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  1. Sadly, I only have access to drug store brand diapers, so right now I'm doubled up in two Tena Supers.
  2. Seems what little resistance she still has left is slowly being whittled away. Won't be long now...
  3. My nightmare would honestly be not only my friends and family discovering my fetish, but straight up being so disgusted by it they all outright disown me on the spot and cut me out of their lives entirely.
  4. Huh, that was an interesting read. I love how you turned SWAT into a double meaning here, nice idea.
  5. Usually the diaper comes off after I'm done rubbing one out, but sometimes I'll wear it for a little longer, just to make sure I got the most of it. Diapers aren't cheap, afterall.
  6. Welcome, fellow Canadian, eh?
  7. I think I was 8-9 or so when I discovered this side of me. It wasn't until almost my teens though that I first got access to the internet and discovered I wasn't the only one.
  8. Primarily DL, though I have considered trying more AB things like drinking from a bottle and such.
  9. I believe The Trouble With #2629 is what you're looking for.
  10. That sounds a lot like Sample Pack by Personalias.
  11. Sorry, that's not it. Thanks for the help though.