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  1. kerry


    Really fun beginning, Lyra. It's good writing too, give or take some usage errors that autocorrect missed. No matter though: I'm really enjoying the dynamic between these two characters. 🙂
  2. This place would be even better than a Con. 🙂
  3. A wonderful story as always, Sophie. Of course it's not hard to see what Maddie is up to, but hey: he's the one who asked to visit a hypnosis site. 😉
  4. I'm really enjoying this so far. Thanks for deciding to post it. 🙂
  5. Pretty much what I expected from Kelly (though the babysitting part was something new). I keep wondering why/how a young woman who has been through the rigors of medical school and internship would allow herself to be treated like this with no complaint, though. I mean I realize it's a fantasy and all, but I'd like to see that addressed as things go on. Still, this is a very enjoyable story.
  6. I don 't read many of the stories on here, but this is one I have read faithfully from the start because, for one thing, it's simply adorable and, for another, I really like the characters. You've done a very good job of letting them breathe and grow naturally and not forcing things. Even so, I didn't realize just how small Emily was until these last two chapters when everyone has been seeing her as a child. It makes me wonder why she isn't *used* to this sort of thing; did it never happen to her before Joyce? Also, given her emotions at the end, why would she vanish a second time? I mean she was just calling herself "inconsiderate" and "ungrateful" moments before because she was so into her own feelings that she was not being thoughtful about Joyce's. (BTW I love that they are both thinking basically the same thing about themselves in relation to the other. They really do belong together.)
  7. Just because I have finished this story doesn't mean I can't check in to give it a like!
  8. I just finished the complete story b/c I couldn't wait, and it was so good! Thanks for another wonderful read. 🙂
  9. I've said (many times) before, but I really loved this story. It's sad to think that I will be logging into DD and there will be no Jamie updates, but I agree with you: it was time to bring it to an end. I'm interested to see what new things you can do with it if you do return for a second part, but I can wait. Thank you.
  10. Although this would be a scene that does fit in with the narrative that has come before (except for Cheryl yelling; not sure I see that), I hope Alex goes in a different direction. Jamie is fine about his diapers now, and the littling is such a huge part of the story and his life—the life that everyone agrees has made him a happier person–that I would be loath to see it go away. Actually, I kind of hope that Jamie himself will invite Cheryl into his room and share that part of his life with her. It won't surprise her; she knows how littles live in this world. And it would remove the last impediment to his pure happiness: he would no longer have to think she would disrespect him for it.
  11. What an unexpected...and delightful...surprise to find another chapter when I logged on this morning! It's a really wonderful little conversation (no pun intended), and it goes to the heart of the person Jamie is becoming. Ella is right: he's so much calmer and happier now. Example: before, he couldn't have stopped himself from laying into that bitch at the party, but now he is accepting that he has Amanda and Becky to watch out for him. And the growing relationship with Ella might even help him to clarify his emotions about Cheryl, too (though, given the last time we saw her, maybe hers about him are not so clear?). One thing: The little coda here in the bath is sweet, but I admit I was taken aback to hear Ella use the phrase "cock block." I know she's a grown-up human woman, but nothing in her character thus far that I recall has indicated that she would use this kind of expression. And besides, she certainly couldn't have expected more lovemaking in the bathtub with Becky around...