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  1. h200420012

    ENT Surgery

    Three hospital experiences..... with different results.
  2. h200420012

    Are Thick Diapers a nostalgia thing?

    I had some really old pampers from the late 80's on hand at one time and I can tell you that they were absurdly thick when compared to their modern day counterparts.
  3. h200420012

    Frustrated. In finding a thin diaper in plastic

    21 hours ago, wetdiaper222 said: Over a year ago I ordered some Attends Poly briefs. They're thin and and absorb pretty good for the price.
  4. h200420012

    Is it worth mentioning my dl side to my cbt therapist?

    My therapist is a doctor of Psychology.
  5. h200420012

    Am I the only one?

    OP, you are saturating the diaper at an highly accelerated pace.
  6. Honestly it feels the same to me.
  7. h200420012

    Yep...so my actual family has another AB/DL :/

    Yeah, I talked to her before hand and let her know about the whole AB/DL community.
  8. Not sure whether I posted here or on reddit...anyways My cousin contacted me, because she's having some problems with her two boys.
  9. h200420012

    Diapers. With or without clothing

    Way down south in Texas...... so T-shirt and diaper only.
  10. Two years ago, my grandmother had a massive infection and for all intensive purposes requires 24 hour round the clock care.
  11. h200420012

    Single Tape Diaper

    AB universe has a few choices. So does some stuff that Rearz sells.
  12. h200420012

    Another knee surgery...

    Knee surgery is no bueno.
  13. Occasionally I'll get one, but then again I'm undergoing therapy for low testosterone....which is weird because I'm only 30 and the youngest patient my urologist is seeing.
  14. Places where I know I'm probably going to aggravate my anxiety disorder.
  15. h200420012

    Best US online diaper supplier ?

    XP medical for regular stuff.