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  1. I haven't posted an update to Finding New Things since last November so of course when I sat down recently to write I didn't write. I sat down and decided to write a little for an idea I've had for a world that is pretty much our world, no giant amazons, no traveling to other universes, just a kid about to go to school in a new town. Only in this world sometime many years in the past a mutation ended up spreading throughout humanity that means a higher percentage of people are born with continence problems than in our world and then at puberty many people find that one of the changes that occurs is even more loss of continence. Which has resulted in a world where incontinence it much more common and as a result no one is surprised by the idea of someone they know wearing diapers or a pad/guard. And because of the possibility of things getting worse at puberty there's even a small percentage of the population who figure that it's a waste of time and energy to obsess about getting a kid potty trained when they may end up losing control before they're even out of school and some who even see it as cruelly getting their hopes up. The kid in my story idea pretty much potty trained himself, only to find that after a move he's living in a town where there is such a high percentage of fully or mostly incontinent people that mandatory diapers are actually written into the school dress code. Now I could hand wave the numbers (I already plan on not trying to give a scientific explanation of how this works, and none of the characters I've come up with are really likely to have an, "As you know Bob, the world's continence issues started with the Atlantean Flu Epidemic of 1612 which changed strand XYZ of our DNA..." conversation) but next thing I knew I'd written a Python program takes a number of births and outputs the percentage who are fully continent at birth (or at least capable of being potty trained without issue), will have minor continence problems, moderate, or are stuck being fully incontinent. And then what those numbers will be for that population once they hit puberty. All so I can play around with numbers that I could hand wave anyway. I have at least had some world building thoughts occur to me while working on the program, so, yeah. So have you found yourself sitting down to write and then going off in a completely different direction? Now to see if I can actually get more written for Finding New Things.
  2. LittleFenny

    Exchanged - Chapter 36 - 8-3-2018

    Yay! I just finished a rush through the last several chapters, I'd let myself get behind because I was hoarding your nice big chapters as a treat and I've been crazy busy with work too. Hopefully I'll find time to finish the next bit of my story soon. I have some written but now I want to toss out all the new stuff and rewrite it. (Sneaks over and offers your muse chocolate covered coffee beans)
  3. LittleFenny

    The Rainbow's End

    Don't worry Bridget, if you ask nicely I'm sure that lack of experience can be resolved this very day. Just be very careful exactly what you ask for.
  4. LittleFenny

    Bad Moon Rising (COMPLETE)

    I was going to say Rosie was lucky Luna didn't actually bite, but I bet she's not getting anything past Mrs King. Silly Rosie, Luc likes his diapers and he's more mature than she is.
  5. LittleFenny

    Bad Moon Rising (COMPLETE)

    I would suggest that "Luna" should bite Rosie, but that might upset Lucas. Still, so many fun games a werewolf posing as a big dog could play with Rosie. While being too cute to get upset with. Or was that too big to get upset with. Good woofy, I'll just leave this steak here and back away slowly.
  6. LittleFenny

    Exchanged - Chapter 36 - 8-3-2018

    Well, that's more (shock-free please!) collars for the rest of us. I've been feeling the lack of time too. I only just caught up on the last couple of story chapters. Hopefully your muse isn't being a silly as mine. She's trying to get me to start two other stories now and I haven't even posted an update to the one I already started in a couple of months. To bad there's no place I can run off to for a writing retreat with a nice laptop, playpen, and plenty of Little Pawz and Cushies. (No! Bad Muse! That's not story idea #4! mumblemumblegrumble!) Hope things get less hectic for you, I'll try and be patient!
  7. LittleFenny

    Bad Moon Rising (COMPLETE)

    Oh my! Lucas's sister is going to be in for quite a shock. Whether or not Prudence carts him away before she returns.
  8. LittleFenny

    Bad Moon Rising (COMPLETE)

    Aww, Pru has a fan. I wouldn't want to be Rosie if Pru spots her being mean to Lucas. Lucas would be a good woof-pup name. I don't think I can picture Prudence as a mommy. But maybe as the tough big sister, trade up Lucas, trade up!
  9. LittleFenny

    Bad Moon Rising (COMPLETE)

    I'm hooked too. Wondering if it's perhaps the same world as Tricky Treats.
  10. LittleFenny

    Idea Adoption Thread

    The idea stork brought me an idea today. While making rounds from house to house the Tooth Fairy finds someone who has both left a tooth under their pillow and wet the bed. So after trading the tooth for a handful of coins a call for an additional delivery is made to the Diaper Fairy.
  11. LittleFenny

    Exchanged - Chapter 36 - 8-3-2018

    Spies? No, she's not a spy she's far worse. A geek with fully triggered maternal instincts. Hopefully they won't have too much Littlenapper trouble. But imagine that if Amanda finds out who those people are and they keep annoying them after going home she could likely cause them a good degree of trouble. If the gloves come off, simply being arrested is probably the safest outcome for the kidnappers.
  12. LittleFenny

    Exchanged - Chapter 36 - 8-3-2018

    Yay! More Exchanged! I read the whole thing over the weekend! YAY! Boo work, boo boo! Wait. Work let's you have food and a bed and leccy so your compy works. Okay, I guess work can stay around. I suppose what happens depends partly on just how badly the lady wants Isabela. Was there a real client and the lady on the plane was just being opportunist? Or was the lady the stewardess was talking to arrange for her to be on the plane where she was supposed to be alone and cut off from support. I'm kind of guessing the first but until we get Chapter 22 I guess we won't know. Stacie could share the underground contact number she was provided. But would those folks trust a little forwarded to them by a little who wants to stay with her Amazonian Mommy?
  13. LittleFenny

    Dropped in a new world. - update (9-10-18)

    I think it may be up to twice now. But at chapter 5 (I think) where I was when I said that he'd still managed to keep them dry. I'll have to take a closer look at the other city names.
  14. LittleFenny

    Dropped in a new world. - update (9-10-18)

    Omorashi City? Will that turn out to be Bab's ancestral home? She seems better prepared for life there than Alex, he hasn't wet his pants even once up to that chapter.
  15. Chapter Eight: Believing? James I only managed to stop laughing when I started crying instead. It was too much. Everything that had already happened and now I might have to talk about the two things I'd never, ever, talked about in person? With someone who wasn't part of either scene? People kept getting weird ideas about furries, thank you so very much CSI and Springer, and that wasn't even a quarter as unusual as being ABDL was. Thank you again CSI and Springer. Even just deciding to go to that new club had been an agonizing decision. Never mind the language issue. I'd been studying non-stop and we seemed to be doing pretty good understanding each other talking about easy stuff. But this? I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand and looked up at her again. "You will think I'm crazy, broken in my head. I'm telling the truth. I'll try to explain?" She was staring at me and didn't look like she believed me but wasn't interrupting. "How to start? Until I woke up here I never saw anyone like you. Only humans like me. Mostly like me? Only humans but we're not all the same. Darker skin and lighter skin and different hair colors and we like different things. But no one who looked like you. "Okay, okay, so I'm Jayne Felton Ridgell, I'm twenty-two years old and I'm sort of temporarily out of school. I moved to go to college but I was running out of money and getting kind of scared how much it was going to cost so I got a job to save more money but that's not really what you wanted to know is it?" I don't think I'd ever caught myself just babbling like this before. It almost didn't feel like I was the one talking. Maybe because I was mostly talking that almost-sort-of-English and only dropping back to English for words I hadn't learned yet. "You wanted to know who James Fenton Redtail is? James is a ten year old red fox. Not a run around on four legs fox but a stands on two legs fox. Like you guys but foxish instead of wolfish." "You said there were only humans, now there are fox people?" She was shaking her head, clearly not believing it. "Only humans, but some of us like to pretend there are others. Kind of like,"I had to think a bit for the words but I knew it had come up in one of the tutor program's stories, "like imaginary friends. Fox people and rabbit people and bird people. All kinds of different animals as people and even made up animal people like cabbits which are kind of half rabbit-half cats. We even have games on our computers where we get together and tell stories about these people we make up. I had a few characters I made up, but my favorite was the fox boy James Fenton Redtail, I even gave him a name almost like mine and he liked the same things I liked. Accept for his age and that he's a fox-person I'm James and James is me. Lot's of people who come up with these characters do that. You invent a bunch but one of them is special. One of them is the person you imagine you could be. "I didn't really talk about it much with anyone except on computer because people who weren't into it could get kind of weird about it. They had kind of crazy ideas about what we did. There's a television over in the corner, you have to have trash shows. Shows where they act all serious or even like they're helping people but they really just want attention and a bigger audience and if making up things about people will do that then they do it. There were shows that tried to say we did all kinds of irresponsible things or couldn't handle reality or even that we wanted to do naughty things with animals. Not animal people but animals. Bastards don't care whose reputation they're ruining or who they might be hurting as long as their show gets better ratings. But people see it and believe it even if they were yelling at the television the day before for getting things wrong about them. I realized my voice had been getting louder as I talked and finally just shook my head. "Sorry. It's an old argument and I guess I'm still kind of sensitive about it." "You are James Fenton Redtail?" "Yeah." "And James is ten year old Fox person?" "Yeah. Guess he ought to be older, came up with him years ago, but that's how I picture him and he's an imaginary person so it isn't like he has to get a year older every year. I think he was eight when I first came up with him. But that was almost ten years ago." I shrugged. "It just feels like the right age for him. So yeah. I found out there was a new club in town and some of the people who went there were into the same things so I was going there when. Well when whatever happened to me happened. I hadn't met anyone else around here, there, around back home who was into the same thing" "So you were going to meet others who pretended to be imaginary people and pretend to be a ten year old fox slave?" "What?" I finally put some of the things she'd said together with things that had been in the language tutorial and it was like suddenly realizing one plus one equals two. A very, very, scary two. "Y-you think I'm somebody's slave or pet or something like that? Not a just play around in the bedroom one but really, truly, someone owning another person kind of slave?" Andria's ears were canted off at an angle, "Few people who are not would agree to put a collar on." "Slavery hasn't been legal for over a hundred years! And I'm pretty sure they didn't put collars on them. Of course that's probably because it was based on skin color so they didn't really need to use collars to figure out who was and wasn't in charge." "Slaves because of skin color? Now I know you are making up stories." "It's true. Not saying it wasn't stupid but that's how it worked. These days, collars and chains and stuff like that are just a kinky fetish thing," I tried for a moment to figure out the right word but for some strange reason this wasn't a subject that came up in tutorials that were clearly intended for kids. "A silly game adults sometimes play in bed? Pirate and captive, police officer and prisoner, master and slave, those kinds of bedroom games." I looked up and I think she was blushing. I know I was. But she's the one brought it up. I shrugged again, "After five weeks of washing dishes and cleaning tables with only a couple of weekends off I was ready for some fun. Not that kind. Just get together with people who liked the same things kind of fun. Share some drinks, tell stories, hopefully make some new friends. I'd heard that a new place that opened was popular with people who were into things that were less common... Then like I said, something happened. The last thing I remember was leaving work and riding for the club and I think maybe I remember crashing my bike, then I woke up here." "Yes. When you were found you were on your bike." She held up her tablet and I found myself unable to look away from the photo. There I was next to a broken bit of concrete with a busted bike and far too much femur showing to be at all good. I looked over at my cast covered leg and wondered how good the painkillers were if it wasn't throbbing and keeping me awake even after two weeks. That was disturbing enough that I didn't even notice until the third time that I looked at the photo the tear in my pants that was exposing a single teddy bear from my plastic pants. Maybe she hadn't noticed? Sure she'd seen me getting changed here but she might think that was just cute underwear. Maybe guys here weren't as uptight about anything that looked cute? "So, you are saying you are not a slave. You are a twenty year old human from a town called Prado Fesko where are only farms on our maps. In a country called California that no one in Anhera Province has heard of. Who is also an imaginary ten year old fox person who also is not a slave even if his name is one a collar you wear. That is what you are saying?" "Um. Yeah." I pointed at the orange plastic band I'd discovered around my neck the other day. "This means someone thinks I am? But it will come off when they understand I'm not, right? I mean I don't mind wearing my own for fun but that's just for fun. But um, maybe not if people are going to think that. But I'll get it back? I've had it for while and even if I don't dare wear it here..." I couldn't really figure out the look she was giving me. I'm not sure she really believed me. I was getting rather nervous when she finally answered. "I fear that is not my decision. But I will tell them what you told me." While we'd been talking nature had taken its course. I'd already been wet even before dinner arrived and now lunch or maybe it was breakfast was insisting it wanted out and I wasn't going to hold it in much longer. I yanked on the cable that was draped over one end of the bed squeezing the call button the very moment I lost control. Andria looked confused for a moment and then I could tell the moment she figured out what happened. I definitely saw a blush on the inside of her ears before they flattened against her head. "Well, at least there is something you were wearing I won't have to explain was just for fun." If I hadn't already been blushing so much that would have done it. But she must have seen something because her eyes opened wide and those ears lifted up and forward. "You... I need to go now." "Wait!" But she was already at the door, out moments before the nurse came in. "Wait! I can, it's not like... damn it!" I think the nurse could tell I'd said a bad word. Or maybe it was just the yelling. She was the one who always felt motherly and even if we couldn't talk she seemed to be giving off an air of maternal disappointment. I think I just lost the only friend and ally I might have had in this crazy dreamland. Andrea She was certain she hadn't run. She didn't feel out of breath. But she didn't really consciously notice where she was until she arrived in front of the university's main library building. Other than her apartment and the lab that was now locked away from her the library was the only other place that felt like home. She hadn't been certain she believed the boy's story until right at the end. She really didn't think that embarrassment was faked. Had he really been talking about people not understanding the animal fantasy stories the whole time or was he talking about, about that. How could that possibly be something people would do for fun and not because they had no choice? Barely thinking about it she walked through the library's front doors and found herself before one the catalog stations. But what to search for? Animal fantasies? That brought far too many results, even limited to the library's physical resources. Animal people returned fewer results, but still far more than she wanted to skim through. Animal people and costumes returned a surprising number of results but results which were starting to seem relevant. Even results in proper scholarly journals which the library subscribed to. A few hours later Andrea knew far more about people who pretended to be other species than she ever would have guessed she'd want to know. The effectiveness of a little make up and even simple costuming skills could be far more convincing that she would have guessed as well. How that one man lengthened his ears to pretend to be a rabbit person was shockingly effective for how simple the techniques were. Much as Jayne had described there were gatherings. There was even one that took place at the local convention center that she had somehow never noticed. A little honest reflection made her accept that it was not in fact surprising given how little time she had given to anything that was not a scholarly pursuit ever since leaving home. If that had been truthful then could that other thing be real as well? She looked around and found a secondary catalog station which did not have anyone else nearby. Staring at the screen her fingers rested on the keyboard but did not type for several minutes. Finally she tried entering, adult diapers, restricting the results to the journals the library subscribed to. Nearly every result came back from medical journals. When she removed the medical journals and skimmed through the remaining entries she couldn't believe what she was seeing on the screen. Grabbing a piece of scrap paper she noted down some of the results with a pen rather than copy them onto her tablet. Collecting an armful of printed journals she found a private study room to read them in without risk of anyone else looking over her shoulder. "Stars above, people are weird." After reading through half the stack and skimming the rest Andrea wasn't certain if she wanted to bump the psychology degree higher on her plans to learn as much as she could or to drop it from the list entirely. "Not that I don't have some weird issues but glasses and– right anyway they aren't so, so... Well, as long as no one's hurt." Setting the last journal aside she looked at the list of notes she'd made. The researchers all seemed to agree that autonepiophilia was simply rarer than many other fetishes but not dangerous or problematic in and of itself. Her stomach grumbled and she soon realized it was a good five or six hours later than she expected. Placing the journals into one of the many scattered baskets for re-shelving Andrea headed for the exit while calling Sergeant Jaffrey. When she didn't pick up the call Andrea left a voice message. "Sergeant, would it be possible to meet today? It has occurred to me that there's something related to the project that still needs handling." She didn't manage twenty steps before getting a return call. "Miss Simmens, I was hoping to go home. What did you forget to turn in." "It's not actually mine to turn in, it's a little complicated, can we meet to talk in person?" A quarter hour later they met in one of Campus Safety's meeting rooms. Not wanting to go any longer without food Andrea had picked up some skewers from a food cart on the way to the office. The sergeant had apparently had similar thoughts and brought a sandwich and tea with her. "Now then, what is this about something being forgotten?" "The boy, Janie, Jayne. That still sounds wrong but that's how he says it. The boy, Jayne Ridgell, almost certainly was brought here by the experiment. I don't think the doctors will want to tie up one of the clinic's beds longer than necessary but at the same time we can't just toss him in the lab's storeroom and lock the door." Andrea pushed roast chicken and vegetables off one skewer onto a piece of flatbread while the sergeant considered her words and sipped tea. "Given the evidence I have to agree the boy isn't from around here. His identification card is still confounding everyone who looks at it. The doctor I spoke to seems professionally offended by chemical exposure and prior medical care the boy received. We've run him through every missing persons database we can find, far beyond what we would normally check. Without receiving even a decent partial match." "When we went out to check the path and I saw the bloodstain I had one thought. This was my project and my responsibility. Professor Gaulle is our faculty advisor, but I was in charge. I submitted the proposal. I made the decision to go forward. If the project is my responsibility then so are the consequences. I don't have a roommate this year which means I have a room to spare." "Looking for a free live in maid?" The sergeant paused and then nodded at Andrea's narrowed eyes. "It would seem not. Good. While I applaud your sense of responsibility this would be highly unusual." "There hasn't been anything usual about this project since the moment we ran the experiment. I do have reasons other than responsibility. For one, even if you go off campus there are very few speakers of Old Northern available to work with him. Even with the help of translation software anyone who doesn't speak it will have trouble communicating until he learns Avranitka or another more common language." "Even if his native language was related, surely you could have started him on something more common?" "It was half excitement realizing he was speaking something so similar and half that I expected we'd be finding an owner or family by now. If I'd started him on Avranitka we'd still be waiting for him to say anything more complicated than, 'I'm hungry' or 'leg hurts, pill please.' "If I take him in we'll also avoid the need to bring anyone else in on this. Or needing to find anyone senior enough, responsible enough, and who is both willing and has room available." "I will admit there aren't many I can think of off hand. That said, we could hold him here." "You'll still have the language issue, I would be willing to assist but unless you want me moving in here... I thought not. Do you even routinely hold anyone longer than it takes for them to sober up or hand off to the municipal police? Which brings up another question we haven't touched on yet." "And just what would that be?" "We've assumed he's a slave. But as you told me neither he nor his collar were chipped which would be standard practice anywhere I know of. Even an indenture contract would normally include chipping. He claims not to be and was shocked when he realized we suspected that. From what he claims this California he is from banned slavery a century ago and the collar was simply jewelry, something he wore because he liked it." "A convenient claim when there's no such country where you say he pointed on the map nor anywhere else so far as we can tell." Andrea frowned at that but the only idea that seemed to make sense was too far-fetched to be believed by anyone even given the unusual results of the experiment. "That is troubling of course. If we cannot track down where he's from what's likely to be done?" "All I can say for certain is that no one is likely to accept his story. He certainly isn't from here, from everything the doctors have said not even one of the isolationist luddite communities is likely to have been so polluted. If we could at least find this country of his we could hand him over and that would be it. I really cannot predict what will be done." An hour later Andrea stopped Jayne's room. When he noticed her his eyes opened wide and he started to say something only close both his mouth and eyes. He was red around his eyes and she could just make out the trails tears had made rolling down his cheeks. "Open your eyes and sit up." He did so. Eyes going wide again when he saw Sergeant Jaffrey standing beside her. He quickly found the bed's controls and raised the head so he was doing something approaching sitting properly. "This is Sergeant Jaffrey. One of the senior members of the Campus Safety office. I recommend being polite." "You just introduced me, correct? The boy understands this?" Jayne blinked at them a few times then cleared his throat. "Hello Miss Simmens. Sergeant. I'll be polite." Miss Jaffrey took a tablet and held it out to the boy, "Ask him to show where he's from again." After a quick translation he pointed to about the same place Andrea could remember from before. "Prado Fresco, California." A moment later he circled a large swath of the continent with his fingertip. "United States." Then pointed back to the first place repeating himself. "Ask him if he is certain or just guessing or trying to remember." That got a determined jab at the map, and when Jayne saw the map zoom in some more jabs as brought it from showing much of the continent to just that coastal region. Picking two of the major cities he seemed to be trying to sketch out a path and frowned. "L.A., San Diego... Salton... huh? There should be big lake, Salton Sea, and road north, and Prado Fresco here, around here..." Sergeant Jaffrey listened to the explanation of what he'd said and shook her head. "We can try searching for places with those names. But we haven't found the others." He must have been able to understand enough just from her tone because he slumped back against his pillows. The sergeant retrieved her tablet, setting it aside before reaching into a jacket pocket. "Have him sit up again." "Sit up. I have some good news. You wanted to know if you would get your collar back, the sergeant has it now." While she was speaking Sergeant Jaffrey used a small tool to undo the orange temporary collar then held it up with the one Andrea had seen in the photos. Both were slipped through a slender loop on a small box and then both were buckled around the boy's neck. "You will most likely be released tomorrow. The box will allow Campus Safety, the local police, and other authorized people to find you. You will not attempt to damage it or to remove it or either collar. Is there anything I've said that you don't understand?" He thought a moment. "I'm going somewhere tomorrow? And don't touch collars or box?" "He knows not to try and take that off." "Miss Simmens? I will see you again? Scary not being able to talk." "You have two choices. If you believe you can behave I have a free room. If you misbehave there are also rooms at Campus Safety. Rooms with just a bed and bath and doors that only open from outside. Understand?" They didn't need a language in common for her to see his relief. "I'll behave. I'll be a good boy, I promise."