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  1. Ian calmed down when his daddy called him by his name, but hid his face as soon as he started to change him.
  2. Ian started crying again. He wanted his daddy to call him by his name instead of just baby.
  3. Ian kept crying as his daddy talked to him. He cried until he calmed down. "I'm tired and hungry." Ian said not wanting his daddy to know he was wet still.
  4. Ian flinched when his daddy tried stroking his hair as he cried. After the little speech, Ian was cringe from fruatration, being tired, still being wet and hungry.
  5. Ian woke up and his entire body jolted. A second after he started crying, afraid of his daddy.
  6. Ian saw the couch being ripped apart and fainted, fearing the worse was about to happen.
  7. Ian started to panic. He was all too afraid to move. When the counting started, Ian began to cry out of just fear that he did, he would have to go out and get punished, and deal more with being forced to be a baby so quickly. Just the thought of what punishment he could get was enough to cause Ian to hyperventilate in a panic attack.
  8. Ian realized part of his foot was poking out a bit and curled into a ball. He was completely out of reach now, amd refused to come out. Ian was not acting like a scared child.
  9. "No I dont." Ian replied to his new father asking him if he was thirsty. Ian swatted his new father when he checked his diaper. But once his daddy left, Ian noticed the playpen was unlocked and quietly dashed off. He went to a random door and opened it. I am found the basement stairs, which it was a finished basement with the furniture fixed to the ground. Ian ran down the stairs and hid under one of them, hiding as far back as he could and out of his daddy's reach.
  10. Ian flinched when his father brushed his cheek and Ian stood up, only being slightly taller than his dad who was sitting still. Ian moved to the other end of the playpen again and sat down, facing away. "I don't have any." He responded. His diaper was still wet, no one knew and Ian could hardly tell from frustration.
  11. Ian took the inhaler and used it again as he was supposed to for every use. He sat up and scooted away. He wasn't off to a great start with his new father and he was exhausted now too.
  12. "I- I-ca-I cant bre-athe." Ian was barely able to say as his daddy continued to tickle him. He was having a hard time breathing.
  13. Ian was refusing to say it. He didn't want to but he was getting exhausted very quickly. "I-I a-Am!" He said.
  14. Ian squirmed more and more, trying to stop the assault of kisses and tickles. "Ple-ase!" He managed to say though being tickled.
  15. Glad you guys like it! Right now I have a bit of writers block. But it will be worth it later. I promise.