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  1. ATNs are a favorite of mine as well, at least to wear. Not my favorite when it comes to discretion. Too much crinkle. Let's face it, crinkle is good but only until you do not care to be heard. And my diaper wearing is something that I choose to keep private. For every day use the Tranquility Smart Core diapers have been my choice for over a year now and I buy them from @LLMedico.com. For those times that a wet night is expected I add a Tranquility booster. I do have a small supply of ATNs handy for those times when discretion can be set aside for a while. Back on topic - New diaper day is both exciting and stressful. Exciting that the new supply is in, such happiness and satisfaction that a new supply is in the closet and ready for the next change. Stressful as I really do not want to have to explain that big, plain brown box to those in the dark about my diapers.
  2. Sincerely wish I could be there for the open house. I did manage to drop in while on a business trip some few weeks ago, and following the last open house. Very nice lady there was easy to talk to and made me feel welcome.
  3. Rusty Pins hit this one on the head. I do use Vaseline from time to time when I feel a sensitive spot come along. I have used Desitin in the past with great success but do not like that I then smell like diaper cream. That scent is one that is hard to mistake for anything else and since I wear pretty much full time it makes it hard to be discrete. So for day to day use it is a petroleum jelly product. But on the rare occasion that I can get away with it a zinc oxide "baby" product is fun! I hope that you find what you are looking for and share with us here. Good luck!
  4. One can only hope that those here will take this as a warning and not a suggestion...
  5. It is a big deal for you and that is all that matters! Diapered for the movies is the way to go. Finally, no interruption for a potty run mid-film. First time is exciting and nerve wracking all at once. It gets easier every time and helps me to enjoy the show. Congratulations!
  6. This morning I visited this store. What a great place! The lady on duty was friendly and helpful and was quite comfortable to talk with. They have a wide product line available including a wide variety of diapers, plastic pants, and assorted AB items such as pacifiers and bottles. If you have the chance stop in. Maybe take advantage of one of their sample packs. I'll be back!
  7. The lower one is Beanie and Cecil. The name of the upper one escapes me.
  8. Thank you!
  9. Not only glad to know I am not alone, but feel like I am with friends. Excellent source of information and support. Great diversity and acceptance among the members. Always treated well here. And sometimes Stinky-poo is an accurate description! Thanks, Mike
  10. Happy Birthday and thanks for all your years of hard work!
  11. I go through security with a smart phone, laptop, tablet, mouse, number keypad, CPAP, spare diapers, cell phone chargers, batteries of various types, power supplies, a gigabyte switch, a mile of various wires, and the diaper that I am wearing (usually, but not always, freshly changed. Most often, I have TSA PreCheck privileges. Not always though. Sometimes I only have to go through a metal detector, sometimes a full body scanner. I do not vary my routine and have become quite comfortable going through any TSA check while diapered. My experience is that when the diaper is detected you get a simple pat down. Never have I had any contact of my diaper area that I would be offended by. I have had my sides patted down and my thighs felt up to my diaper. No problems, no sideways looks, no embarrassing comments made. Why? I think it may have to do with my attitude over the whole thing. I really no longer care if they know. I am completely relaxed and not at all nervous. The agent does not detect any reluctance or nervousness on my part and sees me as non-threatening. It is somewhat ironic. I have some pretty strong feelings about the TSA in that all too often one will experience disrespect and outright bullying from them (hello Chicago Midway and Las Vegas McCarran). Mostly they are trying to do a job just like you and me. Let them do it politely, even if it means they discover your diaper. They are not going to call attention to your choice of underwear and if they start to escalate things it is probably in response to your attitude/fear of discovery. Lesson to be learned from this too long message - If you show TSA agent that you are fearful or nervous they want to know what you are hiding. If you are comfortable with yourself and the fact that your diaper may be detected it all becomes a non-issue.
  12. @LLMedico.com - thank you for the clarification.
  13. Many years ago my wife and I went to a Halloween party dressed as babies. Her idea, actually. Given her distaste for my attraction to diapers it was quite surprising. It was fun, but also somewhat uncomfortable at times. This was nearly thirty years ago, and we got a lot of strange looks. Some found it cute while others were clearly thinking our get up could only be improved with the addition of straight jackets. We dressed up in as childish attire as we could find or make, including bonnets, rattles, and over-sized pacifiers. This was my only time as an AB. I consider myself a DL and our costumes were appropriate for the occasion, but crossed the line as far as what I would normally be comfortable with in public. I do not regret dressing up as a baby this one time, but that was enough for me. Now I am happily back in the closet so to speak. I wear full time, but discretely. As for dressing as a baby for Halloween, go for it! Over-exaggerating your costume might help add a comical element that makes it clear to others that this is a caricature for the holiday. They do not need to know that this is fun, even serious, for you. A diaper cover of some kind can even help you to hide a real one and then who is to know if your diaper is a functional part of your costume! Do what you can be comfortable with or even push your boundaries a little. But most importantly, enjoy yourself!
  14. Nappies/diapers and heavy drinking? Increases your diaper costs, certainly. You can look into different ways to decrease your net cost. Drink less, source your nappies from a lower cost supplier, buy in bulk to reduce the unit cost, buy premium products that last longer between changes. That last one helped me a lot! I was buying from a local store in the past. When I began to buy a premium diaper from LL Medico the unit cost went up, but they last so much longer that the increased cost is easily offset by the superior performance. So, looking at cost per unit is good. Examining the performance of the product against that cost may be much more revealing. Speaking only for myself, the extra cost is worth the better product and peace of mind. Good luck!
  15. LL Medico, a Daily Diapers advertiser, has been great for me. Good prices, quick to ship, and excellent service!