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    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    Dont worry. I wont leave it there for long.
  2. Dealing with idiot roommate. 

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    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    Cheryl packed an overnight bag for herself and Mikey's stuff as well. She figured that he'd probably just be breastfed today after what happened. No sense in trying to feed him something when he couldn't really see. The car was packed with his collapsible crib, his toy turtle, blanket, diaperbag and a few changes of clothes, while Cheryl had brought a book for herself and a couple changes of clothes as well. She wasnt sure what she'd need. She buckled Mikey into the carseat and made sure he was tucked in with his turtle and blanket. If he woke up on the way there, he'd need something to comfort him. And she made sure he had his pacifier too. Regardless he looked so adorable. But something was off. It seemed like he was growing hair on his legs which was strange for a little since they didnt have hair anywhere other than their head. With a sigh, she tucked him into his carseat, hoping he wouldn't wake during the drive. The drive to the facility that Dr. Faulner worked at was a far drive. Mikey luckily was able to sleep for most of the ride. It still broke Cheryl's heart to see him fight her like he was. Luckily Mikey was still asleep for now but she knew it wouldn't last forever since he had slept for around 45 minutes. Cheryl picked the carrier out of the SUV at the location she was told to go. It looked like an office building. "FIAA" was written on the outside. She walked to the door and rang the buzzer. -"Please state your name and your business."- "I am Cheryl Rhien. I have to see a Dr. Faulner." She announced. There was a moment pause. -"Alright. When you enter, head to the medical research offices on the 5th floor."- The door buzzed and a latch could be heard unlocking. Cheryl entered inside. She followed the instructions of the security guard and quickly found the elevator. The building seemed eerily quiet but it was late at night and most of the lights had been turned off. Once the elevator doors opened Cheryl and Mikey are greeted by an Amazonian woman in a lab coat. "I assume you are Miss Rhein?" The Amazonian asked. Cheryl nodded. "Good. Follow me. Dr. Faulner has been waiting. I am her secretary, Sandy." She announced as she quickly moved through the main hallway. They stopped at a large double sliding sealed door with a sign next to it on the walk stating that it was the labs. Sandy swiped her electronic key and ushered Mikey and Cheryl into the room where Dr. Faulner was waiting. "Thank you so much for seeing us this late. But something is off. I dont believe he can see anymore. And I noticed he was growing hair on his legs. I've never known a Little to do that." Cheryl informed Dr. Faulner as Mikey started to stir. ****************** I slowly woke up to talking and my sleeve being rolled up. I felt a sharp sudden pain in my arm and I began to cry from the sudden rudeness on how I was awoken. I still couldn't see, however I could feel myself being lifted into the air and I squirmed. "I'll have the tests done soon. If it's as bad as I think it is... well let's hope it isn't that." I heard a familiar voice say just as a machine started up. "Shhh. Its Mommy. I know Mikey, you didnt want to wake up to that." I heard cooing from what sounded like Mommy. A loud beeping sounded and the machine stopped. "That's not good." I heard being said. "Cheryl, it's as bad as I thought. I have to go into storage and get something. But you have to choose between keeping him or sending him back home." I heard the other voice say before I heard a door close. ******************** Cheryl couldn't believe how this had happened. She had to make a choice now. Give up her baby boy, her Mikey or keep him and he can die much sooner unless a different solution could be found.
  4. DiaperBoy37

    The Struggle

    Continue please
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    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    Sorry its taking a while to update. I've hit a writers block and have been dealing with real life problems.
  6. DiaperBoy37

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    Glad you like it. I agree there arent any good male diaper dimension stories. Or many good male stories. Especially anymore since the hack.
  7. DiaperBoy37

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    I have to keep you in suspense somehow
  8. DiaperBoy37

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    "Don-na!" I called through my crying as Mommy lifted me. Suddenly I couldn't see, then I became hysterical. ************************ When Mikey started crying, she knew that cry. He wasnt upset, angry or scared. But he was terrified and she knew it. He was fighting her this time. Something he knew better not to do. "Michael, calm yourself. Now." Cheryl said sternly, but he didnt listen. She gave him a swift swat on his bottom and he stopped fighting her so much. She had no idea what was going on with him anymore. She managed to now completely pin Mikey to her chest in case he had second thoughts about doing as he was told. Unfortunately for him, this just seemed to make it worse. Even though his legs were being forced up against the upper part of her chest, he tried to kick as if he was throwing a fit, only being able to wiggle them as he squealed loudly. "That's enough!" Cheryl yelled and went over to the nearest chair. She hadn't done this since he was first adopted, but it was time for a slight refresher on not to challenge her. Mikey was only in a shirt and diaper at the time, which made it all the easier to bring down his diaper to spank him. Once he was over her lap, he continued to struggle and repeat the name, 'Donna.' "You know better Michael than to challenge me." The mother reminded him. ************************ I couldn't see anything. I heard shouting, screaming and crying. I couldn't move. I felt warmth surrounding me. There were cries for help, followed by shouting as I struggled. I was scared. "Donna", "Donna", "Donna", "Donna." I repeated in shock, taking deep breaths and said in a low tone. I heard someone who sounded like Cheryl saying something to me, angrily as I felt something wet slide away from my waist and down my legs, to my ankles. I felt a loud smack echo around me, then through me. I felt like I couldn't breath. My body felt cold and hurt. I was naked and in pain as I felt something hot pierce my back. I shook on the metallic cuffs that were pulling my arms and legs downward and around a cold steel block. I heard shouting next to me with some screaming that had come after mine. I gained my breath and let out a scream of pain, unsure of what was happening to me as more blows landed on my cheeks. I was broken, defeated, injured and scared. I couldn't see still. Everything was black for me. I had no idea who was there, my face was covered in fresh tears and snot ran from my nose. The garment around my ankles was gone, and I was lain on my back with a strap going over my chest. I continued to try to catch my breath as I cried, my chest trembling every inhale and exhale made. My legs raised into the air and I squealed as I felt a cool moist cloth rub against my bottom. Next there was a cold cream that felt actually good, being rubbed against my bottom. I heard a crinkling sound after my legs were down and the familiar smell of baby powder filling the air around me before I felt the soft padding I always felt nowadays. The strap released and I was quickly in the air. I felt whoever it was, was carrying me and next thing I knew, I was laying on their belly, face down, crying into the Amazonian's bosom. "Shhhhh." I was told. Lifting my head, expecting to see who it was that was doing this to me, and all that came was darkness. A gentle press, pushed my head back down and onto its side, I could hear the heartbeat and the breathing of them. "You're okay now. Shhhhh. Just breathe." I heard Mommy say. 'Okay. So its Mommy holding me still.' I thought to myself. A gentle touch on my back caused me to shudder in response. A hand on the base of my skull, rubbing behind my ear was helping me calm down. I just wish I knew where I was. ******************************** Cheryl had never seen him this way. Mikey had mostly calmed down a few long minutes later, but she didnt want to get him riled up again. She saw the mirror and his eyes were wide open and he was scanning the room but there wasn't anything to look for. She snapped her fingers next to him and looked towards her hand but his eyes kept scanning for something. He whimpered and set his head back down, now grabbing Cheryl's shirt. Mikey fell asleep again, this time without much issue. Cheryl ran her fingers through her son's hair before calling Dr. Faunler. "Hello? It's me Cheryl. We need to talk about Mikey. Something's wrong with him.- I'll bring him over tonight."
  9. DiaperBoy37

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    There has been foreshadowing throughout the story. And even since the beginning. I'm surprised no one has truly noticed yet. This last update is "short" because the other updates were me reposting everything. The story will get more interesting, believe me. But one thing I have to say is, the sister had only that purpose.
  10. DiaperBoy37

    Roleplay Request

    Anyone interested in playing a parental role, please leave a message or message me.
  11. I've been... raped...

    1. Kenseibert
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      I hope you are ok

  12. DiaperBoy37

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    Cheryl drove home and found Mikey was still asleep when they got home after. "As much trouble as he can be sometimes. He is still worth it." She whispered to herself before Mikey nuzzled his head in into the carseat. Cheryl lifted him out of the carseat and carried him inside, supporting his bottom as she held him low. She left some of the things she had in the car from work and tool the sleeping Little to his room. Once inside the nursery, it was a bit messy from this morning and having little time to get everything ready. Mikey started to stir. "Shhhhh." She said, gently combing her fingers through his hair to settle him down. Cheryl lowered the crib bars and settled the little down on his back and covered him up to finish his nap. She kissed his forehead and raised up the side of the crib before started to clean up the room. As she cleaned up the room she heard something moving around in Mikey's crib and when she turned around, he was standing up, holding onto the bars with one hand and rubbing his eyes with his other hand. "Ohh whats the matter bubba?" Cheryl said as she headed over his crib. "Does someone need a change?" She kissed her son's forehead where the bruise used to be after she picked him up. Right after she started rocking him to keep him calm. ******************* I nuzzled her neck after she kissed my forehead. I wanted my Mommy... and to be changed but I wasnt supposed to ask for it. I learned that if I ask, I wait longer. But I was still tired too and after a few moments, I returned back to my slumber, but what was next wasn't a dream. "Hey little bro! Happy birthday!" Said a familiar voice. I opened my eyes, it was Donna, my older sister. It was my 21st birthday party. It was only her this year. We both moved away from home and couldn't see our parents but... just as I made a wish that my sister and I would have good fortune when they showed up. We had heard of these gigantic humans kidnapping people through portals but when one showed up to snatch me, I was praying they didnt catch her too, but luckily she got away. I guess not so lucky day for me. I was dragged screaming through the portal. It had an array of colors to it and as soon as we entered, I saw all of them start swirling. I reached for the hole back to my home as I was carried like a child. Then all I remember was having a headache. I woke up back in my crib, sweating. I was loosely swaddled and I was thrashing around when I woke up. Mommy just entered the room just as I had unwrapped myself. As soon as she came into sight I began bawling.
  13. DiaperBoy37

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    Don't worry. I didnt forget about this story. It's just been rough.
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    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    No the story is not over.
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    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    So, I was wondering, what is everyone's favorite part and why?