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Tape Diapers vs Pull-Ups

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I'm pretty much strictly a tape-on diaper person. I prefer the ability to adjust how they fit and how snug they are, and also, I much prefer the look - my diaper interest was spawned in my youth, and back then, we didn't have pull-ups, so they have never really been of interest to me. I was in the UK last year for a short trip, and where I was located by the airport, there were no shopping options, really, so I bought a pack of Attends pull-ups to wear, and they reminded me why I don't like pull-ups, generally. Something like a Goodnites is better, but they're not designed for my frame. 

I will wear cloth or plastic-backed diapers - I prefer plastic, but for day wear outside of the house, I need a quiet diaper, so I generally go with something with a fabric cover. 

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I agree:

I Said "Taped on Diapers"

Pull Ups/Cloth Adult "diapers"  They are used as a training aid, and are NOT designed to hold the void.  Lets face it, when you use pull ups, the expectation usually means that you are going to use the toilet eventually.  They deal with SMALL AMOUNTS of voiding, and NOT large voids.  I also think that if you want the ability to hold in what is there, a pull up or cloth backed "diaper" does not do it.

Disposable Diaper/Incontinence Diaper/ABDL Diaper:  These things ARE diapers.  They ARE usually plastic backed, and can deal with multiple voids or one big one.  Taped on diapers give you the ability to be sure the diaper stays where you want it to, and not be moving around.  If you want the "babyish feel" of a diaper of the 70's/80's90's, these diapers are what you should use.  Unless you use CLOTH and are good with that of course ;)




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I have happily found that tape diapers with the added protection (for sagging or fit) of what are labelled incontinence adult pants here, is the way to go for me. The pull-up pants just keep everything in place, particularly when gravity starts fighting with the diaper.

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Pull ups are my overall preference. Since I wear for enjoyment and normally during waking hours I just find them easier to deal with and I've found I can minimize leaks with use of pads when I switch into "dribble mode". 

The only time I've had failures of them they've all been my own fault (getting one more wetting into them when they're at saturation point.)

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Tape diaper all the way. 
Having said that, if I want to pad up before going out without making it super obvious, then I will put on a pull on type brief.  No, they don’t hold as much, but I’m not entirely planning on using them. (Does happen once in a great while.) This is also the reasoning I have some cloth trainers and cloth diapers. I have noticed less noise and not always obvious. It’s my go-to if I want some padding, but don’t plan on using them. 
I am also one that actually liked Bambino’s attempt at disposable training pants, my one issue being the printed designs.  It’ll likely never happen, but I would like to see someone try again. Maybe this time resembling the old Pull UPS from the late 90’s, maybe some astronaut designs....plz?  I also wouldn’t mind something replicating the late 90’s Goodnites. I can wish, can’t I?

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i can only wear taped diapers because mommy\girlfriend does not let me wear pull ups only when i am doing potty training which is very rear now as i hvae failed potty training this morning i had 2 wet pull ups and a poopy pull up so now i have to wear diapers till mommy can say i can wear pull ups again.stay padded people 

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I wear tape on diapers as pull ups are for those that can make it i dont. I wear 24/7 and iv conditioned myself over the last 6 years to the point i dot event think it just happens. There far more convenient then pull ups and as an ABDL they have the prints i like. Change time is easer as i can change my diaper without having to remove my shoes pants ex i just slide a new one between my legs tape up and go about my day.




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