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  1. lily~nyan

    What do you add to your diapers?

    If you're not powdering up before you get padded, you're asking for diaper rash... and nothing is as sad as having to go out of diapers for a few days to let a patch of diaper rash clear up.
  2. lily~nyan

    Baby Nicknames?

    Any cutesy variation of my name, like "Lilybean" or "Lil-lil." ❤️
  3. lily~nyan

    Bringing Out The Baby In One

    Kitten videos. Watching kittens play and snuggle with each other sends me into instant little space. ❤️
  4. lily~nyan

    Favorite Places To Wear Diapers.

    Everywhere? LOL Okay, maybe not in the shower or the pool... although I'm interested in trying a swim diaper sometime.
  5. update: Onesie or a t-shirt with a diaper, depending on how little I'm feeling at bedtime. ^^ Big ups to Littletude and Littleforbig for making their onesies with super soft cotton... after being washed and dried with fabric softener they feel like a dream. ❤️
  6. lily~nyan

    I’m very curious

    If y'all really want to land a dream diaper girlfriend... a good start might be not commenting on a post made by a lesbian in solidarity with another lesbian about how hard it is for you as a straight man to get a date. 🙄
  7. I've learned to meet people through friends (always have an extrovert in your friends circle ) and let them act as the creep filters. The one abdl couple I know irl I met through my bestie after I came out to her and lamented that I had no one locally to share it with. When it comes to public spaces I don't f*** around. I work in uniformed public safety so people are generally respectful to me when I'm in uniform at work. On my own time, when I'm at a club or other social event (I do a lot of anime conventions) a cold shoulder or a hard scowl is usually enough to put the creeps off. If they persist I very firmly and directly tell them to f*** off. And, when it inevitably happens, if they make threats or persist beyond that I introduce them to my personal protection, details withheld.
  8. lily~nyan

    The Moment You Knew

    I don't really have a singular moment. Mine is a series of moments spread out across my life from childhood until now. When I was 4 or 5 my mom put a diaper on me to try and shame me out of having accidents while I was playing by myself... it backfired completely and I loved it, but I never actually bought or stole diapers as a kid or teenager. It was just a thing I would daydream about sometimes. When I got older I got into pants wetting as a kink and that led to me experimenting with diapers as an adult. For the longest time I would just wear and wet one to get off occasionally, whenever the urge struck, until earlier this year when I just inexplicably got the urge to wear a diaper under my clothes one day... and I loved it! I felt like I had a sexy, kinky little secret that no one else knew about. ❤️ I had known about the abdl kink/community forever but wanted nothing to do with it up until that point (actually, truth be told, I had a lot of negative and hostile phobic beliefs about the AB community,) but once I realized that I was probably a DL I joined this forum and ADISC to read peoples' stories and hopefully meet some like-minded people. I'm mostly on Tumblr now, but I still pop back in from time to time. ^^
  9. lily~nyan

    Printed nappies

    All of the yes!! I wish ABU would hurry up and restock the Cushies and Lavenders.
  10. lily~nyan

    What feels better?

    Taping up a nice fresh diaper is the best feeling in the world. ❤️
  11. lily~nyan

    I’m very curious

    Hi!! Fellow wlw diaper lover/wetting kinkster here who's tired of her space being invaded by gross boys too. ^^ Sadly you're going to encounter that pretty much anywhere you go in online abdl space.
  12. lily~nyan

    Really don't want to do this...

    Hi! ^^ It sounds like you've got a lot of internalized shame around your abdl side that you need to work through. I completely get it, I was there when I was 28 with all of my kinks and feeling like I was a compulsive sexual deviant too. Society and even a large swath of mainstream psychology tend to promote the idea that anything outside of monogamous heterosexual sex is deviant or paraphiliac, and we're surrounded with both overt and subversive messages that reinforce that every day. When you spend a lifetime absorbing that and, by no fault of your own, pick up an unusual kink your first instinct is usually to repress and deny, which only makes you want it even more. I think you'll find that if you exercise it in moderation (and there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with wearing diapers to work, trust me) the compulsiveness of it will wear off. Like it or not, it's an emotional need that you'll need to fill, and not one that you'll ever be able to shame or executive control yourself out of. Happiness lies in embrace and acceptance, I promise. There are good therapists out there who understand and work with sexuality issues, and will help you come to a place of acceptance. I highly recommend looking for one. Mine is great, she didn't even flinch when I walked in and said "...oh, and I'm an abdl little now."
  13. lily~nyan

    Hello love

    Hi! I'm new to being a little too. ❤️ Have fun with it! If you get tired of the male-centricness of the forums there's a great community of abdl women on Tumblr.
  14. lily~nyan

    Being trans and liking diapers

    My parents were pretty liberal and open-minded in most regards, except when it came to sexuality... there they were old-school religious all the way. And my mom was a firm believer in discipline through shaming and humiliation. :( Also, ahahahahahaha oh boy was I wrong about that 😄
  15. lily~nyan

    DL going AB

    Hahaha this is EXACTLY what happened to me! I'd been an off-and-on DL for years, but about a month ago I just got the urge to go padded out of the house one weekend and after that I couldn't get enough. That led to buying my first AB diapers last week (which are FANTASTIC btw, you'll never want to go back to pull-ups) along with my first onesies and pacifiers and omg I am such a little~<3 We're not that far apart in age either. I don't know why it hit me at this stage in my life either, but I suspect it's always been with me and I just needed the right context and amount of encouragement to overcome my fears and phobias around the ab/dl lifestyle.