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  1. DiaperBoy37

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    Glad you like it. I agree there arent any good male diaper dimension stories. Or many good male stories. Especially anymore since the hack.
  2. DiaperBoy37

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    I have to keep you in suspense somehow
  3. DiaperBoy37

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    "Don-na!" I called through my crying as Mommy lifted me. Suddenly I couldn't see, then I became hysterical. ************************ When Mikey started crying, she knew that cry. He wasnt upset, angry or scared. But he was terrified and she knew it. He was fighting her this time. Something he knew better not to do. "Michael, calm yourself. Now." Cheryl said sternly, but he didnt listen. She gave him a swift swat on his bottom and he stopped fighting her so much. She had no idea what was going on with him anymore. She managed to now completely pin Mikey to her chest in case he had second thoughts about doing as he was told. Unfortunately for him, this just seemed to make it worse. Even though his legs were being forced up against the upper part of her chest, he tried to kick as if he was throwing a fit, only being able to wiggle them as he squealed loudly. "That's enough!" Cheryl yelled and went over to the nearest chair. She hadn't done this since he was first adopted, but it was time for a slight refresher on not to challenge her. Mikey was only in a shirt and diaper at the time, which made it all the easier to bring down his diaper to spank him. Once he was over her lap, he continued to struggle and repeat the name, 'Donna.' "You know better Michael than to challenge me." The mother reminded him. ************************ I couldn't see anything. I heard shouting, screaming and crying. I couldn't move. I felt warmth surrounding me. There were cries for help, followed by shouting as I struggled. I was scared. "Donna", "Donna", "Donna", "Donna." I repeated in shock, taking deep breaths and said in a low tone. I heard someone who sounded like Cheryl saying something to me, angrily as I felt something wet slide away from my waist and down my legs, to my ankles. I felt a loud smack echo around me, then through me. I felt like I couldn't breath. My body felt cold and hurt. I was naked and in pain as I felt something hot pierce my back. I shook on the metallic cuffs that were pulling my arms and legs downward and around a cold steel block. I heard shouting next to me with some screaming that had come after mine. I gained my breath and let out a scream of pain, unsure of what was happening to me as more blows landed on my cheeks. I was broken, defeated, injured and scared. I couldn't see still. Everything was black for me. I had no idea who was there, my face was covered in fresh tears and snot ran from my nose. The garment around my ankles was gone, and I was lain on my back with a strap going over my chest. I continued to try to catch my breath as I cried, my chest trembling every inhale and exhale made. My legs raised into the air and I squealed as I felt a cool moist cloth rub against my bottom. Next there was a cold cream that felt actually good, being rubbed against my bottom. I heard a crinkling sound after my legs were down and the familiar smell of baby powder filling the air around me before I felt the soft padding I always felt nowadays. The strap released and I was quickly in the air. I felt whoever it was, was carrying me and next thing I knew, I was laying on their belly, face down, crying into the Amazonian's bosom. "Shhhhh." I was told. Lifting my head, expecting to see who it was that was doing this to me, and all that came was darkness. A gentle press, pushed my head back down and onto its side, I could hear the heartbeat and the breathing of them. "You're okay now. Shhhhh. Just breathe." I heard Mommy say. 'Okay. So its Mommy holding me still.' I thought to myself. A gentle touch on my back caused me to shudder in response. A hand on the base of my skull, rubbing behind my ear was helping me calm down. I just wish I knew where I was. ******************************** Cheryl had never seen him this way. Mikey had mostly calmed down a few long minutes later, but she didnt want to get him riled up again. She saw the mirror and his eyes were wide open and he was scanning the room but there wasn't anything to look for. She snapped her fingers next to him and looked towards her hand but his eyes kept scanning for something. He whimpered and set his head back down, now grabbing Cheryl's shirt. Mikey fell asleep again, this time without much issue. Cheryl ran her fingers through her son's hair before calling Dr. Faunler. "Hello? It's me Cheryl. We need to talk about Mikey. Something's wrong with him.- I'll bring him over tonight."
  4. DiaperBoy37

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    There has been foreshadowing throughout the story. And even since the beginning. I'm surprised no one has truly noticed yet. This last update is "short" because the other updates were me reposting everything. The story will get more interesting, believe me. But one thing I have to say is, the sister had only that purpose.
  5. DiaperBoy37

    Roleplay Request

    Anyone interested in playing a parental role, please leave a message or message me.
  6. I've been... raped...

  7. DiaperBoy37

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    Cheryl drove home and found Mikey was still asleep when they got home after. "As much trouble as he can be sometimes. He is still worth it." She whispered to herself before Mikey nuzzled his head in into the carseat. Cheryl lifted him out of the carseat and carried him inside, supporting his bottom as she held him low. She left some of the things she had in the car from work and tool the sleeping Little to his room. Once inside the nursery, it was a bit messy from this morning and having little time to get everything ready. Mikey started to stir. "Shhhhh." She said, gently combing her fingers through his hair to settle him down. Cheryl lowered the crib bars and settled the little down on his back and covered him up to finish his nap. She kissed his forehead and raised up the side of the crib before started to clean up the room. As she cleaned up the room she heard something moving around in Mikey's crib and when she turned around, he was standing up, holding onto the bars with one hand and rubbing his eyes with his other hand. "Ohh whats the matter bubba?" Cheryl said as she headed over his crib. "Does someone need a change?" She kissed her son's forehead where the bruise used to be after she picked him up. Right after she started rocking him to keep him calm. ******************* I nuzzled her neck after she kissed my forehead. I wanted my Mommy... and to be changed but I wasnt supposed to ask for it. I learned that if I ask, I wait longer. But I was still tired too and after a few moments, I returned back to my slumber, but what was next wasn't a dream. "Hey little bro! Happy birthday!" Said a familiar voice. I opened my eyes, it was Donna, my older sister. It was my 21st birthday party. It was only her this year. We both moved away from home and couldn't see our parents but... just as I made a wish that my sister and I would have good fortune when they showed up. We had heard of these gigantic humans kidnapping people through portals but when one showed up to snatch me, I was praying they didnt catch her too, but luckily she got away. I guess not so lucky day for me. I was dragged screaming through the portal. It had an array of colors to it and as soon as we entered, I saw all of them start swirling. I reached for the hole back to my home as I was carried like a child. Then all I remember was having a headache. I woke up back in my crib, sweating. I was loosely swaddled and I was thrashing around when I woke up. Mommy just entered the room just as I had unwrapped myself. As soon as she came into sight I began bawling.
  8. DiaperBoy37

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    Don't worry. I didnt forget about this story. It's just been rough.
  9. DiaperBoy37

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    No the story is not over.
  10. DiaperBoy37

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    So, I was wondering, what is everyone's favorite part and why?
  11. DiaperBoy37

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    ********************** I was strapped to a table And realized I again couldn't move again. I saw I had tubes hooked up to my arms as well. Miss Sylvia came into view just as I started to struggle. She had a devilish look to her. "Start it." She said and I felt a large amount of pain as my arms from them being twisted. I suddenly shot up from where I was, panting. It took a second to realize where I was and calm down again but, that was scary. I saw Mr Turtle on the other end of the bed-I mean crib and crawled over to him. Once I had him, I hugged him tightly, unsure if what just happened was a dream or another flashback of a forgotten memory. It didn't matter much to me anymore. I stood up in the crib, holding the bars for support, and I could hardly bring my nose up to the side of it. I waited as I heard footsteps walking around downstairs but none of them going up the stairs. "M-Mommy?" I called. The footsteps stopped and I tried calling again. "Mommy?" The footsteps started again but now I could hear them going up the stairs. The door opened and I saw it was her. "Come here Mikey. Let's get you changed." Cheryl said, lifting me up, supporting my bottom with her forearm. I rubbed the sand out of one of my eyes and I felt my back being rubbed a few times just before Mommy laid me down on... my... changing table. This time Mommy kept me in my Pjs. Which I expected to be dressed again like I had the day before, but either way I had no choice or say in the matter. Mommy picked me up, holding me the way before, except she was now forcing my torso to lay on her. I wrapped my free arm around her neck to hold on better. Being tired still I hung my head over her shoulder as we made the trip down the stairs. *********************** Cheryl headed downstairs and into the kitchen to grab a bottle from the fridge. After warming it up, the Amazonian mother tested the temperature on the back of her hand. She had pumped that morning so Cheryl was unable to breastfeed Mikey right now. Once the two left the kitchen, Cheryl and Mikey entered the living room and sat down on the sofa. Once they were on the sofa, Cheryl cradled him in her arms and lap. This time she left her breasts covered as she fed the little his bottle. She noticed he paused for a second before latching onto the bottle. Mikey closed his eyes as he nursed. "There you go, Mommy has you." Cheryl cooed as she always did. She thought it would be easier to keep him asleep for the trip and part of the visit to Dr. Faulner. After the little was asleep she burped him a bit which woke him up for a few short moments, but Mikey fell right back asleep. Cheryl was ready to leave and got him in his carrier before hand. Cheryl made sure he had his blankey and turtle tucked in with him. The little let out a long sigh as he wrapped an arm around his favorite plush toy and attempted to turn on his side, but being unable to from the restraints on the carrier/carseat. Cheryl hooked up the carrier in the car and headed to the hospital where Dr. Faulner was waiting. As soon as they arrived at their destination, she took Mikey out of the car, still in the carrier and went inside to check in. After they were checked in, the Amazonian mother sat down in one of the waiting room's chairs and checked to see if Mikey was awake or not, only to find him not only still asleep but sucking his thumb as well. She smiled and replaced his thumb with his pacifier which he whined about his thumb and started to stir but quickly gave back into slumber as soon as he was suckling again. "Michael Rhien?" A nurse called out and Cheryl quickly kissed the forehead of her little before standing up and following the nurse. "In here please. Dr. Faulner will be with you in just a moment or two. She has to finish some paperwork for her last patient." The nurse said before leaving. Cheryl set Mikey down on the bed, still in his carrier to check on him again. 'Good. Still asleep. I hope he doesn't wake up. I don't want to worry him. And I hope nothing is too serious.' Cheryl worried. A few minutes passed and the door opened. "Hello Miss Rhien. Sorry to call you back like this. But I wanted to show you some things that I found on his x-rays." The doctor pulled up a chair to one of the computers in the room and pulled up Mikey's file, then a few x-rays. She pointed to a series of dots on on his spine, and hips. "What are they?" Cheryl asked. "These are drill marks, surgical ones. And it looks like they've mostly healed but the problem is, no doctor performs this, especially in the spine of a little." Dr. Faulner spoke, and it was just as hard to understand for the doctor, as it was for Cheryl. "What does it mean though? Could it have anything to do with the flashbacks he has been having?" The mother asked starting to get more concerned. "I've been told to report these kinds of marks to the authorities from my superiors and fellow doctors, which I have and so far, this little is the first one reported alive. So we wouldn't know of anything done to him. It has something to do with certain littles producing some type of bone marrow, that can have regenerative properties and is why they stay so little, but these other littles produce more than normal, hence why he looks so young compared to others." Dr faulner stated. She was glad especially after hearing reports and seeing the x-rays herself of other little's, that she finally found one alive and determined to keep him alive and healthy. "Also on his arms and legs, it showed a lot of signs of them being broken, and healed back into place perfectly more than a few times. Which was found on a couple of other littles but not all, which raises questions." She said to Cheryl, who was baffled. She couldn't, wrap her head around this all. Who would want to do such a thing so horrible to someone that is so helpess. "On a good hand, Mikey can now eat solid food again. It seems like he has gotten used to eating again." Dr. Faulner finished. 'Now what am I going to do? All of this makes no sense. Why would anyone want to hurt littles?' Cheryl went into a state of shock hearing all of this. She felt a hand on her shoulder and she looked up, it was Dr. Faulner. "Hey, listen. I'm felt the same way when I first heard of this. It started to be rumors, and then it didn't. Just be glad you found him, and he doesn't seem to remember, or else he would have said something earlier. And if you both need help, here is my personal number. Just leave a message if I don't answer." The doctor said to help calm down Cheryl. "Thank you." The Amazonian mother replied, thankful for what Dr. Faulner was doing for her. A slight whine came from the carrier, signaling Mikey was waking up and Cheryl smiled. "He might be a bit grumpy being here. Especially if he is still buckled in." She chuckled, moving over to Mikey. Sadly she had to tell him, but not right now. It was too soon. Cheryl unbuckled the little and lifted him from the carrier, and held him to her side. "Good morning Bubba." She cooed as the little rubbed his eyes. He huffed and puffed as he tried taking in his surroundings. "Oh he is too adorable." Dr. Faulner spoke and scared Mikey, who was still trying to wake up. ******************** I jumped when I heard someone else talking and clung onto Mommy. "Ohh. You are okay Bubba." She cooed at me. "So how has he been adjusting?" The other person in the room said. It sounded like... Dr. Faulner. "He is still getting used to it all. But he is afraid still. He has had his moments too and he is too adorable at times." Mommy was saying to Dr. Faulner. Mommy reached a hand in her purse and pulled out her phone. 'Wait she took pictures of me?' I turned around and tried to look too, but Dr. Faulner had the phone. "Oh he is so adorable." She smiled. Blushing as I turned my head to rest on Mommy's chest just under her neck, I realized I was wetting myself again. 'No! not now.' "Anyway, I'm going to need another x-ray before you guys leave and a full body MRI. I'll send a nurse to bring you guys to them, and once you are done, just come back to this room." Dr. Faulner instructed us. The physician stood and left the room, not before commenting on how cute I was, making me blush more. I felt Mommy's hand go from the top of my head and sliding down to the small of my back. I let out a sigh and wrapped my arms around her neck, putting my chin on the opposite shoulder. "Mommy, why are we here?" I asked as I felt a small squeeze on the very bottom of my diaper, which I wasn't used to this method of checking, and I whined at her just as we stood up. "Doctor Faulner wanted to make sure you're ok." She told me as she set me down on the hospital bed after unzipping my footie pajamas to change me. Half way though being changed, a nurse knocked on the door and came in. My legs were in the air and my bottom was being powdered, and I closed my legs at the sight of someone seeing me down there. "Miss Rhien, we are ready when you are." The man said. "Mikey. Come on now. Let Mommy finish." She said right and I started to slowly let my legs relax, but a quick slap across my cheek caused me to stop immediately, which I was blushing nonetheless knowing my rear was on display. I still wasn't used to any of this. Once I was rediapered and redressed, I was back up in her arms again. We left the room and all of our stuff behind and I was getting nervous. After a bit we entered a large room with a few machines and a large table. The nurse turned around and smiled. "Ohh. How cute." She cooed. I realized I was pressing myself into Mommy and sucking my thumb. I blushed again and tried to bury my face in her neck. "He is still a little shy. Come on Mikey, it's alright. Can you be a big boy for Mommy while the nurse takes a picture?" Mommy asked me. I nodded my head in response, knowing that I was getting an x-ray done. The nurse had set up the machine and Cheryl set me down onto the table, then a light turned on on the machine. I was given a lead jacket, I saw the two disappear. A few seconds later and I was done. "Good job! All done!" I heard the nurse coo as both Mommy and the nurse came over. I went right into Mommy's arms. "Now for doing so good, you can get a sticker or a piece of candy." The nurse said. I glanced up to Mommy to make sure I was okay. She smiled and I took a piece of candy. I was a little bit happier. After that we left for another room on the other end of the hospital. The hallways were cold and I tried to keep warm by wrapping my head around Mommy's neck. When I did, I realized she still had her purse with her. And in there I saw a pacifier. I stared at it until we entered another room that was still just as cold as before. "We need to change him into a hospital gown for this next part. We know already he doesn't have metal in his body which is helpful. Although, he needs to be sedated. We can't risk him moving. Unless he can sit still for a few hours." The nurse said that led us into a new room. I was horrified that I might need to be sedated. I really didn't want to. "I think he can be brave and go in awake. He isn't fully regressed yet but he has been discovering on his own that it isn't that scary to be a baby." Mommy said as she unzipped my footed sleeper. Soon I was changed into an uncomfortable alternative to my pajamas with my diaper still on somewhat luckily. Mommy was handed something by the nurse and then I felt my head being pulled towards Mommy's chest. While she held my head, saw out of the corner of my eye she had something in her hand getting closer to my head. I couldn't make out what it was and I freaked. "No! Stop!" I cried, swatting at her as she inserted something into my ear. The process repeated for the other ear. I went to go remove the items from my ears. But before I could, my arms were held down at my sides and out of just fear from the short incident, I started crying. "He has his tantrums regardless of regression or not." Mommy said to the nurse as I had my face pressed against Cheryl's boosum. ************************ Cheryl sighed as Mikey continued to cry. "Shhh. It's alright." She cooed as she rubbed the little's head. A moment later and he calmed down. "He is going to need to be sedated if he scares this easily." The nurse informed Cheryl. The nurse prepared a syringe with a liquid sedative for oral use and brought it over to Cheryl. "Now you have to take all of this." The Amazonian mother instructed seconds before giving Mikey the dosage. He made a sour face as she pressed the plunger to the syringe. The little hesitated before swallowing the sedative and she could tell how anxious he was. His breathing was a bit heavier and he tensed up. He was almost crying and it ate Cheryl up inside knowing he must have been scared. But it didn't matter for long because a few minutes later, was asleep. "Now follow me Miss Rhein." The nurse said and Cheryl followed. The nurse led Cheryl into the MRI scanning room and took Mikey from Cheryl. She hooked the asleep little up to some monitors and added some restraints so he wouldn't fidget in his sleep either, before leading the worried mother out of the room and into the viewing room. Several hours later and the machine was done. A brief change in clothes back to Mikey's pajamas and a trip to grab the stuff the family came with, Cheryl was filling out paperwork to see Dr. Faulner the next time Cheryl had off. *********************** I slowly woke up and found myself strapped down. I thought at first I was having a flashback and tried to wake up. But I started to realize, that that wasn't going to work anyway since I was safe and awake. I figured out I was in my carrier with Mr. Turtle and my blankey, but who was carrying me? "That's horrible! I can't believe that's how they found him." I heard. It was Cheryl for sure. I relaxed a bit knowing who was carrying me. I had Mr. Turtle with me and my blankey covering me. I wrapped my arms around Mr. Turtle and subconsciously slid my thumb into my mouth as we got outside. "Listen Dad, I need to call you back. I'm going to be driving... I love you too. Bye." She said as we stopped at a car. The backdoor opened and the carrier was lifted and set into the back of the car. "Hi buddy. It's time to go home." She smiled and it almost seemed like she was inspecting me. Just then, she picked my pacifier from her purse and replaced my thumb with it. "That's better." She cooed just before going to put everything else away in the car. With that, she shut my door, got in herself and started the drive home. --ONE-WEEK-LATER-- About a week after having a few minor flashbacks, that managed to plague the two. These flashbacks were almost a nightly reminder of why he shouldn't always trust Amazonians either, although he still trusted his Mommy for most things. And because she was the only one he trusted, their bond became stronger. Dr. Faulner also had given Mikey the clear as to medical reasons, which was a great relief to all three. With the news of the man that attacked the family and almost got away with kidnapping Mikey at Frank and Marge's house, they were somewhat relieved that he was found dead. But at the same time, everyone was worried still. ************************* Cheryl entered Mikey's nursery to find him still asleep, the covers only partially covering one of his legs as he slept on top of his pillow, face down, with his head hanging off the top. He was dressed in a soft blue onesie with white stars dotted across it. The garment wasn't close to hiding his night diaper bulge stand out. Cheryl smiled and slid a hand under her son and lifted him into her arms to carry him downstairs. He slowly woke up as the two entered the kitchen. Since Mikey was able to eat solids again, he usually ate oatmeal still for breakfast, along with some apple slices on the side, which the little tyke happily enjoyed. The Amazonian mother flipped a light on in the kitchen and illuminated the room. "Mommy, I don't wanna go." The little whined as he rubbed the sleepers out of his eyes. "I know sweetie. But Grandma and Grandpa are away, and so are Miss Mary and Miss Alecia." Cheryl responded, patting the little's back before sitting him down in his high chair. She went to start the oatmeal for him, adding reasons into it and some cinnamon into the mix. She did the same for herself. Once she heated the two bowls up, Cheryl set one of the oatmeals in front of Mikey and the other at her seat. "Mommy knows you are scared. But you have to be a brave boy today." She said to Mikey as she tied a big around the little's neck. For the next ten minutes the two ate in silence, Cheryl feeding Mikey every other bite of her own. Once finished eating and cleaning up and the Little's face, she lifted her son into her arms. "Can't I stay with the doctor? Please Mommy?" He asked, pleading for anything else. She rolled her eyes when he wasn't looking. "Alright. I'll call. But she may be busy." Cheryl responded as she sat down on the couch. ******************** As soon as Mommy sat down, she began to cradle me. Once her shirt waa unbuttoned and her bra undone, I had latched on and began nursing. Suddenly, Mommy had started fidgeting and I saw her on her phone. "Hey. Dr. Faulner. It's Cheryl Rhien. I was wondering if you could watch Mikey... Okay. Thanks. I'll text you the address. Thank you so much. Bye." And with a tap on her phone screen, she hung up. She set her phone down and brushed my hair with her free hand as I finished nursing from the one breast. "She is going to be picking you up, but you still have to go sweetie." She spoke firmly, letting me know she was laying down the law, but I could tell she knew I was going to be upset. Once I was done nursing, Mommy took me upstairs to get changed into one of my day diapers, and picked out a striped t-shirt and shortalls for me. The shortalls had a pocket on the front that said, MOMMY'S BABY BOY, on it. I was used to all the clothing nowadays, including wet diapers. However, I was not fond at all to messy diapers and I cried still over those still. "Mommy, I don't wanna go still." I whined. She pulled out my pacifier and clipped it to my onesie, before sliding the silicone nipple into my mouth. "I know. But you need to go. Babies cant be by themselves can they now?" She responded, lifting me into her arms again. I knew she didn't want an answer and I just accepted that with a slight blush. I let out a quiet whimper to signify my answer and she patted my back as we went into her room. Mommy sat me down on the bed and started to get changed for work. These were some of the few moments I got to see her stunning body. Even though I knew I had zero chance, I was in a diaper, she viewed me as nothing more than a toddler and was about five feet taller than me, I always enjoyed these moments. Snapping out of it for a second, I still hated the thought of going. I crawled across the bed and over to the edge and was about to slide off the bed when I was lifted into the air unexpectedly. I tried to squirm at first, until I was turned around to see a not-so-happy Mommy. "If you are doing what I think you're doing, I will call her back and tell her not to get you." She studied me for a few seconds. "Now come on. Let's go." She said and held me on her side as we left the room to go downstairs. ******************** She knew he was going to hide. He had guilt all over his face. Cheryl knew he was afraid to go to daycare. He was shy and more afraid of others he didn't know. And she didn't want him to be afraid. Once downstairs, Cheryl buckled Mikey into his carrier and made sure to leave his toys at home in case they got mixed up at the place and he never got them back. Once everyone was ready, the door was locked and the two got into the car. The car ride was silent with the exception of hearing sounds of the toys on the carseat being played with a little bit at a time. Once at the daycare center, Cheryl got out of the car, and went around to get Mikey out too. He had fallen asleep towards the end of the car ride and he looked so cute that way. She lifted him out of the carseat and into her arms, and began to carry him inside. Approaching the front desk, the little began to to wake up with slight whine. As Cheryl bent over to sign in, she felt arms and legs wrapping around her and she smiled, but knew he was afraid to be here. "Welcome Miss... Rhien. I need you to fill this form out of any allergies an any other information." The receptionist stated and Cheryl went right to work. "I have one concern, he is going to be picked up by a friend today. Her name is Kayle Faulner." The Mother said. "That will be quite alright. Mikey will be in room eight, just down this hallway." The receptionist replied. Mikey tightened his grip around Cheryl's neck and she knew he was afraid. "It's okay. You have to be brave for Mommy today." She cooed at her son. He responded by shaking his head to say no. Once they entered the room, it was filled with Amazonian children and Littles that were regressed to that age. "Hello! You must be Miss Rhien and Little Mikey. I'm Miss Brenda and over there is my helper, Miss Caren. Don't worry, We'll take good care of him." The aid said. "Mommy loves you sweetie. Now be good." She cooed prying Mikey off of herself. As she was doing this, Mikey started crying. It was breaking her heart to have to do this to him, but she knew she had to, even if it made her feel guilty about leaving him at a daycare where she knew he was going to be scared. Once he was handed to Miss Brenda, the little became almost frantic, trying to get back to her. "Bye honey." Cheryl cooed again as Mikey continued to cry "Mommy!" at the top of his lungs. This wasn't easy for either of them. Cheryl was crying silently as she left the building. The only thing she knew, was he was going to be safe, and that she'd see him when she got home. Once in her car, she texted Dr. Faulner the address of her house and the daycare center, and the password for the garage door and then the Amazonian mother left for work. *********************** "Mommy!" I continued to cry even after I saw her disappear. The aid holding me turned me around and pressed me to her body, holding my head still while over her shoulder and pinning my body to her. I tried to reach out with one of my arms but she wasn't there anymore. We started moving and all I could do is cry. "Oh my. It's alright. I think you need some time alone to cool off before you can play with the others." Miss Brenda said as we walked through the room. I started struggling now, hoping to break free. Mommy left and now I was stuck here. Suddenly we stopped, my struggles continued and I saw a pacifier come into view and be forced into my mouth by Miss Caren, and she tied it around to the back of my head. I tried to take it off with no success. "Its alright. Just relax. Just relax." Miss Brenda cooed. I felt a few soft pats on my bottom, then the hand sliding up and down my back before repeating the process again. I had started to calm down some but not enough for them. I had to force myself to calm down so I could breathe, I was thinking of Mommy, and how no matter what she was always there for me. "Once you calm down, Miss Brenda will unstrap the binky for you." She announced to me. I watched the others staring at me before they went back to playing. It was strange. The more this happened the worse I felt. Someone else started crying and the other aid went over to help her out and once she was being taken care of, I felt a bit better about my situation. Another five minutes pass and I'm now down to pouting and sniffling in Miss Brenda's arms. "Alright I think you are all better now." She spoke and undid the strap on the pacifier. Walking over to the group of children, she started to tickle me. "No! Stop!" I giggled at her as I was tickled. "There you go! All giggly and ready to play with the others." The aid cooed at me, setting me down in the middle of the group of Amazonian children and Littles. I slowly looked around. No one hardly noticed. I felt something brush up against my back and when I turned around, I saw one of the other kids crawling past me. Suddenly one of the kids started crying and I became worried, until the smell hit me. One of the two aids picked up the child and carried her off to the changing table. The front of my diaper started to feel a bit warmer and I whimpered, watching everyone else play. Subconsciously, my thumb found it's way into my mouth and that's when the door opened. My face brightened up and I lowered my hand from my face to see if it was Mommy. Only disappoint came when I saw an Amazonian man enter with a janitorial uniform on. A loud scream came from one of the other kids and when I looked, I got hit and knocked out. I couldn't move again. I was facing the ceiling, moving down a hallway. Everything I was trying to see was so hazy but I could still tell what was going on. "Don't worry Franscesco. Just go back to sleep." The Amazonian woman said just before I blacked out. I started coming to again and I heard a motor hum and a dog barking off in the distance. "I have him. I'll be taking him to the drop off point ma'am." It was the woman from before in the hallway. "Make sure he stays safe. I just wish you could have saved more." A woman said from the phone. That voice from the phone sounded familiar. She hung up her phone which is when I realized that I could move my arms. I had a mask over my nose and mouth. I felt so sleepy again. I tried to pull the mask off as we came to a stop which was when the Amazonian woman turned around. "Hey, keep that on Franscesco! It's just oxygen. Now just go to sleep. Everything will be oka-" just before she finished, a van had slammed into the car. When I came to from the crash, I noticed the Amazonian woman was taking the mask off of me and undoing my restraints. "Run!" She said and I did just that. I ran into nearby wooded area and heard a few loud pops and I knew what happened. I kept running until I found a small neighborhood. Going over to one of the houses, I hid in the crawlspace underneath the front porch and fell asleep, exhausted from running. When I came back to reality I found myself with the pacifier from earlier, swaddled, and wet. One of the aids were talking on the phone just as the door opened. The aid hung up the phone and walked out of my sight. "Hi, I'm here to pick up Michael Rhien." The voice said. 'It-it was her! The lady on the phone form my flashback!' Coming into view I saw Miss Brenda and Dr. Faulner. 'Why did it have to be her?' I thought. I began to shake in fear of what was going to happen next. "Come on Mikey, let's go see if we can visit Mommy." She cooed, picking me up to release me from the swaddled prison and removi g the pacifier from my mouth and the strap from my head. I was worried what was she going to do to me now. Dr. Faulner held me tightly and headed towards the door. "Say bye-bye to everyone Mikey." She said and I didn't respond. I was too terrified to do anything as she walked to the front desk and signed some paperwork and out the door we went. "I know your scared. It was a shame what happened too." She said, only loud enough for only us to hear. We made it to her SUV and she opened the back lying me down in it. "I'm not going to hurt you Mikey. No one is going to let what Sylvia did to you, happen to you again." She said. Her telling me this just wasn't clicking at all, and my first thought as soon as she took her hands off of me, was to run. The moment she took her hands off of me, I tried to get up from whatever I was laying on and she pushed me back down quickly. "Where are you going? Just stay still and I'll be done quickly." She smiled. 'What did she mean? Is she going to knock me out again? I need to get away!' I thought and began to struggle to throw her hand off of me. "Mikey, calm down now. Mommy gave me permission to spank you." Dr. Faulner warned me and I stopped. I knew what it was like to be spanked and I didnt like it at all. I felt the snaps on my shortalls being undone and I flinched at every pop of the buttons. "There. Now stay still." She said as she undid the tapes of my diaper and removed it. She wiped down my privates and powdered me up again, sliding a new diaper under me. "There. Just a change. No need to be afraid of me." She said, taping up the diaper and buttoning up my shortalls. I couldn't look. I didn't want to. Dr. Faulner lifted me into the air and took me around to the side of the car and set me down into a carseat. I stood up in the carseat to try to avoid going anywhere. "I don't wanna be taken away from my Mommy!" I cried at her, trying my best to stay standing in the seat to avoid being buckled in. "One." She started. 'Ut oh. She is counting.' I thought. "Two. You better sit down." Dr. Faulner warned. I couldn't handle it. I started crying but I stayed standing anyway. "Two and a half." She said. "NOO! I want my Mommy!" I screamed as loudly as I could, crying. I was scared that I was going to be taken away again after being free in a way from the torture of before. "Three." She said and grabbed me out of the carseat and brought me back over to the back. She sat down and held me face down on her lap with my legs hanging off. "NOOO!" I screamed, feeling the first of many hard hits from the open palm of Dr. Faulner's hand. Unluckily for me, not even the padding of the diaper could soften the blows enough. I watched two Amazonian women pass by with their daughter who saw me and I blushed. It wasn't like you could tell anyway because if how red my face was already from crying as the spanking continued for what felt like an eternity. I stayed still for the punishment since I knew it would be worse for me if I didnt. When it was over, I was crying my eyes out when I was repositioned to be seated upright on her lap. "NO!" I continued to try to struggle myself off of her but she held me tighter the more I struggled. I fought her and she didn't budge. I pushed and pushed on her chest, trying to break free of her grip, but the more I did the more I came to realize, I couldn't. Unable to resist, I gave into my regressed self and instead of trying to push myself away, I began to do a sort of hug. I calmed down to a sniffle before we moved. The crying wore me out, so did all the struggling so when Dr. Faulner went to sit me in the carseat, I didn't resist. ******************* Cheryl was doing some paperwork at her office when her office phone rang. "Hello this is Miss Rhien speaking- Send them up please- Thank you." She said, hanging up the phone. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. "Come in." When the door opened it was Dr. Faulner and Mikey, who was asleep hanging over his babysitter's shoulder covered with his blanket. "Shhh. He just fell asleep and is not happy." Dr. Faulner whispered. "Why what happened?" The Amazonian mother asked. "Well when I got there, I found him swaddled, with a pacifier muzzle in a separate room from the rest. Then when I brought him to the car, he was afraid of me and I had to spank him." Dr. Faulner spoke. "Oh yes, I did get a phone call about him freaking out and not responding anything. So it sounds like he had another flashback." Cheryl said to her as she reached for her son. The doctor handed the Little over. "I'm starting to think he knows who I am somehow. I was on the phone with the person right before the Amazonian that saved him was attacked. But I'm not even sure if he was awake." Dr. Faulner informed Cheryl. The Amazonian mother looked down at her Little and used one of her hands to brush his hair, running her fingers through the soft short hair. "I guess I'll have to tell him. Megan, thanks for bringing him for the visit." Cheryl said as Mikey started to make a couple of moaning sounds, signifying he was getting up, and not too happy about it. "Mommy is right here sweetie." The Amazonian mother spoke softly. Mikey shifted around and Cheryl pat his back softly through the blanket as she held him. "I'll have to tell him when he wakes up. Thanks again Kayle for watching him." She whispered to Dr. Faulner. The two talked while they waited for Mikey to wake up who was grumpy upon being woken up to a knock on the door. "So Cheryl, I need you to go over something with... am I interrupting something?" Her boss Candis asked seeing Kayle, Cheryl and the not so happy Mikey. "No-no, you arent interrupting anything but Mikey's nap. Candis, Meet Dr. Kayle Faulner and Mikey, the Little I adopted. Say hi honey." Cheryl introduced the two as Mikey sat up to check his surroundings. Hearing his name being called by his Mommy, he looked up at her and once hearing that she was telling him to say hello, he turned his head around to see Candis standing in the doorway and he blushed a light pink and the Little whimpered as he set the side of his head to lay on Cheryl's shoulder, sliding his thumb in his mouth. "I know bubba. Sorry he is a little grumpy. He just woke up and he doesn't know where he is." Cheryl announced, making Mikey blush a little more. "I was just wondering if you wanted to go over the notes before the meeting. I know how much this means to you, but I'll come back in a few minutes." Candis stated before she left, closing the door behind her. The Amazonian mother lifted the Little from her arms and sat him on the edge of her desk. "Now Mikey. Kayle isn't going to hurt you or take you away okay? I know she works for an organization, but she was trying to save your life. Mommy trusts her to keep you safe. Now I expect you to behave for Kayle while Mommy is at work. Okay?" Cheryl said sternly as she spoke to her son. Mikey nodded his head up and down as he continued to nurse his thumb. "Good. Now give Mommy a kiss goodbye." She smiled and Mikey took his thumb out of his mouth and leaned forward to give his mother a kiss on the cheek and Cheryl returned the favor and kissed his forehead, giving him a hug before handing him over to Kayle. "We'll see you when you are done." Kayle said and left, with Mikey in haul. (To avoid confusion, Kayle is Dr. Faulner. I feel like it is hard to understand the transition. I just didn't want to write "Dr. Faulner" every time since my phone keeps trying to make it Faulkner.) Mikey wasn't too pleased about having to leave but this time he was going a bit more willingly. The cooing of some of the staff was enough to keep the Little blushing as he pouted sticking out his lower lip. Kayle held him on her hip so she could easily carry the bag and his blanket. The Little was still shy around Amazonians he didn't know as "safe." Through the trip he was relatively calm with only slight whines about being aww-ed by these women. Kayle entered the elevator with the Little, still on her hip, a few other Amazonian women entered and saw him trying trying to hide his face. "Ohh. He is so cute. Is he yours?" The person standing in front of the two in the elevator asked. "No. His Mommy works here, we were just vis-" Being cut off by the woman as she bent over to meet Mikey's level, almost ignoring her. "Hi there little guy. You visiting Mommy?" As this Amazonian was talking to her charge, Kayle feels something grab her bra that makes her blush. She clearly didn't understand that she was being rude. Looking down it was Mikey who didn't appear to be doing it on purpose. His arm was covering most of his face, trying to hide from the stranger. She thought he was adorable as well but right now was not the time. Kayle set the bag down and threw part of the blanket over her shoulder to use as a pillow and she picked the bag back up and hung it on her shoulder before sliding a pacifier into Mikey's mouth, then repositioning him to be resting his head on her shoulder. The tyke happily got comfortable now not having to face the person scaring him, and the change of position did stop her from the cooing for the most part. "I'm sure his mother will be proud of him when he grows up." The woman said before the elevator stopped and left. Once the two got to the car, Kayle buckled Mikey into his seat. What the Amazonian woman said in the elevator made Kayle think. Inspecting him, she did notice that he didn't seem much like a Little. More like an Amazonian child more than anything, but at the same time, he was still the size of a smaller little. Mikey made a sour look on his face, telling her that he hated being in a carseat. She tickled him a bit, just lightly grabbing his belly and he curled his legs up giggling. ***************** "There's a smile!" My sitter cooed at me. She closed the door and I watched her walk around the back of the car, until she was out of view from the side of the carseat blocking my vision. The driver's door opened then closed, and not long after the engine roared to life. Sometime later we arrived at our destination. Only problem was, I wasn't able to tell where we were. I started to get worried, but Mommy said I would be safe with her, but I wasn't sure to expect. When my door opened and I saw Kayle reaching to unbuckle me, I looked around her as best as I could to see where we were and I was only able to see once I was out of the car. "Come on. Let's go get you inside." She whispered playfully to me. We were home. Once inside, Kayle set me down on my play mat and went over to pull something from the corner. I knew what it was, it was a stroller. I never saw that stroller before but I never paid any attention to that spot in the room. "Now stay here and play while I get everything ready." She instructed. Without even waiting for an answer, she left to go upstairs. I normally didn't play with my toys unless someone was encouraging me to play with them. A few short minutes pass and Kayle didn't return, so I decided to go climb onto the couch to try to see if the Tv remote was up there. Mommy usually let me watch Tv for a bit but I never got the remote before. Part way on my climb up, I felt something jab my side's and grab my belly and I started to scream until I felt the familiar sensation of being tickled. It started as a scream turned into a giggle, then laughter. "I'm the tickle monster! Muhahahaha!" My sitter playfully teased, stopping to lift me off of the ground "Come on Mikey. Let's go." I was still a bit giggly after she stopped tickling me but I realized I had wet myself badly. 'Go where? Where are we going?' My thoughts thought just before we went over to the stroller which she grabbed and pulled behind us out the door. Once outside I was strapped into the carseat again, but this time she gave me Mr. Turtle, who I happily hugged and nuzzled. The car ride was a bit playful from the catchy kid music that was playing, which almost got stuck in my head. Once we arrived at our destination I could hardly tell we were at the park. The back opened and I saw Kayle wrestling the stroller out of the back and close the car. After she fiddled with it for a minute, she moved over to my door and opened it. "Come on. Let's go for a walk." She announced what we were doing, although to anyone it was obvious. I had wet myself a couple of times since I was changed last and I knew that I was going to need a change soon. ********************* Kayle unbuckled Mikey from his carseat and he held onto his blanket from and seated him in the forward facing stroller. She strapped him, pulling the sun visor into position, closing and locking the car then headed into the park. ALRIGHTY THEN! All caught up. For the most part. Next post will be tonight and enjoy an Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky. Kayle was pushing the stroller through the paths in the park, all the way up to a kiddy playground. She scanned the park and tried to figure out if anyone was observing them before, pulling over to a bench and put the breaks on the stroller and sat down at the bench to change Mikey. When she looked up to see him, the Little was blushing, with his lower lip out. "What's the matter? Hu?" She asked realizing his overalls were damp as she picked him up and she sighed . "Ohhhh I see. Well let's get you changed buddy." She announced and Mikey looked around seeing people walking by and a few in the playground. *************** There were tons of people here at the park. There was no way she was going to change me here! But Kayle had other plans. I didn't care that I had leaked until now when my sitter was undressing me. I threw my hands over my crotch. "Hands at your sides. And don't try to test me." She said authoritatively. I looked over at all the people in the park and began to cry. Suddenly I felt myself being lifted by my wrists into the air and my shortalls being undone the rest of the way, leaving my diaper fully exposed. "NO!" I screamed as the tapes came undone on my soaked diaper and I was pulled against my sitter's lap for the second time today. Kayle used a wipe with her free arm to clean my bottom enough before she started. The first hit came with a loud clap against my exposed cheeks and I instantly felt the sting. I was blushing a dark red already when the waterworks started, and I was powerless to do anything. I was picked up off of her lap, still screaming and crying when I realized she hadn't spanked me for long and I heard Kayle talking. "Now sit still or I can have Mommy spank you when she gets done work." I nodded in agreement and she smiled, wiping my face off from the tears. Once she set me down on the bench and began undoing my diaper, I covered my face with my arm and turned my head to face the bench. I didnt want to know if anyone was watching. The cool air rushed to my privates and I still didn't want to get changed here. I used my free hand to start sucking my thumb as a way of calming myself down, which it did but also seemed to cement in that I was nothing more than a baby to the world now. I pondered over the feeling before being being cradled in the arms of my sitter. I tried to look away but she would turn my body to face her, trying to hold my head to be resting on her boosum and my hip and legs resting on her thigh. I fought her and fought her, attempting to avoid her embrace that I did not want yet the need for it was stronger. I quickly gave in to my sitter. ********************** Kayle felt his struggles were over for now when he stopped pushing on her. When he stopped crying, he had his head resting on the top of her breast pouting. Her phone started to ring and Mikey turned his head down. It was Cheryl calling. "Hello?" Kayle asked. "Hey, it's Cheryl. Where are you guys at? I was told at the meeting we were starting a new 'At home' program." "That's wonderful! We are at the park. I was taking him out for fresh air." Kayle said as she reached into his diaper bag for a bottle after propping the phone up with her shoulder. "Great. I'll be over in a few minutes. Bye!" Cheryl said hanging up. Kayle put her phone down and refocused on the Little in her arms. Mikey was tilting his head down to avoid eye contact with his sitter as he nursed the bottle. He was upset, but he will feel better after this and a nap. His face was still red from the embarrassment of being spanked in public and the way he has been acting. "Oh. It's alright Mikey." Kayle tried to console him. She noticed a slight problem with the way he was nursing. He wasn't getting any milk anymore and the bottle was being sucked in. Kayle took her index finger and went to go relieve some of the pressure. ******************** I was sucking on my bottle, trying to get some milk out of it, but I was hardly getting anything anymore. I continued to suckle until I suddenly felt something push my cheek open and I jumped from the unexpected finger now opening my mouth. Seeing it was Kayle's hand I swatted at it. "Oh, sorry Mikey." She apologized but right after her attention turned to something else. I thought nothing of it but refused to drink the rest of the bottle simply because I was cranky. The sun was starting to get into my eyes so I closed them and only moments after realized I was being handed over. I opened my eyes just as my chin was pressed into the person's shoulder. "He's been so fussy all day." Kayle announced to the person. "Yeah he probably just missed his Mommy is all. But he did ask for you so I guess he changed his mind." I was just about to start to kick and scream for someone to help me, thinking I was being kidnapped. But it was Mommy. I tightened my grip around her neck and held onto her tightly. I didn't want to let go. ****************** "I guess someone missed Mommy." Cheryl chuckled, patting his bottom. Mikey flinched a bit probably from another spanking. Cheryl also started wondering why he wasn't in his overalls from this morning as well. "What happened to his clothes?" The Amazonian mother asked. "His diaper leaked and I had to change his clothes plus his diaper. He wasn't too happy about it." Kayle mentioned. Cheryl suddenly felt the Little relax in her arms and she knew he was asleep. "Well, thank you again Kayle. We better get home. He is all tuckered out." She said. Kayle helped get everything that belonged to Mikey into Cheryl's car and headed home.
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    Adopted and Regressed (private)

    (Sorry. Things got really bad for me last year. Do you want to continue?)
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    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    Grandpa took his hand off the back of my head and moved the sippy cup and placed it on the dresser. I turned to look up at him, a bit confused just before I felt his hand pushing me onto my back, and reminding me of what I had done minutes earlier as I let out a whimper. The cleanup was awful. But I was relieved when he got it all. But now that the old diaper was off, I laid naked on the crinkly table. When the man bent over I threw my hands over my member, and I blushed a crimson red. He stood back up the rest of the way and saw me. "Mikey. It's alright. I've already seen it." Grandpa told me. He was right. I looked away and my hands were gently moved to my sides. My legs were pulled up into the air, I could then smell baby powder and then I felt the smooth powder, being rubbed across my bottom and then him lay my legs back down. More powder across my front. The feeling was soothing, of the powder being rubbed in but it didn't last for long and my legs were once again lifted into the air. My lower lip stuck out as I pouted about my overall situation. "Good boy." I heard being said by a woman. I turned to see if it was Mommy, shedding the sour look on my face, but it was only Grandma. I turned back to face the wall and went back to my sulking. The new diaper I was in felt soft, fluffy and bulky. I couldn't bring my legs together fully. I looked at what I was wearing, and it was a cloth pin up diaper. "Oh Frank, he looks so adorable in those." Grandma said. "I figured he might look cute in these. No pants?" I heard the man ask, with his voice going from the gentle deep rumble back to booming once again. "I figured he can just stay in the prefold and a shirt since we weren't going out." The she replied. I was lifted so easily and the shirt they spoke of was slid over my head. My arms were pulled through the sleeves. Looking down I saw the shirt, and it had picture of a baby stegosaurous in green and the shirt was just a lighter green as well. "Oh I could just eat you up!" Grandma said as she started to kiss my face all over. Her head came towards me, and backed away constantly. It was terrifying. "No. Stop!" I said through the small involuntary giggles. As soon as I said it she stopped and held me, supporting my bottom with her hand, as I sat lower, able to rest my head on her boosum. Resting my head down, I felt her patting my bottom. It felt different now with this diaper on. I was starting to like that feeling. We exited the room and went back downstairs. "Ahh. So this is why you took so long." Grandpa said to Grandma. "I figured he would want to play before lunch time." She said. Before I was even close to being set down, the doorbell rang. "I wonder who that could be?" Grandpa asked and went to answer the door. Grandma moved into sight of the front door as Gradpa talked to who it was. I turned to see who it was and my heart skipped a beat. It was him. My eyes went wide, my body became tense and I gripped onto the Amazonian that was holding me as I shook in fear. His gaze met me and I knew I was done for. 'Why! Why me!' I thought as he was let into the house. As soon as he was in arms reach of me, he reached over and pulled me out of Grandma's arms. "Noo!" I screamed as the man darted to the front door. He pulled his arm onto my body too tightly squeezing me, which caused me to scream. I watched my new grandmother get further and further away. Time almost stood still, until we started falling. 'Here is my chance.' I thought to myself and as soon as the man's grip got loose enough, I made a dash to upstairs. "Don't you dare try that. Especially in my house!" Grandpa yelled. I could tell they were fighting. I didn't care who won. I just didn't want to be here. As soon as I got to the top of the stairs, I sprinted down the hall, stumbling crawling and anything I could do to keep moving. I went into the furthest room I could from the stairs. I found a room with a large bed in it and dashed for under it, crawling to the hardest to reach point I could. I curled into a ball and started crying. Once the fighting stopped I heard someone call my name. "Mikey!" It was Grandma. I heard running. I quieted my crying as the footsteps went up the stairs and I watched the door from under the bed. "Mikey!" I heard call out louder. "Frank I don't know where he went!" It was Grandma again. I saw feet in the doorway. "Mikey? Where did you go?" She called again. Grandma's face appeared and I just stared at her. "There you are. It's safe. You can come out honey." She reached an arm towards me and I was terrified. I heard sirens coming from off in the distance. "Come here Mikey. It's just me." She said again. I shook my head as the sirens got louder. "Mikey. Come here please. The police are here. It's safe." She insisted. I again refused shaking my head. A loud thud came from downstairs was followed by running. The sounds of the back door sliding open, just as the sounds of car doors slamming shut. "Oh no. Stay here Mikey." Grandma sounded worried. She stood up and rushed downstairs. "Frank?" She called, closing the door to the room. "Clear.-clear.-CLEAR. Freeze!" The police said, room to room. 'Is Grandpa okay?' I wondered. I felt guilty. I couldn't help him. I was very helpless. Crawling out from under the bed, I stood up and started to waddle to the door. Suddenly the door burst open while I was only a few steps away, falling backwards and onto my padded rear as two men entered the room, weapons drawn and one stopped and looked at me. "We got one!" One said and other finished checking the room. "All clear!" Was yelled from another room and the two police officers holstered their weapons. I was petrified in fear. I had wet myself a little just then but the one officer knelt down I started making a dash for the bed again. "Hey what's the matter? We are here to help." He cooed but I didn't care. I was afraid. A pair of hands wrapped around my waist and pulled me. "Come here." He said as I was lifted. Being brought face to face with the Amazonian police officer, I was terrified. I didn't want to be held right now. "Owwh. Look at him Tim." The woman said to the other. She started to bounce me in her arms, keeping my legs pinned to her chest. "Yeah you are right. We should get this little back downstairs with his parents." Back downstairs, there was some furniture knocked over and a couple of officers tending to make note of any evidence. I looked at everything. 'Where is Grandpa?' I thought as we went outside. "Look there is Mommy and Daddy!" One of the officers said just before hearing my name called. "Mikey!" I heard Grandma's voice. "Grandma!" I said excitedly, reaching my arms out to her as she came closer. As soon as I was in arms reach of her, I grabbed on, tearing myself away from the officer. "Oh. Grandparents." The one said as we all headed to Grandpa. I was so excited to see both of them. She cacooned me with her arms in almost a death-grip. I openly accepted this. "So, Mr. and Mrs. Rhien. We will keep a squad car outside of the house for twenty-four hours." Said the officer. "Just make sure they follow him around. I'm certain that whoever attacked us is after Mikey. Especially since he tried to grab him and run." Grandpa said. He looked okay, other than he had a bruise on his forehead. "Well we better get out of your way." The officer said. The police left shortly after and we got let back inside. But my problem was, I had been in a wet diaper for a while and I was starting to hate it more than usual. Once inside I felt a finger slip into my diaper. I didn't care anymore. My eyes watered as Grandpa came back with an ice pack. "I haven't had to fight in years." Grandpa said. "I don't think you ever had one in this house before." Grandma replied heading upstairs with me in tow. "Come on buddy. Let's get you changed." She cooed, laying me down on the changing table. Grandma took my shirt off and my diaper off, exposing me to the elements. She cleaned me up, putting me in a new cloth diaper, and slid a pair of plastic crinkly underwear over it. The design was blank but I felt like there was a purpose to this later. Next she opened up a bottle of lotion, and began rubbing it across my chest, back, legs and arms. I could tell it was lavender. "Good boy, staying still." She cooed. My eyes were almost impossible to keep open. I felt myself being lifted and gently settled into my blankey. I shifted a little bit but found myself being mummified in the soft blanket. My hands being trapped at my sides, I was tucked into the crook of her arm. "Mommy is going to be so happy to see you when she is done work." Grandma told me. My eyes dropped and I felt a familiar feeling, pressed on my lips. I opened my mouth a d felt the soft silicone slip past my lips, filling my mouth. I began to nurse from it, tasting Mommy's milk from the bottle. Not long after I fell asleep,. ************************** Marge nestled Mikey into the crib after burping him. She gave him his binky before locking up the crib and leaving the room. She made sure to lock the room and keep the key with her just in case. Heading downstairs, Marge saw Frank grabbing an ice pack from the freezer and she smiled. "I'm just glad we are all okay." She said to him. "Yeah. I cant believe I thought he was the real repair guy. And that he almost took our grandlittle." Frank said. He brought the ice pack to his head and gasped at the pain from one if the bruises. Marge came over, and kissed him, with Frank returning the gesture. "I put him down for his nap. I was thinking we could tell Cheryl what happened when she is done work. I don't want to worry her." Marge said as she started to boil some water. "I'll get it." Frank tried saying. "No. You are injured. I'll take care of it." She replied. Frank gave out a defeated and exhausted sigh. "Alright. I'll tell her though." Cheryl started to shut down all of her equipment and was getting ready to leave. "So Cheryl. You can take tomorrow off but Saturday and Sunday, I need you. Oh and congrats on the catch." Her boss smiled. "Thanks." Cheryl said. She was glad her boss as she locked up her briefcase and left. She pulled into her parents driveway, seeing a cop parked on the street. "Hm. That's odd." She said to herself, getting out of her car. She got to the front door and before she could raise a hand to turn the knob, the door opened. It was her dad. "Cheryl. You better come inside." He said letting her in. Once inside, she sat down at the kitchen table. "So why is there a cop outside?" She asked. "Your mother was holding Mikey when someone tried to kidnap him. I fought him off. He got away, the police are keeping an eye on us." Frank spoke. Cheryl's face went pale. 'Oh gosh. What if he actually took Mikey? I might not have seen him again.' She felt her father hug her and she smiled. "I'm just glad everyone is okay." She told him. Cheryl wanted nothing more than to get rid of the guy. Once Frank stopped hugging Cheryl, Marge came down from upstairs, carrying the little in her arms, still bundled up. Cheryl had stood up from her and took Mikey from Marge. "Thank you guys for making sure he is safe." Cheryl said to her parents. "You are welcome honey. We won't let anything happen to you two." Frank said. "Let's go into the family room to go talk some more." Marge instructed, guiding her daughter with a hand on her back. Cheryl sat down and positioned Mikey uptright on her chest. "So did he give you guys any problems?" Asked Cheryl. "No not at all. In fact, he was an angel. He was a bit upset about not knowing where you were." Her mom said. There was a nock at the door. "I'll get it." Frank said, standing up. The room fell silent. He checked the door though the peep hole, it was just one of the officers. "Is everything alright?" Frank asked the man. "We just wanted to make sure you were okay." Said the officer. Frank and the police officer spoke for a few minutes longer before Frank came back. "He wanted to make sure you weren't an intruder and if we were okay." He said to the two women. Mikey stirred a bit before settling down again. "Well. I better get going. This little one still needs to get used to being at home first." Cheryl said. "You should probably dress him. I thought he might get too hot while he was swaddled." Marge told her daughter and they headed upstairs. Cheryl went into the nursery and settled him into the crib to look for Mikey's clothes he came in. "Mom. Where are his clothes he came in?" She asked her mother. "Right here. His tummy was upset and he threw up, so I ran his clothes through the washer." Marge responded. ************************** I woke up, whimpering as I felt my crotch get wet and uncomfortable. I was getting used to the feeling but I wasn't used to feeling wet like this. I went to go stretch, but I could only do my legs. I tried to squirm as I opened my eyes. "Help!" I called out as I tried to get myself unstuck but I couldn't. And only a few short seconds later I was crying. "Oh buddy. Come here." I heard. I knew that voice. It was Cher-Mommy's. I felt myself being lifted into her arms. "Its alright. Mommy has you." She cooed. I struggled to hug her, but I was still wrapped. "Shhh. It's okay. I know. I know. It's okay." Mommy said. 'No you don't know.' I thought. I calmed down a few minutes later and I was unravelled from my cocoon on the changing table. I was blushing again. I couldn't believe it was my blankey that was keeping me from moving. "Aren't you just a cutie now?" Mommy asked, poking my belly making me giggle like earlier. She changed me quickly into one of the diapers from the diaper bag she brought. "Thanks again for watching him for me today Mom." Mommy said to Grandma as she searched through the diaper bag. She pulled out something that looked like footie pajamas but with everything short on it. It also had a collar on it and was in a navy blue color. "Oh that romper will look so cute on him." Grandma said. I knew I wasn't going to like it when she pulled out another pair of ankle socks. I was diapered, dressed and adorable according to Mommy and Grandma. And hopefully today would be over soon. Mommy took me downstairs while Grandma helped carry the bags down and once downstairs, I saw her drawing near the carrier. I hated that thing. "Are you guys going to be okay?" Mommy asked as she tried to set me into the carrier. I tried to sit up to avoid being locked in it so quickly. ************************ Cheryl saw Mikey trying to sit up in his seat. "Oh no you don't. It's time to go Bubba." She cooed at the little. "I think we will be alright." Marge said to her daughter. Cheryl kissed and hugged her parents goodbye and didn't forget Mikey who was blushing to a crimson red. Cheryl and Mikey got into Cheryl's car and left despite the police officers that were ordered to keep watch, stayed. Now in the car, everything was silent except for the radio and Mikey's small whines. Cheryl didn't want to cry in front of her parents, and she defiantly didn't want to do it in front of Mikey. 'Oh gosh. He knows where my parents live and probably where I live.' Cheryl worried. Once home and inside, Cheryl locked the door behind her and turned on the lights, letting out a sigh of relief. She set him down on his play mat. "There you go. Now be a good boy and play while Mommy makes dinner okay?" The Amazonian mother cooed at her little. Mikey held his arms out for her to pick him up. "Ohh it's okay." She cooed, kissing his forehead. Cheryl reached into one of his bags to pull out Mikey's teddy and blanket, which he happily accepted. "Thank you." He mumbled nuzzling his face into the back of the head of the plush toy as he hugged it. "You're welcome honey." She smiled standing up. In the kitchen the home phone was blinking with a message. Upon inspection it was a message from Dr. Faulner. After a few minutes on the phone, with Dr. Faulner, she heard footsteps behind her. Quiet ones with almost a shuffle to it. Pausing mid sentence, she wasn't facing who it was, but was near her knife set. The sound grew louder and she placed her hand on the largest blade in the set. "Miss Rhien? Hello? Are you there?" Dr. Faulner asked getting worried by the second. Cheryl started to spun around with the knife in her hand, almost ready to stab whoever it was, but she stopped before the knife even got into view. Mikey stood there in his socks, having since removed his shoes. He stood for a few seconds hugging his teddy, and dragging his blanket behind him. He looked worried. Cheryl's heart sunk as she realized what could have happened, and who she thought it was. "Is everything okay?" Dr. Faulner asked, worried herself. Letting out a sigh, Cheryl set the knife down, and back where it was before. "Yes. Well. Mostly. I'll have to fill you in tomorrow." She told the doctor. "Come here sweetie." The Amazonian mother said, bending over to pick up the little that was waddling towards her. She held him on her hip and his blanket, on his back like a cape, of sorts. Cheryl continued holding the phone with Dr. Faulner as she did this. "What's the matter Mikey?" She asked in a sweet, sympathetic tone. Without a word, Mikey pressed the side of his face into Cheryl's side, wrapping his arm around her. Mikey brought his hand to a fist and raised it to his lips, as if to look like he was sucking his thumb. "Well it looks like someone missed his Mommy. Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow and hopefully everything checks out." Cheryl hung up the phone and enjoyed the moment with her son. 'I couldn't imagine losing him. He is just way too precious to me. He is my son. Not anyone else's.' She thought to herself. "Come on. I bet you must be hungry." Cheryl carried Mikey through the kitchen, holding onto him. As Cheryl moved about the kitchen, Mikey eased his grip on Cheryl slowly until he jumped, scaring her in the process. The little paused for a second, before Cheryl felt her hip become slightly warmer, and Mikey started crying. Cheryl sighed but with a slight smile, knowing that her little would need more time to get used to it all, but it would be in time. The rest of the day went without a problem, except Mikey who was still bashful, and afraid of his new arrangement. ************************ Cheryl picked me up and out of the bathtub like the past two nights, and secured me in a soft fluffy towel. I smelled the strawberry scented soap that I was washed in, and she kissed the side of my head. I hugged her neck as we went into my nursery. "That's a good boy." Mommy cooed as I was laid down on the cold changing table. There was a bright light, I was naked on an ice cold piece of metal. I couldn't talk, and I was unable to move. "Four foot even, one hundred and thirty eight pounds, and twenty eight years old. The auction will start at one hundred thousand dollars, to get little Franscesco." A voice said. I'm not Franscesco.' I was strapped in a seat, unable to move and barely had any strength. I was freezing. Lifting my head slowly I saw that little catcher man, with someone. I couldn't tell who. "You sure he is worth the two and a half million she spent? I mean, you don't think Sylvia overpaid?" Said the little catcher. "No way. This little, cannot be - Boss." Said the unknown man. "Zip it. I know what he is worth. And he is worth every penny I paid." Sylvia said as she stared at me. "Oh hello there. Why aren't you just the cutest little thing? Aren't you? Well don't worry. Miss Sylvia will take good care of you. Yes she will. Yes she will!" I of course, blushed, right before Sylvia reached something around to my neck and I felt a pinch, then closing my only view of the world around me. Then it got cold. Too cold. "mikey. Mikey. Mikey!" Cheryl said my name over and over, until I was out of the trance. I started looking around the room. 'Where am I? Who is this? Oh it's Chery-I mean Mommy.' I reached up and started crying. "Oh thank gosh. What happened Mikey?" "Mommy!" That was all I could think of to say through my crying. I was shaking, still trying to comprehend what happened. ******************** Cheryl cradled the head of the little over her shoulder as he clung to her neck for what it seemed to him, to be dear life. 'I wonder what this is all about.' She thought. Ten minutes after Mikey's flashback he calmed down in the rocking chair and was curled up in the fetal position on her lap, with both of Cheryl's arms wrapped around him. She was humming a tune. "Mommy." Mikey said taking a deep breath. "Yes Mikey?" She responded. "I know why they want me so badly." He continued. 'Who are they?' Cheryl asked herself. "Im worth two and a half million dollars to them." Her son said. "H-how?" She asked and all he could do was shrug his shoulders. It was enough for her after the hellish day. Cheryl stood up and made her way over to the closet. She picked out a simple baby blue sleeper and got him dressed and sat down in the rocking chair again, with the little, cradling him in her arms andundoing her shirt and bra to allow him to nurse. ************************ I waited. I knew it was bedtime, and I was exhausted, I could have fallen asleep just laying in her arms, but I wasn't. And I didn't know why. Mommy ran her fingers through my hair and I snapped out of being trapped in my thoughts. I latched onto her nipple and began to nurse. She went back to humming and not long after I was asleep in my crib. Glad to have my Mommy taking care of me. Just I didn't know what was in store yet for tomorrow. ******************** Cheryl closed the door to Mikey's nursery and let out a sigh of relief. The house phone rang and Cheryl jumped. She went into the master bedroom and looked at the caller ID. It was her mom and dad. Picking up the phone she was immediately cautious. "Hey. Is everything okay over there?" Cheryl asked. "Oh everything is okay. Some good news though." Marge, Cheryl's mother responded. "Well what is it?" Cheryl responded, unsure of what good news could possibly come of today. "Well the police officers, guarding our house, came to tell us the suspect's car, of who attacked us, was found in the next town over. And in searching they may have found the person. They wanted us to go to the station tomorrow to ID the person." Marge said. Cheryl sat down on her bed, feeling the drop in blood pressure, knowing her fears of Mikey being taken are almost over. "Wow. That is good news. Thanks Mom. I need to get to bed though. Goodnight!" Cheryl said and her mom exchanged a goodnight as well. Cheryl went to sleep after getting changed into her pajamas. In the morning Cheryl's alarm clock went off. It was about seven o'clock and she had to take Mikey to see Dr. Faulner today early at about nine o'clock. She went downstairs and began making breakfast for herself. She knew Mikey wasn't supposed to be eating solids still, as much as she wanted to give him some of her food, just by how adorable he looked trying to snatch it. Especially on his first day.
  14. DiaperBoy37

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    **************************** I broke into a ball of tears. She had cared for me and didn't care. I wasn't crying out of fear, or frustration. Just happiness. That she really cared. I calmed myself down very quickly and rested my head on her chest, as she rocked side to side. The room was quiet. "Cheryl?" I asked, breaking the silence. "Yes sweetie?" She said softly and warmly. I could hear the vibrations of her chest, as she talked. "May I stay with you?" I asked. She chuckled and I lifted up my head, to see her kissing my forehead, where the bruise used to be. I flinched a little but relaxed again and just accepted it. "Aww. Now come on. I think you did okay today." She cooed and we started moving. She grabbed a bag of the night diapers and headed out of the master bedroom along with my blankey and turtle. We left the room and entered a different room. I was puzzled. "Where are we going?" I asked just as a set of dimmer lights turned on illuminating the room. It was a nightlight. "Don't worry buddy." She cooed. It was a nursery. She had set down the package of diapers on a table and moved over to the crib. It was wooden and had a mobile on it. There were sheets with just a dark night sky with a cartoon moon and stars on it. She set me into the crib with my blankey and turtle, and afterwards Cheryl took her top off. My eyes widened. As she came towards me, lifting me from the crib and into her embrace. She cradled me in her arms, with my blankey wrapped around my back and sides like in a nest, she sat down in the large chair. She removed pads from her bra and there her nipped was. Right in front of me again. I could smell the same smell as before and had almost instantly latched on from her conditioning me from almost every bottle before. Except this was no bottle. "Go ahead. It's okay." She reassured me and began stroking my hair and patting my bottom. All of a sudden I reached forward and latched on and began to suckle a bit and a creamy substantial filled my mouth. I didn't stop. I let it flow, sucking and swallowing, sucking and swallowing. I recognized the substance as the milk I drank this morning. My eyes were getting heavier and heavier, I could feel Mo-m's hand resting on my stomach when she stopped stroking my hair. As soon as I felt her hand rubbing my tummy, I held onto her hands as well. "Good boy." I heard her coo. Very soon I was full and I stopped nursing. Breaking my head away, and turning into her body. Cheryl continued to hold me this way for a few moments, until I felt my position change, and I thought I was going to be sick. Positioning my chin to rest at the top of her shoulder, and the rest of my body down, I opened my sleepy eyes to try to become aware quickly, but everything seemed a bit too unfocused, like my eyes wanted sleep desperately when I did not. As the tension in my gut built up I started moaning a bit until Cheryl began to pat my back. Feeling the sensation of being about to throw up. "Shhhh. It's alright. Just relax." I heard as the sensation built up more and more when suddenly, I burped. I had forgotten after all the events of today that this is the same feeling as last night. I practically melted in her arms. Once again I gave into Cheryl. A few minutes passed and Momm-I mean Cheryl, stood up. Keeping my eyes open, I was still facing backwards behind her, when a small flash of light flickered in the room from behind me. Lifting my head, I turned around to see the crib's side being lowered. A small rumbling sound passed through. 'A thunder storm?' I thought. "There you go. Nice and soft, just for my baby boy, Mikey." Cheryl whispered. My head was cradled and my back was as well. "Can I stay up to watch the lightening please?" I asked. Cheryl pulled out my pacifier and easily slid it into my mouth. I began to nurse it as the bulb filled my mouth. "No sweetie. It's bedtime." She spoke softly with a smile. I sunk into the mattress with a crinkle. 'Waterproof I guess.' I thought, just as another flash of light lit up the room briefly. My eyes fluttered, trying to stay awake. Cheryl kissed my forehead and tucked me in before locking up the side of the crib. Another wave of thunder went by, and I heard The chimes of the mobile above. The spinning animals kept my attention, until the door creeked closed slowly. I watched Cheryl as she closed the door. Another quick flash in the room and I closed my eyes. 'Maybe I am just her baby?' I tried to say. I let out a final sigh and fell asleep, snuggling my turtle. ******************* Cheryl heard something being mumbled quietly just as more thunder hit. "I better go and clean up." Cheryl whispered with a sigh, closing the door. Cheryl headed downstairs and walked into the kitchen, trying to find a quick snack before finding herself in bed just as Mikey. On the table there was a wooden sign and a note. DEAR CHERYL, YOUR FATHER AND I ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU. WE BOTH WISH THE HAPPIEST OF TIMES WITH YOUR LITTLE. WE MADE THIS SIGN FOR MIKEY'S DOOR. WE HOPE YOU TWO ENJOY IT. WELL I GUESS WE WILL SEE YOU TOMORROW. LOVE, MOM AND DAD "Aw. How nice. I'm thankful they put almost everything together for Mikey. And everything away." She looked at the sign. MIKEYS NURSERY It read in hand written paint over a three large building block design in a baby blue color. The thunderstorm was picking up, causing the house to shake even more. "Oh boy. I just hope he isn't afraid of storms like this." Cheryl said to herself, just as the house started to rumble. She stopped and listened for sounds over the monitor. Nothing. The Amazonian mother let out a sigh of relief before returning to her task. She ate a few cookies she had from her snack pantry and decided to go upstairs and read a book that she bought to help her care for Mikey better, and pump some milk for tomorrow. The house shook some more as more thunder rolled across the skies, and again not a peep from Mikey. She heard some rustling going on in his room, so on her way by, she would check up on him. The Amazonian mother headed upstairs and to Mikey's nursery. She kept the hall light off in case it might disturb his slumber. She looked at her watch. It was almost nine o'clock at night. Cheryl slowly opened the door, and entered the room. The night light illuminated the room and just as the Amazonian mother had hoped, Mikey was only tossing and turning in his sleep. The thunderstorm was now getting further away, and you could hear the rain. Cheryl smiled knowing that she was lucky to have found Mikey that day. She left the room, trying not to make a sound and left to go read and get another bottle ready for tomorrow. Once in her room, Cheryl changed into her blue silk, two piece, button down topped pajamas, leaving her bra off. "How does this.... Aha! There we go. Got it." She said trying to set up the contraption. Once she had the pump set up, she unbuttoned the shirt and turned on the machine. It hummed quietly and the cups gained suction. She put one of them on at a time and gasped each time. "I actually prefer Mikey to these things." Cheryl laughed to herself as her breasts were drained. She read one of the parenting books on littles and got through chapter one. And through only one and and a half bottles of milk. Cheryl cleaned up, and fell asleep in her bed. ************************* "Mikey! Nooo!" A familiar voice called. "Noooo! I don't want to go! Why me!" I screamed. All of it turned to a static almost. Next thing I know I'm in a field at night. "Hello-Ello-ello-lo?" I asked in the darkness. Snarling and howling from some beast drew nearer and nearer, it was some dog with fangs and glowing red eyes and smoke coming from its nose as it breathed. I threw my arms up as it charged. I shot up in the crib, sitting up, panting, and sweating. 'It was a nightmare. Sort of.' That memory of whoever it was calling for me, seemed so distant. I couldn't remember who it was. I composed myself and looked around the dimly lit room. I knew I was wet and I hated the feeling. I stood up, holding onto the crib bars for support with one hand, and Mr Turtle in the other. "C-Cheryl?" I called out shyly. No response. "Cheryl?" Again, nothing. I fell back onto my bottom and with a crinkly plop, I started to cry. I was alone. And no one was here. A few minutes later and I heard footsteps passing the room. I continued to cry, like a toddler in my crib. The door swung open. Momm-I mean Cheryl entered. "Shh. It's ok. Mommy is here." She cooed, lowering the side of the crib, and lifting me. I greeted her happily, even though I was still crying. I felt the warmth of her body, and her hand patting my bottom. I wrapped my arms around her neck, and buried my face into her. I felt a pair of finger slip into my diaper, prodding around my crotch. I blushed but didn't flinch. "Ohh. I see. Come on. Let's get you changed." Cheryl said. Once Cheryl had snapped up the last button on my onesie, she reached under my head and upper back with her other hand, slid it under my back and down to my bottom. My dream was still having a heavy weight on my mind. I was lifted, and legs pushed up and her hand was supporting up my weight as a seat. As soon as I was in a sitting up position, I reached forward and threw my arms around her neck. Momm-I mean Cheryl, paused before she brought the hand she was going to use to support my head and put it back into it's previous position. I started to get worried. Cheryl began to rub the back of my neck up to the back of my head. I held on tightly. I didn't want to go back to sleep. I was too afraid to. "Promise me you won't ever let anyone take me away." I said breathing heavier almost panicking. "I promise." Cheryl said. I relaxed and she brought me over to the chair again and sat down. Momm-I mean Cheryl, pulled me off of around her neck to cradle me. "Now Mikey. It's sleepy time. And we need to get up early tomorrow okay sweetums?" I nodded, pouting in her lap. She exposed her breasts and I could smell the scent again. Along with baby powder, and some lavender lotion that she had on me, which effects were getting to me. "Its okay. It's okay." She cooed. I leaned forward and latched on, like before. I was straining my neck to hold me head up, and I felt mommy's arms now holding my head up as I nursed. ******************** Mikey had let out a sigh of relief, just before he stopped nursing. Whatever milk that was in his mouth dribbled out and Cheryl had wiped his mouth. She positioned the little to burp him, and did just that, like she had every time before. Once satisfied, she nestled him back into the crib, tucking Mikey in. She gave him a gentle kiss on his temple. Mikey stirred enough to brush his hand over the door where he was kissed and let out a quiet whine as he turned onto his side asleep. "Still so fussy." Cheryl chuckled to herself, running her fingers gently through his short hair. The Amazonian mother locked up the crib and quietly left the room to retreat back to her own. Work was early at about eight AM. Cheryl needed to be up at five AM to get Mikey to her parents and then to work on the other end of town. With that in mind, went back to sleep. --- BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP --- Cheryl woke up with a slightly tired moan. Rubbing her eyes after turning off her alarm clock, she rolled out of bed. She headed downstairs, like she did every morning, going into the kitchen and flicking on the lights. She made some breakfast for herself. After that, she packed up some things for Mikey for the day, bottles of milk, diapers, and a few pairs of clothes into a bag for Mikey for the day at her parent's house. Once she finished, the Amazonian mother, headed upstairs to wake up her little. "Well, its about time to get up the little stinker." She joked to herself before entering the nursery. ************************ "Hi buddy. It's time to wake up." I heard. I was still asleep until I felt myself moving. My eyes peaked open for a short moment before shutting again. I opened my eyes again to see I was being changed. "...day again. Mommy has..." I heard her say. I was too tired to care I guess but I think I fell asleep again. I woke back up again with the feeling of going down the stairs. "Stop." I mumbled slipping my thumb into my mouth and being in an almost asleep state as we entered the kitchen. Next thing I know, I'm touching something padded and it was cold. I woke up a bit quickly to that one enough to stay awake. I was sitting up and could feel Momm-I mean Cheryl pulling on something around my crotch, I swatted at her hands and could feel my face change colors and a hand rubbed my head. "Ohh. It's alright. Mommy is right here." She told me, and before I knew it, I had been trapped by a giant tray. Cheryl had placed a small bowl, in front of me. Oh it smelled delicious. I could smell cinnamon and oatmeal. I reached for the spoon, still only half awake. What stopped me dead in my tracks was the feeling of something being put around my neck. I went back to reaching for the spoon, and it was snatched just before I got to it. "Uh uh." I heard her say and I wanted to cry. "Come on buddy. We need to eat." Cheryl told me. Momm-I mean Cheryl held the spoon for me, full of the oatmeal. I could few the heat radiating off of it. I opened my mouth and slowly ate. Occasionally I'd miss the bite and it'd wind up on my bib. With a full belly of warm mush, I was happy. Cheryl had wiped my face off which I tried to push her hands away, with no success and my head was being pushed against the back of the chair so there was no escaping. "I know, I know." She tried to make it seem better by telling me she knew I didn't like it. But I was too tired to really protest. I closed my eyes again, still sleepy. Next I felt was more of her brushing against my body and such. My blankey was given to me and I happily accepted it. I opened my eyes to see us heading out the front door again and I fell fully back to sleep. ******************* 'Alright. I have an hour and a half. Plenty of time.' Cheryl knew. The morning sunrise was shining, making it bright enough to see everything as she entered the car to drive to her parents house as agreed from yesterday. Once in the car. She opened her phone and called her parents. "Hey- We are on our way- Don't worry Dad. I haven't even put the car in gear.- I'll see you there- Bye." Cheryl drove over to her parents house with minimal amount of traffic. Her mother was standing at the door waiting for Cheryl to arrive and once outside, she came out. "Good morning Cheryl!" Marge said excitedly, hugging her daughter. "Hey Mom!" Cheryl said, hugging her mother back. Frank walked outside to greet Cheryl as well with a hug. "Morning." He said. "Thanks again for this Mom and Dad." Cheryl said opening the back of the car to get out the supplies she had packed for him. "No problems." Marge smiled. Frank went to go help to carry the stuff in. "Thanks Dad." Cheryl thanked and turned around to get Mikey out of the car. He was still sound asleep. In matching the carrier from the car seat, Cheryl lifted Mikey out of the car, handing him to her mother. "Now, I'm not forcing regression on him. Don't take him to the park, I'll have to explain later. And he may be afraid of you guys too. Just tell him I'm at work. He has bottles in his bag, diapers and-" Cheryl was interrupted by Marge. "Honey, don't worry. We raised you and your brother." She said. Cheryl sighed. "Sorry. I'm still not used to all of it I guess. Thanks guys." Cheryl felt a bit relieved. "No problem Cheryl. Now you should get to work before you are late." Frank said. Cheryl looked at her watch and her eyes widened. "Oh shoot! Thanks for reminding me. Bye honey. Mommy loves you." She said as she kissed Mikey and got in her car and left. Everyone waved except Mikey who was still asleep. "Still tuckered out." Marge cooed as her and Frank went inside and put everything away. Marge took Mikey out of the carrier once inside and took him up to the nursery that the two settled him into the crib and once everything was unpacked what they need to, they left. (Now, a good chunk of this is going to be from Mikey's point of view) ************************** I stirred slowly with a whine. Sitting up, I looked around the room rubbing my eyes. "What the?" I murmured. This was all weird. "Hello?" I called out. Hearing footsteps I thought that Cheryl was on her way. But when the door opened, I saw the lady from yesterday. "Hi Mikey." She smiled. 'But-but, she promised. Maybe she was here still.' I was trying to make sense of this as I backed up only to find crib bars surrounding me. The Amazonian drew closer and I started crying. "Mommy!" I called in tears as I was lifted up. "Oh honey. Mommy won't be back until later. Don't you remember Grandma?" She informed me. I was brought up to her chest, I was struggling to get away. I was instead pinned to her chest. I felt something soft being draped onto my back. Her arm let go for a brief moment and again I tried to get away. "Here we go. Here is your blankey." She cooed at me like an infant. Before I could get away, I felt my blankey go over my shoulders and around my arms and I again was pinned to her. I tried pushing one more time, and in my final push my hands slipped and I lost any hope of getting away. The side of my face was resting under the chin of my new captor. "Mommy!" I called again and no response. "Its okay buddy. Grandma has you." She tried to console me. I felt her hand rubbing up and down my back, every stroke through my blankey felt so soothing. I calmed down a bit from crying and almost fell back asleep. "Shhh. It's okay." I could hear. 'Where is mommy? She promised me.' I thought. "Come on. Let's go downstairs and say good morning to Grandpa." She said and I felt us moving. My breathing became quicker as we left the room. My heart was racing and we entered the family room and there he was just sitting in his lazy boy chair and watching a game of hockey. "Why hello there sleepy head. Come here." His voice boomed as his arms reached out for me. "Noo!" I whined as I was handed over. "No? Marge, do you mind getting one of his bottles for me?" The Amazonian man asked. "Sure. I'll be right back." She said. Like the way I was being held by him last time I was here, once again pinned to his chest. I felt one of his hands start at the small of my back and brush up to my neck and shoulders, causing me to relax more. But his hand didn't go down. Instead I felt his fingers wrap around the back of my skull and neck. I thought for sure this was it and I tried to struggle one final time. But I was wrong. I felt his fingers start to rub my head, behind my ears and massaging my neck at the base of my skull. I stopped freaking out physically, my breaths became long and heavy after I let out a long sigh, arching my back and raising my shoulders far enough off the man's chest to bring my arms back down to my sides. "There you go. Just relax. Thanks honey." I heard and I don't think I could have relaxed any more than I was without falling asleep. "You don't need to be afraid buddy." He spoke in a soft mellow tone. It only lasted a minute however and my all but limp body was lifted, and repositioned into just the arm of this gentle giant. I didn't move, and all the energy I had to protest in me at the time, was gone. I was almost sitting up at first in the crook of his arm. My eyes slowly scanned the room and I noticed I was wearing a pair of elastic waistbanded blue jeans and wearing a light orange short sleeved shirt with a big cartoonish yellow monster truck on it. And I even had a pair of white ankle socks on. Gosh how I hated ankle socks. Sadly this is all I could notice before I saw the man holding me, bring a bottle up to my face. The bottle slid right into my mouth, and I started nursing. "Good boy." He cooed as I raised my arms up to try to help hold the bottle, but from the massage, I had hardly enough energy to just slightly raise them. "Its alright." He cooed as I huffed and puffed as I drank from the bottle. It was smaller than my normal bottles. The bottle was removed from my mouth and I wasn't as relaxed as before, just more at ease. "Don't worry Mikey, its just Grandma and Grandpa." Grandma said as she came over into view. "Mommy will be back don't worry." She cooed as she slipped a pacifier into my mouth. They both towered over me. Grandma reached her hand forwards and she poked me in the tummy. I let out a small giggle as my natural reflex tried to stop her. "Ohh. Someone is ticklish. Frank may I have him?" Grandma asked. 'This cant be good.' I thought. Grandpa handed me over, and I was now being held by Grandma, who went to sit in her own chair next to Grandpa's. "Is there anyone ticklish in here?" She asked, looking around the room. "I'm not." The man replied. "I'm not either." She replied to. I shook my head no, in hopes of this not happening, and not even realizing the game she was playing. "Are you ticklish?" She asked me. I was sitting upright on her lap, with my back supported by her forearm as she held me in place. I again shook my head no. "No? Are you sure?" Grandma asked, she started to poke and prod at my sides a couple of times. I giggled and tried to push her hands away. "Are you sure you are ticklish?" She asked. And then I fell for it. I hadn't realized at first that she had asked me if I was ticklish, and I thought she asked me if I wasn't. As soon as I nodded yes, she started her onslaught. "See. I knew someone was. And I found him!" She smiled. I was moving each and every which way to stop her from tickling me. The pacifier she had given me had dropped from my mouth now and I continued to squirm and laugh. A pressure built up in my bladder and my stomach started to hurt. And I didn't like it. I needed this to stop badly. The only thing I could think of, was to throw my arms up in the air and surrender. Sadly Grandma took the opportunity to get at my sides, and in my reflex, I brought my arms back down and made an awful face. My bladder couldn't take it any longer and I felt the warm wetness flow around my crotch and a mush filled the seat of my pants. Topping it off, I threw up from the revolting smell. I just cried. "Okay. Okay. Let's get you cleaned up." Grandma said, standing up with me. "I'll clean up down here. I think he just got too excited." Grandpa said. 'Yeah. Too excited.' I thought sarcastically. Luckily for me they got me cleaned up quickly from the upchuck. And Grandpa brought up a sippy cup of juice. The only problem I had though, was I still wasn't allowed to hold it. But now with the burning sensation gone in my throat and mouth and I had been still sitting in the dirty diaper. "Now let's get you changed." I blushed and sunk my head between my shoulders. I was sitting up on the changing pad naked as the back of my head was supported while the sippy cup was tilted back along with my head. I could have felt more helpless. "I'll go pick out an outfit for him Frank. Do you mind changing him?" Grandma said. Grandpa nodded. "Go ahead. I'll take care of the little stinker."
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