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  1. Cheap chastity cage?

    And the journey continues. Following my last post I removed the device for work on Tuesday and again for about 4 hours on Wednesday. Have had it on ever since. The time I took to smooth off the ridges seems to have paid off as I rarely am bothered by any irritation. In fact, I quite like the feeling of wearing.
  2. Need some time

    Sincerest condolences to you and your family. Take all the time you need.
  3. Cheap chastity cage?

    And now another 30 hours of wearing and counting. Seem to have the irritation thing mostly under control. May take it off for work tomorrow as I am on site a customer facility.
  4. Cheap chastity cage?

    Long overdue follow up. Thanks for the reminder BabyLock! That Monday morning, I did take it off before work but put it back on when I was done for the day. And kept it on until the following Thursday morning. Altogether, about 60 hours straight. At that point my scrotum was quite tender and needed some relief. What I initially thought was irritation from the new position my parts were held in, I now think that the ring itself was the cause. There are small ridge lines along both the inner and outer diameters of the ring, an artifact of the molding process. Some patient whittling away of these ridges has resulted in longer comfort and, I hope, less irritation. I still find the sensation of wearing the device oddly pleasant. Peeing in a toilet can be a challenge and sitting is the best way to avoid spraying everywhere or pissing on my feet and the floor. Over the years I have conditioned myself to only wet while laying on my back when in bed. The chastity tube keeps my member pointed down and back and I find myself filling my diaper more towards the rear. Not a problem, and less leaks as my hose is kept centered left to right in my diaper. One of the reasons I chose this was the neat locking mechanism, and especially no padlock. The angle of the device prevents any bulge that I can detect and I have no concerns that it will be detected by anyone. For now, I am wearing in shorter intervals and working out the rough spots - literally. Once I have confidence that longer term wear is possible without significant irritation I will lock up for longer periods.
  5. Finding diapers in Germany

    Karlsruhe is just one of an overwhelming number of German locations that one should take the time to enjoy. Nearby are Baden Baden (Roman ruins and baths), Heidelberg (wonderful castle), Wurzburg (wine country), Trier (Roman ruins, also near to Luxembourg), and many more. Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, and other cities are possibilities via the superb rail service there. A personal favorite location that we have visited is the Zugspitze near Garmisch. This is the highest mountain peak in Germany. At the top, there is a border crossing to Austria. The view is incredible, as is the ride up and back. While I've never bought diapers in Germany, I can confirm seeing them in the window of the local Apotheke in several towns I have visited. Enjoy your time there. It is a wonderful country with wonderful people!
  6. Birthday in diapers

    Sounds like a great start to a special day! I hope the rest of the day went as well for you. Happy birthday!
  7. Dl

    DL here. My everyday diaper is from Tranquility. Someday, I'll give some AB diapers a try. Heaven knows they look great. But as a 24/7 wearer, they are out of my budget range.
  8. DuPage County?

    After watching this section for some time I am going to stick my neck out a bit and reach out in the hopes that I find another person of similar interests. I have seen many posts here that clearly are looking for Adult Babies or from members of a much younger age than mine. No problems there, but not what I seek. Please allow me to tell you what my interests are and let you decide if we should begin a conversation together. Though I consider myself a DL, I do enjoy some of the trappings of an AB. I do suck my thumb occasionally and would love to own an adult sized pacifier. I am a 59 year old male who is very much married and in love with my wife. While she is aware of my diaper interests she is completely uncomfortable with them. I am lucky enough that she ignores the fact that I am wearing full time, as long as I am discreet about it. In fact, she recently suggested that I add a diaper pail to my closet so that I had a convenient way to discretely dispose of my used diapers. She is knowing, tolerant, somewhat supportive, but has no desire to be involved. But having someone who knows is far different from having someone with whom I can share this experience. To be clear, I have no interest in a sexual relationship outside of my marriage. What would I like? Simply to be able to have a friend with this diaper experience in common. No sex. Just someone who I can trust with keeping the knowledge of my diaper wearing a secret who is willing to share their experiences and thoughts face to face. If you are of a like mind are in my general area, please reach out and let me know. Maybe we can get together over a cup of coffee some time.
  9. Cheap chastity cage?

    I have been looking longingly at chastity devices for years. Though I have no hopes of ever having a key holder, the thought of being locked has intrigued me for some time. Just this last week I gave in to my curiosity and ordered a chastity device from Amazon. What I wound up getting is not Holy Trainer, but a reasonable copy. I have it for less than two days now but have been experimenting quite a bit, and have worn it at all times except at work. I just might wear it full time! The sensation I get with the device on is unusual. At first I worried that I had gone numb down there and was compelled to keep looking to see that I had not cut off my blood supply. In reality, I simply was deprived of sensation in my penis. Well, not entirely. I still had feeling. But with the hood over my member, I no longer had the feelings that I had become accustomed to - the sensation of my penile skin against my diaper. I have been experimenting with various method of putting the device on. Lube helps. I've looked at some videos to gather some ideas. Part of the fun is just in trying different ways. The only negative so far has been sleeping. I find that my scrotum can be pinched between the ring of the device and my thigh and will become quite uncomfortable. This will work itself out with time and I am not overly concerned. I am off of work from now, Saturday night, until Monday morning and have every intention of leaving the thing in place until then. Frankly, I find the thing so comfortable that I may leave it on even when I head in to work on Monday. Has anyone else had similar experiences? I would be happy to compare notes and discuss how this goes forward.
  10. PLEASE READ: Where we are

    Absolutely family first. We can, and will, wait. Thanks for all you do!
  11. Only guessing but it looks like the recent attack on the site has necessitated rolling everything back a few days in the past. Hopefully, they will get this ironed out and back to speed soon.
  12. Are you loyal?

    I have become quite loyal. After decades of intermittent wearing I made the decision to go 24/7 and have been for about three years now. Along with that decision I transitioned from drugstore diapers, Walgreens Certainty brand, to Tena Ultra. The Tena are available locally for me. Later, I moved on to Tranquility Smart Core diapers that I get from LL Medico. These are a happy combination of effective, discreet, and affordable for me and the folks at LL Medico do a great job supplying them. Unless or until something changes I will stay with these. Don
  13. Take this stupid Buzzfeed quiz

    Took the test and frankly, I had no idea as to what color/texture to choose. Simply no feelings/attractions/association for any of them. In the end I got Feet. Not even close.
  14. Thank you for this story! Sad to see it end. Like CDfm said, what am I going to do tomorrow morning. Your tale hit home, my home at least, at a couple of points and kept me intrigued up the very end. Please keep up the good work. Looking forward to more of your work. Don
  15. Made it to wedding day!