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Found 25 results

  1. I have been using stents for many years now and for me it's by far the best solution to become incontinent. I can keep it in as long as I like my incontinence. Most of the times I use it three to four days at a time, but sometimes, like now, I can't get enough of that helpless feeling and keep it in for a few weeks. For me it is completely safe, it never hurts and I never had a UTI using my stents. Using stents I become totally incontinent, so I dribble all the time when standing or walking around. But when I sit the urethra is being closed by the pressure of the diaper between my legs so the dribbling stops and the pee stays in the bladder. If I remain seated for a long time the pressure in the bladder keeps building up untill it gets too high. Then I start having urges causing the urethra to suddenly give way so I start peeing large amounts in my diaper. The same goes for caughing, laughing or sneezing while sitting in my diaper. The pressure caused by these actions forces the urethra to open up for a while and let me pee small amounts. If I stand up from my chair my bladder will start emptying itself completely and sometimes it means I have to change immediately. In bed my incontinence is different again. If I am lying motionless the driblling also stops and my bladder starts acting like a reservoire again untill I start having slight urges. Then my bladder starts emptying immediately, but not completely. Sometimes I wake up from having these urges, but most of the times this seems to happen while I am asleep. If I turn around, caugh or sneeze I also wet myself a little. Getting out of bed my bladder completely empties itself and then the dribbling starts again. So being totally incontinent you will experience not only constant dribbling, but also urge and stress incontinence depending on the position you're in. But one way or the other, you will never be able to reach a toilet without an empty bladder (and a wet diaper). Apart from urinary incontinence I sometimes experience some other (un)pleasant side effects of using stents. Due to the fact that the stent is also inside the prostate it will gently massage it when you are walking. It has happened a few times that I had orgasms in public. The excitement of being incontinent, the pressure of the wet diaper between my legs and the prostate being massaged all the time, is sometimes simply too much to handle. Wearing a stent for extended periods also affects the strength of my anal sphincter. That's why I have had several accidents doing number two in my diaper when I wasn't anywhere near a toilet, also in public!! And that kind of incontinence is not exactly what I like, but it happened nonetheless.
  2. From the album Wearing stent and diaper

    Stent in, diapered in plastic pants, guess I am ready to go to bed
  3. From the album Wearing stent and diaper

    Will I make it to the office in this diaper?
  4. From the album Wearing stent and diaper

    Waking up in a wet diaper. How did that happen?
  5. From the album Wearing stent and diaper

    Wearing a wet diaper at the office
  6. From the album Wearing stent and diaper

    In a wet diaper at the office
  7. From the album My stents

    My stent on march 16th 2017.
  8. Just wandered, 'cause this is coming up and down every once in a while: Has anyone tried hypnosis? Does it work? It always seems like the things that aren't really working. General responses?
  9. Hello there everyone! So I'm coming to the end of where I can go in my current work, and am going to be looking for new work. I plan to be diapered whenever I am at my new workplace, it is my plan to eventually be completely urinary incontinent (still debating on fecal atm), So going into my new job already wearing full time while I'm there will make it easier later But my question is, and I've been unable to really find an answer, should I put that I am incontinent on my resume, or just tell them when/if they ask if I have any disabilities. I will drop of the resume and go for the interview in a (likely) already wet diaper, just not sure whether it is better to put it on the resume or not Thank you for your time! ^^
  10. From the album Michael Gardner

    These are just pictures of me relaxing in my tee shirt and diaper. I look comfy don't I?
  11. This is just a short little story featuring Gabby from another story of mine, "Tricky Treats". Reading Tricky Treats is not necessary to understand this piece, since this story is set after Tricky. Thoughts/comments/ criticisms are appreciated. There are no spoilers for Tricky Treats, so if you're reading that story, you can also read this one without fear of it ruining the reading experience of Tricky. ~ SWEET NOTHINGS~ by CK Gabrielle stared at the cake slice in front of her. Grandma’s homemade Chocolate Death was a blue ribbon winner at the county fair for five years. Soft, moist, warm chocolate cake slathered in gooey, thick, fudgy chocolate icing and drizzled with sweet, tangy-tart raspberry sauce. Gabby could taste the chocolate heaven already. Her tastebuds tingled in anticipation. She drooled just looking at it, locking her lips as she picked up her fork. This was her favorite dessert of Gram’s repertoire. She leaned forward, nose to the cake, closed her eyes, and inhaled. Sweet cocoa filled her lungs and teased her stomach. Her entire being ached for that first gooey, moist, chocolatey bite. A sudden, loud bark of laughter broke into her concentration. Gabby jerked her head up. Grandpa and Aunt Margaret sat at the other end of the long farmhouse table, lingering over their own half eaten cakes. Marge threw her head back as she laughed heartily. Aunt Margaret. Large Marge. Tub of lard. Gabby watched her plump aunt’s jowls quiver as her laughter died down to amused chuckles. Aunt Marge wore a 5X to hide what she claimed was leftover baby weight from her six kids. The youngest of them was in high school. Gabby’s gaze slid from her aunt’s rotund figure to the huge slab of cake on her plate. Partially eaten, it was still bigger than Gabby’s slice. Not all that fat was baby weight. Gabby winced at her harsh thoughts. She had no room to talk; she had excess weight herself. Nowhere near as large as Marge. Not yet, anyway. But then, Gabby was a pathetic eighteen year old virgin who had never even kissed a guy. On top of that, her bladder leaked like a sieve and she wore diapers. Not thin, discreet pull ups that leaked easily, but big, puffy, noisy, hard to hide diapers. Gabby was going to change all that. Lose the pudge. Become pretty. Become skinny. The diapers she could not help, but if she was skinny and pretty, maybe she’d have a chance with the boys. She’d be just like Aunt Marge’s oldest girl, Angel. Just like her friend Kaoru. Gabby was trying; she’d taken a tiny slice of cake instead of the big slab she usually took. Smaller piece for fewer calories yet she still got to enjoy her favorite, decadent treat. Pretty, skinny Angel had declined any cake. Gabby twirled her fork in the air, just above her cake, as she thought of Angel’s tiny, trim waist. Even less calories if she put the cake back. She’d get skinnier sooner if she didn’t eat it. But it was so moist and gooey and fudgey. Maybe just a few bites, to satisfy her craving...and she could do extra exercise to make up for a bit of decadent indulgence. She would be extra strict with her calories and food choices over the next couple days to help compensate. She shoved a huge forkful into her mouth and instantly melted at the first, heavenly bite. She closed her eyes, savoring the gooey morsel. The soft, spongy cake melted on her tongue while the thick, chocolate icing stuck to the roof of her mouth. Sweet, sugary milk chocolate, bitter dark chased by tangy raspberry danced over her tastebuds. Her senses, her entire being, drowned in chocolatey delight. “Mmmmm.” She moaned her appreciation; she could die happy right now. She swallowed with a contented sigh, her entire body relaxing in satisfaction. A wave of warmth enveloped her crotch as her bladder let loose. The thick, slightly damp padding swaddling her absorbed it all as some urine trickled between her legs to swell over her ample backside. The diaper held it all. The thick, squishy padding further soothed and relaxed her, amplifying the effects of the chocolate. Even after wearing these diapers for several months, she was still amazed at their capacity. They were huge. Monstrous. Godzilla diapers. So thick it was like wearing a pillow. The wide, bulky crotch forced her pudgy thighs apart, giving her an awkward waddle. They came up nearly up to her sternum. Concealment was huge diaper bulge of a problem. She’d taken to wearing loose, flowing dresses and skirts. The generous cut of the garments helped hide her pudgy rolls and ginormous diaper. The loud noise was something she could never hide. She crinkled everywhere she went. She’d given up trying to conceal it. In a way, the constant rustling reassured her she was protected. Every waddling step mean she was safe from embarrassing leaks. Her pull ups had leaked daily; they just could not keep up with her bladder. Wet pants for the world to see. To jeer at. She’d been the laughing stock of her entire school. The world did not associate her crinkly waddle with diapers or pee right away. Bulky diapers were more discrete than wet pants. Her diapers made her feel secure and confident. A big girl who kept herself dry. She no longer peed in her clothes or on furniture. She shifted on her hard, wooden kitchen chair. Her soggy diaper squished and crinkled as she savored another bite of cake. “Mmmm.” She moaned again as the sugary sweetness melted on her tongue.
  12. Will be only way my family will be ok me wearing diapers if start having accidents but i don't think i want to do that.
  13. I just thought this information might be helpful for people that are trying to become incontinent or desire wearing a catheter while in a diaper. I found this site while I was looking for a better way to stretch my urethra. It seemed like most urethral stretching items were for guys and there wasn't too much available for women. I found a few silicone sounds online but for guys again. I kept searching and found siliconenozzles.com . They have silicone urethral sounds, plugs and catheters along with a whole chain of enema nozzles and tubing and such. I have several of their items and recently talked to a staff member there that is making something specifically to accommodate the short length of the female urethral. I can leave more info on that once they get the products on the selves. Why silicone? It is super comfortable. It flexes easily when your body moves and after an hour or so you start to forget that it is in. That site offers sever different silicone softness's to choose from. So, how does this apply to incontinence? Install the plug, allow your sphincter muscles to atrophy and there you have it. Yes, I just way over simplified that long process. You can also wear the ones that have holes bored in them to make catheters. For women to have this super short catheter, that ends right outside the exterior sphincter, can be very risky if you also choose to mess in your diaper also. This can cause a major infection so use extreme caution. And and as always, be sure to sterilize everything after use and maintain a sterile field when inserting the silicone sounds/plugs and catheters.
  14. Hello boys and girls. I'm a prostate cancer survivor, fully functional except I tend to pee when I orgasm. I'm also leaky so I have to wear pads all day. I figure I might as well have some fun with this situation. In fact, when I expel a full bladder while having an orgasm it is quite enjoyable. It would be even more enjoyable to share it with someone who likes it. I don't have a diaper fetish but it could be fun to play around with one or both of us in one. Not into the poop though. Hit me up.
  15. I usually wet myself before bed and am wondering if it is okay to stay in my diaper or if I need to change it because they are so expensive but I need to know for my health.
  16. So if anyone has followed my posts in the past they would know I've been trying to get a double sphincterotomy lately. For those who haven't, let me explain. I'e always loved wearing diapers for as long as I can remember. About 18 years ago I got into a bad car wreck and have had urge incontinence ever since. Now I certainly do like the diapers but my urges are annoying at best and painful at worst. I've had every med for incontinence, and even a few surgeries to try and eliminate my urges. This has actually made things worse for me as I would just flood my diapers before, but now I also have an obstructive sphincter which means I have a hard time peeing as well. This is like a double wammy on me now since the longer it takes for me to pee the more painful my bladder gets. I'd like to also point out that my urges are most likely a result of neurogenic bladder caused by spinal shock and spinal bruising from my wreck. As such I do not have a conscious control over my bladder that I could choose to give up. This means the 12 month program, or just keeping it relaxed down there, just won't work on me. Nor will hypnosis. About 8 years ago I came to realize that there just wasn't a "cure" out there for me- no matter what my urologists wanted to try. That's when I started looking for ways to make me pee openly without my bladder ever filling up. Thereby eliminating my urges out right, and as a bonus, allow me to sleep through the night. The hard part has been finding a urologist that first, won't focus on solely curing me with more pills. And second, will actually listen to what I want, to help me cut my losses and focus on improving my quality of life. I think I may have found one at my local mayo clinic though. My first appointment with him seemed to have gone pretty good, but now he seems to be wavering a little. He now want's to do another urodynamics test on me- the third one now in a single year. His main concern seems to be that urogists just haven't done sphincterotomies in 6 years now (where was I 8 years ago then). I've written him a personal letter in the hopes it will persuade him to do it, but it seems this is still all in the air. I'm worried this won't work out for me as I see no other realistic alternative for me. I'm still holding out to the hope he will focus on doing me good instead of failing that and doing no harm, but we'll see.
  17. Hello everyone, I am 29 years old and have been a bedwetter for most of my life from the age of 5 to 12, I also had mild stress incontinence (I wouldn't wear diapers for it) which whenever I laughed I would pee my pants, I frequently wet the bed and was in Pull-ups. Then at age 16 It came back for good, I was afraid of family finding out so I would buy Goodnites and depends or buy diapers from the thrift store. Eventually my mom went in my room and spotted a used diaper in my trash bin and confronted me. She told me we should see a Doctor so we did and The Doctor said it could be stress related, he then referred me to a Urologist and had some tests and decided I didn't need to see a doctor. My bedwetting is mostly due to being a deep sleeper, and having diabetes insipidus. Most likely I will always be a bedwetter. Since age 16 to being 29, this bedwetting also led me to find a passion and love for wearing diapers, I love the feeling and comfort diapers give me and the security they provide to being dry. Besides being a bedwetter/diaperlover a little bit about me. I am gay and love music and landscape photography as well as making new friends. I am from Mesa, Arizona which is just outside Phoenix.
  18. My name is Elisabeth and I'm a 34 year old female living in Norway. I was born in May, hence my username. Last October I was in a bike accident that left me urinary incontinent due to nerve damage in my spinal cord. The doctors insisted it's a temporary issue, but eight months in with no real improvement I'm pretty sure it's permanent. I've been wearing diapers 24/7 since I was discharged from the hospital after the accident and in the beginning I hated it. Now I've accepted my fate. It's not the end of the world. Diapers have enabled me to live a fairly normal life and although it sucks sometimes I have more good days than bad. I recently came across this forum and decided to create an account to connect with other people in my situation. Looking forward to getting to know ya'll. :-)
  19. I don't trust those other dating websites so that's why am posting here and since I live in Scotland in Angus area it was about the best place for the right attention. 30yo male seeks a girlfriend to live with as am bored living on my own and I have an ongoing problem with my bowels as I suffer from constant diarrhea and I was partly incontinent 3years ago so its why I would rather live with someone of the same problem so we both are more understanding when we are emotionally feeling bad about our self's. I have asbergers syndrome so I live on disability benefits but I do drive and I own a car plus I even fix buses as a hobby on a sunday am also a brony as am in to my little pony friendship is magic and am a furry as am also making a fur suit so I can be a colorful fox as my fursona My skype ( craig.anderson945 ) My e-mail ( [email protected] )
  20. Chapter 1 Have you ever thought that your life was going according to plan? You had your daily routine of either going to work or going to school. You’d spend time with family and friends. There would be bumps in the road, but things always had a certain way of working out. This was life. Everything always happened for a reason. Most of the time, you just didn’t know that reason right away. This is what happened with me. My name is Alexander, but it’s Alex for short. I’m an ABDL. Well, that is, I used to be an ABDL. What happened? Before I can tell you that story, we’ll need to go back to the beginning. I was your typical student. I got good grades. My extracurricular credentials were in order. I was in numerous clubs and academic teams. Yeah, I said academic teams. The athletic genes kind of skipped a generation. Mom was a majorette while dad was a phenomenal track and field star. You could say I had a lot to live up to, but my grades were doing the job. Peter Smith and Eddie Jacobs had been with me since elementary school. They were my best friends. We hung out together constantly. It was no wonder that they would lend a hand in turning me into who I am today. The day was like any other day. The three of us would always walk to Peter’s house after school since it was the closest. We walked inside and straight up to Peter’s room and lounged on his bed. His parents had not gotten off of work yet, so the house was empty. Usually, we just played video games, but this day was apparently an exception. “How about we play some truth or dare?†Peter asked. “What?†I chuckled, “Are you serious?†“Yes, I think it would be pretty fun.†“I’m down.†Eddie and I chorused at the same time. “Truth or dare?†Peter asked me. “Dare.†I said ready for anything that could be thrown at me. “I dare you to Google the phrase ‘adult baby’ and click the first result.†He demanded. There was a slight moment of silence as I approached Peter’s computer and opened up the Google Chrome web browser. I heard the clicking of the keys as I put in that phrase. As the search results came up, I clicked the very first one. It turned out to be some website called Daily Diapers. “What is this,†I asked as I looked around, “and why are all these grown men and women wearing diapers!?†“It beats me. I came across this website one day and laughed my ass off. I thought you’d find some hilarity in it as well.†“Yeah, well you got me man. This is pretty weird! That is all I have to say.†Eddie was trying his best to stifle laughter, but he was doing a horrible job of it. This was too much. “Alex, you’ve had your turn and did not wimp out. Good job…now, its Peter’s turn.†Eddie said when his composure came back. I went back to my place on the bed and listened as the guys took their turns. Try as I might, I could not pay attention. There was something about that website. Why were people so comfortable being in diapers? Diapers were for babies, right? I did not understand the logic of this. There had to be a deeper point. I guess I just had to shake it off for now. ***** On my walk home, I could not avoid thinking about that website. Those people looked so happy. It seemed as if they had mastered the art of going back to a simpler time in their lives. To tell you that I was completely paying attention to Peter and Eddie would be a lie. During their turns, I ended up using my phone to go to DailyDiapers.com. Something was telling me to at least try this way of living. I felt around in my pocket and found a bit of money. Approaching the local drugstore, I ducked in and quickly went to the incontinence aisle. I grabbed a package of size medium adult diapers and walked to the register. For those of you who have never gotten diapers for the first time, it is very nerve-racking. The silence of the walk was deafening. All I saw was the cashier. Everybody else ceased to exist. My feet were like lead as I got closer and closer. Questions started finding their way into my mind. Will I get caught? Does the cashier know? Should I go through with this? Will I know her? Finally, I handed the cashier the package. “Your total comes to $11.73. Will that be cash or card?†She asked. “Cash.†I said as I handed over the money and left the store. I walked the rest of the blocks to my house and made my way inside. Mom was in the living room, so she’d be easy to avoid. The last thing I needed was for her to play a game of ‘20 Questions’ with me. I snuck past her and dashed straight up to my room making sure to lock the door. Now, I cannot tell you why I did what I did next, but I did it. The package of diapers found its way into the back of my closet. I did not touch them for the rest of the day. You could say that I felt uneasy about the whole thing. The next day brought with it that same uneasiness. I knew that I had to bite the bullet and try wearing. I locked my door and went to the closet to retrieve the package. With package in my grasp, I tore the slick plastic and took one of the white objects in my hand. It possessed a certain softness. Now was as good as any other time. I stripped off my shirts and underwear, and spread the garment out flat on the floor. I laid atop the diaper and taped it up snug. I got up and went over to the mirror and marveled at my current condition. An over-sized toddler stared back at me. It was scary how similar I looked, yet I liked it. From then on, diapers were a part of me. They were engraved within my being. Wearing diapers became a lifestyle choice. Sure, it had its drawbacks. I had to constantly be secretive about wearing and disposing of the diapers. Yes, I did use them. I still had a dilemma: the lack of a caretaker. From my readings of the website, there were nannies, babysitters, siblings, mommies, and daddies. They were adults who were happy taking care of the adult babies (as I had now identified as). But I soon learned a harsh reality of this lifestyle. Finding a caretaker was next to impossible. I began posting everywhere across the internet looking for that right person. Eventually, I settled on an online Daddy. Why did I pick a Daddy if I am a guy? The reasoning was very simple. My parents divorced when I was around the age of seven. It was just my mom and I. Dad came around, but not as much as a child would desire. I missed having him around all the time. My early life lacked that necessary father figure. I decided that I needed to make up those missed years with a Daddy of my own. The man I called “Daddy†eventually did leave me. It turns out that he had multiple Littles besides me. Oh, and he had been lying to me for months about them. You live and you learn. ***** The years flew by, and I graduated high school. My grades stayed amazing enough to gain acceptance into a good state university. I would be majoring in psychology. The mind had always fascinated me, and I honestly wanted to learn more about it. There was also another reason. I wanted to expand how we as humans think and have infantilism regarded as more than just taboo. My life was going well. Remember what I said about life? Things always have a way of changing when you least expect it. Little did I know, college was about to throw me a curveball.
  21. This is my third story which is largely based around the concept of "Megan Getting what she Deserves" which is being orchestrated on/off by Jeffy25 with a slight touch of "The New Babysitter" which is on hold but orchestrated by Astra as well as a hint of the Claire series by JDL23 and a dose of "Diapered for Summer" with it's orchestration on hold by Tom1215. "And now, for a taste of things to come": 12-year-old Brad Jefferson didn't like certain aspects of his life: his mother died in a car accident when he was six and he was with her; despite his survival though, he's become incontinent without any way to get out of diapers. His father David knew it wasn't his fault because he was sound asleep in the back of her car with the only noise coming from him was some minor snoring; she looked at him which took her eyes off the road. Robert tried to date again but was unsuccessful until he met Jacqueline Mason (Jacqui for short) who had two daughters Melissa (age 17) and Debra (age 13). Jacqui and Melissa immediately saw the boy and made him feel welcome immediately whereas Debra despised him right off the bat; she constantly teased him about his incontinence and called him a baby no matter what anyone including Brad had said. During the summer between their 6th, 7th & 8th grade years respectively, Debra had Brad do everything in the house while she and her friends had a massive party all summer in the house with Brad being a one-boy maid, butler, waiter, etc. while David and Jacqui were away on business since their corporations had been merged while Melissa was with her boyfriend Tony out of state; Brad was at the mercy of Debra and her friends the whole time. If he wasn't tending to his "duties", Brad was forced to stay in a playpen, eat in a highchair and sleep in a crib which Debra acquired by using Brad's life savings with her telling him "Babies don't need money for anything"; a spare room was converted into a nursery. With school starting in two weeks, Brad and Debra's elders (Melissa included) came home to the horrors of what they saw: the house in a disaster with Debra naked from the waste-down with a guy none of them knew and no sign of Brad in the crowd. More will come about as soon as I have an idea of where to take it so come back when an update is posted SAME DIAPER-SITE; SAME DIAPER-STORY To Be Continued
  22. I got hit with thoughts for this as a means to take a break from "Brad's Revenge" until more thoughts hit me; portions of this come from my real life as a school boy but this is a work of fiction. And now, for a taste of things to come: Rodney Myers Jr. has been completely stressed by his parents Rodney Sr. (online business man) and Marcie (day trader) for the simple fact that he has too many expectations to be able to enjoy life the way he should: since first grade, he's been expected to get straight A's in every class along with doing every household chore minus cooking and grocery shopping. Since he's never been able to do so (A's and B's), he winds up going to summer school while his parents go on summer trips; his sisters Michelle and Amelia know it's not fair but their parents won't listen to reason. Michelle is able to get straight A's due to being academically gifted with Amelia being able to do so due to having total recall when it comes to memory; they try to help Rodney with his academics or at least housework but they're forbidden to because of their parents' decree: relaxation is earned with hard work and perfect grades. Because of that, Rodney was secretly taken to their family's physician to see if there was a reason for him having bathroom-related accidents since he wet/mess himself when his mother demanded that he doesn't go to the bathroom without permission with this diagnosis: his bladder & bowels stopped holding everything after holding everything for three days and it's permanent without any hope of restoration. Rodney was devastated about hearing it and his sisters felt awful about it so they've tried to do everything in their power to help him cope with it and even lighten the burden on his shoulders but either Marcie or Rodney Sr. would call them away; Rodney Jr. wound up feeling isolated from his family because of it. On the last week of school where he'd be entering 6th grade with his sisters soon to starting their sophomore years of high school, finals are being held with a trip to Disney World in Florida riding on the line with Rodney having given up hope that he'll ever be as rewarded as his sisters have been which turned out exactly that; he was looked after the entire summer by a child psychologist who had been assigned to him on behalf of the school he and his sisters attend. When the Myers family minus Rodney Jr. went to Disney World, they psychologist looked over his medical records to confirm what the school knew about his incontinence which was true as well as the rules set forth on Rodney himself: Chores are listed on a day-by-day basis Study time is held after chores Bedtime is at 7:30, no later Only the caregiver does the cooking and grocery shopping until further notice Straight A's are the academic requirement; no exceptions No straight A's=summer school regardless if classes are past. Having read the entire criteria listing, she looked at Rodney Jr. as summer school was over for the summer with less than two weeks until standard school comes into session with Rodney Jr. himself looking like he's about to burn out with his eyes resembling waterfalls; all she could do was give him a hug. She completely assured him that she's going straight to the principal of his school with everything she has including a copy of his medical records from his physician to actually get Rodney Sr. and Marcie to let Rodney Jr. have some fun time as well as relax; the school year passed with it's usual rituals/routines with Rodney Sr. and Marcie going out from time to time as Michelle and Amelia would either stay with Rodney Jr. or go out with their own people; the two have the same friends and would take turns being with Rodney. More will follow as things some so BOLO for future installments SAME DIAPER-SITE SAME DIAPER-STORY To Be Continued
  23. Hi everyone! Long time lurker, I think I maybe have 10 posts a year. Anyways I just needed a place to vent. Sometimes I have trouble expressing myself in writing, or text, so please bear with me. I have had off and on trouble with bedwetting and fecal incontinence during my childhood, and through high school. I thought I had grown out of it, however. Over the last month I've recently started wetting the bed again, and now for some reason I've been having a hard time holding in my BM. I always liked diapers, and am a DL through and through, but this is not something I enjoy. Wetting and Messing is fun when you're in control, or you purposefully put yourself in the position to lose control. However, it is not as fun when your at work and have to run to the bathroom, only to get there in time to clean yourself up. It's like I'm losing control over all my plumbing! To make matters worse it seems I have started day time wetting as well. I have made an appointment with my Dr. and will hopefully find the reason for this, but I'm just shocked that a young healthy man would go through this. As far as I can tell it's a genetic thing. My mother had problems with her plumbing, but I don't know too much about that since she died when I was very young. I haven't made any significant changes in my diet, either. Just wanted to vent. I'll relay what the Doctor says later, but until then, speculation is the only thing I have. Do you guys have any idea? Here's what I know. During childhood/adolescence had problems with bed wetting and BM Grew out of it around 16 23 years old now started bed wetting month later, started having trouble holding BM's within that same week, started losing daytime control. I've been under a lot of (financial,emotional) stress lately and thought that might be it. Thanks! Edit: Also, I think one of the worse things is diapers still turn me on, even though I'm getting sick of them. It's frustrating because right now I don't want to like them, and I feel a little guilty for it.
  24. I've long been a lurker on the board. Long, long time. Anyways, I've recently....as in today...decided to participate a little bit more. I had the same thought a couple month ago and posted a short story. Think I took it down. Can't remember. Shame spiral, you know the drill... Anyways, I'm writing because I have on and off been making myself try to wet the bed. The point of my story? I'm conflicted about the whole situation. Obviously the feeling of having no control, having to wear diapers because I wet the bed is appealing for reasons most people on this board can understand. Also, the idea of being with someone who accepts my problems and will treat me the same irregardless is a big turn-on. I have had two relationships in the past where diapers came into play. In the latter the other person ended up being as "submissive" as I, and wetting the bed (not on purpose) herself, and it was a turn-on, but it is difficult for both people to play both parts. Anyways, I have had one accident in the last several months. I had pneumonia and I had just laid in bed to have a nap, and I woke up while I was wetting my boxers. Not sure what the whole point of this post is. I guess I'm just saying hello. In viewing this board for the last several years I have found that people are very kind, accepting and open. Since my last relationship (which heavily involved diapers with both of us) ended, and I moved to a new city and no longer see the same therapist (with whom I discussed the issue at great length), I am pretty much now alone with the whole situation... Not looking to discuss from a sexual point of view, just looking for support. The point of the matter is that I have been depressed and using diapers more, and have tried to train myself (in the different way people are probably familiar with) to wet the bed, but at the same time I do not want to have this problem as I know it will get in the way of a lot of things. CONFLICT. Anyways, that's my rant. You can respond or PM me. Again, having a hard time and just looking for support or advice. -M
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