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  1. lily~nyan

    How open are you about ABDL?

    I've only shared it non-anonymously with one other person in my entire life. We met on Tumblr and I was overjoyed to find someone else like me, so I ended up disclosing to her and we talked about it a little (she also recommended Pull-Ups Goodnites to me.) We don't talk any more, unfortunately. Unless I was extremely close to someone and had an established trust around kink stuff I see no need to share it with anyone who isn't my therapist or a future romantic partner.
  2. lily~nyan

    That diaper feeling

    So I can relate even more now... I had to switch back to regular undies for a day and I just felt sad when I left the house this morning. When I got back in one this evening, on the other hand, I felt comforted, secured, even a little blissful. So yeah, I guess this is my life now.
  3. lily~nyan

    That diaper feeling

    I can relate. This is my first week trying full-time wearing and I already never want to wear regular undies again. LOL
  4. lily~nyan


    Mid-20s for me, although the curiosity to do so had been around a lot longer. 10 years later I finally accepted it and started wearing full-time. ^^
  5. lily~nyan

    Pull ups

    oooh those are what I wear, but in purple! Not all of the pink ones in a pack have designs on them, but all of the purple ones do. Also I just like the color. ^^ Can also confirm, they hold quite a bit for a "discreet" diaper. I slow-wetted one a few days ago and made it last 6 hours, and I probably could have gone longer.
  6. thanks! I'm like 99% sure it's Honoka from Love Live, which brings joy to my little queer kinky idol trash heart. <3 Also yay!!! I'm legit happy knowing there are other people out there like me... we're like a niche within a niche, and it's really easy to feel like you'll never find a partner who meshes with everything.
  7. lily~nyan

    What do u use diapers for

    I started off peeing in mine as a kink thing, but over time I realized there was a comfort/security thing to it too and a little bit of "my naughty little secret" so my answer would be some but not all of the above. I prefer not to mess because it's such a... well, mess, versus messing in my undies where I can just jump in the shower and rinse everything off.
  8. lily~nyan

    How often do you wear?

    I'm newly "out" as a DL, and I'm gradually working my way up to 24/7 wear. Right now it's just a "most of the time" thing, although I wore all day over the weekend and today was my first day wearing at work so that's 3 days in a row!
  9. I'm a trans lady who is exclusively attracted to other women and femme nonbinary folks. I ID as lesbian, but there is some panflexibility there. Being a DL (or accepting being a DL, anyway) is a new thing to me and I have no idea how I'm going to work it into a potential relationship. A lot of other trans folks I've encountered are pretty snarky about socially unacceptable kinks, despite being kinky themselves.
  10. lily~nyan

    Being trans and liking diapers

    My whole sexuality is a big ol' mess... I repressed everything around my gender and my kinks well into adulthood while trying to force myself into the role of a cisgender heterosexual male, and all I did was give myself depression and anxiety issues. I finally came to terms with my gender a few years ago and transitioned, but I still have a ton of self-esteem and self-worth issues to work through, particularly in regards to my kinks and fetishes which I still carry a ton of shame around. Over the last couple of weeks I've finally begun to accept that I'm a DL and figure out where I fit there (no interest in AB stuff at all but I do enjoy wearing as a kink and a comfort thing, and I'll probably end up wearing 24/7 soon now that I've settled on a brand I like) so my hope is that if I can finally find some acceptance there that everything else will start to come a little easier. I guess after typing all that out I have to admit it seems a little (a lot, actually) surprising that I was able to find acceptance so easily with being a transgender woman, which is a big, public, visible thing that you almost have to involve everyone in your life with, versus being a diaper lover which is something I don't really need to involve anyone else with outside of potential partners. I guess it's because one is widely understood and socially acceptable (to an extent) whereas the other is still considered deviant by the mainstream.
  11. lily~nyan

    What diapers do you wear?

    Always Discreet Boutique, in purple (they call it "mauve.") I tried some a week ago and fell in love, and went back today and bought another pack. I prefer discreet, which these are, plus they come in a color other than white or beige, they have cute little lace detailing on the front, they make my butt look cute and they're surprisingly absorbent. I'm still new to wearing out in public, but after 5 or 6 hours of slow-wetting the pair I have on now they haven't leaked at all and they still have room to fill.