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Found 78 results

  1. DISCLAIMER!!!!! The original story does not belong to me, this is just a personal remake and updated version of Baby Care Class by wndash2 (link to there page at the bottom) they wrote this story a few years ago, and I liked it at the time. But recently after rereading the whole thing, I realized there wasn't much of a story here besides a guy being tortured for no real reason. So because I like making stories, I began thinking up a story to help fix that problem. If you haven't yet, please go check out the original. _________ Paradise private College, how the hell I wound up going here I don't know. Most of my grades suck, and I barely attended high school anyway. The only reason I'm even going to this college is by some miracle my mother sent in a college application that got excepted. “Look! You can either go to the school or get the fuck out of my house!” my mom yelled at me the day I said I wouldn't go. "All you do if fuck off and don't work. The only people in this house that get to do that are kids in school, the sick, or the retired!” I will admit that I may not have been the best son. But hell, having a rare condition that makes you look 4 feet tall will make you hate the world. I'm not a dwarf, per say, I'm just the first with a new rare genetic disorder that stopped me from growing. I just look like an average person was shrunk down. Heck if it wasn't for the facial hair I have then most people would assume I'm a child. Which has happened to me more than once! So my mother made me a deal. She would pay for the school, an apartment for me and give me a 200 dollar allowance for food every two weeks if I went. However, I must attend classes. If I miss classes more than four times without a doctor's note, she will cut all ties with me. So because I didn't want to work yet, I decided to go. Plus who doesn't like going to college parties? So I traveled nearly two states away just for school. Paradise private College was built a long time ago and was made on top of a large hill. Why they decided on that, I have no idea. Maybe because the rich people who built it meant it only for the upper class at the time. But thanks to it being on such a large hill a lot of people have to climb a ton of stairs just to get to the school, and for a short guy like me, that's just hell. One of the thing that came with the acceptance letter was another letter attached saying they were introducing a new program for people and that he was one of the few to start in it. It was a program to help people who didn't have the best grades in high school still go to college, just with a little extra help. That help was having to get to the school at 7:00 Am, an hour before the school opened, and attend a catch-up class. By the time I got to the top, I was even more exhausted than when I woke up this morning. Everything was dark outside and very cold. Even with a jacket on, I was freezing. I took a look at my phone that said it was 6:50, well at least I wasn't late. I walked over to the front of the school and tried to open the doors, but they were locked. What the hell? “Excuse me? Are you lost?” a woman asked me. I quickly looked and saw a gorgeous blond hair woman. “Um ya, I'm William, and I'm here for the catch-up class,” I told her. “well so am I, I can show you where it is.” the women told me with a warm smile as she pointed in the direction we had to go. “Thank you, um?” I told her. “Jen, my name is Jen,” she told me as I followed her around the school and to a back door. “I came here last week and was told where it was. Because it's such a new program, the school placed it in the back.” I guess that made since I thought as I walked through the door and into a hallway. The hallway was pretty dark with a few dim lights but near the end of the hall was a bright room lighting up the entrance. I walked over to the light with Jen right behind me. But when I got to the doorway of the room I stopped in confusion as instead of a classroom with a bunch of desks, there was instead what looked like a giant nursery? “What the heck?” I asked when I was suddenly pushed into the room and Jen locked the door. “You have no idea how long I waited for this,” Jen said as she immediately grabbed me and lifted me into the air. I tried to fight back but thanks to my small size I was nothing to her as she threw me onto a table and began strapping me to the table. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!” I screamed at her before she rubbed some weird cream stuff on my face before large pacifier was shoved into my mouth and strapped to the back of my head. “Quiet you, babies shouldn't scream,” Jen told me as she lifted scissors into the air and I grew even more scared. So scared that I began to piss my pants. “Aww, would you look at that. The baby had an accident. Well, that's what happens when you don't wear the right protection.” I had no idea what she was talking about as she then began to cut off my I'm, before throwing them into a trash can. She then proceeded to get out a giant diaper which I began to thrash around after seeing it. But since I wasn't able to get free Jen just taped the diaper onto me with no real difficulty. Next came two large pink mittens put over my hands. I didn't see what she grabbed next but one at a time Jen unstrapped my arms and legs before putting something on me and restriping me in place. When she finished, she took one last look at me with a broad smile on her face. Jen then unstrapped me and lifted me up. Agin, I tried to fight, but nothing worked. Jen the put me on the ground beside a large mirror and had me take a look, and I was horrified! I was in a tiny pink baby girl's dress that only covered half of the thick diaper Jen put me in, a pair of white stocking was on my legs, and I was wearing mary jane shoes that were somehow just my size! Since I haven't had a chance to get a haircut yet, my hair was slightly long. For some reason when I took a closer look all my facial hair was also gone and with everything else just made me look like a girl toddler! I immediately began screaming into the pacifier, but only a muffle came out. Jen just laughed at the whole thing as she looked at me with a broad smile on her face. “I think someone must be hungry.” gen said as she picked me up again to re strapped me to the table. Jen then walked over to a mini-fridge and pulled out a large bottle of milk. “This will help the baby grow,” she said mockingly as she unscrewed something at the top of the pacifier and attach the bottle to it. “Now drink up sweetie, or I'll have to hold your nose to force you to drink.” I didn't care what she said, I wasn't drinking it. That is until Jen did plug my nose and forced me to drink just to get air. I was only ¾ done with the bottle when I began to feel full and stopped drinking. “Come on baby, you need to finish it,” Jen told me as she plugged my nose again and this time didn't let go until the bottle was gone. “Good girl.” Jen then removed the bottle, and I was panting heavily. I felt like my stomach would burst at any minute. My stomach was slightly bloated, and Jen decided to give it a little rub before smiling at me. “Alright, that's enough for now," Jen said before unstrapping me and cared me over to a large baby crib where she laid me on my back before taking a large lid and placing it on top of the crib, making it impossible for me to climb out. Suddenly I heard a loud bell and Jen made her way to the door. I got on my knees and began banging on the crib bars. "Well, I got to get to class, but I’ll be back to take you to the Baby Care Class!" Jen told me excitedly, before turning off the lights and leaving me alone in the dark, dressed as a toddler. Thank you for reading ^.^ I much appreciate it! Here's the link to the original story that I hope you check out. https://wndash2.deviantart.com/art/Baby-Care-Class-Part-1-363391183
  2. Be good for mommy

    I posted this story before but that glitch messed it up so I have to repost it. but I also decided to go through and fix a lot of mistakes I had in this story so her is the fixed version. It was a chilly Saturday morning, The sun just barely peeking out behind the trees. Not a cloud in sight. Such a Beautifull day to be in school detention. As we pulled into the high school, I found it really weird to look at it without all the kids running around. Granite Hills School (random school name) was a medium-sized school with nothing much to it. The only thing the school is well known for is that 4 years ago it was one of the worst high schools for bullying, high pregnancies, and dropouts. Then one day they hired a disciplinary teacher, and everything was fixed. Being freshmen, I haven't yet seen the teacher myself, and for some reason, no one ever wants to talk about it. As we pulled up to the front of the school, we were greeted by a tall 6-foot blond girl. She didn't look much older than me, and I guess she was a senior also in trouble. “Excuse me, when will the teacher be here?” my dad asked the girl. “That would be me, I'm Mis.Mare the disciplinary teacher,” she said with a smile. To our shock, both dad and I got out of the car to shake her hand and apologize for not knowing. “It's no problem it happens all the time.” she then looked over at me and gave me a smile. “So how does this work exactly. Does Sara have to come here every week? Or….” my dad asked wanting to know how long I would be punished. “Ow no for what she did today will be all. Mostly she just has to finish her test and anything else she might not have finished.” Mis.Mare told him before handing him a couple pieces of paper. “This is everything you'll need to know, and I would ask you read it as soon as you can.” he nodded in agreement while she looked back to me. she then gestured for me to follow her into the school building. As we walked through the empty halls, she leads me to a room labeled D-1. Walking in I saw that it was the size of a small class and looked like one except for the one desk in the middle of the room. “Why is their only one desk? Aren't there more students coming?” I asked. “Nope, you're the only one,” she told me as she walked to her desk and held up a folder. I walked over to sit down. After a moment of silence, she turned around and began writing on the board. 1 finish test. 2 punishment/lines As she wrote that I thought back to yesterday. All I did was not go to my math class and played on my phone in the girl's bathroom. I didn't even know we were having a test until I was caught. At least my punishment is writing lines. “Before we start I want to ask if you have any other homework you would like to do while you're here?” She asked, and I shook my head no. “ok so here's how it'll work you after you finish your test you'll have your punishment, lines and then you can go home.” she told me with a smile as she handed me my test and a water bottle. The test wasn't hard and besides Mis.Mare leaving for a few minutes to check something I was done within 40 minutes. “Done already?” she asked as she picked up both my test and empty water bottle. Throwing the bottle away she placed the test into the folder. “Ok then now please come up to the desk please,” she asked me, and I did. I guess she's just going to give me a pen and a sentence to write. Mis.Mare then picked up the folder off her empty desk and put it into a drawer before asking me to lift out my hands. When I did, I heard a click and felt a cold metal on my hands and realized I was just handcuffed! “What the hell!” I yelled as I tried to get away from Mis.Mare but she just gripped the handcuffs harder and pulled me over her desk and looped the handcuffs into a lock leaving me lying on the desk with my legs kicking over the edge. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!” I screamed, but she shoved something into my mouth and strapped it behind my head to silence me. “I told you earlier after you finish your test its punishment, lines and then you can go home. This is your punishment before your lines.” this bitch said with that same simple smile as if this was the most normal thing in the world before walking behind me. I tried to kick her, but she just grabbed my legs and moved them before she grabbed the sides of my pants and pulling them down to my feet. I tried my hardest to do something, to kick her but she just pinned my legs down by putting her foot on my pants keeping my feet stuck to the floor. “What cute undies you have,” she said as my face blushed beet red. SMACK! I screamed as loud as I could when this woman smacked my bare ass. But the sound was muffled by the thing in my mouth. “That's 1 for ditching class,” she said. my tears started flowing as she raised her left hand and smacked my left butt check this time and I screamed again. “1 for playing on your phone during a class period.” Mis.Mare went on from there with each lousy thing I did. Again and again. By the end, I was out of breath and worn out. Mis.Mare walked around her desk and opened a cabinet before looking at my red teary-eyed face and gave me that same smile. “The worst is over, just going to give you some stuff to help the pain,” she said as she took out a paper bag and went behind me again. After a few moments and hearing some rustling sounds she quickly pulled my panties down. I began to squirm again until I felt a cold hand on my butt. “This is some special cream to stop the burning.” she told me before squirting moor cream on me and rubbing it in.” I was so embarrassed, but at the same time, I had to agree that the cream was soothing. I soon began to relax a bit, or as much as I could in this situation. Until I felt something weird as Mis.Mare started to poke my butthole and quickly slid a finger in, and I bit down hard on the thing in my mouth. “Ow so tight. I know exactly what will work,” Mis.Mare said as began sliding her finger in and out and looking into her bag for something else. When she finally removed her finger something bigger was put in. “good girl, that plug fits you perfectly.” I have no idea what she did next, I could feel that she put something fluffy on my butt and wrapped it around my crotch before taking a marker and writing something on it. She then started sliding my foot out of my pants and underwear and sliding something else up my legs and over the first thing before I heard a click. Mis.Mare then picked my clothes off the floor and walked back in front of me. Still, with that smile, she folded both my pants and underwear and placed them into the bag before taking a stapler and stapled the bag shut. Then with a marker, she wrote ‘for daddy’ on it before setting it aside. “Great! your punishment is over!” Mis.Mare said with an excited tone as I just glared at her. She then undid the gag, and I now could see it looked like a big pacifier? She then held up a set of keys in front of me. “Now be a good girl, and I'll use this one to let you out,” she said to me. “Fuck... you.” I panted at her, but she kept smiling. “I'll let that one go just this once after what just happened,” she told me before she grabbed a key and undid the handcuffs. The moment she did I jumped to my feet and tried to run to the door, but with the combination of the buttplug and a bulk between my legs, I quickly tripped and fell down. “What the!” I yelled as I spun around to look at what was between my legs and my brain couldn't comprehend what it was at first. “W-wh..” “It's a diaper, Sara. Something all bad kids get here.” Mis.Mare said to me as she watched me try to take it off but couldn't as it had some type of cover over it with a chain and lock. “That only comes off when you are done with your lines,” she told me. I tried to yell at her, then decided to leave, but the door was locked. I wanted to call the cops, but my phone was in my pants, and she just put them into her cabinet and held out a pen. “You can try whatever you want, but you're not leaving until I get my lines. ‘I will be a good girl for mommy’ 100 times.” she told me as she sat back in her seat, that stupid smile not leaving her face. In the end, she was right I couldn't do anything. So I waddled my way back to the board and began to reluctantly write my lines. I had just finished writing 28 linens when I felt a major cramp in my stomach. “Can I use the bathroom!?” I asked Mis.Mare. “You may use the bathroom when your lines are done. I promise.” Mis.Mare told me, so I continued. I tried my hardest to focus on my lines but I kept getting those cramps every few minutes, and I had to stop until it passed. Once it did, I tried to write faster making my handwriting sloppy, but I finally covered the entire board and Mis.Mare began counting the lines as I bent over with another cramp. “So close but that's only 97. What bad handwriting,” Mis.mare told me. “But it's close enough. Please let me use the bathroom!” I pleaded. “Nope, I said 100 and since you can't do it the first time let's erase it all and start over,” she told me as she held out an eraser. “NOOOO!” I screamed. “Please, I'll do anything just let me finish!” I pleaded with her as tears began streaming down my face. “Aww with a face like that it's hard to say no. Ok, I have an idea. Be a good girl for mommy and come here.” she told me. I was in so grateful I didn't even bother to correct her that she wasn't my mommy. I walked over to her, and she spun me around. I heard a faint CLICK before she turned me around again and pulled the plastic covering off revealing the big white diaper I had on. “I'll make you deal.you can either start over on the board, or you can be a good girl for mommy and finish your 3 lines on your diaper,” she told me before standing up and walking away. I looked down at the diaper and began to writing ‘i will be a good girl for mommy, I will be a good girl for mommy, I will be a good girl for mommy. On my diaper. Once I was finished, I looked up at Mis.Mare who now held out a pink skirt. “Good girl! Now let's get this on you and let you relieve yourself,” she told me with her smile, and I couldn't help but smile back as I let her help me get it on. It was a cheap skirt and it just barely covered my diaper. I was so glad it was Saturday so no one could see me like this as we walked through the school. As soon as we got to the bathroom, I reached for the door, but it was locked. Suddenly a massive cramp hit and I fell to my knees clenching my stomach. “It's ok. The school is closed, so all the bathrooms are locked but don't worry. You'll be able to go soon.” Mis.Mare told me before reaching out her hand. “Now be a good girl for mommy and take my hand. I did as I was told and she helped me back up before leading me by the hand to the front of the school. I could see out the door and see my dad's car already waiting for us as I began to whimper. “you're a good girl. It's time to go see daddy. Be a good girl for mommy.” Mis.Mare said as we walked to the car and my face was bright red. My dad rolled down the window and looked at us. “How did it go?” he asked. “It was perfect. She is almost done.” Mis.Mare told him Wait almost? What does she mean? “Ok I'll wait.” he told us as he took the paper bag with ‘for daddy’ on it from Mis.Mare. “Be a good girl for mommy and put your hands on the car.” Mis.Mare told me with her smile, and I did what I was told. She then got behind me to lift up my skirt and slide her hand into the back of the diaper and grabbed the butt plug. I began to whimper more before she whispered in my ear. “You're going to be a good girl from now on. You won't tell anyone about what happened today. You're going to feel really good soon. And if my baby girl wants to feel better then, be a good girl for mommy and use your diaper.” she said and pulled the plug out. My eyes went wide and misty as everything I was holding in was now coming out! My legs began to buckle as I squatted down as everything come out as I started moaning from the pleasure of releasing it all. Without realizing it, I began to let go of my bladder as well. I was squatting on the ground shaking when Mis.Mare opened the back seat door and helped my trembling body into the car and helped me get my seatbelt on before looking me in the eyes. She then started rubbing the front of my pee soaked diaper sending a shiver up my spine. “If the baby girl wants this again then be a good girl for mommy,” she told me. I had that same smile she had as I said “Yes mommy.” part 2 I had Sara place her hands on the car as I lifted up her skirt revealing her diaper and ‘time bomb written on the back. I then slid my hand into her diaper before whispering in her ear what to do and pulled her plug out. I quickly put the plug into a plastic baggie before placing it into my purse as the little girl succumbs to her please. Once she was done I helped her up and into the car but not before fixing the skirt up to show off her full diaper. I had to fight back a tear when I heard the girl call me mommy because I knew she was entirely under then. I watched the car drive away before I walked back into the school thinking of what will happen to Sara next. As soon as they get home, her daddy will follow the instructions I gave him. The first is to leave her in the diaper for a few hours. If she weren't broken by me, this would help with the punishment, if she was, well this will be a fun experience for her. Next would be to make lunch and give her the chocolate I added into the bag before getting her clean and giving her clothes back. Agin if she wasn't mine she would just get more humiliation, but if she was then, they might start to get a fetish for it. And lastly another diaper. Eather as a punishment or reward. Either way, it doesn't matter. I walked into the room labeled D-2 and into my office. It was a beautiful place I created for myself as I sat down at my desk and opened Sara’s folder before turning on the baby monitor next to me. Over the monitor, I could hear my little girls playing happily in another room. Back to my paperwork I began writing down my session with Sara and started giving her marks. She was a good kid, easy to punish, and while hesitant at first came around real quick. I wrote a few more things before I the folder away. I then looked up at the photo of a strawberry blond girl wearing very revealing clothing and I couldn't help but think back to 6 years ago ************************************************* I was the 2nd child in my family of 8. My mother was the type to have a man get her pregnant before forcing them to pay for the kid and doing anything she could so she wouldn't have to work. Including breaking her own leg to try to sue a small company. Between my siblings and me we all never really got along. Most of the time it was just found for yourself. The school was no better. People knew about my family and liked to call us trash. It was like the pot calling the kettle black, as most of the school was trash. The classes were just full of fucked up people. If you were nice you were bullied, if you were rich, you were pampered. If you were ugly you were abused, if you were hot everyone wanted in your pants. Most teachers here quit after just a year or two. It's incredible the school could even function. The only good thing in the entire school was just one teacher. An old army vet named Mr.Hobson. He didn't take shit from anyone. Always ready to put people in their place. He was the math/PE teacher. His class was the only safe haven in the school where the bullies know they couldn't mess with him. During breaks he let us stay in his class just to get away from them. He was a great teacher until Alice Young transferred to our school. She was the very definition of hot at the school. Tight body, big chest, dressed like a slut. From what I heard at the time was that she was raped by a teacher and they moved here to get away from the memories. The truth is that she was fucking a teacher for better grades and was caught. She claimed it was rape and everyone believed her. Even though she was a junior, she began to rule the school. It was just before the second half of school that we got a progress report that showed what our grade was and a possibility to improve it before the final grade. My classes were decent, mostly C’s and B’s though I could work in history a bit more as it was a D' I didn't really care and neither did my mom. Alice Young’s grads, however, were different. Every class she had were A’s except two, math and PE both at F’s. Everyone knew why she flirted with or manipulated all the teachers except Mr.Hobson. She couldn't accept not getting what she wanted, and at the time her own daddy was starting to restrict her a bit, so she decided to get rid of them both. A week before grades came out the school was in an uproar. Alice Young came to school all beat up, her dad was arrested, and Mr.Hobson never came back to school. Alice tricked her dad into thinking Mr.Hobson beat and raped her so he would kill him. She then told the cops it was her own father that hit and raped her and that he killed the old man for giving his daughter terrible grades. It was just so sick and twisted what that girl would do just to get her way. I didn't go to school for a month after that. I couldn't stand that school anymore, and my mother and family didn't care. It wasn't until I heard that Mr.Hobson family was selling his stuff did I decide to finally leave the house. Mr.Hobson had a lot of random things he collected over the years, too much for his kids to really keep. So they gathered the ones that had memories and a few valuables and sell the rest. Looking around I could see stuff from everywhere he was stationed. It wasn't until I noticed a small box did I ask heat it was. It was just some old puzzle box he got in Japan. He always said it was magic and that it would only be granted to those who opened it. I got it for $5. It's not like I thought I was actually magic but it was cool looking, and I wanted something to remember Mr.Hobson. It was 3 days later that I figured out how to open the box. I was so excited that for a moment I actually thought I might see the magic! But instead, it was just an empty box. I know I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up, but I still made a little wish. ‘I wish I could change people. It was a few weeks later that I finally discovered my new abilities. By this point, I had been missing a lot of schools, and my mom didn't like me lazing about the house. We got into a fight about being lazy, and she stormed out of the house when I told her ‘just get a job and support your family you lazy bitch!”. The next day for the first time ever she stunned us all when she said she had a job interview. At first, I couldn't believe it, and over the next few weeks, I began to work on my new powers. I have a type of hypnosis. Depending on the age and gender determine how I can manipulate people. For adults are the easiest. Their minds are full grown and don't change as much. However the younger you are the harder it is to get you under and takes a bit more reinforcement. When I finally realized this, I decided it was time to get a little bitch back. I was still learning how to control my powers, but I came up with a plan to do both. As soon as I got back to school, I convince the school to let me work on my grades and catch up. With that out of the way, I began my research on Alice and finding out everyone she’s ever dated, for how long and why they broke up. She dated anyone with power and used them until they were useless to her. Mostly she goes after the caption of any sports team that has the spotlight on them. It didn't take much to manipulate the track team, and before long I had them all under in a matter of days. Next, I began to date the lowest man on the team, Eddy. I was made fun of for a while for being trash that cadets a loser. That is until he began to get better. I merely made him focus and work harder on track, and if he were up against other members of the team, they would sometimes let him win. After a few weeks, I was dating the star of the track team. A zero to hero story, And Alice could see it. Alice then began to put pressure on me to leave him or flirted with him to break up with me. And each time I would tell her ‘you're not woman enough for him’. Eventually i “caught” them making out and pretended to be heartbroken. But I knew I finally won, and all I had to do was watch. Thanks to my reinforcements she wanted to be woman enough for him while he just argued with her that she was just too immature and preferred a woman that was into his kinks. It took a week, but he finally texted me a picture of her peeing her pants for him. This went on until the end of school. By now Alice was utterly in love with him, and she changed a lot. She wore less revealing clothing and instead of being a bitch to everyone she could only be at his side. Everyone thought she had finally changed, that she finally mastered. Nope. She just in lust. The clothing change is to hide the pull up she now wears and she stays so close to him is because he has the remote to the toys she’s using. It was here he told her he was ready to see her as a woman, but first, she had to do something. *************************Alice pov****** It was late at night, but I met Eddy in front of the school. I had a bit of a waddle as I walked up to him wearing a big coat. “Did you do what I asked?” he asked me. My face was bright red, and I was panting a bit as I opened up my coat revealing my almost naked body. The only thing I had on was a diaper, a pacifier wrapped around my neck, and a faint buzzing sound could from the diaper. I tried to lean in for a kiss, but he just stopped me by placing the pacifier into my mouth And told her not yet before taking my coat and leading me into the school. He leads me into a room already prepared for us. Bed, an ice chest and a box that already had some of my favorite toys. Eddy led me to the bed and began taking off his clothes. I was now getting very excited as I tried to remove the diaper Eddy stopped me saying again not yet. He then started kissing my body and play with my breast. When he finally stopped, he began to untaped my diaper. By now I was panting so hard the pacifier fell out of my mouth. He then had a good long look at my naked body. Especially at the toy buzzing away getting me ready for him. That is before he told me I wasn't ready I then began to freak out. I didn't want to stop here! I wanted him to finally go all the way, and I started to plead with him. “Fine, you just have to do one more thing before you're ready,” he told me, and I cheered. He then went over to the box and pulled out a blindfold. Telling me to wear it until he says to take it off. With no way of seeing him, he took out my vibrator and replaced it with an even better one. “That'll keep you occupied until I'm done,” he told me, and I began to tremble with pleasure. I could hear him messing around with something, and I was getting excited. I then decided to start playing with my clit when my hand was smacked away. “Not yet,” he told me. Party pooper... After a moment I felt a nozzle go into my ass and I jumped when the warm water began to fill me. This wasn't my first enema, but it still felt odd to me. “Hands behind your head,” he told me before playing with my breast again while the enema fills me up. When the enema is done, I can feel my stomach bloating a bit. Eddy rubs it and calls me a good girl as he pulls the plug out, and I immediately want to go. Instead, something cold was inserted. “What is that!” I ask. “It's an ice butt plug. The warm water in your tummy will melt it in 2 minutes,” Eddy tells me. He then lifts up my butt, and I feel him put a bigger diaper on me and tape me up. “Are you ready?” he asks. “YES YES IM READY!” I yell just wanting it to be over so we can finally start doing it. “Ok open your eyes,” he tells me, and with a big smile on my face, I remove it to see a flash of bright light. “AWWW she's so precious!” I hear a girl's voice as I blink away the flash I look up to see my boyfriend's ex standing next to him with a camera in one hand and his dick in the other. “Wh-what?” I asked my brain going 60 miles an hour before the girl jumps on top of me pinning my hands to above my head. “It was so fun to watch you play the big girl, but I think it's time you know he never saw you as a real woman,” she says with a smile on her face. “b-but I am a real woman!” I yell at her as I try to get her off but to no use. “Do you remember what I told you a long time ago”? she asked as I looked over to Eddy as he masturbates right in front of me. “ you're not woman enough for him, now enjoy your diaper for mommy.” she said as Eddy turned my vibrator on full blast! No, no! This can't be happening! The vibrations make my entire body shack, and I know it’s only a matter of time before I cum. I don't even notice that mommy got off of me as I grab the front of my diaper. It feels so good that I can finally cum! My body arcs in the air as waves of pleasure wash over me. ************************mommy's pov******************* I watched as both eddy and Alice had their orgasm and Alice fall back to the floor twitching while the back of their diaper began to expand. She even started to moan even more. I knew right then I broke her and took another picture. It was here that things began to change. To start, I had my mom become a better woman by having her get a job and take care of her family. I also made it so my siblings would never become what our mother was. Plus I made one of them into a bed wetter just for fun before I moved out. Alice Young was in the news as she ran away from home stealing her boyfriend's car and leaving a video of her confessing her crimes. Her father was released, and Mr.Hobson’s name was cleared entirely. During that summer the school was being fixed up, and I threw in a few ideas to add since I became the new disciplinary teacher. With my powers, I could possibly rule the world, but I decided I wanted to help it. I wanted to turn this shity school around and make everyone a better person while also adding a bit of my own fun to it. Eddy moved on with his life and forgot everything he did involving Alice and me. I hear he even went to the Olympics not too long ago. I kept this picture of Alice on my desk to help remind me why I do what I do. I smiled at it than I received a buzz in my pocket. I received the message ‘is she ready?’ it asked. ‘Yes, come pick her up at 3:40.’ i replied. Over the baby monitor, I can hear one of them wishing, and I know just what was happening. I sighed and get up to check on the babies. I leave my office and into D-3 that had a staircase leading down to my home. Once I'm down there, I could see my bad baby Alice on top of baby Bobbi.
  3. Someone would like to help me mess my diaper? I will have enema stuff and bananas. Wondering if i could add something else! Write and tell!
  4. because the original got corrupted I will be reuploading my stories one chapter at a time every hour. I was up to chapter 16 when the corruption started and have made 3 more chapters since then. also, the first 3 chapters are a little slow but pick up after that. ********************* Chapter 1 “FUCK!” I yelled as I ran true a sea of trees. Behind me was a pack of beasts chasing me. “They're catching up!” the small girl strapped to my back yelled. “I know that Bab!” I yell at her as I continue to run. The beasts aren't that strong but fighting a pack of them is a different story. They could easily surround us and kill us before we could do anything. “Why in the hell did you attack the whole pack!” I yelled to Bab as I jumped over a log. “I thought there was only 3 of them,” she told me “left!” “FROST!” I yelled extending my left hand to blast the beast with cold ice magic. It was only knocked back and soon was chasing us again. “Any ideas?” “Ya don't stop running!” she yelled which really didn't help. It wasn't long however before I had to stop in front of a cliff. A raging current below us and a wild pack of beast behind us. We were out of options. I didn't have my sword. Our mana was getting low. And I can feel Bab’s diaper leaking on my back again!. “You trust me?” I asked bab. “Right now? No!” she told me already knowing what I was going to do. “Good, neither do I,” I tell her before jumping off the cliff. Both Of us screaming on our way down, the only thing I could think about was how I got here in the first place. I was just some average guy. Single, working and saving anything extra to start college in a year or two. The luckiest thing to happen to me in the last 3 years was getting a ticket for a hiking trip my friend won in a contest. Sadly his grandma passed away and was going to her funeral. So as to not waste a ticket he gave it to me. And to be honest, while I was having fun I really didn't pack well for it. I didn't know much about hiking and the clothes I bought weren't the best. Just 3 t-shirts, pants, socks, underwear, and a warm jacket. Luckily I did get myself some hiking boots but I also brought my regular pair for when we set camp and I could be more comfortable. The rest of the gear I got from my friend who was already prepared for himself. Camping Travel Cooking Utensils Set (cooking scissor, blender spatula, meat knife, cutting board, soup spoon, stainless steel turner, cook fork and a tongs,) TETON Sports Mountain Adventurer 4000 Backpack Double Sleeping Bag Sundome 2 Person Tent SURVIVAL Traveller First Aid Kit Magnesium Flints Scraper Stone (3) Pocket knife Flashlight 12 Survivors - Hand Pump Water Purifier Extra rope FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multi-Tool I was all set for the trip. But after the second day, something strange happens. A freak storm hit us in the middle of the hike. None of us knew what was going on until suddenly I saw a flash of light and the storm was gone. When I opened my eyes I was inside what looked like ruins. Behind me was an altar with some glowing dust scattered all around it. I was too freaked out about all of this that I ran towards the only exit I could see and into a small town. People who looked like they ware from a renaissance fair just stared wide-eyed at me. To make a long story short, I freaked out. It took the townspeople 2 days to explain to me what had happened and why I was here. I was no longer on earth but a place called Caruma. Here everything we know about fantasy is from here. A long time ago two gods fought over an empty world but their fight always lead to a draw. So they decided if they couldn't decide on the winner with their power they would use something else. They created 15 castles and hid them around Caruma. Each crystal summons something from another world. Poruma the black god summoned monsters. Rilla the wight god summoned warriors. Each crystal could summon 1 warrior every 10 years. And the first to destroy all the crystals would be the winner. Over the next 3000 years, the world was populated by man and monster. Humans built towns and temples around the summoning crystals. Out of the 15, 7 white crystals have been destroyed. While 5 dark crystals have been destroyed. When I asked about how I got here they could only give a guess. 31 years prior the town was attacked by monsters and they destroyed the crystal. But because it was already about to summon a hero the remaining pieces must have spent the last 30 years collecting power to summon me here before the crystal died. They then told me who I could go back. The crystals work as a two-way door. On this side, they gather energy and in 10 years they pull someone over. However, if you bring enough magical energy to them you can have them send you back home. The problem with this, it normally takes a lot of magic to do so and there aren't many people who have that type of magic here. So they suggested I go to a city and see if I could find any magic users to send me back. That's when we reached our final problem. I had no way to get them. When the village was destroyed all those years ago most people left and the ones who stayed are now too old or too young to take me. The only exception is a farm boy named John who was 16 2 years younger than me. But in order for him to take me, I had to first make a contract with him. In this world, the heroes learned how to tap into magic but it came with a curse. Each person had to wear a special bracelet and form a contract with another person. This unlocked the power to use magic. However, both people were cursed to never be away from each other long. Should they be away from each other for 6 hours they both will die. If one dies the other has 6 hours to find someone else to form a bond with or they will die as well. The curse can be lifted once the pair completely one of 3 quests and the bracelets can be removed while still granting the person to use magic. The reason he wants to form a bond is that it would make traveling a lot easier through the woods. He said there aren't many strong monsters here but it's better safe than sorry. I had to wait 3 more days before the contract could be made. During that time I the people let me stay with them knowing I had nothing to offer other than some small work. On my final night there I was staying at an orphanage. There were only 5 kids there. 2 boys 3 girls and women who took care of them. She asked me to stay with them for the night as the kids wanted to see what a person from another world looked like. The kids staying here are from parents who either died, left for adventure, or was just left with no idea who the parents were. It was sad but the kids enjoyed playing with me. All except one who only stared at me. The women later told me Ema was the girl's name and that while she was 14 her body was short and looked more like a 10-year-old. Also, she had some problems. For one she couldn't speak. Anything that came out of her mouth sounded like gibberish. Next, her hands couldn't hold onto things well. So she's been forced to use baby bottles. And lastly, she had to wear diapers. For some reason, her bladder was just too weak. I honestly felt bad for her. By the sounds of it, she would have to be taken care of for the rest of her life. Later that night I said my goodbyes to the kids and followed John into the woods. The contract could only be made during a full moon and when it’s made it will make a bright flash so were in the woods so as to not disturb anyone. “Ok this should be good,” he said as we were pretty far from everyone. “Now then let's begin.” He then began to chant something and soon both of our bracelets were glowing. We both raised our hands to form the contract but stopped when we heard something. The contract stopped as we looked around the forest and heard something. Upon investigating we found one of the kids spying on us. Behind them the woman yelling for the girl. Apparently, she chased after us after we left without telling the women. After a brief talk with the women, she was taking the Ema girl when she ran up to me. “be jvy ruwvj ox jvy woz, gy bojv hog c bozupw.” Ema said. As she grabbed my hand wanting me to kneel in front of her. “What’s wrong,” I asked her. “wuhy ik jvy nogyl op oil toilpye cpz gy xuwvj xol jvy luwvj.” she said. suddenly my bracelet began to glow again. “NO!” John yelled. But it was too late. A bright flash hit my eyes and for a few moments, I couldn't see. I just heard the same thing be repeated. “YES YES YES!” a girl cried out in excitement. “EMA! What did you do!” the women yelled and when I could finally see I saw the Ema girl jumping up and down with excitement. “I finally did it! I'll finally be free!” Ema said until the women grabbed her by the hand. “What did you do!?” the women yelled at Ema. “She just formed a contract. How did she even do that?” John asked. That's when I looked at the girl's arm and saw a smaller bracelet on. “Yep and now I can finally get out of here,” Ema said. “How did you even get a bracelet in the first place. And how did you activate the spell?” John asked. “I stole it from miss dumb cunt here.” Ema said and nodded at the women. “And anyone who knows magick knows that spell.” “I think the bracelets mine.” the women told John. “my husband was an adventure.” “But that still doesn't explain how she knew the spell.” he replied. “Wait, didn't she just say she already knew the spell?” I asked and everyone looked at me. “Wait you can understand me!” Ema yelled. “Of cores I can, you're not speaking gibberish anymore,” I tell her. “What are you talking about?” the women asked. “She’s still talking the same,” John told me. “The bracelets! You can understand me because of the bracelets!” Ema yelled. “What do you mean? How can the bracelets do that?” I asked and looked at John who looked very confused. “Enough of this nonsense I'm taking you home Ema and you're going to be grounded!” the women grabbed the girl and started pulling her away. “Stop! My name isn't Ema it's Bab! And I'm not going anywhere!” she said as she tried to resist the much bigger women. “Wait I need to figure this out,” I tell the women. “I'm sorry but she needs to go home. I think all this stimulant is just being too much for Ema.” she tells me. “IM NOT EMA!” the girl screamed as the women jumped when electricity popped out of the girl's hands. Once let go she ran over and got behind me. “She can already use magic!” John said in amazement. “Ema it's time to come home.” the women told her again. “I'm not Ema, I'm Bab. tell her!” the girl said to me. “She said her name’s not Ema but Bab.” I tell the women and Bab nodded in agreement. “Could she be speaking another language and it's only after the contract was formed that you can understand her.” John asked me. After this, it just became a back and forth discussion about me understanding her. We had to prove I could understand her and after a long time, we finally came to the conclusion that I could. But shortly after that, we got into the main and biggest problem. I was now connected to a tiny child and I still needed to leave! After a long discussion about everything, it was finally decided I had to take Bab with me. Because of the curse, we couldn't be more than 40 feet from each other for more than 6 hours and I couldn't stay in the town. I had to find a way home. So, I wound up adopting Bab and forced to take her with me on my journey. Sadly because of her, John could no longer come with us. The plan was to use the magic to get through safely but without it, it just becomes too much of a risk when he would have to come back alone. Before we left the women gave me a bag full of things for Bab. while her backpack had things like clothing, a pillow, blanket, and a few random things. The bag the women gave me had her more ‘personal’ things. Such as 3 bottles, a changing mat, wipes, baby powder, and a lot of diapers. She even had to show me how to change the little girl. Much to bab’s displeasure. In the end, this is where our adventure of began dropped in a new world.
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    Fun diaper rollplay I made a messy in my diaper
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    Looking to be diaper friends with someone. I got a bunch of diapers. I live with family so hosting may be hard. Don
  7. Caught

    Caught It was a Friday and I was let off of work a few hours early. That meant I would be home about 2-3 hours before my girlfriend/Mommy got home.Yes,Im a submissive ABDL to Her, when not a work.As I walked thru the front door of Our house I saw the fresh diaper Mommy had laid out for Me on the couch.Im expected to put one on as soon as I get home.This time I walked past it and strolled to the fridge for a cold beer.I grabbed a can and popped the top.I was allowed to drink as many as I wanted with one stipulation.I had to drink it from a sippy cup or baby bottle.Today I was feeling rebellious.I carried the open can with Me out to the back yard on to our deck.Id now broken 3 rules.Diaper,drinking from a can and being outside with out Mommy.Still,I had lots of time and could be inside diapered and drinking from a sippy cup way before Mommy got home!No prob!I sat there in a lawn chair on the deck I had built and was proud of.I loved the view of our lawn with its many trees and green grass,all surrounded by a ten foot tall privacy fence. Finishing that first beer I went and grabbed two more, thinking I would drink them then get inside and diapered.Id just opened that 3rd beer when I had to pee.I walked to the edge of the deck,whipped it out and let the piss flow.Breaking another rule.I was only allowed to potty 1&2 in my diaper unless Mommy said different.I was in mid stream when I heard the back door fly open!"What the Hell is this" I heard Mommy yell! Part two With out thinking I quickly tucked my self back in to my pants still in mid stream wetting myself in the process.I turned to face Mommy who knocked the nearly full beer can from my hand."Get Your little ass up stairs to the bedroom and stand in the corner"! I ran to obey!As I waited in the corner I heard Mommy throwing my empty beer cans into the trash bin.Then open one for Herself and slamming the fridge door shut.She was pissed! Five minutes later I heard Her stomping up the steps.I heard her walk into the room and open the closet door.I guessed She was getting my changing pad."Get over here Young Man"! I slowly went to stand in front of Mommy head down.Not looking at me,Mommy undressed Me.As She laid Me down on the pad I saw why she would not make eye contact.Tears were running down Her sweet face.I felt rotten to the core."M-Mommy",I stammered,"please dont cwy.Im sowwy"! I dont often talk baby talk but some times Mommy likes it."Hush baby.Speak when spoken too", She told Me.She cleaned me,and put a fresh diaper on.Then pulled me up to sit on the edge of the bed. Wiping her tears and finally looking at Me She asked,"What were You thinking,to be so naughty Baby"? "I,I not thinking Mommy"I almost whispered. "Did You get home early today"? "Yes Mommy". "Well,You had to be thinking something.Like,maybe Mommy wouldn't catch You?Is that it?" "Yes, I so sowwy" "Maybe,You dont want to be a baby any more?Should We just get rid of all the baby things?" "No Mommy! No!" "Hmmm,We will see.Are You sure You want to be my baby"? "Oh yes Please"! Tapping Her foot looking down at Me Mommy said,"Well then,I guess You know You will have to be punished"? "Yes Ma'am Mommy". "Very well then.Ive just put a clean diaper on You so,im not going to waste it by taking it off to spank You for now.No,Im going to punish You in a new way.You wont know when,how,or where until I decide". I had a feeling Id rather have the spanking. Part Three Mommy had told me to stay in bed and to think about what I had done.To think about She and I. Mommys real name was Glenda.We had met 4 years ago on a camping trip with mutual friends.That first morning We were the first to wake up and,after sharing some coffee We decided to walk some trails just as the sun started to rise.Some how We wound up just holding hands and have been an item since then.After several months We decided She would move in with Me.I came home from work one day to hear Her humming in the kitchen.We exchanged a long kiss then,holding on to me at arms length Glenda looked into my eyes with a big grin on her face and She was blushing!I asked Her what was funny.She just shook her head and said to never mind and suggested I go take a shower and then supper would be done.That sounded good to Me!When I had showered and dressed I want back down stairs to find Glenda sitting at the table waiting for Me.I pulled out my chair to sit and all the color drained from my face. Laying there still neatly folded was a disposable adult diaper.One of a package that I never got around to throwing away. I looked from the chair to Glenda Who just Smiled."Awww.just sit down baby,lets talk and eat",She said. It seemed to me there was a new emphasis on the word baby.As We ate Glenda told Me that tomorrow being Saturday and the 4th of July Her office had closed at noon.She had been wanting to un box some of her things that I had put in the bedroom closet for Her thus She had found the diapers I thought I had hidden.Along with my blanket and pacifier!Then She asked Me point blank if I was an abdl."Whats that"I asked Her? "Oh come now"She answered,"after finding those baby things,I got on Your computer and learned a lot about You.Just admit it are You an abdl"? I was busted.With my head down I said,"I,Id like to be but I've never told anyone". Glenda came around the table and hugged Me from behind."Now You dont have to because I know",She kissed my cheek,"lets grab some beers and sit on the deck".We sat quietly for a long time i was at a loss for words. Glenda took My hand,"I love you as much right now as I did before.That hasn't changed.We can do this,starting Tomorrow.Your a very complex man my Love".For the rest of the night We sat there sipping beer and talking about any and everything else.Then We made love and fail asleep.That was my last night as grown man in Our home. The next morning I woke up to find a note on Glenda's pillow. Gone shopping.Breakfast in the microwave. Love Mommy In the microwave I found my breakfast.On the microwave I found another note. Dear David or Davey,I woke up excited about all We have talked about and what I've learned.Going to get some supplies We will need.In the mean time,please read and study some rules You must follow. 1. When at home or in any privet setting You will call Me Mommy. 2. At home alone and just the two of us You will always wear a diaper nothing else except socks. 3.You will always use Your diaper when You need to potty ay home. 4. always drink from a bottle or sippy cup. 5.When Mommy is away You may only watch cartoons on the T.V. 6.You are not to touch Your self unless so instructed. 7.You may not be outside when I am away. 8.No back talk or sass. I am sure that there will be more rules as we go but these are a good start. I know You have no desire to be the baby 24/7nor do I want that.I still need the man I fail in love with.However that could change,with disobedience. Now here I lay,thinking about how much I loved Mommy.How I had upset Her by breaking so many rules in one afternoon. Part 4 The weekend came and went and it seemed everything had returned to normal.I came straight home from work every day and put a diaper on as soon as I got walked in the door.In the evenings I did notice that Mommy seemed to be more attentive toward Me.She had taken to feeding Me at dinner for one thing.Also it seemed like I was messing my diaper a lot more than usual.I guessed I my have had a bit of s stomach virus.No big deal.One evening We were on the living room couch and Mommy opened her blouse and pulled Me to Her inviting Me to suckle her breast.She had no milk but We both enjoyed it.As usual I got an erection in my diaper. Mommy sat Me up."Oh no little one! The only bulge in that diaper better be in the back"! I knew then,that I had not yet been forgiven. "Mommy", I begged,'cant You please just punish Me and be done with it? Im so sorry,"! "Dont worry Baby,it will happen soon.Mommy loves You".We were silent for a few moments when Mommy spoke again."You know Baby Davey,Ive been Your Mommy for over three Years now." "I know Mommy,thank You". "And,in all this time,Nobody has found out that big strong David,the master carpenter,the great outdoors man, is really just a little boy who needs to be diapered and Mommied." Alarms went off in my head.I sat up."Mommy,what do You mean"? "Oh nothing sweetty.I was just thinking out loud.Whats that smell?Did You make a poopy"? Indeed I had wet and messed my self at the thought of being known.Mommy led me up stairs to the bedroom where she cleaned Me and changed Me.She kissed my lips good night."Night night little one. Tomorrow is the Saturday.Maybe We'll do some thing different this weekend." As I drifted off to sleep I thought I heard Her talking on the phone. Part Five It was Saturday morning and when I woke up Mommy was already on the patio having coffee.I had wet and messed my diaper in my sleep.This was a bit unusual.I always woke up even if I did have to use my diaper. I poured some coffee into a sippy cup and went outside."Good morning Mommy"I said happily! "Well,hi Baby! Its a beautiful morning isnt it"? "Uh huh,it is"!Sooo,Mommy,You said We might do something different this weekend"? "Yes,I did,and We will this evening"! "Yay"! I laughed,"what is it Mommy"? Mommy gave me a wierd smile."I cant tell You because its a surprise"! Some where in the back of my brain some thing whispered "Oh,oh",,, Mommy led Me into the kitchen and set some milk, cereal,and toast down,and told me to sit and eat. "But,Mommy,my diaper",,,, "I will be giving You a shower and a change after You eat",Mommy said firmly. This was new.Ive never minded a poopy diaper but it was starting to burn a little.I ate as quick as I could and was made to drink a class of grape juice.After I drank it all,Mommy took the empty sippy. "Okay baby,in the bathroom and wait for Me",Mommy told Me. I hurried because I really wanted out of that diaper!A few minutes later Mommy came in.She took off my diaper and used wipes to clean me before turning on the shower."Okay big Boy get in there"! She playfuly swatted my bottem as i stepped in.That lifted my hopes up a bit.Even more so when I saw Mommy undress!She grinned hugely at me as She got into the shower with Me."Mommy wants her baby to be squeeky clean today"She said in my ear.She washed my hair then my upper body.Skipping my privates to my legs and feet. Then back up to my bottom scrubbing my cheeks.Dropping the wash cloth she began to tickle my butt hole with a soapy finger."Do you like that Baby"She asked? "Oh yes Mommy"! Pressing her breast into my back she reached around and started soaping and stroking my cock,nibbling on my ears."And this baby"? "Yessss Mommy". "Its still hard to believe that a man this big and hard is really just a big baby.A grown man Who wets and shits in diapers.Dos it humiliate you some times Davey?To just Shit and piss Yourself right in front of Me?To be under My control?" I had gotten even harder."Yes Mommy! Its humiliating and I love it"! I was close to an orgasm,when Mommy reached down and turned off the hot water.It turned Ice cold! I was limp in a few seconds. "Okay lets get You all dried off baby"! After scrubbing Me dry We went into the bedroom where Mommy got a pull up style diaper out from her dresser.This was new. "Mommy"? "Oh,I didnt tell You,I have some lady friends coming over this after noon.I still want You diapered but no one will be able to tell with these under Your jeans!" I had started out years ago with pull ups and thought this to be true. "Okay Mommy". "Thats another thing.Until I say other wise today,lets both be adults in our conversation." "Sounds good to Me Glenda" I chuckled.This wasn't so unusual.We both needed and enjoyed for Me to be just David some times. Glenda kissed Me."So dos that mean I can take advantage of David The Grill Master today"? "Well Ma'am,I reckon I can rustle up a few steaks!How many heads will I be feeding"I asked in my best John Wayne! "Three guest and Our selfs.Tell Ya what David,We got some time,Why dont I whip Us up some margaritas and lets sit on the deck,relax and talk?" "Great idea Mom- oops Glenda"! Out on the deck We sat in lawn chairs sipping our drinks and chatting about our jobs and such things. I'd had the feeling that Glenda had some thing on Her mind and I was right. "I need to know something"She began,"In the shower You admitted You love the humiliation of being an abdl.Is that what this whole thing is about"? I didnt have to think twice. "No Hun.It aint.Yea it is a big part of it but,Its also a special bond in my mind.Growing up,I was never really close to any one.As an adult that hasn't changed much until You came along.Sure,I have some good friends and Id miss them if they went away.All the relationships Ive been in? There was just always some thing missing.I hate to say it but i had become rather with drawn over the last 8 years or so.I had quit even looking for some one.Id turned to porn as my only sexual outlet. Thats how I discovered the abdl life and I was just drawn like a moth to a bulb!I never dreamed that I would meet some one like You and Im so glad I kept forgetting to throw those diapers away all those Years ago"! Glenda laughed and kissed Me hard on the lips"Well Mister! Im glad You kept forgetting too"! I almost did something just then that had been on my mind a lot but thought Id wait jus a bit. Then suddenly Glenda looked at Me sternly."Speaking of forgetting.Dont forget You still have to be punished". Part Six Later that afternoon around 3:00 Glendas friends started to arrive.I had never met any of these ladies and assumed they all worked together.The 1st to arrive was Nancy A pretty rather plump blond with ample breast. dressed in jeans and a baggy sweater and a warm smile.The next two had rode in together Roxann and Janet. Roxann was as tall as Me with long flowing black hair and a models body.She looked Me up and down as We shook hands but,she had no smile at all.Janet on the other hand was not quite 5 feet tall,with flaming red hair,She had a mans hand shake and an ear to ear grin."Nice to meet You Young Man"She smiled.We all went into the kitchen So Glenda could put together a salad and a few other things.I went outside to start the grill and cook the steaks. My belly had began to grumble a bit uncomfortably but I told my self I was hungery.I went inside to grab myself a beer.Glenda was leaning against the sink counter and to my shock I saw two of my sippy cups and a baby bottle in the drain board on top of the sink.Glenda just smiled at Me,"Did You want a beer Davey"? Davey? "Uh yea.I realy need one" I managed to choke out.Glenda opened the fridge and handed me one. "Just this one for now okay Sweety"? "Yea,Sure.Of course." I know I was 3 shades of red as I went back outside.As I shut the door,I heard all the ladies giggle. At last all was ready to eat,We sat at the kitchen table to eat but I was a bundle of nerves.Each time I looked up from my plate my eyes were drawn to the sippy cups and the bottle on the sink.My belly was doing Jumping jacks and I could barely eat.I told myself it was nerves.Maybe If I started talking it would go away,, So,ignoring my discomfort I asked"So, do You lady's all work together"? There were looks exchanged a smiles all around."No,"said Glenda,"thats not how We met at all". "Oh I see" "We all know each other from a social media group"Roxann explained. "An adult media group"piped in Janet. I had began to sweat,My stomach churned and I wanted to be any where else.I thought I would say I needed to make sure the fire was out in the grill When Glenda stood up.'Davey?Would You be a Dear and clear the table?We ladys are going into the living room to talk". Glad to be alone I said I'd be happy to.I took my sweet time.Scraping and rinsing the dishes.I even loaded and started the dish washer.Just as I turned from the sink my belly cramped.I had to shit!I walked into the living room trying to get to the upstairs bathroom.Glenda was sitting in my recliner,while Nancy,Janet,and Roxann all sat on the couch.Then to my horror,I sat it!Laying on the floor was the changing pad,a diaper,and baby wipes. Here was my punishment."Where do You think Your going Davey"? "U up stairs to the bathroom Glenda". "Glenda"? "I really have to go,," "Glenda"? "M Mommy"? "Thats better! Who told You it was alright to use the big boy potty"? "But.but I just-" "But nothing",Mommy barked,"take off Your pants right now,right here"! I think my whole body blushed red! My head spun!"Mommy please no!" I saw Roxann hand Mommy a paddle with a mean smile on Her face.Janet was giggling. Nancy spoke up to Me."Be a good boy Baby and do as Your Mommy says". I thought at this point that this was good advice.I quickly chucked my shoes and stepped out of my pants. I found I had tears running down my face. "Theres my Good Boy" Mommy said,"now you may turn around,and go potty any time". No matter how badly I may have wanted too hold it I just could not!I started to pee,and the poop followed! I dont think ive ever pooped so much before or since! "Oh my Gosh"I heard Janet gasp,Ive never seen so much poo"! "It sure dos stink" Roxann chimed in! Mommy laughed "A night and a day of laxatives will sure do that!Turn back around Baby Davey" I did."This is the punishment I promised You.Please tell these other ladys why You're being punished" "Because I was naughty"? "Yes,We all know that.How were You naughty". I was sniffing back tears now."I didnt put a diaperon when I got home from work", "And,,," I was almost sobbing now."A and I didnt use my sippy cup! I went outside when Mommy was gone and I went pee pee on the grass!"Suddenly i actually felt a bit better.Surely it was all over now.Not! "Baby I want You to sit down on the pad." I hesitated."Just do it Baby"Mommy said sweetly. I sat down and of course the mess sread all over my butt in the diaper.Then to my further humiliation I found I had a raging boner!"Oh look!"Nancy said in delight,"Hes got a hard wee wee! How cute"! Janet got up and whispered in Mommys ear.I saw Mommy smile and nod her head."What a great idea" Mommy said!Then She got out of Her chair and knelt beside Me."Gather round ladys"! Roxann Janet And Nancy all moved closer as Mommy began to rub Me thru my diaper."You see girls, My little has let Me know that he loves humiliation,thats why hes so hard right now.Look at him laying here in a poopy diaper with such a hard on!Stinking to high heaven and pumping against my hand! Almost with out warning I was making another mess in the front of my diaper and it was intense!As I lay there panting Janet reached down and tickeled my chin."Oh such a good boy" She cooed,"did him make cummies in his diaper"?My mind and body were reeling. I couldn't think of a thing to say,so I looked up to Mommy. "Sweety.Why dont You take a nap right here and Mommy will change You when You wake up"?From some where She produced My pacie and put it to my lips.I curled up and closed my eyes and for awhile listened to the four of them talking softly. "Well He is rather cute"said Janet. "Perhaps so" murmured Roxann, "but You should keep the paddle I brought over for the next time"! "I will do that" Mommy whispered. "Glenda,if You ever need a sitter call Me"Nancy offered. *********** Some time later I felt Mommy shaking Me awake."Lets get You cleaned up Sweety". I lay there as Mommy took off the dirty pull up and cleaned Me up. "Mommy? Who were those 3 friends of Yours"? "Well,remember the day I first found out You wanted to be a little"? "Uh huh". "I told You then that I found all Your abdl web sites but,I didnt tell You, that I joined a few." "You did"? "I did.I wanted to learn all I could to be a good Mommy for You.Roxann,Nancy and,Janet are all Mommys too so I learned a lot from them"! "Mommy"? "Yes Baby"? "I love You too the moon"! ************************* Over the next few following days I thought about Mommy a lot.She had done so much.alwys putting Me first. It was time for Me to give back.I did not want to completely give up being a little but it was time to do something diferrent.I talked with Mommy about this.Now days Im the baby the first and the third week of each month.On those adult weeks We go dancing and dining.We take long walks and hold hands.Some times at night while We sit out on Our deck having a beer or mixed drinks,I go stand on the edge and take a leak.Because Im a big boy and I can. /
  8. Going full out

    I've been into the 24/7 scene for long time and sick of getting talked out of wearing and messing in diapers in public. I found some friends that are abdl or incont for support. Just want feedbacks
  9. Elizabeth messy

    From the album Pics commissioned by Merunyaa

    Elizabeth from the Persona series in a messy diaper
  10. Chie and Yukiko messy

    From the album Pics commissioned by Merunyaa

    Chie and Yukiko still playing, although a little messy now
  11. Father's day suprise

    So what a suprise from the wife on Father's day. Woke me up to put me in a diaper, still sleepy. She went to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee, and after drinking a lot of coffee this morning. Needless to say I needed to wet my diaper several times. So now I'm soaked and she then has me go to our bedroom for a fresh change into a new diaper. Her plan is to have me diapered all day. After a nicely cooked breakfast, and some more liquid. I had wet my diaper again several times. But now I needed to poop and I told her so, she said go ahead that's what a diaper is for. She let me sit in my mess and enjoy it for two hours and then I needed to change. She insisted on changing my messy diaper herself, let me tell you that to have your bottom wiped and cleaned was pure bliss. She has only done this a few times in the past few years, so what a treat and what a great start to Father's day. So I now get to stay diapered up to bed time today, and it promises to be a great day.
  12. Waking up messy

    So I just wanted to bounce around a topic here. So waking up messy isn't the strangest thing for me, as Fecal Incontinent it's happened before, but not consistently. So anyone else who may deal with similarities, how common is messing while asleep for you? For me, this is definitely something that happens under 10x a year, and is usually triggered by something I ate that just couldn't wait until I was awake. Just wanted to get a feel for this.
  13. Roleplay Ideas

    Idea 1: My character is a stubborn 23-year-old lawyer whose arrogant ways, forging of evidence, and brattiness get him into serious trouble. When your character(a man he'd framed for a serious crime) discover he pissed all over his office, you take that opportunity to force him into wearing diapers in public. Your character relishes in treating mine like a big baby and making him "accept his place". Idea 2: My character(lawyer or otherwise) is kidnapped by yours. You play a Daddy who simply wants to have an obedient, happy baby to play with. You're delusional, and you see my character as a cute little baby boy who just needs to be disciplined and cared for by "Daddy". When my character acts like a big boy, however, you become domineering and sadistic, going to extreme lengths to demean and hurt him until he starts being a baby again.
  14. I just want to state that I do not mean to offence or hurt anyone in our community, I know this topic is a bit sensitive. Has anyone tried to wear tunnel butt plug to achive bowel incontinence? How did it go? I saw many people who say it doesn't reaaly works unless you have pretty soft fecal, is that true? THANKS ALOL, LOL XD
  15. Diapered by an older lady

    For some reason when I was kid and started to fantasize about being put back into diapers & being changed again, my fantasies usually revolved around being diapered by much older women. Or, at least older than my mother (women in their late 50's and older). I could never really put a finger on why this was, something about their experience changing dirty diapers or maybe even just their loving desire to take care of little ones again but for some reason they were always my ideal caretaker type. I never understood some dude's ideas of big breasted blonde haired super models changing and diapered them, it always seemed unrealistic to me for some reason. At the same time I pass no judgement on what someone's diaper kink entails but, I imagine a tall, jovial and happy lady who is much older but still very youthful. She has poofy greyish hair and when she discovers that I've made a mess in my Pamper she's delighted and not rolling her eyes like some young babysitter. Theres also a nonsense attitude towards it, if she wants to change me shes GOING to change me, none of this me putting up a fight or pleading not to have my diaper changed. At the same time she's playfull, lifting me up under my armpits to use her detective like nose to investigate, playfully scrunching up her nose when stating it's certainly time for a diaper changin'. I don't know why I felt the need to share, I just wanted to see if anyone else had a similar idea in mind of who they'd want to be diapered and pampered by if they had the chance.
  16. I need a Daddy

    Hi guys! I need a good strong daddy who will punish me for being very very naughty. I was walking without my diaper on and made a mess. I have D cups and long black hair. I wear nothing but my diappy and binkie. Someone please help me im a very naughty girl whos very wet and messy
  17. I usually am stuck in a messy diaper for 4-5 hours a day and on the weekend it's more like 8-12 hours! I don't get rashes, ever. So I wanted to share some tips for those who choose or are forced to wear for extended periods. I realize that every-ones skin has a different sensitivity and there is a tolerance that has to be built up. So take it in steps and work up slowly. Again this is for those who are seeking a practical way to stay messy longer. Girls have to be much more careful with this as UTI's are a concern. What you need: box of disposable gloves, high capacity disposable diaper (4hrs an M4 will do, 5hrs+ you'll need something along the lines of a Bellissimo) plastic backed is best here, A large doubler pad or even two, barrier cream (a little tube of stuff won't do), Two kinds of soap, one without moisturizer and one with moisturizer, and some dedicated wash cloths that are set aside for the occasion. The idea is that you change right before you have to mess. You need to be shower clean before you start. Have your diaper ready, one or two large doublers centered well (I prefer Abri-Let Maxi, they're quite big. The key ingredient is the barrier cream. I only use "Boudreaux's Butt Paste". It comes in a 16oz tub and has never let me down. Put on your disposable gloves, if you skip this, your tapes will not stick!! Apply a very liberal amount. Where? Everywhere that the diaper covers! Not just a thin film, reach in the tub (with your glove on...) and use two big gobs. Make certain that you cover all areas very well. Now carefully peel your gloves off turning them inside out as you remove them. Be careful not to get any cream on your hands, fingers or wrists. If you do thoroughly wash and dry your hands before proceeding. If you get any of this on the outside of the diaper, your tapes will fail! Carefully diaper (or be diapered) not letting the tapes or outside of the diaper come into contact with your greasy bum, if it does get another diaper. Tape tightly, hold all four tapes firmly and stand up, squat down and wiggle while keeping pressure on the tapes. This helps the areas around the tape to stretch decreasing the chances of one busting loose later while the heat from your fingers are helping the adhesive bond better. Once you're in, reach in and pull your member so it's pointing up so it will be away from the mess (if you're a guy of course). Now go do your business and stay in it! If after some period of time something doesn't seem right or feel right, bail! Don't try to be a hero and risk a problem!! Once your time is up, clean up as normal. Get to the shower right after and rinse thoroughly first, then scrub with the soap without moisturizer very well. This removes the residue that the barrier left behind. Make sure you do this well. Now use soap with moisturizer so your skin doesn't dry out down there. I prefer Zest followed by Dove with moisturizer. Now get out and put another diaper on Please use common sense and have fun!
  18. best laxative?

    so Im with a mommy but Im trying to figure the best laxative that I can use for myself I honestly like the no control part but like feelings like i made a big mess,anyways I digress so what do you think would be a good laxative for someone who is 6'4, 270lb, im at a loss here and I could really use some advice thank you!~
  19. Please help! I've been without diapers for 9 months. I'm way overdue for a crazy-awesome diaper day. I have a near date in which I will be alone in the house for 2 days. Anybody have any experimental methods / challenges for me to try out? I want to go all out. I was thinking a "marshmallow" trick somewhere in there, unless you folks have more clever ideas? Don't be shy! I'm really open to anything! Thanks in advance
  20. I am trying to get some help, from some pros, on how to get a big messy load, but in a time frame. I will be taking a two hour flight later this month and when I land I will have some time to myself before anyone else gets to our residence. I will have about 4.5 hours before anyone else arrives. My plan was to diaper up before my flight and take something like 60mL of Milk of Magnesia(MoM), the bottle says thats a max dose and it should take between 30 minutes and 6 hours to act. I have taken 30mL of MoM before and it did nothing for my GI track. In now in knowing such I thought I would try a little higher dose, as well as I would like some advice on what I could/should take when I land that would well guarantee a forceful movement unexpectedly. A little more about my background. I have used suppositories in the past and it doesn't create the unexpected drop that I am looking for. I have also done the Marshmallow Trick before, multiple times, and it has the same effect as suppositories. I know it's supposed to have a similar effect, but its not creating that whoopsies moment I am looking for. I feel that I always end up releasing it under my will, not the suppositories will. Thanks gang.
  21. (I'll be RPing as a rich lawyer named Miles Patterson, whom is forcibly abducted by a man he had wrongfully convicted of the murder of his own baby. The man, bitter and angered by the conviction, chooses to meet up with Miles, and humiliates him publicly, demoting him from a successful lawyer to a diapered man without bladder or bowel control. He is then whisked away, to begin a new life, as a baby.)
  22. Alright, Essentialy, I am looking for a Mommy/Daddy to play as a Master/Mistress, forcing the 18 year old boy Seth to become the Sissy Sophia. I am fine with anything, ranging from light to heavy bondage, and any punishment that Sophia would get. I'm hoping that I can find a parent who is kind, and rewards sissy-like behavior, but is stern when Sophia acts like an adult man. Sophia should have to use her diapers often, though because of her stubbornness strong laxatives and diuretics will more than likely be needed. Just say if you want to, and drop your bio. Thanks!
  23. Emma wasn't quite sure what to make of Mark. He'd moved in just a few weeks ago and was always scooping her up and talking to her like she was a kid! Sure she might have been 4'9 and 80 lbs but that was no reason to treat her like a kid. It made her upset- she was eighteen! She was sitting on the couch watching How to Get away with Murder- her favourite show, and was totally engrossed, barely paying any mind.
  24. Embarrassed

    Hello everybody! I am new to this site but I love it so far! I just wanted to ask you guys something.. does your daddy/mommy/caregiver/other change your messy diapers? Are they into it or do they just do it because you want them too? Ive only messed a few times because I hate the cleanup. I would love to have a daddy that would want to change me but at the same time, I feel like id be too embarrassed to let them.. does/did anyone else feel like this?