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  1. Are you loyal?

    I have become quite loyal. After decades of intermittent wearing I made the decision to go 24/7 and have been for about three years now. Along with that decision I transitioned from drugstore diapers, Walgreens Certainty brand, to Tena Ultra. The Tena are available locally for me. Later, I moved on to Tranquility Smart Core diapers that I get from LL Medico. These are a happy combination of effective, discreet, and affordable for me and the folks at LL Medico do a great job supplying them. Unless or until something changes I will stay with these. Don
  2. Take this stupid Buzzfeed quiz

    Took the test and frankly, I had no idea as to what color/texture to choose. Simply no feelings/attractions/association for any of them. In the end I got Feet. Not even close.
  3. Auntie Joan Part 1-13 (final)

    Thank you for this story! Sad to see it end. Like CDfm said, what am I going to do tomorrow morning. Your tale hit home, my home at least, at a couple of points and kept me intrigued up the very end. Please keep up the good work. Looking forward to more of your work. Don
  4. The Weird Scholarship

    Thank you for the continuation. Not wooden at all. Keep up the great work, please!
  5. Made it to wedding day!

  6. New diaper day is always exciting

    ATNs are a favorite of mine as well, at least to wear. Not my favorite when it comes to discretion. Too much crinkle. Let's face it, crinkle is good but only until you do not care to be heard. And my diaper wearing is something that I choose to keep private. For every day use the Tranquility Smart Core diapers have been my choice for over a year now and I buy them from @LLMedico.com. For those times that a wet night is expected I add a Tranquility booster. I do have a small supply of ATNs handy for those times when discretion can be set aside for a while. Back on topic - New diaper day is both exciting and stressful. Exciting that the new supply is in, such happiness and satisfaction that a new supply is in the closet and ready for the next change. Stressful as I really do not want to have to explain that big, plain brown box to those in the dark about my diapers.
  7. ABDL OPEN HOUSE--Fort Wayne, IN

    Sincerely wish I could be there for the open house. I did manage to drop in while on a business trip some few weeks ago, and following the last open house. Very nice lady there was easy to talk to and made me feel welcome.
  8. Which Diaper Rash Cream smells the best?

    Rusty Pins hit this one on the head. I do use Vaseline from time to time when I feel a sensitive spot come along. I have used Desitin in the past with great success but do not like that I then smell like diaper cream. That scent is one that is hard to mistake for anything else and since I wear pretty much full time it makes it hard to be discrete. So for day to day use it is a petroleum jelly product. But on the rare occasion that I can get away with it a zinc oxide "baby" product is fun! I hope that you find what you are looking for and share with us here. Good luck!
  9. Diapers and drug abuse

    One can only hope that those here will take this as a warning and not a suggestion...
  10. A first for me

    It is a big deal for you and that is all that matters! Diapered for the movies is the way to go. Finally, no interruption for a potty run mid-film. First time is exciting and nerve wracking all at once. It gets easier every time and helps me to enjoy the show. Congratulations!
  11. This morning I visited this store. What a great place! The lady on duty was friendly and helpful and was quite comfortable to talk with. They have a wide product line available including a wide variety of diapers, plastic pants, and assorted AB items such as pacifiers and bottles. If you have the chance stop in. Maybe take advantage of one of their sample packs. I'll be back!
  12. You know you're old...

    The lower one is Beanie and Cecil. The name of the upper one escapes me.
  13. Site Update for 01/23/2017

    Thank you!
  14. Win a Pacifier!

    Not only glad to know I am not alone, but feel like I am with friends. Excellent source of information and support. Great diversity and acceptance among the members. Always treated well here. And sometimes Stinky-poo is an accurate description! Thanks, Mike
  15. Happy Sweet Sixteen!

    Happy Birthday and thanks for all your years of hard work!