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  1. Adopted and Regressed (private)

    (Sorry. Things got really bad for me last year. Do you want to continue?)
  2. DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    Grandpa took his hand off the back of my head and moved the sippy cup and placed it on the dresser. I turned to look up at him, a bit confused just before I felt his hand pushing me onto my back, and reminding me of what I had done minutes earlier as I let out a whimper. The cleanup was awful. But I was relieved when he got it all. But now that the old diaper was off, I laid naked on the crinkly table. When the man bent over I threw my hands over my member, and I blushed a crimson red. He stood back up the rest of the way and saw me. "Mikey. It's alright. I've already seen it." Grandpa told me. He was right. I looked away and my hands were gently moved to my sides. My legs were pulled up into the air, I could then smell baby powder and then I felt the smooth powder, being rubbed across my bottom and then him lay my legs back down. More powder across my front. The feeling was soothing, of the powder being rubbed in but it didn't last for long and my legs were once again lifted into the air. My lower lip stuck out as I pouted about my overall situation. "Good boy." I heard being said by a woman. I turned to see if it was Mommy, shedding the sour look on my face, but it was only Grandma. I turned back to face the wall and went back to my sulking. The new diaper I was in felt soft, fluffy and bulky. I couldn't bring my legs together fully. I looked at what I was wearing, and it was a cloth pin up diaper. "Oh Frank, he looks so adorable in those." Grandma said. "I figured he might look cute in these. No pants?" I heard the man ask, with his voice going from the gentle deep rumble back to booming once again. "I figured he can just stay in the prefold and a shirt since we weren't going out." The she replied. I was lifted so easily and the shirt they spoke of was slid over my head. My arms were pulled through the sleeves. Looking down I saw the shirt, and it had picture of a baby stegosaurous in green and the shirt was just a lighter green as well. "Oh I could just eat you up!" Grandma said as she started to kiss my face all over. Her head came towards me, and backed away constantly. It was terrifying. "No. Stop!" I said through the small involuntary giggles. As soon as I said it she stopped and held me, supporting my bottom with her hand, as I sat lower, able to rest my head on her boosum. Resting my head down, I felt her patting my bottom. It felt different now with this diaper on. I was starting to like that feeling. We exited the room and went back downstairs. "Ahh. So this is why you took so long." Grandpa said to Grandma. "I figured he would want to play before lunch time." She said. Before I was even close to being set down, the doorbell rang. "I wonder who that could be?" Grandpa asked and went to answer the door. Grandma moved into sight of the front door as Gradpa talked to who it was. I turned to see who it was and my heart skipped a beat. It was him. My eyes went wide, my body became tense and I gripped onto the Amazonian that was holding me as I shook in fear. His gaze met me and I knew I was done for. 'Why! Why me!' I thought as he was let into the house. As soon as he was in arms reach of me, he reached over and pulled me out of Grandma's arms. "Noo!" I screamed as the man darted to the front door. He pulled his arm onto my body too tightly squeezing me, which caused me to scream. I watched my new grandmother get further and further away. Time almost stood still, until we started falling. 'Here is my chance.' I thought to myself and as soon as the man's grip got loose enough, I made a dash to upstairs. "Don't you dare try that. Especially in my house!" Grandpa yelled. I could tell they were fighting. I didn't care who won. I just didn't want to be here. As soon as I got to the top of the stairs, I sprinted down the hall, stumbling crawling and anything I could do to keep moving. I went into the furthest room I could from the stairs. I found a room with a large bed in it and dashed for under it, crawling to the hardest to reach point I could. I curled into a ball and started crying. Once the fighting stopped I heard someone call my name. "Mikey!" It was Grandma. I heard running. I quieted my crying as the footsteps went up the stairs and I watched the door from under the bed. "Mikey!" I heard call out louder. "Frank I don't know where he went!" It was Grandma again. I saw feet in the doorway. "Mikey? Where did you go?" She called again. Grandma's face appeared and I just stared at her. "There you are. It's safe. You can come out honey." She reached an arm towards me and I was terrified. I heard sirens coming from off in the distance. "Come here Mikey. It's just me." She said again. I shook my head as the sirens got louder. "Mikey. Come here please. The police are here. It's safe." She insisted. I again refused shaking my head. A loud thud came from downstairs was followed by running. The sounds of the back door sliding open, just as the sounds of car doors slamming shut. "Oh no. Stay here Mikey." Grandma sounded worried. She stood up and rushed downstairs. "Frank?" She called, closing the door to the room. "Clear.-clear.-CLEAR. Freeze!" The police said, room to room. 'Is Grandpa okay?' I wondered. I felt guilty. I couldn't help him. I was very helpless. Crawling out from under the bed, I stood up and started to waddle to the door. Suddenly the door burst open while I was only a few steps away, falling backwards and onto my padded rear as two men entered the room, weapons drawn and one stopped and looked at me. "We got one!" One said and other finished checking the room. "All clear!" Was yelled from another room and the two police officers holstered their weapons. I was petrified in fear. I had wet myself a little just then but the one officer knelt down I started making a dash for the bed again. "Hey what's the matter? We are here to help." He cooed but I didn't care. I was afraid. A pair of hands wrapped around my waist and pulled me. "Come here." He said as I was lifted. Being brought face to face with the Amazonian police officer, I was terrified. I didn't want to be held right now. "Owwh. Look at him Tim." The woman said to the other. She started to bounce me in her arms, keeping my legs pinned to her chest. "Yeah you are right. We should get this little back downstairs with his parents." Back downstairs, there was some furniture knocked over and a couple of officers tending to make note of any evidence. I looked at everything. 'Where is Grandpa?' I thought as we went outside. "Look there is Mommy and Daddy!" One of the officers said just before hearing my name called. "Mikey!" I heard Grandma's voice. "Grandma!" I said excitedly, reaching my arms out to her as she came closer. As soon as I was in arms reach of her, I grabbed on, tearing myself away from the officer. "Oh. Grandparents." The one said as we all headed to Grandpa. I was so excited to see both of them. She cacooned me with her arms in almost a death-grip. I openly accepted this. "So, Mr. and Mrs. Rhien. We will keep a squad car outside of the house for twenty-four hours." Said the officer. "Just make sure they follow him around. I'm certain that whoever attacked us is after Mikey. Especially since he tried to grab him and run." Grandpa said. He looked okay, other than he had a bruise on his forehead. "Well we better get out of your way." The officer said. The police left shortly after and we got let back inside. But my problem was, I had been in a wet diaper for a while and I was starting to hate it more than usual. Once inside I felt a finger slip into my diaper. I didn't care anymore. My eyes watered as Grandpa came back with an ice pack. "I haven't had to fight in years." Grandpa said. "I don't think you ever had one in this house before." Grandma replied heading upstairs with me in tow. "Come on buddy. Let's get you changed." She cooed, laying me down on the changing table. Grandma took my shirt off and my diaper off, exposing me to the elements. She cleaned me up, putting me in a new cloth diaper, and slid a pair of plastic crinkly underwear over it. The design was blank but I felt like there was a purpose to this later. Next she opened up a bottle of lotion, and began rubbing it across my chest, back, legs and arms. I could tell it was lavender. "Good boy, staying still." She cooed. My eyes were almost impossible to keep open. I felt myself being lifted and gently settled into my blankey. I shifted a little bit but found myself being mummified in the soft blanket. My hands being trapped at my sides, I was tucked into the crook of her arm. "Mommy is going to be so happy to see you when she is done work." Grandma told me. My eyes dropped and I felt a familiar feeling, pressed on my lips. I opened my mouth a d felt the soft silicone slip past my lips, filling my mouth. I began to nurse from it, tasting Mommy's milk from the bottle. Not long after I fell asleep,. ************************** Marge nestled Mikey into the crib after burping him. She gave him his binky before locking up the crib and leaving the room. She made sure to lock the room and keep the key with her just in case. Heading downstairs, Marge saw Frank grabbing an ice pack from the freezer and she smiled. "I'm just glad we are all okay." She said to him. "Yeah. I cant believe I thought he was the real repair guy. And that he almost took our grandlittle." Frank said. He brought the ice pack to his head and gasped at the pain from one if the bruises. Marge came over, and kissed him, with Frank returning the gesture. "I put him down for his nap. I was thinking we could tell Cheryl what happened when she is done work. I don't want to worry her." Marge said as she started to boil some water. "I'll get it." Frank tried saying. "No. You are injured. I'll take care of it." She replied. Frank gave out a defeated and exhausted sigh. "Alright. I'll tell her though." Cheryl started to shut down all of her equipment and was getting ready to leave. "So Cheryl. You can take tomorrow off but Saturday and Sunday, I need you. Oh and congrats on the catch." Her boss smiled. "Thanks." Cheryl said. She was glad her boss as she locked up her briefcase and left. She pulled into her parents driveway, seeing a cop parked on the street. "Hm. That's odd." She said to herself, getting out of her car. She got to the front door and before she could raise a hand to turn the knob, the door opened. It was her dad. "Cheryl. You better come inside." He said letting her in. Once inside, she sat down at the kitchen table. "So why is there a cop outside?" She asked. "Your mother was holding Mikey when someone tried to kidnap him. I fought him off. He got away, the police are keeping an eye on us." Frank spoke. Cheryl's face went pale. 'Oh gosh. What if he actually took Mikey? I might not have seen him again.' She felt her father hug her and she smiled. "I'm just glad everyone is okay." She told him. Cheryl wanted nothing more than to get rid of the guy. Once Frank stopped hugging Cheryl, Marge came down from upstairs, carrying the little in her arms, still bundled up. Cheryl had stood up from her and took Mikey from Marge. "Thank you guys for making sure he is safe." Cheryl said to her parents. "You are welcome honey. We won't let anything happen to you two." Frank said. "Let's go into the family room to go talk some more." Marge instructed, guiding her daughter with a hand on her back. Cheryl sat down and positioned Mikey uptright on her chest. "So did he give you guys any problems?" Asked Cheryl. "No not at all. In fact, he was an angel. He was a bit upset about not knowing where you were." Her mom said. There was a nock at the door. "I'll get it." Frank said, standing up. The room fell silent. He checked the door though the peep hole, it was just one of the officers. "Is everything alright?" Frank asked the man. "We just wanted to make sure you were okay." Said the officer. Frank and the police officer spoke for a few minutes longer before Frank came back. "He wanted to make sure you weren't an intruder and if we were okay." He said to the two women. Mikey stirred a bit before settling down again. "Well. I better get going. This little one still needs to get used to being at home first." Cheryl said. "You should probably dress him. I thought he might get too hot while he was swaddled." Marge told her daughter and they headed upstairs. Cheryl went into the nursery and settled him into the crib to look for Mikey's clothes he came in. "Mom. Where are his clothes he came in?" She asked her mother. "Right here. His tummy was upset and he threw up, so I ran his clothes through the washer." Marge responded. ************************** I woke up, whimpering as I felt my crotch get wet and uncomfortable. I was getting used to the feeling but I wasn't used to feeling wet like this. I went to go stretch, but I could only do my legs. I tried to squirm as I opened my eyes. "Help!" I called out as I tried to get myself unstuck but I couldn't. And only a few short seconds later I was crying. "Oh buddy. Come here." I heard. I knew that voice. It was Cher-Mommy's. I felt myself being lifted into her arms. "Its alright. Mommy has you." She cooed. I struggled to hug her, but I was still wrapped. "Shhh. It's okay. I know. I know. It's okay." Mommy said. 'No you don't know.' I thought. I calmed down a few minutes later and I was unravelled from my cocoon on the changing table. I was blushing again. I couldn't believe it was my blankey that was keeping me from moving. "Aren't you just a cutie now?" Mommy asked, poking my belly making me giggle like earlier. She changed me quickly into one of the diapers from the diaper bag she brought. "Thanks again for watching him for me today Mom." Mommy said to Grandma as she searched through the diaper bag. She pulled out something that looked like footie pajamas but with everything short on it. It also had a collar on it and was in a navy blue color. "Oh that romper will look so cute on him." Grandma said. I knew I wasn't going to like it when she pulled out another pair of ankle socks. I was diapered, dressed and adorable according to Mommy and Grandma. And hopefully today would be over soon. Mommy took me downstairs while Grandma helped carry the bags down and once downstairs, I saw her drawing near the carrier. I hated that thing. "Are you guys going to be okay?" Mommy asked as she tried to set me into the carrier. I tried to sit up to avoid being locked in it so quickly. ************************ Cheryl saw Mikey trying to sit up in his seat. "Oh no you don't. It's time to go Bubba." She cooed at the little. "I think we will be alright." Marge said to her daughter. Cheryl kissed and hugged her parents goodbye and didn't forget Mikey who was blushing to a crimson red. Cheryl and Mikey got into Cheryl's car and left despite the police officers that were ordered to keep watch, stayed. Now in the car, everything was silent except for the radio and Mikey's small whines. Cheryl didn't want to cry in front of her parents, and she defiantly didn't want to do it in front of Mikey. 'Oh gosh. He knows where my parents live and probably where I live.' Cheryl worried. Once home and inside, Cheryl locked the door behind her and turned on the lights, letting out a sigh of relief. She set him down on his play mat. "There you go. Now be a good boy and play while Mommy makes dinner okay?" The Amazonian mother cooed at her little. Mikey held his arms out for her to pick him up. "Ohh it's okay." She cooed, kissing his forehead. Cheryl reached into one of his bags to pull out Mikey's teddy and blanket, which he happily accepted. "Thank you." He mumbled nuzzling his face into the back of the head of the plush toy as he hugged it. "You're welcome honey." She smiled standing up. In the kitchen the home phone was blinking with a message. Upon inspection it was a message from Dr. Faulner. After a few minutes on the phone, with Dr. Faulner, she heard footsteps behind her. Quiet ones with almost a shuffle to it. Pausing mid sentence, she wasn't facing who it was, but was near her knife set. The sound grew louder and she placed her hand on the largest blade in the set. "Miss Rhien? Hello? Are you there?" Dr. Faulner asked getting worried by the second. Cheryl started to spun around with the knife in her hand, almost ready to stab whoever it was, but she stopped before the knife even got into view. Mikey stood there in his socks, having since removed his shoes. He stood for a few seconds hugging his teddy, and dragging his blanket behind him. He looked worried. Cheryl's heart sunk as she realized what could have happened, and who she thought it was. "Is everything okay?" Dr. Faulner asked, worried herself. Letting out a sigh, Cheryl set the knife down, and back where it was before. "Yes. Well. Mostly. I'll have to fill you in tomorrow." She told the doctor. "Come here sweetie." The Amazonian mother said, bending over to pick up the little that was waddling towards her. She held him on her hip and his blanket, on his back like a cape, of sorts. Cheryl continued holding the phone with Dr. Faulner as she did this. "What's the matter Mikey?" She asked in a sweet, sympathetic tone. Without a word, Mikey pressed the side of his face into Cheryl's side, wrapping his arm around her. Mikey brought his hand to a fist and raised it to his lips, as if to look like he was sucking his thumb. "Well it looks like someone missed his Mommy. Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow and hopefully everything checks out." Cheryl hung up the phone and enjoyed the moment with her son. 'I couldn't imagine losing him. He is just way too precious to me. He is my son. Not anyone else's.' She thought to herself. "Come on. I bet you must be hungry." Cheryl carried Mikey through the kitchen, holding onto him. As Cheryl moved about the kitchen, Mikey eased his grip on Cheryl slowly until he jumped, scaring her in the process. The little paused for a second, before Cheryl felt her hip become slightly warmer, and Mikey started crying. Cheryl sighed but with a slight smile, knowing that her little would need more time to get used to it all, but it would be in time. The rest of the day went without a problem, except Mikey who was still bashful, and afraid of his new arrangement. ************************ Cheryl picked me up and out of the bathtub like the past two nights, and secured me in a soft fluffy towel. I smelled the strawberry scented soap that I was washed in, and she kissed the side of my head. I hugged her neck as we went into my nursery. "That's a good boy." Mommy cooed as I was laid down on the cold changing table. There was a bright light, I was naked on an ice cold piece of metal. I couldn't talk, and I was unable to move. "Four foot even, one hundred and thirty eight pounds, and twenty eight years old. The auction will start at one hundred thousand dollars, to get little Franscesco." A voice said. I'm not Franscesco.' I was strapped in a seat, unable to move and barely had any strength. I was freezing. Lifting my head slowly I saw that little catcher man, with someone. I couldn't tell who. "You sure he is worth the two and a half million she spent? I mean, you don't think Sylvia overpaid?" Said the little catcher. "No way. This little, cannot be - Boss." Said the unknown man. "Zip it. I know what he is worth. And he is worth every penny I paid." Sylvia said as she stared at me. "Oh hello there. Why aren't you just the cutest little thing? Aren't you? Well don't worry. Miss Sylvia will take good care of you. Yes she will. Yes she will!" I of course, blushed, right before Sylvia reached something around to my neck and I felt a pinch, then closing my only view of the world around me. Then it got cold. Too cold. "mikey. Mikey. Mikey!" Cheryl said my name over and over, until I was out of the trance. I started looking around the room. 'Where am I? Who is this? Oh it's Chery-I mean Mommy.' I reached up and started crying. "Oh thank gosh. What happened Mikey?" "Mommy!" That was all I could think of to say through my crying. I was shaking, still trying to comprehend what happened. ******************** Cheryl cradled the head of the little over her shoulder as he clung to her neck for what it seemed to him, to be dear life. 'I wonder what this is all about.' She thought. Ten minutes after Mikey's flashback he calmed down in the rocking chair and was curled up in the fetal position on her lap, with both of Cheryl's arms wrapped around him. She was humming a tune. "Mommy." Mikey said taking a deep breath. "Yes Mikey?" She responded. "I know why they want me so badly." He continued. 'Who are they?' Cheryl asked herself. "Im worth two and a half million dollars to them." Her son said. "H-how?" She asked and all he could do was shrug his shoulders. It was enough for her after the hellish day. Cheryl stood up and made her way over to the closet. She picked out a simple baby blue sleeper and got him dressed and sat down in the rocking chair again, with the little, cradling him in her arms andundoing her shirt and bra to allow him to nurse. ************************ I waited. I knew it was bedtime, and I was exhausted, I could have fallen asleep just laying in her arms, but I wasn't. And I didn't know why. Mommy ran her fingers through my hair and I snapped out of being trapped in my thoughts. I latched onto her nipple and began to nurse. She went back to humming and not long after I was asleep in my crib. Glad to have my Mommy taking care of me. Just I didn't know what was in store yet for tomorrow. ******************** Cheryl closed the door to Mikey's nursery and let out a sigh of relief. The house phone rang and Cheryl jumped. She went into the master bedroom and looked at the caller ID. It was her mom and dad. Picking up the phone she was immediately cautious. "Hey. Is everything okay over there?" Cheryl asked. "Oh everything is okay. Some good news though." Marge, Cheryl's mother responded. "Well what is it?" Cheryl responded, unsure of what good news could possibly come of today. "Well the police officers, guarding our house, came to tell us the suspect's car, of who attacked us, was found in the next town over. And in searching they may have found the person. They wanted us to go to the station tomorrow to ID the person." Marge said. Cheryl sat down on her bed, feeling the drop in blood pressure, knowing her fears of Mikey being taken are almost over. "Wow. That is good news. Thanks Mom. I need to get to bed though. Goodnight!" Cheryl said and her mom exchanged a goodnight as well. Cheryl went to sleep after getting changed into her pajamas. In the morning Cheryl's alarm clock went off. It was about seven o'clock and she had to take Mikey to see Dr. Faulner today early at about nine o'clock. She went downstairs and began making breakfast for herself. She knew Mikey wasn't supposed to be eating solids still, as much as she wanted to give him some of her food, just by how adorable he looked trying to snatch it. Especially on his first day.
  3. DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    **************************** I broke into a ball of tears. She had cared for me and didn't care. I wasn't crying out of fear, or frustration. Just happiness. That she really cared. I calmed myself down very quickly and rested my head on her chest, as she rocked side to side. The room was quiet. "Cheryl?" I asked, breaking the silence. "Yes sweetie?" She said softly and warmly. I could hear the vibrations of her chest, as she talked. "May I stay with you?" I asked. She chuckled and I lifted up my head, to see her kissing my forehead, where the bruise used to be. I flinched a little but relaxed again and just accepted it. "Aww. Now come on. I think you did okay today." She cooed and we started moving. She grabbed a bag of the night diapers and headed out of the master bedroom along with my blankey and turtle. We left the room and entered a different room. I was puzzled. "Where are we going?" I asked just as a set of dimmer lights turned on illuminating the room. It was a nightlight. "Don't worry buddy." She cooed. It was a nursery. She had set down the package of diapers on a table and moved over to the crib. It was wooden and had a mobile on it. There were sheets with just a dark night sky with a cartoon moon and stars on it. She set me into the crib with my blankey and turtle, and afterwards Cheryl took her top off. My eyes widened. As she came towards me, lifting me from the crib and into her embrace. She cradled me in her arms, with my blankey wrapped around my back and sides like in a nest, she sat down in the large chair. She removed pads from her bra and there her nipped was. Right in front of me again. I could smell the same smell as before and had almost instantly latched on from her conditioning me from almost every bottle before. Except this was no bottle. "Go ahead. It's okay." She reassured me and began stroking my hair and patting my bottom. All of a sudden I reached forward and latched on and began to suckle a bit and a creamy substantial filled my mouth. I didn't stop. I let it flow, sucking and swallowing, sucking and swallowing. I recognized the substance as the milk I drank this morning. My eyes were getting heavier and heavier, I could feel Mo-m's hand resting on my stomach when she stopped stroking my hair. As soon as I felt her hand rubbing my tummy, I held onto her hands as well. "Good boy." I heard her coo. Very soon I was full and I stopped nursing. Breaking my head away, and turning into her body. Cheryl continued to hold me this way for a few moments, until I felt my position change, and I thought I was going to be sick. Positioning my chin to rest at the top of her shoulder, and the rest of my body down, I opened my sleepy eyes to try to become aware quickly, but everything seemed a bit too unfocused, like my eyes wanted sleep desperately when I did not. As the tension in my gut built up I started moaning a bit until Cheryl began to pat my back. Feeling the sensation of being about to throw up. "Shhhh. It's alright. Just relax." I heard as the sensation built up more and more when suddenly, I burped. I had forgotten after all the events of today that this is the same feeling as last night. I practically melted in her arms. Once again I gave into Cheryl. A few minutes passed and Momm-I mean Cheryl, stood up. Keeping my eyes open, I was still facing backwards behind her, when a small flash of light flickered in the room from behind me. Lifting my head, I turned around to see the crib's side being lowered. A small rumbling sound passed through. 'A thunder storm?' I thought. "There you go. Nice and soft, just for my baby boy, Mikey." Cheryl whispered. My head was cradled and my back was as well. "Can I stay up to watch the lightening please?" I asked. Cheryl pulled out my pacifier and easily slid it into my mouth. I began to nurse it as the bulb filled my mouth. "No sweetie. It's bedtime." She spoke softly with a smile. I sunk into the mattress with a crinkle. 'Waterproof I guess.' I thought, just as another flash of light lit up the room briefly. My eyes fluttered, trying to stay awake. Cheryl kissed my forehead and tucked me in before locking up the side of the crib. Another wave of thunder went by, and I heard The chimes of the mobile above. The spinning animals kept my attention, until the door creeked closed slowly. I watched Cheryl as she closed the door. Another quick flash in the room and I closed my eyes. 'Maybe I am just her baby?' I tried to say. I let out a final sigh and fell asleep, snuggling my turtle. ******************* Cheryl heard something being mumbled quietly just as more thunder hit. "I better go and clean up." Cheryl whispered with a sigh, closing the door. Cheryl headed downstairs and walked into the kitchen, trying to find a quick snack before finding herself in bed just as Mikey. On the table there was a wooden sign and a note. DEAR CHERYL, YOUR FATHER AND I ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU. WE BOTH WISH THE HAPPIEST OF TIMES WITH YOUR LITTLE. WE MADE THIS SIGN FOR MIKEY'S DOOR. WE HOPE YOU TWO ENJOY IT. WELL I GUESS WE WILL SEE YOU TOMORROW. LOVE, MOM AND DAD "Aw. How nice. I'm thankful they put almost everything together for Mikey. And everything away." She looked at the sign. MIKEYS NURSERY It read in hand written paint over a three large building block design in a baby blue color. The thunderstorm was picking up, causing the house to shake even more. "Oh boy. I just hope he isn't afraid of storms like this." Cheryl said to herself, just as the house started to rumble. She stopped and listened for sounds over the monitor. Nothing. The Amazonian mother let out a sigh of relief before returning to her task. She ate a few cookies she had from her snack pantry and decided to go upstairs and read a book that she bought to help her care for Mikey better, and pump some milk for tomorrow. The house shook some more as more thunder rolled across the skies, and again not a peep from Mikey. She heard some rustling going on in his room, so on her way by, she would check up on him. The Amazonian mother headed upstairs and to Mikey's nursery. She kept the hall light off in case it might disturb his slumber. She looked at her watch. It was almost nine o'clock at night. Cheryl slowly opened the door, and entered the room. The night light illuminated the room and just as the Amazonian mother had hoped, Mikey was only tossing and turning in his sleep. The thunderstorm was now getting further away, and you could hear the rain. Cheryl smiled knowing that she was lucky to have found Mikey that day. She left the room, trying not to make a sound and left to go read and get another bottle ready for tomorrow. Once in her room, Cheryl changed into her blue silk, two piece, button down topped pajamas, leaving her bra off. "How does this.... Aha! There we go. Got it." She said trying to set up the contraption. Once she had the pump set up, she unbuttoned the shirt and turned on the machine. It hummed quietly and the cups gained suction. She put one of them on at a time and gasped each time. "I actually prefer Mikey to these things." Cheryl laughed to herself as her breasts were drained. She read one of the parenting books on littles and got through chapter one. And through only one and and a half bottles of milk. Cheryl cleaned up, and fell asleep in her bed. ************************* "Mikey! Nooo!" A familiar voice called. "Noooo! I don't want to go! Why me!" I screamed. All of it turned to a static almost. Next thing I know I'm in a field at night. "Hello-Ello-ello-lo?" I asked in the darkness. Snarling and howling from some beast drew nearer and nearer, it was some dog with fangs and glowing red eyes and smoke coming from its nose as it breathed. I threw my arms up as it charged. I shot up in the crib, sitting up, panting, and sweating. 'It was a nightmare. Sort of.' That memory of whoever it was calling for me, seemed so distant. I couldn't remember who it was. I composed myself and looked around the dimly lit room. I knew I was wet and I hated the feeling. I stood up, holding onto the crib bars for support with one hand, and Mr Turtle in the other. "C-Cheryl?" I called out shyly. No response. "Cheryl?" Again, nothing. I fell back onto my bottom and with a crinkly plop, I started to cry. I was alone. And no one was here. A few minutes later and I heard footsteps passing the room. I continued to cry, like a toddler in my crib. The door swung open. Momm-I mean Cheryl entered. "Shh. It's ok. Mommy is here." She cooed, lowering the side of the crib, and lifting me. I greeted her happily, even though I was still crying. I felt the warmth of her body, and her hand patting my bottom. I wrapped my arms around her neck, and buried my face into her. I felt a pair of finger slip into my diaper, prodding around my crotch. I blushed but didn't flinch. "Ohh. I see. Come on. Let's get you changed." Cheryl said. Once Cheryl had snapped up the last button on my onesie, she reached under my head and upper back with her other hand, slid it under my back and down to my bottom. My dream was still having a heavy weight on my mind. I was lifted, and legs pushed up and her hand was supporting up my weight as a seat. As soon as I was in a sitting up position, I reached forward and threw my arms around her neck. Momm-I mean Cheryl, paused before she brought the hand she was going to use to support my head and put it back into it's previous position. I started to get worried. Cheryl began to rub the back of my neck up to the back of my head. I held on tightly. I didn't want to go back to sleep. I was too afraid to. "Promise me you won't ever let anyone take me away." I said breathing heavier almost panicking. "I promise." Cheryl said. I relaxed and she brought me over to the chair again and sat down. Momm-I mean Cheryl, pulled me off of around her neck to cradle me. "Now Mikey. It's sleepy time. And we need to get up early tomorrow okay sweetums?" I nodded, pouting in her lap. She exposed her breasts and I could smell the scent again. Along with baby powder, and some lavender lotion that she had on me, which effects were getting to me. "Its okay. It's okay." She cooed. I leaned forward and latched on, like before. I was straining my neck to hold me head up, and I felt mommy's arms now holding my head up as I nursed. ******************** Mikey had let out a sigh of relief, just before he stopped nursing. Whatever milk that was in his mouth dribbled out and Cheryl had wiped his mouth. She positioned the little to burp him, and did just that, like she had every time before. Once satisfied, she nestled him back into the crib, tucking Mikey in. She gave him a gentle kiss on his temple. Mikey stirred enough to brush his hand over the door where he was kissed and let out a quiet whine as he turned onto his side asleep. "Still so fussy." Cheryl chuckled to herself, running her fingers gently through his short hair. The Amazonian mother locked up the crib and quietly left the room to retreat back to her own. Work was early at about eight AM. Cheryl needed to be up at five AM to get Mikey to her parents and then to work on the other end of town. With that in mind, went back to sleep. --- BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP --- Cheryl woke up with a slightly tired moan. Rubbing her eyes after turning off her alarm clock, she rolled out of bed. She headed downstairs, like she did every morning, going into the kitchen and flicking on the lights. She made some breakfast for herself. After that, she packed up some things for Mikey for the day, bottles of milk, diapers, and a few pairs of clothes into a bag for Mikey for the day at her parent's house. Once she finished, the Amazonian mother, headed upstairs to wake up her little. "Well, its about time to get up the little stinker." She joked to herself before entering the nursery. ************************ "Hi buddy. It's time to wake up." I heard. I was still asleep until I felt myself moving. My eyes peaked open for a short moment before shutting again. I opened my eyes again to see I was being changed. "...day again. Mommy has..." I heard her say. I was too tired to care I guess but I think I fell asleep again. I woke back up again with the feeling of going down the stairs. "Stop." I mumbled slipping my thumb into my mouth and being in an almost asleep state as we entered the kitchen. Next thing I know, I'm touching something padded and it was cold. I woke up a bit quickly to that one enough to stay awake. I was sitting up and could feel Momm-I mean Cheryl pulling on something around my crotch, I swatted at her hands and could feel my face change colors and a hand rubbed my head. "Ohh. It's alright. Mommy is right here." She told me, and before I knew it, I had been trapped by a giant tray. Cheryl had placed a small bowl, in front of me. Oh it smelled delicious. I could smell cinnamon and oatmeal. I reached for the spoon, still only half awake. What stopped me dead in my tracks was the feeling of something being put around my neck. I went back to reaching for the spoon, and it was snatched just before I got to it. "Uh uh." I heard her say and I wanted to cry. "Come on buddy. We need to eat." Cheryl told me. Momm-I mean Cheryl held the spoon for me, full of the oatmeal. I could few the heat radiating off of it. I opened my mouth and slowly ate. Occasionally I'd miss the bite and it'd wind up on my bib. With a full belly of warm mush, I was happy. Cheryl had wiped my face off which I tried to push her hands away, with no success and my head was being pushed against the back of the chair so there was no escaping. "I know, I know." She tried to make it seem better by telling me she knew I didn't like it. But I was too tired to really protest. I closed my eyes again, still sleepy. Next I felt was more of her brushing against my body and such. My blankey was given to me and I happily accepted it. I opened my eyes to see us heading out the front door again and I fell fully back to sleep. ******************* 'Alright. I have an hour and a half. Plenty of time.' Cheryl knew. The morning sunrise was shining, making it bright enough to see everything as she entered the car to drive to her parents house as agreed from yesterday. Once in the car. She opened her phone and called her parents. "Hey- We are on our way- Don't worry Dad. I haven't even put the car in gear.- I'll see you there- Bye." Cheryl drove over to her parents house with minimal amount of traffic. Her mother was standing at the door waiting for Cheryl to arrive and once outside, she came out. "Good morning Cheryl!" Marge said excitedly, hugging her daughter. "Hey Mom!" Cheryl said, hugging her mother back. Frank walked outside to greet Cheryl as well with a hug. "Morning." He said. "Thanks again for this Mom and Dad." Cheryl said opening the back of the car to get out the supplies she had packed for him. "No problems." Marge smiled. Frank went to go help to carry the stuff in. "Thanks Dad." Cheryl thanked and turned around to get Mikey out of the car. He was still sound asleep. In matching the carrier from the car seat, Cheryl lifted Mikey out of the car, handing him to her mother. "Now, I'm not forcing regression on him. Don't take him to the park, I'll have to explain later. And he may be afraid of you guys too. Just tell him I'm at work. He has bottles in his bag, diapers and-" Cheryl was interrupted by Marge. "Honey, don't worry. We raised you and your brother." She said. Cheryl sighed. "Sorry. I'm still not used to all of it I guess. Thanks guys." Cheryl felt a bit relieved. "No problem Cheryl. Now you should get to work before you are late." Frank said. Cheryl looked at her watch and her eyes widened. "Oh shoot! Thanks for reminding me. Bye honey. Mommy loves you." She said as she kissed Mikey and got in her car and left. Everyone waved except Mikey who was still asleep. "Still tuckered out." Marge cooed as her and Frank went inside and put everything away. Marge took Mikey out of the carrier once inside and took him up to the nursery that the two settled him into the crib and once everything was unpacked what they need to, they left. (Now, a good chunk of this is going to be from Mikey's point of view) ************************** I stirred slowly with a whine. Sitting up, I looked around the room rubbing my eyes. "What the?" I murmured. This was all weird. "Hello?" I called out. Hearing footsteps I thought that Cheryl was on her way. But when the door opened, I saw the lady from yesterday. "Hi Mikey." She smiled. 'But-but, she promised. Maybe she was here still.' I was trying to make sense of this as I backed up only to find crib bars surrounding me. The Amazonian drew closer and I started crying. "Mommy!" I called in tears as I was lifted up. "Oh honey. Mommy won't be back until later. Don't you remember Grandma?" She informed me. I was brought up to her chest, I was struggling to get away. I was instead pinned to her chest. I felt something soft being draped onto my back. Her arm let go for a brief moment and again I tried to get away. "Here we go. Here is your blankey." She cooed at me like an infant. Before I could get away, I felt my blankey go over my shoulders and around my arms and I again was pinned to her. I tried pushing one more time, and in my final push my hands slipped and I lost any hope of getting away. The side of my face was resting under the chin of my new captor. "Mommy!" I called again and no response. "Its okay buddy. Grandma has you." She tried to console me. I felt her hand rubbing up and down my back, every stroke through my blankey felt so soothing. I calmed down a bit from crying and almost fell back asleep. "Shhh. It's okay." I could hear. 'Where is mommy? She promised me.' I thought. "Come on. Let's go downstairs and say good morning to Grandpa." She said and I felt us moving. My breathing became quicker as we left the room. My heart was racing and we entered the family room and there he was just sitting in his lazy boy chair and watching a game of hockey. "Why hello there sleepy head. Come here." His voice boomed as his arms reached out for me. "Noo!" I whined as I was handed over. "No? Marge, do you mind getting one of his bottles for me?" The Amazonian man asked. "Sure. I'll be right back." She said. Like the way I was being held by him last time I was here, once again pinned to his chest. I felt one of his hands start at the small of my back and brush up to my neck and shoulders, causing me to relax more. But his hand didn't go down. Instead I felt his fingers wrap around the back of my skull and neck. I thought for sure this was it and I tried to struggle one final time. But I was wrong. I felt his fingers start to rub my head, behind my ears and massaging my neck at the base of my skull. I stopped freaking out physically, my breaths became long and heavy after I let out a long sigh, arching my back and raising my shoulders far enough off the man's chest to bring my arms back down to my sides. "There you go. Just relax. Thanks honey." I heard and I don't think I could have relaxed any more than I was without falling asleep. "You don't need to be afraid buddy." He spoke in a soft mellow tone. It only lasted a minute however and my all but limp body was lifted, and repositioned into just the arm of this gentle giant. I didn't move, and all the energy I had to protest in me at the time, was gone. I was almost sitting up at first in the crook of his arm. My eyes slowly scanned the room and I noticed I was wearing a pair of elastic waistbanded blue jeans and wearing a light orange short sleeved shirt with a big cartoonish yellow monster truck on it. And I even had a pair of white ankle socks on. Gosh how I hated ankle socks. Sadly this is all I could notice before I saw the man holding me, bring a bottle up to my face. The bottle slid right into my mouth, and I started nursing. "Good boy." He cooed as I raised my arms up to try to help hold the bottle, but from the massage, I had hardly enough energy to just slightly raise them. "Its alright." He cooed as I huffed and puffed as I drank from the bottle. It was smaller than my normal bottles. The bottle was removed from my mouth and I wasn't as relaxed as before, just more at ease. "Don't worry Mikey, its just Grandma and Grandpa." Grandma said as she came over into view. "Mommy will be back don't worry." She cooed as she slipped a pacifier into my mouth. They both towered over me. Grandma reached her hand forwards and she poked me in the tummy. I let out a small giggle as my natural reflex tried to stop her. "Ohh. Someone is ticklish. Frank may I have him?" Grandma asked. 'This cant be good.' I thought. Grandpa handed me over, and I was now being held by Grandma, who went to sit in her own chair next to Grandpa's. "Is there anyone ticklish in here?" She asked, looking around the room. "I'm not." The man replied. "I'm not either." She replied to. I shook my head no, in hopes of this not happening, and not even realizing the game she was playing. "Are you ticklish?" She asked me. I was sitting upright on her lap, with my back supported by her forearm as she held me in place. I again shook my head no. "No? Are you sure?" Grandma asked, she started to poke and prod at my sides a couple of times. I giggled and tried to push her hands away. "Are you sure you are ticklish?" She asked. And then I fell for it. I hadn't realized at first that she had asked me if I was ticklish, and I thought she asked me if I wasn't. As soon as I nodded yes, she started her onslaught. "See. I knew someone was. And I found him!" She smiled. I was moving each and every which way to stop her from tickling me. The pacifier she had given me had dropped from my mouth now and I continued to squirm and laugh. A pressure built up in my bladder and my stomach started to hurt. And I didn't like it. I needed this to stop badly. The only thing I could think of, was to throw my arms up in the air and surrender. Sadly Grandma took the opportunity to get at my sides, and in my reflex, I brought my arms back down and made an awful face. My bladder couldn't take it any longer and I felt the warm wetness flow around my crotch and a mush filled the seat of my pants. Topping it off, I threw up from the revolting smell. I just cried. "Okay. Okay. Let's get you cleaned up." Grandma said, standing up with me. "I'll clean up down here. I think he just got too excited." Grandpa said. 'Yeah. Too excited.' I thought sarcastically. Luckily for me they got me cleaned up quickly from the upchuck. And Grandpa brought up a sippy cup of juice. The only problem I had though, was I still wasn't allowed to hold it. But now with the burning sensation gone in my throat and mouth and I had been still sitting in the dirty diaper. "Now let's get you changed." I blushed and sunk my head between my shoulders. I was sitting up on the changing pad naked as the back of my head was supported while the sippy cup was tilted back along with my head. I could have felt more helpless. "I'll go pick out an outfit for him Frank. Do you mind changing him?" Grandma said. Grandpa nodded. "Go ahead. I'll take care of the little stinker."
  4. DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

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  5. Return of the Amazons - edited

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  6. DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    "Ah. So they stocked over here too." Cheryl spoke to herself. Laying me down onto the large padded table, was like being placed on a crinkly cushion. Cheryl had begun to unsnap more of the buttons at my crotch and pulled the shortalls up to my neck, revealing my very soaked diaper. Cheryl went to work and started the humiliating ritual of changing me, but this time when she went to place the new diaper on me, I heard only a very quiet crinkle. I looked down and couldn't see much from the shortalls blocking my view, but something about this new diaper felt softer, but thicker. It was secured to my waist and my legs were forced apart. The shortalls were brought back down over the diaper, and it was all snapped back up. "It's alright Mikey, you don't need to worry." Cheryl cooed. I guess I had a puzzled look on my face. Cheryl picked me back up and supported my bottom, which felt like I was wearing a giant cushion, while she headed back downstairs. "Are you all better little guy?" Grandma cooed on our last few steps down. I was turning my body to face forward while still my body was still being pressed onto Cheryl's chest. But when the Amazonian woman asked me if I was all better, I blushed and hung myself over momm-I mean Cheryl's shoulder. "So fussy still." She cooed at me quietly. "May I hold him Cheryl?" The Amazonian man said. I jumped a bit, not used to his voice still. "Sure. Just please don't scare him." She instructed the man. Once I was handed over, the man had positioned me a similar way to how mo-I mean Cheryl had me, except I was lower on his chest. She had given this man my blanket and my turtle and he had given me my pacifier again, tucking me in with my blanket and turtle. "Hold on buddy. Grandpa is almost done." He seemed so relaxing at that moment, and I calmed down, and once he was done fidgeting with me, he one hand of his giant hands on my back, and another on my bottom. I was still uneasy, until he rubbed his hand up and down my back. A wave of goosebumps hit me, and he stopped only to pat my bottom a few times, sending a familiar feeling that this was okay. I melted in his arms as he continued this. ***************** Grandpa could see the little getting comfortable, nuzzling the side of his head into the Amazonian man, and closed his eyes. "I thought he just might be tired still." He said softly as Mikey started nod off. Cheryl took out her phone to see this, and took a few pictures of this sight, just as Mikey fell asleep. "I was wondering if you guys could go to my house while we are out, and make sure all of the furnerature is set up and nothing gets stolen? I had order nursery for him and I won't be there and-" Cheryl was cut off by her mom. "We will Cheryl. Don't worry." She spoke. Cheryl smiled. "Thanks Mom and Dad. You guys are the best." She leaned over to hug her parents, who happily accepted the gesture. "I suppose we better not keep you from the rest of the day. Marge can you go grab the buggy for Cheryl please?" Frank asked his wife. "Sure." Marge replied and stood up from the couch to go fish it out from the garage. Once she returned she showed Cheryl how to use it. Frank stood up with the sleeping little in his arms, and handed him to Marge, who was all too happy to be holding her new grandson. Cheryl got a few more pictures of the little before he was set in the carrier and the car was loaded back up again. After the goodbyes and goodbye kisses, Cheryl and Mikey left to go to their next stop. They pulled into a parking lot and Mikey woke up in perfect time. Cheryl had noticed he was awake in his carrier, but he had a sour look on his face. "What's the matter sweetie?" Cheryl cooed as she took him out of the car seat. Mikey said nothing but only squirmed. Cheryl tried to figure it out at first, and once she checked his diaper, she realized what had happened. "Oh. Don't worry sweetie, Mommy will make it all better." She cooed as she went around to the other side of the car and laid him down. She knew he might not have liked that cloth diaper but he looked cuter in it. She changed him into a disposable for now in the backseat, and his cheeks were a rose red and his eyes were tightly shut. "That's a good boy. Don't worry, no one can see you sweetie." She spoke. Once that was finished, Cheryl lifted Mikey and held him on her hip, which he immediately clung to, burying his face into her side while she cleaned up. Once finished she took her purse and the large bag from earlier, with her and headed into barbershop. "HI there Cheryl. Are you babysitting again?" Asked an older amazonian man at a counter, seeing the little pressing his face into Cheryl's side. "No I'm not. Not this one." Cheryl smiled. "Ahhh. Well congratulations then. So just the usual cut then." The man said happily. Cheryl nodded yes in response and a booster seat was placed onto a chair, and strapped him in. ****************** I was strapped in at the waste, tightly on my diaper. I saw the Barber, and knew I was going to get a haircut but I was worried about him touching the bruise. A cover was tied over me after a paper tied around my kneck. I didn't want him to touch my head. As soon as he went to grab my hair, I flinched, pulling my head away. He managed to grab my hair just as it happened and it caused me a quick pain when I pulled away. "Ouch!" My hands grabbed his as I yelped. And Cheryl looked at me with a raised eyebrow. "Oh, before I forget, he has a bruise on his forehead. So be careful about it please." She instructed the Barber. "Will do. Now may I have my hand back little guy?"" He cooed at me and when I hesitated, he started to to tickle me a bit with his free hand. I let go, and hunched forward, guarding my chest with my hands and arms while I blushed. Once I sat back up, the Barber reached for my hair again, and I flinched again, but I allowed him to cut my hair. I saw him in the mirror, and I could keep an eye on him. Mommy didn't seem so pleased. 'Wait she isn't mommy, that's Cheryl. Why did I just think of her like that?' I thought. The haircut however was making me tired already. So far, I've been just so stressed out today, it's making me exhausted. Especially since every time I do sleep, I wake back up almost right after. I was actually comfy in the chair here. Once the Barber had moved to go get his scissors, I had set my head down on part of the chair and fell asleep. "Mikey." I heard being said quietly. I moaned at the voice, believing it to be a dream. "Mikey." The voice came louder. I opened my eyes and saw Cheryl there, squatting, directly in front of me. I jumped and tried to throw my arms back to run away, but I was still in the booster seat. She laughed at the scare she had accidentally caused, and leaned toward me, kissing me on the cheek. "Come on buddy, he is almost done." She cooed. I sat up and saw the Barber again in the mirror. As soon as I was sitting up, he started at my hair again. Momm-I mean Cheryl, stayed in front of me the rest of the time. Meanwhile whenever I glanced at myself in the mirror, I was reminded on how infantile I looked. "Good boy. Once we get home, Mommy will have a treat for you sweetie. We still have a bit to go okay?" Something about her voice, just made me melt. I can't explain it. I nodded in response right as I was blasted by the Barber's hairdryer. Mom-I mean Cheryl, picked me up once the man was done and held me to her chest, and I felt something different. I brushed it off to the side as I turned to face the Barber as Cheryl paid. "You did a good job buddy." He said, smiling as I was handed a lollipop. I didn't take it, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to. "Thanks Rob. We'll see you next time." She said as we started walking out the door. I waved back slightly and I could see him smiling as we headed out the door. Once outside, I turned around again and looked down to see the bag Cheryl was holding all the time. 'Oh. So that's what that's for.' I thought, noticing it was a diaper bag for me. Momm-I mean Cheryl, carried my diaper bag around for me. Even that had made it more cemented that now I was just a baby to everyone. Cheryl had me out of the carrier, and she had been holding me. "Okay. Let's go to the park buddy." She said, as she sat me down in the seat. Just as soon as her hands were off of me, I stood up and dashed quicker than she could react, away from her. "Mikey. This isn't the time. Now come on get in your seat." She was getting frustrated a bit, I could tell. ********************* 'What has gotten into him? He was fine one minute, and now he is like this?' Cheryl reached for the little and he moved to the other side of the car. "Mikey, don't you want your surprise for being a good boy?" She reasoned with him. Mikey curled up in a fetal position and gave it a short thought. He shook his head. "No?" She questioned. Luckily the child locks were engaged on the doors, so he was stuck. A moment passes and Mikey was still on the other end of the car. "Michael, you better get over here before I count to three." She warned and the little began to debate whether this was a smart plan. "One." She started. Mikey began to move a bit in his spot. She knew she had him. "Two." His eyes began to water and he started to move close enough to Cheryl. He got to the car seat and she grabbed him. Lifting him out of the car, she brought up one leg and rested it on the doorframe of the car, and used one arm to hold him, giving him a swift slap on his padded bottom. He burst into tears, not because it hurt, but because he associated that with the humiliation of being spanked and the memory of being spanked. Cheryl repositioned him in her arms. "Don't do that again." She scolded. "Nooo! I don't wanna go! He will get me!" Mikey screamed as he cried. "Shhh. Calm down. Mommy is right here." Cheryl cooed, now curious about who her little was talking about. Five minutes later and Mikey calmed down enough to talk. Cheryl sat down in the car, while her son was crying to make him feel more comfortable about it. "Now, tell me. Who is going to get you?" She questioned Mikey. "He is going you get me! I doont wanna go." He said hysterically. Cheryl was I'm shock. She didn't realize what he was going through, other than a lot of fear. Looking down at Mikey, who was getting worked up already, she kissed the top of his head and pressed his head into her boosum. "Are you afraid of me?" Cheryl asked and he gave a quiet answer. "No." He said. "Then you have nothing to be worried about. Let me take care of it okay? You are my baby. And I will protect my baby." She smiled, although this was a big worry for her. But she knew she could handle it. As soon as Mikey was in his car seat, the Amazonian mother tucked his plush toy in with him, and she closed the door. Just then a text popped up on the screen. ALECIA, WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU TWO TO TO GET HERE. YOU OKAY? CHERYL YEAH, WE ARE FINE. JUST A SMALL PROBLEM ON OUR WAY NOW. Cheryl got into the car and buckled up and began driving to the park. Mikey contiuously made sounds as the two got closer to the destination. They got to the parkinglot and found where Alecia's car was and parked next to it. *********************** Cheryl got out of the car and moved around the car. Then the trunk opened. I couldn't tell what it was she was fumbling with. I couldn't see over the back seat of of the SUV. The trunk closed, and Cheryl rolled something over to my side of the car. 'This is it. I'm a goner.' I realized and began to cry. Cheryl lifted me out of the car seat and already was trying to calm me down again. "Mikey, calm down. It's Mommy." She went on. "Mikey you remember what we talked about right?" She asked me. I calmed down enough to answer. "Yes." I replied. "Then you don't need to worry." Again, like so many times before, she had meant those words and I calmed down more. I was done fighting her today. Once I was fully calmed down, Momm-I mean Cheryl, showed me what she got out of the car. It was a stroller, but not the ones that have straps. It was one that you had to-I had to lay in. Cheryl set me in there, my head resting on a small pillow that was apart of it. She took my blanket, tucked me in with it. Then Momm-I mean Cheryl gave me my turtle, and pushed my pacifier into my mouth, which I immediately began to nurse on it. After the car was locked with the sound of a honk, which did scare me. I whimpered and Cheryl ran her fingers through my hair, and she smiled. "Come on. Let's go." She cooed and we began moving. It was strange. I couldn't see anything, yet I could hear everyone outside. People were playing, talking and even a few people stopped to talk to Momm-I mean Cheryl, and even try to play with me a bit. She told them that I was shy and people backed off. A minute or so later, Cheryl waved at someone. "Hi Alecia and James." She said and th? e return gesture was given. "So what took so long?" Alecia asked. "He just was fussy is all. You know how it was with James?" She replied. Suddenly we stopped and Momm-I mean Cheryl, sat down at a bench and Alecia had James in her lap. "I think it's about time we get them something to eat and then get something ourselves." Cheryl sat me up and reached under me to grab out my diaper bag. She produced a bib, and a jar and even a spoon. I looked over and saw James was drinking from a bottle on Alecia's lap. I turned back to Cheryl when I felt something being wrapped around my neck. Then I saw her take the jar and open it. "Now this might not be the yummiest, but I think you might like it. Now say Ahh." She said, as if I wasn't able to talk. Which I wasn't in the mood to anyway. She held a spoon up for me, it was a metal spoon with a rubber cover over the scoop part of the spoon. It was covered in a mush that Cheryl had in front of me. I opened my mouth a little bit, and she fed me the first bite. It wasn't bad. It tasted a bit like peaches but with a very weird aftertaste. "That's a good boy." She cooed, holding another spoonful for me. I opened my mouth as I blushed, realizing what was happening as I took spoonful after spoonful. The jar was empty and I had some of it around my mouth, and a little on my bib. Momm-I mean Cheryl, cleaned me up. "Alright, what did you want from the food truck?" Alecia asked, standing up with James on her hip. James waved at me, and I shyly waved back, blushing to a new red. "Just get me a hotdog." Cheryl replied and Alecia left to go to the food stand. "You were a good boy for Mommy. I heard a dog barking, and gulped just as it got louder and louder. Cheryl stood up and the dog began to growl before I felt it jump up and tried to knock over the buggy. "Down!" She yelled angrily, grabbing the dog by the ear and collar. "Hey! Knock that out you stupid mut!" A man yelled. I recognized the voice. It was the man I was afraid of. He ran up to Cheryl and the dog, and grabbed it by the collar and mouth, pulling it away as I started crying. "This is your dog?" Cheryl asked angrily as she picked me up, holding me tightly to her chest as I cried. I turned around, and it was him. I gripped Cheryl as tightly as I could. "Yes. I am terribly sorry about this. He likes to try to run off sometimes like this." He spoke. It was a lie. I knew it. He looked over and inspected me. "Get out of here before I call the cops." Cheryl spoke angrily. "Again, sorry about this. And to bother your baby." He said, walking away, pulling on the dog's collar. Alecia rushed over with the food, after hearing the commotion. "Are you okay?" She asked, scared about her best friend's safety. "I'm fine but Mikey might not be. Poor guy is scared to death." I heard Cheryl say. She kissed my temple. "Mommy will protect you." She whispered. I had passed out a few seconds later, unable to coop with what happened. She was right though. ******************* Cheryl held onto her son tightly as the dog was dragged away by the owner, as it growled. "Okay. I think that's enough excitement for today. Don't you think?" Alecia asked rhetorically. "Yeah. But if I see that dog or that man go near my Mikey again. They are both going to be in trouble." Cheryl responded. Cheryl had finished eating at the bench still with Alecia and James, when Mikey had slowly started to stir. Cheryl lifted him up and hugged him tightly, holding him with his head over her shoulder. But Mikey started scream bloody murder as he kicked, pushed and cried. "Calm down Mikey. Mommy is right here." She cooed at him. Upon hearing her voice, the little stopped trying to wrestle his mommy, and held onto her slightly. Cheryl turned to face Alecia, who was packing up for James and getting him situated in his stroller. "Do you mind if you stay with us until he is in the car?" Cheryl asked a bit worried. "I don't mind." Alecia responded. The four of them headed to the parking lot as large clouds rolled in. The sun as low in the sky, which illuminated the area still for the time being. Everything happened quickly to pack up and get into each other's cars. With a slight exception of James throwing a small fit. A short exchange of goodbyes and everyone was on their way. But Mikey was still worried about the incident, and Cheryl could see the look on his face. Upon arriving home, it was starting to lightly rain and Alecia and James could be seen moving quickly into the house. Mary was home to greet them. Cheryl had gotten out of the car, and pulled the top up on the carrier-car seat. Mikey did not look pleased. And once everything was inside, Cheryl set down the carrier and lifted Mikey from it. After her breasts had been pumped that morning, it had caused her body to start producing extra, causing her breasts to be a bit tender when Mikey was testing his head on them. Cheryl headed upstairs and into her room. One of the doors had been opened and she knew why exactly. 'That's good. They came today.' She though as she entered the master bedroom. After setting Mikey down in his portable crib from last night, Cheryl went into the bathroom to draw a bath for Mikey, to get his hair a little more cleaned. She came back in the room and lifted the little, and carried him into the bathroom again. This time only undressing him, she set him in the tub. "Now hold still Mikey." Cheryl instructed as she took the running showerhead and rinsed his hair. Mikey freaked out at first, but shortly got used to it. Once done in the bath, Cheryl dried off the little and went back into the master bedroom to get Mikey into a new diaper. After Mikey was in a night diaper, he spoke up. "I'm sorry. I got scared about the park." He started. "Its okay." She replied as a onesie was slipped on over the little. "That man was who was going to get me. He works as a dog catcher but for littles. I have been hiding from him ever since I got here." Mikey started to cry slowly. "I was at home and next thing I-I know, I'm in the middle of a street at night and about to be chased by some-" Mikey was getting way too worked up and Cheryl cut him off mid sentence, lifting him to meet her eye level. "Slow down Mikey. You are safe. And I promise I won't let him take you."
  7. DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    'I don't think I should restrict him to a playpen at home just yet.' Cheryl thought as she set out a large quilt across the floor of the family room floor and set a couple generic toys that almost all littles liked before she went to bed and not forgetting to bring the baby monitor she had just purchased, with her upstairs. Upon entering the room it was quiet. The timer for the mobile had run out, and Mikey was sound asleep. The room was visible enough to navigate due to the nightlight yet it was dark enough that it wasn't a bother to the sleeping little. Cheryl had entered the room and set the monitor down on the dresser, after plugging it in. She didn't turn it on incase it might make a sound. "No! Stop! Leave me alone!" Mikey screamed. Cheryl jumped out of her skin from the random outburst. But Mikey wasn't looking at her. "What are you doing awake honey?" She asked but it was as if she wasn't there. "Please! - Stop chasing me!" Mikey pleaded. Cheryl now walked closers to the little, and his eyes were fixated elsewhere while thrashing around in bed. He looked as if he had see a ghost. Cheryl had a hard time trying to lift up Mikey because he was trying to avoid being picked up, but Cheryl managed to grab him and bring him close. He fought back with all his might. Even kicking and hitting. If he wasn't in the state he was, Cheryl would have had him across her knee by now but that wasn't the priority right now. Right now was trying to get him out of this trance. Despite everything the little could do, it didn't hurt Cheryl. And she just continued to hold him tightly. "Mikey? It's me, Cheryl", "Hey!", "It's okay sweetie. Mommy is here." She repeated until he finally snapped out of it. Mikey realized where he was and started crying and stopped trying to fight her. "Mikey can you hear me honey?" Cheryl asked, not loosening her grip one bit in case. All he could do when he did respond, was to nod his head and Cheryl started trying to calm him down the rest of the way. It took about ten minutes for him to calm down and now Mikey was relaxing on his Mommy's lap as she ran her hand up and down his back. "I'm sorry." He broke the silence. "It's okay. I'm not mad. I just wasn't sure what was happening." Cheryl said softly. "It was when I was being chased." He replied. His voice sounded as if he was going to begin crying all over again. "Shhh. Don't worry. I'll protect you. They won't hurt you." She cooed at him. "I promise." ******************* Cheryl stood up and started making her way downstairs, with me resting my bottom on her forearm, letting my head hang over her shoulder. "Now. You need to get some sleep for tomorrow. It's going to be a big day." She told me. The memory of what caused my outburst was still fresh in my mind. I couldn't stop myself from thinking about it. I lost track of reality for a bit, and I hardly noticed that Cheryl had started to unzip the sleeper. I did however notice that she had stuck two fingers into the leg opening of the diaper I was wearing. Feeling an unfamiliar cold sensation like that in my crotch area, was unpleasant and I straightened my legs out and was about to start to fight her in order to break free, but I knew it was pointless. I relaxed again and settled me head back down. "It's okay." Cheryl patted my bottom. She zipped up the sleeper again. The microwave beeped and she took out a bottle. The patting on my bottom that she continued to do, as she went into the family room again to grab a box, was tiring me out again. But I couldn't go back to sleep. And once she had a box, she headed back up the stairs with me still awake, a bottle and now some box. She set the box down and turned on a speaker machine. Upon activation the machine played a startup chime and I turned around to see it was a baby monitor. It was weird that she had it on now at night in her own bedroom even if I was sleeping in the room with her. She set me down in the collapseable crib and I could have easily climbed out, although I didn't want to. I had nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide, and it was night now so I couldn't see where I was going. Mo- I mean Cheryl had set the bottle down on the dresser and opened the box, which produced some weird looking machine. The box read, *BOTTLE WARMER* on the front of it. 'Of course she has one.' I thought to myself as she set it up too. After she had it set up, she moved the bottle to the bed and came over to me. "Mommy is almost done." She cooed softly as she took the blanket I had from earlier, and spread it out over the bed. "Alright now munchkin. Come here." Cheryl lifted me out of my spot and laid me on my back on top of the blanket. Before I could do anything, she had started to swaddle me, only leaving my arms and head free. I tried kicking it off, but was unsuccessful. She undid her shirt again and hung out her breasts, still in a bra, and then lifted me up and cradled me in one of her arms. 'What was that smell?' I thought as the silicone nipple of the bottle slid into my mouth. I began to nurse from the bottle, seeing no other way out. ****************** Cheryl watched as her little suckle on the bottle of formula. "That's a good boy." She cooed at him as his eyes began to droop and he almost became limp in her arm. Cheryl had swaddled him this way to allow him to be able to reach for his stuffed turtle toy, but made sure he couldn't kick around if he woke up the same way as earlier. Cheryl burped the now sleepy Mikey once he had finished the bottle. He whimpered at how bloated he was, and how tired he was, but it didn't matter. Cheryl had his pacifier from his onesie and clipped it to his sleeper, and slid it into his mouth, which he happily took. She started the mobile up again and set him down, tucking him in again. "Goodnight, my baby." She whispered with a smile and kissed his cheek as he fell asleep. Cheryl headed downstairs with part of the monitor after she had buttoned up her shirt. She went downstairs to make another bottle of formula for Mikey. After she was done, she headed back upstairs she climbed into bed after turning off the monitor, which was silent to turn off, and once she also set the bottle on its warmer. ******************** I was half asleep still when I woke up. I had this dream that I was wetting myself. I thought nothing of it at first, maybe it was just a dream. But I thought I didn't have a diaper on and this was my old life. 'Oh no! I'm going to get adopted!' I thought still half asleep. I tried shooting up to see if my pants were actually wet, but I couldn't. I was stuck and I had walls all around me and a pacifier in my mouth. 'Noo! I got adopted! This can't be happening!' I thought I was still dreaming at first. I felt myself have an accident into my diaper, and hated how it felt. Trying to thrash myself out of whatever was wrapped around me I started to come back to reality. When I did I started to get worked up. I started kicking slower and slower. I stopped thrashing heavily around and I began to cry. Next thing I knew, I was being lifted out of the crib. "Shhh. You are okay." Cheryl cooed at me. Cheryl had me a certain way, and because everything I ate was a mush, suddenly that came out too. She eventually calmed me down and then the smell started to hit her. "Okay. I know what you need." She said as she set me down on the bed. I zoned out while she changed me. I couldn't think of it at all. When she was finished, she tossed the soiled diaper away, and then re-dressed me. After another round of a bottle and burping, I was back to sleep, with my arms wrapped around my turtle. ***************** The morning came and Cheryl woke up first. She was used to waking up earlier so her alarm clock wasn't needed, that and she didn't want to wake up her baby Mikey on accident. She turned on the monitor, with the speaker off so it wouldn't make the sound this time on startup and made her way downstairs. It was almost nine o'clock. She had her cell phone with her and it buzzed from a text. ALECIA, SO I HEARD YOUR LITTLENEEDS A HAIRCUT AND SO DOES JAMES. DO YOU MIND IF WE TAG ALONG? Cheryl smiled as she prepared a light breakfast for herself as she read this. CHERYL, SURE. HOW DOES AFTER LUNCH SOUND? YOU CAN BRING JAMES OVER EARLY TOO SO WE CAN GET MIKEY USED TO BEING AROUND OTHERS. ALECIA, SURE THING. WE WILL BE OVER AT ABOUT TEN. CHERYL, SOUNDS GREAT. Cheryl texted back and forth for a bit as she watched the weather station on the Tv and listened on the monitor if Mikey was awake or not. There was talks about it being a great and sunny day until tomorrow when a thunderstorm will roll in throughout the evening. 'It could be a great day today to try to get outside today since tomorrow will be a nasty day.' She thought. Sadly the stroller she had wasn't the one she needed for him. 'Hm. Maybe my parents will have a stroller or something I could borrow for today?' She thought as she picked up the phone and called her parents. A long phonecall with her parents later, and she found out that they still had the stroller still that they used to lay her in when she was a baby. And that they could dig it out for her by this afternoon. Just in time too for the day with Alecia and James. The hospital called as well from yesterday, wondering how Mikey was doing and let her know she was safe to breastfeed, along with a bunch of other information to go with it. Cheryl thought it was about time she started pumping milk until Mikey woke up. After plugging it in, Cheryl hooked it up to a few of Mikey's empty bottles that she made sure were clean. "Okay. So it says to turn it on... and then make sure that you use one of the provided sterilizing wipes.... okay... now... take one hand and hold like so and then press cup like so-oh... oh. Okay." Cheryl had said to herself while setting up, and not ever having experienced anything sucking on her nipples like that. Though she has been ready for a little for years now, due to James and her Amazonian body wanting her to have a little to herself as well. And her body was definitely ready. Cheryl had produced almost three full bottles of milk, with the exception of the last one only being a few milliliters short. Just as she started packing it all up, she started hearing Mikey starting to stir over the monitor. It was almost eleven o'clock then. ******************* I woke up and found myself with a vague memory of last night. I hadn't realized how much I drank either until a few seconds after waking up and as soon as I felt the pressure from my bladder, I shot my hands down to my crotch, only to find the soft padding, then a wet warmth cover my crotch and down to my bottom. "Why-I." I started to whimper as I began to hear footsteps getting close and I took my hands off my crotch and tried to pull the covers up to show just my eyes. The door opened and it was Cheryl. "Ohh. It's alright it's just me silly." She cooed as she pulled the blanket I was using to hide myself, and pulled out her phone. I grabbed the plush toy next to me and covered part of my face with it just as she took a picture. I was blushing the entire time. "Oh it's okay Mikey." She cooed, lifting me up. "Now let's get you some breakfast. But first." Once I was in her arms, Cheryl had zipped own the back of my sleeper again and slid two fingers into the crotch area of my diaper and I squirmed as my face turned crimson. "Hey!" I yelped and she took her fingers out only to pat the back of the diaper with her free arm. I whined and settled down again. "You are fine sweetie." She reassured me. Although I disagreed, I had to comply either way. Transitioning me to her hip, Cheryl picked up my blanket and made sure to slip the pacifier back into my mouth. Slowly more and more, I started to nurse on it. It was... rather soothing. I kinda liked it. Just kinda. After grabbing some changing supplies from the bedroom, Cheryl stopped at the top of the stairs for a second to pause and make sure she wasn't going to fall with a new weight on her hip, even with the railing she wanted to be sure. For me, this was a first, getting to see how far of a fall the stairs were and it was by all means, terrifying to me. At first I was only loosely holding on, but now, I had tightened my grip on my captor out of fear of falling. She started down the stairs and I clung to her the entire way down, pressing the side of my face into her. Cheryl chuckled at me. "What do you think? Mommy will drop you?" She smiled. Her sarcastic comment about my fear had caused me to blush to a deep red. Once downstairs, she had set me down on the couch, but not before unzipping my sleeper. She undressed me for the most part and changed me rather quickly. Cheryl had me zipped back up in the sleeper and set me down on the floor. I was on a large quilt. It was a stitched pattern with a solid color of a baby blue on it. My sleeper was a few shades darker than it. I sat there as she went out into the kitchen for something. 'I can escape! She is gone!' I instantly tried to stand up, but I had a harder time than I remembered. So instead I tried crawling. I began to crawl as quickly as I could to what I could make out was the back door, but I only made it about a third of the way before my captor noticed. "Oh no you don't." She said, reaching for me. I began to panic as I reached my arms out towards the door and my captor pulled me away. After she had me up she gave my bottom a quick, but hard slap, causing me to panic more. "Michael! You still want to escape don't you?" Cheryl raised her voice. She stomped her way to the front door and opened it. "If you want to to get away so badly then you can go!" She stood me about four feet away from the door, ripped my plush turtle from my arms and then took a step to the side. "Go on! If you want to go live out there, be my guest!" She yelled. Only four feet away from freedom. Only four feet. And I couldn't budge an inch. Why? I had wanted freedom again, but why? Because of something I could never achieved because I'd have to be afraid of, whomever was going to take me around every corner. "Go on! Go!" She shouted again, but with this time it was different. I looked up at her, and her eyes were watering. She was about to cry herself. And in a long time she had been the only one who tried to help me. Who protected me. And CARED about me. Aside from that, the fact this was the only other way of life I could remember which was scavenging for anything I could use to survive and living in fear. I couldn't leave her. Not even a second later, I began to cry myself and I had turned aroundtea dove straight for Cheryl's leg, head first. Bumping the bruise on my head, just as I hugged her. She reached down and picked me up, with her eyes watering still. I screamed in pain, although it was a significant amount of less pain that I was in, but it still hurt and I reached my hands up to my forehead. Now resting my padded bottom on her forearm, seeing eye to eye with my capt-I mean Cheryl, she began to chuckle noticing that I had bumped my bruise. "Okay. Now let's get you some breakfast." She still chuckled as he closed the front door. She took me into the kitchen and opened up the fridge. Once it was open I stayed put not wanting to move as she took out what she was going to. "Okay. Mommy wasn't going to give this to you until after the other part, but seeing as you may not like it, it's better not to force that on you right now." She said. When she turned around I saw a bowl on the table, and a jar next to it. 'Maybe she was going to give me baby food?' I thought as we headed back into the family room. Once in the family room again, Cheryl sat down on the couch and positioned me to cradle me in her arms. She undid her shirt part way, and this time she didn't have a bra on. "Opps. Mommy forgot her bra." She chuckled as she removed the pacifier from my mouth. I saw her hold a bottle up for me and that smell was back again just as she moved the bottle closer for me to reach, just letting the nipple rest on my lips. Some milk dribbled into my mouth, and it tasted different. It tasted way better than whatever she was giving me before. I leaned my head forward and latched on to the bottle and began drinking from it again. Momm-I mean Cheryl adjusted the bottle's position so I could rest my head as I nursed from it. She used the arm she was holding me with to begin to pat my bottom as I drank which made me feel more at ease. "That's a good boy." She cooed and moved the bottle to make me face her breasts. I used my free arm to almost kind of hug Cheryl's exposed breasts and I turned my body so I felt in more of a comfortable position. It was was such a a relaxing sensation to have this all happening at once. A knock at the door was heard before it opened. "Hey! It's just me and..." Alecia paused to see mikey "Aww." She cooed at the sight of me. I had stopped nursing from the bottle. I blushed heavily and stopped nursing. 'This is so embarrassing.' I thought. ******************** "Come on in. Sit down if you want." Cheryl said to Alecia. She noticed Mikey had stopped nursing from his bottle of milk and looked down to see him blushing with the bottle still in his mouth. She smiled. "Oh it's okay Mikey." She patted his bottom a few times. Alecia had brought James over with and had set him down on the quilt and he started to play with the toys right away. "So how was last night?" Alecia asked. "It was alright. He woke up at almost everything last night. I'm surprised I woke up when I did." The two chuckled. Cheryl could feel how tense her little was and decided that it was about time for her to get dressed as well and to allow Mikey to get used to James and Alecia. "Hey Alecia, I'm going to go and get changed. Do you mind feeding him the rest of the bottle? This is all he's had since last night." Cheryl said as she stood up, removing the bottle from his mouth. Cheryl handed Mikey over to Alecia, and Alecia cradled him and tried to feed him the bottle. Mikey was trying to get out of Alicia's arms. Alecia had him pinned though and laid her arm across the little's chest. "Don't worry. I got you." She cooed as she pressed the bottle to Mikey's lips and he refused it. Alecia and Mary had regressed James a slightly different way than Cheryl had been regressing Mikey, and he was about to find out a start as to how different. "Listen here young man. You finish this bottle or else I will spank you. You got that clear?" She said sternly as James knew his mommy was mad but didn't know why and he was a bit worried. Mikey slowly opened his mouth and took the bottle again. He began to nurse from it slowly at first and finished the bottle just when Cheryl came back down. She was wearing a pair of light blue skinny jeans and an aqua colored tank top, with a thin short sleeved jacket that was black. Cheryl had her hair done up to be curly and was absolutely stunning. She picked up the burp cloth and put it over her shoulder and lifted Mikey from Alecia's arms. "Hi buddy. Did you miss me?" She cooed as Mikey reached both his arms out to greet his mommy. She held him so his chin was over the cloth and supported his bottom with her arm. "That's my boy." She cooed as she began to burp him like she had the entire night before. And like the night before, Mikey got tired again, but wasn't about to fall asleep just yet. *********************** James smiled behind his pacifier at me and waved at me. Just that alone was enough. I shyly waved back. "James this is Mikey. He is Miss Cheryl's baby." She explained to the sleepy little. Just as soon as she finished saying that, James yawned, letting his pacifier fall frkm his mouth and laid his head down on Alecia's chest. "Oh alright. Mommy gets it." She cooed just as Cheryl walked back in. "I better get going. My little guy is getting tired." Alecia said as I was lifted from her lap, still breathing a bit heavier than I wanted but just as soon as I was lifted I was placed into a contraption again and buckled in. I tried to kick, tug, yank, and rip my restraints off. But no success. "Say bye-bye James." Alecia cooed at her little as they walked by. I saw James give a tired wave at me and I stopped for a moment to blush again and waved slowly back. The carrier started to move again, and I snapped back to reality again, just in time too. I wanted to see where we were going. We headed out to the car and Cheryl got me in, and I was still trying to break free. I spit out the pacifier from my mouth and it only landed on my shirt since it was clipped to me. "Please let me out!" I pleaded with Cheryl. She had a blanket and my turtle with her, and she tucked me in and handed me the plush toy. I accepted both objects while still being frustrated about being stuck in the seat. "Don't worry Mikey. We are just going to go out and do a few things today." Cheryl cooed and then she disappeared from sight. I was facing backwards in the car, and the door closed. "No! Come back!" I cried out to momm-I mean Cheryl. I started to freak out, with my breaths being short and quick as I tried to fight for the straps to come off. Another door opened and I couldn't see who it was but I continued to panic anyway. "Oh sweetie. Mommy is right here." Cheryl cooed at me. She tucked me back into the car seat and closed her door. The car started, and we started moving. The radio was off and it was quiet other than the engine hum and the sound of the tires rolling across the road. I was trying to keep myself from freaking out again in the car, breathing heavily. But this only seemed to make me tired more and more. ******************* Cheryl saw her little nodding off in his car seat. Once Mikey had fallen asleep, she called her parents and put her Bluetooth in her ear. "Hello?" "Hey mom. We are on our way and will be there in a few minutes." "That's great honey. I'll tell your father. See you soon!" After that they hung up and Cheryl was pulling into the neighborhood where her parents lived. She pulled up out front of a two story house with a two car garage attached to it. Cheryl got out of the car, and went to get Mikey out. Mikey was asleep, slightly nursing his pacifier, he was slightly turned on his back possibly from trying to turn in his sleep. Mikey had the head of his turtle tucked in between the side cushion of the seat and his head, and both of the little's arms were wrapped around the toy. She also noticed his bruise was almost gone and she kissed his forehead and she swear he smiled behind his pacifier After getting out Mikey and the bag from the car she walked to the front door and her Dad was there. "Hey Cheryl. Come on in, it's great to see you." Her father said. Cheryl's mother came over with her arms out. "Hey honey! Nice to see you." Her mother said excitedly as she hugged her daughter. "Great to see you guys too. But shh. He is still asleep right now." Cheryl whispered. Cheryl's parents apologized and they all sat down to talk on the large L shaped sofa. "Is this him?" Her mom asked. "Yes this is him. I just got him yesterday and he isn't the happiest of them all, but he won't run away from us all. He will try to hide. Just don't push him please. He is still afraid of me at times." Cheryl told them. She reached down to the carrier that was sat beside her and picked up Mikey out of it. He was still asleep but was starting to stirr. She faced him towards herself and rested his head on her breasts, and his bottom in her hands as the little was slumped over. "Shhhhhh." She cooed at him as he whined at her, patting his bottom and quickly getting him back to sleep and wrapping the blanket around his back to keep him warm. "Aww. He is too adorable. May I hold him?" Cheryl's mother asked. "So how did you come about him?" Her father asked as his wife went over to collect her grandson. Cheryl handed Mikey over to her mother as her dad asked about how she came into adopting. She told him the story as her mother positioned Mikey the way Cheryl was holding him just moments ago as she sat down. ********************* I was trying to sleep, when I heard people talking. 'What is going on? Is this my dream or is this what's going on around me?' I thought to myself. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Mo-I mean Cheryl, and thought everything was okay so I closed my eyes again. But then it hit me. 'Wait, if she isn't holding me, then who is?' I forced myself to wake up instantly, and saw that I wasn't dreaming, and I was being held by someone else. "So, he has been just been given bottles as of right now?" I heard a voice boom, causing me to jump. I heard a slight hissing noise and a warm damp feeling spread across my crotch. My breathing became quicker, and a few pats on my bottom. But that didn't help and I looked up to see an older Amazonian staring down at me. My eyes went wide and my face went pale, except for the pink color of my cheeks, blushing from wetting myself on a complete stranger. I tried to push myself off of the Amazonian, but she had reached her arm around and supported my back and forced my head to stay on her chest. "Look, a little sombody just woke up Frank." The Amazonian said. "Aww." Frank said. 'It was him! He was the one with the booming voice! And he is very big.' I thought to myself as I panicked. He looked he could eat me in one bite too. Seeing how I couldn't push myself off of the Amazonian woman, I started working myself up. A few seconds later, I was crying. It was all I could think of. "Mom. You woke him up on purpose. Here let me have him back before he freaks out too much." Cheryl said with annoyance to her mother. "I didn't. I promise." Her mother responded as she handed me over to Cheryl. "Mommy is right here. Shhhhh." She said as I almost clung to her when she was within arms reach. I had dropped my turtle on the way back over and Momm-I mean Cheryl, had noticed and I could feel her tucking it under my arms. I rejected it, thinking it was one of the other two Amazonians trying to pull me off. It took about ten minutes for me to calm down enough for her to even be able to get a chance that I will listen to her. "Mikey, it's alright. This is Grandma and Grandpa. They aren't going to hurt you. I promise." She said softly. Cheryl unbuttoned a few snaps at my crotch on the shortalls, and stuck two fingers into my diaper. My gaze was fixated on the two Amazonians until Cheryl did this and I squirmed for no longer than a second before I relaxed again and blushed. "If you need to, we have set up your brother's nursery again for him and stocked it too." The man said. "Thanks Dad." Cheryl chimed as she headed upstairs. "Oh it's okay sweetums." She cooed as we traveled up the stairs. We entered an open door to the right at the top of the stairs, and there it was. A nursery. I could have sworn I wet myself more on accident.
  8. DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    "I know you are scared. Don't worry little guy. We won't hurt you." Dr. Faulner cooed. I knew she was lying to me to help me feel better about my situation, which it did slightly help. Suddenly my feet were grabbed and pulled up to to my chest and my rear went into the air.I tried to spring myself forward to avoid getting stuck but she was too quick. I was pinned with my feet together, and my knees at my sides. Instincts stood me to try to push her off of me and fight. It didn't do me much good when I could hear the diaper being unfolded and slid under me while I fought Dr. Faulner's hands. A few seconds later I felt something soft rub against my bottom and a soothing sent fill the air. I slowly stopped fighting and relaxed. It was only when I rested my head back on the bed did she continue. My legs were lowered and I felt more of whatever it was being rubbed onto the front of my diapered area. Dr. Faulner rubbed more of it into my chest, I darn near almost fell asleep. The front pulled to up and around me, and the tapes pushed into the face of the diaper. A look of disappointment quickly grew on my face as it led to my eyes watering. A pair of hands slid under me while I was zoned out. A soft fabric suddenly blinded my vision and I thought the worse. "No! Don't!" I screamed in fear when a tug at the cloth pulled it down. My arms still trapped I began flailing my arms and I saw the doctor reach her hands into the shirt and pull my arms throuh. I looked down and saw it was only a shirt and blushed. "Silly boy. I told you that I was going to get you dressed." Dr. Faulner chuckled as she pushed me back down on to my back. 'Why was I freaking out? She hasn't hurt me.' I thought to myself as the snaps at my crotch were buttoned. "Alright all done. Now stay put." She ordered as she left the room. Cheryl entered the room with a smile. "Oh. Aren't you just adorable." She couldn't have sounded any more like a mother cooing at her child for something they were doing. I however didn't feel adorable. I felt embarrassed. But hey, I was in a diaper, a onesie and I was the size of an infant to her. I looked a lot like a baby. I had turned my face away from my captor and I heard her moving something around. Subconsciously I had moved the tip of my thumb into my mouth and closed my eyes. I heard a click and Cheryl mumbled something just before I felt hands reach under me and lift me into the air. I struggled to fight Cheryl for a moment but quickly found myself on her lap sitting upright. "Settle down. I'm not going to do anything but help you. Do you want some applesauce?" She asked as sweetly as can be. 'It has to be some kind of a trick... but I'm starving. Maybe... I'll just... fall for it one time. Just this one time.' I had to think it all over and to be honest, I didn't know when I ate last. Seeing Cheryl smiling down on me, made me nervous. I nodded my head a bit shyly and she took a spoon from the bowl. That was on the table next to the bed. She held the spoon for me and I didn't object I once again gave into my captor and opened my mouth. ***************** "It's okay buddy." Cheryl said, spooning her little every bite. She took her time and made sure not to make a mess on his onesie. The little was very shy and timid about it all. She didn't want to scare her little into not wanting to be a little. Cheryl made sure not force it upon him either. 'He is just so cute. I can't wait to go shopping with Mary.' She thought. Soon enough the bowl was finished and the little was full too. She had kept him on her lap with his legs in between her own and pulled him close to have him leaning up against her chest as Cheryl rocked him side to side. "Mikey." Was the name that broke the silence. "Hm?" Cheryl said as she looked down at her little. His head was facing downwards and away from her face. "My name is Mikey." The little said. This was the just a start for Mikey to start opening up. Still almost nothing was known about him. Cheryl could only smile. "Well Mikey, I'm glad you decided to share." About twenty minutes later, after Cheryl had finished checking out her little Mikey and the adoption paperwork, they had been sitting in the waiting room when Mary had shown up. Cheryl had Mikey facing her with his legs wrapped around her. His head was turned to the right as it rested on Cheryl's busoom. He had his right hand balled up held up against his mouth making it appear that he was nursing his thumb. Seeing this sight as she approached, Mary couldn't help herself to aww at how Mikey looked. "Oh my gosh. He is way too adorable. I could just eat him up." Mary squealed. "Shh. He just fell asleep." Cheryl responded. She stood up, cradling Mikey's bottom and head as she stood. "His name is Mikey. He opened up a bit." She informed Mary about the name situation. "So did you want to go home first or go shopping first?" Mary asked knowing her friend would need supplies to keep her new little diapered, clothed and fed. "I need to drop off his torn clothes at the station first. And then we need to go shopping so I can grab everything he needs." She responded as the three headed to the car. Buckling the new addition to Cheryl's family was done easily, without disturbing Mikey from his slumber because of all the practice she had with babysitting James while Alice and Mary had some alone time. There was only a quick stop at the police station, since Mikey wasn't needed and all Cheryl needed to do was hand in the clothing since the report was already filed when they showed up originally. In the process of trying to find a parking spot that the little named Mikey woke up. ******************** I stretched as I awoke but only to find I was pinned against something. I quickly opened my eyes and saw I was in a car facing backwards. I heard Cheryl's voice talking and someone else talking but I was unsure who. 'Where are they taking me?!' I began to panic and tried to wrestle myself out of the contraption they had me in. "Aha. Here we are." I heard just before the vehicle made a sharp and quick turn only to suddenly stop. The doors open and I heard chatter and almost as soon as I heard the one door close, another one closer opened. Cheryl's face appeared to see me desperately trying to yank the straps off of my body. "Ohh silly. Let me do that." She sounded so kind as she spoke the words and she said it in such a manner to remind me of my position compared to her own and I blushed and tried to look down on myself such as a scolded child would try to avoid eye contact. With a quick press around my waist and clamp at my chest and I was free. I tried to scurry away from Cheryl, but my speed didn't compare and I was then being lifted from my armpits and forced into the embrace of my captor. I tried to push myself off her upper chest attempting to free myself from the iron grip the Amazonian had on me. "Now if you behave better than you did at the hospital, I'll have a treat for you." She grinned as she rubbed my back putting a quick end to my struggle. "Did you check him yet?" I heard the voice from the car ask. I became nervous, I couldn't tell if I was wet. Did I? Through my thoughts I didn't notice we had started moving. "No I feel like if he goes, we definitely will know." Cheryl chuckled at that as I sighed in relief. Just then while still in the parking lot, a couple passed by going the other way and I heard them say, "Aww. Richard we should get a little of our own." I blushed and dug my face into Cheryl's neck, only allowing my eyes to show as we entered the building. The warm summer sun beating down on me was enough to keep me mostly calm, but entering the dry air conditioned structure with a lot of chatter, some soft instrumental jazz playing over loudspeakers with the occasional announcement and the horrible lighting scheme told me exactly where I was. I was at the mall. A few Amazonian teen girls were walking around gossiping about how hot they were and more popular, a few Littles passed us the other way, although most of them were being carried or pushed in a stroller after being adopted. Occasionally we would pass by a few Amazonian children that wanted to get ice cream by throwing a tantrum at their parents. I didn't part much attention to the conversation that Cheryl and the other woman were having until we turned into a store. I stiffened my body and began breathing heavily. I closed my eyes and held on tightly in fear I was going to be given to someone else. A few light pat on my bottom was felt as as I did this and I didn't care much to fight it."Don't worry sweetie. We are just shopping." Cheryl cooed, although it didn't help. "Ohh. I think this will do well - This will go great with that - Hm. You could use this for In Case situation - This is a must..." The other Amazonian went on and on to Cheryl as we kept going. Cheryl did however notice how uneasy I was and began to bounce every time we stopped. The bouncing at some point had caused my forehead to slide and then hit her shoulder causing a great deal of pain. I shot up, screaming and crying in pain as quickly as I could now trying to shove myself off of my captor. ****************** While Mikey had been quiet almost the entire time in the store until the checkout line, he suddenly started screaming. "Calm down Mikey. You are okay. What's wrong honey?" Cheryl tried to ask her little. "What has gotten into him?" Mary asked. "I think he touched his bruise on my shoulder after I started bouncing him. He hasn't been calm since we came into the shop. Don't worry Mary. He will be ok." The new mother announced. The line moved and Mike's crying died down to just sniffling, and all the items were paid for that could be carried they headed back to the car to stuff it with the items that Mikey had yet to see still, an hour and a half had passed of shopping it was about time to go eat. The trio headed to the food courts and headed straight for the buffet. Once they all got into the buffet line, Mary with her tray and Cheryl with her and Mikey's. She carried the little guy through the line, and for once he was very interested in what he was seeing. He hadn't seen so much food before that all smelled delicious. After paying for the food as Mary's treat, the found a table and sat down. "Oh shoot. I forgot. I should have brought a highchair over." Cheryl wanted to kick herself for forgetting. "I wouldn't stress about it. Those things rarely get cleaned anyway. Alicia doesn't trust them either unless it's our own." Mary responded as she took a bite of her meal. "I suppose so. Besides. I'm starving." Cheryl said as she began to eat too. She didn't forget to feed Mikey in between her bites. Mikey only sat on her lap however trying to reach for the food himself that his mommy was eating. She was having some steamed vegetables, and few slices of ham, while Mikey was only getting more applesauce and some mashed potatoes and some mashed up bananas. "Oh no you dont." Cheryl spoke as Mikey came close to reaching a piece of ham. "The doctor said no solids yet. So you need to eat your food young man. Not Mommy's." She scolded her little. It was the first time Cheryl had called herself mommy. Of course Mikey's face became ruby red, but it wasn't only that, it had also gone pale as well. Cheryl went to go scoop up more of the food when she felt Mikey give her a death grip on her, wrapping his legs and arms around her torso. Although it wasn't painful, she could tell Mikey was deep in a state of fear. Looking down at the little, Cheryl followed his gaze to see the two Amazonian boys that were chasing him earlier. "Ohhh. Don't worry sweetheart, they won't hurt you again. I promise. Now can you take 4 more big boy bites for Mommy?" Cheryl was trying to get him to eat a bit more. "Wait who are they? " Mary asked trying to look around the room in the direction the little was facing. "The two boys that caused little Mikey to get hurt." Cheryl responded calmly. "Oh my gosh. Do you want to go now?" Mary asked just as Cheryl had gotten her little to take a bite of his food. "We are waiting for him to finish three more bites. And if you are okay with it Mary." Replied Cheryl. Very quickly, but not quicker than how fast Cheryl was feeding him, Mikey finished the three more bites and they two women packed up and cleaned up. Just as Mary stood up to follow Cheryl, one of the boys pointed out Mikey and his new mommy to the other, and began to mock the adopted little as they passed by. One of their taunts included pretending to suck their thumb and Mikey had just only then realized he was actually sucking his thumb. "Knock it off you two or you aren't going to sit for a month. After I had to pick you up from the police station, I should have..." Their mother scolded as they continued walking. ***************** I my eyes began to water and my head became a dark red as I hung from the shoulder of my Amazonian captor with my thumb still in my mouth. A pat on my bottom reassured me that I was okay but it did nothing for my embarrassment. The two navigated the halls of this complex with me in haul. Suddenly, I was repositioned, scaring me into wetting myself. My cheeks turned rosey red as I couldn't stop myself from the juvenile act. Just as if I was an infant on it's mother's hip. We exited through the doors that opened to outside and headed back to the car. It was getting darker and the sun was now setting. "I can't wait to get him a haircut tomorrow." I heard Cheryl say, combing her fingers through my hair. Just as quickly as she did, I tried to reject the action by pulling my head away. "Still so fussy." I heard her whisper under her breath to me as we approached the car. This time however we went in on the driver's side. "Oh. Be sure to send pictures. I bet he won't be too happy at first, but he will appreciate the bangs being done though." Mary smiled. Littles didn't ever grow hair other than on their head. Not even facial hair either and it was helpful for any Amazonians looking to adopt. Not needing to wrestle their adopted children and possibly wind up losing a few parts. Cheryl bent over quickly to be able to better reach the new car seat that had been installed. I didn't realize what was happening at first until it was too late. I had been strapped into a backwards facing car seat and strapped in rather quickly. "Its just a bit loose." I heard Mary say and quickly the straps tightened to the likeness of my captors. I tried to pull on anything I could to try to get out of the infernal contraption. All I could see was Cheryl and a little bit of Mary behind her and something dangling above me. "Let me out! Please!" I struggled against the restraints against my body. I began to breathe heavily and quickly, when out of nowhere Cheryl left to go to the other side of the car. Mary had climbed into the drivers seat and I had begun to cry from too throw a fit. After some rummaging through bags and a tear off a package then the door on the other side of the car closed shut, Cheryl appeared again. "LEt me GO!" I squealed at her with no success. I closed my eyes and felt a soft touch on my tear soaked cheeks. A wave of goosebumps spread across my body and I could feel an extremely soft cloth set upon my legs and arms Opening my eyes, I was greeted to see a smiling face. Cheryl used a corner of the blanket to wipe my eyes. "I know sweetheart. Today is almost over." I turned my head to the side and into the padding of the seat as I calmed down. A minute passed and I had graduated from full fledged tantrum to just a sniffle. "Mikey, I'm going to give you a pacifier to nurse for now until we get home okay? It's only so you can handle being in the car seat for now." It was impossible for her to be able to sound so sincere and motherly. I only responded by nodding my head and the pacifier she had produced from out of my sight was clipped to my onesie and the bulb slid between my lips. It was impossibly large but it somehow fit perfectly, and almost as if I had an instinct to do this, but I did start to suckle upon the pacifier. Cheryl smiled as she kissed my cheek and closed the rear drivers door and climbed into the passenger's seat and we made our journey home. It was almost dark now and most of the car was illuminated by the large touch screen in the dashboard. The car was filled with chatter chatter from the two Amazonian women, while I still sat, upset over everything that just happened. 'I need to go. I can't stay with them! I don't want to be a baby. I can't do anything from this car seat. Wait... what's that?' I hadn't realized that the pattern on the car seat cushion was of animals in cartoonish prints with the background of a jungle kingdom. There were monkeys, giraffes and lions across the entirety of it. Above me was a bar with spinning toys on it to play with, in various animal shapes and colors. And the blanket was soft a pale baby blue plain blanket. After about fifteen minutes, I got myself fixated on the spinning toy and spun it once. I didn't hear anyone do anything so I continued to do it under the impression no one could hear me. ******************** Cheryl knew the spinning toys on the car seat she had setup was a good idea after all. "I had a feeling he might play with them." Cheryl chuckled. "I just hope he goes to bed easy for your sake." Mary chuckled as seen pulled into Cheryl's driveway. Mikey felt the car jolt up and down and stopped playing with the toys. Mary and Cheryl stepped out of the car and began unpacking everything before Mary left to go home to Alecia and James. Including the new addition to the Rhien family, whether he liked it or not. Right now Mikey didn't like it, but things can always change. Cheryl walked over to Mikey who was in his car seat still. Sadly for the little it doubled as a carrier as well so while everything was being unpacked, he had been stuck. She had the dishwasher running before she came over. Mikey hadn't seen what she had bought still other than what he was in, nor that they had installed the new seat to begin with. "Alright little guy. Let's go get you cleaned up." She cooed lifting up the carrier and a package of diapers and soap for him too. Mikey fussed about in the carrier but he wasn't strong enough to undo the straps. "Don't worry. I'll get you out in a minute. Just hold on." She said softly. After heading up a flight of stairs, and into the master bathroom, she set the little in his carrier on the floor. She began to run some water in the tub and started getting undressed. "Mommy is taking a bath too." Cheryl smiled after she lifted her shirt off. She was gorgeous. Mikey had been glad now he got to take a bath with this Amazonian. Her body was flawless other than her bellybutton piercing. She had no tan lines and was completely shaven too. She looked like a supermodel to Mikey who was all but breathless. ********************** I sat there in my constraints, my mind in awe seeing my captor undress. Her smile was inviting as she undid the straps to the seat I was in. And I was grateful to be brought into her loving arms. She sat me down on the counter and closed the door, keeping a hand on my chest just in case. The pacifier the I had been suckling on had fallen from my mouth and was dangling from my onesie. "Alright. Let's get you undressed too." She cooed as she started to undo the onesie's snaps after picking me back up. I couldn't help but blankly stare at her body. She undid the tapes on the diaper I was wearing and I felt sudden relief that now I was free from the damp plastic prison. Cheryl turned off the water and tested it. Once she did she climbed in, still holding me in her arms. I was lowered down, into the water, past her breasts and in between her legs, facing away from her. The water was half way up my chest and only able to shift a bit from where I was sitting unless I stood up. I looked around the tub and saw Cheryl add some soap in the tub and grabbed a cup and filled it with water. I watched the cup go above me and when I tilted my head back, I felt a hand cover just at my hairline and above the bruise just as water was poured into my head. I struggled, in fear she was going to touch the bruise and her hand didn't budge. I was pinned against her. Just a short few seconds after the second time she poured water over my head, I started crying, holding my hands on her hand still trying to pull it off. The hand moved back further on my head, pulling the hair away from my face. "I'm just washing your hair. Or do you want to have dirt in your head forever?" She made me sound like a child that didn't know any better. She wasn't scolding me. And the water did turn a little brown. I huffed and puffed at Cheryl as she began to rub some soap into my hair. Pretty soon I forgot about what I was upset about, just relaxing as she massaged my head. I lightly closed my eyes and sat upright with my head tilted back. I felt her hand shield my face again and more water poured on my head. I freaked out again trying to get her hand off. Once she did, I lunged to try to get out of the tub. Of course, the Amazonian was able to grab me. I felt her hands at my waist just before I was able to get half way up the wall of the tub. "Stay in the tub. I have to drain out the dirty water so you can finish getting cleaned up." Cheryl said sternly as she reached past me to drain the tub. It drained rather quickly but just as it was, she grabbed a brush and started the water back up, plugging up the drain again. My first thought was that she was going to spank me hard right here right now. I was sitting in between her legs towards the other end of the tub, and she sat up, closing her legs and pushing me closer. I tightly shut my eyes and held my hands out forward trying to throw my body every way to escape. I felt her grab my arm to hold me still and I thought that was it. "Noo! Please don't!" I screamed, but I felt the bristles of the brush on my head, pulling my head back. She was just brushing my hair. I stopped my struggle and allowed her to finish. I blushed when Cheryl smiled at my actions. "Ohh. It's alright." She spoke. I watched her reach her hand past me and turned off the water and felt something brush up against my head. I spun around quickly only to find the Amazonian's breasts in front of me. Instinct kicked in for a few moments as I stared at her. ******************** "Come on." Cheryl mumbled while fiddling with the showerhead. She managed to get it loose from its spot so she could rinse herself off. "Aha. Got you." She cheered to herself as something touched one of her nipples causing her to blush slightly. Looking down she saw Mikey reaching for her breasts still, unaware she noticed. The sight made her smile. She grabbed the curtain and pulled it back as she repositioned herself to sit back down in the tub and Mikey snapped out of it. The little blushed and tried to hide his face. "It's okay. I'm not mad." Cheryl smiled at Mikey. She left the showerhead hanging and grabbed a washcloth from one of the racks, then reached out of the tub to grab a a bottle of the new soap she just bought. Cheryl opened the bottle and began to pour some of the soap onto the washcloth and began to wash her little. He fussed a bit and tried to fight her when she had to clean his face. He almost screamed even though, she had only brushed the towel against the bruise. She reached through the curtain again and grabbed a towel for him to wipe his face with. She only held it out for Mikey and he hesitantly pushed his face into the towel, nuzzling it. Once he was done there, he had begun to get tired all of a sudden. And Cheryl could see that he was ready to go to bed. "Ohh. It's alright. Mommy needs to finish washing first and it can be nigh-nigh time." She cooed, setting the towel down and out of the tub. Cheryl sat Mikey further away in the tub, and took a new washcloth and added her own soap to it. Turning back on the water, she used the showerhead to get the rest of her body wet and soaking her hair too. She cleaned every part of her body she could. Mikey watched in awe as his Mommy rinsed her body and hair. She could only smile at how adorable he looked. When she finished, she cut off the water and drained the tub which finally made her little notice what he was doing and blushed into a light pink. Grabbing 2 towels for herself, she stepped out and dried herself off and wrapping the second towel around her hair to dry it and made sure that she also properly covering herself. Now she reached for Mikey, and scooped him into a soft new towel. ******************** The towel was massive. Cheryl had begun to dry every nook and cranny I had. I whined at her the entire time, but I don't think she noticed too much. After she was done, she wrapped the towel under my bottom and at the back of my legs and up my back. She held me and reached down, grabbing a few things, before leaving to go into the master bedroom. The air was much colder in the bedroom and a wave of goosebumps hit my body. "It's okay sweetie." My captor cooed me as she rubbed my back. Her body was warm, and I attempted to suck the heat put of her body, but I felt the towel was removed and I was being set down onto the bed. A bag was placed next to me on the bed and Cheryl rummaged through it, pulling out a bag of diapers, a tub of baby wipes, a footed sleeper, and some baby powder. She opened the bag of diapers up and it was blank for what I could see. She grabbed feet quickly and pulled them into the air and I tried to prepare myself for the humiliation of being changed again. It started with a cold wet wipe sliding across my bottom and I flinched. I settled down once I realized what she was doing but my face quickly turned as red as a rose as I stared at the ceiling and felt a her hand rub my bottom with the baby powder. I couldn't see her anymore but I knew what she was doing. Next she sat my bottom down onto the diaper to rub more into the front of me. I didn't dare look at what she was doing. Cheryl hummed a nursery rhyme quietly as the diaper was pulled up and the tapes pressed into place. The diaper had a design across the tape zone. It was the moon and sheep and stars in a pattern. I was ready to cry. Next came the sleeper. She fit one leg in after another, and then pulled my arms through. It was extremely soft while keeping me warm and wasn't too bad. But sadly for me the zipper was going to be behind me so I couldn't reach it easily. "It's alright sweetheart. Mommy is almost done." She cooed at me who was now starting to freak out. She picked me up from under my armpits, and supported my bottom with one arm and used the other to zip up the back of the sleeper. Once I was zipped up, she pulled the velcro flap over the zipper that officially trapped me in the clothing. ****************** Cheryl rubbed her hand up and down the little's entire back and he calmed down. "Can you stay here while I go get dressed?" She didn't wait for an answer before laying him back down on the bed, went over to the bedroom door to shut it closed and then going into the walk-in closet. Cheryl closed the door most of the way and she heard a quiet thud and a lot of diaper rustling. Cheryl focused on the pajamas more than the little, who she knew was probably trying to find a place to hide. "I'm not going to push him." She said with a sigh quietly to herself. After a few more minutes the rustling stopped and she had just finished picking out a two piece button down satin shirt and pants in purple. The Amazonian exited the closet and observed the room. She went to the bathroom to make sure that he wasn't trying to drown himself, and checked in the cabinets as well too. Luckily he wasn't in there, but the blanket from the carrier was missing. 'I know where he is now.' Cheryl took the carrier and set it down next to the bed and made sure that the bathroom and closet doors were closed. She heard a quiet whimper from under the bed, but decided not to investigate. She knew that Mikey was scared and didn't want him to be afraid of her even more than he was already. Cheryl left the bedroom to go back downstairs, making sure to close the door behind her so Mikey didn't try to run and hide elsewhere while she grabbed the fold away crib that he would be sleeping in until the bigger furniture she had ordered to arrive. And a few more things she would need for him tomight. **************** 'Dangit. She closed the door behind her. I can't escape! Oh no! Here she comes!' I thought ad footsteps made their way back to the room. The door opened and closed again with my captor now once again in the room with me. She stood by the bed for a moment before setting a box down on the floor and opened it. I had taken the blanket from the carrier and tried to cover most of my body with it as I watched her open the box and slide something out. She did something to it and set it back down and began to piece something together, paying no attention to me. I poked more of my head out of the shell I had made from the blanket, and she snapped it to something. I ghasped at the sound and as soon as she began to really move, I quickly hid myself again. A few short moments later I saw her walk over to one of the walls, and this time I could tell she plugged something in. It was a nightlight. I was getting curious began to uncover myself again as she got closer to the bed, until she got down on the floor and looked at me. "Nooooo!" I whined at her before I covered my face with the blanket. "No? Are you sure?" She asked me. 'What was she up to? Either way, I can't go back out there. I'll get spanked for sure if I do.' I nodded yes to her question, tightening my grip on the blanket. "How am I supposed to give you your present if you are under Mommy's bed? I didn't forget." Cheryl, responded sincerely. She even sounded worried. I darted my eyes around to make sure she wasn't trying to grab me. I shrugged my shoulders. "Come on out so I can give it to you. Unless you don't want it?" Cheryl was up to something. I couldn't tell what. But I knew she was up to something. 'Maybe... maybe I could fall for it again. On purpose of course. Last time nothing bad happened. Maybe nothing will happen again?' I thought to myself. With a defeated whimper I started to crawl out from under the bed. As soon as I became in arms reach, she pulled me out with the blanket as well from under the bed, and saw what she was doing earlier. It was a crib! I couldn't believe it was happening. I stared at it as I worked myself up and all that Cheryl did was pull me closer to her body as she sat down on the bed. "Oh it's alright Mikey. I can't have you sleeping in my bed. Mommy might smush you on accident in her sleep." Cheryl cooed at me, holding my head to her boosum as I cried. Cheryl was sitting with her legs apart and me facing her with my legs wrapped around her. After I had worn myself out, I was sitting with my bottom touching the bed, legs up in the air and I had slouched my back, resting my head just at the bottom of her breasts and leaving my arms at my sides. She just kept me there. Something about it was soothingly hypnotic. "Are you thirsty?" She asked softly. I nodded my head yes. She grabbed something from behind me and reached it around in front of me. It was a bottle. I shifted around a bit and Cheryl lifted me up to adjust me for herself. "It's okay Mikey. I promise I won't hurt you." She cooed as she sat me up by myself as she unbuttoned her shirt a little bit to expose both of her breasts. I blushed lightly, remembering what happened not too long ago. Cheryl set the bottle down on the bed and, moved me to lay across her lap, just at about at her nipples, and using the blanket, to put me in almost a little nest in her arm. Now I was really blushing as my cheek was pressed into her breast. She was wearing a bra, so it wasn't like I had expected much to happen anyway and I was right. Grabbing the bottle she held it up for me unknowing what to do with myself at the moment. Until I saw her holding a bottle for me. I was confused on which I should do. But I really had no idea what she was doing with her breasts, but before I could figure it out on my own, I felt the bottle slide between my lips. It's nipped was warm. I welcomed it greatly as I began to suckle on it. I noticed a scent now that was coming off of her that I was unfamiliar with, but I wasn't sure about what was going on. The bottle was full of milk. It was creamy and warm as I suckled. It was as if the world around me melted more and more with every swallow. "Such a good boy." Mo-I mean Cheryl whispered as she used the arm she cradled me with to pat my bottom. Once I was done with the bottle, she held me there for a few more moments while she reached for something to put on her shoulder. I continued to smell that scent. I don't know what it was from. Though I guess I'd have to figure out later, since I went over Cheryl's shoulder with my chin resting on some cloth she had on her shoulder. I felt her patting my back while I felt too bloated to care what was happening, but the sudden feeling of being about to throw up, it made me care. I tried to push myself off of her so I didn't throw up on her but she held me firmly in place, even my head. I burped and felt slightly better. "You are such a good boy for Mommy." I heard her whisper to me. More continued to come up but I set them all aside now as just gas. Although one of them actually made me spit up some of the milk as well and I really didn't like that feeling. Cheryl patted my back for what felt like ten minutes at the least before she was satisfied. Now standing up, Cheryl had started up what I thought was a chef timer, until I heard the sounds of a nursery song being played. She bent over and set me down in this crib. The walls were made out of cloth with a patch of netting. The bottom wasn't hard, but soft as well and dropped down when I was lain on it. She kissed my cheek and pulled the blankets up. I whimpered at Cheryl while she moved everything around. "Now here is your present." She spoke softly as she took a plush turtle and tucked it under one of my arms. The mobile above played it's tune, while animals spun around my heading reached my other arm to hug the stuffed turtle toy that was the size of my torso. The lights turned off and the only light remaining was the nightlight over by the wall and from the hallway. The door closed and so did my eyes, and shortly after I was asleep. And again I had given in to my captor. ******************** Cheryl went about downstairs to start getting out some of the supplies she needed from the bags, and made sure that she was childproofing the rooms as she went along. She called out of work for tomorrow and set up a schedule to do. Sadly the larger furnerature will be arriving tomorrow afternoon for her little.
  9. Yes I am reposting due to enough people saying they missed the story. I have no idea why the story was removed a third time nor my older stories (which I checked had all their content) were removed as well. This will be the last time I repost this. I plan on finishing this story regardless if anyone reads the story or not. Note I have typed this entire story on my phone. And this has a different first and third person perspective that will switch. To make it easy there will be a set of "*" to signify the switch. Enjoy part 1 Cheryl was a hard working business Amazonian woman who had felt like something was missing from her life. She lived in a nice neighborhood, a great job and could get whatever she wanted, yet that one thing she seemed to lack, ached at her for years now. She was visiting her neighbors and good friends, Alecia and Mary, who always were there for her. Even their little, James. Even if he wasn't able to properly respond anymore after he had regressed she still found him good at making her feel a lot better. "Cheryl. Cheryl!" Alecia, attempted to snap her friend out of a trance. She seems to be in them more and more often nowadays. Cheryl sighed. "Sorry. I didn't realize I zoned out there." "I can tell. I've called your name at least a hundred times." Alecia had exaggerated jokingly to trying to get her friends mind off of whatever was bothering her. She changed her tone when she noticed that Cheryl wasn't even phased to try to respond to the comment. "Hey you look tired. Why don't you go home and try to get some rest. That work you do seems like it's catching up to you." She was referring to the number crunching accounting job she did almost every day of the week. Cheryl picked up on the hint that she needed to try to figure out what it was that had been bothering her. She yawned as she stood up and stretched her arms in the air. "Yeah I guess you are right." She smiled at James, then looked over at the clock hanging on the wall. "I think its just about nap time for James and I." Cheryl and Alecia chuckled when James turned around at the sound of his name being said. He was happily playing with the toys set out to keep him occupied while the adults talked to eachother. Cheryl picked up James and handed him to Alecia but not before she tickled his tummy causing him to giggle uncontrollably. "Alright. Well I'll see you later then. And tell Mary I said hi." Soon enough was on her way out the door when she saw two amazonian young boys sprinting full force down the street. "That was odd." She said. Just as she was heading back to her own house, the same way the two boys were headed, she saw them running towards her own house and a little attempting to get away. "Hey! Knock it off you two!" Cheryl picked up her own pace, now seeing a car going past, it was Mary's. She was oblivious to the scene. The little that was being chased, made a quick turn while keeping an eye on the pursuers without noticing Mary's car until it was too late. "Look out!" Cheryl cried just as the little had hit the drivers door head first. She sprinted over to the scene, and Mary now saw what was going on and stopped dead in her tracks. She saw the look of guilt on the two young amazonian boys, who now froze like a statue, unable to comprehend what just happened. Cheryl took opportunity to snatched the two delinquents to make sure they didn't get away. Mary, still was afraid she had killed the little. "Oh my god. What have I done?" She began to panic as she picked up the all but limp little in her arms. A slight mumble came from the little, much to Mary's relief. Feeling confident enough that the little wouldn't run away, she set him down in the back of her car with the door wide open. Cheryl had called 911 and the authorities showed up quickly to take away the two delinquent amazonian children. When the ambulance arrived to look at the little that was supposed to be in the backseat, was now completely gone from view. After everything was settled down, Mary had calmed down enough, everyone went back to business. Cheryl was still puzzled about where the little had went. Just as she was about to head inside is when she noticed a certain smell around her door. "It can't be." She whispered quietly to herself when she looked to the right and saw the little from earlier, unconscious in her bushes. Cheryl managed to get the little out from behind her pushes, and she checked him for a pulse. "My god. What happened to you." She whispered as she noticed that it was a boy, with his shirt torn and holes in it. His face and arms were cut up a bit and a portion of his forehead was bruised. He had pants and underwear on as well. The pants were full of holes and cuts too like his shirt, but both his underwear and pants were soaked in urine. Once she found his pulse still strong, she picked the limp little up and held him with his head over her shoulder, a hand on his bottom and another on his back. Something clicked. She didn't have that feeling she had before. Something about this helpless little boy made her want to take care of him and keep this from happening again. As she went back to Alecia and Mary's house, she couldn't help herself from smiling at the feeling. Cheryl knocked at her neighbors door and Alecia opened the door. "Oh. My. God. What happened to him?" Was all she could say as she let her closest friend into the door. James had not yet been put down over all the commotion and attempting to help calm down his mommy, Mary, who now was in a state of shock sitting on the couch in the family room by hugging her. "Alecia, I have a favor to ask." Cheryl said in the most seriously tone she could. "What do you need?" She replied without hesitation. ***************** An hour had gone by and no sound was to be heard in the room. It was still dead quiet until suddenly I let out a long whimper. I was happily warm and almost smiled until I realized how much pain I was in suddenly. All of it caught up with me at once. "Ahhhh!" I screamed and shot up straight from my spot. I suddenly realize what has happened now. Everything caught up to me in a flash. Except one thing. I had a diaper on now and in a crib. Before I could react to that the door opened slowly. The room was dark and when the light from the outside shone in on me, I froze like a deer in headlights. I saw that it was daylight still from how the light was coming from the doorway and I saw her. She came slowly towards me and I couldn't handle this. 'No! I was adopted wasn't I?! Oh no! What's going to happen to me now!' I thought to myself until the amazonian drew close. My heart began racing when I heard the water start to run in the background. It snapped me out of the trance and I went to go and move away but it was too late. I was already in the arms of my captor. Suddenly I felt an ache flow across my body from the cuts and bruises all over me. "Let me go!" I whined at her. The Amazonian just seemed not to care, only taking a seat in a rocking chair. Struggling didn't seem to do much except cause me more pain, especially when I had accidentally pressed the bruise on my head against her. I screamed on the top of my lungs and began to cry my heart out. Suddenly I heard a faint humming sound that slowly grew louder the more I calmed down. I focused on it. It wasn't just some random humming, it was a nursery tune used to calm down children. I finally stopped crying and now was beet red from the neck up and I gave into the hypnotic feeling I had and rested a few minutes. "Are you okay now?" I heard break the almost endless moment. Her voice was full of patience and honesty with that question, but I was too unsure about my situation but I knew it was better to answer this one. I nodded a bit in response. "Can you tell me your name please? My name is Cheryl." Her voice was soothing and caring. I offered up no response to that question, fearing it was a trick. She patiently waited for an answer, not trying to throw me into a new panic mode so quickly. "I need you to drink something okay? My friends little doesn't use sippy cups so I need you to drink out of a bottle. Alright?" 'What game is she playing? Why is she like this to me and not just forcing it on me?' I had thought to myself as I felt the nipple of a bottle being pushed against my lips. A squirt of juice touched my tongue and I gave in so quickly. I had the side of my head resting on her chest and I was pressed against her torso gently. I drank as much as I could from the bottle. The door was still opened and Mary came to the doorway quietly. Cheryl looked at her before anything could be said and it was clear that Cheryl didn't want the moment to be interrupted. Once the little boy was almost done with the bottle, she removed it gently from his mouth. She stood up from the chair, Cheryl began her trip to the bathroom. Alecia heard all of the commotion from over the monitor along with the rest of the party before Cheryl went into the room and was already on the phone again with 911. Meanwhile, Mary went to work at trying teaching Cheryl how to wash any little in the tub. But the cooperation of the little was necessary but it didn't matter. The police showed up just as the ambulance did as they were supposed to, and escorted me out of the building. **************** "Thanks for finding him. I'm going on a limb here and saying that he has been adopted now by one of you." The officer said to the three adults present while the little was off being tended to by the paramedics. Cheryl nodded in agreement. "Yes in fact he now is. I'm his new mother." She said proudly. "Well go be with him. And congrats on the find. He seems to be the type, if you can get him to open up, he will be adorable and happy. But right now he seems scared and confused. You should come with us to the hospital to finalize adoption and then to the station to get the little guy's fingerprints to check the system to see who he is. Along with the little's previous belongings to hold for evidence." She said. "Alright. Alecia and Mary, do you mind picking me up since you have a car seat already. He does seem about James's size." Cheryl asked almost begging. "Yeah. We can even help pick out a car seat and everything you'll need for tonight." Mary chimed in. With that Cheryl hugged her friends and thanked them before rushing to the ambulance to be with her little on the ride after grabbing the clothes the little was found in. ***************** "Come on here little guy. We just want to make sure your head is ok. Okay?" One of the paramedics said. I shook my head at them as I saw Cheryl enter the back of the vehicle. I was wrapped in a blanket the paramedics gave me. Just had shaggy brown hair that was long enough to come just to my eyes. Seeing how I probably hadn't gotten properly bathed or anything of the sort since it rained last, I wasn't too pleasant to try to smell. Most of the dirt on my face and body was cleaned off while I was unconscious. I though allowed the paramedics look me over and even give me the IV to keep me hydrated, I didn't want to them to go near me since they touched my forehead. I kept my gaze on Cheryl, thinking she had already declared me her baby, so I assumed she was going to scold or grab me herself and then spank me but she didn't. While my focus was on her, the paramedic snatched me up and scooped me into their lap, lying me on my back. I squirmed and tried to fend off the paramedic's arm from touching my head but suddenly he had my arms pinned as he reached for my head. "Relax there buddy. I'm just looking now." He said as he held my chin and I began to start to breathe heavily in frustration. Upon brushing a finger over the mark on my head, I screamed in pain and struggled against them and began kicking my legs even in protest. Unluckily for me Cheryl saw this and piped up as soon as the paramedic let go of head and arms although kept me pinned to his lap. "You better behave young man. If you weren't injured, I'd spank you right here and now. I've been patient with you so far and I expect you to do as your told." She said as if a scolding mother. I settled down, too afraid to fight her knowing she would if I did. "Thank you ma'am." The paramedic thanked as we came to a stop and I was set down on my back in the stretcher. The blanket was pulled over me and we all exited the ambulance and headed inside. None of us were in a rush so we were arrested to take our time. But before we could get to the room, the motions of stop and going, turning and changing directions in the halls put me to sleep. ***************** Cheryl followed her little around each corridor of the hospital until they reached an X-ray room to make sure nothing was damaged broken. "Please Miss Rhien stay out here. We are going to take a few X-rays to make sure. It will only take a few minutes." The nurse said as they all disappeared behind a door. Ten minutes later the door opens up and out came everyone that entered. "Alright Miss Rhien follow us to the room please. One of the nurses said. "Did he behave in the room?" Cheryl asked as she began to follow. "He stayed asleep almost the entire time. He woke up slightly as we were finishing but. He settled down quickly again once we moved him back here to the hospital bed." The nurse replied. "What happened to him if you don't mind me asking Ma'am." She asked Cheryl who only knew of the bruise on the little's forehead. "The bruise was from running into a car. The scratches I don't know." She replied to nurse just as they entered the room. "The doctor will be here shortly. The nurses left the room and Cheryl and her little were alone. She came over to the side of the bed and began to brush his hair. Just as she did, there was a knock at the door and she looked to see who was about to enter. It was the doctor. "Hello I am Doctor Faulner. I am assuming you are Miss Rhien if I am not mistaken?" The female doctor said. "I am indeed. So what is the news? Is he alright?" Cheryl asked almost as soon as she could. Afraid of her little would be very injured as the Amazonian doctor looked over the asleep boy. "Aside from this bruise, and in need of something food wise, he is fine. Don't worry. This cutie is okay to go home. The cuts just appear to be from bushes and such which will clear up before tomorrow morning." Dr. Faulner explained much to Cheryl's relief with a sigh. "However, the bruise will be there for a few days, but luckily doesn't seem to have been anything worse than that. And I'd like him to eat something before he leaves here so he doesn't starve. The best to give him now would not to be anything solid. I'll have someone bring some food for the two of you up here, seeing how it is 4:00 Pm and around dinner. You'll want full attention when out shopping for your new tyke." The Amazonian hinted. "I just need you to sign here Miss Rhien that you adopted him officially." "Sure thing!" Cheryl exclaimed excited to finalize the paperwork for her little, who she still had known nothing about. 'I'll have to wait another day or two to tell me his name. Or I just might make up a name for him.' Cheryl thought to herself as she signed and dated the paperwork with her back turned to the bed. ***************** I began to stir suddenly feeling myself become wet. But only in one spot. I realized what I was doing and forced myself to become aware and fully awake to only know my situation was worse than I could imagine. I was wetting myself. 'I need to get out of here before they notice.' I thought to myself before realizing I was hooked up to the IV still. I started to move and both of the Amazonian didn't hear me crinkle my diaper, but when I went to the far side of the bed and turned around, the IV attached to my arm made a rattling sound and it got the attention of both women. I gulped as I stared at them both like a deer in headlights. "Oh no you dont." Cheryl said as she came over to pick me up. It was then I realized I was done for. She took me to the other side of the bed to lay me across her lap. "I warned you to behave." Cheryl had me pinned and began to spank me. The diaper I was wearing did offer some protection from the blows, but I don't think I could have handled the situation regardless. "St-AH-p! No pleasE." I begged. But it continued. "I've been doing all of this for you! I'm making sure you are safe and nursing you back to health and this is the thanks? I've never...." I heard Cheryl speaking to me but as I continued to cry, the more her voice seemed to fade. All I could sense was hearing myself crying and feeling my bottom being spanked sending the shock and unfamiliar sensation throughout my body. The moment seemed to last an eternity until there was a knock at the door only minutes after starting the ordeal. My pride had been severely damaged, my face covered in snot and tears. My neck up was a ruby red while my cheeks were rose. The IV was removed from my arm, and replaced by a bandaid when the scene was over and I was being held now upright with my face being pressed into the boosum of my captor. I felt ashamed of myself for allowing that to happen. I felt a hand barely brush against my back and I flinched and tensed up my muscles as I squealed in fear that it was going to hit me. I had no sense of the world around me. My head and neck were cradled with one hand as it was forcefully pressed into the Amazonian's shirt so I had no hope of escaping to begin with, but I tried pushing myself off of her anyway. In the process of feeling my head being pressed, I had turned my head to make sure I could breathe and as I did I noticed a soft kiss on the top of my head. I didn't flinch this time. I felt goosebumps go across my body when a blanket touched my cold back. I stopped struggling. I slouched my back and tried to cling onto Cheryl as tightly as I could as I continued to cry. I had given in to my captor once again. ***************** "Oh it's alright there little guy. Just relax. Just relax. Mommy is right here." Cheryl Cooed at the now crying little. She didn't expect to have to spank her little as soon as she made everything final. Just then a nurse walked in with a onesie and a bowl. "Perfect timing." Said Dr. Faulner to the nurse. "I'll take that, thank you. Take the paperwork to the front desk." She said and opened a cabinet. The cabinet was full of plain diapers that were thick. And then others that were thicker. All just plain no print at all, but Dr. Faulner picks out a pair of the thicker ones. "Miss Rhien, would you mind allowing me to get him dressed and changed?" She had asked Cheryl. Cheryl thought it would be a perfect time to call Mary to pick her and her... she still didn't know his name, but oh well. That wasn't as important at the moment. "Sure. I need to get a ride back home anyhow. Now you behave young man. Or else." Cheryl instructed her still unnamed little as she left the room. A quick phone call later and The doctor walked out of the room. "I'll let you feed him. I got him changed into a onesie that you get to keep. Just check at the front desk before you go." Dr. Faulner said as Cheryl was walking into the room. ***************** When Cheryl had originally left the room I found myself with the doctor still. She had waited until the door was closed. "Now, now. It's alright. I'm just going to change you and get you dressed into something. Does that sound better?" Dr. Faulner cooed at me while I was still sniffling. 'What does she mean by dress me?' I was sitting up in the bed and as I was about to ask is when I felt my feet being pulled up and down to the middle of the bed and I slid down the bed further. I curled my legs to my chest and was facing up into the lights, now wanting to just get away from here. I squinted, blinded by the rows of florescent lights on the ceiling. I felt a hand gently pull at my legs to remove them from my chest and I willingly allowed the hand to. I dropped my head to lay it across the bed and the lights weren't as bright as before. I could see the room again and a set of changing supplies. A crackle of the tapes being removed from the face of the diaper caused me to jump at the unfamiliar sound and curl my legs up part way, only to realize what the sound was. I lowered my legs down and the doctor finished removing the tapes. I knew I was going to be stuck like this forever now.
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    Ian also through most of the night until his bladder woke him up. Ian woke up in the middle of the night and was usually a morning person, but had a hard time waking up. "Hello?" He called out sleepily as the pressure in his bladder built up pressure, feeling all of this was normal due to his dream being about being a baby. Ian laid on his side, ready to sleep again when he got changed. But no one came at first so he started crying.
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    Ian felt his eyes get heavier and heavier as the rocking continued. "Buh-Buh.Dad-d" Was all he could say before falling asleep in the arms of his new daddy. A quiet little snore came from him as he slept.
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