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  1. Yeah, we can wait. For Diaper-Dimension stories, we can instead go read more of Exchanged. ...No wait, that story's gone silent. Okay then, we can go read "A Little Legal Issue". Wait, no, it's vanished after the Great Crash... "Biggest Little Vacation" No, that's gone silent... "No Means No"? No, that's disappeared... "Student's Pet"? No, that's gone dark... ... ... Hurry it up with the next chapter, Kimmy.
  2. DKN117

    Idea Adoption Thread

    This is partly to toss out a couple of ideas, and partly to hopefully get some answers from more experienced DD-verse writers on their opinions for them. First: We have a female Little who is very, very paranoid about ever being 'taken' by an Amazon. So much so that she pretty much never leaves her house, ordering her groceries and other things by phone and having them delivered to be dropped off on the front porch or whatever; she works from home (an IT job); her house is tricked out with all kinds of security stuff (locks on every window, a half-dozen low-tech and high-tech locks on her front door, alarms, visual-spectrum and infrared cameras...); the few times she ever has to go outside, she makes sure to have throwing knives on her person and a "taser field" generator (produces a pseudo energy shield around her body that provides a nasty volt to any Amazon who tries to grab her); and she has "a few" weapons hidden about the house, and even sleeps with a high-caliber pistol under her pistol and a freakin' shotgun under the covers next to her (and yes, she's willing to use her guns; OPTIONAL: a few years back, one Amazon thug working for a black-market group, thinking he could catch her and sell her when he came across her during one of her incredibly rare outings outside her home, learned this the hard way in the form of 8-gauge buckshot to the knee). All to protect herself from the threat of Amazons trying to take and 'babify' her, a threat she sees as being constant. She basically lives in a constant on-edge state, paranoid and overly alert, locking herself away from the world to be safe, and willing to kill others - or herself - to keep from being 'taken by one of Them'. How would different 'types' of Amazons react if they learned of this girl? How might her current status get 'found out'? The second idea is considerably more light-hearted. There is a unique organization from which Littles can 'rent' themselves out to approved Amazon customers, to be those Amazons' babies for a pre-agreed period of time (default is a week). Littles who work for this organization state ahead of time what they are and are not willing to put up with (one blanket rule is no permanent hypnosis or 'alterations' (such as surgery or chemicals or whatnot)); Amazons seeking to 'rent' a Little-baby have to be approved, being given background checks and behavioral profiling to ensure they would follow the given rules & guidelines (anti-Little Amazons virtually never get approved; an Amazon has to be able to respect 'their' Little as a person, and such; the organization is thus pretty... unpopular with anti-Little's Rights people, though they have legal protection preventing those folks from making too much trouble); Littles working for this organization are basically guaranteed protection from being snatched up 'for real', living in well-protected 'safe' areas when not on the 'job' (and nothing says a Little can't have a different job while also occasionally 'part-timing' as a 'rentable' Little-baby). Of course, occasionally a Little and their Amazon client form a true bond as they just 'click' together; it's not unheard of for a Little employee to 'retire' from the organization and (willingly!) become their Amazon client's legal full-time Little-baby... I'm not even sure if I'm getting the abstract ideas in my head into proper form as words, but I hope you guys get the general idea. What do you think?
  3. A FEW MONTHS LATER As usual, Ellie woke up feeling comfortable and content. She woke up to two familiar and welcome feelings: her binky in her mouth, and a warm little body cuddling onto her. Ever since Tim, Jessica, and Maya moved in next door, Ellie and Maya almost always slept together, either in Ellie’s crib at Katie’s house (like now), or in Maya’s crib at Tim & Jessica’s house. And of course, occasionally Emily would sleep over, and all three of them would happily cuddle together in one crib. Through experience, Ellie knew not to try to move her lower body right now, knowing that her night-diaper was thoroughly wet, and if she moved she would feel how it had become cooled and clammy and icky. She had long since lost any ability to ‘hold in’ pee or poop; she could still feel it coming, and feel it coming out, but there was nothing she could do to control it as it came out into her waiting diapers whenever it needed to. Though, after this long, the sensation of wetting had actually become a little pleasant, and even the feel of pooping a teensy bit, too. …It still also felt icky, though. She was… almost used to what she was usually dressed in nowadays – always either a frilly, lacy, poofy diaper-exposing dress, or a soft-cotton shirt with a cutesy saying on it that left her diaper and the (always powdered) lower edge of her belly fully exposed (when taken out & about in the latter, she was never given a skirt or the like to hide her diaper). Her hair was always kept in pigtails held by lacy ribbons, and all of her diapers had cutesy designs with pink. She was still occasionally embarrassed by all of this, especially when she was taken out in public, but she had pretty much gotten used to it. Plus, her diapers were always nice and super-comfy, soft and puffy and ‘hugging’ her body. And part of her had come to like how cute the designs were, too. She had since mostly adjusted to having only one eye, as well. She still had occasional problems due to her reduced field of vision and depth perception, but with help from her loved ones she was getting by. And of course, mommy always had cute and very comfy eye-patches for her. Katie was a wonderful mommy, always showering her ‘baby’ Ellie with love and affection, hugs and cuddles and kisses and the like, and Ellie couldn’t help but love all of it, even if it still embarrassed her sometimes. She fed Ellie lots of good food, breast-fed her every night and sometimes in the morning, let her watch, read, and listen to pretty much whatever she wanted… Ellie blushed slightly as she recalled how Katie would also occasionally ‘help’ her with ‘that thing’, too, getting her baby girl to ‘make cummies in her diapie’. Recently, she’d started occasionally using an object she called “Baby Ellie-belly’s Mister Buzz-Buzz”, a vibrating thing that… well, Ellie didn’t think she knew the words for what it did for/to her… Returning her thoughts to the now, Ellie smiled behind her pacifier as she held Maya close. She started softly stroking the other Little’s hair, and Maya cooed softly, snuggling a bit closer while slowly sleep-suckling her binky. After about a minute of it, her little eyes slowly opened, looking up at Ellie, who did not stop stroking her hair. She hugged Ellie a little tighter, sighing contentedly. The two ‘cousins’ got along magnificently, supporting each other, providing each other comfort and entertainment and company. There really was something special between them. Speaking of something special between two people, Ellie had not failed to notice the tone of the interactions between her ‘mommy’ Katie and Katie’s ‘friend’ Greg. The two Bigs took quite a few opportunities to see each other for whatever pretenses, until finally, about a month in, they had just come out and started actually dating (or maybe it was that they were admitting that what they’d already been doing was ‘dating’). There was definite chemistry between the two, and it helped that Greg was quite fond of Ellie (in a purely paternal way). The nursery door was slowly opened, and a pair of footsteps approached the crib. Ellie looked up just in time to see Katie’s warmly smiling face looking down at her and Maya. “Good morning, cutie-babies” she cooed to them. “I never get tired of how adowable you two are when you’re cuddling like this! Do you think you’re ready to get up yet?” After a few seconds, Ellie nodded, with Maya following suit. “Shall I get you two out of those icky wet diapies and wash you up?” More nods, these more emphatic; cooled clammy diapers were never fun. Katie giggled. “Alright, then…” The crib’s side was lowered, and Ellie & Maya squeaked as they were both picked up, Katie expertly holding one ‘baby’ in each arm; the two Littles were unhappy that the pressure pushed their clammy wet diapers up against their butts and crotches, but there was nothing to do about it, so they just wrapped their little arms around Katie and held on. A little while later, two nice & clean babies were side by side on the nursery changing table, being made ready for the day by their ‘mommies’. Ellie let out an adorable little baby-giggle as her butt was baby-powdered, as did Maya right beside her, and soon the two girls sighed happily as their nice, thick, super-comfy diapers were taped up – both of them light-pink with tiny red hearts all over. Then, Jessica grinned, and that was all the warning the diapered duo got before she began tickling their little bellies, making them both squeak and giggle. Katie smiled and focused on Ellie, letting Jessica use both hands to tickle Maya. In the midst of tickling, Katie bent over and blew a raspberry on Ellie’s tummy, making the one-eyed ‘baby’ squeal with helpless laughter. Eventually they stopped, letting the two Littles start slowly coming down from the tickle ‘high’, still sporadically giggling and twitching. Katie quickly and expertly pulled a super-soft cotton shirt onto Ellie, light-pink to match her diaper’s color, with a big red heart on the front. She then picked Ellie up, giggling softly as she snuggled the little one in her arms, gently touching her the tip of her nose to Ellie’s and then hugging her so that her chin rested on Ellie’s shoulder. She started rocking the little one back and forth, one hand rubbing her back while the other cupped and patted her thickly diapered bottom, comforting and soothing her. “Mommy’s baby girl…” she whispered with love. “My precious widdle baby… Mommy loves you, Baby Ellie. Mommy loves you so much…” “…Wuv you too, mama…” Ellie murmured, hugging the woman tighter. She meant it wholeheartedly. “Let’s go get you some breakfast; I’ve got some chocolate-chip pancakes ready for you. And after that, I think I’ll ‘feed’ you this morning, too.” Ellie’s binky-covered smile grew a little as she nodded; these days, she always looked forward to the amazing, wonderful feelings of warmth, contentment, comfort, soothing, and innocent bliss that nursing gave her. As she and Maya were carried out of the nursery, toward the stairs with the kitchen as their destination, Ellie – who would never have imagined what an eye-opening experience that first meeting at that parking lot would turn out to be – though of how lucky she was to have Katie as her mommy, and to be Katie’s baby. END ----------------------------------------- And that's it for reposting this story. It's also probably the last story I'll post for a while; I had an idea of Teana from Nanoha StrikerS being whisked away by an artifact into the care of a group of Amazons, but I probably won't post it here because A: it features a vibrator-diaper being used on a girl who's 16 and I don't know if that's too risky, and B: when I last tried to post new content (at the end of the reposting of my other story about a month ago), it was completely ignored, so I let it fade away into the darkness and aren't inclined to try again.
  4. The next few hours were peaceful, with the three ‘mothers’ getting to know each other and discussing little things, while the three ‘babies’ also hung out together, making small-talk or watching TV together. Ellie was glad that Maya and Emily got along so well already. One thing of note was that, because all three had been conditioned to crave contact and cuddles, they were near-constantly close to or touching each other in some form, from laying hands upon each other to cuddling up and pressing together, usually without being fully conscious/aware that they were doing it. Right now, the three Littles were sitting in a row on the couch, watching a “how it’s made” program on a science channel. Suddenly, Ellie let out a soft squeak/whimper as she began wetting her diaper, her cheeks going pink as the tiny pink kitty-faces on her diaper changed to a darker, much more visible reddish pink. Emily quietly laid a hand on Ellie’s shoulder, as Ellie did her best to just relax and let it happen. When it was over, Ellie leaned back a little against the couch, dwelling on the feeling of damp, spread-out warmth against her crotch, abdomen, and butt. Maya waved over at the ‘adults’, and Chase came over. “Yes, sweeties?” she asked. “Ellie needs a changie, Miss Young” Maya said. “Oh?” Chase smiled as she leaned over Ellie, looking at her diaper (exposed as it was by the dress). “Well, it does indeed look like Ellie’s diapie is wet. Okay, then…” Ellie let out a cute little soft squeak as Chase picked her up, and carried her over to the changing table. The one-eyed Little was soon on her back on the padded table, looking up at Chase’s warm, smiling face as the Amazon woman pushed her dress up to expose her diaper and tummy. Ellie did her best to relax, eye closed and hands up by her head, as her wet diaper was un-taped and removed, shivering a little as this exposed her damp bare skin to the cool air. Her legs were lifted & opened, and her hips were lifted up, making her butt and crotch stick up, and she blushed faintly. Chase began wiping Ellie clean, earning cute little squeaks from the tiny girl. When that was done, Ellie listened to the soft rustling/crinkling of a new diaper being pulled out, unfolded, and placed beneath her lifted-up butt, and waited as Chase powdered the inside of it. Then, Chase sprinkled baby powder all over Ellie’s little bottom, making the Little squeak and let out a tiny giggle at the pleasant, soothing, and slightly tickle-like sensation. She was slowly lowered onto the waiting diaper, and made a few squeaks and soft exhalations as baby powder coated her privates, abdomen, inner thighs, and lower belly. Finally, the diaper was put into place and taped on nice and snug. Chase smiled as she looked over the freshly-changed Ellie. She patted the front of the little one’s hearts-&-rattles-theme diaper, earning a soft coo, and then her fingers danced for a few seconds along the girl’s unprotected belly, making her squeak and giggle. She then fixed the little one’s dress and picked her up, softly cupping and patting her thickly padded bottom. As she turned and began to slowly walk back toward the sofa, halfway there she encountered Jessica, carrying a pink-cheeked Emily; the tiny pale-pink bunny-faces on the Little’s diaper had turned a darker reddish-pink. After a few seconds, Chase smiled and nodded, and Jessica grinned and carried Emily over to the changing table. As Chase set Ellie back down on the couch, she noticed that Maya had a faint flush to her cheeks, was squirming a little in her seat, and the cartoonish pale-pink puppy faces on her diaper had turned a darker pink. Chase petted the black-haired Little on the head and then picked her up, walking over to halfway between the sofa and the changing table, bouncing the little one in her arms as she waited for Jessica to finish up with Emily. As Jessica taped Emily’s new diaper (a light-pink one covered in tiny red hearts) nice and tight, she giggled a bit and then began tickling the little one’s bare tummy, making Emily squeal and giggle, wriggling and squirming beneath her. She cut off after a handful of seconds, picking up and cuddling the still-giggling ‘baby’ and patting her thickly-diapered bottom, cooing softly to her. She then made room, carrying Emily back to the couch and allowing Chase to begin changing Maya’s diaper. ----------------------------------- The day rolled on peacefully, the three Amazons and three Littles enjoying each other’s company. At one point, the three ‘adults’ had spent a while taking some adorable pictures of the ‘babies’, including a couple of them under the effect of their ‘special’ rattles (to the Littles’ embarrassment once they came out of the effect). Now, with the three little ones having just been fed dinner, they were relaxing by the TV. At the moment, Ellie and Maya were kneeling and facing each other, their knees – spread apart by the thick diapers between their thighs – on the super-soft carpeting, looking into each other’s eye/eyes. Maya smiled behind her pacifier, reaching out and stroking Ellie’s cheek, causing the one-eyed blonde to blush lightly and sigh softly as she leaned into it. Suddenly, though, Maya groaned softly as her lower belly rumbled. Only a couple seconds later, she squeaked and then whimpered as she began to mess her diaper. Ellie moved in closer and hugged her, getting her to bend over more to help it come out a little easier and softly rubbing the black-haired Little’s back. Maya held onto Ellie tightly, trembling a little as the waste pushed its way out of her and into her waiting diaper, the seat of it visibly bulging out and slightly down as the mess grew by the second. When she was finally done ‘going’ (which took a little while), Maya was pretty much leaning on Ellie for support, panting softly. The seat of her diaper bulged out considerably, and she let out a soft, unhappy “Uuu~” at the icky feeling of the big, hot, mushy mess. Thankfully, Jessica took notice and came over, kneeling down beside ‘her’ little girl. “Oh, sweetheart,” she cooed, “you gots a messy diapie? Come on, baby-girl; mommy will take care of you – give you a changie, make you nice & clean…” The blonde Amazon carefully picked up her little girl, carrying her over toward the changing table. Meanwhile, Emily was crawling across the floor toward the couch, happy that the super-soft carpeting felt so nice on her bare hands & knees. Chase was sitting on the couch, and she smiled as she noticed ‘her’ baby girl approaching, holding her hands out as if beckoning her; Emily blushed faintly, but didn’t stop moving. Then, however, Emily felt a now-familiar pressure in her lower belly. Letting out a soft groan, she stopped crawling and instinctively/unconsciously changed position, lowering her head and upper body closer to the floor while pushing her lower body up & out, making her thick-diapered bottom stick up into the air. The pacifier in her mouth partially muffled her squeaks and whimpered groans as she began helplessly messing her diaper. Chase giggled softly as she got up, walking over and kneeling down beside her ‘baby’ girl, softly rubbing her back. “How nice” she cooed. “My baby Em-Em, stickin’ her cute widdle diapie-booty up in the air while she makes big poopies in her diapie for mommy… That’s right, cutie-pie, just relax and let it come out, focus on makin’ a nice, big messy…” Emily whimpered, rhythmically suckling her pacifier, as the poop kept coming and coming. She started wetting her diaper at the same time, too, her little body giving a quick shiver, as the icky sensations grew. And all the while, Chase kept softly rubbing her back and murmuring ‘encouragement’. Finally, after what felt to the poor Little like far too long, it stopped, leaving her in a rather full wet & messy diaper. She whimpered as Chase’s hand very gently cupped the bulging seat of her loaded diaper. “My, my~,” the woman said, “such a big messy to come out of such a little body… Alright, sweetheart; Auntie Jessica’s just finishing up putting her baby Maya in a new diapie, and then I can change you, honey-bunny.” Emily gave a little nod, closing her eyes and trying not to move. Soon, she was lifted up and carried toward the changing table, groaning softly as the movement made the mess in her diaper shift. As she was carried, she looked over, and saw Ellie on her back, Katie kneeling down and holding her legs up & open as the one-eyed Little started filling her diaper as well. -------------- About an hour later, Ellie found herself in a place she hadn’t been before: Katie’s room. The Amazon woman had carried her ‘little girl’ upstairs and into here, just hugging and holding her in her lap. Ellie didn’t quite notice as Katie started moving her back & forth on her knee she was straddling, pressing her leg up between Ellie’s legs, rubbing slowly. Soon, Ellie let out a very soft moan through her pacifier, and then her eye shot open and her cheeks went pink. She looked up at Katie, who smiled. “Auntie Jessica told me about something she did for you yesterday, sweetie-pie” she said. “I just want you to know that Mommy’s happy to do that for you, too, whenever you need. Come here…” Ellie was picked up, her head made to rest on Katie’s shoulder and her little arms hooked around the Amazon’s neck. One of Katie’s hands rested on her back, while the other one cupped her diapered bottom and then moved between her legs, beginning to press and rub. Soon she was letting out gasps and moans muffled by her pacifier, her eye half-open and ‘glazed’ over, her little body twitching in Katie’s arms as the warm pleasure inside her diaper ‘spread’ through her body, making it hard to think. Katie’s rubbing began stimulating a spot toward the ‘front’ of Ellie’s privates, and her binky barely muffled the surprised squeal she made at the unexpectedly intense sensations this caused. Katie kept going, very gradually increasing the intensity of the stimulations, smiling warmly as she made her little girl feel good. Ellie felt lost in a hot haze of pleasure, continually gasping and panting and squeaking and moaning, her little arms holding on tight to Katie as she irregularly suckled on her pacifier. Soon, she could feel the same building ‘pressure’ as yesterday, her vocalizations steadily rising as she approached the end-point. Finally, Ellie let out a long, loud, high squeal/moan, her body bucking and twitching as waves of pleasure surged through her, making her toes curl and her eye roll back a little. Her mind was blank, stained white by pleasure, and she held onto Katie like life depended on it. Ellie gradually came down from the ‘high’ of climax. However, Katie didn’t stop; intent on giving her little one a second ‘release’ in a row, she kept pressing and rubbing. Ellie mewled and moaned as her crotch, already ‘tingly’ and super sensitive right after a climax, was stimulated even further, making her writhe and buck in Katie’s arms. Before long, she experienced a second one, squealing as she bucked and twitched. Finally, Katie stopped, holding Ellie close, softly rubbing her back and patting her diapered bottom. Ellie panted for breath, her face flushed, eye closed, a bit of drool leaking out from behind her pacifier. She was totally out-of-it, her mind in a haze, and she cooed as the pleasant tiredness and warmth spread through her, enveloping her body and mind. “If you ever need this again, baby girl,” Katie cooed to her, “just let Mama know.” Katie cuddled Ellie for a little while, letting the tiny blonde relax in the afterglow. She then stood up, carrying the little one down the stairs and into the living room. There, Chase was sitting on the couch while holding Emily, who looked flushed and was clinging to her ‘mommy’, still breathing a little hard. Jessica emerged from a neighboring room, with a flushed and panting Maya clinging closely to her, the black-haired Little letting out a soft sigh as she hugged onto her ‘mama’. The three Amazons sat down beside each other on the couch, holding their very ‘satisfied’ Little girls. “Today has been pretty nice, all things considered” Chase said. “…Miss Emery? Would you mind terribly if I let Emily stay the night here? I don’t believe she’s ever had a ‘sleepover’.” “Of course!” Katie replied. “Ellie’s crib is big enough to fit all three of our baby girls, even with the stuffed animals in it. They’ll look so cute snuggling together!” Jessica merely smiled and nodded, slowly rocking her little girl back and forth. ------------------------------- It was now 10:00 PM, and the three Little girls were displaying visible tiredness. And so, their respective Amazon ‘mommies’ sat beside each other on the big couch, holding their little ones – now naked except for their diapers – in their laps, their breasts bared and ‘babies’ held to them. Semi-instinctively, the Littles began to nurse, relaxing in their caretakers’ arms. Occasionally one of them would let out a cute little quiet coo or the like. Maya was the first to wet her diaper while suckling, and then Ellie and finally Emily; none of them stopped nursing, and in fact the feeling of spreading warmth added to the pleasant comfort they felt in this moment. Eventually, the little ones’ tummies were nice and full. Chase and Jessica followed Katie upstairs, all three of them carrying their sleepy ‘baby’ girls. In Ellie’s nursery, they were able to fit the three Littles in a row on the long changing table. Ellie, Maya, & Emily’s wet diapers were removed, and they let out little gasps and squeaks as they were gently yet thoroughly wiped clean. Their little butts were lifted up, night-diapers opened up and placed beneath, the insides coated in baby powder. Next, their little ‘baby-butts’ were thoroughly baby-powdered, earning tiny squeaks from them and even a cute little giggle from Maya. Their now-white bottoms were lowered onto the waiting soft, super-thick diapers, and more baby powder covered their crotches, abdomens, upper inner thighs, and lower bellies up to just below their belly-buttons. Finally, their night-diapers were taped up nice and snug, the puffy super-thickness supporting their butts off the changing table and pushing their thighs wide apart. Katie picked Ellie up, patting her very thickly-padded bottom as she carried the one-eyed Little over to her waiting crib. Ellie was gently laid down on her back, her pacifier pushed into her mouth. Next, Jessica laid Maya down by Ellie’s side, on her left, and gave the black-haired Little her binky. Right after Jessica’s arms pulled back, Maya rolled herself over so that she was partially on top of Ellie, her left arm draped over the one-eyed Little’s body and her head right beside Ellie’s. Jessica and Katie both ‘awww’ed at this. Finally, Chase set Emily down on Ellie’s right, placing the tiny blonde’s binky into her little mouth. After a few seconds, Emily blushed and laid down on Ellie’s right side, mirroring Maya. Maya’s left arm came up to rest on her back, and her right arm did the same on Maya’s, while Ellie’s arms came up around them both. “Goodnight, sweethearts” Katie whispered to the trio. “See you in the morning.” The overhead mobile was set spinning, the lights were turned out, and the three Amazons made their exit, leaving the three thickly-diapered Littles cuddling together, in the middle of the big crib, surrounded by huge (to them) stuffed toys, suckling softly on their binkies as they enjoyed each other’s warmth and touch. Before long, they were asleep, warm and content and happy, enjoying this part of their lives as ‘baby’ Littles.
  5. The next morning, with Ellie dressed in a pink diaper and white dress, and Maya in a white (with pink hearts) diaper and pink dress, the two Little girls were fed a light breakfast by their ‘mamas’. The reason it was light was soon made clear, as the two babified Littles were carried over to the couch, and Katie & Jessica’s ample breasts were bared. Ellie was surprised; she’d never been given a morning ‘feeding’ before. But the surprise didn’t stop there. Maya was picked up and pulled close by Katie, while beside them Ellie found herself lifted into Jessica’s lap, her face brought near the blonde Amazon’s right breast. Looking up at her ‘Auntie’ with wide eye and pink cheeks, she was given a warm, motherly smile in return. Jessica’s hand pulled Ellie’s head a little closer to her breast, and the second her nipple brushed the Little’s lips, they instinctively took hold of it. Ellie started suckling, slowly relaxing in her ‘Auntie’ Jessica’s arms, while beside them Maya cooed softly as she nursed from Katie. The soothing, entrancing effect soon took hold of the girls, and complex thoughts and worries left them for a time, leaving them in states of relaxed, babyish happiness and content comfort. Eventually, Ellie & Maya’s little bellies were full, and they slowly stopped suckling. Jessica giggled softly as she hugged Ellie, softly rubbing her back and cupping & patting her diapered bottom, while Katie was softly rocking Maya back & forth in her arms. As her ‘Auntie’ cuddled her, Maya’s slightly ‘sleepy’ eyes caught a glimpse of the morning paper sitting on a table across the room. She remembered the big local story she and Ellie had been quite surprised to see: over the course of yesterday and the night, two of the city’s three gangs – the Alligators and the Grizzlies – had joined forces and descended upon the weakened Talons; the Talons, in addition to being the most morally repugnant of the city’s three gangs (even considered such by the other two), were also the smallest, only just keeping themselves safe by reputation and making it known/thought that trying to take them out would be too costly. But the events of late had changed that. With numerous Talons out of the picture, their failures made semi-public knowledge, the Grizzles and Alligators had seen their chance and taken it, combining resources & numbers to take out the weakened gang. Several Talons had actually turned themselves into police for their own protection from the other gangs, and of those who didn’t, some of them were in turn delivered to the police by the other gangs. The people who had hurt Maya, Ellie, and many others couldn’t hurt anyone again. The Talons were no more. Being cuddled by her ‘Auntie’ Jessica, Ellie felt safe and secure, happy and content. ------------------------------------ About 20 minutes after the ‘feeding’, the phone rang. Katie went to go answer it in the other room, leaving Ellie and Maya with Jessica. The cheerful woman softly ‘baby-bounced’ the two Littles on her knees, this simple act having a strange soothing effect on the babified pair. Katie was gone for about 15 minutes before she finally returned. “That was Chase” she said. “She was calling to ask when might be a good time to set up a ‘playdate’. I told her about what happened yesterday, and she’s going to bring Emily over today, at least partially so the two of them can provide you a little more emotional support and companionship, Ellie.” Ellie wanted to say she was pretty much okay now, but didn’t. Plus, the thought of getting to see those two again was nice, and they could meet Maya too. She nodded, a small smile on her cute face. “I’m looking forward to it” she said. Maya fidgeted a little, nervous at the thought of new people, but Jessica and Ellie each laid a comforting hand on her shoulders. -------------------- Around an hour and a half later, there was a knock on the front door. Katie picked Ellie up, carrying the Little in one arm as she headed for the door. She unlocked and opened the door, revealing Chase Young holding little Emily in the same manner. Emily was in a dress of the same make as Ellie & Maya’s, though in red, exposing her flower-themed diaper. Chase’s other arm was carrying a mid-sized (for an Amazon) bag. “We came as soon as we could” Chase said. “Are you okay, Ellie?” The one-eyed Little nodded. “Mommy’s friend Greg showed up just in time and saved me, and mopped the floor with the Talon goons. I was shaken up for a while afterward, but I’m better now. …It helps knowing that the other two local gangs teamed up and finally tore the Talons apart afterward, so they can’t hurt me or anyone else ever again.” “Come on in, you two” Katie said. “You can meet my sister-in-law and her Little One.” Chase followed Katie inside, through the entrance-hall and into the spacious living room. There, Jessica was waiting with Maya in her arms; upon seeing Chase & Emily, Jessica gave a friendly grin while shy Maya blushed and buried her face in her mama’s shoulder. “Hi~! I’m Jessica Emery, nee Robinson, wife of Katie’s brother Timothy. And this little cutie is my baby girl Maya!” “Pleased to meet you, Jessica. My name is Chase Young, and this is Emily – my widdle Em-Em.” Emily blushed and let out a tiny embarrassed groan, both from the cutesy baby-talk name and from Chase softly patting her padded bottom to go with it. “Will you be staying long?” Chase asked Jessica. “Oh, yes” the blonde Amazon replied. “I have today off. Though, tomorrow I will need to get back to the house, so my husband & I can finalize preparations for moving. We’re moving into the house next door from here, actually. My Maya and Ellie will be able to play together a lot more often!” “And it’ll be easier for my tech-head brother to help me if anything needs fixing around here” Katie added as she came up with Ellie in hand. It was then that, by sheer chance, all three Littles began wetting their diapers within a second of each other, three little voices letting out soft squeaks and then quiet whimpered groans, three little faces going red and pressing into their mommies’ shoulders. The three Amazons shared a smile, cuddling Ellie, Maya, & Emily as their diapers became wet and warm, bulking out a little; the little tiny pale-pink flowers and hearts on Emily’s & Maya’s diapers, respectively, turned a more visible darker pink, while the red hearts on Ellie’s pink diaper turned white. Once the Littles were done wetting their diapers, the Amazons carried them over to the changing table, laying them down in a row lengthwise; it was a little bit of a squeeze, but they all fit with enough room to be changed. From left to right, it was Maya, Ellie, and Emily. Each of them had their pacifier pushed into their mouth. Their dresses were moved up, fully exposing their diapers and bellies, and then their wet diapers were un-taped and removed, their little butts being lifted up and ‘pointing’ upwards. Three little voices let out squeaks and shivers as they were wiped clean, little faces going faintly pink. New diapers were readied, placed beneath, and powdered, and then the sprinkling of plenty of baby powder onto three baby-soft exposed little bottoms caused three voices of soft squeaks, coos, and even a quick, quiet ‘baby-giggle’ or two. The now-white bottoms were lowered onto waiting diapers, and more baby powder covered privates, inner thighs, abdomens, and lower bellies. Finally, the diapers were taped on nice and comfy-snug, earning a few little sights of comfortable content from the freshly-diapered little ones. Maya was now wearing a diaper with little pink puppies on it, Ellie’s had kitties, and Emily’s had bunnies. As the three were lifted up into their mommies’ arms, their diaper-bottoms were cupped and softly patted, making them squeak and coo and cuddle closer in pretty much the exact same way, to the quiet joy of the three Amazons who found the near-synchronized reactions to be adorable. Katie moved over to the big sofa, having a seat with Ellie in her arms, and Jessica & Chase followed suite with Maya & Emily, sitting on either side of her. “Who’s up for cuddling our babies for a bit before anything else?” Katie asked. The other two nodded, hugging their little ones a bit closer.
  6. Katie & Ellie’s House – a few hours later After the police had arrived and taken the six battered Talon members into custody, a police report had been filed, with Ellie – mostly calmed down by the time they reached the station – described her history with the Talons and the events of the day. Fortunately, a park security camera had caught most of the happenings, and the police chief assured the frightened Little that these half-dozen thugs wouldn’t see the light of day for a long time. They’d gone home afterwards, with Greg accompanying. He had apparently been out for a walk at the same park when he’d heard Katie shouting from within the public bathroom while passing by. As soon as he freed her and got the story, he’d taken off on the ‘hunt’, arriving just in time to save Ellie from being violently rendered blind. Both women had thanked him profusely for his assistance and daring just-in-time rescue, to which he’d replied that he had done what any decent person would do. It helped that, though he didn’t say it, he had developed a bit of paternal affection – and thus protectiveness – toward Ellie as a result of his interactions with her and Katie. “I don’t think I wanna go outside again for a few days” Ellie said. “That’s alright, honey” Katie replied soothingly. “I understand. You can stay here at home for a couple days before we try going out again.” “Thanks, m… mommy…” Katie picked her up into her lap and hugged her, softly patting her flower-themed diaper. “I still need to tell Tim & Jessica what happened,” Katie said as she cuddled her ‘baby’, “and Chase & Emily would probably want to be informed, too…” Greg nodded. “They’ll probably all want to see Ellie as soon as possible, just to make sure she’s okay.” Ellie took deep breaths as she hugged onto Katie. She was still on-edge; she’d come so close to a drawn-out, painful and humiliating death… If she closed her eye, she could still see the glow of the lit cigarette coming towards it. She shook her head, burying her face in Katie’s shoulder. She was safe now. Katie had her. Mommy had her. ‘I’ve… called her ‘mommy’…’ she thought. ‘Who would’ve thought it’d take something like this…’ “Mommy?” she mumbled. “Hungry…” “Alright, sweetheart” Katie cooed to her. “Lemme make you some lunch…” ------------------------------------ An hour after that last scene, Jessica had arrived, bringing Maya with her; Tim was busy at work for the day. Predictably, Jessica spent quite a bit of time fussing over her ‘niece’, working to comfort the one-eyed Little (even though by this point, Ellie had already mostly calmed down). Maya was sticking close to Ellie as well, the black-haired Little being unusually cuddly with her blonde ‘cousin’ (not that Ellie minded that at all…). Greg spent some time around too, but had to leave around 1:00. For the rest of the day, Ellie was being fawned over either by Katie, by Jessica, or both. However, around 5:00, Katie had to reluctantly leave for a couple of hours to go attend to other important things. Jessica happily volunteered to stay and watch over Ellie while Katie was gone, and Katie left her little one in her sister-in-law’s care. Now, around 6:15, Ellie sat on one end of the big comfy couch, with Maya over on the other end, the two of them watching cartoons, with Maya leaning back in a way that further exposed her light-pink diaper with tiny white hearts. Ellie, meanwhile, was straddling the armrest, her legs wide apart on either side of it as her white diaper with tiny pale-pink hearts pressed down against it. With her attention half-occupied by the TV, she shifted her position innocuously, and her little body briefly stiffened at the strange feeling that the shifting slight pressure below produced. After a few seconds, she started slowly sliding and shifting around, tiny noises being heard from behind her pacifier, as a faint pink flush formed on her cheeks. She wasn’t fully consciously aware of what she was doing yet. Then, she moved in a way that made her gasp sharply, and her eyes re-focused and widened as she looked down, and then she blushed as she realized what she’d been doing. It was especially embarrassing for Ellie because she was not only still a virgin, she had never even ‘tended to herself’, so she had no idea what that sort of thing really felt like. Then, she heard a soft chuckle from right behind and beside her. She startled and turned to look, seeing Jessica grinning down at her, and her blush deepened. Jessica reached in and petted her little head. “Seems like baby girl needs something~…” She bent down, and Ellie squeaked as she was picked up. “Well then, Auntie will be happy to help you; it’s a Mommy’s duty to help a Little Baby with whatever they need… Let’s go over here so my baby Maya can keep watching TV.” Curious as to what her ‘Aunt’ was planning, Ellie was carried over into a recliner chair over on the other side of the spacious living room, with Jessica sitting down in it with Ellie in her lap. She was held close, her head tucked in against the blonde Amazon’s shoulder. Then, Jessica’s hand came up between Ellie’s legs, pressing up against her crotch through her diaper, beginning to press and rub and move around. Ellie let out a startled squeal muffled by her pacifier, her little body stiffening in Jessica’s arms, starting to give off a few little twitches at the strange new sensations. “Relax~…” Jessica cooed to her. “Auntie Jessie’s gonna take care of you, gonna help you make cummies in your diapie~… Here we go – wub, wub, wub~, wubbin’ thwough Ellie’s diapie~… Just relax, ‘cause it feels sho good~…” Ellie was now letting out squeaks and gasps and cute high moans from the strange and unexpectedly powerful new sensations as Jessica pressed and rubbed at her privates through her diaper. Her face was flushed, her eye only partway open and glazed over a little, sporadically suckling on her pacifier which muffled her sounds. Jessica gradually increased speed and force a little, all while continuing to softly baby-talk to her. As the seconds rolled on, Ellie continued to squeak and moan from Jessica’s continued ministrations. Her whole body felt sensitive and hot, and the continuous pleasure encroached on her mind, making it difficult to think. Jessica smiled as she kept going, watching and feeling the little one’s reactions, twitching and wriggling a little as she made cute little noises. Soon, Ellie could feel a strange ‘pressure’ building in her lower body, growing as Jessica kept doing things to her. Her moans and squeaks began to become louder and higher in pitch, and she felt confusion and a bit of fear as it felt like something big was coming and she didn’t know what, feeling like something was going to ‘burst’… Suddenly, pulsing waves of intense hot sensation began surging out from Ellie’s privates & abdomen and through her body. The inside of her head went white, and she saw ‘sparks’ behind her eyelids. Dimly she was aware of her voice coming out in a long, loud, high squeal/moan partially muffled by her pacifier, and she could feel Jessica continued to press and rub her crotch through her diaper as her little body twitched and bucked in the Amazon’s arms. When it eventually ended, Ellie let out one last drawn-out whine/moan as she went limp in Jessica’s arms, panting for breath, her face flushed and eye closed as she laid her head on the Amazon’s shoulder. Her whole body felt sensitive and warm and slightly ‘tingly’, still giving a little twitch occasionally. Her head was ‘hazy’, with the memory of incredible pleasure still echoing through it. Vaguely, she was aware that her diaper felt warm and damp, but in a different way from normal. And she had a very powerful urge to snuggle up against Jessica, and the woman’s holding and snuggling her right now made her feel very happy and content and warm. “There we go~…” Jessica spoke soothingly to her. “That felt good, huh? Makin’ cummies in your diapie felt so good~, and you were sho kyuuute~, and now your widdle body is so nice and warm and relaxed… Your mama would prob’ly do that for you if you ever needed it, too; it’s a Mommy’s job to help their Widdle Baby with whatever~ they need…” Ellie responded with a cute little soft noise as she snuggled up against Jessica, the snuggle-hug feeling amazingly good for her sensitive little body right now. Then, though, she felt a pressure in her lower body of a different, more familiar type. She let out a soft groan as she felt it building, and then a whimpered squeal as she began wetting and messing her diaper at the same time. With how sensitive she still was down below, the sensations felt stronger than normal; the spreading warmth from wetting her diaper felt really good, but the squishy wetness of it, along with the hot, mushy feeling of messing her diaper, were extra-‘icky’. She let out little whimpers and groans, suckling her binky forcefully and with a sort of rhythm, as Jessica held her close, the blonde Amazon smiling and rubbing the Little’s back as she trembled and twitched while filling her diaper. When it was finally done, Ellie clung to Jessica desperately, letting out soft whimpers at the icky hot feeling that combined with the pleasant feeling of relief from ‘going’, which in turn melded with the pleasant feeling of afterglow. The confusing mix of feelings brought a tear to her eye, and she looked up at Jessica plaintively. The blonde Amazon giggled, and carefully stood up, carrying her messy-diapered charge across the room to the changing table. Ellie whimpered as she was laid on the changing table, putting her hands up on either side of her head and closing her eye as her legs were opened and lifted. The diaper was un-taped and removed, and Ellie’s hips & butt were lifted up. As Jessica began wiping her clean, the feel of it against her still-sensitive skin of & around her butt and crotch made her gasp and shiver, a faint flush forming on her cheeks. Once she was eventually fully clean, she waited as a new diaper was slid underneath her lifted-up butt and powdered, and then she let out cute little tiny squeaks as her little bottom was coated in baby powder. Lowered onto the diaper, she shivered and blushed as her privates were powdered as well, followed by her abdomen, lower belly, and upper inner thighs. Finally the new diaper – bunny-themed – was taped on nice and snug, and she shivered and let out a soft sound from the very pleasant and comfortable feel of the super-soft, thick, puffy, powdered padding against her crotch and butt. “There we go” Jessica chirped, giving the front of Ellie’s diaper a few soft pats. “A nice clean new diapie feels super-good, doesn’t it?” Ellie shyly nodded, and sighed softly as she was picked up again, her padded butt being patted as she was carried over to the couch. Jessica sat down, holding the blonde Little in her arms, softly rubbing her back and patting her diapered butt. After a few seconds, Maya crawled over, snuggling up against the two of them. Ellie found herself relaxing, feeling amazingly comfortable and content and calm, a little smile forming behind her binky. “You’re both so precious~…” Jessica whispered, her tone full of love for the two tiny girls in her care. ------------------------------------ Katie had returned from her important errand about an hour after that, but Jessica and Maya had volunteered to stay the night. The rest of the evening/night was a relaxed affair, ending with the two Amazon ‘mothers’ sitting side by side, breast-feeding their ‘baby’ girls. Now, Ellie and Maya were laid down together in the former’s crib, clad in matching super-thick night diapers with hearts & stars on them, surrounded by huge, super-soft stuffed toys. As the lights went out and Katie & Jessica closed the nursery door behind them, the two Littles snuggled up close together. After a few seconds, Maya pulled her pacifier out. “A-Are you sure you’re okay, Ellie?” she asked softly. “Yeah…” Ellie replied. “I was kinda shaken up for a while, but… thanks to Mommy, and Auntie, I feel a lot better now. Still, I’m… trying not to think about what would’ve happened to me today if Greg hadn’t shown up. …I’m okay now. I’m safe. He and Mommy saved me.” Maya nodded, as she and Ellie both put their binkies back into their mouths, the two Littles snuggling happily as they drifted off to sleep together.
  7. As Ellie opened her mouth for Katie to push in another spoonful of cereal, she wiggled a little in her seat, making her light-pink diaper-exposing frilly dress sway a little, feeling the super-soft, thick, amply baby-powdered diaper (currently a pink one) shift beneath her butt as she was seated in the big, surprisingly comfy new high-chair. She looked out the window, seeing the overcast sky; there was supposedly a high chance of rain this afternoon/evening, though “almost no chance” for the A.M. hours, and so Katie was going to take her to the park again after breakfast, followed by going out to lunch at this little pizza place Katie knew of. Part of her was looking forward to playing on the swings again… Soon enough, Ellie swallowed the last bit of her breakfast, letting out a soft, content sigh as she leaned back against the padded back of her high chair, her pleasantly full tummy making her feel relaxed and happy. Katie giggled, softly petting her Little girl’s tiny head, making the little blonde blush but also smile. Ellie was then lifted up out of the high chair and into a hug, resting her chin on Katie’s shoulder and letting out a soft coo as her padded butt was gently patted. “Okay, sweetheart,” Katie said, “you can watch TV for about 15 minutes while mama gets ready. Then, we’ll go out to the park together!” Ellie nodded as she was carried over and set down on the couch, turning her attention to the cartoon currently playing; Katie reached down and pushed Ellie’s binky into her mouth, and Ellie started suckling on it as she watched the TV. ------------------- ~90 Minutes Later As a cool breeze blew by, Ellie looked up from her position in her stroller, being pushed along the pond-bordering path by Katie; she had always liked overcast days, for some reason, the curtain of grey overhead seeming strangely pretty to the tiny blonde. Katie smiled, just happy that her little one was happy, as well as enjoying the fresh air and the view of the pond/lake. There weren’t very many other people at the park right now, but there had been a few passers-by. A small ‘pack’ of Amazon and In-Betweener teen girls had squeed over how adorable Ellie was (poor little Ellie’s face had gone pinker than her dress & diaper), and there had been this one IB girl who’d double-took as she walked by going the other way, her gaze following Ellie & Katie as they passed by her… Walking along, pushing the stroller, Katie felt a twinge of discomfort as a certain need made itself known; Ellie had her diaper, but she had no such ‘luxury’. Fortunately, there was one of the park’s public restrooms up ahead. She headed in, parked Ellie’s stroller just outside the stall she then went into, and did what she had to do. As she was in there, however, Katie then heard a curious sound: several sets of footsteps suddenly rushing in. Then, something happened to the currently-closed door of her bathroom stall, and then she heard a sound that would haunt her for a long time: a sudden squeal from Ellie, followed by her cries rapidly becoming more distant as the running footsteps carried her away: “Help! Katie, help!!” ---------------- Ellie found herself quickly carried off to a far corner of the park. When they came to a stop several minutes later, she finally got a look at her captors, seeing them to be a bunch of In-Betweener young men, and they had brought her before another In-Betweener, a young woman with spiky brown hair. But what put fear into Ellie’s heart was a common shared attribute of this group: They all bore the tattooed symbol of the Talons. “Is this the one, Sub-Boss?” one of the Talon males asked the woman. The girl stepped closer, sneering down at the restrained Ellie. She looked the Little over, reaching in to flip her eyepatch up and look at her scar, and scowled. “Yeah” she replied. “This is the Little bitch who foiled our bank hit and killed my sister.” Ellie’s eye widened as realization and fear grew. “I… I d-didn’t mean to kill her!” she said. “When I stabbed her in the leg, I-I was just tryin’ to make her leave me alone! I didn’t know I’d hit a major artery!” “The fact that you ‘didn’t mean to’ doesn’t change a thing in my book. …Man, whoever ‘grabbed’ you really pinked you up… Anyway… How to proceed with this…” “We can’t just slit her throat and be done with it” a male Talon with a cigarette said as he wrapped a cloth gag around Ellie’s face, plugging her mouth up. “That’d be too quick. We gotta get creative…” “Heyyyy~…” the Talon woman grinned. “I got an idea on how to make ‘er suffer. She’s wearing a diaper; why don’t we use that as part of it?” “How?” one of the guys asked. “Billy, you still got one of those ‘disposable enema’ things? We use it on her, make her mess her diaper right in front of us; since it’ll be from an enema, it’ll be extra mushy and gross-feeling for her. Then, we spank her, until her little ass is raw and red… while she’s in the messy diaper, to make it feel that much worse for her. …Jed, your turn for an idea.” “Hmm~… After that, we can strip her and use that hose over there to wash her off, and then… well, we use her body to ‘vent our frustrations’ a little; she’s tiny, so she should be extra-tight…” “And to mix in with that,” one of the larger men added, “we also use her to vent ‘frustrations’ in a different way…” he cracked his knuckles as he said this with a grin. “Hey tiny, what’s pink and black and blue all over? You, pretty soon.” His buddies thought it was a pretty corny attempt at humor, but the look of increasing terror on Ellie’s face told them it worked all the same. “And then we slit her throat?” “Yeah,” the woman replied, “and watch her choke and die. …Actually, she won’t die right away. So after we’ve cut her throat open, as she’s choking and panicking, how about we start carving her up – add a little extra pain and terror to her last moments of consciousness? Maybe we can even sell a couple bits of her on the black market, get our gang some much-needed cash.” “Sounds good” the cigarette guy said. He turned to his fellows, who strengthened their restraining hold on the girl. He grinned as he slowly walked toward the terrified Little, pulling the cigarette out of his mouth and holding the burning end forward. “Now, to start with, let’s get rid of your other eye…” Ellie’s whole body was shaking, muffled whimpers and attempts to plea for mercy heard through her gag, her eye wide and shedding tears of terror. The cigarette man came closer… “HEY!!! LET GO OF HER, YOU FUCKING BASTARDS!!!” Ellie watched in shocked amazement as Greg’s sprinting punch knocked Mr. Cigarette clean off his feet, tumbling to the side for a few meters, out cold. The two who were holding Ellie in place were next, barely having time to react before Greg struck them both in the face with a palm strike each, and then grabbed their heads and clonked them together, putting them both down for the count. There were two more Talon males plus the woman, and all three of them pulled knives and rushed at Greg. He hit the Talon woman with a side kick to the gut that pushed her back and stunned her, and then he hit one of the young men with a rising knee to the midsection that hit his solar plexus. As the In-Betweener doubled over, trying to breathe, a downward elbow strike to the back of the head put him down to the pavement. The other Talon guy took a swing with his knife, but Greg twisted to the side and barely dodged it, and then grabbed the In-Betweener’s arm and spun around behind the guy and pulled back, and the thug cried out as his shoulder was forcibly dislocated. Another low kick to his leg did more damage, and he was slammed down face-first to the ground. Finally, the Talon girl decided this was too much, turned to run… and turned right into a heavy punch to the face from Katie that KO’ed her. Katie immediately ran over to Ellie and removed her gag, and Ellie promptly burst into tears, hugging onto the Amazon for dear life. Katie was softly crying too, hugging her little one close and rocking her back & forth. After checking that the two were okay, Greg put his foot down on the lone conscious Talon’s back. “What did you do to her?” he asked in a low, dangerous tone. “…Nothin’ yet” the In-Betweener groaned. “We described to her what we were going to do to her, but then you showed up right before we could actually do any of it.” “Don’t even move. The police are already on their way, and if any of you try anything, I’ll make you regret it.” Katie and Ellie were still holding each other tight, the Little’s body shaking with quiet sobs and residual fear, while Katie kept rocking her, helping her very slowly calm down.
  8. As they entered the toy-store, they were met by the sounds of excited children talking and shouting and playing, together with some toys making various noises, and by the sight of a big, spacious place full of bright colors, with toys of all shapes & sizes, as kids and their parents or older siblings moved about to & fro. “Okay,” Katie said, “let’s see if there’s anything here that either of you would like…” They moved further into the toy-store, starting to look around. Of course, the presence of so many parents and older siblings and the like meant plenty of people to smile and giggle and ‘awww’ at what adorable babies Emily & Ellie were, to their embarrassment. They began moving down the right-most aisle, planning to make a ‘zigzag’ progression through the store’s aisles to give the two Littles plenty of chances to see anything they liked. This first aisle was mostly board games and the like, nothing that caught their eyes. In the far-right corner of the store, there was a ‘baby play’ area, and in it a big-screen TV was playing one of those shows with bright colors and cheery music and overly-happy characters, the type oriented toward little kids and ‘babified’ Littles, with a pack of about three of each of those two intently watching it. Ellie and Emily did their best to avert their eyes, aware of the reputation of such shows’ effects and not wanting to get ‘sucked in’. Turning onto the next aisle, the two blonde Littles’ eyes were met by the sight of shelves full of stuffed toys. Walking toward them (just passing through) was an In-Betweener teen girl around 5’10”, long blonde hair up in a ponytail; in one arm she held a little In-Betweener toddler girl no older than 2 or 3 with wavy brown hair, her short skirt not quite hiding the pink princess pull-up she wore, one of her little arms clutched onto a cute little stuffed turtle with the price-tag still on it. The other hand was leading along a little girl around 9 or 10 with shoulder-length black hair and an adorable spark of happy innocence in her eyes; she had a slight but quite noticeable waddle to her walk, along with a soft crinkle with every step, and a brief fluttering of her skirt revealed a split-second peek at the thick, puffy heart-themed diaper she wore underneath. Her free hand held onto a stuffed unicorn doll as she moved along with her big sister. Finally, the oldest of the trio seemed to have a little stuffed octopus doll perched atop her head, expertly balanced as she walked along with little sisters in tow. Chase and Katie both smiled at the siblings’ cuteness as they passed by. “See anything you like here, girls?” Chase asked their two Littles. After a few seconds, Ellie shyly pointed out a light-purple stuffed dinosaur (a sauropod, to be semi-specific). Katie picked it up off the shelf and handed it to Ellie, who wrapped her arms around it, her cheeks pink and a tiny smile behind her pacifier. Meanwhile, Chase caught Emily staring longingly at a pink bunny plushie, only to catch herself and avert her gaze with a slight blush. Chase smiled, grabbed the bunny off the shelf, and gently dropped it into Emily’s lap. The little girl shyly embraced it, half-burying her face in it both to feel the wonderful softness and to hide her blush. Lastly, Katie grabbed a baby-blue stuffed cat, saying Maya would like it. They continued down this aisle and turned into the next one; it was composed mostly of action figures and toy guns (foam-dart and water shooters), nothing that interested either of the girls. The next aisle after that, though, included Legos; Ellie had always liked those, and soon Katie had picked out a few of Ellie’s choosing. Emily decided ‘the hell with it’ and got one, too. The following aisle had dolls and the like – girly stuff that Emily & Ellie had no interest in at all, as they made clear to their ‘mommies’. The aisle after that had baby toys, and despite Emily’s mumbled protests, Chase got her a few things from here. Deciding that this was enough, Katie & Chase pushed the strollers back toward the exit, heading to the checkout to make their purchases. The cashier, a young-adult Amazon, smiled and cooed over little Ellie & Emily, even reaching in to tickly Ellie’s little tummy through her dress, making the one-eyed Little blush brightly at all the attention even as she involuntarily giggled a little. With that done, they made their exit. “Where to next?” Katie asked. “Well, there’s this museum with some interesting things in it on the north side of the city. Let’s head back to our cars and drop off what we’ve purchased, and then I’ll lead you there.” ------------------- The museum proved more interesting than Ellie had expected. There had been bits on local history, fossils & stuff, a thing on mummies… There was also a play area for little kids near the museum’s small ‘food court’, and it was here that Emily & Ellie currently found themselves after a couple hours exploring the museum, as their ‘mommies’ went off to do something else for about 15 minutes, leaving them under the watchful eyes of a few surveillance droids, surrounding by children and babified Littles innocently playing. The two of them stuck together and kept their distance from the other ‘children’, while trying not to make it too obvious that they were doing so. Mostly they just did some small talk, getting to know each other a little more. When Chase and Katie returned to retrieve their little ones, Ellie had broken off from Emily to inspect something about a minute beforehand. Being closer to the entrance/exit, she spotted them first, and waddled over to them. To her surprise, it was Chase instead of Katie who picked her up, giggling softly and snuggling her while gently patting her padded bottom. With Ellie in hand, they moved further into the play area, dodging a few running toddlers, in search of Emily. They found her partially hidden behind a small slide, and as they came up behind her they noticed she was softly singing something to herself. “Show me what it’s like, To dream in black and white, So I can leave this wooooorld~ tonight Holding on too tight, Breathe the breath of life, So-” At this point, she happened to look over her shoulder and notice the two Amazons standing over her. Blushing rather brightly at being caught singing, she cleared her throat nervously and shuffled a little in her seat. Katie smiled and picked her up, snuggling and butt-patting her. The two Amazons then carried each other’s ‘babies’ out of the playroom, putting them back into their strollers and rolling them over to the little food-area. Soon they were at one of the tables, with Katie & Chase feeding their little ones their lunch. As she shyly opened her mouth to let Katie put a fry in, Ellie looked over at where Chase was feeding Emily the same way. Though still a little embarrassed about it, Emily was ‘used to it’ more than Ellie was, relaxing as best she could, eyes closed (partly so she couldn’t see other people looking at her) and opening her mouth whenever she was done chewing & swallowing to let her ‘mommy’ put another bite in. Suddenly, Chase grinned and held back, leaving Emily with her mouth hanging open expectantly. The Little opened her eyes in confusion, and Chase laughed softly as Emily let out an annoyed grumble even as the next bite of chicken-nugget was placed into her mouth. Eventually Emily finished her lunch while Ellie still had a little more to go. Chase pushed the tiny blonde’s pacifier into her mouth and then reached into a pocket on the side of Emily’s stroller and pulled out the little one’s special rattle, beginning to softly shake it over the Little’s head. Emily’s eyes widened, her pupils dilating slightly as her eyes fixated on the rattle, her little body visibly relaxing as she slowly, rhythmically suckled on her binky and let out a soft, baby-like coo. Seeing it from the outside, Ellie had to admit it was actually really cute. About half a minute after Ellie finished eating, Chase stopped shaking the rattle. As Emily came back to herself, she blushed rather brightly; she was always so embarrassed by the effect the rattle had on her, especially after the time Chase had shown her a recording of herself under its ‘spell’ one time. Chase smiled and petted her on the head, and then reached down to rub her little tummy through her pretty dress, and then softly patted the front and crotch of her puffy thick diaper. At that last bit, Emily instinctively blushed, her hips moving forward a bit, because of a bit of ‘conditioning’. When Chase had taken Emily as her baby girl, promising to take care of Em-Em’s every need, she’d meant ‘every need’. That included occasionally doing a certain thing to/for her, either as a ‘reward’, as something Chase happened to think she ‘needed’ at the moment, or just to hear the cute noises Emily made. Usually it was through her diaper, with the Amazon skillfully using just the right amount and type of movement and pressure to get the reactions and ‘end result’ she wanted. One time she had done it while breast-feeding Emily and shaking her special rattle over her head; the surprisingly intense mashing/melding combination of infantile and ‘adult’ stimulation had left Emily’s mind and emotions in a chaotic (but not exactly unpleasant) jumble and ‘haze’. Incidentally, Jessica had recently given Maya her first taste of this ‘special kind of feel-good love that mommies sometimes give their Littles’, and it had been leagues better than the black-haired Little’s previous ‘experience’ with such things, leaving her happily cuddling her ‘mama’ more than usual for a little while. Katie had not yet done such a thing for Ellie, but it was rather possible in the future. “So,” Chase spoke up, “after we see what we haven’t seen yet here at the museum, I was thinking I’d show you two this lovely park near here with a monument in the center. After that, maybe this little sweets shop I know of, and then let’s get a few photos taken of our little ones together!” “Oh, that all sounds lovely!” Katie replied, even as Ellie & Emily blushed at the mention of photos. “Lead the way, Miss Young.” ------------------------------------ The afternoon went well enough, the quartet enjoying themselves as Chase led them through the city. After a short rest at the park, they’d gone to that sweets shop she mentioned, and the two Amazons had bought some candies and chocolates for their Little Ones (to be given to them bit by bit over the next several days, since eating it all in one or two sittings was just asking for an upset stomach). And of course, Chase & Katie had delighted in getting plenty of pictures of their girls together in various cute poses, and the fact that nearly all the pictures had the girls with bright blushes on their cute little faces from being photographed only made it even better, in the Amazons’ eyes. Chase & Katie had made sure that whenever the girls wet their diapers, they were changed into matching ones; at the moment, Ellie & Emily both wore white diapers with pale-pink waistbands & tapes, rows of big bright-pink hearts along the front decals, and tiny pale-pink hearts all over the diapers. Also, at times the girls were sat side by side when not in their strollers, and found themselves semi-unconsciously snuggling close together, both for warmth and for the simple pleasant feelings of contact they had been conditioned to crave. At the moment, it was around 5:30PM, with the sun starting to get low in the sky, and the quartet was atop one of the city’s towers; specifically, one of the towers had an observation deck where people could come up and look out through reinforced-glass windows at a rather spectacular view of the city, as well as of the mountain range in the distance. Emily & Ellie’s strollers were parked side by side in front of the window, giving both girls a view of the city and mountains. There weren’t very many other people up here right now, so the quartet had the ‘deck’ almost completely to themselves. Emily let out a soft, content sigh as she gazed out at the view. Then, though, her tummy let out a little grumble, and she blushed as Chase – sitting nearby – heard it and looked at her. The Amazon smiled as she stood up and walked over to her ‘baby girl’. “I know we were planning to get dinner when we got home this evening,” Chase said, “but I suppose that sound means your tummy doesn’t wanna wait, huh? Hmm… Well, I suppose it should be okay. Oh, and the other people who were up here have left, so it’s just the four of us now. Perfect.” “What’s okay?” Emily asked, a bit wary. Chase chuckled softly, and then pulled her shirt up to expose her sky-blue bra that hooked in the front. She undid the hook, freeing her rather sizable breasts, and Emily blushed brightly at the implications as she was picked up out of her stroller: she was going to be ‘fed’ right in front of her new friends! Katie let out a soft “Oh” and a gentle smile, while Ellie blushed as she figured what was going on. Emily tried to resist out of embarrassment, but the second the nipple touched her lips, instinct and conditioning took over her body’s actions, and she took it in and began to suckle. Chase let out a soft sigh, smiling warmly as she cuddled and fed her little girl. Ellie and Katie watched as Emily’s little body visibly relaxed, the tiny blonde letting out a few very soft coo-like noises as the act of nursing dulled complex thoughts and brought her to a state of simple relaxed joy, comfort, and security. As she suckled, Emily suddenly let out a soft groan as she felt pressure in her lower tummy, and then whimpered as she began messing her diaper. She tried to pull away, but instantly Chase’s hand held her head in place. “It’s all right, sweetie-baby” the woman cooed. “Don’t stop, don’t worry. Just keep filling your tummy while you fill your diapie.” Emily let out little noises as she continued to suckle even as the seat of her diaper continued to bulge out as she filled it, the icky discomfort of a messy diaper combining with the wonderful relaxed comfort of nursing from her ‘mommy’ to leave her feelings ‘jumbled’. This led to her snuggling a little closer, seeking more security in her mama’s touch and presence. Eventually, Emily finished filling her diaper about a minute before she finished filling her tummy. As Chase felt the Little’s suckling slow and then stop, she gently pulled the tiny blonde’s face back a little, seeing her pretty blue eyes looking up at her, half-open and a bit unfocused. Emily shifted around a little, letting out a soft whimper. “Ready for mama to get you out of that messy diapie?” Chase asked. Emily nodded emphatically, and Chase giggled and snuggled her a little before laying her atop a blanket that Katie had laid out. Emily assumed the position, with hands up by her head, eyes closed, and legs up & open, and blushed softly as her messy diaper was un-taped and removed. She made soft squeaks and gasps as her ‘mommy’ thoroughly wiped her clean, and a soft sigh at the pleasant feeling of being clean again. She was soon powdered and put into a new diaper – a pink-flower-themed one. The tiny blonde cooed softly as the front of her diaper was patted softly, and then made a very faint giggle as a fingertip ran side to side along her soft, sensitive belly, just above where the baby powder stopped right below level with her belly-button. “I’d better be ready” Katie said with a slight grin. “Ellie usually makes messies in her diapie around this time of day, too.” Ellie blushed at her ‘mommy’ saying that so casually in front of strangers. “…I hope I’m not overstepping in asking this, Katie,” Chase said, “but… may I hold Ellie?” “Of course. Any particular reason?” “Well, partly I just want to hold her, because she’s so cute. And other than that… well, you’ll see in a moment.” Katie nodded, and Ellie found herself being picked up by Chase and held close, one hand stroking the back of her head and the other patting her diapered butt, her chin on the Amazon’s shoulder. Then, though, the hand that was on her head moved down and around, slipping up under her dress to rub at her belly. …And then, it pressed in a certain way, and Ellie let out a soft “Eeep!” as she felt a pressure down below, followed by a soft squeal as she began messing her diaper. Ellie shuddered and whimpered as she started filling her diaper, feeling the hot, mushy mess squeeze its way out of her and into the waiting snug diaper against her butt. She closed her eye, tensing a little, and she whimpered as, while one of Chase’s hands rubbed her back, the other very lightly cupped her presently-being-messed diaper, feeling the hot mess in it bulge and grow. Beside them, Katie had pulled Emily up into her lap, gently bouncing the Little on her knee as they both watched and listened. When Ellie eventually stopped pooping, leaving her in a rather full diaper, Chase held her for another half a minute, softly stroking her hair, before then laying her on the impromptu changing mat. Ellie closed her eye, blushing, as Chase proceeded to add herself to the list of people who’d changed her, expertly wiping the little one clean, powdering her, and putting her into a flower-themed diaper just like the one she’d put Emily into. She then picked Ellie back up and cuddled her some more, slowly rocking her a little while cupping and patting her thickly diapered & powdered bottom. Beside her, Katie did the same with Emily. “Today has been really enjoyable, Miss Young” Katie said. “Just ‘Chase’, Katie” Chase replied with a smile. “And yes, I have very much enjoyed spending the day with you and Ellie. She’s such a sweetheart…” “So is Emily” Katie giggled, patting the two-eyed blonde Little’s padded butt, earning a soft squeak from her. “Maybe we could do this again sometime – swap phone numbers, or the like?” “That sounds good. …How about a playdate, later down the line – you bring Ellie over to my place, or I bring Emily over to yours? In the latter case, we could get to meet your little ‘niece’ Maya, too. …Three adorable diapie-baby girls, spending the day having fun and being cute together…” Katie’s smile grew at the idea, and she nodded. In the arms of each other’s caretakers, Ellie and Emily looked over at each other. After a few seconds, they shyly smiled at each other. ---------------- Ellie let out a soft sigh as her night-diaper was taped on nice and snug, feeling the super-thick soft padding with plenty of baby powder against her sensitive skin. Katie picked her up, making sure the little one’s pacifier was secure in her mouth, and slowly carried her over toward the crib. “Today sure was fun, huh?” Katie said softly. “You got to see the sights, and got to make a new friend… And she’s promised to come over for playdates now & then, so you can see each other again. Plus, Uncle Tim & Auntie Jessica and ‘Cousin’ Maya will be moving in next door soon, so you’ll have another diapie-baby like you to spend time with.” Ellie gave a sleepy little nod as she was laid down in her soft, comfy crib, surrounded by big stuffed toys. One was pushed into her arms, and she smiled a little behind her binky as she hugged it. Katie giggled softly, bent down and kissed her forehead, set the overhead mobile spinning, and then made her exit, turning the lights off behind her. As she lay there, softly suckling her binky while slowly drifting off to sleep, Ellie dwelled on the day’s experiences. Emily seemed really nice… and pretty cute, too, Ellie admitted to herself with a faint blush. She was really looking forward to seeing the other blonde ‘baby’ again sometime…
  9. Ellie had her head to one side, with the right side of her face pressed into the soft pillow of the stroller, and so her eyepatch was hidden from view and hadn’t yet been noticed or asked about. As they waited for their & the Littles’ orders, the two Amazons told each other a little about themselves, getting acquainted. Apparently, Chase was the head of a fairly accomplished company; Katie swore she’d heard of the company she headed a few times, actually. “So,” Chase said, “would you mind telling me a little about your baby girl? She’s so adorable…” “Well,” Katie replied, “this is actually only the sixth day I’ve had her, including the day I found her and took her in. She’s still getting used to everything, though she is settling in very well. …The poor thing didn’t have much going for when I found her, due to some bad luck in life recently.” She looked to Ellie and nodded, and Ellie let her pacifier fall from her mouth. “My parents were both killed in an earthquake when I was 12, and I have no other living relatives. I’ve never really had enough money for college to be an option. Still, I did fairly well for myself, mostly. I had a job at this little bank in our home city.” She sighed. “But, not too long ago, I was walking home from work one night, and… I got jumped – some In-Betweener gangbanger thug girl with a bone to pick or something. She had a couple of knives on her, and decided she wanted to kill me. I managed to drive her off, got one of her knives from her and stabbed her in the leg with it, but not before she managed to take out a piece of me, too…” She turned and lifted her head, showing off her eyepatch which she then flipped upward, revealing the big, ‘ugly’ near-vertical scar over where her right eye used to be. Chase and Emily both gasped softly, the latter’s pacifier popping free from her mouth. Their expressions of shock were then replaced by matching looks of pity for the wounded girl. “Oh, sweetheart…” Chase murmured. “Making it in this world alone as a Little is hard enough” Katie said. “But for a Little with no job due to injury, no family for support, and a permanent disability like a missing eye?” Chase nodded. “You’ve done the right thing, taking her in so she won’t have to worry about the possibly-insurmountable obstacles in life she would have faced.” “She’s such a little darling – still rather shy and embarrassed about her new life, but I can tell she’s starting to let herself enjoy it. Anyhow, what’s little Emily’s story?” The other Amazon smiled. “It certainly wasn’t easy getting her, that’s for sure. Emily is very smart, both in terms of raw intelligence – she’s a rather gifted computer programmer, among other things – and in terms of how savvy she is, how good at ‘playing the system’. It took a lot of work and mental gymnastics to best her.” “It was a long, close, harrowing battle of wits” Emily finally spoke, with a slight lisp (Ellie knew that some Amazons would deliberately cultivate this in their Little ‘babies’). “A battle that, in the end, she won.” “I almost didn’t, to be honest. If you hadn’t made that one slip-up toward the end… Anyhow, I’ve made sure she is very happy as my baby girl. Her technical skills are quite valuable to my company, so I keep her intellectually stimulated, even as I baby her and shower her with love and care. …We have a little thing where we’ll alternate challenging each other with ‘brain teasers’, riddles and logic puzzles and such. Since both of us are rather smart, it can routinely take anywhere from 45 minutes to a couple of hours before she or I solve the other’s little mental puzzle.” “During the period of time when Mommy is trying to figure out one of my ‘puzzles’, she can’t treat me like a baby as much as she normally does, she’s gotta talk to me like a grown-up except when she’s changing my diaper or feeding me… and…” Emily blushed “When I’m trying to solve her puzzles, I have to talk in baby-talk, can’t ‘try to’ say big ‘grown-up’ words, have to play with baby toys an’ stuff whenever & however she wants me to…” “The longest Emily has ever stumped me is five hours” Chase said. “And the longest I’ve ever stumped her is three-&-a-half days.” At this point, the food arrived. Chase reached over and picked Emily up out of her big, comfy stroller, seating the Little one in her lap; Katie copied her, holding Ellie the same way. The two Amazons alternated between taking bites of their own food and feeding their little ‘babies’ bites of theirs, the two women smiling at the quiet sounds of enjoyment Emily & Ellie made at the tasty food. ‘Oh wow, I didn’t think sausage & pancakes could be this good…’ Ellie thought. In-between taking bites of her own food or feeding her Little girl, Chase would occasionally use a hand to softly rub Emily’s little belly through her dress, or gently pet her little head, and the tiny blonde girl in question found herself relaxing, leaning back and using Chase’s big, soft breasts as a headrest/pillow as she was fed. Of the many things that had become part of Emily’s life since becoming Chase’s baby, there was one that – despite her embarrassment about it – she had come to like quite a bit: being practically showered with physical affection on a daily basis. Kisses and hugs and cuddles and snuggles, her little head being patted and petted, Chase softly rubbing her soft, sensitive little belly (either over her dress or reaching under it to do it directly), having her thickly-diapered bottom cupped and patted… All these expressions of gentle motherly affection had become quite soothing and comforting for her, even giving her a sense of safety and security. Eventually Emily & Ellie’s food was all gone, the two Amazons holding two Littles with pleasantly-full bellies in their laps as they finished their own breakfasts. “So,” Chase said between bites, “what brings you two out here into the big city?” “Ellie’s never been here before” Katie replied. “I wanted to show her around, maybe check out a few of the shops, sightsee a little… I actually haven’t been here very many times, either, so I don’t really know my way around the city very well besides the route to this restaurant.” “Hmm… Well, why don’t you accompany us on our day off today? I can show you two around, bring you to see some of what the city has to offer. And I’m sure my little Em-Em would be happy to get to know a new friend.” “Oh… Would that really be okay?” Katie looked at Emily to make sure she had no objections. “…I’m fine with it” Chase’s ‘baby’ replied. “You alright with being shown around by us, Ellie?” “S-Sure” the one-eyed Little responded. “That sounds okay.” “Splendid” Chase said with a friendly smile as the waiter brought their checks. “Let’s take a few minutes to rest here while I think of some things to show you & baby Ellie on today’s little ‘tour’, and then we’re off!” ------------------------------------ After they left the restaurant together, Chase drove and led Katie’s car to a place more secure to park their cars for a couple hours of time than a restaurant parking-lot. Then, they set out together – two Amazons walking along the somewhat busy city sidewalk, pushing side-by-side the big, well-made, comfortable strollers containing their darling little baby-girls. As they walked, Chase would occasionally point out a store or such they were passing by and give a sentence’s worth of exposition on it, in addition to the two ‘adults’ discussing other little small-talk things. While that went on, Emily & Ellie occasionally had little conversations of their own, getting to know each other better, and they seemed to be getting along quite well. Eventually, Chase led them to and into a rather spacious two-story bookstore, which she said to have the best selection in the city area, claiming she’d promised a couple of days ago to bring Emily here. “My little Em-Em is a rather avid reader” she explained, as Emily’s eyes wandered over some of the books available, already mentally picking a few out. Katie smiled. “My little niece Maya is the same way. My brother & his wife, with Maya in tow, will likely be moving in next-door to us soon, so maybe I could take her here; she’d love it. …Have I mentioned her?” “No, I don’t think you have.” Chase and Emily listened to Katie’s quick description of Maya’s personality and past, earning some sympathy from both. The group then began wandering around the bookstore, with Emily and Ellie both making a few choices (mostly via pointing them out, as they both had their pacifiers in) that their ‘mommies’ happily said they’d buy for them. Suddenly, though, Ellie heard a soft squeak/whimper from Emily. She turned to look, and saw the other blonde Little with a faint blush on her cheeks, as the tiny pale-pink baby-rattle silhouettes that covered her thick, puffy diaper were now darkening to a much more visible reddish-pink. Chase leaned forward over the stroller, looking down with a little smile on her face as she watched her little baby girl wet her diaper. Eventually, Emily let out a soft sigh, slowly suckling on her pacifier, her face somewhat red and her eyes half-open, as her body relaxed in the stroller, dwelling on the embarrassing sensations of a warm and ‘squishy’ freshly-wet diaper. Less than 10 full seconds later, Ellie felt the familiar pressure. She only managed to hold it back very briefly before she too began wetting her diaper, letting out a quiet embarrassed grown/whimper as she felt the wet warmth spreading, making the tiny kitty-head silhouettes on her diaper turn a darker, more visible pink. She suckled slowly on her binky as she kept ‘going’, sitting/laying back in her stroller, her body giving a tiny little shudder. Just as the last of it finished coming out, Katie’s hand reached in and petted her little head, making her blush more. Chase giggled softly. “Fortunately, this store has a special diaper-changing room, instead of a simple fold-out changing table in the restroom. Let’s get our little girls into clean, dry diapies, shall we?” They headed for the back of the store, reaching a room between the men’s and women’s restrooms with the simplistic drawing of a diaper on the door in place of a ‘male’ or ‘female’ figure. Inside, the walls and ceiling were a soft light pink color, the latter also having white puffy clouds here & there. There were several padded diaper-changing tables, including a few that were double-wide so that two ‘babies’ could be changed side by side at the same time if their guardians were so inclined. Katie and Chase did just that, lifting Ellie & Emily out of their strollers and laying them side by side on one of the bigger changing tables, their pretty pink-laced white dresses moved up to fully expose their diapers and tummies. As the Littles’ arms went up on either side of their heads, Ellie’s left hand and Emily’s right touched, and semi-instinctively they lightly held hands. As one, the two Amazons un-taped and removed their little girls’ wet diapers, and the two tiny blonde Littles then let out cute little squeaks and shivers as they were carefully wiped clean, their cheeks going pink. Katie made a nonverbal suggestion via gestures and facial expressions to Chase, who grinned and nodded, as the two picked out new diapers for their little ones. The girls’ little butts were lifted up so that their diapers could be slid underneath and powdered, and then Ellie & Emily let out matching cute little squeaks and tiny split-second ‘baby-giggles’ as their little bottoms were coated in baby powder. With their now-white bottoms gently lowered onto the diapers, they let out a few more little squeaks as baby powder was sprinkled all over their crotches and abdomens. Emily’s thumb softly, slowly rubbed the back of Ellie’s hand as they briefly squeezed each other a little tighter. Katie powdered Ellie’s upper inner thighs and up her front to just below her belly-button, and Chase followed suit with Emily. Finally, their new diapers were taped on nice and snug, and both girls cooed softly in much the same way at the thick, puffy, soft comfort, as their ‘mommies’ softly patted their padded abdomens and crotches. Katie let out a quiet squee. “They look so cute together~!” Chase nodded. “Good call, Katie.” Emily and Ellie sat partially up, and blushed as they saw that, on top of their near-identical dresses & pacifiers and very similar hair & eye colors, now they were in matching diapers as well – light pink, with pink-tinged white frilly waistbands, tapes, big soft-edged hearts on the red-background front decals, and tiny red hearts all over the diapers. They realized they were still holding hands, and blushed a little more as they let go. Both girls were picked up and held by their ‘mommies’, soft pats to their thickly diapered bottoms making them blush, coo, and instinctively snuggle closer in their guardians’ arms. The two Littles were put back into their strollers and wheeled back into the bookstore together. Right away they were spotted by a small ‘pack’ of teenage Amazons, who cooed and giggled at how adorable they looked together, making both little blonde girls blush brightly. They moved on through the store, heading for the science section at Emily’s request. As they approached the anatomy section, though, they heard a woman’s voice softly humming a calm, cheerful little tune. Turning the corner into the aisle, they saw an Amazon woman in a knee-length brown & yellow dress [AN: I am a guy and have no fashion sense whatsoever, so if someone more fashion-savvy than me knows this is actually a “bad” color combination or whatever, please let me know], with wavy brown hair and green eyes, humming as she looked through the books. She had one hand on a handle of a stroller similar to Ellie & Emily’s strollers, and in it was a Little, around Emily’s size if not a little bit smaller. She had dark-brown hair currently done up in pigtails held by frilly ribbons, and a pair of pink-framed glasses over her brown eyes. A pink & white heart-themed pacifier was in her mouth. She was clad in a poofy, frilly green & white dress with a couple of little bits of light-pink here & there, that near-fully exposed her thick, puffy white diaper with little pink bunnies on it. Seeing the newcomers, with Chase and Katie smiling at her cuteness, the little girl’s eyes widened and her face went red. “Hm?” the Amazon took notice of the quartet, turning to them with a bright, sunny smile. “Hello there. Oh, your babies are so cute! They even match!” “Your little one is adorable as well” Katie replied. “She looks so tiny!” The woman giggled softly. “I’m Brianna, and this little one is Betty. …Well, she prefers ‘Elizabeth’, but she’s my widdle ‘bouncing baby Betty’!” ‘Betty’ let out a soft groan through her pacifier, blushing a little brighter and averting her gaze. Brianna then lifted her up out of the stroller and held her, one hand on her back and the other cupping her diapered bottom, as she wrapped her little arms around Brianna and half-buried her face in the woman’s shoulder. “So what brings you to this part of the bookstore?” Chase asked. “Doing some studying?” “Oh, it’s not entirely for me. In addition to being cute, Betty is also very smart. She’s studying neurology. …She’s my baby genius!” She cuddled the brown-haired Little, baby-talking at her and patting her padded bottom. “She’s da smawtest widdle diapie-baby girl in the whole~ wide world!” ‘Betty’ whimpered, trying to hide her face more, yet at the same time it was clear that the love and affection made her happy and content on some level. “How’d you meet her?” Katie asked. “Well,” Brianna started, slowly rocking Betty back & forth while rubbing her back and occasionally patting her bottom as she talked, “from what I understand she was pretty much alone before I met her. She didn’t have anyone to take care of her; she even found a college that let her go home at night and didn’t stick her with an ‘overseer’ and make her wear diapers. She was nervous and didn’t know how to deal with people, so she acted all ‘cool’ and quiet and a bit snippy to try and keep people away. …She’s still a little like that; we’re working on that. “I remember when I first saw her. She looked so cute, tryin’ to look all professional and grown-up, with her hair up in that little bun, and the glasses with brown frames to match her eyes… though, I think her pink frames she has now look even better on her. Anyway, at the college we both go to, some of the professors and people who work in the campus library have a little ‘system’ set up. Sometimes, if they figure out a Little is all on their own, they’ll contact the Little and ask them if they need any assistance at home, or with schoolwork, and if so then they send someone from this one group of volunteers who signed up for that sort of thing. Now, I’m not sure why she said yes – maybe she thought it’d just be little things, or maybe it was to get them to leave her alone… But in any case, I was selected, and imagine my happy surprise when I showed up at the address given, the door was opened, and I was met with the sight of the same cute little girl I saw earlier looking up at me! “As we talked and got to know each other, I just knew that I had to have her as my baby girl! Of course, I didn’t just ‘babify’ her right away on the spot; I did my ‘job’ by helping her around the house (she lived in an apartment made for tall Betweeners, so it was hard for her with how teeny-tiny she is), I made sure she took care of herself, I earned her trust, I came to care for her as a person more and more with each passing day… When I finally made her into my baby girl, it was such a wonderful moment – such a wonderful day. She looked so precious… I have so many cute memories of my time with her – the first time I diapered her, the look on her cute widdle face the first time she wet her diapie, and the first time she made messies in her diapie for me as I held her, the first time I breast-fed her, when I first introduced her to her binky and her special rattle… “Now, as I’ve implied, even though I’ve made her into my baby girl I haven’t made her give up on her studies; Betty is very smart, and wants to do her best to try and become an expert in neurology, and I’m doing what I can to help her. It just so happens that, at the same time, she’s also my widdle diapie-baby girl who I shower with love! I’m so lucky and so, so happy to have her as my little girl, and although she’s still super-embarrassed about it…” ‘Betty’ shyly removed her pacifier just enough to speak. “I… I have to admit that I’ve come to… to like parts of it.” Her voice was high, and soft, and slightly breathy, sounding amazingly adorable. “And Brianna… Mama is so warm and kind and loving… I still w-wish she wouldn’t go so over-the-top in babying me in front of other people, though…” Brianna giggled, kissing the little brunette baby on the head. Chase and Katie smiled at the cuteness. “I’m glad she’s found somebody who loves her so much and takes such good care of her” Chase said. “And neurology? It’s rare to meet someone smart and driven enough to be good at that sort of thing, Little or otherwise.” ‘Betty’ nodded. “M-My uncle was a racecar driver. He died of a head injury in a crash. I think that’s what started my interest in that sort of thing.” At the slight hint of sadness in the girl’s tone, her ‘mother’ snuggled her closer, rocking her back & forth. Elizabeth sighed softly, putting her pacifier back into her mouth and slowly suckling on it as she laid her head on Brianna’s shoulder. “She’s so darling…” Chase said. “Well, anyway, I’m taking these two on a tour of the big city today, so we’d better get a move on. It was nice meeting you, Brianna. You two, ‘baby Betty’.” “Bye~” Katie waved to them as she and the three others of her group took their leave, heading for the checkout with their purchases. Now with a few shopping bags carrying books hanging off the sides of the strollers, they left the bookstore behind and continued on down the sidewalk, passing by a fair number of people. Many of the passers-by, particularly women, ‘aww’ed and cooed and giggled at the adorableness of Emily and Ellie together, with their matching dresses, binkies, pigtails, and pink diapers. “So,” Katie said, “where to next?” Chase grinned. “Somewhere I think our little ones will enjoy.” Curious as to what Chase meant by that, Ellie looked around… and, as they turned a corner, her eye widened a little as she saw where she & Emily were being pushed towards in their strollers: a large, brightly-colored toystore.
  10. Ellie let out a soft, content sigh as she was laid down on the changing table of her bedroom/nursery, feeling nice & clean in the wake of her usual morning bath. Katie smiled as she stood over the Little; Ellie had some light and life in her big, innocent-looking blue eye, and a cute little rosy pink tinge to her cheeks (probably residual from when her butt and her privates were gently but thoroughly washed, rinsed, and dried during and after her bath) that made her even cuter. Ellie obediently lifted her legs & butt, letting Katie place a new diaper underneath and powder it. She then let out a tiny squeak and the barest hint of a ‘baby-giggle’ as her soft, sensitive bottom was thoroughly baby-powdered, a soft sigh as her now-white butt was slowly, gently lowered onto the powdered soft padding of the waiting diaper, and another little squeak and coo as ‘mama’ powdered her privates and all around, up her abdomen and lower belly to just below her belly-button, and the insides of her upper thighs. Finally, her diaper – white with pale-pink waistband, tapes, and little kitties on it – was taped on nice and comfy-snug, with Katie giving the front and crotch a few soft pats. Ellie let out a soft sigh, a tiny smile forming on her face without her being fully aware of it, at how amazingly comfy and soft her diaper felt, as always. She wiggled around a little, blushing slightly at hearing the diaper crinkle in response. Ellie was made to sit up, and soon Katie had her in her poofy, frilly white dress with light-pink frills & lace all over (shoulders, arm-cuffs, chest, back, hem, etc), the skirt part of it near-100% exposing her diaper as always. Next came the eyepatch, made of a wonderfully soft material that felt so comfortable on Ellie’s soft, sensitive little face; the design was white with light-pink frills along the edge, and a big light-pink heart in the middle. Finally, Katie worked to tie Ellie’s long, pretty golden-blonde hair up in two cute pigtails, held by pink-lace white ribbons. She then placed Ellie’s pink silk ribbon necklace with pacifier attached around her little neck, pushing the binky between the Little’s lips. As Katie picked Ellie up, carrying her with her little limbs wrapped around the Amazon’s body, chin resting on her shoulder while Katie’s hands rubbed her back and cupped & patted her thickly diapered bottom, Ellie caught sight of the cartoony-themed clock on the wall. She was up and dressed earlier than expected, but there was a good reason for this: Katie was going to take Ellie out for a day in the big city, the one that was about 30-40 minutes’ drive from this smaller place, the one whose skyline of tall buildings could be seen in the distance even this far out (well, from a few places, where there weren’t local buildings or trees in the way). They would go out to breakfast at a little place Katie knew of, then explore and take in the city for much of the day. Katie had already made sure the stroller and ‘baby’ supplies were already in the car waiting, so she didn’t have much to grab now. Holding Ellie with one hand (with Ellie hanging on tight so as not to fall, even though she didn’t really need to), she grabbed her purse and keys and was soon out the door, locking up behind her. Ellie was carried over to the sleek-looking car and strapped into her rather comfy baby-seat in the back, Katie soon got in the front and started the car up, and they were off. -------- Ellie’s eye was wide in amazement as, for the first time in her life, she was in the big city. Driving down a modestly busy street between some of the taller structures, to her it looked like they reached clear up into the heavens. There were so many people around, in vehicles or as pedestrians on the busy sidewalks – plenty of Bigs, quite a few In-Betweeners, and many Littles (most of them the ‘babies’ of Bigs, but there were a few independents out & about… though with how some Amazons looked at them as they passed, in a few cases even turning to follow the independent Littles, Ellie had a feeling they might not remain ‘free’ for very long). The car soon left the skyscrapers behind and moved into an area where the buildings were on average “only” 5-8 stories high. On the corner of one street was a restaurant, looking a little ‘retro’ in design; according to Katie, it had been here for nearly 50 years and was still going strong because the atmosphere and the food were just that damn good. Fortunately, as they pulled into the rather full parking lot, another car parked quite close to the entrance happened to be pulling out and leaving, letting Katie take the spot. Katie got out, set the stroller up, and put Ellie in it; just as Ellie remembered, the soft padding of the stroller was quite comfortable, as she was in a position between sitting and laying, blushing as her puffy diaper was exposed for all the world to see. They walked into the restaurant, instantly being ‘hit’ by the sounds of clanking dishes and people talking; it looked like a full house, as people enjoyed breakfast together. A handful turned to look at the two newcomers for a moment; Ellie blushed as an Amazon around 10 or 11 years old giggled and went “Awww~…” upon seeing her. “Hello~” an Amazon server approached them with a big smile on her face. “Welcome! Are you two here for breakfast?” Katie smiled and nodded. “Do you have any seats available? It looks like you’re full-up right now. We’re willing to wait a little while if we have to…” “Hmm…” the server-lady looked around. After several seconds, her eyes locked on something. “Hold on a moment; I’ve got an idea. Let me just check if it’s okay…” She wandered off into the crowd, and Katie & Ellie waited. Katie reached into the stroller and gently stroked Ellie’s cheek, making the Little let out a soft sigh and lean into her hand a bit, giving her binky a little suckle. Before too long, the server-woman came back. “Um… Do you two mind sharing a table with another woman and her Little? She says she doesn’t mind as long as you’re okay with it.” “No problem” Katie replied with a smile. She leaned over the stroller, looking down at Ellie. “Hear that, baby girl? Let’s go make a couple new friends!” The server led them to a table in the corner of the restaurant, near a window. There were two people already present. One of them, seated in the booth on one side of the table, was an Amazon a few inches taller than Katie with reddish-brown hair, dressed in a simple yet very nice-looking shirt-&-pants ensemble. The other person was a Little, currently strapped into a stroller very much like Ellie’s, positioned right next to the Amazon’s seat. She had bright blue eyes and hair a slightly lighter shade of blonde than Ellie’s, currently done up in little pigtails. She was dressed in a dress almost identical to Ellie’s, a pristine innocent-looking white with bits of light-pink frilly lace. And of course, the dress exposed her thick, soft, puffy diaper, white with pale-pink waistband, tapes, and the tiny pale-pink silhouettes of baby rattles all over most of the diaper, along with a front decal design of pink hearts and stars. Also much like Ellie, she had a faint pink blush to her cheeks at being in this state among so many people, and at meeting someone else in the same boat. “Hello there” Katie greeted as she took her seat, positioning Ellie’s stroller right beside her, directly opposite the other Little’s. “Sorry for intruding.” “Oh, it’s quite all right” the other Amazon replied with a warm, friendly smile and tone. “This place is certainly quite popular. Not that I can blame them, of course; I come here for breakfast when I can. Today is my day off, actually, and I thought I’d give my little one a treat by taking her here, too.” Katie nodded. “Ah, introductions; how rude of me to almost forget. My name is Katie, and this bundle of cuteness beside me is my little girl Ellie.” The woman smiled, giving off a slight giggle at the adorable embarrassed fidgeting Ellie did in response to the attention. “My name is Chase. And this is my baby girl Emily.” ----------------------------------- Remember, back when I first wrote this story I got the author's permission to use his characters.
  11. About two hours later, Ellie was still in her surprisingly comfortable new baby-swing, relaxing as she watched TV. Even when it wasn’t swinging, it made a very comfy chair/bed (it even had a little pillow built in), and occasionally Katie would set it swinging again, the swinging rocking motion soothing Ellie a little along with the soft comfort of the swing’s padding and of her thick, puffy, powdered diaper. “Okay, sweetie,” Katie said as she suddenly came up and knelt down beside Ellie’s swing, “I know your new baby-swing is really comfy, but you can’t spend all day in it. Let’s try out another of your new things.” She picked Ellie up by her armpits, lifting her up out of the baby swing. In addition to the contrasting embarrassed helplessness and warm security that being picked up and held/carried gave her, the little blonde Little felt confusion, wondering what was next. Thankfully she wasn’t carried far, as Katie had set the next thing up nearby while Ellie was absorbed in watching TV. It was an odd-looking contraption, a tall arching frame with a few straps of soft yet strong and elastic material attached to the frame, from which hung a sort of ‘basket’ seat, like what you would see for the swings at playgrounds meant for babies & toddlers, with two holes for legs; it looked like it had soft and comfortable padding inside, and it was sized perfectly for her, with a soft plastic vinyl-padded ‘tray’ to rest her arms or put things on. Extending up from the back of the seat was a softly padded back. Ellie thought this was called a “bumper jumper” or something like that, if she [and the author] wasn’t mistaken. Katie gently lowered Ellie into the seat, her legs slipping through the holes. Her dress was bunched up, partially covering the stomach-high midpiece until Katie pushed it down into the seat some. The ‘seat’ part perfectly contoured to Ellie’s diapered crotch and bottom, pushing the thick, soft, puffy baby-powdered padding up against her sensitive privates and bottom in a not-unpleasant way, while she leaned back a bit against the comfortable padding of the seat-back. She cooed softly as she wriggled a little, settling in; it was actually pretty comfy. Softly suckling on her binky, she looked up at Katie, who giggled and reached down to softly pet her cute little head. “You can bounce around in it, if you want to” Katie said, placing her hands on the mid-part and pushing down to make the elastic cords holding the whole thing stretch down, and then letting go to let it bounce back up into place. Katie then stood watching expectantly, and Ellie blushed and bounced in her seat a few times, making it bounce a little, her little legs dangling out of the holes over the ground. “You should still be able to see the TV from here” the Amazon woman continued. “Is there anything else you’d like?” Ellie pulled her pacifier out. “H-How about a book?” “Which book would you like, sweetheart?” Ellie told her, and soon the woman came back with one of Ellie’s sci-fi mystery books from her old house. With that in hand, Ellie settled in, slowly suckling her binky as she started to read, occasionally making the seat bounce a little, or wiggling her legs underneath. For a while, Ellie simply allowed herself to be ‘lost’ in this long moment of comfort and bliss, her focus divided on one of her favorite books and on the innocent, infantile feelings and sensations of her position – the soft and cushy padding against her back and around her lower body, the relaxing, soothing, peaceful & secure feeling of suckling on her very own binky, the feel of her nice, super-soft, thick & puffy super-comfy diaper made even more so by the soft, soothing, pleasant feeling of lots of baby powder in it, the infantile amusement of wiggling her little legs in the air and occasionally bouncing a little, with the latter also proving to be kinda soothing… After about an hour, Ellie was still like this, quite content and comfortable. Then, however, she let out a tiny groan as she felt a familiar pressure that grew startlingly rapidly, and less than six full seconds later she whimpered softly as she began wetting her diaper. The pressure of the seat, pushing her diaper closer against her from all sides, meant that she felt the spreading wetness and warmth more-so than usual, feeling it spread out from her crotch forward and back, warming her abdomen and her butt as well. Her little body trembled a bit from the feel of the pee continuing to flow out of her and into her diaper, her cheeks now bearing a cute flush to them. It took a while before it finally stopped, her body giving another little shiver as the last of it came out. Ellie was almost in what could be called a daze as she ‘sat’ there in a freshly-wet, warm diaper. The seat of the ‘jumper’, in addition to fully concealing her diaper from sight, also pressed it up against her abdomen, butt, and between her legs, making her feel the damp squishy warmth more acutely than ‘normal’. Her face was red as she suckled on her pacifier, conflicting feelings whirling in her head and body; she felt helpless and infantile, with a babyish feeling of slight distress and urge to cry out for her ‘mommy’, yet the squishy wet warmth of the diaper, held close against her skin, somehow felt both icky and semi-pleasant at the same time, the warmth and ‘squishiness’ almost… relaxing. The physical relief from having let it out was also nice, and her seat was still comfy. In her emotionally confused, conflicted state, Ellie sat there, slowly suckling her binky with a slightly ‘zoned-out’ look in her eye. Occasionally she would bounce a little bit, making a tiny whimper-like noise as this pressed her damp, squishy warm diaper up against her sensitive skin, strengthening the contradictory feelings and sensations. With her lower body in the seat/swing, the now-hot-pink hearts that covered her wet diaper were hidden from view, so Katie couldn’t tell from a glance whenever she passed through. It was a little over 10 full minutes before Katie happened to come by close enough to see the look on Ellie’s face, get curious, and come over and slip her hand into the front of the seat (earning a cute little squeak from Ellie as the crotch of her diaper was lightly squeezed), feeling the squishy warmth of Ellie’s diaper. “Someone needs a changie~” the Amazon woman said in a sing-song tone. Katie lifted Ellie up and into her arms, softly rubbing her back through her pretty red & pink dress and cupping her wet-diapered bottom as she carried the little one over to the changing table, laying her on it with her dress shifted up to expose her tummy. Ellie let out a deep, slow breath, relaxing as best she could while still lightly suckling her pacifier, as her wet diaper was removed, and made cute little squeaks as her ‘mommy’ wiped her clean. She let out a relieved little sigh once she was clean, and waited with her cute little booty in the air as Katie put a new diaper into place underneath and powdered it. Ellie then squeaked and let out a quick, tiny ‘baby giggle’ muffled by her pacifier at the gentle, babyish, soothing, and slightly tickle-like sensation of soft, cool baby powder being sprinkled all over her little butt, coating it in white; she was really coming to like it, she embarrassedly realized. Her powdered bottom was gently lowered onto the also-powdered soft padding of the open diaper, and then more baby powder covered her crotch, her upper inner thighs, her abdomen, and her lower belly up to just below her little belly-button. With a cute pink flush to her cheeks, she let out another soft sigh as the new diaper – one with pink flowers all over it – was taped on nice and comfy-snug. Katie gave the front and then the crotch a few gentle, soothing pats, and then picked Ellie up into her arms and did the same to her powdered & padded butt. “There we go, cutie-pie” Katie whispered softly to her, nuzzling her. “New diapie feels real good, doesn’t it?” Ellie gave a shy little nod. “Do you wanna spend a little more time in the ‘jumper’?” Another nod. “Just ‘til I finish my book, maybe” the Little mumbled around her pacifier. “Alright, then. After that, sweetie, it’s lunch time. You’ve got a new high-chair now; it’s a pretty pink color, with a few cute widdle pictures on it, and it’s got some nice soft padding on the seat and the back so it’s super-comfy to sit in while I feed you. You’re having grilled-cheese sandwich for lunch today; is that okay?” Ellie nodded again, snuggling against her caretaker as she was slowly carried back over to the thing she’d been in. Soon she was back in it, her little legs hanging through the holes, her book (about seven-eighths done) back in her hands. Now, she cooed softly as she wiggled in her seat a little, feeling as the seat pressed her new diaper against her soft, sensitive little crotch, butt, and abdomen – being able to so ‘acutely’ feel the cool, super-soft, super-comfy padding with lots of soft, soothing baby powder was really, really nice. She let out a content sigh, softly bouncing a few times as she picked up where in the book she’d left off, a little shy smile on her lips as she suckled her binky while she read. ------------------------------------ The past several hours had been very relaxing and comfortable for little Ellie. After a little more time in the ‘bumper jumper’, she sat on the couch and watched two movies back-to-back for a while, wetting her diaper just as the second film ended and being changed into the pink diaper she wore now. She’d then been put into a baby walker for a while; it was like the jumper, with a soft padded seat that ‘hugged’ her diaper closer against her in a rather comfortable way, except it had wheels on the bottom, and her feet could (barely) reach the floor to propel herself around. Ellie had moved around and relaxed in that for about an hour, before then being taken out and allowed to roam free; she mostly chose to baby-crawl around on the super-soft carpeting, with Katie quietly delighting at how this gave her sight of Ellie’s thick, puffy, pink diaper sticking out almost-completely from under her pretty red & pink dress. Now, it would be dinner-time within the hour, though Ellie didn’t feel very hungry just yet, relaxing laying on her front on the soft carpet as she watched TV, little legs slowly kicking back and forth, making her thick diaper crinkle with every movement. Suddenly, she squeaked in surprise as Katie came up behind her and picked her up, lifting her into the air and carrying her off to her right. Ellie blushed as she saw what was waiting for her: a rocking horse, colored in shades of pink and purple, with a soft padded ‘saddle’/seat. Ellie was sat down straddling it; it was wide enough to hold the entirety of her thickly-diapered bottom with a little bit of room to spare on either side, leaving her legs wide open hanging over the sides, where there were stirrups for her to rest her feet on. A hand on her back gently leaned her forward, and she grabbed onto the handles that were hot-pink and squishy-soft so they felt nice for her little hands. Katie started rocking the rocking-horse, making Ellie let out a tiny cute startled noise as she was caught off-guard by it. Soon, though, the gentle rocking motion had a slight soothing effect on her, as well as providing a slight infantile feeling of enjoyment. Before long, Ellie was semi-unconsciously rocking back & forth on her own, ‘riding’ her little pink & purple horsey. Katie giggled softly, pressing Ellie’s binky a bit further into her mouth, and then headed to handle something else. Ellie slowly rocked back & forth as she watched TV, paying equal attention to the cartoons and to the simple, innocent joy of riding her rocking-horse. Part of her was embarrassed to be enjoying it at all, but she couldn’t really do anything about it, so might as well let herself have what fun she could. For about 20 minutes she was like this, shy but content. Then, though, Ellie felt a pressure and ‘rumble’ in her lower belly. She made a soft whimper, muffled by her pacifier, as she quickly discerned what it was. She leaned herself and the rocking-horse forward more, putting weight on her feet and the stirrups they rested in and lifting her pink-diapered butt off the seat, making it stick out behind her. The pressure of needing to poop grew and grew very rapidly, making her let out a couple of little groans as she tried to fight against it. But only about 15 seconds after it began, the ‘fight’ was lost. Ellie whimpered as her current posture meant that the mess came out of her smoothly and easily, beginning to fill her diaper fairly quickly. Thanks to her current, well-crafted diet, it was ‘healthily’ soft and plentiful (for the rest of her baby-life, every bowel movement would be a big, diaper-filling one); she knew it’d be a little while before it stopped coming out. She let out a whimpering groan, suckling on her binky as she felt the hot, mushy, icky mess push its way out of her and into her snug diaper, making the seat of it bulge out, which was accentuated by her current position that stuck her little padded butt out behind her. Ellie stayed braced in that position for what felt like quite a while, red-faced with her eye intermittently either squeezed shut or half-open and slightly ‘dazed’ in look, softly squeaking and whimpering occasionally, suckling on her binky to try and keep herself calm, as the mess in her diaper kept growing. Finally it stopped, leaving Ellie balanced in the same position, looking rather unhappy, letting out a soft “Uuuu~” around her pacifier at the feel of the big, heavy load of hot, mushy, icky mess in the seat of her diaper, which was bulging out considerably. It was at this point, however, that Ellie finally realized the precariousness of her position. With how she was leaning forward, putting weight on her widely-spread legs (which were positioned forward in the stirrups/footrests) and her upper body and arms, her rocking-horse was now tilted forward considerably. Now, as she shifted her weight just a little, she began to slowly but inexorably tilt forward. Panicking at the thought of tipping over forward and faceplanting into the carpet, she instinctively threw her weight backward, succeeding in regaining the rocking-horse’s balance… but also throwing her back as well. An icky-sounding *squish* joined a surprised and very unhappy squeal, her binky popping out of her mouth and her eye going wide, as she landed on the rocking-horse’s seat rather hard butt-first in her very full messy diaper. Ellie’s voice came out in quiet, high squeaky gasps and whimpers, tears building in her left eye as her face contorted in an expression of disgusted misery; feeling such a great big mushy hot mess being pressed/squished/spread against her poor, soft, sensitive little butt and all around… she’d never imagined anything could ever feel this icky and gross and yucky and bad. Combined with the powerful infantile helplessness she felt, it actually made her start crying, a tear rolling down her smooth cheek and a soft, choked sob escaping her, her little body trembling a little. “Huh? …Oh, sweetheart!” Katie all-but-ran over to her despondent little one. “My baby girl had a ‘squishy-sit’… Oh honey, it’s okay. Mama’s gonna make it okay. Come here, Ellie…” Katie carefully lifted her very upset Little baby up off the rocking-horse, being careful not to put any pressure on the tiny blonde’s diaper area as she carried Ellie over to the changing table. Ellie let out a soft whimper as she was laid down on the padded changing table, as this squished the already spread-out mess a little more. Katie softly caressed her cheek to soothe her, and then pushed the little one’s pacifier into her mouth; Ellie immediately startled suckling on it, trying to calm herself down. She closed her eye, her little face red, as her diaper was opened up, and she immediately bent her back to lift her legs and butt up as it was removed. Though it took considerably longer than normal, Katie took her time in being very thorough in wiping her little one’s diaper area clean, doing her best to also make it as calming and soothing as it could be in this situation. Indeed, Ellie noticeably calmed down as it went on, sucking her pacifier and breathing slow and deep as she was cleaned. Finally, after quite a bit of work, Ellie’s diaper area was nice and clean. Ellie was relaxed, much happier and more comfortable, at being freed of those disgusting sensations. A new diaper – of the ‘white with pink hearts’ design – was opened up and slid beneath, the super-soft inner padding coated in baby powder, and then Ellie squeaked and softly cooed from the soothing sensation of her soft, sensitive little raised-up butt being thoroughly baby-powdered. She was lowered onto the waiting diaper, and made another cute little noise as Katie sprinkled baby powder all over her smooth, sensitive privates and around, going out to powder the insides of her upper thighs, and then covering her soft abdomen, up past her waist, and her lower belly up to just below her cute little belly-button. Finally the new diaper was taped on, nice and snug, and Ellie let out a soft, contented noise from the thick, puffy, super-soft powdered comfiness. “There we go~” Katie cooed as she ran her fingertips along her little one’s unprotected sides and belly, making Ellie squirm and giggle a little. “All better now, in a comfy clean diapie. Are you okay now, sweetie-baby?” Ellie blushed and nodded, reaching her arms up to nonverbally ask to be picked up. Katie giggled and happily obliged, lifting the little one into her arms, feeling the Little’s tiny arms hang onto her neck & shoulders, her little head resting on her shoulder while slowly suckling her binky, while Katie’s hands softly rubbed Ellie’s back through her pretty red dress and cupped & softly patted her thickly-padded bottom, while slowly rocking her back & forth. “You can be mama’s cuddle-baby for a few minutes,” Katie whispered to her Little, “and then… Well, now that all that poopie’s out of your belly, we can put some yummy-nummies into it.” Ellie, still emotionally vulnerable from the ordeal of her very first “squishy-sit”, had a cute little blush at the baby-talk words as she nodded lightly, snuggling in closer against Katie’s soft, warm, comfortable & comforting body, feeling babyishly soothed and content at the embrace, the fresh diaper, her binky, and the continued gentle pats to her diapered butt. ------------------------------------ Ellie’s lips almost-reluctantly released Katie’s breast, her tummy pleasantly full, with a wonderful warmth spread through her belly, her head & mind, and her recently-wet diaper. She was still in a state of relaxed, carefree content comfort and babyish bliss from her ‘feeding’, and she gave Katie a cute, sleepy little smile. Katie giggled softly, carefully standing up to carry her little girl – naked except for her diaper – up the stairs and into her bedroom/nursery. Ellie relaxed as she was laid on her back on the nursery-room changing table, putting her hands up by her head and spreading & lifting her legs. She looked up at the ceiling through a sleepy half-open eye as her bunny-themed wet diaper was removed, her back being bent to point her butt upwards. Little squeaks escaped her closed lips as Katie gently wiped her privates and butt clean. A night-diaper – with pink stars on it – was opened up and put beneath her lifted-up butt, given an ample coating of baby powder, and then Ellie let out a soft squeak and a tiny, sleepy little baby-giggle as baby powder was sprinkled all over her soft, sensitive little bottom. Lowered onto the waiting super-thick diaper, she cooed softly as more powder coated her privates and abdomen, inner thighs, and lower belly, and the soft diaper was taped up nice and snug, the bulk supporting her butt off the changing table and pushing her legs apart. Katie lifted Ellie up, earning a cute little noise from the girl by patting her thickly-padded butt, and then carried her over to her crib. Ellie noticed that her crib’s mattress and pillow now had new sheets – light-pink and covered with big red hearts, similar to one of her diaper designs. In addition, there were several more big stuffed toys in there than before – a kitty, a bunny, a smiley octopus, a whatever-the-heck-that-thing-was… There was now a ‘ring’ of big stuffed toys around Ellie’s sleeping place inside the crib, all of them at least half her size. Ellie blushed at how her ‘bed’ now looked even more babyish and girlier, but at the same time it looked so comfortable… The little blonde Little was laid down in her crib, her sleepy head resting on the comfy pillow, her super-thick night diaper feeling so wonderfully soft and comfy as its bulk held her legs wide apart and supported her butt a little off the bed. Katie pushed the girl’s heart-themed pacifier into her mouth, which she immediately started slowly suckling, and then a big pink bunny plushie was placed in the Little girl’s arms; it felt so amazingly, wonderfully soft and cuddly, and she found herself hugging it against her bare chest and belly, a tiny smile behind her pacifier. Katie pulled the side of the crib up into position and locked it in place, and then sent the overhead mobile slowly spinning. She whispered “Good night, sweetheart” and then took her leave, turning the lights off and closing the door. Lying there in her big crib, atop soft sheets and a comfy mattress & pillow, a mobile spinning overhead, with her tummy nice and full and warm, and in a super-comfy night-diaper, Ellie felt very comfortable and content. Being surrounded by all these big soft stuffed toys actually gave her an extra boost to feelings of safety and security, like they were guarding and watching over her, with the big pink bunny plushie in her arms ‘hugging’ her, its luxuriously soft fuzzy fur feeling so nice on her bare tummy and chest. Feeling comfortable, content, warm, safe, secure, and soothed, Ellie quickly fell asleep, still softly suckling her binky as she dozed.
  12. Ellie let out a quiet sigh, hands up by either side of her head, suckling softly on her pacifier, as she was laid on her back on the changing table, still feeling relaxed from being bathed (as well as blushing faintly from when Katie scrubbed, rinsed, and towel-tried her butt and privates). She let her little legs and butt be lifted, hearing the familiar crinkling as Katie opened up a new diaper and placed it underneath, powdering it. Then she let out a soft squeak and a tiny giggle at the embarrassing yet pleasant and soothing feel of baby powder being sprinkled all over her soft, sensitive little bottom. She felt her butt being lowered onto the waiting diaper, laid down atop the soft, puffy, thick, powdered padding, and she let out a squeak/coo as her privates were baby powdered, and then going up her abdomen and lower belly to just below her navel, and the insides of her upper thighs. Finally, the thick, puffy, soft, amply powdered, super-comfy diaper was taped on nice and snug; Ellie let out a soft sigh of content comfort, blushing as she wiggled around a little to hear and feel her diaper. Katie gently patted the front and crotch a few times. As Katie went to pick out a dress for the day, Ellie half-sat up, propped on her elbows, to look at her diaper, blushing lightly at seeing it was a light-pink one with pink-tinged white tapes and frilly waistband, along with pinkish-white hearts along the front decal and tiny red hearts all over most of the diaper. Soon, Katie came back with a typical diaper-exposing frilly dress; this one was mainly red, with light-pink frills & lace in various spots, including the hem of the dress and around the sleeves and collar. This was quickly put on over Ellie’s body, followed by matching ribbons holding her hair in pigtails, and a red eyepatch with light-pink lace around the edges and a big pink heart in the middle. Katie then effortlessly picked Ellie up, snuggling her with one hand supporting and softly patting her thickly pink-padded bottom. She carried the little one out of the nursery and down the stairs into the kitchen, setting her down in her high-chair. There was already a bowl of cereal at the ready, and Ellie let her pacifier fall from her mouth just in time for Katie to push the first spoonful in. ------- After breakfast, Ellie was let down and allowed to walk into the living room on her own, mainly so Katie could get to watch her adorable diapie-waddle, though Ellie ended up needing help getting up onto the couch. She then settled in to watch the morning news (trouble in Tunisia, a mid-air scare that ended in a safe emergency landing, storm systems off the coasts…). About an hour passed, with Ellie very comfortable as she lounged on a soft and comfy couch in a soft and comfy dress and a very soft and very comfy diaper, slowly suckling on the binky in her mouth. Suddenly, the doorbell rang; Katie smiled a little at the cuteness of Ellie startling a bit. The Amazon woman got up, peeking out between the window curtains to see a truck from the baby-supplies store; the delivery was here. She headed for the front door, and was surprised to see a familiar face. “Hi, Ms. Emery!” Greg said with a friendly smile. “I’ve brought what you ordered!” “Greg! What a pleasant surprise! I didn’t know you did the deliveries, too.” “Well, sometimes. Plus, I wanted to make sure you and Ellie got everything set up just right.” “How nice of you” she smiled warmly. “Please, come in; I’ll get you a little something to munch on before we start bringing the stuff in.” He followed her in, the two of them passing through the living room on their way to the kitchen. There, Ellie gasped softly and blushed brightly as she saw him, while he directed a gentle smile in her direction. “Hi again, Ellie” he said. “I’m here with the stuff your mommy bought a couple days ago. …A frilly red dress and a thick pink diaper… They look so perfect together on you, honey.” This comment made Ellie’s blush go a little deeper, and she silently sat there, softly sucking on her pacifier to try to calm herself, as the fatherly Big followed Katie into the kitchen. Over the next hour or so, Katie and Greg moved in and out and all about, bringing things in from the truck and then finding places to set them up, making sure they were done properly. Ellie didn’t really pay attention to what they were bringing in, trying to focus her attention on the news and then on cartoons, though the two ‘adults’ did occasionally pass by and give her a little affectionate attention – Greg softly petting her head and stroking her cheek, Katie reaching under her dress to rub her little tummy and giving her thickly diapered crotch a few soft pats… As she sat there and did her best to relax, Ellie felt the need to pee make itself known, growing very rapidly. Squirming a little, she only managed to hold it for 5 or 6 seconds before letting out an embarrassed squeak as she began wetting her diaper. Her little face was colored by a blush, both at the idea that she was wetting her diaper and at the sensations of it, feeling the damp warmth spreading through and out from her crotch area, her diaper bulking out a little and becoming warm & squishy. She knew that the tiny red hearts that covered the pink diaper were now turning white. Once she finished, she sat there for a moment, a blush on her cheeks as she slowly suckled her binky, her attention drawn to the damp squishy warmth against her crotch and butt. Finally, she spat her pacifier out. “K… Katie…?” she called out shyly. “Mommy?” “What is it, sweetheart?” Katie came over, and then smiled. “Ah, I see what the issue is. Somebody’s wet~.” Ellie blushed and nodded. Katie giggled, and then the little one squeaked as she was picked up, a hand supporting her wet-diapered bottom. “Okay then, it’s diapie-changie time~!” Ellie let out an embarrassed groan/whimper as she was cuddled and carried over to the changing table. Greg took notice and came closer, hovering in the background as Ellie was laid down on her back with her dress shifted up to expose her diaper and tummy; she didn’t notice him yet. Ellie closed her eye and assumed the position, doing her best to relax, as her wet diaper was un-taped and removed, shivering a bit as this exposed her damp privates & butt to the cool air. She let out a cute little squeak as Mommy Katie began wiping her clean, thorough yet gentle, the touch soothing her and also feeling good in a physical way. Ellie’s little butt was lifted up, and Greg came up and picked out a new diaper, handing it to Katie who then opened it up and put it into place beneath the Little’s hips. Ellie opened her eye, and then let out a squeak, blushing bright red, as she saw the man helping to change her diaper. As Katie powdered the diaper, Greg coated Ellie’s little bottom in baby powder, earning tiny adorable noises from the girl. He then lowered her now-white butt onto the waiting diaper, and Katie powdered her crotch and abdomen, up to below her belly-button and also her upper inner thighs. The two Bigs then worked together to tape Ellie’s diaper on, Greg doing the right-side (his & Katie’s left) tapes while Katie did the other side. “There we go, sweetheart” Katie said, softly patting her little one’s newly-diapered crotch. “And thank you, Greg, for helping.” “No trouble at all” the man replied with a warm smile to match Katie’s. Ellie just let out a mortified little whimper, wiggling a little to hear the soft crinkling and feel the soft, puffy, powdered padding of her white diaper with pale-pink waistband, tapes, big hearts along the front decal, and tiny hearts all over. Katie picked her up and carried her back over to the couch, giving the little one’s padded bottom some gentle pats that soothed her a little. She was set back down on the couch, her pacifier pushed into her mouth, and she started slowly sucking on it as she looked up with wide eye and bright blush at the two smiling ‘adults’. Katie petted her on the head, and then the two of them headed back to continue setting things up. After about 15 more minutes, Katie & Greg were finally done with that, but they stayed in the kitchen and talked about this & that for about 20 more. Even though she couldn’t hear what they were saying, Ellie could tell there was ‘chemistry’ between them; the ‘girly’ part of her thought it was kinda sweet, a little. Eventually, though, he had to get going. As he was getting ready to leave… “Wait!” Katie stopped him. “U-Um…” she blushed and fidgeted. “I-If you… ever wanna… wanna come by and just… hang out, or whatever, that… that’d be nice…” The ‘Big’ man had a faint hint of a flush to his cheeks now. “Uh… Sure, I mean… that sounds good, maybe. We still have your number in the system from when you made your purchases, so if I need to contact you, I…” “R-Right. Anyway, thanks so much for bringing these things and helping me set them up. As well as for being so good with Ellie. And, um… see ya later, I guess…” He nodded, giving her that smile that had started to make her feel a bit funny inside the more she saw it, and then made his exit, the door closing behind him. Katie let out a sigh, coming back into the living room, seeing Ellie looking at her curiously. The sight of her adorable, frilly-dressed, thickly-diapered little girl warmed Katie’s heart and brought a big smile to her face, and she came in close, gently stroking the blonde Little’s cheek below her eyepatch. “Okay, sweetie,” she said, “let’s try out one of your new things, shall we?” Katie picked Ellie up, carrying her the usual way, and then began using her foot to nudge something into position (Ellie couldn’t see what from her ‘perch’). Then, Ellie found herself movie downward and turned around & about, and was laid down in something with soft padding. Looking around at the shape and positioning of it, the plastic bar and the small mobile overhead, Ellie blushed as she realized she was in a ‘baby swing’ perfectly sized for her. Katie set it moving, slowly swinging back & forth, rocking Ellie in it, while the mobile overhead began to spin. Ellie suckled on her binky as, despite her embarrassment, the rocking motion and the mobile overhead began to soothe and relax her. She let out a soft sigh, relaxing in the comfortable padding of the baby-swing and of her diaper. As she watched her little one relax, Katie smiled; she had a feeling Ellie would come to like the rest of the things she got for her just as well.
  13. Ellie’s hazel eye slowly opened, met with the sight of her crib’s walls and the baby-mobile slowly spinning overhead. Blushing slightly as, for the third time, she found herself waking up in this position, she softly, slowly suckled her pacifier and took a deep, slow breath through her nose, unable to deny how relaxed and comfortable she felt. Ellie let out a soft groan as she reached her arms up over her head, stretching them. Then, mentally bracing herself, she did the same with her legs (hampered by how wide apart her super-thick diaper spread them), and made an unhappy little noise and facial expression at the unpleasant cooled and clammy feeling of a thrice-wet night diaper that had lost its warmth. Looking down, she saw how, ‘beneath’ the front decal’s row of hot-pink hearts, the tiny pale-pink hearts that covered most of the super-thick diaper had changed to a deeper, much more visible pink, as if to tell the whole world “This baby girl’s diaper is wet”. Blushing a little deeper, she laid back and tried not to move, waiting for Katie. After about three or four minutes, the bedroom/nursery door opened. Katie walked over to beside the crib, smiling warmly as she looked down at Ellie, who looked up at her with a wide-eyed, innocent expression, pacifier still held in her mouth. Katie let out a very soft chuckle as she reached down into the crib, resting her soft, warm hand against Ellie’s little cheek, slowly moving it; the gentle caress felt quite pleasant to Ellie, comforting and soothing. Katie lowered the crib’s side, and reached down and gently picked Ellie up, snuggling her, the gentle affection balanced out, as far as Ellie was concerned, by the discomfort of her clammy diaper. Ellie held onto Katie as she was carried into the upstairs bathroom, and winced slightly from discomfort as she was sat down on the toilet lid while Katie then started getting a bath ready for her. Finally, Ellie was freed from her used night-diaper and placed in the tub, the hot water relaxing her as Katie started to bathe her. Though still embarrassed about being bathed by someone else, it was also quite relaxing for her, soothing and comforting, making her feel safety and security. She blushed, letting out little noises, as her ‘mommy’ gently but thoroughly cleaned the entirety of her ‘diaper area’. After she had been scrubbed clean from head to toe, she was picked up out of the tub and wrapped in a big, soft & fluffy towel and sat down on the toilet again. Katie grabbed another towel and dried Ellie’s hair with it, and then worked on her little body; she added a little tickling to it, smiling at the adorable sound of Ellie’s little giggles. She then picked Ellie up, snuggling the blonde Little as she carried her back into the bedroom/nursery and laid her on the changing table. Ellie relaxed as best she could, closing her eye, lifting her legs, and resting her hands up by her head. She listened to the now-familiar soft crinkling as a diaper was pulled out, unfolded, and positioned perfectly beneath her now lifted-up bottom, and Katie applied baby powder to the inside of it. Then, Ellie let out a cute little squeak as her soft, sensitive little butt was powdered all over. Her butt was lowered onto the waiting diaper, and she made another cute little noise as Katie baby-powdered her privates, abdomen, inner thighs, and lower belly; Ellie couldn’t ignore the fact that being baby-powdered was somehow kinda soothing and comforting. Katie taped Ellie’s diaper on nice and comfy-snug, giving the front padding a few soft pats. The diaper had pale-pink waistband and tapes, a front decal with a row of slightly ‘puffy’-looking hot pink musical notes, and tiny faint-pink music notes all over most of the diaper. Ellie still felt really embarrassed about being in something so girly. Next, Katie pulled out a dress exactly like the one Ellie wore on Day 2 (not the same one; there are two of this dress in Ellie’s wardrobe now): a near-uniform soft, light ‘baby’ pink, with frilly white lace and ruffles at various parts. She expertly put the intolerably girly dress onto Ellie, leaving the blonde Little blushing brightly from the combination of the dress’ babyish girliness and how it, by design, left her thick, puffy white & pink diaper pretty much totally exposed. Ellie’s pacifier necklace/ribbon was placed around her neck, the binky pushed into her mouth, and she started shyly suckling it as her ‘mommy’ lovingly brushed her hair and then put it into cute pigtails held by lacy frilly pink ribbons. Next came the pink eyepatch with white frilly lace around the edges and a red heart in the middle, perfectly covering the scar over her missing right eye, the custom fabric feeling very soft and nice against the sensitive skin of her little face. Now all dolled up, Ellie was picked up into a hug from Katie, the Amazon almost giddy from the overpowering cuteness of her baby girl, snuggling the little one and giving her thickly diapered bottom a few soft pats, leading Ellie to blush and nuzzle her face into Katie’s shoulder, suckling her binky, as she felt a combination of shy embarrassment and content comfort & security. “Now,” Katie said as she carried Ellie out of the room and toward the stairs, still snuggling and gently diaper-butt-patting her as she walked, “let’s get some yummies in your tummy, sweetie-baby. Oh, and I’m letting you know now, Ellie; this afternoon, I’m taking you to the doctors’ for a checkup.” “Huh?” Ellie mumbled around her pacifier. “B-But I feel fine.” “I know, honey, but better safe than sorry. It’s just a checkup, to make sure my baby girl is healthy. It’s a place that specializes in care for children and Littles, so they know what they’re doing. We’re not heading out until mid-afternoon, though, so you and I can relax together here at home until then; we can watch movies, listen to music, lots of cuddles…” Ellie half-buried her blushing face in her ‘mommy’s’ shoulder as they reached the bottom of the stairs and headed for the kitchen. “Now then,” Katie said, “how does sausage & pancakes sound?” The auburn-haired Amazon smiled and felt warm inside at how little Ellie’s eye visibly lit up at that suggestion. ------------------------------------ As the car pulled into a parking space and shut off, Ellie felt a little nervous in her car-seat. Yet again she was going to be seen all diapered and dolled up by lots of people she didn’t know, as well as being given a physical by the doctors. Katie came around and opened the back door, reaching in and unbuckling Ellie from her seat, and then picked the little one up, locking the door behind her and effortlessly carrying the tiny blonde towards the doctors’ office. It was a three-story building, with a few childish decorations visible on the windows; this place supposedly specialized in child and Little care. Soon Katie, with Ellie in her arms, walked through the sliding doors of the clinic’s entrance. As they headed toward the check-in counter, Ellie saw that the waiting room had a handful of people in it – Bigs with either children or Littles, a few In-Betweeners with their kids, and even a Little couple with their young son around 7 or 8, who looked positively tiny in this place and around so many larger people. Ellie blushed and hid her face in her ‘mommy’s shoulder as several eyes fell upon her as Katie carried her through the waiting room toward the check-in counter, several people smiling at her tiny cuteness. “Hello” the receptionist said. “Do you have an appointment?” Katie nodded. “Katie Emery here with a 4:00 appointment for Ellie Strauss-Emery.” “Let’s see… Ah yes, here you are. Just have a seat, Ms. Emery. A nurse will call you two in soon.” Katie nodded, heading over and sitting down in one of the vacant chairs of the waiting room. Right now, Ellie felt mortified; she could ‘feel’ several people looking at her, seeing her blonde hair in pretty pigtails, her frilly poofy pink dress that near-completely exposed her thick, puffy white diaper with pink waistband and little pink bunnies on it, her pacifier hanging from her ribbon-necklace around her little neck, the little frilly pink & white socks that covered her tiny feet… She made a very soft whimper, hiding her face in Katie’s shoulder, the frilly eyepatch covering her missing right eye only partially visible. Katie chuckled softly, one hand cupping Ellie’s diapered bottom, softly patting it for all to see. “She’s so precious…” said the Amazon woman seated beside Katie, holding her five-year-old little boy in her lap. “Thank you” Katie replied, cuddling and diaper-bottom-patting her little Ellie. “I only took her in about four days ago, so I’ve brought her here for a physical, just to make sure she’s healthy.” “Is she a pirate?” the little boy asked. “Huh? …Oh no, sweetie; the eyepatch isn’t pretend. Poor Ellie lost her eye not too long ago.” “Oh, dear…” the other mother murmured. Ellie had her remaining eye closed, and that side of her face buried in Katie’s shoulder. She squeaked softly, startled, as she felt a hand gently ‘petting’ her head, realizing it was the neighboring Amazon woman’s. She nestled a little closer to Katie, as the gentle touch and Katie’s hand cupping her padded bottom helped to soothe her just a little. Over the next 10 minutes or so, a few people were called in ahead of them. Finally, a nurse called them in, and Katie stood up, carrying Ellie and following the nurse through the door. She led them down the hallway, past a few exam rooms already in use, and into a vacant one. As she was seated in Katie’s lap in the chair beside the exam table, Ellie’s eyes wandered around the room, seeing the various doctor-y things. She felt curious confusion as she saw the sizable stacks of diapers on one of the tables, some of them clearly not scaled for someone her size. The nurse followed her gaze. “In addition to a policy of diapers being mandatory for all Little patients here,” she explained, “all In-Betweener and Big patients under 13 years old must also be diapered. …Anyway, the doctor will be here to see you two in a few minutes.” The nurse made her exit, leaving Katie and Ellie alone in the room. Katie smiled and hugged her little one from behind, pulling her back to use the Amazon’s big, soft breasts as a pillow, helping Ellie relax a little. After about five minutes, the doctor walked in – an Amazon woman around 9’3”, with blue eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. “Hello, Ms. Emery” she said with a smile. “I’m Doctor Casey Lennox.” She smiled warmly as she knelt down to Ellie’s eye level. “And hello to you, little miss Ellie.” “…H-Hi” Ellie said in a quiet tone, feeling very shy and self-conscious. Dr. Lennox giggled a bit at the cuteness of it. “So,” she said, “we’re here for a physical?” Katie nodded. “She’s my new baby girl” she replied. “I want to make sure she’s healthy.” “Okay, then. Ellie, honey, I have a few questions for you – basic medical stuff. If you could please do your best to answer…” The questions turned out quick and simple enough – date of birth, blood type, any noteworthy medical history in her or her family (none that she knew of, it turned out), that sort of thing. After that, Dr. Lennox picked Ellie up, earning a soft squeak, and sat her on the exam table. “Okay, sweetheart,” the doctor said, “we’ve gotta take off your pretty dress so I can give you a proper checkup…” Ellie gasped softly at that, and then let out a soft “Eeep!” as the doctor woman quickly and expertly removed her frilly pink & white dress, leaving her naked except for her diaper, hair ribbons, and eyepatch. The Little’s face went bright red at being exposed like this so suddenly. Dr. Lennox then brought her stethoscope up, and Ellie did her best to calm down as it was placed against her bare chest, listening to her heartbeat. She checked Ellie’s lungs yet, having her breathe deeply and then normally, from the front and the back. She then went about feeling at Ellie’s neck (Ellie thought it had something to do with checking ‘lymph nodes’ or some-such). Next, Dr. Lennox was about to start checking Ellie’s eyes, ears, nose, & throat. At this point, just after grabbing the little flashlight-magnifier thing, she finally noticed-noticed Ellie’s eyepatch. Seeing the gentle doctor’s curiosity, Ellie reached up and flipped her eyepatch up, and the doctor’s eyes visibly widened as she saw the big, near-vertical scar over the blonde Little’s right eyelid which she could tell no longer had an eyeball behind it. “I got jumped by a mugger with a knife not too long ago…” Ellie explained. “I got out alive, but not in one piece, as you can see.” “Lemme have a look…” Casey murmured as she gently removed the eyepatch, slipping the strap up over and off of Ellie’s head and setting it down beside her dress. Ellie stayed calm as the doctor leaned in closer, a hint of pity in her eyes as she got a close look at Ellie’s permanent injury. At least, she soon determined, the wound had healed (or was healing, depending on how recent) properly, with absolutely no signs of infection. Dr. Lennox proceeded with the checkup, checking Ellie’s left eye, then inside her little ears, then her nose, and then her mouth and throat. She took a blood sample, being careful and gentle, with Ellie letting out nothing more than a very soft whimper and a wince at the needle, a pink band-aid being stuck on the tiny hole on her upper right arm afterward. “Well, everything looks good so far” she said. Ellie nodded, pleased to hear that. She was about to ask what was next, when she felt a familiar pressure in her abdomen. It grew very quickly, and Ellie let out a tiny groan, shifting in her seat a little. Dr. Lennox and Katie quickly figured out what it was, and smiled as they watched and waited. After only about seven seconds, her body gave in against her will, and she let out a quiet whimper, her cheeks flushing, as she began wetting her diaper. Her embarrassment grew as the warmly smiling doctor-lady looked down, watching her diaper ‘bulk out’ a little, the tiny pale-pink bunny faces darkening to a more visible reddish pink. “It’s okay, honey” Dr. Lennox said softly as Ellie finished ‘going’. “Just relax… You’re such a good little girl, usin’ your diapie for me & your mommy… Now, let’s get you out of this wet diapie so we can keep the exam going.” Ellie felt helpless and deeply embarrassed as the doctor woman laid her on her back and un-taped her wet diaper, discarding it. She closed her eyes, letting out tiny little squeaks, as Casey gently yet very thoroughly wiped her clean. Afterward, she was rolled onto her front. “I want you to stay like this for a moment, sweetie” Dr. Lennox said, giving Ellie’s soft, smooth bare bottom a couple of gentle pats. “Just hold on a second…” Ellie did as she was told, folding her arms and resting her head on them, blushing as she lay naked face-down on the padded exam table. She heard the doctor rummaging around in the corner, getting something out, while Katie stood up and walked over, placing her hand on Ellie’s upper back, rubbing softly, relaxing her a little. Soon the doctor came back, behind Ellie and out of her view. “Sweetie,” Dr. Lennox said, “could you lift your cute little booty up for me a bit?” Slightly hesitantly, Ellie did so, using her knees to prop her hips up off the table a little, making her butt stick up. “W… What are you doing now?” she asked. Dr. Lennox gave a little smile. “Checking your temperature.” Before Ellie’s brain could completely process that statement and its meaning, she felt the doctor’s warm, soft hand on her bare butt, fingers spreading her cheeks open, and then the lubricated big bulb of the thermometer pressed against her defenseless anus and started being slowly pushed in. Ellie squealed, her eye going wide, at the sudden unexpected intrusion. She trembled, making little squeaky noises, as the ‘big’, hard, cool object slowly went deeper in, stopping after a few inches (though it certainly felt deeper). It did not hurt, but it felt so weird… “Okay,” the doctor said, “I’ve gotta leave that in you for a couple minutes. Just try and relax as best you can, sweetheart – deep, slow breaths…” Ellie held her position, her bare bottom sticking up with a big thermometer partially inside it. Her mommy slowly rubbed her back, while Casey would occasionally softly rub her bottom, the two of them working to keep her calm and relax her a bit. Finally, after about two-&-a-half minutes, Dr. Lennox decided it had been in long enough. Ellie squeaked and gasped as the thermometer was gently ‘wiggled’ and slowly turned back & forth inside her a few times, and then it was slowly pulled out, making her let out one last little squeak as the bulb popped free. She let out a tiny whimper, an obvious blush on her cheeks. “Now then,” the doctor said, “for the next step… Ms. Emery, could you please go get that and that?” Ellie couldn’t see what Dr. Lennox was pointing to, but she heard Katie walk over to the supplies in the corner and grab a few things, bringing them over. She then felt Katie’s hand petting her head, stroking her hair, and instinctively calmed and relaxed a little bit from that. Then, however, she felt Dr. Lennox spread her buttcheeks open again, and then she let out a startled squeal as again something was pushed into her anus. It felt a little bigger around than the thin part of the thermometer but not as big around as the bulb portion, and it felt like it reached a little bit deeper than the thermometer had. Then, Dr. Lennox began to continuously squeeze the sizable ‘bulb’ of the enema syringe, and Ellie let out another squeal at the bizarre sudden sensation of the cool fluid spurting/flooding out into her bowels. Her body instinctively tried to buck to get away, but Katie’s hands reached in and held her in place. She let out a sort of whine, shuddering a little, as it kept coming, Dr. Lennox slowly squeezing the contents into her. It finally stopped coming, and Ellie let out a tiny sigh as the ‘syringe’ was pulled out… only to let out another squeak as another one was pushed in, making a whimpering moan as the doctor began to inject more of the cool, slightly viscous enema fluid into her. Her belly soon started to feel ‘full’, making her let out a cute, tiny groan, squirming a little from that and the sensation of it flowing into her. When the second one was done and pulled out, Ellie tensed up, readying for a third, but it didn’t come. Instead, she was rolled over onto her back, her legs and butt lifted up into what she recognized as a diaper-change pose. Dr. Lennox unfolded a diaper and placed it beneath Ellie’s lifted-up hips, applying a light dusting of baby powder into it and on Ellie’s little bottom. She lowered Ellie onto the diaper and taped it up nice and tight; Ellie noticed that there wasn’t nearly as much powder as she was used to, and the diaper was pure, featureless white instead of any cutesy design. She felt curious and confused as the doctor sat her up and got her up on her knees, pulling her close so that she was leaning forward against the doctor, her diapered butt sticking out behind her. “And now, we wait” Casey said. Very soon, Ellie let out a little groan, feeling the pressure building in her lower belly. She squirmed a little, her diapered butt swaying back & forth a little. The special medicine of the enema that now filled her bowels would work to soften anything inside and make it come out, as was normal for an enema, but it would also prevent it from coming out for a few minutes. The (Amazon) doctors who’d created and designed this special formula made it this way for a number of reasons: it would ensure that it stayed in long enough to be properly effective; it could give a child or Little the illusion of control, making them briefly think their attempts to hold it had any actual effect; it would allow the buildup of a ‘proper’ sense of dread and foreboding at what was inevitably going to happen (it was only looked at this way by some of the ‘meaner’ parents and doctors who used it); and it allowed the pressure to build to near-painful levels before finally releasing, so that the release would provide the child or Little with a very powerful feeling of physical release, perhaps even pleasure, from finally ‘letting go’. Over the next few minutes, Ellie whimpered and groaned in Dr. Lennox’s arms, feeling her soft hands and Katie’s softly rubbing her back and occasionally softly patting her diapered bottom. She felt conflicted. On one hand, Ellie needed release and relief from this pressure, but on the other she knew that letting out an enema-mess into her diaper would maybe be the ickiest-feeling thing she’d ever experienced. Her position gradually shifted, her knees bending to lower her butt a little and make it stick/‘hang’ out more, with her face half-buried between Dr. Lennox’s doctor-uniform-clad breasts. The doctor petted her head. “Come on, sweetums” she cooed to the blonde ‘baby’. “Make big messies in your diapie for me & your mama…” Ellie whimpered as the pressure grew to near-painful levels, almost bringing a tear to her eye. Even so, she held it (or rather, was led to believe she was doing so), not wanting to experience what would happen if she let go. But in the end, it was out of her hands. Finally, against her will, her sphincter instantly fully relaxed, and Ellie let out a rather unhappy-sounding squeal as the held-back mess practically came rushing out of her and into her waiting diaper. It was mixed in with and significantly ‘softened’ by the enema medicine, so it felt even mushier and ickier than normal as it flowed/pushed out of her and filled her diaper. At the same time, though, the release of the near-painful pressure came with an amazing feeling of physical relief for Ellie, such that it actually felt really good coming out. The dissonance played havoc with her feelings. Dr. Lennox held Ellie close, she and Katie softly rubbing the little one’s back and head, as the mess kept coming, the seat of Ellie’s diaper bulging out and slightly discoloring. Ellie whimpered, wondering when the hell it was going to end, as the intolerably icky mess in her diaper kept growing. Finally, after what felt to Ellie like far, far too long, it stopped; she was ‘empty’ now. She stayed in place, trembling a little bit, her eye squeezed shut as she held onto Dr. Lennox, burying her beet-red face in the woman’s chest. The load in her very full diaper felt so heavy, so hot, unbearably mushy and icky, enough to make her want to cry… And at the same time, her whole body felt relaxed and weak, ‘loose’ and ‘limp’, in a vaguely pleasant way. “There we go” Dr. Lennox said quietly, very softly cupping the bulging seat of Ellie’s loaded diaper, earning a quiet distressed squeal from the Little. “Now that you’re all cleaned out, let’s get you out of this icky diapie so we can continue the examination.” Casey and Katie then gently, carefully moved Ellie to lay her on her back, and the Little whimpered as this made the mushy mess in her diaper shift. The doctor was at least attentive enough to grab hold of Ellie’s little legs and lift her butt up rather than letting it be squished down against the table, which would made the disgusting feelings so much worse for the poor girl. Ellie covered her eyes (well, eye) with her hands as Katie un-taped her diaper, pulling it off & away, rolling it up and dropping it with a rather loud *thud* into the nearby sealed trashcan. The little blonde then let out cute squeaks and soft gasps as both women started to very thoroughly wipe her clean, working to get every single little bit of her diaper-area. After a little work, her entire bottom was nice and clean. She squeaked as a baby-wipe wrapped around a finger rubbed at her anus, pushing in just a teensy bit, making sure it got everything. “Now then,” Dr. Lennox said, “I’ve got to check a few things inside you.” Lying on her back with legs partially open, Ellie was confused by that statement. She gasped softly as the doctor gently pulled her closer toward the end of the table, and then reached down beneath the corners and unfolded out some sort of mechanisms. Ellie realized they were stirrups just as Dr. Lennox started putting her left leg into them, while Katie handled the right leg. Soon, Ellie’s legs were secured by padded holders and soft yet firm straps around her ankles and under her knees, holding them in place, wide open with knees bent at an obtuse angle, her little feet ‘hanging’ in midair. Ellie’s face went red as this position left her helpless with her privates and anus fully exposed. Her little heart was sped up a bit. Looking at her, the Doctor smiled; by a quirk of genetics, about 40% of Littles naturally had no pubic hair, and it seemed Ellie was one of them. “Just relax for me, sweetheart” Dr. Lennox said. “This is important.” Ellie gave a tiny nod, closing her eyes and waiting, though she had no idea of exactly what she was waiting for. Then, she startled and let out a gasp as she felt something – a finger clad in a warm, soft, thin medical glove – touch her privates. She let out little squeaks and gasps as it slowly moved around, and blushed deeply as two fingers spread her lower lips open, letting the doctor get a good look. Then, Ellie got quite a surprise as a finger slowly, smoothly pushed inside her. She squealed from surprise at the sudden intrusion as well as the bizarre sensation of it, her toes clenching. Dr. Lennox was slow and gentle as she gradually worked her finger in, rubbing at different spots to feel for anything out of the ordinary, making Ellie gasp and squeak and twitch. Dr. Lennox had slender fingers, but for Ellie’s tiny body, what an Amazon called ‘slender’ was still fairly big around. The size difference also meant that Lennox’ finger was long, enough to go all the way in; Ellie let out little noises as the fingertip pressed very lightly against her cervix, palpating it for anything abnormal, making her little body tremble a bit. Then, Ellie squealed as she got another surprise, as another finger – gloved and lubricated – pressed against her other hole and then slowly pushed in. She made a vaguely whimper-like noise as her anus was stretched open by the finger’s width, the lubricated digit slowly and smoothly pushing in, rubbing at the inner walls of her rectum. Ellie trembled as she felt heat and fullness from the two fingers; it felt really weird, though it didn’t really hurt. Dr. Lennox moved her fingers around inside of her, pressing and rubbing here & there, occasionally moving in and/or out a little, checking for anything. Ellie’s breathing soon became slightly rough, her face flushed a little, her voice coming out in squeaks and gasps. At one point, Dr. Lennox’ front finger turned and pressed upwards, as if trying to feel at Ellie’s bladder from below, and Ellie gasped, her body bucking once as her eye went wide, at a strange sensation this caused. Finally, Dr. Lennox pulled her fingers free, leaving Ellie trembling softly, feeling a strange warmth inside her belly. “I didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary” the doctor-woman said. “Now, let’s perform a visual inspection.” Ellie let out a cute little confused noise at that, and Katie reached over and softly petted her head. Then, Ellie gasped and squeaked as she felt something being pushed into her vagina: a speculum, Little-sized, made of special plastic and – thank goodness – heated to a pleasantly warm temperature (some doctors at other hospitals and clinics preferred to use metal speculums that were cool/cold, just for the reaction it garnered, but Dr. Lennox and her colleagues at this particular clinic were much kinder toward Littles and children than those doctors). Once it was all the way in place, Dr. Lennox slowly adjusted it, spreading Ellie’s vagina open for inspection. Next, Ellie let out a squeaked gasp as another, comparatively-smaller speculum was pushed into her anus and opened up, exposing her insides to air and eyesight. In addition to the spread-open, stretched-out fullness, Ellie felt very, very vulnerable, exposed, and helpless right now, even though Katie’s touch on her head and Dr. Lennox’s mere presence and demeanor made her feel safe at the same time. Dr. Lennox knelt down between Ellie’s little legs, little flashlight in hand, shining it in to get a good look. She stayed there for a few minutes, switching her gaze and that of the flashlight between one hole and the other, occasionally taking a note or two. “Okay,” she finally said, “everything looks good in here – nice and healthy, a pretty pink. And with that, I believe we are done! Lemme just get these out of you…” Ellie made little gasps and squeaks as the speculums were retracted and pulled out, letting out a relieved sigh once they were gone. Her legs were then unfastened from the stirrups, and Dr. Lennox removed her gloves, tossing them out. Her now-bare hands then rested on Ellie’s little belly and sides, softly tickling her for several seconds, making the one-eyed blonde Little let out cute giggles. She then accepted a diaper from Katie’s bag, and Katie lifted Ellie’s legs and butt, the tiny girl still sporadically giggling softly from the tickle ‘aftershocks’. With practiced ease and a gentle smile, Dr. Lennox opened up the diaper and positioned it perfectly beneath Ellie’s lifted-up backside. She applied an ample amount of baby powder onto the super-soft padding of the inside of the diaper, and then sprinkled it all over Ellie’s soft, cute little bottom, making the still tickle-sensitized Little girl squeak and giggle a bit more. Katie gently lowered Ellie’s now-white booty onto the waiting diaper, and Casey coated the little one’s privates in baby powder as well, continuing upward all over her abdomen and up to her lower tummy, to just below her belly-button. She applied a little more to the girl’s upper inner thighs to finish. Finally, she taped the diaper onto the little one, taping it up nice and comfy-snug. “There we go, sweetie” she cooed to the ‘baby’ girl, softly patting the front and crotch of the diaper a few times. She giggled. “You look so cute in a pink diapie~!” Ellie blushed, propping herself up on her elbows and looking down to see that she had indeed been put into one of her light-pink diapers with the pink-tinged white frilly waistband, tapes, big hearts along the upper-front decal, and tiny red hearts all over the diaper. Katie then sat her up, and the two Amazon women worked together to put her frilly pink diaper-exposing dress back on. Dr. Lennox then carefully put Ellie’s frilly eyepatch back on over her missing right eye, covering the scar. Casey then picked Ellie up, hugging and snuggling her while one hand supported and softly patted her thickly pink-diapered bottom. “I’m sorry if some parts of all that were a little scary” she softly said to the girl. “Are you okay, honey?” Blushing, Ellie nodded. “T-Thank you, Doctor…” she murmured. “Are you… gonna be my doctor here from now on?” The woman smiled and nodded. “Mm-hm. I’ll help your mommy take good care of you whenever you’re sick or hurt. Now, lemme hand you back to you mama so you can go home.” Casey gently handed Ellie over to Katie, who hugged and held her the same way, giving her cute little diapie-butt some more gentle pats. As the two women slowly walked out of the office and down the hall, heading toward the exit while discussing things, Ellie looked over Katie’s shoulder at some of the other people here. In one exam room, she saw a boy Little around 12 or 13 being given an enema like she had been given, and from another exam room she saw as another Amazon doctor cheerfully led along a pair of In-Betweener children – both with sandy-blonde hair, a girl around 10 or 11 and a boy around 7 or 8, both of them looking very embarrassed with bright blushes as they were made to waddle along in matching thick, puffy, pink & white diapers that their hospital gowns were nowhere near long enough to conceal. In another exam room, she saw a Big girl around 4 years old, an In-Betweener boy around 11 or 12, and a young-adult female Little all laid down side by side being diapered; of the latter two, Ellie couldn’t tell who was blushing deeper. They came back into the waiting room, and Ellie buried her face in Katie’s shoulder as Katie and Dr. Lennox wrapped up their conversation. Katie would be sent home with a few supplies in case Ellie ever got sick – a few suppositories “in case she ever has trouble ‘going’”, and a thermometer just like the one used on her today. As Katie prepared to leave, Ellie’s bottom supported by one hand and a plastic bag of said objects carried by the other, Dr. Lennox held her up just long enough to smile and hand Ellie a pair of red lollipops, which Ellie shyly accepted. The kindly doctor waved goodbye to her new little patient as Katie carried her out the door, heading back for the car. “I’ll be bringing you here for checkups twice a year,” Katie said, “as well as whenever you get sick. Doctor Lennox sure seemed nice, huh?” “Y-Yeah…” Ellie replied, blushing at the memory of some parts of the examination. “She really does. Kinda like you, really…” Katie smiled, cuddling her baby girl just a little tighter for a few seconds. They reached the car, and soon they were on their way home. ------------------------------------ Ellie felt a little sleepy as she sat on the big comfy couch, watching the ending credits for a show about a certain fellow who lived in a pineapple under the sea. It was 9:59 according to the digital clock on the cable-box. She leaned back, shifting in her seat, letting out a tiny little coo at the embarrassing but pleasant comfort of her soft, thick, puffy, powdered diaper (presently one with little pink flowers on it). She felt the couch shift a little as her ‘mommy’ sat down beside her. “Hey, Katie…?” the Little asked softly. “Mm? Yes, sweetheart?” the Amazon smiled down at her. “Um… Thank you… for all this… For taking me in… taking care of me… giving me so much affection… trying so hard to make me happy and safe…” She looked up at Katie, a shy little smile on her face. “I’m still… incredibly embarrassed about a whole lot of it, but… I’m… g-glad that you found me.” Katie’s ensuing smile was so beautiful and warm that just seeing it made Ellie feel happy, safe and at ease. The bigger woman reached over and softly petted Ellie’s little head, earning another cute blush from the tiny girl. Then, Katie picked Ellie up and sat her in her lap, and the little blonde squeaked softly in embarrassment as her pretty, frilly pink dress was removed, leaving her naked except for her diaper, eyepatch, and hair ribbons. The latter two were quickly removed as well, and then Katie removed her own shirt and bra. The sight of the Amazon woman’s huge (to Ellie) breasts right in front of her already triggered a babyish instinct in Ellie. Katie kept that warm, gentle, beautiful smile as she gently moved Ellie into position, half-lying in the Amazon’s arms with her face brought up against a bare breast. Ellie closed her eye and took hold with her lips, starting to suckle, letting out an adorable little quiet coo at the sweet warmth that flowed into her mouth and then her tummy. As Katie used one arm to cuddle her little one close, the other brought up Ellie’s special rattle, starting to softly shake it over the Little’s head. As she began to wet her diaper, Ellie felt as the calming, soothing, relaxing, ‘thought-clearing’ effect that feeding had on her was combined with that of the rattle, taking her into a state of marvelous comfort, relaxation, and contentment, her mind completely free of worries and complex thoughts, blissful and innocent like a happy baby’s. The warmth growing in her tummy, the warmth of her mommy’s big, soft body and arms, the warmth of her squishy freshly-wet diaper, the ‘warmth’ filling her heart and her head, spreading throughout her little body… This was heavenly. After what felt like forever, Ellie’s belly was nice and full, and she slowly stopped suckling. Katie stopped shaking the rattle, setting it aside on the couch, and carefully stood up, carrying her sleepy little girl up the stairs and into her bedroom/nursery. She lovingly changed Ellie into her night-diaper (pink with red hearts), and laid her in the crib, placing the Little’s binky into her mouth and a big, super-soft bunny plushie into her arms. Ellie blushed and smiled, suckling on her pacifier, as Katie petted her head and then knelt down and kissed her forehead. The crib’s bars were raised up, the overhead mobile was set spinning, the lights went out, and Ellie was left in a state of wonderful bliss and comfort as she slowly drifted off to sleep. Heading over to her own room, Katie smiled; tomorrow, the things she purchased and ordered from the store uptown were due to arrive. She so hoped that Ellie enjoyed them…
  14. Ellie realized that nowadays, her face seemed to be pretty much locked in a permanent blush. Well okay, that was an exaggeration, but it sure didn’t feel like much of one. Case in point, she was presently seated in a pink high-chair of the fast-food restaurant Katie had taken her to, being lovingly hand-fed her lunch by her adoring ‘mommy’, with a handful of other customers occasionally making quiet comments about how adorable she looked. All the same, though, it was also just a bit comforting, being fed like this… and the food was good, too. After Ellie swallowed the last bite, Katie petting her on the head made her blush but also smile. “So,” the Amazon said, “there’s a little park nearby. Wanna go play there for a bit, sweetie?” “…S-Sure” Ellie replied softly, not seeing the harm in it. ----- After a 20-minute walk from the fast-food restaurant, they arrived at a small park in the middle of uptown. It was a nice place, with trees and grass and some flowers, a sidewalk path winding through it for fitness walks and the like, and a pond in the center with a few ducks in it. There was a playground, with a jungle-gym and a swing-set and a few slides. And of course, the park was not unoccupied; quite a few children (and a few ‘babified’ Littles) moved about, watched over by their parents and guardians. Katie pulled up to a ‘stroller parking area’, and unbuckled Ellie from the stroller. Ellie was lifted up into Katie’s warm arms, and she reflexively wrapped her little arms around the Amazon woman’s neck and shoulders as Katie walked slowly, carrying her over towards the playground. Ellie blushed as she saw and heard some of the parents take notice of her, smiling warmly as they admired how adorable she looked with her pigtails, frilly white dress, and exposed thick diaper, being carried in her mama’s arms. “Do you like swings?” Katie asked her softly. Ellie’s eye widened a little, a faint flush to her cheeks; she was quite embarrassed to admit to anyone, but she had always loved playing on swingsets. She gave a tiny nod, and Katie giggled quietly and snuggled her, giving her diapered butt a few gentle pats that both embarrassed and soothed the girl. Ellie then found herself placed in a baby swing, perfectly sized for her little body. Then, she started moving – or being moved, rather. As Katie pushed her on the swing, softly at first but slowly increasing, Ellie slowly let her embarrassments and worries fade into the back of her mind for now, feeling a simple, innocent joy in her heart as she swung. As she got going, she let the pacifier fall from her mouth, hanging from the silk ribbon-necklace around her neck, and an innocent, adorable little smile formed on her face. The feel of the motion, the breeze, the thick and very comfy diaper ‘hugging’ her butt and crotch… Ellie was quite happy right now. After a few minutes, Katie slowly brought the swing to a stop, loving the beautiful little smile on her baby-girl’s face. She lifted Ellie up out of the swing, hugging the little one close, and she smiled as she felt Ellie relax in her arms. “What now?’ the Little girl mumbled. “…It’s been a bit of a busy day, huh?” Katie replied. “Even though it’s only just hit 1:00PM. How about a nice walk along the path through the park, around the pond, and then we’ll go home?” After a few seconds, Ellie nodded. She made a quiet coo as Katie gently patted her padded bottom a few times while walking back over to their stroller. Soon she found herself strapped into her surprisingly comfortable stroller, with Katie pushing her along the concrete path, moving at a leisurely pace. Ellie relaxed as the walk got going, shifting around a little to get comfy, blushing faintly at hearing and feeling her diaper shift and crinkle with the movement, the super-soft powdered padding ‘caressing’ her. There was a lovely little breeze, being farther from the playground let the sounds of nature – birds, rustling leaves, the occasional duck in the pond – be heard more clearly, even the slow-paced movement of the stroller and the ‘presence’ of Katie were soothing. She wasn’t about to doze off or anything, but Ellie couldn’t help but feel relaxed. She brought her binky into her mouth, softly suckling on it, and that added to the pleasantness of this whole thing. Briefly leaning forward to look down at her little one, Katie felt joy at seeing how relaxed and calm and content Ellie looked. She reached into a pouch on the side of the stroller, and pulled out Ellie’s rattle. With one hand pushing the stroller, the other brought the rattle up over Ellie’s head and began to shake it. In her current mental & emotional state, you could almost say Ellie welcomed the rattle’s effect on her. She felt the calmness and relaxation intensify, spreading through her; she had already been letting any complex thoughts or worries drift away in the relaxing atmosphere, and the rattle’s effect helped with that, leaving her in a state of simple, relaxed, innocent, infantile bliss. She cooed softly as she slowly suckled on her pacifier, her eye half-closing as an adorable smile formed behind her binky, the sounds of nature and the hypnotic rattle combining to bring her into a beautiful state of mind. After completing a circuit of the park’s path, Katie gradually stopped shaking the rattle as they left the park and started along the sidewalk, making their somewhat lengthy journey back to the parking structure. On the way back, Ellie received several more comments about what an adorable baby she was, a few people cooing at her, leaving her feeling shy and embarrassed and blushing, but she was also still very relaxed and content from the ‘nature walk’ and the rattle, a tiny smile still on her little face. After arriving at the parking structure, the ride home was nice and calm, Ellie leaning back a little in her car-seat. When they got home, and Katie went through the security systems and opened the door, Ellie was soon freed from the stroller again, and brought up into her mama’s warm arms. Katie smiled as she moved through the entrance-way and into the living room, flopping down on the couch with her. Ellie’s chin rested on her shoulder, little arms around the Amazon’s neck, as Katie’s hands softly rubbed her back and cupped & softly patted her diapered bottom. Ellie let out a soft coo as she nuzzled against Katie’s neck, suckling on her binky, an adorable little blush and little relaxed smile on her face. ‘It’s still so embarrassing that I’m a baby now… but… I’m so lucky, so glad, that Katie found me… If I’m going to be a baby, then I probably couldn’t ask for a better mommy…’ ------------------------------------ It was now about 5:30, and Ellie assumed – judging by the previous two days – that dinner would be soon. Right now she lay on the big comfy couch on her back, looking up at her now-bare feet being stretched upward, spread apart by the puffy bulk of her thick diaper that was being ‘displayed’ by this position (currently one with pink bunnies on it, replacing the music-note one she had wet a couple hours ago). She was about to sit up, when a smiling face popped into her vision, Katie leaning over her. The Amazon woman giggled softly as she looked down at her ‘baby’ girl, moving into position near Ellie’s legs, which were still ‘reaching’ up. Before Ellie could react, Katie’s hands grabbed hold of her little bare feet, softly rubbing them a little, making Ellie blush faintly. Then, Katie started slowly and gently ‘bicycling’ Ellie’s legs, bending her knees and making the legs slowly move back & forth alternating. Ellie’s blush deepened at the silly, infantile act, though at the same time it – along with Katie’s gentle motherly smile – made her feel a little more relaxed, giving her a sense of gentle security, along with a slight bit of innocent enjoyment just as a real baby would feel at this. After about 20 seconds, though, Ellie’s tiny shy smile faded as she felt a familiar pressure in her lower belly and her backside that grew rapidly, quickly becoming very difficult to hold back. Katie, sensing her little one’s discomfort and – by time of day and body language – deducing the cause, decided to ‘help’ Ellie along. She briefly released one of Ellie’s legs, sliding a hand up under the Little’s short, diaper-exposing dress, and softly pressed down on her lower belly just above the waistband of her diaper in a certain way. Ellie let out a soft, cute “Eeep!” at that, and then a groan as the pressure grew further. Just as Katie’s hand took hold of her ankle again, Ellie’s body gave in. Ellie let out a whimpered groan of distress as, lying on her back, she began messing her diaper. Her mommy folded her legs up and held them apart, lifting her diapered butt just a little bit off the couch to ‘make room’, with the pressure of her folded legs against her belly also ‘helping’ push the mess out a little bit faster. Ellie let out unhappy little noises, her face flushed, as she felt the hot, mushy, icky mess coming out of her (with her body working against her will to push it out, even) and filling her snug diaper. As it kept coming and coming, Ellie let out a soft whimper as Katie lifted her legs a little to lift her butt more, leaving less of it in contact with the sofa and thus making more room for more mess as it continued. Finally, after what felt to the poor Little like forever, it stopped, leaving her in a rather full messy diaper, the mushy icky mess being ‘held’ so close against her feeling so hot and making her eye threaten to tear up. She looked up at her ‘mommy’ with a plaintive expression on her cute little face. “Oh, baby-girl,” Katie cooed softly to her, “don’t worry. Mama’s gonna change you outta that messy diapie. Up we go…” The Amazon carefully picked her full-diapered little girl up, listening to the soft sound of discomfort Ellie let out at the feel of the mess shifting a little in her snug diaper. Ellie was carried over to the changing table, gently laying her on her back, with Ellie making another unhappy sound and lifting her legs & butt to try and minimize contact between the seat of her diaper and the table’s padding. As Ellie closed her eye and put her hands up beside her head, Katie softly rubbed her hands along the little one’s sides and then un-taped the diaper, pulling it open and away; Ellie felt relief that the icky hot mess was no longer near her little bottom. She then let out a soft squeak as Katie started to gently yet very thoroughly wipe her clean, getting every little bit of her diaper area. Soon, Ellie let out a very quiet sigh as she was finally nice and clean. She relaxed as she heard a new diaper being pulled out, opened up, and slid beneath her lifted-up butt. After Katie powdered that, Ellie shivered a little bit at the pleasant, soothing, and slightly tickle-like sensation of her little bottom being coated in baby powder; it was gradually becoming more difficult to hold back from letting out a “cute widdle baby-giggle” (as Jessica called it) from it. Her now-white bottom was gently lowered onto the waiting also-powdered diaper, and then baby powder was sprinkled all over her crotch and abdomen, up to just below her little belly-button. “There we go, sweetheart” Katie said in a sweet tone as she taped Ellie’s new diaper (it had kitties on it) nice and comfy-snug, just the way she knew her little girl liked it. “Does a nice, new diapie feel good?” Blushing a little, Ellie nodded. “Comfy an’ soft…” she murmured. Katie picked her up into a hug, snuggling her baby girl and softly patting her thickly-diapered bottom, making Ellie blush a little more but also comforting and soothing her as she rested her head on the Amazon’s shoulders as she was carried over to the couch for some more cuddle time. ---------- Though still rather embarrassed about it, Ellie – already feeling calm and relaxed and safe – did not hesitate to slowly, gently take Katie’s offered breast between her lips and begin to suckle, making Katie let out a soft, content sigh. As the sweet, warm milk began to flow into her mouth and then into her waiting tummy, Ellie felt the matching emotional ‘warm’ spreading through her as well – worries and complex thoughts drifting away as she felt warm, relaxed, comfortable, content, safe & secure, and loved. Soon, she made a tiny noise as she began to wet her flower-themed diaper (currently the only thing she was wearing), and the spreading ‘squishy’ warmth of it somehow felt pleasant and comfortable and soothing, joining with what she was already feeling. Katie’s warm, gentle hand softly caressed the little head she was cradling and holding to her breast, while the other hand slowly rubbed the tiny girl’s lower back, helping to relax her even further. Time had no meaning in a beautiful moment like this, as Ellie shyly yet happily allowed herself to be submerged in the sensations and emotions. Eventually, it ended, with Ellie softly releasing her mouth’s hold as her stomach was now nice and full, the warmth in her belly feeling amazingly pleasant. She murmured softly, holding onto her ‘mommy’ as she was picked up and carried, moving up the stairs and into her bedroom/nursery. She was gently laid on her back on the changing table, looking up at Katie with a sleepy and content expression that warmed Katie’s heart. With how pleasantly warm Ellie felt inside & out, the cool air on her damp skin as the wet diaper was removed made her shiver a little for a second. She made cute little squeaks as she was wiped clean, the cool baby-wipes making her shiver again, though it also felt comforting, soothing, and pleasant in more than one way. After, her night-diaper – white with pale-pink hearts all over – was taken out and put into place beneath her lifted-up bottom, Katie applying ample baby powder to it. Ellie then let out a tiny, sleepy little giggle at the feel of her butt being baby-powdered, and then a cute, soft coo as she was lowered onto the diaper and baby powder was applied to her crotch, abdomen, inner thighs, and lower belly. Finally the super-thick diaper was taped into place, the puffy bulk forcing Ellie’s little legs apart and surrounding her butt, crotch, and abdomen. Katie gently picked up her little one and carried her over to her crib, laying her down on the soft mattress and pillow, smiling as she saw how content and comfortable Ellie was right now (as well as how adorable she was, with a sleepy little smile and her super-thick girly baby diaper). She knelt down, stuck Ellie’s pacifier into the Little’s mouth, and softly kissed her forehead, earning a soft coo from the ‘baby’ girl. Ellie, of her own volition, reached over and grabbed one of her big, super-soft teddy bears, pulling it close and snuggling it. Katie raised the crib’s bars up, set the overhead mobile spinning slowly, and made her exit, hitting the lights as she left. As Ellie slowly drifted off into peaceful, comfortable sleep, Katie sighed happily; she was so lucky to have Ellie as her baby girl. Tomorrow was going to be a bit of a busy day for the little one; in the afternoon, Ellie would be taken to the local pediatrician (specializing in Little care) for an extensive check-up; Katie figured Ellie seemed quite healthy, but she wanted to be totally sure. She headed downstairs to watch some TV before bed, while in the nursery Ellie was enveloped in gentle warmth, security, contentment, and comfort, softly suckling her binky with a tiny smile behind it as she headed for dreamland.
  15. The car pulled into a small parking structure in the uptown shopping district, finding a nice spot on the first floor of it. Katie got out of the car, moving along to the backseat area, and pulled out & set up the stroller. After that was done, she wheeled the stroller to the other side, and then reached in and unfastened Ellie – who was blushing again as she knew it was time to be exposed to the world in her new ‘state’ – from her car-seat. Ellie was picked up and placed into the (surprisingly comfy) stroller, her legs sticking out a little through the openings for them, the angle of the seating leaving Ellie unsure whether to say she was sitting or laying, her dress’ design and her body’s positioning leaving her thick pink diaper exposed. She gave a few soft suckles to her pacifier, her cheeks flushed pink. Katie rolled the stroller out of the parking structure; the sun was out, but the air was nice and cool. Soon, they came to a sidewalk of a road that was bordered on both sides by numerous shops, with numerous people already out & about; Ellie blushed, letting out a soft whimper, as she was now officially in public like this. There were people all over the place, walking ‘with’ or ‘against’ her & Katie – In-Betweeners, a few still-independent Littles, and plenty of Bigs, some escorting actual children and a few with Little ‘babies’. It wasn’t long before people started noticing her, smiling and saying “Awww…” and the like as they passed by, making her blush brighter. One particularly bright and ‘sunny’ Amazon woman came walking up beside them, and made a little ‘happy-gasp’ as she saw Ellie. “Oh my gosh, she’s adorable~!” the woman said. “Her hair, her dress… Oh, and she’s even got a super-cute pink diapie!” Katie giggled softly as Ellie’s face went bright red. “This is Ellie. She’s my new baby-girl; I’ve only had her for about three days now. She’s still very shy about her new life.” The other woman chuckled. “…Is that an eyepatch?” Katie nodded. “About a week or so ago, the poor dear was mugged, and she lost her eye in the attack. That’s one reason I took her in when I found her three days ago; making it in the world is hard enough for a Little who’s healthy and strong, but for a Little who’s lost an eye?” The other Amazon made an understanding noise. She then bent down, petting Ellie on the head. “You don’t have to worry now, sweetie” she said in a sugary-sweet tone. “It looks like your mommy’s takin’ good care of you. …*Giggle* You’re so cute~!” Ellie’s blush was as strong as ever as the Amazon woman’s fingertip very lightly tapped the tip of her little nose. The woman wandered off, waving goodbye to Katie and her little girl. “See?” Katie said softly to Ellie as they kept on. “You’re adorable; people love you.” Ellie made a soft, embarrassed noise, suckling on her binky to try and soothe herself. As they kept going on, she snuggled in against the soft and comfy padding of the stroller beneath her bottom, back, and head. After about five more minutes of rolling on, having numerous passing people make little comments about how cute Ellie was, they arrived at an outdoor café, Katie having a seat with Ellie’s stroller right beside her. There was some shade from an awning overhead, and Ellie tried to keep herself calm and relaxed, still blushing as the occasional passer-by would smile and make a little comment upon seeing her. After about five minutes, an Amazon woman, about half a head shorter than Katie, came up. Seeing Ellie, the other woman stopped and smiled as she looked down at the Little. “Oh, aren’t you just the most precious little thing I’ve seen in quite some time?” In addition to embarrassment, Ellie also felt something else as she picked up subtle cues in the woman’s voice and body language; the other people who’d said such things so far today had been innocent and friendly, the way one would act when interacting with an actual baby, but this Amazon seemed… condescending, in a way, and like she was figuratively looking down on Ellie as much as she was literally. “This is Ellie” Katie said to the woman. “She’s my precious, sweet little girl; I’ve only had her for a few days, but I already love her very much.” Ellie blushed and felt a spark of warmth and joy in her heart at that comment, knowing from her voice that Katie truly meant it. The other Amazon had a seat in the table’s free chair. “She is an adorable little darling” she said. “*Sigh*… Poor little things. They try so hard, thinking they can make it in the world, but it always ends up the same way. They need somebody to take care of them, since the grown-up world is just a little too much for them…” Katie’s expression tightened a bit. “I have a little one of my own, named Tiffany” the woman continued. “She’s at the daycare at the moment. I found the little darling one afternoon ‘working’ at a car dealership. I just couldn’t bear to see her pushing herself pretending to be a grown-up, so I just had to take her home with me; the In-Betweeners who ran the dealership tried to protest, but well, you know how they tend to think themselves smarter and more capable than they are, just like most Littles…” At this point, Ellie quietly removed her pacifier so that she could properly frown at the woman. “The poor little thing resisted some,” the woman continued, oblivious to Ellie’s glare, “still unwilling to let go of her mistaken belief that her playing grown-up was the real thing, when she needed to be taken care of. But now, she’s my little angel. None of that nonsense about ‘independence’ or ‘school’; she’s mama’s little baby now. I make sure she’s happy – lots of coloring books and books on ABCs and such instead of that boring grown-up ‘sci-fi’ she used to say she liked, sing-alongs and nursery rhymes in place of that dreadful adult music she used to listen to, simple baby-food because it’s so much better for a little one’s tummy than grown-up food, adorable outfits, nice super-thick diapers so she crawls for mommy and can’t wander off where she isn’t supposed to… No more of that bothersome ‘adult’ business that Littles like her have no business trying to pretend they can handle; just mommy’s little angel-baby, just like yours…” As the woman finished talking, however, she finally noticed that not only was Ellie glaring at her a little, so was Katie. “For your information,” Katie said in a clipped tone, “I am among those who believe that Littles are not inherently incapable of taking care of themselves and making it in the world; there are plenty that need help and care, true, but I’ve also met plenty who were and are doing just fine in life. I took Ellie in as my baby girl because she lost her eye to a mugger,” the Little in question flipped her frilly eyepatch up to reveal the scar over where her right eye once was, “and she couldn’t keep her job because of her injury, and she has no living family to support her.” “And even then,” Ellie spoke up, “even though she treats me as her baby, she also treats me with respect. She actually treats me like a person, like her actual daughter, not like a pet or dress-up doll like how people like you treat our kind.” “Furthermore, Ellie is a surprisingly bright little girl; I suspect only lack of sufficient funds kept her out of college. It would be such a shame to let her mind go to waste, so I allow her intellectual stimulation. I let her read, watch, and listen to what she wants. …Some of her music, though being hard rock, has some rather meaningful or positive messages in the lyrics, even.” The other Amazon woman now looked a bit confused, as well as upset. “B-But… But she’s a Little! They can’t be mature, or take care of themselves! They’re just… They…” Ellie allowed herself a tiny smirk. “Is the cognitive dissonance too much for you?” The woman turned her attention to the Little in the stroller. “You’re not supposed to know big words like that! You’re just a baby, supposed to be unintelligent and docile and helpless! Babies who back-talk get spankings, so shut your little trap!” Katie shot to her feet, her greater height and build (she had some muscle to her) looming over the other Amazon with a positively dangerous look on her face. “Don’t you talk to my little girl like that!” Katie’s normally high and cheery voice was more like a low, menacing hiss. “If you lay one finger on my Ellie, I’ll break both your wrists!” The shorter Amazon woman backed up, surprise and fear in her eyes. “T… This isn’t right! I-It goes against the natural order!” Katie let out a snort-like sound of contempt, one mirrored by Ellie. “I’m not willing to deal with someone who insists that they can never be wrong” Ellie said. “So you just keep on talking to the wall, because we’re walking away.” With that, Katie made their exit, pushing Ellie along in the stroller, leaving the other Amazon in their wake. “I’m so sorry you had to deal with all of that, sweetheart” she said in a soft, gentle tone to Ellie. “It’s okay” the one-eyed Little replied, fixing her eyepatch back into place. “Thank you for saying all those things… mommy.” At hearing that, Katie’s face lit up with a wonderful smile, and she stopped, knelt down, and petted Ellie’s head while kissing her forehead, and gently pushed the blonde Little’s pacifier back into her mouth; Ellie right away started calmly suckling on it, feeling warm inside, safe and secure in Katie’s presence. ------------------------------------ After about another hour or so of wandering the uptown streets, window-shopping and (in Ellie’s case) being cooed over by passers-by over what a cute little ‘baby’ she was, they arrived at one of the largest shops in uptown: a store that sold baby furniture and other ‘goods’, for ‘babies’ of all sizes. As she was wheeled through the automatic doors into the huge, spacious, air-conditioned store, Ellie felt more small, vulnerable, and embarrassed than ever before: strapped into a giant baby-stroller, her hair in pigtails held by frilly white & pink ribbons, a pink binky in her mouth, a frilly eyepatch with a heart on it over her missing eye, a poofy, frilly, lacey, deliberately diaper-exposing white dress, a thick, puffy light-pink diaper with little red hearts all over it… When she was outside, she only got the occasional look and comment from people moving about to & fro, but now, in this store, she was sure to get a lot more; already, she could see people – Bigs and In-Betweeners, employees and customers – starting to catch sight of her and smile at how tiny and adorable she was, being slowly pushed along in her big, comfy stroller by her gently smiling Amazon ‘mommy’. One employee came up to them: a ‘Big’, male, looking to be in his mid or late 20s, around Katie’s height if not an inch or two taller, with dull-brown hair, brown eyes, a fair complexion, clean-shaven appearance, and a warm, welcoming smile. “Hello there” he said. “Welcome to our store! My name is Greg; how may I help you today?” Katie smiled brightly, her eyes briefly looking him over; my, he was handsome… “Well,” she said after a couple seconds, “I have a new little girl here, and I’m looking to get a few things for her.” Greg nodded, smiling as he looked down at Ellie, whose blush deepened a little at the attention. He knelt down closer to her level. “Well, hey there” he said in the unmistakable tone of an adult talking to a small child. “Aren’t you just adorable? Even your diaper is super-cute!” Ellie let out the softest of embarrassed whimpers, her face red as she sucked slowly on her pacifier. Greg straightened back up. “Anything you have in mind, ma’am?” “Oh, a few things” Katie replied. “Clothing, supplies, maybe some furniture or…” Katie and Greg got into conversation about what she needed as they began to move, with Ellie along for the ride in the big, comfy stroller. ---------- The next hour was spent moving to & fro within the spacious and sizable store, with Greg helping Katie find and pick out what she needed as she pushed Ellie’s stroller along. Fortunately, this place apparently did home delivery, so she didn’t have to push a big shopping cart at the same time. At some points, Katie and Greg had told each other a little about themselves; Ellie could see signs of mutual ‘interest’ in their body language. She also explained Ellie’s predicament (lost her eye to a mugger, taken in to protect and help her, etc) to the man, earning his sympathy. During this time, Katie had purchased/ordered quite a few things for Ellie: some more cute dresses and shirts, a new high-chair with a soft padded seat instead of the cheap-ish plastic one she’d been using so far, a second set of sheets & pillowcase for Ellie’s crib, a few more big, super-soft & cuddly soft plush toys, a couple of spare pacifiers, a baby-swing, a couple of other things… And all the while, Ellie was frequently exposed to numerous comments about what an adorable little baby girl she was in her pigtails and frilly dress and thick pink diaper by lots of the customers and employees of the store, leaving the poor little thing feeling mortified. Now, as the trio moved between sections of the store, they came across an interesting sight. A particularly tall Amazon woman, about half a head taller than Katie, was browsing through supplies. She had one hand resting on a handle of a large, red & pink stroller. The stroller’s occupant was secured inside by the safety straps, and was all dolled up – a pink & red frilly dress similar in style to Ellie’s that fully exposed her thick diaper (thick enough that she’d either have a very pronounced waddle or would have to crawl) with little flowers and butterflies on it, her hands and feet in pink mittens and booties with red frills, her shoulder-length dark brown hair up in little pigtails held by frilly lacy ribbons, and a pink heart-shaped pacifier in her mouth, held in place by a pink strap. She looked very unhappy, her face red with mortified embarrassment that only deepened as her blue eyes caught the trio looking at her. She also seemed to be physically uncomfortable, squirming a little. As Ellie looked, she realized this other girl wasn’t a Little; she was an In-Betweener girl, around 9 or 10 years old. The girl’s ‘guardian’ noticed Katie, Greg, & Ellie’s confused expressions. “Oh” she said. “Hello, there. …Curious, are you?” The trio nodded. “Well, this little one came from an abusive household, but she was not the one being abused; rather, she helped her parents abuse her little brother. They’ve been arrested, of course, and the boy placed in the foster care of a family who specializes in healing children’s wounded hearts. And as for this girl… It was decided a week or so ago that, as part of her punishment, she will be ‘re-raised’ by myself and my partner – we’ll see if starting from scratch can make her into a proper person, well-behaved and with empathy for others. Until she is 13, she will be treated as a baby, all the way, including being in diapers 24/7; considering she’s 9 years and 7 months old right now, that’s about 3 ½ years to go. After that, until she is 15, she will be a ‘toddler’, kept in pull-ups during the day, and diapers at night and whenever she’s sick. There are other parts of the long-term punishment and re-raising, of course, but I won’t bore you with the details.” “I see now” Katie said. “Well, here’s hoping it sets her straight.” The other woman nodded. She then came closer, looking at Ellie. “What about yours?” “I took Ellie in after she lost her eye to a mugger.” The other Amazon’s eyes widened, sympathy crossing her features. “Poor thing…” she murmured. She knelt down in front of Ellie, smiling warmly at her, and reached out to softly pet the blonde Little’s head, making Ellie let out a soft noise of equal parts embarrassment and simple babyish happiness at the warm and gentle contact. The mood was interrupted by a fairly loud passing of gas and a mortified whimper from the girl in the other stroller. “Oh,” the girl’s Amazon guardian said with a grin as she got up and walked over, “it sounds like the suppository is taking effect; you’ll have a nice, full diapie with a big, mushy messie soon enough. Let’s go find a place with some more people, so they can allll see what a naughty little baby girl you are…” As she made her exit, pushing the stroller along, the little girl groaned and whimpered as her belly audibly grumbled. Shaking her head, Katie turned to Greg. “Do you mind if we swing by the restroom for a few minutes? …And, um, do you mind showing me where the restroom is?” Greg grinned. “Sure thing. Follow me.” As he began leading them toward the back corner of the store, weaving through a couple of aisles, Ellie let out a soft groan as she felt the familiar pressure in her lower belly. After only about 10 seconds, it released; the dolled-up blonde Little let out a soft whimper/groan of embarrassment as she began wetting her diaper, feeling the warmth spreading out and soaking in. Her cheeks flushed pink at the increasingly-familiar mixture of conflicting sensations and emotions. After about another minute or so, they reached the shop’s restrooms. There were also a pair of diaper-changing stations outside the restrooms, between the two doors, with movable curtains for privacy (not that most Amazons used them while changing their Littles, feeling that ‘babies have no need for modesty’ or the like). As she prepared to head into the ladies’ restroom, Katie looked down at Ellie and noticed that the tiny red hearts that covered the little one’s light-pink diaper had turned white. “Oh dear” she said. “Ellie’s wet. …Sweetie, mommy really needs to go potty; I’ll change you right afterwards, okay?” “Well,” Greg spoke up, “if it’s easier, I could change her. My little brother has a baby girl of his own, and I babysit sometimes, so I know how. It wouldn’t be fair to make her wait if there’s another option, would it?” Katie looked slightly surprised, while Ellie’s eye went wide, a blush coloring her cheeks. Katie let out a “Hmm…”, and then smiled. “Alright, then” she said with a nod, earning a surprised squeak from Ellie. “I’ll be out in a few.” As she watched Katie disappear into the bathroom, Ellie then startled as her stroller’s straps were undone, and her tiny body was lifted up by the Giant man. In the blink of an eye, she found herself being laid on her back on one of the changing tables, the curtain drawn. Looking up at the man’s gentle, fatherly smile, Ellie felt her whole face growing hot. “Ellie, sweetie, relax…” he said in a soft, soothing tone. “I’m gonna take good care of you, honey. You can close your eyes – well, eye – if that helps…” Ellie did so, squeezing her eye shut and sucking on her pacifier. She felt as her dress was shifted up, fully exposing her diaper, tummy, and lower back, and her little legs were lifted up into position. As the tapes of her pretty pink diaper were undone and the diaper removed, she made a tiny little whimper of embarrassment, her face going bright red at being exposed to a male stranger like this. After a few seconds, she squeaked as he began gently wiping her clean, her breath coming out in little gasps and squeaks muffled by her pacifier. Once that was done, she listened to the soft crinkling noise as Greg pulled a new diaper out of the diaper-bag attached to her stroller, unfolding it and positioning it beneath her lifted-up bottom. After he powdered the diaper, she made another little cute squeak as he began sprinkling baby powder all over her little butt. She was then lowered onto the diaper, and he powdered the rest of her diaper-area, and up to below her belly-button. Finally he taped the new diaper on nice and comfy-snug, giving the padded front a couple of soft pats. The new diaper was white with pale-pink tapes, waistband, and leg-hole rims, with a row of pink musical notes on the front decal and tiny pale-pink notes all over the diaper. “There we go, sweetheart” he said softly. “Doesn’t that feel better?” Ellie gave a tiny little nod, her face still bright red. “T-Thank you…” she murmured from behind her binky. Greg chuckled. “Any time, cutie-pie.” He lifted her up, holding her and giving her padded bottom a few soft pats, making her squeak and bury her beet-red face in his shoulder. He held her like this, occasionally bouncing her a little bit, until Katie came out of the restroom. “Thank you so much for taking care of her, Greg” she said. “It’s no trouble at all, Katie” he replied. “Now, you said you’d ordered everything you need?” She nodded. “Check-out time, I guess.” She watched as he carefully put Ellie back in her stroller, strapping her in, and then the trio made their way back toward the front of the store. Soon they reached the checkout counter, with Katie pulling out her debit card and confirming her purchases, setting everything up to be delivered to her house within the next 2-3 business days. She and Greg kept chatting about little things as he walked her to the exit. “Goodbye, Greg” she said. “Thank you so much!” “Sure thing, Katie!” he replied. “I’ll come here whenever I need anything; maybe I’ll see you again…” The two waved goodbye to each other as Katie pushed Ellie’s stroller out the door, a bit of a spring in her step. Ellie resisted the urge to giggle a bit. “Well, that was certainly nice” Katie said to her as they joined the sidewalk traffic. “We got lots of new things for you, and Greg sure was helpful and nice, wasn’t he? Did he do a good job changing your diapie?” Ellie blushed brightly at being made to remember. “Y-Yeah…” she murmured. “What now?” Katie’s attempt to answer was interrupted by a little grumble from Ellie’s stomach, making the babied blonde Little blush again. Katie giggled. “I think your tummy just decided where we’re going next. Let’s go get some lunch!”