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  1. I am reuploading a story I originally found on Wattpad but is no longer available. I am not sure who the author is sorry. Chapter 1 Meeting Lauren Derrick parked his car and walked down the cobblestone path. He was nervous. He had met Lauren on a dating website and had talked to her through video chats for the last couple of months. They shared common interests and would chat online most nights sharing secrets, eventually, they became very close. After feeling comfortable enough, they agreed to meet in person at Lauren's house. As he walked he wondered if his biggest fantasy would come true. He thought about the secret he told her, remembering how difficult it was to say... "I'm a pretty submissive guy, and my next girlfriend would have to spank me,". Derrick had never told anyone about his submissive side and his special need for discipline. He remembered how she giggled through the computer screen and called him a bad boy. After that, it was never spoken of again. The thought of that conversation made the blood go straight to his dick. Did she think it was a joke? Or was she actually into it? He felt butterflies in his stomach as he knocked on the door. It was a yellow house with a big wooden door. He heard footsteps. Lauren answered with a bright welcoming smile. "Hello, Derrick! It's so nice to meet you in person. Come on in!" Derrick smiled nervously and said hello. Lauren was beautiful and fit, with long brown hair. Derrick followed Lauren into the house. She was wearing tight blue jeans and a grey t-shirt. Derrick couldn't keep his eyes off of her long toned legs. They went into the kitchen and Lauren made some tea. She offered a cup to Derrick, which he immediately thanked her for. They each wanted to know more about each other. Lauren talked about being a successful business owner, and how lucky she had been to succeed at such a young age. Derrick looked up to her as a role model. He was taking part-time classes at the community college, and often struggled with the work. Lauren often encouraged him and helped him with his homework through the video chats. Derrick considered her a caring and supportive friend. After talking in person for awhile, Derrick could feel a special connection growing between them. Derrick was curious to know if this friendship had any chance to progress into something more. After spending so much time with Lauren online, he figured the least he could do was ask. Lauren laughed at him. "You have a chance with me Derrick, but we need to talk about what you're looking for in a relationship. I need you to be completely honest with me because I know you're holding something back, and I think we both know what that is" Derrick froze, and spanking came to mind. He hesitated to respond. After a long silence, Lauren stood up and put her hand on her hip. She had a serious look on her face but talked calmly "Here's the deal, you can talk to me now or this conversation is over. It can't be that hard, you've already told me about it. If you want a relationship with me than you'll have to be honest." Derrick looked at his feet and replied in a soft voice "Are you talking about my secret?" She nodded. "Just tell me what you want Derrick, it's not that difficult." Derricks cock was hard, and his heart was pounding. "If we have a relationship, I would need to be spanked regularly " Lauren giggled at him "Good boy Derrick. Luckily for you, I'm a very open-minded girl. I think we need to agree on how to go about doing this. I think we should write it out so we're both on the same page." Derrick agreed. Chapter 2 The Agreement Lauren returned to the table and sat down. "Okay Derrick, if you need to be spanked like a child than we need to know how and why wouldn't you agree?" Derrick gulped and realized that she wasn't wasting time. He nodded yes to her question. "Good, and while you're being punished you'll call me Miss Lauren, or just Miss. Do you understand? "Yes, Miss." "Good. Now, let's start with some bad behavior that might earn you a spanking. Keep in mind that this list can always be added to over time. I want you to write a list of some of the bad habits that you have. I'll add one now. You told me earlier that you smoke occasionally. From now on, if you smoke, you get spanked. Got it?" Derricks hard on was about to explode. He replied with another "Yes Miss." The sheet of paper was titled: Derrick's Punishment Agreement Under the title, Lauren had written: Behavior that Derrick will be punished for. Derrick began to write. 1. Smoking 2. Drinking too much 3. Being late 4. Being disorganized 5. Putting off homework 6. Bad grades 8. Talking back Derrick handed the list over to Lauren. "I like it so far. I think its a good starting point, although I think I'll add lying to the list. That's something I have absolutely no patience with, and the consequences will be very severe." Derrick agreed, and they continued. "Let's move on to how you'll be punished. I personally think that being over my lap will be the most humiliating for you. It's childish and exposing, and I think it will work perfectly. Does that sound fair?" Derrick was in total shock, Sitting in front of him was his new beautiful girlfriend that was going to spank him and it seemed like she was educated on the matter. He nodded his head and agreed. She was writing the details and talking at the same time. "I'm glad you agree Derrick, and I'm really glad we found each other. I think this relationship is going to flourish." Lauren finished writing and looked up at Derrick. "Now that positioning is out of the way, let's add in the fun stuff. Anytime you get spanked over my lap i'll start with my hand and then use an implement. In some extreme cases, I'll use the implement for the entire spanking. It might be a hairbrush or a paddle. Is that okay with you?" "Yes Miss" "Good, now on to public spankings..." "Public?" Derrick asked in sudden fear. "Hopefully it will never occur, but if we're in public and you misbehave then you can expect to be punished immediately." Derrick grew tense "I think that's a little extreme. People are going to see us!" "Spankings are supposed to be embarrassing Derrick. But I'll make a deal with you. If you're really bad in public, then yes, you will be spanked on the spot. But if its something minor, then I'll spank you in a private bathroom or in the car. Keep in mind that a spanking at home will always follow. Just make sure you're good in public and we shouldn't have a problem. Okay?" Derrick thought about being spanked by his girlfriend in public and it made him cringe, but after a lot of convincing, he agreed to her rule. Lauren reached out and held Derricks' hand. "I'm really happy to have you as my boyfriend. I will be fair and respect you, but if you test me and break these rules, then you can expect a sore ass." Derrick was overcome with excitement and felt so lucky to have Lauren in his life. He smiled at her and she smiled back. "Derrick, is there any other punishment or kink that you need to tell me about? Because now is the time to come clean to me about it. It would be easy to add it into our agreement right now." Derrick said no, but in the back of his mind, there was something else that excited him. He was just too embarrassed to mention it. By the time they had finished the list, it was 11:30. They soon ended up calling it a night. Lauren Walked Derrick to the door, and they made out on the stoop for a while. Lauren told him to call her tomorrow to make plans. Derrick was eager to see her again and happily agreed. As Derrick began to walk away Lauren planted two smacks on his butt and grinned. "Be a good boy Derrick!" Chapter 3 Derrick Breaks a Rule Derrick called Lauren around 1:00 in the afternoon. It was a dark and rainy summer day and she suggested they watch a movie at her place. Derrick agreed and left his apartment with an umbrella in one hand and his keys in the other. On the way he was stopped at a traffic light, his dick was hard. He was thinking of which rule he should break and wanted to know how it felt to be butt naked over Lauren's toned thighs. He wondered what she was wearing today, and what she would use to spank him with. He heard the horn of a driver behind him and realized the light was green. He arrived and knocked on the door. Lauren was happy to see him. They kissed at the door and walked inside. She was wearing tight black sweatpants and a tank top. As they walked through the kitchen Derrick noticed the Punishment Agreement they had worked out last night laying on the counter. Derrick had dreamed of that list and the agreements he made with Lauren. His cock was getting stiff. Lauren had picked out a romantic comedy and told Derrick to put it in the player while she made popcorn. Derrick saw a perfect opportunity to earn his first spanking. When Lauren came back with the popcorn she noticed that he hadn't put the movie in. Derrick stood in the center of the living room with an erection and a smile on his face. "Fuck romantic comedies. I hate them and I'm NOT going to do what you tell me!" Lauren giggled at him. She put the popcorn down on the table and crossed her arms with a very feminine no-nonsense stance. "Somebody wants a spanking huh?" "Yes, Miss." He replied. Lauren studied Derrick for a moment, then walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him in close to her. "If a spanking is what you want, then a spanking is what you'll receive. Go into the kitchen and get my wooden spoon out of the drawer by the fridge." Derrick started for the kitchen and felt the sting of three hard smacks to the center of his butt. He looked back to see Lauren grinning at him. When he came back to the living room he found Lauren sitting patiently on the center of the couch. She reached up and grabbed Derrick by his waistband and pulled him in front of her. "Get down on your knees Derrick, we're going to have a little chat first." Derrick did as he was told. As he was kneeling Lauren scooted forward and split her legs, pulling Derrick into her crotch. Derrick felt small compared to Lauren. She put her hands on his hips and began to speak. "You broke one of the rules that we agreed on. Do you remember what happens to little boys that break rules?" Derrick looked up into Lauren's blue eyes and answered. "They get spanked." "That's right Derrick. You've been a very bad boy, and I'm afraid I have no other option but to spank you like a naughty child. Now get up, put the spoon on the table, and lay over my lap." After he put the spoon down he felt Lauren's hand grab his wrist firmly and pull him down over her thighs. "What a childish position for a boy your age to be in. Do you have anything to say to me before we begin?" So many thoughts and emotions were going through Derricks' head at that moment. His dick was pressed up against her thighs, and his butt was in the air. The only thing he could say was that he was sorry. Lauren laughed. "You can give me a proper apology when you're sitting on a freshly spanked butt." She then raised her palm and began smacking his bottom. Derricks pants and undies were still on which absorbed most of the impact, but after about 200 smacks his butt was really starting to warm up. Lauren was taking her time, and making sure Derrick was feeling as naughty and childish as possible. SMACK SMACK SMACK "how does it feel." SMACK SMACK SMACK "To be draped over your girlfriend's lap." SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK "For a well-deserved spanking?" SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK YOU'VE BEEN A NAUGHTY - SMACK - NAUGHTY - SMACK - LITTLE BOY! - SMACK SMACK SMACK Lauren noticed that while she was spanking and scolding, Derrick was rubbing his hard dick against her thighs. She liked the reaction she was getting from him and continued to spank over his pants. After 3 or 4 more minutes, she stopped and rubbed his bottom. She could feel some heat on his plump cheeks. "Alright naughty pants. Get up and stand in front of me." Derrick complied. Soon he was standing in front of his girlfriend with his erection pointing towards her. Lauren grabbed his waistband and slid his pants down to his ankles and told him to step out. She looked at his tighty whities with a grin. "I like your little boy undies. They really suite you Derrick." She quickly spun him around. She could see some redness beginning to creep in on the sit spots, and without warning, she hiked up Derricks undies into his butt crack. "AHHHH!" Derrick jumped a bit which made Lauren laugh. "Oh yeah, those cheeks are getting pretty red. How do they feel right now Derrick?" Derrick, redder in the face than he was on his butt, responded. "It feels kind of hot, in more ways than one." Lauren smacked him on his bare wedgied butt 5 times in the same spot. "Obviously you still need a lot more. Get your bottom over my lap, Derrick. You're going to be one sorry boy when I'm finished with you." With that, she pulled him down to her strong thighs. Derrick could better feel the curves of her lap without his pants, and he was eager to be placed on her lap without any kind of protection. He felt childish and ridiculous being over her lap wearing tighty whities. Lauren had strong thick legs, which aided in propping his butt higher up and making him feel more exposed. Lauren began to spank after situating him on her thighs. Her rhythm began to pick up. She concentrated on his bare sit spots and gave him breaks by spanking over his childish underwear. Every now and then she would hike up his undies into his butt crack and smack his bare butt a few times. She really liked the effect of the wedgies. After about 6 minutes of undie spanking, his butt was fairly red. Lauren made sure to rub the fact in. "I think we're making progress, but your cock is still hard. You must really like being spanked. You've been taking this very well so far." Derrick began to rub his dick on her lap while she held him in position. It felt like dozens of fire ants were biting at his bottom. He especially felt the burn on his sit spots. He came close to exploding on her lap but she made him stop thrusting just in time. "Alright Derrick, break time's over. It's time to get serious." Lauren grabbed at Derricks waistband. He was expecting another wedgie but instead, she gently pulled them down over his tender butt. The underwear snagged on the tip of his dick and she asked him to lift up for a second so she could correct that. Pretty soon his tighty whities were down to his ankles and he was told to kick them off. Now Derricks dick was in direct contact with Lauren's sweat pant covered thighs. This is a moment Derrick wishes he could stay in for eternity. The feeling of his spanked bare butt propped up by a beautiful women's lap is a feeling that can't be accurately put into words. Derrick felt the cool air of the room on his bottom and listened to Lauren's soft voice. He wanted to cum so badly. He started to gently hump her thighs while she spoke to him. "This is what you get every time you break the rules, Derrick. Now spread your legs." Derrick felt her hand cup the inside of his thigh, pulling his butt cheeks apart. He felt complete exposure. Lauren could see the back of his scrotum and his little butt hole. She stroked his bum for a few seconds while enjoying the view, then started to spank. SWAT SMACK SPANK SLAP SMACK SMACK SMACK Lauren's rhythm was really picking up, and Derrick began to squirm on her lap. The spanking was starting to sink in for Derrick as he realized that she hadn't even touched the wooden spoon yet. His butt was starting to burn, and he jumped a bit every time Lauren's hand landed in the tender areas of his butt crack and thighs. "OUCHHHH! THAT'S STARTING TO STING!" SMACK SMACK SLAP "Oh I know it's starting to sting Derrick. You're squirming around a bit more than before." SMACK SMACK WHACK SLAP "You'll just have to try to take your punishment like a big boy." "LAUREN AWWWW WAIT IM SORRY!" Lauren laughed at his apology. "I guess spankings aren't all about humping my thighs after all, huh Derrick?" Derrick groaned and tried his best to keep himself from crying. Lauren stopped to give him a little break. Derrick felt her reach for the spoon. "Lauren, wait. I've learned my lesson. Do you think this can just be a hand spanking?" Lauren laughed at him. "This is why I like to spank Derrick. I decide when it stops, and I can't think of a good enough reason to let you off my lap. Plus, if you remember our little agreement, I mentioned that every time you're over my lap you get spanked with an implement. In this case, it's a wooden spoon. You should be thankful it's not a hairbrush." "Lauren, please. I'm sorry." Derrick replied in a low pitched and pitiful tone. Derrick felt humiliated and defeated. There was no way out of it. "You should be sorry Derrick. After all, you did ask for this." Derrick buried his face in his arms and waited for the spoon to strike. THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK Lauren brought the spoon down hard, and Derricks' legs began to kick against the couch. She held him firmly. "You're not getting out of this Derrick. This is a part of your life now and you need to accept that." By now Derricks dick was getting soft, which increased his embarrassment. He knew that Lauren had noticed. She had him right where she wanted. THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK "AWWWW STOP IT! PLEEEAAASSSEEE!" Derrick kicked and squirmed violently. Lauren ignored him. And after about 5 minutes of non-stop and fast-paced spanking with the wooden spoon, she could hear him break down into a sobbing mess. She continued a couple minutes longer, making sure that he knew who was boss. When she stopped he lay motionless with his face buried in his arms. He was sobbing and breathing heavily. Lauren stroked his back and rubbed his tender bottom. "I think we're done now, Derrick. I'm not going to lie and tell you I didn't enjoy spanking you, I actually can't wait for you to break another rule." Lauren helped him off of her lap and told him to sit on her knee. He winced and sobbed as his sore butt made contact with her left thigh. She held him close in her arms like a mother would to a little child. "I care about you so much Derrick, but I DO NOT mess around when it comes to punishment. I hope you keep that in mind the next time you decide to misbehave." Derrick held onto his girlfriend and told her how sorry he was about the DVD. She meant so much to him. "I know you didn't mean to insult me earlier Derrick, you were just curious. As a matter of fact, I was expecting that to happen today. I had to be hard on you in order to get my point across. I spank hard Derrick, but it all pays off in the end. You'll see. After their heart to heart, Derrick was told to stand up and put the movie in. This time he didn't dare give her attitude. He asked if he could put his pants back on, Lauren said no. "I want to see that red butt of yours for the rest of the day, mister!" Chapter 4 Secrets Worth Telling Derrick had ended up sleeping over at Lauren's house. He awoke on the same couch he was punished on the day before. Lauren was sitting next to him watching tv. Derrick noticed that he was still butt naked from the waist down. She giggled and told him how cute he was as he slept. Derrick was still in a sleepy morning daze, but Lauren pinched his sore butt which immediately woke him up. The sting brought back the memory of sobbing over her lap. "How's that bottom of yours feeling Derrick?" "It still hurts the same as it did last night" Lauren kissed him on the forehead "Let's try to put that behind us. We should go out and have some fun today. Plus I need to run some errands." "Where do you want to go?" he replied while rubbing his tired eyes. "Well, I need to stop at the grocery store, and afterward you can pick a place to eat." Derrick agreed. Lauren insisted on driving. It was a humid day, so Lauren decided to change into some tight jean shorts and a red tank top. On the way out of the house, Derrick noticed Lauren putting a plastic hairbrush into her purse. "Just in case!" she said with a wink. Derrick blushed. As Derrick climbed into the car and sat down on the hot leather, he let out a moan. Lauren smiled at him and turned the key. "You can probably expect that to burn for a few more days!" Derrick thought about his punishment. He was starting to like the fact that his butt was bruised and red while Lauren's curvy butt was pain-free. The psychology of being spanked by her was really starting to kick in. He knew that whenever Lauren glanced at his butt, she would think of the spanking she delivered the day before. Lauren noticed the discomfort on his face as they walked through the parking lot and into the grocery store. She smiled at him and held his hand. Lauren got a cart from the cart bay and told Derrick to push while she got the groceries. She walked ahead of Derrick. His eyes were fixed on her round and curvy butt the whole time. The way it swayed and bounced painlessly from side to side teased him. He thought of her butt sitting on the couch while she held him over her lap. Then he felt the sharp pain of his own butt as he walked with her. He was starting to get horny. Lauren took her time shopping. She was in no rush and was having a great time with Derrick. Lauren was about to head to the register when she remembered the wooden hairbrush she wanted to buy for Derrick. While in the hairbrush isle Lauren asked which one he liked best. Derrick gulped and looked down at the ground. "Derrick, when I ask you something I expect you to respond to me. Don't make me have to ask you again. You'll be in big trouble young man." Derrick looked up and responded, fearing a spanking in the middle of the store." Maybe that one." He said, pointing at a medium-sized wooden brush. Lauren picked it up and smacked it against her palm a couple times. "Good choice Derrick now let's go ea. I'm starving." While walking to the registers they passed through the baby section. Lauren took the chance to embarrass Derrick and have a little fun with him. Lauren said with a laugh "You might still be getting spanked like a little boy Derrick, but at least you're not back in diapers like a little baby!" Derrick was stunned. He knew that she was joking, but the fact that she just said that aloud in the middle of the grocery store made his face turn a deep red. He felt his penis stiffen in his pants. Thankfully nobody was in the aisle with them. "Lauren! somebody could have heard that!" "That's the point, Derrick. Lighten up, it was a joke!" The couple had a perfect day. After stopping at home to unload the groceries, they ended up going to a local sandwich place. Later they stopped to get ice cream. Derrick kept thinking about what Lauren had said in the baby section of the store. He had pictured Lauren changing him into a diaper, and for some reason, the thought of it really excited him. Maybe it was the way Lauren had said it. The thought of her doing something that childish to him made his cock hard. He knew that he couldn't let the opportunity to ask her about it pass by. Plus, not being honest with Lauren about his feelings would certainly earn him another spanking. The two of them were sitting on a hill in the park eating ice cream when Derrick finally built up the courage to say something about it. "Hey Lauren, I wanted to ask you something." Lauren looked into his eyes "Sure Derrick, go ahead." "It has to do with what you said in the store today. I- " Lauren interrupted "I'm sorry for embarrassing you, Derrick. I know I crossed a boundary, I just wanted to have some fun. I'll respect your privacy next time. You were so good for me today." "It's okay, I'm not mad about it. I've just been thinking about when you mentioned the diapers and-" "What about the diapers Derrick?" Derrick hesitated "I guess I want to see how they feel. Ever since you brought them up I've been curious about it." Lauren stared into his eyes, and then looked down at his crotch. She pictured what it would look like to see her adult boyfriends dick wrapped up in a thick diaper. The thought made her smile. "Derrick, I was joking about that at first, but now that you bring it up it actually sounds kind of fun. Just keep in mind that diapers would be used as punishment, and we'll have to add it to the agreement. It's too bad you didn't tell me at the store, we could have picked up some supplies." "I know." he said "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I wanted to be honest but it was such a hard and embarrassing thing to tell you. Are you going to spank me again?" Lauren wrapped her arms around him "I won't spank you for this Derrick. It's okay to be curious about something. It would be a different story if you had kept this from me from the beginning, while we were writing our agreement. Plus, it's not every day that you ask your girlfriend to put you back into diapers. I just want you to be sure about this." Derrick was excited and knew he wanted to try it. "Thanks for understanding Lauren, I really want to try them." his face was red. "I'm always here for you Derrick. We should hit the store on the way home and pick up some supplies." Chapter 5 A New Kind Of Punishment The next day Lauren and Derrick sat across from each other in the kitchen. On the table lay the Punishment Agreement, a big package of adult disposable diapers, wipes, baby powder and Lauren's brand 'spankin' new hairbrush. "Alright Derrick, I did some research after you left last night and I came up with how diapering can be incorporated into our agreement, so hear me out. You'll only be diapered when you break my strictest rules. For example, smoking and bad grades are very naughty rules to break in my book. The consequences for those will be a spanking per day, and you'll be diapered 24/7. Lying is also a diapering offense, understood?" "Yes, Miss." Derrick was looking her up and down. Lauren looked hot today. She wore a little black skirt and a tight fitting white collared shirt that was buttoned down half way and rolled up at the sleeves. "As for the duration of the diaper punishment, I was thinking of starting out at 3 days for each rule you break." This will give you plenty of time to use your diapers. If you break two of my stricter rules then you'll be in diapers for 6 days, and you'll be spanked on each of those days. However, if you break all three of my strictest rules within a week, then you'll be on diaper punishment for a full 30 days. Do you understand?" Derrick agreed. He couldn't stop staring at the super thick disposables on the table. His curiosity was getting the best of him. "While being diaper punished, you will be expected to wear them in public. If I have to spank you in public, then your pants are coming down for it." Derrick snapped out of his daze, "But Lauren, I don't want anybody to see me in a diaper. Can't this be between you and me?" Lauren laughed "No Derrick, just because you're wearing a diaper doesn't mean you're exempt from public bare butt spankings. If anything, you deserve it more. Don't worry. Like I said before, make sure you behave in public and we shouldn't have a problem." "Yes, Miss." "Good boy. I can't think of much else to add... Oh wait, there is one more thing. While you're in the house you're not allowed to wear pants. Only diapers and a t-shirt." That wasn't a huge problem for Derrick, so he agreed. Lauren took his hand in hers. "This is a humiliating punishment Derrick, it makes spanking look like child's play when it comes to humiliation. Are you absolutely sure you want to go through with this?" Derrick was sure of it. He just had to remind himself to stay on his very best behavior in public. "It sounds fair." he replied in a low pitched tone. Lauren noticed that something was wrong. Derrick looked guilty, so she asked what the problem was. Derrick looked down at the table and answered. "Do you remember the day when we started this agreement, and you asked me if there was anything else that I wanted to add?" Lauren looked at him with troubled eyes. "Yes, and if I remember correctly you said no. Is there something you want to tell me, Derrick?" "I may have wanted to add something after all. It's not another bad habit. It's another punishment that I've been curious about. I don't know why I didn't tell you. Maybe I was embarrassed." Derrick knew he had put himself on the spot. In fact, he did it on purpose so he could try the diapers. Lauren's eyes grew angry. "So you lied about not wanting to add something to the list, and now you're suddenly telling me out of nowhere? I respect that you're coming clean with me, but a lie is a lie, Derrick. Now, what is it you wanted to add?" Derrick hesitated and choked up a bit. He didn't mean to make Lauren this angry. "I.. I guess I want you to start washing my mouth out with soap. It's just so childish and oddly appealing to me. I didn't mean to- " "Say no more Derrick," Lauren said as she added the new punishment to the agreement. "I am so pissed at you for keeping something like that from me. You lied to me while we were writing the agreement, and now you're asking for a favor. All I want is for you to trust me, Derrick. You really hurt my feelings." Derrick was silent as Lauren's angry eyes pierced through him. After taking a moment to think, Lauren took a deep breath and stood up from the table. She suddenly grabbed Derricks wrist and pulled him off of his chair. She began marching him to the kitchen sink. "Well Derrick, since lying is a strict rule of mine, I think I'm going to go ahead and punish you with diapers. Your diaper punishment starts effective immediately. You'll be diapered 24/7 for the next three days, and spanked every night. I've also decided to soap your mouth right now since you're so curious about it. You're going to be one very sorry little boy." Chapter 6 Triple Dose Lauren hiked up her skirt and grabbed Derrick by the wrist. She pulled him towards her right side. Derrick was caught off guard as he felt a strong tug, causing him to trip over her right thigh, thus landing him face down over her bare lap. He tried to wiggle and adjust. He could feel her bare legs split to stabilize and balance him. Lauren made sure that his dick rested on her right thigh, while her left thigh supported his upper body. She then reached between his legs to expose his scrotum. Throughout the spanking Lauren would make sure that his feet were always dangling, never touching the ground. Lauren took notice to how red and sore his bottom was from his last spanking. "Your butt holds a nice tone Derrick, I can't believe that after two full days it's still bright red." The hairbrush came down hitting each cheek and then the center of his butt crack. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK Lauren covered his butt with hairbrush welts and repeatedly reminded him to scoot further up on her knees, stick his butt out, and spread his cheeks more. She knew that reminding him of these things was humiliating, which boosted the effectiveness of the punishment. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK Derrick screamed through the bar of soap. He had never felt pain like this before. He knew that Lauren would not let up. He was helpless. "Get those feet off the floor Derrick! you can kick all you want but those legs should be dangling." Derrick kicked and bucked as she spanked each sit spot 200 times with a fast-paced rhythm. His butt started out bright red, but now it was bruised and purple. "Alright Derrick, spread your legs real wide so I can spank the tender spots, and then its diaper time." He did as he was told and spread his legs far and wide. He jumped and yelped as she spanked his anus and inner thighs. This continued for three minutes before she stopped. Derrick was stretched out across Lauren's lap screaming and kicking like a four-year-old even after she stopped spanking. His bottom was a deep shade of purple and red. Lauren held him tightly until he calmed down, and then asked if he was ready for diaper time. Derrick said "yes Miss." with tears in his eyes. Lauren let him up and told him to rinse his mouth out. While Derrick was at the sink tending to his soapy mouth, she sat in her chair and admired her work. "That is one sore butt you've got there Derrick. Just remember that I'll be spanking you for the next three nights before bedtime as part of your diaper punishment." Derrick sniffled and splashed handfuls of water into his mouth. Lauren laughed and told him he had 3 minutes to collect himself while she got his diaper ready. "If you're late, then you're going right back over my lap mister!" Lauren stood up from her chair and strutted over to the kitchen table. She stacked the powder and the wipes on top of the big package of diapers and then went into the bathroom to get some lotion. She carried everything into the living room and placed it on the floor. "You've got about two minutes Derrick." Lauren was sitting cross-legged on the floor with a big diaper in one hand, and the hairbrush in the other. "Alright, times up. If you're not over here in 5 seconds then I'm spanking your thighs." Derrick ran across the kitchen, barely making it in time. He stood in front of her with an erection and a very sore bottom. Lauren patted the towel that she had laid out in front of her and told him to lay down. When Derrick sat Lauren could see the pain in his eyes the moment his butt made contact with the towel. "Shouldn't have been so naughty Derrick." Derrick blushed and laid down on his back, his knees were slightly parted, but Lauren grabbed his legs and spread them out, revealing everything. She scooted in closer between his spread out legs and looked into his eyes. "During your diaper changes, you will put your hands on your head. If you try to interrupt anything then I'll smack your butt with the hairbrush, and I have a feeling you don't want me to do that anymore." Derrick agreed. Lauren put the diaper aside and squeezed a big glob of lotion into her hand. "This is going to be cold, but it'll feel good. Especially on your backside." Lauren began to rub the lotion onto Derricks legs and moved in closer to his crotch. She massaged his balls and began running her lotion covered hand up and down his shaft. She could tell Derrick was enjoying this, and she was enjoying it too. But she had to remind herself that this was for punishment and not for pleasure. Lauren looked him in the eyes. "Being diapered like this really says a lot about the state of your maturity Derrick. When you're in diapers for the next three days I want you to think long and hard about the consequences that come with your actions. Apparently, you need a little more motivation than going over my lap for a spanking." Lauren covered Derricks entire crotch with lotion and ordered him to flip over to his stomach. He obeyed and laid there quietly while she spoke. "Spread those cheeks, Derrick." She squirted the lotion directly on his bruised bottom. Derrick jumped a bit from the cold but was corrected with a firm smack to his thigh. "No squirming Derrick or I swear I'll put you back over my lap." Lauren rubbed the lotion all over his purple cheeks and into his ass crack. When she finished, he was ordered to flip over again. "Alright Derrick, its the moment you've been waiting for... diaper time! Now lift your bottom up high." Lauren slid the diaper under him. Then she lifted his legs and coated his crotch and butt with clouds of baby powder. "You are going to look adorable in your new underwear sweetie." Lauren let his legs down and grabbed the front of the diaper, pulling it over his dick. "Here we go!" Lauren cheered as she brought it up to his waist. She held it there and taped one side of the diaper after the other. After the tapes fastened, she made sure everything was tucked in around the legs and crotch. Lauren Patted the front of the diaper "All done baby, how does it feel?" Derrick was helped up to his feet. He walked with an awkward waddle, and his spanked butt was still showing a bit where the diaper ended near the sit spots. "It's so thick, I'm going to burn up with this on." Lauren laughed "That spanked bottom of yours probably doesn't help too much when it comes to the heat, but I guess you shouldn't have disobeyed me in the first place" Derricks erection pressed against the diaper, he looked ridiculous, and he felt like a well-punished toddler. Lauren hugged him. "I hope you learned your lesson. Now, let's go to bed, boys in diapers shouldn't be up this late." Derrick climbed the stairs while Lauren followed, playfully smacking his diapered bottom all the way up to the bedroom. Chapter 7 Humiliation At The Mall Derrick woke to a loud smack on his diapered butt. "Time to wake up Derrick, it's day one of your diaper punishment! " Lauren was brushing her teeth and sat down next to him on the bed. "We're going shopping today, so get ready" "Yes, Miss" Derrick rubbed his eyes and felt the aftermath of his punishment from last night. Derrick was having a hard time as he tried to rub his sore butt through the diaper. He knew he would be fussing with it all day. The soap taste was also present, and it was drying out his mouth and throat. Lauren watched him as he tried to rub his sore diapered butt. She could see the bruising on his sit spots and thighs. "Don't forget about our agreement Derrick. You can expect a spanking every night before bed for the next three nights." Derrick sat up in bed "Lauren, can I take the diaper off for a while? It feels like thousands of pins are stabbing me on the butt, and I'm sweating like crazy down there." Lauren laughed at his request "No Derrick if you hadn't lied to my face than you wouldn't be strapped into that diaper with a spanked bum in the first place. Being uncomfortable in your diapers is a huge part of this punishment. The only time that I'll remove that diaper is when you're in desperate need of a spanking or a changing. If you try to take it off yourself, then you'll be spanked." Derrick groaned, he realized that he may have underestimated the effect of the diaper punishment. He knew now that he would have to go out in public today with the hot bulk between his legs and the soreness of his butt. He was not looking forward to it. Lauren stood up. "Put your pants on Derrick, we're going to the mall." Derrick got out of bed and slid his pants on. He walked downstairs and found Lauren in the kitchen putting a few diapers and the hairbrush in her purse. Lauren looked up at him "The mall is pretty far away Derrick, if you have an accident then I'll need to change you there. As for the hairbrush, well, that's pretty self-explanatory at this point." She slung the purse over her shoulder and grabbed her keys. "Come on Derrick, hop in the car." Derrick followed Lauren out to her car. The diaper made his butt stick out, and he walked with a slight waddle. Lauren was about to close the door when she suddenly remembered something. "Oops Derrick, I almost forgot your baby powder." She grabbed it off of the living room floor and placed it in her purse. "Alright, I think we're all ready to go." On the way to the mall, Lauren and Derrick talked and listened to the radio. Derrick brought up his living situation and mentioned that his lease would be up soon and he would have to find a new place to live. Lauren asked if he had found a place that he could afford. "Not yet, most of the places are taken, so I'll have to keep looking. Lauren thought for a while, and then told Derrick that he could stay at her place if he doesn't find something in time. "If you end up moving in, you would be paying me with chores and tasks that I assign around the house." Derrick thanked her for the offer and kissed her on the cheek. The mall parking lot looked empty as they approached. Derrick was nervous and Lauren could tell. She secretly wanted Derrick to misbehave so she could spank him in public. They walked through the sliding doors and into the food court. Lauren held derricks hand "Okay little one, I need you to hold my hand at all times so you don't get lost. Okay?" Derrick looked up at her and nodded, he felt like a child, but the diapers made him feel like a toddler. The two made their way through the mall holding hands. Lauren made the occasional joke about stopping in a toddler store and playing on the jungle gym. Derrick was red in the face. He knew the diaper wasn't very noticeable under his sweats, but the bulk between his legs and the occasional crinkle made him paranoid. Lauren and Derrick found themselves in a large department store about an hour into their shopping spree. Lauren hadn't let go of Derricks' hand all day and his patience was running thin. Lauren was looking at a long red dress when Derrick asked her how long they were going to shop. Lauren started looking at another dress and pulled Derrick along by the hand "Why baby? did you use your diapers like a good boy? Or are you just bored?" She could tell that he was finicky, and she was prepared to make this day as long as possible to bring out his naughty side in public. Her plan was working. Derrick rolled his eyes "We've been here for an hour and you haven't even bought anything!" Lauren glared into Derricks eyes and suddenly yanked at his wrist. He fell forward a bit and felt 3 hard smacks hit the center of his diapered bum. Derrick was shocked. He looked around the store to see if anybody heard the ordeal, luckily nobody was around. Lauren grabbed him by the chin and looked him in the eyes. "Derrick, if I hear you raise your voice to me one more time, I'll spank that diaper all the way back to the car. Do you understand me?" Derrick saw the seriousness in her eyes, and replied with a simple "yes Miss." Her eyes were still on his, and his dick was hard from the unexpected smacks to his rear. He couldn't believe it, but he wanted Lauren to spank him right there and now. Lauren still held his chin in her hand "Is that all Derrick? Just yes Miss? No apology?" Derrick looked away from her, he knew this was his chance. "I'm sorry Miss, can you please spank me in the store?" Lauren's eyes lit up, she was taken aback and surprised at Derricks request. Derrick noticed the smile on her face, he knew that this was what she wanted all along. "Wow Derrick, you must REALLY love to be spanked. Of course, I'll smack your bottom in the store!" She grabbed Derrick by the wrist and took a look around the huge store. She didn't want to draw a huge crowd, but one or two people wouldn't hurt. The shoe section was empty so she led Derrick through the store while smacking his bum. They arrived and Lauren quickly found a long bench that customers use to try on shoes. The bench was in the corner of the shoe department and was positioned in a way that allowed her to see every angle of the store. She sat down in the center of the padded bench. "Derrick, you have been such a bad boy today." Lauren released his wrist and quickly pulled his pants down to his ankles. Derricks white disposable diaper was exposed to the store, he immediately crouched behind the low shoe aisle. Lauren laughed and looked around the store "Come on Derrick, I don't see anybody yet, now get that diapered bottom over my lap!" She reached out and grabbed his hand and pulled him next to her, then slung him over her thighs. Derrick glanced back to see his white diapered bottom perched up on her knees. Lauren leaned in so he could see her face. "I'm surprised Derrick, it takes some balls to ask to be spanked in public. Especially during your diaper punishment!" Lauren grabbed a hold of Derricks diapered hip and swung with her strong arm, making sure the smacking of his diaper could be heard from across the store. "NAUGHTY NAUGHTY BOY!!" SWAT SWAT PLAT SMACK SMACK SMACK SLAP SMACK The diaper provided a lot of protection to Derricks buns, but the loudness of the smacks made him worry. Somebody must have heard the loud smacks. Lauren stopped after delivering 15 loud smacks to his diaper. She saw a young employee poke her head around the corner with a confused look on her face. She couldn't see Derrick yet because the shoe aisle was blocking her view, and she was still pretty far from where they were. Lauren looked down at Derricks diapered butt and felt pity "Alright Derrick, I'll make it quick for you." The employee started walking towards them as Lauren quickly pulled the diaper down just below his bottom. "There's an employee walking towards us so I'll only give you 20 with the brush." Lauren quickly reached into her purse and pulled out the wooden brush, she held Derrick tight. Lauren quickly paddled his bare butt one cheek after the other. As she spanked she continuously looked up at the approaching employee. She was getting closer. Derrick tried his best to stay quiet as the brushing was nearing an end. He kicked and squirmed as Lauren gave the 20th smack. Lauren quickly pulled up the diaper and yanked his sweatpants up but she wasn't quick enough. "IS HE IN DIAPERS? ARE YOU SPANKING HIM? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?" Derrick tried to leap off of Lauren's lap but she held him down on her knees. Lauren stroked is bottom while she spoke to the employee. "Hi, I'm Lauren and this is my boyfriend Derrick. You might be wondering why a grown man is being spanked in your department store." The employee's name is Jill, she has blonde hair and a strong feminine build similar to Lauren's. "I just heard the sound but I wasn't expecting this!" Derrick buried his face in the cushion of the bench, he couldn't believe Lauren was speaking to an employee while he lay sprawled out across her thighs with his diapered butt in the air. Lauren placed her arm on the back of Derricks thighs, she could tell Jill was amused. "I'm sorry for the surprise, my boyfriend was in desperate need of a spanking. I hope this won't cause any problems." Jills eyes were fixated on Derricks' bottom. "Does he wear diapers?" Lauren Laughed and patted Derricks Diapered bum. "Yep, Derrick is on diaper punishment for the next three days. Believe it or not, he asked for all of this!" Jill giggled and tried to keep a straight face. She looked around the store and then focused on Derricks upturned bottom. "Can I see them?" Derrick squirmed and resisted a bit after hearing the request but Lauren was quick to spank in order to calm him down. SMACK SMACK SMACK "stop squirming Derrick" SMACK SMACK "there's nothing you can do about it!" SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK "now to answer your question Jill...of course you can see them!" Lauren pulled down the sweatpants to reveal the thick diaper. Jill noticed that it had been indented from Lauren's firm hand. Lauren continued to pull at the pants revealing his bright red thighs. Jill started cracking up. "OHHH NOO somebody's been up to no good! Did the wittle baby get a pankin?" The girls laughed as Derrick wiggled and tried to free himself. Lauren pressed him firmly down against her lap. "Stop your fussing Derrick." Jill laughed, she couldn't believe her eyes. "Well... I'm opening the store today and I'll be the only one in this department for the next hour. You can finish spanking him if you'd like, but I'll need to close this wing down while you do it." Lauren smiled and thanked Jill for not making a big deal out of Derricks situation. "You can stay and watch if you want. I think the punishment would be more effective if you stayed. We'll wait for you while you close up the wing." "Sounds like a plan!" Jill smiled and ran to close off the entrance to the store. Chapter 8 Lauren Makes A Friend Jill came back and sat down on a neighboring bench. She had a great view of Derricks propped up tushy. His bottom felt warm and tingly from the 20 smacks with the brush, and the diaper was snug against his cock from when Lauren hiked it up. He soon developed an erection against Lauren's lap. Derrick was bright red in the face. He felt Lauren begin to lightly spank over his diaper while engaging in small talk with Jill. The two were becoming great friends. Lauren chose to spank lightly in order to humiliate Derrick even further. The idea was to put extra emphasis on the diaper that he wore and the sound that it made from the mild pats of her palm. PAT PAT PAT PAT "Yep, Derrick and I have a written agreement." TAP TAP TAP When we first started dating he mentioned his need to be spanked" PAT PAT PAT "I think he's starting to learn a thing or two from me." TAP TAP..... SMACK! OOOUCH! Derrick yelps. Lauren surprised him with a hard swat to his bare sit spot. "Sorry to break the conversation like that Jill, but Derrick was starting to grind his dick against my lap." Jill watched with fascination as she noticed Derrick hump Lauren's legs. "Does he ever cum on your knees?" "No, but he's gotten close. He hasn't been a good enough boy for me to let him cum on my lap. Maybe if he's a good enough boy during this spanking I'll let him cum on me at the end." Derrick was excited and tried his best to be good. He felt Lauren's weight shift as she reached for the brush. "Okay, Derrick, no more light pats to your diaper." Derrick felt her gently push him off of her knees. "Let's bare that butt!" Derrick slid off and landed on all fours, his pants were at his knees. "Say hi to our new friend Derrick. Look her in the eyes and shake her hand." Derrick turned and shook Jill's hand. His boner grew when he realized how pretty she was. Her long blonde hair ran down her shoulders and she had big blues eyes and a friendly face. "Nice to meet you diaper boy," she says to him with a grin. "I would love to chat but it looks like Lauren wants to bare that butt of yours!" Lauren pulls Derrick between her thighs and brings him in close. "Let's get this diaper off shall we?" Derricks face is bright red as he kneels in front of his girlfriend. "Put your hands on your head, just like during a diaper change" Lauren begins to untape the front tabs when Derrick suddenly reaches down. "No! She'll see me! Cant you take them off while I'm on your lap? PLEASE!" Jill giggled at the sight. Lauren grabbed his hand and put it back on top of his head. "Absolutely not Derrick. Frontal nudity is part of your punishment and you'll learn to accept that. If you act out again then you can forget about cumming on my lap later. Do you understand me?" Derrick looked down helplessly at his thick and nearly unfastened diaper. "I'm sorry Miss, I won't act up again." Lauren rubbed his hips "Good boy." Jill smirked and stared. "I can't believe he's embarrassed at the thought of me seeing him naked. I've already seen you get spanked in a DIAPER Derrick!" The girls laughed as Lauren untaped the last tab. She pulled the diaper out from between his legs. "There you go baby, fresh air at last. How does it feel?" "Good Miss." Jill looked up and down at the dark red blotches that covered his bottom and thighs. She then noticed his very erect penis pointing straight up at Lauren. She squeezed her thighs together, resisting the urge to touch herself. "Alright Derrick, you know the drill. Get over my lap, don't make me pull you across." Derrick climbed up onto the bench and planted his naked body on her lap. Lauren reached between his legs and pulled his cheeks apart. Jills eyes widened as she had a full view of the back Derricks balls resting on Lauren's right thigh. Lauren grabbed at Derricks' waist and started to spank. His cheeks bounced and waddled as the sound of the smacking filled the store. Lauren wound up with the brush and brought it down hard on his tender bottom. "Derrick you have been such a naughty little brat today" SMACK SMACK SMACK "that bottom will be a deep crimson by the time I'm done with it!" SMACK SMACK Her intensity picked up as she spanked his naked bottom. Derrick moaned and whimpered and tried to keep his composure in front of Jill. Jill was consumed by Derricks bouncing and upturned bottom. She had never witnessed a spanking before and was amazed at how red Lauren was making his cheeks. She suddenly pictured Derrick laying over her own lap as he squirmed and rubbed his dick against her legs. Lauren noticed her curiosity. "So Jill, I was thinking you could come over to my house sometime" SMACK SMACK SMACK "Derrick and I would love to have you over for dinner." SMACK SMACK "I would love to, hopefully, Derrick can behave himself while I'm visiting. I'm sure he doesn't like people watching as he gets punished!" SMACK SMACK SMACK Lauren slowed down the pace a bit as she spoke "If you come over within the next two days he'll be spanked no matter how well he behaves. That's the glory of his diaper punishment, I get to spank him every night before bed." SMACK SMACK Derricks legs kicked and wiggled, Lauren could tell he was in a lot of pain. "Alright, Derrick, just a few more smacks and then we're all done." Lauren ended with four hard spanks to Derricks sit spots. Derrick yelped and twisted on her knees. Jill sat and looked approvingly at Lauren's work "Wow, that looks like one sorry bottom you've got there Derrick. It's amazing how Lauren manages to smack the inside of your butt crack so well, she really knows what she's doing!" Lauren dropped the hairbrush into the bag and held her naughty boy in position. "The areas around the anus and inner thighs really make him jump." Lauren rubbed his soreness and ran her finger over his anus. "Okay Derrick, since you were so good during your spanking I'll let you cum on my lap, but no cumming on my jeans, I don't want you ruining them." Lauren let Derrick off her knees. Derrick got up and sat next to Lauren while she undid her belt and slid her tight jeans down to her knees. Derrick looked down at Lauren's bare lap, she was wearing bright pink panties. Derrick was about to explode. "The only reason I'm taking these off for you right now is because Jill closed the wing to the store. If customers were walking around then you wouldn't be so lucky. Why don't you thank her." Derrick looked over at Jill. Her zipper was undone and her hand was rubbing her clit. His jaw dropped as he stared at her crotch. Lauren smacked the top of his thigh with her belt to gain his attention. "What's wrong Derrick? You've never seen a lady touch herself?" Derrick straightened up and thanked Jill for closing the store. Jill gazed at Lauren as she pressed her bare thighs together and made a nice sturdy platform for Derrick. "Lay across." Lauren took his hand and gently guided Derrick over her bare lap. He thought of her panty covered vagina just centimeters away from his hard cock. He began rubbing up and down against her thighs as she held him in place. He felt Lauren smear some lotion on his burning red butt. "I may as well lotion your bottom while I have you on my knees, and we still need to change you into a fresh diaper." Lauren messaged his naked fanny and could feel his hardness rubbing against her legs. Lauren looked over and saw Jill gaze at Derrick as he humped her lap. She was still playing with herself. Lauren held him as he made his final thrusts. She felt Derricks cum spurt out and drip between her thighs. Derrick was breathing heavily, he lay limp and motionless. Just seconds after Derrick climaxed, Jill let out a high pitched moan. "Good boy Derrick. Did that feel good against my legs?" Derrick nodded and tried to catch his breath. "I think our new friend Jill is feeling pretty good too!" Jill smiled and turned red. "Sorry, I couldn't resist" Lauren laughed and told her it was okay. Lauren helped him up and cleaned off her messy lap. "Okay Derrick, we need to get you changed" Jill zipped up her pants and stood up. "There's a table he can lay on in the dressing room, follow me." Lauren stood and slowly pulled her jeans up over her curvy round ass. Derrick watched as the center seam of her skin-tight jeans hiked up into her butt crack as she pulled at the belt loops. Lauren looked back at him with a disapproving look. She slung the bag of supplies over her shoulder. "It's time to get changed Derrick, I don't want any problems from you." Derrick stood up and was dragged butt naked around the corner to the dressing rooms. They passed a set of mirrors and Derrick caught a glimpse of his bruised and welted backside. Jill led them to a large table with clothes piled on top. "There should be plenty of space to change him in here. The table is meant for folding clothes but I think it would be perfect for him to lay down on." Lauren led Derrick to the corner and helped Jill clear off the clothes. "Thanks again for your help, this table will work nicely." The girls cleared away the clothes as Derrick waited with his nose in the corner. "Okay Derrick, we're ready for you" Derrick turned around. The table was cleared off and a large beach towel lay spread out on top. Lauren stood on one side and Jill stood on the other. Lauren had stacked two diapers on the table and placed the powder and the wipes next to them. "Hop up on the table Derrick." Derrick sat on the table and slid his sore butt onto the towel. Lauren placed her hand on his chest while her other hand supported the back of his neck. She gently guided his head down to the table and gave him a kiss. "Are you ready for your diapers Derrick?" His face was red and looked over at Jill. She was standing over him looking over his naked body. "Does she have to be here for this?" Lauren looked him in the eyes. "Yes Derrick, and I might let her help if you don't start behaving yourself." Derrick whined. "Fine, I'm sorry Miss" Lauren opened the lotion and began rubbing derricks crotch. "Spread your legs a bit more baby, I need to get all of those creases." Jill watched as Lauren coated Derricks privates with gobs of lotion. His legs were spread out wide and his hands were on his head. She noticed that his dick was getting hard again. After the lotion, Lauren lifted Derricks' legs and coated his spanked bottom with baby powder. Jill sat on the table next to Derricks' head and watched as the powder covered his bottom and penis. After the powder was rubbed in, Lauren unfolded the diaper and placed it under Derricks' bum. "I'm going to double diaper you today because you've been such a brat!" Lauren lifted the diaper over Derricks erect penis and taped the sides snug. After the second diaper was fastened Derrick was told to stand up. Lauren helped him put his sweats back on and smacked his butt one last time for good measure. Lauren and Jill exchanged phone numbers as they were leaving the store. Derrick couldn't help but to feel excited for Jills visit to the house. Although his spankings hurt and the diapers are humiliating and hot, he knew that he was in love with his new girlfriend. Chapter 9 Dinner At Lauren's Jill pulled up to Lauren's yellow house and walked down the cobblestone road just as Derrick had done not long ago. The sun was just going down as she knocked on the door. It was just yesterday that she had witnessed Derricks humiliating diaper punishment at the mall. She felt that Lauren had opened up a new door full of exciting opportunities. She was surprised at how horny she had become while watching Lauren smack Derricks bottom. There was something about seeing a grown man propped up across a female lap that made her want to touch herself. Ever since the day at the mall she has been wanting to spank a naughty boy of her own. And who could forget the diapers? Having the power to keep a grown boy wrapped up in a thick baby-like disposable diaper made Jill curious and all the more horny. She couldn't help but feel jealous of Lauren and Derricks relationship. Lauren opened the door and immediately threw her arms around Jill and gave her a big hug. "Jill! I'm so glad you could make it. Come on in!" Jill followed Lauren into the kitchen. She suddenly noticed how tall and beautiful Lauren looked. The smell of fresh tomato sauce and garlic made her mouth water. "It smells great in here! You have a beautiful home." Lauren stirred the boiling water on the stove and checked the oven. "Thanks! I hope you like spaghetti, it's one of Derricks favorites!" "I love spaghetti! And where is that naughty boy anyway?" Jill said with a laugh. "That's a great question" Lauren called for Derrick to come downstairs. Jill's heart beat faster as she heard his footsteps coming down the stairs. She couldn't wait to see his thick diapers again. Derrick turned the corner to the kitchen. He had gym shorts on but it was very obvious that he was diapered underneath. She could also see the white color of the diaper sticking out from his waistband. Lauren glanced at him and put a hand on her hip. "What did I tell you about wearing shorts in the house Derrick?!" She let out a frustrated sigh and stormed over to Derrick and quickly pulled his pants down. Derrick frantically apologized as she made him step out of his shorts. "I...I'm sorry! I was just embarrassed!" Jills eyes were glued to the thick diaper. She noticed it was yellow and drooping at the crotch. She giggled at the sight which made Derrick cover the front of his padded crotch. His face was bright red as Lauren scolded him. Lauren tossed the shorts away and smacked his diapered bottom. THUMP THUMP THUMP Lauren's hand left a big dent in the center of Derricks puffy and plump diaper. "I think that little stunt just earned you 50 extra swats with the hairbrush tonight!" After the smacks, Lauren ran her hand over his yellowed crotch and then spun him around and pulled at the back of his waistband. Jill giggled as Lauren peered into the back of his diaper. "Did he mess them!?" Lauren let go of the waistband and hiked up Derricks Diaper. "Not yet... although I'm expecting a messy diaper tonight. He hasn't pooped all day! I think these wet diapers will be staying on until that happens!" Jill leaned against the counter and took it all in. The scene was so domestic. Lauren was wearing a polka-dot apron on over skin tight yoga pants and a low cut t-shirt. Lauren grabbed the wooden spoon and went to stir the sauce on the stove, leaving Derrick in the middle of the kitchen dressed in nothing but a soggy diaper and a t-shirt. At this point Derricks face was bright red. He looked down at the hardwood floor and sulked. Lauren looked over her shoulder at Derrick. "Derrick... Say hello to our guest and then set the table. Dinner is almost ready." Derrick looked up at Jill. She was wearing tight faded blue jeans with holes at the knees and a blue shirt that showed off her breasts. Her long, blonde hair hung down past her shoulders as she looked into his eyes. Derrick said hello and then got busy with the table. The girls talked in the kitchen as he poured three glasses of water and set out the silverware. Every now and then he would glance up at the kitchen and see Jill staring at him with a grin on her face. After the table was set they all sat at the table. Lauren and Jill casually talked as they ate. Lauren told the story of how Derrick had asked to be put into diapers after passing the baby section at the grocery store. Jill laughed for the entire meal. Derrick finished his plate and listened to the girls talk. He had developed a rock hard erection as they spoke about him. He loved the attention, and Jill was clearly fascinated with their relationship. Derrick cleared the table as the girls remained at the table. Lauren grabbed at Derricks diaper and smiled. "You should try to poop soon Derrick, I know you have to. I'd like to clean you up before I spank you." Derrick blushed, but he could feel the pressure in his bowels as she spoke. "Yes Miss, I'll try." Lauren and Jill smiled. Lauren lightly pinched his thigh which made him jump a bit. "Good boy, now finish up in the kitchen and meet us in the family room so we can get those diapers off of you. Then you'll be spanked." Derrick gulped and complied. As he washed the dishes he squatted next to the sink and tried to poop. As he pushed, he let out a loud fart that was slightly muffled by the padding of the diaper. The girls in the next room went silent for a moment and then burst out laughing. Lauren and Jill bolted into the kitchen to watch as Derrick did his business. He squatted as he leaned against the counter. He was soon filling his diaper. The girls watched as the back of his diaper expanded and moved as it filled up. Derrick was crying with embarrassment. Lauren cupped her hand and grabbed the back of his diaper, bouncing the mess up and down and moving it around against his bottom. Jill was hunched over laughing but she soon held her nose as the smell escaped the diaper. Lauren gave him a smack. "Good boy Derrick, now wipe down the counters and meet us in the family room for diaper time!" Chapter 10 Wiped And Spanked "Derrick! Hurry up!" Called Lauren from the family room. "Yes Miss, I'm going as fast as I can!" Derrick scrubbed at the dishes in the sink. As he bent down to put the silverware and plates into the dishwasher, he could feel the big bulging lump pressing up and shifting against his bottom. He could hear the girls laughing in the other room. His dick was rock hard. He was both nervous and excited to be changed in front of Jill. She'd already witnessed a changing (and a spanking) at the mall, but that changing didn't involve pee and poop. A messy diaper change is at a whole new level of embarrassment and shame. Derrick scrubbed the last dish and took a deep breath. He had butterflies in his tummy. He knew his fate. Lauren would soon un-tape his dirty diaper and clean him up, and then he would be spanked across her lap like a naughty little child. His hard dick pressed firmly against the soiled diaper as he entered the family room. What he saw next surprised him. While he was doing the dishes, the girls had been transforming the rectangular shaped family room table into a changing station. Multiple layers of towels lay on the table and a pillow was placed at the end for his head. Lauren and Jill sat next to each other on the couch. Lauren was in the process of unwrapping a big package of disposable diapers as Jill gazed at Derrick with excitement in her eyes. Lauren looked up at Derrick and smiled. "Do you like our makeshift table, Derrick? If these diaper punishments become a frequent thing, then I think we'll have to invest in a big changing table for you. How does that sound baby?" Derrick blushed and fiddled with his t-shirt. Jill laughed at the site "Awww he's so nervous. I guess I would be too if I had a spanking and a poopy diaper change coming my way." The girls laughed hysterically as Derrick stood in his diapers. Lauren set a stack of three diapers on her lap and patted the surface of the table. "Lay down on the table like a good boy Derrick, it's time to clean you up and get you spanked!" "Yes, Miss," Said Derrick as he slowly sat on the table. He could feel the lumpy mess pressing further into his butt crack. Lauren quickly took the chance to pull his shirt off and toss it away. He was soon laying on his back looking up at the girls on the couch. He could feel the breeze on his nearly naked body from the ceiling fan above. His crotch and bum remained warm and squishy from the thick, soiled diaper. Lauren began un-tapping the diaper as Jill stood up to get a better look. Lauren unfastened the diaper and exposed Derrick. He felt the cool breeze of the fan against his erect penis. Jill stepped back from the table as she looked at the used diaper. "Ugggh that's fucking disgusting! What a dirty little boy!" Lauren giggled as she folded the poopy diaper and began wiping Derricks bottom with some baby wipes. "That's how I reacted last night after we got home from the mall. I checked his diaper and found poop, so I bit the bullet and changed him. At this point, it's just part of the punishment, and I know that it's the most embarrassing part for him." Jill held in a giggle and brushed her blonde hair from her face. "It must feel good to finally be out of those diapers for awhile Derrick. I can't imagine having to feel that bulk between my legs all day long." Jill had a point, Derrick thought. It felt great to feel the air on his privates, but in the back of his mind, he knew that he would be changed right back into another diaper with a hot bottom to go along with it. Jill stared at Derrick as Lauren lifted his legs up like a baby to wipe the entirety of his bottom. Jill noticed that his bottom was a light pink from when Lauren spanked him the day before. His freshly wiped anus was on full display to her and she noticed that his cock was still hard. "He doesn't seem too embarrassed judging by the state of his cock." Lauren smiled at Derrick as she let his legs down and spread them apart. "A certain part of Derrick enjoys being punished, but another part of him hates it. I can tell he's embarrassed by the color of his face, and how silent he's been." Jill looked at Derricks red face and giggled. "I just can't believe he asked for this. I really respect him for wanting a woman to take charge. Asking to be diapered and spanked must have been hard for him to do. You two are so cute together." Lauren pulled another wipe from the box and began cleaning his balls and penis. "It has been pretty amazing. The agreement we made really works out for us, and I know that he likes the attention." Derrick moaned as Lauren cleaned and stroked his cock. He spread his legs wide as he looked up at the two girls. Jill had the same look in her eyes from when they met at the mall. He could tell that she was turned on from all of this. Lauren seemed focused on cleaning his privates, which felt awfully good. "Okay, Derrick I think we're all done cleaning you up" Said Lauren as she scooted to the middle of the couch. "But you know the rules about diaper punishments. Now stand up and lay across my knees for your nightly spanking." "Yes, Miss" Derrick sat up and noticed Jill strategically sitting on the lounge chair to the right of the couch. He knew that she would have a perfect view of his perched up bottom. His penis was rock hard and pointed upward as he got to his feet. Derrick blushed as he approached his waiting girlfriend. He looked down at Lauren's toned thighs. He loved it when she wore yoga pants during his spankings. Lauren put her thighs together and lightly tapped the center of her lap. "Over you go little one." Lauren took his hand and pulled him down over her lap. She situated herself to make sure Derricks' bum was pointed straight up in the air and made sure that his legs were spread and resting on the couch. She could feel his hard dick begin to rub on her legs as she looked down on his backside. She realized that these spankings were starting to be routine, but she didn't mind. She was a spanko at heart. Jill looked excitingly at Derricks upturned bottom. His anus was exposed and his balls rested on Lauren's lap just like before. She couldn't help but to reach down and touch herself again. She watched as Lauren held onto Derrick and raised her right hand high over his bare bottom. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK The once quiet family room was suddenly filled with the sound of Lauren's hand swatting at the meaty flesh of Derricks bottom. Jill watched as Derricks cheeks continuously jiggled from the impact of Lauren's palm. Derrick rubbed up against Lauren as he always did. His bottom now starting to sting. He looked over his shoulder as he grabbed at Lauren's ankle. He could see Jill sitting with a grin on her face as she stared at his exposed reddening bottom. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK Lauren smacked repeatedly with her hand at a fast pace until his bottom was bright red. She made sure to get the sit spots and the tender parts. She felt that she was getting pretty good at dishing out spankings. SMACK SMACK SMACK "Are you ready to feel the brush, Derrick?" SMACK SMACK SMACK "Just remember that you earned fifty extra swats from that little stunt you pulled!" SMACK SMACK SMACK Derrick kicked lightly. His cock was still hard and he was busy humping her thighs. "No Miss. Not the brush. Please!" Lauren ignored him and quickly reached for the brush on the table to her left. She soon brought it up to full swing. CRACK WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! CRACK OWWWWW!!! CRACK "What's the matter, Derrick?" CRACK "Did your erection go away?" CRACK WHACK "PLEASE STOP!" THWHACK Lauren began hitting with full force. "I don't think so, mister!" THWACK "I decided to go easy on you last night because I spanked you in front of Jill at the mall." THWACK "But this is the way you should expect to be spanked on a nightly basis during diaper punishments from now on." THWACK THWACK THWACK "Now stop kicking your legs and be a good boy for me." THWACK THWACK THWACK Derrick squirmed and kicked and was soon crying like a baby. Lauren showed no mercy and made him count the 50 extra swats that he had earned earlier. Then she stopped and rubbed his hot and bruised bottom. She had covered every square inch of his bare butt with hairbrush welts. She ordered him off of her lap to stand in the corner. She and Jill were soon chatting and admiring the glow of Derricks apple red bottom as he tried to collect himself in the corner. Chapter 11 Bedtime For Derrick The girls chatted on the couch for quite some time. Discussions ranged from the latest chick flick to having lunch within the next few days. They were becoming great friends and found that they had a lot of similarities. Derrick continued to stand with his nose in the corner and his butt on display. He listened to the girls' conversation and could sense their eyes fixated on his spanked bottom. Soon he began to hear the distinct sound of a disposable diaper being unfolded behind him. He knew that a diaper change was in his near future but he didn't mind. He felt like he had been in time-out for over an hour but in reality, it had only been about 15 minutes. Lauren unfolded the diaper and decided to put two thick inserts into it. She loved using the inserts from time to time because of how thick and bulky they made the diaper. She felt that one insert was enough to make a significant difference, but two seemed to make it hard for Derrick to close his legs together. She loved seeing Derrick waddle around the house with a dramatically thick diaper on, and she figured Jill would get a kick out of seeing him like that too. Jill watched as Lauren placed the heavily padded diaper onto the table and set some baby powder down next to it. As they chatted she couldn't help but stare at Derricks plump little bottom in the corner. She knew that his red cheeks would soon be powdered and wrapped up with the cushy diaper that lay before her. When everything was ready, Lauren stood up from the couch and went over to Derrick. She gave his sore bottom a pinch as she gave him instructions. "Okay Derrick, time-out is over. I want you to come out of the corner and lay down on the changing table." Derrick turned and was soon face to face with Lauren. He looked into her eyes. She was an inch taller than him and she looked down on him with love and affection. He took a step towards her and suddenly felt her arms wrap around him in a loving embrace. Lauren spoke with a soft tone into his ear. "I'm sorry I had to give you extra swats tonight Derrick, but I had to correct you for wearing pants over your diaper earlier. Just remember that you only have one more day of this and then it's back to big boy undies. Okay?" "Yes Miss, I'm sorry for breaking the rules." Derrick felt warm and comfortable in her arms. His nose nestled into her neck and he could feel her hand start to rub his tender cheeks. Over Lauren's shoulder, he could see Jill sitting on the couch waiting patiently for Lauren to diaper him. Lauren soothed his burning butt for a few more seconds and then took his hand and led him to the table. "Up you go Derrick. It's diapers and bedtime for you. Jill and I are going to stay up and watch a movie while you're in bed." Derrick climb up onto the table. He felt left out for not being able to watch the movie with the girls. "Why do I have to go to bed so early? Can I please watch the movie with you guys?" "Absolutely not Derrick. The movie we're watching isn't appropriate for boys in diapers." Lauren said as she laid Derricks head down onto the pillow. "I don't want any fussing from you tonight. It's diapers and lights out. Do you understand?" Derrick let out a sigh. "Yes, Miss." He looked up at the girls once again from his embarrassing position. Lauren and Jill both knelt at the foot of the table as he lay butt naked with his legs spread out wide. The diaper felt soft and thick under his sore bottom. Jill had a smile on her face as she gazed at his erect penis. Lauren popped the cap off of a bottle of lotion and emptied a liberal amount into her palm. Jill watched as Lauren spread it onto her hands and then began messaging it into Derricks privates. Lauren ran the cool lotion over his hard cock and then down to his scrotum. Lauren soon lifted his legs and put lotion and powder on his burning hot bottom. Jill couldn't help but notice how proficient Lauren had become at changing diapers. She watched in fascination as Lauren quickly powdered his penis and balls and then brought the thick diaper up between his legs and taped it into place. She noticed that Derricks' hands were above his head and he looked away in embarrassment. "Good boy Derrick! Now, let's tuck you in for bed. Say goodnight to Jill! Lauren grabbed both of his hands and helped him off of the table. Derrick stood with a slight bow in his legs. The diapers were thicker than he had anticipated. "Goodnight Jill," Derrick said looking down in shame. Jill smiled at him. "I had so much fun tonight Derrick. Sweet dreams!" Lauren held onto his hand and started for the stairs. "I'll be right back Jill, I'm going to get him all settled in." Jill watched as Lauren led Derrick up the stairs. She giggled at the site of Derrick waddling up the stairs while holding onto Lauren's hand. "Take your time. I'll get the movie ready!" Lauren opened the door into her bedroom and pulled the sheets back from the bed. "Hop in baby, it's time for bed." Derrick moaned in protest as he climbed into bed. "Can I please watch the movie with you?" Lauren tucked him into bed and then climbed in behind him. She spooned him as she talked into his ear. "No baby, it's bedtime for you. I don't want to hear anything while we're watching. If I find you out of this bed, then I'll spank, is that clear?" "Yes Miss, I don't want another spanking." She kissed him on the neck and got out of bed. "I know you don't. Sweet dreams my love." Chapter 12 Confessions The third and final day of diaper punishment wasn't all that bad. Derrick watched cartoons and did homework while Lauren took some business calls in her office. She had a busy day of balancing work and phone calls with diaper changes. After dinner, she cleaned and spanked Derrick just as she had done routinely for the past two days. She was getting used to Derrick being diapered. She knew that she would miss the intimacy of the changes and the power she felt while spanking him on a nightly basis. The next morning Lauren changed him out of his diaper and graduated him to big boy undies. "I hope you learned your lesson from being diapered like a baby for the past three days," Lauren said as she helped him into his normal white underwear. "It must be weird not feeling the bulk of the diapers between your legs." Derrick agreed. For a moment he missed the bulk of the diapers, but it did feel good to be back in underwear. He was also looking forward to not being spanked tonight (if he could help it). The nightly spankings were really starting to take a toll. His bottom remained a deep shade of crimson throughout his entire diaper punishment. He was looking forward to recovering and being a good boy for a little while. After getting changed, Lauren walked into the kitchen and embraced Derrick. They kissed for a while until Lauren's phone buzzed on the counter. "That must be Jill," Lauren said as she picked up the phone and started texting back. Derrick admired Lauren's beauty. Her dark brown hair fell onto her tan shoulders elegantly. She wore a patterned tank top and black khaki shorts that revealed most of her thighs and hugged her round butt. She stopped texting and looked up at Derrick. "Isn't Jill great sweetie?" Derrick nodded. Part of him was still embarrassed with what Jill had seen. But he did like her and trusted her to an extent. She was also gorgeous. The thought of her watching him get spanked and diapered by Lauren admittedly turned him on. "We're thinking of grabbing lunch in a few hours at that taco place down the road. I figured we could walk around town for a while until then. What do you say?" Derrick happily agreed. "Sounds good to me!" Lauren and Derrick walked down the cobblestone road and turned onto the main street. It was hot outside which made Derrick thankful that he wasn't still in diapers. He did have to admit that a part of him did miss the comfort and the attention. These thoughts kept coming to the surface and he wasn't sure what to do with them. They walked past some stores and talked about work and school. Derrick had been excelling in his class work ever since he had started dating Lauren. She thought back to his first spanking. She had a pretty good idea of what caused the spike in his grades. Lauren's business was growing rapidly. She had recently boosted her online presence which naturally brought in more income. Lauren asked about Derricks living situation. Unfortunately, he hadn't been having a lot of luck finding a suitable place live. "Well you're basically already living with me, so why don't you just move in?" Asked Lauren. "I know I offered before, but I was serious. Just remember that you'll be in charge of the chores." Derrick paced along with her. He watched her long, bare legs strut down the sidewalk. "You're so good to me Lauren. I would love to live with you!" The couple stopped for coffee at a small shop and then continued their adventure. Lauren led the way into a large park with a giant pond in the middle. Trees and flowers grew everywhere along the path and the grass was bright green. After walking along the pond and looking at the fish, Lauren took Derricks hand and led him to a soft patch of grass. They both laid down next to each other. Lauren put her arm under Derricks' head and he cuddled close to her breasts. They gazed up at the clouds in silence. After a while, Lauren let out a sad and troubling sigh. "I have something that I need to get off my chest." Derrick propped himself up and looked into her eyes. "What is it? You can tell me anything." Lauren sat up and crossed her legs. "I already miss the diapers, Derrick. I know it's only been an hour or so since you've been out of them, but the thought of not changing you and taking care of you like that has been really getting me down." Derrick felt loved at that very moment. Lauren had missed taking care of him. A sudden warmth overcame his entire body. "So what do you want to do?" He asked in a thoughtful tone. Lauren put her hand on Derricks' knee. "I want to diaper you full-time Derrick. It wouldn't be a punishment, it would just be a new part of your life. These last three days have really made me notice how much I love being with you and caring for you." Derrick thought for a while as Lauren held her hand on his knee. "Wouldn't I lose control of my bladder and bowels after a while? I would be completely dependent on diapers..." Lauren stroked his face. "No Derrick, you would be completely dependent on me." Derrick looked into her eyes. The sun shone down through the trees and the wind blew her hair. "What about school? What happens when you're not there to change me?" Lauren brushed the hair off of her face. "I would let you wear pull-ups to school for low visibly, and I would let you change them in the stalls by yourself. Outside of school, you'll be placed in regular disposables and either Jill or I will be changing you." "Jill?!" Derrick asked in a panicked tone. "Why Jill?! I know she's seen you change me before, but I don't want her to change me! I only want you to change me!" Lauren was flattered but held strong. "She's become a close friend of mine, and I'll need some help with diaper changes while I work from home," Lauren said. "Just think of her as a babysitter Derrick. She and I discussed this during the movie when you were sleeping. She's very excited about it." Derrick thought about Jill changing him and looking after him. "Would you let her punish me too?" "I would Derrick. She has a good head on her shoulders and she'll follow all of the guidelines in our agreement. If it gets out of hand, then I'll be sure to put a stop to things. She really cares about you, Derrick." Derrick thought for a while and then let out an uncertain sigh. "Fine... I'll wear diapers. And I guess I'm fine with Jill watching me. But I'm only doing this because of you Lauren. You mean so much to me." He replied in a low voice. Lauren suddenly dove on top of him and embraced him in her arms. "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!" Lauren straddled him and looked down at his face. "I love you, Derrick." Derrick looked up at her. His heart was beating fast. "I love you too." Chapter 13 Lunch With Jill Lauren and Derrick walked through the door to the restaurant and saw Jill waiting at a booth in the corner. She waved at them in excitement as they walked towards her. Jill gave Lauren a hug and then hugged Derrick afterward. They all sat down to look at the menu and soon ordered some drinks. Jill looked at the two of them anxiously. "So, how did it go?" Derrick could only imagine what she was asking about. He could tell that she really wanted in on their lifestyle and he knew she would be very happy to learn what the final verdict was. Lauren took a sip from her glass. "Derrick said yes to everything. He and I talked about it at the park earlier. All we need to do now is fill you in on our agreement." Jill bounced in the booth with excitement. "Good for you Derrick! You're such a good guy for being so understanding about Lauren's needs. I can't wait to start babysitting you while she is busy." Lauren smiled at him and put her arm around his shoulders. "Thanks again, Derrick. I know that it's going to be a big adjustment in your life, but Jill and I are going to be here for you at all times." Derrick felt comforted. He knew that Lauren and Jill cared about him. After going over the punishment agreement with Jill at the table, they all took a toast to their new commitment. After lunch, they parted ways and Lauren held Derricks' hand and walked down the main road again. "I think we should pick up some things from the store today Derrick. We have a busy day ahead of us." Derrick glanced over at her curiously. "Like what?" Lauren giggled at him. "Well, for starters we're going to need a lot of diapers. Then I was thinking we could look at some adult-sized changing tables. Since this is a permanent thing now, I think it would be nice to have an area in the house that specifically caters to your diapering needs." Derrick looked down in embarrassment. His new lifestyle would definitely take some getting used to. He thought about the daily routine of being changed on an actual changing table multiple times per day. "Is a table really necessary?" Lauren looked over at him. "It is very necessary Derrick. This is a big part of your life now and you'll be spending a lot of time having your diapers changed. Having a specific place for doing that is better than having to change you on my bed or on the floor. You should be excited Derrick, this is the first big step to your new life." "But that'll just make me feel like a big baby." Derrick mumbles. Lauren giggled at him. "This whole arrangement somewhat makes you a big baby, doesn't it? I was thinking, instead of you calling me Miss, you could call me Mommy. Would you do that for me, Derrick?" "And what would I call Jill?" "Her and I were talking about her role in all of this, and she wants you to call her Nanny. Are you comfortable with all of this Derrick?" Derrick held her hand tight. "Of course I am. It'll just take some getting used to. Are we starting all of this today?" Lauren smiled at him and then gave him a hug. "You can start calling me Mommy today, but you can enjoy your last day in big boy undies since you've been so good. Tomorrow we can throw out all of your underwear and replace them with diapers. Okay?" "Yes, Mommy," Derrick said obediently. Chapter 14 Back In Diapers For Good Derrick woke up the next morning to see Lauren stepping out of the shower. The steam rolled out of the doorway as she walked into the bedroom. "Morning sweetie!" Lauren said as she started to towel off. Her large breasts dripped with hot water as she smiled at him. "Are you excited for your diapers?" Derrick groaned and sat up in bed. "Yes, Mommy." Lauren finished toweling off and opened the drawers to the large dresser that they had been sharing. "Good boy, I guess we won't be needing any of these then!" Lauren began gathering his underwear and putting them into a large trash bag. Derrick watched her as she threw out his underwear. He admired her naked round ass and her toned thighs. Her long brown hair was wet and fell to the center of her back. Next to the dresser stood the new changing table that she had bought yesterday. The shelves below the large table were packed with disposable diapers. Many were out of the packaging and stacked on top of one another. Lauren finished with the dresser and turned to face Derrick. "Okay baby, I just need the ones that you're wearing now and that should be the last of them." Derrick fumbled under the covers as he pulled his underwear off. He handed them to Lauren and she tossed them in with the others. "Okay baby, hop into the shower and then call me when you finish. I'll make us some breakfast." "Yes, Mommy!" Derrick said as he climbed out of bed. As he walked to the bathroom Lauren playfully pinched his naked butt. "Your bruises are going away fast Derrick. I'll put some soothing cream on those cheeks during your diaper change. Have fun in the shower!" Derrick blushed "Thanks, Mommy! I will!" Lauren set the table and made a plate of pancakes. The morning sun cast into the kitchen as she sat at the table and sipped her coffee. Upstairs she could hear the shower shut off. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail and waited for Derrick to call down to her. She was excited to start changing diapers again. A few minutes later Derrick yelled down to Lauren. "I'm finished!" Lauren stood up from the table and put her paper away. She then climbed the stairs and went through the doorway to the bedroom. She was pleased to see Derrick laying on the changing table with his legs in the air. "You're such a good boy for being ready for Mommy!" Lauren said as she approached the table. Lauren put the side railing up on the table and noticed that Derricks dick was rock hard. She spread his legs out far and wide and stroked his cock for a while. "I think it's only fair that I let you make cummies during your first diaper change. What do you say?" "Yes, Mommy!" Derrick said in excitement. Lauren laughed and rubbed his cock a little faster. Derrick started to moan as he stared up at her. He was moments from cumming when she suddenly let go of his dick. She giggled at the disappointment she saw in his face. "Aww Derrick, don't worry. That was just a warm-up. I'll have you cumming in no time!" "But Mommy!" Derrick said in a pouty voice. Lauren lifted his right leg and playfully smacked his rear. "No pouting little boy or there will be no cumming at all. Understand?" Derrick moaned in frustration but he acknowledged her respectfully. "Good boy." Said, Lauren, as she grabbed a fresh diaper from the shelf beneath and began to unfold it. She then grabbed a diaper insert and put it into place. Derrick watched the process, knowing that this would be the first of thousands of diapers that she would change him into. The thought was surreal. Pretty soon this would all become very routine, like putting clothes on in the morning. Lauren grabbed his ankles and hoisted them into the air. "Bottoms up little boy!" She soon slipped the thick diaper under his bottom. She let his butt down but still held his legs in the air. "Now it's time for your soothing cream. This spanked butt needs some moister ASAP!" Lauren let go of his ankles and told Derrick to keep his legs high in the air. She then squeezed a glob of lotion into her palm and began rubbing his pink bottom. "Spread your cheeks and stick your butt out for Mommy, you know how I like to spank your tender areas." Derrick complied. This was one of the most embarrassing positions he had ever been in. His anus was in full view as he held his parted legs against his chest. He could feel her soft fingers spreading the cool lotion right up to the edge of his anus. He then heard her pull a baby wipe from the box and he suddenly felt the coolness of the wipe pass over his butt hole. Lauren noticed his embarrassment and giggled at him. "There we go! All clean. Now it's time for some powder. Keep your legs spread just like that for me while I powder your bottom. I know it's an embarrassing position, but Mommy is going to be seeing your exposed little anus every single day. It will be good to get into a routine like this early on, that way you'll know what's expected of you" "Yes Mommy," Derrick said with a red face. Lauren laughed a bit as she powdered his lotion covered bottom. "Just think that this will soon become a morning routine for the both of us. I think you'll get used to being butt naked and exposed on the changing table in no time. In a few weeks this won't be as embarrassing, I promise." Derrick looked away. He could smell the baby powder as Lauren coated his bottom and penis with it. He has been through plenty of changes during his diaper punishment, but none of those had taken place on a large changing table. Lauren let his legs down flat on the soft table and began to stoke his powdered cock. His legs tensed as he felt close to orgasm. He knew it wouldn't take long to cum. Lauren continued stroking as she began to lift the diaper between his legs. He could feel the bulk tightening under his scrotum while she pumped his cock. Finally, he let out a moan and his cum spurted out onto his belly. Lauren quickly folded the diaper up between his legs and held it there, smiling down at him. "Diapers feel good, don't they Derrick?" Derrick breathed heavily out of his nose. He was in pure ecstasy. He could only nod to Lauren in agreement. He heard another baby wipe being pulled from the box and soon felt Lauren cleaning up the cum on his tummy. "I'll have you wrapped up tight in no time baby boy. And then we can go eat some pancakes." Derrick looked up at Lauren with joy. The bulky, soft diaper spread his legs out wide as Lauren taped the sides shut. He knew that he would be walking with a waddle for the rest of the day. After checking the creases of the diaper, she helped him off of the table. Lauren stood him up and patted his diapered butt. "Good boy Derrick. Now let me know when you need to be changed next. Let's go eat." Derrick waddled down the stairs as Lauren followed him, patting his bottom and giggling all the way to the kitchen table. Chapter 15: Not Clever Enough! Derrick scrubbed at the dishes in the sink as the morning sun pierced through the windows. Lauren had taken a business call just as they had finished eating, which left Derrick to his morning chore routine. He felt cozy and snug in his thick diaper. He waddled throughout the kitchen and took comfort in the crinkle sound that his diaper made with each step he took. The new diapers that Lauren had bought seemed ten times bulkier than the ones he wore for his punishment. It seemed that it was nearly impossible to put his legs together. As he finished cleaning the last dish, he felt the sudden urge to pee. He thought about the bathroom for a moment, and how his new life restricted him from using the toilet. He knew that it would take time to adjust to his new life. The whole situation seemed so surreal to him just then. He was still able to hold his bladder, but he knew that he would soon lose control of everything. He knew that it was only a matter of time. Derrick stood there for a moment and looked down at his extra padded crotch. His Dick was hard and it pointed up towards his belly. He knew that if he wet himself, the majority of his pee would end up shooting upward rather than absorb into the thick material. Lauren had told him over breakfast that he was prohibited from reaching inside or fiddling with his diaper, but he decided to take actions into his own hands to avoid a potential mess. Derrick could hear Lauren in the other room as he grabbed at the waistband of his diaper. He ducked into the hallway to avoid getting caught doing what she had specifically told him not to do. He knew he had to act quickly, as the pressure in his bladder was building fast. He began pulling on the waistband to gain access to his dick. He opened it enough to reach his hand down. By that time, his dick was semi erect which made pointing it downward much easier. As soon as his penis was pointing downward, he began to piss himself. He felt the warm stream of pee soak into the thickness, and could hear the fluid running through the cushioned material. The warm wetness seeped between his thighs and made his diaper sag and thicken considerably at the crotch. His dick was hardening again, and soon realized that his hand was still tucked inside; holding his penis down as if he were using a urinal. Derrick had wet his diaper plenty of times during his punishment, and he had always gotten erections from doing it. He had mastered the art of tucking his dick into the diaper to avoid the mess, or so he thought. Just as he was taking his hand out, he heard a subtle snap and felt the waistband loosen around his waist. Derrick panicked as he looked down at the broken tape. He noticed that the adhesive had taken a lot of the plastic off of the surface of the diaper, which left a very noticeable blemish. He stood in the kitchen, helplessly weighing his options. He thought about coming clean to Lauren about reaching into his diaper and fiddling with it. He knew that he had the best of intentions while doing it, but it would be hard to convince her, especially after she had just given him strict boundaries as to where his hands were and weren't supposed to be. He then thought about refastening the soiled diaper. He knew that the tapes on the diapers he wore allowed him to peel away the used tape which left another sticky surface. He knew that Lauren would discover that upon his next diaper change and soon dismissed the idea completely. The last option he thought of was to run upstairs and change into a fresh diaper. He then thought about hiding the soiled diaper at the bottom of the trashcan in the garage. He knew it was risky, but it was the only way he could think of that wouldn't land him across Lauren's lap. He knew that what he had done was a spankable offense no matter how good his excuse was. He had really been looking forward to a break from spankings, especially after receiving so many during his diaper punishment. He thought about sitting on a freshly spanked bottom again with the added fact that he was currently being changed into diapers much thicker than the ones before. He knew the extra bulk would undoubtedly make things more uncomfortable for him down there. That thought alone was enough to make him act. Derrick waddled/ran up the stairs and into the bedroom. He could no longer hear Lauren talking on the phone which made him want to speed things up even more. He quickly unfastened all of the tapes and rolled up the soggy diaper. He placed the heavy, warm diaper on the changing table and reached underneath to grab a fresh one. He crouched down and searched for the one Lauren had changed him into earlier. Lauren had picked up so many different kinds of diapers, and he knew that she would be able to tell the difference if he were to pick the wrong brand. There were stacks and stacks of diapers that were out of their packages and they all looked very similar in thickness and color. He finally found one with matching tapes and quickly unfolded it. He then fit the diaper with and insert and stepped over the it. He brought it up between his legs, and soon found it hard to tape it in place properly while standing up. He then looked over at the changing table and thought it would be easier to change himself laying down. He moved the soiled diaper to the floor and climbed up onto the table. He couldn't believe that he had an erection as he slid the thick diaper under his bottom. He moved at a rapid pace, pulling the thickness up in-between his legs, spreading them out just like before. He began taping one side after the other. His heart sank when he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. "Derrick, honey where are you? Did you use your diapers yet?" Lauren said as she turned the corner into the bedroom. Derrick froze as Lauren walked through the door. "Ma.. Ma.. Mommy... I can explain!" He was still laying on the table and his hands were caught midway through fastening the last tape on the diaper. Lauren's jaw dropped as she saw what was happening before her. She noticed the wet diaper on her carpet and the shocked and fearful expression on Derricks face. Without saying a word, Lauren paced angrily toward the table and picked up the soiled diaper from the floor and threw it in the diaper pale at the foot of the table. She then forcefully pulled Derricks hand away and began un-taping his diaper. Derrick watched his girlfriend in fear as she pulled the diaper away from his crotch. He had never seen her like this before. Every movement she made was with confidence and purpose. Without hesitation, Lauren hoisted Derricks legs up in the air, exposing his bare bottom just as she would do if she were powdering him during a diaper change. This "legs up" position wasn't just used for powdering naked bottoms in Lauren's house, it was also used to spank. Lauren pressed Derricks legs down closer to his chest, forcing most of his weight onto his shoulder blades. The sudden shift in weight forced his bottom to lift off of the table. Lauren placed her left arm over the backs of Derricks thighs, and began raining down smacks to his naked bottom with the palm of her hand. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK
  2. A friend gets shrunk down to doll size by his friend. She decides to humiliate him and punish him in so many humiliating ways. Using him as her new toy.
  3. (This story is a commission from PinktheDinosaur on DeviantArt, who plans to edit it and use it as part of a larger world) "GO! Shock him!" Azai shouted as the monsters fought in front of him. He clenched his fist and leaned forward. The fight was nearing the end. Both were on their last Pokémon, and both Pokémon were near unconscious. Azai was desperate, he HAD to win. His opponent, Lord Nobunaga, was infuriatingly calm. He barely even seemed to care. He sat in a massive chair, flanked by armed guards on each side, and watched with a borderline disinterest. If anyone had just walked in, they'd assume it was a complete stomp in favor of Nobunaga, rather then the near one for one match it was. "Zekrom, hit him back with the same," Nobunaga said. He leaned on his hand and elbow, and spoke in a bored voice. The giant black creature rose up on its hind legs and spread its wings to the side. A yellow blast came from it, forming a massive electric wall that crashed onto Azai's Raichu. The Raichu shot backward, flew through the air and crashed into the wall behind Azai. "Rai..rai.." Azai tried, but couldn't bring the energy to shout. It was over. "No," he said in disbelief. He had worked almost 20 years to get there, starting at age 10. He had dedicated his entire life to one thing, and now that was over. "It seems you're beaten Azai," Nobunaga said. "I..." Azai began. "Yes, I will... ahem." He swallowed. He knew what they agreed, but he couldn't go through it. "Thank your the match. I will be heading out, and see if I can take them to the hospital." He started backing up slowly toward the door. Nobunaga laughed. "I don't think that was the agreement, Azai." He sat up straight and snapped his fingers, and the guards beside him began to move forward. Azai turned and ran. He didn't bother arguing further, he didn't even bother collecting his bag, he just ran. He didn't get far until he had to stop. Guards in all black uniforms appeared out of the doorway, with their own Pokémon beside them. They advanced slowly toward Azai. Azai turned to run again, but more guards and their Pokémon appeared around him. He turned toward Nobunaga. "Lord Nobunaga, please, we can discuss this." "What is there to discuss? You challenged me and agreed to the terms. I now own you, and you will serve me for the next six months." "We can come to some other agreement. You don't want to do that to me, what would you even get from it?" He smiled. "What would I get from it? The satisfaction of seeing you beaten. The joy of seeing you're shame every day. The knowledge you will spend a year serving as a warning who anyone who dares challenge me like you did." "But.. but... this isn't fair!" "Fair?" Nobunaga rose from his thrown in rage, suddenly angry. "YOU came here, YOU challenged me. You claimed you were going to take me down, and said I was a coward if I didn't agree. If you won, I wouldn't be arguing- I'd give you the money and Pokémon I promised. What's not FAIR is thinking you can do something like that and get away with it. Grab him!" The guards pounced on Azai. He tried to struggle, but they held him tight, and forced him to his knees. He looked up at Nobunaga. "What are you going to do to me?" "As I said, you are going to be a warning to everyone who ever dares to challenge me. They are going to see you humiliated, degraded, and punished, and know that is their fate if they do the same." He waved at the guards. "Enough of this. Take him down to the dungeon." "What?! DUNGEON!? HEY! WAIT! NOBUNAGA! MY LORD!" he cried, but Nobunaga just stayed in his throne, waiting for the next person to enter. A blind fold was pulled over his eyes, and he felt himself get lifted into the air. Azai's feet hit solid ground and the guards let go of him. One of them tore his blindfold off, and he was left staring at the strangest room he'd ever seen. "What the..." "Like your new room? Lord Nobunaga thinks it will drive the point home better then a classic dungeon, Mr. Wannabe Tough Guy." "Yeah but..." Azai looked around the 'dungeon" with his mouth open. he had to admit it did seem more comfortable then he expected, but in other ways, it was far, far worse. It was still a dungeon. The walls were stone, there were chains on the wall, and a separate cage on the ground. Behind him, he could tell the door would bolt shut, and a camera recorded his every movement. This was all what he had expected, and even experienced in past dungeons. However, most dungeons he had been in, and escaped from, were drab, black or grey, and ugly. They were made as cheaply as possible, with no comfort afforded to the inmate. This, on the other hand, was the opposite. The walls, rather then being unpainted stone, were a bright pink. In fact, almost everything in the room was pink. The bed was piled high with soft pillows, and blankets, the ground had a thick carpet, and even the cage contained a matt and cushions, all in the same pink. There was a tall chair in the corner with a table in front of it and hand cuffs on the sides, and a table with more cushioning ran alongside the wall. From the looks of it, he even had a deep closet for clothes. It was far more luxurious then any dungeon he had seen, but at the same time, the idea of it being his own made him blush. Though far nicer then he expected, it was also far, far worse. "Was this meant for someone else?" he asked. A guard stood in front of him. He wore the same uniform as the others except for golden stripes on his arm which Azai guessed made him in charge. "No. Lord Nobonaga is sick of you wanna be tough guys coming here, challenging him, and after they fail, using their punishment as proof of their "toughness." So, he has tasked me with ensuring that will never happen again. Instead of letting you look strong and powerful, we are going to humiliate you every day, and the entire thing will be live streamed for the amusement of your enemies," he pointed to the camera. "But why?" "Two reasons. First, even if you ever escape, you will never be able to show your face to your opponents again. Second, no one who sees it will ever think to challenge Lord Nobonaga again. Now, lets get started, shall we?" "I..." He considered his options. He could try fighting, though he was outnumbered. He could try running, but he had no idea where to go. His eyes looked along the walls, searching for an answer. The guard saw his wandering eyes. "If you're thinking of escape, don't bother. I can have this room filled with a dozen more in a moment," the guard with the stripes said. "My name is Herald, but you will call be Sir as long as you stay here. I will be running your punishment. Lord Nobonaga tasked me with ensuring no one would follow in your footsteps, and I pride myself in my ability to complete his tasks. Now, moving on, send in the Pokemon." Two Alakazams stepped in, walked to the guard, and turned to face Azai. "What are you doing?" he asked in a panic. The guard smiled. "Don't worry, you will find out. Now, put him under the spell." The two Pokémon raised their spoons. Azai felt his mind scramble, as if filled with static. "Now, take your clothes off." Azai wanted to shout out. He wanted to argue and fight, but instead, he obeyed the command. He took off his shirt, then his pants and underwear. A moment of compelled movement later, and he was standing naked in front of the guards. He heard snickering behind him, but he was unable to turn his head to see who it was. "Good boy. Now, walk to the closet and open it up. And my name is Sir," the guard said. Once again, his own mental arguing failed to stop his body from obeying the orders. He marched to the closet and flung the doors open. "Good boy. Tell me what you see." What he saw made him feel sick to his stomach. However, the strange hypnosis still kept him obedient. "I see dresses, stockings, diapers, shoes, and hats, sir." He said. They weren't just any dresses. Each one was short, with a skirt that flounced out far to the side. They were in the same disgusting pink as the room, and worse, were piled high with frills and multi colored lines. Each had an insult written on it in glitter, from "Loser," to "Sissy," to "Cry Baby," seemingly made just to humiliate him. The rest of the clothes followed suit. The stockings were knee high and had pink bows at the top, the hats looked like bonnets. The thought of wearing a diaper was bad enough as it was, but these were even worse then he would have expected. Much like the dresses, they were pink, frilly, and with multi colored accents, all covered with the same written insults and tiny pictures of himself, diapered and in a dress, crying. "Good boy. And can you guess who those are all for?" "Myself, sir." The thought made him shudder inside. He wasn't sure if the hypnosis allowed him to blush, but if it did, his face would be beat red. Almost as bad as the clothes themselves was how clearly customized they were to him. The size was perfect, and they even seemed to have gotten diapers with his own image on them. It told him how very little of a real threat they had seen him as, that all the while he was training, calling them out in public, and getting ready to challenge them, they knew he was coming and already planned for his failure. "Good boy. So what will you be wearing while you are here?" "I will be wearing dresses, stockings, diapers, shoes, and hats, sir." "Good boy. And the entire competitive world will you see you in them. They will see you prance around at our command, fill our drinks and your diapers, and when we are done, no one will be threatened by you again. Now, pick one of each, and hand them to the guards." Azai felt tears forming in his eyes. He imagined his friends, his enemies, and everyone he knew seeing him mindlessly obey humiliating commands for months on end, all because of a bad bet he made and a battle he lost. He remembered all his bragging, about how he would take down the dreaded Lord Nobonaga, and how he was invincible, and thought of how ridiculous it would all seem now. However, all he could say was "Yes Sir." He picked out a "Loser" dress and a "Cry Baby" diaper, an handed the clothes to the guards. "Get on the table, and lie back to be diapered." "Yes sir." The ridiculous, humiliating command rang in his ears as his body responded. He watched himself walk to it, lie down, and wait. The guards stood over him. They lay the diaper under him and spread powder on him. Every inch of him wanted to fight. He wanted to punch and kick, then run for the annoyingly open door. Instead, he rolled from side to side to let them powder him, then watched unmoving as they lifted the front panel up between his legs and taped it on snugly. They followed it by by his stockings and black, wide healed shoes. "Good boy. Now stand up and put your hands over your head." "Yes sir," he said. He obeyed, and blinked tears away. He could see himself in a mirror on the closet, wearing just his stockings and diaper, hands in the air, waiting for someone to pull a dress over his head, and tried not to think of how it looked on the camera. The dress came a moment later, followed by the bonnet tied under his chin. He stared at himself in the mirror. The outfit was simultaneously feminine and infantile, and the most ridiculous thing he had ever seen. As if to add insult to injury, he noticed that the flaring of the skirt deliberately left his diaper visible up to the tapes, leaving even the tiniest bit of dignity impossible. If he met himself on the street, he'd be tempted to bully himself. The lead guard stared at him. "Aww, don't you look cute. Not a brave champion at all. Why don't you spin around and give the camera a look?" "Yes sir," Azai responded and did his best ballerina twirl. He stumbled, got back up, and did it again. "Good boy, very cute. I think Lord Nobunaga is going to be VERY happy with what we are broadcasting. Now, do you know what will happen now?' "No sir," he said. "Lord Nobonaga isn't going to need you for a while. So, we are going to march you to those cuffs on the wall and leave you strung up with your legs wide," he pointed at the chains behind Azai. "Then, since you'll be nice and secure, we will release you from hypnosis. We want to see you whine and squirm for the camera as you new reality sinks in. When it is time, serve drinks to your new Lord and his guests, who are thinking of challenging him like you. When they see you in your pretty widdle dress and soggy widdle diaper, I'm sure they will send you running. You will then end the day standing in front of his house as a warning to anyone who may try the same, and if your lucky, you will be allowed to sleep in your cute bed tonight. Sound fun?" "No, sir," he said. I didn't just sound "not fun." It sounded horrible. It sounded like all his worse nightmares, and things that were so strange and awful they didn't even appear in his nightmares, combined into one. Worse, he knew there was no way to fight back. He chuckled. "Well, too bad. You do know there is no way to stop it, right?" "Yes sir." "Good boy, now, first hting first." He waved at one of the guards, who approached and handed him a gigantic baby bottle full of water. "I meant it when I said you are going to be serving them in a soggy diaper. You are going to drink this so you learn that they aren't just for show." Azai picked it up with both hands. He put it to his mouth, and began drinking. "Good boy. Remember, this is so you can wet your diaper on the camera, and humiliate yourself for our audience. Also remember are broadcasting that humiliation to hundreds of people, and there is nothing you can do about it." Azai listened to the words until he was done, then held the bottle out. "All done, sir." "Good boy," he took the bottle. "Walk to the chains and put your hands in the cuffs." Azai walked to the wall, then turned to face the door. He stepped up on the platform and lifted his hands to his sides. Two guards walked up to him, and chained his hands up. They then bent down to his feet, set them on separate platforms to his sides, and locked them in place. "Good boy," the head guard said. "Now, time to wake up." Azai snapped out of his hypnosis and stared around the room. "What are you doing to me? This is insane! I can't spend this time dressed like this!" "Ohh yes, we can. In fact, there is nothing you can do about it. Have fun soaking your diaper!" the head guard said. "NO! I CAN"T DO THAT! HEY! YOU #(($@ )@(#! LET ME GO! I WILL GET YOU! LET ME GO! HEY...!" he kept shouting, but the guards ignored him. They only laughed, walked out, and closed the door. Azai looked around the room in panic, searching for some way out. Solid, sickeningly pink stone walls looked back him, and the locked steel door gave no sign of weakness. Even if it did, his hands were chained in place. Still, he knew he needed to get out. If those videos were released before he escaped, the consequences would stick with him for far longer then then the agreed upon six months. He pulled at the chains, but they refused to budge. A whirling sound came from in front of him. He looked down, and saw a small toy car with a camera on it drive up to the center of the room. "Oh come on," he said. He rolled his eyes as the camera focused on him, and in particular his diaper, from below. "I'm not going to wet this thing!" he shouted out, though he wasn't so certain himself. He had no idea how long they'd leave him there, and in his hypnotic state he had already drank a full bottle of water. Realistically, it was only a matter of time. The hours dragged on. His arms began to ache and chafe in his chains, and his legs got sore from the awkward position. However, worse of all was the pressure growing in his bladder. He moaned and twisted, which only made the pain in his arms grow. He shook his hands in them. "Ok I'm sorry! I won't do it again, just please don't make me wet this diaper!" Azai wasn't sure, but thought he could hear mocking laughter outside the door. He cried, then cried harder when he knew it only made him fit his clothes better. His bladder ached, and he got desperate. "Pleas I'm sorry I'll do whatever you say just don't make me do this on camera!" More laughter, and the camera buzzed and rotated as it zoomed in. "No," he said, and his bladder finally released. The warm liquid poured into his thick, plastic diaper, and he felt it grow warm and damp around him. He felt sick to his stomach, but there was no way to stop what was happening. "OK fine," he said. "I did it. Can you at least get me down?" He waited, but there was no response. Unmoving in the windowless room, it was impossible to tell for sure how quickly time was passing, but he was sure it was at least another hour before the door opened. A guard walked up to him and shoved another bottle in his mouth, and despite himself, he drank from it greedily. Standing in place with his hands in the air was tiering work, and left him thirsty. "Good boy. You put on quite a show for us, and Lord Nobonaga is going to LOVE seeing you soak your little pampers on camera." Azai groaned and looked away. "Now, untie him." The guards undid his cuffs, first on his feet, then on his hands. Azai's thoughts immediately went to fighting and escape, but as soon as he was out of the bounds, he collapsed on the ground. His arms ached, and pins and needles ran up and down them. He reached for them and began rubbing, all while plotting how he could overcome the three guards and their Pokémon. However, the moment ended quickly. "Alakazam?" the guard said, and a second later, Azai was once again in a trance. "Come on wanna be tough guy, time to serve in your new role," the guard said. Azai was marched up through the fortress. It was long walk, past dozens of corridors filled with rich decorations. They passed servants, guards, and guests, all of him snickered and laughed as the "Loser" passed. Normally, he'd quickly turn to face, and fight, anyone who dared laugh at him. However, the hypnosis kept him walking forward. He was lead into gigantic chamber, built around a huge, solid wooden table. Lord Nobonaga sat at one end, and around it, sat teams of other Pokémon trainers. Some of them were people Azai recognized, and his breath caught as they met his eyes. "Ah, yes, are servant, and entertainment is here. Azai, my little loser, please serve the tea to our guests." "Yes lord Nobonaga," Azai said. His body walked forward. He found a tea kettle in a corner of the room, picked it up, and began walking around. All eyes in the room were on him, staring at him in shock. "Is... is that Azai?" a voice asked. Azai didn't recognize the person, but assumed they were a fan. Nobonaga smiled. "Yes, it was. However, I think his new name for now will be "The Little Loser." Alright, Loser?" "Yes Lord Nobonaga," Azai said. "And what is your name? I want to hear you say it" he laughed. "My name is The Little Loser, Lord Nobonaga," Azai said. His face burned as blood rushed to it. His knees shook and wanted to collapse, but the trance compelled him forward. He began to pour tea in each cup. Some of them mumbled out stifled "thank yous", other's just stared with fear in their eyes. More then a few focused on his diaper, which he knew was blatantly yellow stained, and obviously used. "Our little Loser here was another challenger. Like many of you, he thought he could come here, all brash and bold, and overcome me. He also decided to make a bet, and wagered six months of service against a small fortune from my reserves. I'm sure he didn't think this was how he'd end up, did he, eh Loser?" "No Lord Nobonaga, the Little Loser did not," he said. "Good Loser. When you are done, go stand in the corner like a good boy, and wait for one of your superiors to call you over. Everyone, if you want anything, just wave to him. He is compelled to obey." The others quietly nodded and thanked the lord. Azai walked to the corner, turned to face them, and waited perfectly still. "Now, we were discussing which of you wanted to challenge me, and which of you wanted to join me?" Lord Nobonaga asked with a smile, and leaned back in his chair. The rows of panic struck faces all quickly called out to join him. ... Once again, Azai was tied up in a cross shape. Once again, his hands were chained to the walls, and his feet chained to small platforms in a semi split. And once again, he was in the air. However, this time, he wasn't in his new "bedroom." Instead, he was outside, by the front door of Lord Nobonaga's fortress. He faced a long, busy road. Some of the traffic stopped to laugh at him, others turned away, too afraid to look. Lord Nobonaga was feared through the city, and if wanted to publicly punish his rival, no one would stop him. He was still wearing the same outfit. He was even still wearing the same soggy diaper, now, after another embarrassing order in front of the other trainers, more soaked then before. Worse, a sign stood directly over him, with "Little Loser" written for the entire town to see. Below him, another plaque was hammered into the ground, with a picture of his face. A team of Pokémon trainers came up toward the door. They looked up at him, and he stared down at them, tears falling from his eyes. They looked down and read the sign in front of him, detailing his mistake of challenging the great Lord, and walked away. He wanted to call out for aid, but his mouth was shut with a pacifier shaped gag. Azai wished he had had the same level of forethought. Six months of this- going from serving his new Lord under hypnosis to being left outside as an example to others, all dressed in his twisted, humiliating outfits. If he had known that was what service would entail, he never would have agreed. Tears began to pour from his eyes. He looked up. There was a loud, deep sound in front of him. At first he thought his eyes were blurring from the tears, but he blinked them away, and nothing changed. Colors were spinning in front of him. They made a whirling sound, and opened to a portal. It slowly moved toward him. Some instinct told him to fight, but he doubted wherever the portal lead could be much worse then his current state. He closed his eyes, and let it consume him.
  4. This is a continuation of my other story, Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky. If you have not read this prior to reading this story, some of it may not make much sense. Also please note, I have typed all of this story on my phone. Please bear with any mistakes. This is also a First person/Third person perspective. Changes will be signified by the "*" symbol and jumps will be made with lines. Enjoy part 1! Over a year passed since Mikey had been given the so called cure. Most of everyone moved on. Word broke out about what at went down at the Rhein house. The D.H.P. attempted to hide the secret that a human existed in their Dimension and cover it up before it spread out too quickly, but sometimes the wildfire grows too big before you have the chance to put it out. The reporters attempted to get information out of the mother, time and time again. Some even broke into the house, causing D.H.S. agents to start making arrests, bringing more attention to the matter, along with media groups, shoving nonsense to try to shut reporters up. Attention died down and it came down to just the occasional reporter knocking on her door. Cheryl kept her cool throughout it all, never losing her composure, making sure not to make any comments. What kept her going so long, were the sounds Mikey started making in his long slumber; babbling, muttering unintelligent sentences and just the occasional sigh was enough. She had a boyfriend and had been going steady for a little over two months. But she didnt bother to tell him about Mikey. But most of all what kept her going was the knowledge that one day her baby boy would wake up. ______________________________ Beep. Beep. Beep. 'What is that sound?' I asked myself. I had heard it for a while. But I could never get to it. Always there. Always beeping. But I tried to go it again, and found no resistance. I glided through until it was so loud I could hear it next to me. 'I got you finally.' My eyes opened to see florescent lights in my face, I quickly turned, shielding my eyes with my right hand. I heard a door open and close. "Ohh. Not again. You've got to stop doing that with your arm." A female voice said, getting closer. "Hello?" I asked, attempting to find out who it was that entered the room. As I lifted my arm, I heard a gasp. "He's awake. Oh my God. He's awake." The woman said, dashing out of the room. I was awake. But I thought I was still dreaming. I could have sworn that she was gigantic. In fact, everything seemed gigantic. Lifting my arm the rest of the way, I saw I had bars around the bed I was in. I had an IV bag and a heartbeat monitor hooked up to me. I was still pretty drowsy and I closed my eyes to go back to sleep. I heard the door click and the voice if the women from before entered. "I went to check on him, and I saw his arm over his face, next thing I knew he was saying 'Hello' to me." She said in shush tone. "He could have said that in his sleep like he's been doing for the past week." A new voice said. My eyelid was forces open and a light flashed in my face. I swatted at the hand that was now on my face. "Oh my gosh. He's awake." I screamed and tried to run, but my body felt so weak. I hardly was able to sit up. The beeping was rapidly growing and the one that I had just swatted at was now pushing me down onto my back. "Go get some water in a cup." The gigantic woman said that was holding me down. The other one left and came back quickly with a cup. "I'll only let go if you calm down." The giant said. "Let me go!" I said, mouth dry as a bone and my voice raspy. "No. Now calm down, or I'll make you." She said. But that did nothing to help me stop. I fought her hand as hard as I could. I felt weaker than I remembered. My vision started to fade black quickly. ******************* "So Cheryl. How was your day at work?" David asked as he helped Cheryl take her coat off. This had been one of the many dates she had been on with him since they had met. "Same old boring day hon. You?" She asked passionately kissing his lips, before sitting down. "So what did you think of getting? I'm getting my usual of fried chicken." He said just as Cheryl's phone rang. She reached into her purse and grabbed out her phone and saw who it was. "David, I need to take this." Cheryl answered her phone, expecting to hear the worst news. But what she heard next, had her getting ready to leave. "What was that about?" David asked. "I've got to go. Family medical issues." She said, rushing outside into the snow covered landscape to her car, leaving her boyfriend so confused. Cheryl drove home and took and packed an overnight bag for herself, bringing things she knew she was going to need before she headed out to go see her baby. ********************* I woke up sometime later, there was a new one of those giant people in the room, hardly paying any attention to me. I had felt something new around my waist and hands. I looked down to see I had mittens on my hands, and a strap across my chest. The machine started beeping faster again and the giant turned towards me. "Shhh. Dont freak out. I need you to drink some water for me." She said. I tried to move back into the soft padding. I turned my nose away and tried to push the water away. She quickly took it back before I could get my hands anywhere near it. "Uh-uh. I know what you're trying to do. You need to drink this. It's been over a year since you've had anything to drink. And we can do this all day until you do." She said softly, pushing my hands down gently before she moved the drink back up to my lips. I slowly started to sip the water. My mouth was dry and I started to gulp it down as quickly as the woman would tilt the cup back. I noticed she was wearing medical scrubs too. Maybe she was a nurse? "Slow down honey. You're not that thirsty. I'll be right back. Then we'll get you changed and finish that water ok?" The woman announced, taking the water away from me. Once she stood up, I got another reminder of just how small I was to these giants. The woman picked a phone up from the wall and said into the phone; "Dr. Faulner to room 124" and hung up the phone. I cautiously watched her as she walked over to that machine that was beeping and turned its sound off. Then the nurse opened a nearby cabinet and pulled out some white pad and a white bottle with some wipes. "Alright. Let's get you all cleaned up now." "W-what?" I asked as the blanket was pulled down and I saw a diaper around my waist and my legs looked sickly thin. I tried to throw my hands down to cover myself, I knew what was going to happen, but I had a hard time trying to move my arms. The giant pushed my hands aside and began to untap the soiled diaper. "Stop. Please." I begged as I continued to try to push her hands away. "No. If you get a rash, that wont be fun either. And if you dont stop, you're not going to like what happens next." The nurse replied. I didnt care I wanted to keep my dignity. The front of the diaper came down, and I blushed as my legs went in the air. I wiggled, tried kicking but none of it worked as she started wiping down my rear, between my cheeks and all over my balls and penis. I had tried to swat her away from touching me there too and she set me back down quickly, grabbed my hand and flicked it. She must have had God-like strength because when she did that I choked up and almost started crying as I retracted my hand back. "Are you going to keep trying to stop me?" She commented seeing my reaction. I shook my head and she went back to work. She was right, I didnt like her for that. She unfolded the pad, to produce a new diaper which I was not happy to be put back into. My legs went back up and the nurse sprinkled something onto my rear before setting me back down. It felt like a fluffy cushion. Sprinkling something from that bottle the giant had earlier, now over the front of me, she brought the front of the diaper up and taped it on me. "You had a lot of us worried that you weren't going to wake up." She said. Before I could ask what she had meant by that, a knock at the door startled me and I heard a loud beep come from the should-be-silenced machine as the door opened and I was covered back up by the blanket. I kept my eye on the opening and one of the giants from earlier entered. "Hey buddy! Are you ready to talk now? I have a few questions for you." She asked, sitting down in front of me in a chair at the foot of the bed. "I am Dr. Kayle Faulner. Do you know your name?" She asked. I nodded my head in response, darting my eyes between the two giants. "That's not how this works honey, you need to use your words." I shifted my hips, trying to push myself back up and further into the mattress. "Michael. But I go by Mikey." I shifted my gaze away as I spoke, feeling I was being talked down to. We went through a couple more genaric questions, like my birthday, if I had any pain etc.. But what really got me is what came next. "Very good. Now tell me, what's the last thing you remember before you woke up earlier today?" That was odd. I wasnt expecting that kind of question. I figured they were going to try to experiment on me, torture or eat me for all I knew. But that wasnt what I ws expecting. I hesitated before answering. My memory was a little foggy. "I-I remember seeing Donna, my sister. And a bright light outside. Something crashing through the walls and grabbing me." I gave a short pause to gain some courage. "What's going on?" I asked. Both nurse and doctor looked at each other with an uncertain look on their faces. "You dont remember anything after that?" The doctor asked, now looking a bit shocked. I shook my head, now worried. "Dr. Faulner to front desk." Said a disembodied voice. It startled me again and another loud beep came from that machine. With a long sigh, the doctor stood up and walked out of the room. I let out a small, and quiet yawn as she left. Now I was tired again. ************************** Cheryl stood at the front desk with the receptionist as Kayle walked out of a set of double doors. "He isn't really aw..." Cheryl tried to say before getting cut off. "This time he is." Kayle said, wrapping her arms around her friend. After all they had been through. It hopefully was now over. Cheryl returned a hug before she broke down crying. These were happy tears. But there was a lot to discuss. Kayle pulled Cheryl off of her with a look of worry. The mother was confused. "What's wrong?" "He doesn't remember anything that happened."
  5. This is a short story that is knocking around in my head begging to be put on paper? Since this is an electric storyboard I will put it here! Chapter 1: "Beckie!" Called her mom you got a letter! Beckie Wilson wondered who would write me? The letter was definitely for her. Miss Beckie Wilson 328 W. 5200 S. Ogden, Utah 84403. The return address was Johnathon Barrett P. O. Box 89 Sommerville, Utah 84722. I don't know anybody from Sommerville, Utah! Who would be writing me she thought? She didn't get much mail and what she did was from close friends when they go out of town, postcards from places like Disneyland, Carlsbad Caverns, Shelly sent her a couple last year. She opened the letter. May 22, 2018 "Dear Beckie, you don't know me." Okay so I don't know him, why would he be writing to me? "You don't know me. but you know my Aunt Shirley Barrett." Okay, the lady next door. I do know her. Beckie blushed even at almost 19 years old when her parents go out of the town she goes and stays there to stay. Shirley was her babysitter. It was okay she liked Shirley. She just wished her parents trusted her enough not to send her there, she knew why they sent her there. "Aunt Shirley is here with us and she gave me your name and address." "Like you I am 18 years old." "I like playing golf, which I am pretty good as I'm on my Community College team." Beckie played golf as well her dad taught her, is that all they both golf. Is that all they have in common? She read on. "My Aunt tells me that even at 18 she still babysits you." Beckie blushed again yeah I must be pretty lame to have to be babysat at 18 years old. There is a reason. "I don't think you're lame because at 18 you still get babysat." "Right now that is what she is doing for me." Okay, Beckie thought like me his parents don't trust him. "Shirley also told me like you we share other things besides golf." "Whew!" He wrote "We both still wet our beds at 18 years old." "I know how you feel its something most of our friends outgrew a long time ago." "She told me about your friend Melissa that both of you grew up wetting your beds." "But Melissa stopped at 15, you didn't!" "For me, it was my friend Michael he stopped at 17." "He was the only other friend that I had that was like me." "There used to be several of us 6." "Then when we hit 7, we lost Brent he stopped wetting his bed." "Then at 12, we lost 3 more." "Then Michael at 17." "That leaves only me." "Aunt Shirley told me like you used to have friends that left you alone after they've stopped wetting their beds." "I feel your loneliness." "Were considered adults but we sleep like babies, still in diapers and plastic pants." "The reason I'm writing is that my parents are coming up there to Ogden and then catching a flight to England." "I will be staying with my Aunt for a couple of weeks." Beckie wondered when her parents are leaving town in a couple of weeks would Shirley have both of them? "This will be the first two weeks of June for me!" wrote Johnathan. No way she thought that's when my parents are leaving. We will be together for two whole weeks. What if he doesn't like me? What if he is a total barf bag? I'm kinda cute, other than I'm lame and still wet my bed, I could have my choice of guys. That little secret right there is the reason you don't date she thought! It kind of hard to be our age and still be wetting our beds, dating is difficult. Most guys want more than she could give them, sleeping together is not an option. The reason she didn't date was that she was considered frigid. She didn't put out. Maybe having a fresh person to date who knew about her problem would work out. What's the worst that could happen, they hate each other? He mentioned playing golf that sounded good, she wasn't very bad at it. She was pretty good at it really. She wrote him back. "Dear Jonathan, I look forward to your visit the first two weeks of June. I look forward to golfing with you. I'm enclosing a picture of me so you know what I look like? It may sound shallow but could you send me one of you as well?" Beckie "P.S. Bedwetting is something we both do, it's not a basis for a relationship. If we find were compatible in other ways that are what to base a relationship on.
  6. The Grand Sky Cathedral, an ominous structure erected in the heart of the Amazonian city, exuded an uncanny sense of foreboding that was impossible to ignore. This imposing sanctuary was built at the city's peak, casting long, eerie shadows that crept through the streets below. It seemed less a divine place of worship and more a spectral monument, symbolizing the Amazonians' relentless pursuit to reach the realm of their goddess, Kenari. Crafted from starstone, a mineral renowned for its unnatural luminescence under the pallid moonlight, the cathedral loomed, a ghostly silhouette against the inky night sky. Its spires punctured the darkness, creeping towards the heavens as if yearning to pierce the celestial veil itself. At the heart of the cathedral lay a vast chamber dominated by a towering statue of Kenari. Her stone arms were outstretched as though she herself longed to flee the confines of her earthly prison, reaching for a freedom found only in the stars. Chains, symbols of the Amazonians' twisted dominance, hung ominously around the altar, a chilling testament to the cathedral's darker purpose. Branching off from the central chamber were the cathedral's wings, each one a haunting reminder of the Amazonian society's principles - Growth, Protection, and Control. The cathedral's stained-glass windows bathed these wings in an otherworldly light, casting kaleidoscopic shadows that danced and twisted with an uncanny life of their own. "Ladies and Gentlemen, towering Amazons of our brooding society, we gather today in this uncanny Cathedral, beneath the chilling gaze of our exalted Goddess Kenari. We gather to bear witness to our divine duty, the macabre dance of dominance and protection we perform for our Littles. Consider, my dear brethren, the parable of the Mighty Oak and the Sapling. In a desolate, whispering forest, a monstrous Oak stretched its gnarled limbs towards the ashen heavens, its roots burrowing deep into the cold, unforgiving earth. A helpless Sapling struggled nearby, its feeble life teetering on the razor edge of existence, drowning in the shadow of the giant. The Oak, witnessing the Sapling's plight, spread its massive canopy over it, providing a shield from the biting elements and the prowling horrors of the wild. Cocooned in the Oak's dark embrace, the Sapling found the strength to grow, to flourish, to survive. Now, the Oak in this tale, my dear brethren, is us - the monolithic Amazons. The Sapling, trembling and vulnerable, represents our Littles. We are the grim guardians, the shadowy sentinels. We must cast our intimidating shadow over the Saplings, a duty that has been forced upon us by divine decree, a duty we are bound to perform, even if the Sapling recoils in fear or resists. Among the crowd, a couple - Xara and Zorix, two towering figures of our society, seemed to resonate with the words. Their eyes sparkled with a macabre excitement, their bodies tensed in anticipation of the duties they were to fulfill. Their hearts fluttered at the twisted sweetness of the dominance they would exert, the love they would bestow on their potential Littles. The path of love we tread, my fellow Amazons, is not a path bathed in the warm embrace of sunlight. It is a path that plunges into the darkest corners, where harsh decisions are made, where our love manifests as a terrifying form of dominance. But fear not, for our Goddess Kenari guides us in this twisted journey. She has burdened us with this responsibility, and so we shall rise to the challenge. We shall spread our shadow. We shall rule. We shall love. Therefore, let us stand tall, casting our gloomy shadows across the land, forever reminding our Littles of our looming presence. For in the Sacred Height, we find our grim purpose. We are the Amazons, the protectors of the Littles!" Xara and Zorix, overtaken by the intensity of the sermon, rejoiced. A chilling silence followed the conclusion of Axl's sermon. The echoes of his deep, resonant voice reverberated around the cathedral, etching his words into the hearts of his listeners. As they digested his twisted message, a sense of fear and respect filled the cathedral, a testament to Axl's authority and power.
  7. My Mommy (wife) has her BFF Stephanie bathe me and change my wet diapers. Mommy and Aunt Stephanie have changed my diapers in the presence of their adult lady friends. They have all been caring and very supportive so I don't feel ashamed.
  8. Hi everyone, So I've been a lurker for years. Reading your stories, a little jealous sometimes at certain scenarios. I love writing but never had the courage to write ABDL stories. Today I just felt like trying and made my own account to publish. English is not my native language, constructive criticism and ideas are always welcome. If you guys like it, I will definitely continue. Nina ":) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro The sun was finding it's way through the half open blinds, small beams of light peaking through on the early Monday morning. The first sign of hopefully good weather today, not that they wouldn't go out if there was chance of rain but for an outside activity it surely was a plus. The bedroom was quiet, except for the soft snoring of a young man. Next to his sleeping form was a woman, just a few years his senior. She had been awake for several minutes already but hadn't moved yet, she was content with just looking at her sweet for now. He had cradled himself against her, the head full of dark brown curls nestled against the woman's bosom and his hand holding onto the fabric of the pink nighty she was wearing. The other one held a grip onto a stuffed red panda, his favourite animal. His light snores wear still heard, but the pacifier in his mouth continued to move up and down every now and then as he suckled. He also was content. This new dynamic had been going on for seven weeks now, they had been together for two and a half. But they had both missed something in it, well, Jessy mostly. A mother. Esmee had always cared for him, right from the start she nurtured him a little more then a girlfriend probably should have. But that's what he needed, someone to tell him what do, make his decisions. It gave him structure, less stress and she was more then happy to see him blossom in life because of that. She was his partner but also his mama now. In the last seven weeks there had been changes, obviously all in agreement. Some he was unsure about, like the bedroom across the hall being turned into his nursery. He liked the big bed, loved snuggling with his Mama as he slept. But there he was all alone with just his panda, so for now they agreed only naps were to be taken in his crib. Diapers on the other hand hadn't been much of a problem. He was naturally a little lazy, so the diapers were introduced as the perfect solution for gaming, no potty breaks needed. Jessy liked his diapers, the infantile underwear felt nice and thick. And his Mama always gave him bum pats when they snuggled, those were the best. With every drop of motherly love Esmee gave Jessy the last seven weeks, he became a different person. He slept better, was less anxious and just in general much happier being her little boy. There was only one thing that he struggled with most, outside. Jessy had no trouble being his Mama's boy inside, but out of the house? What if friends saw him, family? Or if a stranger noticed the bulge of the thick pampers? The thought on it's own made him physically ill. What if they noticed? Esmee understood, but this dynamic they had, she liked it too. More then she was willing to admit and she wasn't just going to 'play house' at the house. So every now and then she would take him with her on errands, just small ones. Dressed in shorts a size too big, a clear white onesie underneath that was snapped closed at the crotch, the tight fabric against his thick diapers and a striped red and white t-shirt to hide it under. They would wander through the grocery store, one that was two towns away from theirs. She would hold his hand, like any mother that wouldn't want their child to wonder off. Jessy would toddle next to her, his legs splayed apart because of the underwear. And he was quiet, with a faint little blush on his cheeks as Esmee walked through the store with him, occasionally patting his crinkling behind, reminding Jessy of his status. And with every small outing the young man had with his Mama, he felt more relaxed. It was only a small routine trip after all, she was there, making sure he was alright and taken care of. On the last trip he even emptied his bladder, right there in the baby isle as Mama was getting new wipes. But today would be different, today they were going to the zoo. Jessy was excited to see the red pandas, but the realisation that it was a full day out made him anxious. And when he was anxious, he became a fussy little boy. He didn't listen or cleaned up his toys. To top it all off, Mama made him lunch and he purposely tossed it on the floor. Yesterday evening they were supposed to go out for dinner with friends, the first time in a full week he would be out of diapers and in a pull up. Mama made him wear those just to be sure. But she had canceled it because of his behaviour, told them they couldn't make it. And when Mama announced that, Jessy threw his PlayStation controller on the ground in anger. As it collided against the black tiles, the back came off and the controller glided away to the other side of the living room. Seeing the state of the item he immediately regretted it, more reason because it been a gift. Mama had pulled some serious strings to get it for him when it came out, it was hard to get but she managed and here he was throwing it around. Esmee wasn't going to punish him for his behaviour, she knew what the real source of the behaviour was. Not to mention that the guilt was already written over his face before the controller had come against the ground. His cheeks were now red, glistering of tears in his eyes as he looked up slowly, even Jessy was embarrassed at his own childish tantrum. So she took his hand, deciding that an early bedtime and some extra motherly love was in order. Now here they were the next morning, Jessy cradled against his loving Mama as he dreamed of red pandas with diapers on.
  9. Me and Mum Me and mum were sat out on the small balcony we were fortunate enough to have in our two bedroom maisonette on the outskirts of town. The living-room opened up onto it and when the weather was nice, like it had been all day, it was like a little bit of luxury, if you didn’t quite understand what luxury was. It was a place we felt lucky to have because the view over the city in the distance was quite spectacular. Mum was sitting with a glass of chilled white wine, a treat she quite liked, and I had a glass of cold milk. It had been a particularly hot summer’s day and we’d been to the christening of my Aunty Jade and Uncle David’s second child – Florence Delilah Armstrong. Their first child was almost two years old and called Alan David Armstrong, and was getting to be quite a handful. He’d run riot in the church, much to my amusement, and I saw many grown-ups trying desperately not to laugh as he shouted out inappropriate words during the sermon and various blessings, much to his mum and dad’s obvious embarrassment as they stood at the font. Florence seemed to take her lead from him and cried throughout the entire proceedings and I’d never seen my aunt and uncle look as uncomfortable as they passed their daughter over to the weary looking cleric. Had it not been for Alan, the entire thing would have been very boring and I’m glad that eventually mum sent me to play with him to try and calm him down. Oddly enough he was dressed in a smaller version suit as I wore. I wondered if mum and aunty had discussed what we’d be wearing and that the pale blue suits were no accident. We did look smart. However, because I’m older (nearly nine) my shorts looked even shorter on me than his did on him, although his nappy was visible as it had ridden up as he’d charged around all the guests. At one point I got him to calm down as he sat on my knee and we played a silly game of I-Spy. There were a couple of other kids at the service who were obviously trying to ignore me and Alan who, apart from Florence, were the youngest present. Looking across the gathering I remember thinking how pretty mum looked in her dark blue dress. She always looked good but in that company of well-dressed people I thought she stood out. Mum is five feet, eight and a half inches tall, has a slim body and nice bosoms and has long, gently curling golden hair. She looks a lot younger than her thirty-four years. I am her only son; I’m eight years old, four feet six inches tall, have thick golden hair like mum... and have green eyes. I thought we looked really stylish together in church and she thought so too. I know because she kept telling me how smart I looked and how Alan could be my little brother because we appeared so much alike. Anyway, back home sitting out on our small balcony Smooth FM was playing softly in the background, mum was at one side of the small table and I sat on the other drinking milk. Mum always said that since I could pour it myself, milk straight from the fridge was my preference to any other drink... including Coca-Cola, which is my second favourite. We were laughing as we went over the events of the day. However, as it was early evening by the time we got back home, I’d changed from my suit into my Spider-Man jammies, whilst mum was in a t-shirt and jogging bottoms. I was telling her about how grateful my aunt and uncle had been when I engaged Alan in something other than complete disruption. She laughed as she remembered one of the things he’d called out when the priest had poured a little Holy Water over his baby sister’s head. “Don’t wet her anymore,” he’d shouted, “she can wet herself.” The place erupted in laughter. I think what he meant was obvious. However, I could tell when the little guy sat on my lap that he himself was quite wet but decided to wait until after the ceremony to tell his mum. Despite him being well-padded he did manage to leak onto my shorts so in the end, and much to my embarrassment, there were two of us in wet pants. The other kids who’d been avoiding us insisted that I’d wet my pants as well and no amount of denial from me seemed to make any difference. “A couple of babies.” Was their opinion of me and Alan and I’m not sure the rest of the congregation didn’t believe them. I’d had my own fair share of accidents in the past but not one during the day for a year or so but those ‘friends’ and ‘relations’ had long memories and simply thought it possible I still wet myself. Anyway, the strange thing was, when Aunty Jade got round to changing her baby daughter and a soggy Alan, she asked if I needed changing too. I was angry and annoyed at the insinuation but mum just said I was fine and didn’t defend me, well I thought not, and that upset me a bit. Unfortunately, it all meant that while Alan and his sister wore nice clean and dry clothes, the wet stain on my shorts was obvious throughout the ‘christening lunch’ we all attended back at auntie’s house. I got some pitying looks (and so did mum) and more than one person asked if I needed help with a fresh nappy. I don’t know if they were supposed to be joking but I seethed a bit because mum had always taught me to not be disrespectful to grown-ups. So all I could do was turn on my heels and walk away - surely they knew I didn’t wear a nappy? On the way home I was in a bit of a mood and asked why she hadn’t put them right and protected me but she simply said she wasn’t sure I hadn’t wet myself and didn’t want to embarrass me more by making a fuss. She thought I’d handled it very well... showed I was growing up... and was proud of me. So, by the time we got home I was really quite pleased with myself and happy with mum’s explanation... she was proud of me. # As we sat on our little balcony, watching the lights of the distant town coming on, mum was totally relaxed and, after the slight annoyance of the ‘wet pants’ incident, I was also happy and relaxed, glad to be home, out of my suit and into something far more comfortable. I was retelling mum about some of little Alan’s comments and the silly things he’d said during our game of I-spy. “I-spy with my little eye, something beginning with N” I invited. He’d looked around and finally answered “Nappy”. That wasn’t the answer and couldn’t see any so asked where he saw N for nappies? He pointed to my shorts and then his own “Nappies” he cheerfully shouted. I could see his but felt guilty that he thought I also must wear them, possibly because we were wearing the same style suit. We were both laughing. Mum thought it was funny whereas I just pretended I wasn’t alarmed by a two year-old’s comment. She then mentioned Florence Delilah’s lung capacity... she hadn’t stopped crying all the way through the service. We both grinned at her parent’s obvious embarrassment and that the vicar looked relieved when it was over, and then added that she thought Alan was a little treasure. “He has a really fun attitude for one so young.” She commented. “There’s a real personality there that I’m sure will serve him well as he grows up. You two looked wonderful together... you were the life and soul of the proceedings... thanks.” She smiled. It seemed a strange thing to say about one so young so I took the opportunity and said that she didn’t have to cope with a leaky nappy like I had, to which she guffawed. “No David I suppose not.” “He’s a nice lad but the reaction of everyone else made it look like I was as guilty as he was... a wet toddler...” I moaned in my defence. “Look love... you mustn’t worry about what others think or don’t think.” She thought for a moment. “Even if you had wet your pant...” And then she got all weepy reminiscing about how things used to be and how she never minded changing my nappies because it brought us closer together. Mum had said earlier that it had been quite an emotional day. I’d seen her eyes fill with tears as she’d held little Florence (mum was to be a God-parent) at the font and even seemed reluctant to hand her back to the vicar. There were times when I’d watched mum cope with her grief over the loss of my dad and although he’d been gone for over six years, she still wept for him and hugged me tightly. It had been quite a day. It had been fun but also stressful and long. I was glad to be home. I saw she was getting a bit teary so lent over and gave her a hug. She wanted more, and invited me to sit on her lap. I’d finished my milk and she must have been on her second or third glass of wine but I saw she needed to show how much she loved me. I sat on her lap and she just clung to me and I heard a little sob come from deep down as she patted my leg through the thin cotton of my jammies. “Oh Davey, Davey, Davey...” She said as she held me even more tightly. “I hope you never get too big for me to give you a hug sweetie... mummy needs her loving boy more than ever.” As she hugged and stroked my back she was apologising for being emotional and a “silly mummy”. Mum is very loving, but I’d noticed recently she was having more frequent need for cuddles and hugs. I didn’t know why... maybe because I was getting older... but I’d never let her down. If mum wanted a hug it was the very least I could do. However, the next thing she did really surprised me. After a few minutes I was released and could see the tears she’d shed and I felt guilty but I didn’t know why. I knew I hadn’t caused them but still... “Come with me love.” She reached out her hand and I took it as she led me off the balcony and into her bedroom. She asked me to lie out on her bed whilst she went through a couple of draws and began to gather a few things together. I didn’t see what it was until she arrived next to the bed and said she was going to put a nappy on me. I lay there stunned. I mean, I hadn’t wet myself at the christening... nor had I worn one for a couple of years but more over... why? “Why mum... why do you...” “I’m sorry love it’s just... well... Oh love...” She seemed to be having trouble getting her thoughts together. Eventually, seeing me looking confused she answered. “I miss having my little boy. You’re growing up and becoming quite the independent young man... and soon you’ll be gone.” I was stunned by this. I never thought of myself as an independent young man but here she was telling me that’s just what I was. Had I known better I suppose I’d have put it down to too much to drink... she’d had a few at the do after the christening I was sure. However, I don’t like to see mum upset and have tried, whenever those moments do break through, to make things better for her. “But mum... why a nappy?” She cried. “Oh love I’m sorry... I’m just being silly and... a little drunk...” she confided. “I got so envious of your Aunty Jade.... having two babies to look after and who depend on her. I know... silly... but I couldn’t help it. For just a few moments I want my little boy back to when he was reliant on me... and who I can smoother in kisses and hugs.” “Mum, I am reliant on you... I’m eight.” “I know love...” I could see her thinking and looking a bit lost if I’m truthful. I’d never seen her quite so ‘sorrowful’ and wasn’t sure what I could do to help. I didn’t like to see her in that state and after a few silent moments ventured a possible answer. “Mum, are you sure putting me in a nappy would help?” She sighed and shrugged but I didn’t get the reply I was after. I thought a bit more and then said that if it would make a difference then I’d wear a nappy but only for a little while... and she wasn’t to tell anyone. She beamed a wonderful smile in my direction. “You are a lovely, understanding boy... I’m grateful every day to have someone like you in my life.” # I was surprised at just how much stuff mum had. I suspected it was things left over from when I was a toddler but even so... why had she kept all of it? At the time it never occurred to me that she was expecting that her and dad would have had more than just me, which of course got me thinking of dad and that made me well up. I was two when dad died and although my thoughts of him are patchy, mum never stopped telling me what a lovely, loving daddy he was. I missed him and I think that’s why mum and I are so close... she misses him too. It was very emotional as she looked at me and I looked back and at that moment we seemed to need something. I was thinking of daddy when she pulled off my pyjama bottoms. Part of me was thinking she wasn’t going to go through with it but another part hoped that if she did, it would make her happy. I was torn. Mum produced some wipes and started cleaning the area up even though I was sure it didn’t need it, after all I hadn’t wet myself earlier. “Just making it all nice and clean for you sweetie,” she said as if reading my mind. She then picked up some pink cream and slathered it all over my bottom and pee-pee. I really was confused by what was happening but mum was doing it with such a loving intensity I tried to smile but I think it came out as a grimace. “Oh sweetie, am I hurting you?” She looked horrified and took her hands away as if suffering an electric shock. “No, no mum... it’s fine... erm...” The words ‘it’s fine’ seemed the permission needed to carry on and under a large sprinkling of powder I saw that look of love return to her face. I still wasn’t overly happy about all this but, as she fluffed out a large terry square, I knew we were past the turning back point. She folded it into the correct shape and inched it under my bottom. Then pinned it on tightly making sure it gripped my hips. “There sweetheart, all done... and don’t you look like my special little baby boy?” I didn’t like the reference to being her baby boy but after all that she’d witnessed today I could see why that thought was in her head. By now it was getting late and was way past my bedtime so mum pulled back the covers on her bed and got me to climb in. “You’ll sleep with me tonight... if that’s okay... I need your company...” She said a little wistfully as she went to the bathroom to get herself ready for bed. I lay there, wearing my Spider-man pyjama top and a thick nappy between my legs. I wasn’t very comfortable and hoped I wouldn’t have to stay wearing it for very long. Mum returned shortly afterwards and got into bed and immediately gently pulled me into her stomach and bosoms and wrapped me in her loving arms. “Thank you sweetie... thank you.” To be honest, I hadn’t slept with mum for over a year and despite the annoying nappy, it was quite nice to be cuddled to sleep. Surprisingly, I dropped off almost immediately. # I woke up a little confused. Mum was shaking my shoulder and telling me to get up. “Oh sweetie... you’ve wet the bed.” It didn’t quite register what she was telling me but when it did, I reached down to my nappy and it was soaked. I was still disorientated from waking up from a very deep and peaceful sleep but not remembering I was in mum’s bed. “Sweetie, I’m afraid you’ve leaked a little bit but don’t worry...” I was still groggy as she unpinned the nappy and started to clean me up. I tried to protest but she just asked me to let her take care of it, so I did. She had a towel in her hand and started to wipe me down before applying a few wet wipes, to clean the area up. I hoped that was it and I’d be able to return to my bed but mum had other precautions she wanted to take. “Okay sweetie,” she said pleasantly, “perhaps you’ve just had too much liquid today so...” She fluffed out a new nappy. “Mum, I don’t want to wear another nap...” “Ssshhhh sweetie, don’t worry... it’s just in case...” I tried to argue but she just pulled me up from where I was and showed me the wet area. She didn’t need to say more. I wasn’t in any position to argue as she pinned me in and then, as if from nowhere, opened up a pair of shiny white plastic pants and inched them up and over the bulky fabric. “Mummm, I, I, no, ermmm...” but she wasn’t listening. “There sweetie... now you can wet as much as you like.” I wasn’t happy because I’d just wet the bed and felt ashamed so asked if I could return to my own. Mum patted my padded bottom and said that was fine so I grabbed my discarded pyjama bottoms and ambled to my room, well aware of the thickness that now accompanied me. I pulled my PJ bottoms up with difficulty but they stretched enough for me to hide the shiny pants underneath. I climbed into bed wondering why and how I’d managed to wet mum’s bed and I could hear her stripping and changing it. As I rolled over there was a definite crinkle sound and my legs felt they were pulled apart but I wriggled under the duvet and hoped I’d get to sleep. This had been a very strange night but I was very tired so dropped off immediately. However, come the morning I woke up to find that I’d soaked my protection - I was horrified, indignant and guilt-ridden. I hoped I could hide what I’d done from mum but she came in all happy and sparkling asking if I’d slept any better. I had no idea why I’d wet again and burst into tears. “Ohh sweetheart what’s the matter?” She sat on my bed and hugged me. Thinking I was still anxious about wetting her bed she tried to calm me. “Don’t worry about last night love... it wasn’t a problem and soon fixed... so...” I couldn’t bring myself to tell her I was soaked but she’d find out for herself soon enough. I couldn’t let her see... “Don’t cry love. You have nothing to be worried about. I think we both might have had too much to drink last night.” She smiled as if we were sharing some great secret together. “Silly mummy let her emotions get the better of her. Sorry.” I couldn’t pretend any longer. “I’m wet.” I sobbed as more tears of shame ran down my cheeks. The way mum looked she wasn’t sure if I was joking or not. Reluctantly she pulled away the duvet and slipped her hand under the waistband of my jammies. Hesitantly she pushed at the plastic pants and felt the fabric underneath. “Ohhh.” Tears fell... I was devastated. “Sorry sweetheart, this wasn’t supposed to happen was it?” I just wanted to stay in bed and hide from the world for the rest of my life. I wet myself... twice... I was so ashamed. I pulled the duvet back over my head and tried to make myself invisible but mum said I needed to get out of the wet and into something dry. “But mum...” “Now come on sweetie... it’s only a wet nappy, not the end of the world and besides, the sooner we have you out of it and all cleaned up... the sooner you can forget all about it.” She was already pulling at my reluctant arm helping me get out of bed then ushering me towards the bathroom. Off came my pyjamas leaving me standing in just the plastic pants and soaked nappy. I looked in the mirror and I could see the slight sag behind the robust plastic pants. “Look love, don’t worry. As it is,” she said patting the slippery white glossy surface, “these prevented anything from leaking onto your bed. So better than my bed eh?” I didn’t like this reminder that I’d wet twice but I couldn’t deny what the night had witnessed and I was so sorry and embarrassed I wasn’t sure what to do. “Look love, let’s get you cleaned up and then we’ll decide what we’re going to do today.” I nodded, but not enthusiastically, and stepped under the shower. I stood under the spray and worried that I’d be put into nappies now for the rest of my life. Once out I towelled myself dry and wandered back to my bedroom. I half expected to see mum there but she’d made my bed up and put out some clothes. “Let’s go to the park and maybe have lunch out... if you fancy that?” I was feeling a bit better. The shower had eased my mood and the fact mum hadn’t left any baby stuff out brightened me up a little bit more. I slipped on my Spider-Man briefs and grey polo shirt and she’d left out a pair of green shorts, which she knew were my favourite. By the time I was dressed and had my white K-Swiss sneakers on I was feeling a lot more confident. # The park, on a sunny Sunday, is an ideal place to be. It’s quite large, has a nicely laid out garden area (as we don’t have a garden I’m sure this is why mum loves the place) there’s a large kids play area, a small museum and a lake all within its grounds. It’s a popular place for picnics but mum decided that we’d have a nice pub meal for lunch. I had a great time with mum as she smelled just about every blossoming plant in the place and then left me to scamper around on the slides and stuff in the kid’s playground. The park is a fantastic space and although we don’t visit that often (it’s two bus rides away) when we do we can never get over the fact we have such a wonderful space in our town. Time seemed to shoot by and what felt like just minutes turned out to be a couple of hours I’d been playing with a bunch of other kids. Mum called me over and asked if I was hungry and I didn’t realise how starved I was. Mum knew the pub, The Inn on the Green, would be busy but it was on the edge of the park and had a large beer garden where we could sit out. Thankfully, even with it being a glorious day, we arrived before the crowds and though it was fairly busy, found a couple of seats at a small table and then mum ordered food. A pint of cola and ice came before the meal and I was so thirsty I almost downed the lot in just a couple of gulps. That was in spite of mum telling me to take it slow. When the meal arrived mum ordered another cola for me and another wine for her and we ate a very pleasant Ploughman’s lunch, with an order of chips. I knew they were more for me than mum and covered in ketchup I couldn’t get enough, although mum insisted I ate the salad that went with the cheesy dish. After we’d finished the meal the sun was still shining brightly and whilst a relaxed mum had another glass of wine, I went off to play with some other kids whose parents were also having a drink and a meal. I’m not sure how long we played before mum was calling me over and saying it was time we got going. I said my goodbyes and we walked to the bus stop. We waited for the bus that seemed to be taking for ages and I was bursting for a wee. I was just about to excuse myself and go behind some bushes when it arrived. It was the slowest bus I’d ever been on stopping at every stop. When we got off to change to the one back to our house I was hoping I might be able to pop into the public toilet at the bus station but our bus was in so mum just climbed on board. I hadn’t mentioned my need for a wee and I thought I’d be able to last until we got home. Alas, two pints of ice cold cola, sloshing around was pressing hard on my bladder and unfortunately, before we got off the bus the front of my shorts were soaked. Mum didn’t even know I’d wet my pants until we stood up to get off and then she saw the state of my clothes and the puddle of pee under the seat. I think she was too embarrassed to say anything to the driver and we got off the bus pretty quickly. As the bus disappeared mum looked at me with a sort of strange appraising stare. “Ohh Davey, Davey, Davey... what are we going to do with you?” I was incredibly self-conscious because not only had I soaked my undies and shorts at the front but it had pooled around my bottom on the bus’s plastic seat and I had the wettest of wet bums. At that moment there was nothing mum could do about it and with our home not too far away I had to suffer the stares and unspoken condemnation as we walked that short (although it felt like miles) distance. Once inside mum was quick to help me off with my clothes. She didn’t wait for me to do it myself and I was stripped in the kitchen within seconds of us getting through the front door. My stuff was immediately thrown into the washing machine and, after dumping in some washing powder, she set it going. She then turned her attention to me. I was naked and looking down at the ground embarrassed on two levels. “Why didn’t you tell me you needed the loo?” “I’m sorry mum... I thought I could make it but...” “Somebody has to sit on the seat...” I think she realised she was complicit in keeping quiet on that front. “I’m really sorry mum.” I was standing with my head bowed, my hands trying to hide my pee-pee and still totally naked. “Pleeeaaasssseee... don’t be angry.... I am sorry.” Mum was staring at me and I wasn’t sure what was going through her mind. “Look love. I’m not angry... just... just surprised that’s all.” I was glad she wasn’t angry but she was taking a long time in allowing me to get dressed. “I’m sorry.” I wasn’t sure how many times I’d have to say it before I could put some pants on. Eventually she seemed to make a decision. “Okay, let’s get you cleaned up and into something... nice and dry... ehhh?” #tbc#
  10. Dear caretaker, My name is Velan and I’m 30-something going on 10. I'd really like to find a caretaker but I can't find any behind the curtains or in my closet and I'm all out of hide and seek locations to check. I can totally act big but I'd really enjoy having a little help now and then. Like all the cool kids I wear diapers. They keep my overalls dry every day but ONLY if I remember to change them. And sometimes I forget to. Especially if I’m busy with Legos or video games. Sometimes I try to wear undies but that usually doesn’t end well. See, that’s why I sometimes need somebody to help a tiny bit. I love stuff like: Cartoons Movies Stuffies Outdoors adventures Legos Cowboys and samurais (they are very cool) Sauna Cooking Foxes and squirrels and bunnies Yellow X-mas I don’t care about your gender, looks or anything else. I’m looking for someone to remind me that maybe I’m not always as big as I think I am and that I don’t forget things like diaper changes, bedtime, diet and exercise. I want somebody to check on me that I’m doing and being good. It’s okay if you live somewhere else than me. I mostly want to chat online (Telegram etc) but of course if we both feel like it we can meet in person! That would be awesome! Talk to you soon! Okay bye! EDIT: Whoah huge font-size! Making it smaller.
  11. Only once the lock to the room finally clicked behind him did Nathan breath a long sigh of relief. He had been nothing but a ball of nerves ever since he had left the house— no, even before that. Somehow he had managed to keep it together when he had explained to his wife Jean days before that he had a business trip coming up soon and would be gone for the weekend, probably helped by the fact that this was not the first time he had pulled this similar ruse on her and managed to get away with it. He loved Jean, he truly did. They had been married for fourteen blissful years already, and he was more than ready to spend the rest of his life with her, but there were just some times where he just needed to get away for a few days, to just let himself truly… relax. Looking around himself, he eyed the motel room he had rented out for the weekend. It was nothing special, mostly clean, cheap, and far enough away from home that the risk of possibly bumping into someone he knew. It was the kind of motel room you tended to see on all those cop shows, the ones were the balding husband would be absconding away to to have an affair with some hot girl half his age. Having an affair was the last thing on Nathan’s mind though, as his true goal was something far more embarrassing, something that he knew would destroy his life and marriage in an instant if anyone ever found out. Wheeling his suitcase inside, Nathan picked it up and plopped it up onto the bed before unzipping it. Upon open it, he immediately saw all the business clothes he had packed… and quickly tossed them all aside as he revealed the true treasure hidden beneath, ones that took his breath away for a brief moment. Reaching in, Nathan picked up one of the plastic rectangles stashed inside, smiling at the loud crinkling sound it made and the colourful prints adorning what was obviously a very large, very thick, and very infantile looking diaper to anyone with eyes. One far too big to fit anyone other than a full grown adult. A full grown adult like Nathan for example, though he wouldn’t be acting like one for much longer. Within moments, Nathan had stripped himself out of his stuffy adult clothes and carefully powdered and taped the diaper onto himself, his smile extending from ear to ear as the thickness of the diaper pushed his legs apart enough to give him an adorable waddle, which he spent several minutes doing as the room became filled with the sounds of his crinkling bottom. Once that was done, Nathan reached into his bag and pulled out a large purple pacifier, one that he wasted little time in popping into his mouth and sucking on, an barely audible cooing sound emanating from his mouth as he suckled away. Almost done, the last part of his transformation was the cute baby blue onesie he had packed, which he carefully slipped on before doing up the buttons one the butt flap. The buttons actually seemed to struggle against the sheer thickness of Nathan’s diaper, bulging out in such a way that it was very clear what he was wearing underneath. Like flicking a switch, Nathan felt all the stressed that had been building up over the last few weeks begin to melt away, leaving behind a giggling, excited Adult Baby Boy behind. Minutes later, Nathan was seated on the floor, his diapered butt acting as comfortable cushion as he giggled and laughed at cartoons on the motel tv. During a commercial break, he even traded out his Paci for a bottle of warm milk he quickly prepared, which was gone before the next commercial break. Eventually that milk had to go somewhere, so after a few more cartoons, Nathan felt a telltale tingling in his bladder. Without a second though, he let go and flooded his diaper, smiling at the warmth spreading though his diaper. Reaching his hand down, he squished his now soaked diaper beneath his onesie, imagining himself sitting not in a motel room, but in a massive nursery perfectly prepared to take care of his ever need. Uh oh! Looks like someone needs his diapee changed! In his head, Nathan pictured a woman walking up to him and suddenly checking his diaper, distracting him from his cartoons and toys for a moment as he realized how soaked he really was. The woman would smile and coo at him like the loving nanny she was, picking up with ease as she carried him over to the changing table and setting him down atop it. Once his onesie was undone to reveal the state of his soggy diapers, he would giggle as the woman tickled his belly before gently untaping his used diaper and tossing it into the nearby diaper pail to join the many others like it. He would shiver slightly at the feeling of cold wipes sliding across his crotch, but the woman’s smile would pull him back to smiling and giggling. She would then pull out a diaper with similar designs to the one he had just been wearing—They were his favorite, after all!— and slid it under his bottom, adding a generous amount of sweet smelling powder to his crotch before pulling up the front and securely taping him into a cute diaper once more. There, all clean! She would say as she patted his fresh diaper before leaning down and kissing his forehead, causing Nathan to gaze longingly into Jean’s beautiful eyes and smile as she— Like a slap to the face, Nathan snapped out of his fantasy and shook the image from his mind. As much as he wished it was true, he knew his fantasy would always only remain that: a fantasy. Many times he had tried to come clean to her while they were dating, but every time he had chickened out. Now that they were married, Nathan assumed he had missed his chance. He loved her, and he knew she loved him, but whenever he imagined himself finally telling her about this side of him he became filled with terror. Images of her scowling at him in disgust and calling him a “freak” or a “disgusting pervert” filled his mind and only made it clearer to him that he would need to continue keeping this a secret from her to keep his life intact, no matter how much it made him feel like he was betraying her to do so. She can never know. ———————————————— Jean idly turned the page of her book as she sat on the living room couch, occasionally glancing up at the clock to check the time. Nathan had left some time ago, and so she had started reading to help pass the time now that she was alone. Though while on the outside Jean looked calm and collected, on the inside she was a excited mess. She was barely even reading the book in front of her, using it as more of a distraction as her glances up at the clock became more and more frequent as time seemed to pass painfully slow. She wanted nothing more than to just abandon the book altogether and indulge in what she really wanted, but her mind was set on being patient. Just an hour, long enough that she knew Nathan wouldn’t unexpectedly return home to retrieve something he had forgotten. She could wait that long… right? She lasted about forty-five minutes before she couldn’t take it any more. Tossing the book aside, she leapt up from the couch and practically bounded upstairs, making a beeline for the master bedroom and practically ripping the doors of her walk-in closet open. Nathan almost never came in here, and she trusted him not to snoop even if he did, so she knew her secret was safe from him. Still, she had been super careful to stash it all behind several rows of clothes, just in case. After a few moments spent pushing clothes aside, she finally found what she was looking for. A seemingly inconspicuous brown box lay before her, but inside lay her real prize. Popping the box open, she smiled at the sight of the partially open bag of pink plastic rectangles, all neatly packed and ready to be used. Nathan and her didn’t really want kids, so it might be a bit odd to see her with a pack of diapers at all, let alone one hidden away in the back of her closet. It might seem a bit more odd once you notice that these diapers are far too big for a baby of any kind, large enough to fit a full grown adult. A full grown adult like Jean, for instance. Smiling, Jean carefully extracted one of the diapers from the bag and held it in her hands, bringing it up to her nose for a moment and breathing in the heavenly smell of baby powder laced into the diapers. Unable to contain herself any longer, she hastily strips out her silly adult clothes, bra included, and lays back before unfolding the diaper and positioning it underneath her. Just as she was about to tape it on, however, she almost slapped herself as she realized she’d forgetten something. Toddling naked into the adjoining bathroom and retrieves a bottle of rash cream from under the sink. With cream in hand, she returns to the waiting diaper and sits back down before unscrewing the top of the rash cream and lathering a sufficient layer on her sensitive skin. With that taken care of, she reseals the bottle of cream before setting it aside and finally pulling up the front of the diaper and taping it on. Still naked save for her fresh diaper, Jean spent a few minutes sifting through her collection of clothes for something more “appropriate” to wear, giggling at the clinking sound she made whenever she moved or wiggled her butt. Eventually she settled on a pink lace nightgown that was practically see through and left nothing to the imagination, giggling from knowing that it would do absolutely nothing to hide her new padding. Slipping it on, Jane posed in the mirror for a few minutes, even going as far as to take a few pictures of padded rear for her secret Instagram (making sure to delete the originals once they were uploaded). Once she was satisfied, Jean toddled back downstairs and into the kitchen, where she quickly prepared a bottle of warm chocolate milk for herself. Minutes later, Jean was back to sitting on the living room couch, only now she was giggling and laughing at the cartoons playing out on the tv in front of her. Sucking away at her bottle, it wasn’t long before she had drained it completely, setting it aside and quickly forgetting about it. That was a problem for adult Jean later, not Adult Baby Jean now. All she had to worry about were the colourful sights and sounds coming from the tv. As Jean settled into a much simpler and younger mindset, she felt a slight twinge in her bladder. With barely a thought, Jean let go and flooded her diapers, knowing for experience that they could handle whatever she threw at them, and more. Indeed, while the diaper noticeably expanded as it absorbed her little “accident”, it held fast. During a commercial break, Jean took a moment to examine her how saggy diaper, smiling as she hiked up her nightgown slightly and placed her hand onto her diaper, feeling it squish beneath her touch. As she focused on the warmth of her diaper, the world began to melt around Jean, replacing her normal living room with a huge and fully stocked nursery, one more than ready to see to her every need as she played without a care in the world. She wasn’t alone in her fantasy though, as she had a playmate joining her. The pair would laugh and play the hours away, not caring in the slightest as they soaked their diapers. Eventually though, she would crawl up behind her playmate and take a moment to check their diaper. “Uh-oh!” She would say with a mischievous hint in her voice. “Looks like someone needs his diapee changed!” Then the fantasy would change in a few ways. She would still be diapered as well, obviously, but she would suddenly go from being a playmate to a caregiver, smiling as she picked her playmate up and carried him over to the changing table. After unbuttoning the flaps on his onesie, she would take a moment to tickle his now exposed belly, causing her adorable playmate to giggle and laugh as she went to work changing him out of his sagging diaper and into a fresh one. One diaper change later, she would proudly declare him, “All clean!” Patting the front of his new diaper, she would then lean down and give him a kiss on the forehead as she stared longingly into Nathan’s eyes and— Snapping back to reality with a shake of her head, Jean felt a bubble of shame start to grow in the pit of her stomach. As much as she wanted to, she knew that telling Nathan her secret was simply out of the question, to say nothing about potentially asking him to join her as well! She loved him with all her heart, but that idea that he might react negatively to learning about her secret fantasy horrified to her very core and had kept her from ever telling him while they had been dating. Now that they were married, it was far too late now. Her fantasy would simply remain as that forever: a fantasy. As she turned her attention back to the antics of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in the hopes of getting back into her little headspace, she only reaffirmed to herself that she could never be honest enough to tell Nathan what she really liked to do while he wasn’t home. He can never know. ——— And so, the pair would both go to bed that night alone, snug in their freshly changed diapers and knowing in their heart that they could never tell the other about their secret fantasies, no matter how much it hurt to keep them secret. Maybe someday the two will discover that they have even more in common that they first realized when they got married, but for now they were both content with continuing to happily indulge in private.
  12. Disclosure I’m not sure why but SpongeBob has become a strange guilty pleasure, which for a guy my age shouldn’t be admitted to. However, despite him turning up in a couple of my stories, I want to say that I am not in league with the franchise, nor do I get a cut from the merchandise. I will admit to being enthralled by the TV show and love the crazy little guy’s exploits... and yes I am wearing SpongeBob undies as I write this story. SpongeBob SquareNappy It was a glorious day. It was just me and dad and the plan had been to drive to our starting point then take the fourteen mile hike along the river bank, up into the hills before the route circled round and returned us to the car park. At the moment, I’m standing at the top of a high rocky outcrop, staring out over the vast countryside laid out below and feeling on top of the world. The view is stunning and I’m feeling brilliant. I’m wearing my SpongeBob t-shirt, SpongeBob shorts under which are the SpongeBob plastic pants gripping tightly to my thick yellow disposable. I have a stout pair of boots and thick socks so I’m well prepared for our ramble. I have a small backpack that has warmer clothes, water and a packed meal of sandwiches, crisps and some of mum’s wonderful chocolate cake (and no I don’t have a Krabby Patty). Attached to the zip is a SpongeBob keyring with the square little chap grinning madly at everyone who passes. Dad is standing next to me and points out some of the distant landmarks, whilst other trekkers take in the view and smile benignly at my colourful yellow ensemble. I can honestly say my attire is unique amongst the hordes of other hikers so is getting quite a few contemptuous shrugs from the more serious walkers. Just like an enthusiastic young scout leader dad looks wonderful in his khaki hiking outfit of shirt, shorts, boots and backpack. In fact, he got his love for rambling, camping and the countryside from his days as a Boy Scout. His fervour for fresh air and an outdoor lifestyle has been catching and I really love being out and about sharing his passion. Dad hugs me close, pats my padded bottom and whispers if I’m okay. I’ve never felt better but I know he’s really asking if I’m wet... I am but pretend I’m not. He tousled my hair and we set off on the next leg or our journey. # My parents have been very supportive of me over the last few weeks. Just after my thirteenth birthday, and for no apparent reason that I could pinpoint, I started waking up wet. Mum took to the internet and looked up my symptoms and possible cures and, backed by a doctor’s report that said there was nothing he could do, followed the simple advice the net offered. · No food an hour before bed. · Avoid fizzy and caffeinated drinks. · Remove any distractions from the sleeping area (computer, television, gaming consoles etc) · Install reduced lighting (soft coloured filter bulbs, lower wattage etc) · Get subject into protection as soon as possible. The subject needs to know that they’ve done nothing wrong but that it’s vital that property is safeguarded from their current predicament. · A period of no stimulation before bed and regular bed times. · Be firm but fair. · Be organised and once set on a course – stick with it. # Mum and dad had no problem following these simple rules and I found that my mattress was covered in a water-proof sheet and my night times started off with being well-nappied at 7pm sharp. Of course I rebelled as much as possible, mentioning that my younger sister Gabby would laugh and I’d be ridiculed at school. Dad pointed out that he couldn’t see why as I was only wearing the stuff at home and at night so no one but family would be aware. He explained to my sister I was having problems and she should be supportive so didn’t want to hear any hurtful remarks from her. Privately dad sat me down in my bedroom and explained that this was what was going to happen and if fussed and gave either him or mum any backchat or trouble, I would be wearing them for school. Firm but fair... I suppose that’s how he saw it but that didn’t stop the resentment I felt about the injustice of it all. However, my protest was quite muted because after all, I was waking up wet. My bottom lip trembled at the thought of having to wear them for school so decided to just keep any feelings well bottled up. Before I got to wear protection mum and dad came in to my bedroom whilst I was sat at the computer. I was playing a new game that someone had come up with featuring SpongeBob SquarePants. I’d been a ‘fan’ of his TV show from when I was younger and was just a character that had stayed with me since those days. Now I know at thirteen this cartoon oddity should hold no interest for me but, and this was quite by accident, I was also wearing my SpongeBob boxers I’d had for ages and my school bag sitting on the chair in the corner had an ‘ironic’ SpongeBob keyring attached to the zipper. (Lots of the guys had equally daft stuff written or dangling from their bags, it made for easy identification should they get misplaced in the confusion of class). I learned later that mum had taken all this in as they presented a united front about the new rules. “Okay son, turn that off (item 3 on the –what to do agenda). From now on you can only use it when either mum or I are around and never after 7pm.” Dad was standing over me making sure I did as I was told and the protest that started with an “Aww, can’t I just finish thi...?” disappeared when I saw the look he gave me. “We are going to trust you to keep to this rule so the computer can stay here but should we think you’ve disobeyed us, we’ll take it away completely. Do you understand?” I nodded but felt really depressed. I love playing games and talking on Facebook and elsewhere to my friends late at night and seven o’clock did seem incredibly early as I normally didn’t go to bed until ten-ish. Since I got my own laptop a few months ago it had changed my life. I loved everything about it; the access to info, the ease of chatting to friends but most of all the games. I can get quite involved and some of them are quite dark and spooky. Even though they can be a bit disturbing I like them the best and often play them well into the early hours... but don’t tell mum or dad. However, because of dad’s threat to put me in nappies for school if I protested too much I went along with their suggestions convinced that after a day or two they’d forget all about it and everything would hopefully return to normality. However, what I hadn’t bargained for was the first night of my ‘protection’ regime. Both parents were there to, provide a united front, and after dad told me to go and get a shower mum assembled the relative items ready for my return. I’d been wetting in my sleep consistently now for nearly a couple of weeks and though the plastic protection for the mattress had arrived after two days, I’d been waking up to wet sheets and soaked pjs. The chat with the doctor had made mum go to the easiest line of defence – making me wear security padding whilst in bed. As I said, I wasn’t happy about this and whilst I saw the logic to this remedy (as no doubt anyone who’s ever been faced with this dilemma has had to acknowledge), I didn’t particularly want any part of it. So, when they arrived in my bedroom armed with powder, disposables and plastic pants I was none too pleased. Having an attitude at my age is all well and good, but dad is not one to put up with me acting like a stupid, inconsiderate spoilt brat, he pointed that out fairly early on when I started arguing for arguments sake and not because I had anything to argue about. He’s a loving dad but don’t cross him. He’ll put up with just a certain amount of what he sees as legitimate defiance, after that it’s his judgement that matters. I protested as much as I thought I dare but I didn’t want my teenage bottom being spanked as if I was a naughty little kid, which dad threatened if I continued to complain. The thing is, although dad threatens quite a lot, he rarely carries it through. As a family we all get on and he’s never disciplined me for anything... well other than a telling off if I’ve done something stupid. However, because this bed wetting was new, and I was embarrassed by it, I wasn’t too sure just how understanding he would be and decided not to test those limits. Two sets of embarrassment on the same day would have been too much to contemplate. I tried to argue about the early time (it was only just after seven) but mum said there were going to be a few changes and I’d better get used to them. She didn’t want to leave everything to the last moment and argued that seven could quite easily be made my permanent bedtime if I preferred. Apparently, I was now going to be ready for bed the same time as my seven year old sister and as her bedtime was eight o’clock; that was now also going to be mine. At this I really blew my top but dad said they weren’t punishing me but I wasn’t getting enough proper sleep and, according to school, my attention span was deteriorating. However, if I did want to be punished all I had to do was continue arguing. By then mum had noisily shaken out a disposable on my bed and indicated for me to lie down so she could put it on for me. The very idea of being put back into a nappy was filling me with anger – what would people think if they found out? I just didn’t want it to happen, I knew I should be shouting, screaming abuse and generally not putting up with it and to a certain extent I did. But it was from the thought of being embarrassed rather than I didn’t think it a way to prevent stop wetting the entire bed. I suppose, at thirteen, I thought I was over ever having to worry about such things, but there again, at my age I shouldn’t be peeing the bed either: The loud crinkle and babyish smell as, what appeared to be a small package was spread out to become quite a large padded area, was quite surprising. Meanwhile, the sudden appearance of bottles and cartons that accompanied it plus the clear vinyl pants that lay alongside, were all adding to my distress. “Do you have to do it... can’t I do it myself?” I begged reluctantly as I could see there wasn’t a way out of not wearing one. Mum made the point that I’d never changed a nappy in my life so to begin with either she or dad would be there to supervise and make sure there was no chance of leakage. With dad looking sternly on I let mum get on with what she had to do. To say I was very self-conscious would be an understatement but she was gentle and told me what she was doing and why all the way through the procedure. I didn’t want to hear about wet-wipes, nappy rash cream, bolster pads and baby powder, but she droned on about why I needed them all. Apparently, she was quoting bits from an online parenting forum on teenagers who suddenly start peeing the bed. According to the forum of parents – a teenage son or daughter should be included in the process for their own welfare. It was to keep them inclusive, something they were involved in rather than something being done to them. I would have preferred not to hear about any of it thank you. I was actually relieved when she eventually pulled the thing between my legs and taped it into place, as my cock was beginning to react to all the touching and rubbing, which was taking a great deal of willpower to keep under control. Anyway, once it was done and she’d shimmied the final humiliating aspect to all this, the plastic pants, into place she pulled me to my feet and asked how it felt. “Awkward.” I said irritably. “This is stupid I look like a two year old, please can we try something different?” The stern face of dad was replaced by a much gentler look as he nodded approval. Now it was done and I wasn’t screaming blue murder or throwing a tantrum they seemed to relax a little. However, deep down I was seething. Meanwhile, I just stood there feeling (and no doubt looking) a complete and utter tit. “Don’t worry son, you’ll get used to it and at least you won’t wake up swimming in a sea of pee.” He seemed to think that this ‘fact’ was enough reason for such treatment and that I should be glad. I wasn’t but their earlier threats hung over me so I was reluctant to moan much more. “You’ll feel a lot better sweetheart.” Mum added though I’m not sure how she’d know that. I shrugged as both mum and dad checked out my now padded crotch and bum. Once they were satisfied mum found my pyjamas but the bottoms were too tight as I tried to pull them on. “Oh, we’ll have to do something about that,” she said looking a bit perturbed. Dad said it didn’t matter I could sleep wearing just the protection but I was on the verge of angry tears so relented and asked if a pair of shorts would fit. As it was, dad had a large pair of satin boxers, with Superman characters all over, which he’d received as a present last Christmas. He disappeared for a little while before returning waving them triumphantly in front of my eyes. I knew he was trying to take the fear, shame and self-consciousness from the situation by making it a jokey experience but I was still not overly happy. Notwithstanding my mood, surprisingly they fit reasonably well over the bulk now resting around my waist. I looked in the mirror but because I knew what was underneath it all looked huge and childish. Thankfully at least you couldn’t see anything. I think dad was pleased that he’d got rid of a pair of boxer he’d never liked or intended to wear. We went down stairs to watch a bit of TV. I thought the constant rustling sound I made with each step was very loud but neither of my parents made a comment. Gabby was still dressed and enjoying something colourful on the Children’s Channel and there I was, in a nappy and ready for bed. I was about to complain about the injustice of this when mum called her to get ready for bed herself. She didn’t want to go as the programme wasn’t finished but I think mum caught my brooding anger and thought it would be best to act. However, dad got in first and said, “Right after your programme young lady... and no argument okay?” “Yes daddy... thank you.” She looked over at me as I noisily took a seat on the sofa but just turned back to the screen and continued to watch her show. I was still seething a bit but her show finished after five minutes and mum followed her upstairs. I switched channel but there was nothing on I particularly wanted to watch. Normally I’d be sat at my computer now and until late playing games or chatting but that was no longer an option. However, I didn’t realise just how uninteresting stuff on TV was around this time - soaps and detective series so, a big ‘YUK’ from me. However, mum liked these shows so that’s what was on. I sat on the sofa getting used to the padding that now filled the front of my boxers. Although the actual item was soft it did feel strange having something so chunky between my legs and I was shuffling around trying to get comfy. It was quite disconcerting the way the bulge at the front pushed out the satin boxers; I thought it looked like I was afflicted with some disease of the knob. Every now and then everything seemed fine and I’d forget about it but moments later, for some reason, it was bugging me so the shuffling started again. It wasn’t so bad when I was on my own but as soon as others came into the lounge to watch TV (after fifteen minutes my sister wearing her cartoon pjs came to join me on the sofa), I was more concerned about the noisy rustling sound that came with each action. Gabby pulled up the leg of my boxer shorts and looked at the protection, I was about to scream at her but dad told her to behave. “I just wanted to see...” she said upset that she’d been told off for being interested. Dad looked at mum and she looked at dad and they both seemed to come to some rational agreement. “Yes, sorry Gabrielle, your brother needs protection for the moment and you’ll see him wearing it at night.” Mum looked across at me. “Why don’t you show your sister what you’re wearing and then it won’t be such a curiosity to her?” “Muuummmm.” I had to bite my tongue from hurling abuse at her. “Well, it’s up to you but the sooner she has her inquisitiveness satisfied, the sooner it won’t be anything for her to think about.” “But it’s so embarrassing.” “Well it shouldn’t be... that’s just what you need to wear right now... show your sister exactly what that consists of and I’m sure her interest will vanish.” Dad confirmed he thought it was a good idea so reluctantly I stood up and eased my, sorry, his boxers down, showing off the slinky clear plastic pants which barely hid the substantial nappy underneath. I wasn’t happy about any of this and closed my eyes in shame as my little sister ran her hand over the glossy package and said she thought it looked and felt “very nice”. “There you go,” mum seemed pleased that her plan had such a positive result. However, I was mortified that Gabby was stroking the padded plastic like it was one of her stuffed toys. I stood there wondering how long I should let this go on for but both mum and dad looked on sympathetically as she continued to pat, caress and fondle its entirety. After what seemed like ages but could really only have been a few seconds I slowly pulled up my shorts and sat down. This time the padding felt like it was welcoming my bum and surrounding it in downy comfort. The huge round bulge at the front of the boxers was due to the nappy and a build-up of air and not my dick, which, under my sister’s childish ministrations, had thankfully gone and trapped itself within the folds of the fabric. At eight o’clock dad said it was time for bed. I assumed he just meant Gabby but as she set off for the stairs he looked back at me and said “You as well Josh.” I was going to argue that I shouldn’t have to go to bed at the same time as my little sister but I’d grown bored with what was on TV and was quite relieved to take me and my padding out of everyone’s sight. I heard dad whispering his good nights to Gabby in her bedroom and her kissing him “night-night” a few seconds later he came into my bedroom and sat down on the bed next to me. “Okay slugger... thanks for not arguing and letting your sister examine your nap... er, protection. However, just to remind you; no computer or electronic games but you can read for half an hour if you can’t get to sleep immediately. We’ll be up later to check on you.” I knew this wasn’t a particularly subtle warning but just wanted the day to end so sleep seemed a good idea. So, I wriggled and crinkled against the plastic sheet trying to get comfortable; the broad padding not helping in any way. “You’ll get used to it.” Dad proclaimed, “Or you can stop wetting the bed... whichever happens first.” He smiled and kissed my forehead and wished me goodnight. I was not at my happiest so I begrudgingly offered a fake yawned “night” and turned over. I also knew he wasn’t being nasty but his words stung a little and a petulant thought ran through my mind that somehow, by me wetting every night, it would somehow hurt mum and dad. I wasn’t sure how that would work but it gave me something to simmer on whilst trying to get comfy. It was way too early for me to even think about sleep. I desperately wanted to switch on the computer but knew they would be on the lookout for any transgression and they’d be checking in on me all the time. That threat of wearing this outfit for school was definitely a way to suppress any defiance I might offer. I tried to settle down but the slippery bulk didn’t help and I felt hot and uncomfortable. I tossed and turned trying to find a position I could sleep in but after just a few seconds I’d have to rearrange myself at a different angle and hope that would work. Surprisingly I did drop off but my sleep was fitful and I kept waking up, what seemed like every fifteen minutes and then taking another quarter of an hour to drop off again. My sleep had been terrible but I was fast asleep when mum came in to wake me up for school. She pulled back the sheets and before I had chance to react, slipped a finger up the leg of my protection. “Sorry love,” she said, “you’re soaked but the bed is lovely and dry... well done.” I slowly came round and the loose boxers were wrapped around my knees, whilst the silky bulge had increased enormously with its wet load. The plastic pants had done a sterling job (according to mum) keeping everything in place. I complained I’d had the worst night sleep ever but she just seemed so happy the bed was dry. I got up and waddled to the bathroom. “There’s a blue plastic bucket in there... just throw your wet nappy in there for now and I’ll sort it later but rinse the plastic pants through whilst you’re in there.” There was a slight pause. “Don’t forget to shower well... we don’t want you going to class smelling of pee”. I was still smarting from the fact that she’d said my wet “nappy” and now she was insinuating I smelled of piss. However, just to be sure, I did take longer than usual under the shower and using loads of gel hoped to rid myself of any kind of smell at all. Once dried and deodorised I happily put on a clean pair of boxers, a slightly tighter fit than those I’d worn over the nap... protection and put on my school uniform. As I entered the kitchen for breakfast I noticed that Gabby was finishing her conversation with mum who smiled and said she’d “...see to it”, Gabby’s face lit up with happiness. Although I’d been wetting at night for a few days now, I hadn’t even thought about “smelling of pee” as mum so succinctly put it and I became self-conscious at the very idea. In class all I could think about was ‘Do I smell of piss to everyone?’ and, if I did, would they equate that with me having to wear a nap.... protection? That made me very anxious. I did get one or two comments about the way I smelled and that put me on my guard. However, they were really complaining about the amount of deodorant I’d sprayed over myself, which apparently was quite overpowering. After the third comment I took the hint to relax a little on Lynx for Men spray. None of my friends or teachers said anything so I assumed I was okay but I still had a niggling doubt at the back of my mind so held on to my bladder’s contents for dear life, scared to even go to the boy’s lav in case I accidentally wet myself. I suppose I knew there was absolutely no logic to the way I felt but, that’s what a thirteen year-old’s paranoia does for you. My nights were protected but school days I was desperately trying not to go to the toilet at all in case of a urinary mishap. The fact that I wet myself at night without knowing made me fearful that I might do the same in class but despite that... I was simply terrified of going to the loo. It was as if by going others would automatically know I wet the bed. See - no logic at all. At school I’d gone almost a week without incident accept on the Thursday and final lesson Geography. I was desperate to relieve myself but determined to last until, I got home. Unfortunately, things conspired against that idea because accidents happen. I banged into a door someone else was opening from the other side, the corner smacked in to my groin whilst the handle bashed into my abdomen, what control I had evaporated. I managed to pull my head away from the hard advancing hard wooden surface, but in doing so thrust out my hip. The edge of the speedily opening door caught me off-guard delivering a fearfully painful whack in a boy’s most sensitive area. The result, an absolute geyser, which oddly enough we’d just been learning about, filled the front of my grey school trousers, soaking everything from my crotch on down. The pain was immense and I fell to my knees, whilst a puddle formed around me and an entire class looked on in surprise. Some were horror-struck, whilst others laughed out loudly at my cool image being brought to a soggy end. As I was doubled up in pain my flood hardly registered, there were plenty of other excruciating sensations attacking my brain at that moment. The problem was, once I started I couldn’t finish until I was empty, and that was a lot of piss. The teacher, who I presume didn’t think it was as serious as it was just stood there looking on and said with little concern. “When you’re done Laxley... go get a mop from the caretaker’s storeroom.” Eventually, and after a good couple of minutes of me still lying there convulsed in a puddle, Mr Tweedy realised that there was a problem and helped me to the school nurse. It took some time for me to slowly and painfully be dragged to her office. # Mum was called and after a brief explanation as to what had happened it was agreed I should be checked out at the hospital. We were lucky in that the daily National Health queues had died down and I got to see a doctor within an hour. They didn’t think I’d done any great damage but suspected I’d have a nasty bruise for a few days. Mum mentioned my night time problem by way of explaining my soaked trousers, which the doctor made a note of. He suggested that if possible, and seeing as I was already using at night, I should continue to wear protection for the next few days. He looked at my heavily piss-stained trousers and, shrugging slightly, said the injury may cause me to urinate without being aware and in his opinion, “...it’s better to be safe than sorry”. I hobbled out of there feeling none too happy but it was still painful and I was glad to get in the car and be driven home by my sympathetic mother. She’d been concerned and attentive from the moment she picked me up. I wasn’t able to tell her much as I was holding my groin and trying to hide my wet pants as best I could. My bruised ego would take a while to fix but I worried that a bashed up bladder might never get better. “Don’t worry sweetheart,” she said looking almost as pained as I was, “I’ll get you home and in bed so you can try and relax... a couple of paracetamol should help.” Once home mum took me straight up to my bedroom, helped me out of all the wet clothes, once I was naked she examined the injured area herself and then wiped me clean. Adding some gooey ointment for strains, which was nice and warming, plus a deluge of powder, the disposable she held wasn’t something I’d planned on. I voiced my concerns over this but I was genuinely in pain and wasn’t in a fit state to argue too much. Mum just responded with the simple fact she wasn’t going to let me piss the bed when there was an easy solution. No matter what I said in protest she was having none of it and in the end, the struggle to wear a nappy was won by the fact I had spent all my energy on trying not to scream and cry. Eventually she wrapped me its thickness, taped me tightly in and slipped up a pair of white vinyl pants. The entire process was painful for me to even move but I understood, for safeties-sake, it had to be done. Once padded and I’d slipped under the covers she went off to get something to drink to go with the pills. I could feel my groin throbbing and not in a good way as my hand slid over the soft, silky vinyl. Mum returned with a glass of water and a couple of pills and as soon as I’d downed the lot suggested I just lie quietly and try to sleep; sleep, she said, was the best cure for all ailments. She was very attentive and a picture of sympathy and caring. “You poor love” she said as she stroked my brow and encouraged sleep. There was still a pain down there but it had eased slightly. I thought I’d never doze with that particular ache in that particular place and the bulky padding but surprisingly, I dropped off almost immediately. Mum came to wake me a couple of hours later for tea and we were both astonished that my nappy was absolutely soaked. Despite my original dispute about it we were equally grateful that she’d taken the doctor’s advice as the bed remained dry even if I was drenched. Not only was I quite embarrassed but the warmness of the piss meant I’d only just done it and although the pain had let up a little, this only added to my shame. Mum told me that she’d change me after we’d eaten and to come down as she’d cooked something special for us all. I tried saying I wasn’t hungry but the smell of spare ribs and chips made sure I did as I was told. “Just sling on that pair of boxers, no one will notice,” was mum’s suggestion. Something else had changed in my bedroom since I’d napped so heavily. My computer, which I’d received for my thirteenth birthday had been removed. In its place on the desk were a couple of colourful plastic bags which I thought looked interesting but I wasn’t going to say so. I was more worried about my access to the internet. “Where’s my laptop?” I was so distracted I forgot about the boxers. “We’ve taken it away... its set up downstairs in the living room.” Mum said matter-of-factly. I didn’t really need to ask why because for the past couple of nights I’d sneaked access after 7pm, which was forbidden. They said that they trusted me not use it but if I broke that trust, I would lose it. I broke that trust so had no one to blame but myself but I still thought I should try and justify myself. “It was a present for me... it’s mine.” I snivelled. “No one should touch it but me.” “Well it is now in the living room and available to the entire family.” “But you and dad have your own laptop, what do you want with mine?” I was misting up at the injustice of it all. “Well now Gabby gets a chance to learn on it... oh... and hours of use are strictly limited.” “But that’s unfair... I couldn’t sleep so I just, you know, looked on it for a bit...” “Don’t lie. You’ve lost our trust so don’t add to that by lying” That sympathy she’d shown just a couple of hours earlier was gone. Now she looked quite angrily at me as I stood there wearing a full nappy and shiny plastic pants. “You were on it for almost three hours... no wonder you aren’t sleeping well.” She could tell I was just about to go into full strop mode but she just warned me against any such action unless I wanted her to tell dad “...and you know what that’ll mean.” The threat of a spanking never seemed more real so I swallowed the anger that was building and returned to my room. Mum followed. “Look,” she pointed to the bags on my desk, “they are a replacement present, which I hope you’ll like. I’ve gone to a lot of trouble to find these things for you so...” I was just about to take a look. “You can check them out after we’ve all eaten... now come down and when I change you we can see what it is then.” My warm wet nappy had cooled considerably but I followed mum down to the kitchen... I love spare ribs... so I wasn’t going to miss them if I could help it. I sat down in my squelchy disposable but thankfully the plastic pants kept everything contained, although there was still a strange sort of ache in my groin. It wasn’t painful, well not as painful as earlier, but was definitely uncomfortable... sort of like I’d pulled or strained something I shouldn’t have. Mum had brought dad up to speed about my accident so he was very concerned asking how I felt. I told him about the way some of the class thought it the funniest thing they’d ever seen, and that Mr Tweedy was less than sympathetic to begin with. “He probably realised there might be claim if he didn’t get his act together?” “I suppose so... but he did all but carry me to the nurse.” “Okay, well that’s good but... we might have to think about suing the school if...” He didn’t finish his train of thought because he noticed the expanded nappy so knew I’d wet whilst I dozed. However, changing the subject mum told him that I’d accepted the removal of the computer so there was no need for him to take any further ‘steps’. Dad glowered at me and I felt like a stupid irresponsible little kid sat there in a wet nappy. Having said that, dad seemed relieved that he didn’t have to give any additional discipline and that I’d been quite grown-up about accepting that flouting their trust had penalties. I noticed that Gabby was sat at the table holding her favourite doll Becky who was only wearing a nappy. Normally she has her dollies in a myriad of colourful outfits and then it struck home; Becky was copying me. I wasn’t sure if she was mocking or what but Gabby explained when she saw me making a grimace in her direction. “Becky is my oldest, cleverest and most favourite doll,” she clarified to everyone at the table, “she’s like my big brother... and he wears a nappy so now... so does she.” I was furious but dad and mum both smiled and congratulated Gabby on being so understanding about my problem. Their eyes told me to take what Gabby had done as a compliment and let the subject go. I mumbled unhappily to myself but I just smiled at my sister and tousled her hair then, to stop me from speaking took a huge bite out of my small rack of ribs; even wearing a soggy nappy couldn’t detract from the fact that they were delicious. ** tbc **
  13. Ethan’s Worries “It’s up to you, but that’s the option being offered.” Jessica Lynd was trying to be understanding but firm with her son. “But it’s not fair.” “I think it is. You’re being given the choice of acting like an eleven year-old and making your own decisions or being treated as a little boy who needs others to make the decisions for him. So, what’s it going to be?” He was standing in front of mother in his bedroom and the moment had arrived when his world was about to change. It was a hard decision for Ethan to make because no matter what he picked, he’d end up wearing a nappy to bed. # Although there were a couple of weeks left before the new academic year, where he moved up to seventh grade, he was nervous about this huge leap to Big School. The night before he’d had an awful, unsettling dream, which ended with a soaked bed and the last time that had happened was when he was a four year-old. He’d woken up full of guilt, embarrassment and shame but his mother had merely told him that she would sort everything out and for him not to worry. He’d had a relatively carefree day playing out with his friends as usual, enjoying the last days of freedom before school started. He hadn’t mentioned to any of his mates that he was so scared of starting the new term he’d wet the bed and it didn’t occur to him that any of them might be having similar concerns. Bedwetting wasn’t something eleven year-olds discussed. Anyway, it was 10pm and time for bed. He knew this late bedtime would change soon because his mum had told him he needed to get used to a school, rather than a holiday schedule and that meant in bed by 9pm at the latest. Meanwhile, she followed him upstairs and, after he’d washed his face and brushed his teeth, she was waiting for him. Spread out on his bed was a thick white square of material, pins, a length of something pre-folded and a pair of slinky white plastic pants. In her hand was a bottle of lotion. “Ethan, you need to know that your father and I have discussed what happened last night and have made provisions for such an event.” “But mum...” Jessica held up her hand to prevent further discussion. “Listen first and then you can have your say.” She looked sternly at her son for any further interruptions. Pleased that he seemed to comply she continued. “We realise that the next few days, possibly weeks, are going to see a huge change for you. I can guess that you’re quite apprehensive about starting at the new school with older boys and girls, different teachers, but you shouldn’t... everything will be fine.” She ruffled his hair in motherly reassurance. “However, we think last night’s wetting was a sign that you’re possibly a bit agitated about this and we’re worried it might happen again.” He didn’t know how his mother could have known that but supposed parents have some sort of sense when it comes to their kids. Ethan was about to voice a denial but again she gave him a look that implied she hadn’t finished and should wait. He did. “So, tonight you will wear a nappy and these plastic pants. However, should you wake up dry over the next few days leading up to school we’ll say no more about it.” She saw him shiver at the thought as he stood silently. “This is not a request... this is what’s going to happen. If you create a problem or defy either your father or me... well... don’t... this is for your own good.” Again he wanted to speak but thought better of it. “We know this may seem an embarrassing thing to do to someone your age and, under normal circumstances we’d agree. However...” she said stressing the word, “a boy your age doesn’t normally wet the bed for no reason... so, to prevent your PJs, bedding and the mattress all getting ruined, this is the simplest solution to your problem.” Again she stressed a word, this time ‘your’, to make sure he was aware it was his problem. “If you refuse to wear the nappy, which I suspect is what you’re thinking... think again. Your father and I are adamant that this is merely as a precaution. However, should you think of wearing it and then taking it off without our say so, we won’t be pleased and you’ll be made to wear a nappy all the time.” She looked in his face to see an expression of complete horror... it seemed a terrible punishment for an ‘accident’. “Mum, this isn’t fair. It was an accident and I shouldn’t be made into a baby...” There was an inner seething but, if pushed, he’d have to admit that he’d hated waking up to a soaked bed and knew his parents weren’t doing this as a punishment. However, that didn’t make the prospect, at eleven years old and wearing a nappy, any better. As if reading his thoughts she added. “You are not being made into anything except a young man who happened to wet the bed, and who’s taking sensible precautions to make sure it doesn’t happen again. What could be more grown up than that?” She shrugged her shoulders, “Look, I’m asking you to make the decision rather than we make it for you...” Ethan interrupted thinking of a different reason not to wear the protection that surrounded him. “But it’s not fair, what’s Cindy going to say? She’ll tell everyone at school.” “Well, your sister isn’t going to be at the same school as you is she?” “But she’ll tell all her friends and they’ll tell their friends and soon everyone will know.” Ethan was hyperventilating. “No she won’t because if she does... she’ll be wearing a nappy as well.” This bit of information wasn’t expected but seemed to calm her son down a little. “Look, it’s only at night and, as I say, if you can go the next week or so without wetting again then everything will revert to normal. But, we are NOT taking that chance right now. So,” she pointed to the waiting material on his bed, “let’s get you sorted shall we?” # Although Ethan was loathed to admit to his growing apprehension, it had been something his parents suspected might happen. Their son had always been a bit of a worrier and because of the wet bed they’d read up on some of the ‘fears’ kids can have when they move school or go into a new class. On this occasion, Ethan was looking to do both and although he’d have friends who’d also be making the move, they could see the anxiety in their boy’s demeanour. They were prepared and thought if they played it down and acted as if this was quite a natural occurrence then he’d be over it quickly. The first objective, getting him into a night time nappy was being achieved, but now they’d started, they’d have to wait and see if their approach was successful. If their boy was suffering from acute anxiety, this was a simple and easy fix if he was soon past it. The downside to this was... it may cause him further anxiety. “So what’s it going to be... do you voluntarily want to wear a nappy to sleep in... or...?” Ethan reluctantly nodded his acquiescence. “Good lad,” beamed his mother, “the correct choice.” # Ethan grudgingly let his mother rub in the lotion she’d been holding since the beginning. “This... should you wet again... and this is only an insurance... is to prevent any pee-induced rash.” She smiled reassuringly as she rubbed it in. “But mum... a nappy rash.... it’s what babies get.” “Look,” she stroked his bare arm in encouragement, “we want you to be as safe as possible and, we’re trying to anticipate any... problems... before they occur. This is for your own good and I don’t want you thinking that it is demeaning or anything else for that matter. You will not change,” she beamed her approval. “You’re still our rambunctious little monkey and we’re only adding suitable protection to the mix.” She was trying to downplay it and also be encouraging but Ethan looked unconvinced. ‘Rambunctious little monkey!’ Mum, I’m eleven not three he wanted to say in exasperation but stayed quiet after all, he was being slipped into a nappy. He gathered that any discussion was over and the more fuss he made the worse it would be for him. He wasn’t stupid enough to test those boundaries as he knew where they’d been set. The only problem his parents hadn’t seemed to grasp was – this treatment made him even more edgy. “Now let me get this nappy in position and you can get into bed and read for a little while but I want you to get used to earlier bedtimes over the next few days. You won’t be going to bed this late on a school night.” Of course it was at that precise moment his young sister, who was supposed to be fast asleep by now, decided to poke her head around his bedroom door. “Mum... I was... is Ethan wearing a nappy?” She giggled hardly believing her eyes. A huge sigh was his only reaction because his legs were in the air as his mother shook some baby powder over his naked bottom before threading the thick nappy, complete with a the enclosed pre-folded soaker pad, up between his thighs. “Mummm.” He tried to suppress his shame and annoyance at the same time. His mother just carried on as if the interruption was of no significance. “Stop worrying she’s bound to find out eventually... so you might as well get it over with.” Cindy stood in the doorway watching as he was pinned in and leak-proof glossy plastic pants pulled up to cover the pristine, though highly visible, white fabric. Ethan was red with embarrassment but there was simply no place to hide... and besides, she’d seen him now. “I like your baby pants.” She giggled. “I can’t wait to tell...” Then in a sing-song fashion began “Ethan’s my baby brother, Ethan’s my baby brother.” Jessica gave her a look that was supposed to convey a warning. Ethan was stung by the chant and both angry and tearful at the same time. His lower half felt heavy with the huge new addition to his sleeping arrangements fastened tightly in place. The anxiety that had been only partially hidden broke to the surface and he thought about ripping it off in protest but then he’d be left looking like a naked little boy throwing a tantrum, which would have given his sister even more reason to make fun. “Mummm, she’s, she’s...” He tried to conceal his plastic pants behind his hands but they were just too voluminous to hide. “Ethan’s my baby brother, Ethan’s my baby brother...” she continued to sing to herself. Jessica helped pull up his pyjama bottoms and cover the thick padding. “That’s enough Cindy. There will be no telling anyone about this... do you understand?” She waited for her daughter to reply but she just stood in her nightie, swaying from side to side, confident of her power over her older brother and with a huge smirk on her face. “Let me tell you young lady... if word gets back that you’ve been spreading gossip... it won’t be just your brother who’ll be wearing a nappy... you’ll be wearing them to school.” Cindy’s face turned from a happy smile to a worried and disbelieving look of horror. “That’s not fair.” She commented with a stamp of her bare foot. “Well, you and your brother have something in common because he said exactly the same thing.” “But mummy, that’s not...” she was almost in tears. “Those are the rules. You spread any gossip and you’ll be wearing a nappy to school as well as for bed. Do you understand?” She looked from one to the other and saw their spirits dip. “Now, at the moment this isn’t a punishment it’s a precaution BUT if your father or I have any reason to suspect either of you two being anything but supportive of each other, then it will be nappies 24/7.” She emphasised those numbers so there would be no doubt. Ethan already had this speech and knew he couldn’t argue. Once in bed, and he’d squirmed around trying to get used to the thick barrier he was now wearing, his mind fixed on his sister Cindy. He knew she wouldn’t be able to contain her gossip about him wearing a nappy and hoped that their parents would keep to their word should she break that trust. For Ethan this was the start of nightly nappies. He didn’t want it but, as the following morning he woke up sodden, he saw the wisdom of his parent’s argument. Two nights in a row but this time only his nappy was soaked. # Cindy watched as her brother’s thick padding had been hidden behind his PJs, which was a shame as she wanted to look a lot longer as it did make him look like a naughty little boy. In her eyes at least, he was now her little baby brother who had to wear a nappy and that meant she was the grown up... well... in comparison. She hadn’t liked the threat her mother made and was determined that it would be only her brother who wore such a babyish item but, this was such a great opportunity to ridicule him and she didn’t like that she couldn’t. She had to find a way of doing so without inviting her parent’s wrath. Several scenarios filled her young calculating head. Inviting her friends over but as he was only going to be wearing at night, she could hardly invite them then. Her bedtime was before his so... she had to be cleverer than that – a sleepover perhaps? However, there was a chance that after a week, if he’d not wet his nappy and woke up every morning dry, he wouldn’t be wearing one again anyway. Perhaps that’s where his humiliation should be aimed – making sure he had to wear his ‘baby stuff’ every night. Now... how could she make that happen? #tbc#
  14. Hi, I'd love to find a local San Diego playmate. We could meet at Baby Cakes to get to know each other? Your new friend, DaddiesBoi
  15. *** disclaimer - English isn't my mother tongue I m sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes so please take that into consideration in your comments Summer vacation just started, that would be the highlight of any kids year. And it was the same for Kit till last September. But not this summer. This summer he was strapped into what could be described as a large toddler car seat , dressed as a toddler sucking on a pacifier as he watched the trees and bushes they passed by from the car window. From the outside he had the idyllic life. He had 2 loving parents, a little sister, a huge house and even a dog. He was a well behaved child with good manners who always came top of his class. Ironically this is what ended up sending him down a spiral he never even knew existed outside his safe bubble . And it didn't, not until he finished 5th grade last year and his school principle suggested to enroll him in a special school for the gifted. His parents though hesitant at first to send their child so far so young eventually convinced it will give him the best chance to get as far in life as he could. tution was no issue as both chris and Patty made good money though it did mean working long hours at their company and less with their children. Kit was excited about the new school . But things turned rather quickly . He was always a shy and sensitive child who was very much attached to his family , so separating from them was not an easy 1 to begin with . But as he soon discovered that would far not be his biggest challenge. The school had a very strict regime from when he got up went to bed what he ate. And his school mates were anything but mates. Vicious competitions were between the students to be the best to better than rest . The stress and the emotional abuse he recieved from both peers and teachers were showing their marks quickly . By Christmas vacation Chris and Patty were worried that their decision to put kit in that school may have been a mistake but as he solemnly refused to talk about anything that might be bothering him and insisting on spending his holiday studying. then 1 fatal day in May he failed 1 of his final exams . Not being able to take the stress and faulire he resorted to taking the pills he knew his roommates were hiding . After getting his stomach pumped he was transfered to a child psychiatry ward. Luckily he didn't suffer any damage from the pills the psychiatrist concluded he did suffer a major emotional crisis. Non of the therapies and interventions seemed to work . so 1 day dr Kate Dollen summed both parents to her office to suggest to them a new "therapy" - taking kit back to the last stage of his life where he truly felt happy and protected . chris and Patty looked at each other with quite a confused look as they listened to dr Dollen - I m sorry dr Dollen - Patty started unsure of how to pharse her thoughts - please call me Kate - Kate .. Isn't this a bit .. Radical ? Treat him like a toddler ...? - I know how it sounds at first but what your son needs the most right now is to feel safe and loved and no one can give him that more than you can - I think what my wife was trying to ask is this sounds a bit "abnormal" sorry for the term , to take a child his age and treat him as a toddler - well it's quite abnormal for a child his age to attempt suiicide - Kate concluded -look I have spent many hours in the past few weeks talking to kit and the conclusion I reached is that the last he felt completely happy was before his sister was born and he still had your full attention , - the room quited both Patty and Chris had quilt over not spending enough time with their kids but could that have really led up to this ? - so what you are saying is that we shouldn't have had an other child ? - Patty asked a little mortified - no of course not, but you have to understand , from that moment he became the big brother the big kid who got the role of being responsible in school and with his sister and eventually all the stress that comes with always being responsible and doing well got too much for him. - so what you are suggesting is that now he needs to be the little ..? - Chris asked as he ruffled through his hair - he needs to feel safe again - oh god - Patty cried out as she burried her face in her hands - this is all my fault - okay okay let's say we would try this "therapy" - Chris said unsure as he rubbed pattys shoulders - how exactly would this go ..? Was this kits idea ? Does he want this ..? - this is my suggestion . Not kits idea . He doesn't know actually . Chris squinted at Kate - so this wouldn't be with his consent..?
  16. Part 1 Hi this will be different to most stories here I think and I would like to emphasize that there will be no "daddy" role here I will try to keep it as "realistic" as possible with the hope that people like this do exist out there . Wetting diapers etc will be plenty humiliation and abuse however only in flashbacks hope you will like it ps sorry for the bad English Court house ND Sunday 4:30 pm fall Chris Reynolds sat on a bench looking at the kid questioned by the judge . "My god " - he thought - "how did this ever happen. 2 months ago someone would have told me I have a kid running around I would have laughed . But this is insane. This can't even be happening ." He was mad. At whom he wasn't sure . Himself ? He should have made sure that 1 time before he enlisted with his childhood sweetheart didn't lead to anything . But really what guy keeps track of what happened to a girl he dated when he was 17? His fathers family ? Well all they ever did was lie. So he found out when he turned 18 and his long dead mother showed up at his boot camp. Patricia ? She could have bothered to tell him she was pregnant with his child ! Sure she was only 16 and probably under the influence of his family . The thoughts raced through his mind but something in the sadness of the brown eyes of that child wouldn't let go of him . He can't be a father, he never wanted to be one. He had his carrier succeful actor. Hollywood loved him . This could easily ruin him. His lawyer , also one of his closest friends told him that the minute the paternity test came back positive . But still something in him just couldn't sit there and watch. He knew if he wouldn't do something he will never live with himself . " I m sorry your honor , but maybe I have a better solution " - he stood up looking at the woman in the cape who looked rather annoyed than happy he disrupted her sentencing . "What the hell are you doing ?! Are you crazy sit the hell down " - Theo wishpered angrily , his loyal lawyer who sat quietly by his side tried to pull him back down to the bench but he wouldn't budge . "Yes Mr Reynolds ? What solution is that you claim to have for us " the woman's voice was rather strained but Chris was not the type to break a sweat over a woman's annoyance , no matter her status. " with all the respect he is barely 13 even detention centers require the minimum age of 14 . I m not saying he didn't commit crimes he should be punished for . But he is just a child . And all of this is more the systems fault and mine than his . " "So you are blaming the system for the fact that a 13 year old stole money disrupted someone's home and ..." "no your honor I m not just blaming the system I m also blaming myself but with all due the respect calling the police on a child looking for his mother is hardly disrupting a property " " so you are a lawyer as well now mister Reynolds as you seem so familiar with the laws " " no your honor I m not all I m saying simply is that I don't find the current solution of sending a child to a severe detention center because the system is over loaded . And that sentence is one that I m sure the appeal we will file won't agree with it " "appeal ? What are you talking about ? You can't threaten a judge you are out of your mind !" - Theo jumped to his feet "alright I will allow that however like I said I have no alternative " - the judge sighed though looked as if she rather sentence him too to prison " I think you will find there is. Release him to my custody " silence fell upon the court room . The judge studied the man standing before her . Determined for sure . Theo looked as if he couldn't believe what Chris just said . The kid turned his tear stricken face towards the man he for a few weeks now known is his biological father . "Release him to your custody ?" - the judge repeated as if retarically " my parental rights have never been revoked nor have I ever given them up. The social services did a complete background check I m sure it's in the files" the judge turned some papers infront of her unwillingly and had to agree . There was no reason the man couldn't get at least temporary custody over the child . And she had to agree releasing a child to the custody of a parent would seem much less harsh than back to detention where by law he would only be sent to under special Circumstances under which no empty beds in children's home not exactly fell under. "Your honor , this child is not a simple case " - Katherine the social worker spoke up in clear dislike " he can not just be released into a hands of a man who never had a child before and has absolutely no qualification to deal with a child with these behavioral problems " "I m sorry so my lack of parental experience should be compensated by locking him up in a closed facility where you send teenagers who murdered people ?" "Alright alright that's enough ! " the judge spoke up " I want order in my court room . God what a mess this is ! Alright alright let it be . I will allow a probation period . But if he gets into anymore trouble with the law it is straight detention ! " " I find that very reasonable your honor . Thank you " Chris smiled at the judge as he sat back down next to Theo who buried his head in his hands. " well I don't find this reasonable at all ! - Kathrine spoke up angrily -" he has been moved through 2 homes and 3 foster families and a detention center ! How exactly do you think you could control him ?! "- then with a smirk she added - " have you even changed a diaper in your life mr Reynolds ? Because in case you haven't noticed that is 1 more thing your son can not control " Chris felt his temper rise as he saw his sons face turning from pale to beet red. It wasn't hard to tell he was indeed wearing" protection" . But clearly announcing that out loud made him increadbly uncomfortable . " I will assure you ms Jenkins I have handled a lot worse serving in a war." Chris said in a measured voice "that is enough ! I m releasing Christian Patrick West to your custody . I want social services to reevaluate this arrangengment in a month I m sure you can handle that ms Jenkins with your superiors . Well good luck . Court adjourned ! " "do you have any idea what you have just done ?! "- Theo asked in an angry whisper. "This could ruin your entire carrier !" "Shut up Theo for real " Chris wishpered back as he made his way towards Katherine and his son . There was something about those brown eyes he couldn't quite make out . He seen it before overseas , fear . The child was clearly scared . Katrine looked clearly angry. She didn't seem to like him since the moment he wanted to get visitation rights. "Alright well I m all ears please do tell me how to proceed . " Chris said though politely but his glance which caught hers was rather self assured . Christian or Tee as every1 called him stood next to them rather uncomfortable . Uncomfortable for several reasons . He was going to have to go and stay with a man he didn't really know but his size and strength predicted nothing good from his experience . Secondly he had to stand by and listen to his social worker go into embarrassing details of his problems. 1 of which he was experiencing on his own skin . The cloth diapers he was wearing were soaked by now uncomfortably cold too as they clung to his skin . Chris stood and pretended to patiently listen to the seemingly endless list of behavioral problems out of which bed wetting lying shoplifting were only a few to mention but hard to really believe when looking down at the child infront of him . He hasn't entered the rapid have of puberty yet based on his height . He seemed much more like a child than a teenager. " Alright then Wednesday after school we will be at the family sevices center" Chris sealed the conversation smiling . Katherine shook his hand unwillingly . " let's go then" - Chris turned to Tee laying 1 hand over his shoulder strearing him out of the court house towards the parking lot . As he touched him he felt him quivering . Tee was surprised by the tone. Chris's voice was pleasant as if this would be normal . No one used that tone with him. Not without that strange gleam in the eyes before the belt hit him or something even worse. But when he glanced up quickly Chris's eyes looked though a bit warn out but no sign of malice. Car ride Sunday later Tee was hunched up on the back seat Chris occasionally glanced back and the feeling of a new unknown pain hit him every time he did . What could have that kid been put through to be desperate enough to steal and set out on his own to find his mother . How heartless can a mother be to call the cops on her own child ? Did he really misjudge characters so badly ? For a moment he got worried . He was sure Patricia was his first real love but now it seemed evident she never loved him if she had how could she treat his child like that . But if he was so wrong judging her and his fathers family for so long could he possibly be wrong about Tee? Maybe the reports are correct and he only seems lost hurt and innocent ? - so now what is the plan ? - Theo asked rather cynically starring straight ahead from the passenger seat and though he didn't look at him Chris felt his anger Chris glanced to the backseat and though saw no reaction from Tee but he was sure he was listening to every word . - well getting late so I guess we could pretty much call it a night - Theo snorted in anger but Chris wouldn't let that interrupt him - I guess pizza will do for dinner ? - no one seemed to answer so he went on - alright then pizza it is . But first I think we will have to make a stop as the car stopped the sign medical supply store seemed to twinkle in bright yellow like the starts in the sky . For a minute none of them moved . Chris and Theo exchanged glances . Theos seemed to say well this was your brilliant idea then go figure it out . Chris took a deep breath before slowly turning to the back seat - I don't suppose you know what size you ... Need Tee didn't look up just shook his head in defeat . He knew what was coming next . He lived through the humiliation of "supply" shopping with his previous families . Though it was done by the women he didn't think the next 10 minutes to even over an hour would be any less humiliating than it was then . Especially since now he was a teenager rather than a child . Chris held on the strearing wheel trying to plan his next move . Diapers weren't exactly his thing . Won't be the first time he had to change one, he was a loving uncle willing to babysit occasionally but even with his twin nieces he never dealt with something larger than an infant . But based on Katherine's description changing diapers will be his task . He had to admit he wasn't quite sure of the reason . The age itself would have qualified for self diapering . Or that just wasn't a thing ? He will definetly have some googling to do ... He shot one glance to the backseat - alright I will be back . Tee didn't move. Didn't even unbuckle his seatbelt as if trying to put off the inevitable. He heard the radio channel being changed but no opening of the backseat door . He looked up puzzled . Chris was not in the car or near the car . He must have gone into the shop . The sign was clear he was sure he was even in this particular one before more than once even . Yes the first time was 2 years ago . When his last foster family took him . He clearly remembered the sign it was shining bright yellow even though it was bright daylight . He took a sharp breath as the memories washed over him . Maybe that was the moment he started to realize that family won't love him for real either . He remembered the condicending smirk look of the sales lady Jane or Janine was her name ? He remembered begging Martha his foster mother not to make him go . He promised he would work harder not to wet the bed. But she said his 1 week was up , he lived with them for a full week now and he couldn't keep his bed dry . - get out of the car ! I don't have time for your whining ! I told you 1 week I even gave you an extra night you are making me regret not giving you the belt this morning ! - Martha made no effort to keep her voice down in the parking lot . He got out of the car not daring to anger her more . His foster father Terry's belt marks were still prominent on his body from a couple of mornings ago . He knew he best avoid any extra punishment he still couldn't lean back in the car from the last belting . The sales lady was smirking the moment they entered as if she knew or sensed before she was told , Martha had no intentions of being discrete about the purpose of their visit . - what can I help you with ? - well my foster son - it hurt him even then to hear the emphasis that he wasn't her real son - can't seem to keep his bed dry , they warned me about that at the home but I was too naive to listen . Well too late now. So we will be needing diapers . And cheap ones . I m not spending a penny more than I ought to ! - very well ma'am follow me I can show you what options we have of course each was worse than the other and the deliberation took what seemed to him as forever till Martha settled for clothes ones since those could be reused . - and making him wash them will teach him a good lesson about how much work they are - the sales woman put in - what a brilliant idea - Martha agreed delighted - now you will of course need plastic pants to go with it to keep the bed dry . These are quite reasonable priced . What color would you like ? - she held up a pink ruffled 1 up teasingly but Martha's choice was just as humiliating - how about that yellow one ? Pee color isn't it ? - she added laughing and just when he thought things couldn't get any worse ... - do you know how to use them ? - actually with my children I used disposables but that was years ago . They are properly potty trained - Martha gave him a stern look - I will be more than happy to show you if you like. Does he have any daytime accidents too ? - well so far only twice but who knows - in that case perfect ! Keep him in diapers until he learns to keep them dry ! Here follow me and I will show you how to put them on he felt his cheeks go hot red just remembering a complete stranger stripping him and demonstrating how to put on his new diapers . It felt like it was real at that moment though he knew he was 11 then but he was sure that having Chris change his diapers won't be more pleasant . He got somewhat stronger in the past 2 years but he was no match to Chris . Even if he didn't use his belt . his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the trunk being slammed he realized that Chris has returned to the car . What items he purchased ? He couldn't tell but he was sure it won't take long for him to see first hand . - whats with all the bags ? Did you empty the whole store ? - Theo asked but Chris just rolled his eyes and started up the car
  17. Business was slow this time of year, but that was normal. It was just after the holidays and most people wanted there houses looking pristine before that. I paint houses, inside and out, and if the client needed something fixed, I usually could help them out. Except for the big things, I didn’t have any tools or material for that. I worked alone, just the way I liked it. Sometimes I hired another guy for a job I couldn’t do by myself. I wasn’t a big, super strong guy, although you can see some subtle muscle tone I was average for a guy nearing his thirties. But I worked out, usually just jogging around the neighbourhood, that was enough to keep the fat off. Today was my day of, not willingly of course since work was slow. I had nothing planned in for today. I stood on my porch with a cup of coffee, watching the world wake up before me in a misty haze. A few cars pulled from their houses and went the road, I waved at them, I didn’t bother to look if the drivers waved back at me. I took the last sip of my coffee and made my way back to the kitchen to refill my cup. From the kitchen window I saw the moving truck arriving at the neighbours house. “Are the neighbors moving?” I said to myself, wondering if there had been a for sale sign. I saw two man moving with what i presume heavy boxes. I filled my cup and moved to my home office, it may be my unofficial day off, there still was a lot of administration to do. I returned to the kitchen at lunch time, made myself two sandwiches and filled a glass with water. I looked out the window to see that moving truck was gone, they were probably done for today or hauling their next load. I stared at the house to see if there was any movement since there was a light burning in the living room. After a few minutes I gave up and retreated back to my office. A hour later my doorbell ran. I looked up out of surprise, I wasn’t expecting anyone as far as I knew. Probably just a package for one of the neighbors I thought. I walked up to the front door and looked through the peephole. There was a woman standing at the other side of it. I guess around her mid thirties. Her light brown slightly curly hair was hanging over her shoulders. She was wearing a grey t-shirt with a red vest and dark blue jeans. Probably the new neighbour I thought while I opened the door. She greeted me before I even could get a word in. “Hi! My name is Lucy Harlow and I just moved in the house next to you,” She said while her hand reached out for a handshake. I took her hand. “Hi, welcome to the neighbourhood. My name is Michael Gilman,” I said while shaking her hand. “I am doing my introductions around the neighbourhood, and I asked one of the neighbours if she knew any good handymen around here, she referred me to you,” She said. “Depends on what you need doing miss,” “Call me Lucy,” She interrupted. “I can paint, putting together furniture and doing some smale repairs,” I continued. “That sounds great, just what I needed! Is it possible that you could help me out? If you’re not too busy?” She asked me. “Sure, this time of year is pretty slow business wise, when can I take a look?” I asked her in return. “Well if you could, you can take a look right now?” “Sure, no problem, I will be right over. I just need to finish something up and put on my shoes.” “Great! Thank you so much!” She said and walked back to her house. I closed the door and returned to my office, did the last few things and closed the office for the rest of the today. I put on my sneakers, grabbed the keys and a notepad with pen and walked towards Lucy’s house. I ran the bell, it took her a moment to open the door but it gave me time to inspect the front of the house. The outside of the house was well maintained by the previous owners. I was looking at the roof when Lucy opened the door. “Michael, come in,” She greeted me happily. “Sorry it took me some time to answer the door, I was making coffee, I hoped you would like a cup?” She continued while walking towards the kitchen. I kicked my shoes off in the hallway and followed. “Sure, would be nice,” I said. “I gave the outside of the house a quick inspection and it seems good to me, well maintained, and inside seems good too at a quick glance. What exactly do you want to be done?” She gave me a mug of coffee “Let's sit down first shall we?” She asked while motioning towards the coffee table. We sat down and she answered my question. “Well, most things that need to be done are in one room. Painting, hanging a lamp or two, and maybe put together some furniture.” “Sounds like a day of work at most. May I see the room?” I said after taking a sip of coffee. “In a moment. The room you are going to work in, if we agree on it, is not going to be your standard room. If you catch my drift,” She had quite the serious tone in her voice. What did she mean by that? Not your standard room? Is it going to be her sex dungeon or something? Or a creepy altar to some old ex boyfriend of hers. Before I could wrap my head around she already seemed to know what I was thinking. “No, it is not going to be like that. It is not going to be whatever you thought, that is the basement,” she said jokingly. “But jokes aside,” she continues. “You’re going to find out eventually when you work on that room.” “If you don’t mind me asking, what are you going to use that room for?” I asked her nervously. I took another sip from my coffee to calm my nerves for a bit. It didn’t work. “It is not easy to explain really, and I need to know if you’re open minded enough to hear about it. Above all if you can keep a secret,” she said. “I like to think that I am open minded to all sorts of stuff. I don’t get fazed when people tell me the weirdest thing, if that is what this is,” I answered her. “That is good to hear, and how about keeping a secret?” “I won’t tell anyone, you have my word.” “Good than I will start, you will figure it out eventually when you start working on that room. So I thought it would be better to get this out of the way and tell you before we have reached an agreement,” Lucy said with a straight demeanor. I could sense that she has started to tell her secret, there hung a serious atmosphere in the room. “Because I’m afraid you will get the wrong ideas if we don’t have this talk,” she continued. She probably had this conversation earlier with someone else and apparently it didn’t work out for them. “I understand,” I said while nodding along. It was indeed better to hear this from her instead of making assumptions. Knowing my mind, it would think of every reasonable explanation there is. “I’m all ears. I won’t interrupt you,” I said. “Great, before I begin, if after hearing this you don't want to work on that room or around the house, I completely understand. I will try my best to explain it to you and I’m open to all your questions, even if you interrupt me,” Lucy said shifting a bit in her seat. I could see she was a bit nervous. I took the last sip of my coffee, put the mug back on the table and waiting on her to begin. “Speaking of questions, to start, I have one,” Lucy said while looking me dead in the eye with a little smile, trying to make the mood comfortable. “Are you familiar with anything ABDL related?”
  18. Chapter 1 Aikawa is a tall black fur bull with a red shirt and jeans. He was working like normal at his job. He's worked at for years. When he got called into his boss. Aikawa takes a seat and sits across from his boss who sighs. “Hey, look ill get straight to the point. we have had a major decrease in sales lately and we are now losing money.” Aikawa looked confused “Am I not doing a good enough job?” He shakes his head. “No no! You are doing a wonderful job! But that's the problem you have done such a good job you are being paid quite a bit. And we can't afford it, unfortunately. So we are going to have to let you go” His eyes get big “Wait, you can't do that. I need this job! Come on please I will lose my house...I just bought a car and I won't be able to pay anything.” He nods “I understand but we have thought about this long and hard. I'm sorry Aikawa but you’re fired.” He started to get angry, jumping out of his seat and knocking it over. “You know what?! Like I care! Screw you and screw this place I worked hard at this place for years and this is how you treat me! No, I'm not fired! Because I quit!” Aikawa leaves the room and slams the door and tears up heading to his office to clear out his thing he quickly grabs what he wants and storms out trying not to cry. For a big strong bull, he was pretty emotional. He put his stuff in his car and got in the driver's seat and put his head on the steering wheel crying some. "What am I going to do...? I'm lucky my bills are paid this month along with my car but what about next month...if I don't find a new job quick ill be moving back in with mom..no ill live on the streets before I get that desperate." He laid there a while before Finally starting his car “I just need to get home and clear my head” He begins to drive home with the radio playing some music he loves to take his mind off things even though all he wanted to do was cry. He was able to stop himself from crying. What good is crying going to do, If anything it will only make a situation worse? He thought to himself. He Finally makes it to his home, pulling his car into his drive then shutting off the car then getting out. He locked the doors and accidentally locked his keys in his car. His eyes get big. "DAMN IT!" He groans and looks into the car "Today's just not my day..." He wanted to go back and cry but he didn't want to be seen either so he holds it in fighting it. "I'll just go inside and play some games with friends on my computer. That helps me take my mind off stuff ill call a lock pick later." He heads to his door then remembers he also locked his door key in the car. He kicks his door so hard from anger he accidentally kicks a small hole in the bottom. Now he was just angry, luckily for Aik, he keeps a spare key hidden under a rock in his yard. He goes out and grabs it, he heads to his door and unlocks it. He gets inside, shuts his door and throws his shoes off, and sits at his computer desk. "keep calm... Just relax Aik...if not you will have to pay for more shit you can’t afford." He breathed in and out deeply hoping to calm down. But it got a bit too much for him and he silently started to cry when one of his friends called him on discord. He quickly rubs his eyes and takes a few more deep breaths to calm himself. Before grabbing his headset and joining the call. "Hello?" He said. "it's about time you answer. I thought you were ignoring me or something." His friend said joking around with a laugh. "Nah just had to take a long piss. But you know I had work today why would you even call? I might have still been at work." He lied and laughed. It was kinda a forced laugh, His friend kept laughing as well. "Good point, I forgot oh well don't matter I just got excited and had to show you, dude. I sent you a link to this cool new website! You answer a few questions then boom you're sent money directly to a special bank! It's so easy, I have only done a few once in a while you get some strange questions but you should check it out!" Aik sat there thinking that sounds like a wonderful way to make money. And he wouldn't have to leave his house. But it was odd how convenient it was. "hmm ya, I'll check it out. Thanks, dude. Now-" He was interrupted "wait hang on a second" His friend muted himself for a while. But it gave Aik time to think and check out this website. ‘Www.surveybab.com’ he clicks the link and it goes to a nice-looking website easy to navigate too. He wondered what was up with the name though. "Survey bab? Must mean something like... Uhh, big amazing bounties?" He laughed at other things it could be that did cheer him up quite a bit. His friend was still muted, So he decided to sign up for this; he just had to make a username and password and fill out a bunch of other information. He makes his username Aikawa. Surprisingly it's not taken. Awsome he thought. He also noticed a small stuffed animal on the side of the screen but thought nothing of it. Next was a password but he had a program on his computer that would make random passwords and save it so all he had to do was remember one master password to his other passwords. He gets a random password and hits next. Next was a bunch of questions to start reading them out loud. Still seeing the bear on this page. "How old are you" Aik Types in 22 "Do you live alone or with someone?” He types in alone "Do you have any other source of income?” He goes to write yes but stops. He then puts in use to. He keeps going through a lot of others then gets to the last few. "If you start a survey you must be willing to finish it, doing so could result in being kicked off. Whoa, but I guess I could understand that. I wouldn't want to do that." He agrees to it then reaches the last question. And it says one thing. "Do you like toys? The heck? Uhh... Sure?" He puts yes and hits finish. Finally, he gets to a screen with a bunch of recommended surveys to start with. He looked kinda confused as to what to start with. He also had a money counter at the top that had 1.00$ on it. “It must give you a dollar for signing up and I bet my friend got something because I clicked his link.” Again he noticed that bear on the screen it was like it was watching him. But then he remembered and checked the discord and his friend messaged him. "Sorry man, I gotta go my lady's mad because I won't get off the computer. Catch you later man, peace." Aik sighs he was kinda relieved he didn't want to talk he kinda just wanted to spend time alone but he wasn't going to ignore his friend. But this did give him time to answer surveys. It was 5 pm and he didn't have to work so he could do surveys till he passed out. So he does, he starts his journey down survey rabbit holes. Some would be like 50 to 100 questions. It was very boring but it was kinda engaging like the questions were specifically made for him. Once in a great while, he would get some strange questions. "Do you or anyone you know buy toys for themselves or yourself?" He checked no and continued answering them. Another strange question appeared in the next survey. "If you had the chance, would you buy some toys and play with them? We have seen an increase in adults enjoying toys." He wasn't sure but he marked yes, I mean he's an adult but hey playing with some toys could be fun he guesses. He was having fun answering questions at this point and he'd already made 50$. It wasn't much but hey it was easy money but it was 1 am and Aikawa had to head to bed. But it was like something was telling him he needed to buy something. He got to the store on the same site and found most things cheaper than normal shops. This was nice then he noticed a bear, the same one that's been looking at him on every page of the question. He was almost enthralled; he couldn't stop thinking about it. But he didn't find it that odd. He sighed and shrugs "Why the hell not. It's... Kinda cute. Maybe I can give it to my friend's kid. Or just sit it on a shelf." He clicks on it and pays for it. It was pretty cheap at 5$ with next-day delivery. "Wow, even next day shipping? That's amazing, this site is incredible. Can't wait to come back and do more stuff it was kinda compelling. It's almost like a full-time job on its own." He chuckled some but he needed sleep. He undresses down to his boxers and lays down in bed. Unaware of what might happen in the coming days. He falls asleep and dreams of doing surveys in his sleep. Chapter 2 Aik gets woken up by his doorbell ringing. He groans and gets out of bed throwing on some PJ pants and answering the door. "Hello...?" He said kinda zoned out before he saw the postman. "Sign here." Aik signs and is given a box then the postman walks off hopping back in his car and driving off. Aik shuts his door looking confused and grabs a knife to cut open the box. Inside was a teddy Bear that he ordered last night. There was a strange machine that he pulled out the Teddy Bear. He then sets it beside him. Seeing the bear so much in the Surveys secretly made him secretly excited to really have it. But his curiosity was on the machine that he pulled out of the bear checking it out. It's got a cord to plug it in, then another cord that looks like a USB. He was even more confused at this point. But he notices a paper on the bottom of the box. He grabs it, sits the strange machine on the table then reads the instructions. "Hello, thank you for doing so much work on surveybab.com as thanks we sent you a very thank you gift. a special machine called Care-o-Matic. that will help you make money more quickly. All you must do is hook it up to your pc through the USB cable. It does have a chance to order items it thinks you will enjoy but they will be very cheap. It will learn as you answer questions. Also, software updates and new parts can be added to it, they will be coming to you free of charge. Once we think you need them anyways. The current version is 0.1, it's the most basic version and can't do too much more than specified. You can buy new attachments from the store or wait for the free features to come. So get back to work and make Some money! Love the Survey bab team." Aik looks at the Care-o-Matic and grabs it along with the Teddy Bear and takes them to his computer. It's only 9 am, he could get in a few surveys before lunch. He plugs in the Care-o-Matic and puts the bear beside his computer, it made him feel safe watching him. He gave it a smile then logs in to his computer and starts to answer questions. Some of the questions start to get more and more strange and off-topic. "You said you would buy a toy and you did. Do you mind telling us how you like him and what his name is?" Aik looks confused "Why would it ask that...uhh whatever." he grabs the bear and feels him "Well, he's very soft... And his names... Chocolate!" He laughs and gives it a small hug and puts it back on the desk. These questions made him feel younger almost but were very relaxing. He fills the questions in but the strange questions get more frequent than last night. As another comes up. "When was the last age you remember having an accident" Aik looks at it "Accident? Like wetting myself...? Why would it ask that... That's kinda personal but maybe just to learn what age kids stop having accidents?" Aik shrugs it off and types in 9. He also noticed all these surveys ask about his age and gender. It got pretty repetitive but whatever it was easy. Before too long Aik felt like he was floating outside his own body watching himself do surveys. Maybe he was bored, or maybe he was just so in the groove he didn't even have to pay attention? But he couldn't oddly, he couldn't stop at all. minutes changed to hours, it was already 5 pm. He hasn't eaten or used the restroom all day but he finished a survey and something brought him back to reality something was dripping down his leg he looked down and noticed he wet himself. Aik blushes and stands up shaking his leg. "T-the hell?! Crap I must have spaced out so long I forgot I had to pee! Damn it glad no one was here to see that." Aik quickly takes off his clothes throwing them in the basket. He grabs a towel to soak up the urine on the ground before he hopped in the shower. He related and just sat back thinking about what happened. “So odd I don't even remember having a feeling to pee…” He sighs, getting out and drying off. He changes into some new clothes. He goes to where he wet and picks up the towel. "So glad I live alone, anyways... What time is it? 5 pm?! I did surveys for 8 hours straight?! No wonder... I'm starving too. Note to self eat breakfast before starting surveys heh." Aik goes and makes some food to eat quickly then goes back to his desk. sitting down at the desk all he sees on it is an item that says bought and it goes back to the Survey page. "The heck? It just spent 20$? Damn thing must be broken!" But he couldn't complain he made over 100$ doing surveys for 8 hours twice as much before the Care-o-Matic so what was 20$ it's probably going to be something he likes. He hopes anyway it's supposed to learn what I like anyways. He decides to get in a few more surveys while he's there. Some of them ask the same question again. "What age were you when you had your last accident?" Aik goes to write 9 then blushes "W-wait... I technically had an accident...but I should probably write the truth" He puts in 22 then the question starts to get even more strange. "Because you're 22 and had an accident, have you ever considered an adult diaper?" Aik looks strange and puts in no. He could control his accidents it was a one-time thing. "What a stupid question... I'm not losing control... I just lost track of time. I'm not a baby." He finishes the last few as it keeps asking him basically the same question over and over. In every survey. He started to space out again and he swears it reads. "I need diapers." He keeps reading it over and over before he realizes what he's doing. He looks and it's 1 am and he feels wet again and looks down and he's wet himself again. But he can't understand why. "What the hell?! Again...huh? Maybe the questions were right?" He cleans his mess up then takes another shower. He gets dressed and he goes to lay down but stops and walks to the desk grabbing his bear and going back to his room. "it's been a strange day hasn't it chocolate? Well except maybe you... Uhh, you want to sleep with me...? What the heck are you doing Aik...you're an adult, not a child." But He makes the bear nod and smiles “But no one has to know…” He lays down and puts the bear beside him and hugs it. He didn't have a girlfriend or anyone to sleep with and this made him happy and not feel so lonely. These surveys got harder and harder to take his mind off. He had fun doing them; he couldn't even remember to get off to eat and pee. But that wasn't that big of a deal. Right? He quickly fell asleep hugging his bear wondering what tomorrow will bring. Chapter 3 The next morning aik woke up around 8 am. It was very early compared to normal but all he could think about was doing more surveys. He sat up in his bed. His crotch was cold and wet. He pulled his covers back and he couldn't believe his eyes. He was wet, not only wet but soaked. He had pissed himself. He felt so ashamed and so confused at what was going on. He has never had an accident like this in forever. He grabs his bear and hugs it and gets up slowly, he begins to strip his bed. After he takes it all to the laundry room to wash later. He heads to the bathroom and strips and takes a shower. He thinks long about the accident today and peeking out at the teddy bear on the bathroom counter. He shakes his head and finishes his shower and gets out dries off and goes to his bedroom for clothes. He gets dressed and begins to talk to himself. "Man, if I keep this up... I might need diapers." he shakes his head and blushes "what am I saying? I don't need diapers, I'm not some kinda baby... But the Surveys seem to think so and they seem like they know me better than I do?" Aik looks at his bear sitting on the bathroom cabinet he grabs and hugs him walking past his computer. Looking at the bear-like it's almost another person. He's growing to like this bear way more than he ever would have thought. "Do you think I need them diapers chocolate?" Suddenly a voice comes from the Care-o-Matic as he walks past. But aik mistakes it as chocolate talking. "of course you do, but that's ok I love you anyway! You have a problem, unlike most adults. Remember you use to have a Bladder problem as a child they said it could come back. but think of this, you could answer questions all day without having to worry about using the bathroom!" Aik blushes as much as he hates the idea of wearing diapers. He kinda liked the idea of not having to go to the bathroom and being able to do questions all day but he wishes he had a way to have food brought to him. Then he remembered the Care-o-Matic has upgraded, maybe he can get one that cooks him food. He quickly gets on his computer keeping chocolate close looking in the survey store. He finds an upgrade for it from 0.1 to 0.5 it can do a few more things but importantly it cooks food. It basically has arms and legs and will plug itself back in when low battery. It can do a bunch more stuff but Aik decides not to read all of them and quickly buys it up. It was quite expensive at about 80$ but he didn't care. It left his account low on money but it was with it in his eyes. Now he just had to wait, he opened up a survey to prepare to work. Suddenly the doorbell rings nearly jumps out of his seat, he then remembered the Care-o-Matic ordered him something. He goes and someone is standing there with a tablet. He has him sign for it and the postman hands him a big box. He takes it inside opening it up. His eyes got big and his face turned red. It was a case of 40 adult diapers. What if someone saw this he thought. He would die of embarrassment. But even if, let's just call it care from now on. thinks he needs diapers. Well, He was starting to believe maybe care knew him better than himself. He takes the case out of the box and takes it to his room sitting them on the bed and looking at them. He could not believe he was about to try this. He opens the case and pulls out one of the huge diapers.it was just a plain boring white color. Luckily he didn't need to leave the house with these. "This is incredible... They're so big... Who would have known they make them so big..." He gulps and pulls down his pants and boxers and he undoes the diaper laying it out. He keeps looking at his window even though it's closed. If anyone caught him he would die his heart was going a million miles an hour. He sat on the diaper and pulled it up over himself. It was soft and different. It wasn't the worst thing ever; he reluctantly tapes it up and stands up. It was sort of difficult to walk like this. But he managed he thought best not to put pants on.it would be easy to see if they got wet and didn't want to risk them leaking. He heads to his desk and finds a sandwich on his desk he looks around covering himself in embarrassment. No one was there; he sat down and shrugged. He ate the sandwich and started to do surveys. After 2 surveys he was already out of it, not because he was bored he wasn't sure why. it was almost like being hypnotized and you know you're there but you can't do anything. He can't even read the questions. It was like his body was on autopilot. It's kinda fun and freaky, he just remembered enjoying every minute. When suddenly it hits 5 pm and it completely wears off. He had an odd warm feeling in his crotch but it was weird he felt the front of his diaper and blushed. "W-when did I use it? I mean, I do need them. I guess? This is why care bought them for me. I would have been too embarrassed to do it. Thanks care, I think." Suddenly it talks back. "it's ok sweetie. Little bulls need help all the time." Aik was blown away that it could talk. He just stares at the care unit. "Y-you can talk!?" But it didn't respond, he thought he was hearing things. He rubs his eyes and scratches his ears, and just looks at it. Before his stomach growls. "I'm hungry... Last day I had to make myself something though isn't that exciting chocolate?" He chuckles to himself he felt very childish in a wet diaper with his teddy bear. He hugs chocolate before he heads to the kitchen with him. His diaper was sagging from being soaked. Who knows how long he's been wet. He makes himself a quick sandwich and heads to the front room walking awkwardly from the wet diaper. Sandwich in hand. "I probably need to change first. I definitely don't enjoy this wet diaper. Hmm, I wonder if care could get care to change me when it's updated." This really piqued his interest. He could have care do all this stuff for him and all he had to do was answer questions. This will be a blast, But he still needs a change today. he goes to his room and puts his sandwich down. He then pulls out a new diaper and removes his wet one-off and throws it away. He diapers himself in a new one. He was still pretty nervous but much quicker that time. It was different but it was beginning to feel normal to him. He grabs his sandwich then heads back to his desk to eat it before working on more surveys. When he sat down though he found the screen saying thanks for your purchase. And goes to the normal screen. He looks confused but he shrugs. Probably just care she seems to know me well. "Care knows best. It will know what I want and need. But it spent quite a lot of money... 150$ shesh I'm going to have to work hard on questions if I'm ever going to use this money for food and stuff. And not diapers...and teddy bears. God, what am I four?" He sighed but he could make that back quickly. He starts working on questions getting the same feeling as before. Time Flies by and around 1 am he comes around with an awful smell. His eyes get big when he moves, once he realizes it's him. His hand moved to his crotch he was also soaked. He jumps up. "Eww! This is so gross!" he runs to the bathroom and un-tapes his diaper and cleans up a bit and throws the messy diaper in the trash "I-I can't believe this. I have no control over anything anymore, Why don't I? I swear I could control my body before this." He sighs and cleans up taking a shower luckily he didn't have to clean up more clothes thanks to the diaper. Then it hit him that he didn't take a shower after wetting himself today. Strange normally that kinda stuff grosses himself out but he wasn't thinking correctly. After the shower he dries off staying naked, then goes and grabs chocolate and goes to his room to see his sheets and stuff all washed layers out nicely. "H-hello?" No response. "That's creepy... But I won't complain...maybe a little" He grabs a new diaper, puts it on, and just lays down in his bed only diapered and hugs chocolate and smiles covering up. He's never slept in a diaper but it felt so normal to him. "Tomorrow is going to be so fun with care upgraded! Hopefully, I can get to a doctor, maybe I'm getting sick with all these accidents?" He lay for a while before falling asleep he didn't notice it but he was definitely changing these surveys were slowly hypnotizing him, making him believe this is who he is. How far will it go? Why would someone want adult-sized babies? Chapter 4 Aik grones as his doorbell rings at 6 am, he decides to ignore it; he wasn't going to leave his bed so early. whoever it was could wait till later. He quickly fell back asleep. An hour later something shakes him and he feels the covers thrown off him. Exposing his very wet diaper. Aik was still so out of it he didn't notice till he heard tape ripping off the plastic diaper. His eyes open quickly and there's a robot that looks like care and it's removing his diaper. He blushed and pulled chocolate in for a hug. He held him close unsure what to say; he just stared in disbelief as care changed his diaper cleaned him off and put a new one on him with baby powder. He was happy to be clean but the idea of anyone but himself changing his own diaper was strange. It was strange enough he had to go back to diapers. Suddenly it talks. "is the little Aikawa hungry?" It says in a calming voice. Aik nods and he swears he sees it smile and takes his hand. It pulls him out of bed in nothing but a diaper and it leads him to the kitchen. He was still holding his bear close; it was the only way to feel comfortable right now. He sits down and air escapes his diaper he blushed some. suddenly. The robot begins to cook making waffles. It smelled amazing aik couldn't wait. A bit later care puts a plate in front of him and a waffle with a bunch of syrup. Aik licked his lips and dug in eating it all up. Nearly forgetting his situation. Care suddenly grabs the plate and hands aik a tablet and Aik looked confused looking at the tablet it was signed in to his account on survey bab. "How about you get to work?" He looked at it and it had a Survey link opened up. “But…” He was quieted as she forced his finger to hit the start survey. It was like his mind went blank again. He waddles his way to the front room laying on the rug and starts to do questions but this time oddly there done with pictures, it's awesome. He didn't have to read at all. It was so relaxing he kicked his feet back and forth and just spaced out like normal. His diaper would crinkle every leg move but he didn't pay enough attention. He couldn't remember what he was answering but it was about his favorite toys and stuff. He was out of it for another 8 hours before he was able to move on his own again. He started to think it was suspicious but something was also telling him what's the point if you're having fun and his hand touches the front of his diaper and a change. He giggles Blushing. He found it funny he couldn't control it now. He was such a child he's never felt so relaxed in his life. "Care... Umm, can you help?" Care comes in with a diaper in hand and quickly gets him changed into a new one. Aik smiles. "Thanks, care." Care walks off and comes back with more food and puts it in front of him, it was a hamburger. He was starving; he quickly ate it up. But today he wanted to do more than questions. A strange part of him wanted to play with something. He had chocolate but he needed more toys. He opened the store on his tablet and just clicked a bunch of toys just buying a ton. He pays for them all and looks excited for tomorrow. He didn't care about how much money he had only about what he wanted. He holds up chocolate smiling. "See that chocolate! Me and you will have more friends soon!" He looks at the bear for a moment. "You think care needs more upgrades? She could do more for me? That's a great idea!" He gets back to the store and finds a final upgrade for care. This will completely take care of anyone to the max. He quickly ordered it agreeing to anything it asked him. To Aik this was his own decision but it was the surveys. once he spaces out it starts to hypnotize him by repeating what he is and needs to do over and over and over. It's getting bad he's starting to forget what age he is. He lays back and plays with chocolate pretending it can talk and care comes in and touches Aiks diaper and he blushes. "Y-you just changed me I don't need it again...I'm playing shesh..." It gives him a curious look "Well, you are wet again already it has been a few hours." Aik looks surprised and puts his hand on his own diaper. "A few hours?! I just started playing! Whoa, it is wet...aww." Care pats his head and picks up aik. Aik wasn't small so this surprised him so much. "Ahh! P-put me down please!" Aik hugs care close and she takes him to his room. she changes his wet diaper. And lays him back in bed and covers him up, Care kisses his head. "Time for bed." Aik looked blown away. "B-bed? It's... 7 pm?" Care nods. "Yap and also your new bedtime. Now get to sleep." Aik wasn't a bit tired he grumbled. "Stupid robot... I'm not sleepy, you need to take care of me not give me a bedtime!" Care grabs a book and sits by his bed. It was a children's book where did aik get that? he didn't own any strange. Care started to read and Aik could not stop listening. It was like it was also hypnotizing him. it was familiar but he liked it before too long he fell asleep. Care puts a pacifier in his mouth and aik oddly accepts it and sucks it hugging his bear. Care gets on his computer and ordered a bunch of stuff. Today was probably Aik's last day of being somewhat of an adult. But aik will probably accept it pretty easily after more surveys. Chapter 5 Aik could hear the doorbell ring again today but he decided to ignore it again. He could feel his diaper was soaked and he was still sucking his pacifier, he hasn't realized he even has it yet. But care was sure to get the door. The mailman brings a bunch of boxes in the house, to care some are really big and some quite small. What could all the boxes hold? Care opens each box setting them all out. One has an adult-sized crib, another adult-sized baby clothes. Another an adult high chair. The next had an adult playpen. And a whole bunch of toys and stuff enough to change Aiks entire house into an adult baby house. Hours passed and Aik didn't wake, but he was moved. He gets picked up and laid on a table he yawns and feels his cold wet diaper being removed. This woke him up quickly and he looked down to care, changing him. he smiles and relaxes. And goes to talk through his pacifier. "fanks cawe. I not realize I was wet..." He blushed hearing how he was talking and pulls out the pacifier and looks at it confused. Why was he sucking a pacifier? "How did I get this...? I mean it's odd it was relaxing." Aik looks around while he's getting changed. All his stuff was gone, his room looked like a nursery. a crib sat where his bed used to be that's when he noticed he was laying on a changing table. He felt like he should freak out but something was telling him this is normal. But he wasn't sure. Finally, care finishes his change and starts to put a cute red onesie on him and he blushes. Ok, this was definitely not normal. "I-i can wear big kids clothes care..." They look at Aik and it smiles. "Aww it's ok but these hide diapers better and help with the sag. I wouldn't want anyone to see you in them, would you? I promise I know what's best." Aik thinks for a while, was that true? This gave care enough time to quickly put it on him before he realized it. "H-hey!" Suddenly care picks him up and walks to the kitchen and Aiks eyes get huge as he sees his whole house looks like it's made for a giant baby. This was enough to make him know this was not ok "What happened to all my stuff?! What's with all the baby stuff?! Care! " Next, he's put in a big high chair and strapped in, and has the tray put on his high chair. He couldn't get out if he tried. "Let me out now! Stop, cancel! I want to go back to normal! I was ok with the diapers but this is way too far you stupid robot!" Care puts a tablet in front of him on his tray and has surveybab.com opened. He looked down and instantly calmed down. He couldn't control himself; he started to do surveys now all surveys were pictures of toys and stuff he would like. Suddenly it's pulled from his hands he feels himself whine a bit before he can think somewhat normally again. "Huh? What happened? " Aik looks around and care sits in front of him with some baby food cans. For some reason, Aik felt like this was normal. He felt like he was freaking out over something but for some reason, it was normal to him. "Open up baby" Aik didn't know what but he had a strong sensation to do as care asked. He opens his mouth and care puts a spoon full of food in his mouth. It was good, This made him smile. He kept getting spoon-fed by care till it was all gone and he was full. He lay back on his high chair as care took him out and held him taking him to the front room sitting him in a large playpen. There's a bunch of all the toys he picked out and chocolate was also in there. Aik didn't know why but he just wanted to scream with excitement he thought this was not normal but he knew it had to be. "TOYS! Yay!" Aik couldn't contain his excitement. He started playing with all his toys, later care gave him his tablet and he would play and answer questions. He couldn't remember the last time he had some much fun. He suddenly could feel he had to pee and poop but he was having too much fun to care as he just lets it all go laughing and having a blast. It was almost like he was no longer blanking out completely during surveys. Later Care comes into the room "Seems like someone had an accident" Care smiled at him and he continued to play, unable to quit even if he wanted to which he didn't. Care picks him up and he grabs some toys. "NO! I WANT TO PLAY!" He threw a tantrum then care gave him a stern look "You've been playing enough first you need a diaper change baby. Or you will get a rash in that stinky diaper" He throws the toys in his playpen and crosses his arms pouting. Then it hits Aik what he's been doing and what he just did in his diaper and he blushes like Crazy. Aik couldn't figure out why he was acting like this. Then it hits him. "THE SURVEYS! I-I GOT TO QUIT THEM! OR I'LL BE LIKE THIS FOREVER!" Care lays him down on the changing table and gets ready to change him before he rolls off the table and lands on his butt feeling everything squish around. He felt disgusted. He tried to get up but his legs just gave out on him. He keeps trying before care picks him up. "Goodness are you ok? it's ok you probably haven't learned to walk. Or forgot." This scared Aik he couldn't even think while he was changed and cleaned up and put in a new diaper. Was care in on this? She's trying to change him in more than one way he had to get away. "I-i can't walk...? Ever?" Care picks him up. "Maybe once you are all grown up sweetie. right now you're still way too young." Aik normally didn't cry easily, But he just burst into tears. "I'm an adult, not this baby I'm not! It's this survey! You can't make me do them anymore! They're messing up my Brain and making me a baby! Please! Care if you really know what's best you will help me!" Care didn't listen and took him to the playpen and plopped a pacifier in his mouth and forced his face into the tablet. He started sucking his pacifier slowly, stopping the crying not even remembering why he was crying. He went back to doing surveys and playing with his toys while sucking his paci. He doesn't even remember when but somehow he passed out face first hugging chocolate and his soggy diapered butt in the air. Care came in and picked him up and changed his soggy diaper and then put him in his crib with no change. "Analysis... Aikawa is trying to fight back. This might take a few more days than expected to fully make his mind into a baby for good. Punishment program engaged, Yelling, trying to run or anything bad will result in a bad punishment. Will make my little baby boy love his new lifestyle." Care leaves the room and goes to the front room to charge and plug herself into the computer. Chapter 6 Aik was in such a deep sleep in his crib when the familiar warm liquid started to push against him, he grones sitting up. Why couldn't he feel it anymore? He's got to escape before this gets worse. He can't live like this, it's not right. He looks around, it's still pretty early. He used the bars on his crib to help him stand then held himself up. The bars went up to his chin. He was blown away by how big it was. He shakes his head and tries to climb out. He Finally gets a leg over and tries to get down but he feels so high up. He panics a little and his grip slips. He goes to land on his legs but they did nothing but slip in front of him and he slams on his butt. Lucky he had a super wet diaper, it caught his fall. He could feel his diaper leak a bit from not being changed last night. He crawls out to his front room looking around seeing care plugged in. He smiles this was his chance to escape. He crawls to the door to open it. He gets on his knees and tries to turn the doorknob but it wouldn't open. "The hell...?" He sighs and crawls to the back door it also wouldn't open "Come on... What's going on? is this crazy robot trying to keep me from escaping... It's already ruined my bladder and my walking. If it keeps going I'll never be myself again... And that's scary...it's not like I'm suffering or hurting. I'm just scared to not be myself anymore." Suddenly he's grabbed from behind and picked up. "what are you doing out of bed young man!" It was care. Aik screams and struggles, beginning to cry, scared. "Let me go you stupid fucking robot! I don't want to do this anymore!" Care looked angry. Could robots feel angry, it takes Aik to the couch and she sits down laying him over his knee. "What are you-" Suddenly his eyes get big as his diaper is pulled down and he realizes what she might be doing. He tries to fight but the robot is too strong. suddenly he feels a hard smack on his ass. Aik fights hard not to cry as it hits over and over and over and over. Suddenly Aik Burst into tears. "I'm sorry I won't do it again! Please stop! It hurts so much! Do whatever you want! Just stop the pain!" Care stops and pulls up his diaper and Hugs him patting his back as he cries. The hitting was so hard it made him wet himself again his diaper was leaking badly. Next, a pacifier was put in Aiks mouth. He didn't fight it and sucked it. It kinda helped with the pain at least and relaxed him. She then took him to the changing table gave him a quick change before taking him back to the front room. Then care sits him in her lap and hands him the tablet with the normal website on it. "I think you need to relax with some surveys, sweetie." Aik gulps. He shakes trying not to but nothing could stop it. He started doing surveys and having fun with it too. He soon began to fall back asleep. "... Regression 75% complete. Just jumped up 15% in the past hour. Best Increase all week. Upgrade to 1.0 bought and shipped. Once upgraded I will take care of my baby forever till I can't anymore." Lay him back in his crib and let him sleep a few more hours till 9. Keeping him on a somewhat schedule. Aik gets woken up and taken for another diaper change Aik was happy to be in a new diaper. Care takes him to the kitchen he's was expecting to be fed but care grabs a strange bottle and fills it with something and then care screws the strange bottle with a small nipple on its chest. Care then brings him closer and it hits him that she wants him to drink from it like he was being breastfed he blushed. He wasn't going to fight through he didn't want to be hit again. He opens his mouth and starts drinking from it. He couldn't imagine how he looked. Probably like a little baby being breastfed. At Least it tasted good. He was also feeling full from this strange stuff. Before it was empty Aik was full but he was forced to finish it all. Aik grones from his full stomach. He's sat down in something that he didn't notice. suddenly he's being pushed forward. He laid his head against the thing and closed his eyes, relaxing. He hears the door open and he's pushed outside. This woke him up as he opened his eyes great big. Even his yard looked like a place for a big kid. He couldn't say anything, what if someone saw him. This was the most embarrassing thing to happen in his life. And not only that he can feel himself filling his diaper and peeing. He could only blush as he was pushed outside and taken down the street. This makes him realize he hasn't been outside in over 4 days. The fresh air was nice but this is crazy. He was keeping a close watch for anyone he knew. But there wasn't anyone except a few ladies pushing strollers around like Aiks. That's strange he thought, then he sees the kids inside them aren't kids there are people his age and there in diapers and playing with toys. This must be all the people who have been tricked into this website. He had to fight this and save everyone. If he gave up he will be just a baby like the rest of these people. But how was he going to do that he thought? If he did anything to fight back, care would hurt him. Care kept pushing them all the way to the park. It was full of real-looking people but they all had a "baby" or two I would say the once with two are couples. Do they even remember they love each other or do they just think like babies? This made Aik shiver. These poor people are forced to live forever like this. Who's ever planned this must be so evil. But what could care have planned for him and the others? He looks back and care looks human and his eyes get big. And it says. "1.0 upgrade complete. Mommy mode engaged." Suddenly it started to talk like a real human. It was almost scary how well it was. Care smiled at Aik. "Hello sweetie. Do you want to play with some other babies? While mommy talks to other mommy’s?" Mommy? It's joking right she doesn't expect me to call her that. I won't I won't become this baby she wants me to be I won't. But the tablet was held in front of him. He doesn't remember what happened but he knows it couldn't be good. Chapter 7 Care picks up Aik out of the stroller after his hypnosis and puts some strange mittens on Aik and some kinda strange backpack on his back. Aik crawls around and sees like 15 other boys and girls. The boys had a shirt on and no pants with a big diaper and the girls had on a dress and not that he was trying but he would peek see them sitting and they also were wearing thick diapers. Aikawa felt lucky he still had pants on. He felt like the most adult person there before all his dignity was taken away and care pulled off his pants. He would be lying if the girls didn't look kinda cute and his eyes were always looking up at them. Aik blushed and was sat down by the other diapered adults with baby minds. Aik knew this was his chance to run; he starts to crawl away when he was pulled back by something. He's on what seems like a leash. He crosses his arms and sits there in the grass. That's when he remembered he was in a dirty diaper. He looked down at His diaper, it was brown in the back and yellow in the front. Not only that but he was really itchy but he couldn't scratch himself with the mittens on. He felt kinda embarrassed but no one seemed to have a normal mind anymore they were all laughing and playing with each other. Then Aiks eyes get big he sees his friend sitting there in a diaper and shirt. He looked funny. He wanted to laugh but he was also in the same predicament. He crawled over to him. He also saw his wife also diapered. "Umm... Hi, bud..." Aik waves and his friend sees him and his eyes get big and hug him "AWK! ME NO SEE YOU SO LONG!" Aik pats his back, blushing his friend wasn't much of a hugging person but he also was talking funny. "O-oh right sorry about that... What happened to you...? Are you-" He gets cut off from his friend feeling Aiks diaper and he blushes and pulls away "Miss Aiks mommy! Aik had an accident!" Aik blushed more "Shhh! And she's not my "mommy"! That's weird! She's a stupid robot." His friend looks at him "Me fank you need more surveys? You don't sound baby enough...it ok Aik! We all have fun join us!" He smiles and aik couldn't believe it he had to be imagining it. His friend wouldn't say that. It had to be the Surveys that's messing with his brain. Suddenly care comes over and lays a cover on the ground and picks up Aik and lays him on it. He was confused about what she was doing. Then she started to remove his diaper and he blushes. "W-wait! Not in front of my friend! And everyone!" Care gave him a glare and aik gulps he didn't want to be spanked. Care removed his dirty diaper and cleans him up. Aik covers his face in embarrassment with his junk hanging out for everyone to see. Care puts a new diaper under him and diapers him up. She then gives him back the tablet he couldn't control anything after that and he remembers watching himself play like a baby with his friend. They played for hours. Aik was so worried what if he didn't get back control, what if this part of his mind disappears forever. This made Aik start to cry, and knock him back to his senses he couldn't stop crying. Care came over and picked him up and rocked him and aik found it hard to stay awake. He wanted to rest, he wanted to forget about this baby crap. He wanted to be normal. He let out a big yawn before falling asleep in her arms. He woke up what felt like shortly after in his crib he was sucking on his pacifier he didn't know why but he felt very relaxed with it in. He sat up and felt his diaper was soggy he only sighed. He hated it but it was something he can't control. He knows he's better off in diapers than wetting everywhere but being treated like a full-on baby was getting to his head. He barely had anything left to fight. He started to think maybe he was just a baby then he shakes his head and slaps his face. "Stop thinking that! You're not! I-i'm sure I'm not... I'm..." He shakes and tears up "I'm...a baby..." he starts crying. And quickly care runs in with her human-like new body and picks up Aik and cradles him. "Oh no sweetie what's wrong?" Aik just kept crying unable to express how he felt he just wanted to cry but he was happy to be comforted. Soon care smiles. "I bet my baby's hungry huh?" Care pulled up her shirt and aik just started calming down some, care had real human breast but he kinda didn't care he was pretty hungry. He put his mouth over her teet like a baby would and just started to drink it was so relaxing he just drank till he was full. Then something happened to Aik. His mind was put at rest and he no longer wanted to be an adult. He wanted to be mommy's baby. No, he was mommy's baby. He pulled away from the breast and smiled. "Me full mommy!" Care smiles and kisses Aiks head. "Such a good boy!" Aik looks at his diaper. "Mommy me messy can you change my diapy?" Care takes him to the changing table and lays him down. "Well of course sweetie! Do you want your cute diapers?" Aik looked excited. "Ya! And then I want to play! And watch cartoons!" Care laughs. "Alright you can do that then" Aik gets cleaned up and put in a fresh diaper. These new diapers had childish print on them, she had taken him to the front room and put him into his playpen. He spent most of the rest of the day playing and watching TV just having fun. Aik didn't realize it but his mind was completely changed. The old Aik was nearly gone; it was crying out for help to come back. Aik would almost just be this baby if he could control it himself. He wanted to be himself not someone else. Chapter 8 It's been a few days Aiks been nothing but a complete baby. In his mind he wants to gain control, He hasn't even taken a survey in the past few days he thought maybe after that he could gain back control. But nothing came to mind. He would play with his friend and even have diapers changed together; they had a blast together. But he didn't seem that much changed except being in this little headspace. Maybe it's not changing us to be different but changing us to accept this new thing? After that Aik could feel more in control of his body but in reality, he has full control. It's more of the fact Aik didn't want to admit how much he loves this new life being a baby, it was amazing, He could play all day and not even have to stop to pee or anything. This started to go through his mind and he accepted it more and more before in his own mind he had full control. He woke up the next day in his crib. He smiled and hugged chocolate. "So I always had control... I was just too ashamed to admit it to myself." Aik feels his diaper and giggles. "Oopsie looks like the baby's wet" Aik shushes chocolate "let's not tell mommy heheheh." Aik lays in bed for a while before care walks into the room. And aik sits up quickly. "Morning mommy!" Care smiles and picks up Aik "Someone's a happy boy today isn't he?" Cares checking Aiks diaper without him noticing. "Yap!" Aik smiles Bigger "Me just realized how much me like being you baby!" Care gives a sweet smile and hugs him "Sweet taking won't get you out of a diaper change sweetie." Aik puffs out his cheeks and crosses his arms. "How did you know?" Care laughs "Well, I checked it while you weren't looking. Boy, are you soaked! But you did drink a bunch of mommy's milk before bed didn't you?" Aik nods "Mommy's got such good milk too!" Care lays him on the changing table and changes him and gets him in a fresh diaper. And picks him up she pulls up her shirt to reveal her breasts and like a newborn Aik quickly grabs on and starts to drink. Aik could drink and nearly fall asleep and know mommy would take care of all his needs. This was definitely the most relaxing time of his life. He's taken to the front room and sat down in the playpen and lays there half asleep when he hears the door open he sits straight up. "Bud?!" But it wasn't his friend he saw a few people in suits he felt embarrassed. He hasn't felt that in a while. They walk up to Aik and smile and coo at him. "Hey, little guy! We wanted to tell you we got a lot of information from you so we are going to pay for anything you want. This offers going to most of your community for accepting our little test." Aik sat there and thought ‘anything I want?’ Information? The guy could see Aik was embarrassed he just laughed. "I see you're embarrassed and confused. Let's see I'm from surveybab.com the website designed to hypnotize you into being a baby but it only works on people who mentally would enjoy this stuff. But would never admit to it." Aik blushes and sucks his thumb for comfort. He began wetting himself in embarrassment. "Y-you did this to me? So I can have anything...?" The man nods "What if me wanted to be normal..." The man Smirks "Then you would be lying to yourself, little one. But we can arrange that no problem." This made Aik blush more and think more. "Hmm, I got an idea little one how about we let you keep care forever and we will pay for everything you need and throw in a vacation to a beach. Imagine running around the beach in your diapy and laying in the sand. No one to judge you." Aik could feel his excitement rising and it sounded amazing. "But... What if other people saw me? They would mock me..." The man thinks for a second and smiles. "Well, we will rent out the beach then! Just for you and all your uhh... Adult baby friends?" Aik hopped on his diaper butt in excitement. "DEAL DEAL DEAL DEAL! YOU HEAR THAT CHOCOLATE!" The man laughs. Then look at care. "Care! Implement care for your baby till he asks you to quit!" Care smiles "I planned on it" The man looks confused "Hmm seems your care unit thinks it's actually your mom... That must have been harder on you trying to fight it thinking you don't want it." Aik nods and hugs chocolate close. "Yap me though that! Then me realize I love this! What about my friends thought, they like it too?" Aik tilts his head. And the man just smiles. "Well, most would prefer to only be babies once in a while so we allowed it. You're probably the only one that wanted to be one full-time. But I'm curious how it will affect you so continue being you. And just have fun." Aik nods and smiles big as the man leaves. The next day he and his best friend with a lot of other Littles crawling around on the beach in diapers and mommies or care units changing them. It was the most fun and cutest week ever. But Aik enjoyed every minute of it. He couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life like this. Maybe they would let him get other friends involved in the future?
  19. This story was made for Kami-bozu who asked me to make a story based on his pictures. https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/gallery/album/3249-diaper-boy-pics/ Each chapter will be based on one of his pictures. I wish to thank him for giving me this neat opportunity. ^.^ “Mom!” I yelled at loud as I could. “I don't want to do that!” “Andy it's either this or you go back to regular school.” my mom told me. “That was part of the deal.” About a year ago a man came up to my mom and me and asked if I would model their companies new clothing line. Their child model got sick and missed the shoot. Desperate to finish the shoot, the photographer ran up to the first random boy with a parent that he could see and begged us to help him. After a bit of a discussion, my mom allowed it and I modeled the latest kids outfits. After we were done, the photographer offered me a job! Mom told me no at first. Saying I still had school and stuff. But after a bit of a discussion about it, she decided to allow it. I would be placed into homeschool and be allowed to model. But there was an exception. If I didn't model for over 4 months, I will have to go back to school. At first, it was great! People really liked the way I looked and wanted to hire me. But after 8 months, people stopped calling. I didn't really have an agent, besides my mom, and she didn't really know much about the job. Now I was coming up to 3 ½ months without a job and I really didn't want to go back to regular school. So when mom found a job for me I was excited, at first. Then I saw what I would be modeling. “But mom! There diapers! I don't wear diapers!” I protested. “They are Pampers plus size.” my mom told me. “You just have to model them, you don't actually need to use them.” “But it's still embarrassing!” I told her. “Well it's either this or you go back to school.” mom told me sternly. “You wanted to model and sadly there's nothing else at the moment.” Mom was right, it was the diapers or school. I had to decide. ______________ Mom and I were in the dressing room getting ready. “I still can't believe I'm doing this,” I mumble as I fumble to tape the diaper on while on a changing table. “You decided this, too late to back out now.” mom told me from behind a curtain. “Hey mom, these don't feel right.” I tell her as she opened the curtain to check on me. She immediately started laughing. I blushed a deep shade of red. “MOM IT'S NOT FUNNY!” I screamed. “No, no, no,” mom said through her laughter. “I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing because you put it on backwards.” “Ow…” I mumbled before mom pushed me down and untaped the diaper. “Mom what are you doing!” I yelled “Don't worry sweetie. I've changed you more times than you can count. I'll be real quick.” mom told me. And she was right, Mom quickly slid the diaper from under me and flipped it around. she easily lifted up my butt and sat me down on the soft padding of the diaper. She then folded the top part over my crotch and re-taped the diaper back onto me. Luckily, right on time as someone opened the door and looked inside. “Aww how cute! Having mommy put you in a fresh diaper!” the lady assistant said. My face was blushing bright red and I nearly yelled at her but my mom spoke first. “Andy’s almost ready. Well be there in just a second.” my mom told the lady. With that, the lady left and mom helped me up. The diaper felt odd. Like I was sitting on a pillow despite standing up. It felt so strange with the padding around my crotch and butt. I turned to a full body mirror and got a good look at the front of the diapers. They were mostly white, except for a blue lining around the diapers with 5 cartoon dinosaurs on the landing zone for the tapes. “Come on Andy, we don't want them to be waiting for us.” mom said as she took my hand and led me out into the main set. There were already taken pictures of a few other kids and asked me to wait just a moment. There were kids of all ages, from 3 to 17 and all were wearing diapers! I'm 10 and I'm modeling the diapers meant for kids 10-14. “Excuse me miss, but could my son get something to drink?” my mom asked “Yes, just one moment.” the assistant lady told my mom. Within a few minutes, another lady walked up to us. “Did you just ask for a drink?” the assistant asked. “Yes we did.” mom replied to her and the assistant handed my mom a sippy cup. “I guess they were out of regular cups.” mom told me as she handed me the cup. I wasn't about to start drinking from the sippy part, so I unscrewed it and began drinking the juice inside. The juice was very sweet and had a slightly strange aftertaste. But it was still good. “Andy, you're up!” the photographer yelled. I quickly downed the rest of the juice before I ran up to the stage. Over the next few minutes, the photographer had me in all types of poses. Most of them showing off the diaper. “Ok, now let's get the one for the package.” the photographer said as a lady about my mom’s age walked onto the stage. “Ok Andy, I want you to look like your happy to be in a new clean diaper.” That was easier said than done. I really just wanted to be out of the diapers as fast as possible, But I did the best I could and put on a happy smile and tried to look as cute as possible as the lady grabbed the back of my diaper and pretended to be pulling it onto me. “Perfect!” the photographer yelled as he started snapping pictures. Right behind him, however, I noticed my mom talking to the same assistant mom asked for the drink earlier. In her hand, she had a paper cup and both the assistant and my mom had a look of terror on their faces as they turned to look at me. There was a flash as the picture was taken, and I let out a big fart! My eyes went wide as my stomach suddenly felt like it was doing somersaults and I wrapped my arms around it. What the hell was happening! Then it happened. Without warning. My eyes went wide as I felt the backside of my diaper suddenly explode outward as I began filling with poop! “GROSS!” the lady holding my diaper screamed as she jumped back. The sudden movement made me jump as well and I lost balance! Falling backward, I landed on my butt and I felt my poop go everywhere! For a second, my mind could not process what just happened. Everyone was now staring at the 10-year-old boy in a black t-shirt sitting in a full diaper. When that realization finally hit me, I began to bawl! Mom immediately rushed over to me and hugged me, trying her best to get me to stop crying before she lifted me up and had me walk back to the dressing room. Later we would learn that it was all just a big misunderstanding. The sippy cup was meant for a different kid who was going to show off how much the diaper can hold. The assistant was only told to deliver the cup to the parent that ordered the drink. She didn't know it wasn't meant for me. But in that moment, I didn't care. I was crying so hard as my messy diaper was seen by everyone as I walked back to the dressing room. I was first laid down onto the changing table as before and my mom rubbed my face trying to calm me down. Next, she untapped the tabs on both sides of the diaper and flinched when she say just how bad the mess really was. Using the front of the diaper, mom did her best to wipe off most of the mess with just that. Next my mom got out the wet wipes and began cleaning every part of me. She wiped my legs, my but, and even my crack! I was so ashamed and still crying that I didn't care that my mom was now wiping my butt clean! “Ok sweety, i need you to lift yourself up for a moment.” mom told me. Doing as she asked i lifted my butt off the dirty diaper and mom finished cleaning under me and pulled the diaper out from under me. She quickly balled it up and tossed it into the trash before coming back over to me. I was about to get up when my mom pushed me back down and pulled out another diaper. “M-M-MOM! I-I-I don't want a-a-a new diaper!” I bawled. “I'm sorry sweetie, but this is just in case.” mom told me as I cried even harder. Mom lifted me back up and sat me back down onto the new diaper. She then got out a bottle of baby powder and pored some onto my croch. “This is just so you don't get a rash.” mom told me as she taped the diaper. Still crying about the diaper, my mom lifted me up and hugged me as she tried to calm me down. This was the worst day in my life! Also, I was now the face of Pampers plus size diapers!
  20. Just a quick conversation between two mothers Tracking System “So, why did you put Aiden back into nappies?” “He’s started too early with attitude. I expected that when he approached his teens... you know... he’d get disrespectful and clever, but at ten.... I don’t think so.” “It’s that school, quite a few of the kids there seem to have an attitude... especially the boys who behave like brats. I don’t think the place has heard of discipline.” “Well maybe but I’m not having my son coming home and displaying that insolence.” “So, how did you do it?” “Well, ever since he was potty trained at three, and changed from nappies to briefs, I’ve only ever bought him one style.” “What do you mean?” “I’ve only ever let him wear little white briefs... tighty-whities some people call them but I insisted that they were what all growing boys wore.” “And he believed you?” “Most boys at kindergarten and infants wore colourful kid’s pants, which he also wanted. But, I told him that they were fine for little kids but he was growing up fast and older boys wore only white briefs. He liked to think of himself as being older than he was.” “Big boy briefs, clever... but haven’t you encouraged him to be just that... a Big Boy?” “True, and I still do but not at the moment. He’s going to be grown-up for a really long time and I’d like to have him still my little boy for a while longer.” “Oh you’re very complicated... and confusing... so why put him white briefs..?” “Well, I’ve always thought that white briefs looked like nappies anyway.” “Now you mention it...” “I think... white briefs and trunks make them think they’ve grown up but basically... they’d much rather still be in nappies... so they’re just a substitute. When I see Aiden wearing his white undies... it always brings back memories of him in a nappy... which is what got me thinking.” “Mmmm maybe... So, how did that help get him back into...?” “I always made sure he wears his little white pants to school and under his pjs at night. This means I can keep constant track of his bodily functions because, although he’s potty trained, his little white briefs tell me another tale.” “Do tell.” “Well, boys being boys are not the cleanest or most fastidious of toilet goers. They leave drips and dribbles, smears and well, all manner of fluids in their pants. They never even think about it, or have any qualms about not keeping their bodily secretions in the appropriate place... the toilet.” “Isn’t that what undies are for?” “Well yes but... I needed to teach my boy a lesson... although I wanted to be subtle I didn’t want him to think that’s what it was.” “I see, so his messy white briefs let you know just how negligent he’s been.” “Precisely... they are a simple and unobtrusive tracking system” “But why did you want him to be back in nappies... I mean surely it means more work for you?” “He’s at that age where being belligerent, thinks he knows best and refuses to listen are the traits of a boy growing up. However, a quick reality check and a slice of humility by showing him he’s still just a little boy will, I anticipate, get him to tow-the-line and respect me. Not so much Jim, he’s always got on better with his father, but his off-handedness and rudeness towards me is going to stop. After all, he still relies on us for everything and he needs to know he can’t just do or say what he pleases.” “I understand what you mean. I wish I’d taken a firmer hand with my kids. Still, it does seem a little harsh.” “I wanted to peg back that defiance early enough by making him realise just how dependent on us he really is.” “But, how did that get him back into nappies?” “Well, every morning, when he changed his underwear, I’d check the laundry basket. His pjs and underpants especially have been getting worse... and more than a little damp in the morning. I knew he would be embarrassed if I confronted him so I waited until he had no option than to take up my suggestion.” “Oh, I see... what was it he had no option to do?” “Well, he wants to go on a school trip. They’re going to France for two weeks in the summer break and he’s desperate to go.” “That sounds nice.” “It’s a nice idea but... I produced his wet and mucky undies and simply told him I wasn’t convinced I trusted him not to make a mess whilst away. I told him that I wasn’t going to be embarrassed by a boy who couldn’t keep his pants clean and I didn’t want him to embarrass himself by other’s witnessing his filthy undies. He was so embarrassed when I held up several pairs of his stained briefs... poor boy didn’t know where to put himself. I was firm and told him that I’d only let him go on the trip when I was convinced he could keep his underwear clean for a week.” “I bet.” “He was flustered, apologetic, off hand, argumentative and making excuses but I zoned in on his awkwardness and simply said NO... I was not satisfied and until I was he was going nowhere.” “So, how did you get a ten year-old back into nappies?” “I told him that I thought his briefs were not robust enough to take the damage he was inflicting every night and that I intended putting him back into nappies until I was sure.” “Oh I bet that didn’t go down well.” “No, he screamed blue murder at me but I was patient and reasonable... letting him know that I was mainly worried about his nocturnal emission as they appeared to be getting worse. I don’t actually think they were but highlighted just how damp and messy his morning pants were. I stressed that I understood he had no control when asleep, so I was prepared, if he met me half way, to just make wearing a nappy a condition of his sleeping arrangements rather than day time as well.” “Did he consent?” “He was dead against it but I told him that if he was worried what people might think I was prepared to explain to his father that his son still messed his underwear and that’s why I needed him to wear a nappy.” “Didn’t his father know?” “Jim doesn’t really know what’s going on he’s too embroiled with work but Aiden and he are the best of friends...” “Oh.” “He seemed relieved his father didn’t know, which I hoped would be the case, so I inferred that I wouldn’t tell him providing he wore protection at night. Either that or, if he felt I was being unreasonable, he could discuss the arrangement with his dad.” “Did you suspect he’d be too humiliated to speak to Jim about it?” “I knew he would... so I said I hadn’t told his father but if he didn’t do as I suggested I was quite happy to let him know. But, and I stressed this... I thought it would be in his own interest to get such an easy problem to solve.... solved.” “Ah clever...” “He promised that he’d be a lot more careful but I said I’d given him loads of time to sort himself out, years in fact, but now was time to make it happen if he wanted to spend time away. So, either he could just get on with wearing a nappy at night or, we could discuss his messy pants with his father and see what he had to say. I implied that I was sure his dad would insist on him wearing protection all day, every day.” “I bet he wasn’t happy.” “No but the idea scared him enough so that he wears a nappy every night now... and has done for a couple of weeks.” “Mmmm that long... but how?” “I just made sure that after the first night in a nappy... he woke up soaked.” “You cunning thing.” “He’s quite a heavy sleeper so getting him to ‘wet’ his nappy wasn’t that difficult.” “Sleeping pills?” “A couple... and a glass of water.” “What was his reaction to waking up soaked?” “I turned the tables... making it look like I was angry with him, claiming that he was just trying it on and accused him of wetting on purpose just to prove a point. He of course denied it.” “You have my admiration.” “I told him that I knew things were getting worse because of the state of his pjs and undies and thank god we reacted quickly enough. So he had no option but to wear them the following night and guess what...” “Another accident?” “You bet. However, I was more conciliatory and praised him for at least wearing protection... I thought that was the responsible thing to do but I wanted him to wear plastic pants as well from then on. He didn’t want to but was much too distraught to argue about that.” “Slowly, slowly catchee monkey... eehh?” “On the fourth morning I made sure it was his father who discovered his wet son.” “I bet that didn’t go down well.” “No, both were embarrassed but Aiden couldn’t deny it and his father wanted to know what was going on. I explained to Jim privately that I tried to keep it secret for Aiden’s sake that he was wetting the bed... again.” “Again?” “Yes I implied that this wasn’t the first time but that I’d kept that secret from him too though things had gotten worse recently so I had to make the ‘nappy’ decision.” “Very clever.” “Mmmm, I said I didn’t want to put any type of wedge between them as I knew he looked up to Jim and was quite embarrassed about the entire thing... so... thought it best to try and keep it confidential for everyone sake. But now it was out...” “Was Jim on-board? I bet he was on Aiden’s side wasn’t he?” “Actually, he was very supportive. He blamed himself for being too involved with work and not taking notice of home life. He was very sympathetic with me for the extra laundry and work I must have had to put up with (I didn’t mention that never happened I simply let him assume). He thought I’d handled it pretty well and told Aiden that he was proud he’d decided on wearing a nappy as it was doing a terrific job.” “So Jim now knows... what’s his thought on Aiden... you know... wearing a nappy.” “Well, that’s the good thing. As far as Jim is aware it’s only because of his bedwetting that Aiden is in nappies. So, he’s told him that as long as he keeps wearing protection until I’m satisfied he can go back to simply wearing pjs, (that is he stops his night time wetting) he’s happy for him to go on this trip to France. However, if he argues or gives me any grief on the subject he won’t be going.” “Has he accepted the nappy completely?” “He acted up a bit when I started pegging his nappies and rubber pants out on the washing line to dry. He was very unhappy but I said that if he wanted me to stop then I needed something from him and that was to be in his night time protection by 7.30 each and every night. I told him I wanted a regular routine and not just when he ‘felt like it’.” “Getting some of your power back eh?” “Definitely, I did say he could go out after but I wanted him in protection no later than that time. I also let him know that I never mentioned his mucky and disgusting underwear, so, as far as his father’s concerned, it was just the bedwetting he has to deal with. I threatened to tell Jim about that and was sure he’d have more to say on the subject.” “Did he agree?” “Surprisingly yes. I think it was mainly the thought of his mates knowing he had to wear a nappy that swung it. It was the least upsetting compromise for him... seeing as he was wearing a nappy to sleep in anyway.” “Do you make sure he wears...?” “Yes, but Jim asked if I wanted him to do his bit... I just smiled and said I didn’t want to embarrass the boy any further and that I’d see to him. However, I’ve made sure he wakes up wet most mornings so I’ve mentioned that occasionally I’d be grateful if he’d check.” “That’s good.” “Yes, Jim’s very good because he heaps praise on him whether he’s wet or not... he sees it as something Aiden needs and therefore has to wear one. He’s very positive because he doesn’t want his son to feel in the least bit ashamed about it.” “But he must feel ashamed... doesn’t he?” “Oh yes, he’s completely docile in the mornings now.” “So, is the nappy now the thing that tracks his toilet habits?” “Yes, but perhaps the strange thing is his nappies are messier than his undies ever were. It’s like he wants to use the thing even if he thinks he doesn’t. It’s got him so he’s not sure about anything and is quite humiliated.” “Shame, embarrassment, anxiety and wearing a nappy - that’s quite a list to control.” “I see the poor boy’s bewildered face every morning. He’s so embarrassed at the nappy check but has got used to me doing that now. However, I won’t let him sort himself out it has to be either his father or me that takes it off for him.” “I bet.” “The rustle of plastic pants down his legs and then the examination of the wet fabric leave’s him mute with embarrassment. He doesn’t dare speak. It’s as if he’s decided that until he’s in the bathroom and getting cleaned up, he has no say in what’s happening. Which he hasn’t” “Will he be going to France?” “Oh, no chance and he’s stopped mentioning it. There’s no real improvement is there? I mean... he doubts himself because of his reliance on that night time padding.” “Which you’re helping him fill?” “At the moment I’m only having him wet a few times a week but over the next few days he’ll be doing a lot more than that. In the end, I think he’ll be too self-conscious to want to be with his school mates in any situation... he’ll be far too dependent on his nappy.” “Well of course, accidents will happen.” “Yes they will. So, a summer of plastic pants and thick nappies 24/7 is what I’ve lined up for him. The first couple of weeks of the school break he’ll come camping with us... and we can both keep an eye on our suddenly incontinent little boy.” “Won’t Jim be suspicious?” “Maybe but I’ll let him know I’ve been anticipating this for a while; ever since he wet the bed all those months ago that I’ve seen a steady decline. I’ll tell him that, according to the experts, it’s not an uncommon phase for boys to go through and that they usually ‘snap’ out of it just as suddenly as they slip into it. But it’s nothing to worry about as we’ve got it covered.” “You’re taking chances and making an awful lot of work for yourself.” “Yes I know but, when your son suddenly thinks he’s independent and a man but you know better... it’s time to let him know he’s really just a little kid.” “Oh that reminds me... here are the new vinyl pants I told you about. A bit childish I know but they’re very strong.” “Thanks very much. Oh yes, these are large enough and I love these cute little cartoon characters.” “Are you sure you’ll be able to get him to wear them?” “They’re the only ones I’ll take. So, together with the disposables they will be better for him as I’m sure he wouldn’t want the tent surrounded by drying fabric nappies. However, if he prefers them I’ll let him know I’m happy for him wear what he’s used to.” “Cunning, you seem to have this well sorted.” “For the summer holidays at least he’s going to be our little boy in nappies and, together with the new childish shorts I’ve bought for him and these plastic pants he’ll look the part. However, he won’t know about all this until his first change at the campsite and by then it will be too late.” “He’s not going to like that.” “I intend to be there for my little boy and give him what he needs at this crisis in his life... a crisis I’ve told his father I saw coming. Jim will be with me on this because I’ll emphasise how grateful I am for his support of our son. However, should Aiden complain, I’ll point out that the more fuss he makes the more attention he’ll bring on himself... so... the best way is to follow our instructions and no one need be any the wiser.” “Are you sure you can make this work for any length of time?” “Not really but he won’t have any option... he’ll be pissing or crapping his nappy so often he’ll just be relieved and eager to have a clean disposable to slip into. By then I’ll have got him at a point where he’s unsure of his standing and that maybe his parents know what’s best for him.” The chink of wine glasses and laughter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  21. I deleted my old post, because I had too many errors in it. Forgive me please. Here is the newer and better version. Even if you read the last version, please re-read because a lot has changed. This whole story is based on a dream, and it is hard to translate. I had to change things to make it realistic. Hope you enjoy. Chapter 1: Graduation For the fifth day in a row, Damian awoke with his heart pounding, and his bedsheets drenched. It was the same nightmare as the nights before. He remembered being in a facility. He remembered being restrained and felt helpless, but the details of his dream were already escaping him. He groggily woke up and got out of bed. There was what he thought was sweat all over his body. He stood up, and pulled his covers back. He smelled the bed and was grateful that it was only sweat. Already the memory of the dream was escaping him. Thank God he only sweated the bed. Damian grabbed the towel he kept beside his bed on a nightstand and started drying himself off. Today was his big day. Finally time to graduate college. He pulled back the covers and smelled his bed again. Yep, no scent of urine he thought. Two days in a row without wetting my bed he thought. If not for these nightmares, life would be perfect. While Damian was thrilled that he didn't wet the bed, he was concerned about these nightmares and his sweat soaked sheets. It felt so real. As his nightmare started to fade away, and as he dried off the sweat, the one thing he didn't forget was the face of Raphael. Looking at him was like looking in the mirror. In his morning haze, Damian also seemed to remember Raphael was strangely clothed in what looked like a giant diaper. Raphael told him right before he woke up, "your life is about to change." "Damian, breakfast is ready!" yelled his sometimes overbearing mother. " I'm coming! " replied Damian, as he removed his wet pajamas, and dried off his sweat soaked body. He put on some clean clothes. Instinctively, he threw the duvet over the wet spot on his matress from the sweat so that it wasn't visible. Damian wet his bed his whole life, and even though his parents did nothing to help him, he still tried to hide it. He was just happy that today it was only sweat, and he wouldn't need to turn the matress over AGAIN."Eggs and bacon" said his mom. Damian pretended to be happy, but these nightmares disturbed him. They seemed so real. He didn't have much of an appetite, but ate half of his breakfast. "I'm full" he said, and stood up ready to walk away. "Are you sure? You barely touched your breakfast," responded Mom. "Yeah mom, I'm good" he said. "I just feel nervous for graduating and I am not sure where I am going next." "Well, I'm sure with your grades and charisma, finding a job won't be hard" his mom said reassuringly. Damian went to his college that morning, and it was graduation day. It was his happiest day yet. All of his classmates arrived. He had spent 4 years waiting for this day. His best friend, Magnus greeted him. "Well, I guess our paths split here," he said. " No! We can still be friends! " replied Damian. "Don't be silly. You and I are on totally different paths, and I will be on a different continent" said Magnus. "We talked about this before, and you know our lives are going to change," said Magnus. "I know, but we can still keep in contact" said Damian. "Of course we can" Magnus replied. The graduation speaker then started to talk. It was a run of the mill graduation speech. Damian didn't focus much on the spech. What bothered him was these nightmares. They seemed so real and vivid. He couldn't stop dwelling on it. As the speaker went into his closing notes, Damian's reality started to fade out. He found himself feeling lighter, and his surroundings quickly disappeared, leaving him floating in darkness. He tried to touch himself, but his hand passed through his body. Am I dreaming again he thought? Maybe this is some kind of astral projection he thought.
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