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  1. Based on comments in the past, this one is going to please a lot of people. 🙂
  2. Yes I see that. And BTW it's a great tribute to your writing that I care so much for him. I rarely get so caught up in these stories, even the ones I like a lot.
  3. That would certainly bring a new dynamic to the whole thing. BTW, Sarah, thanks for reading my stories. I'm glad you're enjoying them.
  4. This is so sad and beautiful. I'm surprised to discover just how confused Jamie still is. When he writes in his letter that he is "trying to decide whether to resent the way I’m viewed or accept it" and wonders about whether he "deserves" to be treated this way, I shed tears for him. And when Amanda notes that he is always more melancholy after writing to Cheryl, well...I almost want him to stop. It's as if, when he picks up a pen, he almost forgets about the good things in his life like his family. He's overwhelmed with somber reflection; he doesn't really provide news to her as much as he just lets himself wander into the gloom. I didn't realize he still has this much gloom within him. Most of the time, he seems to be enjoying the love and attention, even if it is also rather strange. Maybe, as he suggests in the letter, he's just embarrassed to tell her that? That might explain the tone his letters take: as he felt after the rude neighbor spoke to him, he is wrestling with whether he's "supposed" to enjoy this new life instead of just giving in to it. I'm with Amanda, though: I feel terrible for him whenever he gets this introspective.
  5. I feel I am being redundant, but this is another lovely chapter. It's good to learn more about Ella, though I'd have liked a little more conversation between them; she's still a bit of a mystery. It's so good that he has a human friend though.
  6. Jamie isn't going anywhere. But, presumably, Amanda is. I mean, she'll be out in the real world soon and probably won't be living at home much longer. How does an Amazon nuclear family work anyway when one member doesn't grow up?
  7. I love this story. It is proof that you don't need heavy or contrived plots to make something interesting; you just need great characters and the willingness to allow them the room to develop.
  8. I love the fact that you are giving us some background info on Joyce; as Foofy said she has thus far come across as a superwoman. But I have to admit that I'm confused: as I read it, I thought the long scene with Amy had to be a flashback: the idea that Joyce was lonely, the notion that she wouldn't cook because cooking for one was no fun, even the fact that the conversation was with Amy, who knows about Emily through making the clothes. But when it came time to end what I was sure was a scene taking place in the past, it just slipped into the present, from an empty apartment where nothing is ever used and nothing is ever moved directly into bed with Emily. I'm missing something, I'm sure. I read it twice but still can't make it make sense to me. I'm feeling pretty dense right about now.
  9. Another extremely cute chapter. Glad to see you've recovered enough to write. A thing I've been thinking about: Jamie is apparently adjusting very well to his new life. Will Cheryl's visit (whenever it comes) cause him to lose some of that comfort?
  10. In case anyone knows someone: I am actively looking for a Caregiver. I've posted an ad on DD: 

    If you know anyone, please refer them.

    1. Cute_Kitten


      I don't know anyone, but I wish you best of luck in your search and I hope you find someone!

  11. My husband is not part of the community but he is fully aware that I am seeking a Caregiver. I'm a 60-year-old retired MTF teacher with a strong Little side who also loves plays, movies, TV, books, and music, among other things. Not bratty or into any kind of physical punishments. Now that the joy of CAPcon has worn off, I am looking for a gentle and loving person who can nurture the part of me that I've been holding in for far too long. I don't know if anyone like that is out there but I thought I'd at least try.
  12. Echoing everyone else's best wishes. This is my current favorite story and you are doing a wonderful job with it. Get well.
  13. This was such a fun chapter! I loved the interaction with the bears (great innovation, that, BTW: making the dimension's "dogs" bears), and the beer thing was just outstanding. Even Donna got something from this chapter. 🙂
  14. So for some reason I did not realize this was here until you posted today about a new update. Fun piece! Interesting setting; I'm excited to see where it goes from here.