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  1. Why not? You can count me in. In the very unlikely event that I win, please give my prize to this site.
  2. dondd

    Why we have ads....

    Mike - Just keep on doing what you are doing. It works and we appreciate it, ads and all. And special thanks for going the extra mile to let us, and those who complain, what it takes for this great site. In my opinion, you set the bar for what a site like this should be. And a high bar it is! Thanks!
  3. dondd

    Am I trying to convince myself?

    You both very effectively describe my situation as well. My official diagnosis is BPH. Taking FloMax regularly has lessened the symptoms for me, but still often have urgency, pain, and dribbling. Very uncomfortable and distracting to say the least. Because I am a lifelong DL, diapers are a natural step in managing these symptoms. Do I need diapers? To be honest, they give me far more protection than I need. But, being overboard, I do not have to worry about finding a restroom for a flood or go through the hassles of using male guards or disposable underwear, both of which I find to be uncomfortable. Yes, you have a legitimate reason to wear. Only you can determine if that is the right path for you. Perhaps give it a try discretely at first and then decide if this is your best choice. Whatever you choose, I wish you well!
  4. dondd

    Going 24/7

    Good decision! Quitting smoking is one of the wisest things I have ever done. I wear 24/7 and have used the Certainty brand from Walgreen's extensively. Thankfully I moved on from those and now wear Tranquility Smart Core that I purchase form @LLMedico.com. Hold much more and quite discrete for me. Cloth backed and breathable, I manage hot weather with them well, including three days in South Carolina this last weekend. Everyone's needs and circumstances differ, I can only tell you what works for me and encourage you to enjoy the trial and error process of finding what works for you! Best of luck to you!
  5. dondd

    First time banana dare - PSA

    It may have no connection but those allergic to latex should avoid bananas. It may not have been the glycerin that caused your allergic reaction and anaphylaxis.
  6. dondd

    Taxes in diaper

    Same here. Transmitting them this morning.
  7. dondd

    Unwanted All-Nighter

    Sorry. Hope you feel better soon.
  8. dondd

    Wet diapers ok/ wet pants not. Is it just me?

    Wet diapers are quite comfortable for me as long as there are no leaks. Wetting my pants is quite enjoyable. Staying in my wet pants once they cool, not so much.
  9. dondd

    Binkie Princess written up

    Well said.
  10. dondd

    Cheap chastity cage?

    Thanks for the assist finding a replacement lock and key set. Found them on Amazon for $6.99. Bought two. No sense taking chances.
  11. dondd

    Cheap chastity cage?

    Thank you!
  12. dondd

    Cheap chastity cage?

    Still wearing off and on and enjoying my chastity cage. For me, it was worth the time and effort to remove the mold parting lines and smooth the ring to ensure my continued comfort. However, I have had my first actual problem with this device - the lock fell apart! And I am having a difficult time finding a replacement. Does anyone have an idea where I could order one of these?
  13. dondd

    Wisdom Teeth

    You have my sincere hopes that you either live in a third world country without access to modern dental and medical technology or that your dentist is exaggerating the post operative state. My wisdom tooth extractions required some fairly extensive surgery and my recovery was not that poor. Back to work the next day. Pain managed with over the counter analgesics. (For the record - very dental-phobic. It has been necessary in the past to medicate me to even do simple work.)
  14. dondd

    Ever had one of those days?

    You certainly made my day look much better! Hope that things take a turn for the better for you very soon.