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20 hours ago, Alvin Spacemunk said:

A Pepsi was arrested for a crime, but why was the Cola arrested to?

Because it was a coke conspirator

AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!! Now THAT is a 50 megaton, death-dealing stinkeroo!!1

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Insurance companies are like the mafia: "Nice life, be a shame if something happened to it"

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This year for Halloween I wanted to round up 2 buddies and go hang out at the bar, each of us dressed as a priest, rabbi, and monk. I thought that would have been funny.

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Would another name for ther Ignore List be the "troll booth"?

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What implement would you use to punish a canine being naughty in the swimming pool with?

A doggy paddle


(EDIT: by the way I meant to say "pool" not "poo")

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How do you get rid of fleas on a dog?  With a buggy whip!

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Have you ever wondered what the voice of a talking dog would sound like? Well I got talking to one from Siberia, it was husky.


Did you know I have an underground bunker? I was there recently and I tried to install Microsoft Edge on it, but it wasn’t compatible because it didn’t have Windows installed.


My dog, my hamster and even my goldfish had the guts to play knock-a-door run on the man across the street. But my cat wouldn’t because it’s a pussy.


I was on vacation recently in Prague, it’s a beautiful city and I’d recommend you go yourselves and Czech it out.


My Morris car works down the coal pit, it’s a Minor.


The Purple Rain album would be a good basis for an AB diaper, has Prince on it.


Mrs E never did find out what happened to her husband, it’s was a Mr E.


The lady working on the drains left the man hole cover open so I fell down it, I’m going to sewer.


At the club One, Two Three and Five usually sit out when the DJ plays House music, but you can always expect Four on the floor.


What do you call a cymbal that’s smoked loads of weed? A Hi-Hat


Did you hear, you can now get the Dodge Challenger with an electric engine? It’s not bad but you have to pay extra for the Dodge Charger.

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Why didn’t the M4 diaper want to go to Spain on vacation again?

Because it had already Abena there before.

What do you call an album made by those into spanking?

The Greatest Hits

What do you get if you combine Belgian chocolate with a smart phone?

A Samsung Galaxy

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