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  1. dondd

    Capcon 2019

  2. dondd

    Capcon 2019

    I have to ask. As a DL - no AB interest, or at least very little, what do I have to look forward to at CAPCON? I have seen many reports on this event and they look great - IF you are an adult baby. What does this event offer to a DL with little to no interest in ageplay/regression? I have watched from afar for years, wondering if I should attend. After all I live here. But I am a diaper lover, not an adult baby. Please do not get me wrong, This is a great event for those who fit here. I am just not sure that I would fit. Can anyone fill me in and help me to decide if this is something I should attend? Thanks, Don
  3. dondd

    Whats up with that?

    I hear you there. I have been wearing full time for a few years but still have fantasies and dreams about wearing. Strange, but I feel great when I realize that I am living out those fantasies and dreams.
  4. dondd

    I'm Doing a Brave Thing

    Well said. Hope that things went well for you. Please update us if you can @le Hollandais and let us know how the rest of your morning went.
  5. Falling is easy. It is the sudden stop at the end you need to avoid!
  6. dondd

    So I wet the bed last night....

    Maybe apropos of nothing... Some years ago I was having great difficulty sleeping through the night as I was up several times to use the washroom. I initially thought that it was a bladder/prostate issue (which was a later concern but not the primary cause). Saw my pulmonologist who ordered a sleep study and found out that sleep apnea was a problem. I really never got deep enough to sleep for my body to shut down fully. As a result, I was producing urine all night. This led to a full bladder and multiple potty trips every night. A CPAP was prescribed and normal sleep patterns returned. I still need to get up at least once per night, but great improvement has been had. See your doctor, be open to causes other than bladder/kidney/prostate. Take care of your health first and then deal with any remaining wetting issues in the manner that best suits you. Best of luck to you!
  7. dondd

    An Existential Question

    Semantics, shemantics... Bed wetter = one who passes urine while in bed/sleeping. What they are wearing at the time is irrelevant. Otherwise we would be discussing pajama wetters, boxer wetters, brief wetters, diaper wetters, etc. In those cases the bed being wet is secondary to the undergarments and only one who sleeps naked would be a true bed wetter. The same logic applies to pants wetters as well. The terms are general in nature and not truly specific to the dress/location of the person but more indicative of night wetting (bed wetter) and day wetting (pants wetter) and usually apply to the uncontrolled loss of urine. Exceptions exist, of course. For instance if you work third shift and sleep when the sun is out you could be a bed wetter with out being a night wetter.
  8. dondd

    Random Thread

    On the topic of asses - Everyone likes a little. No one likes a smart.
  9. dondd

    Couldn't Exactly Do The Birthday Thing

    A belated Happy Birthday! Enjoy your diapers how and when you can.
  10. dondd

    So I wet the bed last night....

    Make sure you are in good health first. An infection is not addressed with diapers.
  11. Elfy - With Morocco out of the Cup, so am I. Thanks for the updates. Your coverage is to be admired!
  12. Why not? You can count me in. In the very unlikely event that I win, please give my prize to this site.
  13. dondd

    Why we have ads....

    Mike - Just keep on doing what you are doing. It works and we appreciate it, ads and all. And special thanks for going the extra mile to let us, and those who complain, what it takes for this great site. In my opinion, you set the bar for what a site like this should be. And a high bar it is! Thanks!
  14. dondd

    Am I trying to convince myself?

    You both very effectively describe my situation as well. My official diagnosis is BPH. Taking FloMax regularly has lessened the symptoms for me, but still often have urgency, pain, and dribbling. Very uncomfortable and distracting to say the least. Because I am a lifelong DL, diapers are a natural step in managing these symptoms. Do I need diapers? To be honest, they give me far more protection than I need. But, being overboard, I do not have to worry about finding a restroom for a flood or go through the hassles of using male guards or disposable underwear, both of which I find to be uncomfortable. Yes, you have a legitimate reason to wear. Only you can determine if that is the right path for you. Perhaps give it a try discretely at first and then decide if this is your best choice. Whatever you choose, I wish you well!