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  1. Just a short little one-shot I've been working on the last few days. --- Mandy was staying with her college roommate, Amy, and her family during spring break. The dorms had kicked them out for the week and she wasn't able to afford a plane ticket to fly home or a hotel to stay in. Thankfully, the Peterson's had graciously offered to let her stay with them for the week. Things were completely normal her first night there. The second night, however, was when things got weird. At nine o'clock that night, Amy's mother entered the room they were sharing unannounced. She took a seat on Amy's bed and looked at the two girls. Mandy was confused, even more so when she looked over and noticed that Amy was staring at the floor with a red face. "Alright girls, it's Saturday night. Amy, you already know what that means. Mandy, I'm guessing by your confused face that Amy has never told you about Maintenance Night. Amy, explain what Maintenance Night is." Mrs. Peterson ordered her daughter. "Maintenance Night is the night of the week when I get my maintenance spanking. It's where I am disciplined for any bad behavior, so that I can go into the new week with a fresh start." Amy explained, incredibly embarrassed. Mandy was shocked. Her roommate, a full adult in college, got spanked by her mom every week? She wondered if that was why Amy went home every weekend? Mandy enjoyed the alone time it gave her, but knowing this it now made her feel guilty. "That's right. Come on Amy, let's get started." Mrs. Peterson said. Mandy watched in awe as her roommate grabbed a hairbrush off of her dresser, handed it to her mom, and then started undressing. Not just to her underwear either, Amy kept undressing until she was completely naked. After discarding her last article of clothing, she bent over her mother's lap and raised her butt in the air. Mrs. Peterson quickly raised the hairbrush and smacked it down on her daughter's bottom. Mandy stared in a shocked stupor as she watched her adult roommate receive a spanking. Amy's bottom quickly began taking on a red hue that deepened in color as the spanking progressed. Before long, tears began flowing down Amy's face and she was bawling. She was repeatedly apologizing and telling her mom that she was going to 'be a good girl'. Her mom continued spanking for a little bit afterwards before finally stopping. When the spanking was over, Amy stood up on her feet and embraced her mom in a hug. The hug lasted for about half a minute before Amy was ordered to get dressed and go to the corner. Mandy stared at Amy's glowing red bottom while she walked to the dresser. She was pulled out of her stupor by Mrs. Peterson addressing her. "Come on Mandy, your turn." Mrs. Peterson said, patting her lap. "W-what?" Mandy responded, confused. "It your turn for a maintenance spanking. Undress and lay down on my lap so that we can get started." Mandy's first instinct was to outright refuse. The Peterson's were letting her stay with them for free for over a week though. She didn't want to be rude and insult their traditions, even if they were weird as hell. There was a part of her that curious about it too. Amy was a straight A student who always finished her homework early. Could this be what made her like that? Hesitantly, Mandy approached Mrs. Peterson and began stripping. While doing so, she glanced over to Amy, who was in the middle of working a pull-up diaper up her legs. "Amy has trouble holding her bladder after a spanking. To prevent any accidents, she wears a Goodnite until morning. Now come on, finish undressing." Mrs. Peterson told Mandy. Mandy continued stripping until she was completely naked. While undressing, she watched Amy finish putting on the diaper and get dressed in a childish set of pajamas. Once finished dressing, Amy walked over to the corner of her bedroom and planted her nose in the corner. "Once your spanking is over, you'll have some corner time to reflect on what you did wrong this week and what you'll do better next week." Mrs. Peterson explained as Mandy finished undressing. Mandy covered her breasts with her arm while she slowly lowered herself down onto Mrs. Peterson's lap. Once in position, Mrs. Peterson rested one arm on the younger girl's back and raised the hairbrush into the the air with the other. With no warning, she brought it down hard and began Mandy's spanking. Mandy yelped as pain rushed through her bottom. She had never received a spanking before, and Mrs. Peterson was not going easy on her. It didn't take long for Mandy to start begging for the spanking to end. She had involuntarily began thrashing around, causing Mrs. Peterson to have to restrain her with her leg and free arm. Not too much longer later and Mandy was bawling worse than Amy had been minutes earlier. Mrs. Peterson kept spanking her for another minute though, until she was certain that Mandy had been thoroughly punished for whatever naughtiness she had committed that week. Mandy was only given a few seconds to compose herself before being guided back onto her feet. She was still crying and trying in vain to rub the pain out of her butt cheeks. "Okay Mandy, go over to Amy's dresser and pick out a Goodnite and pajama set. Both are in the second drawer." Mrs. Peterson instructed. "A G-Goodnite? I don't need that!" Mandy said through tears. Mrs. Peterson, not satisfied with that answer, stood up, pulled Mandy's hand away, and delivered two more spanks onto the poor girl's butt. Mandy cried out and tried to loosen her hand, but couldn't break free of the bigger adult's grip. "Mandy, this is the kind of naughtiness that maintenance spankings are supposed to prevent. Unless you think you need more spankings, I suggest you go grab yourself a Goodnite and pajama set." Mrs. Peterson threatened. Mandy, desperately wanting to avoid further spankings, conceded this battle and walked over to Amy's dresser. Inside the second drawer were several sets of matching, childish print pajama tops and bottoms. Sitting next to them were two stacks of pull-up diapers, exactly like the one Amy had just put on. Mandy groaned internally and grabbed one of them, examining the butterfly prints on it as she did so. She also picked up a white set of pajamas that had a pink trim and strawberry print design, which was the least childish one she could find. "Good girl. Bring them over and I'll help you get changed." Mrs. Peterson instructed Mandy. By this point, Mandy didn't have any fight left in her. The sooner she could get this over with, the better. Here she was, an adult, being spanked and made to pick out a diaper for herself. Anything from here on couldn't be any worse. Mandy brought everything over to Mrs Peterson. The older adult grabbed the Goodnite from the pile and held it out for Mandy to step into. Once she realized what was expected from her, Mandy stepped both legs into the garment and allowed her roommate's mom to pull it up her legs. Mandy, now diapered, was at least thankful that her vagina was no longer exposed. Mrs. Peterson then helped Mandy into the pajama set as well. "Okay Amy, corner time is over. Go finish getting ready for bed while Mandy has her turn. Mandy, go take Amy's place in the corner and reflect on your naughty deeds." Mrs. Peterson ordered. Mandy had forgotten Amy was even there. Still lacking any fight, she silently obeyed her roommate's mom and walk into the corner. She stood there for what felt like an eternity. She wasn't thinking about any 'naughty deeds', but instead how absurd this entire situation was. She was thankful that Amy's mom couldn't tell what she was thinking. That night, Mandy slept on her stomach. The diaper she was wearing was making it hard for her to sleep, despite how exhausted she was. The padding was much thicker than the thin panties that she was used to. She woke up the next morning to Mrs. Peterson entering their shared room and telling them that breakfast is ready. The first thing Mandy noticed was the dull pain in her bottom, the second was the thick, cold padding between her legs. Mandy shot up in surprise at the realization of what she had done. She hadn't wet the bed in over thirteen years! But here she was now, wearing a soaking wet diaper. Mrs. Peterson, likely already knowing what had happened, walked over to Mandy. "Did you have an accident, Mandy?" She asked. "U-umm." Mandy tried to answer, having trouble articulating an appropriate response. "It's okay if you did. I'm sure Amy's Goodnite is soaked too." Mrs. Peterson responded. "Y-yes." Mandy answered, meekly. "Did you leak at all?" The older woman asked. "W-what?" "Did your Goodnite leak?" Mrs. Peterson, not liking Mandy's lack of an answered, bent over and pulled the girl's covers off. She grabbed Mandy under her armpits and hoisted her onto her feet. Mandy, mortified by this, stood in shock and just let it happen. Mrs. Peterson then pulled down her pajama pants and exposed the wet diaper she was wearing. The padding of the diaper had expanded a good amount and was sagging between Mandy's legs. It hadn't leaked, but it couldn't hold much more. "No leaks. Let's go down stairs and eat. You can get changed after breakfast." Mrs. Peterson said, going over to her daughter to finish rousing her. ----- After breakfast, Mandy was able to shower and change back into her normal clothes. The rest of the week progressed as if the events of Saturday night and Sunday morning had never happened. No spankings, no childish pajamas, and no diapers. Not even a mention of any of the three. That was, until Saturday night came around again. Mandy had spent all of Saturday dreading it, hoping that last week had just been a bad dream. It wasn't a dream though. That night, Mrs. Peterson enter the room and gave both girls a hard, hairbrush spanking. Just like last week, she made both change into a Goodnite diaper before dressing them in childish pajamas and sending them to the corner. Also like last week, Mandy woke up the next morning to a still-sore bottom and a wet diaper. That Sunday was the day they were able to go back to their dorm. Mandy couldn't wait, she was ready to get far away from this house and hopefully never come back. As they were loading up the car, Mrs. Peterson stopped them for a chat. "Mandy, it was great having you over this week." She said. "Thank you for letting me stay, your home is lovely." Mandy responded. "I wanted to talk to you about something before you go. I was talking with Amy, and she said that she's noticed you acting different. She believes that you've been kinder and more patient. We both think that the maintenance spankings are really helping you, which is why I want you to come back here with Amy every weekend from now on." Mrs. Peterson said, making it sound more like a command than a request. "O-oh, u-um, I don't know if..." Mandy tried to answer before getting interrupted. "It's settled then. I'll see you and Amy next Saturday." Mrs. Peterson said, enveloping Mandy in a hug. Mandy didn't know what to say. The last thing she wanted was a weekly spanking by her roommates mom. She thought about outright refusing, but she knew that it probably wasn't going to be that simple. She had a suspicion that if she didn't show up with Amy that Mrs. Peterson would come to their dorm to collect her or worse, administer a spanking there. There wasn't really an easy way out. "R-right." Mandy said nervously as she placed her bag in the car. This was going to be a long spring term.
  2. Hello! I have been lurking ABDL forums and reading stories for over a decade now. I've written a few stories in the past, but the majority of them have never seen the light of day and are unfinished. This is my first time publishing one of my stories online. I have several ideas that I may explore in the future, including some related to this story. I hope to share some of them in the future. This story is about 18 year old Penny, who is desperate to find out what it's like to wear diapers. Unfortunately, she does not have any money or a drivers license to purchase them herself. After scheming for a few days she hatches a plan to convince her mom to buy them for her. Throughout the story she lives out some of her perverted fantasies, with and without the help of her unknowing mother. ---------- "Goodnight sweetheart! See you in the morning!" My mom yelled from down the hall. "Goodnight mom!" I yelled back from my room. If everything goes according to my plan, then she is going to be shocked when she sees me in the morning. My plan is simple: wet the bed every night for a few nights and ask mom to buy me diapers to wear at night. The plan would be embarrassing for sure, but after years of waiting to try diapers it was the best idea I could come up with. Sure, I could just go to the store and get them myself, but that would require a drivers license and money. Despite being 18 years old, I had neither. There also came a risk of someone seeing me buying them. You're probably wondering why I want to be put back into diapers. Before I explain that though, I should probably give a few more details about myself. My name is Penelope, but everyone just calls me Penny. I'm 18 years old and am halfway through my senior year of high school. I'm 5'1" with long, black hair and brown eyes. Despite being 18 for a couple of months now, I still don't have my drivers license or a job. It's a bit embarrassing, considering most of the people in my class have at least one or the other. The reason I want to be put back in diapers is a bit more complicated. For years now, I've want to try wearing (and using) diapers and being treated like a baby. I don't know why these feelings and fantasies developed, but I've waited so long to make them a reality. The first time I remember thinking about it was 4 years ago at Christmas dinner. My older cousin was there with her baby. Eventually, the baby needed changed, so she laid him down on the floor and changed his diaper in front of everyone. I watched, only being able to imagine myself in his position; laying on the floor, getting changed out of a wet diaper with my entire family watching. After that, I continued having increasingly babyish fantasies, including being fed in a highchair, sleeping in a crib, and even getting spanked. I searched online and eventually found other people who had similar fantasies to mine. I even found fictional stories that they created, which caused me to develop a ton more fantasies. I've been wanting to try diapers for years now because of these fantasies, so I spent multiple days coming up with a plan. Starting tonight, I am going to purposefully pee myself in bed. In the morning, I'll tell my mom about it and let her see me in my wet pajamas. It's going to be super embarrassing, but it will be worth it in the end. I'll do this again the next night, and the night after that too. After that, if she hasn't already suggested wearing a diaper to bed, I'll ask her to get me some. Of course, I'll have to keep wetting myself after that to keep up the charade. It will be fine though, since I'll have a diaper to soak it all up. Even if I end up not liking it, all I have to do is stop wetting myself. I set an alarm on my phone for 5:30am so that I could wake up to perform the deed. I didn't want to do it to early in the night since it will probably be pretty uncomfortable and hard to fall back asleep in. Usually I would wake up at 6:30 on school days, so if I couldn't fall back asleep I wouldn't be missing out on too much sleep. Putting my phone down, I went over to my dresser and got out a pair of pajama bottoms. All I could imagine was putting them on over a diaper and seeing it bulge out the back. After getting dressed I took a couple drinks of my water and got into bed. It was hard to fall asleep with all the thoughts running through my mind and the anticipation. ----- Soon enough, I was awoken by the alarm I set. I slowly opened my eyes and felt a slight pressure in my bladder from the water I drank. Hopefully that will make this easier and more believable. My heart began to speed up as I began trying to relieve myself. It was difficult to start at first, but after a minute or two of trying I was able to get a small flow going. I instantly began feeling my urine cover my thigh and soak into my pajama bottoms. It soon spread down into my bedsheets and even up to the bottom of my shirt. I kept pushing until it was all released and let out a small sigh as I finished. The hard part now is going to be laying in this for another hour. It wasn't that bad now, but it would begin to stink and get cold very soon. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't fall asleep again. The wetness and smell were both too distracting. I was beyond relieved when I heard my second alarm begin to beep. I slowly got out of bed and took a look at the damage. My bed and sheets were both absolutely soaked and reeking of pee. My pajama bottoms and shirt were also stuck to my skin by the wetness. I hope this didn't ruin the mattress or anything. Now it was time for the next hurdle: telling mom. I pinched myself until I teared up a little just to make sure I seemed genuinely sad and left my room. Usually mom is making breakfast at this time, so I began to head for the kitchen. Mom was cooking some eggs on the stove as I approached her, so she couldn't see my obviously soaked clothes. "Good morning sweetheart. How did you sleep?" Mom said, not turning around to see me. "M-mom," I said, "I w-wet the bed last night". Mom turned around in shock and saw me standing there in my soaked PJs. I stared at the ground in front of me and did what I could to keep my eyes watery. My face was burning with embarrassment and my heart was rapidly beating. I couldn't even look up at her as she began to approach me. "Oh, sweetheart..." Mom said, as she pulled me into a hug. "I'm sorry..." I replied, burying my head into her chest, being careful not to touch her with any part of my wet clothes. I genuinely was sorry about doing what I did, but it's a necessary sacrifice. Hopefully she won't be too mad. "I know sweetie," Mom said while stroking my hair, "go get cleaned up and take a shower. I'll take care of your bed and pajamas." "T-thank you." I responded. I slowly detached myself from her and went back to my room to get some clothes to change into after my shower. When I was out of sight, my face lit up with a smile. Success! I just need to do this again tomorrow and maybe the next day, and then I can get a hold of the grand prize. I peeled off my wet cloths and left them on top of my already wet bed. Now naked, I grabbed my new clothes and began heading towards the shower. I performed my usual morning routine as normal and headed out to the kitchen to get breakfast. I stopped by my room first to grab my phone and noticed that my sheets and wet clothes were gone. When I got to the kitchen, I saw Mom sitting at the table. Across from her was a plate with bacon and scrambled eggs. I assumed it was meant for me, so I sat down in front of it and began looking down, not making eye contact with her to make my bed-wetting seem more embarrassing and believable. "Feeling better honey?" Mom asked me. "Yes." I softly replied. "That's good. I want to talk about what happened this morning. Is that okay?" She asked me. I kind of wanted to say no, but I knew that it may not look too good for my plan. "Yes." I replied once again before taking a bite of the food in front of me. "Do you know why you wet the bed sweetheart? You haven't wet the bed in over 12 years." She slowly and calmly asked me. "No..." I quietly responded, still not looking up from my breakfast. "Did you do anything different last night or take any medicine?" "No..." I replied, taking another bite out of the food. "Are you feeling sick at all?" "No..." "Maybe it was a one off thing then. If you start feeling sick, please tell me, okay?" "Okay mom." "Thank you sweetheart. I'm going to put your sheets in the dryer and head to work. Make sure not to miss the bus." Mom said, getting up from the table and heading towards the laundry room. I was relieved when she finished questioning me. I think I did just fine today! Hopefully tomorrow morning will go just as well. --- The rest of today went just as it usually does with nothing out of the ordinary. Eventually, night time came and it was time to go to sleep again. I took another couple drinks of water like I did last night, but drank a bit less to hopefully help make a smaller mess. I got dressed in a similar outfit to last night and got into bed. My heart was racing once again, but I fell asleep soon enough. I woke up to my alarm the next morning, immediately knowing what I needed to do. "Sorry mom." I whispered to myself as I began to push. My pee soon started to trickle out and soak into my cloths and bed, feeling exactly the same as yesterday. I kept pushing and eventually my bladder was empty. I tried to fall asleep again and was actually successful this time. I awoke to my second alarm going off and the feeling of my cold, wet bed and pajamas. I got out of bed and pinched myself again to fake the tears. Once it seemed genuine enough, I headed out to the kitchen to tell mom what happened. As soon as I walked in, she turned around and immediately noticed what had happened. "Oh... sweetheart..." She said, while walking over to me and scooping me up in a hug. "I-I'm sorry mom..." I replied while fake sobbing. "Shh... I know you didn't mean to sweetie." She replied back while stroking the back of my hair. If only she knew... "Go get cleaned up sweetheart," she said, releasing me from the hug, "leave your PJs on the bed." "T-thank you mom..." I sputtered out while turning to go back to my room to get a change of clothes. Another success! I did really feel bad about mom having to clean up after it though. Because of that, I think after I shower, I'm going to ask mom to buy me some diapers. I was originally going to go three nights before asking, but this will get me them even faster and keep mom from having to clean up after me. My heart was racing the entire time I was showering and getting dressed. It was finally time for the next stage of my plan. This is the final hurdle to getting my diapers. All I need to do now is ask mom to "get me some protection". It's really simple, but super embarrassing at the same time. After finishing the rest of my post shower routine, I took a moment to psyche myself up. I made my way out to the kitchen with my heart beating even faster than it was earlier. Mom was waiting at the kitchen table for me again like yesterday. She even made breakfast for me again too. I took my seat on the other side of the table and stared down at the meal in front of me, trying to build the courage to ask for a pack of diapers. After a minute of silence between us, I finally built up the courage I needed to start speaking. "I'm sorry..." I started "You don't need to apologize sweetheart, I know you didn't mean to." Mom replied, laying her hand on mine. "I-I was t-thinking about it in the shower..." I responded back. This was it, the moment of truth. "I-I think it would be good to get some... p-protection... I don't want to ruin my mattress or sheets if this keeps happening..." "That's very mature of you sweetheart. I'm really proud of you." Mom said in a soft and motherly voice. "We can go to Walmart after work to see if we can find something. Are you sure you aren't feeling sick?" "N-no, I feel normal." I answered, still looking away due to embarrassment. Success! I was kind of hoping that she would offer to just get the diapers on her way home, but after thinking about it I could see why she would want me to be there to pick them out. "I think we should schedule a doctor's appointment if it keeps happening, okay?" Mom said. I've always had a fear of doctors offices and hospitals and she knows it. I know that she just wants what's best for me though. At the same time, there is actually nothing wrong with me. "Mom..." I started before being interrupted. "I know you don't like going there sweetheart, but I'm concerned about you being sick. You haven't wet the bed since you were 6, and now it's happened 2 nights in a row." Mom explained. "I know... I don't feel any different though..." I said, trying to get her to drop that idea. "Let's talk about this again if it keeps happening okay? I'll take you to Walmart after work to look into some protection, okay?" Mom answered, getting up to presumably go to work. A few moments after, mom wished me a good day and I started eating the now lukewarm breakfast she made me. Success! All I had to do now was wait until after mom got off work, and I would have the diapers that I've been craving for so long. I was so excited that I could scream! I can't believe how easy it was! Tonight is going to be fun... School and passed like normal, with the only difference being that I couldn't get my mind off the diapers I would be wearing tonight. Because of this, I didn't really pay much attention in class. At some points, I was even getting a bit horny at some of my thoughts. I was relieved when the final bell rang and I could finally go home. On the bus ride home, a thought crossed my mind: what type of diaper should I get? I really wanted some of the big, cute ABDL diapers that you can find online, but there's no way Walmart would have any of those. They definitely aren't something a bed-wetting teen would pick out either. I'll have to look online to see what they have available. Usually mom doesn't get off work until about an hour after I get home from school, so I have a bit of time to research the best diapers. I turned on my laptop as soon as I got home and went to the Walmart website. I went to the adult incontinence section, but I wasn't really attracted to anything I saw. There was the usual stuff like Depends, but they looked way too boring and from what I've heard online, they're also uncomfortable. That's when I got an idea: pull-ups. I'm pretty petite for my age, so I bet I easily fit into some Goodnites. They weren't actual diaper, but they were super cute and based off what I've read on a bunch of ABDL forums, really good. I navigated over to the baby section and searched through tons of diapers until I finally found the Goodnites. I only weighed a little over 100 pounds, so I could easily fit into the largest size. Perfect! There was still about 45 minutes until mom got off work, so I had plenty more free time. I decided the best thing to do would be to look up reviews for the Goodnites. I found a couple of blog posts from both ABDLs and parents, saying that they were really great. Supposedly, they're really comfortable and can hold a good amount of urine. Both of these traits are appealing to me. I continued browsing more reviews and eventually ended up just browsing ABDL forums. Soon enough, I heard the front door open and mom walked in. It was finally time! I'm gonna need to hide my excitement though if I don't want mom to get suspicious. Moments later, she was standing in front of my bedroom door way. "Ready to go to the store sweetheart?" Mom asked me. "Yeah mom. Let me get my shoes on." I replied in a slow, quite voice. "Okay, sweetheart. I'll wait for you in the car." Mom replied before heading back out to her car. I closed my laptop and got ready. When I got home, I would finally have a pack of diapers! My heart was speeding up again while I made my way out to the car. I got in the passenger seat and soon we were on the road. Mom and I made some small talk during the ride, but I was mainly focused on getting the diapers. A few concerns I hadn't really thought of began to invade my thoughts though. What if someone I knew saw me? What if everyone at school finds out? Before I knew it, we were walking into the store. Mom grabbed a cart and explained to me that there was a few other things that she needed to grab while we were here. I didn't object and quietly followed her around while she grabbed what she needed. I was constantly looking around to make sure there was no one I recognized. Thankfully, there didn't appear to be anyone. "Okay, I think that's everything that I needed. Let's go over to the health section." Mom announced while heading towards the section with the adult diapers. "M-mom, we actually need to go t-this way." I meekly said, pointing towards the direction of the baby section. "The 'protection' stuff is this way sweetheart." Mom said, thankfully lowering her voice. "I-I know..." I replied "I d-did some research, and I t-think what I need is this way..." "Okay sweetheart, lead the way." Mom said with a hint of confusion in her voice. It probably became apparent where I was leading us as we approached the baby isles. I was constantly looking left and right to make sure I didn't see anyone that I knew. Thankfully, the baby stuff was in the back of the store, out of the way of most of the foot traffic. I quickly walked into the baby diaper isle, mom following right behind with the cart. I began to look around for the Goodnites and was eventually able to locate them on the top shelf towards the back. I made my way towards them, but still took a moment to admire everything I was surrounded with. There was a mesmerizing amount of baby diapers lining the shelves. I'd seen images online of girls about my stature wearing baby diaper. I'll definitely need to try that one day. Once I reached the Goodnites, I looked around to try and find a package of the large size. At first I was worried they didn't have any, but eventually found them on the top shelf. Yes! I was about to smile out of happiness, but then remembered that mom was standing right behind me, very likely watching me. "I did some research online... Since I'm so small, t-these are the best option..." I quietly explained to her, my face a bit red with embarrassment. "I see..." Mom said, leaving the cart and walking over to me. I tried to reach up and grab the girls package, but to my embarrassment I was too short to reach the top shelf. Mom quickly caught on and stepped in to grab the package for me. I expected her to hand them to me, but instead she took it as an opportunity to examine the packaging. "They certainly seem like they'll fit you... The designs seem kind of childish though..." "I-I know," I explained "but the adult ones looked uncomfortable and people online said these were the best for teens..." "If that's what you think is best, then we'll get it." Mom said, placing the package into the cart. "Is there anything else that you need?" "N-no." I answered. I desperately wanted a pacifier, baby bottle, or really anything else in these isles, but I couldn't just ask mom for that. "Then let's checkout and get some dinner." Mom said, turning the cart around and pushing it towards the checkout lanes. As we were leaving the isle, I took one last look back. The assortment of diapers, pacifiers, bibs, and every other baby item was so tantalizing. One day... The entire time we were walking to the checkout I was looking around, still paranoid of seeing someone that knew me. It wouldn't be too hard for them to guess who the Goodnites were for, given that I didn't have any siblings. I was also constantly stealing glances at the package in the cart, mesmerized by what was inside of it. So close, yet so far to being able to put one on. Night time couldn't come soon enough. "M-mom, can we use the self checkout?" I asked after noticing that mom was heading towards a cashier lane. "Oh! Of course, sorry sweetheart." Mom replied, realizing why I asked. Mom was nice enough to scan and bag my Goodnites first, helping to hide them from anyone who may see us. I breathed a sigh of relief and helped her with everything else that she was getting. Once it was all payed for we went back to the car and loaded everything up. We stopped by an Arby's on our way home to get some dinner. We usually won't eat out very often, but I guess mom felt like treating me. Eventually, we were finally home. I grabbed our food and the bag containing my Goodnites, brought them both inside, and placed them on the counter. Mom followed behind me, carrying the rest of the stuff that she got. "Go put these in your room and wash your hands sweetheart." Mom instructed, obviously referring to the package of Goodnites on the counter. "Yes mom." I said, pretending to be annoyed at her telling me what to do like a child. It was a bit annoying, but at the same time I really wanted to be treated like a child. It also felt fitting, given she just bought a pack of glorified diapers for me to wear. I grabbed the package out of the bag and began carrying it to my room. Once there, I put it down on the bed and stared at. I wished that I could tear it open and put one on now, but I needed to be patient. I sighed and made my way towards the bathroom to wash my hands, abandoning my new treasure. Once they were clean, I made my way to the kitchen. Mom had already gotten our food out of the bag and was waiting for me. I took my usual spot at the table across from her and began eating. We both finished our meals soon after and I retreated back to my room to do my homework. Focusing on my homework was hard when I couldn't get my mind off of the pull-ups sitting right behind me. I couldn't get my mind off of how they'd feel once they were on me. I really wanted to tear the package open just examine one, but didn't want to risk mom walking in and seeing it. I just needed to wait a few more hours. Eventually, I was able to force myself to finish my homework, leaving me with the rest of the night to fantasize about my Goodnites. I've read lots of ABDL stories over the years, so I had plenty of fuel to feed my imagination with. It probably wasn't a good idea to get too horny yet, but I just couldn't help myself. The first one that came into my head was one I've thought about a lot for years now. It starts off with me doing something naughty and mom deciding to punish me with diapers. I'm made to wear a diaper at all times and not allowed to use the toilet for any reason. In addition, while I'm home I'm treated just like a baby. I have to sleep in a crib, eat in a high chair, and drink out of bottles. Whenever I use my diaper, I'd be strapped down and changed on a changing table in my room-turned-nursery. The next one that came to my mind was an original one. I started having accidents during the daytime, so mom made me wear one of my Goodnites during the day too. From then on, I was required to ask mom to "take me to the potty" if I needed to use the bathroom. Mom would take me into the bathroom, pull down my Goodnite, and wipe me after I finished. If I wet my Goodnite at all, then I was put back in diapers until the next morning as punishment. If I got put in diapers, then the toilet was off limits for the rest of the day, forcing me to use the diaper. If it wasn't apparent, I really enjoyed the idea of getting punished with diapers. I learned that not too long after developing this diaper fetish. My favorite stories online were always the ones where the protagonist is forced to wear and use a diaper against their will. I also love ones about people being treated like babies by their parents for one reason or another. Sadly, I don't think mom would ever punish me that way. She hardly ever even punishes me to begin with, and when she does it's usually nothing more than a scolding. Suddenly, another fantasy popped into my head. It was very similar to the second one, but instead of just being put in a diaper, I would also be given a spanking. Mom would come pull down my shorts and expose my clearly soaked Goodnite. After that, she would sigh and drag me over to the couch. Once there, she would sit down and drape me over her lap. She'd pull my soggy Goodnite down to my knees and begin smacking my bottom. She'd keep on spanking me until I was crying and begging her to stop. When she was finally done, I'd be laid down on the ground and taped into a big, fluffy diaper. After being changed I would be sent to the corner for a timeout. That one was really exciting to me. I see spankings used all of the time in ABDL stories. They're a perfect, childish punishment for adult babies. Mom has never spanked me before, even when I was young. Usually I would just be grounded or scolded. It's something that I've always wanted to try. Of course, I've tried spanking myself before, but it's just not the same. It's not really a punishment if you're doing it to yourself, so it takes away the edge. I snapped out of my trance and took a look at the clock, noticing that it was already 10:00. It was finally time! I just needed to go brush my teeth and wash my face, then I could put on my diaper! I started heading towards the bathroom, but almost ran into mom right outside my room. "I was just coming to wish you a good night sweetheart." She said, enveloping me into a hug before I could do anything. "Good luck tonight." "Th-thanks mom." I said, a bit embarrassed. With that, she released me and headed towards her bedroom. I continued on towards the bathroom and brushed my teeth and quick as I could. I repeated the same process with washing my makeup out and then retreated back to my room. Finally, after years of fantasizing and weeks of planning, I got what I wanted. I practically ran over to the package of Goodnites on my bed and tore open the wrapping at the top. Inside was 24 purple pull-up diapers, just waiting for me to put one on. I pulled one out and began to examine it. The one I grabbed was the cupcake themed variety. It was a light purple with pink and dark purple cupcakes decorating it along with similar colored sprinkles. It was just as cute as I imagined! It was also surprisingly soft. I ran my hand along it and felt a shiver run through my body. "Enough looking! It's time to put one on!" I thought to myself. I set the Goodnite down on my bed and pulled down my sweatpants. For the hell of it, I decided to take off my shirt as well. This left me in only my panties and small bra. My breasts are close to nonexistent, but it's never bothered me too much. It actually plays a part in some of my fantasies where I'm mistaken for a toddler. Because of this though, I wear what's basically a training bra everyday. Next, I slid my panties down and unclipped my bra. I was now naked, but not for long. I picked the Goodnite back up and put my hands through it. A shiver ran through my body, which caused me to notice just how hard my heart is beating. I brought the Goodnite down to my feet and slid my left leg through it, followed shortly after by my right. I gripped onto the soft sides and effortlessly pulled it up and over my groin. I was finally wearing a diaper! Well, not technically a diaper I guess, but it was certainly close enough for me. The Goodnite fit me perfectly and was actually a bit thicker than I expected. The inside was super soft and comfy as well. I turned around and went over to my full body mirror to look myself over, loving the sounds the pull-up made as I walked. I looked absolutely adorable as well! I probably couldn't pass for a toddler, but I could easily make myself passable as a 9 or 10 year old. Just to test this theory, I grabbed a couple of hair ties off of my dresser and put my hair up into a pair of pigtails. To add to the effect, I placed my left thumb in my mouth too. I looked back into the mirror and fell in love with how cute I looked. If I didn't know better, I would believe that I was a legitimate child. As much fun as I was having, I knew it would be best to get to sleep soon, as I still had to go to school tomorrow. I took a couple big drinks out of my water cup and set my alarms before going over to my closet. I debated sleeping in just my Goodnite but decided against it in case mom were to come in here for some reason in the morning. I got out a pair of pajama pants and a large t-shirt, put both on, undid my pigtails, and got into bed. The Goodnite was really noticeable and quite a bit distracting, which made getting to sleep a bit difficult. I could only imagine what it's going to be like to pee in this thing. Based on what I've read online, it will feel amazing. Some concerns soon started running through my head because of this though. What if it leaks? What if I don't like it? I quickly dispelled these thoughts and assured myself that everything would be okay. Eventually, I was finally able to drift off to sleep. --- I immediately woke up when I heard my first alarm going off. The first thing I noticed was the padding of the Goodnite I was wearing. It was finally time to wet it! I definitely needed to go after drinking all that water last night. I've been awake less than 30 seconds and my heart is already racing. I began pushing and slowly felt a trickle of urine come out. Moments later, I was able to get it up to a full flow and could hear it hitting my Goodnite. I placed my hand over my crotch, relishing the feeling of the warming padding. I could feel the urine run along my inner thighs and butt before being absorbed into the padding, which made me feel even naughtier than I already did. After another 20 seconds or so, my bladder finished emptying. The feeling of the wet pull-up was absolutely wonderful! The padding bulked up by a considerable amount and was super warm. I pressed the padding up against my privates just to get a better of feel of it, and adored the feeling. My pee had filled the Goodnite up quite a bit, but I could tell that there was still some padding left dry. I decided to get up out of bed and examine myself. I moved slowly, trying to make as little noise as possible so that mom wouldn't hear me if she was awake for some reason. I was impressed by how heavy the Goodnite became compared to last night, but I guess filling it with pee will do that. I could even feel it being pulled downwards by the weight of it all. Once I was out of bed, I lifted up my shirt and pulled down my pants so that I could examine the freshly used pull-up. The sagging and increased bulk were clearly visible when looking at it in my mirror. Showing off my thoroughly used Goodnite like this made me feel like a naughty child. Thinking about it, maybe I am just a naughty child. I purposefully peed myself multiple times and told a bunch of lies, just so that I could wear a diaper. I even peed in that diaper and enjoyed every second of it. Hell, I even look like a child right now. I guess that settles it then. I'm just a naughty little girl. And like any naughty child, I should be punished. Thinking like this caused me to become incredibly horny. I gave my privates a little rub through my wet pull-up and it caused it to grow even more noticeable. Sadly, I couldn't really punish myself with a spanking since mom would definitely hear it. I couldn't think of any other fun punishment for myself, so instead I decided to just hop back into bed and use my imagination. I pulled up my sweatpants and crawled back into bed, still being as quiet as possible. I laid down on my back, stuck my arm down my sweatpants, and began rubbing myself through the warm, wet pull-up. The feeling was absolutely mesmerizing. The texture and warmth of the soggy padding felt amazing against my sensitive parts. This stimulation was causing my imagination to run wild with fantasies. I pictured myself being made to stand in the middle of the living room naked, except for my absolutely soaked pull-up and a pacifier. Mom would tell me what a bad girl I was and tell me that I needed to be punished. She'd pull my wet pull-up down before dragging me across her lap and spanking me. The spanking was with her hand for only a minute before she switched to using a wooden spoon. Mom would continue spanking me and telling me that "naughty little girls get treated like babies" until I was crying and begging for mercy. When she was finally finished spanking me, she laid me on the floor and replaced my pull-up with a giant pink diaper. Next, I'd be taken to the kitchen and strapped in giant highchair. Mom would put a big bib on me and spoon feed me multiple jars of gross baby food until I wet my diaper. At that point, I would be taken to my nursery for another spanking and a diaper change. Imagining this playing out in real life combined with my rubbing caused me to have my most intense orgasm ever. Thankfully, I had my diaper on to catch any liquids that I released from it. The feeling of an orgasm with a wet diaper on was to die for! How have I been without this for so long?! It took me about a minute or so to recover. Thankfully, my pull-up didn't leak at all, despite how much I was rubbing it. I checked the clock in my room and found that it was only 6:00, meaning I still had 30 minutes to enjoy my wet Goodnite. For the remainder of the time, I stayed under my covers and just enjoyed the feeling of my soggy pull-up. I even let a little bit more pee out into it as I was laying there, which was good because it was starting to get a little bit cold. I was saddened when I heard my alarm go off. I wish I could just lay here all day and play with my Goodnites. Unfortunately, I needed to get ready for school. At least today was Friday, so I could spend all morning tomorrow playing with it. I was about to get up to go tell mom that I wet again, but she suddenly entered my room. "Good morning sweetheart. Did you sleep well last night?" She asked. "Y-yes." I replied, startled. "Sorry for surprising you honey. I have to go into work early today and wanted to talk to you first." Mom explained, taking a seat at the foot of my bed. "Okay..." I said, already assuming this is going to be about the bed-wetting. "Did it happen again?" Mom asked, setting her hand on my leg. "Y-yes..." I quietly answered. "I'm sorry sweetheart. Did your protection at least help?" "Y-yes, it did. It's way better than a wet bed." "That's good. I think it would be a good idea for you to do a bit of research today and see why this is happening or some things that may help, okay?" "Okay mom, I will. What should I do with this Goodnite?" I asked, my face going red. "Leave it in the bathroom garbage honey. I'll throw it out later tonight." Mom answered. "Okay mom." "Okay honey. I'll see you after work. Have fun at school." Mom said, getting up from my bed and leaving. Mom wanted me to research some ways to stop my supposed bed-wetting? It made sense why, but I didn't really want to change anything with my routine. It would be suspicious if I didn't find or try anything though. Maybe I could just stop drinking water at night? That would make it harder to wet in the morning though. I realized I was wasting a lot of time thinking about this stuff here and got up out of bed. I still needed to get ready for school. Getting up and walking around in the wet pull-up felt just as great as laying still with it. The padding squished around and rubbed up against me as I walked, making it impossible to forget it is there. Sadly, my time left with it is being cut short. I got to the bathroom and was forced to say goodbye to my pull-up. I stripped down out of my clothes until I was left in just the wet garment. I examined myself in the mirror and once again got the feeling that I was a naughty child. Sadly, I didn't have a ton of time to continue examining myself, so I hesitantly gripped the sides of my pull-up and pulled it down to my legs. The once white insides were now colored yellow and visibly damp. I stepped out of it and brought it over to the trash. I got into the shower and began my usual morning routine. About halfway through the shower, I began thinking about what mom had asked me to do. Maybe I could tell mom I'll set an alarm in the middle of the night to use the bathroom? That would probably be the best option since I doubt she'll ever be able to tell if I actually did so or not. I should probably do some actual research on this too just in case. Right as I thought I had a solution figured out, a naughtier idea popped into my head. Maybe I could use this as an opportunity to fulfill another fantasy of mine. What if I asked mom to punish me whenever I wet the bed? This would be a perfect opportunity to experience a true spanking. I could feel myself getting a bit horny again at this thought. It will probably be hard to get mom to agree with it though. She's never spanked me before and I doubt she really believes in its effectiveness. I could probably accomplish it with a good strategy though. I soon realized that I was getting distracted again and began to hurry up with my shower. I'll do a bit more planning on the bus, provided I don't miss it. My morning routine went along like normal after that. Sadly, mom couldn't make me breakfast so I had to make it myself. Thankfully, I was able to make it to the bus on time. As soon as I took my seat, my mind began to drift back to the idea of asking mom to spank me. How would she react to it? As far back as I can remember, she's never even threatened to spank me. Thinking about it, maybe that's why I have fantasies about getting spanked. I doubt I would love the thought as much if I had experience an actual spanking. It was something I wanted to try though, and this would probably be my best shot at it. I spent a lot of my time at school coming up with a game plan. This caused me to once again pay little attention in class. The nature of my plan was also causing me to become aroused off and on throughout the day, which didn't help anything either. I was relieved when the school day was finally over. While waiting for the bus to take me home, I finalized the details of my plan. When I get home, I'm going to do some research online to see if I can find anything about punishing bed-wetting with spankings. I'll use this to back me up if I need to. When that's done, I'll bring it up to mom. I'll ask her to spank me if I wet the bed or my Goodnites. My reasoning will be that it will force my body to associate wetting the bed with getting spanked, which may make it stop. It isn't a perfect plan, but I think it will be enough to get mom to at least try it. I got home before mom like usual and immediately got my laptop out to do some research. I found several sites and blogs where parents mentioned spanking their teenagers and preteens for wetting the bed, but not many of them mentioned it succeeding. I bookmarked a few of the pages where people mentioned having success with spankings. They likely wouldn't be necessary, but they would be good to fall back on if I need to. A few sites I found during my search gave guides and tips for administering these spankings. My particular favorite had several recommendations on it that I loved. It recommended that the spanking be done over the knee and on the bare bottom. In addition, it recommended the use of implements like hairbrushes, wooden spoons, or even paddles for older kids and to spank for a set amount of time or strokes. I'll definitely show this site to mom if she asks. My heart started to beat quickly as I heard the front door open and mom walk in. I had no reason to be as nervous as I was yet, but I couldn't shake the feeling that my plan wouldn't work and mom would start to suspect what was actually happening. I managed to suppress the feelings a bit though and went out to greet mom. "Hi mom." I said while leaving my room. "Hey sweetheart. How was school?" Mom responded. Mom and I talked for a while with no mention of what she asked me to do this morning. Since she didn't bring it up, I didn't either. Eventually it was time for dinner, so I went back to my room while mom was cooking. I continued looking through blog posts from parents who spank their kids for a while and soon found myself reading ABDL stories about being punished for bed-wetting. By the time mom called me in for dinner, I was fairly horny. That should help me with my courage if necessary though. Dinner was going normally for a while. Mom made a chicken pasta dish, which tasted great. I was a bit distracted by the lingering arousal from before, but it was slowly fading. Mom and I talked a bit more about our days like usual before the topic began to shift. "Were you able to do a bit of research?" Mom asked me. My heart rate began to speed up and my face started to burn. I guess it's finally time for my next plan. "Y-yes, I did..." I quietly responded, looking away. "Well, did you find anything helpful?" Mom followed up, not breaking her gaze on me. "I think I found something that might help... It's kind of embarrassing though..." I answered, my face burning even more and my privates starting to tingle. "I understand sweetheart. I know this is hard must be hard for you. Take all the time you need." Mom said, making me feel a bit more confident about what I was about to say. "Well... I read online that it may help to, well... punish me for wetting the bed." I responded. I don't know why, but this was even harder than when I asked for diapers yesterday. I couldn't bring myself to look at mom now. I hope this didn't seem suspicious to her at all. "Punish you? I've never really punished you too much before sweetheart. What else did it say?" Mom asked, talking slow and calm for me. "We-well, they said that eventually my body we begin to associate wetting myself with being punished, which will make me stop." I explained, still not making any eye contact. "I guess that makes sense... What kind of punishments did they mention?" Mom asked. This is it, the moment of truth. "They said the most effective method is... s-spankings." I choked out. It felt good to finally say it. "I see... Is this something you want to try?" Mom asked me, seeming a little bit uncomfortable. "I think it may help..." I responded, still looking away. Mom got out of her chair and walked around the table to me. She got down on her knees to get level with me and gave me a hug. It caught me a bit off guard, but I enjoyed it. "If you think it will help then we can try it sweetheart. Let's finish eating dinner and then talk about this more, okay?" Mom suggested while stroking my hair. "Okay mom..." I responded, returning her hug. The rest of dinner was mostly silence and me feeling like I did something wrong. I headed back to my room once we were finished while mom stayed behind to clean up the dishes. Once back at my room, I continued reading stories about diapers and spankings. This helped me somewhat take my mind off of dinner and how embarrassed I was. I was half way through a story about a girl being tied up in diapers when mom knocked on my door. I quickly closed all of the ABDL tabs on my laptop and got up to let her in. I was already horny from the stories I was reading, so hopefully that will make this a bit easier. "Are you ready to talk sweetheart?" Mom asked, taking a seat on the foot of my bed. "Yes." I answered, also taking a seat on my bed. "Okay. Do you still think that punishing you will help?" "Yes..." I said, looking away. "Then I guess we can give it a try. I've never really had to punish you though, and when I did, it was never with a spanking. Did the stuff online give a guide for it?" Mom asked. "Y-yes, they did. I'll pull it up." I answered. I quickly pulled up the website with the spanking guide I loved on my laptop and handed it to mom. She spent a couple of minutes reading through it, saying nothing. The entire time she was reading, I spent studying her face and waiting in anticipation. "Okay sweetheart, I think I've decided how I want to do this. In the morning, I'm going to come check on you. If your Goodnite or bed are wet, then you're going to get a spanking right away. Since you're a big girl, the spankings are going to be done on your bare bottom with a hair brush. The spankings will last for two minutes. Does that sound okay to you?" Mom explained. "Y-yes, it does." I answered. This is exactly what I wanted! Tomorrow morning is going to be great! "Alrighty then. We'll start tomorrow morning if you have another accident." Mom said. "Thank you mom." I replied. Another success! Mom said goodnight to me and left my room shortly after. Since today is Friday, I didn't need to wake up early tomorrow for school. Tomorrow morning would be my first spanking though, so I was caught in a dilemma of wanting to go to bed now or not waste my Friday night. After some mental debating, I decided to compromise by staying up for a bit, but get ready for bed now. I went to the bathroom and performed my usual routine, leaving out the toilet of course. Afterwards, I retreated back to my room and pulled out one of my Goodnites. My pants soon found themselves on the ground, followed by my panties as I hastily slid the pull-up into position. I opted to not put any pajama pants on yet, allowing my pull-up to be visible and easily accessible. I went back to my laptop and continued reading where I had left off when mom walked in. The stories of diaper punishment and spankings kept me very excited. I would consistently start rubbing myself through the Goodnite and have to stop myself from going over the edge. The soft, thick padding felt great on both my hands and my privates. I don't think I could ever go back to masturbating without a diaper after this. After a while of teasing myself, my need to pee became apparent. Wasting no time, I placed my thumb in my mouth, my hand over pull-up, and became relieving myself. The only sound in my room was from the laptops fans, so I could easily hear my stream of pee hit the padding. Using my free hand, I pushed the now wet padding into my crotch and began teasing myself more. The feeling of my warm urine soaking into the Goodnite and pressing into my crotch was absolutely mind numbing. Seconds later, my bladder and was empty and the pull-up was sagging. The warm and wet padding pressing up against me felt amazing as my mind drifted to thoughts about the spanking I'm going to get tomorrow morning. Hopefully it's enough to make me sorry for being so naughty tonight. I could picture it now: mom comes in to wake me up and I have to shamefully tell her that I had another accident. She'd waste no time pulling me over her lap, pulling down my soggy diaper, and laying into my bottom. From there, my mind began to drift back to various fantasies of mine as I continued to please myself through the pull-up. After my spanking, mom would pull the wet Goodnite back up and send me to the corner for further punishment. I'd stand with my nose in the corner and my arms behind my back for multiple minutes while mom got the supplies to change me into an actual diaper. With these and other similar thoughts in my mind, I quickly orgasmed into the wet padding. I spent multiple minutes sitting still, just enjoying the feeling of pee soaked pull-up. After recovering a bit, I decided it would be a good idea to go to bed. This pull-up was already soaked, but felt way too good for me to want to take off. Besides, mom might get suspicious if I go through 2 pull-ups in one night. I just need to be careful if I want to pee in it anymore. All I could think about while trying to fall asleep was the feeling of the still warm pull-up and the spanking I'm going to get tomorrow. This combination made falling asleep difficult. Thankfully, my masturbation session minutes ago had worn me out a bit. That combined with my general exhaustion from a day of school had me asleep not too long after. --- I woke up sometime after the sun was up. The wet pull-up was now cold and not nearly as comfortable as it was when I fell asleep. The discomfort of it was making me feel like a little girl. Not thinking about it too much, I let a little stream of pee escape into the already soaked diaper. The new pee absorbed into the back of the pull-up, warming it up a bit but not enough to counter the cold of the front. Now that I'm a bit excited and feeling naughty, it's time to find mom and get my spanking. My heart sped up and my privates began to tingle at the thought of this. I've read about spankings for years now, and it's finally time to experience a genuine one. As I was getting out of bed, I heard foot steps coming from down the hall. "Good morning sweetheart. How did you sleep?" Mom asked, opening my door and walking into my room. "I slept a little too well..." I replied, looking down at the floor. I'm sure it was already obvious to her that I wet myself. The pull-up I was wearing was sagging pretty badly and it was evident through my pajama bottoms. "I'm sorry sweetheart," Mom said as she came over and enveloped me in a hug, "do you still want to do what we talked about last night?" "Y-yes..." I weakly answered back. "Okay, wait right here for a second while I go grab a couple of things." Mom instructed before leaving me alone. While alone, I took the time to give myself a couple more rubs through the wet pull-up. I want to enjoy this as much as possible and what better way to do it than while horny? The pull-up was a bit uncomfortable though with how cold it's gotten. While uncomfortable, it did do a good job of making me feel just like a naughty child. A naughty child who needs a spanking. Mom returned moments later and thankfully didn't catch what I was just doing. In her hands, I saw her phone, a towel, and my big wooden hairbrush I keep in the bathroom. I've given myself some spankings with it before, so I knew that this was going to hurt. Seeing this caused some 'juices' to escape my privates and fall into the already soaked pull-up. "Come here sweetheart." Mom instructed as she took a seat on the wooden chair in my room. I walked over to her and she draped the towel over her lap and began fiddling with her phone. When I arrived in front of her, just reached out and gripped the sides of my waist, signaling for me to hold still. "Here's how this is going to go: I set a timer on my phone for two minutes. Once you're in position over my lap and ready, I'll start the timer. I'm going to spank your bare bottom uninterrupted until the timer sounds. Understand?" Mom explained. I replied with only a nod. I then felt moms thumbs hook around my pajama shorts. They were soon pulled down to my ankles, leaving me standing in front of her with in only my top and a visibly soaked pull-up. This caused me to blush even more than I already was. The wetting may have been intentional, but mom didn't know that. She just sees her adult daughter in a wet diaper. Next went the Goodnite. Mom hooked her thumbs around it just like my pajama pants and brought it down to my ankles, leaving my hairless crotch exposed to her. "Over my lap honey." Mom instructed. I complied, stepping out of my pajama pants and pull-up. I left them on the floor behind me as I walked over to her side. I took a deep breath as I draped myself across the towel. My stomach pressed right against her legs. Due to the height of the chair and my short stature, I was completely unable to reach the ground. This left me even more helpless to what was about happen, making me even more excited. "Are you ready sweetheart?" Mom asked me. "Yes mommy." I replied, getting a little too into my naughty child head space. I was too excited to care though. Finally, I get to experience a true spanking. My petite butt was pointed right in the air, just waiting for the first strike to be delivered. *THWAP* I let out a little cry that was a bit more of a moan. Mom definitely wasn't holding back. That hurt way more than I expected! The impact spot stung terribly. *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* Mom continued to deliver a steady stream of spanks to my bottom. Each smack hurt just as bad, if not worse than the last. Every swat was on a different spot of my butt, which was causing my entire back side to hurt. *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* I lost count of the smacks shortly after we started. My moans soon turned into whines as mom continued punishing my bottom. *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* My internal clock was completely thrown off as well, meaning I had no idea how far into this we were. It could be 10 or even 100 seconds until the alarm sounds. *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* Tears started forming in my eyes at this point. Maybe I'd bitten off a bit more than I could chew? *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* Deep down though, this was still incredibly exciting to me. I felt exactly like the naughty little girl that I am. I wet myself on purpose and lied to mom. This spanking is well deserved. *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* The excitement did nothing to cancel out the genuine pain I was experiencing though. My ass hurt like never before. This wasn't even comparable to the spankings I've given myself in the past. *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* Tears were now flowing down my face as I began crying. My butt was on fire! I may have been enjoying this on some level, but at the same time I just wanted it to end. *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* This feels like it had been going on for an eternity! Did mom forget to start the timer? I was already bawling my eyes out and didn't know how much more I could take. *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *THWAP* *DING* *DING* *DING* At last, the alarm was going off! That was seriously only 2 minutes? It felt like 10! At this point I was slumped over moms lap, unable to do anything except cry. My ass felt like it was on fire and I was definitely feeling like a humiliated little girl. "Shh sweetheart, it's over now." Mom said as she stroked my hair and rubbed my sore bottom. "I-I'm s-sorry, m-mommy!" I blubbered out through my crying. I truly was sorry for manipulating her like this, but it was well worth it for how I feel now. My ass was burning, but my naughty cunt was also burning with lust. "I know, sweetheart. Do you think you're ready to get up now?" Mom asked me, still rubbing my butt. "Y-yes." I meekly answered. Because I had no leverage, mom had to lift me up off of her and set me on my feet, just like a child. Once I was on my feet, I continued where my mom left off in rubbing my bottom, not even remember that I was completely naked, save for my shirt. I took a look back at my mirror to get a good view at my bottom and was shocked by just how red it was. I've never spanked myself hard enough to get it more than a little pink. Right now, it's a darker shade of red than a strawberry! Mom took the towel off her lap and got up from the chair. After folding the towel up and setting it down she turned around and enveloped me into a hug. I was surprised at first, but quickly removed my hands from my strawberry-tinted butt cheeks to return the hug. We silently stayed like this for a moment while mom stroked my hair. "You handled that very well sweetheart. I'm sorry that I hurt you so much." Mom said in her motherly voice. "Don't be sorry mom. I asked for it and needed it." Wanted may have been more appropriate, but mom didn't need to know that. "If you say so. I'm going to get a couple of things at the store in a few minutes. Do you need anything?" Mom asked, breaking away from the hug. "No." I replied, excited at my opportunity to get naughty. "Alright, just give me a call if you change your mind." Mom said, taking the hairbrush and towel with her as she left the room. I stood in my room and admired my butt in the mirror until I eventually heard the door close and her car leave. As soon as I did, I went over to my bloated pull-up laying on the floor and pulled it back up to where it had been 15 minutes ago. After being away from my body for so long it had grown much colder than before. It was honestly a little gross, but very naughty feeling. I took off my shirt and gave another glance at the mirror. My spanked bottom was clearly visible around the edges of the pull-up. Now it's time to have some fun. I took a seat on the chair and immediately felt more pain run through my butt. Even with the soggy pull-up beneath it, my ass still felt like I sat down on a bed of spikes. This didn't deter me though, as I stuck my left thumb in my mouth and my right down the front of the pull-up. My mind went back to mere minutes ago, when I was laid over my moms lap in this very chair, getting a very sound spanking on my naughty, wet bottom. After several minutes of spanking memories and playing with myself, I exploded into my diaper with the biggest orgasm I've ever had. I spent several minutes recovering and just enjoying the feeling of my sore bottom and wet pull-up. Eventually I got myself cleaned up and took a shower. The hot water irritated my sore bottom and now that my horniness has passed, it just hurt. The rest of my day went along mostly normal. I say mostly, because anytime I sat down the pain from my spanking resurfaced and shot through my bottom. After several hours it finally calmed down to a dull feeling and eventually faded. Throughout the day I would periodically pull down my pants and panties in front of the mirror and examined how the color of my bottom changed. It may not have been the best in the moment, but I thoroughly enjoyed my spanking earlier. It probably wasn't something I want to experience everyday though, as the pain in my butt lasted several hours past the actual spanking. This wouldn't be good for paying attention in class when I had school. Unfortunately I've put myself in a position where I can't enjoy a wet pull-up without getting a spanking. Was it worth it though? Without a doubt. When it came time for bed, I needed to make a choice. Did I want another spanking tomorrow morning? After slipping on my Goodnite for bed and feeling a tingling in my crotch, I decided that I very much did. After laying down in bed, I let loose and flooded my pull-up. It soaked up everything I gave it and quickly expanded. With thoughts of another spanking in my mind and a warm, soggy pull-up around my waist, I eventually fell asleep. --- Mom woke me up the next morning by lightly shaking my shoulder and encouraging me to get up. I groaned a little and felt my cool, saturated pull-up squish as I moved my legs. As I slowly got up, I remembered what is in store for me right after bed. The thought of another spanking excited me of course, but I wasn't sure if I was prepared for another one after what I got yesterday. "How did you do today?" Mom asked me, obviously referring to my bed-wetting. "The same as last night." I answered. "Alright then. Get up out of bed and I'll be back in just a moment." Mom said as she left my room, presumably to grab my hairbrush. I stood up and got out of bed as instructed. While I waited for mom, I stuck my hand down the back of my pull-up and felt my bottom. I found a couple spots that will still lightly bruised from my spanking yesterday and slightly cringed knowing that they weren't going to get better today. I wasn't as excited for my impending spanking today as I was yesterday either, so I'm sure that was going to make it hurt more. While my hand was down there, I gave myself a few rubs to at least try to get myself horny for the spanking. Not soon after, I heard mom walking down the hall and approaching my door, so I quickly pulled my hand away from myself and out of my pull-up. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to pleasure myself too much before I had to stop. I was still a bit excited, but not nearly as much as yesterday. Mom didn't say anything as she sat down in the chair and draped the towel over her lap. Just like yesterday, she set an alarm on her phone and beckoned me to come over. I did as instructed and mom wasted no time in pulling down my pajama pants and exposing my soaked Goodnite. She began pulling it down, but instead of bringing it down to my feet she stopped right above my knees. When I asked her about this she said it would prevent me from kicking as much as yesterday. I blushed from being told that and from being exposed to mom like I was. Having my pee filled pull-up around my legs like that made me feel like a naughty child, which was perfect. I've fantasized about being put into a timeout corner dressed exactly like this numerous times. In those fantasies it was always right after a sound spanking though. It was hard to move around with my legs restricts like that, but I was still able to waddle over to moms side and position myself for my spanking. "Are you ready sweetheart?" Mom asked me after I draped myself over her lap. "Yes." I answered while bracing myself for the next 2 minutes. Mom placed her hand over the small of my back to help keep me still and used her other hand to start the timer. After grabbing the hairbrush, I quickly felt the first painful blow make contact with my already bruised bottom. I groaned and braced for the next one while trying my best to imagine myself in one of my fantasies. The pleasure could only do so much to counter the pain though, and before too long there were tears in my eyes. Not too long after, the tears were flowing down my face and I couldn't concentrate on any pleasure that I may have been receiving. The pain was even worse than yesterday, which is really saying something. Each loud swat of the hairbrush brought pain throughout my entire body and left my butt feeling like it was roasting over a fire. After what felt like an eternity, mom's alarm when off and the blows to my backside ceased. I couldn't do anything but cry over mom's lap while she rubbed my sore bottom and cooed that it was over. The rubbing felt nice, but did little to alleviate the burning pain. "Are you doing okay, sweetie?" Mom asked me while continuing her rubbing. "Y-yes." I managed to choke out. I had stopped crying, but I was still sobbing a bit. "Do you think you can stand up?" Mom asked me. I tried to stand up, but didn't have any leverage, so mom had to help lift me off of her like I was a child. I had trouble standing up straight once I was on my feet. The pain from my butt caused my legs to be very wobbly and unstable. It didn't really matter though, since mom stood up and wrapped me in a hug, supporting my weight. Mom kept supporting me in the hug until I was able to confidently stand on my own. When I was finally able to, she left my room to go do other things. As soon as it was safe, I pulled my cold, bloated pull-up back up. After it was back where it belonged, I sat down in the chair mom had just spanked me in. My cold urine squished out of the pull-up and right onto my stinging bottom, which had just suffered a new burst of pain from sitting down. The pain became a secondary thought after I started getting in the right mood. Thinking about the spanking I just had, along with fantasies of mom coming in here with a big, thick diaper to put me in, I began pleasuring myself. Pull-ups were great and all, but they weren't technically a diaper. Maybe when I run out of Goodnites I could get some actual diapers instead? By doing that, I would be missing out on the humiliating, childish designs though. I'd have to contemplate that later though, for now I was free to fantasize about being put into a big, thick, baby print diaper. I imagined myself just after my spanking. Instead of what had actually happened, mom would instead lift me up, pull my wet pull-up back up, and put me into a timeout in the corner. I would cry in the corner and release more urine into my already at-capacity pull-up, causing some to dribble down my legs. Mom would come get me shortly and guide me down onto a changing pad she had setup all while scolding me for leaking. On the changing pad, she would rip out the sides of my Goodnite, exposing my hairless privates. Mom would lift my legs to wipe me down and deliver two more swats to my already bruised bottom for squirming. I'd cry out, only to be met with a large pacifier being inserted into my mouth. My bottom would then be lowered back down onto a multiple inch thick, all pink diaper with baby bottle and letter block patterns. Mom would extensively powder me before finally taping the giant diaper onto me. With that, I exploded into my pull-up. After my few minutes of post-orgasm high, I got up out of the chair to get cleaned up. Standing up made the pain in my bottom flare, forcing me to let out a slight moan. The hot shower didn't help my bottom either. I felt the lasting effects of my morning spanking throughout the entire day. Because of this, I resolved to keep both my bed and pull-up dry for the first time in close to a week. It was one thing to deal with a sore butt at home, but having one at school would be bad. The hard chairs would increase the pain much more and make it hard to concentrate. I felt a sense of disappointment as I slipped on my pull-up that night. As much as I didn't want to, I'd need to keep my Goodnite dry tonight. If I didn't I wouldn't be able to sit still at school tomorrow. It feels like such a waste to not use it though. Maybe I could find a way to punish myself when I get home from school tomorrow? I had to restrain myself from rubbing myself through my pull-up after thinking about that. If I got too horny, I probably wouldn't be able to stop myself from wetting. After close to an hour of trying not to think about doing something naughty in my pull-up, I was finally able to fall asleep. --- Mom came to wake me up as she had been doing for the last few days. Waking up without the feeling of wet padding was actually kind of weird after having done so for multiple days. I needed to pee pretty badly though, and had stop myself from instinctively letting it go. "How did you do last night sweetheart?" Mom asked, nudging me a little. "I'm dry!" I answered, sounding a little more excited than I probably needed to. "That's great sweetheart! Did you do anything different last night that you think helped?" Mom said, leaning down and hugging me. "I really didn't want a spanking before school." I answered, telling the truth. "Well I'm glad that it's working. Maybe I should start spanking you for other stuff too?" Mom said with a little laugh. I blushed and looked away. As much as I liked spankings, I wanted to keep them on my own terms. I had to be in a certain mood to want a spanking, and I definitely wouldn't be in that mood after getting scolded about a bad grade or something. "Just kidding sweetheart. Come on, get up and get ready for school." Mom said, leaving my room. I did as instructed, hurrying down to the bathroom as I actually needed to pee pretty badly. When I got to the bathroom, I quickly pulled my pajama pants down to my ankles and the pull-up down to my knees. Using the toilet with my pull-up pulled down made me feel like a little girl. I almost wished mom would come in and praise me for 'making it to the potty on time.' After I was done 'using the potty', I discarded my unsoiled Goodnite in the garbage can. In the shower, I tried to brainstorm ideas for a fitting punishment when I got home from school. I could spank myself, but it would never be enough after getting spanked by mom the last couple of days. I tried hard, but I couldn't think of any way to punish myself other than spanking. Well, there were plenty of things I thought of, but didn't have any of the supplies. I've always wanted to give myself an enema. The idea of being filled with tons of water through my butt and being forced to hold it seemed perfectly humiliating to me. The best part would be after getting the enema though, when I'd be put in a thick diaper that would easily absorb it all. I could imagine myself having to beg to be allowed release it into my diaper. Unfortunately, we didn't have an enema kit nor did I have any diapers that could absorb that much liquid. I was unable to think of anything useful until I got out of the shower. After I finished drying off a bit, I glanced at the sink and saw a fresh bar of soap sitting next to it. The idea of washing my own mouth out with soap instantly found its way into my head and I instantly knew that it would work. I'd read about it in ABDL stories before, but I've never thought to try doing it myself. I decided then and there that it would be my punishment when I got home from school. My day at school was uneventful, as usual. My mind constantly drifted to thinking about after school and my impending self-punishment. My heart started beating a bit harder on the bus as I approached home. From what I'd read, mouth-soapings weren't fun to experience. A punishment wasn't supposed to be fun though, and I'd done something naughty. I rushed through the door as soon as I got home. Mom was still at work for the next couple of hours, so I'd have plenty of time to myself. After setting down my things, I raced to the bathroom and stared at the bar of soap. Very soon, it would be cleaning out my naughty mouth. Remembering that mouth-soapings can be messy, I took my shirt off and set it on the toilet lid. I unclipped my bra and set it down as well, leaving me completely topless. While setting my bra down, my eyes drifted over to the trashcan. I'm guessing that since I was dry this morning, mom didn't feel the need to take out my pull-up. Since there was nothing wrong with it, I decided to take it out and put it on for my punishment. I quickly pulled down my jeans and panties and stepped out of them. As soon as they were off, I began working the Goodnite up where it belongs. Now that I was appropriately dressed in nothing but a pull-up, it was time to begin. I picked the soap off its tray next to the sink. While running it under the water and getting it nice and lathery, I looked up at myself in the mirror. Looking back at me was a little girl with nothing but her pull-up on. Given my relatively short stature and my practically non-existent chest, I felt even more like a toddler. When the soap was plenty lathery, I braced myself and opened my mouth. I tasted the chemicals as soon as the bar rubbed against my tongue. The taste was terrible, and the feeling it left behind was just as bad. Once the bar was about as far in as it could get, I began sliding it in and out. Suds and soapy saliva rapidly began pooling into every crevice of my mouth. Drool began to flow down my mouth and onto my chest as I continued soaping every surface of my mouth. After every surface of my mouth felt like it had been thoroughly coated in the disgusting tasting soap, I bit down on the bar. The fowl taste made itself known again as soon as my teeth broke the surface of the now-soft bar. Using my clean hand, I quickly set an alarm on my phone for 90 seconds. Setting my phone down, I lifted my head up to see how I looked. My mouth, chin, and chest were covered in soapy drool and a caked layer of soap was visible all around my mouth. The drool was still flowing as well, so I'm sure it will be much worse by the time I can take the soap out. If someone saw me, there'd be no way they'd think I was an 18 year old girl. Instead, they'd see a naughty toddler with a thoroughly cleaned mouth. As I stated multiple times already, the soap tasted terrible. It was like I had just taken a drink of random cleaning products with a touch of mint. The feeling was just as bad. My entire mouth was coated in a film with a feel that I couldn't quite describe. My teeth felt especially bad, seeing as how they were dug right into the bar of soap. I looked down at my phone and whined when I noticed that only 30 seconds had past. This was a truly terrible punishment that I'm glad mom never used on me. Sure, she threatened me with it multiple times as a child, but never went through with it. Experiencing it now was terrible, but at least I was in control of the situation. At 40 seconds left, I felt pressure in my bladder. Without even thinking, I immediately began letting loose and flooding my pull-up. After a couple of seconds, I realized what I was doing and tried to stop. By then though, it was already too late. Unable to stop the stream, I decided to just enjoy it. I was slightly turned on before due to my humiliating self-punishment, but the feeling of my wet pull-up amplified it. I let out a moan as I felt my pee soak throughout the pull-up, which caused me to bite harder on the soap. My pee just kept flowing and eventually I even felt some drops run down my leg. My bladder finished emptying as soon as the alarm I set went off, leaving me no time to think about my leaking pull-up. I quickly pulled the bar of soap out and began furiously rinsing my mouth out. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get all of the after-taste or feeling out. After cleaning out my mouth the best I could, I focused on cleaning up the rest of my body. The drool that didn't land in the sink was completely covering my chin to my chest. Once that was done, I was finally able to shift my attention to my leaky Goodnite. I never planned on wetting it, but I lost myself in the moment. I quite literally had an accident. I knew I should of taken it off, but the thought of having a literal accident made me too horny. Standing right in front of the mirror, I brought my hand down and began pleasuring myself through my filled pull-up. My pee squished out through the pull-up, sending a little more down my leg and even onto my hand. I came very quickly and intensely after thinking about myself being punished by mom like I had just done myself. I imagined mom standing behind me, throughly soaping my mouth while I stood there in nothing by a pull-up. Eventually, I was instructed to bite down on the soap like I had done already. Mom would then begin to paddle my bottom while I stood there and wet my pull-up. Once I recovered, I began to grasp the severity of what I had done. Not only had I ruined a bar of soap, I also completely filled a pull-up that I told mom I kept dry. I was legitimately in fear of getting a spanking now, especially after I had just relieved all of my horniness. The best idea I came up with was to bury the Goodnite and soap in the garbage under some other stuff and hope that mom wouldn't notice when she took it out. Not exactly safe, but it was the best idea I could come up with. I carefully took my pull-up off and placed it in the garbage. I made sure to thoroughly clean myself and used the wipes to help cover up pull-up in the trash. The slight taste and feel of the soap didn't leave my mouth for at least another hour after I left the bathroom. That time wasn't fun. No matter how much I tried, I could not get the feeling to go away. Thankfully, it had naturally gone away by the time mom got home and made dinner. My night proceeded like usual for a few hours after dinner, until mom unexpectedly walked into my room. Chills spread through my body when I saw the unhappy expression on her face. "Do you want to talk about what I found in the bathroom garbage, sweetheart?" She asked me, not sounding very happy. "W-What did you find?" I timidly asked, already knowing the answer. "I found a very wet pull-up, even though you told me you were dry this morning." Mom answered. "Did I?" I asked, trying to feign ignorance. "Yes, you did. That's why you didn't get a spanking this morning." Mom fired back. There was no doubt in my mind that she thought I had lied to her this morning. "Oh, I um..." I tried to respond, but couldn't think of a valid excuse that wouldn't reveal what had actually happened. "Listen sweetheart. The spankings are supposed to help you stop waking up wet. You're not going to get better if you lie to get out of them." Mom said to me. "I'm sorry mom..." I said, looking away. "I'll be back in a moment then sweetheart." Mom said before leaving my room. I had a good idea what she was doing and I was afraid. It's one thing to get spanked when I was horny and wanting it, but that wasn't the case this time. My heart started pounding as the fear of my impending spanking began to set in. I couldn't believe I was stupid enough to wet that pull-up! Even while I was in the middle of punishing myself for not wetting it. Mom came back half a minute later carrying the usual hairbrush and towel, confirming what I already knew was coming. "You know the drill, sweetheart." Mom said, taking a seat. I looked down in shame and slowly made my way over to mom. Once I was close enough, she unbuckled my jeans and began lowering them to my ankles. She made me step out of them and soon my panties followed, leaving me bottomless. I didn't resist as she lightly pulled me over her lap. We both said nothing and before I knew it I felt the first blow of the hairbrush assault my bottom. I could tell that this wouldn't be pleasant in the slightest, based solely off the first few swats. Maybe I deserved this for being so reckless earlier, but a full spanking seemed a bit excessive. The swats continued raining down at a slightly faster rate than usual and it wasn't too long before I was in tears. The last couple of spankings I was able to enjoy on some level, but I just couldn't put myself in the proper mood. This probably made the pain much worse for me. "I'm sorry mommy! Please stop!" I cried out, practically blubbering now. My pleas fell on deaf ears though and mom continued the spanking with no hesitation. Finally, after what felt like an eternity of pain, moms alarm went off. Like before, I probably wouldn't have even known she stopped if I hadn't heard the alarm. I laid still on moms lap, crying my eyes out afterwards. Usually mom would let me stay there until I could confidently get up, but this time was different. After half a minute or so mom lifted me up off her lap and carried me over to my bed. "W-w-what are you d-d-doing, m-mommy." I blubbered out as I was laid down painfully on my back and butt. "We're not done with your punishment yet, sweetheart. The first spanking was to make up for the one you missed this morning. This next one is for lying to me to get out of a spanking." Mom explained. My heart nearly stopped when I heard I was about to receive another spanking. I knew mom was mad, but I had just been spanked until I was a crying mess! There's no way I could handle any more! "No! P-please mommy! I'm sorry!" I begged. "I know you're sorry sweetheart. I hope after this you'll be sorry enough to not do it again. Here's what's going to happen: You're going to pull your legs back and hold them in place against your chest. Then, you're going to get a 30 second spanking in that position with the hairbrush." Mom explained. I could only cry harder as I accepted my fate. I slowly raised my legs up to my chest and assumed the diaper position. I had wanted to get spanked like this before, but not like this! My very red bottom was soon on full display to mom, who was readying another timer on her phone. After starting the timer, mom wasted no time beginning her assault. The hairbrush quickly rained down on my already sore butt. This hurt much worse than what I just received, but it was not in the same spot. It take me a moment to realize that mom was hitting my lower butt and sit spot! Before long I was howling in pain with tears freely flowing down my face. Mom didn't hesitate in the slightest though and kept up a consistently fast pace. It wasn't too much longer before I whining out loud as well. It was only 30 seconds, but it felt longer than the normal spanking I had just received. I immediately let go of my legs and let them fall once mom's alarm went off. That was a dumb decision on my part though, as a fresh wave of pain shot through my body as my butt hit the bed. I quickly rolled over onto my stomach and rubbed my butt while I sobbed into my pillow. I cried for several minutes while mom stood behind me and rubbed by back and butt. After a few minutes, mom gave me instructions to 'wait here' and then left the room. I hadn't moved an inch in the time she was gone but had managed to get my crying under control. "Let's get you ready for bed sweetheart. Do you think you can stand up?" Mom asked once she returned to my room. I silently began getting out of my bed while being careful not to touch my butt to anything. Once I was on my feet, mom began taking off my shirt and bra, leaving me naked in front of her. My face blushed red, though it would be hard to tell due to all the crying from before. I was embarrassed to be standing on display like this, but was too exhausted to give any resistance. "Do you need to use the potty?" Mom asked me as she set my discarded cloths on my bed. "N-no." I said lightly. Mom then went over to my bag of Goodnites in the corner and grabbed one out of it. She brought it over to me and began to spread it out in her hands. When she got down on her knees in front of me I realized what she was expecting. Humiliated, I lightly used moms shoulders to balance myself and stepped into the pull-up. Mom then began snaking it up my legs until I felt the padding take its proper place. I let out a small whine when I felt it brush over my sore bottom. "I want you to go brush your teeth and then we can talk." Mom instructed. "Y-yes ma'am." I replied, quickly scurrying to the bathroom in only my pull-up. I quickly brushed my teeth like my mom instructed before returning to my room. Any and every movement caused my Goodnite to brush against my sore bottom, forcing me to try to be as still as possible. The entire time I couldn't get my mind off of what had just happened. Mom had given me not one, but TWO spankings and then dressed me in one of my pull-ups like I was a toddler. Thankfully mom didn't discover what had actually happened with that pull-up, but I'm not sure if that was worth a second spanking. In the moment, I silently swore to myself that I was going to stop wetting my pull-ups. It was certainly fun, but it was no longer worth receiving a spanking over. I had only myself to blame for asking for this treatment of course, but there was nothing I could do about it now. When I returned to my room mom had already laid out a set of my pajamas on the bed. I wordlessly made my way over to them to put them on, but mom stopped me before I could. "I want to talk before you finish getting ready for bed." Mom explained. Standing in front of mom in just this pull-up was going to make the lecturing I was about to receive exponentially more humiliating for me. I complied though, not wanting to risk any other punishment. "I'm disappointed that you lied to me this morning sweetheart." Mom started. "I thought you were being mature and handling this like an adult, but this morning you lied to me to get out of a punishment like a child would. I thought I could trust you to tell me the truth and manage your bed wetting yourself, but today you have shown me that that is not the case. So, for the next few weeks, I will be managing your protection." "Please mom, I'm sorry! I promise I won't lie to you again!" I said, not knowing what all what mom explained would entail. "Sorry sweetheart, but you showed me today that you can't be trusted to handle it yourself. Starting tonight, I am going to keep your protection in my room. I will bring you one to change into at night before bed. In the morning I will come in to check if you stayed dry myself. Do you understand?" mom asked. "Yes ma'am." I answered back. I was mad about getting lectured and compared to a child, even if it was appropriate. Mom left my room with the package of Goodnites in tow soon after hugging me and wishing me good night. I got myself dressed in the pajamas that she laid out for me afterwards and got into bed. It was hard getting comfortable due to the hot pain throbbing on my butt cheeks. I ended up laying down on my stomach. Laying in bed in pain like this only hardened my resolve to stop wetting myself. It took a little bit due to how early it was for me to be going to bed and the pain, but eventually I finally passed out. ----- I woke up sometime in the night with my bladder aching. Instinctively, I almost let it flood into my pull-up but was thankfully able to stop myself. I forced myself to get up out of bed and make my way to the bathroom. The pain from last nights spankings was still present, but somewhat dulled out. When I got to the toilet, I carefully pulled down my pajama pants and pull-up. Once they were out of the way I sat down, winced, and let my bladder go. I was actually somewhat proud of myself for not using my pull-up instead. Embarrassment filled me when I realized how silly that sounded. When I was finished, I pulled my pull-up and pajama pants back into place. I made my way back to my room quickly and tried to fall back asleep. I'm not sure how long it took, but I eventually succeeded. ----- I woke up in the morning to mom shaking my shoulder. "Come on sweetheart, get up and get ready for school." She lightly said. I eventually rolled over onto my bottom, slightly feeling the residual pain from last night. It was nothing major though and I was able to stand it. "Did you stay dry tonight?" Mom asked. "Yes." I answered, brushing my hands against my pull-up just to be sure. "Well, get up out of bed so that I can check." Mom instructed. "Please mom, I promise that I'm dry. You don't need to check." I embarrassingly answered. "You told me you were dry yesterday when you weren't sweetheart. Now come on, I need to get ready for work." Mom answered back. Defeated, I slowly rolled out of bed. Once on my feet, mom got on her knees in front of me. She hooked her hands around my pajama pants and gently brought them down to my ankles, exposing my dry pull-up. I thought it being visually dry would be enough to please her, so I was shocked when I felt her rub the bottom of the padding. "Good job sweetheart!" Mom said while standing up and giving me a hug. "Now go get ready for school." I did as instructed, this time without the feeling of wastefulness that I had yesterday for not using my pull-up. As much as I wished I could have, it was not worth the spanking. I deposited my completely dry pull-up in the garbage can without a second look back and carried out the rest of my morning routine. That night at around 10:00pm, mom came into my room carrying one of my Goodnites. I expected her to come over and dress me in it like last night, but instead she just left it on my bed. I guess I still had the privilege of putting it on myself. After that, mom wished me good night and went to bed. ----- This routine continued for the next 3 days. In that time I made sure to keep my pull-ups dry, earning lots of praise from mom every morning after she personally verified it. In that same amount of time, I never felt an urge to masturbate or even look at ABDL content online. That is until Friday night. It was a little after midnight and mom had gone to bed hours ago. I was a bit 'pent up' by this point so I finally gave in to my urges. I quickly stripped out of my pants and panties and replaced them with my pull-up. Next went everything above my waist, leaving me completely naked except for my pull-up. Now properly dressed for the occasion, I sat down at my computer and began searching through several ABDL stories. After several minutes I settled on one with ample usage of diaper punishment and spankings. The main character was a girl who was tricked into being diaper punished by her little sister. The little sister made sure that the main character received plenty of spankings and humiliation the entire time. Reading through the story made me long for a spanking of my own. It had been over 4 days now since my last one and much as I hated them in the moment, I still enjoyed them and the humiliation they provided. Was it worth it though? In mom's eyes I was finally getting my bed wetting under control plus I would probably end up regretting it afterwards anyways. On the other hand, if I stayed dry too long she would eventually take away the Goodnites I had worked hard to get. It may also look suspicious if I just up and stopped with no issues after over a week of wetting every night. With these thoughts in mind and horniness clouding my judgment, I release my somewhat strained bladder and began wetting my pull-up. It soaked it all up without issue while I began playing with myself and imaging myself in the position of the main character in the story. When I had finally finished wetting, the pull-up was warm, squishy, and felt and like heaven. I stood up and continued playing with myself, getting lost in my own imagination. I imagined myself in the story. I needed to pee really bad and had to beg my sister to pull down my pull-up and let me use the training potty in my room, as I was forbidden from doing so myself. She refused however, forcing me to wet my pink princess pull-up in front of her. She wasted no time in calling our mom, who was angry with me for not using the potty. I would then proceed to be thoroughly spanked on my bare bottom before being sent to the timeout corner in my wet pull-up and a pacifier. I exploded into my wet pull-up shortly after. The similarities to my current situation made the fantasy even better for me. Sadly, I didn't have a training potty or a pacifier though. I did however receive spankings for wetting myself, which is exactly what I'm in for when I wake up tomorrow. As I calmed down and came off my high, I began regretting what I had done. I was now guaranteed a painful spanking tomorrow morning. With mom having all of my dry pull-ups and and checking for wetness herself every morning, there was no way out of it. That made it a bit exciting for me, but still scary. After finishing the rest of my bed time routine in my already soaked pull-up, I slowly drifted off to sleep. ----- I woke up to mom nudging me like usual. I instantly took notice of my wet pull-up and remembered what I did last night. It was fun then, but I'm now regretting it. When I rolled over on to my back I felt my cold pee squish out up against my skin, which didn't feel too pleasant. "Did you stay dry again sweetheart?" Mom asked me after giving me a moment to wake up. "N-no" I answered. "I'm sorry sweetheart, you were doing really good too. Get up out of bed and I'll be back in just a moment." Mom instructed before leaving my room. I groaned and did as instructed. At least she didn't ask me to let her see. It doesn't really matter though, since she would be getting a clear view of it in a few minutes. I slowly made my way out of my bed and onto my feet. Mom returned moments later carrying the customary towel and hairbrush. "Let's get this over with sweetheart." Mom said, beckoning me over to where she was sitting. I thought the same thing and made my way over to her. She wasted no time in pulling down my pajama pants, exposing my bloated pull-up to her. She had me step out of them and toss them aside. Next went my Goodnite as mom pulled it down to my knees. I was now properly dressed for my spanking and mom didn't waste any time guiding me over her lap. The swats began almost as soon as I was in position, engulfing the house with sounds of slapping and whining. After a while, the whines turned into crying. This was my first time getting spanked in over 4 days and in that time I apparently forgot just how bad they hurt. One of the worst parts was not knowing how much longer I had to endure it. I had a clock in my room, but I couldn't see it from my position over moms lap. The entire time I was crying I was regretting letting my horniness get the best of me last night. It was then that I resolved that I was finished getting spanked, even if it meant I would have to give up my pull-ups. It was ironic really; I had told mom that spankings may help stop my bed wetting as a way to fulfill my perverted fantasies, but they were doing exactly that. After what felt like an hour, moms alarm sounded and my butt was finally spared. As usual, mom let me lay still and soothed my sore butt until I was able to get up and stand on my own. During that time I tried to stop crying. I also thought over my resolve that I made minutes ago. As much as I loved the feeling and childishness of my pull-ups, they weren't worth the pain I was in and I could only keep them for so long without using them. Eventually I was helped up off moms lap and onto my feet. Once mom was gone I pulled my wet Goodnite back up and carried out the rest of my morning routine. ----- It has now been 10 days since my last 'accident' and the same amount of time since my last spanking. Mom has been praising me often for how well I've been doing like I'm a child, but at this point I didn't really mind. Since my last spanking, I've only masturbated once in my pull-up. I was smart enough not to wet myself first though. Tonight was going to be the night that I give up my pull-ups. I am going to tell mom that I'm going to sleep in my panties. I felt a pang in my heart at this thought. I loved the feeling of my pull-ups and the childish humiliation they brought, but I couldn't justify keeping them if I wasn't going to use them. The spankings I had personally requested had ruined any chances of me wanting to use them. My package of Goodnites was starting to run somewhat low as well. Mom returned them to me last week, but still verifies the reported state of my pull-up every morning. There were probably about 7 in there still if I had to guess. I planned to keep them around, stored in the back of my closet 'just in case'. Maybe I could still take one out and indulge in some naughty fun from time to time. That night I sat down at the dinner table with mom. Things were going normally until I spoke up about my plan. "Mom, it's been 10 days now since my last accident." I exclaimed. "Yep, good job sweetheart." she replied. "Because of that, I'm going to try wearing my panties to bed tonight." I stated, feeling like a small child. "It seems like your problem is under control now, so that's good. I'm going to miss seeing you in your protection every morning though. You look just adorable with it." "Mom!" I fired back. I agreed with her and I will miss wearing them, but being told that by my own mother is embarrassing! "I'm just kidding sweetheart. I'm glad you don't need them anymore." She answered. Dinner and the rest of the night went on as normal after that. When I went to get ready for bed I instinctively went to grab a pull-up, but stopped myself. With a depressed sigh, I went and brushed my teeth, padding free. It felt wrong laying down in bed without a pull-up on. They have been my exclusive night time underwear for over two weeks now, and I felt like I was missing something without them. It was kind of hard for me to even get to sleep without feeling the soft padding up against me. I will miss my pull-ups, humiliation, and in a way even the spankings. They all had been a large part of my life for what felt like a while now, even if it was just a few weeks. Maybe in the future I could have a couple of one-off accidents to justify wearing them again for a few nights. That would have to be a while from now though, since my butt was still not ready for another spanking. With these thoughts in mind, I slowly drifted off to sleep. I don't remember too well, but I believe there were tears in my eyes at the time. - End - Epilogue: I very recently graduated high school and am now looking for a summer job before I go to college. The prospect of having a job was exciting to me. Soon I will be able to purchase my own baby items and indulge further into my fantasies. For now though, I just had to be patient. It has now been four months since I gave up my pull-ups. In that time I have not wet my bed once. I have, however, taken a pull-up or two from the leftovers in my closet to play around with. I would of course wet them and play with myself, just like I used to. I only did this if I could dispose of them without mom knowing though, which made it hard and is why I've only done it twice. While I had kept my bed completely dry every night, I was unfortunately unable to keep my bottom free of spankings. After my bed wetting supposedly stopped because of the spankings, mom began to use them as her go to disciplinary method. I was relatively well behaved, but I could have my moments from time to time. Misbehavior used to be met with a lecturing and possibly a light grounding, but now it was met with a lecturing and a firm spanking. These were usually done over moms lap in my bedroom with a hairbrush like before, but mom was not afraid to mix it up. After I brought home an F on a report card she was the angriest I'd seen her in a long time. She made me lay down on my bed and assume the diaper position, just like when she punished me for supposedly lying to her about wetting myself. Afterwards she spanked my poor bottom senseless for multiple minutes, making sure to shade every part a nice red. Sadly, the spankings were very effective too. I would always be on my best behavior for days after one. This didn't go unnoticed by mom either. If I was acting up, she would ask if I needed an 'attitude adjustment', which I very quickly learned was code for a spanking. Just the threat of it was usually enough to get me in line. Other than that though, my life has been mostly normal. There's no way I'd ever be able to forget my experience as a fake bed wetter. I honestly missed it a lot, but I would be crazy for wanting the frequent spankings that came with it. Now that I graduated high school every day was free for me though, so maybe an occasional spanking wouldn't be too bad... After thinking that, I contemplated if it really was worth it. I did heavily miss wearing my pull-ups to bed every night and their ability to make me feel so good. I still had a few in my closet that were left over from before. Maybe I could wet myself once or twice, just to have them back for a little bit... That night when I was beginning to get ready for bed I opted to skip using the toilet and set a quiet alarm for 6:00am. I had a harder time than usual falling asleep that night. It could partially be attributed to my bladder, but I think it was largely due to thoughts of my pull-ups and what tomorrow would bring.
  3. What are your thoughts with the new Goodnites XL size from back in March?
  4. A couple days ago I got a goodnite from one of my cousin's drawers (which she wears an XL). I tested it against an enema, making a whole mess in the process I went to the shower and showered with the goodnite on making it VERY full and saturated. I had the brilliant idea of keeping it after I had washed everything out and put shampoo in it. So I left it in the sun-room in a huge Ziploc baggie tied in a grocery bag. I came back yesterday to it being very full but not wet and I wore it for a long time and NEVER got a rash! Does anyone else do this or am I just weird?
  5. Okay everyone, these have been sitting around for a bit and I've had my fun with GoodNites for a while, so I'd like to sell these to someone who will really enjoy them. 1x15 pack of 2001 pre-Trim Fit XL GoodNites - This pack is immaculate, no tears in or on the packaging and all 15 pants are intact. The holy grail for some DLs. Let's say $150 plus shipping or best offer. 1x6 pack of 2004 cloth covered Trim Fit XL GoodNites - I bought these on a whim just to try, and I ended up using over half the pack. Very nostalgic and much cheaper because they are less rare. $30 + shipping or best offer. 1x12 pack of 2011 skater & camo print Boys XL GoodNites - For my money, some of the best GoodNites ever produced. Still very absorbent, strong side elastics, they can be a little tough to put on but they won't rip or tear during the night. $25 + shipping. My price on the 2001 pack is firm, I've done my research but let me know if you have any questions!
  6. So this is very different for me. Inspired by a writer who does a lot of stories in which an adult child asks their parent to discipline them again, with an ABDL twist to this one. _____________________________ Chapter 1 “Can whatever you wanted to talk about wait until tomorrow, Abby? I just want to go shower and crash.” What a long day it had been. I packed up my dorm room, loaded my car, drove six hours, and unloaded everything on my own by the time my mom got home. I just wanted to clean myself up and sleep for three days. So did my mom, apparently, who’d been working her standard 12-hour nursing shift. “It’ll only take a few minutes, Mom,” I assured her. My mom and I have always been best friends. I think part of that comes with being the oldest, and the fact that dad split when I was ten, and my little brother and sister were just 2 and under 1 at the time, just made our situation more intense. My first year of college had been hard on both of us especially since I wasn’t close enough to come home on weekends, even long weekends. Still, the freedom had been liberating for me. You might say I had been a willful child, and while I did take on more responsibility than most kids, especially when it came to looking after my brother and sister, my mother had always been pretty strict. Or more specifically, she became a lot more strict after dad left. I think it had to do with her suddenly being a single mom and feeling like between school, work and raising three kids, she needed to be strict to stay sane and make sure everything that needed doing got done. As the oldest, and by a wide margin, I caught the brunt of it. Understand, though, that Mom is not a screamer or a hitter. I had friends whose parents were screamers, and it always made me sick to my stomach. It reminded me of my asshole dad. Even now I get a little upset when I hear a parent raise their voice or, god forbid, swear at their kid. Mom never yelled at us or swore at us. I never got so much as a pat on the butt, either. When I didn’t live up to mom’s expectations or broke a rule, it was loss of privileges and grounding. I’m embarrassed to say timeouts in the living room corner didn’t stop until I turned 16. I spent a lot of time grounded, at least a weekend a month and sometimes much more, and I think that was part of the dynamic of a single parent household, too. With all the extra responsibility I had, I resisted some, especially in middle school and my first couple years of high school. All the changes were hard enough, and then to layer in all I was expected to do, well, sometimes I just didn’t do it. A lot of times I only did it after putting up a fight. That was the other part of being close to Mom: I never could stop myself from getting into the pettiest fights with her, things I’d bicker with my friends about. Mom didn’t ask anything unreasonable, in retrospect, but you know how young teens are. I didn’t want to babysit, I didn’t want to do extra chores, and I didn’t want to work extra hard in school to, in my mom’s words, not end up like her, dependent on a man for her livelihood and then needing to start college as a freshman at the age of 33. And yet for all that, we were very close, especially my last two years of high school when I was only grounded once every two months (or so). I guess I felt somewhat protective of her, especially as I got over the worst of my preteen and teen years and realized what she’d done for me, how hard she’d worked to get us back into the middle class and make our home stable and normal. I had friends with both parents whose home lives were more volatile than mine. “Let’s talk in the kitchen,” Mom said. I followed her, and she sat down at the table, and I did the same. She looked at me funny, then leaned forward and kissed he on the forehead. I blushed. It felt good to be home. “I’m excited to be home for the whole summer,” I said. “Me, too,” she replied, “I missed your help.” “Sorry.” “Don’t ever be sorry for that. I’m proud of you!” I blushed again. “So what did you want to talk about,” she asked. “Well, you know that talk we had over the phone last week, about all the old rules still applying while I’m home this summer?” Mom’s face has a way of becoming friendly and stern at the same time. It always reminded me of a school counselor’s, and I was pretty acquainted with several of those growing up. “Abigail,” she said, never a good sign when she uses my full first name, “That’s non-negotiable.” “I know.” “I know you’ve been away for most of the past year, and I don’t want to step on your summer, but it’s for everyone’s sake and so the kids know no one ever outgrows the rules.” She’d told me all that over the phone. Those weren’t major rules. A curfew, texting to let her know where I was if I was gonna be late, completing the chore chart, generally doing what I was told, not being disrespectful. It wasn’t like we had a list or anything. “I know. I agree completely.” “Then what did you want to talk about,” Mom asked me. “It’s about grounding. I’m only home for a few months. I’m responsible for the kids. I don’t want to miss out on things, and I don’t think it’s practical for me to be grounded while I’m home or to lose my privileges. I mean, if I have the kids during the day, then a car and phone aren’t really privileges anymore.” Mom shrugged apologetically at me. “Well, rules have to be backed up by punishment. Sorry, Abby, but that’s just how they work.” “It’s not like I get in a lot of trouble these days anyway,” I defended myself. “It’s not like I’m going to be breaking rules left and right.” “I certainly hope not, but honey, let’s face it, you do have a tendency to get into trouble.” “Maybe years ago,” I defended myself. “Remember Christmas break? You coming home drunk as a skunk at 4am.” “I didn’t ... I didn’t have a curfew.” Though I knew that wasn’t her point. “It’s not like you grounded me then.” “I know, and I should have. If for no other reason than so you’re brother and sister would understand that’s not acceptable. Ryan told his friends; he thought it was hilarious. I ended up on the phone apologizing to Mrs. Davis because he told Thomas all about it.” “Oh. I didn’t know that part.” “So, yes,” Mom said, “if you break the rules, I will ground you, and I’m sorry if that means you miss out on seeing your friends sometimes when you’re home, but that should be more of an incentive.” So I tried and failed to get out of punishment altogether. I figured that would happen. I very nearly chickened out of what I said next, but summer was short, and I figured being grounded even once would mean missing out on something. Call it fear of missing out, but I just really missed a lot of my friends and thought about my summer and getting to see them as very important. I cleared my throat, and looking at the table, I slowly said, “I talked to Alison about how things worked when she was home from college.” Alison is my older cousin, her mother, Lisa, my mom’s older sister. “She told me that Aunt Lisa, ahem, still, uh, spanks her.” “At 25,” my mother asked in mild surprise. My mom’s view of discipline diverged with Lisa’s on the subject of corporal punishment. “Apparently, yeah,” I said. “Huh,” was all my mom said back. “So, I know you’ve never spanked me, but, uh, could you, um, maybe, do that instead of grounding me and taking things away, maybe?” I sounded kinda pathetic. I knew it. “Yes.” “What,” I said in not-so-mild surprise. I thought she’d have turned me down. I thought she’d call me crazy, get offended or all freaked out. I thought I’d have to reason with her. I thought the absurdity of my request may have even led her to change her mind and decide no punishment at all was okay (I was kinda hoping that). “But you’ve never spanked any of us!” “Because it’s wrong to hit kids. You’re an adult and just consented to it.” Mom sat back in her chair. “Believe me, it’s not like I never wanted to. Your last two years of high school especially.” I guess maybe she and I remembered my last years of high school a bit differently. I thought I had been a pretty good kid, but maybe I had been grading myself on the wrong curve. I was kinda-sorta in trouble a lot more than my friends. “I thought you’d say no.” “I will say no, if you really didn’t mean it.” “No … it’s better than grounding.” “Okay. And don’t think just because you asked you get to dictate the how, when, where, or why of it.” “Just so long as you don’t go all Robo-Mom on me.” “Same rules apply, and like always, I decide when you’ve broken one.” “I understand. Can you not tell Ryan and Emma?” My two younger siblings. “We can not tell them, but I think they’ll figure it out.” “And what will you tell them then?” “You,” she emphasized, “and I will explain that everyone has to follow rules, and that you asked to be held accountable this way. It might even be good for them. Ryan is on the cusp of that obnoxious pre-teen phase. Maybe thinking of how long it’s taken you to accept responsibility for yourself will knock him out of it a little sooner.” “You’ve never even given a spanking before.” “And hopefully I won’t ever have to,” Mom said, “But when I do, I’ll figure it out. I’m sure Lisa would be happy to show me. Hardly a conversation about you has ever passed between us but she told me to spank your bottom.” Mom looked up to her left as if recalling a memory and chuckled a little. I hadn’t thought of Aunt Lisa being involved in this. “Really, Abby, I’m kinda proud of you for asking. That really shows me that you’ve grown up a bit more since you went away.” “Thanks,” I blushed, thinking about what a silly compliment it was. I’m not sure which of us was more deranged. But seriously, I was an adult. How much trouble could I possibly get in? I was confident I could just behave, but glad that if for some reason things went awry, at least I wouldn’t miss out on the summer. “I need to go to bed,” I told her. “Make sure you put your Goodnite on.” I rolled my eyes like corkscrews. “I know, Mom. Been doing it since I was four, remember?” “I know ... sorry.”
  7. Yesterday I wanted to try out the Walmart brand of nighttime pull ups, Parent's Choice XL. It had a cheaper price than Goodnites (obviously), but I hear a lot about the diapers not stretching as well as goodnites and tearing easily. I took the risk and paid eight bucks for the pull ups. The next morning I brought the package into my house and tried one on. Granted, it was very difficult to put it on at first because it is tighter, but I still managed to squeeze into them. Then there is the test drive, how well can the Parent's choice nighttime underpants absorb. For what they are they have highabsorbancy , there were no leaks, not even a drop by the time I was done. In my perpective it is such a weird trade off, inferior elasticity for better absorbancy than Goodnites. I went ahead and wore the diaper for more than half and hour and there was little or no tearing, but I was still extra careful in my movements as this is a very very very tight diaper for me. Should I go ahead and try the target brand of night time pull ups?
  8. Easter Bedwetting Part 1 The sun was shining on a Thursday morning. Allison was having a pleasant dream about a fantasy world as a princess. She and her younger sister were wearing long dresses as they played with dolls. Unlike normal dolls, these dolls were fancy and most likely way out of budget for a normal person with a day job. Allison adored her younger sister's dress that was light blue and worked well for her light blonde hair. It built her adorable essence as a six-year-old girl would. She looked at her own dress which was light pink with some curves that were developing for a twelve-year-old girl with light blonde hair. Allison soon felt a need to pee, “I need to use the little princess room,” Allison states to her sister. She smiles back as Allison finds the toilet. Once sitting on the throne, Allison began to relieve herself. A slight noise of a door creaking open caused Allison to groggily open her eyes. There stood in front of the waking girl a younger girl with the same hair color. Allison knew her sister had come to greet her in the morning. “Someone’s bed is wet,” stated the young girl. They stood there for a few seconds without speaking as Allison was scared to confirm if that was true or not. “April fools!” the young girl answers back. Allison sighs at her sister, “I really shouldn’t have taught you that, Claire.” It was Thursday only a few days before Easter, yet Allison’s sister Claire still made April fools joke when Allison taught her about them. However, moving her legs Allison found that it wasn’t a joke. “Well, ummm, it actually wasn’t a joke though…” Allison began to sob. Claire goes up to Allison and hugs her, “Aw, it’s okay Ally.” She lets go and gives a concerned look that grows into a smile. “It's okay that you wet the bed, let's go and get some breakfast!” Allison still felt down but felt a little better seeing the smile on her younger sister. She got up and removed her sheets—a process she’s done the last few days. According to her sister, breakfast was probably ready so Allison stripped of her soaked pajama clothing and put on a set of clean clothes. She’d like to take a bath soon, but if she was going to go eat breakfast it’d be wiser to change her clothes first then stay in the wet stained ones. Then she put the dirty clothes in the dirty clothes basket. Walking out of her room and down the short set of stairs around the corner, to a dining hall to the right. Allison found her sister smiling at her seat with pancakes on her plate, and a middle-aged blonde-haired woman smiling directly at her. This woman still looked pretty young for her age and adored both Allison and Claire as a mother should. Allison’s mother looks over at her, “Oh hun, did you get ready already?” Despite wanting to say that she did, Allison knew the reality wasn’t that. “Not yet…” was the only thing she could respond to. The smile from her mother turned to a look of concern, “Oh…did you have another accident last night?” Allison felt rather embarrassed that she didn’t feel like responding and only nodded. “That’s okay sweetie, it’ll be fine I’m sure. Just hand me the wet sheets and I’ll take care of them all alright. So just eat up and try and forget about it.” After hearing her mother finish, Allison sat in her seat next to Claire and began to eat buttered pancakes. After taking a few bites, Allison’s mother spoke up again, “Allison, your father and I talked about it, we know you’ll probably hate this, but we think it’d be smart if we got you some protection at night.” Allison was ashamed to hear the thought, “You mean like diapers?” Once she mentioned “diapers,” she heard her sister Claire giggling. “Well, it would be better than waking up to a wet bed wouldn’t it?” Allison’s mother suggested. “And I’d bet you’d be cute,” Claire added. Allison tried to ignore Claire’s comment, “Yeah, I suppose you are right mom.” “Okay good, plus we do have the trip tomorrow to Grandma’s for Easter. I think it’d be a wise decision to go get them after you get ready then. Also, I’m proud of you to accept it, hun!” With the declaration made, they enjoyed their meal and Allison made her way to take a bath after handing her wet sheets and clothes to her mother. During Allison’s bath, Allison couldn’t help but think about the predicament she was in. So I’ll have to get diapers, well just for night time. I suppose things could be worse, but I guess I just have to accept that I’m a bedwetter now. It’ll definitely help us not have to clean as much after making a mess. Allison smiled to herself accepting the decision that was made. Plus, maybe Claire could be right and they’d look cute on me. She giggled at the thought. Though I doubt that, but it might actually not be that bad. Sure they are for babies, but some of the designs are cute…well for babies. Now that I’m thinking about it, it really doesn’t sound that bad at all now. Allison smiled to herself as she continued to enjoy her bath. Once her soothing bath finished, Allison put the clothes she had back on and told her mother that she was ready to go. They rounded Claire up to join them as they went to the store to get some items for the trip to their Grandma’s—which included “protection.” At the nearby Walmart, they found all the items on the list except for one—Allison’s “protection.” Allison blushed with embarrassment at the idea aisle they were heading to. She almost wished they could keep walking forever or turn around for how nervous she felt. Unfortunately, the walk to the diaper aisle was only a short jaunt. There Allison eyed several brands of diapers lined on the shelves. The one that really caught her eye was the Pampers brand diapers. They had all the different sizes ranging from one to seven. Each package had a different design for each size. She scanned the designs and sizes to see if she could find the one that would fit her. Many of the smaller sizes were made for babies, but the size seven seemed like it would fit her best. Even for a slowly developing girl, Allison was still more on the small size. So even a size seven Pampers diaper should easily fit her. Looking at the packages, an Elmo design came to Allison’s mind. Allison remembers she enjoyed watching Sesame Street when she was younger, so maybe it’d be rather fitting then. However, Allison thought to herself that these were baby diapers and she wasn’t a baby. So Allison did her best to keep her attention away from the packages. She did a good job until she heard Claire speak up. “Mommy, wouldn’t this work for Ally?” Claire spoke holding up a package of Pampers size 7. Allison wanted to speak up and suggest a different idea, but she decided to wait and see how it played out. “Oh, I bet this would be cute on Ally huh?” Their mother responded taking the package. Allison blushed and felt frozen stiff even if she wanted to speak up. “But she doesn’t need actual diapers, just something to hold her for the night like Goodnites.” Allison’s mother then put the package back on the shelf and walked to get a package of Goodnites for girls. The design for the goodnite showcased hearts and flowers and other patterns. “These will be cute too!” Claire spoke up. Allison was frozen stiff due to the mass embarrassment she had to endure. “Don’t you think?” Claire turned her attention to Allison asking her opinion on the design. Allison couldn’t deny that it was still pretty cute. “Yeah, they’re cute,” was all Allison could muster. “I’m glad to hear that,” their mother stated. “Sorry hun if you are feeling a little embarrassed, we’ll try and get out of here shortly alright?” After hearing her mother, Allison just followed behind silently. At the cash register, Allison wanted to look away as all the items were scanned including her Goodnites package. However, no specific comments were made than the usual routine. The cashier looked to be a girl in her twenties, probably having a day job being in college. With red-hair tied in a pony-tail, her emerald eyes looked at Allison with a bright smile. Allison didn’t want to look too into it so she just walked behind her mother as they left the store. Once they returned home, Allison was given her package of goodnites to hold in her room to make sure she puts one on each night. Allison also began to pack her things for the trip. Starting with her clothes, some cute things like a few dresses and a plain shirt and several skirts. Knowing that the location was just her grandma’s, Allison didn’t think to bring anything special for clothing than what she found comfy or cute. Next, Allison began to pack her bathroom stuff only leaving the bare minimum of a toothbrush and toothpaste she’d use that night before packing. Then she found herself back in her room at night fully packed and ready. However, Allison realized she did forget one item—her Goodnites. She decided to ask her mother how she should pack them as she didn’t leave much room for them. In the kitchen once again, she found her mother cooking and getting dinner ready for when the father would arrive after a good day at work. “Um, Mom?” Allison got her mother's attention. Turning to face the young girl, Allison’s mother smiled. “Yes, dear?” “Umm well,” Allison felt slightly shy to mention the problem. “I’m all packed.” “Well, that’s good. Dinner should be done shortly as should your father gets home.” “Okay…well you see…” Allison blushed as her mother tilted her head. “I did finish packing, but I forgot to pack my…” Her voice lowered a bit. “My Goodnites and I don’t have any room left.” Allison turned an even brighter tomato. “Oh,” Her mother replied. “That’s okay, I’ll pack them with my stuff then. Just make sure to take two out for tonight and you can hand the rest to me alright?” “Okay,” Allison nodded. “That sounds good mommy. But can I ask, why two?” Her mother smiled, “One for tonight and the second one is just in case you wake up in the night and need it. Probably should be prepared just in case and can’t get access to the rest of them.” “Oh, that makes sense. I’ll go do that now then, where do you want the package?” “You can leave it on my bed.” “Alright, I’ll go do it now then.” Allison walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs finding her room. There she found the package of Goodnites with the young girl on the cover. She wasn’t sure if there was a specific way to open it but ignorantly tore the package open. Now with the package open, Allison shyly grabbed two of the paddings out setting them on her bed. She then walked over to her mother's master bedroom placing the package on the large blue comforter covering the bed. Allison walked back to her own room to find the two Goodnites left behind. Curious, Allison picked one up to see how it felt. The pink and purple garment had a rather odd soft touch at first. Allison imagined that it wouldn’t feel soft, but figures the padding must give it that texture. She wondered how it’d feel to actually wear given the odd inviting softness. A sound of the front door of the house echoed through the house which told Allison her father was home. More than likely dinner was ready as well. Allison put the soft padding of the Goodnite on her bed once again before heading down. Despite wanting to see how it felt while wearing, she knew she’d be testing one later that night anyway. Once downstairs, she found her family was already sitting at the dinner table. Allison found her seat next to Claire. Allison was happy to see that they were having steak for that night. With a fork and knife in her hand, Allison began to cut the meat for herself. She had always been allowed to cut her own food when she was about Claire’s age as she looks over to see Claire was awkwardly cutting her food. “Did you do it, hun?” Voiced a question from her mother. Allison knew that it was about the Goodnites. “Yup,” Allison nodded. “Did what?” Allison’s father questioned which Claire also piqued with the same thought. “Did what I ask to do with her Goodnites,” Allison’s mother stated. Just hearing it caused Allison to blush. “Oh, you did get her some protection then,” Her father stated. “Well that’s good, now you won’t have to worry about a wet bed again.” Allison’s father smiled at her, which she couldn’t help smile back. Even though she felt slightly embarrassed by the problem, everyone else didn’t seem to mind. So, Allison continued to eat her food. After dinner was finished, Allison helped Claire do the dishes and load them into the dishwasher. A process Allison wasn’t very fond of but it was something to help around the house. Though she understands Claire’s point of view is more of just a trivial chore at her age. But once she grew up, she’d probably understand, at least that’s what Allison hoped. Once the dishes were finished, Claire tugged on Allison’s shirt. “Ally, can we watch a movie?” Claire asked. “Sure, I’d love to watch something with you,” Allison answered back. “Go pick something and I’ll join you okay.” “Okay!” Claire beamed and trotted off. Allison was happy to have her younger sister, as it did give her an excuse for watching younger kid movies and shows. Even though she wasn’t that old herself, she knew she should be growing up regardless. Before going to her sister's room, Allison decided to answer her earlier curiosity. Its almost bedtime, it’ll be fine if I do this now. She walked into her room and picked up one of her Goodnites feeling the softness in her clutches again. Then she began to remove the light blue underwear tossing them into her dirty clothes basket. There she took the Goodnite and pulled it open and slid it on like a regular pair of underwear. The odd soft-touch remained, but a new wave emanated as the padding hit Allison’s rear. It wasn’t like regular underwear, but it did feel secure and oddly comforting. Allison couldn’t quite comprehend it but didn’t really mind wearing it for the time being. With her new padding equipped, she walked over to her sister's bedroom. Once she entered, she saw the room with pink walls and stuffed animals placed around. It was almost as if a magical unicorn dashed in with its rainbows turning everything cute. This was definitely fit for a little girl like her sister Claire who sat on her bed before a television screen clutching a stuffed rabbit. “What did you pick for us this time?” Allison asked the adorable Claire. “Oh, I picked Sleeping Beauty for us!” Claire smiled. Allison smiled back, “Oh good I love that one.” She quietly took her seat next to Claire as they started the film. Allison could only wonder if her sister could notice if she was wearing a Goodnite. Partway through the film near the end, Allison felt a need to urinate. It didn’t seem like she’d have to go right away so she probably could hold till the rest of the film, but it did make her think about the garment she currently wore. No, I don’t plan on using my Goodnite just to be lazy. Plus, I’d probably have to get another Goodnite and Mom most likely packed everything already. So, I’d better save this one. Once the film ended, Allison made her way to the bathroom making use of it. She then got ready for bed changing into her pajama shirt and pants that were both light blue with white dots. There she found at her door a young curious girl—her sister Claire. “Ally did you put it on?” Claire asked. It was clear she was interested in the Goodnite Allison was wearing. So, Allison nodded in response. “Can I see? Please?” Giving in to her younger sister’s pleads, Allison lowered her pajama pants exposing to her sister and the purple garment. “I was sort of embarrassed at first, but it's not that bad,” Allison stated. “Oh, you are cute!” Claire beamed. “Hehe, my diapered sister!” Allison blushed but was embraced by her younger sister. “It’ll be fine, I know it! I love you sis, goodnight!” “Aw, I love you too! Goodnight my sweet Claire,” Allison smiled back. She felt rather happy to have her sister’s support at the least. So following Claire out, she turned the lights off and crawled into her bed. Well, here I am wearing a Goodnite diaper. The day before we go to Grandma’s when I’d have hoped my bedwetting was going to stop before. But now I have to wear these at night. Though it is pretty soft so maybe I shouldn’t complain. At least I’ll be able to wake up in the morning without a wet bed! Allison reassured herself and felt contented enough and soon fell asleep.
  9. Vintage Goodnites for sale. Last copyright date listed is 2002. Size XL, 85-125 lb, 13 per pack. Package sealed. The packaging has wear marks and shows age, but the Goodnites themselves are in good condition. The Goodnite used in the photo is from an open package I have. Price is $50 + $12 for USA shipping. If international, pm for rate. If multiple packs desired, pm for price details. Ships from Texas, USA.
  10. hi! hi! I just passed my driving test and can finally get somewhere no-one will recognise me to buy nappies, I was looking at buying drynites over here in the UK and wanted to know a few things. A) whats the best way of getting over the nerves of buying nappies and b) how well do you think drynites will fit me? (im 5'6 and weigh about 8st with a 26" waist) thankies
  11. Hi Guys, We are running a 12% discount on Boys, Girls and Aqua design ConvertUps at convertups.com until Black Friday, including free shipping anywhere in the world. We are based in the UK, but ship worldwide. Follow this link: https://www.convertups.com/discount/BlackFriday OR enter code BlackFriday during checkout on our site. Currency is in British Pounds (GBP) but will convert to USD, Euros, etc. automatically at checkout. You can purchase by PayPal, credit/debit card and ApplePay on supported devices. Thanks!
  12. All the graphics on the Girls Goodnites L/XL from 2004 (when they first started gender-specific designs) to 2014, which is currently the latest design I've seen in stores. I'll update once the new owl, and butterfly designs come out sometime soon.
  13. From the album: Gobphus in Diapers

    I soaked this GoodNite after putting it on a couple of hours ago, and it leaked into my pajamas.
  14. Sunday morning, wet and ready to start day. Need to change.
  15. Happy 4th of July weekend! What are you wearing? Hope you have a goodnite like me!
  16. So, whenever there is some sort of diaper emergency in the family, I get called in.
  17. I usually wet myself before bed and am wondering if it is okay to stay in my diaper or if I need to change it because they are so
  18. So, i'm new to the diaper scene by about a year. I have always loved wearing goodnight diapers for girls size L/XL and have never had a problem with them fitting. Maybe after wearing them all day and sleeping with them I might get a little tear in the side, but that's it. I want to try and find a cute new diaper set that will still fit me. I keep hearing about under jams and even pampers and huggies. I have a 34" waist, that's what I wear for pants and like I said I never have a problem with goodnites sliding up on me and never tearing.
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