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  1. Is it The Refurbishing Center? Or am I thinking of something different.
  2. Redding Area ABDL?

    I'm currently located in Redding CA, was wondering if there is even a ABDl scene here. Or at least any people around
  3. Am I Good Enough?

    I enjoy almost all of your work personally, and I would support you through commissions or Patreon if I had any money at all. I just rarely comment here. I think you're awesome
  4. Any cats in the cradle?

    While I'm not there now, I lived in Lindsay (near Visalia and Tulare) when I was in High School. Seeing as how we're the same age I know I would have freaked if I knew another ABDL in my area then.
  5. North California Dls

    Huh, I know I've been asking about people in the Arcata/Eureka area since I became a Freshman at HSU 5 years ago.
  6. North California Dls

    There is a whole lot of state north of California. You could make a whole state of Jefferson out of it. Speaking of the State of Jefferson, anyone in Humboldt County? I've looked for a while and I've yet to find another in my own area.
  7. Why Do You Wear Diapers

    Depending on the mood it either helps me relax, helps me feel little and carefree, or turns me on.
  8. Baby Fur Question

    Some of us Furries also just like to dress up and play pretend. For myself at least, I have multiple "fursonas" depending on how I'm feeling that go the full range of anthro to feral. It's how I choose to interpret my own personality into art or stories (even though I can't draw or write at all). It's also fun. Not all of us are living our post animal life., some of us just like to wear tails and collars cause we like to. Sometimes it's as simple as that.
  9. Cracked wrote a surprisingly tasteful article on us. What do y'all think? http://www.cracked.com/personal-experiences-2202-4-realities-being-adult-with-diaper-fetish.html
  10. I can think of so many stories like that. Could you be more specific?
  11. Explaining Things

    Thanks! Fortunately in turns out that a few days of me being diapered and acting little around her opened her up to the idea. She later told me that she used to steal her baby sisters bottles until she was in high school. I managed to get lucky enough to find the one girl on campus who is willing and enjoys being little with me. The one bad thing about it all is that she claimed the one sippy cup I had for herself and won't return it.
  12. Humboldt County Ab/Dls

    Re-resurrected! Hello from Arcata California and Humboldt State University! I would be sad if I were the only AB or DL around. So anyone here?
  13. Explaining Things

    I just want to thank you two for the help again. My girlfriend actually encouraged me to buy some diapers (currently sitting in an ABU Space) and I am waiting for her to come check me after her class.
  14. Explaining Things

    Thanks! Those will both be extremely helpful!
  15. Miley Cyrus BB Talk - ABDL Video

    I've actually had a thought occurred to me, what if Miley is already a member of this site and has been following this topic already.