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Found 130 results

  1. Like many on here, I started out pooping in my underwear when I was young. I didn't "get" diapers until my college years. As such, at times, I love pooping in my underwear from time to time. It's a completely different experience from doing it in a diaper. Anyone else here like doing it in their underwear / panties? PDD
  2. Be good for mommy

    (this was the first story i wrote a little while back and it was full of spelling mistakes. so i delited to old one and fixed hopefully most of the mistakes) It was a cool Saturday morning, The sun just barely peeking out behind the trees. Not a cloud in sight. Such a Beautifull day to be in school detention. As we pulled into the high school, I found it really weird to look at it without all the kids running around. Granite Hills School (random school name) was a medium-sized school with nothing much to it. The only thing the school is well known for is that 4 years ago it was one of the worst high schools for bullying, high pregnancies, and dropouts. Then one day they hired a disciplinary teacher and everything was fixed. Being freshmen I haven't yet seen the teacher myself and for some reason, no one ever wants to talk about it. As we pulled up to the front of the school we were greeted by a tall 6-foot blond girl. She didn't look much older than me and I guess she was a senior also in trouble. “Excuse me, when will the teacher be here?” my dad asked the girl. “That would be me, I'm Mis.Mare the disciplinary teacher,” she said with a smile. To our shock, both dad and I got out of the car to shake her hand and apologize for not knowing. “It's no problem it happens all the time.” she then looked over to me and gave me a smile. “So how does this work exactly. Does Sara have to come here every week? Or….” my dad asked wanting to knowing how long I would be punished. “Ow no for what she did today will be all. Mostly she just has to finish her test and anything else she might not have finished.” Mis.Mare told him before handing him a couple pieces of paper. “This is everything you'll need to know and I would ask you read it as soon as you can.” he nodded in agreement while she looked back to me. she then gestured for me to follow her into the school building. As we walked through the empty halls she leads me to a room labeled D-1. walking in I saw that it was the size of a small class and looked like one except for the one desk in the middle of the room. “Why is their only one desk? Aren't there more students coming?” I asked. “Nope, you're the only one,” she told me as she walked to her desk and held up a folder. I walked over to the desk to sit down. After a moment of silence, she turned around and began writing on the board. 1 finish test. 2 punishment/lines As she wrote that I thought back to yesterday. All I did was not go to my math class and played on my phone in the girl's bathroom. I didn't even know we were having a test until I was caught. At least my punishment is writing lines. “Before we start I want to ask if you have any other homework you would like to do while you're here?” She asked and I shook my head no. “ok so here's how it'll work you after you finish your test you'll have your punishment, lines and then you can go home.” she told me with a smile as she handed me my test and a water bottle. The test wasn't very hard and besides Mis.Mare leaving for a few minutes to check something I was done within 40 minutes. “Done already?” she asked as she picked up both my test and empty water bottle. Throwing the bottle away she placed the test into the folder. “Ok then now please come up to the desk please,” she asked me and I did. I guess she's just going to give me a pen and a sentence to write. Mis.Mare then picked up the folder off her empty desk and put it into a drawer before asking me to lift out my hands. When I did I heard a click and felt a cold metal around my hands and realized I was just handcuffed! “What the hell!” I yelled as I tried to get away from Mis.Mare but she just gripped the handcuffs harder and pulled me over her desk and looped the handcuffs into a lock leaving me lying on the desk with my legs kicking over the edge. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!” I screamed but she shoved something into my mouth and strapped it behind my head to silence me. “I told you earlier after you finish your test its punishment, lines and then you can go home. This is your punishment before your lines.” this bitch said with that same simple smile as if this was the most normal thing in the world before walking behind me. I tried to kick her but she just grabbed my legs and moved them before she grabbed the sides of my pants and pulling them down to my feet. I tried my hardest to do something, to kick her but she just pinned my legs down by putting her foot on my pants keeping my feet stuck to the floor. “What cute undies you have,” she said as my face blushed beet red. SMACK! I screamed as loud as I could when this woman smacked my bare ass. but the sound was muffled by the thing in my mouth. “That's 1 for ditching class,” she said. my tears started flowing as she raised her left hand and smacked my left butt check this time and I screamed again. “1 for playing on your phone during a class period.” Mis.Mare went on from there with each bad thing I did. Again and again. By the end, I was out of breath and worn out. Mis.Mare walked around her desk and opened a cabinet before looking at my red teary-eyed face and gave me that same smile. “The worst is over, just going to give you some stuff to help the pain,” she said as she took out a paper bag and went back behind me. After a few moments and hearing some rustling sounds she quickly pulled my panties down. I began to squirm again until I felt a cold hand on my butt. “This is some special cream to stop the burning.” she told me before squirting moor cream on me and rubbing it in.” I was so embarrassed but at the same time, I had to agree that the cream was soothing. I soon began to relax a bit, or as much as I could in this situation. Until I felt something weird as she began to poke my butthole and quickly slid a finger in and I bit down hard on the thing in my mouth. “Ow so tight. I know exactly what will work,” she said as began sliding her finger in and out and looking into her bag for something else. When she finally removed her finger something bigger was put in. “good girl, that plug fits you perfectly.” I have no idea what she did next, I could feel that she put something fluffy on my butt and wrapped it around my crotch before taking a marker and writing something on it. She then started sliding my foot out of my pants and underwear and sliding something else up my legs and over the first thing before I heard a click. Mis.Mare then picked my clothes off the floor and walked back in front of me. Still, with that smile, she folded both my pants and underwear and placed them into the bag before taking a stapler and stapled the bag shut. Then with a marker, she wrote ‘for daddy’ on it before setting it aside. “Great! your punishment is over!” Mis.Mare said with an excited tone as I just glared at her. She then undid the gag and I now could see it looked like a big pacifier? She then held up a set of keys in front of me. “Now be a good girl and I'll use this one to let you out,” she said to me. “Fuck... you.” I panted at her but she kept smiling. “I'll let that one go just this once after what just happened,” she told me before she grabbed a key and undid the handcuffs. The moment she did I jumped to my feet and tried to run to the door but with the combination of the buttplug and a bulk between my legs, I quickly tripped and fell down. “What the!” I yelled as I spun around to look at what was between my legs and my brain couldn't comprehend what it was at first. “W-wh..” “It's a diaper, Sara. Something all bad kids get here.” Mis.Mare said to me as she watched me try to take it off but couldn't as it had some type of cover over it with a chain and lock. “That only comes off when you are done with your lines,” she told me. I tried to yell at her, then tried to leave but the door was locked. I wanted to call the cops but my phone was in my pants and she just put them into her cabinet and held out a pen. “You can try whatever you want but you're not leaving until I get my lines. ‘I will be a good girl for mommy’ 100 times.” she told me as she sat back in her seat, that stupid smile not leaving her face. In the end, she was right I couldn't do anything. So I waddled my way back to the board and began to reluctantly write my lines. I had just finished writing 28 linens when I felt a major cramp in my stomach. “Can I use the bathroom!?” I asked Mis.Mare. “You may use the bathroom when your lines are done. I promise.” Mis.Mare told me so I continued. I tried my hardest to focus on my lines but I kept getting those cramps every few minutes and I had to stop until it passed. Once it did I tried to write faster making my handwriting sloppy but I finally covered the entire board and Mis.Mare began counting the lines as I bent over with another cramp. “So close but that's only 97. What bad handwriting,” she told me. “But it's close enough. Please let me use the bathroom!” I pleaded. “Nope, I said 100 and since you can't do it the first time let's erase it all and start over,” she told me as she held out an eraser. “NOOOO!” I screamed. “Please, I'll do anything just let me finish!” I pleaded with her as tears began streaming down my face. “Aww with a face like that it's hard to say no. ok, I have an idea. Be a good girl for mommy and come here.” she told me. I was in so grateful I didn't even bother to correct her that she wasn't my mommy. I walked over to her and she spun me around. I heard a faint CLICK before she turned me around again and pulled the plastic covering off revealing the big white diaper I had on. “I'll make you deal.you can either start over on the board, or you can be a good girl for mommy and finish your 3 lines on your diaper,” she told me before standing up and walking away. I looked down at the diaper and began to writing ‘i will be a good girl for mommy, I will be a good girl for mommy, I will be a good girl for mommy. On my diaper. once I was finished I looked up at Mis.Mare who now held out a pink skirt. “Good girl! Now let's get this on you and let you relieve yourself,” she told me with her smile and I couldn't help but smile back as I let her help me get it on. It was a cheap skirt and it just barely covered my diaper. I was so glad it was Saturday so no one could see me like this as we walked through the school. As soon as we got to the bathroom I reached for the door but it was locked. Suddenly a huge cramp hit and I fell to my knees clenching my stomach. “It's ok. The school is closed so all the bathrooms are locked but don't worry. You'll be able to go soon.” Mis.Mare told me before reaching out her hand. “Now be a good girl for mommy and take my hand. I did as I was told and she helped me back up before leading me by the hand to the front of the school. I could see out the door and see my dad's car already waiting for us as I began to whimper. “you're being a good girl. It's time to go see daddy. Be a good girl for mommy.” Mis.Mare said as we walked to the car and my face was bright red. My dad rolled down the window and looked at us. “How did it go?” he asked “It was perfect. She is almost done.” Mis.Mare told him Wait almost? What does she mean? “Ok I'll wait.” he told us as he took the paper bag with ‘for daddy’ on it from Mis.Mare. “Be a good girl for mommy and put your hands on the car.” Mis.Mare told me with her smile and I did what I was told. She then got behind me to lift up my skirt and slide her hand into the back of the diaper and grabbed the butt plug. I began to whimper more before she whispered in my ear. “You're going to be a good girl from now on. You won't tell anyone about what happened today. You're going to feel really good soon. And if my baby girl wants to feel better then, be a good girl for mommy and use your diaper.” she said and pulled the plug out. My eyes went wide and misty as everything I was holding in was now coming out! My legs began to buckle as I squatted down as everything come out as I began moaning from the pleasure of releasing it all. Without realizing it I began to let go of my bladder as well. I was squatting on the ground shaking when Mis.Mare opened the back seat door and helped my trembling body into the car and helped me get my seatbelt on before looking me in the eyes. She then started rubbing the front of my pee soaked diaper sending a shiver up my spine. “If baby girl wants this again then be a good girl for mommy,” she told me I had that same smile she had as I said “Yes mommy.”
  3. I have had so many different idea's for stories for a while but nothing I really wanted to write even with Halloween coming up. Then one strange dream later and here we are. Not completely sure where this is going to go but I know it shouldn't be too long and will be done before Halloween. Let's Play Diaper Land Chapter 1 "Mommy wow, I'm a big kid now!" A little girl on the TV screen was jumping up and down as she finished pulling up her "big girl" underpants. Laying sideways across the recliner Jess turns her head to face Sam, Karen and Emily who were all sitton on the couch or the ground watching the TV as well. With a coy smile on her face she said, "Hey Emily, you wear those don't you?" The room filled with laughter for a few moments as Emily's face turn a deep shade of red. "I was 12 and it was only at night, you know that!" The four young collage girls were sitting around the TV on a boring, rainy Saturday afternoon. Jess had invited them all over to relax the day away, but as the day was going by it was clear boredom was setting it. That was when the power suddenly shut off. "What the hell?!" Jess moaned getting out of her chair to look outside, she couldn't tell if the other houses had power or not through the ran. She dragged herself over to the breaker box to see if they tripped anything. She had caused the breaker to trip for her bathroom before when she used everything at once so she knew what to look for but everything seemed fine. "Sorry girls, guess we're done until power turns on." The others didn't seem to care one way or another, it wasn't like they were doing anything really exiting anyway. "Do you have any board gamers or something?" Emily asked. Jess made her way over to the living room closet, "Ya my mother loves to pick them up when she goes thrift store shopping." The closet was full of many different board game, Chess, Checkers, Monopoly, Life, Sorry and more. It wasn't until Emily lifted Candly Land out of the way did she see it, a big wooden box with what looked like a diaper engraved on the front with the words "Diaper Land" accross the front. Jess saw the game she had picked up and chuckles, "Figures." "Have you ever played it?" Emily asked. Jess looked at the box for a long moment. "No, I've never seen it. Don't know when Mom picked it up. It looks old." The box was old but still seemed in good shape. Emily opened it with Jess looking over her shoulder, it looked like a Candy Land board but with a baby theme to it. In the middle there was a plastic mound that kinda looked like a magic 8 ball but white. In a triangle around it was writen 3 words, Nursery, Daycare and Playground. On the side sides that had folded out there were four player pieces: a bottle, pacifier, rattle and diaper as well as the rules for the game, which Emily started reading allowed. DIAPER LAND RULES Prove your not a baby! In Diaper Land players take turns rolling 2 dice to move across the board. The first player picks the game location Babies are eliminated from the game Players with a poopy diaper are demoted to baby Players who cheat will be demoted to baby The first player to reach the end and call out "Diaper Land" wins The winner get one wish "Well guess you already loss Emily, your already baby." This time it was Sam making fun of her. "You know what, I say we play and see who the baby here really is!" Emily wasn't mad, but she was tired of being called baby all the time. Even if it was just a game she wanted to prove she wasn't the baby of the group. Before she could say anything else Jess reach over and grabbed the bottle, "I call the bottle!" Sam quickly called the rattle and Karen the pacifier, this left Emily with the diaper. They placed the game on the living room table and the four of them sat on the floor and placed their pieces at START. "We'll let the baby go first, that seems fair. Then go clockwise." That would mean Emily first, then Karen, Sam and Jess last. Emily took the dice in her hand and was about to roll when Jess stopped her. "Did you forget you have to pick a location." Emily Looked down and saw the 3 location on the board, she though for a moment then put her hand on "daycare." "I pick Daycare," she said. As soon as she said it the letters lit up and suddenly a wave of mist started pouring from the game like water. The 4 girls sat in shock as the mist went around the house as everything in the house began to change. The couch was gone and a large toy chest was in it's place. The carpet changed colors and soft music could be heard in the back ground. Bit by bit the room changed until the mist itself was gone and the four girls were in a daycare surrounded with babies all over the room just playing with their toys like nothing happened. Jess's face was filled with shock, confusion and a bit of fear, "I don't want to play anymore..."
  4. Bryson stared at the screen, running his fingers through his thick red hair. It was soaked with sweat. How long had he been doing this?He looked over at the clock on his desk and moaned. It was almost three am, and he still hadn’t finished editing his paper! He looked back at the screen and started scrolling and typing as fast as he could. How could there be so many mistakes? Spelling error after spelling error… It was like he hadn’t even passed high school! God, if only he hadn’t left it until the last minute.Well, he told himself, he kind of had to. He had been working, trying to pay off the bills for university. He had to move all his stuff into his new room, do his readings, aattend classes. Just thinking about it almost made him sick to his stomach.Except that that wasn’t really true. He had also attended his fair share of party. He didn’t really enjoy them so much, he kind of just stood around watching others drink, but he was hoping to meet people. He had also spent MORE then his fair share of time playing video games. Really, he could have started this days ago.He sighed, and looked at his paper. He guess that would have to do. He had class in a few hours, and hadn’t slept much the night before either, having spent his time online. His roommate was already asleep. He emailed it to himself for printing, and turned off the computer.He got undressed, setting his glasses down on the desk and his black shirt and jeans on the chair. He lay down and stared out the window, seeing the stars filling the sky. He was exhausted, but the anxiety and stress kept him up. God, wouldn’t it be better if he could live without all this stress? Couldn’t there be a world where he didn’t have to worry about it? He looked at one of the stars, wishing and hoping beyond hope that somehow it would all work out. A silly thought, he knew. Wishing on stars never worked. But it was comforting to think that somehow it would make a difference, leading him to a stress free life. Slowly, he closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep.…Bryson woke up to the feeling of someone shaking him.“Hey, Bryson. Get up. Bryson, hey, come on,” a voice said.Bryon opened his eyes to see Mark, his roommate, staring down at him. Mark was a tall, broad shouldered man his own age, with brown haired and brown eyes. He was always dressed very maturely, with a collared shirt on…. Wait, was he always that tall?Bryson sat up and looked at him. No, Mark wasn’t any taller. Everything in the room was proportional. Yet, somehow, he just seemd more…“You know you’re going to be late, right?” Mark asked.Bryson snapped out of his daze and looked at his clock. “#*[email protected]!” he shouted. It was 8:25, his class started at 8:30. He realized he had forgot to start the alarm. Mark must have got up for a later class and noticed he was still asleep.“Thanks!” he shouted at Mark, who watched with a disappointed look on his face. Bryson grabbed his clothes, all black jeans with a chain and a t-shirt, and pulled them on quickly. “Are you sure you really want to go for the gothic look? It really isn’t very mature… Between being late and that, you’re kind of asking for it,” Mark said, in a tone like he was warning someone who he knew wouldn’t listen.“Yes, and don’t tell me what to do!” Bryson snapped, irritated. Normally he wasn’t that angry, but the exhaustion and rush made him upset. “Wait… asking for what?”Mark sighed and shurged, then watched him leave.Bryson looked at his watch and began to run. It was 8:32, he was already late. Papers were handed in at thee beginning of class… “#*&$! THE PAPER!” He had forgotten to print it off. He changed direction and began to run toward the library, where there were printers for student use. It was across campus, and he wasn’t sure if he would make it.Finally, he arrived, and slowed to a walk. He stopped for a moment. Goth cloths weren't designed for running, especially in the summer. Finally he continued into the library, a large brown building designed with odd looping shapes and angled rooms.He walked past crowds of students rushing to get to computer desks or book shelves. Did the people in the library seem different? They all seemed to be a bit older. He looked closely. There was John, Sarah, Michael… No, they all looked the same. They just seemed somehow more mature. They stared at him with disappointment in their eyes. Why did he keep seeing that look?He reached one of the computers and turned it on. Did it always take this long to load? He got on, logged onto his student name, found the email and printed it off. Then he was out again, running toward the class.He finally arrived at the class just as it was ending. People filtered out of the hall, and he squirmed by them. They all had that same look on their faces, somehow more mature, looking at him with disappointment and, he noticed, something else. Was that adoration? Something like looking at a puppy or someone much younger.He finally made it into the class room, a large auditorium with grey walls and chairs seemingly designed to make any class as boring as possible. The professor, a white haired and bearded man in the usual tweed jacket was at the desk at the front, filing papers. Bryson ran down the steps toward him.“Uhhh… Hello Mr... I mean Dr. Livingstone,” Bryson said nervously.He looked up and stared a Bryson with spectacles eyes. “Ahh yes, Bryson is it? Late again? I assume that is your paper.” He pointed at the sheets in Bryson’s hands.“Oh! Yes! I was going to give it to you! I.. uhh… “ Bryson stared at the papers. They had become rumpled as he ran, and even picked up dirt. “I’m sorry. I missed my alarm..”“I don’t want your excuses Bryson,” the professor sighed, taking the papers. He looked through them carefully. “Did you edit this? Look, you misspelled “literacy” in the first paragraph! This is full of mistakes!”Bryson hung his head. “I did, I was just tiered.”“Mhhmm. Let me ask you something Bryson. Have you been doing this sort of thing in other classes?”“Ummm... no,” Bryson said, his heart jumping as he lied. He had been, but he didn't want to professor to know.The professor looked at him with raised eyebrows. “Yes, you have. I know, I had heard the stories. Do you really think that this is the sort of thing an adult should be wearing?” he pointed at Bryson’s torn jeans and shirt.“Uhh… No, I guess not,” Bryson said, blushing.“They aren’t. Most people give up on those 'looks' in high school. You are in university now, you should be beyond that. Now I have one final question. Did you shave this morning?”“What?” Bryson was taking aback by the strange question. He realized he had forgotten. “No I didn’t have time,” he said. He ran his hand along his chin, expecting to find stubble. He was surprised to find himself clean shaven.“That’s what I though. Listen, you might want to reconsider your behavior. This level of immaturity never works out well. I’ve seen several students go through it, and almost always end up… Well, I’m sure you can see where this is going, can’t you?”“Yes,” Bryson said, hearing the implied threat of failing university.“Good, then let’s not have a repeat, alright?”“Yes sir,” Bryson said, and left. What was that all supposed to mean? And why the question about shaving? He felt his face again. Why was there no stubble? (Note: This one is a slow burner, at least compared to my others. Don't worry, it will get to the usual stuff. It is reusing the world I wrote about in "Switch," though that story isn't referenced and it won't matter if you've read it or not. While Switch wasn't my favorite of my own stories, I really liked the world I made, so I am using it again. Also, this was written as part of an art trade with Bryson (masterofevil44 on DA) where I could control most of the plot but use him as a main character. Any comments or critiques are appreciated!)
  5. A New Life

    (Actual title: "A New Life." I am trying to fix that. Slowly, you begin to wake up, feeling groggy. Your bed feels... different. Softer. In your tired state you can't tell exactly what it is, but something isn't right. It feels like your blankets bunched up between your legs, and you can't get your knees together. Something is definitely wrong. Maybe you are still dreaming? You have an odd taste in your mouth. It feels like something is sitting between your lips. You try to spit it out, but can't. You reach over to take it out... but your arm won't move. With a start, you realized your hand is tied. You open your eyes in shock, but in the dim light you can't see much. This isn't your room. Your eyes begin to adjust and you see more and more. You are surrounded by bars... are you in a cage? You try wiggling around, kicking off the blankets. What the hell are you wearing? You are dressed in a pink, footed onesie. Around your waist you see a buldge. With horror, you realize that you are wearing a diaper. This isn't a cage, its a crib! The lights flicker on, blinding you momentarily. "Ahhh I see the baby girl is awake. Did you sleep well honey?" a strange voice asks. You look toward the voice to see a tall women standing in the doorway. She has long brown hair that falls over thick shoulders and arms. Clear blue eyes look at you with compassion. She is holding a baby bottle. A BIG baby bottle. Big enough for you, even. You try to ask what is going on, but can't speak through what you now realize is a pacifier, tied behind your head. Getting a better look at your outfit, you notice cartoon princesses covering your onsie, and "Diapered Princess" written across the chest. Your hands are locked in finger less gloves, rendering them useless, and you can feel a frilly bonnet on your head and tied under you chin. You are dressed like a one year old girl. A nearby mirror reveals the words "Messy Diaper Butt" written on the flap of the onesie. "Awww don't worry baby. Just let mommy check your diaper and we can untie you for breakfast. That sound nice? Just promise not to be a bad baby, or you will get a spanking." The women tells you, standing over you. She reaches down to open the flap on your onsie, revealing a thick, infantile diaper with "Baby" written across the front in pink. "Looks like someones dry!" She says, pinching your cheek, "Good baby! Keep this up and maybe one day we can begin potty training... In a year or so..." At this point your surprise and fear turns to anger. How can this woman humiliate you like this? You try to struggle against her as she unties your arms and lifts you up but to know avail. Your moments turn into uncoordinated squirming, and you realize you have little control over your limbs. A hard smack on your diaper stops you completely. "Now now, if I'm gonna untie you you have to be a good baby. Try that again and I'll give you a real spanking. OK?" You stop the pointless squirming. How can you be so weak? What the hell is going on. The woman sits you in a high chair, strapping you in place. The diaper crinkles underneath you as you wiggle on the seat, wondering what is going on. The padding feels like a cushion underneath you, but serves as a constant humiliating reminder of your diapered state. Even worse, you are seated right in front of a window facing a street and another row of houses. You recognize the neighborhood as one near your own home. What if someone sees you? A bowl of unidentifiable mush sits in front of you, along with the bottle she was carrying earlier. She doesn't intend to feed you this, does she? In answer to the question, she unties something behind your head and removes the pacifier. You try to speak, to ask what is going on, but she quickly spoons mush into your mouth. "Open up for the airplane! Vroommm vrooom!" She says as she forces the sweet goo down your throat. You gag and choke it back, forced to eat by her constant shoveling. Finally you can take it no more. "Wai! Wha goin on?" With horror you realize that is your own voice. A high pitched squeal, with words lisped and barely formed. What had happened to you? "NO! No more foo! Stop oo F---ing b----!" "What! How dare you? Is that how babies talk? Come here!" The woman pulls you out of the high chair and grabs you by the wrist.You scream curses as you are forced to waddle behind her, your thick diaper making walking normally impossible. She pulls you down the hallway and into a bathroom. Once there, she forces open your mouth and sticks a bar of soap into it. The bitter soap instantly fills your mouth with suds, and you try to spit it out, only to have it replaced. "Alright, listen. You are going to learn to be a good baby whether you like it or not. Now I am going to spank you 20 times. If you drop the soap, we restart." She couldn't be serious...! A spanking? At your age? You spit out the bar again. "Oo can't pank me! I am..." You only get that far when her hand smacks the back of your diaper. Even through the padding, it stings. "I told you to keep the soap in your mouth! BAD BABY!" the woman says as she replaces the soap and begins to rain down smacks upon your bottom. SPANK 1... SPANK 2... SPANK 3... You struggle to keep the mouth in as she counts out the blows. You are forced to suck on it, swallowing the suds as you do. Your bottom gets sorer and sorer. She is nearing the end. SPANK 19... SPANK 20. "Good baby!" She sits you on her lap, and takes out the soap. "Will you be a good baby for mommy from now on?" "Wes I sowwy! I be a goo baby!" "Good, now lets get you back in your high chair while I clean your dishes, then we can play with your toys." She pops the pacifier back in your mouth and carries you to the kitchen. You can still taste soap. She sits you in the chair. You struggle to get comfortable on the hard seat. Even through the padding, your sore bottom stings whenever you put weight on it. For once, you are grateful for the diaper. Suddenly you realize you may need the diaper for something else. Your bladder is extremely full, aching for release. Even worse, you can feel your stomach rumbling. If you don't think fast, soon you will be in a very uncomfortable diaper. "uhhh... mama?" you ask, trying to sound as childish as possible to get on her good side. "Yes baby?" "I has do go potty" you inform her, blushing. Surely she can't mean you to use the diaper. "Well that's what your diaper is for silly! Anyway, I am working here, so you won't be let down for a while. I will change you when I'm done" "No! Pwease don make me!" You cry, seeing you please ignored. You squirm back and forth, trying to press your knees together. The padding between your legs isn't helping much. You can't... But it is getting harder and harder to hold it in. Those muscle relaxants really are taking there toll. Perhaps you could wet, but she wouldn't force you to MESS yourself, would she? At least you could keep that dignity. Hoping to meet her half way, you let go of your bladder. Instantly you hear a hissing noise as you feel you diaper become soaked. The diaper inflates around you. Soon you are sitting in a warm, wet, puddle. You blush furiously. How could she make you do that!?! Pissing yourself like a toddler... What the hell was going on? Even worse, you can feel the pressure building in your gut. There is no way it could get this bad that quickly! She must have put something in the mush... Soon your diaper will be full of something much worse then pee. (so this is a much older story I wrote a while ago. I thought I had already submitted it here, but can't find it. If I am mistaken, please let me know. I normally ask or critiques, but since this is an older one and I've sort of moved on from this type of writing, it is fine. Also, more will come)
  6. Cuddle Club

    Phil glanced nervously at his watch. His appointment was at 7:30, it was now 7:25. Really, he could go in at any point. There was no problem with arriving early, and he had booked the whole night anyway. Also, he was already standing outside the building.That building was a tall steel and glass structure right downtown where he lived. There were shops in the lower floors, as well as offices and apartments. Phil, a tall, well-built man in his twenties with dark brown hair, had taken the bus down to spend the night. It was a loose appointment, as long as he arrived at some point before midnight he was fine. That wasn’t the reason he was nervous.The reason he was nervous was the he had never done anything like this before. He had found an add online, which said it was a sure fire way to reduce stress, but gave very little information. Apparently, it was part of a growing ‘cuddle for hire’ business, where people had special trained workers to cuddle with while you slept. Phil, a business intern hoping to someday become a manager, had plenty of stress in his life. He knew others in the same situation had been doing the same thing. This one, however, seemed a bit strange. Their business’s website has described itself as a ‘Cuddle Club… With a Difference!’ but didn’t specify what that difference was. When he asked over the phone, the woman on the other end only giggled and said “oh… you’ll see!” Also, it didn’t have any pictures of the people who were there to cuddle, and the business’s page was strangely childish, with pictures of stuffed animals and descriptions written in very simple English. However, the reviews on it were excellent. Eventually he had decided to book a night.He swallowed nervously. Finally, he picked up his duffle bag and headed into the building. He could always leave if he didn’t like it, he told himself. He walked across multi coloured tiles and past small stores towards a pair of steel elevator doors. He pushed the button, and waited. He looked again at a piece of paper in his pocket, which read “room 11-57, 530 pm.” He hit the button for floor 11, and waited. He got off, and wandered through carpeted hallways until he found the right room. He paused and breathed deeply. Why was this so hard? He supposed it was because, in a way, he was admitting he needed help. Long work hours, little rest, and countless pages of work to get through had gotten to him. He tried to forget that he still was only competing for a position, and wasn’t even guaranteed a job after all this. Trying to get a good job in this economy would wear down anyone. He always had had problems dealing with stress, and at this point he just needed a break. He knew other people who had gone to similar places, but somehow he felt that if someone saw him he wouldn’t be able to face them again. Was he admitting defeat by getting help in such a strange way? He shook the idea out of his head, and knocked on the door.“Come in,” a female voice said.He opened the door, and found he was facing a desk in a large reception area. The walls were a deep red, decorated with a few pictures and two hall ways ran off to the sides. There were a few chairs along the walls, a coat rack and a small table covered with toys and colouring books. He looked at those questioningly. Who would bring their children here?“Ahem,” the same voice said again, more sternly. He turned to face the woman at the desk, who was in her late 40s and small glasses and dark hair pulled back into a tight bun. She looked up from the paperwork on her desk and stared at him impatiently.“Oh! Hi… uhhh sorry, I am here for a 5:30 appointment. If I am at the right place.”“What is ‘the right place?” she said, looking at him over the tops of her glasses.“I… well, I think it’s here, I should have an appointment.” Phil didn’t want to admit where he was going if he was at the wrong place.“You want the Carlesontown Cuddle Club?” she asked.Phil blushed. “Yes.”“You are Phil then?”“Yes I am. Are you the receptionist?” Phil asked, hoping the stern looking woman wasn’t who he was going to cuddle with.“I am the MANAGER, actually,” she said.“Oh. Sorry.”The woman looked at her watch. “It is no 5:37. You are late.”“I know, I’m sorry,” he said.The woman sighed. “I suppose that is fine. Alright. You are in room 3A, with Marie. Its right down the hallway to the left. You can leave your coat on that rack.” She pointed to the wall.“Alright, thanks.” Phil took off his long overcoat, revealing a dark grey suit underneath, and hung it on the wall.“That’s not what you are planning on wearing, is it?” she asked.“No, I brought my pyjamas in my bag.” He held it up to show here. “Is there a place I can get changed?”She paused a moment, then sighed again, more exasperated this time. “Yes, fine, just get changed in that room. Marie will show you where.” She turned back to the paperwork on her desk, indicating the discussion was over.Phil headed down the hall. “3A… 3A…” he repeated to himself. He eventually found the room, and knocked.The door opened slightly and a head popped out. He was relieved to see it was girl closer to his own age, perhaps mid-twenties, with a short bob of blond hair.“Hello?” Phil said.“Hi!” a voice answered excitedly. “Are you Phil?”“Yes,” he replied.“Yayyy! Come in come in come in!” she grabbed his hand and pulled him in. “Ummm… that’s not what you are going to wear, is it?” She pointed at his outfit.“No I… what?” Phil had held out his bag to show her, but stopped dead in his tracks. His mouth hung agape. This was NOT what he had been expecting.
  7. Lexington diaper friends

    Looking to be diaper friends with someone. I got a bunch of diapers. I live with family so hosting may be hard. Don’t think I can host. I use my diaps of course and I have a huge fetish for farting as well. Anyone wanna have some stinky fun?
  8. As Sam Gregory awoke one morning from a night of fitful dreams, he found he had been transformed in his bed into a giant baby. He lay on his back and looked up to see himself in a long pair of baby blue footed pajamas, with the soft bulge of a diaper around his waist. He tried to move his arms and legs, and the movements were weak and uncoordinated. He didn't seem to be physically different. His appearance was the same, and he was the same size, but his clothing and ability to move properly had taken a bizarre turn."What is happening to me!?" he wondered. It wasn't a dream- he could feel the bizzare clothing and weak movements as much as see them. He looked around himself. Between the four walls, the rather small but undeniably ADULT room, as it always had been. On his desk were scattered bundles of paperwork and cloth samples- Sam was a travelling salesman- and above it a framed picture of Batman. "Ok" he though "maybe that part isn't quite adult, but STILL! This is ridiculous!" His gaze shifted to the window. It was early morning and the sun had risen but was blocked by cheerless clouds hinting at rain. "Perhaps I'll just go back to sleep and forget this nonsense," he thought. However, that wouldn't work well. He was used to sleeping with blankets, which he guessed he had kicked to the floor. With his new restricted mobility, grabbing them would prove difficult."This is such BS" he thought as he squirmed on his back. He tried to get himself over on his front to move, but his arms and legs weren't cooperating. "You work your entire life, learning to walk, use the toilet, talk, all this stuff, get these stressful jobs, then one day out of the blue BAM! Its all gone. How does this even make sense?" He finally managed to turn himself over to his front. He threw his legs off the side of the bed and tried to stand up, but was met but at sudden pain in his feet. He collapsed to the ground. "Oh great, now I have to crawl?!" He thought. He was near giving up. That effort had all but drained him, and he still found his efforts frustrated. He was near tears, and he wanted simply to begin crying and wait for someone to come help him. "It must be the work," he thought. "Get up every day early, spend you time travelling around when all you want is comfort- of course it will drive a man insane! Much better to just stay at home and let others take care of you, do all the work, feed you, change your... NO! That is what they want me to think." He wasn't certain who 'they' were exactly. However, it seemed someone or something wanted to make him act like a baby, and he wasn't going to play along.He fought back tears. Wanting to cry and be taken care of was all part of it. He wouldn't find a solution be complaining or lying in bed. He'd get up, solve the problem, and go to work, one way or another.He looked at his clock. "Good God!" he thought. It was half past seven, he was running late. He began to crawl towards his cabinet. A voice came from the hallway. "SAM!" It was his older flatmate, Sarah. "What are you doing? Are you ready for work?""Yes, one second! I..." Sam stopped. Was THAT his voice? It wasn't the deep, manly voice he was used to. It was soft and high pitched."Is something wrong with your voice? Are you sick?""I... I don't know. I think so!""I'm coming in!""NOOO!""What is that? Why does he sound funny?" that was his girlfriend, Grace. They shared the flat with Sarah and her boyfriend, Aaron."I think he's sick.""What kind of sickness makes someone sound like that? Sam! Are you sick?""Ummm... Yes! Yes that's it. I'll be in her for a while. Don't worry, I'll be fine.""SAM GREGORY!"Sam's heart sank. That last voice was of his manager at work. "What the hell is he doing here?" Sam thought.His three flatmates outside seemed to focus on the newcomer."You seriously came here? That's obnoxious," Aaron said."WHERE IS HE!? I TOLD him to be hear EARLY today. I had to present to the CEO MYSELF!""But have I not been on time every day before this? An Is always do good work?" Sam stopped when he heard his own voice changing further."Nol. In fact you've been late pretty consistently."Sam flinched. He shouldn't have brought that up. In truth he wasn't the worst, but given the circumstances he didn't think he had much ground to argue the point."...seriously. Aren't there rules against this? I mean, you can't just barge in here. The hell?" Aaron said again."I don't care! I want to speak to him NOW! SAM!"Sam, desperate, tried to speak up. "WES! WES SIWR!" He flinched at his own voice. It was getting worse."He's sick" Sarah said. "Can't you tell that from his voice?""I don't care. No call, no doctors note, nothing. SAM, GET OUT HERE NOW!""WES SIWR! One second!" Sam crawled again to the door and reached for the handle. He had locked it the night before, and struggled to undo it.Finally he managed to undo the latch and the door swung open. There, standing with shocked expressions, were all three of his roomates and his boss.Sam tried to sink into the carpet. He hoped the bulge of his diapers weren't too noticeable, but figured it was a lost cause."WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?" his manager said."Well clearly he's sick!" Grace said pleadingly. "Yes he clearly is SICK. What is wrong with him?" the manager replied."No not that kind of sick," she almost whined. "Like, disease sick. He doesn't normally do this!""What kind of illness makes clothes appear? That doesn't make sense!""That's actually a good point," Aaron said."YOU'RE NOT HELPING!""Never said I was trying to help. Just stating the obvious."His manager was clearly annoyed. Sam's work was far from perfect as it was. Sam wasn't terrible, but at the moment he could only think of his worse moments. "#%@ it, I don't have time for this. Sam, you're fired. I don't care what weird things your into, but if you can't make it to work, then its a problem. Goodbye.""What!? No please!" Grace pleaded."That does seem unfair" Sarah said.He ignored both as he left.The three turned to Sam."Soooo... what now?" Aaron asked."Yes what happened Sam? How do you feel?" Sarah added."I AWWA OOOO," Sam tried, then stopped. As he had feared, his speech had been brought to next then nothing.Sarah nodded. "I...see.""Well, I'm not changing his diapers," Aaron said."Aaron shut up. Thats not important right now," Grace replied."You're just saying that because you know it will be you. And boy, with a baby that size will they ever stink!" Sam blushed."Ok, look. We have to find out whats going on," Sarah said, rubbing her head as if thinking. "Grace, you're his girlfriend. Is this... a... thing?... of his?" the question was on 'thing," she added the rest after."NO! I mean, I wish but..." she stopped blushing."WOAH so the cats out of the bag!" Aaron said."I didn't do it! Clearly its some kind of illness.""Yes I think that must be it. He got sick and it turned him into an adult baby," Sarah said."That makes fuckall sense," Aaron said. "How can an illness just suddenly make someone act like a baby? And how did it summon diapers into existence?"Sam had to agree with Aaron. This was the dumbest s%*$ he had ever encountered. What sort of reality was this?"It happens.""WHEN does it happen? HOW does it happen!?""I don't know but its clearly happened", Sarah said. "Its like one of those kink stories.""WHAT kink stories," Aaron asked. There was an awkward moment as they all blushed and avoided eye contact."Ok, look," Sarah continued. "We all know we all know that we all know what we all know. I mean, you both know what I'm talking about. This sort of thing happens, and somehow everyone involved is kind of into it.""WHAT?!" Aaron shouted.Sam stared in shock. "INTO IT!?" None of this made sense too him. "Since when the hell does this sort off thing happen in real life? This is..." he couldn't think of a word "like something from some horror writer, with a nightmarishly complex, bizarre, or illogical quality, where senseless things happen in real life, and there is no way out... there has to be a word for that.""This is all just bizzare! Its like, Kafkaesque or something!" Aaron said."Well I don't think any normal person would be stuck up enough to say that," Sarah glowered. "I think we should stop questioning this and just go with it," Grace said. "Fortunately, I happen to have spare diapers for some reason." She opened a closet door, revealing piles of pampers as she promised.'I think its incredibly suspicious that you say that, and why the HE!! do you have those?" Aaron said, and Sam completely agreed. Hopefully, Aaron would find a way to get him out of it.Both women turned and glared at Aaron. Sarah glanced at the piles of diapers, then at him."Comment revoked," Aaron said, looking down."Good, then we are all agreed. This is perfectly natural and normal, just like those stories we all read. It makes perfect sense.""Agreed," they said in unison, and Sam's heart sank.
  9. Rosie stood nervously in front of a strange door in a strange hallway. There was nothing outwardly strange about them. It could have been any other apartment door in any other hallway, but the reason she was here was certainly strange. She had taken it up on a whim. A single offer, coming to her from someone she had spoken too online but had never met in person. After years visiting a... strange... community online, speaking to people without seeing them, even making art for it, she had been offered a chance to actually try living it. The person's name was Samantha, and they certainly had a lot of similar interests, but it was still frightening. She didn't really know this person, did she? How well can you know someone you've never seen before? Do online meetings and relationships count the same as in person? On top of that, she was here to play the sub. It was a role she she was always interested it but didn't even discuss as much. Almost every discussion she had and every drawing she made had her playing dom. She knew this would be difficult, having to let someone take control of her for a change. Not only that, but the plan was meant to be a surprise. She had no idea what was in store for her, it was all Samantha's decision. That was all part of it, and they had similar interests, but it was still frightening. She closed her eye and psyched herself. She could do this. Just turn off the dominant side, and let someone else take control. At least if it turned bad she could always ask for it to start. Holding her breath, she knocked. The door was almost immediately answered by a tall, athletically built blond haired woman. Rosie, herself almost 6 feet tall, wasn't used to having to look up at another woman. Rosie stared at the woman's arms, hoping whatever the plan was didn't involve a lot of spanking. This was definitely a woman who could make that hurt, and definitely one who would have no problem dominating over someone. "Rosie?" the woman asked, and Rosie nodded. The woman dragged her in by the arm, closed the door and locked it. She looked Rosie over, examining her wavy brown hair and shorter, broad hipped build. She smiled and tapped her nose. "Hehe your just as cute as I expected," she smacked Rosie on the butt, making her yelp. "Perfect for what I have planned." Rosie blushed over the treatment. It was... sudden, she thought. She tried to back up a bit, then mentally checked herself. She was here to play sub, she told herself. This was the sort of treatment she could expect. "Ummm... thanks. Are you Samantha?" "Yes, that's right dear. Good girl!" Samantha patted her head. "Uhhh... thanks. So what are we going to do? Are we going to just start, or talk a bit first?" Rosie was trying still play the role of submissive while making sure the boundaries were kept. "Oh, don't worry, you'll see soon enough." Samantha began dragging her further into the apartment. Rosie's instinct was to pull away, but she let herself be lead. They passed a well stocked kitchen, a cozy living room with several couches and a television, and went down a white walled hallway into a bedroom. The bedroom was large and spacious, with a queen sized bed, bookshelves, and paintings on all walls. Once they were there, Samantha turned Rosie to face her and examined her again. She looked at Rosie's black jeans and button up shirt. "Hmmm... we will have to do something about those clothes. Far to mature, and the want-to-be rebellious look isn't good for you." Rosie gaped at her and couldn't respond. Instead, she was pushed onto the bed. "Now, wait here a moment little one. I need to get some things ready." "Alright," Rosie said. Samantha's tone gave no room for argument, and the anticipation of what could come, along with her clear control was exciting, she was sat nervously, a pit forming in her stomach. What did Samantha have planned? Samantha left and closed the door. After a moment she haired footsteps in the hallway. Wait, she thought, how many are there? Suddenly her nervousness turned to pure anxiety, even fear. How many people where there? She didn't know there was more then one, she hadn't agreed to that. She opened her mouth to argue, but was interrupted as the door burst open, and Samantha stood in followed by two other girls, each holding articles of clothing. Rosie didn't have time to fully process what was happening before they had grabbed her. "Hey... what are.... no!" She said as her shirt was forcibly removed. She had agreed to be submissive, but this sudden invasion of her privacy was still shocking. She struggled, but was held tight, and felt her arms being pulled into a pair of sleeves. She barely had a chance to comprehend what was happening before she realized she was being tied into a strait jacket. Her arms were pulled behind her and secured. "Hey, I said.. MPHH...!" she was silenced as something was shoved into her mouth. She gagged at the bitter taste, and realized it was a bar of soap. Samantha was moving it back and forth as the other girls strapped her arms behind her back. Her mouth filled with creamy white foam as she shoved the bar into her mouth again and again. "There, that will wash out any more naughty words," Samantha said. She then took the bar out. Rosie gasped, and the foam dribbled down her face. She tried to speak, but found her mouth was filled again. This time it was a pacifier that was tied into place behind her head. It filled her mouth completely to her throat, forcing her to swallow the rest of the soap, and turning her protests into incomprehensible mumbles. "What was that?" Samantha said. "Something you don't like? Well just tell me, and I'll be sure to stop," she laughed, and Rosie glared. Now that she was tied and silenced, the Samantha's two friends lifted Rosie's feet into the air, forcing her to her back on the couch. Rosie tried to kick and pull herself away. "MPHHH!" she shouted at a sudden, sharp pain on her backside. She looked to see Samantha standing over her with a long black paddle. She wondered what she had gotten herself into. Playing sub had seemed so exciting in theory. Even now, part of her was eager to keep going. But this much pain and control was so foreign and coming on so quickly. She was overwhelmed with emotions, and struggled not even knowing if she wanted to leave or stay. She was spanked again. "Now now, that's enough of that," Samantha said. It was pointless anyway, Rosie found the two girl's grasp was unbreakable, and Samantha simply moved on. The next thing Samantha grabbed was the one thing Rosie had expected from the start, but now stared at nervously. It was what she wanted for months, but by far the most embarrassing part yet. Seeing the frightened, humiliated but excited look in Rosie's eyes, Samantha smiled. "Yes, I'm sure this is what my baby wants, isn't it? She's just been lying to us, to everyone, with her naughty big girl clothes, posing as an adult, posing as a professional, pretending to be mature... we all know it is a lie, don't we?" Rosie stared, and Samantha smiled and lifted the object into the air. It was a large, thick diaper. It was white but with a pink, flowery panel on the front, with letters proclaiming the wearer "Princess," and a design that let everyone know that the wearer wasn't a real adult, but simply an overgrown, adult baby. It didn't look like an adult diaper, but a baby's Pampers made in a larger size. More then that, it was a sign that her last shred of adulthood was gone, that even the most basic levels of control and maturity were forcibly stripped from her. It meant she couldn't even be trusted to use the toilet, and if that was true, what could she be trusted with? Rosie cringed, helpless as Samantha powdered her and placed the thick pamper underneath her. She felt the thick padding go up between her legs and close on her, then get tapped securely on. Samantha then pulled the strap of the strait jacked underneath the diaper and attached it on either side, leaving her locked inside her humiliating, childish garment. The other two girls put pink baby booties on her feet, then stood her up. She was made to face herself in a mirror, and sulked. Even the straight jacket seemed to have been made on the similar theme, with a pink and white design consisting of flowers, babyish drawings and "Princess" written on her chest, along with a skirt of fabric around her waist that made it look like a tutu while leaving her diaper fully exposed. She thought of her own image of herself- serene, powerful, in control- and tried to compare it to the baby she saw staring at her in the mirror. This is what she wanted, she reminded herself, though part of her wondered why. She closed her eyes and told herself to just listen to what Samantha wanted, as she had agreed to. Samantha came up to her smiling, and seemed to smile even broader when she saw the defeated look on Rosie's face. She attached a collar to her neck, then a leash, and brandished the paddle in her other hand. "Now, come along my little princess, and be a good girl. Its time to meet some more friends." Friends?! Rosie thought. There were MORE people!? She tried to pull away, but was forced forward by the leash, and the pacifier turned any argument into mumbles. "Whats that? Remember, if you don't like something, just tell me!" Samantha said, then laughed. Rosie simply followed. The abnormal bulk of her diaper felt odd between her legs, and made her waddle. Rosie had tried the thickest adult diapers she could find, but this was still a surprise. The only thing she could think of was Snuggies waddles made with a custom design, but that still didn't seem to cut it. Perhaps Waddlers with a thickening pad, she thought. Whatever it was, it was clearly designed to be intrusive, and it worked. The strap of the straight jacket added to the feeling, making it feel thicker and stiffer and pressing it against her. The diaper crinkled loudly, and was hot and heavy, but at the same time soft and, in a way, comfortable. Rosie was pulled into the living room, which was now full of people. They all cheered and laughed at once as she entered, blushing. Some were people she had seen before, acquaintances from work or people she had run into, but most were strangers. There even seemed to be other fetishists there- a woman in a black leather full body suit held on a leash by a man in a suit, a blond haired boy who sat whimpering on a woman's lap while wearing a diaper and dress and suckling a pacifier, a girl in a bunny outfit with ears, and others. The attention, however, was all directed at Rosie. "Awwww she's so cute!" a stranger proclaimed. "Yes, I agree. She was an excellent choice." "Just look at her blush! She is sooo embarrassed haha. I wonder if she's wet already?" "Oooo imagine her look during her first diaper change." Samantha quieted them with a have of her hands. "Now now, we will get to that. First, we need to prepare our baby. Now, Rosie, you may be wondering what this is." Rosie nodded, humiliated and terrified. "Most of them are my friends. We've been looking for someone just like you to be our new baby girl. We already have a baby boy and others, so we needed you for a new playmate. We meet from time to time for... fun." She smiled at the word, leaving it open to whatever Rosie could think of. "The others are people you knew who were open to the idea. We like to have a few people our subs recognize on the first night. It adds to the... fun... and ensures people will know about your new lifestyle." She continued. "Tonight, Rosie, is all about you. This is your initiation, then you'll be part of our group. Remember, if you don't like it, just say so," she laughed. With that, Samantha grabbed the leash right by her collar and gently pulled her down. Rosie shook her head violently, making as much noise as the pacifier would allow. This was too far, she thought. She'd agreed to play sub, and would have, but did not agree to have other people. She wanted out. Samantha, however, ignored her pleas. She made Rosie crawl, much to the delight of the audience, and sat her on a plank in front of the wall facing outward. "This here is something that is going to help you be a good baby. In a little while, all your naughty arguing will end," she said. She threaded leash through a hoop on the blank Rosie was sitting on. Next, she felt it pulled down underneath her and between her legs, then upwards. It was attached to the wall above her, forcing her into a kneeling, head down position from which she couldn't move. Rosie glanced around, struggling even to keep her head up, and tried to figure out what was going on. The people were smiling at her, though some of the obvious subs stared at her nervously and with pity. Soon Samantha was in front of her, holding a pair of headphones. "Now now little one, don't worry at all," she said soothingly. "Mommy will take care of everything. Just listen to this, and everything will soon be better." With that, she placed the headphones on Rosie's head, and hit a button. ... Finger's snapped. Mommy was standing in front of her. Wait... Mommy? she thought. It was Samantha. She was taking off the strait jacket. Wait... she was stripping her naked in front of all these people!? Rosie was horrified. However, when she went to stop it, nothing happened. Her arms didn't move. She wanted to, but she didn't. Soon she was naked except for her bootie and the diaper, and she didn't mind. At the same time, the pacifier was unhooked, but Rosie kept suckling. "Come here little one. Crawl!" Rosie crawled toward her mommy. Why was she crawling? She could walk... but somehow she didn't want to. Crawling was for babies, and she was a baby. Of course she wanted to crawl. She also realized that now that the straight jacket was gone, she could easily take the diaper off, spit the pacifier out, and say no, but she didn't want to. She heard the laughter around her, directed at her. Strangers, people she knew, dozens of them, laughing. Why was she humiliating herself? But while part of her protested, screamed at her to stop, she couldn't make herself. She pouted, almost in tears from the humiliation, but kept crawling. "Good baby," her mommy said. The words filled her with warmth, making her happier then she had been for a long time. She took Rosie's hands. "Up up up!" Rosie stood up instinctively. "Do you want to speak?" Rosie tried to say something, but the pacifier stopped her. She could spit it out, she realized, she wasn't a baby. But at the same time, she didn't want to. Samantha smiled as if she had won an important bet. "Good baby," she said. She grabbed the pacifier and took it out. "Now, what are you?" "I... I a baby giwl," Rosie said, as surprised at her own childish, lisping voice as she was at the answer. Why would she say that? She wanted to, she realized. She didn't want to be an adult. She blushed at the chorus of laughter. "Good baby. Do you want to be an adult." "Nuuu..." more laughter. People were moving around her, pulling a dress over her head. Like the straight jacket, it was pink, childish and frilly, designed as a cross between a princess and a Lolita dress, with hearts and flowers decorating it. The skirt was short, and like before, did nothing to conceal her diaper. This time, however, she didn't mind. It was natural, she thought, how else would they check it? Wait... CHECK IT!? she thought. FOR WHAT!? But of course they would... her mind went back and forth, and she did nothing. Rosie pulled her by the hand into a bathroom. The crowed followed them, giggling. Rosie looked around at the sink, bathtub, towels and.... something. A strange white thing, shaped like a seat. "Do you know what that is for?" "No," Rosie said, getting the loudest laughter yet. But of course she did! It was a... she didn't want to even think the word. It was frightening to her, dangerous. "Do you know how to use the potty?" "Whas dat?" Rosie asked. Again, she knew she knew, but she didn't want to, and the thought was frightening. "Good baby." The warmth and happiness again. "Now, I am going to feed you your supper. Its a bottle of baby mush and milk, and it will help you fill your pampers like a little baby. Ok?" Rosie nodded. Something about that was wrong... was it about filling her pampers? But that was what they were for, wasn't it? Part of her screamed no, but she couldn't think of why. She was pulled back into the living room and sat on her mommy's lap. She put the tip of a bottle in Rosie's mouth, and she suckled easily. "Good baby. Now remember, this will make you use your pampers. There is no way the old Rosie would want that, especially in front of all these people. So, if you don't want that, stop drinking." Rosie looked at her confused and kept drinking, and they all laughed. "Yes, old Rosie was confused, because she thought she was a big girl. You're not a big girl, are you?" Rosie shook her head, though she was in near tears from it. Of course she was! She was an adult, she thought, not a baby, and this was wrong. But she kept doing it. After feeding her the bottle, Samantha pulled Rosie closer. "Now," she said. "Is baby still hungry?" Rosie shook her head. "Well, we have more bottle, and people who want to feed you. Also, the more you're feed, the sooner you are going to fill your diapers. So, we are going to pass you around, and you will keep drinking until you we are done, ok? You'll do what mommy says? You don't want to be a bad baby?" She put emphasis on the last phrase. As soon as she heard it, Rosie was filled with the deepest guilt and anxiety she had ever felt. It came up suddenly, and left her shaking. There was something wrong, and she didn't blame her mommy, but blamed herself. She hugged her mommy. At that moment she'd do anything to avoid the feeling and make her mommy happy. "Good baby," Mommy said, and the feeling was gone. "Now, time for the rest of your num nums." She pulled Rosie to the next person, a woman, and sat her down on her lap. The woman placed a bottle in her mouth, and she suckled instinctivly. she was passed around from person to person. Each one sat her on their laps, bouncing her up and down and feeding her more and more bottles. Rosie was stuffed, but she kept drinking. Her stomach began to ache, then cramp. The bouncing only made it worse, and her stomach was soon grumbling. After a while she was being fed and bounced by a man in a suit when she heard a loud brrraapppttt noise. She looked down at her diaper. There was laughter all around her. "Oh my god, the babies gassy!" someone shouted, and they laughed again. "Better check her diapers, just to make sure that's all there is," the man in the suit said. He bent her over and lifted her skirt, pulled the back of her diaper. "No, all clean." Rosie didn't know what was worse, the fact that a stranger was seeing inside her undergarments, that he was doing it to check if she had messed those same undergarments, or that the sound came again and again. She found she was powerless to stop any of it. "Yes, but now comes the best part," Samantha said. She took Rosie by the hands then stood her up. She looked her dead in the eyes, and Rosie was trapped by her gaze. "Rosie," she said, snapping her fingers. "You're a big girl now." Rosie looked around in panic. What had she done!? What was she wearing?! She wanted to scream, she wanted to cry, she wanted to run. "Please... please stop," Rosie pleased. "You can go if you want Rosie. Its all up to you." She had been hypnotized, she realized. She knew hypnotism was something you had to want to work, and if she rejected it, it wouldn't have worked. But... did she want to reject it? It was all she had wanted, after all. It was what she had come for. This was what she dreamed about and talked about online, but was too afraid to do. It was humiliating, mortifying, and terrifying, but even when she wasn't hypnotized she couldn't make herself run. Maybe she had accepted it all. Or was this all some trick? Either way, she remained. "That is what I thought. Good baby." Even when no longer thinking like a baby, the words filled her with a sudden happiness. Samantha noticed. "Like that? Thought so. Oh, and watch this. BAD BABY!" She scolded. Instantly Rosie shrinked back at the words. She whimpered, almost sobbing, knelt and hugged Samantha's knees, inwardly pleading for her approval. How could she feel this, even as an 'adult?" Since when did she want someone else's approval? But this was submission, Rosie realized. It was an extreme version of it, and not in the way she had thought, but it was submission. She had wanted it, and she got it. "It's ok little Rosie, you're a good baby," the feeling was gone, and Rosie sighed. "Now, Rosie," Samantha said. Rosie found she was still trapped by her voice and gaze. "Do you want to mess yourself?" "What?" "You heard me. Do you want to fill your diapers in front of all these people?" "NO! Oh god please no! Don't make me!" Rosie felt her stomach grumbling from being force fed dozens of bottles. She was cramping hard, and needed release. "Please let me use the toilet... please... I'll do anything. ANd please don't make me do it in front of these people." Samantha laughed. "Silly baby. You think you can argue, don't you? But you know what? You are going to fill your diapers. You are going to do it happily and in front of allllll these people as they laugh and take pictures. You are going to lift your skirt and show off when you do it. You are going to grunt and do it loudly, parade around in your stinky pampers, then get changed as they watch." "NO! Please! Anyhting but that. At least give me privacy... I'll do it, but just with you, ok?" She bargained. "Yes you will, and in front of everyone. And you know why?" Rosie shook her head. Samantha held up her hands. "Because I'm going to snap these fingers and you will be powerless to stop it. You will helplessly fill your pampers and will do whatever your mommy says. Then I will turn you back into an adult to feel the humiliation, and back and forth whenever I want, wherever I want, forever. Got it?" "No pl..." Samantha snapped her fingers. "Rosie... You're a baby now." Rosie smiled at her mommy and giggled. A sound came from her diaper, and she laughed. "Now, is the little baby gonna fill her diapers?" "I dunno mommy," Rosie said incredulously. How could she decide something that important? "Yes you are, then you are going to become a big girl again so you can blush while we laugh." Rosie was puzzled by the strange sentence. A big girl? What did that mean? She was a baby. "Now, fill your diaper for mommy." Rosie grunted. There was a noise like before, but louder. She felt a warm pile of mush come into her diapers and coat her. All around her were gasps of laughter and mocking ewws. She crinkled her face. "Is icky mommy!" she said. What had she done? Why was she still talking like that? She tried to stop herself, but couldn't. "I bet it is baby." "An is tinky!" Mommy laughed and plugged her nose. "Yes, very stinky. Now, undo your onesie and show everyone." Rosie instinctively obeyed. There was more laughter and comments she could barely make out over the collective noise. "Good baby. Now shake it around!" Rosie stuck her bottom out further and wiggled it, feeling the mesh slosh over her, and hearing more ewws and gasps for breath. A window was opened, a fact which barely registered in her mind. "Dance for me baby." Rosie, still wanting to make her mommy happy, did her best to imitate a ballet routine. She had never done one before, and the thickness of the diaper made every movement awkward and difficult, but she twirled around and kicked her legs as much as she could. This seemed to be enough, as the audience laughed and clapped their approval. "Now, come here." Rosie followed helplessly as her mommy, who once again pulled her onto her lap and bounced her. This time, however, the messy diaper made it much worse. The feeling was horrible, it itche horribly, and the smell and laughter was worse. When Mommy was done, she passed Rosie to the next person, who continued to bounce her. Like before, Rosie was passed from lap to lap and bounced like a baby, squirming, squinting, and crinkling her nose the entire time. She endured the laughter, the humiliating pats and comments, and outwardly acted as if she loved it. Finally Samantha picked her up again and snapped her fingers. "Rosie, you're a big girl now. Wasn't that fun?" Rosie felt tears in her eyes. "No, please, just... just change me, please. I want out of this diaper." She was broken, she realized. All the pride and strength she had coming into this was gone. She wasn't even certain at first if she would submit, but there she was, standing, spanked, in a onesie and messy pampers, and willing to do anything for a change. "Oh, I will. How would you like to be changed here in front of everyone?" Rosie almost outright cried. "No..." she whispered. "Here's whats going to happen. I'm going to bring back baby Rosie, and she is going to happily lay down on a changing mat in the hallway as we tie her down. Then I'm going to bring big girl Rosie back, and she will very un-happily get her diaper changed in front of everyone. Got it?" Rosie couldn't even speak as the fingers were once again snapped, and baby her was lead into the hallway. Her onesie was lifted up, and she lay down, smiling, laughing, willing. Mommy held up a pair of cuffs. "Put your hands in here baby girl!" Rosie obeyed. "Good baby! Now put your feet in here! That way we can bring back big girl Rosie and she won't be able to stop us from changing her riiiiii-ight here, no matter how much she wants to." The words rolled around in her mind. She knew what was going to happen. This was all a set up to humiliate her and make her do something she wouldn't otherwise. As soon as Mommy snapped her fingers, she knew she wouldn't like this anymore. However, at the time, all she wanted was to please her mommy, so she obeyed. Soon she was then tied with her arms stretched out on the floor and her feet in the air. She giggled at the funny position. SNAP. "Rosie, you're a big girl now." Rosie struggled, sobbed, and squirmed. A pacifier was pushed into her mouth and she suckled. She could call for help, she realized. This was an apartment building, someone would come. But then... what would they see? A bunch of fetishists, with her in a diaper she clearly messed herself? She cringed at the thought. Then, if the called the police, there may be an investigation, reporters... she pictured herself on the news, having an image of herself in a messy diaper paired with a full explanation of what she had come from being shown all over town. She everyone from family to total strangers knowing her as the diaper girl who got tricked.... she couldn't do it. Also... did she really want to? The hypnosis couldn't make her do anything she didn't want, just bring out things she didn't admit she wanted. This was, in a way, her dream, if rougher and more rushed then she expected. She suckled her pacifier for comfort, willingly this time, closed her eyes, and tried to think of something other then the laughter. She felt her diaper get opened. Wipes from hands all around her cleaned up the mess. The baby wipes were cool, and made her shudder. Soon she was powdered again, the smell of talcum replacing the smell of her used padding. Another diaper was put between her leg and tapped on, this time followed by thick plastic pants. She was untied, and stood up. "Now," Samantha said, raising her fingers. "Do I need to do this again, or will you be good?" Rosie pouted. "I'll be good." "Good. Turn around, apologize for your stinky pampers, and thank them for changing you." Rosie blushed and pleaded with her eyes, but obeyed. "Hello everyone. Ummm... I'm sorry for being so stinky... Thank you for changing my diapers." The all laughed and clapped. "Good baby. It's been a long day for you, so its time for bed." Rosie nodded, accepting that the early bedtime was now part of her life. "Lets get you in your pjs." Rosie didn't resist as she was stripped and put into a footed Disney Princess sleeper and had another pacifier put in her mouth. She didn't want to risk resisting, and having strangers dress her as a baby was far from the worse thing that had happened. She looked down at the footed pjs. She always had liked Disney. Samantha saw her looking at it. She cupped Rosie's face soothingly. "Yes, I thought you'd like that. This isn't all going to be bad sweetheart. It is, after all, what you wanted. If, in the morning, you really want to go and not come back, you can. But I don't think you will, do you?" Rosie just stared at her. Samantha smiled. "Good baby. Now, go kiss everyone goodnight." Rosie looked at her, but saw no signs of joking. Reluctantly, and much to the amusement of all around, she went to the first man she saw. She kissed his cheek. "Goodnight," she said. He laughed and patted her diaper. She went to the next person, repeated the routine until she had done a complete loop of the room, getting her padded bum patted and rubbed the entire time. When Rosie was done, Samantha took her hand and lead her down the hallway. Samantha then led her into a separate room. It was dark inside, but Rosie could make out piles of toys, a changing table, and a large, wooden crib. There was a smiling cloud and a rainbow painted on the wall, and a mobile hanging from the roof. It was a nursery, Rosie knew. Samantha lead her toward the crib. Rosie followed without the hypnosis, without the leash, without a threat of spanking. All willingness to argue was gone. She crawled into the crib. Samantha closed the top of it, turning it into a cage. Rosie pushed at it. "Hey! If you break that, I break you!" Rosie stopped. "You may recognize this as something like your own scenarios, back when you thought you were a dom. Someone in the crowed tipped me off about it, and I couldn't help but play it. We can't have little ones crawling around all night, can we?" "But what if I have to... oh..." Rosie looked down at her diaper, blushing at having answered her own question so obviously. "But I wouldn't have you be lonely..." She through a teddy bear inside. Rosie hugged it, feeling something hard inside. A recorder, she realized. "Now, be a good baby girl! Ill be listening." Rosie lay down. She would be a good girl for her mommy, she knew, for as long as her mommy wanted. She slowly fell asleep.
  10. “Well, work is work” Johann thought as he walked down the line of modules. He was walking along a steel hallway, carrying a briefcase, and doing what amounted to a check in the box inspection job. At least he was getting paid. As a chief engineer aboard a Star Force Explorer vessel, he had become used to a much more exciting lifestyle. Travelling the stars, vising new planets, fighting pitched battles against pirates and invaders… the kind of things he had signed up for. However, all away postings have to end at some point, and he rotated back to more conventional duties until it was his turn to leave again. So now here he was, monitoring Care Modules. He walked along the steel floored hallway and approached a random one on his right and set his briefcase down. There was a desk with a variety of gleaming buttons, and he hit the central one. A large screen door, invisible until now, appeared in front of him and slid upward. He hit the reinforced plastic behind it, ensuring it was secure, then hit a switch. A light came on, revealing a large and seemingly empty room behind. “Alight, let’s see if this all works” he said to himself. The rooms were kept empty not in use in order to prolong their lifespan. However, that could change in a second. He hit a button and began switching through a list. With it, the room changed. The walls turned from a dull grey to black, then blue, then pink, then red, and through a rainbow of colors, textures, and designs with paintings and murals appearing at will. He turned to a different list, and carpeting appeared on the floor, only to be replaced with tiles, rugs, wood, and dozens of other materials. He turned another, and furniture appeared, making an ordinary bedroom, a hospital, a prison cell, a nursery, a children’s bedroom, and more all along set designs. The idea of the machine is that it could be used as support for almost anyone, for almost any need, and in almost any situation. It could be a room to satisfy almost any need or desire aboard a ship or on the planet, then switch to something different when the next occupant came in. Johann’s job was to ensure it was all working properly before a tour came through the next day, which would include inspectors to give it final approval. As it was, several of them were already occupied, so his work was merely formality. “Alright, that is all in order. Now let’s see what else you got,” he said. He hit a button, and steel arms came out of the walls, protruding from every corner. He turned on a microphone and spoke into it. “Computer, recognize my voice.” There was a series of beeps followed by “RECOGNIZE, JOHANN,” n a mechanical voice. An image of himself in his flight suit came up, looking slender, with long brown hair. “Damn I look good,” he said, secretly wishing he could be back in that flight suit. “COMMENCING “LOOKING GOOD” PATTERN,” the voice said. Smooth jazz music came on, along with robotic dancing. Hands came out of the desk full of make up. “NO NO CANCEL CANCEL!” he said, and the machine stopped. Being careful not to mutter to himself, he bent over and opened his briefcase. A small robot, made of steel bars and wires, jumped out. It straightened up and quickly grew to a full adult’s height. It then began to flesh out, with rubber balloons inflating in the place of skin. A crude imitation of a man, but good enough for his work. He hit a button on the desk, and a door appeared in the wall. He unlocked it, then spoke to the robot. “Get in,” he said, and the robot obeyed. He shut the door behind it, and locked it. “Computer, prison setting,” he said. A series of beeps followed, then “PRISON SETTING ACKNOWLEDGED.” The room changed to a deep blue with simple furniture. He held down a button which deactivated the arms. “Robot, try to get out,” he said. The robot banged on the glass and on the door with twice the strength a human could muster. None of them budged. Johann released the buttons controlling the arms. In an instant they sprang to life and wrapped themselves around the robot, suspending him helplessly in the air. “Excellent. Computer, hospital setting.” “HOSPITAL SETTING ACKNOWLEDGED.” The room changed to a white hospital room, and the arms lay the robot on a bed while a light scanned him for medical problems. “Alright, robot, trip and fall, demonstrate “broken arm.” The robot didn’t move. He spoke louder. “Robot, trip and fall, demonstrate ‘broken arm.” The robot remained lying in the bed as arms took care of and shook its head at Johann. It put its arms behind its head and let out an automated sigh. “Damn lazy robot,” Johann said. He walked into the room. “Robot, leave this room!” The robot stuck its ‘tong’ out at him. The robot was a highly developed, extremely expensive tool, and a jackass. If this was a malfunction, it would come down on Johann’s head. “INSTRUCTIONS NOT UNDERSTOOD,” the computer said. “No, I want this robot out of the room!” Johann said. “UNDERSTOOD, REMOVING ROBOT.” A whole appeared in the roof, and the arms tossed the robot half a mile into the sky. “Oh s&$%....” Johann said, watching his career fly away with an overpriced jackass of a robot. “INSTRUCTIONS UNDERSTOOD,” the room said. A toilet appeared, and the arms picked up Johann and pulled him toward it. “NO NO! I’m not going to use the toilet.” “INSTRUCTIONS UNDERSTOOD. ALTERNATIVE MEANS ENGAGED.” A tube came out of the wall “NOOO not that!” Johann said. He didn’t even want to know what the tube was for. “Just put me down.” “UNDERSTOOD,” the arms dropped Johann with a hard ‘thump’ onto the ground. He sat down to think. “God damn this thing destroyed the robot… it was like my boss’s baby… he said take care of it… they are going to HATE me, probably punish me, give me the 10th degree… probably won’t leave earth again…” “UNDER NOT UNDER NO UNDER NOT STOOD UNDER NOT STOOD NOT NOT STOOD UNDER” the voice said. Johann jumped up, and realized he was still muttering to himself. The arms were spinning around, struggling to find some meaning in his words. Johann began to panic. This was worst case scenario, he had caused a malfunction. “NO! STOP LISTENING TO ME!” he shouted. “UNDERSTOOD. JOHANN NO LONGER ACCEPTED VOICE CONTROL.” “What?” he said, color draining from his face. The computer didn’t say a thing. “REVERTING TO MOST LIKELY SETTING.” The machine made a long string of beeps and static noise, then began repeating his last words. “ALTERNATIVE TOILETRY MEANS… WON”T GET OUT… TAKE CARE OF IT… PUNISH… BOSS’S BABY… DOORS LOCKED, NURSERY MODE ACTIVATED.” “WHAT!” Johann shouted as arms seized him. The walls around him changed to a baby blue with colorful cartoon character’s dancing around it. "This... can't... be... happening..." he said, while reality confirmed that it could, in fact, be happening. He made a scramble for the door, and slammed into the now solid wall that replaced it. Arms grabbed him from all sides and lifted him strait into the air. "No NO NO! I"M NOT A BABY!" he said, as he was carried toward a changing table. "YOU ARE A BABY, AND WILL BE TREATED AS SUCH. ARE YOU THROWING A TANTRUM?" the machine said. "I"m NOT throwing a tantrum! I'm an adult put me... MPH..." he was cut off as a large pacifier was shoved into his mouth. He spat it out, only to find it instantly replaced and attached behind his head with ribbons. "What sort of nursery is this?" he thought. "NAUGHTY BABY. GOOD BABIES DON"T THROWN TANTRUMS. SUCKLE THAT AND BE A GOOD BOY OR YOU'LL GET A SPANKING. ANY MORE LIES ABOUT BEING AN ADULT WILL RESULT IN MOUTH SOAPINGS" Ridiculous. The machine couldn't spank a baby... could it? That be abuse...He watched the thick steel arms circle around. He didn't want to test it. The arms settled him down on the table. The stripped him naked, taking his clothes back through the walls. He groaned as he saw their replacements. A thick white diaper, sized for himself and cartoonishly decorated came out. A baby blue teddy bear shirt with pink ruffles at the sleeves and "Baby Boy" written on the chest followed, along with finger less mittens. The arms were efficient, he had to give them that. He was very quickly powdered, diapered, and dressed to the machine's specifications. He sat up, getting used to the new sensations. The thickness of the diaper forced his legs apart, and any movement was accompanied by the loud crinkling of plastic. However, the sweet smell of the powder, along with the softness of the padding and the t-shirt made it comfortable. The machine lifted him up and set him down on the ground amid a pile of toys. "NOW BE A GOOD BABY AND PLAY UNTIL SUPPER TIME." Not likely, he thought. The second the hands moved away he stood up and reached for the tapes of his diaper. He grabbed at them on impulse, not thinking through. This quickly proved for a mistake for two reasons. First, he found that his now mittened hands were near useless when it came to opening tapes. HE had a moment to contemplate this before the second reason came crashing across his padded backside. "MPH!" he yelped against the pacifier as he was hoisted into the air. Dread filled him, and he realized the machine might just make good on its promise. A scan went over him. "ASSESSING PAIN TOLERANCE" it said. Pain tolerance? he thought. It couldn't... no... Johann watched in horror as one of the hands raised itself behind him. He closed his eyes. THWACK! he felt and heard, as the hand slammed down on him. "BAD BABY! BAD BABY!" The machine said, over and over as it spanked him. This can't be happening! he thought. They wouldn't spank an actual baby! What is this? The machine continued, putting Johann into more and more agony. He felt his bottom get blistered, and slowly broke down from yelping into loud sobs. Finally the spanking ended. The machine turned him back over and craddled him comfortably, rocking him back and forth. A finger waggled in front of him. "THERE THERE. GOOD BABIES KEEP THEIR DIAPERS ON. HAVE YOU LEARNED YOUR LESSON?" Johann nodded. "GOOD. IT IS TIME FOR FEEDING. PREPARING MEAL WITH LESSON 24B: DIAPER NECESSITY." Johann's eyes went wide as he was sat down with a crinkle and a thud at a high chair. He barely even noticed his aching bottom. Lesson? Diaper necessity? What fresh hell could that be? The machine removed his pacifier, and he tried to ask the question but was silenced as a spoon full of sugary-sweet mush was shoved into his mouth. "OPEN FOR THE AIRPLANE!" One of the machine's hands held his head as the others spooned more and more into him fast enough to almost make him gag. "Wait! MPH..Let me MDSGE.... SPEAK! MPHHHHH." Every time he swallowed one spoonful, another one was instantly behind it, giving him no pause to finish speaking. He tried to spit some out, but the machine simply scooped it up and kept going. He was forced to continuously swallow what he imagined was mashed fruits and vegetables with oatmeal- as strange, gooey substance clearly intended for babies. But no one would feet a baby like this? They wouldn't treat one this roughly, would they? Soon the bowl was finished, and Johann felt stuffed with the massive amount of goo so quickly shoved into him. The hands then grabbed the bottle and lifted him out of the chair. "WAIT!" he shouted. Miraculously, the machine paused. "What is this.. lesson... thing... you are giving me?" "LESSON 24B: DIAPER NECESSITY" "Yes! What is that? "LESSON 24B: DIAPER NECESSITY. USED FOR BABIES WHO ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THEIR DIAPERS OR ARGUE AGAINST THEM. IN ORDER TO INSTRUCT BABIES ON THE IMPORTANCE OF THEIR DIAPERS AND PUNISH FOR THE SAME TRANSGRESSION. THE BABY IS GIVEN SUPPLEMENTS TO ENSURE DIAPER USAGE, THEN KEPT INSIDE THEM." Johann's eyes went wide. "WHAT!? You can't... MPHHHH!" He was cut off once again as the bottle was shoved into his mouth. He glared at the arms, waited a moment, and refused to drink. "IF THE BABY IS HAVING TROUBLE DRINKING, HE CAN CERTAINLY BE ENCOURAGED." The machine held up a massive wooden paddle. Johann stared at it a moment, and realized the machine wouldn't let him go until he drank anyway. There is no way he'd win a contest of patience with an inanimate object. He sulked, and began to drink. "GOOD BABY, GOOD BABY," the machine said as it rocked and fed him. Johann just tried not to think about what he was ingesting, and what it would make him do. There had to be a way out of this. When he finished, the machine put the pacifier back in his mouth without tying it on. It then put him on the ground and said "GOOD BABY, NOW PLAY WITH YOUR TOYS." Not wanting to risk another spanking, Johann picked up his teddy bear and made a show of playing with it, all while trying to think of a way out. More importantly, he wanted access to a toilet before his 'lesson' on diaper ususage began. He could already feel his stomach grumbling, and did not like what that meant. The control panel was on the other side of the wall. If he could get to it, he could reset the machine to accept his voice commands again. He picked up the bear and threw it to where the door way had been. He stood up, but after a command from the machine not down, he could back down. He then crawled after the bear, stopping before what was now a sheer wall. He ran his fingers along it, hoping to find some kind of handle. He slowly stood up, leaning on the wall so that the machine didn't tell him to sit down again, and felt for any kind of opening. HE began pounding on it with his mittened fist. He felt arms grab him and carry him to the center of the room. A finger waggled in front of him. "BABY WILL NOT DO THAT AGAIN. IT MAKES IT SEEM LIKE BABY IS TRYING TO LEAVE, WHICH HE KNOWS IS A BIG NO NO. BABIES CAN'T LEAVE WITHOUT SUPERVISION. NOW STAY HERE AND BE GOOD" A large blue baby bouncer appeared underneath him, and Johann was set down into it. His feed dangled half a foot off the ground, and he realized he wouldn't be able to move from that spot. He tried to push himself out, but it latched on around his waste. Meanwhile, his diaper was pressed up against him, reminding of his new status, and what he would soon be required to do inside it. He felt his stomach rumble, driving the point home. Johann looked around helplessly. Aside from the teddy bear, there was nothing in arms distance he could grab onto. He could put the tips of his toes on the ground, but only managed to bounce around, which he stopped as soon as he realized how he must look. The bouncer was stationary, there was no way for him to walk or move back toward the wall. Johann stayed and sulked for what felt like hours. He tried to amuse himself with the bear, if anything to make a show for the machine. However, he couldn't distract himself for long. The cramps inside him kept growing. They came on quickly, making his stomach rumble and complain. He kept hoping the machine would let him out, but there was no such luck, and soon he was desperate. "MMM MMM!" He began making sounds against the pacifier, hoping to attract its attention. He waved his arms around and pointed at the pacifier, while pouting and sulking to show something was wrong. The hands removed the pacifier. "IS SOMETHING WRONG?" it asked. "Yes! Please, I really need to go to the bathroom." "Babies don't use the bathroom." "Please! I need to go.. uh... number two." As if to emphasize it, his stomach grumbled, and he heard a loud fart escape. He blushed and hoped that was all it was. "THEN YOU ARE ALL SET. THAT IS WHAT YOUR DIAPER IS FOR." "No! Please don't make me! I want to use the toilet!" "POTTY TRAINING WILL NOT BEING UNTIL YOU TURN 3." "I'm A GROWN MAN, YOU DENSE RUST BUCKET! LET ME GO!" Johann was getting desperate, and angry. "ARE YOU HAVING A TANTRUM? BABY WILL NOT TELL LIES." "I'm not a baby! You will let me use the toilet or I'll have you deactivated you worthless malfunctioning bastard!" "NO. BABY WILL NOT BLACKMAIL HIS CARETAKERS. "But this is pointless! Its ridiculous!" "BABIES WILL NOT ENGAGE IN SELF DESTRUCTIVE NIHILISM." "This can't be real." "SOLIPSISM IS ALSO BANNED." "SHUT UP! And let me out of these diapers!" "THAT IS ENOUGH. YOU WILL USE YOUR DIAPERS NOW. INITIATING PUNISHMENT SEQUENCE 34 C." "What?" Johann said, color draining from his face. The pacifier was again tied into his mouth, and he was suspended bent over. A hand raised up and spanked him hard enough to make him yelp. SMACK SMACK SMACK! The hand continued spanking him, and the machine spoke. "BAD BABY! YOU WILL BE SPANKED UNTIL YOU USE YOUR DIAPERS LIKE YOU ARE MEANT TO." Johann was in panic. He couldn't do that. However, his bottom was already sore from the previous spanking, and there was no way to escape. Furthermore, the pressure was building, and he was getting desperate. He swallowed his pride, and gave up. He felt a massive stream of muck come out of him and into his waiting diaper. The spanking spread the warm mush around, caking him. He cringed at the feeling, wanting more then anything for it to be over. However, after all that waiting and holding back, there was a lot in him and it kept coming out. The hands slowed down to a light patting as he finished. He shuddered, utterly humiliated. His only relief was that no one was there to see it. It took him a moment to realize that the hand hadn't entirely stopped. Instead, it changed its pattern, rubbing him and patting him. He looked at it questioningly. "THIS IS PART OF THE PUNISHMENT. BABY WILL HAVE HIS MESSY DIAPER RUBBED TO INCREASE DISCOMFORT, THEN REMAIN IN IT." The machine kept going, then slowly turned him over and sat him on a pair of arms folded like a knee to bounce him up and down. "What kind of horrid nursery is this!?" Johann thought as he sobbed. He felt the muck in his diaper get pressed against him again and again. Already, the smell made him want to gag, and the feeling made it worse. When it was finished, the machine put him in the corner and ordered him not to think about what he had done and not to move. Johann sulked, almost thank full for the teddy bear and pacifier. Having nothing to do or distract him, he couldn't stop thinking about the feeling inside his diaper, the horrible smell, or his humiliating circumstance. How could the machine make a mistake like this? Why would it treat a 'baby' so roughly? And how could he get out? Johann had know idea how long it had been when the machine finally picked him up. "DID YOU THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU HAD DONE?" Johann nodded. "GOOD BABY. YOUR PUNISHMENT IS ALMOST OVER. YOU WILL BE CHANGED SOON, AND UNTIL THEN YOU CAN PLAY." Johann was happy for even the slightly good news, and tried to not think about the fact he was happy for a diaper change. That changed quickly, however, when he saw where he would be spending his 'play time.' The machine carried him back towards the bouncer, and despite his kicking and squirming, deposited him inside of it. "MMMMMMPPPHHH!" He moaned and wailed as the messy diaper was pressed against him. He sulked down, almost crying. The feeling was horrible, and getting worse by the minute. It was beginning to itch, and he was helpless to stop it. He hung pouting in the bouncer, holding tightly onto his teddy bear for the slightest bit of comfort. The machine turned on cartoons directly in front of him, and unable to turn away inside the bouncer, he was forced to watch. He didn't think he had ever been so miserable. Finally, the machine began to pick him up. "CHANGING TIME" it announced. Johann thought of how just a few hours ago that statement would seem ridiculous, and now it seemed like wonderful news. The arms had him suspended mid air when they stopped. Johann wondered what was going on.. "ACCEPTING NEW COMMANDER- Capt C. Cleveland." The machine said. "Oh no..." Johann thought. "When was the tour coming through?" As if to answer the question, the screen door began to move up. Johann's eyes went wide and he struggled helplessly against the arms. A deep horror dawned on him. "PAUSING FOR INSPECTION" the machine said, leaving Johann suspended mid air directly in front of the screen. There was an audible gasp as a collection of shocked faces saw Johann suspended spread eagle, wearing a babyish t shirt and diaper, sucking a pacifier, holding a teddy bear, with infantile cartoons on, clearly having just been taken out of a bumper and with a diaper changing table being prepared behind him. "Is that... is that Johann?" a voice said. Johann stared in shock. The voice was Amanda, one of his co-workers. Along with her most of his coworkers, his seniors, the commanders and admirals, the actual inspectors, and, it seemed, a tour group of visiting civilians. There were far more then he expected, and every one of them was staring at him. He wondered if anything could be more humiliating. His answer came quickly. "UNTWISTING ARMS" the machine said. Johann looked up to see that, by grabbing him when he was struggling, had become twisted in a loop. The result was Johann began to slowly rotate in front of the group. He squeezed his eyes shut, hoping it would stop before it was too late. It didn't, and there was an audible gasp as Johann was turned backwards to reveal his messy diaper to the crowd, before facing them again blushing deeper then he ever had before. The audience was horrified, but remained, unable to turn away from the train wreck of a scene. "Ummm... Captain Cleveland... who is this?" the admiral asked. "That is... that is Johann sir, one of the monitors here," Johann's flabbergasted superior explained. "What is he doing dressed like that?" "Well sir... that is the nursery program, usually intended for babies." "Then why is he there?" "Well... there are... other... reasons people might want to use it. Some people take it for.. ahem.. personal reasons, which we don't ask about. It has different settings for that." "So, a fetish?" "Yes. He talked about going on sabbatical to relax... I didn't realize this is what he meant." Johann was partially relieved to finally have an explanation, partially horrified to realize everyone there thought he was a pervert. "Huh. It has other settings like this?" the Admiral asked. "Yes. Also, they can be used as a punishment, I'm not..." "PUNISHMENT INITIATED" the machine said. "Oh god" Johann thought as it swung him around. To the shock of everyone there, the machine bent him over directly in front of the screen. Johann cringed at what he knew was going to happen. There was a loud shout from the audience, and Johann felt a hand smack the back of his messy diaper. He shouted, and the hand kept spanking again and again. The audience was groaning and screaming. Captain Cleveland spoke up. "Abort, abort! Computer, stop that!" The machine stopped, and left him suspended. "Why don't we go check..." "CHECK INITIATED" the machine said. There was another horrified scream as Johann's messy backside was brought up close to the screen and presented to the audience. The screen was slightly raised to allow for a check from the audience. Johann heard loud gagging and people backing away. "IT IS MY OPINION THAT THE BABY'S DIAPER IS MESSY," the machine said. "NO NO!" the captain yelled, "just do what you were doing before!" "UNDERSTOOD. CONTINUING DIAPER CHANGE," the machine said, and Johann was carried to the changing table. There was a scream, louder then before, as people began filing away from the scene. "CLOSE THE SCREEN! CLOSE THE SCREEN!" the captain yelled. The crowd began to move away, with members stopping to watch in awe at Johann's diaper change. Johann himself was held down to the table as his diaper was untapped and removed. He stared at the closing screen, watching both his greatest humiliation and possibly his only chance of escape disappear. He thought of his future. These chambers were usually private and self sustained. If they thought he really was going on sabbatical, its possible he'd be here for months before they asked him back. That was even if they wanted him back after all this. He dreaded having to go in front of his boss to explain how he ended up in a messy diaper in front of the Admiral, not to mention the airborne robot. However, even that was better then staying here. He let the machine change him, and prayed someone would have the sense to come and ask. Thanks for reading! As always, comments or critiques are appreciated.
  11. Switch

    Crabula pulled at her hair, gritting her teeth in frustration. The little brat just wasn't listening. II don't wanna!" her twelve year old charge screamed. "Well you have to! I'm the babysitter, and I said so! Now turn the tv off!" Crabula replied. He wards mother had demanded tv be turned off by 8:00. "I don't care if you're the babysitter! I'm twelve years old! I don't need a babysitter!" "Well maybe, but you're certainly not acting like a twelve year old! Clearly your mother hired me because you weren't mature enoughugh to be left on your own all night, and now you are proving her right! You are acting like a baby!" just as she said it, she knew it was the wrong thing to say. Her ward, Jessica, a small blond haired girl wearing jeans and a blue shirt, had been acting up all night. Crabula herself, a medium built brunet in jean shorts and a t-shirt, hadn't wanted to be cruel to the young girl, no matter how spoiled she acted. However, there was no going back now. "A baby! I'll show you!" Jessica tried to grab at Crabula, but Crabula just held onto her wrists. "That's it," Crabula said, "I've had enough. Go to bed now!" "WHAT!? Its only 8:00! Mom said I could stay up until ten." "Yes but she also said I should send you to be earlier if you are acting up. Do you want me to have to tell your mother you weren't listening?" The girl pouted. "No..." "Then go to bed,: she said sternly, pointing toward the stairs. "Fine. But you'll regret this." "Oh I'm SOOO scared" Crabula said sarcastically. She watched as the girl walked up the stairs, went into her room, and shut the door. She had to admit, she was a little surprised the girl responded so quickly. Now finally having time alone, Crabula returned to the living room. There was a large flat screen tv, a black leather couch, and several book shelves. She sat down on the couch and turned on the tv. That rule had been made for Jessica, and since she was in bed, she saw no reason to enforce it for herself. As she watched, she turned on her laptop and ran through her school files, checking if her grades had come in. For the most part, she had done well, and a list of Bs with a few As came up. A few hours later there was a knock on the door. She got up to answer it, and saw Jessica's parents standing there. They were a fairly young couple, mid or late thirties, and both tall. The father was brown haired and wore a suit, while the mother was the same blond as her daughter and wore a long green dress. "Oh! Hello Mr. and Mrs. Smith. How was your night out?" "It was amazing. Thanks so much for coming in on such short notice for Jessica. I hope she wasn't too much trouble?" Mrs. Smith asked. "Oh it wasn't a problem to come in" Crabula tried not to sound sarcastic. Getting a call with less than an hours notice was bad enough, and even worse on a Friday night, even if it was summer. "As for Jessica..." she knew she shouldn't be trying to get revenge on a twelve year old girl, but couldn't help herself. "To be honest, Mrs. Smith, she was a perfect little brat. She complained about everything, refused to turn off the tv, and generally acted like she was half her age. She even tried to push me! I had to send her to bed early." She left out the part that Jessica had, in the end, gone to her bed without much of a fight and had been quite all night. She told herself it simply wasn't important. "Oh really!? Well, I'm sure we will have to do something about that tomorrow. Thanks again, Crabula Mrs. Smith sounded generally surprised, though this was fairly common with Jessica. Crabula took the money for the night, said goodbye, and left. As soon as she was out the door, Crabula let out a huge sigh of relief. She got on her bike, a large red Airbourne mountain bike, put on her helmet, switched on the lights and began riding. These nights were getting more and more stressful. Not many of her babysitting charges exactly liked her, and to be honest, the feeling was mutual. Crabula was constantly shocked at how rude and immature they could be. Was she really that bad at their age? She couldn't have been. Perhaps she was a bit stricter then the other babysitters, and more willing to give punishments, but they needed it, it was how she was raised, and frankly she just couldn't deal with it all. She only kept going because she REALLY needed the money to save for college. But between babysitting, school work, household chores, and the million other things she needed to do, she was more than worn out. She just wished she could have a break from it all, no responsibilities, no work... Suddenly her bike jammed and she felt herself flip over her handlebar. She landed with a thud on the ground, and felt her bike land on top of her. "OOPH!" she said. She began rubbing her shoulder and head where she had landed. Thank god for her helmet. She looked back at her bike. What had caused her to crash? She saw something on the path, half buried. Her tire must have hit it. She bent down for a closer look. To her surprise, what she found was metallic. She picked it up, and realized she was looking at a very old lamp. She almost laughed out loud. It was just like the ones she had seen in old stories and the 'Aladdin' movie. It was made of bronze, with a handle, a wide body, and a long, thin neck. Almost as a joke, she began to rub it... And was surprised to see something come out. A long stream of red and gold smoke poured out of the neck, collecting into a massive cloud. She watched, stunned, as the cloud condensed into a being with red skin a broad gold bars wrapping around it. The world around him seemed to change, with colors flowing randomly, things bending and twisting, and everything feeling as if it was a dream. "I am Yasafar, the red genie. I am here to grant you three wishes, whatever they may be,†the being spoke in a deep, powerful voice that shook the ground. Crabula, still sitting on the ground, was to shocked to speak. "Well?" it said. "Is... is this real? Did I hit my head in the fall?" Crabula began rubbing her scalp, feeling for any bruises. "Yes, this is real, and no, you didn't. If it is your wish, however, I can give you a head injury." The being began to raise its massive, muscular hand. "No no, that's ok. NO! PLEASE DON'T." Crabula sunk down to the ground and raised her hands to protect herself. "Well then I must insist you come up with something. I have places to be you know," the genie said. "What? Aren't I supposed to be your master or something? What do you mean places to be?" "Hey listen lady, I have a life outside of work, ok? Not everything revolves around you." "What? What things? What kind of genie are you?" she couldn't believe it. Even having wishes granted was turning out to be stressful. "Look, I have a job to do like everyone else, and frankly, you aren't exactly helping me do it. I happen to be a VERY GOOD Genie. I have many satisfied customers to prove it, so I don't need your sass. Check my reviews online. So why don't we just move this along, ok? What do you want?" "Well... I uh...." Crabula had never really thought about it. Frankly, the idea of a Genie having ratings online had confused her too much to think. "Oh do hurry up," the genie said, creating a watch on his wrists so he could glance at it and emphasis his point. "Perhaps thinking is a bit tough for you. Want more brain cells?" He began to raise his hand again. "Hey, NO! That's not what I want. Jackass!" "Hmm. Seems strange that you wouldn't care about being smart. Says a lot about you." Crabula's jaw dropped. "But if you want a Jackass, then I can definitely do that." "NO! Jackass is an insult, you dumbass!" "Oh it is, is it? Well call me a dumbass if you want, at least I could come up with a wish. Now, what do you want?" "Uhhhh..." "Uhhh? What is uhhh? Is that a wish? Can you make uhhh? Sorry! I don't know what "uhhh" 0is. Anything you want other than "uhhh?" "OH MY GOD, YOU ARE SUCH AN A-HOLE!" "Oh an a-hole am I? Not a nice thing to say to someone offering you free stuff." Crabula moaned in frustration. Why was everything in her life so stressful? "Weeelll?" the Genie said. "Alright alright. Give me a second," Crabula thought back to all the work she had to do, babysitting spoiled kids, having o pay for things, buying books and clothes for college, studying... She knew what she wanted. "I want to be free from responsibilities. I want everything to be taken care of for me, clothes, food, everything. And I want my babysitting charges, especially the ones who always seem to hate me, to know how it feels to go through what they put me through. "Alright. To be quite honest, those where pretty lousy wishes. Like, a four out of ten AT BEST. 2 stars. Anything else, maybe a bit smarter, you'd want? Try thinking this time." "WHAT!? THOSE WERE EXCELLENT WISHES!! THEY ARE LIKE A 9 OUT OF TEN AT LEAST! I DID THINK ABOUT THEM, AND I'M PLENTY SMART! YOU'RE JUST A DUMBASS!" at this point, Crabula was willing to leave with or without her wishes just to get rid of him. She had put up with FAR too much to deal with this right now, so she definitely wasn't taking time to reconsider her wishes. The genie looked a little irritated, but sighed. "Alright, if that's what you want, your wishes are granted." He waved his hand.
  12. Fun Diaper Rolllplay

    Fun diaper rollplay I made a messy in my diaper
  13. The Joy of Pooping

    This is probably more of a short take than a full story, but I could see adding more to it eventually: ********************* The first wave came over me intensely; I needed to poop. That was it--not even a moment’s pause between recognition and involuntary response. Slowly, meaningfully, a thick strand of poop began to make itself known. My colon pulsated slowly around it. Peristaltic flow took over, I felt every inch slowly, inexorably, moving purposefully downwards towards my relaxed and expectant anus. Mommy nudged me softly, cradling me against her breast and patting the seat of my diaper affectionately. Almost imperceptibly, my legs eased apart as the expanding rod of poop crested momentarily, then pushed smoothly past my sphincter with an amazing ballooning feeling. It stretched to allow the substantial and growing flow of poop to pass, opening wide to allow the massive log to slide past. The entire load expanded slowly and blissfully into the seat of my Pampers. My unplanned and profoundly surprising bowel movement pressed firmly at first, then seemed to flow naturally, burrowing into the seat of the extra thick Pampers Mommy had dressed me in earlier. She had smiled this morning when I noticed the extra thick diaper she had laid out on my changing mat (“my†suddenly triggering an odd sensation, deep recoil at the absurdity of my situation--the realization that this unfathomable arrangement was now my everyday reality). “I think you’ll be needing these today. After the accidents and leaks of the past few days, you’ll be needing some more serious protection.†She had lifted my legs, then slid the diaper directly underneath my bottom. She then began to let me in on all that had happened while I had been asleep. “Sweetie, you’ll find that the nanobots have completely severed all nerve connections to your bladder and bowels. These Pampers are designed to keep you dry and comfortable during the day, no matter what happens. They are designed to protect your delicate skin and keep you from getting diaper rash.†I luxuriated in an indescribable sensation as the Pampers were positioned underneath my bottom, the ruffled edges and leak guards slightly tickling my inner thighs. She then reached over to a bottle of Desitin, applied a thick smear of cream to her gloved hand, then began applying it liberally to my perineum, thighs and scrotum. My little pee-pee stiffened at the sudden stimulation. This felt amazing. Glove off, her finger then slowly entered me to apply a water-based lubricant (“to help you go poopies, sweetie. It will help the big, firm ones make their way into your Pampers comfortablyâ€). I blushed intensely, but her finger sliding deep into my rectum just felt too good not to enjoy. She then powdered me gently, and snugly pulled the thick Pampers around my waist, fastening the tapes tightly. I felt an initial elation, straining against the fitted diaper, feeling it encase me. Suddenly, I remembered that this was serious. “nanobots?!†We had progressed beyond mere play to something... more. Cue to now, comprehending at the speed of peristaltic flow. Slowly the mass of firm (at first) poop began to crest, pushing its way insistently into the seat of my Pampers. Cradled against Mommy’s soft bosom, it felt completely natural to mess myself. Continuing to pour slowly out of me, my poop settled into a warm, softening mass in the seat of my diaper. It was such a strange and comforting sensation, all at the same time. It was as if I had always been missing something--the last puzzle piece had fit. How could I ever have pooped any other way before this? This was simply right. I hugged close to mommy as a final strand burrowed its way out of me, encased firmly and securely by the standing leak guards lining the insides of my bulging Pampers. At that moment, I looked up at “Mommy†and knew that she had won. As if sensing her victory, she slowly brought a hand down and patted the bottom of my stinky, full diaper. With her other hand she unfastened a button, then offered me a waiting nipple. I reached out, greedily cupped the offered nipple, and with much anticipation began to suckle at Mommy’s breast. Warm, oddly sweet milk began to ease down my throat. I felt beyond words--my full diaper was patted softly as I rhythmically suckled at her breast, enjoying every drop of Mommy’s sweet milk. “Don’t worry sweetie. Mommy will change your poopy diaper in a little bit. Just enjoy yourself.†There it was again: "your" poopy diaper. I was intensely and profoundly aware of it. An unmistakable smell of soiled diaper had permeated the room. I felt the warm mess clumped between my cheeks, but it felt oddly natural. It felt amazing, to tell the truth. I felt completely at ease as I suckled in the comfortable confines of a messy diaper. Suddenly, my bladder began to empty, adding a nice flush of warmth to the front of my Pampers. “The best is yet to come, Sweetie. You see, the nanobots can now complete their work. By tomorrow morning, your little pee-pee will have shrunk to an inch at full size. The remaining nanobots will painlessly castrate you.†An unexpected turn of events. I froze. “Sweetie, things are going to be different now. I’m going to be your Mommy, but you will have to accurately play the part of baby. Testes just don’t fit in to the whole new you that we’re working with. Don’t worry, though. You should still be able to orgasm by direct prostate stimulation, or by rubbing your new baby clit against your Pampers. The nanobots have increased the sensitivity of your rectal and anal nerve-endings to the point that any bowel movement should be as pleasurable as the best orgasm you’ve ever experienced. Plus, without your scrotum to get in the way, it will be easier to clean your messy bottom.†There was no arguing with her logic, despite the unexpected turn of events. She was right: filling my Pampers had felt agonizingly wonderful. It was as if the world had stood still while the expanding rod of poop blossomed from my backside and filled me with indescribable ecstasy. I had never felt anything nearly as intense or exciting as the massive poop that I had just released into my Pampers. I honestly didn’t care too much about the loss of my manhood, so long as I could count on enjoying this again. “I’ve put you on some bulk fiber, too, so you can enjoy nice, big poopies like this one at least twice a day. Didn’t it feel good to have a big, firm poopy sliding uncontrollably into your Pampers? Mommy knows how naughty you like to be in your dirty diapers.†She was in control now. I had asked for this, wanted this, begged for this. No sense regretting my predicament after getting everything I had asked for. The knowledge that I would still be permitted to orgasm in my diapers was comforting and arousing, despite the knowledge that I was otherwise going to be a pampered eunuch. Increasingly aware of my diminished status--turned on at the thought of my helplessness--I stiffened slightly and strained against my confinement. The feel of a firm mass of poop snugly contained in the seat of my Pampers was absolutely luxurious. I began to rock back and forth, slowly feeling it stimulate and press against my bottom. Mommy noticed, and began to slowly pat the seat of my diaper while whispering into my ear. “You like making big poopies in your Pampers, don’t you?†I moaned softly, then began to suck gently on the pacifier that she had popped into my mouth after detaching me from her breast. “It’s okay to be a baby, Sweetie. I’m going to make sure you enjoy each and every one of your poopy diapers.†It was blatant conditioning, but I couldn’t help myself. She had already told me the plan months ago. I would be reduced to a helpless infant, would enjoy the process, and would actively hasten it. I had laughed initially, but here I was, growing extremely aroused as she whispered soft encouragement into my ear. “It’s natural for babies to enjoy making a poopy in their diaper. It feels good to just let go, doesn’t it sweetie. You’ve been such a good baby for Mommy. I think you’re almost ready to learn about what else is in store.†With that, she held me close as I pathetically rubbed myself against the soft, welcoming folds of my wet and poopy Pampers. The sensation built to a steaming, creamy crescendo. I suddenly exploded in an eruption of unmitigated pleasure, feeling the thick mass of poop press against me as wave after wave of blissful orgasm enveloped me. Mommy softly patted the seat of my diaper, reassuring me that it was okay--this was okay. I felt numb, and sucked on the pacifier intently as Mommy cradled me in her arms and carried me over to the changing table. The huge load of poop squished against my bottom as she lowered me onto the soft foam padding; there was no denying what I had just done. I laid still, completely limp and exhausted, overcome by the intense orgasm I had just released into my poopy diaper. “My sweetie sure likes making squishees in his poopy diapers, doesn’t he?†She knew that this was the best time to humiliate me. I would feel naughty and vulnerable after doing something so infantile and perverse in front of her. She always insisted on a long and thorough diaper change after I had masturbated in my poopy diapers. This was another one of her rewards, designed to attract me to my own infantilization. I had to admit, it felt amazing as she slowly untaped my diaper, cool air suddenly making me aware of her ministrations. She first grabbed my ankles, then used the diaper to scoop a large chunk of the heavy, stinky load away from my bottom. She then warmed some wipes with her hands and gently, patiently, began to clean every nook and cranny of my messy bottom. I was beyond feeling ashamed. I had just expelled a massive load of poop into my Pampers, masturbated, and Mommy was taking it all in stride, making me feel intensely loved as she made sure I was cleaned thoroughly. Swipe after swipe, she wiped my bottom completely clean. This was so much better than using a potty. I suddenly regretted every bowel movement I’d ever had that didn’t end this way. Her work done, she placed the dirty wipes into my full diaper, then balled it up and taped it closed. My dirty diaper was then dropped unceremoniously into the nearby diaper genie, along with all of the other soiled Pampers that I had filled in the past few days. Mommy then reached behind me, grasping a bulging plastic package. As she brought the package into my field of view, I saw “Pampers Ultra Overnight Diapers†printed in large lettering on the outside, next to an image of a content diapered infant. “I’ll bet you’re exhausted after all that effort,†she whispered into my ear as I heard the packaging split open. I watched, dumbfounded, as she extracted an almost unimaginably thick diaper from the packaging. The unmistakable sound of an unfurling diaper accompanied a firm grip on my ankles. Smoothly, she slid the thick diaper underneath me; my freshly cleaned bottom resting on its thick padding. I thought I had been thickly diapered this morning, but this was taking things to a whole new level. The (newly) familiar feel of Desitin being smeared onto my bottom was quickly accompanied by a dusting of sweet baby powder all around my diaper area. She firmly drew the overnight diaper up and onto my tummy, smoothing the wings and taping it closed as my legs were pressed apart by its wide bulk. Before I could fully comprehend what was happening, she picked me up, balanced me against her hip, and walked to the other corner of the room. As I adjusted to the sensation of a thick clean diaper enveloping me, she deposited me into a crib with a soft blanket and stuffed bear. Physically and emotionally overwhelmed by what had just happened, I snuggled against the bear while she pulled the blanket over my shoulders. My legs relaxed and spread outwards to accommodate the girth and thickness of my overnight Pampers. Exhausted, I began to drift off to sleep just as a slow trickle of pee began to seep into my diapers, soothing and enveloping me in its warmth--a promise of more to come.
  14. Baby Pig

    Blackness surrounded her. She struggled, but was unable to move. Ropes dug into her limbs, pulling her and twisting her into cramped crouched position on her side.Worse, she had no idea where she was or why.Gabriela thought she was moving. It was more of a guess then anything, however, as the thick cushioning around her hid any vibration and she couldn't hear the sound of an engine. It was more of a hope, that she was travelling somewhere and would be allowed out when she got there.The only problem was she wasn't certain if she really wanted to be where she was going. She had undergone her training, really more of a series of punishments, and been sold. She knew that much. After that... nothing. She imagined she had been drugged with something. Even stages of her training were blurry and she wasn't sure if she was supposed to remember them. Owners were notoriously different in how they took care of their subs. Some were loving and kinds, others were harsh and cruel, with all levels in between. Gabriela imagined whoever now owned her wanted her disoriented and confused, and the plan was working.Finally something seemed to change. The air smelled a bit fresher, and felt cooler. She heard creaking. She still couldn't see anything, but felt hands reach down and grab her. She was pulled out of her confined and untied. They put her on her feet, and she stumbled until she was grabbed by both arms and held up. Finally, a blindfold she wasn't aware she was wearing was pulled off her face. She blinked quickly, unused to the sunlight, and tried to look around.She was facing a farm, she realized. There were acres of field of her covered with rows of corn. In the distance she saw a large, three story house built with white paneling and brick. Beyond that was a series of large steel barns surrounded by animals. She turned around behind herself to see a row of houses. Finally, there were several large men around her, who all seemed to be focusing on a single woman in a dark suit. The woman was holding a riding crop, she realized with a gulp. Gabriela was suddenly aware that she was entirely naked.The woman in front of her smirked. "A bit scared, are you? Don't worry, I'm sure you'll have lots of fun." The others all laughed at her. "As long as you can behave, that is. You, my little one, are going to be my star attraction."She walked up to Gabriella and began inspecting her, grabbing and pinching at her flesh. "You certainly seem to be in good shape," she said. She kept looking at her, then sniffed the air. "You smell though." She fingered the sweat that had been building up on her when she was locked up. "You smell like a pig. Don't you, little piggy?"She stared at the woman blankely.'Well?" She snapped the riding crop at her thighs. "Answer!""Yes! Yes I do!" She whined, terrified."Good piggy. What do you smell like?""A piggy.""Good. Say it. Say your a pig and oink for me."'I'm a pig I'm a pig! Oink oink!" Gabriela was confused and frightened. This was not something she had expected or had been trained to do, and she responded as quickly as she could to avoid the crop. The other's laughed, and she wondered if perhaps it was a joke of some kind. She stared around, eyes pouting and pleading for some explanation. Instead they laughed more as her face turned red at what she had been forced to do.'Good girl. Yes we are going to have a lot of fun. But first, we need to get you ready. I'm afraid you're training hasn't quite prepared you for what we do here. I always thought it lacked in some areas. But we can fix that, can't we?""Yes, ma'am," she gave the reply her training had made instinctual. She smiled. "At least you're obedient. Maybe its a good thing they didn't train you for this, it makes it more fun for me." The woman reached into his pocket and pulled out a collar. It was thick and black, but decorated with pink hearts. A set of steel tags dangled from the front. She reached around behind her neck and attached it. She then turned something, and she heard a snap. She drew back his hand to show a key, which he put into his pocket. "We won't be needing this," she said. As she said that, Gabriela felt one of the men behind her sewing an extra piece over her collar. It really wasn't coming off, she realized as a pit formed in her stomach.'This collar marks you as my own. I am your mistress, you are my property. The collar won't come off and it is reinforced with wiring, so don't even try to cut it. There is a tracker inside it, so we always know if you try to run away." She fingered the tags in front of her. "These give all the information anyone needs if they find you, including how to bring you back to me, what you are going to be called, how you are to be kept when found, and how you are to be punished. You don't need to know what it says, any more then a pet dog or cat would ever know what her tags say. Believe me, you don't want any of that enacted, and if it does, we have more permanent ways to mark you. You don't want to be branded, do you?""N- no ma'am!" she said, shaking.Sje smiled. "Good. Now, if you behave well, this won't be too hard for you. However, cross me..." she held the riding crop up "and it will get much worse. Understood?""Yes ma'am!""Good. Now, come with me." Her mistress attached the end of a leash to her collar, then turned around and began to walk away. Gabriella tried to follow her, but one of the men around her forced her down to her knees. She didn't move for a moment, then the leash tightened and forced her forward. The woman turned back and smirked as she began to crawl after her, naked except for her leash and collar, and slipping in the mud. Even with the training she had gone through, the idea of strangers seeing her crawl around, naked, sweaty and dirty was horrible. For a moment she almost wished she was back at training, where at least she was indoors, with people she knew and doing things that had become familiar. She remembered those days- the constant embarrassment and pain, how she wished to finally be done and moved on to her owner- ironic that she now was craving it.Her new owner led her down a long drive way toward the house she had seen. She must have been rich, she realized, as it was far larger then any farm house she had seen. As they got closer, however, he turned and led her down a different path. Gabriela glanced toward the house, confused, but didn't dare raise the question. He training had taught her not to speak unless spoken too, and hundreds of hard lashes came back to her at even considering doing otherwise. It was only as the turned around the corner of the house that she realized with increasing dread they were heading toward the barns. The smell of animals hit her at once, and she almost choked. She prayed that she wouldn't be expected to live there, among the animals and filth... but worse things had happened to subs. She sighed and went through a mental list of all the horror stories she had been told, all the things that could happen, all the placed she could go if she didn't behave and should be happy she wasn't going to. It was a method she had been taught to behave for her masters. People who lived solely to be punished, spanked and whipped hundreds of times a day and force fed garbage food before being left to sleep in bondage. Boys who were treated as girls for all purposes, with details that left all the males listening in near tears. People being locked in the same diaper for days, living and sleeping in their filth until the smell and the rash became unbearable. She had experienced portions of a lot of them, and didn't want any more. She couldn't place what was happening on any of the descriptions she had been given, but perhaps that was by design, as many owners wanted what was happening to be a surprise, and the trainers always knew what was best. The exercise helped her. She was here to be his submissive, a role she had been chosen for based on her own behavior and trained to do. It was her job to do as ordered without questioning, no matter how humiliation and painful, and she would do it as her duty. She looked at her new owner, feeling a mix of fear and affection that had been trained into her. She was there to please her. The owner knew best, the owner was in charge, and the sub must obey, she kept telling herself. Nothing else mattered.Finally they reached the barn. She opened a side door and lead her in. Pigs honked all around her, and the smell was far worse then the outside. She cringed as he led her through piles of mud, straw and waste along the floor, and tried not to inhale through her nose. Finally she pulled her into an empty stall, then turned to face her."Enjoying it so far?" her owner asked.'Ye-no---YES ma'am!" she said, trying to decide what he wanted to hear rather then state her opinion. The woman laughed. "You don't have to lie to me. Tell me the truth. What do you think?" "I'm scared ma'am," she said truthfully. "What if I told you this was your new home? Would that make you happy?" "No ma'am," she said, almost in tears. She knew she wasn't supposed to complain. However, she had asked, and hadn't told her what to think. "Awww poor little baby piglet," her mistress reached down and rubbed her head, then cupped her chin and raised her face. "Don't worry. This doesn't have to last. If you show you can behave here, you'll be allowed to live in my house, ok? You can be kept clean, and wander around behind me, cuddling against me and eating beside me. You'll only need to come back here for shows or for punishment. Doesn't that sound fun?" She nodded, truthfully. What he was describing was almost ideal for a sub- to be kept in comfort and coddled, a plaything to be spoiled and cared for by the owner. "Now. As for your outfit. I think it needs to be changed, don't you?" She looked down at her naked body. Before she could respond, the men on either side of her lifted her up. They carried her to the side of the pen, where there was a large shelf, and dropped her on all fours. Her owner reached underneath the shelf where there was a set of small doors. She opened them, and began to take things out. Her mistress held the first object in front of her. It was a large steel plug with a curled tail at the end. A replica pigs tail she realized. "You, my little one, are going to be my baby pig. Understood?" "Yes ma'am," she said in a broken voice, dreading the feeling of the plug. "Now now, from now on my name is Mommy, alright? Mistress also works. And you're new name is going to be Piggy, though I'm going to have fun calling you different names you need to get used to. Alright?" "Yes Mi- Mommy." She said, and her mistress laughed. Mistress reached behind her and slowly slide the plug inside. She cringed as it went in, then sighed in relief when it finally stopped. The intrusion was noticeable, but not painful. She looked back to see a tail seemingly sticking out the back of her, and blushed. Did she have to be a pig? She had been trained to act like a puppy, and a cat, but a pig? The thought made her shiver, and she tried to remind her self of what she owed to her mistress, and how much worse it could be. Somehow, it didn't help much. "Oh, and one fun part about this?" her Mommy took out a controller, which she looked at curiously. She pressed a button, and Gabriela gasped as it began vibrating. "Enjoy that?" She nodded. "Annndd if you're naughty," she pushed another button. A wave of shocks jolted Gabriella, making her squeal until he hit the button again. She lay down panting for breath. "Less fun, eh?" She nodded again and whined. "At least it makes you squeal like a piggy." Her mistress ruffled her hair. Her Mommy then picked her up and turned her over onto her back. Gabriela realized that the other men who had come with her had departed, perhaps convinced her new owner had her under control. "Now, want to guess what is next?" she asked. Gabriela shook her head. The woman reached underneath to pull out a white object. "I did tell you you were a BABY pig, didn't I?" she asked. Gabriela's eyes went wide. It was a diaper, she realized. She had been trained for this, but hadn't expected it after everything else. She turned it over to show the printing on the front, displaying cartoon barn animals each smiling and wearing a diaper. She pointed to a pig. "See? Just like you. Now lift your hips." She groaned and obeyed. This had always been one of the worse parts of her training. Diaper training had always been humiliating, and combined with the rest, it was too much.The woman slid the diaper underneath her and powdered it well, then lifted her ankles up and readjusted before bringing them down. She felt the thickness of the cushion underneath her, then between her legs as the lifted it up and taped it on snugly. It was wider then most of the diapers she had been trained with, she realized. Perhaps to encourage her to crawl like a pig, she thought, shuddering again. She went back to her training and reminded herself of what else she could be doing. "Good baby pig," her Mistress said. She turned her over into crawling position again, then reached into her diaper and pulled something. To Gabriella's surprise, the tail came out through a tiny hole in the diaper, which she realized must have been specially designed for this exact humiliating ordeal. She groaned again. She felt a sharp pain on her thigh and yelped. She looked back to see her Mistress holding the riding crop up. She stared at her in fear. "I don't want to hear that complaint again, Piggy. You are hear under my ownership. You do not get to argue. Whenever I give you something, no matter how humiliating or painful, you will love and cherish it, not groan. Is that understood?" "Yes Mommy sorry Mommy!" She said. She couldn't believe what she had been doing. She had upset her owner on her first DAY. It had been far different then she had expected, but it still didn't bode well for her. "Good. Next time, however, will be far worse. Now, lets finish getting you dressed. Her owner reached underneath the shelves and took out a long piece of pink cloth. Her mistress pulled it over her, and she realized it was a onesie that seemed to combine a baby's pajamas with a pig costume. It fit tightly around her, and seemed to be made out of latex. She tried to fight back the whining at the appearance. Next the took out a bonnet with pig's ears sticking out the top and strapped it under her chin. She held up a pacifier made in the shape of a pig's snout, put it in her mouth and tied it behind her head. This was followed with mittens in the shape of hoofs, and a pair of similar objects he attached to her knees. She wondered at this a moment until he attached a strap to her ankles and tried it to the back of her onsie, leaving her feet in the air and her body balancing on her knees and hands. Finally, her owner picked her up again and set her down on the ground in the mud. She looked around at her surroundings, and her new home. There was a pile of straw in the corner which she assumed would be her bed, and a trough she prayed she wouldn't need to eat from. There was mud and dirt everywhere, and it was impossible to keep clean. Worse of all, there was a mirror leaning in a corner, seeming to exist only for the purpose of showing her how ridiculous she looked. She could have cried at the appearance. Her mistress snapped the riding crop at her. "Crawl!" she said, and Gabriela jumped to obey. It was snapped again, and she yelped. "Crawl!" the woman said again, pointing in a direction. Every time she reached one side of the tiny pen, her Mommy smacked her again, and sent her crawling in a new direction. She rushed each time, panicking and feeling the need to obey. She became filthier and filthier as it happened, and her eyes became wet with tears. Finally her Mommy snapped it again. "Now, roll around in the mud like a pig." She obeyed, now fully crying. "Awww is my poor baby pig sad?" her Mommy asked. She nooded, holding back tears. She whacked her hard with the crop and she yelped. "Well, get used to this for now, you will spend a lot of time here until you prove you deserve something else, and still more time after that for shows." She looked at her owner. Shows? He had mentioned it before. What did he mean? She hoped it wasn't what it seemed. Her mistress seemed to read her mind. "Oh, don't worry, that will become clear soon. See, this isn't just a farm, but a museum of farms. And you, my little piglet, will me my star attraction." She began to panic. She hadn't even thought of that. She was going to go on display? For money? She tried to raise the questions, but the pacifier muffled them. Her mistress snapped the riding crop again. "Now now, no arguing. IF there is one thing they taught you, it was that. But, as for the things he didn't." She croached down beside her. "Even after you've earned the right to live in my mansion, IF you earn the right, you will come back her every weekend, and whenever people are willing to play. You will put on a show for them, crawling around, being punished as they demand whether you deserve it or not, using your diapers like a good baby." She pointed to one corner with his crop. "See that corner? WHenever you use your diapers and earn a change, they will be dumped right there, so you can live next to your own waste like a real pig." Gabriela yelped at that. Next she pointed to the door, and a truck out front. "That truck has raising sides so I can tour around, putting you on display, charging people to see you and to 'play' with you. And I bet you can't wait to find out what 'play' means." She shuddered. "You will earn your keep. And for now...." she pointed to the trough. "That is what you will eat from. You will have a good meal, loaded with plenty of stuff that will ensure you use your diapers not long from now, as I lead you around town to advertise my new exhibit. In fact, lets get started, shall we?" She pulled a lever, and a disgusting mixture of slime and chunks pored out. Gabriela prayed it wasn't just what was fed to pigs, but from the appearance and smell it very well could have been. Her mistress leaned over and sprinkled a jar into it. A laxative, she realized. Her stomach turned at the though. Where had THIS been in the training? "This will help ensure you don't have control over certain functions, I'm sure you can guess which. The only control will be this, and the plug it is attached to." She held up the remote, then reached down and untied her. "Now, get eating." She unhooked the pacifier. Gabriela looked at her pleadingly, and she raised the crop. She crawled forward and stared at the mess in front of her. The smell made her want to gag. She had hoped perhaps it appeared worse then it was for show, but if anything, the opposite seemed to be true. Was this supposed to happen? Masters had a duty to feed their subs. It was never clarified what, but this... SHe looked at it again and almost thew up. "Well? I'm waiting? Don't let them get the laxative or you will regret it." She indicated the other end of the trough with her crop, where Gabriella realized to her horror pigs had began to eat from a different section. IN reality they weren't close, but the thought was enough to make her cringe again. She stared at the food with tears in her eyes. This wasn't what she had been trained for. The diapers were one thing- she had experienced that, and if anything it was the worse she had experienced. Even being treated like some animals was alright, dogs, cats... But pigs? She groaned at the though. Nothing she had done was that humiliating. Then living out in the barn, surrounded by animals, laying in filth, diapered anyway as if to add insult to injury, and paraded around for all to see and PAY for favors? What did that even mean? She began to shake her head. Tears poured from her eyes. Everything in her training told her that it was wrong, that she must obey, but... this was too much. This wasn't what she had wanted at all. "No," she said, shaking after speaking words she never expected to say. "No Mommy I won't. I can't." "Excuse me?" she spoke in a cold, calm voice, and grabbed the crop with both hands. She stared at her, to terrified to speak. As soon as she had said it she knew it was a mistake. She closed her eyes, waiting for the inevitable. It began with shocks coming from the plug. She collapsed moaning to the ground. The shocks continued, and she struggled to get back up but found her muscles were too weak. She felt arms around her. She was picked up, then lain stomach down over something hard. It was her owner's knee, she realized, and she was in position for a spanking. The first blow was enough to make her yelp. A loud THWACK filled the air around her, and a sharp sting made her jump. She dared not struggle, however, as she knew she could only make it worse. The spanks continued on her padded rear, each getting more painful then the last as the soreness from the combined spanking and shocks grew. She lost track of time and had no idea how many she had received when she finally felt a pause. She looked up at her mitress hopefully, but turned back down and sobbed loudly as she felt her undo the back of her onesie and pull down her diaper. (Continued shortly)
  15. Cloth diapers and Rash

    So after a long debate I went and purchased 2 cloth diapers and some pul plastic pants. Loved the feeling of cloth and the way the wetness goes wherever it needs. So after being in them for several hours, I went to take a shower and noticed I had a little rash around my bum hole and ball sack. I don't know if I stayed in them too long or what. How often do you change when in cloth. I enjoy the wet feeling and maybe that's my downfall. I have heard that desitin , vaseiline, and some others are not good for cloth. What do you use as a barrier for the urine. Any help would be great. 3R
  16. Diapered & Dominated by FulldiaperMichael Copyright 2012, All rights reserved. Legal: this story is a writing of fiction and therefore any resemblance of persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Chapter 1: The Lure. I have been a closet AB/DL for a number of years and I’m always looking for websites and physical brick and motor type businesses where I can see my fetish. Well while I was online once with a Female Dom, she asked ma, “have you ever through about some of the wetting websites?†I said, “no I haven’t but I’ll investigate them, any suggestions Ma’am?†She said, “Peeing Cupid†was a great place to start, also “Patches wet spot†So, being the tech savvy guy I am, I decided to check it out. I went to Peeing Cupid first and like many websites for fetish or any type of kink, they want you to register, so I did. The site stated wetting was ok, but no messing posts would be tolerated by the moderators. I was able to post a masked image of me in a diaper and away I went. I wish I could say that I had hundreds of women that wanted to talk to me, but alas, that wasn’t the case, and when I had just about given up on any chance of meeting a kinky Dommy Mommy type. I checked the website and sure enough I had mail. As my hands were shaking as I entered my user name and password to open the email. Behold, there was a message for a dominant woman that was located in another State, but she wanted to talk and see if there were any commonalities between us. I thought that’s a safe bet. A little background before I proceed. I was married for 17 years to a woman that knew about my fetish and used it as a weapon against me every chance she got. She exposed me in our church and community and I was urged (more like forced) to seek mental health as they viewed this as an OCD affliction. So, like a good God fearing person, I sought mental health. I was amazed at how many professionals had never heard of Psycho-Sexual Deviant Behavior – Infantilism! Needless to say after so many years of abuse, I thought “she’s right, you’re a looser and no woman will ever want to be with youâ€. It took me a year after my separation and divorce to figure out that nothing was wrong with me and have a better self-image. When the divorce started I lived in the back of business, where I built a small apartment and being the geek bABy I am used to log onto Prodigy and Compu-Serve and go into the AB/DL chatrooms. When they disappeared, I migrated to IRC and AOHell (AOL) and found like minded people. It was on AOL I met a nurse that was in college and having to dialup AOL long distance to the tune of about $400.00 a month for research access from the Internet. I explained that “why didn’t she use a local ISP?†She stated “she couldn’t get online locally with her computer. Many had tried and failed.’ I told her, â€I can get you on the Internet!†She said, “Sure you can.†I had told her about my fetish and she stated, “I’m ok with that. I’m a nurse I change diapers all the time.†I then had this brain-fart, make a bet with her. So I said, “I’ll bet you I can fix it.†She said, “what’s the bet?†I said, “Diapers while I’m there and a home cooked meal.†She said, “ok, and I control the bathroom usage.†I almost climaxed right then online. I slowly recovered and said, “You’re on.†I then made arrangements to travel the 12 hours to her State and repair her computer for a four day weekend. I informed my secretary Paula that I was leaving early to make a Long Distance service call. She asked, “do you want me to diaper you for the trip?†I blushed and said, “Thank you, I would.†I got back online and told Prillcillia that I would be traveling in diapers. She informed me that I was not to stop for the potty or change my diaper until I got there and she would change it. Paula knew about my fetish as onetime on New Years Eve I got a little tipsy drinking and leaked in my diaper onto my pants legs. Paula worked at the bar I was partying at and she whispered, “somebody leaked.†Then drove me back to the apartment and changed my pants and diaper before us both returning to the bar for New Year festivities. Now, every morning I’m not up, she comes back into the apartment and checks my diaper and gently wakes me up. I think back in retrospect that maybe Paula wanted to be more that a friend and employee Thursday morning was clearing my repair calendar of clients systems and about noon I aske Paula would she like to go to lunch with me? She accepted my invitation and we walked down Main Street to a local diner and the special was ham and bean soup with cornbread and honey butter. I was going to order just a cup, but Paula took the reins and said, “We’ll both have the bowel and four cornbread and honey-butter. She order us some fried mozzarella sticks also for appetizers. I have to admit it tasted so good!!! Not thinking that what goes in, must come out and here I was getting ready to start a 12 hour long drive. I had an old Olds Cutlas V-8 gas guzzler all packed with my software and hardware. Paula came back and knocked and said, “are you ready for me yet Michael?†I had spaced it, but said, “yeah, sure†Paula came back and very professionally cleaned me up and diapered me for my trip. As I got up, she patted the diaper and said, “hold on, let me make sure it’s on good. Don’t want you leaking.†She gave me a hug and squeeze on my padded posterior and told me, “drive safe and be careful.†I had gassed up the car the night before and got in and started the car, turned on the radio and found a station, checked my mirrors and car contents and diaper inventory, then I did the unthinkable. I went back inside the apartment and grabbed my locking vinyl pants and hollered at Paula. I said, “mail this key to this address†and handed her a note with Prill’s address.†I knew if Paula got them in the mail before 2:00, they might get there by morning, The drive was awesome. I was running through scenario’s in my mind as to what could be wrong, high jacked winsock, bad modem, malicious programs or viruses. About four hours into my drive, I needed to stop for fuel and empty my bladder. I cheated and used the lil-boys room and peed and pulled my diaper back up. Grabbed a Mountain Dew and some chips and hit the road again for another four hours. I had now crossed over into the next State and speed limit went up and my mileage went down. I had to stop about every three to four hours. Each time after the first, wetting the diaper. Just about an hour out, I felt my car seat and I had leaked. I grabbed a chux pad and put it under me, so not to ruin my interior. I’m usually a safe driver, but at about 1:00 AM I was so tired, so when my radar detector went off, I nearly dropped load in my diaper. I got off the Interstate at the exit Prill had instructed me to. I was now less than an hour away. I was told to call her when I a half an hour away. So, in thirty minutes I placed the call on my cellphone and she answered and sounded kind of sleepy. I said, â€calling as instructed Ma’am.†She said, “Where are you now?†I said, “I’m about 20-30 miles away, based on the instructions you gave me Ma’am†She said, “good boy. Got your diaper on?†I said, “Yes Ma’am.†She said, “good boy. Is it leaking?†I said, “umm I think so Ma’am.†She said, “ok, well I’ll be ready for your when you get here, alrighty?†I said, “Yes Ma’am†and hung up my cellphone. …to be continued
  17. “Okay Aisling, it’s your turn. Tell us a little bit about yourself.” “Ahem” I cleared my throat to buy a little time, I wasn’t expecting to have to talk so soon into the meeting. Well…Geronimo! “Hi! My name is Aisling, my friends call me Ais. I am 27 years old. This is my first support group meeting. Like you all I am incontinent, so, also like you all I wear diapers to manage my condition. I am not from around here, if you can’t already tell by my accent. Uhhh…Yeah…I like sappy movies, country music, and whiskey.” I wrap up my little introductory spiel, and look to the girl sitting next me, she does not speak next. I guess she is a veteran. I hear the leader speak, and the rest of the group echo back his words. “Thank-you for sharing, Aisling.” The group moves along to the other new members, I pay attention but just as quickly as I hear the names of the people they are gone. Us Irelanders my have the gift of the gab, but this one has an added talent. The gift of the bullshit. I can avoid using someone’s name in any conversation. I will know their face, but their name will escape me. It is a double-edged sword. Anyhow like you heard: My name is Aisling, I am 27, and I am incontinent. What I didn’t tell the group is that I chose to be this way. I chose to wear and use diapers. Ever since I was little I have been attracted to diapers. This is my story: I first really remember wanting to wear diapers again at age 9. I mean let’s face it, who among us really remember their formative years. You might get the occasional glimpse of a memory from your younger years, but for all intents and purposes you are remembering the stories people have told you about you. You don’t really remember your young childhood. I remember it was rainy, I was watching the T.V. I don’t recall what. What I do recall is that a commercial came on for adult incontinence pants. I was transfixed. They made diapers for grown-ups!? Where, when, how can I get my hands on these. Like I said, I was hooked. It was all I thought about. I mean I was still functioning, I went to school, did my class-work, played with my friends, went to church, etc. ad nauseum. It was always there though, in the back of my mind. I dreamt about it, thought about. I almost asked about it once, but my Mum was busy and I lost my nerve. Fast forward until I was 12 years old. I have been thinking about diapers more and more often. It was like an itch I couldn’t scratch. I had to know. I schemed, and plotted. Eventually I came up with a foolproof plan. I would simply start wetting the bed again, eventually I would get what I wanted. Out of sheer necessity I would get diapers again. So, I began. At first it was really hard. Have you ever tried peeing laying down, it is tough! But I persevered, I would leak a bit into my jammies and then bolt as loudly as I could to the loo. Hopefully waking my Mum in the process. It took two weeks of that until she noticed. “Ais? Can you come here for a moment, I need to ask you something?” I was watching T.V. this had better be good. I came around the corner and saw her holding a pair of my pyjamas. THIS WAS IT! The crucial moment, the fulcrum. It all came down to how I handled myself right now. I started walking over to her, she was holding my jammies in front of her. “Yes Mum?” “Sweetie-pie, I was just going through your clothes and I noticed that all your pj’s smell like pee. Is there something you want to tell me?” I started to fidget and I looked at my feet. This was more for me than her, I was nervous as heck. “Yes” I said this very quietly. “What is it baby” “Mummy…” I broke down into tears. And I buried my face into her stomach, and gave her a hug. This had the added effect of buying me time as well as catching her totally off-guard. I am not a huggy person. “Ohmygoodness, sweetie! What is it?” “Sniff. I have been having accidents Mum.” “What do you mean?” There was no scolding in her voice, just concern. She was buying it. “When I am sleeping. I keep having these weird scary dreams, I wake up and I really, really hafta go to the loo. I don’t always make it though. Sometimes it has already started before I am up.” “Oh?” She replied. “Anything else?” “No” Once again I said this really quietly. “Okay then sugar, if this keeps up though I am going to take you to a doctor, it is not normal for girls your age to start wetting the bed again.” Not normal? Give me a break, Mum. I just want to wear diapers. If it was not normal, do you think that there would be T.V. commercials for it? “Okay Mum. Can I go back to the T.V. now?” “Yes, you CAN go back.” Opps, it has always been one of her pet-peeves. The difference between “Can I” and “May I”. I rephrase. “May I go back to the T.V.?” “Yes you may honey. Thank you for being honest with me, I know that it is hard to talk about things like this. You shouldn’t be embarrassed.” “Okay Mum, thanks!” I went back to the T.V. I thought to myself, “That did not go as planned, where are my diapers?” I guess that this is going to be the long-con. Time to get to work. I kept up the partial wettings sporadically at night, keeping myself awake and then peeing a little and going back to sleep. And another week passed of me not sleeping all the way though the night. I heard her voice again. “Ais? Can you come here for a moment?” Round two, I think to myself. “Mum I am doing my maths, can it wait until I am done?” “No, it can’t.” “Coming then!” I shout back. I go into the living room where she is once again holding my pj’s “Ais, these still smell like pee, are you still having accidents?” “Yes. But if I don’t go to sleep I don’t pee the bed, so it’s okay Mum, we don’t need to see a doctor.” “You mean to tell me that you have been not sleeping at night so you wouldn’t pee?” “Yes Mum. Sometimes I make it, but sometimes I don’t then I wake up wet.” “Honey! That’s not healthy for you! You should have told me you were still having issues.” “Sorry.” “It’s not your fault baby, stay right there I am going to phone the doctor, we are going to get this sorted out.” So, I waited, the doctor, bugger. How am I going to fool him? She returned a couple of minutes later, and sat down next to me. “Okay. I phoned the doctor to make an appointment. The soonest he can see you is in two weeks. In the meantime, so you can get some sleep, he recommended that you wear ‘protection’ to bed. Do you know what he means?” Of course, I did, I was not an idiot. The commercials on T.V. had said that they ‘protect’ you from any embarrassing leaks. She was talking about DIAPERS! I had to play dumb though. So, I shook my head “No”. “Well Ais, what he said to me is that it is not uncommon for people your age to wet the bed, so there are special products you can wear that are just like underwear that keep you from wetting the bed. Let’s go to the store okay?” “Okay Mum, but first can I finish my maths, I am almost done.” “Sure, thing kiddo.” I finished my homework, and we were off to the store. We walked down the holy of holies. The diaper aisle. I was in heaven. I always avoided this place when we shopped together, for fear of staring. Now we were here! Mum pushed the trolley and I followed behind her, staring at the shelves. “Mum?” “Yes dear?” “Why are we in the diaper aisle? I am going to be wearing diapers?” I tried the hide the excitement in my voice. By masking it with uncertainty. I think I succeeded. “No Ais, not diapers. Protection, for big kids. Not diapers.” She really stressed that they were not diapers, if not diapers what were we getting then? “Ahhh, here they are. I think you are a size “L”. Lets get one pack and see how it goes okay?” “Okay Mum.” We finished the rest of our shopping, and went to the checkout. The clerk who scanned us up gave no sign that the ‘protection’ was anything unusual. Maybe it was common. I would hate to be common! We got home and put away all of the groceries, except for one. My new ‘protection’. I was so excited to try them on, but I couldn’t let on to it. She had to tell me. The day progressed, we ate dinner, she did the washing-up. I helped. Bath time was next. Bedtime was approaching fast. Finally! The magic hour had arrived. “Ais, lets get you into this thing and off to bed okay, I bet you are really tired.” “Yeah, I am Mum.” “Okay, start by taking off your towel.” I did that, heart pounding through my chest, in excitement. I saw her open up the bag, and take out a pink object. “Can you come over to me hon? I need you to step into these for me.” I walked over to her, and raised my left leg and put it in the hole, then my right. She started pulling them up my legs. These weren’t diapers! They were pull-ups! I felt ridiculously cheated. I could not let my disappointment show. She finished pulling them into place. Satisfied with her work she got my pj bottoms out and had me step into them, covering this thing. This non-diaper imposter around my waist. “Okay, you are set for bed. Sleep well honey.” “I will Mum.” Little did she know I would not. A week went by with me wetting the ‘protection’ nightly. I was getting pretty good at this now. I could pee laying down and without having to concentrate so hard at it. I would also say a mantra in my head before falling asleep: “It’s okay to wet your bed. It’s okay to wet your bed. It’s okay to wet your bed…”. By the middle of the second week I was wetting through the ‘protection’. Mum said they were called Drynites. They were anything but for me. I was wetting through them and once again my pj’s smelled like pee. I told her I was leaking, and getting wet at night. She had no good answer and told me as much. Finally, the day came to see the Doctor. I loaded up into the car and we were off. We got to the offices and I had a seat in the waiting room, while Mum checked us in. it wasn’t long and we were shown into the exam room. The Doctor appeared, make the introductions, and got down to business. “So Aisling, what a pretty name, I hear you have been having accidents at night care to tell me about it?” So I did, I told him the fib I told my Mum. Mum confirmed my story and said although we were following his advice I was leaking through the Drynites and was still waking up in a wet bed. The Doctor looked puzzled, but not worried. He explained that: “With the onset of puberty some girls can develop ‘nocturnal enuresis’, commonly referred to as bedwetting. Generally, it sorts itself out in due course. I would like to run some tests though to exclude any infections and such, but I am not too concerned at this point. To that end, Aisling, if you would be a dear and urinate into this cup in the bathroom over there.” I did and when I re-entered the exam room things were just as they were before. “But” he continued “The fact that she is wetting though the Drynites is cause for concern. Not medical concern, just concern for her general wellbeing. I would suggest a more absorbent product, geared towards heavier wetting episodes.” My Mum looked worried and confused. “What do you mean Doctor?” “Ms. O’Byrne, I am simply referring to a more specialized product, not found in grocery stores, but rather at medical supply stores and the like. I can recommend a good one not too far from here.” My Mum looked aghast she knew what he meant. And I knew what they were talking about, and I was excited about it. I had to hold it in though. Must not look happy. “Are you sure Doctor? D-I-A-P-E-R-S? For a girl, her age?” “Ma’am, it is my considered opinion that your daughter Aisling would benefit from greater protection at night. This is the only way to ensure that that happens.” He then looked and spoke to me. “Aisling? Are you sleeping well at night?” I shook my head “No” That was true. But only because I was staying awake to wet. “Are you tired at school and at home?” “Yes.” I said that very quietly. Truth be known I was very tired. “That settles it then. Your daughter is not getting enough rest at night, this is a solution that will help with that. Kids need sleep. End of story in my books. If you want what is best for her health and wellbeing it should be the end of story in yours too.” My Mum, still didn’t look happy about it. Diapers for a 12-year-old? The Doctor sensing my Mums conflict asked me to step outside for a moment so he could have a private chat with her. I don’t know what they said, but when my Mum exited the room she thanked the Doctor and we were on our way. We got back to the car and headed out. But not home. I suspected where we were going, but I wasn’t sure. We arrived at a non-descript building, with lots of handicapped parking spaces. Mum got out of the car. I followed. We entered the store, and Mum made a bee-line for the service desk. The clerk looked up and asked: “What can I do for you today Ms.?” My Mum replied, “I was recommended your store by Dr. Danielson, I am looking for some…” She dug around in her handbag for the note. “Youth incontinence briefs, size small, poly backed.” She read that ad verbatim from the note. “Okay, that is no problem at all, do you know what brand you would like?” My Mum looked flabbergasted, there was more than one? I however was in heaven. There was more than one! “Um…whichever is the most absorbent.” “Sure thing, that would be these right here, they are a new item from BetterDry. Specially sized and designed for youth. May I presume that the youth in question is you young lady?” She asked while looking at me. I looked at the floor, continuing the charade. “Yes” “Well these are going to be perfect for you, now you can go about your day and not have to worry about leaks! May I recommend some PVC overcovers for added security? They really help keep in odours so others won’t know what you have done in your diaper. That’s a secret between you, your diaper, and your Mum. Aren’t you lucky to be getting these?” He finished that little speech of his with an exaggerated wink. I felt I had to play the part here. Therefore, I shouted: “They are ONLY for nighttime! I am fine during the day!” The clerk looked abashed. “Sorry there little miss. I just made an assumption.” My Mum was shocked. She paid for the diapers and we were off home again. When we got into the car, she broke down into a fit of laughter. I looked at her strangely. After she was done, she reached over and gave me a big hug, and said, “That was the cutest thing I thing I have ever seen! You were so mad! And rightly so. This is a private matter, what we need them for is none of her business. Even so though, so, so cute.” We drove home, got pizza, and soon enough it was time for bed. Mum approached me, bag in hand. “Sweetie, it is time to get ready. Can you help me?” “Sure Mum, what do you need?” “I need you to get undressed for me and lie down on this towel, okay?” “Okay, but why do I need to lay down, aren’t these step in and pull up like the other ones?” “No sweetie, they are a little more complicated than that. If you would like I can explain all the steps while I do them. Would you like that?” “Yes please.” If only she knew how much. “Then lay down over here please, and let me get started.” I did as she asked and lay down. Once again, my heart was pumping through my chest, finally diapers! “The first thing I am going to do is unfold the brief. Next I need you to raise your bum off the towel.” I did, and she slipped the first of many diapers under me. “You can lower again.” I dropped my bum and felt I the diaper. It felt wonderful, soft and warm. It felt right. “Next I am going to use this cream to protect your skin against wetness. It is going to feel weird , but I need to get it in the right places.” She creamed me, it smelled good, and felt good. “After that I am going to take this powder and sprinkle a little bit all over you. It helps keep wetness away from your skin. Like the cream.” I felt a cooling sensation, and I smelled a smell I immediately loved. A smell I still love. “Now it is time for me to do up the brief.” I felt the front get pulled tightly up against me and rest on my stomach. “Then the tapes. They have to be tight or else you will leak, and this whole thing will be a waste of effort. Tell me if it feels okay, okay?” “I will Mum.” I heard a gentle ripping noise, and felt the bottom left get tighter, then the bottom right. After that I felt the top left get pulled tight. Finally, the top right. “Everything done. I am surprised how easy that was, I thought I would have lost the knack of it, but it came right back. How does it feel?” I sat up and examined the white bundle between my legs. I shuffled, and squirmed. As I did the diaper made rather loud crinkling noises. I did not expect that. Nor did I expect the feeling of fullness between my legs. It felt nice. It felt safe. It was right. I told her as much. “It feels okay Mum. Kinda thick”. I got up and went for a test waddle/walk. “I feel like a duck.” I was not altogether unhappy about that. I loved this. She smiled at me. “It has to be thick Ais, or else where is all the pee going to go? The Drynites were for small accidents. This is for bigger ones. That is the only difference. Now off to bed with you.” “Yes Mum.” I crinkled and waddled my way to my bedroom. I closed the door, and lay down on my bed. I smiled the biggest smile, I think I have ever smiled. Finally! I got diapers. I said my mantra in my head: “It’s okay to wet your bed. It’s okay to wet your bed. It’s okay to wet your bed…”. I drifted off to sleep with those thoughts. I only woke up once briefly, and it was to pee. I did, and I went back to sleep. I got up in the morning, and a felt a ponderous weight around my waist. Then I remembered, I was wearing a diaper. I looked at it, it was yellowed and discoloured. I looked at my bed. Dry! Now to keep the diapers. I went down the hall into the kitchen, my Mum was already up. She was worshipping her coffee cup. She perked up when she saw me, and asked. “So, how was the night?” I felt I really had to sell the diapers at this point. So, I did. “It. Was. Great! I slept all the way through, no wetness. I think I am dry even!” I knew I was not, but I couldn’t let her know that. “Really? You’re dry? Let’s have a look.” She walked over to me and poked at the back of my diaper. “Ais, you are not dry. You are very wet. But the bed is dry?” “Yeah, I know.” “What do you mean you know?” So I explained, “When I woke up the diaper felt different, I figured I wet last night. But the bed is dry. And I slept. I love this, I am not tired, I don’t smell. In my books this is okay.” My Mum looked so sad. “Why didn’t you tell me it was this bad Ais? If you are this happy to having slept, how long has this been happening. Really?” I lied. “About three months now.” She was shocked. “How did you keep this hidden for so long?” So, I explained again. “I would wait until you had wash on, then I would sneak my jammies out of their hiding spot and put them in. You never noticed that you were doing the extra wash. And I made sure to keep switching out jammies so you wouldn’t get suspicious.” She was still shocked. “You are a very smart little girl. I think you deserve a special breakfast, how about waffles?” “Yes please!” While we ate, I wet again, not much, but enough to know that I liked it. The diaper, MY diaper absorbed it all, with Mum being non-the-wiser. I knew what I had to do next. The week progressed as usual, save for the fact that I was getting diapered nightly. But I suppose that was usual, so nothing exciting happened. The test came back negative for any infections. Which was a relief to Mum, it confirmed in her mind the Doctors hypothesis. This was only temporary. The weeks turned to months, turned years. I was now 15 years old, the single packages of diapers picked up on the fly became a standing order of cases. I went to school, I did well. I did not go to any sleepovers. I was now wetting the bed in earnest, and I could not have been happier. It was time for phase two. I opened the door to the house and bolted into the lav. Mum hearing the commotion came running. She knocked. “You okay in there?” I replied, in tears. “No” “Ais. What’s wrong!?” “Go Away!” “Ais!?” “Go Away!” “Aisling Maeve O’Byrne! If you don’t tell me what’s wrong I am coming in there, and you are going to have some serious explaining to do young lady!” “I pooed my knickers Mum!” I was hysterical, it was a well practiced cry. “Come again?” “I. Pooed. In. My. Knickers!!” “Oh…well then, how about opening the door and we take a look at the damage? Okay?” “Sure, just don’t laugh. All the kids on the bus laughed at me.” Actually, that part was true. I had to spread the seed of it. Teenagers love telling others, and teachers listen to those tales, and report them to back to parents. I opened the door and Mum saw the wetness down my legs and the smell coming off of me, the look of compassion she gave me almost made me want to tell her the truth. But only almost. “Oh, no. Baby. I am so sorry that you had to go through that. Come here.” She wrapped me up in a tight hug. I am not a huggy person, but even I wanted one after embarrassing myself intentionally to my peers. “Mum” My voice was muffled by her body. She released her hug, and held me at arms length. “Yes?” I looked at the ground. “This isn’t the first time.” That’s all I had to say. I watched her mind drop into high gear. Filling in the rest of the blanks. “Yeah…I have been wearing my Drynites to school. I started to wet myself a little bit during P.E. Then it got worse sneezing, laughing, coughing all made me leak. Until I couldn’t control it at all. I was wearing the Drynites so you wouldn’t have to worry about me. I have been buying them for a couple of months now” “Honey. I am your Mum. It is my job to worry about you. How long has this been happening?” “The leaking has been going on for about a year now. This is not the first time I have pooed either.” “What!?” “Yeah. It is just that this is the first time it has happened so badly. Normally it is just a little bit, I just lower the pull-up and grab it with some paper.” “I am taking you to the Doctor. Right now! No. Not right now. Let’s get you cleaned up first.” “Can you take my clothes. I need a shower.” “Sure thing Ais, whatever you need.” I stripped off my shirt and jeans. To reveal the very well used Drynite beneath. I blushed. It was an unconscious, if useful reaction. I handed Mum my clothes, and she handed me a bin bag. I figured it was for the soiled Drynite. I closed the door to the loo. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I asked myself. “Self, is this worth it?” I answered “Yes”. I pulled off the soiled pull-up and placed in the bin bag, and left that by the door. I hopped in the shower and proceeded to clean myself. Paying particular attention to the area I would forevermore refer to as my diaper area. Getting out of the shower I toweled myself dry. I grabbed the bin bag as I left the loo. I placed the bag on the floor by the door and headed upstairs to get dressed. Mum met me on my way up the stairs. “Feeling better then?” “Yes. Much. I am just on my way to get dressed and we can go. Does that sound good to you?” “Sounds fine pumpkin. One thing, seeing as you have been leaking during the day too. Don’t you think it wise that you took the precaution and wore one of your night diapers to the doctor. As a just in case measure?” My heart did a flip, and stopped beating for a moment. When it started again I answered. “Actually Mum, I was going to suggest the same thing. It will be so nice not having to worry about leaking for a change.” I am rather excited about this prospect. Day diapers! She looked at me with pity, and said: “I am glad we are on the same page Ais. I would have hated to make the suggestion only for you to fight me on it.” I smiled at her and thought, “If only you knew.” I went to my room and got my supplies together. I am still changing on the floor, at least I have a dedicated mat for it. If all things go to plan I will get a proper changing table sooner rather than not. I diapered myself and put on leggings and a skirt. Being in a proper diaper in the daytime. I finally felt whole, I finally felt like me. Normally I don’t really walk around in diapers, it is a quick tape up and into bed. But since I am wearing a diaper out I wanted to see how it felt. I waddle/walked in a circle in my room. Just like I thought, crinkling all the way. How lovely. I went down the stairs and met Mum. We got into the car and went to the Doctor. She explained that although we did not have an appointment, any time the Doctor could spare us was needed. We were told to wait. It was a long wait. I wet myself twice during the time. Nobody save me knew. Finally, we were told that he could see us. We went into the exam room. The Doctor entered. “So…” He looked at the chart “Aisling, I hear you have been having daytime control issues as well as continued nocturnal issues. Care to elaborate?” I told him everything I had practiced in my mind. Some were lies, others only half-truths. Regardless he was starting to look concerned. He said as much. “This is highly unusual. I am going to recommend a battery of tests. Also, I think you should see a Urologist and a Proctologist to rule out any structural abnormities. Furthermore, this is probably not the greatest thing for a teenager to be dealing with, therefore, I am prescribing that you see a Psychiatrist until a conclusion is reached regarding your specific concerns. Sound good?” He really didn’t give us much choice, I agreed. So, did Mum. He continued. “Until this is all sorted, what measures have you taken to mitigate the problem?” I answered: “Well Doc. I have been wearing my old Drynites to school, but they are no longer cutting it. I am barely able to tell when I am going anymore. Also they don’t really contain my messy accidents all that well. Why? Do you have a suggestion?” Mum’s head snapped in my direction. I didn’t tell her that lie, the lie about how often I was messing. I needed another party present before I could trot that one out. “As a matter of fact, I do. You wear adult briefs to bed correct?” “I do” “Excellent! Then it will be a simple matter to transfer your strictly nocturnal undergarment to fulltime wear.” I was ecstatic! Here was a doctor telling me to wear diapers during the day. Everything was falling into place. My Mum piped up at this point. “In fact, Doctor, she is wearing one right now.” “Is she indeed, do you mind if I take a look?” This question was asked to both me and my Mum. We both shook our heads: “No, I don’t mind”. “No time like the present then. May I?” “Sure thing” I hopped off the exam table, and started to lower my leggings. After that I started to raise my skirt, it was the moment of truth. The doctor saw that I was wet. Mum did too. She asked the question first. “Ais? Did you know you were wet?” The Doctor nodded confirming the question. His pen poised to take notes. I answered: “Uhhhh… what are you talking about. I haven’t peed yet.” They both shot me looks of pity. “Actually Miss O’Byrne, that brief has indeed been wet. More than once if I am any gauge.” My Mum nodded her confirmation, I could see her sadness. All I could say is “Oh.” I tentatively touched the front of my diaper, and feeling the squishiness I racked a sob. My Mum swooped in and gave me another hug, she said. “Shh…shhh…It’s gong to be okay dear…shhhh.” I stopped crying, but my eyes were still watering. The doctor saw all of this and took notes. He started to talk again. “Welllll… seeing as there is nothing I can do here. I have made my suggestions and recommendations. All I can say is that you act quick, this looks to be rather serious.” I nodded my ascent. I pulled my leggings up and put my skirt down. Concealing my diaper. We left the office rather quietly, save for my gentle crinkling. What could be said by anybody? On the drive home, I felt the need to pee. So, I peed. It felt good. It felt right. It felt normal. We got home, and I said to Mum. “I am going to bed, g’night Mum.” “Goodnight baby, sleep well.” I waddled up the stairs to my room. Closing the door, I laid down on the changing mat, and proceeded to ball. Not out of sadness, but out of regret. Regret for having to deceive my Mum. To deceive in order to achieve. After crying myself out, I changed my diaper. Got into bed and fell asleep. Of course, I wet myself. I was after all a bedwetter. I woke up in the morning to a wet diaper, nothing new there. The only new thing is that instead of knickers I got to put on another diaper. What a great feeling! I re-diapered myself and started to get dressed for the day. My trousers didn’t really fit all that well. It was pretty clear that there was something going on under them, that something being a diaper. I smiled to myself thinking of the shopping that I could do. I settled for a knee length skirt and leggings, again. What can I say? It is an outfit that works. I got into the kitchen and made a bowel of cereal for breakfast. Mum entered shortly after. “What are you doing?” She asked. “Eating Breakfast.” “Why?” “Because I have school. Duh. It is a Thrusday.” “Oh, I was going to call you in sick for the rest of the week. Give it some time to ease off. I know how kids can be.” “Don’t do that Mum. That just lets the rumour mill run un-checked. If I show up today I can come up with a reason. Like a UTI or something to explain it away.” “If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times. You are a very smart little girl. Sorry, young lay.” “Thanks, Mum!” I give her a kiss on the cheek and I grab two bags from the foot of the stairs. One is my books, the other contains my fresh diapers. I am going to have to get used to carrying a diaper bag I hope. I leave the house and start my waddle/walk to the bus stop. School as you can imagine, sucked. The kids were merciless. I got called to the heads office as soon as first period had begun. I had to explain the situation, to him. Yes, I am wearing diapers. No, I don’t know if it is going to be permanent (I hope that it is). Yes, I need a place to put my extras. So, I went on a merry excursion to the nurses office. I handed her the note that the head had written for me. She read it, and said: “You can put your things over there in the empty cubby. If you need any help I will be at my desk. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need it, I am a trained professional.” I thanked her and I said that I would if I needed. After lunch, I went back to her office. Knocking on the door. I heard: “Come in.” So, I did. She did not look surprised to see me, actually she looked rather glad. I think she is really bored. “Need a change?” She asked. I nodded my affirmation. “Need any help?” I was torn, only my Mum had ever helped me and only at night. I took a leap. “Please, that would be great.” “Sure thing, lay down on the table I will take care of everything.” True to her word, she did. It was the fasted, most professional diaper change ever given. I was un-taped, wiped, creamed, powdered and re-taped before you could say “Boo”. She pulled up my leggings, I put down my skirt. Wow. That was fast. “Thank-you Ms….?” “Oh you can call me Abigail, or Gail. It was nice to meet you. Eh-Sling.” “Actually, it is pronounced: Aeeshling.” I am used to having to correct people regarding my name. “Sorry, dear. I will try to remember, I am horrid with names.” “That’s okay. I am too!” We both smile, and exchange knowing looks. The looks that say, I know your name now, but come tomorrow, you will be a familiar blank. School ends and I get home. I am very wet, having opted out of a change I figured I could wait until I got home. I was right, I didn’t leak. I open the door, head upstairs to take care of pressing business. There is a new item of furniture in my room. I new what it was; from the online searching I had done: It was an adult diaper pail, I played dumb. “Mum!” “Yes?” “What is this?” “What is what?” “This can thing in my room!” “That’s your new diaper pail. If you are going to be wearing diapers for a while, I thought it would be a good idea, cuts down on odour.” I am so excited! I have an adult diaper pail! Must not sound too pleased. I answer in a monotone: “Oh, alright then. I guess that makes sense.” Days turn into weeks. I have just seen the shrink for the first time. Straight off I asked him: “Is everything I say confidential between you and me? Or do you have to tell my Mum?” He replies: “Whatever you choose to tell me stays in this room, provided that it is not against the law, nor does harm to yourself or others.” Having heard that. I spill. I tell him everything. How I have always wanted diapers, how I got my first diapers, how I kept them. How I got them in the daytime. How I am going to keep them in the daytime. Exhausted, I finish my tale. “That is some story Ais, from what you have just told me it looks to me like your mental wellbeing has been fixated upon diapers for so long they are an emotional need for you. You need diapers. Maybe not physically, but mentally to help you cope. We will keep talking. This has been a very, very informative first session.” “Thank-you Doctor.” “If it makes you feel any more comfortable please call me Ben” “Thank-you Ben.” “You are welcome Ais.” I leave his office ten thousand pounds lighter. As expected the Urologist and Proctologist found no physical reason to explain my developing incontinence. I was therefore referred to a Neurologist, just to rule out anything really nasty, MS for instance. That was a waste of NHS funds, nothing there. My sessions with Ben have been going very well. Also on the plus side I have continued to wear and use diapers for the last several months. I now know that this is the life for me. Weeks turn into months, and months turn into years. I have been meeting with Ben every week for the past 5 years. Diapered full-time the whole time. My Mum has since adjusted, her daughter needs diapers. I finally have an adult sized change table in my room. This is my last session with Ben, never once has he recriminated me for the diapers. Leaks on his furniture, bad smells in his air. It doesn’t seem to faze him. I love him for that. After the first several months he made the official recommendation that I remain diapered at all times, it was clear it was what made me happy. My Mum noticed a change in me, my friends at school noticed a change in me. I finally felt like who I was meant to be. But it was time to move on to greener pastures. I was moving out, moving up. Actually West. A long ways West. Canada West. There was an opining for a nurse in a public (In the colonies they say private) school. Having finished by degrees early, I was now a fully qualified nurse practitioner (not needing a bathroom has some advantages), I accepted the position. My Mum was sad to see me go, ever the traditionalist, she held a living wake for me. It was eerie, all the sadness, and the black. I am a single flight away woman! So, I went. I took the job started to set down roots. And that is where you met me. “Hi! My name is Aisling, my friends call me Ais. I am 27 years old. This is my first support group meeting. Like you all I am incontinent…” The meeting ended, and we all broke down our chairs and stacked them up. It was a real treat to see this many adults in one room wearing diapers. The girl who was sitting next to me walks up and says. “Hi, I am Emily. I just want to say, thanks for being brave enough to come out and meet up. It is not many people our age who are comfortable enough with themselves to sit with a group of strangers and say ‘My name is (blank) and I wear diapers’. Kudos to you for your courage.” I smile at her, and reply. “Well, it has been an interesting couple of weeks for me let me tell you, new flat, new city, new country, and most important of all new places to source diapers. I have been having a hard time finding a store with any kind of selection. Do you have any tips?” “What do you mean?” “Well Tena pads and underwear are fine for some, but I need- how do I put this delicately- more substantial protection.” I give her my best knowing look. “Oh…Ohhhh…Ohhhhh! I see what you mean. Most of us just have minor leakage issues, but if I am picking up what you are putting down, you have no control at all.” “That’s it exactly!” “Well I know of one store that might help you. It is not too far of a drive, only a couple of hundred klicks away, just in Waterloo.” She said that like it was nothing. A couple of hundred Kms? That was a long way to an Irish Lass. I said as much. “That is a really long way away!” “No, that’s nothing. I grew up in British Columbia and I drive back every summer. That is a long way 3000 Kms.” I looked at her aghast. 3000 Kms? Holy Moley. So, I trotted out an old Irish saying. “To the Canadians, a hundred years is a long, long time. To the Irish, a hundred kilometres is a long, long way”. I looked at her and smiled sweetly. “See it is all a matter of perspective.” “Smart-ass.” “Diapered ass, actually.” We both laugh at that. I feel myself wet. I am nearing capacity. I must have had a look of distraction on my face because Emily said to me. “Looking for a place to change?” I couldn’t lie, I was done with that. “Yes”. “Come on, my place isn’t far. I take it you have your diaper bag?” “Yes, always” in this new country it was my only friend. Besides Fetlife, and Facebook. “Good, my needs aren’t quiet as severe as yours, I make do with pull-ups. I don’t think that they would cut it for you as a loan” “Really? I couldn’t stand them when I was using those. Always leaking, not substantial enough for my tastes”. “Oh?” “Yeah, but I was out of pull-ups at 15 so my views may be a little foggy with time. I am sure they make them better now.” We walked in as much silence as two diapered women can. Arriving at her flat she let me in. It was immediate, I felt my diaper begin to leak. “Shit, and Bugger, and DamnitalltoHell!” “What’s wrong Aisling?” “I am leaking” “Oh, don’t worry about that, come on, I’ll show you my sanctum sanctorum.” I followed her, walking as gingerly as I could. I felt the wetness trickle down my leg. She opened a door, and revealed a loo. Or at least it looked like one. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that it lacked one key feature common to most loos. There was no toilet. I guess this was her bathroom. She motioned to the change table and closed the door behind her. I undid my now wet trousers and tossed them aside to get stuffed into the wet bag later. My diaper was toast. I mean saturated. Having worn them for so long I hardly notice wettings. I am aware that I am peeing only when I let out an involuntary dribble into a fresh diaper, or when I feel my diaper warm. But I leak constantly, so my diaper is always damp and warm, and therefore I seldom notice. Thanks, be to God I was not messy, I barely notice those either, only when I sit in it or feel it squish do I know for certain. I wear diaper covers to help partially mask the odours associated with that aspect of my incontinence. That overly enthusiastic clerk all those years ago, was right. They helped keep what I did in my diapers a secret between me and them, for the most part. I would have hated to stink up her place on my first time here. I begun wiping up the urine soaked lotion and powder that coated my diaper area. I move next to my bum, making sure it is clean. After being in diapers for the last 12 years I am accustomed to diaper rashes. They come with the territory. But I do everything I can to avoid them. I finish cleaning myself and begin to prepare my new diaper, still sitting on my old one. I can no longer not be in or at least on a diaper. I have learned from experience to keep tape in my diaper bag to give the tapes an ‘assist” (use a hockey term, why not I am in Canada now Eh.). I unfold my fresh diaper and place it under me, only then moving off the used one. I am never not protected. Like I said, I leak constantly. I grab the Vaseline and begin to spread it all over the required areas. I next take the powder and puff it where it needs to go. Taking a wipe, I clean my hands. I tape myself in to my new, clean, dry private toilet for the next couple of hours. I dig out my spare trousers, pull them up and I am good to go! The crotch of my pants bulges a bit. Not too noticeable unless you were staring at it. I don’t really care if my crotch bulges a bit or you do stare. I am wearing a diaper, I need them. What is your hang-up, why you perving out on me? I leave her bathroom, and I see her relaxing on the couch. I sit down next to her. “Mind if I join you?” “Not at all. I welcome it” “Thanks” “Pleasure” We sit in silence for some time, not an awkward silence, but the kind where there is nothing that needs to be said. She breaks it. “So…you said substantial protection, how substantial? I mean, are you aware?” I am a little taken aback by the directness of her query, but I was warned that people in North American are just that direct. I do her the courtesy of a direct answer. “Do you want the short or the long answer?” “Let’s start short, and maybe go long.” “Short Answer: Very substantial, I am completely unaware or either function.” To illustrate my point I stand up and un-button my trousers to show her my diaper, it is already a little wet I can see. I pull them back up. She notices the bulge. “Oh. My. God! You can totally tell, you are wearing a diaper! Aren’t you a little embarrassed that someone will say something? “Not really, I mean if they do, they are perving out on me by staring at my kitty. It just so happens that it is covered by a diaper. They are gross for doing it, if I notice them staring I will say so.” “Okay, well you are brave. Most people are embarrassed by their need for diapers, me included, and I only wear pullups during the day! You just changed, right? It looked to me like your diaper was already damp, am I wrong?” I give it an experimental poke. Affirmative, wet and getting wetter as per the norm. Unconsciously I check the rear for mess. None yet. “Did you just check yourself for wetness?” “Yes, and in case you were wondering, no surprise poops either.” “Wow, you really weren’t kidding about the needing substantial protection.” “No. No I was not.” “Let me get you a glass of something. Whiskey, was it? I want to hear the long version now.” As I sit thinking about how I am going to tell it, she returns with my tumbler. I decide to go for it, tell her the truth. “Okay, but promise not to judge.” “I’ll do my best.” “I first really remember wanting to wear diapers again at age 9. I mean let’s face it, who among us really remember their formative years. You might get the occasional glimpse of a memory from your younger years, but for all intents and purposes you are remembering the stories people have told you about you. You don’t really remember your young childhood. I remember it was rainy, I was watching the T.V. I don’t recall what. What I do recall is that a commercial came on for adult incontinence pants. I was transfixed. They made diapers for grown-ups!? Where, when how can I get my hands on these. Like I said, I was hooked. It was all I thought about. I mean I was still functioning, I went to school, did my class-work, played with my friends, went to church, etc. ad nauseum. It was always there though, in the back of my mind. I dreamt about it, thought about. I almost asked about it once, but my Mum was busy and I lost my nerve….” We Irish, born storytellers
  18. Here we go again. This story won't go as quickly as the last one, one update a date will be pushing it I think. This story is about a 2 reporters, one Little one amazon. They have been tasked with finding out unknown history between Littles and Amazons. Trying for an Indiana Jones / uncharted Diaper Dimension story. Chapter 1 The Little War The Little War marked a turning point in Amazon society, it changed the face of our world in ways no one could have seen. For hundreds of years amazons had no knowledge of a whole population of Littles that lived on our planet. Littles had lived unknown to the population due to their isolation on small islands far away on the ocean. It is unknown how long wild and primitive Littles lived on their islands alone before the war, though it is believed they would not have lasted must longer if the war hadn’t taken place. One day the great amazon Kathleen Bosh found the main Island of the Littles. Seeing the poor state of their lives she attempted to use the amazons advanced technology to help make the lives of the Littles better. Due to Littles only having the emotional control of toddlers Kathleen’s generosity had only served to anger the Littles, much like an older child having a toy a younger child wants. With overwhelming numbers the Littles killed Kathleen and took her ship, quickly massing their forces for an invation of the main land. The Littles believe that they had the numbers to win the war quickly and take what they wanted, however even being left unprepared that amazons were able to repell the Littles. The war dragged on for months, but even then the Littles were losing ground. It was at this time the amazons finished their newest weapon against the Littles, code named Brain Drain. The Brain Drain was designed to turn Littles into mindless babies in mere moments. In the final battle the Little's leader Joan was captured and became the first test subject. Before the Littles eyes they watched their leader become what she truely was, a mindless baby. As the Littles watched their former leader poop her first diaper they abandoned the front lines and scattered to the winds. In the months that followed the Littles spread accross the world. Many who were captured would share their leaders fate, others were just given nice home with their new mommies. Others would attempted to live as amazons, something that many still attempt to do to this day. Finally a number of them returned to their home island, hoping to rebuild after their crushing defeat. Almost 100 year ago the home island of Littles was rediscovered. Though relation are tense they've been peaceful. The Littles have even allowed amazons to have an embassy on their main island. Amazons in the embassy currently help Littles find and track down Little poachers who attempt to capture some of their people to sell on the black Little market. Amazons and Littles have lived in peace since the end of the Little War, and all it took was for Littles to accept their place in the world. Closing the book Bree let out a sigh, yet another book that told almost the same story. Though this version had mentioned Joan by name which was different then all the others she had read. "Oh god Bree," said a tall blond amazon women walking toward her. "I swear, how did I get you for a partner? My Little sister's diapers aren't half as bad as yours." "Shut up Karen, you know the law. All Littles have to wear diapers when in public area's." As Bree slid off the chair while Karen glared at her. "You're just lucky Mr. Stone likes you, if it wasn't for that workers pass around your neck your brain would be a mushy as your diaper." Giving Bree diaper a firm pat. Bree ignored her partner and started waddling to the exit when she suddenly felt herself being lifted into the air. "Let's go stinky, I don't want to have to wait for you to get to the car. The sooner we get to the office the sooner I won't have to smell you anymore." Karen carried Bree to her car, placing her in the car seat in the back before they made their way back to the office. As they were driving Bree went over all the notes in her head. All written history seemed to start with the Little War, everything before that is just called "ancient times" with nothing else to go on. Everything writing about how Littles lived before is based on nothing but opinions from people that brain wash Littles for a living. If she was going to get this report done about the Pre Little War she would have to try someplace else. All amazon history seemed to be written the same, what they needed to find was Little history that predates the Little War, if it even exists.
  19. Caught

    Caught It was a Friday and I was let off of work a few hours early. That meant I would be home about 2-3 hours before my girlfriend/Mommy got home.Yes,Im a submissive ABDL to Her, when not a work.As I walked thru the front door of Our house I saw the fresh diaper Mommy had laid out for Me on the couch.Im expected to put one on as soon as I get home.This time I walked past it and strolled to the fridge for a cold beer.I grabbed a can and popped the top.I was allowed to drink as many as I wanted with one stipulation.I had to drink it from a sippy cup or baby bottle.Today I was feeling rebellious.I carried the open can with Me out to the back yard on to our deck.Id now broken 3 rules.Diaper,drinking from a can and being outside with out Mommy.Still,I had lots of time and could be inside diapered and drinking from a sippy cup way before Mommy got home!No prob!I sat there in a lawn chair on the deck I had built and was proud of.I loved the view of our lawn with its many trees and green grass,all surrounded by a ten foot tall privacy fence. Finishing that first beer I went and grabbed two more, thinking I would drink them then get inside and diapered.Id just opened that 3rd beer when I had to pee.I walked to the edge of the deck,whipped it out and let the piss flow.Breaking another rule.I was only allowed to potty 1&2 in my diaper unless Mommy said different.I was in mid stream when I heard the back door fly open!"What the Hell is this" I heard Mommy yell! Part two With out thinking I quickly tucked my self back in to my pants still in mid stream wetting myself in the process.I turned to face Mommy who knocked the nearly full beer can from my hand."Get Your little ass up stairs to the bedroom and stand in the corner"! I ran to obey!As I waited in the corner I heard Mommy throwing my empty beer cans into the trash bin.Then open one for Herself and slamming the fridge door shut.She was pissed! Five minutes later I heard Her stomping up the steps.I heard her walk into the room and open the closet door.I guessed She was getting my changing pad."Get over here Young Man"! I slowly went to stand in front of Mommy head down.Not looking at me,Mommy undressed Me.As She laid Me down on the pad I saw why she would not make eye contact.Tears were running down Her sweet face.I felt rotten to the core."M-Mommy",I stammered,"please dont cwy.Im sowwy"! I dont often talk baby talk but some times Mommy likes it."Hush baby.Speak when spoken too", She told Me.She cleaned me,and put a fresh diaper on.Then pulled me up to sit on the edge of the bed. Wiping her tears and finally looking at Me She asked,"What were You thinking,to be so naughty Baby"? "I,I not thinking Mommy"I almost whispered. "Did You get home early today"? "Yes Mommy". "Well,You had to be thinking something.Like,maybe Mommy wouldn't catch You?Is that it?" "Yes, I so sowwy" "Maybe,You dont want to be a baby any more?Should We just get rid of all the baby things?" "No Mommy! No!" "Hmmm,We will see.Are You sure You want to be my baby"? "Oh yes Please"! Tapping Her foot looking down at Me Mommy said,"Well then,I guess You know You will have to be punished"? "Yes Ma'am Mommy". "Very well then.Ive just put a clean diaper on You so,im not going to waste it by taking it off to spank You for now.No,Im going to punish You in a new way.You wont know when,how,or where until I decide". I had a feeling Id rather have the spanking. Part Three Mommy had told me to stay in bed and to think about what I had done.To think about She and I. Mommys real name was Glenda.We had met 4 years ago on a camping trip with mutual friends.That first morning We were the first to wake up and,after sharing some coffee We decided to walk some trails just as the sun started to rise.Some how We wound up just holding hands and have been an item since then.After several months We decided She would move in with Me.I came home from work one day to hear Her humming in the kitchen.We exchanged a long kiss then,holding on to me at arms length Glenda looked into my eyes with a big grin on her face and She was blushing!I asked Her what was funny.She just shook her head and said to never mind and suggested I go take a shower and then supper would be done.That sounded good to Me!When I had showered and dressed I want back down stairs to find Glenda sitting at the table waiting for Me.I pulled out my chair to sit and all the color drained from my face. Laying there still neatly folded was a disposable adult diaper.One of a package that I never got around to throwing away. I looked from the chair to Glenda Who just Smiled."Awww.just sit down baby,lets talk and eat",She said. It seemed to me there was a new emphasis on the word baby.As We ate Glenda told Me that tomorrow being Saturday and the 4th of July Her office had closed at noon.She had been wanting to un box some of her things that I had put in the bedroom closet for Her thus She had found the diapers I thought I had hidden.Along with my blanket and pacifier!Then She asked Me point blank if I was an abdl."Whats that"I asked Her? "Oh come now"She answered,"after finding those baby things,I got on Your computer and learned a lot about You.Just admit it are You an abdl"? I was busted.With my head down I said,"I,Id like to be but I've never told anyone". Glenda came around the table and hugged Me from behind."Now You dont have to because I know",She kissed my cheek,"lets grab some beers and sit on the deck".We sat quietly for a long time i was at a loss for words. Glenda took My hand,"I love you as much right now as I did before.That hasn't changed.We can do this,starting Tomorrow.Your a very complex man my Love".For the rest of the night We sat there sipping beer and talking about any and everything else.Then We made love and fail asleep.That was my last night as grown man in Our home. The next morning I woke up to find a note on Glenda's pillow. Gone shopping.Breakfast in the microwave. Love Mommy In the microwave I found my breakfast.On the microwave I found another note. Dear David or Davey,I woke up excited about all We have talked about and what I've learned.Going to get some supplies We will need.In the mean time,please read and study some rules You must follow. 1. When at home or in any privet setting You will call Me Mommy. 2. At home alone and just the two of us You will always wear a diaper nothing else except socks. 3.You will always use Your diaper when You need to potty ay home. 4. always drink from a bottle or sippy cup. 5.When Mommy is away You may only watch cartoons on the T.V. 6.You are not to touch Your self unless so instructed. 7.You may not be outside when I am away. 8.No back talk or sass. I am sure that there will be more rules as we go but these are a good start. I know You have no desire to be the baby 24/7nor do I want that.I still need the man I fail in love with.However that could change,with disobedience. Now here I lay,thinking about how much I loved Mommy.How I had upset Her by breaking so many rules in one afternoon. Part 4 The weekend came and went and it seemed everything had returned to normal.I came straight home from work every day and put a diaper on as soon as I got walked in the door.In the evenings I did notice that Mommy seemed to be more attentive toward Me.She had taken to feeding Me at dinner for one thing.Also it seemed like I was messing my diaper a lot more than usual.I guessed I my have had a bit of s stomach virus.No big deal.One evening We were on the living room couch and Mommy opened her blouse and pulled Me to Her inviting Me to suckle her breast.She had no milk but We both enjoyed it.As usual I got an erection in my diaper. Mommy sat Me up."Oh no little one! The only bulge in that diaper better be in the back"! I knew then,that I had not yet been forgiven. "Mommy", I begged,'cant You please just punish Me and be done with it? Im so sorry,"! "Dont worry Baby,it will happen soon.Mommy loves You".We were silent for a few moments when Mommy spoke again."You know Baby Davey,Ive been Your Mommy for over three Years now." "I know Mommy,thank You". "And,in all this time,Nobody has found out that big strong David,the master carpenter,the great outdoors man, is really just a little boy who needs to be diapered and Mommied." Alarms went off in my head.I sat up."Mommy,what do You mean"? "Oh nothing sweetty.I was just thinking out loud.Whats that smell?Did You make a poopy"? Indeed I had wet and messed my self at the thought of being known.Mommy led me up stairs to the bedroom where she cleaned Me and changed Me.She kissed my lips good night."Night night little one. Tomorrow is the Saturday.Maybe We'll do some thing different this weekend." As I drifted off to sleep I thought I heard Her talking on the phone. Part Five It was Saturday morning and when I woke up Mommy was already on the patio having coffee.I had wet and messed my diaper in my sleep.This was a bit unusual.I always woke up even if I did have to use my diaper. I poured some coffee into a sippy cup and went outside."Good morning Mommy"I said happily! "Well,hi Baby! Its a beautiful morning isnt it"? "Uh huh,it is"!Sooo,Mommy,You said We might do something different this weekend"? "Yes,I did,and We will this evening"! "Yay"! I laughed,"what is it Mommy"? Mommy gave me a wierd smile."I cant tell You because its a surprise"! Some where in the back of my brain some thing whispered "Oh,oh",,, Mommy led Me into the kitchen and set some milk, cereal,and toast down,and told me to sit and eat. "But,Mommy,my diaper",,,, "I will be giving You a shower and a change after You eat",Mommy said firmly. This was new.Ive never minded a poopy diaper but it was starting to burn a little.I ate as quick as I could and was made to drink a class of grape juice.After I drank it all,Mommy took the empty sippy. "Okay baby,in the bathroom and wait for Me",Mommy told Me. I hurried because I really wanted out of that diaper!A few minutes later Mommy came in.She took off my diaper and used wipes to clean me before turning on the shower."Okay big Boy get in there"! She playfuly swatted my bottem as i stepped in.That lifted my hopes up a bit.Even more so when I saw Mommy undress!She grinned hugely at me as She got into the shower with Me."Mommy wants her baby to be squeeky clean today"She said in my ear.She washed my hair then my upper body.Skipping my privates to my legs and feet. Then back up to my bottom scrubbing my cheeks.Dropping the wash cloth she began to tickle my butt hole with a soapy finger."Do you like that Baby"She asked? "Oh yes Mommy"! Pressing her breast into my back she reached around and started soaping and stroking my cock,nibbling on my ears."And this baby"? "Yessss Mommy". "Its still hard to believe that a man this big and hard is really just a big baby.A grown man Who wets and shits in diapers.Dos it humiliate you some times Davey?To just Shit and piss Yourself right in front of Me?To be under My control?" I had gotten even harder."Yes Mommy! Its humiliating and I love it"! I was close to an orgasm,when Mommy reached down and turned off the hot water.It turned Ice cold! I was limp in a few seconds. "Okay lets get You all dried off baby"! After scrubbing Me dry We went into the bedroom where Mommy got a pull up style diaper out from her dresser.This was new. "Mommy"? "Oh,I didnt tell You,I have some lady friends coming over this after noon.I still want You diapered but no one will be able to tell with these under Your jeans!" I had started out years ago with pull ups and thought this to be true. "Okay Mommy". "Thats another thing.Until I say other wise today,lets both be adults in our conversation." "Sounds good to Me Glenda" I chuckled.This wasn't so unusual.We both needed and enjoyed for Me to be just David some times. Glenda kissed Me."So dos that mean I can take advantage of David The Grill Master today"? "Well Ma'am,I reckon I can rustle up a few steaks!How many heads will I be feeding"I asked in my best John Wayne! "Three guest and Our selfs.Tell Ya what David,We got some time,Why dont I whip Us up some margaritas and lets sit on the deck,relax and talk?" "Great idea Mom- oops Glenda"! Out on the deck We sat in lawn chairs sipping our drinks and chatting about our jobs and such things. I'd had the feeling that Glenda had some thing on Her mind and I was right. "I need to know something"She began,"In the shower You admitted You love the humiliation of being an abdl.Is that what this whole thing is about"? I didnt have to think twice. "No Hun.It aint.Yea it is a big part of it but,Its also a special bond in my mind.Growing up,I was never really close to any one.As an adult that hasn't changed much until You came along.Sure,I have some good friends and Id miss them if they went away.All the relationships Ive been in? There was just always some thing missing.I hate to say it but i had become rather with drawn over the last 8 years or so.I had quit even looking for some one.Id turned to porn as my only sexual outlet. Thats how I discovered the abdl life and I was just drawn like a moth to a bulb!I never dreamed that I would meet some one like You and Im so glad I kept forgetting to throw those diapers away all those Years ago"! Glenda laughed and kissed Me hard on the lips"Well Mister! Im glad You kept forgetting too"! I almost did something just then that had been on my mind a lot but thought Id wait jus a bit. Then suddenly Glenda looked at Me sternly."Speaking of forgetting.Dont forget You still have to be punished". Part Six Later that afternoon around 3:00 Glendas friends started to arrive.I had never met any of these ladies and assumed they all worked together.The 1st to arrive was Nancy A pretty rather plump blond with ample breast. dressed in jeans and a baggy sweater and a warm smile.The next two had rode in together Roxann and Janet. Roxann was as tall as Me with long flowing black hair and a models body.She looked Me up and down as We shook hands but,she had no smile at all.Janet on the other hand was not quite 5 feet tall,with flaming red hair,She had a mans hand shake and an ear to ear grin."Nice to meet You Young Man"She smiled.We all went into the kitchen So Glenda could put together a salad and a few other things.I went outside to start the grill and cook the steaks. My belly had began to grumble a bit uncomfortably but I told my self I was hungery.I went inside to grab myself a beer.Glenda was leaning against the sink counter and to my shock I saw two of my sippy cups and a baby bottle in the drain board on top of the sink.Glenda just smiled at Me,"Did You want a beer Davey"? Davey? "Uh yea.I realy need one" I managed to choke out.Glenda opened the fridge and handed me one. "Just this one for now okay Sweety"? "Yea,Sure.Of course." I know I was 3 shades of red as I went back outside.As I shut the door,I heard all the ladies giggle. At last all was ready to eat,We sat at the kitchen table to eat but I was a bundle of nerves.Each time I looked up from my plate my eyes were drawn to the sippy cups and the bottle on the sink.My belly was doing Jumping jacks and I could barely eat.I told myself it was nerves.Maybe If I started talking it would go away,, So,ignoring my discomfort I asked"So, do You lady's all work together"? There were looks exchanged a smiles all around."No,"said Glenda,"thats not how We met at all". "Oh I see" "We all know each other from a social media group"Roxann explained. "An adult media group"piped in Janet. I had began to sweat,My stomach churned and I wanted to be any where else.I thought I would say I needed to make sure the fire was out in the grill When Glenda stood up.'Davey?Would You be a Dear and clear the table?We ladys are going into the living room to talk". Glad to be alone I said I'd be happy to.I took my sweet time.Scraping and rinsing the dishes.I even loaded and started the dish washer.Just as I turned from the sink my belly cramped.I had to shit!I walked into the living room trying to get to the upstairs bathroom.Glenda was sitting in my recliner,while Nancy,Janet,and Roxann all sat on the couch.Then to my horror,I sat it!Laying on the floor was the changing pad,a diaper,and baby wipes. Here was my punishment."Where do You think Your going Davey"? "U up stairs to the bathroom Glenda". "Glenda"? "I really have to go,," "Glenda"? "M Mommy"? "Thats better! Who told You it was alright to use the big boy potty"? "But.but I just-" "But nothing",Mommy barked,"take off Your pants right now,right here"! I think my whole body blushed red! My head spun!"Mommy please no!" I saw Roxann hand Mommy a paddle with a mean smile on Her face.Janet was giggling. Nancy spoke up to Me."Be a good boy Baby and do as Your Mommy says". I thought at this point that this was good advice.I quickly chucked my shoes and stepped out of my pants. I found I had tears running down my face. "Theres my Good Boy" Mommy said,"now you may turn around,and go potty any time". No matter how badly I may have wanted too hold it I just could not!I started to pee,and the poop followed! I dont think ive ever pooped so much before or since! "Oh my Gosh"I heard Janet gasp,Ive never seen so much poo"! "It sure dos stink" Roxann chimed in! Mommy laughed "A night and a day of laxatives will sure do that!Turn back around Baby Davey" I did."This is the punishment I promised You.Please tell these other ladys why You're being punished" "Because I was naughty"? "Yes,We all know that.How were You naughty". I was sniffing back tears now."I didnt put a diaperon when I got home from work", "And,,," I was almost sobbing now."A and I didnt use my sippy cup! I went outside when Mommy was gone and I went pee pee on the grass!"Suddenly i actually felt a bit better.Surely it was all over now.Not! "Baby I want You to sit down on the pad." I hesitated."Just do it Baby"Mommy said sweetly. I sat down and of course the mess sread all over my butt in the diaper.Then to my further humiliation I found I had a raging boner!"Oh look!"Nancy said in delight,"Hes got a hard wee wee! How cute"! Janet got up and whispered in Mommys ear.I saw Mommy smile and nod her head."What a great idea" Mommy said!Then She got out of Her chair and knelt beside Me."Gather round ladys"! Roxann Janet And Nancy all moved closer as Mommy began to rub Me thru my diaper."You see girls, My little has let Me know that he loves humiliation,thats why hes so hard right now.Look at him laying here in a poopy diaper with such a hard on!Stinking to high heaven and pumping against my hand! Almost with out warning I was making another mess in the front of my diaper and it was intense!As I lay there panting Janet reached down and tickeled my chin."Oh such a good boy" She cooed,"did him make cummies in his diaper"?My mind and body were reeling. I couldn't think of a thing to say,so I looked up to Mommy. "Sweety.Why dont You take a nap right here and Mommy will change You when You wake up"?From some where She produced My pacie and put it to my lips.I curled up and closed my eyes and for awhile listened to the four of them talking softly. "Well He is rather cute"said Janet. "Perhaps so" murmured Roxann, "but You should keep the paddle I brought over for the next time"! "I will do that" Mommy whispered. "Glenda,if You ever need a sitter call Me"Nancy offered. *********** Some time later I felt Mommy shaking Me awake."Lets get You cleaned up Sweety". I lay there as Mommy took off the dirty pull up and cleaned Me up. "Mommy? Who were those 3 friends of Yours"? "Well,remember the day I first found out You wanted to be a little"? "Uh huh". "I told You then that I found all Your abdl web sites but,I didnt tell You, that I joined a few." "You did"? "I did.I wanted to learn all I could to be a good Mommy for You.Roxann,Nancy and,Janet are all Mommys too so I learned a lot from them"! "Mommy"? "Yes Baby"? "I love You too the moon"! ************************* Over the next few following days I thought about Mommy a lot.She had done so much.alwys putting Me first. It was time for Me to give back.I did not want to completely give up being a little but it was time to do something diferrent.I talked with Mommy about this.Now days Im the baby the first and the third week of each month.On those adult weeks We go dancing and dining.We take long walks and hold hands.Some times at night while We sit out on Our deck having a beer or mixed drinks,I go stand on the edge and take a leak.Because Im a big boy and I can. /
  20. Going full out

    I've been into the 24/7 scene for long time and sick of getting talked out of wearing and messing in diapers in public. I found some friends that are abdl or incont for support. Just want feedbacks
  21. Waking up messy

    So I just wanted to bounce around a topic here. So waking up messy isn't the strangest thing for me, as Fecal Incontinent it's happened before, but not consistently. So anyone else who may deal with similarities, how common is messing while asleep for you? For me, this is definitely something that happens under 10x a year, and is usually triggered by something I ate that just couldn't wait until I was awake. Just wanted to get a feel for this.
  22. Elizabeth messy

    From the album Pics commissioned by Merunyaa

    Elizabeth from the Persona series in a messy diaper
  23. Chie and Yukiko messy

    From the album Pics commissioned by Merunyaa

    Chie and Yukiko still playing, although a little messy now
  24. Father's day suprise

    So what a suprise from the wife on Father's day. Woke me up to put me in a diaper, still sleepy. She went to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee, and after drinking a lot of coffee this morning. Needless to say I needed to wet my diaper several times. So now I'm soaked and she then has me go to our bedroom for a fresh change into a new diaper. Her plan is to have me diapered all day. After a nicely cooked breakfast, and some more liquid. I had wet my diaper again several times. But now I needed to poop and I told her so, she said go ahead that's what a diaper is for. She let me sit in my mess and enjoy it for two hours and then I needed to change. She insisted on changing my messy diaper herself, let me tell you that to have your bottom wiped and cleaned was pure bliss. She has only done this a few times in the past few years, so what a treat and what a great start to Father's day. So I now get to stay diapered up to bed time today, and it promises to be a great day.