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  1. This story takes place in a world where women are significantly bigger and stronger than men Daniel is a workaholic who really needs a break. His life consists of nothing more than working for much longer than he should and then going home to scroll social media. So when he receives a letter from a cousin he had lost touch with saying they should catch up he is only too eager to agree. Emmy, however, isn't exactly the cousin he remembered her being. --- Writing is my passion and my only source of income. If you enjoy my stories you may be interested to learn that you can see every update I post one week before the rest of the world with a $5 pledge on Patreon. For $10 you can see everything early AND 50 full length stories that can only be found on my Patreon page! The money I get goes to paying bills and putting food on the table so I appreciate all of my patrons and would appreciate anyone who might be interested in supporting me to check out my Patreon ❤️ https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Cousin Emmy By Elfy Daniel tapped away on his keyboard. He hadn’t stopped in a long time, his eyes were practically glued to the screen as he wrote line after line of code. His eyes were sore but he couldn’t stop, he needed to keep going and meet his deadlines. Daniel enjoyed his work and when he got into the right frame of mind he could easily work non-stop for hour after hour. With a swipe of his hand Daniel brushed his hair out of his face. It was growing too long, that was what his mother always told him when she visited. He clicked save and looked away from the screen for the first time in hours. He had to blink a few times, every time his eyes closed he saw the code on the screen again. He knew it as the “Tetris Effect”, when you look at something happening for so long you can see it when you close your eyes, it was very disconcerting. He rubbed his eyes, he only had sight in the left one though he hadn’t let that stop him from doing anything. “What the…” Daniel realised his one good eye wasn’t going blind. It had got very dark indeed. He checked the clock on the corner of the screen to see it was late in the evening. He had worked long past quitting time. The office was empty. All the lights were off and so were the computers. Daniel was the last person to leave and his shift was meant to have finished hours ago. If he had any kind of social life he would’ve been upset but, in truth, no one would notice he had worked overtime. He lived alone and didn’t really have many friends, certainly not ones he often went out with. With the computer shut off Daniel picked up his things and left the office. He lived in the city and didn’t own a car, he didn’t mind walking and using public transport. It was good for the environment and his own fitness. He was a slim guy anyway but a little extra exercise never hurt anyone. It was already dark out and the wind had a slight chill to it that made Daniel pull his coat a little tighter to himself. He gave a wide berth to some teenagers that were loitering outside an electronics store. He always felt nervous when passing rowdy groups thanks to his diminutive 5’4” frame. He was very slight physically and that made him anxious about becoming a victim. Daniel hurried by and carried on home. He lived in an apartment halfway up a building. His programming for an independent video game company didn’t pay a great deal but living on his own meant he didn’t actually need much money, it wasn’t like he went out often after all. Daniel opened the front door of his place and walked inside. He flicked on the lights and walked through to the kitchen. It was late and he didn’t feel much like cooking, he warmed up some instant noodles and then dropped on his couch in front of the television. There wasn’t much on and Daniel ended up watching a random roller-skating competition on one of the niche sports’ channels. He had no interest in skating but he was essentially just killing time until he went to bed and then went to work again. This was his life. Working and then sitting around waiting to work again. With a sigh Daniel looked around. He was an introvert, he didn’t mind being home alone rather than out partying but at times like this he wouldn’t have minded having someone just to talk to a little bit. He had considered getting a pet before but it didn’t feel like he would be home enough to take care of them. For the next hour Daniel looked at social media on his phone whilst occasionally glancing up at the television. Most of the people on his friends list were either colleagues or family. There was nothing exciting going on. Daniel turned off the television and stretched. He walked into his hallway with the intention of visiting the bathroom before bed. He paused when he saw a letter on his doormat. If it had been there when he got home he hadn’t noticed it, and yet it felt like he would’ve seen it. He frowned, he rarely got letters that weren’t bills but he could see his name and address handwritten on it. Daniel picked the letter up and turned it over. There was no clues as to where it came from. He opened the door out in to the building’s hallway. He wasn’t sure what he expected to see but no one was there. The only movement was on the light on top of the elevator, one of the numbers was descending as it lowered down towards the ground. Closing the door Daniel started opening the envelope. He pulled the single piece of paper out and read the handwriting. “Hi Daniel, it’s been a long time!” The handwriting was very neat with all the letters curving into the next one perfectly, “You should come visit and catch up. I’m sure we have a lot to reminisce about. It would be a lot of fun to have you stay for a while. Your favourite cousin, Emmy.” The note ended with a return address as well as an e-mail. Daniel read the note a second time. He remembered Emmy well. She had been practically his best friend as a youth but once he had moved to the city they had lost touch. Daniel remembered getting into a lot of hijinks with Emmy, she was two years younger than he was but always seemed to be the one who took charge of their arrangements. She had been taller than he was to the point most strangers assumed she was the elder cousin, she seemed to enjoy that a lot. Daniel climbed into bed but placed the note on his bedside table. He would send a reply from work the next day. Going out to the countryside to revisit his youth and catch up with an old friend would be just the tonic to his stressed life. --- Daniel sat on the bus with his suitcase pulled up between his legs. He had woken up at the crack of dawn to get ready and head to the train station, then he switched to the bus to get him as close as possible to Emmy’s rather remote home. He felt excited but also anxious, social situations had been alien to him for a long time. When Daniel stepped off the bus with his suitcase he had to look around to try and work out where to go next. This wasn’t the town he had grown up in though it wasn’t far away, he had only been here a few times before and that had been many years ago. He pulled out the piece of paper with directions and then started walking down the street. After talking to Emmy through e-mail and deciding on a visit Daniel had gone to his boss to apply for time off. He was able to take quite a significant amount of time since he hadn’t used his holiday time that year. Daniel wasn’t planning to spend all his time off with Emmy, he didn’t want to impose, but he liked that there would be no rush on their catching up. Emmy had a spare room that she said was ready just for him. It took thirty minutes for Daniel to eventually end up on the right road. He had underestimated the distance and pulling his suitcase with him the whole way had left him out of breath. The buildings on this road had plenty of space between them and each seemed to be situated in its own sizable parcel of land. Daniel stopped in front of one of these isolated homes and checked his paper again. This was the right address but everything seemed to be a little odd. He couldn’t put his finger on it as he looked at the house from the road. He started walking down the long driveway. “What on Earth…” Daniel’s eyes widened the closer he got to the house. Everything about the house appeared normal at first glance. The white two-storey walls had regular windows and a front door on a porch, it looked like the carbon copy of thousands of other houses until Daniel walked up the large steps of the porch. The front door towered over him, the letterbox was at head height whilst the handle was even higher. The brass door knocker was out of reach even if Daniel had tried to jump for it. It had to be at least ten-feet off the ground. Daniel turned around and saw some wicker furniture on the corner of the porch. The two chairs, table and rocking chair looked gargantuan. If Daniel didn’t know better he would’ve thought he had shrunk to half his height. After another check that this was indeed the correct address Daniel knocked on the door. He heard a loud scraping and then footsteps coming to the door. He could feel the wooden boards under his feet vibrate with each booming step. Daniel instinctively took a step backwards as the door’s lock clicked and then swung open. Daniel had just one second to take in his cousin Emmy before she was right in front of him. “Daniel!” Emmy excitedly stepped forwards with a huge smile, “You haven’t changed a bit!” Daniel saw a woman in front of him that wasn’t just tall but a giant. Her arms reached around Daniel’s waist and before he knew it he was lifted into the air in a great big bear hug. He felt his cheeks reddening as he was held against his cousin’s chest, her voluptuous breasts threatened to engulf him. It was more than a little uncomfortable and awkward. “Mmm!” Was the only sound Daniel could make as he wondered if he was going to suffocate right there between his cousin’s boobs. “Oh, sorry. I sometimes forget my own strength!” Emmy loosened her grip. To Daniel’s embarrassment Emmy didn’t set him down on the floor. Instead, she shifted him to the side with remarkable ease so that he was sat on her hip. His arms and legs automatically wrapped around Emmy as she took his suitcase and carried it inside. Daniel felt embarrassment coursing through him along with questions as to how Emmy had got so big. He hadn’t even had a chance to say anything! Daniel was final set down in the living room as Emmy sat on the couch. Daniel was left stood in front of her feeling like a child sent to report to the Principal. He was finally able to take all of her in and he was astounded. Emmy was incredibly tall, he could only estimate but if she was shorter than eight feet tall he would’ve been extremely surprised. “How was your trip? Was it OK?” Emmy asked. Despite her size her voice was very light. Her shoulder-length golden hair bobbed slightly as she sat up straight. The apron she was wearing over her black dress bunched up and she had to pull it down. “It was fine.” Daniel replied quietly. Looking around the room Daniel could see the interior of the house was the same as the exterior. Everything was bigger than normal, the couches and armchairs were so tall he would struggle to clamber up on to the cushions, Even the windowsill was so high up he could’ve used it for chin-ups. He had never felt smaller as he looked round at the giant room. “Oh, where are my manners?” Emmy chuckled, “Let me help you up.” “Wha-… No I’m-” Daniel found himself being lifted again and this time deposited on the couch. He hadn’t been handled this much since he had been a baby, it seemed like Emmy had some real issues with personal boundaries. Much to Daniel’s embarrassment his legs hung over the edge of the seat without touching the ground. “So what have you been up to?” Emmy asked excitedly. She leaned back and turned sideways to face her new guest. Her breasts were very distracting as they pushed out towards Daniel. “Oh, you know… This and that.” Daniel muttered as he forced himself to look away. He had so many questions but Emmy wasn’t giving him a moment to say anything. Daniel wanted to ask Emmy what had happened to make her so incredibly tall and about her house. Did she have a genetic problem that kept her growing? Did she have this house custom made? Why wasn’t she a star basketball player? Were those boobs real!? “You have to give me more than that!” Emmy giggled and draped one of her long arms over Daniel’s shoulders, “Come on, we’ve got all the time in the world. Tell Aunty everything.” “Aunty?” Daniel replied with a frown. “Oh, silly me!” Emmy giggled again, “I’m so much bigger than you I forgot you aren’t one of my sister’s kids! Just a maternal instinct I suppose, you’re actually older than me by a couple of years, hard to believe, huh?” As Emmy laughed heartily Daniel forced a trepid smile across his face. If he could’ve done he would’ve excused himself from this bizarre house and run away because Emmy was acting very strangely. He didn’t like the very “hands on” approach she was taking to him, it wasn’t normal to just be picked up like this. “So what have you been up to?” Emmy said again. “I went to university.” Daniel looked away from Emmy as he shifted uncomfortably, “Studied video game design and then got a job at an independent company. I wor-” “Wow!” Emmy interrupted, “Impressive! I’m proud of you, what a clever boy!” Daniel blushed a little as he was praised in such a strange manner. He bit his lip as he felt his face flush with embarrassed heat. This had been a big mistake. His social isolation had pushed him into this meeting but he had never expected a situation like this. Despite his loneliness being alone at home seemed very attractive at this point. “Let me show you your room so you can get settled in.” Emmy said after a couple of seconds of uncomfortable silence. --- You can find out what happens next RIGHT NOW on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/posts/cousin-emmy-part-92754660
  2. 18-year-old Benjamin has just been evicted from the college dorms after he has failed out of college for the semester. He sits in the student lounge with his bags while he figures out his next moves. His former professor Megan is talking to her faculty friend and sees him sitting alone. She is confused because he is supposed to be in her class for the semester. "Hi Ben. I missed you in my class this semester. Are you okay?"
  3. So this is my first time, trying to write any kind of story revolving around ABDL and also one of the first time I've ever tried sticking my nose into creative writing at all. This is basically a preview. I would like some feedback on my writing style and also if this is an "story idea and concept" that people would like to see me put some time and effort into. To zero and back Chapter 0: ” You GOT to be joking!” My mother stared back at me with a dumbfound look on her face. “You can’t be serious, about such an idea!?” Her eyes didn’t flinch, as she just stared right at me, with a blank expression. “Mom, seriously, it’s a great idea and it’s NEVER been done before. And the people at the magazine already signed off on it. They think its brilliant! This could be my big break!” I could easily tell, that my attempts at convincing her, had little to no effect. “So let me get this straight.” Taking a zip of her coffee, she learned forward in the couch, staring even harder at me, from the other side of the living room table. “The biggest child and parent’s magazine in the country, “Mommy Mag” has agreed for you to write a parenting guide on potty-training, by first unpotty-training yourself and then training yourself again, alongside your baby cousin!? And how long did they give you to write this article?” “Two years.” I mumbled, trying to break free of her locked stare. “So what, one year to unlearn everything and then when your cousin turns three, you got one year to learn everything again alongside him and write this damn thing!?”. “Pretty much.” Her eyes did not flinch, she had barely blinked since the conversation started. “And what does the deal include.” She took another sip of her coffee. This was my shot, my one opening to sell her on the idea. “They have agreed to take care of all expenses, WHATEVER that may include, also I would be under full time contract the full 2 years, but will not have to meet into the office to work on the article. And Mom, the salary is great and when the 2 years are up, if the article gets printed, I’m guaranteed to have my contract renewed and is free to work on whatever I feel like afterward. It’s a great deal and I really think this could be my big shot, at making it in the business.” That last part wasn’t a lie, I truly did believe that this could be my chance of making it big in the journalism business. Ever since getting my degree almost a year ago, nothing had really gone my way and 12 months after finishing school, I was still living at home with my mom and had, little to no luck at getting my foot in the door anywhere. That was one of the reasons of this project of my, but there was another, one that nobody and especially my mom needed to know about. I’m an ABDL which stands for adultbaby diaper lover, it’s a kind of fetish that has its roots in ageplay and regression often revolving around wearing and using diapers. So basically being able to wear and use diapers and combine it with my work, which may lead to something bigger, while getting PAID to do so, was the ultimate dream come true. But first, I had to convince my mother, since I was living under her roof and this would come to affect her day and life. “And what does your aunt Karen and uncle Rob think of this?” “They are pretty cool with it, I’ve already ran the idea by them and it’s not like it’s really going to affect them. Especially not until cousin Jack turns two and then it’s still limited how big a part of it, he and they are going to play. I’m the test subject, Jack is only playing the role of control test, so I’ll have some routines to follow, while training myself back up.” She took another zip of her coffee cup, still looking skeptical, but her stare had lightened. “I still can’t believe, that my sister agreed to this.” She exhaled deeply. “And how exactly are you planning on….UNtraining yourself?”. “Well...” I hesitated for a second. “I’ve been reading a lot about it on the internet, there are actually a lot of information on the subject, believe it or not. In reality, it’s like un-training any other muscle and there’s also hypnosis and stuff, that should help with the process.” She continued to stare into her cup, not giving me a second look as she spoke. “Well Patrick, you’ve seem to have already made up your mind. And you’re an adult, it’s not like I can stop you and you seem to have done your research. If this is want you think you NEED to do, to get your career going and if you promise to take good care of yourself.” My eyes lit up, as she looked back up at me. “Then go for it,” JACKPOT! Chapter 1: After a rather quiet, but especially awkward dinner, I found myself sitting in front of my laptop, armed with my company credit card and ready to begin my project. Seeking out diapers was my first priority, it didn’t take me long to find a local site that sold incontinent product and offered express shipping. I ordered a case of plain white adult diapers, in medium thickness and capacity and continued on to the second target on my “to do list”. I had been looking at hypnotic ABDL files for a while. Most of them seemed too good to be true, offering complete incontinent and mental regression. But at one point I stumbled upon a webpage that didn’t promise too much and actually sported some great review of their files. One file offered help to induce urinary incontinent, making the listener more open to the thought of becoming less bladder control aware and accepting this fact. Another offered the same but included bowel incontinence. But the one I had my eyes on, offered both of these, plus included ties to mental regression and acceptance. Linking the thought of becoming incontinent, with the thought of being a toddler or infant. Mentioning allowing the user to not be embarrassed by the idea of wearing and using diapers, because that is what babies would do and making “giving up control” easier, as this train of thought and connection between the two grew stronger. That was all I needed to read and within seconds the file was ordered and arrived in my email inbox. That would be all, I would need for now and I put my trusted company card away and decided to call it a night. But not before transferring the hypnotic file to my phone, so I could listen to it while I slept. Laying in my bed, I plugged my headset in and played the file, which sadly turned out to be a disappointment. The field proved to be some sort of subliminal message, just a random mix of radio scatter and sounds bites. The only noticeable feature, was a faint sound of a nursery lullaby appearing from time to time. But still I found the simple thought of the promised effect and what awaited me in the near future arousing and jacked myself to a major orgasm, before falling asleep, the file still playing in my ears. I woke up the next morning refreshed and excited. Luckily Mom had left for work, when I got up so awkward encounter ruined the morning as I had breakfast and started my day. I did not achieve a lot that day, as I constantly found myself checking the driveway waiting for the delivery of my diaper order. But I did manager to kill some time in front of my laptop and after much thought came up with a name for my article. “To zero and back” I said to myself as a wrote the headline on the word document. That name seemed fitting, as I would be going back to zero potty training and then back again afterwards. The mere thought of that, got me excited. Finally, the doorbell sounded and I sprang across the house. Opening the door, I was greeted by a UPS driver, holding a large cardboard box in his arms. Quickly signing for the order and sending him on his way, I ran back across the house and into my room, throwing the box onto my bed before ripping it open. Inside I found exactly what I ordered. A shipment of plain white diapers, enough to surely last me a while. At least in the beginning. Now came the part I had been waiting for. Time to put on, what hopefully was my first of many diapers for a long time. I ripped one of the diapers out of the box and sniffed it. No apparent smell hit, to my disappointment, so I quickly continued to open the diaper and spread it out on my before, taking a second to admire it, before slowly unbuttoning my jeans and letting them drop down around my ankles, before stepping out of them. Next I removed my underwear, realizing this may be the last time in a while, that I wore such a pair of boxerbriefs. I turned around and placed my bum on the diaper, it felt thinner than expected, but still the feeling of the soft padding, sent chills down my spine, as I laid back and put the front up between my legs. Next came the tapes, which proved to be quite a challenge, as each side sported 2 pieces of sticky material. It took a lot of fiddling and several on and off attempts but finally I had all four pieces of tape attached and the diaper secured around my waist. After standing up and walking over to my bedroom mirror to inspect myself, it became clear that “secured” may have been an overstatement. The diapers were hanging rather loose and slightly crocket around my hips. It took 5 more minutes of fiddling and opening and reapplying the tapes, before I ended up with a semi acceptable result. There I stood, dressed in nothing but my t-shirt and a crinkly white diaper. This was a dream come true, but the dream quickly ended as I heard the front door open and my Mom enter the house. I panicked and quickly ran to pick up my pants, we may have had the talk and this may be a dream come true, but I was nowhere near ready to let my Mom see me, in just a diaper. The pants proved to be a challenge to put on, the diaper was thicker than expected and it took quiet a lot of effort to force my pants up and over the diaper, but I managed to close them around my waist and went to greet my Mom. As I entered the kitchen to meet her, I became aware of the crinkle that followed my every step, as a result of the diaper moving around my hips. I slowed my movement, careful not to walk to fast, as a mean to dampen the noise of my new underwear. “Oh there you are, so how has your day been?” My Mom was busy unpacking the groceries as I entered. “Fine I guess, I’ve got a bit of writing done and I even came up with a title for my article.” I picked up a grocery bag from the table and start unloading it into the cabinet. My Mom stood quiet for a moment, staring down at me, as I was kneeling in front of the cabinet. “So, how does it feel?”. I looked up at her with a confused look. “What do you mean?” I folded up the bag and stood back up. “How does it feel being back in diapers?” My mouth dropped for a second. “How did you know?” My response triggered a chuckle from her. “It pretty hard not to notice, that crinkle is pretty hard to ignore, also its peaking up from the back of your pants when you squat down and when you entered, you were waddling almost like a toddler trying to hide it.” She continued to chuckle, as she put the bags away. “Guess it’s something we both have to get used to. It’s not like you can sneak around for the next 2 years, trying to hide it.” At this point my face was burning bright red, this was one of the things I hadn’t thought about, but she was right. I spent the next few hours “hiding” in my room, trying to avoid awkward diaper contact with my Mom, until the time came for my bladder to declare itself “full”. “This is it.” I mumbled to myself, as I stood up from my desk. Standing in the center of my room, I closed my eyes and relaxed my body. Nothing. I took a deep breath, exhaled and relaxed. Again, nothing. This was proving to be quite a challenge, and this whole untraining concept, may be harder than expected. Once again I took a deep breath, held it, exhaled and FINALLY. I felt a warm flow spread around my crotch, as the diaper flooded and consumed the urine flowing from my body. The warmth continued to spread across the front of the diaper, slowly making its way towards the back and… DOWN MY LEG!? I opened my eyes, just in time to catch the first drops of liquid, roll my thigh and onto the floor. “SHIT!” I mumbled loudly. The flow of urine stopped, but it was clear that my diaper had leaked and I had managed to make a mess on the floor. “Guess I didn’t do such a good job after all.” I thought, as I stood there contemplating my situation. I quickly made my way to the bathroom. First to rip off the “failed” diaper and wash myself off with a cloth, before grapping a roll of paper and run back to my room for a quick clean up. With the mess taken care off, I dropped the used diaper in the bathroom waste bin and soon found myself back in my room, fresh diaper in hand and ready to give it another try. Once again I placed the diaper on my bed and started placing it around my hips. AND once again I found myself having to fiddle with the tapes for several minutes, applying and reapplying them, before I ended up with an acceptable result. At this time, Mom was yelling that dinner was ready, so I threw my pants back on and slowly snuck my way to join her. Nothing particular happened for the rest of the night, as we both tried avoiding starting any awkward conversation during dinner, before I quickly snuck my way back to the safety of my room, where I spent the rest of the night, until it was time for bed. Laying in my bed that night, the hypnotic file playing through my headset. I quickly discovered that falling asleep wearing my new underwear would prove to be a challenge. The extra padding between my legs, made laying on my side rather difficult, not to mention the loud crinkle that followed my every movement and the extreme heat that was generated around my groin. But finally after much tossing and turning, I drifted off to sleep. 1 day down, 729 to go.
  4. Long time lurker. This is the first story I have written. Writing isn’t my strength, and It takes me forever to write, re-read, and rewrite. I have already written 20 chapters. I hope everyone finds this story different but interesting. This is a slow burn, but it does get into the diapers and regression. It will take a few chapters to really get into it. I can see this going for at least another 20 chapters on top of the twenty chapters already written. Chapter 1: The New Intern Avery let out a deep sigh of relief as he read the email he had just received from the biomedical technology department. He was finally being recognized for his hard work and dedication. His complex calculations and programming to demonstrate the interactions between a relatively new drug and a person's DNA had proven correct and valuable, leading to him being hired over a month ago - despite the doubt and ridicule from his colleagues. He leaned back in his chair, feeling overwhelmed with emotions. On the one hand, he was elated that his efforts were beginning to be acknowledged, but on the other hand, he felt uncertain if this would lead to further respect or more challenges from those who never believed in him. A sense of pride mixed with apprehension began to stir within him, thoughts of the potential applications of this research tumbling through his mind. Ever since Avery Sage was a little boy, he has experienced problems with keeping his pants dry. Maybe it had something to do with the car accident that claimed the lives of his parents. Perhaps the foster homes he cycled through caused him stress, or maybe he would have always had this problem. All he knew for sure was that he needed to wear protection when out in public because when he got stressed, his bladder gave way. As a result, whenever he left the security of his home, he wore pull-ups, which made him feel like a little kid and dampened his confidence. His confidence wasn't helped because he was only five foot and one inch tall for a young man. These anxieties certainly didn’t help his mental health. He suffered from depression, anxiety, and insomnia. He regularly saw a psychiatrist and was on medication, but life could still be a struggle. He thought back to his first week of work. Avery graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Biochemistry at the age of 18. A year later, he was offered an internship while working on his master's in Biochemistry and Genetics. Avery stepped through the doors of DNA Pharmacia, feeling equal parts nervousness and excitement. He had been preparing for this moment his whole life – the chance to finally earn some respect and prove all those who had doubted him wrong. Flashbacks filled his mind of all the running between foster care families he had endured; it had made his self-confidence falter, but nonetheless provided the motivation for him to finish high school years early and break free from the wings of his current foster family. Now was the time to show what he was made of. As Avery sat in the HR office, he wore his dress clothes for his first day, which was saying much– a little too large for his slim, small frame – but still managing to make him feel small and helpless against the world around him. People seemed to look through him everywhere he went as if he were invisible, yet he couldn't shake off the nagging sensation that all eyes were upon him. His shoulders sagged under the weight of defeat that shrouded his self-confidence. His wavery, untamed hair was combed back the best it could be. “Ok, Avery.” Julian, the HR representative, said. “You're done. You're officially an employee of DNA Pharmacia.” “I won’t let you down. I promise.” Avery smiled as he stood up and reached across the desk to shake Julian’s hand. Julian's expression was warm and encouraging as he shook Avery's hand. Julian was a tall, distinguished man in his late thirties, wearing a navy blue suit and a striped tie. His brown eyes twinkle with kindness, and he has a slight, friendly smirk while speaking to Avery. His handshake was firm but slightly frail, making Avery feel nervous that he had no idea if he could uphold such a promise. Doesn't everyone think that on their first day at work? Avery thought to himself. Julian just smiled back at him from his kind face, like he could read Avery's mind. “Great, I am hoping for good things from you. Shall I show you to your new desk and department?” Julian returned the smile. “Yes, please,” Avery followed Julian out of the room. They took two flights up in the elevator to a department called “Chemical DNA Sequencing Department.” and walked side-by-side down the long corridors of the main building. They passed glass panels on every wall and Avery marveled at how modern this building was. He watched sensors scanning vials of chemicals and equipment, feeding data into computers across the room. It was clear no money had been spared in making DNA a cutting-edge company. Every window they passed made him want to stop and ask what was happening; it all looked so exciting, and he couldn’t wait to start. All this made him forget that he secretly wore a pull-up underneath his clothes as protection was needed. It was down one of these corridors that Avery met an older man. The man had a strong jawline and sharp features, aged but wise. His eyes were a deep blue, crinkling at the corners when he smiled. His gray hair was neatly trimmed, and his beard was flecked with silver. He wore a crisp white shirt with black trousers and polished black shoes. He towered over Avery with an air of authority, yet his demeanor was warm and friendly. Avery recognized him from some of the interviews he had gone through to land this job. “Welcome! You must be our marvelous new intern. I am Bryan Wells, and you'll report directly to me! At your desk we have a laptop and a corporate iPhone with the works waiting there for you. From your resume and job interviews, my colleagues have noticed your peculiar knack for math and biochemistry, so we have an exciting task ahead for you! On your desk is a folder that outlines our challenge: debug a computational logic program that looks at DNA to determine designer drugs for fighting cancer. It's a riddle waiting to be solved - think you can do it? Report back any bugs as soon as possible, and we'd be grateful!” Bryan said cheerfully as he led Avery to his desk. “Yes, sir,” Avery replied. He would have agreed to do whatever Bryan needed. He was eager to impress. Bryan continued to talk to Avery. It was a one-sided conversation. Avery was too in awe of everything he was seeing to really contribute much. For him, this place was like a dream—top-level research with some of the smartest people in the world where his work could actually help people. Avery looked around the room. A long row of cubicles ran down one wall with a dozen or so scientists already hard at work on their projects. Avery's desk was tucked into the corner by an emergency exit. The light blue walls were sparse, containing only a few motivational posters and pictures of animals from Earth. Bryan led him to his chair and showed him how he could adjust it to fit him since the chair was probably to tall for him. Avery blushed a little but said nothing about it. Bryan reviewed with him how to log in to the server and the IT policies on using company-issued equipment. Bryan also went over where the relevant programs were located; he would review the folder with all the notes on the development of this program. “If you need anything, come to find me over there,” Bryan pointed to his private office. “The other scientists and engineers should be coming around to introduce themselves to you today.” “Ok, sounds good… And thank you for this opportunity,” Avery said as Bryan returned to his office. On that first day, he met a few scientists and a few engineers. They all seemed friendly enough, even though Avery didn’t have much to say. He wanted to just focus on the task at hand. He felt he had something to prove. Avery had been dealt a tough hand; growing up in the foster care system meant that he was constantly met with obstacles and negative comments. He was told time and again what he couldn’t do, but instead of accepting those limitations as his fate, he used them as motivation. Everyone’s doubts about him only strengthened his desire to prove them all wrong. The rest of the day was slow. Avery needed help concentrating on the program he had been asked to look at. Quite frankly, it was dull, and after seeing all the other scientists and engineers doing much more exciting things, Avery was keen to do something that felt more meaningful. This need to do something drew him to the thick handbook about all the research involved with this program and more. He was fascinated with it. Avery brought the program to his apartment that night. He abstained from indulging in his usual nightly video game escapades. Instead, he spent hours poring over the computational intricacies of DNA's involvement in cancerous growths, absorbed in deciphering the energy states of cancer cells. The realization that this program was an amalgamation of these complex calculations completely captivated him, particularly as he examined how the drug had to be manipulated to match the energy state of the cancer cells so that it would interact effectively with them. It was nothing less than astounding. As he delved deeper into the notes, he discovered a vexing inconsistency in one of the mathematical formulas that disrupted the programming and prevented it from reaching a conclusion on what drug was needed for treatment. Avery closed the notebook for the night, satisfied he knew what he could start looking at and he was glad to be out of the pull-up for the day. As he lay in bed, his mind kept running through what he had read. His insomnia medication meant he wasn’t awake for long, but even in sleep, it felt like his brain was searching through everything he had learned the previous day. The morning came too quickly as his alarm went off. “Ugh, I hate mornings,” Avery muttered as he hit the snooze button repeatedly. The alarm kept ringing, and every time it did, Avery reached out a hand and hit the snooze button again. It was an almost instinctive reaction to the annoying noise. His brain wasn’t clicking into gear. All he knew was that he wanted more sleep. At one point, as the alarm went, Avery pawed at the snooze button yet again but only ended up knocking his phone off the bedside table. “Oh shit,” He said as he looked up at the clock. It was 7:30 a.m. He was supposed to be at work at 8:00 a.m. His alarm had been going on and off since 6:00 a.m. this morning. Avery quickly removed his boxers and slipped on new pull-ups, light gray tan dockers, and a maroon golf shirt. He quickly wet down his hair and combed it back, knowing it would still look like a mess when his hair dried. Avery quickly left to grab the bus to work at 7:30 a.m. and hopefully be at work at 8:00 am. It was a rush, and Avery didn’t feel particularly ready, but as he walked out of the front door into the early morning air. He didn’t know how anyone could be a “morning person” when he always felt… tired. That morning, when Avery got to work, the first thing he did was get a large cup of coffee. Afterward, he sat down at his desk and began to take a look at the code. The code wasn’t easy to follow. It didn’t follow too much of a logical path in his mind. Two hours later, John Taylor, the most Sr, Engineer on the project and project lead, stopped by his desk. John was a 45-year-old engineer with a commanding presence and an ego to match. He stood at an imposing 6'2" and had a burly build that spoke of years of physical labor. Despite his advancing age, his muscles were still firm, and his torso remained taut, reflecting an unwavering commitment to physical fitness. Avery thought John's walk exuded confidence, each step resonating with a deliberate thud. His posture was impeccable, with his chest puffed out and his chin held high. He had a square jaw and piercing blue eyes that seemed to bore through any obstacle in their way. This made Avery very anxious to be around him. He was very much the opposite of Avery, who was dressed in a pair of tan dockers and a collared maroon shirt That he had quickly thrown on minutes before leaving the house. If someone were to judge Avery. They would say he dressed not to cause a stir and just wanted to blend in. The differences between the timid Avery and John, who exuded machismo and confidence, couldn’t have been starker. John wore an expensive suit that hugged his broad shoulders and accentuated his chiseled physique, a testament to his attention to detail and his love of the finer things in life. “Impressive work on one of my projects, huh?” John scowled as he snatched the notebook off his desk. “I wouldn't waste your time with all the irrelevant data scribbled in here. It'll do nothing but distract you.” He flicked it to the other side of his desk like an afterthought. Avery noticed John's hazel eyes were framed by creases that spoke to years of meticulous research studies and calculations. “I tried to get a grip on it, but honestly, I stumbled over the complex calculations necessary for developing designer drugs. Despite that, I was still captivated by the work yesterday." Avery sighed, not convinced of his own abilities to do this kind of research but determine to make a difference still. “Well, just weed out the bugs and get the program working. My team and I will take care of the rest.” Johns said with a condescending smile. “If you do that, you will do good here, kid!” “It’s just….” Avery started. He wanted to prove his knowledge by suggesting a change to the handbook. “Seriously, don’t worry about it.” John cut Avery off with ease. Avery felt a little put out by this overconfident man. He had been hired to be equal to all the other scientists, and yet John was acting like he was somebody hired to do data entry. He knew he could make the program run better and make the handbook better; he just needed John to listen to him. “I’m just thinking that if we…” Avery tried again. “If you have any suggestions, just write them down and slip them under my door,” John said as he started walking away without looking over his shoulder. The rest of the day went on without a hitch. A few people came by and tried to introduce themselves to him, but he kept the small talk to a minimum and just wanted to look over the program. Avery took a lot of notes that day. At the end of the day, he decided to retake the notebook home and leave the laptop at the office. He left the office at 4:30 p.m. to catch the bus at 5 p.m. If he missed the bus past 6 p.m., there wouldn't be another bus till morning. He was hungrier than normal because he skipped lunch all day to work on debugging the program. He stopped by a McDonald's and ordered a Big Mac. As he stood in line, he couldn't help but notice the Happy Meals on the counter, offering small Lego kits to children. It was a cruel marketing strategy to exploit parents and make them buy more Lego sets for their already spoiled kids. He knew this well, but it only reminded him of his own childhood, one filled with deprivation and lack of affection. He watched as the children played with their toys, ignoring the food in front of them - something he would have cherished as a child. But no, he was never allowed such frivolous things growing up; his foster parents made sure to remind him how unworthy he was of such luxuries. The memory brought back painful emotions that festered deep within him.
  5. This is chapter one of an ongoing, collaborative story written by me and my friend, BoysRBabies. We are writing alternating chapters—I wrote this first one. We will publish the whole story here, posting a new chapter every week or two. BoysRBabies posts fantastic captions of forced regression on Tumblr. I publish stories of diapers and domination on Smashwords. Hope you all enjoy it! Chapter 1 Tyler swerved his Range Rover around a slow-moving clump of cars. They clogged up the fast lane. And the middle lane. And would have blocked him in the slow lane, too, if he'd let them. Didn't people have any place to be on a Monday morning? He shot the pack leader his best disapproving look as he passed. The middle-aged man gripped the steering wheel of his middle-aged sedan. Hands at 10 and 2. A dopey half-smile on his face. Completely oblivious. "We won't get there any faster if we're dead," Monica said. Her knuckles were pale white against the black leather console. So dramatic. Always so dramatic. "We won't get there at all at this rate," he said. She shook her head. "What?" "Nothing." "It's obviously not nothing." He sighed and eased back on the throttle, shifting back into the middle lane. "There. Happy?" Her eyes had that watery, verge-of-tears look. The look that could spill over into full-blown crying if he said the wrong thing. Or if he didn't say the right thing. Or didn't say anything at all. He reached over and covered her hand with his. "A few days of Mai Thais and sugar sand and you'll feel better. Promise." She slid her hand out from under his and put it in her lap. "You think that will fix anything?" "Who said anything needs to be fixed?" She stared ahead silently. "Come on, Mon? Martinique? St. Lucia? Making love on the beach?" He leaned closer and grinned. Maybe we can try that thing again. With my finger?" Her frown deepened. "So we aren't even going to talk about it." He pulled back into his seat. "Seriously? You're blowing the whole thing out of proportion. It was an offhand remark. No big deal. Just guy talk. Besides, you know, maybe you shouldn't…" He shrugged. "I shouldn't what?" Her tone was icy. Careful. "I'm just saying, if you hadn't been listening in on my conversation in the first place, you wouldn't be so upset." She laughed. A shrill, short bark of a laugh. God, he hated that sound. "So this is my fault, Tyler?" "There's no fault here, but yeah, maybe you should respect my privacy a bit more." He pulled off the highway onto the exit ramp. A few minutes later than he'd hoped to be, but still on time as long as they didn't hit any traffic. "Do you have any idea how loud you are on the phone? Stomping around the house, yelling at people? How am I supposed to know if you're talking to one of your minions or Connor, or—" she stopped herself and put her hands up in surrender. "Doesn't matter." He suppressed a smile. She was coming around. She always did. She just needed to vent. Get it out of her system. Then they could move on. "Like I said, let's just enjoy the trip, then we can talk about all of it again when we get home. If you still want to." "Fine." Her tone was flat. She stared straight ahead, hands in her lap. Far from a victory, but he'd take a brief ceasefire when he could get one. Especially these days. And who knows, maybe she really would forget about it. The salty tang of ocean air seeped in through the vents. He glanced down at the GPS. Almost there. Park the car. Board the ship. Make sure their bags were in the room. …and that was it. Nothing more to do after that. He could almost taste the gin and tonic now. He pulled into a massive parking lot five minutes later and began working his way down the rows. "Aren't you going to park?" she asked, pointing to several empty spots they passed. "Connor says he's--" "Connor?" Shit. Should have waited until they were parked and standing outside. She wouldn't make a scene in front of Connor. Or at least not in front of Kari. "I told him and Kari about the fabulous deal we got." "They're coming with us?" "They've been needing to get away too. You know, after the acquisition and all that stuff? One thing led to another, and they decided to pick up tickets too." "So even your little apology trip was self-centered." She laughed. "You're making this so much easier. I guess I should be grateful for that." "Easier?" He pulled in next to Connor's Audi. She sure didn't seem to be making anything easier on him. No response. "Mon?" She pulled out her phone and began texting someone. "Hey, listen to me. How is taking you on a cruise with our friends self-centered? It would be self-centered not to tell our friends about this." It also wasn't an 'apology trip,' he wanted to say. But if it made her feel better to think about it that way, so be it. "Your friends," she said, not looking up from her text. "Not mine." Kari rapped on his window and smiled. "One sec," Tyler said. "She just needs to wrap this up." He glared over at her. "I guess." She slipped the phone back into her purse. "Done now?" She nodded. Her expression was unreadable. "Play nice," Tyler said. "It's gonna be a long week if you don't." He got out of the car and gave Kari a hug. Connor was pulling luggage out of the trunk. "Why'd you park way out here?" Tyler asked him. Connor grinned. "Boo-hoo. Leg day yesterday, princess?" "There's a bus," Kari said. "Right, baby?" "Right," Connor said. "Every few minutes. Takes us right to the boat." He closed the trunk. "Here it comes." Tyler turned to see a bus wending its way through the parking lot. It looked more like a school bus than the type of bus you usually see rental car companies and hotels using. Monica got out of the car and stood next to him. "Hi, Kari." "Hey, hon," Kari said back. Best friends they were not, but the two had gotten along better recently. If nothing else, he suspected they bitched about him and Connor. Which was fine. Or at least preferable to listening to all of her complaints himself. He popped the trunk and began stacking their luggage on the pavement. Connor stood there frowning. "What?" Tyler asked. Connor shrugged. "Bus just passed a whole bunch of people." The bus had skipped several groups of passengers, some of whom stood by their cars, looking at the departing vehicle in confusion. "Whatever," Tyler said. "As long as it stops for us." He'd bought the all-inclusive package, so it damn well better stop. He closed the trunk. A moment later, the bus did stop for them. A woman stepped out. Tall, with dark hair pulled into a tight bun. "Monica Howard?" Monica smiled. "That's me." Well that was odd. He'd arranged the whole trip. Why would they know—or care—who she was? He stepped forward. "You have someone to help load our luggage?" She walked past him without so much as a glance. He stomped around in front of her, putting himself between her and Monica. "Hey? Hello? What's your name?" "You have all of the paperwork?" the woman asked Monica. "Paperwork?" Tyler snapped. "That's all been done for weeks. You aren't listening to me." He snapped his fingers in front of her face. "Hello? Paying customer here." Monica handed the woman a sheaf of papers. "I want to speak to your manager. What's your employee numb…" the words died in Tyler's throat. "What is all that?" He turned towards the woman. "What's going on here?" "Tyler, this is Holly," Monica said. Holly looked at him for the first time, then back at Monica again. No service worker had ever looked at him like that before. A brief, piercing glare, followed by…complete disinterest. "Okay," he said. "So what? Are you the bus driver or…" "No," Holly said. "Someone explain what the fuck is going on," he snapped. "Holly is from ABC," Monica said. "Is that some sort of holding company for the cruise line?" He looked down at his watch. "One hour. The ship departs in one hour. Someone better—" "You might not know the ABC name, but you know what we do," Holly said. He throws up his hands. "Oh, it speaks. Finally." He expected a glare. Or better yet, a retreat and an apology, as she realized who she'd pissed off. Instead, more disinterest. "ABC runs male regression centers across the United States and Canada." "Male regression centers?" He vaguely remembered reading about them in an article a few years back. In fact, it had been all over the news for a bit. Highly controversial. And easy fodder for Buzzfeed listicles and late-night talk hosts. Putting grown men in diapers and bonnets and calling it therapy? Sounded like some touchy-feely, West Coast bullshit. "That's what I said," Holly replied. "Okay. So what?" He tapped his watch and looked at Monica. "We're not going on a cruise," Monica said quietly. "You're going to a regression center." Tyler laughed. "Connor? This was your idea, right? Where's the camera?" He looked around. Probably Mark. Or that cousin of Connor's—Jimmy? Johnny? Something like that. That guy was constantly posting stuff like this on Youtube. Connor stared at him, his face ashen. "Dude, jokes over," Tyler said. His voice was barely audible, each word coming out slowly and with great effort. "You got your laughs." "It's not a joke," Monica said. He whirled on her. "You're crazy if you think I'm going anywhere. And dumber than I thought." She winced. "You're coming with me to the center, Tyler," Holly said. "Oh yeah?" He eyed her up and down. "Hope you brought some muscle." "I did." God, still so calm. Like she'd done this a thousand times. He wanted to scream at her. Shake her. Get some sort of normal human response. "But I hope we won't need it," she continued. She held up a piece of paper from the sheaf Monica had given her. "Do you know what this is?" "I'm going to take your ass to court, lady. Make me miss my cruise?" He shook his head. "I'll fucking own your company. You'll be working for me in a year." He spun on Monica. "And you--" Holly cleared her throat. "It's called a Blue Slip. It remands you to our custody for a period of not less than one month." "Let me see that," he said. He snatched the paper out of her hand and scanned the legalese for a few seconds, then crumpled it up and then tossed it to the ground. "I think we both know that's not how that works," Holly said. "We have copies on hand at the center. You can read them there if you want. But I assure you, all the i's have been dotted and t's crossed. The request received the full committee's support." "Committee? What committee?" "We can take about that later. It's time to get on the bus." Monica had tears in her eyes. She stepped closer, arms open. "Unh uh." He shook his head slowly. "You stay away from me." He looked over at Connor. "Bro, you gotta get me out of this. Please?" Connor just stared. Holly took his elbow. "Up into the bus now, okay? Pretty soon you'll be settled in and all of this stress will be behind you." She guided him towards the bus. He walked along beside her, mind reeling. The bus doors swung open. He turned around. "My suitcase. I need my clothes." "That's all been taken care of, Tyler," Holly said. Her tone was soft now. Almost soothing. "But—" "Don't worry about that. Don't worry about anything." Tyler glanced at Monica one last time, then stepped up into the bus.
  6. What happens when a twelve-year-old boy suddenly starts wetting his pants again? Mark Davidson is twelve years old and just finished the sixth grade. He is leaving elementary school and will soon be a teenager. Sure, he had some toileting problems when he was younger, but he has long since outgrown that, or so it seems. The Background One of my earliest memories is a tantrum I threw when I was four and a half. I wanted to play in a playroom, but I couldn’t unless I was potty trained. I still wore diapers and wasn’t potty trained. I saw kids younger than me playing and started to cry. My mom got frustrated with my tantrum and said, “Big kids don’t wear diapers!” After we got home, Mom said “I’m disappointed with you. You acted like a baby and threw a tantrum. You can’t be a big kid if you are not potty trained.” She took away most of my ‘big kid’ privileges and treated me like my little sister, who had just turned two. At the time, there wasn’t a whole lot of difference. Mom still put me in a stroller, and there were rails on my bed to keep me from falling out. All she had to do was pull up the rails to convert my ‘big kid’ bed into a crib and bring out a second highchair. I also had to use a sippy cup, but I used to spill a lot. I don’t think it worked very well because it took another year to get out of diapers. Yes, I didn’t get out of diapers until I was five and a half! My little sister was now three and had just become potty trained. I didn’t want to be the only one in diapers, so I started to use the potty as well. Even so, I still had accidents, and sometimes needed diapers. My mom had a different approach than most parents. She wanted us to take care of the potty by ourselves, although she still helped my sister with some of the details. She was only three, so that made sense. Mom wanted me to do everything by myself. She would take me to the bathroom when we were in public, but that’s about it. I had to wear Pull-ups if I had an accident. I didn’t get to wear underwear until I stayed dry for three days. If I had two accidents in my Pull-ups, it was back to diapers. I stayed in diapers until I proved that I was ready to use the potty, which usually took about a week. My mom treated me like a big kid when I wore Pull-ups. I even got to do things that some of the older kids didn’t. However, I lost all of those privileges when I wore diapers. Diapers were for babies, so I was treated just like a baby. I slept in a crib, sat in a highchair, and rode in a stroller when we left the house. I think my mom preferred the stroller because I didn’t wander away. It wasn’t just the highchairs and stroller, little kids aren’t allowed to open doors, and I wasn’t either. I had to wear diapers at night until I stayed dry for five nights in a row, which didn’t happen until I was eight years old. I got to wear underwear after keeping my Pull-ups dry for five nights, but it was back to diapers if I had three accidents in my Pull-ups. Since diapers were for babies, my bed was left in the crib position when I slept in a diaper. My mom changed my diaper just after waking me up when it was dry, but when I woke up in a wet diaper, she waited until I ate breakfast. Diapers are for babies, so I had to sit in a highchair for breakfast. My sister was out of diapers by my sixth birthday, which was when she was three-and-a-half. I don’t think she had very many accidents after that. However, when she was older, she would occasionally wet her pants. It didn’t happen very often, but mom made her wear Pull-ups when she did. She was nine years old the last time it happened. We had to wear a diaper at night if we wore a Pull-up during the day, so Emily ended up sleeping in a diaper for about three weeks that year. It was harder for me. I wore diapers pretty much all the time while I was in kindergarten. I occasionally got to wear Pull-ups, but I always had accidents and went right back to diapers. Things got a little better for me in first grade, when I was seven. I still had accidents, but I usually could go back to underwear before I had to wear a diaper. I only had to wear diapers a couple of times that year. However, we lived in Asia, and we went back to the United States in the summer. I had a series of accidents that summer and was put back in diapers. My mom didn’t want to deal with potty training while we were traveling, so I stayed in diapers for six weeks. I wasn’t potty trained again until we got home. That didn’t happen until my birthday, so I was still in diapers on my eighth birthday! I guess that helped because I stopped having accidents after that, or at least mostly stopped. I only had a few accidents in third grade. I even started to stay dry at night, and my crib was finally converted back to a bed. I only spent two weeks in diapers that year, and that was on purpose. I wet my pants on purpose because I wanted to wear diapers again. It happened during school breaks, so I wouldn’t have to wear diapers to school. I did it again in fourth grade, during spring break. My mom never got mad about it. She just said, “I guess you’re not ready to be a big kid,” and put me back in diapers.
  7. Date: December 11th Came across a weird ad today. Showed grown-ups acting like kids, all happy and carefree. Got me thinking, you know? Can I ditch the whole adulting thing and join them? Life's okay as it is — work, bills, adult stuff. But those happy faces in the ad got me wondering if there's something more. A simpler life, carefree and easy. Questions buzzing in my head. Can I really ditch the usual grind? Leave behind what everyone expects? Take a plunge into something unknown? Feels like I'm at a crossroads. One path is what I know, the other is this whole regression gig. Simple, carefree, but who knows? The unknown is scary. What if it's all a gimmick, and I end up regretting it? But then again, that joy in the ad, the freedom from adult crap — kinda tempting. Sleep on it, see what tomorrow brings. Life's weird sometimes. Date: December 27th Couldn't shake off this weird obsession. Been thinking a lot about those diapers they showed in the ad. How do they feel? The thought won't leave me. Spent some time today just imagining it. The softness, the snug feeling. It's nuts, but I can't help but wonder. You know what? Screw it. I did something impulsive today. Sent off that registration form for the regression school. Yeah, me, the guy who's always got everything planned out. No turning back now. Excitement's there, mixed with nerves. Wonder what they'll say. A part of me hopes they call me crazy, that this isn't for real. But deep down, a bigger part is hoping they welcome me into their world. Guess I'll just wait now. See if this was a momentary lapse of reason or if I'm diving headfirst into the world of diapers and pacifiers. Whatever happens, it's gonna be a hell of a story to tell someday. Date: December 31st The year's winding down, and so is the time before I jump headfirst into this regression thing. Tomorrow's the big day, the beginning of a journey I never thought I'd take. I've got the sabbatical lined up, so no work for the next six months. Full immersion into whatever this is. Nerves are kicking in. Can't help but second-guess what I put on that registration form. Total removal of potty training? Reducing my speech? Man, what was I thinking? It sounded fascinating at the time, but now the doubts are creeping in. Is this too much, too fast? But, truth be told, there's a part of me that's looking forward to it. As crazy as it sounds, the idea of regressing, letting go of all the adult crap for a while, has this strange appeal. Maybe it's a way to escape the grind, or maybe I've just lost my marbles. Let's see how it goes. Here's to hoping it's not a total disaster. Cheers to a new year, a new experience, and a version of me that's gonna be all kinds of messed up. Date: January 1st Started the day in my normal adult clothes, but that didn't last long. A female caregiver, friendly but assertive, made it clear that it was time for a change. Before I knew it, I was stripped down, underwear included, feeling more exposed than I had in years. There's a weird blend of humiliation and liberation in being undressed like that, as if shedding my adult clothes was shedding some of my adult responsibilities. And then came the diaper. It felt like a cloud wrapped around my privates, strangely soft and comforting. I couldn't help but blush as she fastened it snugly around me. I've never had anyone else diaper me, and there's something oddly intimate about it. But here I was, surrendering control willingly. She dressed me without asking for my input, asserting her role as the one in charge. All I got was a t-shirt that left my diaper exposed. It was an amazing feeling, an unexpected rush that I didn't anticipate. It's funny how the smallest things can make you feel little, and it's even funnier how that makes you feel taken care of. With a gentle spank on the butt, she sent me off to play. The mix of embarrassment and excitement stayed with me, each step a reminder that I was willingly diving into this regression experience. Day one down, and I'm already feeling like a little kid with a whole new set of rules to navigate. Let's see where this journey takes me. Date: January 4 th The caregivers have a routine of checking our diapers periodically, seemingly without any regard for our dignity or privacy. It's not like they ask if we're dry or need a change; they just dive right in and inspect, their faces devoid of judgment but their actions speaking volumes. Each diaper check feels like a spotlight shining on my new position as toddler. There's something about the way they lift up the back of my shirt and peek inside my diaper that makes me feel so small, like a helpless little kid but I’m guessing that’s the point. Today's diaper check was no exception. Samantha, with her gentle but firm demeanor, beckoned me over for my turn. I complied reluctantly, feeling every bit like a toddler. With practiced efficiency, she groped the front of my soggy diaper. The sense of embarrassment only intensified when she announced matter-of-factly that I needed a change. As Samantha proceeded to clean and diaper me, I couldn't shake the feeling of infantilization that washed over me. Each tug of the wipes and rustle of the fresh diaper served as a stark reminder of my regression journey, leaving me feeling smaller and more helpless than ever before. Date: January 17 th So, I'm two weeks deep into this regression experiment, and it's insane how fast I've gotten used to it. The craziest part? I haven't sat on a toilet for the past five days. Not at home, not anywhere. It's all about the diapers now, and honestly, it's not a bad gig. Every morning, I waddle to regression school with a loaded diaper, and it's become this routine that feels oddly freeing. The reactions from the caregivers and other students range from surprise to straight-up cheers. It's like waddeling with a loaded diaper is a badge of honor around here. Got a wild story from today. I was focused in some play, felt the urge to mess my diaper, and just went for it right then and there. No shame, no holding back. It's funny how quickly I've embraced this side of things. Went straight to Samantha, my favorite caregiver, with a big grin on my face. She sees the messy diaper and praises me for being a good boy. The tingles that went down my spine were something else. It's strange how a simple act can make you feel both empowered and vulnerable at the same time. But Samantha's praise made it all feel right. Who would have thought messing a diaper could be so, well, thrilling? Can't wait to see where it goes from here. Date: January 23rd OMG, guess what happened today? Samantha totally surprised me with a pacifier, and get this—it's got my fave animal, a fox, on it! It's crazy how something so simple can be super calming. When I put that paci in my mouth, it's like I'm being cuddled, all safe and cozy. But the best part? When Samantha and the other caregivers see me with it, they go all "aww" and call me cute and adorable. It gives me this warm, fuzzy feeling. It's like I've hit a new level of being noticed. The good vibes just keep coming, making me feel so comfy and happy. Napping has become part of my day too. The paci was amazing, it helped me fall asleep soooo quickly today during naptime. The sucking and the soft feel on my tongue make me feel even more secure. Date: February 6th Today was super surprising! While they were checking my diaper like they always do, the caregiver decided I needed a change. I was so surprised because I thought I only wet it once. But guess what? I must have had a real accident when I was busy playing with my Legos.. Yep, I was so into building my Lego masterpiece that I didn't even notice. It was a big surprise for me, and the caregiver got really happy when she saw my surprised face. What's really getting to me is that it's not just about wetting. They want me to be like, super not able to control it. It's kinda sinking in, and I'm starting to get how deep this whole going-back thing is. It's not just about toys and pacifiers; they're changing everything, even how my body works. Date: February 24 I wonder if my talkin' is gettin' more little or if it's just me imaginin'. Like, when I put these words down, they seem simple, like when I was a kiddo. But am I really talkin' like a little one now? Sometimes I think, "Hey, Eli, you're talkin' like a grown-up." But then, I look at these words, and they're all basic. Today, I heard two friends talkin' 'bout tryin' not to pee for as long as they can. They're all serious 'bout it, like it's some big competition. I just don't get it. Why try not to pee when we got these comfy diapers? I ain't tryin' to hold it, and guess what? I've been waking up with a super soggy diaper at night lots of times. But you know what's cool? The grown-ups who take care of us really like it. They're super happy that I'm all into this part of bein' a little one. Date: March 13 Today was a fun one! So, there I was, at the changin' table with Samantha, waiting for her to clean me up. She starts sayin' all these nice things 'bout me, callin' me a good diaper filler. Gotta admit, it made me feel all warm and tingly inside. Then, she starts rubbin' my soggy diaper, and I'm tryin' not to moan too loud behind my paci. It's like she knows just how to make me feel all tingly and excited. And then somethin' even funnier happened. Samantha noticed how excited I got, and she kept on rubbin' my diaper until, well, I had a sticky accident right there. Golly, to me, nothin' has ever felt as good as havin' a sticky accident in my soggy diaper. Oh, I forgot to mention somethin' important. You see, before I was a little guy, I used to have these accidents, but back then, we called 'em somethin' else. Grown-ups and big boys have a special word for it, but I'm not supposed to use those words anymore. Well anyway I stopped having them when I joined the regression school. Now, they're back but only as sticky accidents in my diaper, and Samantha says I'm a good boy for it. Journal Entry - March 23 Guess what happened today? I was playin' with the big, colorful building blocks, and it was so much fun! I got so caught up that, well, I kinda messed my diaper. Oopsie! But you know what? It didn't bother me much 'cause I was havin' too much fun. Later, I saw Samantha talkin' to Lisa, a new caregiver. They both looked at me and started laughin'. I didn't know why, but then Lisa walked over, and she squished the mess in my diaper! It made me giggle and wiggle; it was silly and funny. Being a little guy is so much fun, and the caregivers are super nice. I don't even mind the messy diapers that much. They just make me feel all little and happy. Journal Entry - April 7 Eli here with more little updates. So, things have been kinda interesting lately. Lisa, you know, the caregiver pals with Samantha, spends lots and lots of time with me. She's always there, putting my paci back in my mouth even though it's practically glued there. I'm such a good boy that I don't even need reminders anymore! She teased me today 'cause I dribble a lot in my diaper. I can't help it; it just happens. But you know what? I kinda like it. Lisa said I'm never dry anymore, and she laughed. It made me feel little and happy. Being a big boy and staying dry is overrated, right? Oh, and guess what? Lisa only lets me have sticky accidents when I've eaten my veggies at lunch and my diaper is already messy. Samantha's happy with just the messy diaper, but Lisa says I need to be a good boy all the way. Journal Entry – April 21 It's Eli with another little update. Today was a bit different, and I'm not sure how to feel about it. So, I saw Samantha and Lisa, you know, the caregivers who take care of me, sharing a kiss. It felt kinda strange, like a twinge in my tummy. I think I felt...jealous? Yeah, that's the word. I wanted all their attention on me. I mean, they're both so nice, and I love when they play with me, but today, seeing them together like that...it made me want more. Anyway, watching them kiss made my little buddy down there feel all tingly again, pressing against my soggy diaper. It's like it wanted some attention too. Silly little thing! Journal Entry - May 2 Guess what? Something big happened today. So, Lisa and Samantha, you know, the caregivers I always talk about? Well, they told me something amazing. They're actually a couple! Can you believe it? I didn't see that coming. And get this – Lisa started volunteering (that's a big word, huh?) at the regression school because Samantha wanted to adopt me. Yeah, me! I couldn't believe it. It's like a dream come true. I've got two mommies now, and they take such good care of me. They even asked me if I'd like to move in with them. Can you imagine? Being the baby of two mommies! I giggled and clapped my hands with joy. Of course, I said yes. Why wouldn't I? It's like living in a world full of cuddles, playtime, and soggy diapers. Life is pretty awesome right now. Journal Entry – May 29 Big news today! Lisa and Samantha officially adopted me! Can you believe it? Now I get to live with them, and it's amazing. They turned one of the rooms into a nursery just for me. Let me tell you about my room. There's a cozy crib that's super comfy, a changing table for when my mommies decide that I need a fresh diaper (which is quite often), and lots and lots of soft toys. No Legos, though. Lisa says I'm too little for that. But hey, who needs Legos when you've got plushies to cuddle with? I love it here. The nursery feels like my own little kingdom, and Lisa and Samantha are the best mommies ever. They take such good care of me. I even get to go to the regression school with Samantha, so I still get to see all my friends. Journal Entry – June 4 Hiya Diary, Today was another day of fun and surprises. Lisa asked me if my diaper was wet while I was in my stroller, all snug and cozy. I was a bit puzzled; after all, I can't really tell if it's wet or not. This seemed to make Lisa super happy, though. I told her it's probably just because of my shortalls. Usually, I can peek and see if my diaper is soggy or not, but with these cute shortalls, it's a bit tricky. I guess that's why I didn't notice. Anyway, mommy seemed pleased, so I'm pleased too. Journal Entry – June 26 Today was a bit different. Mommy Samantha had a special lesson for me. She wanted me to stay in a messy diaper for a few hours, all to help me learn to be messy without even noticing. The thought of it made my little buddy all tingly again. Samantha was quick to rub my diaper, but she stopped just before I had another sticky accident, leaving me panting and wanting more. After sitting for what felt like forever (I can't read the clock anymore, oopsie!), she finally let me have that sticky accident. It was like a little reward for being such a good boy during the lesson. Journal Entry – July 8 Today was super fun! Mommy Lisa fed me lunch in my highchair, and she was so proud that I didn't remove or spit out my paci all day. It stayed in my mouth since this morning, and it made me giggle lots. After lunch, Mommy Lisa happily explained that she's also proud of me for not noticing that my diaper is messy. But when she said that, I suddenly sniffed and realized it was! I guess my nose tricked me. But I'm happy about it because I know it makes my mommies happy. Mommy Lisa asked if I wanted a fresh diaper after lunch, but I said no. I want to be in a messy diaper for Mommy Samantha when she comes home. This made Mommy Lisa so happy that she decided to make me have a sticky accident right then and there. As she rubbed my diaper, I felt a tingly excitement building up, and before I knew it, I had a sticky accident in my messy diaper. It's happening faster and faster, needing always fewer touches or rubbing. Mommy Lisa praised me again, saying what a good boy I am. It felt warm and fuzzy, and I couldn't stop giggling. When Mommy Samantha came home and found me asleep in my crib with a messy diaper, she decided to wake me up in the most special way. Gently, she started rubbing my diaper, and before I knew it, I had another sticky accident. She called me a good baby and hugged me tightly. I felt so safe and loved in her arms.
  8. Heyo, readers! I got a fresh new one-shot for you all, fresh from my mind oven! I hope that you all enjoy it! And please consider letting me know what you think! Edit: I would have had this story out MUCH sooner, buuuuut my internet went down two Mondays ago during a storm that hit... and it only just now has been fixed. >.< Well, anyways, here it is for your reading pleasure! Big 2 Smol by Panther Cub "All the people just can't see, just can't see! How this fame's changing our reality When we get torn down We can set it right And that makes us bigger That makes us bigger That makes us bigger than life!" Moving as one, their choreography flawless, all five of the singers, dressed in identical silver-sequin suits and ties; spun, kicked, popped and locked and spun one last time, everyone but the skunk in the center crossing their arms. His left paw on his hip, and his right held out, palm up; Trey's voice was the last to fade at the end of the song, finally ending with him winking and blowing a kiss to the audience, just before the smoke and golden confetti blasted out. With that, the lights and the multicolored lasers winked out, and the audience in the packed stadium went wild cheering. Under the cover of darkness, the boys jogged off stage. "THAT WAS AWESOME!!!" The coyote cheered, immediately flopping facefirst into a purple beanbag chair. His bushy tan tail was sweeping back and forth in excitement while he let out a long and contented sigh. "Don't get too comfortable, Luke," Trey said, the skunk was walking out from his personal green room, already having changed out of the stage-costume and into some slacks and a vest, both a dark forest green, with a light lavender dress shirt on underneath. Trey was finishing tying on a silver and green necktie. "Our little stalker got caught trying to sneak in again." "Geeze! You would think that that Vicky girl's parents wouldn't take a fourteen-year-old to a concert and just let her wander off to try and sneak backstage." "I know, bud. But hey, security found her and her mom and dad took her out. We just gotta make sure that security at our concerts know to look out for a pink vixen her age." "Dude," Andy said, the raccoon walking in through the door to their green room and brushing some of the long blonde locks out of his face. "How did you change so fast?" He was presently only wearing the silver sequin slacks. "Because I'm just that awesome, Andy. I take it you've already forgotten where you put your shirt and vest?" Trey asked, rolling his eyes as Andy looked around, scratching his head in confusion. "Huh... I coulda sworn I still had it on... oh well. Easy come, easy go." Andy shrugged and started to make his way over to the pinball machine. "I thought we all agreed we'd end the song together this time, and you wouldn't keep going afterwards." The large and muscular orange cat looking at Trey entered with his arms crossed and huffed. "Sorry, Stone, force of habit," Trey waved his paw dismissively, stopping to inspect his manicured nails. "Yeah, that's what you said the last time, and the time before that." Stone stepped behind the brown folding screen to change out of his own stage outfit. "He makes a pretty good point, Trey," Oscar said, the otter being the last to enter. He walked over to the vanity mirror to begin removing his contacts to switch back to his glasses. "We all agreed that we were going to be equals in this, but at the end of each show, you keep trying to stand out like that." "Not cool, bro," Andy chimed in, dings and chimes coming from the pinball machine as it lit up. "Well excuse me for trying to finish our shows off with a little flourish!" Trey snarked, looking into his dressing mirror and combing his trimmed headfur, making sure that it looked like that special messy and neat he preferred, with a little feathering on the left side. "How about we all come up with our own little flourishes to use at the end of our concerts, that way we all stand out equally?" Luke piped up from his beanbag chair, his tail wagging again. "Sounds awesome, bro." Andy turned to give Luke a fist bump, to which the happy coyote was more than willing to reciprocate. "That's not a bad idea, Luke." Oscar smiled, already cracking open the latest copy of Combat Bots Monthly, his eyes lighting up as he started reading. "It's only fair, Trey," Stone said, stalking out from behind the divider, now wearing his usual torn jeans, black tank top, and green military jacket. The skunk sighed heavily and rubbed his temples. "Okay, fine, whatever, we can all do our own little whatevers at the end of our shows from now on. But we're getting distracted! Did you guys see how packed that arena was tonight?! We should be celebrating!" Walking over to their mini fridge, Trey opened it to pull out five lime green cans, each with an orange splat in the center, on which were written in black letters the word Purge. Handing them all out to each of his friends, Trey smiled brightly. "Guys... we've made it, and made it big! We're getting to do what other nineteen-year-olds can only dream of. Only we took our dream, and we're making it our new reality! And... I guess I just feel lucky." Trey's fluffy black and white-striped tail sank a little. As he spoke, Luke, Andy, Stone, and Oscar started to gather around. Each smiling, their exhaustion and minor annoyances forgotten as they looked down at their own Purge sodas. "Growing up with each other in those foster homes... we were all any of us had. There are other boy bands out there, that were just a group of random guys some record label threw together. But... I get to do this with my best friends, my brothers from other mothers. And I wouldn't have it any other way." Simultaneously, they all pulled the tabs, five hisses rapidly ringing out. "Just you wait and see, fellas," Trey said. "This is just the start of a long and beautiful career. The world will never forget the name Small to Big" "S.T.B.!" Andy cheered, the others cheering with him and tapping their cans against each other. They all took swigs, looking satisfied. Present Day... "And to finish off our list of forgotten has-bins from the '90s, we come to the boy band S.T.B." The red panda lady in a little black dress chuckled and shook her head. "I can't believe that when I was younger, just how obsessed I and my friends were with these guys." The other d-list celebrities on BS1 joined in on the laughter, a chubby alligator in just a blue t-shirt and khakis guffawing especially hard and slapping his knees. "I remember that they started off pretty strong with some bangin' songs, but then when they got too old and their label dropped them, they burned out spectacularly, desperately trying to stay famous! Like when the leader, Trey, tried to become an actor? Only to end up in that gods awful I'm Knowing What Happened Last Winter 2!" Trey huffed and switched off the tv. Rubbing his temples, he sighed. Adjusting his tie, the skunk looked himself in the mirror and smiled. "Alright... showtime!" Trey walked out of the break room and back onto the main floor of the showroom. Without breaking stride, and making sure to get to them before Darryl could, Trey approached the lady he had seen out the breakroom window looking at the blue SUV. "This is a beautiful model that you can't go wrong with. Hi there, I'm Trey Masters, and I'd like to see you go home with this bad boy today." He gave an insincere chuckle as he looked the cute pink-furred vixen, who was gazing at him with a small smile on her lips, up and down. She was wearing a sky blue sundress with a white purse resting on her hip. "Well now, I was wondering if this is a safe family vehicle?" The vixen asked, shaking his paw. "I'm Victoria, by the way." "It is certainly a pleasure to meet you, Miss Victoria. Now, to answer your question, absolutely! This here is the latest in the Mountain Goat's line of SUV's. It was built with safety in mind, as well as families. Why, you could fit a bunch of little ones in the back here and know that they are secured and protected. I hope that you don't mind my asking if you already have some kits." "Oh, not yet, but I'm planning on starting a big family." "Of course. Well, you can't do any better on the K14 model here. The perfect starter car for a, hopefully, soon-to-be young mother like yourself! And one that would allow you to ride in style." As he spoke, something bothered Trey about the vixen, like he felt he'd seen her before. It couldn't be, could it? He wondered to himself but was quick to shake off the thought. That vixen, who had been so obsessed with him and his friends, would be in her forties by now, just like him. Now there's a sad thought... Trey snapped back to the here and now. The vixen standing before him looked only to be in her mid-twenties anyway, so it was all a moot point. "Would it be possible to take it on a little test drive?" Victoria asked, her tail still wagging. "Of course, let me just go and grab the key while you go ahead and speak with Margaret over there so she can make a copy of your license for our records." A few minutes later and Trey was buckling himself into the passenger seat. In the driver's seat sat Victoria, the vixen looking over at Trey and giving him a smile and a wink. Trey started in on his spiel about the vehicle's features, the car leaving the lot and heading out around the block. "So, what do you say?" Trey offered, flashing her his most confident smile. They pulled into the parking lot of a nearby MagWaldo's, where Victoria quickly parked and killed the engine. Trey felt confused when she turned to look at him. "I think we can make a deal right here, Trey." Victoria smiled and leaned over, looking intently into Trey's eyes. "Uh... well, if you'd like, I suppose we could hash out the broad strokes of the price here." The skunk was a feeling a little worried, but brushed it off. A negotiation tactic like this would scare him into going way down on the price. "I will absolutely buy the car, price not at all being an issue. But that's not the deal I wanted to discuss..." Victoria's voice trailed off as she, a bit inelegantly, squirmed in between the front seats to move back and sit next to Trey. She took a moment to adjust her dress and fur, before resuming her confident smile. "I'm afraid I don't understand." Victoria paused to look Trey in his eyes, a smile full of mirth on her lips. "You really don't recognize me, do you?" "W-well, I admit you do seem pretty... familiar... but I can't really place where I know you from. You do have a name very similar to a vixen who stalked me decades..." Trey's eyes went wide as suddenly an icy pang of fear gripped his gut. "V-Vicky?" Victoria, or rather, Vicky, let out an excited, girlish squeal and threw her arms around Trey, pulling the shocked skunk into a bone-crushing hug. "I just knew you'd remember me! I was your guys' biggest fan!" Vicky let Trey go, taking a moment to compose herself once again. "However, I think I can guess as to why you may have dismissed the idea of it being me. My youthful appearance, to which I credit to my company, Regressus Inc.. Specifically one of our fine products that we've been testing for two decades now, and are going to be testing a little while longer before we bring it to market." Trey was stunned into silence, unsure of what to do or say in this moment. His experience as a salesperson told him that that meant he was at a disadvantage when it came to haggling whatever deal Vicky wanted to discuss with him. "Anyways, about my deal. You see, we're diversifying a bit, and going into the music industry. Think of this as a passion project of sorts." "And you would like for me to... consult regarding my experiences in the industry?" Trey scowled as he said it and crossed his arms, looking away. "Well, Vicky, then expect to be stabbed in the back the very first chance you get." Vicky was silent, and when Trey turned around, he saw that she looked downright despondent. "It was so cruel, how your old record label treated you and the others. You were all just kids, putting in the hard work towards living your dreams. And then, when you got just a little older..." Vicky wiped away a tear. "You'll probably enjoy knowing that Hazelenut Records went bankrupt earlier this year." "I heard," Trey said with a smirk, having read about how the CEO was arrested for tax fraud after the bankruptcy was declared. "What you probably didn't hear was how my company purchased a lot of their IP's, including everything to do with STB!!!" Vicky's tail was loudly and rapidly thumping against the seat as she fangirled out again. "I see..." Trey sighed. "And you'd like for me and maybe the rest of the group to get back together to coach some kind of next generation BTS reboot?" "Not quite," Vicky hummed as she pulled out a clear perfume bottle, and turned to sprits him in the face with the purple liquid inside. "What the--" Trey started hacking and coughing. He felt a tingling sensation that spread out from his face to all the rest of him. It briefly intensified before it abated. "Vicky, what the hell was that?!" Trey asked, noticing his voice sounded... different. He tugged at his sleeves, stopping when he saw that the shirt was actually a bit looser on his frame than it had been. He saw Vicky was holding up a mirror which she handed to him, her tail still thumping. "They say seeing is believing. I came up with the formula myself!" Trey took the mirror and looked into it in wonder, seeing a face looking back at him that he hadn't seen in about twenty years. In fact, right around the age of nineteen was how the skunk in the mirror now looked, the scant few wrinkles around his eyes he'd been developing, gone, as though they'd never existed. "I-I look..." "Younger?" "I'M GORGEOUS... AGAIN!" Vicky giggled while also looking a tad smug. "I actually did what no one else has been able to. I figured out the key to actually reversing the aging process." "How long until it wears off?" Trey asked, getting lost in the eyes of his own reflection, like he used to, before it started to become painful to see his aging creeping up on him over the years. "It doesn't," Vicky stated this just so matter-of-factly, Trey had to do a double take. "What?!" "You are now in the physical prime of your youth once again. And now you'll age normally like every other nineteen-year-old out there." "... I see... so you want me and the guys to be the spokespeople for your company while you sell this stuff to the wealthy?" "Oh please, Trey, don't be so naive." Vicky waived a dismissive paw. "I'm making my special compound cheap enough for anyone to buy some if they'd like. Oh sure, I could probably make a large payday by only catering to the rich and famous, but that is nothing compared to what I stand to make with this available to anyone who's ever wanted to turn back the clock for themselves. Because what will inevitably happen to everyone who does buy it?" Trey thought for a moment. "They'll grow old again..." Vicky nodded. "And again, and again, and again, however many times they want." Trey mulled this major revelation over. "So, wait, what about overpopulation? Won't the masses returning to their primes cause the birth rates to... I dunno, skyrocket? Or at least increase even more over time?" "That was taken into consideration, and I believe I have found a solution for that as well. But that is strictly on a need-to-know basis, at least until the first round of trials are complete." "How young?" Trey asked, looking at the bottle in Vicky's paws. "Excuse me?" "What's the youngest you've made someone with that stuff?" "A rough estimate put a tester in middle adolescence, but that's as far back as any tester has gone. So, now would you like to hear my deal?" "Deal?" Trey felt a little overwhelmed but tried to keep his wits. "As I said, we're diversifying, and my own personal passion project is to get you, Stone, Luke, Oscar, and Andy; all back together to reboot STB! I want to provide for you five what you'd been denied all those years ago." Trey's ears perked, hearing that he could basically have a second chance. They all could. "B-but... why?" Vicky's tail started to thump against the seat again as she giggled. "I'm now, always have been, and always will be, your biggest fan! What do you say?" Vicky held out her paw to shake. Trey hesitated only for a moment, before smiling wide and shaking it. "I'm in! But... I don't really know how to get in touch with the others..." Trey's ears drooped as he looked downcast. "We kinda split apart and... lost touch." "Hey," Vicky said, leaning over to pull Trey into a hug, silently rubbing his back as she did so. "Don't worry, sweetie! I've already located the others! I figured you could help me sell this idea to them." Trey excitedly nodded his head. He'd always hated how things had ended. But he truly had a second chance to do things right, and he wasn't going to squander it. "Good! Now, let's head on back to your dealership where I'll buy this lovely model, and then we can get started on literally getting the band back together!" Vicky started up the engine again. "So... I was the first one you approached with this idea?" Trey asked, looking at his reflection and touching his face. "You were always the wheeler and dealer of the band. When it came to convincing the others to go along with one of your ideas, your silver tongue was second to none." "... Flattery will get you everywhere." Trey chuckled, leaning back in the seat while the car started driving back the way they had come. "If we really want to get everyone back together and to go along with the plan, we'll need to convince Stone next. He'll be the biggest nay-sayer, always having to be the broody buzz-kill." * * * Stone's tail swished back and forth in agitation as he turned the socket wrench, looking down at the engine with a scowl. "C'mon ya damn bastard!" The orange cat in the blue mechanic jumper grunted, and turned the wrench a few more times before sighing. Trey sat on a stool next to Vicky, the two looking on while Stone finished up on the current engine. He grabbed a rag and started to wipe some of the sweat and oil from his face before he turned to face his guests. "Just so I'm clear on what you're trying to sell me. This is Trey," he motioned to the skunk, now dapperly dressed in an old blue and green pinstriped suit, smirking at his former boy bandmate. "And you're Vicky, our stalker. You invented a youth serum and have your own company, and you want to get STB back together, make us young again, so we can pick up where we left off?" "That's a gross oversimplification... but pretty much," Vicky said with a casual shrug. Stone simply rolled his eyes and looked the skunk up and down. "I'll admit, you look a lot like Trey back when we were in our twenties. But I'm not an idiot, unlike Trey, who didn't know when to just let it go." Trey huffed at that, puffing out his chest. "At least I didn't just give up on our dream just because of one little setback!" Stone chuckled at that. "Yeah, that's exactly something Trey would say. In fact, I think he said it right before he starred in that dumb movie, had that little on-air meltdown, and nuked any chance of salvaging his career." Vicky put a comforting paw on the clearly agitated Trey's shoulder, giving a warm smile to both him and Stone. "I think now would be best for the demonstration." The red vixen held up the perfume bottle. Stone opened his mouth to say something, but was immediately cut off by getting a full spray right in the face. "ACK!!!" Stone began to cough, the tingling sensation overtaking him, all while Trey smirked, looking pleased. "WHAT WAS THAT?!" Stone snarled. "Inside voice, please," Vicky said, wagging a finger at him. "And you've been given a free dose of my special formula. If you don't believe me, you can see the results for yourself." She picked up a detached side mirror off a nearby table and held it out to the cat. He swiped it from her paws to look at himself, and froze when he peered into the reflective surface. "No way," was all Stone could say after a minute of inspecting himself. He looked himself over, finding that his jumpsuit was now feeling a tad looser than it had been. Rolling up the sleeves, he saw that the muscles on his arms were now much less pronounced, still obviously the arms of someone who pumped iron, but still. "Yes way, Stoney," Trey said, pointing a pair of finger guns at the feline. Stone turned to look at the skunk... and reached over to put him in a headlock. "OW! STONE, WHAT GIVES?!" "Trey, what have you gotten me mixed up in now?!" Stone snarled. "Dude! We're getting our second chance at success! I thought you'd be happy!!" Stone groaned and released Trey, who stumbled back and started to adjust his suit and tie, and to smooth down any mussed up fur. "You also thought tricking me into going to Meowxico with you to audition for that Spanielish-only soap opera would make me happy as well!" Stone put his paws on his hips. Trey shrugged while looking incredulous. "And we could have totally been perfect for Silencio Mortal!" "Trey, the only Spanielish we know is two years of high school's worth!" Stone was now rubbing his temples, prompting Vicky to start rubbing his back, which in turn caused him to flinch and back away. "Stone, you can't tell me that you don't miss it," Trey said. "You can't expect me to believe that you are living your dream, being a scooter mechanic for a living." "Hey! These are legitimate motorcycles!" "Stone, the one you're working on is a Scooter Booter model." The skunk was gentle in how he said it, but it still made the cat look down at the little motorized scooter engine. Stone let out a frustrated breath and looked away. "Of course I miss it," he said in a soft voice. "I miss being on stage, the screaming fans... and getting to be with my friends..." He looked back to make eye contact with Trey. "Fine... I guess it's worth a shot." Trey flashed his signature grin and pulled Stone into a hug. "Alright, that just leaves Luke, Oscar, and Andy!" * * * "Crikey!" Luke said, in a fake Mousetralian accent. The coyote's tail began to wag in excitement as he peered through his binoculars from where he was hiding in the dense jungle foliage, his cliched safari outfit not doing a thing to help him blend in. "There she is. The rare green striped Kowmodo Dragon! They can grow to almost ten feet long and weigh up to a hundred and fifty pounds of pure muscle! An absolute apex predator! A common misconception is that their bite is laced with especially deadly bacteria that helps in bringing down large prey through sepsis! The reality is that the bacteria in their saliva is normal to saliva found in other carnivorous species' mouths, maybe even a bit cleaner. As after a feeding, they will spend up to fifteen minutes licking their lips and using leaves to clean their mouths and teeth! However, that doesn't change the fact that they're still incredibly dangerous reptiles. And now, for no real reason I can think of, I'm gunna try to wrestle that beauty there so we can move her to a safer environment, rather than try and tranquilize her or something." "Luke, who are you talking to?" Trey asked from the bench he, Stone, and Vicky were sitting on, which just so happened to be right next to the bush that Luke was crouched in. All around them were people and families, enjoying an outing at the Zoo. "Hey now, I gotta do something to make it a little more fun for me," Luke said with a smirk. "You went to college and got a degree in Zoology, just to end up working here?" Stone asked incredulously. "Beats a motorcycle mechanic who spends his days working on scooters." Luke stuck his tongue out at the orange cat, who let out a hiss. "You told him?!" Stone whirled on Trey, who was doing his best to look innocent while he twiddled his thumbs. "It just kinda came up organically..." "You little blabbermouth!" "That's enough, boys," Vicky said. "Now, what do you think about the compound now that you've gotten to experience it yourself?" "This stuff is great!" The late-teenaged coyote yipped in excitement, practically leaping out of the bush. "But I just don't know about the whole reunion tour idea. I mean, I [i[]did[/i] get a degree in Zoology for my position here. And it really doesn't get any better than this." Just then, the radio on Luke's belt crackled to life. "Hey, Luke, I know that this is your lunch break, but I'm gunna need you to hit up the north entrance restrooms, as some little punk flushed a cherry bomb and now all the toilets have backed up and started overflowing with sewage. Don't forget your mop this time, over." Luke looked down at his walkie and sighed. "... Okay, I'm in." * * * "Alright, I'll admit, this is pretty amazing," Oscar said, looking at his paws in amazement. The otter had had to quickly grab his pants after his dosage of the compound kicked in, the belly he'd grown having rapidly melted away. "It's our big second-in-a-lifetime opportunity!" Trey said, throwing his arms wide. They were in Oscar's small apartment, Stone, Luke, and Vicky all sitting on the couch, playing a game on a console that looked partially taped together. All around the apartment were electronic parts and disks and fast food wrappers. "But, Trey," Oscar said with a roll of his eyes, "I'm on the verge of a gaming breakthrough! My new console will make virtual reality an actual reality!" "How soon do you think that that will actually be?" "... A couple more years, maybe. Just gotta test the neural interface... without shocking myself again..." "Oscar," Trey softly said, putting is paw on the otter's shoulder. "How long have you been estimating that it'll just be a couple more years?" "... Ten years? Give or take..." "Just imagine what kind of resources you could have access to with the kind of money we can make? You could even start up your own game company!" Oscar looked lost in thought, his eyes wide like saucer plates. "Oh yeah, we got him," Trey quietly leaned down to whisper into Vicky's ear. The vixen grinned. "Just one more," the vixen said. * * * Andy was laying in a white lounger by the motel pool, wearing his bright green/blue swim trunks, and a pair of aviator sunglasses. He was sipping a drink through a long green crazy straw that led down to a coconut with a pink umbrella in it. The raccoon let out a relaxed sigh, not noticing the red-furred paw and arm holding a perfume bottle approach him from behind. There was a spritz, and Andy didn't even cough. He just felt the tingle all over, and looked to see he had abs again, instead of the beginnings of a pot belly. He looked to the side, quirking an eyebrow in surprise to see his bros once more. "Hey, dudes," Andy nodded to them, taking another sip of his drink. "You guys look younger than when I last saw you." "Thanks," Trey said. "So do you." "Cool." Trey and the others waited for a question for further info... but watched in stunned amazement when Andy laid back down and resumed sipping his drink. "... Wanna do a reunion tour now that we're young again?" Trey asked, feeling incredulous for asking. "Sounds good to me." Andy gave a thumbs up, not noticing the bewildered looks on everyone's, including Vicky's, faces. "Well... that was easy," Trey said, scratching his head in confusion. One Month Later... It had been so strange, yet fun, for the boys to pick up where they'd left off. With the press conferences, they easily fell back into their usual roles with all the fun and silly banter. When it came to practicing their choreography and rehearsals, there was a little bit of an adjustment period, but they soon were able to move in sync while harmonizing, just like before. They all wasted no time when it came to writing new songs for the concert, to be used along with their classics. Soon, it came time for the kickoff to their big reunion tour, with the venue booked at the Howlywood Bowl. There was even going to be an orchestra accompanying their performance for the introduction and the closer. The night of the concert, Trey looked out onto the crowd packing the bleachers. "Guys, this place is packed!" The skunk exclaimed, gesturing with his arms for the others to come and see. He was wearing a bright white, with blue pinstripe, suit vest and pants with a blue undershirt, to match the blue and white necktie he had on. "I didn't think people would be this hyped to see us." Oscar gulped, pressing his nose against the window. The otter was wearing an open white denim vest revealing a blue t-shirt on underneath with white slacks. He accessorized with three blue and white belts, matching wristbands, and a baseball cap. "Why wouldn't they be? We were awesome!" Luke yipped and practically jumped up and down where he stood, looking over their shoulders. His outfit was a white Pawaiian shirt with blue flowers on it, opened to show off a blue tank top. He was also wearing white cargo shorts and blue and white pooka shells. "Anyone else wondering why there seems to be a lot of families with small kids here?" Stone frowned while looking down at the audience, his arms crossed. His white leather jacket with its blue spikes showed off his bare orange furred chest. The jeans he wore, acid-washed, somehow matched the overall color theme for tonight's concert. "Please don't tell me that we signed on to become some new off-brand version of The Wriggles." "Nah," Trey said, waving off Stone's concerns. "A lot of Regressus Inc.'s core demographic for us are families, specifically those around our... previous age, with young children, so that we can ensnare our original fans while also growing a new generation of them from the ground up. They were easy to market us to thanks to Regressus also having a lot of popular childcare products." "Like Snuggies diapers." Stone shuddered. He made it no secret he wasn't a fan of kids, especially babies. "Gotta give Vicky credit, she is one savvy business dude." The other four turned to see Andy playing the pinball machine. "Andy... where's your shirt?" Oscar asked, already pre-rolling his eyes at the answer he was expecting. The raccoon looked down to see his fuzzy chest and abs, but no white with a blue diagonal slash v-neck. All he had on were his blue and white board shorts. He looked around a bit and shrugged. "I had it on a minute ago." Luke burst out laughing. "Dude! How are you still losing your shirts? It was, like, less than a minute since you had it on." The coyote boy could barely catch his breath. Andy just shrugged again and resumed his game. "Okay!" Trey clapped his paws together once to get everyone's attention. He looked at his watch. "The show will be starting soon, but there's one more surprise I wanted to share with you guys." He went over to a cooler and kicked it open, revealing five tall cans of Purge sitting in the ice. He grabbed them and started to hand them out to the others. "Woah, I haven't seen one of these since the new millennium!" Oscar said, gazing at the green and orange can in his paws in amazement. "The company bought the rights to it after it was discontinued," Trey explained, holding his can up. "Now... like these drinks, let's give the folks out there a taste of a true blast from the past. Tonight, Small to Big makes its new debut." The others happily clinked their cans, even stone, who wore a small smirk on his face, before cracking them open. A short while later, the lights dimmed, and a fog began to roll out from the stage. Blue and white lights cut on, and that's when the music started. "Everybody, yeah." The crowd went wild when five distinct silhouettes suddenly appeared in the fog. "It's time to party, yeah." Slowly, the lights began to shift and move, making the silhouettes of the boys larger and then smaller. "Everybody, yeah. It's a party night." As one, all five of the boy spun and leapt out from the fog, landing in struck poses. "Small to Big's back, TONIGHT!" As they danced and sang, the boys moved as a well-oiled machine. Incorporating their new dance moves with the classics, they did the same with the songs. Introducing the new with the old. Lights shafted and faded and flashed. The fog swirled and changed, no longer billowing out, but seemingly being pulled back onto the stage. Just as the boys were getting to their big finale and stood at their marks, now to each give their own little flares, instead of it just being Trey, small little slots opened right under them in the stage. Stone looked down, a little confused, just before all five were blasted with a white and purple fog that each of them realized smelled faintly of baby powder. The boys coughed as bright white lights shone down on them, suddenly recognizing a familiar tingling sensation. With a sudden sense of vertigo, all five stumbled and fell. Getting back to now much shakier feet, Trey looked out and saw a frozen audience, staring in awe right at them. He around at the others, and paused. Where his four friends had once stood were now four little toddlers, dressed almost identically to how they'd been dressed before, with one key difference. "Wh-where'd my pants go?" An orange kitten in a tiny white leather vest squeaked, trying to use his little paws to hide his bulky blue and white diaper. "S-Stone?" Trey asked, stopping when he actually heard his voice. It was so high pitched and... childish. He looked from Stone to Luke, who was just wearing a little Pawaiian shirt and tank top, also with a diaper on display. Oscar wasn't much better, his baseball cap, while smaller, was still a little too big for him now, and he had to constantly adjust it, crinkling as he did so. The little otter pup and the coyote cub looked like they were on the verge of tears. Andy, while seemingly just as nonplussed as the rest of their group, was wearing just a swim diaper, and hugging his big bushy tail to his chest. Trey looked back at Stone, who was now sucking his thumb and hastily swiping at his eyes. Trey could hear unsure murmurs coming from the crowd. The little skunk kit straightened his posture, tried to ignore what felt like a pillow taped around his waist, and clapped his paws together once, to get the rest of his friends' attention. "Guys," he whispered, covering up the now much smaller mic with his paw, ignoring how fluffy the his fur now looked. "Focus!" "What happened to us?!" Stone whisper-hissed at Trey, who just shrugged. "We can find out later... right now, we're losing the audience. The show must go on!" That got the others' attention. Some of the whispers turned into excited coos at the cuteness of the boys, something Trey chose to ignore. "Isn't that supposed to be for acting?" Oscar asked, a whine in his childish voice. "That doesn't matter! We lost out on our dream once before, I'm not letting anything take our big second chance away from us this time. Now, are you guys with me?" Trey did his best to sound authoritative, the beginning guitar intro of their song starting Stone, Andy, Oscar, and Luke shared a look, and then nodded back at Trey. It took a second for them to get back into position, but they did so just in time for Trey to spin and start singing the opening lyric. "You are my inner spark." Despite the now high pitch of his voice, Trey still fell back on his vocal training. "You sing to my heart," sang Stone, right on cue. The crowd was silent, enraptured by the performing toddlers who barely looked old enough to walk, let along talk. "Our two worlds shall never part." Luke came in, not missing a beat. "Can you hear my soul say?" Oscar seemed to have recovered, perhaps channeling his confusion and frustration into his singing. "I want you to stay!" Andy spun and snapped his fingers, a smile on his little muzzle. The crowd began to cheer, still very much confused, but amazed and excited nonetheless. On through the song the boys sang. Their dancing was a little more clumsy now, but they didn't stop. Finally, they got to the end of the song, harmonizing on the last lyric. "'Cause I want you to stay!" There was a BOOM, and the blue and white fireworks began going off above. The crowd cheered and the stage darkened, with stage hands quickly scooping up and whisking away the boys. The moment that they were no longer in sight of the audience and their mics were unclipped, five high-pitched, very indignant voices could be heard demanding answers. "Oh my gosh! You all turned out so cute!" Vicky squealed when the boys were carried in to the special green room she had had prepared for them. The pink vixen's tail was a blur as she rushed over and gathered all five into her arms, quickly dismissing the stage hands. "What do you think of your special surprise?" She smiled happily down at the tots in her arms, walking them towards a playpen in the center of the room. "This is an outrage!" Trey piped up, waddling to the far end of the playpen the moment he was set down. Stone huffed and glared up at Vicky, standing protectively in front of Luke and Oscar, who were hugging each others' tails and looking once again to be on the verge of tears. Andy had a pacifier in his mouth... and was now playing with his big bushy tail. "What did you do to us?!" Stone demanded, stamping his foot. "Well, I take I that you five didn't read the contracts too closely, huh?" Vicky giggled. The boys turned to shoot Trey a pointed look, causing the skunk to look down at his feet. "I mean... once I read our percentages of profits and royalties... I guess maybe I skimmed the rest..." Trey admitted, yelping when he felt a sharp pain in his right arm. Looking up, he saw that Stone had pinched him. Victoria, contracts in paw, cleared her throat. "Don't pinch your brother, Stone, sweetie." "Brother?" Stone asked, confused. "Right after the liability documents was this cute little form that you all signed, basically declaring that, you all being of sound mind and body, hereby waive away your rights as adults upon being regressed to the physical ages of minors and agree to the adoption!" "ADOPTION?!" All five of the boys cried out in shock. "That's right! All signed and notarized and filed away!" "V-Vicky... you can't be serious?" Luke started, trying to be the voice of reason. "Uh-uh-uh," Vicky tutted, waving a finger at Luke. "Mommy, hun." "B-but, this can't be legal!" Oscar insisted, falling on his padded bottom. "Oh, Oscar," Vicky said, reaching in to start tickling his little feet, causing the little otter to giggle and titter. "My lawyers have assured me that this is perfectly legal. Now, I know that this will take some time to get used to." She looked down at all five of the tots, smiling brightly. "But once I invented my special formula, I knew what I needed to do." "Turn us into babies?!" Stone asked angrily. "Well, yes. But the reason behind that is because you five each had such a rough time of things during your first childhood. Then you got taken advantage of by those terrible people at your old record company! And then you all broke apart... I just knew I could give you a second chance, a perfect second chance at that! With all the love and support you could ever need!" "Th-this is insane!" Trey said, the dam beginning to burst, and the tears spilling forth. He felt himself being scooped up and cradled in the vixen's arms. "I promise, Trey, to give you and your brothers the happiest childhood ever," Vicky whispered, grabbing a baby bottle from a nearby diaper bag. As she bought the bottle to his lips, he looked up into her eyes. "D-does my h-hair still look good at least?" Epilogue... "Oh my gods! They are just so precious!" The red panda gushed as she watched the clip of the latest sensation. "That's right, once again we are looking at the most recent concert performed by the world's first ever 'baby boy band', Big 2 Smol! For those living under a rock the last few months, here's the juicy scoop. The old boyband from the '90s, Small to Big reunited for a reunion tour and, as the finale of their first big concert, they were regressed all the way back to babyhood! They've been touring singing their classic hits and some all new ones! And this was all possible to Regressus Inc's amazing literal age-reversing formula!" The tv was switched to a channel with some educational cartoons on it. "Hey!" Trey whined from where he was seated, safely buckled into his personal high chair. Vicky, now with some bags under her eyes, sighed and started to stir the bowl of baby food, scooping out a spoonful and holding it up to the petulant little skunk's now firmly clamped shut mouth. "Trey, honey, this is a pureed mix of healthy fruits and vegetables, perfect to help you grow up big and strong, again." Vicky reasoned, prompting Trey to turn his nose up and his face away. "Nu-uh! That stuff tastes yucky! Besides, you said we could eat solid foods again!" "Yes, once in a while something a bit more solid is fine, but you still need plenty of easy foods for your little tummies to process! And lots of formula and milk too." Vicky started to make chugging noises. Trey huffed at that and pouted. He already had some of the green goops smeared on his cheeks and splattered on his white bib. "Choo-Choo! Open up the tunnel, the Chew-Chew Express is on its way." When Vicky got the spoon close to Trey's lips, he smacked it away. Vicky sighed and set the bowl down. "Alright then, little mister," she said, starting to unbuckle the now squirming skunk kit from his seat. "If you're not ready for those num-nums, then milkies it is." "Finally! Can I please have some chocolate milky, Mommy?" He asked, making his eyes wide, having been the first of his brothers to learn to weaponize their newfound cuteness. Vicky sighed and then chuckled, cradling the little skunk in her arms. "If you stop being so fussy today, then you can have a choccy baba before naptime. Right now, however..." Vicky trailed off, unbuttoning her white blouse. Trey froze when he suddenly realized what Vicky intended. He tried to resist, to fight his instincts, but after a few weak struggles, he lay there, being rocked as he nursed. Victoria sighed contentedly as she gazed down at Trey, feeling a warmth swell in her chest. Just then, she whipped her head around, her ears twitching, the weariness in her eyes quickly returning. "Stone! Give your brother back his toy right now, mister!" Vicky said with a stern tone to her voice as she looked at the orange kitten in his black t-shirt and denim shortalls clutching a purple teddy bear to his chest. He was running away from a teary-eyed Oscar, in a pair of red overalls; who was reaching for said teddy bear. "He keeps bopping me with it when I'm tryin' ta color!" Stone lisped around his binky. "Fine, but give him back mister Grapey first!" Stone rolled his eyes and held out the stuffy to the little otter pup. Oscar took his little stuffed friend from the kitten, and popped his thumb into his mouth, waddling off. Vicky let out a pent-up sigh, only to do a double-take when she watched Andy casually waddle by, wearing a clearly full diaper, and sucking a bottle of juice. "Andrew? Where's your onesie?!" Vicky asked, remembering she'd dressed the little raccoon in a yellow legless onesie. Andy stopped and appeared confused. He silently looked himself over and them around a little. He turned back to Victoria and simply shrugged, toddling off. Just then in ran a wailing Luke, wearing a set of footie pajamas with dinosaurs on it. The little coyote pup holding up his little paw for Vicky to see. "MOMMY!!!" He cried, tears dribbling down his cheeks. "I found a cool little ant and was playing with it, and then it stung me!!!" Luke fell on his padded bottom, wailing even louder. Vicky scooped him up into her free arm and started to bounce him, trying to soothe the pup. "It's okay, baby, Mommy will make it all better!" Vicky winced when she heard Trey start to fuss. He started to join in the crying, soon followed by a tearful Oscar, and a Stone who was trying hard not to cry, and failing. Andy came waddling back in, his bottle now empty, also joining in the crying fit. Victoria looked at her boys, letting out yet another sigh of exhaustion. But, as she set about trying to calm her boys down, she had a small smile on her muzzle. "No one said motherhood would be easy." Writing this was like a fever dream for some reason! I hope everyone's year, so far, has been wonderful! Thanks for reading!
  9. This will be short because it’s my first upload and I just want to see how it goes, just the first part of the intro and I am curious what kind of feedback I will get. I have been trying to get better as an author, ideally so I don't have to spend so much time editing. I am new at writing, but a long-time reader and I have been writing since last summer. This story is a companion book to my actual book. Characters overlap, and this was an exercise to practice writing while a figured some characters out. Somethings I thought might be helpful. I am very fascinated by the Big & little dynamic. I find the concept of head space fascinating and that's what began my writing. There are other things I care about: processing trauma, healing from it, something as simple as being held and being told everything is going to be OK, and lastly, finding happiness in a world where bad things sometimes happen. I have mixed some things in to add to the world building that I think some of you might like. There is something about littles that is hard to articulate. In the way their faces light up when they smile, and the joy they bring with them wherever they go. You can see this in the way they play and laugh, in their naive and gullible natures, in their contentment with simple things. Whatever it is that makes littles so unique would be close to their purity of spirit. Adults have lost that purity, that innocence. And children will eventually lose theirs too, becoming adulterated by simply living in a broken world caused by flawed people. And that is what is so terrible about growing up. Your innocence is taken from you the more you experience life and the world. Perhaps that is what makes little so fascinating. Unlike children they won’t shed that purity, unlike adults they haven’t lost that innocence. That purity of the spirit is preserved for ever. There is a fierceness inside of Bigs and it’s seen through many words we use to describe them; here are some. Words like: “caregiver, protector, provider, and parent”. We sum it up in the words Mommy and Daddy. A name that when cried provokes great fierceness. Will it be hands that reach for you when you’re sad? A fist ready to fight for you? Strong arms to hold and comfort you? A gentle understanding voice that lets you know that everything will be, ok? Or eyes that radiate unending compassion to let you know you are loved? There is also a nobility of character inside of them. A fragility that is willing to risk, suffer, and give of themselves for the thing they care about. Hmm, how fitting is it they got to be the ones to watch over that purity of spirit that remains unchanging in a dark world. (working progress) - SanguineReader Sunny By me Being little is a beautiful thing. This was something Sunny knew. She was of course thinking back to a simpler time, before all the heartache and pain. Back when her family was still together, and things were good and simple. Back when she was not afraid to run to her mommy or daddy when she got scared or sad. They were all ways there for her, quick to pick her up and embrace her in strong loving arms. Back then when they paid attention to her, made her feel special, and loved. There was just nothing like being little back then. Having grown tired playing amongst the flowers, arranged to form a small 6ft tall maze, and spotting a large budding oak tree she carefully looked into the little park; looking this way and that, making sure that she could not be seen she made her way to the tree. Finding a comfortable place beneath the large oak tree to lie down, light beaming down through the branches as she looked up and caught the brilliant blue of the sky above peeking through the leaves. Her eyes had grown heavy as a gentle breeze blew and brought with it the comforting smell of newly budding flowers. Being little was beautiful, she thought one last time. As she fell into a gentle sleep whispering the words, “back then.” v Having grown up her entire life in a world of littles and Bigs, Sunny never paid much attention to those strange adults who were treated like children. She never hated them or thought bad of them. She just knew they were different and needed more care. And since she was not a Big or a little, she had little reason to think about them. Until her triggering when the family found out her dad had been cheating on her mom with a colleague from work when she was thirteen. Things got bad fast. “An honest mistake” he had tried to explain to her mom. But she was not having it. It did not help that his girlfriend demanded that he leave his family and marry her when she found out she was pregnant. Divorce is never fun, especially for a child. Not really understanding at the time, she just knew her mom now hated her dad. There was so much screaming back and forth, meanness, things thrown, crying, grief, depression, and rage. She withdrew within herself and made herself scarce as best as she could. She and her older brother Lucas somehow became forgotten in the battle that ensued. Caught in the middle, she and her brother watched on helplessly as the two people they loved the most in the world ripped each other apart. When at home she stayed out of their way, at school she pretended everything was fine, doing her best to not let her friends or teachers see how sad she was inside. But how could she be fine? She felt like a hostage to her parents, knowing by now to never give the appearance of picking a side. Things would never be like they used to be, she knew, knowing that something tore inside her heart. And, not knowing when a certain gene that had laid dormant deep inside had activated beginning to send new signals and chemicals to her brain. She began to feel this desire, not quite a compulsion but to play with toys meant for younger kids. To want to ask for hugs and kisses, to raise her arms with the expectation that she would be picked up. And though the feelings inside of her grew slowly, small signs began to appear by the time she was fifteen. Her growth had long started to slow, her breasts were underdeveloped, she would have accidents at night every now and then. And though she never told anyone, sometimes during the day too. There were other things of course. Rediscovering old toys in the attic and playing with them when she could. She recovered her old companion Bebe and even an old paci. There was a growing kind of focus that started to form inside of her. an attention span that was not quite normal that usually set in when she played or drew. There were developing changes in her mannerism, a diminishing of emotional fortitude. She found herself isolated from her parents, depressed and alone. If it was not for Lucas, she did not know how she could have made it through those tough times. When the shouts and yells would turn to screaming, and horrible words were said, and when his mother would attack her father trying to provoke him to do something she could use against him; she would always run to her room and hide. Sometimes under the covers, other times in her closet or under her bed. If Lucas was home, he would always come and find her. Lucas was two years older than her and such a sweet and caring brother. Fiercely protective of her, always going out of his way to make her feel loved and special. On one particular night, the fighting had gotten really bad. The night her father chose to leave and never come back, choosing the other woman over her mother, Lucas, and herself. That night she ran to her room and hid in the closet. She kept a secret in there. An adorable purple stuffed giraffe her parents had given her when she was born. Huddling under a blanket she held on to Bebe for dear life. That night, her brother came to find her, looking for her in her room, knowing there were only so many places she could be hiding. Not finding her immediately and checking under the bed and still not finding her. He turned and moved and checked the closet. Seeing her with tears falling from her eyes and seeing Bebe again in her arms; he crawled in under the blanket pulling the door shut behind him. It only took a second to pull Sunny into his arms, wrapping his arms tightly around her as she laid the side of her head on his shoulder. Lucas was tall enough to feel the weight of several dresses on top of him, as he moved her while in his lap to a more comfortable position; leaning and resting against the back wall of the closet. Through the walls the shouting intensified, and the sound of breaking, shattering, and general mayhem as unknown objects had been moved from their places as they had been thrown. And with each new crashing sound, Sunny would tremble or jump, giving Lucas the extra reminder that something in the house was broken and in pieces. “I don’t know how, but I promise that someday everything will get better. None of this is our fault, it’s not your fault Sunny. Mom and dad can’t seem to see us anymore, and I know that hurts. But we have each other, and I love you. I can’t prove it right now, but someday everything will be OK.” With a raised and gentle whisper into her ear. The Heighten screaming began to raise in tempo and tenor, as the sound of hurried bodies made their way to the front of the house. And, moments later a large bang that caused Sunny to Jump in Lucas arms, another signal that something was broken and scattered. Their family; as their father left for good. Lucas tightened his hold on her when she jumped at the sound of the loud bang. And she cried. And cried while he brushed his fingers through her hair and patting her back. Unable to keep the tears at bay any longer, Lucas let his pain flow gently down his cheeks, and then began to sing. In a soft and mournful tone, and with the occasional catch in in his throat; he sang slowly. “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are gray, you'll never know, dear, how much I love you, so please don't take my sunshine away.” He sang a few rounds, holding her, and feeling the warmth of her body grow in his lap. It pained him that his parents could not see them anymore. And the saddest thing of all was they could not see the changes in Sunny. He knew there was nothing he could do for her, he just wished he knew what to do, and he worried for her. He did not want to imagine his sister deteriorating to the point where he had to call little services. He was not completely sure she was regressing or if was a coping mechanism for the stress of all the fighting. He had noticed things for a while, but it was so slow. Speaking softly then Leaning in as he spoke, he kissed her on the head after a short pause. “If we have to be sad Sunny, at least we are together. I love you sunshine, I always will.” “I love you too Lukey.”
  10. Here we will follow Jessica an 8 year old girl in 4th grade. She's smart has a bunch of friends, she's on the short side looks closer to 6 or so. Jessica has a secret she sucks her thumb still even though she always claims what a big girl she is being 8 an a half! No body knows about her secret except for her 4 year old sister Gwen. Jessica lives with her mother Helen and her aforementioned little sister Gwen who is 4 and just became fully potty trained a few months back. Everything is happy and easy going in the house, there is a good balance of no real secrets except for the big secret of Jessica still sucking her thumb but Gwen has promised she'd never tell mommy. But now a New babysitter is coming for the week as mommy needs to go away for a work conference. This new babysitter has plans for little ones who think they are big girls but still do babyish things. I think Jessica is in for an interesting week! I'm open to anyone joining me on this roleplay as long as you bring detail and long replies to each post on this rp. Please shoot me a message or reply on here before starting
  11. All characters are adults, but horribly immature. This is a work of fiction, not necessarily set in the real world. Every time you criticize online fetish erotica for being unrealistic, a fairy gets tax audited. Think of the fairies! I was a little leery of going in to Kelly’s bedroom while she was sleeping. It had been three hours now since I’d finally gotten my baby girl down. Kelly was normally a deep sleeper, but it always took forever to get her to calm down and go to sleep, doubly so when woken in the middle of the night. But I’d forgotten the case of my angel’s diapers in the car, and I knew they needed to be put away before morning. As I stood in the upstairs hallway, I briefly considered just setting the snipped-open bag outside her door, but I didn’t want to leave a single extra thing to deal with in the chaos of getting her ready for daycare. So I turned off the hallway light and carefully turned the doorknob… Kelly’s room was full of pinks and pastels, all illuminated by the nightlight in the corner of the room. The white noise machine was still filling the room with its soft roar from the top of her clothes drawer, while the oil diffuser made its own addition of lilac and vanilla. I looked over to the changing table and was reminded that there was only one disposable left on the shelf, and that I’d carelessly placed the evening’s story book on her changing pad. “Good thing I caught that before morning,” I thought. Being extra careful with the diaper bag’s plastic crinkle, I removed each of the diapers and stacked them neatly on the shelf. I also took a quick survey of her other supplies: Brand new bottle of baby powder, plenty of boosters still, the lotion bottle looked to be about half-full, baby wipes were running a little low, as was Kelly’s special diaper medicine. Her oversized diaper pail probably needed to be emptied soon, but there was no way I could get that done quietly. I’d take care of it tomorrow while Kelly was at daycare. Quickly and quietly, I put the storybook back on the shelf and cleaned up a few errant toys and clothes on the floor. And I was about to sneak out again, when my attention turned to the crib, and the angel sleeping inside. I crept up to the railing and looked down: Below me lied the center of my world. Kelly slept on her side in her Abby Cadabby pajamas, clutching Mr. Blue, her stuffed shark. It had been unseasonably warm the last few nights, and she had kicked off her blankets, her puffy padded butt and the waistband of her diaper plain to see. Her mouth was just slightly open, and a little spot of drool had formed on her pillow. And just a few inches away from her mouth, her nighttime bottle, now empty. Even with her short bob cut, her hair had partially obscured her eyes, but in the dim light I could just make out her eyelids moving. She was dreaming! I stood there a while, watching her body gently rise and fall with her breathing, and thought about how we had gotten here and how long it had taken. I thought about all the visits to the Regression Clinic; all the complicated restraints and cuffs I’d had to use at first; standing next to her while she was tied up with her headphones and goggles, a syringe in one hand, waiting for the computer screen to indicate the right moment to administer her hypnosis medicine (I had to; the Clinic was closed for Covid and I didn’t want to lose any progress); the ridiculous wait list to get her into regression daycare; and all the tantrums, carpet stains, and messy diapers I’d had to deal with. But it was moments like these that made it all worth it. There was just a perfect little creature sleeping peacefully right in front of me, and every time she called me “daddy,” it just made my heart melt. I leaned over the railing and reached down to pick up her empty bottle. As I drew close, I saw her face shift slightly, the rhythm of her breathing change, and through the hiss of the white noise machine, a soft grown escape from her lips. I froze and braced myself, waiting for her to suddenly shoot up and start demanding more stories, more cookies, or another episode of Bluey. But she didn’t wake up. Instead, Kelly shifted her legs slightly, and let a small sigh out. I knew what was happening. I reached down to the seat of her pajamas, and, very gently, placed my hand on her bum. Sure enough, I could feel her padded tush warming up. Whatever silly little girl dream she was having, it looked like it now included making peepees in her nighttime diaper! I smiled down at my adorable little princess. Kelly was so little, so sleepy, so full of milk and juice (and regression meds), and so busy with her dream that she just couldn’t hold it anymore. Of course she couldn’t hold her daytime peepees (or poopies) anymore either, nor was she really trying anymore. But seeing her like this, wetting her diaper in her sleep at night, completely unaware, just made her look more helpless, fragile, and special. Regressing Kelly was the best thing I’d ever done! I was about to sneak out of the room again when I paused. Kelly’s a heavy sleeper, but she’s an even heavier wetter. She had had a second sippy cup of juice at dinner, and it was only a little after 10 now, so she would probably wet again before morning. I always put a booster in Miss Niagra’s diaper for nighttime and naps, but would she still leak? Maybe I should change her now… One last look at my baby angel put an end to that idea. How could I possibly wake my little baby girl now?! I softly closed Kelly’s bedroom door, went back downstairs to put the empty diaper package in the trash, then decided it was time for me to have a few dreams. In the morning I would have to change a very soggy diaper, get her dressed, comb her hair, help her eat her breakfast, and get her into the car and off to daycare, all without a meltdown if I’m lucky. And I still need to order more meds, and empty the diaper bin, and maybe change wet bedsheets. But right now, the universe is perfect. Kelly, my regressed baby girl, is sleeping without a care in the world.
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