew a little as she nodded; these days, she always looked forward to the amazing, wonderful feelings of warmth, contentment, comfort, soothing, and innocent bliss that nursing gave her. As she and Maya were carried out of the nursery, toward the stairs with the kitchen as their destination, Ellie – who would never have imagined what an eye-opening experience that first meeting at that parking lot would turn out to be – though of how lucky she was to have Katie as her mommy, and to be Katie’s baby. END ----------------------------------------- And that's it for reposting this story. It's also probably the last story I'll post for a while; I had an idea of Teana from Nanoha StrikerS being whisked away by an artifact into the care of a group of Amazons, but I probably won't post it here because A: it features a vibrator-diaper being used on a girl who's 16 and I don't know if that's too risky, and B: when I last tried to post new content (at the end of the reposting of my other story about a month ago), it was completely ignored, so I let it fade away into the darkness and aren't inclined to try again.
  15. The next few hours were peaceful, with the three ‘mothers’ getting to know each other and discussing little things, while the three ‘babies’ also hung out together, making small-talk or watching TV together. Ellie was glad that Maya and Emily got along so well already. One thing of note was that, because all three had been conditioned to crave contact and cuddles, they were near-constantly close to or touching each other in some form, from laying hands upon each other to cuddling up and pressing together, usually without being fully conscious/aware that they were doing it. Right now, the three Littles were sitting in a row on the couch, watching a “how it’s made” program on a science channel. Suddenly, Ellie let out a soft squeak/whimper as she began wetting her diaper, her cheeks going pink as the tiny pink kitty-faces on her diaper changed to a darker, much more visible reddish pink. Emily quietly laid a hand on Ellie’s shoulder, as Ellie did her best to just relax and let it happen. When it was over, Ellie leaned back a little against the couch, dwelling on the feeling of damp, spread-out warmth against her crotch, abdomen, and butt. Maya waved over at the ‘adults’, and Chase came over. “Yes, sweeties?” she asked. “Ellie needs a changie, Miss Young” Maya said. “Oh?” Chase smiled as she leaned over Ellie, looking at her diaper (exposed as it was by the dress). “Well, it does indeed look like Ellie’s diapie is wet. Okay, then…” Ellie let out a cute little soft squeak as Chase picked her up, and carried her over to the changing table. The one-eyed Little was soon on her back on the padded table, looking up at Chase’s warm, smiling face as the Amazon woman pushed her dress up to expose her diaper and tummy. Ellie did her best to relax, eye closed and hands up by her head, as her wet diaper was un-taped and removed, shivering a little as this exposed her damp bare skin to the cool air. Her legs were lifted & opened, and her hips were lifted up, making her butt and crotch stick up, and she blushed faintly. Chase began wiping Ellie clean, earning cute little squeaks from the tiny girl. When that was done, Ellie listened to the soft rustling/crinkling of a new diaper being pulled out, unfolded, and placed beneath her lifted-up butt, and waited as Chase powdered the inside of it. Then, Chase sprinkled baby powder all over Ellie’s little bottom, making the Little squeak and let out a tiny giggle at the pleasant, soothing, and slightly tickle-like sensation. She was slowly lowered onto the waiting diaper, and made a few squeaks and soft exhalations as baby powder coated her privates, abdomen, inner thighs, and lower belly. Finally, the diaper was put into place and taped on nice and snug. Chase smiled as she looked over the freshly-changed Ellie. She patted the front of the little one’s hearts-&-rattles-theme diaper, earning a soft coo, and then her fingers danced for a few seconds along the girl’s unprotected belly, making her squeak and giggle. She then fixed the little one’s dress and picked her up, softly cupping and patting her thickly padded bottom. As she turned and began to slowly walk back toward the sofa, halfway there she encountered Jessica, carrying a pink-cheeked Emily; the tiny pale-pink bunny-faces on the Little’s diaper had turned a darker reddish-pink. After a few seconds, Chase smiled and nodded, and Jessica grinned and carried Emily over to the changing table. As Chase set Ellie back down on the couch, she noticed that Maya had a faint flush to her cheeks, was squirming a little in her seat, and the cartoonish pale-pink puppy faces on her diaper had turned a darker pink. Chase petted the black-haired Little on the head and then picked her up, walking over to halfway between the sofa and the changing table, bouncing the little one in her arms as she waited for Jessica to finish up with Emily. As Jessica taped Emily’s new diaper (a light-pink one covered in tiny red hearts) nice and tight, she giggled a bit and then began tickling the little one’s bare tummy, making Emily squeal and giggle, wriggling and squirming beneath her. She cut off after a handful of seconds, picking up and cuddling the still-giggling ‘baby’ and patting her thickly-diapered bottom, cooing softly to her. She then made room, carrying Emily back to the couch and allowing Chase to begin changing Maya’s diaper. ----------------------------------- The day rolled on peacefully, the three Amazons and three Littles enjoying each other’s company. At one point, the three ‘adults’ had spent a while taking some adorable pictures of the ‘babies’, including a couple of them under the effect of their ‘special’ rattles (to the Littles’ embarrassment once they came out of the effect). Now, with the three little ones having just been fed dinner, they were relaxing by the TV. At the moment, Ellie and Maya were kneeling and facing each other, their knees – spread apart by the thick diapers between their thighs – on the super-soft carpeting, looking into each other’s eye/eyes. Maya smiled behind her pacifier, reaching out and stroking Ellie’s cheek, causing the one-eyed blonde to blush lightly and sigh softly as she leaned into it. Suddenly, though, Maya groaned softly as her lower belly rumbled. Only a couple seconds later, she squeaked and then whimpered as she began to mess her diaper. Ellie moved in closer and hugged her, getting her to bend over more to help it come out a little easier and softly rubbing the black-haired Little’s back. Maya held onto Ellie tightly, trembling a little as the waste pushed its way out of her and into her waiting diaper, the seat of it visibly bulging out and slightly down as the mess grew by the second. When she was finally done ‘going’ (which took a little while), Maya was pretty much leaning on Ellie for support, panting softly. The seat of her diaper bulged out considerably, and she let out a soft, unhappy “Uuu~” at the icky feeling of the big, hot, mushy mess. Thankfully, Jessica took notice and came over, kneeling down beside ‘her’ little girl. “Oh, sweetheart,” she cooed, “you gots a messy diapie? Come on, baby-girl; mommy will take care of you – give you a changie, make you nice & clean…” The blonde Amazon carefully picked up her little girl, carrying her over toward the changing table. Meanwhile, Emily was crawling across the floor toward the couch, happy that the super-soft carpeting felt so nice on her bare hands & knees. Chase was sitting on the couch, and she smiled as she noticed ‘her’ baby girl approaching, holding her hands out as if beckoning her; Emily blushed faintly, but didn’t stop moving. Then, however, Emily felt a now-familiar pressure in her lower belly. Letting out a soft groan, she stopped crawling and instinctively/unconsciously changed position, lowering her head and upper body closer to the floor while pushing her lower body up & out, making her thick-diapered bottom stick up into the air. The pacifier in her mouth partially muffled her squeaks and whimpered groans as she began helplessly messing her diaper. Chase giggled softly as she got up, walking over and kneeling down beside her ‘baby’ girl, softly rubbing her back. “How nice” she cooed. “My baby Em-Em, stickin’ her cute widdle diapie-booty up in the air while she makes big poopies in her diapie for mommy… That’s right, cutie-pie, just relax and let it come out, focus on makin’ a nice, big messy…” Emily whimpered, rhythmically suckling her pacifier, as the poop kept coming and coming. She started wetting her diaper at the same time, too, her little body giving a quick shiver, as the icky sensations grew. And all the while, Chase kept softly rubbing her back and murmuring ‘encouragement’. Finally, after what felt to the poor Little like far too long, it stopped, leaving her in a rather full wet & messy diaper. She whimpered as Chase’s hand very gently cupped the bulging seat of her loaded diaper. “My, my~,” the woman said, “such a big messy to come out of such a little body… Alright, sweetheart; Auntie Jessica’s just finishing up putting her baby Maya in a new diapie, and then I can change you, honey-bunny.” Emily gave a little nod, closing her eyes and trying not to move. Soon, she was lifted up and carried toward the changing table, groaning softly as the movement made the mess in her diaper shift. As she was carried, she looked over, and saw Ellie on her back, Katie kneeling down and holding her legs up & open as the one-eyed Little started filling her diaper as well. -------------- About an hour later, Ellie found herself in a place she hadn’t been before: Katie’s room. The Amazon woman had carried her ‘little girl’ upstairs and into here, just hugging and holding her in her lap. Ellie didn’t quite notice as Katie started moving her back & forth on her knee she was straddling, pressing her leg up between Ellie’s legs, rubbing slowly. Soon, Ellie let out a very soft moan through her pacifier, and then her eye shot open and her cheeks went pink. She looked up at Katie, who smiled. “Auntie Jessica told me about something she did for you yesterday, sweetie-pie” she said. “I just want you to know that Mommy’s happy to do that for you, too, whenever you need. Come here…” Ellie was picked up, her head made to rest on Katie’s shoulder and her little arms hooked around the Amazon’s neck. One of Katie’s hands rested on her back, while the other one cupped her diapered bottom and then moved between her legs, beginning to press and rub. Soon she was letting out gasps and moans muffled by her pacifier, her eye half-open and ‘glazed’ over, her little body twitching in Katie’s arms as the warm pleasure inside her diaper ‘spread’ through her body, making it hard to think. Katie’s rubbing began stimulating a spot toward the ‘front’ of Ellie’s privates, and her binky barely muffled the surprised squeal she made at the unexpectedly intense sensations this caused. Katie kept going, very gradually increasing the intensity of the stimulations, smiling warmly as she made her little girl feel good. Ellie felt lost in a hot haze of pleasure, continually gasping and panting and squeaking and moaning, her little arms holding on tight to Katie as she irregularly suckled on her pacifier. Soon, she could feel the same building ‘pressure’ as yesterday, her vocalizations steadily rising as she approached the end-point. Finally, Ellie let out a long, loud, high squeal/moan, her body bucking and twitching as waves of pleasure surged through her, making her toes curl and her eye roll back a little. Her mind was blank, stained white by pleasure, and she held onto Katie like life depended on it. Ellie gradually came down from the ‘high’ of climax. However, Katie didn’t stop; intent on giving her little one a second ‘release’ in a row, she kept pressing and rubbing. Ellie mewled and moaned as her crotch, already ‘tingly’ and super sensitive right after a climax, was stimulated even further, making her writhe and buck in Katie’s arms. Before long, she experienced a second one, squealing as she bucked and twitched. Finally, Katie stopped, holding Ellie close, softly rubbing her back and patting her diapered bottom. Ellie panted for breath, her face flushed, eye closed, a bit of drool leaking out from behind her pacifier. She was totally out-of-it, her mind in a haze, and she cooed as the pleasant tiredness and warmth spread through her, enveloping her body and mind. “If you ever need this again, baby girl,” Katie cooed to her, “just let Mama know.” Katie cuddled Ellie for a little while, letting the tiny blonde relax in the afterglow. She then stood up, carrying the little one down the stairs and into the living room. There, Chase was sitting on the couch while holding Emily, who looked flushed and was clinging to her ‘mommy’, still breathing a little hard. Jessica emerged from a neighboring room, with a flushed and panting Maya clinging closely to her, the black-haired Little letting out a soft sigh as she hugged onto her ‘mama’. The three Amazons sat down beside each other on the couch, holding their very ‘satisfied’ Little girls. “Today has been pretty nice, all things considered” Chase said. “…Miss Emery? Would you mind terribly if I let Emily stay the night here? I don’t believe she’s ever had a ‘sleepover’.” “Of course!” Katie replied. “Ellie’s crib is big enough to fit all three of our baby girls, even with the stuffed animals in it. They’ll look so cute snuggling together!” Jessica merely smiled and nodded, slowly rocking her little girl back and forth. ------------------------------- It was now 10:00 PM, and the three Little girls were displaying visible tiredness. And so, their respective Amazon ‘mommies’ sat beside each other on the big couch, holding their little ones – now naked except for their diapers – in their laps, their breasts bared and ‘babies’ held to them. Semi-instinctively, the Littles began to nurse, relaxing in their caretakers’ arms. Occasionally one of them would let out a cute little quiet coo or the like. Maya was the first to wet her diaper while suckling, and then Ellie and finally Emily; none of them stopped nursing, and in fact the feeling of spreading warmth added to the pleasant comfort they felt in this moment. Eventually, the little ones’ tummies were nice and full. Chase and Jessica followed Katie upstairs, all three of them carrying their sleepy ‘baby’ girls. In Ellie’s nursery, they were able to fit the three Littles in a row on the long changing table. Ellie, Maya, & Emily’s wet diapers were removed, and they let out little gasps and squeaks as they were gently yet thoroughly wiped clean. Their little butts were lifted up, night-diapers opened up and placed beneath, the insides coated in baby powder. Next, their little ‘baby-butts’ were thoroughly baby-powdered, earning tiny squeaks from them and even a cute little giggle from Maya. Their now-white bottoms were lowered onto the waiting soft, super-thick diapers, and more baby powder covered their crotches, abdomens, upper inner thighs, and lower bellies up to just below their belly-buttons. Finally, their night-diapers were taped up nice and snug, the puffy super-thickness supporting their butts off the changing table and pushing their thighs wide apart. Katie picked Ellie up, patting her very thickly-padded bottom as she carried the one-eyed Little over to her waiting crib. Ellie was gently laid down on her back, her pacifier pushed into her mouth. Next, Jessica laid Maya down by Ellie’s side, on her left, and gave the black-haired Little her binky. Right after Jessica’s arms pulled back, Maya rolled herself over so that she was partially on top of Ellie, her left arm draped over the one-eyed Little’s body and her head right beside Ellie’s. Jessica and Katie both ‘awww’ed at this. Finally, Chase set Emily down on Ellie’s right, placing the tiny blonde’s binky into her little mouth. After a few seconds, Emily blushed and laid down on Ellie’s right side, mirroring Maya. Maya’s left arm came up to rest on her back, and her right arm did the same on Maya’s, while Ellie’s arms came up around them both. “Goodnight, sweethearts” Katie whispered to the trio. “See you in the morning.” The overhead mobile was set spinning, the lights were turned out, and the three Amazons made their exit, leaving the three thickly-diapered Littles cuddling together, in the middle of the big crib, surrounded by huge (to them) stuffed toys, suckling softly on their binkies as they enjoyed each other’s warmth and touch. Before long, they were asleep, warm and content and happy, enjoying this part of their lives as ‘baby’ Littles.