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  1. I agree. I was prescribed meds for it a couple times in my life, once in my teens and a couple decades later. I couldn't stand taking the meds, which in one case caused dehydration and made me feel lethargic.
  2. Did you wet your pants during the day when you were in high school?
  3. It's an interesting issue. I was still wetting especially the bed, at puberty. I didn't like it when I was young but came to like it. My mother said my rubber sheet would be removed if I was dry for six months. I had it on my bed until I was 17 but stopped regular wetting about three years before that. I missed that rubber sheet so much after it was removed.
  4. The teacher used to keep him in class at recess and/or lunch, whichever followed his accidents, and presumably the janitor was called in to mop up. We just assumed he was sent to school with a change of pants. Back then we were seldom put in diapers for day wetting. The disposable products that are available now either weren't around back then or weren't commonly used if they were around. I saw several classmates wet their pants during my years in elementary school and I had a few accidents myself, but none as regularly as this particular guy.
  5. I'm not sure enjoyment is the goal for a lot of us. Accepting it and dealing with it are important. I don't psychologically think of myself as a wetter and I'm never really sure if I'm a true DL. Some would probably say I'm in denial but that's okay with me as long as I'm coping. I can seldom go a day anymore without wetting my pants. I'm a bit self-conscious after I've wet in public but I just try to think about it as one of those things in life that I can't fully control.
  6. I figure it's nobody else's business. When I travel I always use protection for the bed and bedding and at home I'm pretty discreet. These days when you buy supplies like diapers, pullups and bedwetting pads few pay any attention. Sometimes a cashier will look up at me and I just say 'it's a medical thing' and nothing further is said.
  7. I sat beside a boy in school one year who wet his pants at school almost every morning. By morning recess there was almost always a puddle on the floor at his feet. When I wet my pants at that age I was put in training pants worn under rubber pants. My mother used to scold and punish me for bedwetting but my father got much more upset about my pants wetting.
  8. bedwetting

    I think it was easier to figure this out a few decades ago when a lot more people still hung laundry out to dry. I grew up in a poorer area in a small industrial city and a lot of neighbors didn't have their own washing machines or dryers so many people hung their laundry out to dry. My mother used to do it too when the weather was nice even though she had laundry machines. I knew most of the houses in my neighborhood where other bedwetters lived although some families had a lot of kids so identifying individuals was often difficult.
  9. Do you think there's a connection? I'd be interested in knowing. Libido decreases with age for most guys but I'm not sure about the impact of loss of bladder control. I sleep alone now and have for several years so I tend to blame my decreased sex drive on that. Being wet used to stimulate me but more often these days its just more work to clean up in the morning. I woke up wet this morning and pulled of my wet underpants and shifted over to the dry side of the bed and got up to shower after a couple more hours of sleep. And now I'm doing laundry. There's nothing erotic about it these days it seems.
  10. Seeing your doctor about bedwetting is no big deal. They have heard it all before and will not judge you. Stevewet: I agree with you. I've been dealing with a medical situation and have a preliminary diagnosis of a motor neuron disease and my doctor asks me about my urinary issues. In fact he raised it before I did.
  11. Poobrat, that's pretty bad that they just assumed you cheated. Back in the old days the teachers had a lot more power and control over students than today I think.
  12. An interesting topic. It's interesting that it's an issue for females. Most guys are familiar with the problem, especially in the morning. Relaxing is the key of course.
  13. I think this is largely true. When I was growing up we were spanked both at and at school. And my parents wouldn't have been considered particularly harsh back in those days. The number of spankings or beltings to be more accurate that I got from my father, which ended in my mid teens, was in the single digits but that doesn't diminish their impact. My mother spanked me and my siblings more regularly during our formative years. Now that spanking has largely gone out of fashion as a form of parental discipline I wonder if this fetish will eventually disappear?
  14. I sympathize with you. I suspect urinary issues are common in these facilities at all and the staff are trained to deal with it. I've taken lot of meds including antipsychotics and know the side effects of these drugs. .
  15. YeOldeDiapers - It's an interesting issue. I've read that about 1 to 2 percent of teenagers wet the bed. As its believed that percentage decreases by about half from the beginning to the end of the teen years I suspect that your figures are probably accurate. I wonder if there's a difference between males and females?