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  1. Went terribly wrong

    I hate stuck drains and especially so when trying to clean a mess. No fun standing in the brown water trying to devise a solution. One word of caution, though. Draino and bleach do not play well together. Sounds like you did alright this time, but always be certain that the pipes are clear and all traces of the drain cleaner have been thoroughly rinsed away before any contact with bleach. Mixing these two can generate harmful gasses that will cause respiratory injury or create an explosive reaction. Not intending to criticize, just want to put that out there in case someone finds themselves in a similar situation. Better luck next time!
  2. Binkie Princess written up

    Well said.
  3. Cheap chastity cage?

    Thanks for the assist finding a replacement lock and key set. Found them on Amazon for $6.99. Bought two. No sense taking chances.
  4. Cheap chastity cage?

    Thank you!
  5. Cheap chastity cage?

    Still wearing off and on and enjoying my chastity cage. For me, it was worth the time and effort to remove the mold parting lines and smooth the ring to ensure my continued comfort. However, I have had my first actual problem with this device - the lock fell apart! And I am having a difficult time finding a replacement. Does anyone have an idea where I could order one of these?
  6. Wisdom Teeth

    You have my sincere hopes that you either live in a third world country without access to modern dental and medical technology or that your dentist is exaggerating the post operative state. My wisdom tooth extractions required some fairly extensive surgery and my recovery was not that poor. Back to work the next day. Pain managed with over the counter analgesics. (For the record - very dental-phobic. It has been necessary in the past to medicate me to even do simple work.)
  7. Ever had one of those days?

    You certainly made my day look much better! Hope that things take a turn for the better for you very soon.
  8. New, Potentially Under Age Members, Stupid?

    If you have seen this, report it to one of the site admins! They cannot be everywhere all the time and will appreciate the heads up.
  9. This and that

    Definitely material for the Bad Joke thread! Bad, yet still funny.
  10. Diaper and a T-shirt most nights, sometimes with a pair of gym shorts.
  11. Site Update for 12/25/2017

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!
  12. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!
  13. Seasons Greetings

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!
  14. Loosing hope

    Mike, So sorry to hear that this travesty continues. I think it safe to say that you have done your part to resolve the problem and to no good end. Normally, I would not recommend such a path but have you considered contacting the local media? There is usually one outlet nearby that has some kind of consumer assistance/intervention program, if for no other reason than to boost their own ratings. Your story, occurring as the holiday rapidly approaches, may have some human interest story value to them. Perhaps the hospital may find some motivation from a broader audience involvement. Good luck going forward, and the best of the season to you and yours! Don
  15. Cheap chastity cage?

    And the journey continues. Following my last post I removed the device for work on Tuesday and again for about 4 hours on Wednesday. Have had it on ever since. The time I took to smooth off the ridges seems to have paid off as I rarely am bothered by any irritation. In fact, I quite like the feeling of wearing.