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  1. Video Game: Perpetual Change

    Any new update on this?
  2. Not funny

    Glennie, you apologized for removing it before and it was put back. And when you say "link" whgast exactly do you mean by that. Because to me the link worked perfectly fine. Every time until it was removed.
  3. Not funny

    Mine was half way reposted and got deleted anyway
  4. Not funny

    My story keeps being taken down even though only about half it's contents are missing, and being reposted. Last time it was a misunderstanding but now it doesn't seem so. My story was DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky
  5. Here is mine. I just wish there are more boy diaper dimension stories.
  6. Adopted and Regressed (private)

    Ian also through most of the night until his bladder woke him up. Ian woke up in the middle of the night and was usually a morning person, but had a hard time waking up. "Hello?" He called out sleepily as the pressure in his bladder built up pressure, feeling all of this was normal due to his dream being about being a baby. Ian laid on his side, ready to sleep again when he got changed. But no one came at first so he started crying.
  7. Adopted and Regressed (private)

    Ian felt his eyes get heavier and heavier as the rocking continued. "Buh-Buh.Dad-d" Was all he could say before falling asleep in the arms of his new daddy. A quiet little snore came from him as he slept.
  8. Adopted and Regressed (private)

    Ian's eyes became droopy but he wasn't done yet. "I don't want to get made fun of Daddy." He said, very worried about how his new uncle was going to act.
  9. Adopted and Regressed (private)

    Ian blushed and looked away. "But wouldn't it be weird to call him my uncle if he isn't my uncle... a-and don't you have a brother that is older?" He asked his daddy. Ian was exhausted from today and he wasn't looking forwards to tomorrow either since he will be a laughingstock by being babysat by someone younger than he is. The thought made Ian cry.
  10. Adopted and Regressed (private)

    "Uncle Joey? How can he be my uncle?" Ian asked. He hated the sounds of things already and he couldn't fight back because he was exhausted. Out of frustration, Ian started crying.
  11. Adopted and Regressed (private)

    "No! Please! Can't I just go to work with you instead?" Ian started to freak out more, he remembered all the times being bullied about his size,
  12. Adopted and Regressed (private)

    Ian spit his food out of his mouth. "What! A babysitter!" Ian stopped eating and leaned back as far as he could in the highchair.
  13. Adopted and Regressed (private)

    Ian struggled and tried pushing off the tray in the high chair. "Where do you even get something like this?" He asked after he gave up a short moment later. Once the food was set down, Ian started to eat, but just wanted to eat and didn't care now that he was eating, even if it was fed to him.
  14. Adopted and Regressed (private)

    Ian, defeated for the day, allowed his daddy to carry him. But upon mention of a talk, Ian became curious. "What about." Ian blushed realizing he had been called 'love.'
  15. Adopted and Regressed (private)

    Ian's stomach growled and he whimpered. "Fine." He blushed. "But I better be eating what you are eating too. I don't want actual infant food." He tried to reason.