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  1. "Uncle Joey? How can he be my uncle?" Ian asked. He hated the sounds of things already and he couldn't fight back because he was exhausted. Out of frustration, Ian started crying.
  2. "No! Please! Can't I just go to work with you instead?" Ian started to freak out more, he remembered all the times being bullied about his size,
  3. Cheryl had me out of the carrier, and she had been holding me. "Okay. Let's go to the park buddy." She said, as she sat me down in the seat. Just as soon as her hands were off of me, I stood up and dashed quicker than she could react, away from her. "Mikey. This isn't the time. Now come on get in your seat." She was getting frustrated a bit, I could tell. **************** 'What has gotten into him? He was fine one minute, and now he is like this?' Cheryl reached or the little and he moved to the other side of the car. "Mikey, don't you want your surprise for being a good boy?" She reasoned with him. Mikey curled up in a fetal position and gave it a short thought. He shook his head. "No?" She questioned. Luckily the child locks were engaged on the doors, so he was stuck. A moment passes and Mikey was still on the other end of the car. "Michael, you better get over here before I count to three." She warned and the little began to debate whether this was a smart plan. "One." She started. Mikey began to move a bit in his spot. She knew she had him. "Two." His eyes began to water and he started to move close enough to Cheryl. He got to the car seat and she grabbed him. Lifting him out of the car, she brought up one leg and rested it on the doorframe of the car, and used one arm to hold him, giving him a swift spank. He burst into tears, and Cheryl repositioned him in her arms. "Don't do that again." She scolded. "Nooo! I don't wanna go! He will get me!" Mikey screamed as he cried. "Shhh. Calm down. You are okay. Just relax, Mommy is right here." Cheryl cooed, now curious about who her little was talking about. Five minutes later and Mikey calmed down enough to talk. Cheryl sat down in the car, while her son was crying to make him feel more comfortable about it. "Now, tell me. Who is going to get you?" She questioned Mikey. "He is going you get me! I doont wanna go." He said hysterically. Cheryl was I'm shock. She didn't realize what he was going through, other than a lot of fear. Looking down at Mikey, who was getting worked up already, she kissed the top of his head and pressed his head into her boosum. "Are you afraid of me?" Cheryl asked and he gave a quiet answer. "No." He said. "Then you have nothing to be worried about. Let me take care of it okay? You are my baby. And I will protect me baby." She smiled, although this was a big worry for her. But she knew she could handle it. As soon as Mikey was in his car seat, the Amazonian mother tucked his plush toy in with him, and she closed the door. Just then a text popped up on the screen. ALECIA, WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU TWO TO TO GET HERE. YOU OKAY? CHERYL YEAH, WE ARE FINE. JUST A SMALL PROBLEM ON OUR WAY NOW. Cheryl got into the car and buckled up and began driving to the park. Mikey contiuously made sounds as the two got closer to the destination. They got to the parkinglot and found where Alecia's car was and parked next to it. **************** Cheryl got out of the car and moved around the car. Then the trunk opened. I couldn't tell what it was she was fumbling with. I couldn't see over the back seat of of the SUV. The trunk closed, and Cheryl rolled something over to my side of the car. 'This is it. I'm a goner.' I realized and began to cry. Cheryl lifted me out of the car seat and already was trying to calm me down again. "Mikey, calm down. It's Mommy." She went on. "Mikey you remember what we talked about right?" She asked me. I calmed down enough to answer. "Yes." I replied. "Then you don't need to worry." Again, like so many times before, she had meant those words and I calmed down more. I was done fighting her today. Once I was fully calmed down, Momm-I mean Cheryl, showed me what she got out of the car. It was a stroller, but not the ones that have straps. It was one that you had to-I had to lay in. Cheryl set me in there, my head resting on a small pillow that was apart of it. She took my blanket, tucked me in with it. Then Momm-I mean Cheryl gave, me my turtle, and pushed my pacifier into my mouth, which I immediately began to nurse on it. After the car was locked with the sound of a honk, which did scare me. I whimpered and Cheryl ran her fingers through my hair, and she smiled. "Come on. Let's go." She cooed and we began moving. It was strange. I couldn't see anything, yet I could hear everyone outside. People were playing, talking and even a few people stopped to talk to Momm-I mean Cheryl, and even try to play with me a bit. She told them that I was shy and people backed off. A minute or so later, Cheryl waved at someone. "Hi Alecia and James." She said and the return gesture was given. "So what took so long?" Alecia asked. "He just was fussy is all. You know how it was with James?" She replied. Suddenly we stopped and Momm-I mean Cheryl, sat down at a bench and Alecia had James in her lap. "I think it's about time we get them something to eat and then get something ourselves." Cheryl sat me up and reached under me to grab out my diaper bag. She produced a bib, and a jar and even a spoon. I looked over and saw James was drinking from a bottle on Alecia's lap. I turned back to Cheryl when I felt something being wrapped around my neck. Then I saw her take the jar and open it. "Now this might not be the yummiest, but I think you might like it. Now say Ahh." She said, as if I wasn't able to talk. Which I wasn't in the mood to anyway. She held a spoon up for me, it was a metal spoon with a rubber cover over the scoop part of the spoon. It was covered in a mush that Cheryl had in front of me. I opened my mouth a little bit, and she fed me the first bite. It wasn't bad. It tasted a bit like peaches but with a very weird aftertaste. "That's a good boy." She cooed, holding another spoonful for me. I opened my mouth as I blushed, realizing what was happening as I took spoonful after spoonful. The jar was empty and I had some of it around my mouth, and a little on my bib. Momm-I mean Cheryl, cleaned me up. "Alright, what did you want from the food truck?" Alecia asked, standing up with James on her hip. James waved at me, and I shyly waved back, blushing to a new red. "Just get me a hotdog." Cheryl replied and Alecia left to go to the food stand. "You were a good boy for Mommy. I heard a dog barking, and gulped just as it got louder and louder. Cheryl stood up and the dog began to growl before I felt it jump up and tried to knock over the buggy. "Down!" She yelled angrily, grabbing the dog by the ear and collar. "Hey! Knock that out you stupid mut!" A man yelled. I recognized the voice. It was the man I was afraid of. He ran up to Cheryl and the dog, and grabbed it by the collar and mouth, pulling it away as I started crying. "This is your dog?" Cheryl asked angrily as she picked me up, holding me tightly to her chest as I cried. I turned around, and it was him. I gripped Cheryl as tightly as I could. "Yes. I am terribly sorry about this. He likes to try to run off sometimes like this." He spoke. It was a lie. I knew it. He looked over and inspected me. "Get out of here before I call the cops." Cheryl spoke angrily. "Again, sorry about this. And to bother your baby." He said, walking away, pulling on the dog's collar. Alecia rushed over with the food, after hearing the commotion. "Are you okay?" She asked, scared about her best friend's safety. "I'm fine but Mikey might not be. Poor guy is scared to death." I heard Cheryl say. She kissed my temple. "Mommy will protect you." She whispered. I had passed out a few seconds later, unable to coop with what happened. She was right though.
  4. Ian spit his food out of his mouth. "What! A babysitter!" Ian stopped eating and leaned back as far as he could in the highchair.
  5. Ian struggled and tried pushing off the tray in the high chair. "Where do you even get something like this?" He asked after he gave up a short moment later. Once the food was set down, Ian started to eat, but just wanted to eat and didn't care now that he was eating, even if it was fed to him.
  6. Ian, defeated for the day, allowed his daddy to carry him. But upon mention of a talk, Ian became curious. "What about." Ian blushed realizing he had been called 'love.'
  7. Ian's stomach growled and he whimpered. "Fine." He blushed. "But I better be eating what you are eating too. I don't want actual infant food." He tried to reason.
  8. "Ah. So they stocked over here too." Cheryl spoke to herself. Laying me down onto the large padded table, was like being placed on a crinkly cushion. Cheryl had begun to unsnap more of the buttons at my crotch and pulled the shortalls up to my neck, revealing my very soaked diaper. Cheryl went to work and started the humiliating ritual of changing me, but this time when she went to place the new diaper on me, I heard only a very quiet crinkle. I looked down and couldn't see much from the shortalls blocking my view, but something about this new diaper felt softer, but thicker. It was secured to my waist and my legs were forced apart. The shortalls were brought back down over the diaper, and it was all snapped back up. "It's alright Mikey, you don't need to worry." Cheryl cooed. I guess I had a puzzled look on my face. Cheryl picked me back up and supported my bottom, which felt like I was wearing a giant cushion, while she headed back downstairs. "Are you all better little guy?" Grandma cooed on our last few steps down. I was turning my body to face forward while still my body was still being pressed onto Cheryl's chest. But when the Amazonian woman asked me if I was all better, I blushed and hung myself over momm-I mean Cheryl's shoulder. "So fussy still." She cooed at me quietly. "May I hold him Cheryl?" The Amazonian man said. I jumped a bit, not used to his voice still. "Sure. Just please don't scare him." She instructed the man. Once I was handed over, the man had positioned me a similar way to how mo-I mean Cheryl had me, except I was lower on his chest. She had given this man my blanket and my turtle and he had given me my pacifier again, tucking me in with my blanket and turtle. "Hold on buddy. Grandpa is almost done." He seemed so relaxing at that moment, and I calmed down, and once he was done fidgeting with me, he one hand of his giant hands on my back, and another on my bottom. I was still uneasy, until he rubbed his hand up and down my back. A wave of goosebumps hit me, and he stopped only to pat my bottom a few times, sending a familiar feeling that this was okay. I melted in his arms as he continued this. ****************** Grandpa could see the little getting comfortable, nuzzling the side of his head into the Amazonian man, and closed his eyes. "I thought he just might be tired still." He said softly as Mikey started nod off. Cheryl took out her phone to see this, and took a few pictures of this sight, just as Mikey fell asleep. "I was wondering if you guys could go to my house while we are out, and make sure all of the furnerature is set up and nothing gets stolen? I had order nursery for him and I won't be there and-" Cheryl was cut off by her mom. "We will Cheryl. Don't worry." She spoke. Cheryl smiled. "Thanks Mom and Dad. You guys are the best." She leaned over to hug her parents, who happily accepted the gesture. "I suppose we better not keep you from the rest of the day. Marge can you go grab the buggy for Cheryl please?" Frank asked his wife. "Sure." Marge replied and stood up from the couch to go fish it out from the garage. Once she returned she showed Cheryl how to use it. Frank stood up with the sleeping little in his arms, and handed him to Marge, who was all too happy to be holding her new grandson. Cheryl got a few more pictures of the little before he was set in the carrier and the car was loaded back up again. After the goodbyes and goodbye kissed, Cheryl and Mikey left to go to their next stop. They pulled into a parking lot and Mikey woke up in perfect time. Cheryl had noticed he was awake in his carrier, but he had a sour look on his face. "What's the matter sweetie?" Cheryl cooed as she took him out of the car seat. Mikey said nothing but only squirmed. Cheryl tried to figure it out at first, and once she checked his diaper, she realized what had happened. "Oh. Don't worry sweetie, Mommy will make it all better." She cooed as she went around to the other side of the car and laid him down. She knew he might not have liked that cloth diaper but he looked cuter in it. She changed him into a disposable for now in the backseat, and his cheeks were a rose red and his eyes were tightly shut. "That's a good boy. Don't worry, no one can see you sweetie." She spoke. Once that was finished, Cheryl lifted Mikey and held him on her hip, which he immediately clung to, burying his face into her side while she cleaned up. Once finished she took her purse and the large bag from earlier, with her and headed into barbershop. "Hi there Cheryl. Are you babysitting again?" Asked an older amazonian man at a counter, seeing the little pressing his face into Cheryl's side. "No I'm not. Not this one." Cheryl smiled. "Ahhh. Well congratulations then. So just the usual cut then." The man said happily. Cheryl nodded yes in response and a booster seat was placed onto a chair, and strapped in. ***************** I was strapped in at the waste, tightly on my diaper. I saw the Barber, and knew I was going to get a haircut. A cover was tied over me after a paper tied around my kneck. I didn't want him to touch my head. As soon as he went to grab my hair, I flinched, pulling my head away. He managed to grab my hair just as it happened and it caused me a quick pain when I pulled away. "Ouch!" My hands grabbed his as I yelped. And Cheryl looked at me with a raised eyebrow. "Oh, before I forget, he has a bruise on his forehead. So be careful about it please." She instructed the Barber. "Will do. Now may I have my hand back little guy?"" He cooed at me and when I hesitated, he started to to tickle me a bit with his free hand. I let go, and hunched forward, guarding my chest with my hands and arms. I blushed. Once I sat back up, the Barber reached for my hair again, and I flinched again, but I allowed him to cut my hair. I saw him in the mirror, and I could keep an eye on him. Mommy didn't seem so pleased. 'Wait she isn't mommy, that's Cheryl. Why did I just think of her like that?' I thought. The haircut however was making me tired already. So far, I've been just so stressed out today, it's making me exhausted. Especially since every time I do sleep, I wake back up almost right after. I was actually comfy in the chair here. Once the Barber had moved to go get his scissors, I had set my head down on part of the chair and was in the process of falling asleep. "Mikey." I heard being said quietly. I moaned at the voice, believing it to be a dream. "Mikey." The voice came louder. I opened my eyes and saw Cheryl there, squatting, directly in front of me. I jumped and tried to throw my arms back to run away, but I was still in the booster seat. She laughed at the scare she had accidentally caused, and leaned toward me, kissing me on the cheek. "Come on buddy, he is almost done." She cooed. I sat up and saw the Barber again in the mirror. As soon as I was sitting up, he started at my hair again. Momm-I mean Cheryl, stayed in front of me the rest of the time. "Good boy. Once we get home, Mommy will have a treat for you sweetie. We still have a bit to go okay?" Something about her voice, just made me melt. I can't explain it. I nodded in response right as I was blasted by the Barber's hairdryer. Mom-I mean Cheryl, picked me up once the man was done and held me to her chest, and I felt something different. I brushed it off to the side as I turned to face the Barber as Cheryl paid. "You did a good job buddy." He said, smiling as I was handed a lollipop. I didn't take it, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to. "Thanks Rob. We'll see you next time." She said as we started walking out the door. I waved back slightly and I could see him smiling as we headed out the door. Once outside, I turned around again and looked down to see the bag Cheryl was holding all the time. 'Oh. So that's what that's for.' I thought, noticing it was a diaper bag for me. Momm-I mean Cheryl, carried my diaper bag around for me.
  9. I mean, I had the intent to bring in relatives somehow. I have a list of things that need to get done still for this story. So there will be more surprises. Just wait.
  10. Ian whimpered about not having a choice. His daddy put the rest of the nightie onto the boy and Ian couldn't stand not having a choice. He hadn't had a choice at all the entire time he got here. But he was accepting it slowly.
  11. (Bump)
  12. Ian groaned at his daddy. "Fine. I guess so, but I don't want cuddles. Or a story." He negotiated in his own way.
  13. James had finished lunch and Mikey had run out of ideas on what to do. "Well. Now that James is full, I guess it's time to go." Alecia announced. James hadn't needed to be burped every time like Mikey. James had been used to only nursing for a few years now. "Can you watch Mikey while I get everything ready for him too." Cheryl asked her friend. "I don't mind. You've done the same thing for me for years already." Alecia replied as she slipped James's pacifier into his mouth. *************** "Mikey come here." Alecia had said and I did just that. I stood up, walked over as best as I could. I attempted to walk as normal as possible, but with every step, the soon as I got over to her, she had James sitting next to her on the couch, leaning into her side, and she had reached forward, grabbed my arm which had been so tightly fixed to my chest and pulled me between her legs. 'Did I do something wrong?' I started to panic as I felt myself being lifted and I closed my eyes. I was sat down on one of her legs and suddenly something was pressed against my lips. I opened my eyes to see what it could have been, and it was just the pacifier. Seeing this I blushed but I didn't open my mouth. I was still hesitant about these things and I saw this woman grab my nose and I did panic. I opened my mouth to call for help out of instinct and I quickly was muffled by it. Cheryl came back downstairs with the carrier and a bag slung around her shoulder. "I'll meet you there okay? I'm going to go take Mikey over to my parents to grab something for later. But I need to set up his seat first. Do you mind?" Cheryl asked as she set down the carrier. "Go right ahead." Alecia said as she moved James over and onto her lap as well. Cheryl went outside and left us all alone. I felt myself start to move a bit more up and down as I watched Cheryl walk out the front door, with a weird looking contraption "Oh. It's okay. Mommy will be back in soon. Why don't you say hi to James?" The Amazonian holding me said. I turned around and saw James. He was a fully regressed little, and there was no doubt about it. James smiled behind his pacifier at me and waved at me. Just that alone was enough. I shyly waved back. "James this is Mikey. He is Miss Cheryl's baby." She explained to the sleepy little. Just as soon as she finished saying that, James yawned, letting his pacifier fall frkm his mouth and laid his head down on Alecia's chest. "Oh alright. Mommy gets it." She cooed just as Cheryl walked back in. "I better get going. My little guy is getting tired." Alecia said as I was lifted from her lap, still breathing a bit heavier than I wanted but just as soon as I was lifted I was placed into a contraption again and buckled in. I tried to kick, tug, yank, and rip my restraints off. But no success. "Say bye-bye James." Alecia cooed at her little as they walked by. I saw James give a tired wave at me and I stopped for a moment to blush again and waved slowly back. The carrier started to move again, and I snapped back to reality again, just in time too. I wanted to see where we were going. We headed out to the car and Cheryl got me in, and I was still trying to break free. I spit out the pacifier from my mouth and it only landed on my shirt since it was clipped to me. "Please let me out!" I pleaded with Cheryl. She had a blanket and my turtle with her, and she tucked me in and handed me the plush toy. I accepted both objects while still being frustrated about being stuck in the seat. "Don't worry Mikey. We are just going to go out and do a few things today." Cheryl cooed and then she disappeared from sight. I was facing backwards in the car, and the door closed. "No! Come back!" I cried out to momm-I mean Cheryl. I started to freak out, with my breaths being short and quick as I tried to fight for the straps to come off. Another door opened and I couldn't see who it was but I continued to panic anyway. "Oh sweetie. Mommy is right here." Cheryl cooed at me. She tucked me back into the car seat and closed her door. The car started, and we started moving. The radio was off and it was quiet other than the engine hum and the sound of the tires rolling across the road. I was trying to keep myself from freaking out again in the car, breathing heavily. But this only seemed to make me tired more and more. ***************** Cheryl saw her little nodding off in his car seat. Once Mikey had fallen asleep, she called her parents and put her Bluetooth in her ear. "Hello?" "Hey mom. We are on our way and will be there in a few minutes." "That's great honey. I'll tell your father. See you soon!" After that they hung up and Cheryl was pulling into the neighborhood where her parents lived. She pulled up out front of a two story house with a two car garage attached to it. Cheryl got out of the car, and went to get Mikey out. Mikey was asleep, slightly nursing his pacifier, he was slightly turned on his back possibly from trying to turn in his sleep. Mikey had the head of his turtle tucked in between the side cushion of the seat and his head, and both of the little's arms were wrapped around the toy. She also noticed his bruise was almost gone and she kissed his forehead and she swear he smiled behind his pacifier After getting out Mikey and the bag from the car she walked to the front door and her Dad was there. "Hey Cheryl. Come on in, it's great to see you." Her father said. Cheryl's mother came over with her arms out. "Hey honey! Nice to see you." Her mother said excitedly as she hugged her daughter. "Great to see you guys too. But shh. He is still asleep right now." Cheryl whispered. Cheryl's parents apologized and they all sat down to talk on the large L shaped sofa. "Is this him?" Her mom asked. "Yes this is him. I just got him yesterday and he isn't the happiest of them all, but he won't run away from us all. He will try to hide. Just don't push him please. He is still afraid of me at times." Cheryl told them. She reached down to the carrier that was sat beside her and picked up Mikey out of it. He was still asleep but was starting to stirr. She faced him towards herself and rested his head on her breasts, and his bottom in her hands as the little was slumped over. "Shhhhhh." She cooed at him as he whined at her, patting his bottom and quickly getting him back to sleep and wrapping the blanket around his back to keep him warm. "Aww. He is too adorable. May I hold him?" Cheryl's mother asked. "So how did you come about him?" Her father asked as his wife went over to collect her grandson. Cheryl handed Mikey over to her mother as her dad asked about how she came into adopting. She told him the story as her mother positioned Mikey the way Cheryl was holding him just moments ago as she sat down. ************** I was trying to sleep, when I heard people talking. 'What is going on? Is this my dream or is this what's going on around me?' I thought to myself. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Mo-I mean Cheryl, and thought everything was okay so I closed my eyes again. But then it hit me. 'Wait, if she isn't holding me, then who is?' I forced myself to wake up instantly, and saw that I wasn't dreaming, and I was being held by someone else. "So, he has been just been given bottles as of right now?" I heard a voice boom, causing me to jump. I heard a slight hissing noise and a warm damp feeling spread across my crotch. My breathing became quicker, and a few pats on my bottom. But that didn't help and I looked up to see an older Amazonian staring down at me. My eyes went wide and my face went pale, except for the pink color of my cheeks, blushing from wetting myself on a complete stranger. I tried to push myself off of the Amazonian, but she had reached her arm around and supported my back and forced my head to stay on her chest. "Look, a little sombody just woke up Frank." The Amazonian said. "Aww." Frank said. 'It was him! He was the one with the really loud voice! And he is very big.' I thought to myself as I panicked. He looked he could eat me in one bite too. Seeing how I couldn't push myself off of the Amazonian woman, I started working myself up. A few seconds later, I was crying. It was all I could think of. "Mom. You woke him up on purpose. Here let me have him back before he freaks out too much." Cheryl said with annoyance to her mother. "I didn't. I promise." Her mother responded as she handed me over to Cheryl. "Mommy is right here. Shhhhh." She said as I almost clung to her when she was within arms reach. I had dropped my turtle on the way back over and Momm-I mean Cheryl, had noticed and I could feel her tucking it under my arms. I rejected it, thinking it was one of the other two Amazonians trying to pull me off. It took about ten minutes for me to calm down enough for her to even be able to get a chance that I will listen to her. "Mikey, it's alright. This is Grandma and Grandpa. They aren't going to hurt you. I promise." She said softly. Cheryl unbuttoned a few snaps at my crotch on the shortalls, and stuck two fingers into my diaper. My gaze was fixated on the two Amazonians until Cheryl did this and I squirmed for no longer than a second before I relaxed again and blushed. "If you need to, we have set up your brother's nursery again for him and stocked it too." The man said. "Thanks Dad." Cheryl chimed as she headed upstairs. "Oh it's okay sweetums." She cooed as we traveled up the stairs. We entered an open door to the right at the top of the stairs, and there it was. A nursery. I could have sworn I wet myself more on accident and I could only guess at what I was in for later.