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Found 13 results

  1. Drownedinp

    The Proffesionals.

    Rebbecca worked at an old law firm, one that had been started about 90 years ago! Old Mr. Snedly's father had started it! Passed it on to his son old Mr. Snedly, who brought his son Middle Mr. Snedly on as a partner, who brought his son Young Mr. Snedly in as a partner! Young was misleading he was almost 60. She had worked for him for about 10 years! They had hired her right out of University, and she had worked for them since! She was considered beautiful, she had to beat Old Mr. Snedly off with a stick, he might be old as dirt, but he certainly was a dirty old man! It kept her on her toes, he followed her to the lady's restroom one day, seveal years ago! That was her hiding place up until then! She was blonde, which some people thought meant stupid! They had bought into the dumb blonde jokes! She liked it when the men underestimated her she was no blonde joke, you did that and she would hand you your ass! She still went to the gym about two or three times a week where she did Zumba and did cardiovascular exercises. Plus she lifted weights! Her body was toned, as she got older, it was getting harder to stay that way! Rebbecca was also married to her husband of about 8 years Stuart or Stu as everyone called him! He was a a cop, well he was in charge of Dispatch for the local Police Department. He had cought a few bullits and it left him with some medical issues one was his lung was damaged running made him pass out, the one good lung he had left couldn't keep up with the oxygen needs of his body, so he would pass out! He still lifted lots of weights and worked out with machines! Just nothing that involved running or lots of cardiovascular exercises! Rebbecca Called Stu and told him that it looks like another late night for her tonight! Should I save you dinner Becca? That's what he called her. Better not it looks like until the wee hours of the morning! We got that lawsuit that were fighting for our client! Looks like a late night strategy meeting, they will probably bring us in food! Sorry I can't spend this beautiful Friday night with you dear, Rebbecca said! Well maybe I'll see you late, late tonight Stu said, you know I love you Mrs Phelps! Yes I am aware Mr. Phelps! See you when I get home then, maybe! It was another boring strategy meeting, Rebecca was fried, she had started work at 7 am and here it was almost midnight in about 19 minutes! Old Mr. Snedly was dozing off she didn't mind at least when he was asleep he wasn't chasing her! Since the Senior partner was falling asleep they decided that the meeting needed to end! It would be midnight in 12 minutes. She got out of there as fast as she possibly could, into her car, onto the freeway, and home, her watch read 12:07 am as se walked through the door. She started dropping clothes her jacket then her blouse her bra came next! Dammit if it didn't feel great to unleash her girls! Her tweed skirt was unziped, it was the companion to her jacket, dropped about 1/2 the way up the stairs! Her panty hose was next. As she she arrived at the door clad only in her panties she took them off so she was entirely naked as she entered her bed room! Stu was aseep she was naked, she had a thought of her and Stu getting it on, or one of Stu's favorite a lick in the whiskers! She pulled the blankets down on her side of the bed and there they were! Her two thick nighttime diapers and her plastic panties! And her pajamas! Stu was so conciderate! At 32 years old Rebbecca still wet her bed, like she had when she was 5,15 or 25, she had never stopped! She checked Stu, sure enough he had his protection on for the night! When he was shot a bullit hit the nerve that controls Stu's bladder in the day time he's not got a probem! At night he culdnt stay dry if his life depended on it, just like her! They had met when Stu was suing the city! They weren't going to dismiss him due to being left a bed wetter! But was suing claiming that there were other jobs that he could do, like dispatch lead! The job had been given to a female but since he met the criteria, and was a male they had overlooked him! He was claiming sexual harrasment! She ended up being his attorney! They won the case he was able to do the dispatch coordinator job! During the trial his medical issues were brought up including his bed wetting!
  2. JUNE 20 - ADDED A HAND-FULL OF BREAK POINTS TO MAKE IT EASIER TO READ THIS FIRST PART Loose papers, file folders, thick books and numerous legal pads were scattered across the boardroom table. At the head of the table, an older man leaned on the polished oak, looking down at a small pile of documents in front of him. He reached down and flipped open one of the file folders, pulled a post-it note from where it had been stuck. Not looking up he said, “Miss St. James.” “Yes, Mr Cotton?” He looked up then, grey eyes seeking out the young woman. “Go down to the library, I need you to check all the cases from 1986.” Kristine St. James nodded at the tall Oscar Cotton. “Yes sir. What do you want me to find?” He looked at the post-it note again and then said, “You’ll know it when you find it.” Several of the other people in the room, all young men and women, rolled their eyes, and one dark-haired man gave her a sympathetic look. However, Kristine only said, “Yes sir.” Oscar nodded and then began to shift through the documents in front of him. By the door was a polished aluminium coat rack on which hung some expensive suit jackets, mostly blue and black. Kristine took a jacket of dark red, worsted wool and slipped it over a white blouse, open at the collar. Before leaving she grabbed a messenger bag, heavy with the laptop within. Beyond the boardroom was a large, open office space, the perimeter made up of other such boardrooms and offices for the lawyers. She paused, looked around, promised herself she would have one of those offices in two years. As she walked to the elevators the two-inch heels of her pumps clicked on the office's hardwood floor. Hardwood floors were just one of those things that the law firm of Cotton and Black used to set itself apart from the others. The elevator took her down to the lobby, and she crossed the tiled floors, towards the stairs. She was a young woman, looked more or less her twenty-five years, average across the board, maybe a little pretty. No one gave her any more attention than anyone else. She walked down two flights of stairs, into the sub-basement. Cotton and Black had space down there, for storage and the library. Her security key got her into the room. She reached out and flipped on the lights. The fluorescents came on with a quiet but pervasive ‘hum’ and a barely perceptible flicker. “Too bad the clients don’t come down here,” she said, walking over to one of the scarred wooden tables and placing her bag on it. The cases for 1986 occupied their own shelf. Books of past cases and the legal precedents set in them. She pulled several down, carried the heavy armful back to the table, placed them down on one end. From her bag, she brought out a beat up, old laptop, and several pads of legal paper. “Okay, let’s go fishing,” she said, and then pulled a book towards her, sat down, and flipped it open. Time passed. She ran numerous searched on her laptop, filled almost an entire pad with notes and photocopied nearly one hundred pages. Feeling she had found everything she (and Oscar) wanted Kristine put the books back in place and then left the library, snapping off the lights behind her. She had been there for almost four hours, and it was a little after seven in the evening. The offices of Cotton and Black were not empty, but most everyone had gone home. Kristine might have gone home herself, but she really wanted to get things finished up. She sat at her cubicle, a far cry from the office she wanted, logged into the desktop computer and then began to write up the document. It was almost ten when she finally finished putting everything in order. All the precedents neatly organised, from the ones that had the most relevance to the case to the ones that had the least. There were a few good ones there, but nothing that she would have considered a home-run in the case. She could only hope she got what Oscar Cotton had wanted. While the computer logged off, she stretched in her chair, arms above her head. Flopping bonelessly she slumped in her chair, eyes closed. So simple to just fall asleep in the chair. She would feel like hell tomorrow. Standing she took her jacket from the back of the chair, then slipped her arms into it, pulling it straight. Grabbing her messenger bag up she walked through the nearly empty room, towards the elevators. She almost ran into someone coming out of one of the offices. “Oh, sorry,” Kristine said, jumping back. The other woman started, took a step back, then shook her head. “No problem. Here late?” “Yes Mrs Kirk.” Linda Kirk looked at Kristine for a few seconds. “You’re working with Oscar.” “Yes Mrs Kirk.” “St. Just?” “St. James.” “Sorry.” Kristine smiled. “No problem.” Linda nodded and started towards the elevators. She walked slowly, and Kristine took that as an invitation to fall in beside her. Linda was a little taller than average, and her three-inch heels made her stand taller than Kristine. She was a beautiful blonde, blue-eyed woman, looking to be in her late thirties, but probably older than that. Married, as Kristine understood it. Not happily, according to office gossip. Kristine tried not to pay attention to such gossip. Linda was the kind of lawyer that Kristine wanted to be, minus the wedding. “You’ve been here for about six months,” Linda said. “Yes. Came in around April.” “Do you like it here?” She and Linda had arrived at the elevators and Linda reached out and pressed the call button. “I do,” Kristine said. “Are you hoping for a job?” Kristine knew what Linda meant. “Yes.” “Work hours like this and you’ll probably get it.” “Thank you.” “Don’t let it take over your life though.” “Pardon?” “You’re a young woman. I suspect some of the other people articling are out having some fun. God knows I did a few times.” “I’ll remember that, but,” she paused, “I like the job.” Linda looked down at her, not that there was that great of a difference in their heights. “I suppose you do, but still…” The elevator ‘dinged’ and the doors opened. They both stepped in. Kristine reached out and pressed the button for the lobby. As the doors closed, Linda said, “Just don’t burn yourself out.” “I won’t,” Kristine said. They ended up riding down in silence. Kristine looked at the muddy reflection in the dull silver doors. All she could really make out was her dark hair, brown, worn to her shoulders. Different from Linda’s long, blonde hair. “It was nice to speak with you,” Linda said as the elevator doors opened on the lobby, then walked out. “You too,” Linda said, following. Linda’s longer strides made it clear that their conversation was over. Still, she followed Linda across the lobby and out of the building. They went different ways a few steps later, with Linda stopping by the side of the road to hail a taxi while Kristine turned and walked down the block towards the subway entrance. When she reached the platform, she took a moment to check her phone. There was a message from Daniel, the dark-haired young man from earlier in the day. He and the others had gone out for drinks, wanted to know if she was going to come. She considered it for a moment but chose not to, sending him a text message telling him she’d go out drinking tomorrow night. Friday night. Tonight she’d get some sleep and be ready for a busy day tomorrow. In another place a busty woman with cat ears sat in a booth, several women with rabbit ears tight around her, hugging her, pouring her drinks, laughing with her, sharing kisses. The cat-eared woman laughed loud and drank deep. “Another round,” she called out. The rabbit-eared women cheered. “Tac is so generous,” a bunny girl with ridiculously huge breasts said. “Of course I am my sweet little hare, the party never ends,” Tac said. She was well dressed, in a tuxedo cut to flatter her feminine curves, her black hair cut in a short bob that called attention to a long, feminine neck. The waiter came by with a new bottle. He coughed, as if uncomfortable. “You’ve run out of money ma’am.” Tac produced a card from her jacket and handed it to the waiter. “Of course, put another fortune for my tab, and twenty percent for tips across the board!” “Of course ma’am.” The rabbit girls squealed happily, fighting to throw their arms around Tac as the waiter nearly skipped off. “Oh, my life is good!” Tac crowed. A new glass of alcohol (a catnip whisky) had been poured, and Tac was slipping her hands under the clothing of her table mate. “I’m a pussy that knows my stuff,” she told one of the rabbit girls as she slipped a hand between her legs. Someone coughed loudly. Tac looked over her shoulder. Behind her was an older woman, dressed in a severe but beautiful dress. Her lower body was that of a snake. “What is it mama-san?” Tac asked. “Do you have a new girl you want me to meet.” The woman smiled, though it did not touch her eyes. “I am afraid that your card has been denied.” She placed the card on the table. Tac straightened. “Impossible.” She reached for the card. “I am afraid it is true. Do you have another form of payment?” Tac looked at the card, then shook her head. “Only barbarians carry cash.” “Enjoy the bottle, it is your last. Girls.” “Awww, sorry Tac,” one of the girls said as she and the others slipped from the booth. Tac sighed and slipped the card into her jacket. “Share a glass with me Mama-san?” she asked, holding up the still mostly full bottle. “For old times sake,” she replied, slipping the upper part of her body into the booth, leaving her tail to the side. “To the good old days,” Tac said, lifting her glass after she had poured two full tumblers. “You have spent the good old days here,” the snake woman said as she tapped the rim of her glass against Tac’s. “You jest,” Tac said and took a drink. “Why I have hardly been here…” she looked at her watch. “Wow! No wonder they cancelled my card.” “I wish you well,” the snake woman said, finishing the drink. “When you are rolling in money again, you are of course welcome.” “You’ve got a heart of gold Mama-san.” “If that were true I would have cut it out long ago.” That said she slithered off, leaving Tac alone. She poured herself one last drink, then corked the bottle. She had paid for it so she would take it with her. After knocking back the generous measure, she got up and walked with the exaggerated and affected grace of one very drunk. Outside the bar, it was daylight. Bright daylight. Tac’s green cat eyes narrowed, and she raised her free hand up to shade her face. “This sort of day is obscene,” Tac said. “There is only one obscene thing here, and that is you.” Tac turned to the speaker. “Gorgeous,” she said as if the word tasted like ashes. Not entirely living up to her name, the rail-thin Gorgeous with soft brown skin, kohl-lined eyes and perked up Anubis ears seemed a pretty Egyptian princess. “You are an embarrassment,” Gorgeous said. “A sexy embarrassment, with cat class and cat style,” Tac smiled, taking her hand away from her brow to place it across her chest. Gorgeous’ lips twitched into scowl for a moment. “You’ve left your job undone.” “What? You told me to take a couple of years break before starting up work again.” Voice expressing insult as eyes widened in surprise. “A couple of years! Two! Like a married couple. You’ve been in that bar for twenty-three!” “Your definition of marriage seems both heteronormative and supporting only monogamous pairings. In some cultures I am easily married to many of the women in that club,” she took her hand from her chest and made a gesture, pointing behind her with a thumb, “and our ‘couple’ is much larger than two.” “Really? That’s your answer. Twenty-three years in a club and all you can do is argue that you have a different definition of a word? You aren’t even going to act embarrassed that you have been spending a fortune of the organisation’s money on a party?” “So it was you that got my card cancelled. That’s low even for you.” Tac took a few steps forward and stood nearly nose to nose with Gorgeous. “You owe me an apology.” Gorgeous seemed exceptionally off-put by Tac’s attack, and stammered out, “But it was you…” She took a deep breath, threw her shoulders back and puffed out her chest. “If you want your card reactivated you had better do your job. There is a candidate that you have to take care of.” Tac shuffled a step back, realising that she had lost the opportunity to claim the moral high ground. “But it has been twenty-three years, surely that is too late. Maybe it is time I got shuffled into an office job?” “Oh? Now twenty-three years seems too long?” “Well, for the job. The candidate is probably dead right? Humans only live about fifteen years, right?” “You know that is not true!” Gorgeous snapped angrily, taking a step forward. Tac skipped back several steps. “But you got to admit, it is like too late. I mean, what adult would ever accept the deal?” Gorgeous smiled. Tac did not like that smile. “Well, that is your problem now. You want your account reactivated, you get your candidate to accept the contract. And until you do, you are persona-non-grata at the organisation. And don’t expect to get any sort of reference from us if you just decide to quit and seek a new job.” “Well, shit,” Tac said. “Kristine, good work on that report,” Oscar Cotton said as he came into the boardroom. Kristine and the other people assigned to work with Oscar had come in earlier, had been working for about twenty minutes already. “Thank you, Mr Cotton. So I found the precedent you want?” “Not at all,” he told her, smiling. “But it was good work, and it reminded me of what I was looking for.” He held up a law journal and then tossed it onto the table. “I want you to all go through the marked pages,” he told them, “give me your impressions. That is what we will be basing our defence on.” With a focus for their work, Kristine and the others set down to get all of the details hammered out while Oscar put it all together in a cohesive whole. “Miss St. James,” Oscar said near the middle of the day, “would you like to join me in court on Monday?” “Me Mr Cotton?” A moment of modesty, just not to seem too opportunistic. “Yes. I would appreciate it.” But it helped to seem a little opportunistic. “Very good. Okay, let’s dot our i’s and cross our t’s,” he told the rest of the team, smiling. Kristine knew there would be a little bad-blood that she was going to assist Mr Cotton at the trial, but she knew it would not last. She had nursed short-lived grudges about the same thing. A little before six in the evening Oscar pronounced them ready. “Get some rest, have a little fun.” Dismissed they gathered up their things to head out. Daniel fell in beside her as they entered the elevator, Olivia Smoke on her other side. “Going to sit in the big seat,” Olivia teased. Dark hair, dark skinned, handsome, Olivia stood out in all the right ways. “Will you remember us little people?” Daniel asked her. “Just like you remembered us when Mrs Kirk had you help you on the Rafter case?” “I did enjoy lording it over all you peons,” he said, striking an arrogant pose. Kristine and Olivia laughed. “You heard the boss,” Olivia said as she hooked an arm through Kristine’s. “Let’s go and have some fun.” Daniel put a hand on Kristine’s shoulder. “You did promise me to go out drinking tonight.” Kristine laughed as the three of them strode out of the elevator as it opened on the lobby. “Then let’s enjoy a night of debauchery.” Close by were some upper-class bars, very expensive. They stopped in one for a few drinks, letting themselves enjoy the finer things. “For practice when we are all big shot lawyers,” Kristine said. However money did not go far there, and they piled into the subway, heading downtown to less genteel but much cheaper options. They drank heavily, in celebration, for another week done. Daniel handled his booze better than the other two, and watched over them, even when drunk, knocking over glasses that had been left unattended and sending them to get fresh drinks, staying close to them, so they were not bothered too much. Kristine liked him. She liked Olivia more. The two of them, she and Olivia, ended up in a stall in the woman’s bathroom, their hands in each other’s panties. Near last call, Daniel saw them both into taxi cabs. Sending them off to their homes. Kristine sobered up a little on the ride back to her apartment. She stretched lazily in the back seat, and the taxi driver kept up a stream of what sounded like meaningless conversation. One thought dominated her thoughts. On Monday she would be in court. It was going to be an excellent opportunity to learn. The cab dropped her off at a nothing special high-rise, close to the university. Not a bad part of town, but loud students made it less desirable for older people and those with families. Kristine could just afford the small bachelors apartment she rented, with a little left over after food to enjoy a few nights out each week. She passed through the security door, and into the lobby. Took the elevator up to the fourteenth floor. She walked stockinged foot along the faded, slightly ratty carpet with the blue and gold pattern, her heels in her hand. When she reached the door to her apartment, a cat waited for her, sitting right in her way. “What’s up?” the cat asked. Kristine frowned. She was nowhere near drunk enough that she should be hallucinating. It was unlikely anyone had slipped her anything. Which meant she was facing a talking animal. “Get the hell out of here,” she told the cat, kicking at it. She did not think to connect, but the cat jumped away from the kick and from the door, and Kristine quickly unlocked it and slid inside. “Damn magic animals,” she said as she pushed the door closed and locked it. “That was hardly nice.” Kristine looked over her shoulder. That cat sat on the floor behind her. “Of course.” She turned and slid down the door, so she was sitting on the floor. “Don’t you have to be invited in?” “You are thinking of vampires.” She closed her eyes. Took a deep breath. “What do you want?” “Become a Magical Girl.” “Fuck no!” She said, opening her eyes, straightening to her feet. The cat was gone. In its place was a beautiful woman in a tuxedo, cat ears upon her head. She understood, intellectually, that cat and woman were the same, but it surprised her none the less, and she swayed on her feet. “Come on, don’t be like that?” The woman stepped closer. “I’m Tac. You’re Kristine. Introductions over.” She put a hand on Kristine’s bare hand. “Now become a Magical Girl.” Kristine shivered at the touch and pulled back. “No.” She pushed past Tac and into the centre of the small apartment, between the couch and the TV. “Every girl wants to be a Magical Girl,” Tac told her. “Exactly, every girl. No woman. I’m a woman.” “Don’t I know it,” Tac said with a smile that made Kristine feel as if she were naked. And realise that she might not mind it if she were naked. “Then why ask me? Find some actual girl.” “You’re my target. Sorry. Become a Magical Girl. You’ll be a superhero. What’s so bad about that?” Kristine shook her head, then reached for the TV remote. With a beep, the TV came on. She flipped through the channels until she found what she was looking for. “There. That’s a Magical Girl.” There was some kind of panel show on the TV. One of the guests was a young woman in an extravagant pink mini dress, pink hair done up in an impossible style. “Hey, that Magical Parfait, one of the Baker’s Dozen,” Tac said. “Been forever since I saw them. She’s looking well.” Kristine nodded. “I know who she is. She or some other pathetic once was are always on late night TV, being an embarrassment. That’s what happens to Magical Girls, now that there is nothing left to fight. Why would I become one of those people? It would be embarrassing, becoming a joke, hell I think my employment contract says I can’t become magical.” “You make a few good points, but I don’t really care. Let’s fuck and then you can become a magical girl.” Kristine almost said, ‘Yes to the first part, no to the second.’ Instead, she said, “Get out or I am calling the cops.” Tac took a step back, holding up her hands. “Okay, okay. I’m going, but think about it.” Before Kristine could tell Tac that there was nothing that needed to be thought about, Tac was gone. “God damn magic,” Kristine muttered. BREAK POINT#1 Morning came. Kristine woke in her bed (a folding couch), looking up at her room’s ceiling. She wondered it a magical animal had actually offered her the opportunity to become a magical girl. It seemed like something that should be a dream. But it did not feel like a dream. Well, she had refused it, and that was what mattered the most. She went about her morning routines, then chores. The small apartment made it easy to clean. She held up her suit from the previous night. Partying and bathroom sex had done a bit of a number on it. The suit and a few other things got folded into a bag, to be dropped off at the dry cleaners, different clothes got stuffed in a mesh laundry bag. She would take them down to the building’s laundry room later. Dressing in faded jeans and a smart, cream, peasant blouse, she took up her purse and the bag of clothing and headed out. Standing outside of her door, waiting for her, was the cat. She looked back and forth, to make sure she was alone, then said to the cat, “Go to hell.” “Come on. Become a Magical Girl.” “Go to hell,” she said again, enunciating each word. Then she turned and walked towards the elevators. “You get magic, you’ll be really strong and fast. You won’t ever get a cold again,” the cat told her, following at her heels. “There is not really a downside.” “What part of go to hell don’t you understand,” Kristine asked, looking down at the cat she walked. “Is it the ‘hell’ part? It can’t be the ‘go’ part.” “The part where you won’t become a Magical Girl.” Kristine stopped at the elevators, she jabbed the down button then turned and grabbed the cat, picking it up by its scruff. “Hey, hands off the fur.” Ignoring the outburst she lifted it up, so it was hanging in front of her face, and they were eye to eye. “Get this kitty. I will never become a Magical Girl. Never, ever. If you keep bothering me, I’ll find a magical violin maker and tell them there is some magical catgut around here and they can come and get it.” “Oh real nice. How’d you like it if people were making things out of human organs?” “Don’t bother me again. The answer is and will always be no.” There was the sound of the elevator door opening. Kristine dropped the cat and stepped back into the, fortunately, empty elevator car. The cat did not follow her. Watching the doors closed Tac’s feline eyes narrowed. “If you want to play rough, I can play rough lady. Oh, I can play very rough.” Maybe once the room had been something more. Maybe once it had been clean, and sunlit, where decent people gathered. But that did not seem likely. A handful of lights made the shadows all that deeper. The walls and the floor were bare cement. It smelt of mould, stale vomit, piss and beer. The clientele often smelled just as bad. At the bar, a large figure sat. Swathed in a long overcoat and wide-brimmed hat, seeming to carry a cloud of shadows about itself. Every now and then the bartender would place a glass, filled from an unlabelled bottle, in front of the figure and the figure would throw some tattered bills on the bar. When Tac entered the bar almost every pair of eyes (in a few cases a single eye and in some more than two) was turned towards her. She was obviously out of place, with grace and style that was discordant with the general atmosphere of malignant neglect. A few watchers licked lips or gripped groins, but most identified Tac as bad news and looked away. Tac, after placing a handkerchief on the stool, took a seat beside the large figure. The figure was one of the few who had not looked towards her. “General Hemlock, the First Lance of the Rose Empress… how the mighty have fallen.” Slowly the figure turned its head towards Tac. The brim of the hat cast most of the face in shadow, buy toxic green eyes shone out. “You were with those bitches.” “The Charms, Princess Calliope. She was the one who killed Empress Rose at the end. She was the one that beat you, then left you. She thought she was kind.” The glass Hemlock’s hand shattered. “Yeah, it’s sad. You didn’t die in battle, and you didn’t protect your Empress. And you can’t go home, and you can’t do anything here, except drink.” Hemlock stood, towering over Tac. “Oh dear,” Tac said carelessly. “Are you going to kill me?” For a moment Hemlock stood there, then his shoulders sagged, and he seemed to shrink in on himself. He dropped back onto his stool, turned away from Tac, back to the bar. A few bills were tossed onto the bar, for another drink. “That’s what I thought,” Tac said with a smile. “Still, maybe there is an opportunity. You see, there is a brand new Magical Girl out there. Just maybe you could kill her. Kill a Magical Girl, and you could probably return home, little bit of honour instead of disgrace.” Hemlock’s head dipped, perhaps he was nodding. “Or she kills you, but you die like the great warrior you are.” The bartender placed a new drink in front of Hemlock. Hemlock picked it up and drank most of it in one gulp. “Tell me more,” Hemlock said. Kristine enjoyed a cup of coffee in a small cafe. She had a shopping bag on the seat beside her; her dry cleaning had been dropped off earlier. There was a little more shopping she needed to do but was happy to take a small rest. On Monday she would be in court. That was what mattered. Not some stupid cat who wanted her to become a ridiculous Magical Girl. She finished her coffee, dropped a handful of change beside the empty cup, then left the cafe at a leisurely walk. She looked around, trying to decide where to go first. She saw the people staring before she saw what they were staring at. She followed their gazes and spotted what had attracted so much attention. A ridiculously large figure, dressed in a trench coat, wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Was it some kind stunt, she wondered? Her mind on how unbelievable the figure was it took her a moment to realise it was heading towards her. She turned, looked both ways, then dashed across the street as soon as there was an opening. Having a road between her and the strange giant in black made her feel a bit better. The sound of tires screeching and horns honking made her turn. The large figure had stepped onto the road, and even as she watched, one of the cars slammed into him with a metal crunching sound. Knocked forward the figure flew through the air for a few feet and then hit the ground, losing its hat in the process. Kristine’s mouth was open in shock. Then the figure got to its feet. Without the hat an inhuman face was visible, looking more like the rough bark of a tree, with small, glowing green eyes and a simple black slash across the lower part for a mouth. It got to its feet and, ignoring the car, continued forward. Right at Kristine. When she realised it was coming right at her, she turned to run. However, with impossibly long arms it reached out and grabbed her. “Where is she?” the thing screamed at her, drawing her close. Kristine stared at it, fear wide eyes showing white all around. “Where is she?” The words were punctuated with a shake that made muscles hurt. “I don’t know what you are talking about,” Kristine almost babbled. It slammed her against the pole of a street light. Kristine was sure bones had broken. “Come out and fight me!” it screamed, then hurled Kristine through a shop window. She was certain something snapped when she hit the glass, then the glass shattered and cut her as she went crashing into a clothing shop. I am going to die. The thought was clear. “Things don’t look good for you.” Kristine shifted her gaze, towards the voice. Tac, as a cat, sat nearby. “What…” “Some monster is going to kill you, sad,” Tac told her. “Help…” “I’d love to, but I am a lover, not a fighter. But you could be a fighter. Want to become a Magical Girl? Better than dying.” There was the sound of glass being crushed, something breaking. That thing was coming after her. She knew this was wrong, but there was too much pain, and her head was ringing. She could hardly think. But she did not want to die. “Okay,” she said, giving up. The cat’s eyes glowed. “Say the words,” it said. The words? What words? Then she knew. The words that would seal the covenant. By the Power of Innocence, I am Nursery Knight Kristine. Those were the words. Those were what she said. She was almost certain what she heard was, ‘By the Powa of Innothenthe, I’m Nurthwy Knight Kwithy’. However at the moment what she heard was not as important as what was happening. The pain faded, the cuts closed up, and bruises disappeared. Her clothing changed, though she could not see, and it felt weird. Something was happening to her hair like someone was combing it and styling it. As she stood, she felt something weigh her hand down and looked to see she was holding some odd looking, giant plastic looking mace. It looked like… “You!” She turned towards the monster. “You are the Magical Girl!” “I guethh I am,” she said and wondered again at what she heard. The monster charged her. Without thinking she swung the mace out to crash into the monster. The blow lifted it from its feet and hurled it out the window. Wow! She was strong. “You better finish it off before anyone gets hurt,” Tac said. Kristine did not want to finish anything off, but if she did not then, it might very well hurt others. And it might come after her again. So she went out, leaping through the smashed window, onto the street. The monster was getting up from where it had landed, in the middle of the street. “I am the late Empress Rose’s General Hemlock, and I dedicate your death to her memory and honour!” it screamed. Words again flashed through her mind, “Innothent Wattle Thaker!” Leaping forward she swung the mace around, bringing it down on the monster’s head. The force of the blow drove General Hemlock to his knees, and the asphalt under it cracked. Its head was twisted over to the side. “Ah, still too weak,” it said sadly. “Finish me Mag…” Kristine hit it again, hard as she could. It did not move. Stepping back she thought she should be breathing heavily, thought her heart should be beating like a drum, but neither of those things were true. She felt perfectly fine. Perfectly calm. “Good job,” Tac said from where she had leapt up onto the broken windowsill. Kristine tuned towards the cat. She noticed people around her had lifted their phones, were taking pictures or videos. They seemed amused. “Don’t worry,” Tac said, “no one can get a good picture of you.” A few people started laughing, laughing at her. She moved, fast, faster than anyone might expect. She was not even sure how she did it, she just did. A man stumbled back from her, but she took his phone from him before he could stop her. He did not seem to think things were so funny. She turned it around and looked at the picture. The face was blurry, and there was something indistinct about the picture. Likely what Tac had meant when he said no one could get a good picture of her. But she could see enough to know why people were laughing. The girl in the picture was dressed in a ridiculous baby blue, child’s party dress, with a puffy skirt and puffed sleeves and a big bow in the back. And the puffy skirt was short enough to make it evident that the girl was wearing a diaper. Carrying a comically colossal rattle (her mace) with a pacifier clipped to the dress, hanging off a white ribbon. Oh, and her hair was done up in pigtails. “Cat, what the hell ith thith!?” “Magical Girl Nursery Knight Kristie,” the cat said. “What do you think a Nursery Knight would wear?” Kristine looked around. People were watching her, still taking pictures. She hated it, hated that they were looking at her like some kind of joke. Without thinking about it, she snapped up the pacifier and put it in her mouth. I just want this to all go away, she thought. It did not, but the people looked surprised. They lowered the phones they had been using to take her picture, looked around in confusion. “The pacifier makes you invisible to almost anyone but me, and probably soothes you as well,” Tac said, walking towards her. “No, don’t take it out of your mouth, not if you don’t want everyone staring at you. Why don’t you give the nice man back his phone and then we’ll take a walk.” Kristine nodded and slid the phone into the man’s pocket, as quick as she had taken it from him. He made a sound of surprise, looking around. “Come on,” Tac said. Kristine followed, the pacifier in her mouth, waddling slightly because of the bulk between her legs. It was humiliating. At least no one could see her now. And no one would be able to identify her from the pictures. The cat led the way down the street and into an alley. She jumped up on a dumpster and turned to give Kristine a look over. “Very nice,” Tac said after a few seconds. “Extraordinarily cute. Just what I would expect of a Nursery Knight.” Kristine wanted to take the pacifier from her mouth and swear a blue streak at the cat but did not want to risk becoming visible again. She shifted from foot to foot in agitation. “Well, let’s start your lessons. So, you have a mace, solid weapon, looks like a Silver 7 special version, so you can teleport.” “Tewepot?” she mumbled around the pacifier. “Right. Let’s start simple. Turn around, see that big building there? Look up at the edge of the roof, and just kind of will yourself there.” She turned, looked as she had been told. She felt Tac’s weight land on her shoulder. Well, it was magic. She focused on the edge and pictured herself appearing there. There was a momentary sensation of vertigo, and she felt as if she had just gone over the first drop of a rollercoaster. Then she realised she was standing on the edge of the roof, about twenty stories up. “Am’zing,” she said, the pacifier coming out of her mouth, dropping down to fall the length of the ribbon. She stepped forward, completely onto the roof. Tac jumped from her shoulder. “Excellent for a first try. With enough practice, you’ll be able to go anywhere.” Momentarily stunned by the wonder of it all she nodded, and then shook her head in denial. “I am dwethed like a fucking toddwer.” “Yes,” Tac said with a nod. “You are. Very cute too, thought the swearing ruins the effect really.” “I don’t care that thwearing… No. Not going to be thidetwacked. Magical Girlth are thupposed to look like thripper cheerleaderth, or hooker waitretheth, or bondage nunth, or naughty thchool girlth. They’re not thuppothed to look like toddwerth.” “Well one,” Tac said, “not all magical girls are short skirted stripper types, it’s rude to group them all like that.” “I don’t care.” “And second, you are a Nursery Knight. Nursery Knights were all girls six and under who fought the Nightmare King. What would you expect them to be dressed like?” There was a lot in that and Kristine had a great deal of difficulty processing it, but she said, “I am in diapeeth!” “Well, who knew if girls that age would be fully potty trained? Better to have them in diapers, just in case I suppose.” “Thith ith inthane.” The cat nodded. “Yes, somewhat. The entire Nursery Knight thing was ill-conceived if you ask me. A pet project of some middle management type I've heard. But here we are, you dressed as a toddler and wearing a diaper and me having to teach you to be a Magical Girl. Best we get on with this and then put it all behind us, right?” Kristine started at the cat for several second, gripping the huge, rattle/mace tight. She wondered if that cat would make a squeaking sound were she to hit it. “You thet me up,” she said after a second. “That is a serious accusation, and seeing as you killed the only possible witness, not one that you can prove.” Kristine found herself making a growling sound. “You’d have to prove it, right,” the cat said with a smile (a good trick). “If you could be certain you’d try to pound me into kitty pate paste, but you can’t, so you won’t.” She loosened her grip on the mace. “I learn what you teach. You go away, and I never have to twanthform again?” “You learn what I have to teach, I go away, and if you chose to never transform again that is your business, but you keep the benefits of longevity, durability and the ridiculous heath of those touched by this magic. A pretty good deal, don’t you think?” “Just thtart the lessonth cat. Thooner we finithh the thooner I can get back to my life.” “Okay, very well.” The cat turned into a woman. “Let’s start with banishing and summoning your weapon, Magical Girl 101.” Kristine sighed. “All right, what do I do?” “Just focus on your weapon and imagine it being somewhere else, a closet or a room, or under a tree you know well.” Kristine took a deep breath. She imagined the mace as being in the closet in her old dorm room. The weapon was gone. “Oh.” “Good job.” “Did it weally go where I ‘magined it?” “No,” Tac said, shaking her head. “It was just important you pictured it being somewhere else. Now for summoning, just imagine yourself reaching out and grabbing it.” Kristine could not help but be a little excited by this. While she genuinely had no desire to be a Magical Girl, there had been a time, when she was younger, when she had fantasised about that very thing. And now she was doing magic. Reaching out with her hand she closed her fingers around the empty air. The mace appeared in her hand as if she had just grabbed it. “I did it.” “You are picking this up fast. I’d say you’re a natural.” Tac’s voice and tone cut through the euphoria of magic, reminding Kristine that she had not wanted this, had been forced into it. Completely soured the experience. Tac, seemingly unaware of the change in atmosphere said, “Okay, let’s practice something a little more advanced.” “What?” Kristine hoped it was some offensive magic that would let her smash the grin off of Tac’s face. “Teleportation to a place you cannot see,” Tac announced. Kristine nodded. She could see the value in that. “Okay, picture your apartment, see it in your mind. Close your eyes if it helps.” Kristine closed her eyes, thought about her apartment. She could see it in her mind. She felt something land on her shoulder. Assumed that Tac was a cat again. Right in her ear, Tac said, “Once you can see it, just imagine yourself there.” She felt that sense of vertigo, of the roller coaster drop again, and then, when she opened her eyes, she was in her apartment, standing on her coffee table. The table legs creaked slightly beneath her. “Good job,” Tac said, jumping down from her shoulder. Kristine stepped down from the table. Again, there was that feeling of amazement. She had to keep herself from shouting, ‘This is Magic.’ “What next,” she asked as if teleporting was something that had already become old hat. “Well,” Tac the cat said, turning to look at her, “how about you change back?” “Finally. What do I have to do? Thout out thomething?” “Not for turning back. Just picture yourself untransformed.” “There ith a lot of vithualithation to this magic.” “It was made so non-magic types could master it easily. Very point and click, if you get my meaning.” Kristine thought she should be insulted, but she closed her eyes and pictured herself back to normal. Seeing in her mind the young, twenty-something woman in jeans and a blouse. The thickness between her legs disappeared, the sense of bare skin and fluffy petticoats, of hair, pulled back into pigtails, all faded. So much better. Then her jeans slipped down to her ankles, and her panties to her knees. “What the hell?” she said, eyes open, looking down. Her legs were skinnier than she recalled, smoother. “Well that was unexpected,” Tac said. She almost tripped on her pants as she ran for the washroom. Her panties were kicked off along the way. In the mirror she was looking at a familiar stranger. In the pictures she had seen the blurred out face and the ridiculous outfit had made it hard to notice. In the mirror was the child she had once been. She spun to stare at Tac, feeling the far too big bra shifting loosely on her. “What the hell?” “As I said, unexpected.” “What is this?” “Well, you were supposed to get this magic when you were three or four. You were about twenty-five when you did get it. I suppose the magic split difference.” “Split the difference?” “Split the difference,” the cat said with a nod. Kristine screamed. She reached down and snatched up the cat. “My life is ruined,” she yelled into its cat face. “Your life is ruined? What about me?” “What about you?” “I love to have sex with the magical girls I guide, and was looking forward to conquering you, but you’re right out of my strike zone now. It is a real disappointment.” Kristine made a few strangled sound of outrage before hurling the cat across the room. As soon as she did it, she felt terrible. She was not the sort of monster to hurt an animal. Tac hit the far wall with a thump, slid down to the floor. “Oh my god, oh my god,” she said, stepping hesitantly across the floor, afraid of what she would see. The cat bobbed up, leaping on the back of the couch. “I’m fine, take more than that to hurt me.” She dropped to her knees. “I’m sorry, that was terrible. I mean, you’re a jerk, but you did not deserve that.” Her earlier anger had all drained away leaving her exhausted. “I’m not a jerk. I am quite nice.” “Nice?” “Don’t shoot the messenger. The Nursery Knights were not my idea, and I certainly did not come up with the uniform.” She dropped her head forward. “This is a mess. My life is ruined. I don’t even have an identity anymore.” “Sure you do.” She shook her head, not looking up. “I don’t. I look like the little sister I never had. Kristine St. James might as well be dead.” “Okay, first, the identity stuff can be taken care of.” Kristine looked up. “And second, you’re pissing yourself.” She looked down. There was a puddle of urine under her. “What the hell?” she looked up helplessly at the cat. Tac seemed to shrug her shoulders. “I guess someone thought the Nursery Knights should be using those diapers.” “Fuck,” Kristine yelled, jumping to her feet, the socks on her feet absorbing some of the urine. The tails of her blouse were wet. “What the hell am I supposed to do? Am I going to be pissing myself all the time now?” She paused, eyes widening. “Am I going to shit myself?” Tac’s cat shoulders gave a shrug again. “Hell if I know. Maybe?” “Oh god.” Her knees went weak, and she almost fell onto the floor. “Okay, there is something we can do,” Tac said, jumping down from the back of the couch onto couch itself. “Really?” she felt her hopes soar. “Not that you won’t be wetting yourself, but we can manage it.” Her hopes plummeted. “Hey, buck up. Now, first thing lets summon your Magic Bag.” “Magic Bag?” She was still standing in her own pee, the inside of her thighs damp, but if there was something she could do… “All Magical Girls can summon their Magic Bag, it holds various things they need. And summoning it is a good lesson.” She stepped out of the puddle, shucking off her loose socks. If there were something in this Magic Bag that could help, then she would summon it. “How do I do it?” “Just like you called your weapon back to you,” Tac said. Visualize it and then picture yourself having it. Kristine nodded. She pictured a bag. She reached out for it. Nothing happened. She tried again. Still nothing. “It’s not working,” she said, blushing when she heard how winey her tone sounded, so close to tears. “You’re picturing the bag in your mind?” “Yes,” Kristine said with a nod. “What does the bag look like?” “Pardon?” “What kind of bag are you picturing?” Tac asked. Kristine looked over towards the apartment’s front door. “Like the messenger bag I use for work.” “Do you think a Nursery Knight would have a bag like that?” Kristine thought about it. “I don’t know?” “Well, they wouldn’t. Think of a colour that matches your uniform. Add some frills to it.” Kristine nodded, closed her eyes. She pictured the messenger bag, but in pastel colours, with a little bit of frill. She reached out, closed her hand on it. She felt something heavy settle in her grip. She opened her eyes. In her hand was the padded strap of a large bag, baby blue, quilted, big pockets on the outside, a kitty face appliqué on it. “This,” she paused, “is a diaper bag.” “Which is exactly the kind of bag a Nursery Knight would have.” Kristine held it at arm's length like it was a dead rat. “You have to open it,” Tac said as if Kristine were a little slow. Having a cat cast aspersions on her intelligence was a new low in a day of lows. Sighing loudly she put the bag on the floor, avoiding the puddle, and bent down to open it. It was filled with disposable diapers and training panties, powders and creams. There was a folded, quilted changing pad, plastic and rubber panties, wipes, bottles, a sippy cup, jars of baby food nested in a collection of bibs. And there was a teddy bear with a light blue ribbon around its neck and a few more things she could see but did not bother to try to identify. She made a grunt of derision. “There is a lot of things in there,” Tac said, jumping close and looking into the bag. “Grab a pair of training panties and put them off to the side. Kristine did, pulling a pair of the thick panties from the bag, there was a soft crinkling sound of the plastic under the faux material covering. “The bag will always have supplies in it, no matter how much you take from it, so at least you won’t have to buy diapers and stuff. That’s good, right?” She stared at the cat. The hand holding the training panty tightening into a first, making the plastic rustle and the padding squeak. “Tough crowd.” She threw the training panties onto the coffee table. “Okay, so I got a pair of training panties for the next time,” her face grew warm, “I piss myself, is that it?” She could not believe she had just said. “Of course not. This is magic. Pick up the teddy bear and say, ‘I need your help Mr Bear.’” Kristine looked at the bear, frowned, then reached in and took it from the bag. It had the solid feeling of a well-made thing, with incredibly soft fur. If she were the kind of woman, who liked teddy bears she was pretty certain she would like this one. “I need your help Mr Bear.” Nothing happened. She looked at Tac. The cat gave her another of those pitying looks that suggested she was slow. “Is that how a Nursery Knight would talk?” It took her a few seconds to get what Tac meant. She blushed. “I need your help Mithter Bear.” The bear twisted out of her hands, landed on the floor close by and then, with a pop of displaced air, became a stuffed bear, probably a little over six feet tall. Kristine made an expression of surprise and fell backwards onto her bottom. The bear looked around, glittering eyes pausing on the puddle of urine, and then on Kristine. “What is this cat?” “It is your Mr Bear.” “My…” she started, but suddenly Mr Bear had stepped close, grabbed her (somehow with those stuffed bear paws) and lifted her to her feet. With a blur of motion it had her blouse off, leaving her only in her ill-fitting bra. “What the…” The bear tossed the blouse and bra into her laundry hamper (she swore she saw it look at the laundry label first) then had a t-shirt from her dresser and was back by Kristine’s side before she finished her thought. With an upsweep of its fluffy arms its lifted Kristine’s arms above her head, and with a down sweep had the t-shirt on her. “…hell….” Mr Bear put a giant paw across her mouth. Kristine got the idea that it did not approve of such language. Then it was blurring off again, to the bathroom, coming back with a towel and some cleaning supplies. In a moment the urine puddle was cleaned up. She had to admit that was helpful. “So what, it cleans up messes?” she asked Tac. “Among other things.” “Among what…” Again she was kept from finishing her sentence as Mr Bear scooped her up, put her on the couch, and reached into the diaper bag for one of the very thick diapers. “How do I stop this?” Kristen asked as the bear secured her ankles and lifted her bottom off the couch. “Say ‘Thank you Mr Bear, I love you.’” “Tank you Mithter Bear, I wuv you,” she said, not having to be told to lisp. With another pop of displaced air the bear returned to its original size and then it, and the diaper fell neatly back into the diaper bag. Kristine scrambled off the couch, closed the bag, and without being told how sent the bag away. With a sigh she collapsed bonelessly to her knees. “What the hell?” “Your Mr Bear is your caretaker,” Tac said as she jumped back onto the couch. “Remember, the Nursery Knights were all to be pre-schoolers. They would need help. Mr Bear would clean up their messes, change them, feed them, comfort them and if they were bad punish them.” “Bad? Punish them?” “They were little girls given a stupid amount of magical offensive power. It was a pretty certain thing they would abuse that power. So, Mr Bear would deal with that.” “Great, I’m a twenty-five-year-old woman who looks like an eleven-year-old girl with a magical teddy bear that will treat me like I am two… that is the shape of things, right?” “More or less. Oh, Mr Bear can show up on its own.” She stared at the cat. “What?” “Well, you couldn’t trust a little girl to know when she needed help.” “So you’re saying I could just be walking along and suddenly a six-foot-tall teddy bear will show up and… what, change me?” “Or give you a bottle, or put you down for a nap, or spank you if you are naughty.” “Fu… Now I’m afraid to swear.” “Swearing is a bad habit. Mr Bear will help you deal with other bad habits if you have any.” “Just drinking to excess and bathroom sex,” she muttered. “Those are great bad habits to have,” Tac told her, “if you did not look like a child. I would suggest you avoid them as I am pretty sure Mr Bear would intervene.” “You think?” “Your lucky sarcasm is not naughty.” Kristine looked over at the training panty on the coffee table. She grabbed it, stood up, and pulled it on. It slid up her legs and over her bottom, the padding nestling up to her groin, feeling impossible soft, evident in its thickness. She placed her hands on it, noting it fit perfectly. Angrily she pulled down on the bottom of her t-shirt to make sure it was hidden. “Okay, now I don’t have to worry about making a mess.” She tried not to sound embarrassed, but the warmth in her cheeks told her that her body had betrayed her. “Now let’s hear about how I get my life back.” “Last time I was around here the internet was starting to take off. You still have that?” “Yes.” She wondered when the last time Tac had been in the mortal world. “Alright. So you can find stuff on that. You’ll want to search for government support of magical issues.” Kristine went and got her phone and took a seat on her couch. “Where’s your computer? What are you doing with that?” “This is my phone, and it can do everything a computer can.” “Really,” the cat moved in close to look. “Well I’ll be darned. You manage to do pretty well without magic.” “We try,” Kristine said in a snarky tone as she searched for what she had been told. It did not take her long to find a government site and a phone number for magical issues. She got a phone robot that asked her to state what she was calling about. “I became a Magical Girl, and now I don’t look like myself.” There was a pause, and then the system said, “It sounds like you have undergone some kind of transformation. Is this true?” “Yes.” A few more questions which she answered. Then it asked if she had a liaison. “Do I have a liaison?” she asked Tac. “That’s me,” the cat told her. “Yes,” she told the robot. “Please give your liaison’s code,” the robot asked. “Code?” she looked at Tac. Tac gave her a series of numbers and letters. She spoke them back into her phone. “Just a moment,” the robot said, and there was a click. Then a real person said, “Magical Issue Support, you have undergone a transformation?” “Yes, I have. I became a Magical Girl, and after I transformed back, I looked totally different.” “I understand,” the woman said as if she heard such calls all the time. “Can you tell me where you live?” Kristine did. The woman gave her an address, asked if she could make it there. Kristine checked and then said, “Yes, in about an hour I guess.” “Please go to that address, bring all the identification you have. Someone will be there. Ask for Mr Green.” “Mr Green, I understand.” She was given a case code, told to quote it if she had to call back, then the woman hung up. “That was not too bad for a government agency,” she said, hanging up. “The magical realm makes sure there is good support available.” She put her phone aside and got up, realising she needed something to wear. It did not take her long to realise there was nothing that would fit her. She found a pair of shorts, used a belt to cinch them up tight around her skinny waist. A pair of sandals, the straps pulled as tight as she could get them, gave her something for her feet. Then she gathered up her various ID cars, credit cards, bank cards, her passport and everything else she had that identified her. Tac watched her but said nothing. She had everything she needed. “Are you coming with me?” she asked the cat. She was a little nervous about some magic related government agency and though she was not going to say that she hoped Tac might take the hint. “Sure.” She left her apartment, Tac riding on her shoulder. BREAK POINT#2 The taxi that Kristine had called dropped her off in front of a nondescript government building in the downtown core. She stood there, looking about, noting that a few people were taking note of her. She told herself that was because she was dressed in a ridiculous manner and not because they knew she was wearing training panties. Still, it was hard not to think that they were somehow showing, or they were making her walk a little different, or there was a soft rustle of plastic, or that she had wet them and they were leaking. She could not stop herself from surreptitiously checking her shorts for damp spots. Taking a deep breath, she walked into the building. It had an old look, with clean but dull black and white tiles on the floor, and high ceiling of much-patched plaster. No one was in the lobby except for a single security guard sitting at a desk near the elevators. He did not look up when she entered, his attention on the book he was reading. When she got closer he looked up from the book and asked, “Can I help you?” He did not get up from behind his desk. “Uh, yes. I was told to come here, to ask for Mr Green.” “Take the elevator up to the ninth floor, third door on your right,” he told her. “Thanks.” She crossed the floor to the elevators. The guard had gone back to reading his book. The doors opened a moment after she pressed the button. She took a surprised step back, wondering how someone had known to have it waiting. Then she realised she was stupid. It was a weekend. No one was there, and likely all the elevators were just stopped at the ground floor. She stepped in and pressed the button for the ninth floor. The interior walls were polished, metal mirrors. Tac jumped from her shoulder and was once more a woman. “This place has a classic feel,” Tac said, looking at her reflection. She reached into the pocket of her suit jacket and took out a lipstick tube. “As do I.” She touched up her makeup. Kristine had already gotten a good look at herself, and the mirrored walls showed her nothing she did not already know (except for maybe making it clear how much a ragamuffin she looked). However, standing beside the sexy Tac, the changes were brought into stark relief. She was a child, well, she looked like one. When they had first met Kristine figured she was a near equal in the looks department to Tac. Now, of course, it was no contest. As she was there was no way she could compete. Before she could think on that much more the doors opened. She stepped out, leaving the mirrors and their brutal truths behind. Third door on her right. A slab of wood, no windows, old, metal doorknob. She tried it. The door opened. There was an empty reception counter behind it, beyond which a waiting room. Six doors, one an obvious bathroom. One of the doors opened. An older man stepped out. Thinning black hair, tanned skin, gold-rimmed glasses and a blue suit. “I’m Mr Green,” he said, looking her up and down. “Kristine St. James.” “You have your ID?” “Yes.” “Please.” He stepped aside and indicated that she should enter the office. Kristine walked around the counter and into the room beyond, Tac at her heels. It was an office, with a big oak desk and a single visitor chair. Kristine took that seat. Tac became a cat and jumped onto her knee. Mr Green stepped beside her. “Your ID?” She reached into her bag and brought it all out. Taking it, he went and sat down behind the desk. “That is a rather large change,” he told her as he looked through everything she had given him. “I know.” “Well, this is all simple enough.” “What?” She could not believe anything about what had happened was simple. “We’ll give you bridging ID, as well as new ID, all of it will allow you to prove to people who you are. Do you want a new identity?” Kristine thought about that for a moment, then asked, “What good would a new identity do me?” “Depends. If there is anyone after you, creditors, ex-boyfriends, that sort of thing, a new identity can be useful.” She frowned. “Do other magical girls get new identities?” “Not often at first, after several months it is more common.” “I’ll keep it in mind.” “Very well.” Mr Green stood. “This way.” In one of the other offices, there was a camera and several impressive looking printers. Mr Green took her picture and then printed out several pieces of ID. The bridging ID, as he had called it, mated her old ID with new, while the new ID just showed her as she now looked. It took about thirty minutes, then he handed the bundle of ID to her. “I’ve put in a request for a new passport, that should be delivered to you soon. If you need anything else call this number.” He handed her a card. “Like a new identity?” “Or legal assistance. It sometimes happens.” She did not say she was a lawyer (or almost one) but took his card. “Thank you.” “Good luck Miss St. James.” “Thank you.” She stepped from the room, then looked back at Mr Green. “Can I use the bathroom?” “Feel free.” She nodded. The washroom was small, with a toilet and a urinal as well as a sink. The tiling on the floor was old, faded and cracked in a few places, but the bathroom was clean. She reached through the leg of her shorts, felt the training panties. As she suspected they were warm, the padding swelled up with a wetting. “Damn,” she said softly as she loosened her belt. Summoning the diaper bag was easy. Kristine was a little worried Mr Bear might jump out, but the teddy bear remained a toy, and she took out a new training panty and dismissed the bag. Changed into a fresh pair of the absorbent panties she left the bathroom. Cat Tac was waiting for her. No sign of Mr Green. She left the office without looking for him. In the lobby, the guard was still reading his book. He did not look up as he wished her a good afternoon. Before going home, Kristine went to do some shopping. Tac came with her, in human form, though she was soon off in stores and parts of stores that Kristine knew she would look ridiculous were she to shop in. She had to try on a few things to get her new size figured out, and she needed to rethink her old style choices. That was made clear when a pair of tight jeans, which was just the kind of thing she would have bought before, made the padding of her training pants visible. She found a pair of denim overalls, lose enough in the seat to hide any puffiness from undergarments that she thought looked okay for her new body type. Paired with a white, long-sleeved shirt and a pair of running shoes she thought she looked good. Well, she looked like a girl, but at least a girl who did not dress too childlike. She bought a few more things, using cash. In theory with her bridging ID, she could use her credit cards, but she did not want to deal with that. Her final stop was to buy some training bras. She did not think she actually needed a bra, but she had been wearing one for long enough she was not willing to give it up. Tac came with her and seemed to make a point of looking at sexy bras in large cup sizes. The woman at the shop was kind and helpful, though from her look Kristine was pretty certain that she was of the opinion Kristine did not actually need one. Kristine walked out of the store with three training bras that were really just cotton vests with a bra like design. Like a little girl being sent out with some to salve a childish bit of vanity. Getting home, she dropped her shopping bags at the door and went to her bathroom to check her training panties. They were wet. Of course. “Fuck,” she said softly, then, with her coveralls and training panties around her ankles, sat on the toilet. Maybe she could re-potty train herself if she just made an attempt. “Hey, did you fall in?” she heard Tac call from the other side of the door several minutes later. “I didn’t fall in,” she retorted as she got off the toilet. She bent down and pulled up the training pants. The now cool, wet padding pressed uncomfortably against her, but she would put up with it. She was still buttoning the strap of her overalls when she came out to find Tac the cat sitting on the coffee table. “Now that you are finished in there we need to talk about work.” “Work? What does the law firm have to do with anything?” “Not your mundane and boring work that does not matter. Your work as a Magical Girl.” “What do you mean it does not matter?” “You said it yourself. No magic, and it is not like the little girl you are now can go to work after all.” “You’re asking to be picked up and thrown again,” Kristine said snapped as she went over to get her phone. “What are you doing?” Tac asked her. “Sending Mr Cotton an email. You’re right, damn it, I can’t go to work like this, but I have to let him know what happened.” She paused. How was she going to explain what happened? What could she tell him? The truth. Well, at least as much as the truth as he needed. The email was simple to write. Kristine told him she had encountered magic, had been changed by it, and could not be present at work, but would like to speak with him about it, to explain in detail. It was short and left so much unsaid, but it was good enough. She sent it and then tossed the phone onto the couch, dropped down beside where it landed. Her training panties ‘squelched’ unpleasantly around her bottom. “Finished with your pointless mundane job issues?” Tac asked. “Fuck off.” “Little girls that talk like that get their mouths washed out… assuming they still do that.” “Child abuse,” Kristine said, putting her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands. “Well, your Mr Bear probably does not know that, so watch your tone. And I would love to fuck off, and I can say it because I am a mature adult, but until I finish training you, I can’t leave. So let’s talk about your real job, the one you accepted when you accepted your Magical Girl powers.” Kristine said nothing for a few seconds, then in a despondent tone said, “Fine, but what am I supposed to do? Didn’t you say the Nursery Knights,” she hated that name, “defeated their enemy?” “The Nightmare King, and yes, he was defeated, so I can’t train you fighting him and his minions, but there are always useful enough targets for you to focus on.” “Like what?” “Smugglers.” “Smugglers?” If you could line of sight teleport, you could move across the city quite fast. It was exhilarating, the roller coaster stomach drop of each jump, appearing on the top of some building’s roof, looking out over the sea of skyscrapers for the next jump, and then it repeated. For moments Kristine could forget she was outfitted as an overgrown toddler, with a thick diaper pushing her thighs apart. A diaper that for all she knew might already be wet. In those moments she felt powerful. Faster than any car might have covered the distance, perhaps as fast as a helicopter might have, Kristine reached the edge of the city, where the buildings became smaller but sprawled more, warehouses that took up entire city blocks. They were near the docks, though not close to the well lit, busy sections, where huge cranes moved cargo containers. They were on the edge, where warehouses gave away to empty factories, a part of the city where things had started to decay, where dreams had faded. “Down there,” Tac told her from where the cat rode on her shoulder. Tac held out a paw, pointing towards a warehouse on the water’s edge, where a ruined quay was half sunk into the water. “And put your pacifier in your mouth so you’ll be invisible.” She grabbed the pacifier from where it hung on the ribbon, popped it into her mouth and began to suckle on it. As before it made her feel better. She hoped it was not addictive. Focusing on the low roof of a warehouse below she once more crossed the distance in a moment, ended up standing on the edge of a roof, looking down at cracked asphalt apron in front of the shuttered loading dock. There were a large number of men down there, carrying travelling trunk sized crates out of the warehouse and loading them into several rental trucks. They worked by the light of red filtered flashlights, kept their voices down. “They have gotten armour from the magical realm. It’s old crap where I come from, but here it will stop even heavy armour piercing rounds,” Tac said into her ear. “Why do I haf to thtop thmugglerth?” she asked around her pacifier. “Well, the magical realm really should have stopped this stuff from being exported, so it falls on agents like you to deal with it. And this is good training. They don’t have any weapons that could stop you.” “Weally?” Kristine asked. “The armour of your outfit could probably stop a tank round. They are just going to have handguns.” Handguns? “Wiwl thith outfit weally pwotect me?” It left her arms and face and almost all her legs bare. “Trust me,” Tac said. She hated the fact she had to trust Tac. “Just jump down there and tell them you are here to punish them as Nursery Night Krissy.” “I don’t wanna. Can’t I jutht thtay invithible and walk awound hittin’ dem on da head?” “No. You are a magical girl, not some nocturnal mammal themed vigilante. You are a symbol of the power of innocence, and you don’t get to be a symbol by hiding. You don’t want to throw your magic off. It might not work.” “Tho, it might not pwotect me?” “Well, it won’t fail you completely, but it is likely to hurt a lot more.” “Fine,” she sighed through the pacifier, then she spat it out and jumped down onto one of the truck’s roof, calling up her mace as she fell. She landed with a creaking of heavy suspension and crunching of metal as the roof cratered and cracked around her. That was crazy, she thought, she just jumped down two stories. No time to overthink on that. Stepping to the edge of the truck’s roof, looking down at the smugglers, she said, “I am Nurthewy Knight Kwithy! Thwow down your weaponth and thuwender or I will punith you.” Punish? Ugh. What a terrible choice of words. The men below her swore and expressed shock, fear, confusion. Some looked like they were ready to run. Other pulled out the pistols that Tac had mentioned. She jumped down from the truck, landing on one of the crates. It shattered beneath her feet. She pointed the mace at one of the smugglers. “Thuwender.” The man shot her. Guarantee of protection or not, the sight of the gun being fired, the boom of the shot, it made her scream, and she fell backwards, landing on her diapered bottom. She did not have time to think about it, but she was certain that fear had ensured the diaper was well used at that moment. Something had touched her head. That was the best way to explain how it felt, a gentle touch. Something rolled down the side of her face. She looked. It seemed to be a flattened bullet. “What are you doing?” Tac yelled from the roof. “You can’t be scared of a little pistol.” “Fine,” Kristine yelled as she jumped to her feet, swinging the mace out, even as the man was shooting her. The heavy mace smacked into his hand, knocking the gun aside with a crunch of breaking bones. The man screamed in pain, falling to the ground, clutching his ruined hand. “What are you doing?” Tac yelled from the roof. “You can’t hit them that hard. Use a little control. You're an adorable Nursery Knight, not some bone breaking vigilante.” “Thith ith tho annoying,” she shouted, as several more men fired at her and several others made to escape. She moved fast, even though she was waddling, and struck with as much control as she could manage. She used the handle of her mace to knock weapons from hands, to jab into guts and sweep feet. No more broken bones, just bruises and pokes that took the fight and the flight out of them. When it was over about a minute later she stood among the moaning men who lay on the ground about her. Tac had jumped down onto the roof of one of the trucks. “Now secure them so the police can come and pick them up.” “Thecure them?” “Handcuffs or the like, Just envision it and then call out the magic that comes to you.” Handcuffs, okay. Just picture them all with their arms cuffed behind their backs, except for the one whose hand and wrist she had broken. She imagined more of a sling type cast on him. She held up her mace and called out the words the came to her. “Naughty Boyth thhut up and thtay thtill,” she yelled. Those were not the words she had expected to come out of her mouth. Around the men sparking light appeared, falling around them, lifting them, and then coalescing into… wheeled chairs with various restraint straps. Oh hell, they were all large strollers, she thought. Around their hands formed pink mittens that fastened the men's hands behind their backs with pink ribbons. And pacifier gags. Well, she supposed they were going to stay still and shut up, but really. “What the hell is wrong with you?” Tac asked. “I jutht did what you thaid,” Kristine yelled as she turned on Tac. “I pictured them rethtwained, with handcuffth. It ith the thtupid magic.” “What a mess. I mean, it’s like your some kind of bondage pervert.” “I’m not a bondage pewvert,” she yelled up at Tac. “Well, that’s not… Look out!” “What…” Pain. Like fire painted in a line across her back. She fell forward onto her knees. Behind her, the sound of metal scraping across the ground. No thought. She raised the mace above her head. Something hit it with a crash. The force of it feeling as if it would dislocate her shoulders. She rolled forward, her back flaming in fresh pain as it moved across the ground. Up on her feet. Facing her attacker. A man, in armour, holding a sword. “That sword is from the Magical Realm,” Tac called out. “It can hurt you.” “No thit,” Kristine said as she parried another sword strike. The man was relentless, coming at her fast, forcing her entirely on the defence. Several times the tip of the blade traced out red lines on her arms and legs, even cutting her clothing. The laceration on her back bled freely. She could feel the blood running down her back, likely into her diaper. What a mess that would be. Tac shouted out less than useful advice as Kristine tried to find a way to attack. What was some crook with a magical sword doing beating her? She was a Magical Girl. She was a Magical Girl. “Innothent Wattle Thaker!” Swinging out her mace she slammed it into the sword. The sword shattered under the blow. She swung the mace back, driving it into her attacker’s side. He was wearing armour, she was certain he would be fine. And if he was not, well, the pain in her back made it hard to care. The armour all but shattered from his body, and the force of the blow sent him into the air and then down, hard, onto the ground. Still, she was pretty confident she had heard no bones break. “Naughty Boy cowner time.” The magic again came in glittering lights that lifted the man up, and the coalesced out into the mitten restraints and the pacifier gag, but instead of a stroller, he was secured to a stool, pants around his ankles, his nose pressed up against a wall. “I mean really,” Tac said as she jumped down onto Kristine’s shoulder. “This is too much.” “It’th your thtupid magic.” “Just call the police and let’s go.” Kirstine scowled, but she looked among the smugglers until she found a cell phone she could use. She called 911, reported that she had heard shots, then dropped the phone without hanging up. She picked up one of the fallen pistols and fired several shots into the air. “Nice touch,” Tac told her. “Thut up.” A moment later both cat and magical girl were gone, teleported away. Tac told Kristine not to transform back when they arrived at the apartment. “Get your magic bag, have some of the healing food and drink.” She did so. She also got Mr Bear, who stripped her dress off her so he could mend it, as well as dressing her wound. He also changed a very soiled diaper, though she fought against him on that. Somehow in all that the fur on his paws remained clean. During all that Tac took her leave. She glowered at the big stuffed animal as she ate two jars of the baby food while watching as it stitched up the rip in the dress, cleaning the blood from the material at the same time. She had no idea how it did that. She was drinking from a sippy cup (she could not remove the top from it) when Mr Bear finished his work and quickly got her back into the dress. Then he pulled her down onto his big, soft lap, took the bottle from the bag, and proceeded to try to feed it to her. Keeping her lips closed and turning her head she did her best to avoid the nipple. She turned her head and said, “Tank you Mithter Bear, I…” And then he got the nipple securely placed in her mouth. When it became clear he was not going to give up until she drank she sucked on the nipple until the bottle was empty. It refilled itself, but Mr Bear put the bottle back in the bag. “Tank you Mithter Bear, I wuv you,” she got out quickly. Mr Bear returned to toy size and dropped into the bag. Kristine gabbed a couple of training panties from the bag and then dismissed it. “God damn I hate that thing.” She transformed back, thankfully losing the diaper, replaced by the training panties she had been wearing when she had transformed earlier. She dropped into the couch and reached for the TV remote, turning it on and flipping through channels until something caught her attention and she left it. Not really paying attention to what she was watching Kristine grabbed her laptop and turned it on. After powering up and logging on, she saw she had email. Oscar had sent her a message. She had almost forgotten the message she had earlier sent him. He wanted to see her. The next day, at a cafe she knew. She replied, said she would be there. Nervous fingers made spelling mistakes, it took twice as long to type it as it should have. She read it over and then sent it. That was done. Noise from the TV made her look up. A cartoon was on. She had been watching a cartoon? Grabbing the remote, she flipped channels until she found the news. She was presented with a shaky cell phone video of a girl in a short dress and a diaper. Her. Hell. Kristine turned the TV off and went to get ready for bed. The next morning Kristine woke to an orgasm that left her lying in her sweat-soaked sheets, breathing heavily. She could not recall the last time an erotic dream had left her so flustered. Probably when she had been a teen. For a time she lay there, breathing deeply as the warm glow faded. It was perhaps a minute or two after she had woken that she realised she was wearing a diaper. She knew she had gone to bed in a training panty. “Fuck,” she said softly, wondering if the training panty had magically become a diaper, or if Mr Bear had visited her in the night. Neither possibility pleased her. The diaper, she discovered, as she got out of bed, was quite wet. The sheets, except for the sweat, were very dry. She had to admit, given the options, she preferred the damp diaper to wet sheets. Though of course having neither problem would be most preferable of all. She walked to the bathroom, tearing the wet diaper off as she went. There where, Kristine noted as the diaper landed in the trash, several training panties already in the trash. Was she going to have the throw out garbage bags full of diapers and training panties every week? And shouldn’t the magic deal with them in a more environmentally friendly manner? Why was she evening thinking such things? Sighing she went into her bathroom to shower. Later, in a fresh pair of training panties and an oversized t-shirt, Kristine ate her breakfast at the small kitchen counter, while browsing the web. She was looking for information about herself. There were some pictures of her from when she had first transformed, various stories about her, all of them made up of suppositions and outright lies. There was a story about the smugglers she had caught the other night, but no mention of the way she had left them. Had the magic faded, or were the police just keeping quiet about how they had found them? At least no one was suggesting a connection between her Magical Girl persona and the smugglers. Not yet at least. For the morning she treated the day like any lazy Sunday. She read a book while drinking a cup of coffee, or she tried. The coffee tasted terrible. She made two more cups before she decided that it was not the coffee but her. Coffee tasted terrible to her now. That sucked. Instead of reading she went through her kitchen and tried different things. Some teas were all right, as was milk, and the almost expired carton of orange juice she could drink. However, she found that alcohol tasted unpleasant and several fancy kinds of cheese that she had liked no longer suited her. When she catalogued what she liked she found the menu options to be somewhat, well, juvenile. Really, it was bad enough she had to wear training panties and diapers, did she really now need to subsist on a diet of peanut butter sandwiches and milk? Getting a handle on her new palate took up much of the morning, and by the time she cleaned up, it was getting close to her meeting time. The day before while shopping, she had picked up a few more pieces of clothing than just the denim overalls and blouse. A pair of grey slacks and a light blue blouse gave her, well, not a professional look, she thought looking in a mirror, but at least a well turned out appearance. She had found a pair of shiny black loafers with tassels over the toe. They were cheap, she doubted that they would last longer than a month of constant wear, but they looked decent enough. So dressed she grabbed her work bag, shoved a few more pairs of training panties into it, then headed out. Just outside of her apartment building she was met by Tac who sat, lounging on a bench. “What are you doing?” Kristine asked her. “Enjoying the sun,” the woman said. “It’s a cat thing. You going to that work thing.” “I’m going to talk to a man I worked for.” “I’ll tag along,” she said, standing, becoming a cat, then leaping onto Kristine’s shoulder. “Why are you coming?” “Boredom mostly. This might be funny.” “I’m going to throw you into traffic,” Kristine muttered, but she let the cat ride on her shoulder. As she rode on the subway, she wondered what Oscar would say to her. She wondered if she could keep her job. She did recall the part of the contract that said no magical people could work at the law firm, but she hoped that they would make an exception. Being a lawyer was what she had wanted for years. Looking down at her small feet she wondered what sort of career she could have. Could she go to court, looking like a girl? She shifted on the seat, squirming a little, trying to judge how wet the padding under her bottom might be. It did feel a bit wet, but she thought likely just damp rather than soaked. What a thing to have gotten used to, she thought, and in only less than a day. How soon before she was just wearing the diapers that Mr Bear seemed to want her in? She shook her head, the action attracting Tac’s attention. “What is it?” the cat asked. “Nothing, just a thought I want out of my head.” “Weird.” “I don’t want to hear that from you.” Tac remained silent, and Kristine sat there for the rest of the ride, mind going around in unproductive circles. She got off one stop sooner than she usually did when going to work. The coffee shop was about two blocks away from the subway station. The area, mostly business office towers and the like, was quiet on a Sunday afternoon. The ‘Smart Bean’ was an upscale little shop, often crowded during the week but very nearly empty now. She saw Oscar Cotton sitting at one of the tables near the back of the shop. He had looked up from his phone when she had come in, looked at her, then went back to his phone. He did not recognise me, she thought. She walked across the floor, went to stand up beside the table that he sat at. “Mr Cotton,” she said. He looked up from the phone. He looked at her. “Can I help you?” He looked confused. She produced her bridging ID and handed it to him. He looked at it, the confusion in his expression growing. Finally, he looked at her. “Miss St. James?” “Yes sir.” “Magic,” he said, sounding disgusted as he handed her back the ID. “May I have a seat?” she asked. He nodded at the seat opposite to him. She sat, her feet not quite touching the ground. Tac jumped down from her shoulder and into her lap. “I got you a coffee,” he told her, indicating the cup in front of her. “Thank you,” she said, taking it. She loved Smart Bean coffee, the rich dark roast, of course, black. It was bitter and awful to her changed taste buds, but she kept her expression neutral as she took a drink. “What happened?” he asked her. She told him, most of it, leaving out the part about diapers and baby themed stuff, but covering the basics. Kristine finished with, “It was not what I wanted. I never would have made the decision, but I was going to die.” “I understand,” he told her. “I want to continue working with Cotton and Black. I’m a victim. I know that there is a clause in the contract about magic, but it’s not fair.” She blushed realising how childish she sounded. He did not answer her immediately, instead picking up his coffee cup and drinking from it. He put it down when he finished the contents and asked, “Did you study magical law in law school?” The question confused her a little, and she thought back to law school, not so much about the classes she took, but the ones she did not. “I don’t remember anything about magical law,” she told him. “Just some details about the nature of the treaties between the worlds.” “Do you know how the law works in the Magical Realm?” She shook her head. “If you are accused of a crime you are brought before one of the most powerful magic users in the area. They cast a truth spell and you are asked if you did what you were accused of. Once you answer you either go free or are punished.” Kristine did not say anything for a few seconds, and then, “But that is incriminating yourself.” “No such protection in the Magical Realm.” “But what if there are witnesses?” “No witnesses are ever called.” “What if the accused has magic powerful enough to trick the spell?” “Might makes right.” “But…” Oscar held up a hand, stopping Kristine’s words. “I am not here to debate the nature of the Magical Realm's law or lack thereof. That is how it works because that is how it has to work. Magic complicates things. Witnesses might have seen an illusion, or be under a spell of compulsion. Evidence may be summoned out of nothing. In a world like that, they use the simplest way to deal with it. That is why you never saw any courses concerning magical law. That is why you can no longer work at Cotton and Black. “In fact, I am going to have to call the opposing lawyers and tell them that a person articling with us has become a Magical Girl. Likely they will ask for an extension while they make sure nothing in our case has been magically tampered with, they might even ask that the judge simply rule for them seeing as the case is now tainted.” “But I just became Magical Girl yesterday.” “And you have a witness to that?” “Sure she does,” Tac said, speaking up. Oscar looked surprised for a moment at the talking animal, but only a moment. “That will help, I might need to call you to tell your story to the judge.” “Anything to help,” Kristine answered without thinking. Oscar nodded. “I appreciate it. Did you bring your work ID, keys, laptop?” “What? No. Why?” “I’ll need the keys and ID, and I’ll need to have one of our IT people take a look at your personal laptop.” Well, that was a sign that her time with Cotton and Black were over. “I’ll have to go home and get all that. It will take about an hour, maybe a little longer. I guess I can take a taxi.” “No need. I will drive you to your home. We can take care of all of that as soon as possible.” “As soon as possible,” Kristine echoed back. He nodded. She stood, dumping Tac from her lap. “I got to go to the bathroom,” she said and headed to the back of the coffee shop. She did not have to go to the bathroom, or maybe she did, she no longer knew, but she was not about to sit in someone’s car without checking to make sure her training panties were not about to leak. In the stall, the somewhat complicated task of getting her pants off made her decide it was possible skirts would be a large part of her future wardrobe. The training panties were wet, though not sodden. She would not to take a chance and changed into a dry pair. Fortunately, there was no one else in the bathroom to see her toss the wet training panties into the garbage before she washed her hands. On leaving the bathroom, she found Oscar at standing at the front door, talking to a familiar looking blonde woman. She was tall, Kristine thought, probably equal in height to Oscar, and in her heels, she stood taller. Long blonde hair, fair skin, pretty. Oscar noticed Kristine as she approached. “Kristine, this is Emily Black, of the IT department.” That explained why she had looked familiar. “Black?” she asked. “My Uncle is Oscar’s partner, but don’t worry, I did not get the job due to nepotism.” Oscar laughed at what was probably a private joke, then said, “Emily will have to check your laptop, you understand.” Not pleased, Kristine nodded. “Of course.” “Let’s go,” he said and led them from the cafe. His car was only a few blocks away, a dark blue Lexus, four doors. Emily took the front seat, leaving the back for Kristine. Seeing the leather interior, she was glad she had changed her training panties. In the front seat, Oscar and Emily talked business, the IT side of things. Kristine’s computer knowledge was not as in-depth as that of Emily’s, but she thought she might be able to join in. However, she got the feeling that she was not expected to take part in the conversation. Neither made any effort to include her. She sat quietly in the back, petting Tac who slept in her lap. About twenty minutes later Oscar pulled into her apartment’s visitor parking lot. His car looked a little out of place, and he parked some distance from the other vehicles. As Kristine got out, she looked at the building, suddenly feeling that she did not want either of these people to see how she lived. She knew it was ridiculous. She was a recent graduate, no one would expect her to be living in any sort of luxury. She squared her shoulders and said, “This way.” Kristine led them into the building and up into her apartment. Could they smell the used diapers she had been throwing out? Would they see them? “Where’s your laptop?” Emily asked, breaking Kristine out of her thoughts. “Here,” she walked across the room and got the laptop, bringing it back to Emily. As Emily set up Kristine went and got her work ID and various security keys which she presented to Oscar. “Can I get you to log in?” Emily asked her. She had the laptop on, and it had booted up. Oscar stood near the door, waiting patiently, as Kristine logged into the laptop. “This won’t take long,” Emily said as she went to work. “Just going to remove the VPN software and proprietary data, check for any files from the firm.” Kristine nodded. As promised it did not take long for Emily to finish up with the laptop. She plugged a USB key into the computer, fingers typing rapidly. Kristine looked towards Oscar, but he had his smartphone out, looking at that. He was not interested in talking. And what would they say to each other anyway? About a minute later Emily pulled the USB key out of the laptop. “It’s clean.” Oscar looked away from the phone. “Good. Thank you for working on a Sunday.” Emily smiled at Kristine and then looked to Oscar and said, “This was a special case, so no problem.” “Miss St. James, again, I am sorry. You might have become a good lawyer.” “Thank you,” Kristine said. It was the only thing she could say. They left, talking again about the firm’s IT requirements. She was no longer on their minds. She closed her apartment door and went back to the couch, flopping down and looking at her laptop. Shifting forward, feeling her training panties squelch under her, she worked on the computer, checking to see what had been removed, making sure that her pictures and a few other things she would not want to lose were still there. “Damn,” she said, slumping down. “What’s the problem there?” Tac asked, jumping onto the back of the couch. Kristine looked up at the cat. “There are so many answers to that.” “Got one that I might care about?” She mumbled something unflattering under her breath and then said, “I am out of a job.” “I am aware. Don’t care.” “Well, you should, cause I am going to be out on the street soon.” “I don’t see how you being out on the street is a problem for me, but I will point out that you are stupid?” “Stupid? That I need money is stupid? That I still got student loans is stupid? That I can’t even afford to buy new clothes is stupid?” “Those things seem more on the sad side than stupid,” Tac told her. “What is stupid is that you have forgotten you got a magic bag that has almost everything you need.” “What? It has money in it?” She could not believe that. “Why not summon it and find out,” Tac paused, “stupid.” She sat up straight, making certain to knock Tac off the back of the couch as she did not. “Not cool,” Tac said as she fell. Holding her hands out in front of her she pictured the bag and it dropped out into her arms. She placed it beside her and opened it up. She found the familiar diapers and training panties, food and drink and baby care products and Mr Bear, but no money. “Well?” she asked Tac, who had jumped up beside her. She grabbed a couple of pair of training panties, knowing she was going to need them. “Open up the zippered, front pocket.” She did. Inside she found an envelope. Written on it was ‘for clothes’. Opening it, she found a stack of twenty and fifty dollar bills, even some hundreds. Counting it revealed there to be about four thousand dollars. “Where did this come from?” she demanded of Tac. “Where do you think? Banks.” “Is it…” “Stolen? Don’t be stupid. There is trade between the Magic and the Mundane Realms. The Magic Realm enjoys a huge trade surplus, but we don’t have use for your money, so we leave it here. When an agent, like you, needs money, you get money.” She looked at all the bills. “I don’t have to work anymore.” “You don’t.” “If I want a bigger apartment? A house.” “You’d get it.” “A sports car?” “Can you reach the pedals.” “Shut up.” “You won’t be getting any mansions unless you need one, and probably not any of those fancy Italian sports cars,” Tac paused, “do they still have them?” After Kristine nodded Tac continued, “or diamond studded golden back scratchers, but you’ll have what you need for a comfortable, easy life. Magic Girls have it good.” She did not have to work. “I wanted to be a lawyer.” “I wanted to be a rich princess who never had to travel to the Mundane Realm. I did not get that,” Tac told her. “Life is unfair. Suck it up. We’re going hunting tonight.” “Hunting?” “I am going to teach you to track minor magical threats. An important skill for a Magical Girl.” “Yay for me,” Kristine said sarcastically. Several hours of hunting down, and in some cases killing, small magical beings (goblins and such) left Kristine tired and wet. Returning to her apartment, she dismissed her magical outfit and then went to take a shower. Clean, in a dry pair of training panties, she took a seat on her couch and turned on her laptop. She just wanted to stream some movies and relax, maybe check out some real estate as well. As the laptop booted up, she reached for her phone. There was a message. From Oscar. She played it. His recorded voice came from the phone. ‘Miss St. James, I want you to come to the courthouse tomorrow. Call me.’ She stared at the phone for a few seconds. It did not make any sense to her. She had been certain she would never hear from him again. After several seconds she hit the icon to call him back. After a few rings, it was answered. “Miss St. James,” Oscar said. “You wanted to speak with me Mr Cotton?” He was silent for a few seconds, then said, “I would appreciate it if you showed up at court tomorrow, at 9am. I have a meeting with the judge, and I want you to be there.” Her eyes widened as, for a moment, she imagined that he would be making a case for her to remain part of the case, but only for a moment. That was stupid. “Why?” she asked, sounding a little more bitter than she wanted. “I want to get the judge’s ruling as to whether your recent change compromises the case. The judge will have questions, it would be best if you were there.” “I understand. I’ll help.” She paused and then said, “I have nothing to wear for court.” Oscar did not tell her not to worry. He would never tell her that. The right clothing was an essential part of one’s presentation in court. After a short silence, he said, “I’ll bring something, Don’t worry.” She took a deep breath. “Okay, I will be there.” “Thank you Miss St. James, I appreciate it.” “I am glad to help,” she answered. “I will see you tomorrow.” He hung up. She looked at her phone for a few seconds and then tapped the hangup icon. Gently chewing on her bottom lip, she wondered what tomorrow would be like. Would she be a professional in the room, or would be she like some weird piece of evidence. It worried at her all night, and she crawled into bed early, setting her alarm before she pulled the covers over her head. BREAK POINT#3 Kristine woke not to the beeping of her alarm but to another orgasm from another terribly erotic dream. She lay on her bed, breathing deeply, squirming, slim chest rising and falling with each gasping breath. She finally got control of herself, wiping at her damp forehead. “What the hell,” she said softly. Her alarm started beeping. As she sat up, she felt something heavy and wet slide about in the back of the diaper that she was wearing. Eyes wide she reached behind her and put her hand on the back of the plastic. The mass within the diaper shifted and spread out as she pushed against the padding. “Oh no,” she said. She shifted forward, taking the weight off her bottom. The mess slithered forward as she got up on her hands and knees. How was she going to clean up that mess? She’d have to get into her shower, take the heavily soiled diaper off. And then what? Could she flush it? And she would have to clean herself up, the mess that she felt stuck to her bottom. Just the thought of doing so made her feel ill. She should just be able to magic this away. Then a thought occurred to her. “Mr Bear, help.” She blushed even as she said it out loud, not entirely certain about what she was doing. A moment later the giant teddy bear was at her side. She did not have to give any instructions, the bear grabbed her up from the bed, cleared some space, and put her on the floor. She blushed as the bear pulled her legs up and untaped her diaper, then began to clean her up. The bear was fast, efficient, in extremely short order she was clean, the area around her was clean, the dirty diaper and the wipes having disappeared, even Mr Bear was clean. Of course, the bear then proceeded to put a new diaper on her, acting so fast she could hardly resist. He creamed her bottom, rubbing it across her butt and between her thighs, sending a shock of unexpected pleasure through her that made her gasp. Then he rained sweet smelling powder across her before pulling a thick diaper up between her legs and tapping it snug around her. He lifted her up from the floor, grabbing her under her arms, then placed her on her feet and patted her head. She blushed at the gentle touch, then lisped out her ‘thank you’ sending him away. Standing there, in the middle of her apartment, in just a diaper and her t-shirt, she sighed. “What the hell,” she said, then sat down on her couch. “Tac?” she called out softly. The cat did not appear. Well, she supposed that was for the best. She was not really sure how to ask the cat why she was having crazy erotic wet dreams, waking up in diapers that were damp for reasons other than piss. Was it part of the magic, or, as she was afraid of, was she just some kind of pervert? It was probably the magic. She hoped. Thinking of magic and the cat she summoned up her magic bag. She opened the small zippered pocket she had found the money in the night before. Within were two envelopes, neither feeling as if it were stuffed with cash. In one was a letter, informing her that all her student loans would be paid off by the end of the business day. The other letter showed that all her credit cards, as well as her line of credit, had all been paid off. She was completely out of debt. “Well, that’s something,” she said, tossing the letters on her coffee table and then dismissing the diaper bag. Standing she tore the expertly taped diaper from around her waist and tossed it, heading into her bathroom. Tac showed up when she left her apartment. She was dressed in the same outfit she had worn the day before, the slacks and the blouse. “Where you going?” the cat asked. “To court. Oscar wants my help,” she said, feeling happy for saying that. “Your help?” Tac asked incredulously. “Yes, my help,” she said, sounding far more defensive than she had intended. “Some kind of monster thing?” “No, legal matters,” she said, tilting her chin up as she walked towards the elevator. “This I got to see.” Kristine paused, wondering if she should tell the cat it could not come. Of course, she did not expect that Tac would do something just because she had ordered, and she supposed having an obvious magical animal might help things along in some manner or another. “Do as you want,” she said, and resumed her walk. Seeing as she was debt free and flush with cash (she had the money for clothing in her messenger bag) she decided to take a taxi. “How much more do you need to do to finish with me?” she asked Tac as she did up her seatbelt. “A few more nights and you’ll have all the basics down. You’re not as stupid as what I was expecting.” “Is that one of those magical animals?” the taxi driver asked, looking back at her in the rearview mirror. “Is that a problem?” Kristine asked. “I can toss her out of the cab, no problem if we are moving fast.” “Rude,” Tac said. “No, no, just never saw one before.” He pulled away from the curb and merged into traffic. “So,” the driver asked, “you one of those Magical Girls?” “Yeah, I’m one of those Magical Girls.” “You look a little young for it.” She laughed loudly. “I say something funny?” “Hilarious, but don’t worry about it.” “We’re not going to get attacked by monsters, are we?” “I don’t think so.” She looked at Tac. “A monster attack against a mundane is a pretty unlikely thing,” the cat sat smugly. “Is it now?” Kristine turned her gaze on Tac. “I don’t think my statement can in anyway be used to infer any wrongdoing on my part.” “And if I got one of those truth spells Oscar mentioned?” “Well, you don’t have one.” “You don’t seem to be all that friendly,” the driver said. “Tell me about it,” Kristine answered. “Aren’t you magical girls and your talking pets supposed to be all friendly like?” “Pets?” Tac sounded offended. “I am beginning to suspect that is just PR.” “Pets?” “So how did you become a magical girl, if you don’t mind me asking?” “Desperate measures,” Kristine said. “Either that or I die.” “So you didn’t want to be one.” “Of course not. Why would I?” “I bet it beats driving a cab.” Kristine was about to argue that, seeing as she was pretty sure driving a cab did not require diapers, but she decided not to. And she thought about the letters from the morning, the money in her bag. Probably a lot of people would think the benefits outweighed the costs. “It still was not what I thought I wanted to be doing with my life?” “Oh, what did you want to do with your life?” “I was going to be a lawyer.” The driver was silent for a few seconds. “You ask me the world needs more Magical Girls than lawyers.” “Did I ask you?” she snapped at him. “Don’t be so catty,” Tac told her. “I don’t want to hear that from you,” she told the cat. “Listen, I’m just saying that society is too litigious as it stands and fewer lawyers might not be a bad thing. Maybe people would talk things out and not tie up the courts with nuisance lawsuits and real legal change could happen.” “What, are you a professor of sociology or something?” “Philosophy.” “A philosopher cab driver, this is getting good,” Tac said. “You’re a professor of philosophy?” “Masters degree. Working on my doctorate.” Kristine frowned. “Are you driving for money or is this your thesis?” “Welcome to my lab, Magical Girl.” “Oh, crap.” “Do you have a card? Cause I think I want to ride in your cab more often," Tac said. “So, do you think you can do more to make the world just if you were a lawyer than you could be being a magical girl.” “I did not get into law because of justice,” Kristine said, exasperated, and then, “No, wait, I mean, justice is important, but the law is complex and beautiful.” “Really?” “Well, it’s complex.” “So, if you were interested in justice, would you find it easier to make a difference as a lawyer or a Magical Girl.” Kristine squirmed in her seat, thought the padding of her training panties felt both warm and wet but was not sure. And she could not check. “I suppose if I was only interested in justice that a Magical Girl has more options.” “But Magical Girls are not agents of justice,” Tac said as she jumped up onto the back of the front, passenger seat. “At least not necessarily.” “But do they have the freedom to become so?” “Probably,” Tac said. “So Magical Girl, do you feel that if you cannot practice law that you are required to uphold justice? Does your power require you to act.” “Hell no,” Kristine said. “Power does not equate to responsibility.” “Interesting.” “Listen, can you just drive.” “Sure,” he said, and then asked Tac, “so you offer power to these girls?” “That is right.” Tac sounded pleased with herself. “And you don’t feel that there is a problem with that? It’s like you are creating child soldiers.” “No like about it. But young girls have the purity and innocence to wield magic. Their pure hearts and pure dreams protect them from the corrupting taint of magic.” “Bullshit!” Kristine said from the back. “I was twenty-five, and you still picked me.” “Twenty-five?” the driver asked, looking at her in the mirror again. Kristine wished she had kept her mouth shut. “You were immature for your age,” Tac said by way of explanation. She smacked the cat from the back of the seat hard enough that it hit the interior windshield. “Hey, watch it,” the driver said. “The cat’s fine.” “My feelings can be hurt you know,” Tac said, jumping down from the dashboard. “Good to know. I’ll try to be more emotionally cruel.”
 The driver looked at her in the mirror, then down at Tac. He asked no more questions. Kristine felt a little bad about that but did not want to start up the conversation again. When she was dropped off at the courthouse, she tipped the driver well, by way of apology, then walked up the steps towards the large entranceway. She was near the doors when she was met by Oscar’s assistant. Yvonne Clark was an older woman, brown hair striped with grey, dressed conservatively. She had some garment bags hung over her shoulder. “Kristine?” she asked hesitantly. “Yes. Mr Cotton wanted me here.” Of course, Yvonne had to know that. What a stupid and obvious thing to say. “Yes. Come on. I have some clothing for you.” He held up the garment bags a little higher. At least Kristine was not the only one stating the obvious. Yvonne led her to a bathroom where she could change. Kristine went in on her own, carrying the three bags. She left them on a small bench inside the room by the door and went right for a stall. Her training panty was not too wet, but she cleaned herself up and put on a new one, not wanting to take a chance of staining any of the clothing she was going to borrow. There were three dresses within the bags, as well as a few packaged sundries. She wondered if they belonged to Oscar’s daughters or granddaughters. Perhaps young nieces? She did not really know much about his family other than he did have children. One of the dresses looked like a little girl’s Sunday dress. A bit too much frou-frou and pink for her tastes. Another was a surprisingly mature looking dress in a pale blue, clingy. Kristine was certain the bulk of her training panties would be visible. She went with the third, a dark blue dress, with a pleated skirt that dropped below her knees and short, wide sleeves that fell just above her elbows. The skirt was loose enough that there was no chance of her training panties showing through and it looked conservative. There was a pair of white tights, still in the package, along with the dress. She tore the bag open and put them on. The cotton tights were a little too small, and the dress a bit tight across her slim chest, but, looking at herself, she saw that none of that showed. Good enough. She gathered up everything and left the bathroom. Yvonne and Tac were waiting nearby. Yvonne looked Kristine up and down and nodded. “Good. Come on.” Tac jumped up onto her shoulder. Yvonne led Kristine up the main stairs, where the too small tights and slightly too tight dress made themselves a little more obvious. She felt a little corseted as she could not breathe as deeply as she wished, and the tights were sliding down a little, and she had to resist the urge to try to pull them up. Down a hall, deeper into the building, to a small waiting room where Oscar, and to her surprise and no small amount of embarrassment, Daniel were waiting. Daniel was staring at her, shock obvious on his face. She noted two others, a woman and man, well dressed. The man she recognised as Wendal Pine, the lead lawyer for the other side. “Miss St. James, thank you for coming,” Oscar said to her. “You’re welcome Mr Black.” Daniel schooled his expression to something more professional and nodded a hello to her. “Kristine,” he said. She returned the informal greeting with a “Daniel. You’re assisting with the case? Good job.” He looked a little uncomfortable, for they both knew that she was supposed to be here. “Thank you,” he said, almost sounding himself. Wendal and his companion were openly staring at her. She ignored them, deciding she would let someone else handle introductions if they were required. “Is there anything else Mr Cotton?” Yvonne asked. “Not at the moment Yvonne, thank you.” Yvonne nodded and then left them. There were several seconds of an uncomfortable silence in the room before Oscar said, “Let’s go.” He walked to one of the doors, knocked and then pushed it open. Kristine started towards the doors, but the others, with their longer strides (not hampered by trying to keep cotton tights from sliding down over a pair of training panties), put everyone else in the room, and she had to wait to enter last. There was a small office beyond. The five of them filled it. A woman behind a desk was talking to Oscar. “Go in,” she said, “Judge Morrison is waiting for you.” They all filed through the secretaries office into the much more significant office of the judge. Bernard Morrison was a tall man, big, shaved head, wrinkles around his eyes and mouth. He was standing, waiting for them. “Sit,” he ordered, pointing at a table in front of his desk. Everyone sat. Kristine found the chair too big for her, wished she could kneel on it, so she was not so low. Bernard went and sat at his desk. “Let’s make this fast.” He looked at Kristine. “Kristine St. James.” “Yes sir,” she said, hating how her voice seemed to squeak. “Papers?” She reached into her bag, pulled out her ID. She was about to get off the chair when Tac jumped to the floor and became the tuxedo-clad, cat-eared beauty that was her other form. There were a few expressions of surprise. With a smile Tac took the various documents from Kristine and walked to the judge’s desk, handing them to him. He looked through them, turning the bridging ID back and forth, staring at Kristine. She felt her cheeks grow warm under his scrutiny. He gave the documents back to Tac. “Thank you.” “Of course,” Tac said, and walked back, putting the documents on the table, in front of Kristine, just far enough from her that Kristine had to reach to get them. The cat-eared woman took a seat beside Kristine, smiling at the other people. “Tell me how you came to this position,” Judge Morrison said to Kristine. So Kristine told him of her meeting with Tac Friday evening and of her accepting the contract the next day. She kept it simple, to the point. Tac confirmed her story when asked. “When was the last time you worked on this case,” he asked her. “Friday evening, about 5pm.” “Anything since then?” “No sir.” “Have you had any contact with anyone involved in the case since then?” “Just Mr Cotton. I let him know what happened, and met with him yesterday too, well, officially end my employment with the firm.” “Did you talk about the case?” She shook her head. “No sir.” Wendal shifted forward in his chair. “Any witnesses to this?” “I was there,” Tac said. At the same time, Oscar said, “Emily Black from our IT department was there. She can be a witness as to our conversation. Shall I ask her to come by? I have a signed statement from her.” He brought an envelope from his jacket. “Give it here.” Oscar did so, and Bernard looked it over. “Good enough,” he finally said. “I would like a ruling now as to if Miss St. James unfortunate situation in any way reflects on this case,” Oscar said. The judge looked at Wendal and his companion. “Are you requesting a stay in procedures?” Wendal did not answer immediately, but finally said, “Not at this time.” “Your honour, if not at this time than if I may be permitted to say, than not at all,” Oscar said. “More information could come up later in the case,” Wendal replied, a little heated. “We may need to request a stay or delay later.” “If things start to go bad for you,” Oscar said. Kristine had suspected but now knew why Oscar had requested her presence there. “Enough,” Bernard said, loudly. No one else said anything. “Mr Pine, if you do not see a reason to delay proceedings at this time, based on what we know, I will not allow you to request a later delay. Unless of course, you put further evidence in front of me that puts into question Miss St. James' statement that she has had nothing to do with the case since her unfortunate transformation.” “Very well,” Wendal said. He did not sound happy about it. “All right, then this meeting is done. I will see you in court in,” he looked at his watch, “twenty minutes.” It was a dismissal that everyone recognised. They left the office. Out in the waiting room, everyone started walking away. Daniel paused, looked at her, back at the others who were all watching, and then said, “I’m sorry this happened to you.” He walked off. Not about to taint the case by being seen associating with her. She was alone. She found Yvonne, down the hall, waiting for her. She returned to the bathroom on the first floor, changing back into her own clothing. She held up the tights, making sure there were no telltale stains on the white cotton, then shoved them into the garment bag with the dress. “Thank you,” she said as she handed the bag back to Yvonne outside of the bathroom. “You’re welcome,” she said with a smile before turning and walking away. “Now what?” Tac asked from where she lazily leaned on a wall. “I guess I’ll go shopping.” “Good, I like shopping.” Kristine supposed some retail therapy was a way to not think of things. Or maybe not think that there was nothing left to really think about. She was a Magical Girl, and it seemed that was all she would be. All she could be. So letting her mind focus on buying a new wardrobe was welcome. She looked for quality, triple stitching, good materials, nothing that looked like it had been made in a sweatshop. Since training panties and, not that she wanted to admit it, diapers, were going to be a constant she looked for skirts and dresses mostly, to make changing easier. She bought some slacks and loose jeans, but they made up only a small part of her new and growing wardrobe. Quality and conservative were her watchwords. She soon had several bags full of clothing. Tac had to help her carry them. Some training bras were added to her purchases. As she had the day before Kristine got the idea that most of the salespeople who sold them to her were ultimately humouring her. What she did not need (assuming she was not going to chance a mess) were panties, but she bought them anyway. She did not want anyone thinking about why she would not be buying them. It was mid-afternoon when she decided to go home. She and Tac stuffed a taxi’s trunk full of clothing of all sorts, and the back seat was pretty full too. They did not get a driver who wanted to speak, so Kristine sat in the back seat, feeling tired and wet, hoping her training panties did not leak. Fortunately, she made it back to her apartment leaving the seat behind her dry. She and Tac hauled everything up to her apartment and Kristine went to change. She had leaked a little on her way up, small damp spots on the seat of her slacks. After changing into a dry pair of training panties, she tossed the pants into the laundry hamper and then, in only her socks, blouse and training panty, began to unpack her purchases. She was not sure at first what to do with all her old clothing, but after a few minutes of looking through her wardrobe, she decided it had to go. There was no point in keeping it around, other than to torture herself. She found some boxes and used the bags all her new things had come in and packed away all her old things. She would donate them to some charity, or better yet a woman’s shelter. Maybe her suits would do someone some good. As she finished boxing the last of the old things up, she felt odd, as if something were off. She found herself walking about the apartment, looking onto corners, opening things up. As small as the apartment was her actions did not go unnoticed. “What are you doing?” Tac asked her. Kristine looked at the cat. “Something feels off, but I don’t know what.” “Probably just because you are being watched.” “What?” Tac, in cat form again, stretched out. “Yeah. Not long after we got back.” “Where?” she asked, starting towards the windows. “Stop, don’t be stupid,” the cat told her. “Pardon?” she looked back at Tac. “You don’t want them to know you spotted them. That’s like tradecraft 101.” “Tradecraft?” She shook her head. “What should I do?” “Stop being stupid?” “Aren’t you supposed to help me?” “If I can make you stop being stupid that would help a lot.” “You make me want to kick you.” “Transform. Put your pacifier in your pie hole and teleport down there.” Kristine wanted to say something snide, but the cat was right. “Thank you,” she said softly. “What was that?” “I said thank you,” she snapped, and then before Tac might say anything else she transformed. Teleporting about, being invisible, it was all pretty amazing. It almost made being a Magical Girl worthwhile. Though not the diapers. She stood beside the car, not seen by the occupants, looking into the windows. It did not take her long to figure out who they were. There was a file, open in the back seat, with some stationary with the Pine law firm letterhead on it. So they were looking for proof that she was still somehow involved in the case. Good luck on finding that, she thought as she teleported up onto the roof of a nearby high-rise. She took the pacifier from her mouth. “Annoying.” “I will teach you a spell to chase them away,” Tac said. “Chase them away?” “Sure. Magic Girls need to make the mundanes scatter, stay away from dangerous places. Nice simple spell. You envision something unpleasant and focus it… Though with your weird ways of casting spells who know how it will work. Still, it is simple enough.” “No.” “No what?” “I’m not going to cast it. They are just doing their jobs, and it is not like they are going to see anything that will be a problem for Cotton and Black. I’ll just ignore them.” “But this is a teachable moment.” “I don’t care.” She teleported back to her apartment and ended her magical girl transformation. Tac had jumped from her shoulder. “Boring.” “I can learn that spell later,” she told the cat as she picked up the packed boxes and stacked them next to the door. Tac shook her cat head and then went and curled up on the couch. Kristine went and cleaned everything up, considering what she might do if she got a house. That all she needed to do was to want one and she would be given one seemed so unlikely. It was like she had won a lottery. And in a way she supposed she had. Just not a lottery that she would have bought a ticket for. She had everything sorted out and cleaned up when she heard someone knocking on her door. Not expecting any visitors she went to the door, stood up on her toes, and looked out the peephole. On her doorstep stood the handsome Olivia. “What the hell?” she asked aloud even as she unlocked the door. “Olivia, you can’t be here, there…” That was all she got before Oliva had her wrapped in her arms, her lips pressed against Kristine’s, her tongue slipping into Kristine’s mouth. It was like the night they had last seen each other. That was one of her thoughts at that moment. She also recalled that their hands had been in each other panties, and she worried that Olivia’s hands would slide down from her shoulders and discover what she wore instead of panties. That was another of her thoughts. She also was a little surprised at the tongue in her mouth. It seemed strange and well, the only word that came to her mind, strangely was, gross. It seemed a little gross. Then suddenly before Kristine could think of anything Oliva pushed her away, she herself stumbling a few steps back to fall against the door jamb. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Oliva said, crying. Kristine stared at Olivia, her mouth hanging open. She closed her mouth, then asked, “Sorry? What? Why?” “I heard, I thought, it didn’t matter. I was in love with you. I was sure it didn’t matter what you looked like, but it felt so wrong. I’m sorry.” “Olivia?” She took a step forward, then stopped. “You love me?” She was surprised. She liked Olivia, a lot, but in love? “Oh,” Kristine said. Of course, she loved Olivia as well. Why had she not seen it? “I…” “I don’t love you anymore,” Olivia cried and wiped at her eyes, smearing eyeliner. “What?” “You’re a child, when I look at you, I feel nothing. When I kissed you I just felt like a monster.” She straightened. “I never should have come here. I have to leave.” “Olivia…” Kristine took a step forward. “No, Kristine, I can’t be near you. It’s tearing me up.” Kristine stopped. “Goodbye.” She turned and fled the apartment. “Olivia,” Kristine said softly and took a step forward. She would just be torturing Olivia if she followed. “Well that was some nice drama,” Tac said as she jumped down from the couch. Kristine turned on the cat. “Shut up.” “That’s hardly nice. And here I am going to help you out.” “Help me out?” Tac saying anything like that seemed so foreign. She did not think the cat was capable of helping her. “I am going to take care of those guys in the car, so they don’t remember seeing your friend coming in here, cause that is probably important, then I am going to talk to your friend and make sure she doesn’t hurt herself.” “Oh,” Kristine said, suddenly feeling bad for her earlier thought. “And then I am going to get her on the rebound and fuck her until she can’t even remember your name.” “What?” The cat looked up at her. “She’s got a nice figure, and I am one horny kitty.” “Listen you damn cat I’ll pick you up by the scruff o the neck and shake the sh…” Tac was suddenly the buxom, tall woman in a tuxedo. She moved fast, grabbing Kristine and yanking the smaller girl across her lap as she dropped onto the couch. Skirt flipped up, training panties yanked down, she proceeded to wail on Kristine’s bottom, in the middle of the apartment, with the door to the hallway wide opened. It was humiliating. And it hurt a lot. “You Listen. I put up with a lot of crap from you cause you are cute, but you don’t get to tell me who I fuck.” Kristine was squirming, trying to break free, biting down on screams and sobs, worried someone could come and look into her apartment. Then suddenly she was on the floor, dumped from Tac’s lap, and Tac was heading out the door. “Don’t wait up,” Tac called back with a cruel smile as she left. Kristine watched her go, wiped her eyes, then stumbled to her feet, and with the training panties around her ankles, stumbled to the door and closed it. She bent down, pulled the training panties up. As they slid over her well-spanked bottom, she hissed at how much it had hurt. Had that bitch Tac used claws when she spanked her? Well, she would show Tac, she would… What would she do?
 Chase after Tac, tell her to leave Olivia alone? Scream ‘don’t have sex with my ex-girlfriend’? It was ridiculous. Olivia was not stupid, no easy lay. If Tac could seduce her, it would be because it was what Olivia wanted, at least at that moment. She sat down on the couch. Jumped up with a cry of pain. What sort of crazy magical spanking had Tac given her? She stood there, still sniffing, thinking about her friend and her life and her very adulthood which had all been snatched away for some stupid reason. She thought about how helpless she felt about it all. She thought about how there was nothing she could do about any of it. “Mr Bear,” she cried. And then the bear was there, and she threw herself into its warm, soft hug. She cried into the fur, and Mr Bear gently patted her bottom, easing the pain there. She felt completely pathetic, and at the same time completely safe. BREAK POINT#4 And now the new part that has not beeN posted yet Later, sprawled on her couch, in a too big t-shirt, the padding of a training panty a subtle but unforgettable presence, stared at the TV. She was not really watching what was on it, it was the background for her thoughts. Olivia, and what she represented. Things had been happening so quickly that she had not really considered what her life was going to be like. Saturday morning she had woken up, and everything was normal. It was now Monday evening, and she had lost her job, probably her friends, a girlfriend she had not realised was her girlfriend, her potty skills and her maturity. Things had been happening too fast. She had not really thought about it. Now that she was thinking about it Kristine did not like it. She sniffed, suddenly worried she might start crying. She rubbed at her eyes, took a deep breath. “I can turn this around,” she said out loud. It made her better to hear that, but what followed was the silent question, ‘how?’ Pulling her knees up to her chest she considered what she would need to do to fix things. She did not think she could break the magic that had changed her. She had, under duress as it had been, accepted a contract. There was something sacrosanct to that. Magical rules that had been established that would not be broken. The sticking point was that she was a child. It did not matter that she had a bridging ID, the fact that anyone who looked at her was going to see a little girl. And if she were not careful they would see a little girl in diapers. Jobs, relationships, even leisure activities would all be denied to her. Suddenly she was depressed again. She recalled, only a few days before, flipping through the channels until she could present to Tac a magical girl: Magical Parfait of the Baker’s Dozen she recalled. She could be, she realised, a joke. She could go on TV, or maybe get jobs performing. A cute little girl who was not really a little girl. Her knowledge of entertainment law was sketchy, but she seemed to remember that there was a limit on how much children could work. An apparent little girl, who was really an adult, would probably be useful. She supposed had she ever wanted to go into entertainment than this might be the best thing that ever happened to her. But while she had wanted to stand in front of a court as a lawyer, standing in front of an audience as a performer had never occurred to her. A professional joke, just like Magical Parfait, and other magical girls like her. No, she realised, she would be even a bigger joke because of the theme of her magic, and the diapers. Exhausted by her depressing thoughts, she turned off the TV, unfolded her couch, pulled her blankets over her head. She just wanted to sleep. Morning came, as it had since her transformation, with a wet dream and a messy diaper. She lay there, breathing heavily, waiting for the sensation to pass, and kind of wishing it would not. Then she called for Mr Bear so he could clear her up. It was just so much easier. After Mr Bear had her in a fresh diaper, she dismissed him. Sitting up on her fold out bed she wondered if all the Nursery Knights had to deal with that. And then she smacked her hand into her forehead. She could find them, talk to them, get them to tell her what the deal was, how they might have dealt with it. No dealing with Tac, who she really did not want to speak to, and certainly did not want to confide in. Staying in her diaper, she went to her laptop, turned it on, waited for it to boot up. It took so long. She summoned her magic bag, wrote a note that she wanted a new computer and a tablet. The message went into the side pocket, the bag dismissed. Once her computer was running, she opened a browser window and began to search. Terms like ‘Nursery Knights’, ‘magical baby girls’, ‘diaper magical girls’ got her some results, but she only found a handful of useful articles. There was a magical sighting page, with an entry on the Nursery Knights. It had not been updated in more than fifteen years. They had been active in Sacramento about twenty years prior. Kristine’s family had lived in Sacramento, but they had moved north to Seattle shortly before the Nursery Knights had been active. Had Tac shown up when she had been supposed to, would Kristine's family have moved? The Magical Realm certainly had access to money. Her father had taken them to Seattle because he had a new job there. She could envision Tac using the Magic Realm's money to keep her and her family in Sacramento. Or perhaps her teleporting power was to allow for the commute. Putting such thoughts aside she read what information was available. There was mention of a few battles, one in the downtown core. No record of any civilian casualties. Kristine found a few stories of people found asleep, unable to wake for a few months. She supposed that made sense for something that had been called the Nightmare King. Then the Nursery Knights all but disappeared. She spent about an hour reading through various sites but found nothing online that really helped her. Shutting her computer off she leaned back. Her padding felt damp on her bottom, and the diaper crinkled. Shaking her head, Kristine got up from her bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. It was still early when Kristine left her apartment. She had a small bag, loaded with a few extra training pants and an envelope full of computer money. Her outfit was all her new clothing, a black, designer A-line dress, with a skirt that hid her padding. She had paired it with a faded jean jacket. Out in front of her building, she decided not to call a cab but went for a walk instead. Kristine used to like going for walks. With school and the working at the law firm, she had had less time for that. Now she had nothing but time. She sighed loudly as she stood on a street corner, waiting for a break in the traffic. “Something wrong sweetie?” The person asking a question was a school crossing guard. An older woman with a kind smile. Kristine had not even noticed her, but it had been a long time since she had needed crossing guard’s help. “I’m just tried,” Kristine said, not even thinking to explain her problems. “You should get lots of sleep sweetie,” she told Kristine, then, a break in the traffic presenting itself, put her whistle to her lips, raised her sign, and stepped out into the crosswalk. Kristine mumbled a thank you as she crossed. Several other children, who Christine had not really noticed either, were louder in their thanks. There sure were a lot of kids around, she thought. Of course, because they were going to school. Kids were walking, almost always with an adult, though. Walking past a school, she noticed how many were being dropped off by parents. It looked like children had grown a lot less independent than she was a child. Kids a few years from being teenagers seemed to be treated more like they were children half their age, or so Kristine thought. It made Kristine rethink her earlier concerns about looking like a child. It was worse than she had thought if this was the new normal for children. “Goddamn depressing,” she said softly. No one tried to stop her, no truant officers or police demanding to know what she was doing, but she saw curious gazes turned her way. She really did not want deal with anyone asking her questions. The morning grew late, children and commuters disappeared from the streets. She watched the cars going by, supposed that people were out shopping, like her. Kristine had been walking for a while, but she was not tired, no ache in her leg muscles. Recalling what Tac had said she could only assume that she was enjoying another of the benefits of being a magical girl. Even untransformed it appeared she enjoyed a stronger body. Almost two hours after she had set off she reached the shopping mall she had wanted to visit. It had not been open for long, and it was not too crowded. In an electronic store, Kristine went to the computer isle and looked around. She had educated herself about computers, enough to know what she wanted. Before price had always been a concern, but now she had money waiting to be spent. It took her about twenty minutes to decide between the three computers she had been considering, and then she stood around for several minutes, waiting for someone to come up and ask to help her. She was a little surprised that the salespeople had left her alone so long. Then she remembered. She was a kid. Of course, they were ignoring her. They probably thought she was screwing around while her parents were shopping somewhere else. “Excuse me, I’d like to buy this,” she called to a middle-aged man who passed close by. He paused, looked around, and then, Kristine was sure he sighed, he walked over to her. “What is it you want young lady?” “This,” she put her hand on the laptop she had chosen. He looked at it, then her. “Is your mother around?” “I’ll pay for it,” she told him. He looked at her for a few seconds, she guessed he was trying to decide if she was serious if he was about to get a commission out of the sale. “Okay, we’ll ring it up.” He reached under the shelf, grabbing one of the boxes. She paused on their way to the cash registers and pointed at a tablet. “And one of those.” Again he looked at her, thoughtfully, perhaps taking in her clothing. Then he grabbed another box. When they reached the cash register, he said, “All right, so where is your mother, or father?” She reached into her bag and took out the envelope with the cash in it. She had already figured out the cost, so she put the hundred dollar bills and fifty dollar bills in front of him. “I am paying for it myself. I am really spoiled.” Kristine was not sure what the salesman had been expecting, but probably not a large wad of cash. She wondered why she had not used her credit card. It probably would have been easier. Had she wanted to flash her money around? Seemed more than a little childish to her. “I’m joking,” she told him and pulled her bridging ID out. “It’s really okay. I’m older than I look.” She smiled as she held out the card. He took it from her, looked at it, flipped it over, read what was there. “You’re from the Magical Realm?” “Well, not really.” She did not want to say she was a Magical Girl. “It’s complicated.” The ID fell from his hands to the counter. “You’re a Magical Girl,” he said, nervously, looking around. “Look, I don’t…” “Fuck, is some monster going to show up? You’re going to get us all killed.” He was not shouting, but he was loud, and a few people were looking towards him. She had heard that some people were afraid of all things magical. She had never seen it before. “Listen, just take my money and give me my receipt and my stuff and I will be out of here. I’ll never come back.” “Fuck you,” he said quite loudly. “Dan, is there a problem?” A middle-aged man in a shirt and tie had approached. “She’s a fucking Magical Girl.” “Dan, go, take your break.” “But…” “Go to the break room.” Dan stared at the man, shook his head, and then almost ran away. The manager, Kristine assumed, quietly rang her up, looked at her ID once, then took her money. He did not ask her to come again. No one asked if she had found everything she wanted. People were staring at her. “Fuck,” Kristine muttered as she left. She should have shopped online. Who knew she would have to deal with such crap. She had planned to shop a little more but had no stomach for it. Leaving the mall, she hailed a taxi. As she got in with her purchases, she said to the driver, “Take me to the downtown branch of the library.” The driver pulled away from the mall. He did not want to talk, which was okay with Kristine. Kristine had excellent research skills. However, she was in no way a professional. Librarians were professionals, which was why she had come to the library. An older woman, probably around fifty, looked down at Kristine. “The Nursery Knights?” Kristine nodded. “Yes. I want to find out what I can about them.” “I see,” she simply said, and then, “come along.” She led Kristine to her desk where she sat down and started her search. She did not invite Kristine to take a seat, there was not even a chair there for visitors. However, she was not left standing for long. Perhaps after a minute or two, the librarian scribbled down some notes and then stood up, once more asking Kristine to follow. It was a pleasure to watch a professional at work, Kristine often thought. They went to an old-fashioned card catalogue, though they only stayed there a few moments. Then there was a short stop at an old microfiche machine. Kristine was not even sure she would know how to use that device. That done the woman began to pull books and old periodicals from various shelves. In less than an hour, Kristine was looking at a stack of material sitting on a table. “Thank you,” she said. “You’re welcome. Most of that material cannot be taken from the library. Leave it on the table when you are finished, we’ll get it shelved.” She turned and walked away. Kristine began to read. There was a book on the various teams of Magical Girls who had operated on the West Coast for the past thirty years. There was a full chapter on the Nursery Knights, though much of it was the author’s supposition about why a team of little girls had been chosen, and that magic must be related to innocence. It was still interesting. She put that aside, picked up a book of photography, found several pictures of the Nursery Knights within. Faces were blurry, but she would make out the little girls wearing the same style of outfits she wore when transformed. The diapers were embarrassingly obvious. A scholarly book about magical girls in general mentioned the Nursery Knights a few times, and how as a group composed of small children they represented an example of how irresponsible the Magical Realm was. “Preaching to the choir sister,” Kristine said softly as she put the book aside. She read more books, magazine articles, even an interview done with Nursery Knight Becca. Not that Becca, probably Rebecca, had a lot to say. Kristine guessed that Becca was perhaps about eight at the time, but the person doing to story assumed an age of about half that. Christine had been making notes of when the Nursery Knights had first appeared and when they had disappeared. The interview with Becca was one of the last times anyone saw one of the Nursery Knights. She had been at her research for a couple of hours. Straightening up, amazed at the fact her back did not hurt, she was aware of the wet, squishy feeling around her bottom from a soaked training panty. Hoping that she was not leaking she nearly ran to the bathroom. The inside of her dress’s skirt was just a little damp, and it did not show, fortunately. Her training panty was heavy with her pee, and she tossed it into the garbage once she had changed. Back at the table she looked through the few remaining books and magazines but was not able to add to her knowledge of the Nursery Knights. They had been much like most magical girl teams, but for their youth. But unlike those other groups, when they had finished their fight they had disappeared completely. Where had they gone? She left the books and magazines on the table as she had been told. On the way out she paused near a donation box, a sign over it reading, ‘Help Support Our Library’. She had a few hundred dollars left after her purchase of the laptop and tablet. Most of it went into the donation box, but for enough left for her cab ride home. Tac came into Kristine's apartment in her cat form. It was early evening. Kristine had set up her laptop and told herself she was still doing research, but she was really just playing around with all the new features the better computer and OS had given her. The cat jumped up onto the coffee table. “Let’s go, we have some more training to do.” Kristine almost told Tac to go to hell, but instead, she stood up and lisped out her transformation chant. She stood in her uniform, suddenly feeling more embarrassed by it. Having seen pictures of the Nursery Knights wearing that outfit, the juvenile costume felt even more so. The short skirt, the puffy sleeves, the lace trim, the ribbon on which her pacifier hung, the rattle shaped mace, and of course the thick diaper. Tac jumped up onto her shoulder. “There’s a big park west of here, do you know it?” “Yeth, I know it.” “Teleport us there for the next lesson.” Kristine did so, appearing on the roof of a medium-sized building that looked down on several acres of green space. People were enjoying the end of the day, a soccer game and a baseball game was going on at either side of the park, and people moving around between. “Okay,” Tac said. “When a Magical Girl needs to fight she should do her best to keep people from getting hurt?” “What about pwopety?” “Property damage is not a problem. We got the money to pay for it.” Kristine supposed that made sense based on what she had learned that day. Tac continued. “You need to be able to make people leave an area, so they don’t get hurt.” “How do I do that?” “It was like I was telling you. If you want to chase someone away from a place you envision something unpleasant, though not frightening, and focus on an area, then push that feeling into that area.” “Thomething unpleathant?” “A feeling of being too cool, or too hot, or an annoying sound.” “Okay.” “Clear everyone from about a hundred feet in every direction of the fountain.” Kristine nodded, stepped to the edge of the building. She looked down at the space Tac had defined, she let the words come to her as they had before. “Dirty Diaper Diaper Pail,” she said, and then, “Fuck cat.” “Hey, I don’t make this crap up.” She wanted to be angry, but when she saw what was happening below, she could only be amazed. People were leaving the area she had envisioned. They were not running, they did not even seem to be aware of it, but they evacuated the space in an orderly manner liked it had been well planned and practised. It could not have taken more than twenty seconds before the space around the fountain was deserted. People had redistributed themselves around the park, apparently unaware of their actions. What was more was that people were walking the long way around, again seeming not to notice that anything was weird in they did. They were, on further observation, actively not looking towards the space around the fountain. “Weird.” “Jump down there,” Tac told her. Kristine judged the distance and then took a few steps back. She then ran up to the edge and leapt. She sailed across the distance between, landing close to the fountain, hitting the brickwork, her shoes leaving scratches on the surface. “Oopthieth,” she said looking back at the damage. Tac made a rude sound. “That’s not an oops level of damage, trust me.” She jumped from Kristine’s shoulder to the fountain side. “No one will care.” Kristine looked around and then walked towards the edge of the space she had envisioned. No one was looking at her, no one had seen her land, heard her land. She stood, about two feet away from a man who was talking on his cell phone. She could hear what he was saying, but he did not seem to notice her. “Weird.” She walked back towards the fountain. “But what happenth if the monthter weaveth the spathe?” “Why do you think Magical Girls are in teams? A few girls working together can contain the monsters.” “I thee.” “But let’s assume you need to keep a monster contained when it is really trying to get away. Or you want to avoid accidents and not just the type you have in your diapers.” “Hey!” Ignoring her outburst, Tac continued, “You don’t want someone tripping and falling into the area, or maybe a piece of a destroyed building goes flying out. If that is likely, you need to firm up the barrier, so it does not let anything pass through.” Kristine nodded. “So, now I want you to envision the barrier becoming something that will keep people out. Visualize it and say the words.” “Okay,” Kristine told Tac, then looked around. Prison cell. Sheets of thick plastic. Steel walls. Chainlink fences. Wood slats, gaily painted, safely rounded with no sharp edges. “Cwib time thafe thpathe,” she said aloud, and all around her appeared crib like bars. “Fuck,” she said again. “How cute,” Tac said in syrupy tones. She kicked the cat into the fountain. Splashing and sputtering the cat thrashed about in the water for a few seconds before turning into a woman. Tac, the woman, splashed out of the knee-deep water. She was soaked, so her ordinarily tight clothing was obscenely clinging to her. Kristine tried to tell herself she was not all jealous and was careful not to look down at her own lack of curves. Stepping out of the fountain Tac stood over her, glaring down at her. “Do you want another spanking already little girl?” Recalling the spanking of only the night before Kristine took a step back. Her lip trembled as she shook her head. “Don’t mix cats with water you overgrown toddler.” “I’m not…” she said, but looking up at Tac’s angry face killed the rest of the words in her mouth. Tac snapped her fingers. Water exploded away from her. A mist of it hit Kristine in the face, leaving her lightly drenched. Perfectly dry Tac stood there, imperious for a moment, then the woman was gone, and the cat was back. The cat leapt back up onto the fountain edge and stared at Kristine, almost as if she was daring Kristine to try something. Kristine did not take up that dare. Some water dripped from her hair. With the impossibly smug look that only a cat was capable of Tac said, “Now you have your safe crib space. That will stop most things from getting in and out, but a determined or a powerful monster might break it.” Kristine nodded, still feeling scared and not trusting her voice. “Or perhaps the monster has minions. Either way, you may need some extra help.” “What about the other Magical Girlth?” Kristine asked. “You might be fighting on your own, or they might be just as busy. Fortunately, you got Mr Bear to give you a hand.” “Mithter Bear?” “Consider if you had an army of your Bear? Each one ready to knock a monster away from the barrier, or form a wall of fur to keep the barrier safe.” Kristine nodded, seeing the point. “So, picture an army of your Mr Bears, and then, call them.” Kristine closed her eyes and did just that. She imagined an army of giant teddy bears. She opened her eyes. “Todayth the day the teddy bearth haf their pi’nic,” she called out. Well, that was not quite as bad as the other things she had to say. Around her formed shadows, and those shadows began to clump together. “Looks good so far,” Tac said. In seconds there stood about fifty or sixty shadowy forms all around her. Then, with a sound like a pop, those forms became giant teddy bears. They looked a lot like Mr Bear, though they lacked his more distinct features. They had an unfinished look to them. The close to sixty bear heads all turned towards her. It was a little creepy. “What now?” she asked Tac. “Now, think about what you want them to do.” Kristine started at them for several seconds. Then she giggled as every bear suddenly pushed its hip forward and grabbed its crotch with a big paw. “Real mature,” Tac said. Kristine ignored the cat as the bears started doing the thriller dance. “A magical army and thy best she can think to do with it is play,” Tac said. Kristine pretended the cat was not there, just watching her dancing bears. She could see that there was a lot that might be done with the bears. They could handle crowd control, probably lock enemies down she so could hit them, even just stand a perimeter guard as Tac had earlier suggested. Or she could make her very own teddy bear flash mob. The bears had been dancing for a few minutes (she felt sorry for everyone on the other side of the barrier who could not see the show) when Kristine suddenly felt dizzy. “Oh my,” she said, stumbling back a few steps before sitting slowly on the edge of the fountain. The bears all stopped moving. As she sat there, taking deep breaths, Kristine felt her diaper grow warm under her as she wet it without control. “Wha’ happen?” she asked. “It takes a lot of magical energy to summon and maintain your bears,” Tac told her in a tone that suggested she thought that Kristine should have known that. “Teddy bearth ta bed,” Kristine said, and the bears disappeared. As soon as they were gone, she felt better. “You need to work on your magical stamina,” Tac told her. “Magical thtamina?” “Your ability to channel and hold the magical power. The more magic you use, the better you’ll get. Normally, of course, you are working with a team, and each girl can handle a different thing. Still, a Magical Girl never knows when she’ll have to fight on her own.” “I would like to meet the other Magical Girls,” Kristine said, seeing an opportunity. “What?” “The other Nursery Knights. I would like to talk to them.” “I’ll see what I can do,” Tac told her. Glad that Tac had not asked why Kristine got unsteadily to her feet. Her soaked diaper sagged under the weight of her pee. “One more thing and then we’ll call it a night.” “One more?” Kristine asked. She wanted to teleport home and get a fresh diaper, or training panty. As long as it was dry. “If things are terrible, then you want to take the area you are fighting in out of the world.” “Out of the worl’?” “Think about it as moving the area to another dimension.” “Another dimenthion?” “Are you a parrot?” Kristine was about to say, ‘Parrot,’ but shut her mouth on the word. “How?” “Visualize it. Think about this space sinking away.” Kristine looked around, thought about the ground under her becoming water, the entire area sinking away, going somewhere else. “Into the dark toy box and clothe the lid,” she said, sweeping her hand out. The barrier went black. Suddenly all around her was darkness. It was as if the temperature suddenly dropped, and she shivered, her diaper growing cold and clammy around her hips. There was an indirect light, and there were long shadows all around her. Turning in place, she started open mouth. “I’m really somewhere elthe.” “You are,” Tac told her. “Did I leave a hole in the worl’?” “No. Its as if this space no longer exists, the space it took up no longer there.” Kristine thought about that and shivered again. “Okay, take us back out.” Kristine nodded. Without being told she visualised the area returning to the world and said, “Open the toy box.” It became warm and brighter, and around her, the park returned. “That’s enough for today,” Tac said as she jumped up onto Kristine’s shoulder. “Back up to the roof.” Kristine tried to teleport, but her concentration failed, and she felt as if the world stuttered around her. Her hand tightened on the mace, and she almost hurled it at the ground. She felt tears in her eyes. It was all so hard, and she was so tired. She realised her emotions were suddenly out of control with exhaustion and she had been about to throw a tantrum because of it. I am not a baby, she told herself and focused. Kristine successfully teleported on her second attempt. Standing on the roof she followed Tac’s direction, dropping the barrier and then the exclusion field. From above she watched as people began to move back into the space she had earlier driven them from. Again they did not seem to notice that they were returning to the area, just as they had not been aware they had been leaving it. Within a few minutes it was as if it had never happened. Magic was amazing, Kristine thought. She teleported back to her apartment. Tac left her for some other business. Kristine made sure not to ask if that other business was Olivia. She sat down on her couch, her diaper squishing beneath her. She just wanted to rest a moment, then she would change back, but she was asleep in seconds. BREAK POINT#5 Someone, probably Mr Bear, had unfolded her couch, undressed her, changed her, and put her in the bed, sheets tucked in around her. While the magical bear could do all that to her and not wake her up was a little disconcerting, there was something about it that her still sleepy mind found comforting. Knowing that there was always going to be something that would take care of her. Closing her eyes she tried to go back to sleep, but after only a few seconds she opened her eyes and turned her head towards the clock in the room. She had been asleep for a few hours, and it was not too late in the evening. Kristine did not think she would get back to sleep. Sitting up, the sheets slipping off her, she found herself dressed in one of the pyjama tops she had bought. Mr Bear had not bother putting the bottoms on her. She got up from the bed, felt too lazy to hunt up the pyjama pants or switch from the thick diaper to a pair of training pants. She got her new laptop and tablet, setting them up on the coffee table as she sat down on the sofa bed. At first, she was not sure what to do, then she decided to search for a house. She suddenly wanted a bedroom, with a real bed. That search kept her busy until she felt tired enough to go back to sleep. Morning. Waking up from an orgasmic wet dream. Messy diaper. Mr Bear cleaning her up. She doubted she would ever get used to it. At the very least the sweaty, panting, twitchy, wet and wonderful feeling of the wet dream was something that would never get dull. Well, she hoped. Tac was not around. She sat on her folded up couch, wondering what she was going to do. Kristine thought that there was nothing more she could learn in researching the Nursery Knights. She would have to wait until Tac got back to her. Shopping was out. Leaning back on the couch, diaper crinkling under her, TV tuned to a local news station, what to do with the day occupied her thoughts. Sitting around the apartment sounded dull. Tac had said she needed to work on her magical stamina. That seemed like a good idea. Lisping out her transformation phrase left Nursery Knight Krisy standing in the apartment. She grabbed her a bag for her tablet, hung it over her shoulder, then tucked her tablet into it. Looking at herself in the mirror she giggled at how incongruous the black bag looked with the baby style dress. Then she disappeared, teleporting away. Kristine looked at houses. She practised putting up exclusion fields, making everyone leave the house. Then she would teleport in and look around. After getting a feel for the place, she would teleport out and then drop the field, watching as people went back in. It was kind of fun. By the end of the day she was feeling tired. She had been using her magic pretty heavily. Still, she felt kind of good about it, as if she was making progress. Back in her apartment she transformed back to her regular self, changed out of the wet diaper and into a set of dry training pants. She looked over the list of houses, considered what she had seen, then wrote a note explaining that she wanted to know more about one of the houses. She summoned her magic bag, put the letter in it, then dismissed the bag. Afterwards, Kristine made her dinner and was about to eat it when Tac came into the room. “Eat up, we have more training to do tonight. We’ll be working on scrying and remote viewing.” “All right,” Kristine said, then asked, “have you found anything out about the other Nursery Knights?” Tac shook her cat head. “Not yet.” Kristine nodded, not yet wanting to push, not wanting Tac asking more questions. So she ate quickly and then transformed. She and Tac headed out into the night for more practice. The next day Kristine found a set of papers in her magic bag. They were what turned out to be papers from someone who had performed a magical inspection on the house. Without the property owner’s knowledge apparently. As a lawyer, well, as someone who wanted to be one, that seemed a little wrong. As someone who was considering moving into that house she found she did not mind much. Along with the inspection results were a list of spells that could be used to repair the problems that the inspector had found. There was a report on the neighbourhood and the neighbours. Finally, there were the details of the offer that might be made. She read it over. She was not going to have to spend the money, but it still seemed like a big deal. The house was pleasant, not a big home, but it was on a big lot a lot of privacy. It had three bedrooms, the master unusually large with an east facing window. She picked up a pen and scrawled on the bottom of the page that she wanted the house. Then she returned it to her magic bag and dismissed it. Now what, she asked herself. What was she going to do? She wished she could talk to her friends, but all her friends were working for law firms. She could not contact any of them. Kristine really wanted to contact Olivia, but she knew she could not. She was also afraid of what she might learn if she did. After several minutes of sitting there she knew she had to do something. Transforming she teleported from her apartment. Standing on a windowsill, pacifier in her mouth, so she was invisible, Kristine looked in at the classroom. Perhaps she could go back to school. Relive her childhood. People always dreamed of that. It did not take her long to decide it would be more a nightmare than a dream. Classes looked boring. Worse for her as she knew everything they were teaching, or at least vaguely recalled it. And she was pretty sure that being a student in training pants or diapers would not be in anyway fun. After about an hour of watching she teleported away. There were rumours that the police had magical girls on the payroll. Being a police officer would let her still be part of the legal system. She stood in a corner, invisible, investigating the city’s central police station, trying to see what it might be to work there. Being invisible offered her a lot of opportunities see how the officers behaved. It seemed the female officers were subject to a fair amount of low-level harassment. It was coached as good-natured ribbing, but the female staff took a lot more of it. She saw no evidence that there was any magical staff there. Kristine suspected if there were any they were made to keep a low key. Harassment and being treated like an embarrassment. Kristine teleported away. The fire department seemed like a better work environment. As long as you did your work it looked like they gave everyone the same amount of respect. Hard work, but it looked rewarding. And the fire engines looked cool. It would be something to look into. Later. She teleported away. There was one more area where Kristine thought that she might get a job, The entertainment industry. She had thought about that earlier and been dismissive of it, but there were reasons to consider it. Kristine had learned that there was filming going on in the city, she teleported over to watch. As she stood invisible among the crew, she considered what it would be like to work in such an environment. Magical Girls had a certain cachet, and she was pretty cute. If she was not going to grow older, and she hoped it was not the case, but if it was, she was the type of child actress that the industry probably wanted. One that would not get older and age out of the part. Honestly, after watching for a few hours, she thought it looked a little dull. However, she could not deny that everyone seemed to be working hard. When Kristine teleported away, she decided she was willing to consider entertainment. “Have you found out about the other Nursery Knights?” Kristine asked Tac. “I am working on it,” Tac said. She sounded cross, and her hair stood up along her spine. “Well, work harder.” “Why is it so important to you?” The day had given Kristine an answer other than, ‘I want to know if they wake up with orgasms and wet diapers’. What she said was, “I want to know what to do with my life. They might have some ideas.” “Fine,” Tac said. “I’ll look deeper, but tonight we have to practice.” “I want to work on repair spells,” Kristine said, and then named some of the spells she had learned of that morning. “Repairs?” “I can? Can’t I?” “Well, you can, but why?” “I want to, and how to shield people and place from heat and fire.” “The fire shields are useful.” “And the repairs.” “Fine,” Tac told her. “Let’s go.” Kristine had fun that night. She and Tac teleported around the city, fixing things. A street covered in potholes and cracks left like new. A large number of street lights shining brightly again. Graffiti wiped away. She especially liked cleaning the graffiti, a wave of her hand, a lisping command, and walls were left unmarked. She also practised fire shields, though that was a little harder because there were no significant fires to work with. When Kristine returned home, she felt tired but pleased. “Okay, tomorrow night you can practice on your own. Fill in some more potholes.” “What are you going to do?” “I am going to find out about the other Nursery Knights before you throw a tantrum.” “I’m not going to throw a tantrum.” “Which is exactly what I would expect a toddler about to have a meltdown to say.” “Just shut up.” “Make sure you practice,” Tac said, and then was gone. “Stupid cat,” Kristine said. A large number of countries and cities had asked that the Magical Realm set up its central embassy in their territory. The diplomatic branch of the Magical Realm had decided to ignore all those requests and dump their embassy in the middle of the Antarctic. Tac usually thought that was pretty funny, but when she had to make her way to the embassy, she had to admit it was a little inconvenient. Even for a cat who walked through walls and played the Schrodinger game to be where she should not, it still took some time to get there. Which was why she had told Kristine to practice on her own. Tac figured she’s be gone at least a full twenty-four hours. The Antarctic was cold, even for a cat with as fabulous fur as she had. One of the first things the Magic Realm had done on setting up was to chill the continent back down to its proper temperature. No global warming allowed there anymore. It was showing off to the mundanes in part, but the staff were the type to like the cold. As Tac glided into the embassy on two legs, wrapped in a thick fur coat, she was greeted by a pair of ice warriors who looked her up and down and then stood aside so she could pass. “Thanks, boys,” she said, walking further into the ice palace. She passed through public areas and moved into the offices where the real work happened. Down, several levels below the ice was a room that looked like a mission control sort of place. Staff watched floating crystal balls, staring at the events taking place. Scrying in a world where almost no one knew how to put up a ward was one of the easiest ways to gather intelligence. Tac looked about and then walked up to a woman with white skin and blue hair, wearing a black suit that did all the right things for her. “Hey sweet stuff, looking for details on the Nursery Knights, Magical Girl team. Got a location?” The woman smiled. “Nursery Knights huh?” She spun the globe in front of her. Tac could have sworn she saw snowflakes in it. “Hmmm, I think you need to talk to Controller White Out.” She looked up towards one of the highest levels of the control centre. Tac followed her gaze, saw that the woman was looking at another white skinned, blue-haired beauty. “Well, happy to talk to the Controller. Thanks, sweetheart.” She left the first woman behind and climbed the stairs to where Controller White Out worked. “Hey Controller, I need some help finding some Magical Girls. Got time for a fellow working girl.” The woman called White Out looked at Tac for several seconds. “You don’t look the type who actually works that much.” “Guilty as charged, it’s the cat in me.” White Out smiled. “Well, one can’t be blamed for their nature I always say. Magical Girls?” “A team called the Nursery Knights.” White Out pursed her lips. “That sounds familiar.” She turned to her globe, spinning it about. “Hmm, I actually have a recent spike.” “That would probably be Kristine. I recently activated her.” White Out looked away from the globe towards Tac. “The Nursery Knights were active about twenty years ago.” “Yeah, I was a little late.” “A little?” “The cat in me.” White Out actually smiled. “All right, let’s ignore the recent activity.” She went back to the globe, turning it, running her hands over it. “Okay, now I remember. We started getting activity on them about twenty years ago, pretty consistent for about two years.” “Sounds right. It took the Nursery Knights about two years to take down the Nightmare King as I understand it.” “After that, there was consistent, low-level activity, about what you would expect from Magical Girls who are no longer active.” “Okay. So do you have any recent activity from them?” “No,” White Out said. “No?” “They went dark almost sixteen years ago.” “Went dark? Like they never transformed again?” “No. Even an untransformed Magical Girl occasionally gives off energy.” “So they’re dead?” White Out shook her head. “No, we would have picked up their deaths.” “How does a Magical Girl go dark then?” “It’s difficult. The girls have to actively mask themselves in the world. It takes a lot of work.” “Does it happen often?” “No.” “Has an entire team ever gone dark?” “No.” Tac said nothing for several seconds. “Well, that is weird.” “Yes. It is why I remembered them.” “Well, I am going to have to speak to those in the know.” “Who is that?” “That,” Tac said and smiled, “is first the coordinator of that team, and then their liaisons.” “Ah.” White Out nodded. “But, that being said, are you like all cold, or do you think I can warm you up. I got a talented cat’s tongue, but I don’t want it freezing to anything.” After her usual morning wake-up pleasure and mess Kristine had planned on spending the day fixing stuff to practice her magic, and then she had planned on talking to someone in the fire department. There was a note from Tac in the front pocket of her magic bag, telling her to keep practising. That made the idea of popping around and repairing things seem even better. However, she ended up on the roof of a building across from the courthouse, pacifier in her mouth, using the scrying spells that she had learned to watch the court proceedings. Oscar was a pleasure to watch, and she could see that Daniel was working hard to keep up. He seemed to be enjoying himself. She could not help but feel a stab of envy. Sitting on the edge of the roof, sucking on her pacifier, watching the trial, hours passed before a recess was called. During that time her diaper had grown wet. Something she only noticed when she stood and felt it sag. “Thith ith getting ridiculouth,” she mumbled aloud. She reached under her skirt, checking the diaper. It did not seem too wet yet. How had the actual Nursery Knights dealt with their wet diapers? Had their Mr Bears been continually changing them? After another check of her diaper, she decided she did not need to change it yet. She teleported away from the court, to the roof of the building in which Cotton and Black had their offices. On the roof, she called up her scrying spell and scanned the office for Olivia. It felt a little creepy, spying on her ex, but she wanted to know how Olivia was doing. Kristine found Olivia at her desk, working. Through the scrying spell she watched Olivia as she worked, trying to discern how she was doing. The face that had grown so familiar looked much like it had in the time Kristine had known her. Was she looking sad, or happy? Were their dark circles under her eyes, as if she had not been sleeping? And if she had not been sleeping was that because she was spending her nights crying over love lost, or because Tac was keeping her awake. Was that far off look because she was thinking of Kristine, or Tac, or was she just wondering what she was going to have for dinner? Two other women came up to Olivia. Kristine recognised them both, though she only knew one of them, Wendy Davis, another articling student. The other woman was a secretary, but Kristine had never known her name. They asked Olivia for some help with research in the library. Olivia agreed and went with them. The same smiles, the same tone of voice, Kirstine would be hard pressed to find anything that suggested that Olivia was in any way distressed. What did it mean? Olivia seemed pretty friendly with the secretary, who name Kristine learned was ‘Bethany’. Was Bethany Kristine’s replacement? No, she told herself, Olivia would not just jump into a new relationship. Kristine was sure of that. However, after that every smile had Kristine wondering. Maybe Tac had done something? Maybe Tac had made Olivia forget about her. Though Tac had said she wanted to catch Olivia on the rebound, so she could not have made Olivia forget. Kristine ran her hands through her hair and let a small cry of exasperation around her pacifier. It was so hard. She just wanted to know what Olivia was thinking. Was there a spell for that? She would have to ask Tac. “No,” she growled. Bad enough she was watching Olivia, but to try to read her mind? That would push her well into the creepy territory. Kristine was somewhat aware that she needed to poop, but she ignored it. She could hold it, and she was still trying to understand what Olivia was feeling. Someone mentioned Kristine, wondering if it was true what they had heard. Kristine focused on Oliva’s face, trying to figure out what her expression meant. Was it a sad smile? A frown? Was she about to say something, tell them it was true? Then Kristine was distracted by the feeling in her diaper. The warm, bulky mess that was filling the seat. The scrying spell collapsed, and Kristine opened her mouth in an ‘O’ of surprise. Her pacifier fell from her mouth, jerked to a stop by the ribbon. She reached behind herself, put her hands on the seat of her diaper. There was a weight in the back, and she pushed at it, feeling the warm, almost hot, poop squish again her. She gasped at the strange feeling, kept pressing it against her, even as the continued to fill her diaper. She was squatting down, pushing more of the poop into her diaper. She could not stop herself as she continued to rub the mess against her bottom. What was she doing? What was she feeling? It occurred to her she was visible, for the pacifier was not in her mouth, rubbing the back of her messy diaper. “No,” she grunted, and snatched up the pacifier, putting it back in her mouth. She stood, the mess shifting. Envisioning her apartment, she teleported home. “Mithter Bear,” she cried out. Mr Bear showed up, with her magic bag over his shoulder. Within in moments, the bear had a changing pad on the floor and Kristine on her back. He had her messy diaper off in about twenty seconds and began to clean her up. Soon her bottom was clean, oiled up and powdered. Mister Bear had slid a new diaper under her bottom, lowered her onto it and taped it up around her. Kristine was so glad to be clean, happy that she was no longer tempted by a messy diaper. She thanked Mr Bear and sent him away. Lying on the changing bad, legs spread, the magic bag full of diapers and training pants beside her, Kristine wondered what she was going to do. Would she end up rubbing a messy diaper all over her bottom every time she messed herself? Was she going to mess herself more often? Kristine sat up and grabbed up the changing pad, folding it up and stuffing it into her magic bag. She checked the zippered pocket, seeing if there were any new messages. Dismissing the bag, she reversed her transformation. Back in her clothing from the morning, she realised she was still in a diaper. She had not taken it off from when Mr Bear had changed her that morning. “I should have put on the training pants,” she told herself. However, she did not change out of the diaper. She unfolded her couch, sat down on the thin mattress, and pulled the blankets over her head. Tac was glad to be back in the Magic Realm. She breathed in deeply of the air rich in magical energy. “Good to be home,” she said to herself. “Be better if my expense account was reactivated.” Around her was the Great City, built around the gate that led to the mundane world. Ever since she had started dealing with the Magical Girl program, the city had been Tac’s home. While she would have preferred to make her way straight to the entertainment district, the lack of an expense account would make such a trip nothing but depressing. Instead, she made her way across the city, forced to rely on public transport. Not that she paid for it of course. A cat can sit on top of a tram car, and no one ever notices. If you circled the city, always counter widdershins, after always twenty minutes, one would find themselves looking out at a lake that was an impossible blue. Above the lake was a vast globe of polished silver, the impossible colour of the water reflected in it. The globe was the Office of Magic in the Mundane and handled, among many other things, the deployment of Magical Girls. Switching back to her human form after jumping down from the tram, ignoring an angry call from the tram driver, she stepped up on one of the entry portals. There was a sense of movement for a moment, then she was standing in the central foyer of the Office of Magic in the Mundane. Tac did not bother talking to the receptionist golems (cute as they were made, they gave her a significant ‘Uncanny Valley’ vibe). Her job had brought her to the office many times in the past, and she knew where she wanted to go. In the admin section of Magical Girl processing Tac chatted up a pretty little filing clerk and got her to pull the information on who had been in charge of the Nursery Knight’s project. After a bit of bite (the clerk had some mouse in her, and as a cat, Tac had to nip) and tickle Tac was on her way to the office of one Umon Derrypiz. Umon was, unfortunately, as far as Tac was concerned, male. Tac was pretty good with getting on the right side of women. She had a knack for it. With Umon she was just going to have to be professional. That was annoying. She entered his office, decent size, midlevel paper-pusher type of place. There was a man behind a desk. She assumed Umon. He looked up from whatever he had been working on. “Yes?” “Umon Derrypiz?” “Yes. Who are you?” “Tac, Magical Girl liaison, second class.” “I see. How can I help you?” It seemed to be going well. With a smile, Tac crossed the room. “I’m looking for information on the Magical Girl team the Nursery Knights. I understand you are the coordinator of that team.” “I am the coordinator of a lot of teams. I don’t know why you would expect me to be able to help.” Tac was taken aback. She wondered what had happened that made him get all prickly. Maybe he did not like cats. “I suppose,” she said, “but this team was all little girls, around four or five, kind of unique.” “All Magical Girl teams are unique. That is the point.” Again Tac felt as if she had missed something. “Well, the Nursery Knights as a whole went dark about fifteen years ago, which is weird, so I was hoping to get some details about them. Maybe something about their mission required them to disappear?” “Why are you wasting my time with this?” he demanded, pounding a closed fist on his desk. Were they speaking two different languages that only sounded the same? Tac wondered if she was insulting him. She would have to explain things. “I recently activated the last of the Nursery Knights you see. And she wants to meet the other Knights, to get an idea of what is going on. Poor girl, all lost and alone.” Tac decided to play the sympathy card. “You activated the sixth Nursery Knight?” he asked her. He seemed surprised, maybe. “I’ll admit that I was little late,” Tac said, assuming that was the cause of his surprise. “The sixth Nursery Knight is active, has become a Magical Girl?” Same shocked expression. Tac could not figure it. “Yes. Nice girl. Named Kristine.” “I have to go,” Umon said as he stood up. “What? But what about the Nursery Knights?” “Look them up in the records,” he told her as he started towards the door, almost knocking Tac over. “When are you going to be back? I really wanted to talk to you about this?” “I don’t know, urgent business,” he called back to her as he left the room. “Well, that is just great,” Tac said as she left the office as well. “Now I got to look up records. Maybe mousey will help me.” With his quick pace, almost a run really, Umon left her behind. Tac ambled, as was her way, back towards the admin section. She was about halfway there when someone suddenly grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around. Tac found herself facing an angry looking Gorgeous. Though as far as Tac was concerned Gorgeous could only look angry, so it really meant nothing to her. “What are you doing back here?” Gorgeous demanded. “Hi Gorgeous, good to see you. Did not miss me?” Gorgeous actually growled, showing teeth. Tac raised her hands. “Now Gorgeous, calm down. I’m here working, for my Magical Girl.” That gave Gorgeous pause, and she stopped showing teeth. “What do you mean?” “She wants to meet the other Nursery Knights, perfectly sensible right.” Gorgeous narrowed her eyes. “Why are you here then?” “Cause I can’t find them for her, and she's really a bitch about constantly asking.” Gorgeous frowned. “What do you mean you can’t find them?” “Just that I can’t. I talked to the monitoring station people at the embassy. I met a really nice lady who while looking like an ice queen melted rather nicely when I…” “Tac!” “Right, sorry. Anyway White Out told me that the Nursery Knights had all gone dark about fifteen years ago.” “What?” Gorgeous’ eyes widened. “Yeah, it is odd, right? I came here to speak to the team’s coordinator to see if I could find out anything, for all the good that did me. Acted like he had never heard of the Nursery Knights and then when I told him I was trying to find them for Kristine he was all surprised and then ran off. I mean, I admit I was a little late but…” “Shut up Tac.” Tac took a step back. “Well excuse me.” Gorgeous was frowning, there was a line between her eyes from concentration. “The team went dark, all at the same time?” “Yes. That is what I said.” Tac sighed. “And you came here, and the coordinator got defensive when you mentioned the Nursery Knights?” “I suppose that might be one way of looking at it.” “And as soon as you mentioned the sixth Nursery Knight was active he suddenly had to leave?” Tac nodded. “Yes. Do you want to state the obvious some more Gorgeous?” “Are you that self-absorbed or are you just stupid?” “I think we both know that I'm just that self-absorbed. It's kind of my thing.” Gorgeous shook her head. “Cats,” she muttered softly, and then said, “This coordinator was responsible for the disappearance of the Nursery Knights, or if not responsible played a part in it. And now that he has learned the sixth Knight is active he has run off to arrange her disappearance.” Tac’s eyes widened. “Hey, that makes sense. That bastard.” “Go, go back to the Mundane Realm. You have my permission to use one of the speed passes.” “But what about Umon, and the other Liaisons?” “I’ll look into that. You get back and see to the protection of your Magical Girl.” “Fine,” Tac said, “I’m going.” She paused. “Don’t suppose you might activate my expense account again? Just so I can get a little pick me up before I go?” “Get out of here,” Gorgeous almost screamed. “Man, calm down,” Tac said as she turned and walked off in the direction of the exit. “Don’t see why you are worried. Kristine is probably just fine.” Kristine was not fine. She was sitting on her bed, blankets pulled over her head, wishing she had never become a magical girl. The money and all the other things seemed little compensation for the fact she had been squatting on a roof, rubbing her messy diaper against her bottom. And just maybe she had enjoyed it. She shook her head angrily in denial. Hours had passed, and the room had grown dark around her. She might have sat under her blankets all night if there had not been a knock on her door. At first, she ignored it, but when the knocking turned to a louder pounding, she tossed off the blanket and stood. “What do you want?” she demanded loudly, walking towards the door, slapping the light on. She looked out the peephole. Two men stood at the threshold of the apartment. Both wore suits, the smaller one in dark grey, the taller, heavier one in dark red. “Hello Miss,” the smaller one said, appearing as if he was trying to look back through the peephole. “We’d like to speak to you about your little friend Tac.” Kristine frowned. Had Tac found out something and sent these two as messengers? She made sure the chain was in place and then opened the door, peeking out. “What about Tac?” she asked. She had a better look at the two men than through the peephole. Their suits looked cheap, smelled of mothballs. The smaller one smiled, showing a mouthful of pointy, yellow teeth. “Ah, your little friend is in trouble. Needs you to help her she does. Isn’t that right Mr Badger?” he looked towards the large man. “Most true Mr Rat. Mewling sadly she was, desperate need of saving. Said she loves you she did.” “You’ve never met Tac,” Kristine said, slamming the door closed, bolting it and jumping back. She had no idea who those men were, but if Tac wanted her help, she was pretty sure she would demand it, and there would be no statements of love. “Now Miss, don’t be like that,” Mr Rat said from the other side of the door. The doorknob rattled, and there was a thump as something heavy hit it. Kristine transformed into a Nursery Knight and jammed her pacifier into her mouth, becoming invisible. A moment later the door came free of its hinges and fell in. Mr Badger entered, followed by Mr Rat. Kristine stepped back towards the wall, ready to teleport away. Mr Badger looked around the main room from his place near the door. Mr Rat looked into her kitchen and then the bathroom. “It looks like she's done a runner Mr Badger,” Mr rat said. “Her profile pegged her a teleporter. She could be anywhere now Mr Rat.” “That is rather unfortunate I'm thinking.” “That is so Mr Rat, but were she a time jumper she could be anywhen. You got to look on the positive side.” “You are correct about that Mr Badger. Should we wait here, in case she comes back?” “I think Mr Rat we had best tell his Loftiness about this.” “He won’t be pleased about it Mr Badger.” “That is most certain Mr Rat, but we do ourselves no favours by putting it off.” “Then let us go Mr Badger.” The two left together. Kristine, still invisible, watched them walk down the hall, towards the elevator. She waited until she heard the elevator arrive, listened to the sound of the door closing. She then stepped into the centre of the room, waved her mace at the broken door. It swung up into place, the twisted hinges mostly righting themselves. Good enough for now, she thought and teleported to the front of the building. About thirty seconds later she saw Mr Rat and Mr Badger exit her building and walk to the parking lot. There they got into a beat up old muscle car and then drove away. Kristine followed them, teleporting from rooftop to rooftop. They drove towards the old manufacturing district. While much of the area had been gentrified, old manufacturing buildings turned to condos, the car stopped in one of the regions that had so far avoided renewal. Parking in the lot of an old foundry the two men left their car and entered the building. Kristine followed them. On the first floor was a room that had probably once served as offices. Now it was empty, but for a throne-like chair on which a man with blue skin, dressed in luxe clothing, grey and red and silver. There were several women there, fawning over the man. Kristine noted that all the woman had blank expressions and glassy eyes. “Where is the girl?” he demanded as Mr Rat and Mr Badger entered. He pushed the woman sitting on his lap to the floor as he stood. “Spooked, she teleported away,” Mr Rat said. “Hardly cared about her little cat friend it seems,” Mr Badger said. “What?” the blue man asked. “She looked older than the other Nursery Knights, didn’t she Mr Badger.” “As you say Mr Rat. Less trusting I would say.” “More mature.” “Damn,” the blue man said. “The Duke will not be pleased.” “One would expect,” Mr Rat said. “We’re returning to the Magical Realm. We’ll get a tracker. Best not to let the Duke know of this.” “Most wise, that is,” Mr Badger said. The blue man reached into his jacket, brought out a gem the size of a chicken egg. It glittered and shone with its own inner light. The light grew, Kristine had to look away. When the glow faded, the three men were done. The women all seemed to come to their senses, looked around, confused, scared. Kristine stayed close to them, waited for them to sort themselves out, followed them from the building and watched over them, still invisible, until they had got to the well lit and safer gentrified area. Satisfied that they would be okay, she teleported back to her apartment. There she found Tac, who looked a little relieved when Kristine showed up. “I saw the damaged door and was worried.” Kristine was a little surprised that Tac could be worried. She waved her mace at the door, completing the repairs to it. Then she told Tac what had happened. Tac told her what she had learned. “Thomeone kidnapped the Nurthery Knightth?” “It does look that way,” Tac said. “And now they want me?” “Complete set I would say. Collectors are like that.” “What the hell? What am I thuppothed to do?” “Ah, good question.” “That’th why I athked it.” Tac nodded. “Well, you could try hiding, but you did say they were going to get a tracker.” “That’th what they thaid.” “Right. Well, if they get a true tracker there is no hiding it. It will find you, but they probably won’t get a true tracker.” “Why?” “Cause they are expensive and most end up killing what they are tracking.” “What?” Kristine’s eyes widened. “Well, why else track something?” Kristine had no answer. “So they are probably going to get a lesser tracker. You might be able to hide from that, but you will constantly be on the move.” “I can’t keep running.” Though she thought about it and realised there was nothing in her life that really required her to stay in one place. That might have depressed her were she not worried about the things hunting her. “Well, there is a place you can go where they won’t be able to track you.” “Where?” “The Magical Realm. Whoever is after you might waste weeks hunting the Mundane Realm before they figure you ran to the Magical Realm. And you’ll be a lot harder to track in the Magical Realm. Plus, that’s where we can find out who is behind all this, maybe even stop it.” “Maybe even stop it? Maybe?” “You said they mentioned a Duke. Duke’s can be powerful. I’m not about to stick my tail into a mess like that.” “Thankth a lot,” Kristine said, the lisp taking the edge off the sarcasm. “Listen, Gorgeous seems to care about this, and while she is a pain in my most amazing ass, she does know her stuff. So just trust me. Come to the Magical Realm and maybe we get this sorted out to your benefit. And, most importantly, as I will be doing official work there, they will probably reactivate my expense account.” “Why thould I care about your expenthe account?” “I don’t understand the question,” Tac said after a few seconds. Kristine sighed. “Fine, let’th go to the Magical Realm.”
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    Twist of Fate (+ Rules)

    For some reason, I'm having a hard time sorting out this particular story for my anthology and it was wiped out by the purge last year. So I decided the easiest thing to do is just repost it! *Author’s note: This is a solo story I wrote based on an idea Pudding and I had together. It’s a short read and I hope you enjoy it! If you are interested in the Twist of Fate world space, I include a list of rules at the end of the story so you can write your own ToF story!! -------------------------- Twist of Fate by: Sophie (with Pudding’s help) Chapter 1: Defiance “You’re dead,” the woman said. She stood in front of me with long, dark robes and hair like ink. The cottage around us was wholesome and unfamiliar. A wood burning stove with a kettle on top. A fridge was only as tall as my nose. Two doors - one into another room, and one outside. The windows showed the glowing green of trees in morning. And underneath the window to my right was a large crib. “…what do you mean I’m dead?” I stared blankly up at the woman. And then, I was angry. I went through two stages of grief in a single second. My hands turned into fists at my side. “Who are you?!” “I’m Twist,” she said, “And you’re… well, it doesn’t matter. Your name is Miss, now.” She pulled a hand out of her robes and snapped her long, white fingers. Her nails looked like talons. “No, my name is—” I hesitated. I waited for it to come to me. I knew it; it sat on the tip of my tongue. But it felt colored over in big, bold Sharpie. Miss… “What am I doing here? I want to go home!” “How ironic for you,” she said, taking a step to the right, walking circles around the room, “to end up here of all places. Little church girl, so devout, so righteous…” “I said I want to go home!” Obviously I was dreaming. This was a dream. “But I’m not keeping you here, Miss,” the woman said, running her fingers along the countertops. “Your sins are.” As Twist walked around the cottage, and as she moved further away from the front door, I moved closer toward it. I wouldn’t stay here. She couldn’t keep me. I’d wake up any second, comfortable in my own bed. and this whole thing would be over with. I turned the knob and pushed the door open only to land face-down in the crib, as if the door had opened up to the mattress. I blinked up at the woman towering over me. She seemed bigger… “You can’t leave, Miss. You can’t even get out of your pretty little crib without atoning for some of your wrongdoings. It wouldn’t be fair for you to get away with all that, would it?” When I pulled myself to my feet, I could only just see over the crib bars. I slammed my hands into the wooden columns, shaking the frame of the crib. But the bars didn’t move. “Let! Me! Out!” Frustration was washing over me like ocean waves. Who was this woman? Why was she doing this to me? Why wouldn’t I wake up? I pinched my arm and winced at the red marks it left behind. Pain, but not awake. I was beginning to feel very nervous about this whole thing… “You don’t even realize that you were a terrible person, do you? Picketing and protesting, terrorizing those who thought differently, robbing others of freedoms and choice?” The woman leaned over the bars of the crib and ran her fingers through my hair, her long nails caressing all the way down to my scalp. Without thinking, I exhaled and leaned into her palm. My head tingled… “You have so much to learn,” the woman went on, “and so long to learn it.” Twist took her hand away from me and I held the bars of the crib to keep my balance. My knees felt weak. “I… I wasn’t a terrible person. I protested terrible things! I protested terrible people!” What difference did it make? I was stuck in this stupid crib. Why was it so big? Why couldn’t I get out? Why was I even here? “You thought you knew best, and that nobody else could know better than you. Isn’t it fitting, then, to see yourself like this?” I rattled the bars to the crib and fell right through them, falling forward, and landing in the woman’s arms. But we weren’t in the cottage anymore. We were on a cliff. Cold winds blew through my hair, up my bare arms, and around my white sundress. But I didn’t own a white sundress, or white tights, and where had my shoes gone? The rocks felt like ice beneath my bare feet. But beyond the cliff’s edge, far below, was a seemly endless chasm. And inside were millions of people, smushed together, but isolated by little walls. Little specs of people, in their little boxes. Together. And alone. I bit my bottom lip. This dream was getting stranger and stranger… “You’re down there, Miss. Right there.” Twist pointed off to the right, but I couldn’t follow her finger into the shadows. “But you see what I want you to see. You feel what I want you to feel.” “…what’s going on?” I said through chattering teeth. Through every quivering bone in my body. “Tell me what’s going on! Tell me!” “You died, Miss. You died and this is what’s beyond for people like you.” Her fingers played through my hair and I nuzzled into her long palm. Where our skin touched, it tingled. “Here you’ll be deprived of choice and have decisions made for you. You’ll be told what’s right and wrong, and you’ll be powerless but to accept it. And when you do accept, when you do see how wrong you’ve been, maybe then you can go somewhere else.” “You’re wrong! I didn’t do anything wrong!” I pushed her hand away from my face, looking up, so high up, at Twist. She wasn’t always that tall. She absolutely wasn’t. And I wasn’t a small girl, either. “Put me back, I’m sick of this! Put me back home right now!” “That sounds like you thinking you know best.” I hadn’t figured it out until then. Until it was too late. Whenever I had spoken out against Twist, whenever I thought I knew better than her, I was cursed. Smaller, first. More susceptible to her touch. In the crib. In this dress. Barefoot. And now… “Your dress is wet,” Twist told me. And sure enough, it was. Only a little bit on the front, a telltale yellow seeping through the cotton, and the whiteness of my tights stained. I could feel a new heat filling in around my ass, between my legs, and for the first time since arriving on this cliffside, I was warm. Real, honest, shameful warmth. “You think you know what is right and wrong?” Twist asked. “You can barely control yourself, let alone others. You’ll learn to give up both, in time.” “What… did you do?” I managed to stutter. Tears welled up in the corners of my eyes. What had she done to me… “You’re in quicksand, Miss, and the more you struggle, the faster you’ll sink. Sink sink sink, down down down…” She twirled her finger and turned me to look over the edge of the cliff once more. I was too petrified to resist. “They all sank,” she went on. “Some not as fast as you. Some much faster.” The wetness slid down my ankles, pooling beneath my bare feet. I couldn’t think of anything else. “What will your world be?” she asked me, leaning down to meet my eyes. “This isn’t fair… this isn’t fair…” I was getting emotional. Because I really didn’t do anything wrong! I shouldn’t be here! Where? Hell? Was this Hell? Was I in Hell? The tears finally broke free of the water tension and dripped down my cheeks. This wasn’t a dream… was it? “Please,” I begged. “Please put me back. Please send me home. I don’t belong here! There’s been a mistake! Please, please, please!” And just as suddenly as I’d appeared on the edge of the cliff, so too had I been pushed off it. Her sharp tipped fingers shoved me over the edge, and I saw Twist shrink into the sky above me. I fell into the chasm, and I screamed.
  4. Yes I am reposting due to enough people saying they missed the story. I have no idea why the story was removed a third time nor my older stories (which I checked had all their content) were removed as well. This will be the last time I repost this. I plan on finishing this story regardless if anyone reads the story or not. Note I have typed this entire story on my phone. And this has a different first and third person perspective that will switch. To make it easy there will be a set of "*" to signify the switch. Enjoy part 1 Cheryl was a hard working business Amazonian woman who had felt like something was missing from her life. She lived in a nice neighborhood, a great job and could get whatever she wanted, yet that one thing she seemed to lack, ached at her for years now. She was visiting her neighbors and good friends, Alecia and Mary, who always were there for her. Even their little, James. Even if he wasn't able to properly respond anymore after he had regressed she still found him good at making her feel a lot better. "Cheryl. Cheryl!" Alecia, attempted to snap her friend out of a trance. She seems to be in them more and more often nowadays. Cheryl sighed. "Sorry. I didn't realize I zoned out there." "I can tell. I've called your name at least a hundred times." Alecia had exaggerated jokingly to trying to get her friends mind off of whatever was bothering her. She changed her tone when she noticed that Cheryl wasn't even phased to try to respond to the comment. "Hey you look tired. Why don't you go home and try to get some rest. That work you do seems like it's catching up to you." She was referring to the number crunching accounting job she did almost every day of the week. Cheryl picked up on the hint that she needed to try to figure out what it was that had been bothering her. She yawned as she stood up and stretched her arms in the air. "Yeah I guess you are right." She smiled at James, then looked over at the clock hanging on the wall. "I think its just about nap time for James and I." Cheryl and Alecia chuckled when James turned around at the sound of his name being said. He was happily playing with the toys set out to keep him occupied while the adults talked to eachother. Cheryl picked up James and handed him to Alecia but not before she tickled his tummy causing him to giggle uncontrollably. "Alright. Well I'll see you later then. And tell Mary I said hi." Soon enough was on her way out the door when she saw two amazonian young boys sprinting full force down the street. "That was odd." She said. Just as she was heading back to her own house, the same way the two boys were headed, she saw them running towards her own house and a little attempting to get away. "Hey! Knock it off you two!" Cheryl picked up her own pace, now seeing a car going past, it was Mary's. She was oblivious to the scene. The little that was being chased, made a quick turn while keeping an eye on the pursuers without noticing Mary's car until it was too late. "Look out!" Cheryl cried just as the little had hit the drivers door head first. She sprinted over to the scene, and Mary now saw what was going on and stopped dead in her tracks. She saw the look of guilt on the two young amazonian boys, who now froze like a statue, unable to comprehend what just happened. Cheryl took opportunity to snatched the two delinquents to make sure they didn't get away. Mary, still was afraid she had killed the little. "Oh my god. What have I done?" She began to panic as she picked up the all but limp little in her arms. A slight mumble came from the little, much to Mary's relief. Feeling confident enough that the little wouldn't run away, she set him down in the back of her car with the door wide open. Cheryl had called 911 and the authorities showed up quickly to take away the two delinquent amazonian children. When the ambulance arrived to look at the little that was supposed to be in the backseat, was now completely gone from view. After everything was settled down, Mary had calmed down enough, everyone went back to business. Cheryl was still puzzled about where the little had went. Just as she was about to head inside is when she noticed a certain smell around her door. "It can't be." She whispered quietly to herself when she looked to the right and saw the little from earlier, unconscious in her bushes. Cheryl managed to get the little out from behind her pushes, and she checked him for a pulse. "My god. What happened to you." She whispered as she noticed that it was a boy, with his shirt torn and holes in it. His face and arms were cut up a bit and a portion of his forehead was bruised. He had pants and underwear on as well. The pants were full of holes and cuts too like his shirt, but both his underwear and pants were soaked in urine. Once she found his pulse still strong, she picked the limp little up and held him with his head over her shoulder, a hand on his bottom and another on his back. Something clicked. She didn't have that feeling she had before. Something about this helpless little boy made her want to take care of him and keep this from happening again. As she went back to Alecia and Mary's house, she couldn't help herself from smiling at the feeling. Cheryl knocked at her neighbors door and Alecia opened the door. "Oh. My. God. What happened to him?" Was all she could say as she let her closest friend into the door. James had not yet been put down over all the commotion and attempting to help calm down his mommy, Mary, who now was in a state of shock sitting on the couch in the family room by hugging her. "Alecia, I have a favor to ask." Cheryl said in the most seriously tone she could. "What do you need?" She replied without hesitation. ***************** An hour had gone by and no sound was to be heard in the room. It was still dead quiet until suddenly I let out a long whimper. I was happily warm and almost smiled until I realized how much pain I was in suddenly. All of it caught up with me at once. "Ahhhh!" I screamed and shot up straight from my spot. I suddenly realize what has happened now. Everything caught up to me in a flash. Except one thing. I had a diaper on now and in a crib. Before I could react to that the door opened slowly. The room was dark and when the light from the outside shone in on me, I froze like a deer in headlights. I saw that it was daylight still from how the light was coming from the doorway and I saw her. She came slowly towards me and I couldn't handle this. 'No! I was adopted wasn't I?! Oh no! What's going to happen to me now!' I thought to myself until the amazonian drew close. My heart began racing when I heard the water start to run in the background. It snapped me out of the trance and I went to go and move away but it was too late. I was already in the arms of my captor. Suddenly I felt an ache flow across my body from the cuts and bruises all over me. "Let me go!" I whined at her. The Amazonian just seemed not to care, only taking a seat in a rocking chair. Struggling didn't seem to do much except cause me more pain, especially when I had accidentally pressed the bruise on my head against her. I screamed on the top of my lungs and began to cry my heart out. Suddenly I heard a faint humming sound that slowly grew louder the more I calmed down. I focused on it. It wasn't just some random humming, it was a nursery tune used to calm down children. I finally stopped crying and now was beet red from the neck up and I gave into the hypnotic feeling I had and rested a few minutes. "Are you okay now?" I heard break the almost endless moment. Her voice was full of patience and honesty with that question, but I was too unsure about my situation but I knew it was better to answer this one. I nodded a bit in response. "Can you tell me your name please? My name is Cheryl." Her voice was soothing and caring. I offered up no response to that question, fearing it was a trick. She patiently waited for an answer, not trying to throw me into a new panic mode so quickly. "I need you to drink something okay? My friends little doesn't use sippy cups so I need you to drink out of a bottle. Alright?" 'What game is she playing? Why is she like this to me and not just forcing it on me?' I had thought to myself as I felt the nipple of a bottle being pushed against my lips. A squirt of juice touched my tongue and I gave in so quickly. I had the side of my head resting on her chest and I was pressed against her torso gently. I drank as much as I could from the bottle. The door was still opened and Mary came to the doorway quietly. Cheryl looked at her before anything could be said and it was clear that Cheryl didn't want the moment to be interrupted. Once the little boy was almost done with the bottle, she removed it gently from his mouth. She stood up from the chair, Cheryl began her trip to the bathroom. Alecia heard all of the commotion from over the monitor along with the rest of the party before Cheryl went into the room and was already on the phone again with 911. Meanwhile, Mary went to work at trying teaching Cheryl how to wash any little in the tub. But the cooperation of the little was necessary but it didn't matter. The police showed up just as the ambulance did as they were supposed to, and escorted me out of the building. **************** "Thanks for finding him. I'm going on a limb here and saying that he has been adopted now by one of you." The officer said to the three adults present while the little was off being tended to by the paramedics. Cheryl nodded in agreement. "Yes in fact he now is. I'm his new mother." She said proudly. "Well go be with him. And congrats on the find. He seems to be the type, if you can get him to open up, he will be adorable and happy. But right now he seems scared and confused. You should come with us to the hospital to finalize adoption and then to the station to get the little guy's fingerprints to check the system to see who he is. Along with the little's previous belongings to hold for evidence." She said. "Alright. Alecia and Mary, do you mind picking me up since you have a car seat already. He does seem about James's size." Cheryl asked almost begging. "Yeah. We can even help pick out a car seat and everything you'll need for tonight." Mary chimed in. With that Cheryl hugged her friends and thanked them before rushing to the ambulance to be with her little on the ride after grabbing the clothes the little was found in. ***************** "Come on here little guy. We just want to make sure your head is ok. Okay?" One of the paramedics said. I shook my head at them as I saw Cheryl enter the back of the vehicle. I was wrapped in a blanket the paramedics gave me. Just had shaggy brown hair that was long enough to come just to my eyes. Seeing how I probably hadn't gotten properly bathed or anything of the sort since it rained last, I wasn't too pleasant to try to smell. Most of the dirt on my face and body was cleaned off while I was unconscious. I though allowed the paramedics look me over and even give me the IV to keep me hydrated, I didn't want to them to go near me since they touched my forehead. I kept my gaze on Cheryl, thinking she had already declared me her baby, so I assumed she was going to scold or grab me herself and then spank me but she didn't. While my focus was on her, the paramedic snatched me up and scooped me into their lap, lying me on my back. I squirmed and tried to fend off the paramedic's arm from touching my head but suddenly he had my arms pinned as he reached for my head. "Relax there buddy. I'm just looking now." He said as he held my chin and I began to start to breathe heavily in frustration. Upon brushing a finger over the mark on my head, I screamed in pain and struggled against them and began kicking my legs even in protest. Unluckily for me Cheryl saw this and piped up as soon as the paramedic let go of head and arms although kept me pinned to his lap. "You better behave young man. If you weren't injured, I'd spank you right here and now. I've been patient with you so far and I expect you to do as your told." She said as if a scolding mother. I settled down, too afraid to fight her knowing she would if I did. "Thank you ma'am." The paramedic thanked as we came to a stop and I was set down on my back in the stretcher. The blanket was pulled over me and we all exited the ambulance and headed inside. None of us were in a rush so we were arrested to take our time. But before we could get to the room, the motions of stop and going, turning and changing directions in the halls put me to sleep. ***************** Cheryl followed her little around each corridor of the hospital until they reached an X-ray room to make sure nothing was damaged broken. "Please Miss Rhien stay out here. We are going to take a few X-rays to make sure. It will only take a few minutes." The nurse said as they all disappeared behind a door. Ten minutes later the door opens up and out came everyone that entered. "Alright Miss Rhien follow us to the room please. One of the nurses said. "Did he behave in the room?" Cheryl asked as she began to follow. "He stayed asleep almost the entire time. He woke up slightly as we were finishing but. He settled down quickly again once we moved him back here to the hospital bed." The nurse replied. "What happened to him if you don't mind me asking Ma'am." She asked Cheryl who only knew of the bruise on the little's forehead. "The bruise was from running into a car. The scratches I don't know." She replied to nurse just as they entered the room. "The doctor will be here shortly. The nurses left the room and Cheryl and her little were alone. She came over to the side of the bed and began to brush his hair. Just as she did, there was a knock at the door and she looked to see who was about to enter. It was the doctor. "Hello I am Doctor Faulner. I am assuming you are Miss Rhien if I am not mistaken?" The female doctor said. "I am indeed. So what is the news? Is he alright?" Cheryl asked almost as soon as she could. Afraid of her little would be very injured as the Amazonian doctor looked over the asleep boy. "Aside from this bruise, and in need of something food wise, he is fine. Don't worry. This cutie is okay to go home. The cuts just appear to be from bushes and such which will clear up before tomorrow morning." Dr. Faulner explained much to Cheryl's relief with a sigh. "However, the bruise will be there for a few days, but luckily doesn't seem to have been anything worse than that. And I'd like him to eat something before he leaves here so he doesn't starve. The best to give him now would not to be anything solid. I'll have someone bring some food for the two of you up here, seeing how it is 4:00 Pm and around dinner. You'll want full attention when out shopping for your new tyke." The Amazonian hinted. "I just need you to sign here Miss Rhien that you adopted him officially." "Sure thing!" Cheryl exclaimed excited to finalize the paperwork for her little, who she still had known nothing about. 'I'll have to wait another day or two to tell me his name. Or I just might make up a name for him.' Cheryl thought to herself as she signed and dated the paperwork with her back turned to the bed. ***************** I began to stir suddenly feeling myself become wet. But only in one spot. I realized what I was doing and forced myself to become aware and fully awake to only know my situation was worse than I could imagine. I was wetting myself. 'I need to get out of here before they notice.' I thought to myself before realizing I was hooked up to the IV still. I started to move and both of the Amazonian didn't hear me crinkle my diaper, but when I went to the far side of the bed and turned around, the IV attached to my arm made a rattling sound and it got the attention of both women. I gulped as I stared at them both like a deer in headlights. "Oh no you dont." Cheryl said as she came over to pick me up. It was then I realized I was done for. She took me to the other side of the bed to lay me across her lap. "I warned you to behave." Cheryl had me pinned and began to spank me. The diaper I was wearing did offer some protection from the blows, but I don't think I could have handled the situation regardless. "St-AH-p! No pleasE." I begged. But it continued. "I've been doing all of this for you! I'm making sure you are safe and nursing you back to health and this is the thanks? I've never...." I heard Cheryl speaking to me but as I continued to cry, the more her voice seemed to fade. All I could sense was hearing myself crying and feeling my bottom being spanked sending the shock and unfamiliar sensation throughout my body. The moment seemed to last an eternity until there was a knock at the door only minutes after starting the ordeal. My pride had been severely damaged, my face covered in snot and tears. My neck up was a ruby red while my cheeks were rose. The IV was removed from my arm, and replaced by a bandaid when the scene was over and I was being held now upright with my face being pressed into the boosum of my captor. I felt ashamed of myself for allowing that to happen. I felt a hand barely brush against my back and I flinched and tensed up my muscles as I squealed in fear that it was going to hit me. I had no sense of the world around me. My head and neck were cradled with one hand as it was forcefully pressed into the Amazonian's shirt so I had no hope of escaping to begin with, but I tried pushing myself off of her anyway. In the process of feeling my head being pressed, I had turned my head to make sure I could breathe and as I did I noticed a soft kiss on the top of my head. I didn't flinch this time. I felt goosebumps go across my body when a blanket touched my cold back. I stopped struggling. I slouched my back and tried to cling onto Cheryl as tightly as I could as I continued to cry. I had given in to my captor once again. ***************** "Oh it's alright there little guy. Just relax. Just relax. Mommy is right here." Cheryl Cooed at the now crying little. She didn't expect to have to spank her little as soon as she made everything final. Just then a nurse walked in with a onesie and a bowl. "Perfect timing." Said Dr. Faulner to the nurse. "I'll take that, thank you. Take the paperwork to the front desk." She said and opened a cabinet. The cabinet was full of plain diapers that were thick. And then others that were thicker. All just plain no print at all, but Dr. Faulner picks out a pair of the thicker ones. "Miss Rhien, would you mind allowing me to get him dressed and changed?" She had asked Cheryl. Cheryl thought it would be a perfect time to call Mary to pick her and her... she still didn't know his name, but oh well. That wasn't as important at the moment. "Sure. I need to get a ride back home anyhow. Now you behave young man. Or else." Cheryl instructed her still unnamed little as she left the room. A quick phone call later and The doctor walked out of the room. "I'll let you feed him. I got him changed into a onesie that you get to keep. Just check at the front desk before you go." Dr. Faulner said as Cheryl was walking into the room. ***************** When Cheryl had originally left the room I found myself with the doctor still. She had waited until the door was closed. "Now, now. It's alright. I'm just going to change you and get you dressed into something. Does that sound better?" Dr. Faulner cooed at me while I was still sniffling. 'What does she mean by dress me?' I was sitting up in the bed and as I was about to ask is when I felt my feet being pulled up and down to the middle of the bed and I slid down the bed further. I curled my legs to my chest and was facing up into the lights, now wanting to just get away from here. I squinted, blinded by the rows of florescent lights on the ceiling. I felt a hand gently pull at my legs to remove them from my chest and I willingly allowed the hand to. I dropped my head to lay it across the bed and the lights weren't as bright as before. I could see the room again and a set of changing supplies. A crackle of the tapes being removed from the face of the diaper caused me to jump at the unfamiliar sound and curl my legs up part way, only to realize what the sound was. I lowered my legs down and the doctor finished removing the tapes. I knew I was going to be stuck like this forever now.
  5. The recent issue with the stories gave me the opportunity to repost this story after taking the time to fix grammar and spelling mistake that had been in the original. It is however the same story that I originally posted, just with less issues. I will be posting the the Chasing Emily side stories, 'Working on the Underground Railway' and 'Games of Skill, Games of Chance' once I have finished proofing them. I hope you enjoy this story Chasing Emily by InkuHime Emily loved her apartment. She loved the old brickwork, and the wood, polished by age, with a patina that was nearly impossible to reproduce artificially. Then there was the view, which most people would probably find nothing to praise, but Emily liked it. Old factories and squat office buildings, widely spaced, all of it built nearly a hundred years prior, and largely abandoned for the last twenty years. The way the morning and setting sun caught all the old architecture, she could stare at it for hours, or at least until the sun climbed too high or set. She liked the people or the fact that they minded their own business. And she really liked the fact that for whatever reason of reverse gentrification seemed to be at play that giants did not seem to want to live there. A few littles like her, but mostly inbetweeners, oddballs who did not quite fit into society. Artists mostly, a handful of people practising nearly forgotten trades, like the blacksmith who lived down on the first floor, or the man who made handmade paper in the factory across the street. She was a little out of place as she practised a highly technical trade. She was a programmer, a graphic designer, a bit of a hacker (that she kept extra secret), all freelance. Someone rang her doorbell. She got up from her seat, slipping down onto the floor from a chair that would have been a decent size for an inbetweener, and walked towards the door. She had a small flat screen monitor by the door displaying an image of the hallway. Standing in front of her apartment door was a young man, a tall inbetweener, a clerk at the organic market down the street. He carried two bags in his arms. Pressing the intercom button, she said, “Hey Ted, just leave them out there. I’ll get them in a couple of minutes.” “Sure thing Miss Black,” he said, then put the bags down and left. She waited until he had entered the rickety old elevator and the doors had closed before she opened her door and pulled both bags in. It was not that she thought that Ted was one of those that felt all littles needed to be taken care of, but the market he worked at was one of the few places that saw significant visitors from outside of the area. All she needed was him talking about the little who lived by herself. Say that to the right Amazon, well, the wrong one, and it was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Bad analogy she knew, as bulls were colour blind. Carefully she picked up each bag and carried each one at a time to her kitchen. The place had been scaled towards the tall inbetweener crowd, sort of a safe size as even an Amazon could live there. As a little, she made use of a lot of step stools and put most things on lower shelves. Food unpacked she went back to her desk, did a little jump to get herself back on the chair. Her feet did not reach the floor. She was on the smaller size for an adult little, only a bit over four feet tall. Apparently, she was also ‘cute as a button’, which was not a phrase she liked. Back in her chair, she looked at the progress bar on her laptop. She was running a program of her own design, one that was converting an old banking program into a new web-based one. It was a specialised area of work that took most programmers weeks to do. Her program did it in a few hours, and then she would take a few hours to look for any problems before sending it back to the client. Not that she would send it back immediately. She would wait several days. No need to let her clients know how fast she really was. They might start making unreasonable demands on her time. She lost herself for a while, looking out her window at the late afternoon scene, the low buildings stretching out in front of her, off into the distance. There was a ribbon of undeveloped land between her neighbourhood and the city proper, where skyscrapers began to thrust up into the air. Some of her clients worked in those towers, paying her ridiculous amounts of money so that she could live her private life, on her own terms. There were times she felt like a prisoner, but she was content. And she reminded herself she would feel more like a prisoner in a crib. Her computer chimed. The program finished. She went to work, losing track of time, the apartment darkening as the sun slipped below the horizon. Emily was actually surprised when she looked up and found she was sitting in a dark apartment. Yawning widely she slipped off her chair and began to turn on lights, stretching out as she did so, wincing at a few tiny pains. Maybe she could get one of those standing desks, she thought, walking into her kitchen. Busying herself with making her dinner, she made herself stop thinking about her work. Eventually, dinner was made (she grilled up a steak, gently steamed some asparagus and broccoli) and then eaten. After cleaning up, she took a bath then, dressed in a terrycloth robe (made by the seamstress who loved two floors down), took a seat out on her balcony, a cup of coffee in her hands. The neighbourhood became a little livelier at night. Two of the factories had been converted to clubs, and people who would not live there came to celebrate. In the cooling night air she watched the expensive cars come in, park, saw the people get out. A lot of giants, seven and eight-foot men and women, a few even taller, dressed for a night out, laughing as they walked beneath her, unaware of the little who looked down at them. She liked it. When Emily finished her coffee, she left the balcony, put her cup in the dishwasher and then returned to her computer. Various emails had come in since she had last looked. Most of it was deleted, a few she read. There was one from Lyle Redmond, asking if she wanted to come and work for him. He made those offers at least once a month, and as always he asked if they could meet, or at least talk on the phone. Emily, of course, did not meet her clients, and she avoided the phone as her voice was high and apparently sweet. And Lyle Redmond--CEO of one of the largest entertainment companies in the country was nearly a ten-foot tall giant who had already ‘adopted’ five little ‘girls’ like they were a fashion accessory--was not someone she wanted to meet. Nor did she want him to hear her high and ‘sweet’ voice and start getting ideas. As always it took a bit of work to craft a polite refusal. Emily had no wish to send anything that would insult Lyle, He gave her a lot of work and paid her a lot of money, and he could have negative consequences on her career if he took it into his mind to do so. That done she shut off her computer and went to her bedroom to watch TV, carefully avoiding any show with bright colours and simple but catchy music. There was not a lot one could do in the neighbourhood. The artisanal shops tended to deal in bulk orders and did not handle walk-in clients well. The clubs opened later in the evening and were full of people Emily did not want to deal with anyway. She liked to walk around the old buildings, down the wide streets, during the early morning or later day, when few people were around. There was, however, one bar, a real hole in the wall, a place called Sharky’s, with windows so dusty anyone who did not live there would not know it was open. Sharky, Emily did not think that was his real name, was an old, blind man, who carded Emily every time she came in. Why she did not know. He could not even read the card. Once that bit of ritual was over he would make her a gin and tonic, she would climb up (literally) onto the barstool, and he would go back to his newspaper. “Why…” “I like the smell of the ink,” he told her. “God, your like some kind of mind reader.” “I can just predict stupid questions,” he told her. Farther down the bar Gus laughed. She turned to him and raised her glass in a salute. He returned the gesture with his beer mug. Gus was the blacksmith who lived and worked on the first floor of her building. He was about six feet tall, and Emily would swear nearly as broad in the shoulders. He worked part-time as a bouncer, able to handle even the giants who made trouble. She supposed if he spent his day forcing steel to his will putting a drunken amazon or giant in their place would not be too hard. “Sharky, give me a beer and a whisky chaser,” Candy said as she took a seat beside Emily. Candy was a mechanic, five and a half feet tall of grease monkey and attitude, with short black hair and oil in her blood. “Hey ya Emily.” “Afternoon Candy. Calling it early?” “Parts have to come in from the coast. Until they come in the car no go.” She nodded to Sharky (not that he could see it) as he put the beer down in front of her. “Client is going to bitch about it.” “They always do,” Emily said. “Amen to that sister.” She lifted her glass. Emily lifted her glass and tapped it against Candy’s mug. A musical chime filled the bar. “Don’t chip my glasses,” Sharky told them as he put Candy’s shot down. Candy smiled at Emily then took a pull of her beer. She put her beer on the bar and reached out, gently touching Emily’ short blonde hair. “You should grow this long.” Emily made a rude noise. “Long hair takes forever to take care of.” Candy ran her hand through her short hair. “That’s waste. Oh, Linda’s got this green fabric, make a great summer dress and go perfectly with those baby blues of yours.” Emily made another rude noise. “Don’t like summer dresses?” “For me, a summer dress is a skirt hike from being a toddler’s dress.” Sharky laughed. “Fair point. Make a nice, long skirt. Wear it with a white blouse. Look better than jeans and t-shirt.” “Maybe. Sometimes it is dangerous to look too mature.” “Not this again.” Candy sighed, then took a deep drink of her beer. “I’ll admit some littles end up being treated like children, but that is only the ones who can’t really take care of themselves.” Emily was about to argue that, but instead, she took a drink of her gin and tonic. She had gone to college and had been friends with three other littles. They had worked hard, putting up with RAs who were more like nannies, night time diapers, pull-ups, an almost complete lack of privacy; all because some littles ‘needed’ that level of care. The four of them had been in the top ten percent of their graduating class; Emily herself had been at the top. And four years later the other three were, last Emily had heard, in nurseries, spending their days in wet and messy diapers. “I’ll ask Linda about the cloth, have something nice made,” she said to Candy. “Good,” Candy said, smiling. In the city proper, the ballroom of the Grand Hotel was the complete opposite of Sharky’s. On the very top of the building, with three-story windows, large chandeliers hanging down from the ceiling, the room was brightly illuminated day or night. Polished marble floors, polished wooden accessory pieces, all clean, modern lines. It spoke of money. The ballroom was full of well-dressed people, moving about in various orbits, meeting and greeting. “Miss Morgan, a pleasure to see you here.” Chase Morgan turned towards the speaker. She was a handsome redhead, with dark brown eyes, and a dancer’s build. He was an inbetweener, perhaps a few inches over six feet. He was almost three feet shorter than her. “Mr Sands,” she said, nodding to him. He smiled up at her, apparently unconcerned by the differences in their heights. “I just wanted to let you know that my board is looking forward to the collaboration between your company and ours.” “I am glad to hear that,” she told him. Mr Sands was one of those inbetweeners who had what she considered the requisite level of maturity. If he had not, she would never have negotiated with him. They spoke a little more, discussing the evening, then he excused himself, moving off towards another group of people. The evening was a charitable event and an award ceremony for philanthropic acts of the local companies. It was all self-congratulatory and provided opportunities to network. Chase looked around. Most of the attendees were seven feet or taller, a smaller percentage six feet or a little higher. The staff members were all inbetweeners, except for the bartender who must have been ten feet tall. And then there was the one little. Lyle Redmond’s ‘daughter’. Not quite five feet tall, delicate, dressed in a silly little party dress, with a skirt puffed up so much her thick diapers were easily seen. She was an adorable thing, but at ten thousand dollars a plate, bringing a little was showing off. Though, Chase thought, if she had a little like that she might want to show her off as well. As if thinking about him summoned him Lyle approached her. “Chase,” he called all smiles. “Lyle,” she replied in kind. “I wanted to let you know I thought your presentation was great. Really, I think it was only that my company has more experience that we were awarded the contract.” “Thank you, Lyle,” she said, though she was thinking, ‘shut up you sanctimonious bastard.’ Some more small talk and then Lyle excused himself. Chase’s business partner, a man her size (though as she was wearing heels, she stood taller than him), young, well dressed, walked to her side, handing her a glass of champagne. “Thank you, Richard.” “What did Mr Redmond have to say?” “He was just rubbing it into my face, the contract we lost. All very polite.” She drank her champagne. “I’d like to get one up on him.” “Probably won’t be competing in the same arena again. Useful learning experience and got us a lot of contacts, but the board didn’t like it.” Chase nodded and then laughed. “Maybe I’ll find a little more pretty than his.” Richard only smiled. Eventually, everyone took their seats, and the food was brought out. There were speeches, awards, a nervous inbetweener man, the beneficiary of the charitable funds from that evening, who stuttered through a speech about how their generosity was going to help a lot of people. Everyone clapped politely. The most entertaining part of the evening, for Chase at least, was when Lyle’s little almost knocked a glass of juice over. Three tables away Chase watched as he pulled the girl over his lap, untaped her diaper, and proceeded to spank her. It brought the proceedings to a halt for a bit, what with the sound of the spanking and the little crying, ‘please stop Daddy’. No one complained, however. It was understood that such things had to be done. Some of the smaller inbetweeners seemed nervous, Chase thought. Later, after the dinner and the speeches were over, Chase had gone into the ladies restroom to freshen her make up. There she found the little being changed by Lyle’s personal assistant. She walked over, looking down at the little, laying on the change table, her puffy skirts pushed under her as the assistant cleaned her off. Her eyes were still puffy, and Chase could see the angry red on her raised bottom. “Poor thing,” Chase said. The assistant nodded as she looked to Chase. “Well, she promised to be good if she was brought along, so she should have been more careful.” She looked back to the little. “You were naughty, weren’t you Min?” “Yes Ma’am,” Min replied in a small squeaky voice that seemed more artifice than actual, which was a pity to Chase’s mind. “Min was naughty.” “Still,” the assistant said, turning her attention back to Chase, lowering her voice, “Mr Redmond was a little upset over getting turned down by Emily Black, again.” Chase did not like employees who gossiped about their employers, but as it was Lyle, she was willing to put that aside. “May I?” she asked, looking down at Min. “Of course.” Chase took over the position at the changing table, reached into the diaper bag for a tube of cream. She squirted some of it on her hands and then began to rub it into the girl’s soft skin. Min blushed and raised her hand to her mouth and began to suck her thumb. “Min’s shy,” the assistant said in a sing-song voice. Chase laughed as she wiped her hands and then sprinkled some baby powder over the girl’s diaper area. She lifted her bottom, pulling her up by her ankles, and slipped a new diaper under her. She skillfully taped it up and then patted the front of the thick diaper. “Little Min is all dry now.” “Say thank you Min.” Min slipped her thumb from her mouth and said, blushing, “Thank you for changing me.” “You’re welcome sweetie.” Letting the assistant take over she went to the sink and washed her hands, left the bathroom before Min and her caretaker. She found Richard and suggested they should go. Later, when they were in the car, she asked him, “Have you ever heard of Emily Black?” “Emily Black?” “Apparently she turned down Lyle, put him in a snit. Was wondering if she was some starlet or model.” Richard looked thoughtful. “I think there is a freelance IT specialist by that name. I could look into it.” Chase shook her head. “Just curious.” Later when Chase had returned to her apartment, she looked out her south-facing windows. They were the best views. To the South was a line of undeveloped and protected land and beyond that an old neighbourhood, with low, charming buildings. Nothing to spoil her view. She poured herself a shot of whisky and went to her computer. She did a search for Emily Black, added a few filter words. In a few minutes, she found a simple site for Emily Black. After looking through the website for a few minutes, she changed her opinion from simple to minimalist elegant. If she could hire this woman, she could rub it in Lyle’s face. But to even discuss that she would need to initiate contact. She clicked on the contact button and wrote an email. Emily woke early, went out for a quick jog along the empty streets, came back to her apartment and did some yoga. After finishing up, she showered and then had her breakfast. When she took a seat behind her computer, the area was waking up. She could hear the banging sound from Candy’s garage and knew that Gus would be working on his forge soon enough. All sounds she was used to. It was late in the morning when she read an email from Chase Morgan, asking for a check on her company’s security. She verified the email to make sure it was valid, then looked up Chase Morgan. A giant, an Amazon, but most of Emily's clientele were, and she tried to not hold it against them. She seemed a decent sort. No kids, real or otherwise. Always a good thing in her opinion. She was the CEO of a public relations/ advertising firm, one of the largest in the region. She was, Emily thought, looking at a picture, a striking woman. She looked at her calendar, decided she could fit in a basic scan later that day and sent an email to confirm the request. In the afternoon she started the work on the security audit, letting various programs she had written do the lion’s share of work. After dinner, she looked at the results, did some checking, and then put them aside to send off the next day. Chase read the report she had been sent, then cut away the preamble and the final suggestions before sending it to her IT manager. He came up to her office after lunch, holding a print out. He was about seven and a half feet tall, bit on the small side, but he was competent. “Where did you get this?” he asked her. “Any good?” He looked at the printout and then at her. “About half of it I knew about, problems we’re waiting on vendor patches for, but the other half, I missed that. No excuse.” “I’m not calling you on the carpet John, I just wanted to know what you thought. So it’s good?” “It’s excellent. Who did it?” “Emily Black. Heard of her?” “Yeah, if it is the same Emily Black. IT freelancer, near perfect.” “That sounds like her. What do you know?” “She’s been working for about three years, started small, built up a good reputation, now anyone in the know tries to hire her.” “Know anything else?” John shook his head. “I am thinking of hiring her, to do a full audit. If you are okay with that.” “That’s fine with me. But it is costly.” “How much?” “I hear she charges four thousand a day.” “That’s ridiculous.” “And yet people pay it. Apparently, she did one for Grantech two years ago. Found them over a hundred thousand in savings in the first year and plugged some holes that could have cost millions.” “I’ll have to think about it. If I go ahead with it, I will let you know.” “Thanks.” When he left Chase sat back in her chair. “Four thousand a day. Ridiculous.” Ten minutes later she was sending an email off requesting the audit. Emily went to see Linda after lunch. Linda was a seamstress who rented a large room on the second floor. She probably could have been working for any fashion house in the world, but the slim, bespectacled woman did not have the personality for such a job. She worked in the brightly lit room, surrounded by dressmaking dummies and shelves full of fabric. She made Emily a cup of tea, and they took a seat at a work table, Emily on a stool that gave her a bit of extra height, and talked about clothing. Someone knocked loudly at the door. “Just give me a minute Emily,” Linda said, getting up to go and answer the door. “Oh, I’m sorry,” Linda said, sounding a little nervous. “Weren’t you supposed to come here tomorrow?” “I know dear,” someone said, feminine, deep, a mixture that worried Emily as it usually meant a large woman. “However I had an opening in my schedule and was hoping you could measure the twins for those outfits we were talking about.” “Well, I suppose it is okay,” Linda told her guest, caving into the pressure, Emily thought, a little uncharitably as she took a drink of her tea. “Excellent.” The woman came into the room, and Emily got a good look at her. Probably eight and a half feet tall, smartly dressed, neatly bobbed blonde hair. She was holding (tightly) the hands of two girls, the ‘twins’ Emily supposed. They were probably related, but Emily did not think they were sisters, and she knew they were not actually children. The woman’s gaze fell on Emily. That look most giants had when they looked at a little, the one that was sizing them up for diapers; or at least that was what Emily thought when she was looked at like that. The woman looked to Linda who was following. “A customer?” she asked. “Just a neighbour ma’am,” Emily said politely. “Stopping off for a cup of tea.” The woman’s gaze did not waver until Linda said, “Perhaps you could get the girls’ clothing off?” The Amazon’s gaze left Emily and shifted to the littles with her. Both were dressed in identical denim rompers, white blouses, bottoms puffed out by diapers. Both were gagged by the pacifiers in their mouths. The Amazon set about stripping them down to vests and diapers. One of them looked towards Emily, her face flushing. Emily supposed she was still trying to fight against what was happening. The other one seemed unaware of Emily, or uncaring as if she had accepted her status. Emily knew that both of the ‘toddlers’ were littles, though the cotton vests and the thick diapers were doing an excellent job of hiding the subtle curves of a little. The woman, once she had each girl out of her clothing, made a big deal of checking their diapers, declaring both of them wet, and, after pulling back the diaper of the blushing one, that one of them had ‘made mommy a present’. A small part of Emily wanted to tell the woman to stop, to stand up for the littles, to tell her that they were not babies, but competent adults, or at least had been until the woman had got her paws on them. Of course, she did not. While she felt like a traitor for not doing so, she was not going to give that Amazon any reason to get angry at her. And she was careful about how much attention she paid to what was going on. If she ignored it, an Amazon might take that as shyness because maybe she had had an accident, and it was best that she check. It did not matter if you had not had an accident, and that you were not wearing diapers, giving an amazon and excuse to flip up your skirt or pull down your pants was a dangerous situation to be in. And she could not pay too much attention, in case that be taken as a desire to wear diapers also. She really wanted to leave but knew movement would attract attention. All right, perhaps she was paranoid but better safe than sorry. Linda measured the girls, putting the tape around their diapered bottoms. “They’ll always be wearing them,” the Amazon had said, “might as well include them.” Finally, Linda was done, and the Amazon was getting her charges dressed. Neither had spoken once, just sucked on their pacifiers as they had been measured. Emily could not help but shiver a little at that. “So, you’ll have the outfits ready in a week, with the extras?” Linda was looking at the paper pad she had taken notes on. She looked up and nodded. “Oh yes, not a problem. You will want the pink cotton?” “Yes, that will look nice.” The woman gave Emily one last look before Linda showed her out. Linda came back and poured Emily a fresh cup of tea. “Sorry about that.” “What did she mean by extras?” “Oh, that, well,” she paused, “she wants several outfits with straps, to restrict the movement of the arms and legs.” Emily’s eyes widened slightly. “So they will have to crawl?” “Yes,” Linda nodded. “That is why.” “That’s terrible,” Emily said before she could stop herself. “Oh Emily, don’t be silly. Sometimes it is just easier to take care of babies when they are crawling.” Emily wanted to say that they were not babies, that they were women, but as always she did not. The message would not get through. And more than once her angry statements had been described as ‘cranky’ or a ‘tantrum’ and those were words she did not want people associating with her. “Candy said you had some green fabric that would look good on me.” “Oh, I do. What are you thinking?” “A slinky, sexy pencil skirt with a tight white blouse.” “That will look wonderful on you.” She grabbed her measuring tape. “Let me get your numbers.” As she was being measured Emily thought she caught a faint diaper smell on the tape as it passed close to her face. Chase looked at the email she had received back. Damn, John had been right. Four thousand dollars a day, maximum charge of forty thousand dollars, and a flat sixteen thousand offer. Emily Black was suggesting Chase go with the daily rate, saying she could probably get it done in two days. “To hell with that,” Chase said as she replied to the email, indicating she would take the sixteen thousand deal. Two days later Chase received a full report back. She swore quietly for a good two minutes, then sent the report to John and set about writing an email. Dear Miss Black, Thank you very much for your hard and prompt work. I was hoping that we might meet, or at least talk on the phone, to discuss a possible position for you with my company. We are both women of the world so I will get right down to the facts. The fact is that I want to teach Lyle Redmond a lesson, and I can’t think of anything better than hiring you. Petty? Perhaps, but in all honesty, I can’t help but think of all the benefits my company would have were you to come and work for me. And I believe you would benefit as well. Please give my request some consideration. Thank you, She looked the email over and then sent it off. Up on her balcony, Emily watched a giant man get out of an SUV. From the rear seat, he brought out a small figure. Girl, boy, child or little, she could not tell. She guessed that he was going to Linda’s apartment. It looked like Linda was gaining some popularity for her ‘children’s’ clothing. Emily was glad for her friend, but at the same time, she would have preferred less of the larger people around. After finishing her tea Emily went back into her apartment, climbing up on her chair, taking a look at her computer. She had a new email, from Chase. She was not surprised to get a job offer, that happened fairly often. She was a little surprised as to the ultimate reason. And she was inordinately pleased to be called a woman of the world by an Amazon. That alone made her consider the offer for a moment, but she immediately discarded the thought. She was pretty confident if they were to meet Chase’s ‘woman of the world’ comment would be forgotten. She wrote her canned reply, thanking her for the offer and regretfully declining. She did add an extra line, agreeing that Lyle was quite dogged in the pursuit of what he wanted and how it made him a challenge to deal with. It was the closest she would come to criticising one client to another. She sent the email and went back to work. “Son of a bitch,” Chase said, louder than she intended when she read Emily Black’s reply. “Something up?” Richard asked from the other side of the desk. “Oh,” she said, cheeks growing a little warm. “I offered Emily Black a job, and she just shot me down. It is a little annoying.” “You trying to show up Lyle?” “Guilty as charged.” “Probably see why he was upset.” She nodded. “I suppose if I was caring for a little right now I might ending up spanking her a little harder than required.” “You ready for the meeting?” he asked. “Yeah.” She grabbed a file folder. “I need to get Lisa to print something out for me. Go ahead.” He stood up. “See you soon.” She nodded and got up from behind her desk. Lisa, her assistant, an eight-foot-tall woman, was working at her desk. “Lisa, I need a colour print out of the GBB file.” “Yes Miss Morgan,” she said with a smile, turning to her computer. “Bring it down to meeting room three when it is done.” “Yes Miss Morgan.” She turned to go, then paused and looked back at her. “Lisa, I have something I would like you to work on, as you have time.” “Yes Miss Morgan?” “Get me a list of the top ten percent of all female graduates from,” she paused, “the top fifty colleges and universities in the country.” Lisa seemed confused by the request, but she nodded. “When do you want it by?” “No rush. Just work on it as you have time.” “Understood.” Over several days both Emily and Chase were busy with work, and both had put the other out of their minds. Chase was dealing with several product launches, while Emily had been hired to help finish the CGI for several scenes in a movie. It was Chase who was the first to turn her attention back to the other when Lisa sent her an email with an attached file. The email’s subject was, ‘The Information you wanted’ and the body referenced the conversation they had had several days before. She wanted to open the file immediately, but Richard was calling her. They had clients to meet. In fact, she was busy the entire day and did not get a chance to open the file at all. Finally, back at home, she printed off the document, took a seat on her balcony, a glass of wine at her side, and read through the report. She found an Elizabeth Black, honours graduate in literature. Next was an Amy Black, graduate in engineering, near the bottom of the ten percent that Chase had indicated the cutoff. Near the middle of the report, in a list of graduates from the Women’s Institute of Applied Technology, she found an Aemilia Black, honours computers. Top of her graduating class, top of the entire school, four years ago. “Bingo,” Chase said happily. Then she told herself to take it easy. She would look through the entire list, just to be sure. There was an Emmiline Black, another graduate in computer studies, but again low in the placings, and from a small school. She’d check them all, but she had a good feeling about Aemilia. Sharky’s was busy. Emily, having finished several projects, had felt like celebrating. She had put the word out and was buying drinks. Most of the residents of the apartment building were there, as well as some of the people who worked in local businesses. Gus laughed as he tossed back a mug of beer. “You are a prince among men,” he told her. “Thank you,” Emily said from her stool and then, “I think.” “What he means,” Candy said, draping an arm across her shoulders, “is that everyone loves the woman buying the booze.” Emily smiled as behind the bar Sharky filled several more mugs with various beers. “They all drink when someone else is paying.” Linda walked over a tall glass of scotch and soda in her hand. “How about I pay for the next round?” “You got the scratch?” Candy asked her. Linda blushed under Candy’s scrutiny. “I’ve got some more business lately, and tips.” Her eyes went wide. “Generous tips.” “All those giants?” Linda nodded. Emily was not happy about Linda’s new clientele, but she wanted to be happy for her friend’s success. “If you are feeling generous I’ll happily drink to your triumph.” The gathering went on well into the night, and Emily and Linda stumbled back to their building, escorted by the surprisingly sober Gus. It was a good night. Chase had ordered online copies of yearbooks and alumni listings. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, she sat down and began to look through them. Elizabeth Black, a muddy haired brunette who was working on her doctorate in romantic poetry. She crossed Elizabeth off her list. Amy Black, and inbetweener working for an overseas resource development company. Another name crossed off. Aemilia Black was a little, and Chase triple checked the names and information, sure that no little could have graduated top of her class, but no, there it was. She looked at the adorable blonde, wearing her university smock and uniform (only sensible to put littles in school uniforms). She could not quite accept that Emily Black could be a little. She started to cross the name off, but her pen stopped halfway through Aemilia. She would think about that one. Emmiline Black should have been the one, she was a tall Amazon, but when Chase read the notes on alumni, she gave up on it. Amazon or not, Emmiline was not the brilliant computer specialist that Emily was. She went back to Aemilia and read up on the details about the girl. Top of her class all four years. Got a gold star each year for potty use. Gold star each year for keeping her dorm bed dry. Surprising for a little, Chase thought. Never officially spanked. Top of her class, but she had not been the class valedictorian. Well, of course, a little could never stand up in front of a graduating class and the guests to make a speech. Even assuming the shy thing did not start crying the staff would probably have to stop the speech so she could run off to potty. Chase took a look through the notes about alumni, but it was like Aemilia had dropped off the face of the earth right after she graduated. It was always possible she was in a nursery somewhere, but something about the determined gaze in her yearbook picture made Chase think just maybe that Emily and Aemilia were one in the same. As ridiculous as that notion should be. She called Lisa into her office. “Lisa, find me the name of a good private investigator would you.” “Of course Miss Morgan.” Emily found a pair of Amazons in front of her building, one of them holding a leash attached to a baby harness that a little was wearing, the other pushing with a stroller--the occupant might have been a real child, she was not sure. As soon as she saw them, she was ready to duck away, but the one with the stroller saw her and said, “You girl.” Emily knew that running would only invite chasing, and the long legs of the Amazon gave her a distinct advantage if it came down to a chase. “Yes ma’am,” she said politely. Both women regarded her, as did the little on the end of the leash. The little on the leash looked positively gleeful, and Emily was sure the leashed girl was hoping that someone else was going to join her in enforced toddlerhood. The little fink, Emily thought, though it was an uncharitable thought. “We are looking for a tailor, named Linda Corda.” “She is on the second floor of this building ma’am. Apartment 201.” “This building?” the woman holding the leash asked. It was on her tongue to reply in a snotty manner, ‘yes, this building,’ but she did not. It was not easy to answer politely, “Yes ma’am.” Sure the place looked like it was a dump, but it was structurally sound and was much nicer on the inside. Don’t judge a book by its cover you cow, she thought. They both looked away from Emily and to the building, then the one with the stroller looked back to Emily. “Do you live here?” “No ma’am. Over there,” she said, pointing at the building that Candy worked out of. She did not want them asking her to escort them in. “Well, then you better go. You should not be alone out on the street.” “Yes ma’am,” she said, noting the look of disappointment that flashed across the face of the leashed little, apparently upset that Emily was not about to join her. You really are a fink. She turned and walked quickly to the garage, opening the door and entering, letting out the breath she had been holding. That had felt close. There was a banging sound coming from within, and she followed it to Candy’s work area. She was leaning into the engine compartment of a large muscle car, an old one, pounding away on something. “What are you doing Candy?” Emily called over the noise. The banging stopped. Candy lifted herself out from under the hood, looked back at her. “Hey, Emily. Just trying to get a cylinder to move, hoping it’s not seized up.” “This is a car for a giant, right?” Candy nodded. “You’d have to be at least seven feet tall to reach the pedals and see over the steering wheel. Come and take a look at the engine, it’s huge.” Emily used a stool to climb up and look, getting some grease on her bare knees (she as wearing shorts) and hands. The engine was indeed massive. “Seems a lot more of the larger types around these days,” Emily said. “Really? I didn’t really notice.” “Well, they are mostly coming to get Linda to make them clothing.” “Yeah, I’m glad that Linda is doing well. You get her to make you something?” “Skirt and blouse.” “Wear them to Sharky’s some time so I can see.” “Will do.” And Emily passed the time with Candy until the two Amazon women left and she could get back into her building without being hassled. Emily got busy over the following week, several high paying projects were offered to her. She spent most of the week working or sleeping, and ordered a lot of takeout, having no time to cook. When she finally finished, she ended up crashing, sleeping almost fourteen hours straight. Quite possibly she would have slept even longer had not the incessant buzzing of her doorbell woken her. She rolled out of her bed, hit the floor in a tangle of blankets, which padded her fall, and reached for a fallen pillow which she pulled over her head. Still, the doorbell buzzed. Crawling from the nest of blankets she got to her feet and stumbled sleepily towards her front door. Tired as she was she almost opened it without checking the monitor, but it was an ingrained habit, and she looked down at the screen as her hand reached for the deadbolt. Her hand stopped. Standing outside of her apartment was an Amazon and not just any Amazon, but Chase Morgan. She backed away from the door, eyes locked on the monitor. How long had she been standing out there, ringing the doorbell? Why was she standing out there, ringing her doorbell? Was she there for her? Emily wondered. Impossible, she thought. Her mind bounced around, seeking a reason. She could be there for Linda. And had gotten the wrong floor. And had stood out there on the wrong floor, looking at the number, 403, ringing the doorbell and not realising she was on the wrong floor. She would have to be pretty stupid. That she was stupid seemed unlikely. She stopped ringing the doorbell. Thank god. She started knocking, pounding on the door. Oh god! It was a nightmare. That Amazon as going to break in, and she had been asleep for more than twelve hours, and she had to pee really badly. She was going to be caught by an Amazon while she was pissing herself. It could not be worse. Then her more logical mind put a cap on the panic. Chase was not going to break through that door. And she could go the washroom. So she did. When she was finished, Chase had gone. She went out on the balcony, peeking out. There was a big, black SUV out there. She snuck back in. All she had to do was wait. Eventually, she heard the car start up, peeked out to see it drive away. “I won,” she said softly. Relaxing, she showered and then had her breakfast. She was just reading her email when her doorbell rang. The bagel in her hand nearly went flying. She was back! Checking the monitor she saw that it was not Chase Morgan at her door, but Linda. She opened her door. “Hi, Linda.” “Good morning Emily. I finished your outfit.” She held out a white cardboard box tied with a blue string. On top of it where a pair of black slippers. “Great,” Emily told her, taking the parcel. “Let me try it on for you.” “Thank you,” Linda said as she closed the door behind her. Emily went to her bedroom, stripped off her shorts and top and opened the box. She took out the panties and the bra first. Leave it to Linda to leave nothing unthought of. She put them on, then the silk blouse and the sheer white stockings. Slipping into the pencil skirt she did up the fastener. Not looking into the mirror she went out, to let Linda see the effect first. “You look great,” Linda said. “Sexy.” Now Emily took the time to look at herself. She had little in the way of curves, but Linda’s tailoring made the most of what little there was, drew attention to the very slight flare of her hips, focused on her slim neck, which helped draw attention away from her almost complete lack of breasts. “This is amazing.” Linda was smiling. “You never asked for sexy before.” “I’ll be asking for it more,” Emily told her as she posed in front of the mirror. “Oh, I was asked to give you this.” Emily turned, saw Linda holding a card. She took it. The embossed card spelt out ‘Chase Morgan’ and had a telephone number. “She asked that you call her, about a job.” Emily swallowed. “Thank you,” she said. “She seems nice. I was surprised, you usually don’t have any clients come here.” Keeping calm, not wanting to try to explain things to Linda (who would not understand) she said, “Miss Morgan is a special case.” “She seems nice. I showed her the outfit I made for you. She was quite interested in it.” “That’s nice.” Chase had to know she was a little now. “She asked me to make a few child style outfits, paid in advance, asked for the best materials, just like you.” “Oh?” Emily asked. “Did she have someone with her?” “No, but she said that they were for someone your size. Maybe you can be my model for them.” “What? No.” “I’m just joking,” Linda said with a laugh. “I’ll make something that fits a general size. If required I can let them out or take them in.” “Yes, of course,” Emily said. She looked at her watch. “I have to run. You really look great in that.” “Thanks. Maybe I’ll come by tomorrow to talk about a few other outfits. If you are not too busy?” Which was Emily’s way of making sure there would not be too many giants around. “Tomorrow should be good. See you later.” Once she was gone, Emily went and locked her door. She looked at the card, then ripped it up and dropped the pieces in the garbage. “Just leave me alone,” she told the torn up paper. The next time Emily heard Chase’s name was when she was down at Gus’s office, helping him with an issue with his internet connection. “Just need to reset the modem and the router, and you should be back up,” she told him. Gus laughed. “You know me, if I can’t hit it with a hammer, it is beyond me.” Emily shook her head and then tested his connection. “You are back up.” “You are a lifesaver. I am glad we have a computer expert in the building. That reminds me.” He went into his desk drawer and pulled out a card. “I was asked to give this to you.” With a sinking feeling, she took the card. ‘Chase Morgan’ was written on it. “She asked me to give you that card if I saw you.” “Why was she here?” Emily asked, her tone a little strident, apparently surprising Gus as his eyebrows rose. “I mean,” she let her tone shift back to normal, “why did she come to talk to a blacksmith?” “She as asking about some ironworks for her office lobby,” Gus told her with a smile. “She wants something unique.” “Well, your work is great, so I’m not surprised.” His smile grew wider. “Thanks. Got to admit, thought it was weird. I’ve never seen one of your clients come here before.” “Special case,” Emily said while thinking, ‘head case’. She was not even to be left alone in Candy’s garage. The big engines had interested her, so she made time to come by and watch Candy work. Candy joked about Emily becoming her apprentice. “Get me the torque wrench will you Emily. The metric one.” Emily had been perched up on a step ladder, looking down into the engine that Candy was taking apart. She jumped down and get the wrench. Candy looked at it and nodded. “Good eye my apprentice.” Emily smiled. “So you really want to learn engines?” Emily leaned in. “I need something to fall back on in case this computer thing turns out to be a passing fad.” Candy laughed, gave the bolt she as working on a twist. “That reminds me. I was asked to give you…” “Oh no.” “What?” a surprised Candy asked. “Nothing. Just remembered something.” Candy nodded after a moment, then walked over to one of her workbenches. She came back with an oil-stained business card. Emily took it with a nod. “Thank you.” “She seemed like a nice lady. Said she might have me restore an old war motorcycle she has, one of the big Valkyries the giants rode. Can you imagine the engine that thing will have? The history.” “I can imagine it.” “Going to start having more of your clients come by.” “I don’t think so,” Emily said with a shake of her head. “Miss Morgan is special.” A few days passed with no more cards left from Chase, and Emily was considering that just maybe the Amazon had given up. Early afternoon she had put on the outfit that Linda had made for her. There was only one place she could go dressed in such a manner, so she went to Sharky’s to have a drink. It was empty, so there was no one to show off to. She perched on her customary bar stool, with her gin and tonic, and wondered if she should move. Sharky put his newspaper aside, go to his feet, and a moment later said, “Don’t see many of your type in here.” Later she figured that Sharky had heard the sound of her footsteps, but at that time it was just one more fantastic thing about the man. “I can’t imagine why.” The voice was deep, feminine and sarcastic. It cannot be, Emily thought, slowly turning her head to look behind. It was like being in a horror movie, and a small part of her was yelling at the back of her mind, ‘don’t look, it’s not real if you don’t look.’ Of course, she looked. Chase Morgan stood there, dressed in a smart suit of a green material, almost the exact same shade as Emily’s skirt. She smiled at Emily. Emily almost said, ‘Grandma, what big teeth you have,’ but she bit down on the words, and turned back to her drink, trying to pretend she had no idea who the Amazon was. She wanted to run, but the pencil skirt, while giving an illusion of length to her legs, was not meant for running. Likely she would end up face first on the dirty bar’s floor. Chase leaned up against the bar (it was not like she could sit on the stool) beside Emily and said, “I’ll take what she is having.” Sharky made another gin and tonic and put it down in front of Chase. Then he went back to his chair and picked up his newspaper. “Why…” Chase said. “I like the smell of ink,” Sharky told her. Emily could not help but giggle. Stupid, stupid, she told herself. Don’t bait the bear. Chase picked up the glass that had been put in front of her and took a drink. “Gin?” she said to Emily. Not able to ignore her Emily decided not to say, ‘you think I should be drinking milk’ but instead said, “It’s five o’clock somewhere.” “Oh,” Chase took another drink. “Is that your bedtime?” It was, Emily admitted, a clever rejoinder. Instead of acknowledging that she said, “Happy hour.” “Ah, yes.” Chase drank, and Emily drank, and they did not speak again, and Emily kept hunching her shoulders up, sure something was going to happen. Chase put her empty glass down on the bar with a ‘clack’. Emily jumped a little. Chase put several bills on the bar. “I’ll pay for her drink as well,” she said. And then she left. She just left. Why had she just left? That made no sense to Emily. Maybe it was time to find out just what Chase Morgan wanted because she was acting in a way that did not make sense to Emily. Sharky gathered the money off the bar, sorted it and put it in the old cash register. “Minus my tip, if she is covering your drinks, you could drink all night.” Or maybe she would just put it off and hope Chase never came back. “Well, give me another,” Emily told Sharky. Chase got into her car. She took a deep breath. “No one should be allowed to be that adorable,” she said aloud. “And littles should not look so good dressed like that.” She admired Linda’s work, hoped that the tailor's more childish work would be equally effective. She looked out her car window, at the old bar, with the dusty windows. She wanted to go back in there, pick that little up, and take her away. No one would say anything. She could have Emily in one of the automated daycares, or send her to one of the more personal training schools by tomorrow morning. Soon she would be just another helpless little, her cute tiny tush padded out by a thick diaper. But, strangely enough, Chase did not quite feel like that was what she wanted. Of course, Emily needed to be taken care of. There was no doubt about that. And the best way to take care of a little was just to treat them like small children. That was a known fact. But she was too much a businesswoman to discount the girl’s abilities. “This is going to be tricky,” she said as she started up her car and drove away. Emily had a hangover the next day. It made the morning start slow and rough. When someone pounded on her front door, it went right through her head. She looked at the monitor. Saw it was Gus. She opened the door. “What?” She did a lousy job keeping her tone civil. He was holding a letter. He reached up and removed an envelope taped to her door. “Read.” She looked at the envelope. The name in the upper right corner was ‘West Management.’ Her name was typed in the centre. She tore it open, scanned the contents. “They going to turn this place into condos,” Gus said. Emily shook her head. “They are only saying they are doing an assessment.” “Which means they are going to turn it into condos, or even just make a handful of improvements and raise the rent.” Emily could not deny the possibility. “Look, we’re getting together at Sharky’s later today, to talk this out. Can you see what you can find out about this West Management place?” Emily nodded. “I will.” “Thanks,” Gus said, then left. She closed the door and then went to get some aspirin. Emily sat in Sharky’s, listening to everyone talk. Everyone was upset. Linda, who knew she would never find another place like her apartment again, sounded near tears. Gus, who was going to have a hard time setting up a new forge, even if he could find a place where it was zoned to allow it was angry. Nestor, Grace, James, Fred and Tony, all people who lived in the building and could not afford a rent increase. Candy and others from other buildings in the area were there as well because if it happened to one building, it would happen to all of them, eventually, or so they thought. Emily had told them almost all of what she had found out about West Management. A wealth management company, handling investments for people, for various tax benefits. She had told them it was possible if West Management did an assessment of the building they might do nothing, or perhaps just sell it again. What she did not tell them was that West Management was owned by Chase Morgan and that her arranging to have the building bought was likely a ploy against Emily. She did not tell them that because it would sound crazy. Eventually, the impromptu meeting changed to people drinking to drown their sorrows. Emily, still too fresh off her morning hangover, left. When she reached her apartment, she found another envelope taped to her door. She took it down. In it was a page that read, ‘Call me.’ And there was a phone number. Only one person that it could be from. She went into her apartment, locked the door behind her, and went to make a call on the phone she hardly ever used. “Hello Emily,” Chase said as soon as she answered. “Hello Miss Morgan,” she said, defaulting to polite. “A pleasure to hear your sweet voice, my dear.” Emily took a deep breath. “You seemed determined to speak with me,” Emily said. “You upset a lot of good people, Miss Morgan.” “Perhaps if you had just answered your door or called me it would not have come to this,” Chase told her. “Had you handled this in a slightly more mature manner…” “Why did you have to bring all my friends into this?” “Because they all like you, and I assume you must like them.” Emily realised she was gritting her teeth. She relaxed her jaw and said. “Of course I like them.” “Then you would want to help them, wouldn’t you sweetie?” No other option. “Yes.” “Such a good girl.” An oh so condescending tone. “Seeing as you have not handled this in the most adult of manners, I think I will dictate the terms. Come by my office tomorrow, and we’ll talk about it.” “Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly,” Emily said before she could stop herself. Chase laughed. “I promise not to bite, though wrapping you up in silk is not an impossibility.” “I’ll be there. What time Miss Morgan?” “Ten in the morning. And Linda finished the outfits I commissioned. I would like you to bring them with you.” “I would be happy to.” It seemed a little thing. “And perhaps you might model one for me. Not that you did not look nice in that outfit you wore yesterday, but I think something a little more suited for the tone I want to set for our business. Number three would be the best choice.” “Pardon?” “You’ll understand when you pick them up. I will see you tomorrow.” Emily was careful not to sigh. “Yes, Miss Morgan.” Chase hung up. Emily carefully paced the handset in its cradle, then went into her bedroom, pulled her covers over her head and then screamed into her pillow for several minutes. Finally, she sat up, tossed the covers aside and then flopped backwards among them. “Damn you,” she said quietly. She got up from the bed and went back down to Sharky’s. Linda, usually not a big drinker, seemed happy enough to leave with Emily to get the outfits. There were five boxes, wrapped in paper, tied with strings, each numbered. Seeing the ‘3’ written on one filled in the missing the information.” “Do you really think we’ll be able to stay here?” Linda asked her. Emily looked from the boxes to Linda. She was standing near the wall of windows, looking out. She looked wistful. “I don’t know,” she answered. “I’m not sure what I will do. This much room. This much light. Near people like Nestor who handles the leatherwork.” She shook her head. Emily wanted to assure her that everything would be alright, but she could not. And she knew she would be at Chase’s office the next day. Running away was not an option. Number three was a white, empire waist dress, with short sleeves, a sailor collar and pleats in the short skirt (but not too short, thankfully). There was black and red piping around the hem of the dress and the ends of the sleeves. As was Linda’s signature, she had included a pair of shoes (red maryjanes) and a small patent leather purse. The leather was probably Nestor’s work. Tony had likely made the shoes. They were, she thought, a surprisingly self-sufficient group of people. And undergarments had not been left out. A white cotton vest, thick white cotton tights, some petticoats, and a pair of voluminous panties of thick white cotton, embroidered with little black anchors. She had held the panties out and thought they barely stepped above training panties, but she supposed that step, as minuscule as it was, was significant. Dressing in the morning, Emily quickly noticed the vest and the loose panties with tight (almost uncomfortable) waist and leg bands removed any curves. And the lines of the dress drew attention to what she did not have. As always, Linda’s work was impressive. She stood out on her sidewalk, the boxes beside her, in her red shoes, holding her little patent leather purse. She hoped none of her neighbours saw her. The cab she had called for pulled up to the curb in front of her. The driver, an inbetweener about six feet and some inches looked down at her. “Your mother around kiddo?” Emily wanted to scream. “I called you,” she said. “You?” he looked doubtful. Emily opened her purse, took out a small bundle of bills. “There is a big tip in it for you.” Money talked, she thought. He helped her put the boxes in the trunk (which is to say he took the boxes and put them in the trunk) and then took a booster seat from it, placing it in the back seat. “Wish you had said something when you called, would have preferred a car seat.” Emily did not say anything and did not argue against the booster seat (though she would have preferred to do without it). He helped her into it, not even asking her, and then put the seatbelt on her. Emily accepted it, saving her energy for fights that mattered. The driver took her across the undeveloped land and into the city. Chase Morgan’s company was large enough to have its own building near the centre of the city, a twenty-five story tower sized for giants. She looked up at the silver steel and black glass of the building as the cab driver pulled up in front of it. It looked impressive. It had been years since she had last been in a city with such buildings, and she had gotten used to the less intimidating architecture of her home. The driver helped her out of the car, and while he got the packages from the trunk, she pulled his fee and the promised, generous tip from her purse. They exchanged parcels for money, and then the cab driver drove off. Balancing the boxes, she walked towards the front doors of the Morgan Tower. She was really out of place. There was not a single other little she could see in the area, and not too many inbetweeners either. Having gone so long avoiding such situations her mind was screaming warnings, telling her to run, but she pushed back her shoulders and walked straight to the door. She supposed that Chase had done her a favour, having her dress like this. It made her look like she was being cared for. It was protective colouring, a warning to other giants to back off, ‘this little is mine, and I have the money to see her properly attired’. God, she hated giants. No one accosted her, and the doors opened automatically for her as she approached. The lobby was, in her opinion, pointlessly large, and scaled for people seven feet plus. The two women sitting at the receptionist desk had to be at least seven and a half feet each, probably closer to eight, and Emily would not have been able to see over the desktop if she stood too close. Of course, the women noticed her. The blonde on the right leaned over the desk. “Well, hello sweetheart. Are you lost?” It was, Emily thought, intimidating to be dressed as she was. Careful to keep her voice even she said, “My name is Emily Black. I am here to see Miss Chase Morgan.” “Oh sweetie, Miss Morgan is too busy to buy any cookies from you.” “Cookies?” Oh, the boxes. “I’m delivering these for her,” she said and winced at how stupid she sounded. “Now sweetie..” The other receptionist, a brunette, tapped her companion on the arm, pointed to the computer screen. “Really?” the blonde said. “It’s right here,” the brunette told her. “Sorry sweetie, I didn’t realise you had an appointment.” “Yes.” The blonde clapped her hands together. “Aren’t you just the most adorable thing.” She came around the desk. “Let me show you there.” Emily was glad her hands were full of the boxes as it avoided having to take the blonde’s hand. She was led to the elevators, and she supposed it was a good thing the blonde had come with her or she would be jumping up to try to hit the elevator buttons. “Be good sweetie,” the blonde said, pressing the button for the twenty-third floor and then stepping out. The brunette had probably called up for when the elevator doors opened Chase Morgan stood there, wearing an outfit that looked suspiciously like the one that Emily had been wearing when they had first met at Sharky’s. Of course, Chase needed no artifice to show off her curves. It was done on purpose for it made Emily feel even more childish in her sailor dress. “Here, let me take those,” she said, taking the boxes from Emily. “Just a moment and hold still. Let me look at you.” She looked Emily up and down. “Linda does wonderful work.” Emily felt her face grow warm and tried to force the feelings of embarrassment down. “Come on Emily,” Chase said, turning and walking away, expecting Emily to follow obediently along. That Emily had no choice but to follow obediently along made it so much worse. There was not, thankfully, anyone in the hallway. Emily took a quick look around, it looked like the office suites on this floor were large, which meant less staff. When they entered one of those suites Chase said, “Lisa, this is Emily Black.” “That’s Emily Black?” Lisa (who Emily guessed was a secretary) asked incredulously. Emily bit back a rude reply. “Yes,” Chase told her, tone firm. “I’m sorry,” Lisa said. Emily thought she was apologising to Chase, but she supposed that it might be possible that the apology was meant for Emily herself. Possible but not likely. “Emily, this is Lisa Smith, my personal assistant.” “Miss Smith,” Emily said, one more falling back on politeness. “Lisa, go and find a booster seat for Emily.” “Of course Miss Morgan,” Lisa said and hustled from the office. Emily felt her cheeks warming at the thought of Lisa looking for a booster seat, perhaps saying, ‘it is for a little Miss Morgan has up in her office, maybe I should bring a changing pad as well, just in case’. Why couldn’t Chase have had the stupid booster seat there to begin with? She had known Emily was coming. “This way,” Chase said, entering her office. It was large, even considering its occupant, with a big desk set near a wall of windows. She would need a booster seat to see over that. “While we are waiting,” Chase said, and took the dress boxes over to her desk, placing them down. She used what Emily hoped was a paper cutter to cut the strings and then carefully unwrapped the first box and opened it. “Look at this,” she said to Emily, lifting out and holding up a short sleeved, pink princess dress. “Very nice,” Emily said with no real enthusiasm, for she guessed were she to wear that that the skirt would not cover up whatever undergarment she might be wearing. “Yes, it is,” Chase said, and carefully put it back into the box before opening the next one. “How sweet,” Chase said for the next one, a white and blue romper. Chase made sure to draw Emily’s attention to the snaps in the crotch. The third was a set of several shorts and blouses, all of the shorts with suspender straps and snaps in the crotches as well. Chase was showing off the last, a white dress with ruffles and lace that looked like something a toddler might wear to church when Lisa returned with the booster seat. “Oh, that is just so cute,” she gushed, and then looked towards Emily, “I want to see her in it,” she said, hungrily (or at least that is not how Emily heard it). “I’m not sure this is Emily’s,” Chase said as she put the dress back in the box. “The seat.” Lisa put the booster seat on one of the chairs in front of the desk. She then, without asking, picked up Emily and put her in place. “There you go,” she said. Emily never liked being grabbed by Amazons, but she managed a weak ‘thank you’, telling herself she might have actually needed a little help. Lisa left as Chase took a seat behind her desk. “So here we are,” Chase said. “So here we are,” Emily echoed. “I appreciate you coming.” “I did not feel if I had a choice.” Chase smiled. “You always have a choice.” “You might.” Chase frowned for a moment. “I want you to work for me.” “And what would I do Miss Morgan?” “I have not decided yet. I am sure we can find a position for you.” The position that Emily thought of was back on a change table, legs raised, but she did not say that. “And if I am not interested.” Chase did not answer immediately. Eventually, she said, “While I don’t want to seem like some cheap movie villain, your neighbours might not appreciate it.” Emily wanted to swear at her but kept her temper in check. “That does not seem to leave me much choice.” “Because you are such a nice girl.” If you could read my thoughts you would not think so, she thought, but said, “You are very kind.” “So, you will come and work for me?” “How much will I be paid?” Chase frowned, and Emily wondered if she had even thought of that. “You will be fairly compensated for your skill set,” she finally said. Which, Emily thought, could easily translate into all the diaper changes she needed. “What project are you bringing me on for?” Again Chase frowned, and Emily wondered if she was pushing too far, but what else could she do? “I will have you work in various areas of the business until we have found the best fit for you, and that is all I can say.” There was a sense of finality to that, and Emily knew she should not ask any more questions. “I want to think about it.” “What is there to think about?” “The commute,” Emily said tartly, knowing it was dangerous. It was a gamble, One that apparently paid off for Chase smiled. “Very well, but make your choice fast.” Emily slipped down from the booster chair, she felt her skirt, and the petticoats catch and get pulled up behind her, for a moment leaving her with her the back of her panties uncovered. No one could see it, but she knew it and could feel the cool air of the room on the top of her bare thighs. She quickly smoothed the skirt down over her bottom. Chase came around her desk, looked down at her. “That is my dress you know.” She smiled. “Pardon?” Emily asked. “You don’t seem to have brought a change of clothing.” Emily's eyes widened. Was she about to be stripped and sent away? A naked little, around so many giants? It was like throwing blood in the water with sharks. Chase put her hand on top of Emily’s head, gently ruffled her short hair. “Tell you what, I will give it to you as a gift.” “Thank you,” Emily said, relieved, and embarrassed at how grateful she was at that moment. “Is that a way to thank someone?” She took her hand from Emily’s head. Emily looked up at her, saw a displeased look on her face. “Thank you for the beautiful dress, Miss Morgan.” “In the future, you might want to add how much you love it.” Then she walked to her office door and opened it. “Lisa.” “Yes Miss Morgan,” Lisa said. “Please see Emily down to the street, and make sure she gets into a taxi.” “Pardon?” Lisa asked, surprise in her tone. When she stepped into Emily’s view, Emily could see the surprise mirrored on her face. “See that she gets into a taxi, make sure no one bothers her,” Chase said, tone firm. “Yes, Miss Morgan.” She nodded. “Emily, please come this way.” “I hope to hear from you soon Emily,” Chase said. “Yes Miss Morgan,” Emily said, getting out of the office as quick as she could. Lisa took her down to the lobby, and out onto the street. All the time Emily was sure Lisa was wondering why Chase was sending Emily away. Emily was not entirely certain herself. A black taxi pulled up in front of the building a few seconds before they reached the sidewalk. The driver got out, a tall inbetweener man, maybe almost seven feet tall. He looked at them and said, “Got a call to pick up an Emily Black?” “This is her,” Lisa said. The driver opened the passenger compartment door. A little-sized child’s seat awaited her. I hate you, Chase, Emily thought. Lisa picked her up, plopped her into the seat. The driver, with speed that spoke of skill, had the straps around her shoulders, and one up between her legs, the nylon edge of the belt against her bare thighs. There was a click as the buckles snapped together, and he gave the straps a quick, gentle pull that had her secured. The door closed. She heard Lisa say, “Bye bye sweetie.” Emily tried to undo the straps, but the buckles were somehow locked. When the driver got in, she said, “I am going to…” “I know where you are going,” he said. There was something ominous about that. The driver started the car and drove off. The seat had blocks of padded plastic on either side of her head, and she could not see past them. The straps were too tight for her to lean forward so she might look around them, and the seat was angled so she could not really see where they were going. They could be going anywhere. Chase had called for the taxi, told it where to go, Emily thought. Would she be driven to one of those schools she had heard of? Would the driver keep driving around until she wet herself and only then pull up to their destination? After years of working to avoid just this situation, she had walked into it. She tried to talk to the driver, to at least get an idea of what was going to happen, but he told her that he had to pay attention to the road and refused to be engaged. She lost track of time, almost panicking and when the car came to a stop, she had to bite down on a scream. The driver got out of the car. A few seconds later he had opened the passenger door. Reaching in, he loosened the straps, undid the buckles and smoothly lifted her from the seat and placed her on the ground. She was outside of her apartment building. “Have a nice day miss,” the driver said, leaving her there. He did not ask to be paid. Emily had to take a few deep breaths. Her knees felt weak. As the car pulled away, she walked slowly towards the doors of the building. Back in her apartment, changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, Emily was able to relax slightly. She was still feeling a little panicked, and she was not happy, but she could think things through. She looked at the dress she had been wearing, in a pile on the floor. For a moment she thought to throw it out. However, she suspected treating a ‘gift’ poorly might come back and bite her in the ass. Plus she couldn’t bring herself to throw away something that Linda had made. She gathered it up and hung it in the closet, tossed the rest, panties, vest and stockings into her laundry hamper, then went to her computer. Think, she told herself. How did she get out of this? The panic in the taxi had almost sent her running. She had been looking for plane tickets, but she could not leave her friends behind, to be turned out of their homes by an angry Chase. Think, she once again told herself. If Chase did not own the building, then she would have no leverage. And Chase did not really own the building. Her investment management company did. That was the weak point. So she researched it. The trick was, she realised, to make the building seem unprofitable to the managers and, more importantly, their software. And she knew the software, had helped to write it, knew how to exploit it. As long as Chase had not directly instructed her managers to hold onto the building, it was possible. And Chase did not respect her; not as much as she should. She continued her research. She checked her finances. Four weeks. Maybe a day or two less, but four weeks. If it was even possible, she could do it in four weeks. She just had to stay out of diapers for four weeks. She stayed out of them (at least needing them) for four years in college. For twelve years before that in school. Four weeks would be a cakewalk she tried to tell herself. Emily did not really believe it. Chase Morgan was tough. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and asked herself if she could live with herself if she did not even try to help her friends. “God damn you and your noble spirit, Emily,” she said and reached for her phone, dialled in Chase’s number. She answered on the third ring. “Hello Emily dear,” she said. “I’ll work for you.” Chase was silent, and Emily pictured her in her head, smiling triumphantly. “I am so happy to hear that my dear.” “When do you want me to start Miss Morgan?” “Monday. I’ll send a car to pick you up at 8:30am. I’ll see that you get home after work. That way you don’t have to worry about the commute.” “Yes, Miss Morgan.” “I am looking forward to seeing you Emily,” she said, and then hung up. Emily put her phone down. Monday. That gave her an extra fours days. “Okay Miss Morgan, you have all the advantages, and I have to hope that it makes you sloppy.” She turned back to her computer. There was a lot of work to do. The four days that Chase had given to her passed by in a blur. Emily was working on setting the events in motion that would let her buy the building, and she also had a lot of projects that she had to finish. If she had to work for Chase, then she was not going to have much time to devote to her clients. She also, not that she wanted to, had to face the possibility that she could end up not being able to work at all. Of course, she could not tell her clients that she might end up in a nursery and would have a hard time getting work done between feedings and diaper changes. She got depressed just thinking about it. So instead she told them that something personal had come up and she would have less time to work for them. It would explain why she would be turning down jobs. Doing so did not make her happy. She had spent a lot of time building up her reputation as someone people could trust to get jobs done fast. She had sacrificed any real social life for her career. Going dark like she was going to do for the next four weeks would hurt that reputation. She would have to build it up again. Assuming she was able to. The least she could do was to make sure that were no jobs left unfinished. She hardly slept more than a few hours a night. When Monday came she stood on the curb in front of her building, dark circles under her eyes, dressed in a blue skirt, white blouse and grey blazer, a messenger bag over her shoulder. A professional enough looking outfit, and one that could be mistaken for a school uniform, though of no particular school. Her version of protective colouring, giants being less likely to snap you up if they thought you were going to school somewhere. At precisely 8:30 a large, black town car pulled up in front of her. The driver was a man about nine feet tall. “Miss Black, Miss Morgan sent me.” Emily nodded. “Thank you.” He opened the passenger door, revealing a child’s seat in the back. That came as no surprise to her. He picked her up, slipping his large hand under her bottom, and then put her gently in the seat. “Let me get you buckled up,” he told her, pulling the straps around her, and between her legs. It was always the strap that went between her legs that got to her, embarrassed her the most. It pushed the material of her skirt up between her legs, often left her panties exposed. “There we go,” the driver said, clipping the belts into the central lock, and she knew it was a lock. He closed the door and walked around to the driver’s side, climbed in, starting up the car. The seat she was in, unlike the last one, actually let her see a little of where they were going. She watched again as they left the area of her home, passed through the undeveloped land and then into the city. This time the car did not stop in front of the building but pulled into the parking garage under it. The driver stopped the car and came around to release her from the child’s seat and help her out. He placed her on the garage floor, in front of a bank of elevators. “Miss Morgan is waiting for you.” He pressed the call button and then the button for the 23rd floor when the doors opened. “Have a good day, I will drive you home this evening.” “Thank you,” she told him as she stepped into the elevator, taking some solace in that she was supposed to go home that evening. The doors closed and the elevator rose to the 23rd floor. As before when doors opened, she found Chase waiting for her. “Emily, good morning,” she said sweetly. That was probably not how most bosses greeted their employees, she thought. “Good morning Miss Morgan.” “Come along, let’s talk in my office.” She turned and led the way, Emily following. So far it seemed very much like her first visit. She passed through the outer office where Lisa worked. Lisa was there, watching Emily as she walked past. “Good morning Miss Smith,” Emily said. Lisa nodded. “A pleasure to see you back.” They did not have to make any more conversation, for Chase went right into her office, closing the door once Emily was in. “Have a seat,” Chase said as she went to take a seat at her desk. A chair, with two small steps, had been put in the office in front of Chase’s desk. Design wise it was somewhat similar to a high chair, which Emily did not think was accidental. At least there was no food tray which could be used to lock her in, she thought, as she climbed into the seat, setting her bag in her lap. Once she and Chase were seated, Emily feeling a little ridiculous, Chase said, “I’ve given some thought to how to start you off. I am going to have you take part in an intern program we have.” Emily considered that for a moment, wondering if she had heard it right. “An intern? Seriously?” She regretted her incredulous tone as soon as it was out of her mouth. Chase did not really frown, but there was a slight downturn to her lips. “I am aware of your abilities, but have you ever worked in a company, as part of a team?” It was, Emily thought, a fair question. “In College there were team…” “Yes, I am sure there were,” Chase cut her off. “But that was school, this is real life. I will get the best idea of your ability to work for me and the best position for you by having you take part in the program.” There was a sense of finality in that statement that told Emily not to argue. “Yes, Miss Morgan.” “As it happens I had an intern start the program just last week. You will be able to work together, you can show me examples of teamwork.” “Yes, Miss Morgan.” “Well then, let’s handle the introductions before I give you the quick tour.” She stood. “You should feel grateful, seeing as the owner of the company is handling your familiarisation.” Emily, who was climbing down from her chair, looked over her shoulder and saw an expectant look on Chase’s face. She recalled what Chase had said about accepting a gift. As she reached the floor, she turned and said, “Thank you, Miss Morgan, I am very grateful for your kindness.” Chase smiled. Emily wanted to scream. Chase took her back to the elevator and then pressed the button for basement level 3. “When I introduce you to people I won’t use your last name,” Chase told her. “What? Why?” Emily did not like the idea of being denied her last name. “I don’t want it to get out Emily Black is working for me, not until I think of the best way to rub it in Lyle’s face.” Emily took some heart in that, hoping it meant that ultimately Chase wanted her in the office, not in a nursery. “This is pretty far down,” Emily said, her early hope fading a little. The doors opened on a mostly featureless, grey corridor. “Before I bought the building a security company used the basement and some of the lower floors. All very secure. I use it as temporary office space now.” “So you have to earn windows?” Chase smiled and looked down at her. “I suppose that is so.” Emily did not know what to think of that. She was not sure if it was ominous or not. “This way,” Chase said, turning right and walking down the corridor. Several doors along she stopped and opened the door. Then stood aside and indicated that Emily should enter first. Emily did, expecting something bad. What she got was a rather mundane office, lit by fluorescent lights, two desks pushed together. Behind one of the desk sat an older teenager, as she was seated Emily did not know how tall she was, but it was apparent she was an Amazon. And she was stacked. “What are you doing here?” the teen asked. Chase entered. “This is the other intern starting here today,” Chase said, stepping in behind Emily. The girl stood up. “Miss Morgan.” She was probably eight feet tall, perhaps a little taller, standing there with her enormous breasts. That is completely unfair, Emily thought. “Jessica, this is Emily. Emily, this is Jessica King.” “Hello Jessica,” Emily said. “Emily,” Jessica replied. Emily guessed she was confused. “Both of you will be working together during the duration of this program,” Chase told them. “Emily, Jessica is taking a two-month break from high school. She is a straight-A student and the president of her school’s Entrepreneur Club.” “Impressive,” Emily said. “Jessica, Emily has gotten gold stars in potty training and keeping her bed dry.” “Impressive,” Jessica said in the same tone that Emily had used. I hate them both equally, Emily thought. “Take a bit of a break Jessica. I am going to show Emily around and then bring her back here.” “Yes, Miss Morgan.” “This way Emily,” Chase said. The tour was pretty basic. Emergency exits, the cafeteria, the building’s day care centre on the first floor (a sunlit, bright space) and finally a bathroom two floors above basement level 3. “I’ve had a stool put in the cleaning closet for you, and the toilet at the last stall is sized for inbetweeners.” “Thank you,” Emily said, keeping her tone even. “And that concludes the tour. You know where my office is if you need to see me.” Emily frowned. “Don’t I need to sign some things, for payroll or something?” “Not to worry. I’ll be paying you out of my own pocket, just to keep things simple.” “That sounds like an allowance.” Chase smiled. “It does, doesn’t it.” Emily took a deep breath. “That’s fine.” “I am glad you approve.” Emily bit back a reply. “Let’s take you back to your office.” They returned the elevator and Chase explained the nature of the job. “You and Jessica have a weeks worth of work each. You’ll be analysing some collected data, seeing if you can find trends related to advertising my company has done.” The elevator door opened and Chase ushered Emily in. “You’ll be trying to find out what gets the best penetration.” “I understand,” Emily said, who thought it sounded pretty simple. “Good.” She pressed the button to take them down. In the office she found Jessica waiting, as well as a new chair behind her desk. “Here’s your username and password,” Chase said, handing Emily a folded piece of paper. “An email has been sent to you with the location of your work as well as instructions. If you have any questions just ask Jessica. This is the key to this office.” She handed over the small, brass coloured key. “I’ll be happy to help Emily,” Jessica said, her tone all treacle. “Thank you Jessica,” Chase said, and then left. Emily noticed that there was a keyhole on both sides of the door, guessed it had something to do with the security company that had once used it. She did not give it too much thought for she was alone with the teenage amazon, which was not good. Jessica reached down behind her monitor and brought forth two large cups of coffee, marked with the logo of a local chain. “I bought you a coffee since we’ll be working together.” She smiled brightly as she came around the desk. How stupid does she think I am, Emily wondered as she said, “Thank you very much.” Jessica held the cup in her left hand close towards Emily. Emily reached for the right which Jessica pulled back slightly and then almost thrust the other cup at her. Pretending not to have noticed she took the offered cup. “I didn’t know how you took it,” Jessica said, “so I brought cream and sugar. I know you littles like that. I take mine black.” Her tone took on a superior quality. “Black is fine,” Emily said as if she was trying to prove herself to the teen. Jessica smiled condescendingly. What a piece of work, Emily thought. Emily took her seat, using the built-in step, hung her bag off the back of the chair. Jessica sat beside her, their desks were close together. She put her cup on the desktop. Emily put her cup down, as close to Jessica’s as she could manage, then looked at the paper Chase had given her. Her username was ‘emily’ and the password was ‘IMBaby’. Emily sighed, then logged on and changed her password. “Jessica,” Emily said. Jessica looked over at her. “What?” “I am not sure I understand this. Can you show me?” Jessica smirked. “Of course Emily, I know this is hard for you.” “Thank you,” Emily said, colouring her tone with false relief. Jessica moved over to work on Emily’s computer, showing her where the files were and what they had to do. While she was condescending, Emily switched their coffee cups. “Thank you Jessica,” Emily said in her sweetest tones. “You’re so kind.” The smile Jessica gave her was so obvious in its contempt she might as well have called Emily ‘useless’. “You’re welcome Emily.” Emily took her seat and went to work, downloading some programs she had written a few years back to do similar jobs. She tweaked them and set them to processing the data Chase had given her. Emily pretended to drink her coffee, but really dumped it, bit by bit, into her garbage can when Jessica’s attention was focused on her work. For all she knew Jessica could have doctored both cups and trusted her greater size to protect her. When the larger woman looked over at her Emily could see her eyeing the decreasing liquid in the cup, her smile growing. Jessica was drinking the coffee that Emily had switched with her, seemingly unaware of the change. Emily hoped. After about an hour and a half of work, Emily had all the tweaks made to the program and had run the first days work through it. Now she was going to see what Jessica was trying. Emily got out of her chair, grabbed her bag, started towards the door. “Where are you going?” Jessica asked, her tone making it sound like ‘where do you think you are going’. Emily looked at her, her nervousness not entirely feigned. “I’m going to the bathroom,” she said, voice small. Jessica shook her head. “Oh Emily, you can’t just leave your work undone. As an adult, you need to have self-discipline.” “Self-discipline?” Emily asked, knowing exactly where it was going. “Exactly. As good employees we should stick with our work until it is finished. We can’t just go off to the,” she paused, “potty whenever we have a little twinge from our bladders.” I hate her, Emily thought. “You mean stay here until the work is done. No matter what?” “Exactly. In fact, I think we should lock that door and not leave unless our work is done. I can hold your key for you, if you want, just in case you think you might need a little incentive.” “So we’re locked in until the work is done?” Jessica nodded with a smile. “Exactly. That is the mature, adult thing to do.” “Oh. Well, I finished all of the work I was supposed to do today.” Jessica blinked. “What?” Emily nodded as she returned to her desk. “Look,” she said, bringing up the files. Jessica came over to look. “That’s not possible,” she said once she had seen the completed work. “It’s not?” Emily asked her. “Well, I guess it is, but, how?” “I'm good at this, I suppose. So, I can go to the bathroom.” Jessica scowled. Emily was a little worried that she might have pushed too hard. “Fine,” Jessica said. Emily nodded, picked up her bag, started towards the door. She stopped and looked back at Jessica. “Do you want me to lock you in?” “What?” Jessica asked, her tone snappish. Emily cowered, not entirely faked. “You said to lock the door and not leave until the work is done.” Jessica frowned. She reached into her pocket and took out a key. “Fine,” she growled, almost throwing the key at Emily. “Lock the door.” Emily almost dropped the key as she fumbled to catch it, using the action to hide a smile. God, Jessica was stupid. Or maybe she just had so little respect for Emily she never considered she was being played. “What’s your phone number?” Jessica asked. Emily told her, Jessica wrote it down. “I’ll call you if there is an emergency.” Emily nodded. “Well?” Jessica said, looking down her nose at her. “Don’t you have to go to the potty?” Emily nodded, scurried from the room, closed and locked the door behind her. “Dumb ass,” Emily said, heading down the corridor until she found a quiet nook she could hide out in. She sat down and took her laptop out of her bag. She joined the wireless network and continued the work. It was about thirty minutes later when her phone rang. She answered it. “Hello?” “Emily, I need you to let me out.” “Okay, I just have to tell Miss Morgan,” Emily said, trying to sound eager. “You’re talking to Miss Morgan?” There was uncertainty in Jessica’s tone. “Uh huh. I’ll just let her know…” “No, forget it.” Jessica hung up. Emily put the phone aside and went back to work. It was about twenty minutes later when it rang again. “Emily,” Jessica said as soon as Emily had answered. “I think I smell smoke. Get down here.” “I’ll pull the fire alarm and tell Miss Morgan,” she said. “What? No! I mean, I was joking. Stupid.” She hung up again. Twenty minutes later the phone rang again. Emily let it ring for a bit before picking it up. “Hello?” “You better get down here. And don’t say anything to Miss Morgan. I found something wrong with your work, so you better get it fixed right away.” “Oh no!” Emily nearly shouted. “Jessica, you are really nice. Thank you so very much.” “Yeah, yeah,” she said, trying to sound calm, but Emily could hear the desperation in her voice. “Just get down here right away.” Jessica cut the connection. Emily went back to work. Five minutes later the phone rang again. Emily answered it. “Where the hell are you stupid?” Emily had to hold the phone away from her ear as Jessica was yelling. Breathing hard she said, “Couldn’t reach,” deep breaths, “elevator buttons,” deep breath, “couldn’t ask anyone,” deep breath, “to press them.” More deep breaths. “Running down the stairs.” “You idiot. I got to… Get down here.” It almost sounded as if she had slammed her phone against something. Emily worked for another minute, then put her computer back into the bag. She returned to the office. She unlocked the door, and while expecting it, she was almost hit by the door as Jessica pushed through it in her dash towards the elevators. Hand pressed into her crotch, taking small, quick steps, Emily did not think Jessica was going to make. Following at a distance, she caught a scent of flatulence in the air. She saw Jessica standing in front of the elevators, dancing from foot to foot, looking up at the indicators. Emily did not think the elevators were close as Jessica turned, still dancing, now two hands pressed between her legs, and pushed through the door to the stairs. Emily shook her head and went back to the office. “Idiot,” she said with a smile. Chase had had issues with her interns before, but Jessica had presented her with a new one. She pushed open the door to the first aid room and walked in. Jessica was sitting on the rooms cot, a blanket pulled around her shoulders. She had managed to soil all her clothing, except for her bra. It was a little impressive. “Miss Morgan, I can explain…” Jessica began as soon as she had entered. Chase fixed her with a stare. “Explain why you were sitting in your own mess, a few steps from the bathroom, crying?” “I wasn’t crying! I was yelling. I was angry.” “You should be ashamed.” Jessica flinched. “It wasn’t my fault,” she said in a small voice. Chase reached for Jessica’s purse. Jessica looked like she was going to try to grab it, but another glare from Chase made her withdraw. In the purse, Chase found a small bottle. She held it up, shook it. She also produced a credit card receipt that indicated the bottle had been purchased from a nearby pharmacy a few hours prior. “You’re lucky,” Chase said as she looked at the bottle, reading the writing on it. “Due to your size, there is unlikely to be any long-term effects. Someone smaller might not have fared so well.” “That was the idea,” Jessica said petulantly. “I am kicking you out of the intern program,” Chase told her. “What? It was that stupid little. She poisoned my coffee and locked me in the room and…” A single step brought Chase to stand over Jessica. Her hard gaze made the teenager scrunch back against the wall, pulling the blanket tighter around herself. “You will not ever say that again, to anyone,” Chase told her. “What? But she…” “Never!” Chase snapped, and Jessica whimpered. “If you bring this up before a family court I guarantee that you will be the one sent off to a reform school. Do you understand me?” There were tears in Jessica’s eyes as she squeaked, “Yes Miss Morgan.” Chase felt bad for a moment. Jessica was barely more than a child, and browbeating her like that was cruel. But she was not about to chance losing Emily. She opened the door, reached out to a shelf and grabbed a pair of pink track pants and a white t-shirt which she tossed to Jessica. “I will tell your school that you were a little too immature for this opportunity, and that is all I will tell them.” Jessica caught the clothing and began to slip on the t-shirt. “If anyone finds out what happened you're are welcome to tell them you were trying to slip something to a little but stupidly mixed it up, which is probably the truth anyway.” Having pulled on the shirt, Jessica looked at her, actually pouting. Chase shook her head. It always bothered her to meet an Amazon who was not ready to be a grown-up. Next, she tossed a tied up plastic bag at Jessica. “Your clothing. You’ll need to wash it. Or throw it out.” Jessica blushed. “Get out of my company,” Chase said in parting as she walked towards the elevators. Now it was time to deal with Emily. She was looking forward to that. She had been too lenient on the girl. By the time she was finished Jessica would not be the only one crying. Her resolve faltered slightly when she entered the office and found Emily over her keyboard, focused on her work. She coughed. Emily looked up. Chase was glad she looked a little uncertain. “I’m afraid that Jessica will not be returning.” “I hope it is nothing serious,” Emily said, face revealing nothing. “She said that you locked her in this room.” “She told me to.” “That seems highly unlikely.” “It does.” Emily brought out a smartphone. “But as it happens I have a recording.” “Of course you do,” Chase said, walking over to the desk. The phone played back a conversation between Emily and Jessica, and, as Emily said, Jessica did make the request. “You are far too clever.” “I don’t know what you mean.” Same damn dead-pan innocent look. “You’ll have to finish her work as well as your own. Perhaps I will keep you locked in here until you get it all done.” Chase leaned forward over the desk. Emily shifted back slightly, but before Chase could do anything else, she said, “It is all finished.” Chase straightened. “What?” “I finished all my work and Jessica’s work. I felt bad for her.” Chase did not contest that statement but came around the desk to look at the monitor. She took the mouse from Emily and clicked through the files. “Too damn clever by far.” She looked at Emily, caught a flash of a smile that disappeared as if it never was. Chase realised she had never seen Emily smile before. It as either the neutral expression, or one of dread, and she knew she often saw anger dancing in her eyes, but never a smile. Chase wanted to see that smile again, as often as possible. “You exhaust me Emily. Take the rest of the day off. I’ll call the car. In fact, take tomorrow and the next day off while I think of what next to do with your internship.” She pulled her phone from her jacket, paused and then said, “Without pay of course.” “Of course,” Emily agreed readily. Chase wanted to say more, but at the moment she would give the victory to Emily. She took her to the elevator and up to the garage. Chase put Emily in the car’s child seat, taking a bit of joy in making sure her skirt was pulled up, displaying her panties, just before she pulled the straps tight and locked them. She smiled at Emily’s blush. “Try to be a good girl,” she told her and patted her on the head before closing the door. “Take her home,” she told the driver. As the car drove off Emily tried to shift about so she could pull her skirt back down. She hated the idea of anyone looking down into the car and seeing her exposed like that. However, Chase had done too good a job and eventually, Emily gave up. One day was done, and two days off. That was not too bad. She was off to a good start. She did feel a little bad for what she had done to Jessica. Just a little bit. Jessica had brought on herself, but still… it had been like shooting fish in a barrel. Better her than me, Emily thought, sitting back in her chair, relaxing as much as she could. If no one asked for it back, she was going to keep Jessica’s key as a trophy. Chase sat at her desk, the work that Emily had done on her monitor. “Am I interrupting anything?” Richard asked. She looked up from her monitor, saw Richard leaning into her office. “Nothing vital, what’s up?” He came into the office, closed the door. “There are some details about the Jones deal I want to confirm, but I am curious about the incident with your intern.” “Which one?” Richard took a seat. “The real one.” Chase smiled. “Jessica was not as mature as I would have hoped.” He nodded. “I suppose that is one way to put it. Listen, I’m kind of wondering what you are doing with Emily Black.” “What I am doing?” “What do you want?” Chase sat back in her seat. “What I want is to wake up every morning, stretch, and hear Emily calling or crying in her nursery cause she needs her diaper changed.” He nodded. “Understandable, so I wonder why she isn’t in a nursery.” “I don’t have a nursery yet.” He laughed. She turned her monitor. “Take a look at this.” “What’s this?” He leaned forward. “My intern test.” He looked at the monitor. “The one that is two weeks of work that you give them a week to do?” “Yes. It is always a good way to gauge how they handle such things.” “You just like being cruel.” Chase laughed. “So what am I supposed to be looking at?” “Emily finished all her work, and Jessica’s. Four weeks of work, in less than half a day.” He looked away from the monitor and up at her. “Is it any good?” “Spot checking it, everything looks good so far.” “That is…” “Impressive?” “I was going to say creepy. Are you sure she is not a robot sent back from the future?” “I can’t discount it, but I think it unlikely.” “How?” “She probably wrote a program in the past for this type of work, then downloaded it and ran all the files through it.” “Okay, creepy but impressive.” “So, yes, I want her safely in a nursery, but I also want Emily Black doing things like this.” She waved her hand at the monitor. “You know what they say about having your cake and eating it too,” Richard said. “I prefer the Asian saying, that the person who tries to catch two rabbits will catch neither.” Richard seem to think about that. “Why?” he asked after several seconds. “Because while I can’t figure out how to have my cake and eat it too, I think if I am clever enough I can chase and catch two rabbits.” “I think you are wasting your time, but it is your time to waste. So good luck.” “Thank you.” “Now, about the Jones deal…” Emily had appreciated the time off. She was not able to do anything to speed up her plan to buy the building, but she did manage to take a few small jobs as Emily Black, jobs she could quickly turn over. Both good for her bank account (which was going to suffer due to her plan) and for her reputation. She received a message from Lyle telling her he was sorry to hear that she had personal issues and offering any help he might. He even invited her to a party he was having for his ‘girls’, sure she would enjoy it, At first, she was worried he might have heard something from Chase but discounted that. He probably just thought that any Amazon would enjoy seeing littles in such a situation. Jokes on you, she had thought as she had sent off a polite message thanking him and declining his kind offer. On Thursday morning she was outside of her building so she could be picked up and taken into the city. The driver pressed the elevator buttons for her, but when the door opened she was not presented with Chase’s familiar form. No one was awaiting her. She wondered if the change in the procedure meant anything. Then she told herself that this was only her third time there, and she could not make any generalisations. Walking the hallways, she made it to Chase's office and looked in. Chase and Lisa were leaning over Lisa’s desk, talking. Chase noticed Emily first. “Come in Emily,” she said. “Yes, Miss Morgan.” “I was very impressed with your work the other day.” “Thank you.” “So impressed that I want you on my health insurance program.” “Normally you have to be working here three months before you are eligible for insurance coverage,” Lisa told her, a small sniff suggesting what she thought of Emily’s ‘jumping the cue’. “I already have health insurance,” Emily said. Chase smiled. “I want you to have insurance I know can take care of you.” Emily was about to say that she had never had a problem with coverage but realised the pointlessness of it. Chase wanted this for reasons Emily knew she was not going to care for them. “You’ll need a medical exam, Lisa has kindly offered to take you to the clinic.” Chase had put a subtle emphasis on the word ‘kindly’ so Emily thanked her. Then she asked, “Clinic?” “Just a facility that is familiar with the medical requirements of littles,” Chased told her with a smile. That Emily did not like. Perhaps it showed on her face, for she said, “It is just an exam, nothing else.” Oddly enough Emily suspected that part of that was directed at Lisa. She either had to run or see this examination through. If she was not on the 23rd floor, she might have run. “Take care of Emily,” Chase told Lisa. “Yes, Miss Morgan. Come with me Emily,” Lisa said as she picked up her purse from her desk. “Yes, Miss Smith.” “I will see you when you get back,” Chase told Emily. Lisa took her hand when they were in the elevator, holding it tightly when the doors opened on the lobby. She walked Emily across the floor towards the doors, pausing to talk to the receptionists. They were the same ones that Emily had met when she had come there the first time. “Well hello again sweetie,” the blonde said, and then asked Lisa, “Is she yours?” “No. Miss Morgan is looking out for her.” “Ohhh, I’m so jealous,” the brunette said. “Do you wish Miss Morgan was looking out for you too?” the Blonde asked her. She laughed. “Well, depending on the type of ‘looking out’,” she told her companion with a wink. Emily wondered if they thought this was going over her head. She supposed that Chase was an attractive woman. “I’ll let you two gossip, Emily has an appointment I need to get her too.” “Hope to see you soon Sweetie,” the blonde said. “Have a good day,” the brunette told her. Lisa took her out the doors, to the front of the building where a taxi was waiting for them. Of course, there was a child seat in the back seat. Lisa got her settled and strapped in and then circled around to get in the other door. She gave the driver an address, and in a few seconds they had merged with traffic and were on their way. Lisa took a tablet from her purse and started working on something. Emily did not necessarily want to talk to her, but it was a little boring to sit there in silence. About thirty minutes later, in a less urban area of the city, the cab pulled up in front of a single story building, next to a small park. When Emily was taken out of the car seat, she could see the sign in front of it. ‘Westburne Paediatric Clinic’ and just below it in slightly smaller letters, ‘Specialists in Little Medicine’. Again, Emily was seized with a desire to bolt, but Lisa had a tight hold on her hand. As she was led up the brick path to the front doors all, she could think of how embarrassing it was. Taken to a paediatrician; Chase was a jerk. There was a waiting room, about three-quarters of the chairs, occupied. There was about a half and half split between actual children (all of them giants) and littles. She felt her cheeks grow warm with a flush, for the littles were all diapered, all in embarrassingly childish and infantile clothing. With her red, knee length skirt and white blouse, she looked positively adult by comparison. “Chase Morgan made an appointment for Emily,” Lisa said to the receptionist. Emily was a little annoyed that her last name seemed to be unimportant (though Chase had already told her that she did not want ‘Black’ being used, but that was at the company) and she fanned that annoyance into anger. A carefully controlled anger, but anger nonetheless. She had no time to be embarrassed. She had to be aware, and careful. The state of the other littles should be a warning to her. The receptionist had looked up the appointment information for she said, “Yes, here it is. Please have a seat, a nurse will call for you soon.” Lisa, still holding Emily’s hand, walked to one of the chairs. She then pulled Emily up into her lap. Emily did not argue there were other chairs available, for the moment willing to put up with it. From her place on Lisa’s lap, she regarded the other patients, careful not to stare. She suspected about half of the littles there had accepted their new status, and the others, judging by the discomfort they were showing, the embarrassment, had not. Emily had done her best and was doing all she could, to not end up in that situation, but she wondered which would be better. As hard as it would be to live with the shame, at least she would be able to try to fight back (metaphorically of course) and escape that fate. But sometimes it seemed that the littles who had accepted their status were happy. Maybe some littles really did seek such a state, as the giants seemed to tell themselves. Well, not her. She noticed that Lisa had been bouncing her softly on her knee, probably for a minute or two. It was not as is she was a fussy child needing to be soothed. How very annoying. “I am ready for Emily,” a nurse said, coming out of the back. Lisa put Emily back on the ground, took her hand, and led her to the nurse. The nurse was a shade taller than Lisa, a pretty woman, probably in her late twenties, dressed in a white tunic and pants. “This is Emily,” Lisa said. The nurse bent down and gently ruffled her hair. “Hello Sweetie, I’m Nurse Brenda. Now don't you worry Emily, you have nothing to be scared of.” Her tone was patronising. Emily could have said some things, most of them bordering on rude, but she just said, “Yes Nurse Brenda.” Brenda straightened. “Bring her this way,” she said to Lisa. They passed through the door into the back of the clinic. There was a corridor that led to the left and right, and one that extended in front of them. There were lots of doors, opened and closed, and she could see children, no, littles, being led between those rooms, mostly waddling in thick diapers, wearing silly little gowns covered in cartoonish prints. She passed a few rooms, one or two open doors. She made it a point to take quick looks, to get a better idea of what the place was like. Brenda opened a door, let Lisa usher Emily in, then closed the door behind herself as she entered. It was an examination room, much like many others Emily had been in, though the low shelf by the examination table, filled with diapers, was not something she was used to. “Get her undressed please,” Brenda said to Lisa. Emily started to unbutton her own blouse, but Lisa knelt down and brushed her hands away. “We have to do what the nurse says,” she told Emily with a smile. This was another fight that Emily could not win, so she let Lisa undress her. When her skirt was slid down to puddle at her feet, Brenda said, “She’s not wearing a diaper.” Lisa nodded as she skimmed the panties down to Emily’s ankle. “She’s potty trained.” Emily felt her cheeks grow hot. Potty trained. Not, ‘doesn’t need diapers’. Wasn’t it enough that Lisa had her there naked? She knew the answer to that. “Well, we’ll have to put her in a diaper. Clinic policy.” “Of course,” Lisa said, gleefully. You bitch, Emily thought. Brenda grabbed Emily up under the arms, lifted her with dizzying speed, and without so much as a ‘by your leave’, lay Emily on her back on the padded top of the exam table. “Can I have a pink diaper?” Emily asked, giving Brenda a wide-eyed ‘puppy dog’ gaze. “Why of course sweetie. I know little girls like you like pink.” She grabbed one of the pink diapers from the shelf, shook it open with a soft rustle of plastic, and then took Emily’s ankles in her large hand and lifted her bottom off the exam table she could slide the diaper under her. “Even when you potty train them they still want their cute diapers,” Brenda said to Lisa, almost as if Emily was not there. “Yes,” Lisa said, sounding doubtful. As Brenda lowered Emily onto the diaper padding, Emily looked over at Lisa, saw her looking back with a puzzled look, as if she was trying to figure out what Emily was doing. Brenda lightly dusted her with powder, then pulled the diaper up between Emily’s legs, adjusted it a little, then tapped it tightly up. “There we go sweetie,” she said, patting the front of it. “Thank you, Nurse Brenda,” Emily said sweetly. “Oh, you are welcome sweetie. Such a polite little girl.” Brenda picked her up and put her on the floor, then got one of the gowns and had Emily raise her hands so she could slide it over her, before tying it off. While the gown had hardly covered the diapers of any of the other littles that Emily had seen, she was actually small enough so that the bottom of the gown dropped low enough to almost obscure her diaper. Almost. Lisa pulled Emily back onto her lap, bouncing her again on her knee, eliciting an almost inaudible crinkle from the diaper. Brenda picked up a tablet and began asking questions about Emily’s medical history. Lisa, of course, did not know, so Emily had to answer first, and Lisa repeated it. Brenda did not enter anything until Lisa had said it, almost as if Emily were not speaking. Of course, that was the point. The clear message was that anything she said did not matter. Emily wondered how long it would take before that sort of treatment began to make her feel as if she really had no voice. She really hated the place. Once the questions were asked, Brenda weighed her, measured her and then said that Emily’s vision would be tested next. They left the room, walking through the halls, the littles on display Emily thought, to another examination room. The ‘parents’ of the littles likely were paying extra for such treatment. Brenda left them the with the eye doctor, whose name Emily did not learn. He gave her a full eye exam, made notes, and then spoke to Lisa. “Her eyes are fine, she might need glasses in a few years, if she needs to read,” he said, the last with a soft laugh. “But as long as the letters are on play blocks she will see them fine.” He smiled down at Emily and ruffled her hair. She hated him. Next was the room for the hearing test. They paused outside of the room, while another patient finished up. In another exam room, close by, a little was sobbing softly, laying on her stomach on an exam table, and enema tube in her bottom. Emily tried not to stare, but she saw the red of the little’s bottom, suggesting a recent spanking. She shifted her gaze away, heard the nurse giving the enema saying something about crybabies needing to be punished. Another little passed, a man, probably in his mid-twenties, waddling by, his diaper crinkling loudly. He was blushing from his head to his toes. Lisa knelt down and patted Emily' passed bottom. She said softly, “This diaper is pretty thin. No waddle and hardly a crinkle.” “It’s pink,” Emily said innocently. Lisa frowned, lips pursed, then sighed and straightened. She might have said ‘too clever’, but it was too soft for Emily to hear. She had her hearing test, and then a dentist took a look at her teeth. “Remember to take good care of your teeth,” she told Emily. “Or maybe you’ll lose them.” Emily felt a little sick, wondered if some littles sitting in the very chair she was in had had their teeth taken out, for a more infantile smile for their giant ‘parents’. She hoped not. On their way to the next examination, Emily peeked into a small room that looked more like an office, saw who she assumed was a doctor talking to a man and his ‘child’. She could not take a good look, but she took in as much as she could without anyone noticing. In the next exam room, Emily had to endure a gynaecological exam, feet up in stirrups, opened diaper beneath her bottom. She might have taken pride in what was an adult exam, but it was too damn uncomfortable. Then the nurse, a big, heavy-set woman, lowered the stirrups and flipped her over on her stomach, sliding her and the diaper farther up the table, so she was still lying upon it. “We’ll take your temperature now,” she said, no-nonsense tone. Emily did not appreciate what that meant until she saw the woman take a thermometer, it’s size almost obscene, from a jar of Vaseline. She had a moment to try to relax, knowing it was going to happen even if she protested (and protesting would not stop it, likely make it worse). There was a tiny bit of comfort in that there were several other even thicker thermometers in the vaseline and Emily was getting the smallest. “Here we go,” the nurse said. She spread Emily’s buttocks and placed the end of the thermometer against her hole for several moments, long, long moments, then slid it in. Emily was not happy. The nurse took her time, gently patting her bottom, pressing the thermometer farther and farther in, almost as if she expected Emily to enjoy it. Was she supposed to enjoy it? What the hell was wrong with the woman? Did she really think that she was going to get off on being violated by a too large rectal thermometer? Later Emily would consider that some littles, with their genitalia sealed up in plastic and padding, with hands often imprisoned in mitts, might indeed find the embarrassing treatment pleasurable, having few other options. That thought would leave her depressed for hours when she had it. However, at that moment, lying on her belly, positioned on an open diaper that she had recently been wearing, a glass rod up her bottom, all she could feel was embarrassment bordering on complete humiliation. Eventually, the nurse seemed to think that the thermometer had been in her long enough, and she pulled it out, slowly. “A healthy temperature,” the nurse declared, before wiping the thermometer off with a tissue, the tissue going in the garbage the thermometer into a beaker of alcohol. “Now we just need a little blood. Let’s sit you up.” She did not give Emily a chance to sit up on her own, but lifted her, slid the diaper around, and then sat Emily atop of it. Emily was careful to keep the deadpan expression on her face, though it was hard, angry as she felt about her treatment, and about the superior smile she saw on Lisa’s face. Fortunately, the anger did not blind her to what the nurse was doing. She saw the woman look at two boxes of needles. She watched the nurse take a pair of glasses from her smock, put them on, then carefully check both boxes. Emily did not trust it. The nurse selected a needle, prepared a holder, then put a tourniquet around Emily’s arm. “Don’t worry sweetie,” she said, rubbing a spot on the inside of Emily’s arm with an alcohol swab. “It will just be a little prick.” Emily had had blood taken before, and she was not a fan of it, but she knew it would not hurt that much. But she still held herself ready, and when the needle slid in, feeling as if the nurse was trying to jam a blunt piece of metal into her arm, she did not cry out. She did not say, ‘what the hell are you doing?’ She did not treat the nurse to a blast of salty language that would put a sailor to shame. She sat there, careful not to grit her teeth against the pain, trying to look as if nothing was wrong. The nurse actually frowned. You god damned bitch, Emily thought. Still frowning, the nurse turned the needle ever so slightly — it hurt like hell — and slid the blood tube into the opposite end of the holder, drawing a vial full of blood. She put the tube aside and then pulled the needle free. Emily wanted to scream. Looking down at her arm Emily expected to see a bloody, jagged hole, but all there was was a small drop of blood on her arm, and that was quickly covered with a piece of gauze and a bandage. The nurse looked back at the boxes of needles, then at the needle itself a moment before she disposed of it in a sharps container. “Well, you were very good in not crying,” the nurse said, and then, like an actress who had flubbed her lines and was trying to get back on track, “but if you had been a crybaby, you would have been punished.” Emily recalled the little getting the enema. “Yes nurse,” she said politely. “Let’s get you back in a diaper and then you can see the doctor,” she said, reaching towards the diaper filled shelf, her hand going to another of the pink diapers. Emily had one more card to play, and she said, tone almost petulant, “I don’t want a thick diaper.” The nurse paused. “Well little missy,” her hand shifted to the side, grabbing a thick white diaper, “what you want does not matter.” She pushed Emily onto her back, lifted her by her ankles, swept the old diaper away, and proceeded to diaper Emily in the extra thick padding and loudly crinkling plastic of the new one. Emily knew it was not the same as having a pillow wrapped between her legs, but damn if it did not feel that way. The nurse lifted her off the table and placed her on the floor. Emily could see that Lisa was looking down at her, confusion on her face. She had apparently stumped Lisa again. Emily pulled futilely at the gown for a moment, but there was no way it was going to cover the diaper. “The doctor will want to speak with you,” the nurse told Lisa. “Please come with me.” Lisa took Emily’s hand, leading her after the nurse. Emily found she could not bring her thighs together and was forced to waddle. It would probably be easier to crawl, which she supposed was the idea. Lisa's hold on her hand helped her keep up, but more than once it was only that hold that kept her from falling. And Lisa knew it. The nurse showed them to a small office, and it was as Emily had supposed, the same room in which she had earlier seen the doctor talking to a man. “The doctor will be with you soon,” the nurse said, giving Lisa a smile. Then Emily and Lisa were alone. Lisa took a seat and pulled Emily up onto her lap. Emily did not appreciate it, but the clinic was a little cool, and the gown thin and Lisa was warm. Lisa began to bounce her on her knee again, but the diaper was crinkling loudly, and when she stopped Emily assumed it was because the noise was annoying her. Instead, she began to hum, gently playing with Emily’s hair. She had what Emily had dubbed ‘little fever’, and she felt bad for the next ‘unattended’ little that Lisa might meet. The doctor came in a few minutes later. She was an older woman, probably taller than Lisa, but she had a slight stoop, and it was hard to be sure. She introduced herself to Lisa as Doctor Green. “Well,” Doctor Green said, swiping her fingers across a tablet, “Emily is as healthy as a little horse.” She smiled down at Emily and reached out to gently squeeze her nose. “Just a little healthy horsie.” Emily did her best to look amused. However, it was a wasted effort, for Doctor Green had already turned her attention back to Lisa. “We should get the blood work back tomorrow. I don’t expect to see any problems, but I’ll let Miss Morgan know, one way or another.” “Thank you,” Lisa answered. “The only issue I have is with the amount of alcohol she drinks. Not that it is a lot mind you,” she said, fixing Lisa with her stare, “but as a rule, my patients don’t drink any, and I think that would be for the best.” “I’ll let Miss Morgan know,” Lisa said. Go to hell you busybody, Emily thought. The doctor folded the cover over the tablet. “That is it. You can get her dressed. I would like to see her again in six months.” She stood. “You can make an appointment now, or we can call Miss Morgan. Just let the receptionist know what you want.” Then Doctor Green was gone. Lisa slid Emily off her lap, and then reached for her clothing, which she had been carrying all along. It turned out getting Emily dressed proved a challenge to Lisa. She could not button up the lower buttons of Emily’s blouse, as the diaper was too thick, and no matter how hard she tried the skirt was a lost cause. With a sigh Lisa looked about the office, perhaps hoping to spot a thinner diaper, but as Emily had noticed earlier, the office had none. She looked Emily, frowned, and then tore the tapes open and tossed the diaper into the trash. “Get dressed,” she said, pushing Emily’s clothing at her. Emily was careful not to show any relief. It had been a risk, for it had been possible that Lisa would have just led Emily out in the too thick diaper wearing only a partially buttoned blouse. However, Emily had suspected that she would not. She was beginning to think she understood Chase’s plan. They left the clinic, Lisa telling the receptionist to call Miss Morgan when it came time for Emily’s next appointment. They waited for the taxi that Lisa called, all the while Lisa watching her with what Emily thought was a judgemental gaze. Another ride in a car seat, back to the office. Lisa paused in the lobby to talk to the receptionists. She learned the blonde was named Claire, the Brunette Kristen. They asked about Emily’s checkup when Lisa mentioned it, and Claire asked if she had gotten a needle and if she had been brave. “Yes Miss Claire,” Emily had said as she hoped one day Claire got blood taken with one of those needles. They arrived back in Chase’s office suite a little afternoon. Chase came from her office, smiled. “Someone is very healthy,” she said. “You’ll have full health coverage without a problem.” “Thank you,” Emily said. “Will it require going to that clinic?” Chase smiled. “It does specialise in little care.” Emily did not say what she thought that was worth. She also knew she would not be giving up her own health care anytime soon. “The doctor said she drinks too much.” Lisa’s tone was just as disapproving as the doctor’s had been. What a snitch, Emily thought. “Well, I am sure that Emily will think about that.” “I’ll try,” Emily said, and then to Lisa. “Thank you very much for taking me to the clinic. I know you are busy with your own work.” Lisa looked a little surprised, and Chase frowned. Emily supposed she had taken the wind from her sails, thanking Lisa before she was told to. Lisa got over her surprise and said, “You’re welcome Emily.” She looked over at Chase. She thought about Chase’s game. Chase wanted Emily Black to work for her, so she was not going to make the first move to step Emily back into a second babyhood, but if it happened…. Well, Chase would likely be happy to offer comfort and take charge. However, Chase did not seem to be really upset that Emily had returned, undiapered. She wondered if just maybe Chase had not known what kind of things happened at that clinic. “Emily, I want you to help Lisa out for the rest of the day, tomorrow as well. It will give you a good feel for the company.” “Yes Miss Morgan,” Emily said. Case sent Emily home a little early so she could talk to Lisa. “So, tell me how Emily did?” she asked, leaning on Lisa’s desk. “She got all the work done, she takes direction well, does not ask many questions, I have nothing bad to say about the job she did.” Chase thought that Lisa might not have liked admitting that. Nodding Chase said, “Yes, yes, but tell me about the clinic.” Lisa almost giggled. “She was wearing this one diaper that was so thick I thought she was going to fall over and have to crawl.” Chase realised clapping her hands together happily was not going to look so professional. She simply nodded. “She needed to wear a diaper?” “Well, didn’t need it, just a clinic rule.” “I would have liked to see that.” “Well,” Lisa said, “I did try to keep her in it… but I couldn’t get her clothes on over it, and you said not to let anything too overt happen.” “That’s fine,” Chase said, waving a hand to dismiss the concern. “She’s too clever you know.” “I suspect I know, but tell me.” Lisa explained Emily’s ‘trick’ with the diapers. Chase had to laugh. “She is smart.” “A little like that does not need to be smart when she is so cute.” Lisa was almost pouting. Chase nodded. “There is something to say about smart and cute.” Emily had not looked forward to a weekend so much since she had left high school. It was not so much that the Friday at work had been all that terrible. She had just worked with Lisa and Chase on various projects. The most challenging thing about Friday was the bathroom up on the twenty-third floor. None of the toilets had really been suitable for anyone under seven feet. Using them had required a little climbing and precarious perching with the real danger of falling, either off or in. Still, better than the alternative of asking for help. She was pretty sure that help would mean having Chase or Lisa sitting her on the toilet and remaining in the stall with her, and would eventually lead to a child’s potty. It was possible she was paranoid, but she did not think so. Plus she had also been going ‘commando’ on Friday, as it was as far from the diapers of the day before she could get. The evening after the clinic she had been bothered, no longer needing to be focused. Even a pair of panties had reminded her a little too much of a diaper. But now she had a weekend to herself. She spent the morning catching up on chores, in the past done in fits and starts over the whole week. She also had a few quick jobs and bug fixes for clients. It was early in the afternoon when she went down to Linda’s apartment (after looking about for any cars that might belong to bigs). Linda welcomed Emily in and one of the first things Emily noticed was the nine-foot-tall dress form in the corner of the room. “Some of your larger clients asking you to make clothing for them?” Emily asked. Linda put a cup of tea down in front of Emily. “Yes, not a lot yet, but enough that I needed to invest in that dress form. Actually, what I’ve started getting request for are matching outfits for the children clothing I am making.” “Matching outfits?” Emily suddenly pictured Chase wearing the sailor dress from the other day. She almost shot tea from her nostrils, which would have been unpleasant. Linda, perhaps seeing where Emily’s thoughts were going, said, “Not matching styles, but themes. Like,” and again it seemed Linda had some inkling about Emily’s thoughts, “those outfits I sent to Chase, did you see the sailor dress I made.” “I think I saw it,” Emily said into her tea to hide her blush. “Well, I might, say, make a white sundress with black anchor embroidery along the hem of the skirt. So it would be obvious the outfits went together. That reminds me, you are working for Chase now, do you think you could ask her something?” Emily had not been able to keep people from noticing that she was picked up and dropped off every day by a big, black car, so there had been no use in trying to hide she was working for Chase; though she had told her neighbours that it was possibly only temporary. “Maybe, what?” “Ask her if she would like some matching outfits for those I sent her. I think Chase is a bit of a mover and shaker. I think if she were to take an interest it would help things take off.” Emily really wanted to tell Linda that she did not think Chase would be interested, she almost lied and said Chase had bought the outfits for a friend and would not need any kind of matching outfit. She did not, mostly because she wanted Linda to do well, and partly because she figured a lie like that might come back at her. “I’ll let her know. She might be interested.” She actually probably would be, Emily could almost envision that telling smile on her face. “Thanks. You know, I was thinking about making you a sundress.” “I…” “Candy told me you don’t care for them,” Linda said, not giving Emily a chance to respond, “but I thought if I add a nice jacket to it, with a conservative cut, you could wear it to work. We are getting into the hot summer now. It will look good.” Emily thought about it, picturing it in her head. She supposed it would look nice. “Alright, I’ll give it a chance.” “Let me get my measuring tape.” Linda was smiling. Once she finished up at Linda’s Emily went out of the building, across the street, to Candy’s. She found the mechanic working on a motorcycle of giant proportions. Even though she knew who it had to belong to she asked, “Is that the…” “An old war Valkyrie, the thing has to be more than seventy years old, but all the construction is bulletproof, not literally of course. Had to be terrifying to ride on one of these when people were shooting at you.” Emily stepped up onto the stand the bike was mounted to. The seat was almost as tall as she. “How will you ride this?” Candy shook her head. “I won’t. You’d have to top seven feet, and even then your toes would be reaching. I got a friend who can ride it for me, I’ll ride along on the back when it comes time to test it out. Not the best way to do it, but I’ll be able to hear the engine and get a feel for the vibrations. Help me strip this engine down?” “Sure,” Emily said. Candy handed parts to Emily, who cleaned them and then laid them out carefully on a work table. Along the way she learned what each piece was called and what it did, as well as what it might cost to replace if it was damaged. “I can make some of the parts myself, if I have to, the original is better,” Candy told her. “Can you get originals?” Emily asked, cleaning the years of gunk from a piston ring. “If I can it won’t be cheap.” They worked for a few hours, had the engine completely stripped down and laid out on the table. “That’s a good days work,” Candy said, wiping her hands on a rag, leaving oily streaks on it. Emily nodded, looking at all the parts. “Gonna come to Sharky’s tonight?” Candy asked as she tossed the rag aside. Emily recalled the doctor from the clinic. “Yeah, I’ll be there.” “Good.” Candy smiled. “You better wash your hands, I got some soap at the sink that will cut that grease.” Emily looked down at her hands, saw how black they were. “Right. Thanks.” Not a bad day, Emily thought as she washed her hands. Chase was also busy on that weekend. She had called her realtor to talk about buying a new home. They met in Chase’s apartment, Maggie laying out various pages on the kitchen table. “So why are you looking for a new house? I thought you loved this place.” “I do, but, I think I might need a little more space.” She could not help but smile. “I think I might want a nursery.” “What?” Maggie looked up. “Are you expecting?” “No, but maybe adopting.” “Maybe?”
 “It’s complicated.” “Complicated? If you say so. I contacted the building’s management firm, in case you wanted to stay. You should have bought the penthouse when you had the chance, I don’t think the current owner is ever going to sell.” “I didn’t need the penthouse when I moved in. Anything else in the building?” “Not that is really much larger than what you currently have.” Chase sat back. “So I’ll have to leave.” Maggie nodded. “Anything close?” “The big red brick high-rise, about a block down from here, know it?” “I’ve seen it. Looks nice.” “It is. One of the biggest two-floor suites is open. You could put a nursery in there, small room for a nursemaid or nanny, a couple of guest rooms if you want to entertain.” “How long has it been on the market?” “About three weeks. Priced a little high, but it might sell. If the owner drops the price, it will probably be snapped up.” Chase chewed gently on her lower lip for a moment. “Can you arrange a showing?” “Not a problem.” “What else?” “Nothing in this immediate area. There are a couple of pocket mansions about a thirty-minute drive from your workplace.” She shuffled from printouts across the table. “This one is on the Two Pines golf course. Six-bed rooms, seven and a half baths, dining room, den, big deck, on about three acres of land.” Chase nodded. “Can you show me around these properties?” “Of course. Tomorrow good for you?” “Yeah.” “I’ll arrange things. Help if you can give me a time frame.” “No idea I’m afraid.” “Care to explain Chase?” Chase shook her head. “It’s both complicated and confidential, for the moment.” Maggie sighed. “Lyle is a lot easier to deal with.” “Lyle? Lyle Redmond?” She nodded. “He called me up, a few hours later we put in an offer on a mansion about two hours north of here. He wants to move his menagerie of little girls into the country, probably show off the new helicopter he bought.” Chase was careful not to frown. “Lyle and I have a different way of handling things.” “So I’ve heard. He’s having a big party there in two weeks. Afternoon for showing off his girls, evening for a regular party, housewarming kind of bash.” “Are you invited?” “Fraid not, though I’m hoping. You could probably get an invitation, or just crash.” Chase nodded after a moment. “I’ll think about it.” Monday, the second week of Emily’s ‘internship’ at Chase’s company. When she walked into the office suite, Lisa looked up from her phone, pointed at Chase’s door, mouthed, ‘go in’. Emily nodded and walked into Chase’s office. “Emily, have a seat,” Chase said, indicating the almost high chair. Emily climbed up into the seat, looked across at the sitting Chase. “Linda asked me to pass a message on,” Emily told her. “Oh?” “She wanted to know if you might want some complimenting outfits, for yourself, for those ones she made for you.” “Really? That’s kind of her. And I, of course, appreciate you telling me.” She smiled. “I suppose having something that would match well would be nice. Tell me Emily, which of those outfits do you think I should choose to have matched?” Emily swallowed, thinking about all of those outfits, and the possibility that she was going to end up in one if only to see if the clothes Linda made really was complimentary. “The sailor dress,” she said, thinking that out of all the others it was the most harmless. “I knew you liked that dress,” Chase said, teasing tone with a hint of eagerness within. Emily opened her mouth to deny it, then pursed her lips and shrugged her shoulders in a noncommittal way. “Speaking of your neighbours, I think Gus told me that you’ve helped him with his network issues?” Emily wondered what Chase was getting at. “Yes.” “So you are good with networking stuff, routers and things?” “I know my way around a LAN,” Emily told her. “LAN?” “Local Area Network.” “Good. I need you to go down the to daycare and work on the network and computer issues they have been having.” Emily almost said ‘you’re sending me to daycare?’ but she knew Chase probably wanted that. “What issues?” she asked instead, trying to treat it as if it were nothing. “When I bought the building my IT people were busy getting the network for the business set up. I contracted out the work on the daycare,” she sighed, “which was a mistake. Nothing has worked right, and I think the children and teachers deserve better.” “I understand,” Emily said. “If you need any equipment talk to John, the IT manager. Tell him to bill any of it back to my department.” “Alright,” Emily said as she climbed down from the chair. She did her best not to be embarrassed, not wanting to blush. “Can I get someone to press the elevator button for me?” It was, Emily thought, a pleasant, bright daycare, insomuch as her (thankfully) limited experience told her. There were about five teachers, and maybe twenty children. The majority of them actual children, but Emily saw two male littles, one dressed like a toddler, another dressed as if he was only a few months old. She did not get close them, not wanting anyone to think she was interested. She also did not get too close to the actual children. For an adult little there was no worse bully than a giant child. The daycare was run by a friendly man, Emily guessed he was in his mid-thirties. He was all smiles when she came in, playing with a few of his charges. “You must be Emily,” he said, dropping down to one knee, offering his hand. “I’m Simon Pett.” That was a better greeting that she had hoped for and she took his hand, which enveloped hers, shaking it. “Pleased to meet you, Mr Pett. I understand you have some network issues.” “Do I ever,” he told her, standing. “Half the time we don’t have an internet connection, and I am pretty certain about half the computers need to be overhauled or whatever you do to them. I really appreciate the help.” “Why don’t you show me around?” Emily said, looking up at him. “This way then.” He showed her the computers, the wiring closet, which was a mess of cabling and routers, as well as a few other areas where network equipment had been set up. It was all done terribly, Emily thought. He also pointed out the playroom, the toy boxes, the bathrooms (with potty seats) and introduced her to the rest of this staff; a young man Kent, and three women, Tammy, Mary and Aby, all of them taller than seven feet. Kent almost picked her up when Simon had introduced her. “I’ll get her into some play clothes,” he had said with a smile, before Simon had intervened, saying “No, no, she’s here to fix the computer problems.” “Her?” Kent has asked, obviously disbelieving. Annoying, Emily thought. Tour and introductions out of the way Emily had gone to work. She plugged her laptop into the system and set about tracking down all the issues. It took her about an hour to find the faults, and another hour to get the IT manager to send down the replacements she needed. After that she was busy for most of the day, fixing hardware issues and running updates on all the computers, cleaning up a few viruses she found. Kent seemed to be following her, watching her, as if he thought she was about to wet her panties and start crying. At one point she was goosed by a five-year-old who was taller than she, and then the girl demanded of the nearby Mary, “Why isn’t she wearing a diaper.” Mary swooped in, quickly taking the girl’s hands. “Sorry,” she said to Emily, and then to the girl, “Becky, not all littles have to wear diapers.” With an incredulous look, Becky said, “That’s not what my mommy says.” Mary led Becky away before Emily had to hear more about what the girl’s mommy thought about littles. Emily knew she should not wish ill on children, but she often found it very hard. She went back to work. It was about an hour away from the end of the workday, and Emily had crawled into a cabinet to pull out a superfluous switch (probably put in to pad out the bill) when she felt someone slap her across her skirted bottom. Her head shot up and smacked into the shelf above her. “Son of a bitch,” she cried, for a moment she saw stars. Nearby she heard a childish voice say, “That’s a naughty word!” Emily pushed herself out of the cabinet, expecting to find one of the children. Instead, she saw Chase, kneeling down next to her. She was smiling. “Sorry,” she said, her tone making it obvious that she was not, “but your bottom, wiggling around like that, just needed to be spanked.” Nearby Simon laughed. “I know Miss Morgan. Sometimes you just can’t help yourself.” Emily looked towards her supposed ally, feeling betrayed. “Of course,” Simon continued, “you should only do it when a little is naughty. Otherwise, it is just cruel.” That was a little better, Emily thought, not much, but she was willing to forgive him. “Well then, we’ll just say it was proactive for your salty language.” Emily did not bother to argue that there would have been no salty language had Chase not struck her. “I’m almost finished here,” she said to Chase. “Excellent. How is it going, Simon.” “Wonderful. We’re finally able to stream shows for the children without them cutting out every ten minutes, and all our computers are working much better. Emily is a little miracle worker.” “You’ll need to run a bit of maintenance about once a month to keep everything working well,” Emily told him. “Well, you are welcome back anytime you want,” he said. “Do you hear that Emily? You can come to daycare any time you want,” Chase told her as if Emily had just not heard it. “Appreciated, but I’m sure I can handle most of it remotely.” “I’m sure you would enjoy visiting in person. Actually, I think you often look a little piqued in the afternoons. Wouldn’t you like to come down for an afternoon nap?” “Feel free,” Simon told her. “And don’t worry if you wet in your sleep, we can deal with that.” And just like that, he was her unknowing enemy again. Chase laughed. “Don’t worry about that. Emily got gold stars for keeping her bed dry.” “Impressive,” Simon said, and it seemed he really thought that it was. Emily nodded, did not say anything, wondered when Chase was going to stop mentioning that. Probably, she thought, when it was no longer true. Damn. “How long until you are finished up here?” Chase asked her. “Oh?” Emily said, reached up to rub the sore spot in her head. “Maybe half an hour.” “I’ll be back in about half an hour then. Keep up the good work.” “Okay… Wait? You’ll be back?” “I’ll give you a ride home tonight. I have to see Linda, so it is on my way.” “Great,” Emily, managing not to sound sarcastic. Chase winked at her and then left. Emily watched her go. She felt someone touching her head. Looking up she found Simon smiling down at her. “Just making sure you did not hurt yourself when you bumped your head. If you are feeling a little dizzy, we can lay you down.” “No, thank you, I’m fine,” Emily said as she got back down to crawl into the cabinet. Likely he would have her lying down in a crib if she took him up on his offer, though even one of the mats the children napped on would be bad enough. Strapping Emily into the child seat in the back of her SUV was an enjoyable feeling for Chase. She did not leave Emily’s panties exposed as she drew the restraint belt between her legs, as Emily had been well behaved. She did give the strap a bit of an extra pull, so the stiff material would gently rub against the girl. Chase was a firm believer in positive reinforcement. “There we go,” she said, patting the restrained Emily on the head. “Thank you, Miss Morgan,” Emily said, polite as always. Chase almost thought she meant it. She was hoping the gratitude would be genuine one day. She drove a little slower than usual, drawing it out, enjoying looking in her rear view mirror to watch Emily. Near the end of the drive, she thought that maybe Emily was a little fussy. She wondered if it was the strap, or perhaps if Emily had to go potty. For a moment she considered taking a long detour, but she decided against it. Had she not promised Linda that she would be there around 5:30 she would have made the detour, just to see what happened. Outside of the apartment building, Chase took a slightly flushed Emily out of the seat, confident that Emily had enjoyed the ride, for the strap that had been between her legs was warm with a touch of moistness. She almost lifted Emily’s skirt to get a look but chose not to. She did, however, ask, “Did you enjoy the ride in your baby seat?” “Yes Miss Morgan, thank you,” Emily said, apparently a little distracted. Chase leaned over and patted Emily on her bottom. “Run off to your apartment, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Damned if she did not actually run. Chase got a bag out of her car and then went up to see Linda. “Sorry if I’m a little late,” Chase said, ducking her head slightly as she entered Linda’s apartment. “Oh, that’s okay. I appreciate your interest.” She looked around, noting the tall dress dummy among the smaller ones. “Emily says you have an idea for making complimentary outfits.” “Yes,” Linda said, slightly nervous bob of her head. “Would you like some tea?” “Thank you, that would be wonderful.” Linda went to make the tea, and Chase took a seat, looking around. There were more outfits in progress than when she had last visited. Her gaze shifted towards Linda who was moving about her kitchen, preparing the tea. She wondered what the inbetweener might look like in some of her own outfits. Extremely fetching, Chase thought, but she shook that idea out of her head. Linda set the two cups of tea on the table and then took a seat. “What do you think you would like?” “Perhaps a skirt and blouse, a casual look you could go for a stroll in a park in.” Linda opened her notebook and began taking note. “Something lightweight, with a bit of flow. Silk would be good, but expensive.” She looked up at Chase. “Silk sounds very nice.” Linda nodded and began sketching in her book. Chase looked at what she was doing and said, “And a blazer perhaps, that I could wear for a business casual look.” Linda nodded once more. “That’s a good idea. In fact, I am making something similar for Emily.” “Oh,” Chase said with a smile, “you’re making Emily something?” “Yes.” Linda flipped back a few pages, then turned the book so Chase could see. Chase looked at it, then said, “Perhaps the skirt could be a little shorter, made of something a bit lighter, a little flappy.” “It’s meant for work,” Linda said. “But when she wears the jacket the weight of that will keep the skirt under control. When she takes off the jacket, well, then it is time to relax and have fun. And what girl does not like a playful skirt.” Linda nodded after a moment. “I suppose that is right.” She took the book back towards her and made a few notes. They returned to talking about Chase’s outfit. Once Linda had all her notes she told Chase it would take about two weeks to finish. “And if you can come in for a fitting next week that would be good.” “Do you think you could have it ready for the Friday after next? There is a party I might be going to.” “I should,” Linda said after a moment. “I’ll pay extra of course.” Linda nodded. “Thank you.” “There is one more favour I would like to ask.” “Oh?” Linda asked. Chase opened the bag she had brought. “I bought this off the rack, I think the fit is close, but I was wondering if you could make a few quick alterations. It’s for Emily.” Linda looked at what Chase had brought and then nodded. “I think I can.” Chase smiled. "And keep it a secret, I want it to be a surprise." On Tuesday Chase informed Emily that she would be working down at the reception desk for a few days. “With Claire and Kristen?” “Yes. They are both looking forward to having you with them.” I’ll bet, Emily thought. “And,” Chase said, “I got you a uniform just like theirs.” She opened a box that looked suspiciously like something Linda might have put together. “Here we go,” she said laying out the pieces of the outfit on the couch. “The fit should be perfect.” Emily walked over and stood up on her toes to look at the clothing. At least there was no diaper. “Let’s get you dressed.” “What?” Emily asked. “Well, if you want you can go down to the change room on the first floor, though you might need a little help reaching the locker, or you could go and change in the daycare, which is closer to your size, or you can change here. The door is closed.” “I guess I will change here,” Emily said, thinking it was the best out of a bad mix, and the outfit had not come with panties or bra or vest, so at least she would not be stripping completely. Emily managed to undress quickly on her own, but the receptionist outfit had a few extra pieces, and she could not pull them on fast enough to keep Chase from helping. Dark grey, knee length skirt, with a vest and jacket of the same material. The blouse was purple, with a frilly scarf that Chase tied around her neck. The pantyhose were nude, and the shoes closed toe slippers with a low heel. As Emily set the small, pillbox hat on her head, Chase pinned a brass coloured name tag over the left breast of the jacket. The outfit was almost an exact match of the one she had seen Claire and Kristen in, which of course was the problem. Wearing an obviously adult style outfit would likely make her look like she was playing dress up, especially with bigs wearing the same thing. More than a little embarrassing. “Come along,” Chase said. Emily took a moment to fold up the clothing she had worn and put it to the side before running off to follow after Chase. They took the elevator down to the lobby, a few other people getting on as they descended. Emily got a few, “Don’t you look professional,” from the other elevator passengers and one, “A little early for Halloween isn’t it sweetie?” Chase explained to them all that Emily was working down at reception. “Most of the interns spend some time there, to learn the company.” That statement got variations of, ‘isn’t that adorable.’ Down in the lobby, she found Claire and Kristen were expecting her, though not her clothing for Kristen said, “Oh my god, she’s wearing our uniform. That’s precious.” “Ladies,” Chase said, “Emily will be working with you, I expect you to take care of her and make sure she learns the nature of your job.” She shifted her attention to Emily. “Emily, there is a lot you can learn here. Don’t waste the opportunity.” All three, Kristen, Claire and Emily answered in the affirmative. Chase nodded. “Get to work.” She smiled. “This way Emily,” Claire said, indicating the receptionist desk. A stool with steps had been placed there for her. She climbed up it, the top of the counter coming to the middle of her chest. Claire took up position on Emily’s right, Claire on her left. “It is a fairly straightforward job,” Claire began, smiling at Emily. “But don’t think that means it is easy,” Kristen warned. “We are the first face of the company. It is a lot of responsibility.” They went on to explain the scheduling software, the phone system and the various procedures. Emily expected to be bored to death, but she soon realised that there was, in fact, a lot to learn about the company at reception. She began to see who was coming to the company and who they were seeing. Most seemed pleasantly surprised to find Emily there. Only one older man who had a meeting with a manager up on the fifteenth floor seemed to take offence at Emily’s presence. “Keep littles out of the way,” he had said. Emily actually apologised to him, though inside she was seething, and she made a point to memorise his name in case there was ever a bad-turn she could do him. Her apology seemed to defuse his anger, and he left muttering something about littles needing to be in daycare. “You handled that very well,” Kristen said, her tone not too condescending, though the head pat that followed was. The first day was not so bad. She felt like she was an animal in a zoo at times, both visitors and employees seeming to want to watch her. And when she went to the washroom at her break Kristen went with her, in case she needed any help. The Amazon wondered aloud wondered if the potty chairs in the daycare might be better. The restrooms on the first floor had toilets sized for inbetweeners, so Emily suggested that it should not be a problem. “Make sure to wash your hands,” Kristen had said as if she had not been about to do so. Being told to wash her hands gave her a sense of deja-vu, but she was too busy to pursue the thought. She learned that Kirsten and Claire seemed to have worked out a rotating schedule, one of them always going with her when she left the desk. It was of course annoying. Claire was a little worse, as she wanted to help Emily as much as she could. Kristen was a little better, but she wanted to talk about Chase. The next day, a Wednesday, Chase had her again at reception. Emily had known it was coming and had worn her uniform to work to avoid having to change in Chase’s office. She found the scheduling software lacking, so she made a copy of it on her laptop and began to fix it. Something to pass the time when things were quiet. “You know,” Claire said as she took Emily’s hat off to play with her hair, “you are the best intern we’ve ever worked with.” Emily looked up from her computer. “Have you worked with many?” “All of them,” she told her. “All of Chase’s interns do at least a few days of reception.” “Even the boys,” Kristen said. “Though they don’t get to wear the uniform.” Claire put Emily’s hat back on her head. “At least one wished that he could.” Kristen smiled and winked. “I was looking forward to working with Jessica,” Claire said with a sigh. “She was stacked.” Kristen nodded. “But you’re better,” Claire told Emily and wrapped her in a quick hug, lifting her off the stool for a moment. Emily took a moment to regain her balance when she was placed back on her stool. “Have you both worked for Miss Morgan long?” “I’ve been here since Miss Morgan bought the building three years ago,” Kristen said proudly. “About six months less. I was probably Miss Morgan’s first intern.” Claire reached out and gave Emily’s jacket a gentle tug as if to straighten it. “You like working for her.” “Of course we do,” Kristen said. “Great boss. Good benefits. Good work environment.” Claire listed the reasons. She smiled at Emily. “All the cute girls we can hug. That’s a new benefit.” “Can it, we got visitors,” Kristen told them. Emily shifted the computer to the side and smiled with the other two at the group of people approaching them. The following day passed similar to the others, though Claire was getting a little more difficult to deal with. She had not yet demanded the Emily use the potty chairs at the daycare, but it was getting close. The end of the day could not come soon enough. “Want to come out for dinner with us?” Kristen asked Emily as the security guards locked the front doors. “Pardon?” Emily asked. She had been looking towards the elevators, expecting her driver. “Claire and I are going out for dinner, maybe some drinks. Want to come with us?” “The place has a child’s menu,” Claire offered as if that was a selling point. “I’d like to,” Emily said, lying, “but I don’t have anything to change into, and housework has been piling up.” “Aww,” Claire said. “Well, I know what it is like to have to deal with housework. Must be extra hard for you, being so short.” It was hard to say if Kristen was offering heartfelt empathy or just making fun of her, so Emily took it as empathy and smiled and nodded. Not long afterwards her driver showed up, and Emily was able to leave. Chase was waiting down in the parking garage. “Give Emily and me a moment,” she told the man. “Yes ma’am,” he said and went to make himself busy. “Why didn’t you go out for dinner with Kristen and Claire?” “You’re watching me?” Emily said, a little shocked. “Of course I am watching you.” Emily frowned. “Now, why didn’t you go with them?” “Housework. A lot of it.” “Well, maybe you need someone to help you with that housework. A maid,” she paused, “or a nanny.” “I don’t need a maid,” Emily said, keeping her tone even. “And the nanny?” “No. Not a nanny either.” Chase looked down at her for several seconds. Emily had no idea what she might be thinking. She wondered if today was the day that Chase snapped. “You’ll be working in my office tomorrow. Showing me what has kept your head buried in your computer these past few days. Please take Emily home now,” she called to the driver. “Yes ma’am.” Emily watched her turn back to the elevators. Today was not the day, she thought, but what about tomorrow? She would be so glad when she could leave it all. If she could leave it all. The driver got her strapped into the seat while she was thinking such things. Chase returned to her office, considering Emily. She had been watching the little, how she dealt with her coworkers and visitors. Emily was smart, a little like a wild animal, always watching, always careful. Chase how gotten a little tired just watching her. Emily had, she noticed, never drank a cup of coffee offered. Usually, she had been able to come up with an excuse not to take it, and if she had to accept it, and Chase had watched, she never drank. And there were more things like that. It made a Chase sad, to think Emily was cutting herself off from things. So she would do what she could to help. The next morning Emily spent about thirty minutes showing Chase the alterations she had made to the scheduling software and then about three hours working with Chase’s IT manager as they planned a possible roll out. She liked John. He was so into tech that he often forgot she was a little and spoke to her like any other colleague. “We’ll need to write some documentation for this,” John told her as he set up an installer. “I can do that. Shouldn’t take more than an hour.” “Better you than me. I hate that stuff.” He did not look up from the computer. “Am I interrupting something?” Both John and Emily looked to the door of John’s office. Chase stood there, smiling. “Nope. What’s up?” John asked. “Well,” she looked at her watch, “It’s lunch, and I’m taking Emily out.” “Sure. I forgot it was so late. I don’t want Emily to miss her lunch.” Often forgot, Emily thought but eventually remembered. “I was thinking of working through lunch,” Emily said. “I have a few energy bars in my bag.” “Don’t be ridiculous.” Chase’s smile never faltered. “I’d be a terrible boss if I let you just live on energy bars, and this is the end of your second week. We can talk about how well you are doing.” “Take a lunch with the boss,” John said. “I got other work to take care of. We can pick this up after the weekend.” “See Emily dear, perfectly okay to take a break.” Emily considered the options, decided other than a flat refusal she had no choice. And she was thinking a flat refusal might make Chase stop playing her game and act. “Thank you for the invitation,” Emily said to Chase. “You’re welcome. Finish up here and then meet me in the lobby.” “Yes, Miss Morgan.” Chase left, and Emily completed a few things, then saved her work. “Have a good lunch,” John told her, not looking up from her computer. “Thanks,” Emily said, trying to make her tone sound normal. Then she paused, sighed and asked, “Can you press the button for the lobby for me?” He looked up, smiled paternally, “Of course Emily.” She suspected he was going to take a little longer to forget she was a little next time they worked together. In the lobby, she found Chase in conversation with Claire and Kristen. “You’re going to lunch with Miss Morgan,” Kristen said to her. “I’m so jealous.” Her tone was meant to be light, but Emily thought there was a hint of bitterness in it. Emily hoped she had not alienated Kristen. Having an Amazon who was actively gunning for her would be difficult. “Come along Emily,” Chase told her. Not, ‘let’s go’, but ‘come along’. Chase’s big SUV was parked in front of the building. Chase put Emily in the back seat, in the child seat, though she did not pull the strap so tight up between her legs as she had the last time. As it did not take them long to reach their destination, five minutes at most, a tight strap between the legs would be less effective. Chase took her from the seat, then took her hand tightly and led her along the sidewalk lined with smaller, upscale looking buildings. “I don’t want you to get knocked over.” Emily might have discounted that, but there were a lot of bigs around, and they did not look as if they expected littles to be moving around among their legs. They entered the door of a restaurant called ‘The Modern Well’. As soon as they stepped inside Emily was presented with dark wood panelling, the smell of leather and old, sweet tobacco, soft conversation and faint smells of delicious food. A moment after they entered the host, a rail-thin man, easily ten feet tall, in a tuxedo, greeted them. Well, he greeted Chase. “Miss Morgan, a pleasure to see you.” His gaze shifted down to Emily. “You are aware we do not have highchairs?” Emily kept quiet, though there were so many things she wanted to say. “We won’t need one. Perhaps a booster seat,” Chase told him. “Of course,” he said, paused, and then, “We don’t have a child’s menu.” “I am sure Emily will be happy with that,” Chase said, tone suggested she did not want to hear what else the restaurant did not have that might dissuade anyone from bringing children or littles. “Of course,” he said, and led the way into the restaurant. There were people around, but the table and booth setup seemed to give diner’s privacy from each other. She heard them but saw few. The table they were shown to was near the back, in a quiet corner. There we four chairs, but Chase took a seat in the chair next to Emily. “It’s cosy,” she said. The table edge was at the level of Emily’s chin when she sat. The booster seat that was brought to the table about a minute later was needed. They ordered. Emily asked for the prime rib and salad, with a small glass of red wine. She noticed Chase’s ghost of a frown when Emily asked for wine, but she did not say anything. They both ate their salads, made a little small talk, discussed some of the things Emily had learned, all fairly standard. It was only when the waiter brought their entrees that Chase started playing. She took Emily’s plate from her. “Hey,” Emily said, careful not to be loud. Chase smiled, cut some of the meat, and then held it out towards her. “Open up from the steak train.” Emily frowned. “Really?” Chase, still smiling, said, “If you don’t like it we can go to one of those family restaurants. Get you some of the pureed cardboard they call children’s food.” She was good, Emily thought grudgingly. The food smelled delicious, and her stomach suddenly grumbled, loudly enough that Chase heard it. “Someone’s tummy wants some steak.” Emily opened her mouth. Chase put the steak in her mouth. Emily’s eyes widened slightly as she began to chew. It was the best prime rib she had ever eaten. It was nearly the best food she had eaten. Chase had cut another piece and held it out. “I can feed myself,” she said, more sullenly than she would have liked. “I’m worried you are not eating enough. Just want to make sure you get a good meal.” Chase’s tone and expression were innocent. Emily opened her mouth for the next amazing delicious morsel. Chase cut about five more pieces off, feeding each one to her. The sixth piece she darted to the side, leaving a smear of the au-jus on her cheek. “Someone is messy,” she said, wiping the sauce from Emily’s face before she could react. Emily blushed. Chase put the plate back in front of her. “Careful you don’t make a mess, or I’ll have to get you a bib.” As Emily took over feeding herself she wanted to be angry, but the food was so good she could not stay mad. And the wine had the double benefit of being extremely good and upsetting Chase. She felt quite full when she finished. Chase had finished her meal, a fillet of trout, and had spent some time just watching Emily eat. It was a little creepy, but Emily was not going to let it ruin her meal. “Shall we have coffees and deserts?” Chase asked her as Emily put down her cutlery. “I want to,” Emily said, “but that meal was so filling,” she said, for a second treating Chase as if she was just someone she was enjoying lunch with. “Maybe next time we’ll ask the chef for a smaller cut; we’ll tell the waiter that Emily’s eyes are bigger than her tiny tummy.” It was amazing how fast Chase could ruin the moment, Emily thought. Chase paid, and they left. The meat sat heavily in Emily’s stomach and made her feel tired for the first part of the afternoon. Once Chase asked if she wanted to go down to the daycare for a nap. She, of course, refused, politely. When the day was finally over, she was happy to go home. Two weeks down, she thought. Two weeks to go. Chase was ending the day by giving Lisa various instructions on the work they needed to get done in the next week. Her assistant was more brief than usual. Chase thought she must be angry, but did not know what might have upset her. So she asked. “What’s bothering you, Lisa?” She reached for her mug of coffee. Lisa did not answer immediately. She finally said. “It’s Emily.” “What about her?” “Do you know how many of your employees would love to go to lunch with you?” Looking over the rim of her coffee cup Chase asked, “Does that include you?” “No,” Lisa said, and then, “I mean, yes, of course, but I’m not upset about that. I just find it infuriating that she shows so little gratitude to you.” “Well, I suppose Emily does not think she should be grateful, but I can’t say I entirely blame her.” “She doesn’t realise how happy she should be that you have taken an interest in her.” “Well, that’s…” Chase thought about it. “Perhaps you are right. Perhaps she does not realise that she should be happy.” “You see,” Lisa said. Chase nodded. “Are you willing to stay a little late tonight?” “Of course.” “Good, because there is something I would like to look into.” After a busy weekend (Emily had worked on several jobs, as well as getting things set for the eventual purchase attempt on the building) Emily came into work on Monday morning. She spent a pleasant enough day working with John, finishing off the work they had started on the previous Friday. She only saw Chase once in the morning. The next day she and John were looking at various software, discussing how some of it might be altered. At about ten in the morning, Lisa called, asking Emily to come up to the office. John was understanding enough to press the elevator buttons without Emily having to ask. However, as he did it, his expression was once again a little paternalistic. As the car took her up to the twenty-third floor, she sighed. Even John, who was a tech nerd, more interested in processors than pacifiers, still easily saw her as a helpless dwarf. When she came into the office, Lisa was shuffling papers on her desk. “Emily, good.” She took a thick file folder off her desk, carried it over to her. “Take this down to the meeting room on the seventeenth floor.” She pressed the folder into her hands. “Why?” “Because Miss Morgan wants it,” she said, then hustled Emily out of the office towards the elevator. “I don’t have time to answer every question you take it in your head to ask.” Her tone was exasperated as if Emily had been asking dozens of questions instead of just the one. Then Emily was in the elevator, descending towards the seventeenth floor, wondering what Chase was up to this time. She did not have time to examine the contents of the folder, though it looked too thick to be the sort of paperwork that might be needed to send her off to some training centre. Emily walked through the busier halls of the seventeenth floor, darting around the legs of the bigs who were moving about, all busy with something or another. She reached the closed door to the meeting room Lisa had described. She knocked. “Come in,” she heard Chase call. She fumbled with the folder and reached up to turn the doorknob. A push of her shoulder swung the door open, and Emily stepped in. The meeting room was large, and more relaxed than a regular conference room, with leather couches and low coffee tables. It was more like a coffee shop than a corporate space. Chase was there, and she stood when Emily entered. “Emily, good, you brought the folder.” Her tone had a hint of the same kind of praise one would use on a small child. Emily nodded, but her attention was drawn to the other woman there. She was probably as tall as Chase, though it was hard to be certain as she was seated on the couch. She was smartly dressed, and her features were sharp, her light blue eyes, locked on Emily, were a little like chips of ice. She wore her light, nearly white, blonde hair long. It contrasted sharply with her black suit. Chase took the folder. “Emily, this is Miss Caroline Oliver, she is the CFO of Three T Technology.” “Pleased to meet you, Miss Oliver,” Emily said politely. She had not heard the name Three T Technology since… “And her daughter Pipa.” Emily took her gaze from Caroline, dropping them. There was a young girl by Caroline’s feet, seated on a play mat. She had missed the girl, her attention so focused on the Amazon. She started slightly, realising the child was actually a little, dressed in a pink set of rompers and a white blouse. She was diapered. Emily started again as the other little looked up from the toys she was playing with. “Catherine?” Emily said, not quite believing what she was seeing. “Aemilia?” the other little asked, a tiny lisp blurring the ‘l’. Her eyes widened, and her cheeks might have reddened slightly. “Shit,” Emily said softly. Caroline looked down at the little at her feet, and then up at Emily. “How do you know each other? How do you know Pipa’s old name.” Old name? The woman had changed Catherine’s name Emily realised. “I believe,” Chase said, “that they might have gone to school together.” “Surely not the daycare,” Caroline said. She reached down and lifted Catherine/Pipa into her hands. “I would recall her.” She was looking at Chase. “Did she attend the Etiquette school?” “I believe they met in college,” Chase said. “Oh that,” Caroline said dismissively. “What a waste of time.” She bounced Catherine/Pipa on her knee. Emily found it unbelievable that Catherine actually giggled. “My little Pipa did not need to fill her head with such nonsense.” Emily had heard of people seeing red, but she had not experienced it before. She felt so angry. Every small indignity she had even ignored, pushed down and responded to with politeness, threatened to spill out of her, choke her unless she spewed forth a stream of invective at this stupid woman in her perfect clothing. Then she felt Chase put her hand on her head. Not hard, but firm, with just enough force that it brought Emily backed to herself. “Emily, why don’t you go back to work.” Emily swallowed, looked towards Catherine/Pipa. She was smiling as Caroline continued to bounce her. She caught Emily’s gaze, offered a shy smile, a tiny lift of her shoulders, almost as if saying, ‘what can you do’. Emily turned and nearly fled the room. “What do you mean work?” Caroline asked Chase. “Emily is in my intern program.” “What? How ridiculous. If it were I….” The door closed before Emily had to listen to what Caroline would do. She did not bother try to get someone to push the elevator button for her but pushed open a door into a stairwell. She sniffed, realised there were tears in her eyes. Wiping at them Emily ran up the stairs, each one nearly too high for her. Exiting on the 23rd floor she ran to the bathroom there, knowing it would be private enough. The last stall, once the door was closed, would give her a place to think without being bothered. She climbed up on the lid of the toilet, pulled her legs up, hugged them to her slim chest. She sniffed again, lifted her arm to wipe her tears away. Why was Catherine there? Had Chase known? Of course, she had, Emily told herself. Somehow Chase had arranged for her best friend from college to be brought there that day. Why Emily had no idea. She found herself thinking back to when she had first met Catherine. The four young women were starting their first year at the Woman’s Institute of Technology. Like most every other freshman there they had attended an assembly where they had been welcomed by the dean of students. Then those four, as well as several others, had been made to attend another, smaller meeting. All the littles had been informed that the school would do everything it could to help them with any special needs they might have. They were given a long list of services the school offered, all of which sounded like things a student just starting nursery school might need, rather than a young woman starting her first year in college. They were given their uniforms, black pleated skirts, white blouses, with blue smocks, and little hats. To identify them as students, the dean of students had said, and then laughed and said, “We would not want you to be mistaken for children.” For most of the littles there, it was not much of a danger, most of them possessing an adult figure, short as they were. For Aemilia Black, it might be a credible danger, but she knew the real reason they were being made to wear uniforms, and it had nothing to do with helping them. “Hurry up girls,” she said, “get changed.” So, in full view of the dean of students and some student volunteers, the littles stripped down to their underwear and changed into the uniforms. Aemilia was not impressed, nor was she surprised. Like the rest of the student body, they were taken on a tour, but Aemilia supposed the inbetweeners and giants were not forced to hold onto a long rope as they were led about. Finally, they were taken to the dorm rooms they would be occupying for their time at college. Littles were not allowed to live off campus at the Woman’s Institute of Technology. Aemilia had wished otherwise, but she had no choice, not if she wanted to study there. There were four beds in the room, each with bed rails around it, turning them into an ersatz crib. The mattresses were high enough up that Aemilia was going to need the small ladder attached to the bed to get into it. There was also a changing table, stocked with diapers, in pride of place, where in any other dorm room a TV might be. Three other girls would be sharing the room with her. There was Catherine, a pretty young woman, tall enough and developed enough that with heels she might pass as an inbetweener. Melody and Tammy were both taller than Aemilia, both of them a little over five feet, Melody somewhat chubby and Tammy more or less average. They had introduced themselves to each other and were just beginning to share details about where they had come from, their high schools, their plans for college when the door to the room was opened, and a young woman entered. Probably eight and a half feet tall, bright ginger, curly hair, pale skin, a spray of freckles across her cheeks and nose. Aemilia thought she looked like some sort of clown from a horror movie. She almost laughed but was not ready answer the questions as to what she was laughing about. “Hello girls,” the young woman said, looking down at them. “I’m your RA, Nelly Constaine. You can call me Miss Constaine, alright girls?” They all nodded, Aemilia said, “Yes Miss Constaine.” “Very good,” she pulled a piece of paper from her jeans pockets, took a quick look at it, then said, “Aemilia. Now, girls, you can call me Miss Constaine.” “Yes Miss Constaine,” they all said together. “Good,” she said with a smile, and the looked at each of them and named them. “Now that we are all friends, I can tell you that I will be taking care of you all for this year. If you need anything, I can help you with it. Won’t that be fun?” Four girls answered, “Yes Miss Constaine.” Nelly nodded. “Good. Now, clothes off.” Even Aemilia, who was used to going along with the Amazons, expressed some concern over that statement. Nelly held up her hand, silencing them. “Now girls, I am responsible for you. And I want to make sure that none of you have any nasty rashes of perhaps a boo-boo that needs to be looked at. So clothes off.” The last was said harder, each word bitten off. The littles stripped and soon four young women stood there, naked, as Nelly gave them all a look over. She had them turn around so she could get a look at their bottoms. She finally declared them all well. “Okay, it has been a busy day for littles. I want you all in bed.” “It’s only 6:30,” Melody said. Nelly smiled. “That’s right because the big hand and the little hand are on the 6.” Aemilia did not sigh. Melody seemed to realise there was no point in arguing. Nelly nodded. “Good girls. Now, let’s get you all diapered up.” Aemilia could not help but say, “I… We don’t wet our beds.” Nelly smiled. “Well, I’m sure that is true,” her tone saying it was not, “but some littles get a little too excited about one or two dry nights, so the school thinks it is better if you are diapered. Now not to worry. If you girls stay dry for five nights, you get to graduate to bedwetting pants. And if you are dry for a whole month after that, though I know how hard that will be, you get to sleep in your pretty panties.” Aemilia suspected that Nelly thought such a thing unlikely. “Okay girls, who wants to be first to ride the diaper train?” None of the littles volunteered. Nelly frowned. “Come along girls. If one of you does not step forward, I think four naughty girls will be taking a ride on the spanking train.” All four of the littles looked at each other. Then Catherine stepped forward. “Excellent,” Nelly said, and stepped forward, picked the naked Catherine up, and laid her on the changing table. “Let’s get a little baby oil massaged into your pretty skin.” Aemilia watched as Nelly filled her cupped hand with oil and then began to work that oil into Catherine’s skin. She took much more time than Aemilia thought was necessary, her hands too long between Catherine’s legs. When Catherine let out a little moan, her face flushing. Aemilia knew that Nelly was one of those bigs, the ones who used positive reinforcement when they treated littles like babies. Catherine was diapered and lifted from the changing table, placed down on the floor. “Now get into your bed kitten.” She looked at the others. “Who is next?” Aemilia knew that there was nothing she could do to avoid it, so she stepped forward. Better to get it over with. Nelly smiled and picked her up, laid her on her back on the table, gently moved her thighs apart. Then, after filling her hand with oil began to feel her up. Aemilia could not quite believe what was happening. She knew this sort of thing happened. She had even seen a nurse in her high school do it to another little, but she had not thought it would happen to her. She turned her head aside, making sure she was not looking at anyone else, she felt her cheeks warm. Nelly’s fingers gently traced across her vagina, slick with oil, never quite penetrating, and then between her buttocks, leaving traces of the slippery oil behind. Aemilia could not help let out a small moan, a mixture of frustration and embarrassment and arousal. “There we go,” Nelly said softly, then grasped her around her ankles to lift her bottom off the changing table. A moment later Aemilia felt herself lowered down onto the padding of the diaper. The soft material compressing as her bottom came down on it, a faint rustling of the plastic backing. She closed her eyes tight, not wanting to see anything that might happen. She felt Nelly push her thighs a little farther apart, felt her run her fingers between her legs one last time before the diaper was pulled up and taped into place. “There we go,” she said as she picked Aemilia off the changing table and put her down on the floor. “Get to bed now while I get your friends all diapered up.” She patted Aemilia on the bottom, hard enough to make the diaper crinkle loudly. Aemilia started forward, paused, unfamiliar with the material between her legs. It had been in nursery school that she had last worn a diaper, and at the time she had hoped it would never happen again. She was certain that she was waddling as she walked, and she desperately wanted to tear the diaper off. She almost did, but she knew that it would only make things worse. She reached her bed and started climbing the small ladder. Being naked but for her diaper, she was certain that her bottom was on prominent display. Almost jumping into bed, Aemilia pulled the sheets over her, hiding her diapers. Though she knew they were still there. Looking up she saw Catherine looking back at her, through the bed railings. Aemilia could see that Catherine was feeling the same way as she. Catherine smiled shyly, Aemilia took it as saying, ‘we’re in this together’ and she smiled back. Nelly finished up with Melody and Tammy, getting a small moan out of each of them before diapering them and sending them to bed. Finished she walked to the door, turned off the light and opened the door. “Make sure you get to sleep girls. I’ll be listening to the baby monitor, and if I hear any shenanigans, I’ll be back here to hand out some spankings.” Then she closed the door. It was dark, but a little of the late day sunlight managed to get through the curtains, leaving everything a little grey. She could hear the sound of other students, not being sent to bed, out enjoying the first night of college. She reached down between her legs and pressed on the front of the diaper, feeling the thickness of it, the slickness of the plastic cover. It was so wrong. She should not be in a diaper. She was not going to wet it. It made her feel so infantile. She pressed a little harder, felt the material pressed up against tender flesh, still tingling from Nelly’s fingers. She sucked a tiny bit of air in. “Are you horny,” Catherine asked softly. Aemilia blushed, took her had away from the diaper. Her back was to Catherine who lay in the other bed. “We should be quiet,” Aemilia whispered. “Do you really think Nelly is listening to the monitor? She’s out having fun like we should be.” Aemilia thought about that, then turned in her bed, looking towards Catherine. “I guess that’s right,” she said, voice low. “Are you feeling it, what Nelly did? I am.” Aemilia’s cheeks were warm when she answered, “Yes.” Catherine sighed. “I’m worried, scared. Is this going to happen every night?” “It will be okay. Stay dry for a week, then a month.” “Do you really believe that?” Aemilia nodded and said, yes. “How do you know?” “They charge us more, for tuition, dorm fees, all of that. You know?” “Yes.” “And the government grants they get are higher for littles, because we have so many special needs.” A sneer had pulled back Aemilia’s lip, and it showed in her tone of voice. “So?” “Most littles who drop out do it in their last semester.” “So?” “So the school makes more money off of us. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nelly were paying extra to be our RA. They want us to stay around to make more money off of us. We’re safe, at least until our last semester.” “Are you sure?” “I am,” Aemilia said. She had given it a lot of thought before choosing to attend this college. “But what about our last semester?” “I guess,” she paused, “we look out for each other.” After a moment Catherine said, “Agreed.” She paused. “I’m still horny.” Emily sighed, pulling her knees in tighter to her chest. She and Catherine had looked out for each other over the years in college and had kept out of trouble with all the bigs. They had both graduated. And somewhere along the line, Catherine had ended up in the situation the two of them had tried to avoid. She remembered the last time they had spoken. Aemilia, who had started going by Emily, took the bedwetting chart from the wall of her dorm room, carefully folded it up, and put it into her suitcase. “Why are you keeping that?” Catherine asked. She had earlier ripped up her chart and tossed it into the garbage. “I don’t want to give them any ideas, give them an excuse to say I obviously do not care about keeping my bed dry.” “Emily, you are going completely paranoid.” Emily turned to Catherine. “We spent the last two years keeping ourselves out of the clutches of some Amazon. Look at Melody and Tammy.” “Melody and Tammy were obviously too immature. Some littles are like that. We’re not.” Catherine shook her head. “You were the top student this year Emily. Do you think any of those bigs really think you need to be back in diapers?” “Of course they do,” Emily said, her voice raising. It was not the first time she and Catherine had had this conversation over the last month. Catherine signed and tossed her head. “No one wants to put you back in diapers Emily. People want to hire you. You’re brilliant. And you want to go off and do freelance work? That’s stupid.” “It’s not stupid. It’s safe. Come with me Catherine. I got an apartment where we will be left alone, and a client list we can build on.” “Emily, I am going to be working for a big company. TTT Technology. I got a 6 figure salary, benefits, and in a year or two, I’ll probably running their IT department. I am not going to give it up. You should come with me. They’ll hire you. I know they’ll hire you.” Emily shook her head. “No. I am going to work freelance.” She saw there was no point in arguing with Catherine. Somehow Catherine had convinced herself one could prove themselves to the bigs. Emily was not going to be able to make her think otherwise. “If the shine comes off corporate life, you have my email,” Emily told her. Catherine smiled. “Tell you what, in two years when I am running the department I’ll send you some big contracts.” “Yeah, that would be nice.”
 Catherine grabbed her suitcase. “Let’s make a point of getting together. Every year, no, every six months. Maybe we’ll go to a fancy hotel or something.” “That would be nice,” Emily said, thinking she might never see Catherine again. With a wave and a laugh, Catherine left the dorm room, dragging her suitcase behind her. Emily slipped down from the toilet, wiped one last time at her eyes, and left the stall. She wondered how long it had been before Caroline Oliver, CFO of 3T, had decided the little working in the IT department needed to be taken care of? Had Caroline perhaps suggested some sort of maturity test? Or maybe there was another clinic like the Westburne Paediatric Clinic that Catherine had been sent to. Or maybe Catherine had made a mistake a work, and someone decided a spanking was in order. Whatever had happened, Catherine had ended up back in diapers, the baby daughter of some amazon with too much money. Someone who was a lot like Chase. “Oh Catherine, why didn’t you come with me?” she asked softly as she took the stairs back down to John’s office. Not that she was doing so well at the moment, but she still had a chance. It was near the end of the day, she and John had gotten a lot of work done when he got a call. He picked up the receiver, listened for a moment and then handed it to her. Emily took it. “Hello?” “Emily,” Chase said, “please come up to my office.” “Yes Miss Morgan.” Chase hung up. Emily handed the phone back to John. “I’ll see you tomorrow if Miss Morgan wants me to continue working on this.” “Understood,” John said, giving her a wave. She managed to get into an elevator with a secretary. The woman seemed to guess where Emily was going and pressed the button for the 23rd floor without Emily having to ask. “Go right in,” Lisa said as soon as Emily had entered the office suite. When Emily entered Chase’s office, Chase had said, ‘close the door’. Emily was glad that nothing seemed out of place in the office. She had been worried that Catherine’s presence had been the signal of something. “Take a seat, Emily.” Emily climbed up into the high chair. Once Emily was seated Chase surprised her by saying, “I’m sorry about what Caroline said.” After a moment Emily said, “Pardon?” “Caroline should not have trivialised the time that Pipa spent in college.” “Catherine.” “It’s Pipa now, you have to respect that.” Emily did not think she did, but she kept quiet on that. “I does not matter that Pipa does not need what she learned in college, it is part of her life, what made her the person that Caroline loves, and it is where she became friends with you. Caroline should have respected that.” Emily did not know what to say. There was so much wrong in what Chase had just said. She doubted that Caroline Oliver actually loved Pi.. (don’t do that, she told her herself) Catherine. And everything Catherine had learned in college was valuable, and would still be valuable, if some Amazon had not decided she needed to be re-raised, stepped back to a baby. But that was not the way that Chase saw it. She suspected that Chase was incapable of seeing things that way. Still, she had apologised, and at least made an attempt. There was something in that. Something Emily respected, a little. “Thank you,” Emily said. She felt exhausted. “You know, Pipa was happy.” “What?” “Pipa was happy. She is well cared for, she smiled and laughed, played with her toys. She is a content little girl.” Emily almost called Chase a liar, but she modified her statement and said, “I don’t believe it. Catherine would never enjoy it.” Even as Emily said it she was thinking back to earlier that day. The small blush that might not have even been a blush, the lift of her shoulders, the giggle. There had not been a desperate cry for help in Catherine’s gaze, more a slight discomfort, as if meeting Emily again was somewhat disquieting. “Your college had quite a strict set of rules for littles, did it not?” Emily shrugged her shoulders. “Mandatory diapering for the first week, diapers during exams, which is understandable, exams are very stressful, required panty checks, set potty times… Other colleges were not so strict.” Emily had no idea what Chase was getting at. “It was one of the best institutions for what I wanted.” “So you went there in spite of those rules?” Emily nodded. “Perhaps Pipa went there because of them.” Emily opened her mouth, to deny that statement, but then she recalled Catherine volunteering to be the first diapered. She did not want to believe what Chase was suggesting. “Some littles really are not ready to grow up,” Chase told her. Emily shook her head, but it was a weaker gesture than she would have liked. Had Catherine really wanted that? “Would you like to take tomorrow off and go to a spa?” The non-sequitur took her by surprise, and it took a few seconds for those words to make sense to Emily, and even then she asked, “What?” “I usually do something with the interns, most often lunch, and usually after they have been here for a month, but we have already had lunch, and you are on somewhat of an accelerated pace. I think a day at a spa would be nice.” “This is not some sort of weird baby spa?” Emily asked before she could think better of it. Chase smiled. “No, but if you would like that I might be able to find one.” “No, a regular spa is fine,” she said quickly. “Good. It will give you the chance to relax. Now, why don’t you leave early today? Make sure you get a good night’s sleep.” “Yes Miss Morgan.” Emily would spend most of the night unable to get any rest as she wondered if her friend Catherine had really wanted to be a baby again. The next day, about thirty minutes after she arrived at work, Chase was putting her in the child seat in the back of the SUV, and they were driving to the spa. It was about an hour away, and Emily was glad to see when they arrived that it was just a spa. Chase had already booked their appointments, had told them that Emily was a little, for the locker room had a step stool, and they had given her a lower locker to put her things in. Wearing a terry cloth robe that dropped below her knees (Chase’s robe hit the tall woman about mid-thigh) they were led by a beautician to some baths full of mud. ‘Good for pulling toxins from the body.’ After the mudbath, there was a shower, a soak in hot, herbal water, a skin scrub, then a 90-minute massage that left Emily feeling boneless. “Enjoying it?” Chase asked as they sat in a steam room after the massage. “Yes, very much, thank you.” It was true enough. “Light lunch next and then waxing.” “Waxing?” Emily could not help but make a face. “Not a fan?” “No.” “Can’t say I am either.” Emily almost told Chase that in college all littles had been required to get waxed, once a month, for hygiene reasons. It was either that or permanent hair removal. She remembered that after the first session Catherine had chosen permanent removal. Had that been a sign? She was still thinking about Catherine through the lunch (a garden salad with chicken) and when they were brought into the waxing salon. A nearly eight-foot-tall woman named Avril was taking care of Emily. As she helped Emily up onto the padded table, she asked, “Would you like me to mix a few things into the wax, so the removal permanent sweetie?” “What? No.” “Are you sure, you won’t have to go through this again if we make it permanent. You don’t have a lot of body hair anyway.” Big smile, tone a little condescending. “No thank you.” “Really?” She was not looking at Emily, but at Chase. “Her choice,” Chase said as she laid down on another of the tables. Avril shook her head, confused. Emily watched her carefully to make sure she did not take the initiative and mix up the special wax after all. The waxing was unpleasant as Emily remembered, but she was not very hirsute, and it did not take long before the procedure was done. Chase, being larger, and having more body hair, was still undergoing her waxing. Avril helped her down from the table. As Emily was doing up her robe, Avril said, “Why don’t you wait in the lounge outside until she is done.” Emily nodded and left, hearing the sound of wax being pulled off. She could not help but smile. She hoped that Chase found it as uncomfortable as she did. The nearby lounge had some reclining chairs, one or two at the inbetweener size that Emily could climb onto. She leaned back, did not bother to put up the footrest, and closed her eyes. The pain from the waxing was fading to a tingle, and Emily was able to relax. Her mind went back to the question about Catherine. As the night before she was able to recall many examples that could perhaps be taken as Catherine wanting to return to being a baby. There was the time Catherine chose diapers instead of restricting her liquid intake after several other littles had wet their beds, saying she wanted to drink when she was thirsty. Emily had accepted the answer then, even thought it made some sense (though she never wore diapers if she had a choice) but now, it made her wonder. Was this how the bigs see us? Emily wondered. No matter what the action it could be seen through a lens of a little needing to, wanting to be returned to babyhood. Mind going about as it was, and more tired than she realised, Emily fell asleep. She dreamed of Catherine, playing in a nursery. Come play with me Emily, she said in the dream. We can be babies together. Emily ran in the dream, trying to get away, but every door she opened led into another nursery, where another little she knew asked her to play with them. There was Tammy and Melody from the dorm room. Several other littles she had known in college. Littles from high school. Boys and girls, all diapered, all smiling, all asking her to play with her. Emily turned away from the latest nursery, in which a boy named George, who she had had a crush on when she had been in the first year of high school, was riding on a rocking horse, asking to her play. As she turned away, she was presented with the vast, ominous figure, leaning over her. ‘Let’s get these clothes off you’ the figure boomed in a voice that shook the hall. Emily woke, uncertain. Her dream seemed to have followed her, for she felt someone opening her robe. “See, I told you she was not wearing a diaper,” a woman said. Emily blinked, pushed away at the hands on her. “Get off me you crazy bitch,” she mumbled, still lost between dream and anger over what had happened to Catherine. “Do you hear what she said?” a second woman asked. Emily, now awake, found that two bigs were standing over her. Both were dressed in the same robes she and Chase wore, making it clear they were also guests of the spa. The one that had opened up Emily’s robe was a plain looking woman, who looked to be in her early twenties. She had short brown hair and an unfortunately too small nose. Her companion, the one that had just spoken, was a little prettier than her friend, looked about the same age. She had light brown hair, short and curly. “What did you say to me little girl?” the Amazon with the too small nose asked. “I was asleep, I was dreaming,” Emily said, not at all liking the situation she was in. “That’s no excuse,” the other said. “And she hit you.” The first Amazon looked confused for a moment, then looked down at the hand that Emily had pushed away. Her eyes widened, and she smiled. “You’re right. What a naughty little thing you are. No hitting,” she said sternly. “Big girls use their words,” the second Amazon said smugly. “And they don’t have potty mouths.” “Yes, that’s true. I guess I have no choice but to give this naughty little girl a spanking.” “What?” Emily said, suddenly in a nightmare turned real, “no, you can’t.” It was not the right thing to say because Emily knew fully well that the woman could. “Can’t? Little babies don’t tell adults what they can’t do.” This was the sort of situation that Emily had always tried hard to avoid. She could be smart and clever, but once a big got an idea in their head, Emily was in no position to do anything about it. As if to prove that the first Amazon lifted her effortlessly from the chair and stripped the robe from her. Struggle as she might, Emily did not delay the action in the slightest. “Now you naughty little thing,” the woman said as she sat down, pulling Emily over her lap, “you are going to get the punishment you obviously deserve. I’m going to spank the naughty right out of you.” “No, please, don’t. I’ll be good. I didn’t mean to,” Emily begged and babbled. She was afraid of pain, but more so pain she could not control, pain administered by someone else. She was scared of all the things that could happen. She would beg and babble all she could to avoid the pain, but she knew nothing that she could say would stop this woman from administering a spanking. Emily knew she would begin to cry, would sob uncontrollably. Already she could feel tears in her eyes from the fear and approaching dread. Would she lose control of her bladder? She had heard that happened sometimes. She sniffed loudly, almost crying aloud even though not a single slap had fallen on her bottom. She felt the woman shift, pictured that considerable hand lifting into the air above her naked ass. Squeezing her eyes shut she wondered if she could be brave enough to hold out for at least a few slaps. But the hand never fell, and she heard Chase, her voice so cool it went right through Emily. “What do you think you are doing?” “Who are you?” the woman upon whose lap Emily was on asked. “I asked you what you think you are doing.” The voice made Emily shiver, and the woman could not answer. Then Emily felt herself picked up from the woman’s lap and placed on the floor. She was beside Chase. Looking up at the faces of the two woman she could see what she could only assume was fear in their eyes. She did not look up at Chase’s face, afraid of what she might see. “That little girl swore at us,” the second woman said, pointing at Emily. Emily stepped in behind Chase’s legs, hiding behind them. It was humiliating to do so, but she did not want to risk either of those women getting a hold of her again. “Emily?” Chase asked, voice softening a little, but still cold. “I was dreaming, they woke me, I was surprised.” She still hid behind Chase. “I see,” Chase said, voice even softer. The second woman, perhaps not liking the way things were going, said, “She slapped my friend.” The other one nodded. “She did. Such a little brute.” Emily cringed, sure that the spanking she had hoped to avoid was coming, and probably from Chase. Chase surprised her. “Show me the slap mark,” she demanded. The Amazon with the too small nose hid her hands behind her back, looking for a moment like a naughty child. If Emily was not so scared and frazzled, she might have enjoyed that. “It’s faded.” “Hardly,” Chase said. Her voice grew cold again. “Would you like to see what a slap mark looks like?” Both women backed up a step from Chase, and shook their heads, looking, well, Emily had to think, terrified. Chase grabbed Emily’s robe and then delivered one, sharp smack to Emily’s bottom, causing Emily to let out a surprised squeak. Chase then put the robe back on Emily and said as she tired it closed, “Emily, apologise for your rude language to these two ladies.” She put so much scorn into ‘ladies’ Emily was surprised the women didn’t protest. “I’m sorry,” Emily said softly. “Well, I guess…” the first one started. Chase cut her off. “Apologize to Emily for disturbing her sleep.” “What? That’s crazy,” the second woman said, “I won’t…” “Apologize.” That same, cold tone. Emily hoped it was never turned on her. “We’re sorry,” the first woman said. The second one took a step back. “Sorry.” “Good. We’re done.” The two women nearly fled. Chase knelt down, and for the first time Emily looked up at her face. There was no trace of anger on it, thankfully. Chase gently ran her fingers through Emily’s hair. “I think in the future in places like this you should stick close to me.” Emily nodded. Chase stood up. “Let’s go. A manicure and a pedicure will make you feel better.” Emily followed after her, and as embarrassing as it was, stuck close to her. She hated it, but at the moment Chase made her feel safe. Emily had calmed herself down by the time they left the spa. She did not stick so closely to Chase as if afraid someone was going to jump out and grab her. She hoped she did not have nightmares that night. “Other than a little hiccough I think this was an enjoyable day out,” Chase said as she pulled out her key fob and clicked the doors unlocked. “Yes,” Emily agreed. Her skin had a healthy glow, her fingernails and toenails shaped and polished. Her short blonde hair had been neatly trimmed, and she was wearing a bit of subtle makeup. She looked nice, but Chase looked absolutely beautiful. Beautiful and powerful, Emily thought. If only she could see me as an adult, I would love to work with her. Chase picked her up, put her in the child seat, strapped her in, then closed the door and went to get in the driver’s seat. As she started the car up Chase asked, “You know Lyle Redmond of course.” Emily was a little surprised, and it was a moment before she answered, “I do, but not personally.” Chase drove away from the spa. “He’s having a party this coming Saturday. Would you like to go?” “What? I… I thought you did not want him or anyone to know I was working for you.” “Well, I would not introduce you as Emily Black.” Emily frowned. She felt she owed Chase for saving her, but only to a certain point. “Who would you introduce me as?” “EmEm,” she said after a moment. “And no one will ask your last name.” Emily made a little noise of displeasure at that. “I don’t want to go.” Chase said nothing for a short time as she navigated through some traffic. “I could have let her spank you, you know.” Emily stiffened in her child seat. Chase continued. “I could have simply let her spank you until you were sobbing and inconsolable and then come and saved you.” Emily did not answer immediately as she thought about that, what it would have been like. “You could have,” Emily agreed. “Thank you for not doing that.” “And,” Chase continued, “sobbing as you were, near panic, I would have taken you to my home, just to make sure you were okay. And you would not have argued.” “That’s probably true,” Emily admitted. “And once you were in my home, still sobbing and scared, clinging to me as you would be, do you think I would ever let you go back to that apartment?” Emily sighed. “I’ll go with you.” “Oh, will you? How nice.” “No diapers,” Emily said, thought she suspected she would not have a choice in that if Chase decided otherwise. “Of course,” Chase said. “You’ll wear that sailor dress you love. And I’ll send you home before the evening celebrations. Not that I think Lyle would not have a roll in crib ready if one were needed.” “I appreciate that.” “We’ll have fun,” Chase said. Emily knew Chase was smiling. Damn. Emily wished that the Thursday and Friday would drag by, anything to put off the stupid party. Chase, on the other hand, could hardly wait. However, Friday afternoon, a few hours before she would take Emily back to her Apartment (so she could pick up her new dress from Linda), she was presented with a somewhat annoying problem. Though she could not really call it a problem. She was seated at her desk, looking over several printouts. Someone rapped at her door, and she called, "come in." “Afternoon,” Richard said as he came in, carrying a file. “We just got confirmation from 3T. You made a good impression on their CFO it seems.” He was smiling. “We share common interests,” Chase said, with no real animation. “Something bothering you.” Chase handed him the printout. Richard looked at it for a moment, flipping through the pages. “A software vendor is offering us money?” “A lot of money.” “Why?” “John showed Emily, the customer relationship software we purchased last year.” “The software we spent a lot of money on and has never worked right?” “That’s the stuff. Emily wrote a patch and fixed it.” “Creepy,” John said, drawing out the ‘ee’ sound. Chase laughed, smiling. “A little. Anyway, John let the vendor know they could cancel the trouble tickets we had opened as the software was working.” “What did they think of that?” “Once he had shown them it was working they asked for the patches.” “And he said?” “They would have talk to me.” “And you said?” “I told them to piss up a rope.” Richard laughed. “Then they offered money. And, to forestall your question, I told them they had been maltreating us for the last year, and they were getting nothing from us.” “And now the licensing offer?” She nodded. “John suspects they have a lot of angry clients who are having the same issues as us.” Richard looked at the document again. “That is a lot of zeros.” “A lot,” she agreed. “You know, as hard as it is to say this, maybe you had better give up your idea of putting Emily in a nursery. I mean,” he gave the paper a shake, “she’s turning out to be the goose that lays the golden eggs.” “I know. And now you know what is bothering me.” “Most of the world would kill to have your problems.” Chase nodded. “What can I say. I’m a selfish woman.” “You going to Lyle’s party tomorrow?” he asked her. “I am. You?” “I got an invitation. I’m going to do some networking.” “Good.” “So are you taking Emily?” “She is my plus one.” “And you get to show her off.” Chase nodded. “I do indeed.” Saturday morning. Emily woke early. She was nervous. Felt a little ill. She wondered if she could claim the flu or something and beg off the party? No. That would not work. Chase would just have her at that stupid clinic, and that would be worse than the party. She assumed. Sitting at her kitchen table, drinking some coffee she had just made, Emily wished she could just go back to sleep. She had not gotten as much rest lately, with all her work, and she was having bad dreams since seeing Catherine and more so since the almost spanking. One more week, she thought, taking a gulp of the hot coffee. Just one more week and everything will be decided. One way or another. For a time Emily did some work, watching the clock. Chase was to arrive at 10, and Emily wanted about half an hour to get ready. At 9:30 Emily showered, afterwards dried her hair with a towel. The stylist at the spa had cut it so that, when dry, it seemed to almost float about her head, looking like a soft halo that begged to be touched. She like her old short hairstyle better, achieved using a pair of scissors and about ten minutes of her time. Next, she put on the sailor dress, which had been left untouched in her closet, except for the undergarments, which had been laundered. It was about five minutes to ten when she put on her shoes, grabbed her purse, and left her apartment, locking it behind her. Quickly down to the front of the building, just to make sure that no one saw her. She peeked out the doors, making sure the area was empty--she did not want to meet up with some random big. She had treated her neighbours at Sharky’s the night before, she assumed most of them were still asleep. Stepping out, she looked up and down the street, looking for Chase’s car. It was not the SUV that she saw a few minutes later, but a large, black limousine. It pulled up in front of the building. The large passenger door swung open, and Chase stepped out. She was wearing a sundress, with a jacket, similar in colour to the sailor dress Emily wore. Obviously Linda’s creation. “Emily dear, you look better and better each time I see you in that outfit.” “You’ve only seen me in it twice,” Emily said, a little petulantly. Chase smiled. “Well, now I want to see you in it more often.” Walked right into that one, Emily thought. The chauffeur had gotten out of the car, went to the trunk, made a big production of getting a child seat out. “Put that facing towards me, I want to talk to my little EmEm.” “Yes ma’am,” he said as he put the seat in place. Once it was in place the Chauffeur went back to the front of the car, and Chase picked Emily up, the sudden rush into the air making Emily cry out softly, and then put her into the seat. “Such a bother,” Chase said, “trying to keep your pretty outfit from getting too wrinkled.” Emily almost suggested they could eschew the child’s seat. As Chase did up the straps, she said, “Next time we’ll let you travel in your underwear and put your outfit on you when we arrive.” Emily blushed at that thought. Once Emily was strapped in Chase got in and closed the door, sitting directly across from Emily. She smiled down at her. “Off we go.” The car started forward. “Now EmEm, make sure you tell me if you need to go potty. Since you are not wearing a diaper, we don’t want you ruining your pretty dress.” Emily’s cheeks grew warm, and she said, “That won’t be a problem.” “I know,” Chase said, still smiling, “because you’ll let me know if you have to go potty.” Emily nodded. “Yes Miss Morgan.” They spoke during the drive, mostly about the business and the work that Emily was doing. It would have been a rather enjoyable drive if she had not been sitting in a child’s seat and Chase had not kept asking if she needed to use the potty every time they were about to pass a rest stop. They reached the mansion of Lyle Redmond a little after noon, the car pulling up into a line of similar vehicles. The chauffeur came out and opened the door for Chase. Chase released the straps on the child’s seat and lifted Emily out, putting her on the sidewalk leading up to the front of the enormous house. Chase reached into the car for both her and Emily’s bags. She handed Emily her bag and said to the driver, “Be back around 4 to pick Emily up.” “Yes ma’am,” the driver said. Chase took Emily’s free hand in her own and led her towards the house. They passed other people, some with children, and some with littles, all of whom were walking in the same direction. Most of the bigs and inbetweeners were dressed in business casual. The children and the littles were outfitted in variations of party clothing, play clothing, or some sort of semi-uniform looking type outfit similar to Emily’s sailor dress. Closer, Emily got a better look at the house. It was a three-story mansion, with tall columns in front of it, and many windows. The front of the house faced the south, a set of steps led up to the double doors. Close by, to the east, was a garage. To the west, farther from the house, were a few buildings; a barn and what Emily guessed was probably stables. No one, Chase and herself included, were going into the house, but circling around it, out into the back. There was a competition-sized pool, playground equipment, a sports field of some sort out back. There were also several large tents, looking to be recently set up, and through the gap of people, Emily thought she saw a small band. Chase, still holding her hand, led her towards where it seemed people were gathering. “Miss Morgan,” someone said. Chase stopped to look towards the speaker. Emily looked around Chase as well. The woman who had called her was dressed more business than casual, carrying a clipboard with her. “You’re Mr Redmond’s assistant,” Chase said. “Yes,” the woman said, looking pleased. “You helped me change Min.” “I remember,” Chase said. “How is little Min?” “Butterflies in her stomach and bees in her diaper,” the woman said with a laugh. “Nervous and spanked,” Chase said with an approving nod. It’s like she wants me to get angry at her, Emily thought. “She was acting up a little, so Mr Remond warmed her bottom a little. I’m Doris Mann by the way.” “Dorris,” Chase said, and then looked down at Emily. “This is EmEm.” Dorris looked down at her. “Oh, she’s so adorable.” Chase was smiling. “Perhaps EmEm could play with Lyle’s little girls?” Chase suggested. No way in hell, Emily thought. “Oh, I’m afraid that the girls are getting ready for… well, it is a surprise.” “And the cause of the butterflies?” Dorris nodded. “Well, perhaps another time,” Chase said. Dorris was looking Emily, and smiled and nodded, then gave herself a little shake. “I’m sorry. I completely forgot what I wanted to talk to you about. Mr Redmond was hoping you two could speak.” “I’d be happy to. Where is he?” “I’m afraid something suddenly came up. Business. He’s not going to be free until this evening. He hopes you will enjoy this afternoon and be able to speak with him later.” Chase did not answer immediately, and Emily noticed the slightly nervous look on Dorris’ face. Then Chase nodded. “That will be fine.” Dorris visibly relaxed. “Thank you.” Emily wondered why she was so nervous. Would Lyle punish her if Chase did not stay? Perhaps, even though a big, a spanking and a diaper was not out of the question? Emily could not help but giggle at the thought. The giggle made both Chase and Dorris look down at her. Dorris bent over to bring her head closer to Emily’s. “EmEm, if you want you can go and play in the playground.” She smiled. Emily looked over at the playground. She could already see the giant children were making life miserable for the littles there and was pretty sure that it would get worse. “No,” she said. Usually, a little flat out stating ‘no’ to a giant was a recipe for trouble, and Emily knew that, but she would not go into that playground willingly. Chase defused any potential problems by laughing and saying “EmEm is such a mommy’s girl. At her wits ends if I am not close. Isn’t that right EmEm?” Chase was looking down at her expectantly, and Emily knew there was only one response that would keep her out of the hell that the playground could become. “Yes Mommy,” she said softly. “Aw, so cute,” Dorris said and reached out to ruffle Emily’s hair. Straightening Dorris said, “Enjoy the party, Miss Morgan.” She left. Chase was smiling down at Emily. Emily felt her cheeks growing warm. “Sure you don’t want to go and play?” Emily shook her head and said, “Yes I’m sure.” Chase lifted an eyebrow. Emily sighed as her cheeks grew warmer, “Yes I am sure Mommy.” I really do hate her. Chase wondered if she could find a way to have Emily continue to call her mommy at work. It would be nice, but as long as Emily was an employee, it would not be professional. Which really meant she had to make Emily stop being an employee. She led Emily into one of the large tents, where tables nearly groaned under the weight of the food the caterers were lying atop them. “Would you like something to eat EmEm?” Chase asked. “No thank you, I’m not hungry,” Emily said, and then after a second added, “mommy.” Like pulling teeth with this girl Chase thought. Surely there had to be an easier way. Spankings and bottle feedings she guessed, but as enjoyable as that could be, she would wait on it. “Stay close EmEm,” Chase told her as she let go of her hand. She trusted the memory of the almost spanking at the spa would keep Emily on her figurative apron strings. Picking up a plate she moved among the tables, putting various delicacies on it, then filled a tall glass with a non-alcoholic punch. Emily was almost on her heels as Chase left the tent. She found a small table with a few chairs set around it, all currently deserted. She put the plate and glass on the table and then picked up Emily and took a seat on the chair, settling Emily firmly in her lap. Emily let out a small squeak in surprise when first picked up, and Chase asked, “Isn’t this nice EmEm?” “No,” Emily said softly. “No what?” “No, it is not nice Miss Morgan.” Chase sighed. “I really should have let that woman spank you.” Emily did not say anything. Chase reached onto the table and took a panini from the plate and tore a small piece off. “A piece for mommy,” she said, and the put it in her mouth. As she chewed and swallowed, she tore another piece off. “And one for EmEm,” she said, holding the food in front of Emily. Emily sighed and opened her mouth. Chase continued, and had gotten through about half the plate when someone said, “What an adorable little girl.” Chase looked towards the speaker, a pretty enough woman, a little chubby perhaps, a tall inbetweener or a short Amazon. She was well dressed, too formally perhaps, but Chase guessed it was an excuse to wear expensive jewellery. “Thank you,” Chase said, and then, “EmEm, what do you say?” “Thank you, ma’am.” “Oh so sweet,” the woman said, stepping closer. “Are you sharing mommy’s food?” “Yes ma’am,” Emily said. Chase could feel Emily tense slightly and knew that she was not enjoying the attention. The woman looked up at Chase. “I’ve heard it is better that they eat food meant specifically for littles. Breast milk is often said to be the best.” Chase felt Emily bristle. She answered with a smile, “I’ve heard that too. Do you have children…” she let the question trail off. “Kim, Kim Julian, and no, I don’t, but I am hoping maybe soon.” “Chase Morgan,” Chase said in introduction and kept Emily in her lap as she held out at hand. Kim took it for a quick, fingertip shake. Not a confident handshake at all, Chase thought. “Chase Morgan?” Kim asked. “Of Morgan and Stone?” Chase nodded. “Yes.” “Oh my,” she said, smiling. “My husband was just talking about you this morning.” “Your husband?” “Paul Julian, of Evertech.” Chase nodded, recognising the name. “Yes, I know of him.” “He was hoping to talk to you.” She looked about excitedly. “Could I impose on you to wait here for a moment? I’ll see if I can find him.” “Of course,” Chase said. “I will be right back,” she said with a dip of her head and then she rushed off. Chase tore a small pastry in half, ate one piece and put the other part in Emily’s open mouth. “What do you know about Evertech little EmEm?” Chase asked after she swallowed. “What would little EmEm know about a company?” Emily asked her tone a mix of innocence and bitterness. “Now EmEm, if you want to be Emily Black I’ll make a point of introducing you to Lyle as that. Let him know how you have been fooling him.” She thought she could feel Emily’s skin grow warm and in a more polite tone she said, “I‘ve done some work for them, I think they are looking to expand rapidly.” “What sort of work?” “Confidentiality agreement,” Emily told her. It was a fair answer, Chase thought. She would not want Emily doing anything illegal, anything that might result in her losing her hold on the little. “Anything else you can tell me that will not break that agreement?” Emily did not answer immediately, and Chase took a moment to pop another bit of food into the little’s mouth. “They are trying to buy resource companies, agricultural. That’s obvious if you look, nothing they told me. New pharmaceuticals if you ask me.” Chase nodded, took a drink of her punch, then held the glass to Emily’s lips so she could drink. For a moment she thought she might shift the glass, cause a spill on Emily’s white dress. She decided not to ruin a dress as lovely as the one Linda made. She had put Emily back on the ground in front of her and was wiping Emily's face with the cloth napkin (not that she needed it) when Kim returned with her husband. Chase stood to meet him. Paul had to be a foot taller than her, and she did not want to be looking up at him from a seated position. “See, I found her,” Kim said. Paul smiled at his wife. “Good girl,” he said, giving her a quick hug. Chase suddenly wondered about the tall big and his chubby inbetweener wife. Seeing them together she could suddenly see Kim in a dress, similar to Emily’s, calling her husband ‘daddy’. She had heard about relationships like that. Perhaps the reason they did not have children was that Kim was the child. Paul approached her, hand extended, and Chase put those thoughts aside. Chase took his extended hand. Confident handshake. “Miss Morgan, Paul Julian. Pleased to meet you.” “The pleasure is mine,” Chase told him. He let go of her hand, indicated the seats around the table. Chase took a seat, put Emily at her feet. Paul pulled back a chair for his wife and then took a seat as well. “We have a common problem, Miss Morgan,” he said, “and you apparently found the solution.” “Oh?” “Customer relationship program has not worked, but apparently you fixed it.” Chase smiled as she reached down and gave Emily’s head a pat. “That does seem to be the case.” “Damned impressive. We’ve been stuck with that overpriced failware for a year and a half.” He looked about and then asked, voice a little lower, “Don’t suppose you could send my people that fix?” Chase shook her head. “I’m afraid that I can’t. I am being offered a very generous fee to not do that.” Paul nodded. “Understandable. I would do the same thing in your place. Were you working with them on this fix?” “No.” “And would you be willing to state that, legally?” “I probably would.” Paul smiled and nodded. “I can probably go after them on that, complete failure to address the issues in good faith. Get some of the costs refunded.” “I wish you luck,” Chase told him. “Thank you. You know, I never really saw Morgan and Stone as a tech company. Is that changing?” Chase smiled. “Who knows?” He laughed. “Playing your cards close to your chest. I like that. I might be able to use your company, as a public relationship, advertising firm. Any tech you might bring after the fact would be a welcome bonus.” “I would certainly be willing to speak about that. Richard Stone is around here somewhere.” “Excellent. You know, you should come and visit Kim and me sometime.” His eyes shifted to Emily. “You are of course welcome to bring your little girl.” “Thank you, but EmEm can be naughty at times and does not always get to go on trips.” “Yes, I know how little girls can be naughty.” Chase noted his gaze shifted momentarily to his wife. If not for her earlier thoughts she might have missed it, but she was confident that she knew who wore the diapers in their house. Had Emily been a child, or even most littles, she might have been bored out of her mind. As it was, seated in Chase’s lap, listening to the business talk, was extremely interesting. She had to be careful not to show too much curiosity, or make suggestions, which she had a lot of. The two hours listening to Chase, Richard and Paul speak was great. If anyone seemed bored and fussy, it was Kim, and about half an hour into the talk Paul suggested she wander around. She left happily. Her chair as soon filled by another influential big, interested in the talk happening. Finally, Chase called the meeting to an end. “I need to take Emily to the potty,” she said, “and I think that Lyle’s entertainment will be beginning soon. I want to see it.” Thomas Aster, an owner of a computer company, a man who had joined them about an hour before, looked at his watch and said, “Have we really been talking this long?” “Good conversation makes things pass fast,” Richard said. Chase stood, placing Emily on the ground, taking her hand. “I am sure we will continue this conversation.” As they walked across the lawn, toward the house, Chased asked, “What does EmEm think?” “There is a lot of opportunity,” Emily told her. “There certainly is.” Just outside of the house a temporary but spotless and well-made set of bathrooms had been set up. Chase took her into one of the small rooms with a toilet, a duck-shaped potty chair, a change table and a sink. Chase picked her up and sat her on the change table. “What…” Emily started, feeling her heartbeat speed up with fear. Chase went to the sink, soaked some paper towels and then returned to wipe Emily’s face and hands. She stood back and looked her over, nodded, and then said, “Can you use the potty or would you like a diaper?” Emily realised that those were the only options she was being given. Suggesting that she might go into a bathroom on her own would not fly. “I’ll use the potty please.” Chase smiled and with a quick motion removed the sailor dress, leaving Emily in just her underwear. “We don’t want you getting your dress messy,” she said. She then put Emily down by the potty chair, pulled her tights and panties down, then put her on the yellow plastic chair. Standing there, looking down at her, Chase smiled and said, “Do your business for mommy.” Emily flushed, but this was not the first time she had been in such a position, and she was not going to let embarrassment let her end up in a diaper. So she did her ‘business’, but she was doing it for herself. Afterwards, Chase praised her, cleaned her and put her back in her dress. All quick and efficient giving her little time to protest or think about it. And she was glad she had no time to think about it because she did not want to, not then. Once more her hands were washed by Chase, and they left the bathrooms. Chase led her back towards the party, circling around the tents, towards the playground. There were a lot of people around, so Emily was not sure what was happening. Then Chase suddenly lifted her up into her arms, putting Emily on her hip, giving the little a much better view. There was a round stage set up off to the side of the playground, and several musicians were setting up around it. Emily supposed this was the entertainment. As she watched the musicians took their seats and began to play. The crowd grew quiet, more attention turned to the stage. Emily spotted Dorris walking towards the stage, and then the five small forms following after her. Lyle Redmond’s 5 adopted daughters, each wearing a leotard and a tutu in different shades of pink, with white tights, pulled up over thick diapers. Emily watched them, each waddling a little, as they were led up on the stage, put on display. Each of them a young woman who had been reduced to a ridiculous toddlerhood at the whim of a man who had money, power and size. Dorris stepped off the stage and the girls sorted themselves out. When the musicians changed the tune, the littles began to dance. The bigs around her seemed enchanted by the display, watching, condescending smiles and soft comments. Part of Emily wanted to look away, but part of her could not help but look on with rapt attention, It was like a disaster in that she knew she should not watch, but could not take her gaze from it. The girls, no, think of them as women, Emily told herself, danced well. Their movements spoke of a great deal of practice. The thick diapers made them a little clumsy, however, which made them seem uncertain, as if they were still not sure of their limbs, like actual toddlers. It was cruel. “They say,” Chase said into her ear, “the ballet is the best activity for littles. Do you know why?” “Because tutus and diapers are a combination bigs like?” Emily asked, tone more waspish than she had intended as her anger got the best of her. Chase did not seem upset. She smiled and said, “Very good, tutus and diapers do look very cute together.” Her tone was the same one adults used for children that had stated something so obvious that it was stupid. It made Emily feel stupid. “However,” Chase continued, “it is an excellent form of exercise, to help littles stay healthy and to keep them from getting fat. A little chubby is fine of course.” “Of course,” Emily said, tone sharp. Chase laughed. “And it is in no way competitive, and not a roughhouse activity. It is a nice, gentle pastime.” “And there is no way, no matter how good they get, they could become professional,” Emily said the last in a tired tone of voice as if she could no longer hold on to her anger. “I suppose there is that,” Chase said, but Emily knew she did not get it. Her thoughts were probably more on why a ‘properly’ cared for little would need to do anything in a professional capacity. After about a minute of watching Chase said, “You know what, I think you…” “I’m not taking ballet,” Emily said. “I think you should,” Chase said. “It will be good exercise.” “I already get enough exercise.” “Do you? Since you started working for me?” Emily opened her mouth to answer, then closed it. She really had not been exercising as much as she once had. “See. Ballet will be good for you.” “I’m not taking ballet,” Emily said again. Chase sighed. “Well then, perhaps you should go to the clinic, once a week, for vitamin shots and a full check-up.” Once more Chase was offering her two options, neither of which was particularly desirable, but one better than the other. “I’m not wearing a tutu. Track pants and a sweatshirt.” Chase frowned. “Tights, and a t-shirt.” “Leggings.” “I pick the t-shirt.” “Fine,” Emily said, knowing she would regret it but supposing she was winning as much as she could. “I’ll see if there is a studio close by, if not I’ll arrange for an instructor to come into the office.” Emily had to admit that Chase was pretty free with her money. It was almost flattering. The dance recital ended and each girl was made to bow around in a circle, flashing their diapered bottoms to everyone in the process. Emily watched, a sick feeling in her stomach as she realised she could be in a similar situation if her plan to win free of Chase did not work. Chase put her down, led Emily towards the stage where people were gathering to congratulate the girls on their performance. Chase put her in front of each of the other littles, so she could be introduced. Min, Tiffy, Kitty, Dot and Isa, were their names and she had to tell them each how pretty they had danced. Dot and Isa looked as embarrassed as Emily felt, while Min, Tiffy and Kitty seemed pleased by the praise and Min said she wanted a dress just like Emily’s. As Chase led her away, Emily wondered if Min had really meant that or if she was just a terrific actor. “They all seemed happy,” Chase said. Emily did not reply. She would be willing to argue that point for Dot and Isa (were those really their names?) but she supposed it might be true for the other three. That was not something she wanted to think on. Chase had led her into the playground and put her on one of the swings and began pushing her. Emily had always liked swings. The simple act of swinging back and forth, the small drop of her stomach at the top ends of the arc. It had been a long time since she had last swung on one. An adult inbetweener or big could swing anytime they wanted, and it was just whimsy, a little on a swing was something different. She stopped trying not to enjoy herself. Just because she liked a swing that did not make her a baby. Screaming, ‘higher, higher’ might have, so she did not. Chase seemed content to push her for a time, probably watching all the other littles and children playing. Chase eventually picked her off the swing and said, “Your ride will be here soon EmEm. Let’s get you something to eat and then we’ll take you to the potty before you leave.” “Yes mommy,” Emily said because there were people around. Chase strapped Emily into the car seat and then said to the chauffeur, “Make sure you stop at least twice so she can go potty.” “Yes ma’am.” “I don’t need potty… bathroom breaks.” Chase smiled and leaned into the car, kissed Emily on the forehead, smiled at the scowl that crossed her face. “I don’t want that dress ruined,” she told her. “If you had been willing to wear a diaper you wouldn’t need the potty stops. Now be a good girl for the driver, and I will see you Monday.” She stepped back and closed to door. “Drive carefully,” she told the chauffeur. “Yes ma’am,” he answered, and handed her a small bag he had taken from the trunk. She watched as the limousine drove off, joining a stream of other cars leaving, children and littles being sent home, a few bigs and inbetweeners departing as well. She walked back to party set up, noticed that a few tents were being taken down, a bar was being put out. Caters were setting out snacks for people, though the proper dinner was still a few hours off. She wanted to find a place where she could freshen up, and change into the clothing she had brought with her. There must be a lounge or something that was being made available. “Chase Morgan,” she heard the familiar voice of Lyle call. “Hello Lyle,” she said as she turned towards him. “Thank you for inviting me.” “You’re welcome, I like to show off after all.” Chase smiled. “Enjoy yourself so far?” “Yes.” “My assistant said you had a pretty little with you.” He looked about. “I’ve sent her home.” “Too bad,” he said with a smile. “It was getting late for her.” “I know. I’m having my girls put to bed right now. Would you like to see?” “Yes. I was quite impressed with their dancing.” “They’ve been practising.” “It shows.” He nodded and led her into the house, pointing out various rooms as they went. “I plan to entertain a lot.” “Like some kind of lord,” Chase said. He looked back at her, perhaps wondering if it was an insult. “A little, I suppose.” Chase decided she would never go for anything so grand. They reached a large nursery where Dorris Mann and two other women were getting the five little girls ready for bed. As soon as Lyle entered the girls waddled about, at least two of the giggling, to line up. All five wore footed sleepers, each a different shade of pink; their bottoms wrapped in thick diapers. One of the girls, Tiffy, stepped forward, looked up at Lyle. “Do we have to go to bed daddy?” Chase thought that, like Min, her high voice was sweet, but did not seem genuine. “Are you arguing Tiffy?” he asked. She shook her head. “No daddy, but we want to stay up for the party,” she said, nearly whining. Chase wondered if she was supposed to be winsome; if so she was failing. She thought that Emily would have done it better. “Is this true?” Lyle asked, looking towards all the girls. Chase was impressed that they did not turn over on Tiffy, though none of them said anything, just nodding. Lyle shook his head. “You had a busy day girls, and the party is for grownups. Now, do any of you think you are grownups?” Tiffy shook her head, but from the line, Dot looked defiant, well, as defiant as a little in footed sleepers could. Lyle stepped forward and scooped up Dot. “Does Dot think she is a big girl?” he asked with a laugh. The other littles relaxed slightly. Dot said, “I don’t want to go to bed so early.” Lyle popped the snaps on the crotch of her rompers and reached a hand into her diaper. “Do you think that someone who's in a wet diaper should be able to stay up as late as they want.” Dot blushed. “Well Dot?” She shook her head, and said, “No daddy.” “Good girl,” he said, and carried her over to a crib and placed her into it. “Give daddy a kiss,” he told her, leaning into the crib. She kissed his cheek. He kissed her on the forehead. “Sleep tight.” He then returned and picked up each of the littles, putting them in a crib, getting and giving a kiss. Chase thought it was sweet. When they left the nursery, the lights going dark behind them Lyle told Dorris, “Make sure Dot and Tiffy don’t get a diaper change tonight.” “Yes Mr Redmond.” He and Chase left the family wing behind, climbed the stairs to the second floor, opened the doors onto a balcony. “They are all adorable,” Chase said, because they were, but not as adorable as Emily. He nodded with a smile. “They are an important part of my life. But, let’s put that aside and talk business. I want to buy your company.” “It’s not for sale,” Chase said. “Does Richard think the same?” “I hold the majority control, but I’ll ask him. If he wants to sell, we’ll talk.” “I’ll leave you in charge if that helps.” “I’d be working for you.” “I’m a good boss.” “You would say that.” Lyle laughed. “Well, admittedly I do think highly of myself, but my employees seem happy enough.” “I’ll keep it in mind.” “You’re getting bigger, which means we might actually start competing. You’d not do well in that situation.” “Why Mr Redmond, that almost seems like a challenge.” “I suppose it does, but seriously Chase, you don’t want to swim with the big fish.” Chase nodded, but she was pretty sure she did want to swim with the big fish. She was even more certain she wanted to be the biggest fish. Lyle looked at her bag. “There is a lounge downstairs, close to where we entered. Washroom where you can change if you want.” “Thank you,” Chase said. She left him behind on the balcony, a lord looking out over his holdings. He was not taking her seriously. Chase planned to show him the error of his ways. It was getting dark when the limousine dropped her off. It had taken longer to get back as the driver had made several stops so she could ‘use the potty’. Now he escorted her up to her room, saw her safely within before leaving. Emily undressed, careful to hang the dress she hoped to never wear again up in the closet. Then, putting on a pair of ratty jeans and a t-shirt she went to work. She checked her plan first, transferred funds from her rapidly diminishing savings and then ran some transactions. Almost there, she thought. That done she turned her attention to new projects. She had spent a few hours sitting among several powerful people, all speaking about fascinating things, none of them, except maybe Chase, considering she was listening to everything that was being said. And most of them said more then they realised. Emily began to put together her notes, researched what she had, and ran some simulations. She had been working for about an hour when she sat back and rubbed at the bridge of her nose. Why was she doing this, she wondered. Then she understood. She was doing it for Chase. There were times, not often, and never lasting more than a few seconds, when the Amazon forgot Emily was a little, when Chase treated her like an equal. Emily did not kid herself that that meant anything, that that somehow made her safe, but she had to admit, now that she thought about it, that she liked it. Her mind turned back to earlier that day, when Chase had sat her on the change table. She had been scared, still felt her heart speed up a little, for she had almost been sure that she had lost, that Chase was going to put a diaper on her and make her a baby. She had not, but after the potty, when Chase had cleaned her, touched her between her legs, as innocent as it had been, Emily had felt something. She had not thought about it then. She thought about it now. “I am attracted to Chase Morgan,” she said aloud. It was ridiculous of course. Chase saw her as a someone who needed to be cared for, who could not be trusted to take care of herself. In that relationship, Emily would always be the lesser. No matter in what intimate way Chase might touch her (even if it was like her old RA Nelly who had often played what she had called ‘making cummies in your diaper’) to the Amazon it would be positive reinforcement. Something to make a little like the treatment instead of anything even close to love between equals. But for what was hopefully her last week she was going to try to cultivate those moments, when she could pretend for a few seconds that there could be something between her and Chase. There was no harm in it. It might just be a crush, it probably was. There were a lot of reasons to be attracted to Chase, but an equal number of reasons to have nothing to do with her. It was complicated. She sat back up and returned to her work. A few minutes later someone knocked on her door. She thought for a moment it was Chase, come to see why she was not in bed, but Emily dismissed that. It was, in fact, Gus, standing out in front of her apartment. She opened the door. “What’s up Gus?” “Wanna come down to Sharky’s? We’re having a bit of bash to celebrate no news is good news.” His tone was light, but she could see that he was worried. Emily looked back at her computer. The work could wait until tomorrow. “Sure.” On Monday morning Emily came in, ready for the last week, to stand against any attempt on Chase part to put her back in the nursery. All she needed was a little more time to let her plan come to fruition. So she immediately handed Chase the report she had written over the weekend. “What is this EmEm?” Chase asked with a smile. “Some colouring to put up on my fridge?” Emily took a deep breath. “Keep it up, and I won’t give you the electronic research that completes it.” Chase frowned and opened the report. She flipped through a few pages. “Have a seat, Miss Black, we have a great deal to work on today.” Emily smiled smugly, though was careful Chase did not see it. They spent most of the day going over the report and the research, and it would have been a pleasant enough day, but Chase, of course, had to ruin it. About an hour after lunch (they had ordered in, Chase had eaten some of Emily’s pad thai to prove it was safe) Chase said, “I’ve had Lisa look into ballet studios.” Emily bit down on her reply and instead said, “Oh?” as if it had nothing to do with her. “Unfortunately there are none close enough.” “It is an expensive neighbourhood.” Chase smiled. “However I found a teacher who is willing to come by twice a week over the lunch hour.” “How fortuitous,” Emily said, her tone skirting sarcasm. “Fortuitous?” “It means…” “I know what it means Emily,” Chase told her, tone hard enough that Emily knew she had pushed things a little too far. “I’m surprised you do.” “Really?” Emily asked, exasperated. “You’ve been reading a report that I wrote, and you don’t think I know what fortuitous means?” Chase looked down at the report, a curious look on her face. “It’s different,” she finally said. “How is it different.” “This was written by Miss Black.” “I am Miss Black.” “You are, and you aren’t.” She reached out and ruffled Emily’s hair. “Understand.” Emily wanted to say ‘I understand all you bigs are insane, and I can only assume it is due to breathing so much thin air,’ but instead, she said, “Some things are too hard for me to understand.” Which gave Chase the opening to say, “Don’t worry, I’ll help you with all the things that make you all confusey woozy.” Emily shook her head and reached for the report. “Here are the details of the latest acquisitions and the patterns we can use to predict their next move,” she said as if the previous exchange had not happened. Chase laughed and then asked, “You have your leggings ready?” Emily sighed, realising she was going to have to play Chase’s game. “Yes.” “Are they pretty pink?” “They are black,” Emily told her. “Black?” “Lots of leggings are black.” “Pink is nicer,” Chase teased. “Black is fine,” Emily said, each word pronounced sharply. “You’re not going through a goth phase are you Emily?” Chase looked up at her ceiling. “I’m not sure where I could find black diapers.” “You don’t need to find black diapers.” “That’s right,” Chase said, looking back at Emily. “Lisa told me you like pink.” Emily put her head in her hands. “Kill me.” “Explain the patterns please,” Chase said all business again. Emily took her head from her hands, nodded and reached for a page. “If you look at the graphs…” Tuesday was the day of the first ballet class. Emily brought a small gym bag with her, within leggings, a change of undergarments and a t-shirt, packed in hopes that Chase would forget their ‘agreement.’ Chase was busy, so she ended up in John’s office, discussing how to package their patch. “You’re sure they won’t be able to decompile this, get their hands on your code?” “Trust me, they are not going to be able to get into it. It’s as perfect a blackbox as I can code.” “I’ll admit that I can’t get at it, but they will likely have some hotshot coders on staff.” “If they had hotshot coders on staff I would not have had to come up with a fix for their problem.” John laughed. “Good point.” There was a knock at the door. “Come in,” John called. Lisa came into the office. “Hello John.
 “Hey Lisa,” he said. Both of them speaking with a familiarity that spoke of a good working relationship. “What’s up?” “Emily’s ballet lesson is going to start in about ten minutes. I need to make sure she is going to be ready.” That might be the last time John was going to be able to look at her as anything other than a brilliant little, but still a little, Emily thought. “Of course. I’ll see you after your class, Emily.” “Sure,” Emily said. She did not complain about it, hoping she might yet salvage her working relationship with him. “You could change in the change room downstairs,” Lisa said as she let Emily towards the elevators, “but I’ll take you to Miss Morgan’s office. It will be a little quicker, and she left your t-shirt for you.” In Chase’s office, she changed into her stretchy, black, nylon leggings, and the t-shirt. Pink, with white lettering on the front. ‘Keep Calm and Carry Me’. “Real nice Chase,” she said, putting on the t-shirt. “Come along,” Lisa called, “I’ll take you to the class.” Lisa looked at her when she came out of the office. “Do you want me to carry you?” she asked with a smile. “I’ll pass.” “The shirt makes a compelling argument though.” “I can take it off. I have a plain white one. Will that help?” “You are no fun,” Lisa said, turning away from her. Emily left out a small sigh of relief. That could have gone wrong in so many ways. She should know better than to bait bigs. The class was in a large meeting room, almost an auditorium, on the seventh floor. The table and chairs had been pushed back, to give the students room to move. Emily was a little surprised when she came into the room and found out she was not alone. Three young women had come for the ‘exercise’, and there were some of the kids from the daycare, including Becky. Mary was there to watch the children, as well as the little male who had been dressed like a toddler when Emily had last seen him in the daycare. All the children from the daycare were dressed nearly identically, in short-sleeved leotards and tutus, including the little. She wondered if the daycare had had the clothing on hand or if the parents had sent it. She also wondered why there were making the little dress the same as the girls. It seemed pointlessly mean to her. He was already in a diaper. Part of her wanted to get close to him, not that she could help him, just to see if he was one of those littles that had accepted their new life. She did not, however. She did not want to discover he needed help she could not give. She did not want to discover he had given up and accepted it all. She did not want anyone asking if she wanted to wear pretty clothing like that. “Mary, can you keep an eye on Emily?” Lisa asked. “Sure,” Mary said. Emily was careful not to let her emotions show, because she knew it would look like she was pouting. “Thanks,” Lisa said to Mary as she left. A moment later Chase came into the room, escorting an older woman, about half a head shorter than Chase. “Mrs Evans, these are your students,” she said. Mrs Evans, dressed in a black leotard, with tights, a long-sleeved, flannel shirt over it, looked over the students. “Thank you, Miss Morgan,” Mrs Evans said with an accent that Emily was willing to bet was fake. “Mary, if Mrs Evans needs anything, please give her a hand.” “Yes Miss Morgan.” Mary was being given a lot of extra duties, Emily thought. “I will see you later Mrs Evans,” Chase said, pausing before she left to look towards Emily. She winked and then was gone. “Get in a line students, tallest on the right smallest on the left,” Mrs Evans said. The three women laughed as they took a position on the right. Mary moved about, taking the children by their shoulders and putting them into their places. Emily was near the end of the line, between Becky and another actual child who was just a touch shorter than Emily (though Emily knew the girl would be taller soon enough, children grew fast). “Ballet is an art, and one I take seriously,” Mrs Evans said in her faux accent, walking down the line. “But it is also a fine form of exercise, and that is what I will be focusing on. Perhaps some of the younger students might one day…” She stopped in front of Emily, looking down at her. Emily looked back up at her, not liking Mrs Evans at all. “Why is she not in a diaper?” “That’s what I want to know too,” Becky said from Emily’s side. Emily enjoyed a quick fantasy of doing some ultimately harmless but somewhat painful injury to Becky. The three woman laughed among themselves, looking down the line at Emily. A few of the children laughed too. Mary stepped forward. “Ummm, Mrs Evans, Emily is not in the daycare. She’s an employee here.” “What?” Mrs Evans asked. “Who would want her to work for them?” Emily decided she would save time and start loathing Mrs Evans now. Mary seemed a little embarrassed as she said, “Miss Morgan.” Mrs Evans’ eyes widened. She then stepped away from Emily and said, “Very well. Students, make sure you have some space. We’ll do some stretching.” “Aren’t you going to put her in a diaper?” Becky demanded. “Hush Becky,” Mary said as she began to shift the children about. Emily had never thought that ballet was easy, and while she was not interested in dance, she knew the dancers worked hard. She experienced that firsthand that day. Mrs Evans was a real piece of work, finding fault in everything Emily did, expressing nothing but disappointment. She knew that the woman was picking on her. Jeremy, the male little, was clumsy and took time to catch on, but she had lots of praise for him. Emily was pleased when the class was over. Less pleased when Mary said she could shower with the other adults, or come to the daycare and get a quick bath. Emily hated showering with bigs, but she was not going down to the daycare and get bathed. The shower room was in the subbasement, actually close to the office where she had worked, for a very short time, with Jessica. Emily had to ask one of the women to help her with the shower controls. “Here you go Emily,” the woman said with a smile. “Want me to help you wash up?” She said it lightheartedly and was mostly joking. “Thank you, but I think I’ll be fine.” She gave Emily a pat on the head and went to her own shower. “I think you should be with the rest of the children,” Mrs Evans had come in as well, undressed, her thin, bony frame looming over Emily. Emily stepped into the spray of water. “Yes Mrs Evans,” she said. “I’ll speak to Miss Morgan about this,” she warned, turning to another of the shower stalls. The young woman who had helped Emily leaned over and said in a soft voice, “Don’t worry, Miss Morgan’s always gonna be on your side.” Emily nodded and wondered just what having Chase on her side meant. Later that afternoon Chase came into John’s office where Emily was working. She leaned over her and asked, “Did you enjoy your dance lesson?” Emily looked up at her. “No.” Chase smiled. “Mrs Evans says if you are properly diapered you will do better.” Chase patted her on the head. Emily thought about that. “Just how does she think that will help? If anything I think a diaper would make it harder to dance.” “It would make you cuter,” John suggested, “cuter makes you a better dancer. At least with strippers, I’ve found that true.” He looked up from his computer and smiled at Emily. Emily decided that John was more open-minded than she had hoped. Probably because he was a big computer nerd and they had that in common. A bond that knew no height. “That may be true,” Chase said, ignoring John, “but Mrs Evans believes you are spending too much time trying not to wet yourself, so a diaper would remove that worry. She said you were on the verge of wetting yourself the entire class.” “That is a lie,” Emily told her. “I agree with Emily,” John said. “Haven’t had a wet chair in here after all.” Chase looked towards John. Emily wondered if she was mad. If she was, she did not show it. “I do believe that Mrs Evans is” she paused “concerned about her students’ well being, perhaps that is colouring her observation.” Emily almost snorted but kept her peace. “Well, hopefully in the coming classes you two might come to an understanding. I am sure you’ll come to like Mrs Evans Emily. She’ll be here twice a week, so plenty of opportunity.” “Wonderful,” Emily said. One more class, only one more class, she thought. Wednesday passed quickly, she spent most of the day working with John. However, Thursday was the second ballet class. The t-shirt Chase had for her that day read ‘Loading Diaper… Please Wait’ with a progress bar that showed it at 75%. Everyone in the class thought it was adorable. The fussing over Emily must have made Rebecca jealous for she tripped Emily twice, and actually pushed into her a table. At that point Mary picked the child put and put her in a corner. Mrs Evans was at first on Rebecca’s side, until she noticed the displeased stares she was receiving from the adults. Emily thought it that they just did not want to get in trouble with Chase were she to be hurt, but even so, it was nice to have them side with her. Emily was never, ever going to miss those ballet classes. On Friday Chase took her out for lunch again, and again she fed Emily about half her meal before letting Emily finish the rest herself. When she left the building Friday night, she said a silent goodbye to it. If she succeeded, no, when she succeeded, Emily would miss the place a little, and the people, but she knew if she stayed much longer Chase would have her back in diapers and in a nursery. She ran up to her apartment as soon as the driver dropped her off. First, she went through her bug-out bag, made sure her passport and other things were ready, that she had forgotten nothing. Then she sat down behind her computer, turned it on and reached for her phone. “Showtime,” she said. Monday morning Chase came into the office, early as usual. She walked through the front doors, the security guard opening them for her. “Good morning Fred,” she said in greeting. “Morning Miss Morgan,” he told her. “Looks like it is going to rain.” Chase paused, looked back at the sky. “Maybe Fred.” She gave him a smile and walked to the elevators. In her office, she sat down and turned on her computer. There was a lot of work to do, nascent partnerships to hammer out, acquisitions to make, and deals to finalise. She smiled as she thought about the work she and Emily would be undertaking. She would take Emily out for lunch today, she decided. Italian. She could just picture Emily’s messy face. There might even be an opportunity to spill on her clothing which would make a bib necessary in the future. As Chase worked, she heard the sound of other people coming into the office, the soft susurration of far-off conversations. She went and got herself a cup of coffee and was just about to compose an email when her cell phone rang. She took it from her jacket pocket and checked the caller ID. It was the driver she had been sending to pick up and drop off Emily. Answering it, she said, “What is it?” “Miss Morgan, Emily was not waiting for me in front of the building this morning.” “What?” “I also went up to her apartment and knocked on the door, but there was no answer.” “Just a moment,” Chase told him, putting him on hold. She dialled Emily’s number, listened to the phone ring about twelve times before she cut the connection and returned to the driver. “You sure you knocked the right door?” “Apartment 403 Miss Morgan.” He sounded a little insulted. Chase thought about it, about what the driver could do. “Alright, come back to the office then.” “Yes, Miss Morgan.” He hung up. Chase looked at her phone for a few seconds, then put it aside and turned to her computer. Emily had shown herself unwilling to answer phone calls in the past. Chase composed an email. ‘The mature thing to do if you are going to take a day off is to let people know. You owe your driver an apology, Emily. Respond back as soon as possible before I think you are acting willfully naughty.’ She smiled as she wrote the last part and hit send. Focused on her work, she did not really pay any attention to the time until Lisa came in to put some papers on her desk. “Where’s Emily?” she asked. Chase looked up from her work, at the time, and then her email. There was no response from Emily. “She’s taking the day off,” Chase told Lisa. “What? She’s only been here a month. She can be a lazy thing, just like a little.” Chase smiled. “In all fairness, she has been working hard, and she was working the weekend before last.” Chase counted attending the party as work. Lisa seemed somewhat mollified by that. Chase watched Lisa go and then turned back to her work. It was odd that Emily had not responded. Perhaps she was sick? Chase felt a little worried but told herself to calm down. After all, Emily had likely been sick before. She had her neighbours to lend a hand if necessary. Still, this was one of the many reasons Chase thought Emily should be living with her, where Chase could make sure she was always cared for. She suddenly wondered if perhaps Emily was not taking a day off, but not coming back at all. Ridiculous she told herself. Emily was loyal to her friends. She would not leave them to chance as long as Chase owned the building. She paused in her work. Ridiculous, she told herself again, then reached for her phone and dialled the number for her financial management office. She asked to speak to the senior manager, gave her name. A few seconds later she was talking to Izzy Aston. “Miss Morgan,” Izzy said, “what can I do for you?” “I wanted to speak to you about one of my investments. A building I had you purchase about a month ago. I would like to know its status.” “The status?” “Yes. I suppose I want to know if the company still owns it.” She felt stupid saying it. It was not as if it was something that could be misplaced. It was a building. “Just a moment,” he said, sounding somewhat confused. Chase heard the sound of typing. A pause, more typing. Finally, he said, “I’m afraid it has been sold, Miss Morgan.” “What?” Chase demanded. “I am sorry. But there was nothing said about not selling it.” From his defensive tone, Chase guessed she had sounded more than a little adversarial. “Yes,” she said, keeping her voice even. “That is true.” She had never thought of it. Why would she? “But a sale like this, usually I would have been consulted.” “Yes, you should have been,” he answered, sounding a little uncertain. “Miss Morgan, can you give me about thirty minutes to look into this, so I can answer your question?”
 “Of course.” She wanted to demand immediate answers. “I’ll call you back in half an hour.” Chase hung up and sat back in her chair. It was impossible that Emily had managed to buy the building. Then who? Lyle. It had to be him, He had learned about Emily, had thrown a vast about of money at the management company to get them to sell him the building immediately. Now he had control over the apartment, and without it, she had no control over Emily. I should have never brought her to that party, Chase chastised herself. She wanted to get up, to go and find Emily, to save her from Lyle. Was she already in his nursery? Was he spanking that bottom that only Chase should be allowed to spank? Was he diapering her at that very moment? She found herself standing up behind her desk. Taking a deep breath, she returned to her chair. Wait, Chase told herself, wait until Izzy gets back to you. Wait until you have all the information. When her phone rang she almost knocked the handset to the floor as she grabbed for it. “Hello,” she said. “Miss Morgan, Izzy, I have the details.” Chase nodded even though he could not see her. “Tell me.” “Well, we use a piece of pattern predicting software to help manage the resources the company owns.” “Pattern predicting?” Chase asked, a sinking sensation in her stomach. “Yes, it is quite brilliant. However, it’s apparently not perfect. Over the last month, there have been several real estate purchases, made all over the country, properties similar to the one you had us buy. Each time they were sold soon after they were bought, and always at a loss.” “I see,” Chase said, beginning to understand. “Yes. The software saw those losses and predicted that there might be a future correction in similar real estate.” “Is there going to be a correction?” “No. I can understand why the software predicted it, but it was just an unlucky set of transactions, a perfect storm as you will.” “Yes, unlucky,” Chase said dully. “About a week ago the property was flagged as a possible loss, and a few days later it was flagged as something we should divest ourselves of as soon as we could.” “And then someone made an offer,” Chase said. “Yes.” “But, even if the software indicated it should be sold, shouldn’t you have checked things out before selling?” “Ah, yes,” he said, sounding embarrassed. “As it happens the employee who took the call was new. He did follow proper procedures but lacked some experience, and perhaps he was a little influenced by the commission bonus. The offer was time-sensitive, immediate sale required. The property sold for a thirty percent profit, which is not insignificant. If we could make thirty percent after a month on all our investments…” “Yes, I understand. Thank you, Mr Aston. Please review policy so we don’t end up again being misled by software, in case there is another perfect storm.” “Yes Miss Morgan.” Chase hung up the phone. “Oh Emily, you played me,” she said softly, confident that if she looked into it, she would find Emily Black had a part in the developing the software. Emily had dropped little financial bombs all over the country, their perfect placement setting ripples in motion that allowed her to influence the software and buy that building. And now Chase had no leverage against her. At least it was not Lyle. Chase leaned back in her chair. A smart little, able to go back to living her life the same way before Chase had ever found her. After a minute Chase got up from her chair, strode from her office. “I’m going out, for the rest of the morning, perhaps the whole day,” she told Lisa. “Yes Miss Morgan. Where are you going?” Chase did not answer, she nearly ran to the elevator, hit the call button hard enough that she almost cracked the plastic. Would Emily even still be there? She might have taken a plane anywhere in the world as soon as she bought the building. I might never see her again, Chase thought. Damn. Chase two rabbits and you catch none. Damn. The doors opened. She almost jumped in and nearly punched the button for the lobby. On the way down people got onto the elevator and talked to her but she hardly heard them. Someone asked her what cute shirt she would have Emily wear at the next ballet class. She turned eyes that must have been angry on the poor woman. The woman backed up, looking as she might flee. Chase mumbled an apology and nearly ran through the lobby. The drive to the undeveloped area seemed to take forever. She kept looking into the review mirror, at the back seat and the empty child seat. Was Emily getting into a cab right now? About to head to the airport? Should she call the police, report her as a runaway? But what if the police took her into custody? What if they sent her to an orphanage or a juvenile facility? Chase did not know what to do, and she hated that feeling. Fat raindrops began to fall, slowly. Chase reduced her speed and ground her teeth. After what seemed like an eternity she pulled up in front of the building. She hit her brakes hard enough to cause the tires to squeal on the wet pavement, splash water up from the road. Almost hit by that water was a big, holding a little in her arms, who gave Chase a hard look as she got out of the SUV. Chase returned it and watched the woman drop her gaze. She walked into the building, the building she had owned only the previous week. Now it was Emily’s building. Chase almost ran up the stairs, thinking she might try to kick in Emily’s door. Would someone call the police were she to do that? Making herself stand still and consider the situation Chase thought about what she could do, how she could find out if Emily were even still there, and if so was how to get her to open her door. That was when she heard the sound of iron on iron. She followed it to the back of the building, and out into Gus’ smithy. She saw the heavily muscled inbetweener working at a huge anvil, bare-chested except for a leather apron. The falling rain hissed as it hit hot metal. He stopped his work, looked at the piece he was working on, then put the thick iron bar he had been hammering into the forge. That was when he saw her. “Miss Morgan,” he said, politely. “Gus,” she answered, calmer than she felt. “I’ve almost finished your order, be about another week.” Chase nodded, then shook her head. “That’s not why I am here. Emily did not come to work today.” It sounded lame to her. Did he know what was happening? Had Emily told him? Did he know it was Chase that had threatened to raise his rent, kick him out? “Well,” he smiled, put a hand on the back of his head, looked a little embarrassed, “we did have something of a blowout last night. Emily was not drinking any heavier than she usually does so she is probably not sick, but well, try not to hold it against her. We’ve been under a bit of stress recently. I bet she just needed some time off.” “Oh?” Chase asked, trying to keep her tone neutral, but her heart was thumping, and she was shouting in her mind, ‘she was still here last night.’ “Emily did not tell you?” Chase shook her head. Gus looked back at the forge, grabbed a set of tongs and repositioned the metal, then leaned against the anvil. “About a month ago we found out someone had bought the building, was threatening to increase our rent or even kick us out to turn the place into condos.” “That would have been unfortunate.” Emily had not told them. She did not recall, however, threatening to turn the place into condos. Why had Emily not told them? Loyalty? Some sort of fondness on Emily's part? A desire to protect Chase's reputation? Gus snorted. “Tell me about it. Not a lot of places that have the space we have here. Where the hell would I find a place to set up another smithy after all?” She nodded. “So like I said, a lit bit of stress here, but late Saturday we found that the owner was not going to do anything like that. Was going offer us the opportunity set up a co-op.” “A co-op?” “We’d all have a share in the building. Not enough so that we share in the profits, but we would have a say in what happens to the building in the future. We can afford to buy into that.” “Fortunate.” “Damn right. So we’ve been celebrating pretty heavily since then.” “I’m glad you no longer have to worry,” Chase told him, feeling a twinge of a guilty conscience. “Thanks.” Chase looked about. “Are you sure that Emily is okay?” “She should be.” “I am a little worried about her. I would feel better if I knew she was okay. She is my employee after all.” Gus stood up straight, grabbed the tongs and once again shifted the metal. “I’m kind of the building super around here,” he told her, “I do have keys to all the apartments.” “Could I ask you to let me in?” She did not know if Gus would agree. She certainly could not force the inbetweener. “I guess it would be okay,” he said after a moment. Chase was careful not to smile but only nodded. “I would appreciate it.” Gus went and got a ring of keys and then took Chase up to the fourth floor. At apartment 403 he knocked on the door. “Emily, you in there?” Chase hoped he would get an answer, hoped that Emily would open the door for Gus. No answer came. Gus put the key the lock, turned it, then opened the door. Chase looked over his head into the room. It was neat and tidy, spotless. She realised it was the first time she had seen the inside of Emily’s apartment. Gus entered, calling, “Emily.” Chase followed, looking around. The apartment had been built primarily for inbetweeners. Chase could see a few step stools around, small modifications that Emily had made so she could live there comfortably. Chase’s head nearly brushed the ceiling. It seemed empty. She saw the envelope with Gus’ name on it about the same time Gus did. If it would not have been rude, and perhaps ill-advised, she might have tried to snatch it from him. As it was, she had to stand there as he opened it up and read it. A flash of concern, then a smile and a laugh. “What?” Chase asked. “She says she had to go, some kind of family issue, then she wrote that if I bothered to look at my email, I would already know it.” “Family issue?” “Doesn’t say what. Will be gone for at least two weeks. Maybe longer.” She could be anywhere, Chase thought. She should have had the clinic put a tracking chip in her, or was that only for pets? She should have not bothered with all the games and just taken Emily with her from the first. She could be safely in her nursery right now instead of god knows where doing who knew what. “Oh. there’s a message for you,” Gus told her. “What?” Her tone was a little too eager. “She said that if you were to come by that, I should tell you she left something of yours in the closet in her bedroom.” Chase looked about. Gus indicated a door. She thanked him and went and opened the door. Emily’s bedroom was amply sized, for a little. The bed looked tiny to Chase, but she supposed it would be a twin for most inbetweeners. It was low to the floor so Emily would be able to get in and out of it without dealing with a drop. Currently, it was stripped of sheets, just a bare mattress. She really should have had a rubber sheet on it, Chase thought, just in case. Opening the door to the closet Chase found it had been modified. The bar set to what was probably eye height for Emily, a few shelves above it, a small ladder attached to the wall. The closet was bare, but for the white sailor dress, hanging there, and on the shelf above it the other pieces of the outfit. A note was taped to the dress. Chase peeled it off. On it was written, ‘Thank you for letting me borrow your dress, Emily.’ “Polite as always,” Chase said softly. Taking the dress from the closet, she lifted it to her face, smelt the faint scent of Emily’s soap. Tears prickled her eyes, but she wiped them away, then grabbed the undergarments, the shoes and the purse, folding them into a bundle. “Get everything?” Gus asked as she came from the room. “Yes, thank you,” she said. He showed her from the apartment, locked the door behind them, then saw her to the building’s lobby. “Like I said, a week.” “What?” “Your order,” he explained, “it will be done in a week.” “Yes, thank you,” Chase told him, and then left. Apartment 317 was one of the smallest apartments in the building. Emily had rented it at the same time she had rented 403. At first in the hope that Catherine would come to her senses and come to work with Emily. And then she had kept it as a place to hide out, in case some big got a little too inquisitive. It was how she would have dealt with Chase if Chase had not bought the building, forcing her to deal with the monster directly instead of hiding from it. She had considered leaving for real, she had everything she needed to do so, but this was her home, and she liked living there, liked her neighbours. She saw no reason to let Chase drive her from it. That would have been at least a partial victory for Chase. She sat on the floor, surrounded by boxes of stuff (taken from 403 to make it look empty and deserted) and watched Chase leave. She was not so foolish as to stand by the window but had placed a webcam there, so she might see the comings and goings below. Emily had seen Chase come, and now was watching her go. It looked like she was carrying the dress, so she supposed Gus had let her into the apartment. She did not blame him. She was glad that no one knew that she was the person who rented 317. Most everyone probably thought it was empty, too small to be rented out. If they even thought of it at all. No one was going to bother her. She would be quiet for the next week, she had food to last that long, and make sure Chase was not coming back, believed that she was gone. When she returned to 403 her neighbours would have to be told a story to keep them from accidentally giving her away to Chase. She could say that the job did not work out, but that Chase really wanted to hire her back. That should keep them quiet about her when the Amazon was around. Assuming she ever came around again. She watched Chase leave. She thought that the Amazon looked sad standing in the rain. It made Emily feel a little guilty, but she quickly dispelled the guilt, reminding herself that Chase had threatened her friends to get Emily to work for her. The woman did not deserve her sympathy. That thought helped assuage the guilt a little. Chase took the rest of Monday off, and when she came in on Tuesday, she got little work done. She sat at her desk and wondered where Emily had gone. There were places were a little might avoid the larger people, though such places were in decline as the larger folk went where they would. When Lisa told her that Mrs Evans had come to teach the class Chase almost told Lisa to send the woman away. Without Emily what was the point? However she had promised the woman employment, and she had staff and the children from the daycare who were enjoying those classes. Chase told Lisa to deal with the woman and went back to her dark thoughts. That night she made going to Linda’s place an excuse to return to the building. Chase’s heart was not into discussing clothing, and she had left, telling the seamstress she needed some time to think. Then she had gone up to apartment 403 and listened outside the door, hoping to hear something from within. Wednesday morning Richard came into her office. “Snap out of it,” he told her, slapping his hand against her desk. “Pardon?” she asked, an edge to her voice. He did not back down. “It’s obvious to me that Emily’s bailed on you, that your chase two rabbits and catch both plan failed. Suck it up.” “Excuse me?” she demanded, suddenly angry. “I got both 3T and Evertech asking me why things have suddenly halted. You’ve got deals that need to be handled, and you have to handle them. I’m sorry Emily’s gone, but she’s gone. Stop sulking and get your ass in gear.” Chase’s anger evaporated, or more to the point she directed it at herself. She had been sulking. She had been moping around because Emily had slipped her leash. It was upsetting, but she had responsibilities, and she had been ignoring them. “You’re right,” she told Richard. “Damn straight. Now get your ass in gear before I kick it.” She smiled at him. “You’re pushing it, Richard.” He returned the smile. “A chance I am willing to take.” By the end of the day, Chase had repaired all the damage her funk had caused. Thursday she had things pushed ahead, well on track. She missed having Emily about, both Miss Black and EmEm, but she had built the company up on her own, she did not need Emily to grow it. She returned home Thursday evening, pleasantly tired. As she sat down at her kitchen table, glass of wine in her hand, she looked at some of the paperwork she had left there the previous week. She picked up the sales notice for a three-floor suite, only a few blocks away from where she currently lived. She would have put an offer on it, had Emily not left. It had a beautiful room on the second level that Chase had planned to turn into Emily’s nursery. No need to buy it now. She smiled as she recalled her plan to get Emily there. A housewarming party. Emily would have had to attend of course. And then Chase would arrange some reason for Emily to have to stay the night. She could just imagine the look on Emily’s face when Chase brought her into the nursery. She had already done some research and had found a perfect crib mattress. She imagined it would be the best night’s sleep Emily had ever had, and chase would get her to admit that. Sighing Chase shook her head. So much for that dream. “Where have you gone Emily?” she asked, but this time it was not a lament of loss, but just a simple question. She got up and walked to her windows, looked at the far-off lights of the buildings of the undeveloped area. “Where would you have gone?” She could understand why Emily had chosen to live there. The place had been built for inbetweeners, and being near the protected greenbelt made it nearly impossible to develop anything there. Likely few big people would ever go there; expect at certain times of the day to meet Linda or in the evenings to visit clubs. Set times like that would be easy for Emily to work around. Where would she find another place like that, one where she had the sort of infrastructure to continue her work? There could not be too many places like that. Perhaps that meant Emily would return. But likely Chase would never know. Chase frowned. Or perhaps it was not a question if she would return, but had she ever left? It would be daring. It would also keep Emily in a familiar place, and Chase thought most littles, deep down, wanted security. Clever. “Too clever,” Chase said with a smile. “Sometimes you can be too clever.” She got her phone, called Izzy Aston. Got an answering service. Got them to put her through to his personal line. “Miss Morgan,” he said, sounding a little surprised. “Mr Aston, do you still have copies of the financial information on that building?” He did not answer immediately and then said, “We should.” “Send everything you have to me as soon as you can.” “As soon…” “Tomorrow is fine.” She hung up. Perhaps she was kidding herself, but she had a good feeling. And it was the only possibility left that meant she could find Emily. She grabbed at it like a drowning person grabbed onto a life preserver. Busy with a deluge of work, it was not until midday that Chase was able to look over the records that Izzy had sent her. It did not take her long to find what she was looking for. Apartment 403 and 317, every month an automatic payment had come from the same bank. She could not be sure of the account, but it had to be the same. Chase would not accept that it could not be. Chase had to restrain herself from just going over and banging on the door to 317. If Emily found out Chase knew, then she would likely leave for real. Chase could not be positive Emily as in 317. Perhaps she had rented the second apartment just for storage. Or maybe it was a trap, a place Emily could watch, just to get a feeling for how much effort was being put into catching her. It seemed the kind of complicated trap Emily might set up. So she had to be sure before she tried anything. After a moment she opened her desk drawer and looked through a stack of business cards she kept. It did not take her long to find the name of the detective she had hired a month ago to look into Emily Black. She was going to have another job for him. Chase returned on Saturday. Emily might have missed it but for the roar of a big engine. She checked the webcam feed and saw Chase, sitting astride her huge motorcycle, revving the engine, talking to Candy. Hard to say from a distance and with the web cam’s quality, but she thought that Chase looked happy. She had only been back once since the Monday, and now that she came again it seemed it was just for her motorcycle. Emily told herself she was not upset, even though she was, somewhat. It had been kind of flattering, in a scary way, the way Chase had spent so much time on her. And less than a week and she was already over it. Well, good for her, Emily thought. And good for me. At least she won’t be bothering me anymore. I can go back to my old apartment sooner than I planned. Below Chase put on a helmet and after a quick conversation with Candy was speeding away, out of the camera’s frame, Emily ran to the window, peering out as Chase shot away down the road. That was one heck of a fast bike, she thought, watching until Chase turned a corner. She ducked away from the window, returned to her computer, worked while waiting to see if Chase would come back. She did. She spoke to Candy, then rolled her bike back into Candy’s garage. Chase really did seem happy. Probably already found a replacement for Emily. She wondered who was getting spoon (fork) fed prime rib and getting pushed on a swing by Chase now? Then she told herself she was not jealous, not even a little. Through the webcam she watched Chase get into her SUV and drive off. It looked as if she had not even come into the building Emily thought with a frown. Some distance from the building Chase slowed down, stopped and then unlocked the doors of her SUV. A man, about six and a half feet tall, got into the passenger seat. “Well?” Chase asked. He held an SLR digital cameral with a long lens towards her, flipping the display screen up. “Watched the window you told me to, got some good pictures. She peeked out just as you were riding off.” Chase looked at the screen, at Emily. She smiled. They were good photos. There was a look of wonder in Emily’s eyes, her mouth hanging open. “I wonder if there is some kind of child safety seat you can put on a motorcycle?” “Wouldn’t know. This what you need?” “Indeed it is.” After a moment Chase asked, “I need to get into that apartment.” “Not my area, not interested.” Chase took a roll of bills from her riding jacket pocket and dropped the cash into his lap. “Maybe you know someone?” He picked up the roll, bounced it in his hand. “Sounds like you want to do something illegal, so I can’t help you. But maybe I know a few names. And maybe on the drive back I’ll write them down on a piece of paper. And maybe that paper will accidentally fall out of my pocket onto the floor.” “And perhaps I’ll never see it because I’ll send the SUV out to be detailed and cleaned afterwards.” He nodded. “Maybe this person is a shade under six feet and cute. That going to be an issue?” Chase started the car up. “Not for me.” Emily woke up Monday morning, feeling a little groggy. She yawned, shifted over in her bed, stretching a little. She looked over at the clock sitting on the bedside table. Still early. “Almost like I still think I need to go to work,” she said to herself. “I guess you enjoyed it then.” Emily turned towards the voice slowly, afraid to look as if it would make it true. Just like that time Chase had come into the bar. Chase was sitting on her bed. “This better be a dream,” she said, hoping it was. Chase looked at her for several seconds, then smiled. “The best kind of dream or a nightmare?” Emily did not answer that, instead asking, “How did you get in here?” “Who knows. Maybe you wished me here.” Emily closed her eyes and sighed. “I was worried about you,” Chase said. “You left without saying goodbye. That was rude.” She opened her eyes. “I’m fine, and I’m sorry, so can you please leave?” “It was brilliant.” “Pardon?” “Your plan, It was brilliant.” She smiled. “I could count on the fingers of one hand the people in my company who could have made that work. I never thought that you would be able to buy the building away from me.” “Thank you,” Emily said after a moment, warily. “And then staying here, right under my nose, as it were. That was just a little too clever.” Emily did not answer. Chase smiled and said, “I do have one question though.” “What is that?” “How did you get the new guy when you made your offer?” Emily could not help but smile a little. “I called five times and kept hanging up until I got him.” Chase stared at her for several seconds, then began to laugh. “So simple.” “Simple is sometimes the best.” After several seconds Chase stopped laughing. She leaned back, the bed creaking under her weight. “You won.” “Pardon?” “You win. You played by my rules, and you beat me. I don’t know about all littles, but I know that you are mature and quite capable of taking care of yourself.” “Thank you,” Emily said once more. Hearing Chase say that made her feel victorious, but, she had to admit, a little sad. Not seeing Chase again, not matching wits with her, she was going to miss that. Not very much of course, but a tiny bit. She had realised that over the past week. Chase nodded. Sat up straight. “Of course it does not matter.” “What?” Emily asked after a moment. “I’ve watched you these past weeks, and I’ve realised something.” “What?” “It must be exhausting to be you.” “Pardon?” Chase looked down at her, grabbed the covers and pulled them off. Emily made an effort to hold onto them, but Chase easily pulled them from her hands. She lay on the bottom sheet in her panties and the oversized t-shirt she slept in. She sat up against the pillows, pulling her knees up against her chest. Chase stared at her for a few seconds and then said, “You’re always ready, always watching, always considering what you say and do. How can you live like that?” Emily did not answer. “And you are going to make a mistake you can’t recover from, sooner or later Emily.” “I won’t.” “Oh Emily, at least don’t lie to yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. And because you don’t have anyone to help you your mistakes are sure to be that much dire. Can you say paying for both the apartments from the same bank was not a mistake?” Emily shook her head again, but it was a weak motion. “You are going to drink too much at that shit hole you call a bar and end up pissing yourself on the way home, and then every one of your neighbours is going to say, ‘She’s just like all the other helpless littles, and she needs to be taken care of.’” Emily shook her head again but wondered if what Chase said was true. “I suppose Linda might make a good mommy, she would certainly be able to have you help her model all those nice outfits. I see Gus as a stronger daddy though, but I shudder to think he would probably make you a wrought iron crib.” Emily thought about how recently Linda had come up with a new outfit for her, instead of discussing it, like they had before. And Candy had told her to wash her hands, not pointed out the soap and left it at that, but actually to wash her hands. Her just spending time around an Amazon like Chase had changed how they viewed her. What Chase was saying was possible. “But maybe they won’t,” Chase said, surprising Emily. “They like you. They know you. They might ignore something like that, say that drunken pissing or whatever it might be is something that could happen to anyone.” Emily nodded. “That’s right.” “Yes, that’s right, but what about all the bigs who are coming around here for Linda’s clothing. Can you keep avoiding them?” “I… maybe… yes.” “And,” Chase continued as if Emily had said nothing, “one of them is certain to ask Linda, ‘That little blonde girl, who is her mother?’” Chase spoke in a nasally, high tone that Emily thought of as suburban posh. In any other circumstance, she might have laughed. “And Linda, bless her, will tell them that you live by yourself.” Chase shook her head. Emily could not deny it could happen. “Or perhaps you’ll run into a Jessica who is not an idiot, or the next time that you are about to be spanked no one will be there to stop it. Then what?” Emily did not have an answer. Chase did. “You’ll end up in some suburban nursery, or just a small room that someone has pushed a crib into, or maybe some intercity apartment with a teenage ‘mother’ who thought she was ready for the responsibility. Or perhaps a state orphanage.” It was a dark set of possibilities that Chase described. “You might end up being an object lesson for a child. Have you ever seen that? Some little being made an object of ridicule, so some child will see that they need to master their potty training.” Emily had heard of that, though she had never seen it. Or she assumed she had never seen it. For all, she knew that was what happened to all the littles in the care of bigs she had seen around the apartment building. “And you’ll certainly not enjoy the fine things in life, sadly few littles ever do. Hand me downs that never fit quite right, low-quality diapers, baby food.” Chase smiled and gave a little shudder. “Though I suppose if you are lucky enough to be taken by one of the Amazons who come here you may still enjoy having Linda make your clothing for you… maybe.” “That won’t happen,” Emily said, but she was surprised at how uncertain her voice sounded. “Really?” Chase asked, arching an eyebrow. Emily said nothing. Chase reached out and grabbed her by the ankle, began to pull her close. Emily made a halfhearted effort to stop her, caught at the sheet below her, but Chase easily overcame the small amount of resistance. She pulled Emily up, sat her on her lap, and wrapped her arms around the small woman. Emily felt Chase place her chin atop her head for a moment. “I would spoil you rotten,” Chase said. Emily supposed she would, and as much as the thought of being spoiled appealed, she did not want it in the way Chase meant. “Your nursery would be large, and well lit, full of beautiful things, and all your clothing would be made for you. And I’d make sure you got prime rib from the Modern Well at least once a week.” “Which you’d cut up and feed me,” Emily said softly. “Of course, I want to make sure all that yummy steak gets in your tummy.” She reached down and rubbed Emily’s belly, then she grasped the bottom of the t-shirt and yanked it cleanly off, tossing it aside, leaving Emily naked but for her panties. The room was cool, but Chase once more hugged her close, and Chase was warm. “I’d want you to be happy. As happy as I could arrange. Seventy-five percent happy, maybe even eighty.” “Not a hundred percent?” Emily asked a touch of sarcasm in her tone. “Oh Emily, so few people get to be one hundred percent happy.” Emily suspected that Chase considered herself to be a person who got to be one hundred percent happy. Still, she could not deny that seventy-five percent would be pretty good. “And most importantly,” Chase continued, “and that no one else will offer, I need Emily Black to work for me, so unlike everyone else who might take care of you, I only want your diapers full of mush, not your head.” Emily stiffened in Chase’s grasp. Of course, there would be diapers. For a second there she had been thinking to be in Chase’s care might not be so bad, especially compared to the alternatives Chase had laid out. But Chase still wanted her in wet and messy diapers, ultimately no better than a baby for all the others things she had said. “I brought the little surprise you left for me back in your other apartment. How about we get you dressed up in that sailor dress and we’ll go down, and you can thank Linda for making you such a pretty outfit and tell her how much you love it.” “No,” Emily said softly. She was picturing the surprise in Linda’s eyes, but she was sure there would be a bit of pleasure there as well, seeing the dress she had made being worn so well. Linda would accept it and from that point on Emily would just be another little whose ‘mommy’ brought her to have clothing made. That would hurt. “No?” Chase said, and she kissed the top of Emily’s head. “You don’t want Linda to be successful? I was thinking of making her my personal seamstress. It would help her, and there is some protection in that, just in case one of the bigs who visits her gets some ideas in their heads about taking care of an inbetweener.” Emily suspected that Chase herself had had such thoughts, and things like that were known to happen to some inbetweeners, And Linda was dealing with an increasing number of bigs. Dammit she thought, feeling more and more boxed in. “Make sure you smile and curtsey, so Linda knows you are happy,” Chase said, hugging Emily almost painfully tight for a moment. “And then we’ll go down and see Gus, and you can thank him for always helping you.” Gus! Gus who was all muscle. Gus who worked as a bouncer in the clubs. Gus who had put plenty of bigs in their place. Gus who would make sure no big gave Linda any problems. Gus would get her clear of Chase, in a second. All she had to do was ask. Chase had screwed up, lost in her thoughts of humiliating Emily in front of all her friends. Then Emily wondered what Chase would do. She might, Emily thought, call the police. She could tell them Gus had kidnapped her little girl. Emily had been working for Chase for a month. Plenty of witnesses would speak to that. It would be no problem for Chase to say she was Emily’s guardian. And if the police believed that then Gus would end up in so much trouble. She could not do that to him. Again, she would have to behave just like Chase said, give Gus no reason to think she did not want to be in Chase’s care. She suddenly pictured a look of betrayal crossing his face, as if all the time they had known each other Emily had been tricking him. And then acceptance, of Emily as just another of those littles who could not handle the adult world. And then dismissal as she was classed within a group of people he had no time for. That was going to hurt a lot. “We’ll be back here of course,” Chase told her, “and you’ll have an opportunity to tell all your other neighbours about how happy you are. Everyone except that bartender. He is strange, and I will not take you to a bar like that.” Emily almost laughed for she may have drunk her last gin and tonic. Unless she did something. “Can you give me a little time to think about it?” she asked, keeping her voice soft, guileless. Chase had given her time before. Emily would just need a few hours to disappear, to muddy her trail. “Oh Emily,” Chase said, sounding sad, “I told you that you were bound to make a mistake that you could not recover from. Do you think, now that I have hugged you so tight that I could ever let you go? Especially since you’ve already spent so much time trying to get away from me?” Emily’s eyes widened. “That’s not fair,” she cried and was amazed at how much a little girl she sounded. Chase laughed and whisked Emily’s panties down her legs. “I know the adult world often seems that way, but it is for the best.” She carelessly tossed Emily’s panties across the room where by chance or design they found their way into a garbage pail. “Now let’s get you dressed,” Chase said as she stood. “I know you don’t have any diapers here, but maybe Linda will have a few, stashed away for a baby who might need a change. Oh, Emily, we are going to be so busy.” Emily, helpless in Chase’s arms could say nothing. The fate she had so long tried to avoid had caught up with her. And she honestly was no longer sure if that was completely a bad thing. The hot days of summer had faded into the cold of fall. While the nights brought with them a chill that hinted at winter, the days could still be warm. It was on one of those warm, sunny days, around noon that Chase Morgan had taken a walk during lunch. She was dressed in a dark red skirt, with a cream blouse, a sweater of green tied around her neck in a jaunty manner. The modest heels of her oxfords clicked sharply on the sidewalk, and the stroller she pushed rolled along on silent wheels. People smiled at her when the passed, and Chase returned those smiles. A number of people who knew her said hello. She had just crossed the street and was beginning back towards her building when she heard someone call, “Chase!” She recognised the voice. Turned to see Lyle Redmond on the other side of the street, holding the hand of a little. Lyle looked both ways, then dashed across the street, pulling the little, Tiffy, along with him. The girl had to take three steps to every one of Lyle’s, but Chase could see that he had a tight hold on her, and was not going to let her fall. She could not fault him for how he took care of his girls. They were both dressed well, Lyle in a navy suit, Tiffy in a cute, dark brown dress. He gave Tiffy a lift as he stepped up over the curb. Her short dress skirt puffed up revealing the little’s diapers. “Chase, it’s been a while,” he told her, smiling. Chase returned his smile, looked down at Tiffy, then back at him. “I’ve been busy, you know how it is.” He nodded, still smiling. “I do indeed. You’ve made a lot of partnerships recently. I really wish you had agreed to sell.” She smiled. “Nothing wrong with a little competition.” He nodded, returned her smile. It seemed a little forced. “True enough. I’ve heard that you have hired Emily Black. Care to tell me how you managed that?” “Oh, Miss Black and I have a lot in common, a bond if you will. We’re women of the world.” From the stroller, it was possible the occupant made a rude sound, though it could have easily been a burp or a sneeze. Lyle looked towards the stroller. “Is this the little girl you brought to the party?” Chase smiled. “Yes, she is.” She smoothly spun the stroller around so the Lyle could see the occupant. “This is EmEm.” Emily was dressed in a short, pink skirt (a much lighter shade of the red that Chase wore), her thick, white disposable diaper in full view, and wore a pale green sweater. Her little black mary janes were similar in colour and material to Chase’s shoes. Chase was positive that she saw Lyle’s eyes move, his gaze darting from Emily in her stroller to Tiffy at his side. “She’s adorable,” he said. Chase smiled. She had gotten Emily’s hair long enough to do up in little girl bunches on either side of her head. She still was not sure if she wanted to grow Emily’s hair longer yet, the short styles were charming on her. Chase leaned down and pulled the pacifier from Emily’s mouth. “Say hello to Mr Redmond EmEm,” she said. “Hello Mr Redmond,” Emily said, in her pure, sweet voice, just the hint of a lisp in it. That lisp was so perfect, hard to get Emily to produce too, but worth the time. This time she was sure she saw him look from Emily to Tiffy. Chase knew that he was comparing their voices and she knew Emily would win that competition. Of course, there was no competition, and it was wrong to compare daughters because they were both lovely little girls. But Emily was the better. Lyle looked away from Emily, back to Chase as Chase put the pacifier back in Emily’s mouth. “She’s lucky to have you taking care of her.” His light tone seemed forced to Chase. “I’m lucky to have the opportunity. Little EmEm almost got lost from me.” “That would have been terrible.” He almost sounded genuine. Chase nodded. “As enjoyable as it is to speak about our little girls, there is some business I would like to ask about. I don’t suppose you could get Emily Black to find some time for some work for me, could you? I have a big project coming up, and she would be invaluable to it.” Chase smiled and shook her head. “I’m afraid that Miss Black is far too busy. I am working on making an offer for the big contract that ‘Sugar and Spice’ has got out. Lyle’s smile actually faded. “My company is making an offer on that as well.” “Is it really?” Chase asked, faking the surprise in her tone. “Well, I am sure that it will be like you said that time, that all your experience will be a major factor.” He nodded, the fake smile back. “Yes, of course. Well, competition is good.” He looked between Chase and Emily. Chase was quite pleased with the feeling of victory. She would have to come up with a special reward for Emily. “I have to run,” he told her, seeming to get over his surprise. “You should come over to the house soon, our girls can have a playdate. We can talk business.” “That sounds nice,” Chase said, enjoying that the lord of the manor was making an entreaty to her. She supposed that made her a queen. He nodded. “It was good to see you. Come along Tiffy,” he said as he led the girl away. Chase watched them go, smiled, and spun the stroller back around, pushing it again towards her building. One of the staff held the door open as Chase came in, directing the stroller into the lobby. She thanked the man and walked towards reception. Claire and Kristen no longer worked there; Chase had promoted them, feeling their experience was of better use elsewhere. Two new young women manned the desk now, a recent hire named Amanda and (somewhat to everyone’s surprise) Jessica King. Jessica had gotten in trouble with her school and was in danger of being sent back a few grades. About a month after Chase had fired her the young woman had come back and literally begged to be given another chance. “Good afternoon Miss Morgan,” Amanda said, bright and chipper. She was a proverbial ray of sunshine and could make even the dourest of visitors smile. “Did you and little EmEm have a good stroll?” she asked as she came around the desk and knelt in front of the stroller. “Yes, most pleasant,” Chase said, smiling as she recalled the look on Lyle’s face. “And little EmEm enjoyed some fresh air in her pretty new outfit.” The soft giggle from the stroller told Chase that once more the ever bright Amanda had gotten to her daughter. “Jessica, come here and take a look at little EmEm’s new outfit.” Chase had told Jessica in no uncertain terms that completing her internship would require good reports from her supervisor, Amanda, so Jessica came out from behind the reception desk. Perhaps not as quick as she might have. Chase would mention that to Amanda. The terms of her second chance were not completely obvious, but if you knew to look you could see how the diaper she wore rounded out her bottom under the skirt, and you could hear the soft plastic rustle when she moved. ‘If you pissed your pants once you might again, I can’t have that,’ Chase had told her. She really had no concerns that Jessica would have such an accident, but she thought it would make Emily more accepting of her diapers if she knew Jessica wore them as well. And while it probably did not, the fact seemed to bring a smile to Emily’s face, which alone made it well worth it. “Yes, it’s very pretty,” Jessica said as she came to stand in front of the stroller. “And look at her bright white diaper,” Amanda exclaimed. Chase suspected that Emily was probably blushing a little, she knew for a fact Jessica was. “If you’ll excuse me, ladies,” Chase said, pushing the stroller towards the elevators. She spoke to a few more people on her way up, smiled as people expressed delight over Emily, and on the twenty-third floor pushed the stroller into her office suite. There Kristen was waiting. Lisa had been promoted, given a position as a liaison between Chase’s company and the other companies they were entering into partnerships with. She had promoted Kristen to her executive assistant and was so far quite pleased with the young woman. “Good afternoon Miss Morgan, did you and EmEm enjoy your walk?” “Quite pleasant, thank you. Any messages?” “Nothing important, though Mr Julian of Evertech called, he wanted to move the meeting thirty minutes ahead. Your schedule was clear, so I told him that it was okay.” “That’s fine.” Kristen knelt in front of the stroller. “Want me to change EmEm?” “No,” Chase said with a smile, “she’ll be fine.” Kristen stood, looking just a little disappointed. Chase was somewhat greedy when it came to taking care of Emily. She pushed the stroller into her office, swung it around and tucked it into a corner where it was out of the way. She knelt down and released the safety straps from that held Emily safe and secure, then slid a finger into Emily’s diaper. The flush of red across Emily’s cheeks was probably not wholly due to embarrassment Chase thought, smiling, her large fingers gently caressing Emily between her legs. “Still dry,” she announced, a little disappointed, but careful not show it as she drew her fingers from the diaper. She took the pacifier from Emily’s mouth and then lifted her from the stroller, swinging her up into the air. “So high!” she said. Emily looked a little alarmed, which was one of her many adorable looks. Chase brought her lower, so they were eye to eye, then she dipped her a little and kissed her on the forehead. “What an adorable little girl I have.” A tiny smile flashed on Emily’s face for a moment. Crossing the room in a few steps, Chase bent over and put Emily in her playpen, among the expensive plush toys scattered within it. The playpen was at the side of the room, the polished oak bars fitting in well with the rest of the room’s furniture. There was a change table in Chase’s personal bathroom. She had not brought a lot of baby furniture into her office. It was still a place of business. Still holding Emily under her arms, she looked down at the little. She suspected that Emily had not fully accepted her new place in the world, which was fine with Chase. It just made it more enjoyable. “Do you know why mommy calls you EmEm?” Emily looked up at her, a guileless look of confusion on her face that made her look so innocent. After a few seconds, she said, “No Mama.” Smiling Chase leaned in and kissed her on her forehead again. “Because EmEm is my two adorable little rabbits.” She began to tickle Emily through her clothing until Emily was giggling happily (and perhaps even wetting her diapers a little, Chase could hope). She then gave Emily a gentle push and lowered her onto her thickly diapered bottom with a soft ‘thump’. “You be good, and mommy will play with you once Mr Julian leaves.” She picked up a cheap, plasticky looking pink laptop, covered in decals of a popular cartoon with ponies. She placed the laptop on Emily’s lap. “Yes Mama,” Emily said. Chase turned away from her and went to her own desk. She took a seat, then looked towards the playpen, where Emily was already bent over the laptop, looking like a little girl playing at being an adult. Of course, Chase and a few others knew that was not the case, but it did not hurt to let everyone else think that Emily was just as she appeared. Emily may not have needed to be taken care of, but Chase was of the opinion that she benefitted from it. Less time worrying about paying rent, doing chores, even keeping her pants dry, more time focused on her work. Feeling content, she turned to her own laptop. She had some notes to review before her meeting with Paul Julian. The first thing Emily did whenever logging onto a computer was to make sure that no one had put a keylogger on the computer, or was watching her with some sort of spyware. Not that it had happened, but as Chase had taught her, she could not afford to make mistakes. The second thing she did was check her accounts. Chase had not tried to take control of Emily’s property, whether as a way to show some respect or that she just had never thought about it. She also had, likely unknowingly, given Emily Black access to Morgan and Stone’s bank accounts. Accessing money from them would be illegal, but Emily was willing to consider it. She could put things in place quickly enough to arrange for her kidnapping… rescue, to arrange for her rescue whenever she wanted. Though the people performing the rescue would likely think it a kidnapping…. That Emily had not was because she knew that Chase would come looking for her, and she was pretty sure that were she to find her (and Emily was giving it about a thirty-five percent chance at the moment) that there would be punishments for running away. That meant if she were going to arrange her rescue she would have to do something about Chase. Violence had never crossed Emily’s mind, but she thought she might be able to pass some evidence of wrongdoing on to the right authorities that could get Chase in trouble. Chase’s recent and rapid growth had led her to cut a few corners, nothing serious or really illegal, but it would require being addressed in court. If Chase was busy in court than Emily could use that time to make sure Chase did not find her. But she really did not want to do that to Chase. At least not yet. Chase had been good to her word. Emily was spoiled rotten. The playpen, with its soft, fluffy silk floor, and polished oak bars, was like all the things Chase had bought for her; beautiful and well made. Her clothing was all custom made (naturally, though visits to Linda were always a little embarrassing), with none of the silly little mobility limiting tricks that some littles had to deal with. (Linda had actually turned her old apartment into a complete studio and workroom and was living in Emily’s old apartment.) And her diapers were the best. So absorbent that Emily was often not even aware when they were wet (which of course was probably the point). She had met enough other littles in similar situations to know that she was pretty lucky. She had seen them in ugly clothing, badly fitting, obviously cheap diapers. Strollers of ugly plastics and plain aluminium. Likely the baby furniture in their lives was equally shoddy. And she had seen what they ate. Having Chase feed her delicious food was infinitely preferable to the other options littles dealt with. She was likely eating better than many gourmands. Of course, the doctor at that stupid clinic was telling Chase a blander diet, more suited to a little, was what Emily should be eating. Fortunately, Chase did not take well to being told how to look after her daughter. And she did not have a toddler or infant-like mind, as happened to many littles. The Etiquette school that Chase had sent her to had made her a bed wetter, but she had left the school after four weeks still able to get to the potty… most of the time. She had been humbled at that school, learned that while she might be a genius when it came to computers and tech, she was as a slow child compared to those bigs who had mastered the art of making littles accept their status as small children. She had known what was going to happen, had been sure she could resist, passively of course, and make Chase realise that her plan was not going to work. And then after barely six days she was not able to stay dry when she was asleep, and the circular logic word traps (as she thought of them) started going around in her head. It was okay for little girls to wet their beds, and she wet her bed, so she was a little girl.... How stupid, but it had stuck in her mind, and if she thought too long about it she ended up getting distracted, usually be her work. When she had left the school, she had figured she had been at the level of a preschooler. She mostly got to the potty on time and had only had one messy accident, and that was only because another girl had been using the potty and Emily had waited a little too long to ask. She had seen other girls become nearly infants in only two weeks, so she suspected her teachers were using kid gloves, as it were, on her. Probably because Chase needed her to be Emily Black as well as EmEm. She suddenly stopped typing on her laptop. “Something wrong EmEm,” Chase asked from her desk. “Do you need the potty?” “No mama,” Emily said, “I just got why I was two rabbits.” Chase laughed. “So smart.” It was condescending, but Emily had heard far worst being directed at other littles from their mommies or daddies, so she was willing to take it as a compliment. She returned to her typing. There had been a few more messy accidents since leaving the school, and she was not making it to the potty when she had to pee as often as she had before. Chase made sure Emily enjoyed when her diapers were wet and the subsequent diaper changes. Emily was only human after all and pleasure was a strong motivator. No, she had not given up the idea she might win free of Chase but wanted to be sure when she made her attempt. Failure was not an option. And for the moment she got to live well and do what she loved. And got to be with the person she loved, who loved her back, though not in the way Emily would have preferred. She had even talked Chase out of the ballet lessons in favour of yoga (though ballet remained a threat if her work was never up to the standards Chase wanted), Chase had promised her about seventy-five percent happiness, maybe eighty. It was close to that. Emily felt a bit of pressure from her bladder, and her bottom, and thought maybe she should ask for the potty, but the work she had started was so interesting. Surely she would be fine if she waited. And she was in diapers after all. As she worked, Emily was not aware that she was smiling. It was the same smile that Chase had wanted to see more of. A similar smile was on Chase’s face at the moment as little and big worked together, equally content. Well, Chase was more content, but if you had asked she would have said that was only fair. She was bigger after all. Author’s Notes When I had first decided to try to write a story about a little in the Diaper Dimension who knew what things were like and was trying to avoid ending up in diapers my little character was a Sherlock Homles style deductive genius. Because she was a little, she had to team up with a sympathetic (also somewhat lazy and greedy and with zero interest in children) big who would act the great detective while the little was really solving the crimes. It was an all right idea, but I am the pants when it comes to writing mysteries. As I played around with the various ideas, I thought about how a little living in secret might be discovered. I thought it might be interesting if she found out that someone was up to something illegal and had to go to court to testify. There were some fun ideas there, like the judge ordering the bailiff to ‘pull down that girl’s pants and make sure she is diapers!’ and then, ‘Training panties may be diapers by the letter of the law, but not the spirit and not in my court. Bailiff, take her and put her in proper court diapers!’ She might even be found in contempt of court for not keeping her pacifier in her mouth. Fun, but it did not quite get where I wanted. When I initially envisioned this story, I figured Emily would end up in diapers. After all, it is the Diaper Dimension, and she is a protagonist little. It’s like a universal law after all. And as I was writing in another person’s world, I wanted to respect that world. And a character who breaks the settings universal laws begins to shift into sueish territories. IMO. But when people started indicating a hope that Emily would ‘win’ I had to give it some thought. However, Ausdpr made a good point, that it is not so much if she will end up in a nursery, but the quality of that nursery. Which became part of Chase’s argument near the end. Plus, come on, 4 foot tall, waifish, cute girl with a messy, self-inflicted bob… I wanted to see her in diapers. I kind of skipped the entire ‘baby training’ part, but as there are lots of excellent stories out there that I did not think that Chasing Emily would suffer from not having such scenes. As a side note in my mind Emily was sent to Miss Fairchild’s School for Maturity and Etiquette. It seems like an excellent place for Chase to get the results she wanted. I hope you enjoyed the story. I appreciate all the feedback I got and found many of the suggestions interesting. Thank you.
  6. Welp, I'm finally getting to starting to repost some of my fics here that were lost in the Great Crash. Let's start with this one... and maybe with a surprise at the end... (CONTENT WARNING: Has a 10-year-old girl being diapered and babied. No sexual content/details, though - it's all very innocent and cutesy.) ----------------------------------------------- Two Weeks After Final Battle of Book-of-Darkness Incident Harlaown Residence (Midchilda) - 8:30 AM The shy, sensitive, and very magically-powerful 10-year-old little blonde girl known as Fate sat on the edge of the big, plush guest bed, wearing just a loose yellow t-shirt and plain white panties, nervously running a hand along the dark-pink comforter that covered pale-pink sheets as she waited for Lindy. For the past month or two, Lindy Harlaown had been acting as Fate’s guardian and caretaker, to the point of recently taking Fate into her home, providing food & shelter under her own roof as well as emotional support. A bond that Fate couldn’t quite recognize had formed, gradually growing stronger and stronger as she and Lindy interacted more. Right now, Nanoha and Chrono were away on a mission, Yūno and Arf were at work in the Infinity Library, and Fate & Lindy were both on leave together starting yesterday, just the two of them at the Harlaown home, with the cheerful mother happily taking care of the young mage, cooking meals for her, helping her wash her very long hair (though from the front or the side, as Fate still felt ashamed about the whip-scars on her back being seen by anyone, even Nanoha), even watching a couple movies together, and it gave the troubled little girl a strange, warm feeling. Yesterday evening, Fate had come upon an open holo-browser, left open by Lindy as she was busy in another room, showing a site of suggestions for helping neglected/abused children overcome trust issues, learn to relax, and other benefits, with one particular odd method on-screen. Fate had sat there, her cheeks a little flushed and her imagination active, and then Lindy had quickly returned, looking shocked and a bit panicked upon noticing. She’d laughed nervously, apologizing and saying what a strange and ‘ridiculous’ idea it was. Imagine her surprise when, quietly, shyly, nervously, Fate had suggested that maybe they could try it. Lindy had triple-checked if Fate was really sure, and the shy blonde had, upon some thought, said yes. They would start this morning, and continue for anywhere between two days and the whole week, depending on how comfortable Fate was with it. It had taken her a little while to fall asleep last night, due to the conflicting emotions within her heart. Now, with nervous anticipation, Fate waited. Finally, Lindy came into the room, setting a colorful box with the necessary supplies down on the floor beside the bed. She bent down to Fate’s eye level, reaching a hand out to gently cradle the little girl’s cheek; Fate was now used to Lindy’s touch enough that she no longer recoiled or stiffened from it, and in fact it seemed to relax her a bit sometimes. “Are you absolutely sure you want to go through with this, sweetie?” the mother asked, softly stroking Fate’s cheek. In response, Fate’s little hands gently grabbed hold of Lindy’s hand, holding it as the blonde looked up at her. “Yes” she replied softly. “I admit, I’m really nervous and maybe even a little scared, but… but I’ll try it. I… I trust you, Lindy-san… Please take good care of me.” Lindy smiled. “I will” she said as she used her other hand to gently pet Fate’s head. “I promise you that, Fate. Now, let’s get you all set.” Fate let go of Lindy’s hand, allowing the woman to begin pulling Fate’s shirt up and off. The little blonde blushed as the garment was pulled away, leaving bare her meager breasts – just starting to bud – and her cute little tummy; previously, when she had first been ‘inducted’ into the good guys, she was skinny and underweight for her age & height, but a few months of a proper diet courtesy of Lindy had rectified that, and (to her embarrassment, despite Lindy & Shamal saying it was at a healthy/normal point, especially for a girl her age) she now had a little bit of a belly, soft and (as Nanoha and Lindy had independently discovered) sensitive. Insistently but gently, Lindy ‘pushed’ Fate onto her back on the bed, the little blonde resting her folded hands just above her stomach and blushing as she felt her caretaker start to pull her underwear down. Fate let out the tiniest of whimpers as her privates were exposed, her sensitive bottom now in direct contact with the cool, fluffy comforter of the bed. She saw and heard as Lindy reached down into the box to grab the ‘supplies’, and then focused her eyes on the cream-colored ceiling, too bashful to look down at what was about to take place. Fate’s blush deepened as magic lifted, bent, and spread her legs, holding them up and open. The Binds then lifted her legs and hips up off the bed, and she heard the rustling, crinkling sound as the object was opened and then carefully slid into position below her bottom. Lindy then did something that Fate couldn’t see, and then Fate let out a (rather cute) startled squeak as, for the first time, she experienced the sensation of baby powder being sprinkled onto her butt, coating it. Her hips were slowly lowered onto the open (and already powdered) diaper, and then she let out a shuddered breath, face still red, as Lindy baby-powdered her crotch, mound, the creases of her thighs, and her lower belly. Lindy then closed the diaper up and taped it on nice and tight. “There we go, honey” she said with a little smile. “All done.” Fate wiggled her hips around a little bit. The diaper fit snugly on her lower body, comfortably so. The soft, bulky, puffy padding supported her butt a little bit off the bed, and forced her thighs apart. As she moved, wiggling her bottom on the bed and opening & closing her legs a little bit, she heard it crinkle and felt the puffy-soft padding and baby powder against her skin. Though she felt very embarrassed, she still couldn’t deny that it felt kinda nice. She lifted her head up to have a look at the diaper; it was puffy, the bulk visibly enveloping her crotch area and forcing her thighs apart, white with a row of little pink hearts and flowers on the upper front. Fate blushed brightly, feeling very shy and self-conscious right now, especially with Lindy looking down at her with a big smile. Lindy let out a little cuteness-struck giggle. “You’re absolutely adorable in a diaper, Fate. …Well, of course, even without it you’re one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen, but the diaper just about doubles it!” Fate’s face was red as she sat up, thought she felt the strange urge to smile a little as well that she couldn’t quite comprehend. Lindy reached forward and gently pulled Fate into a hug, the little blonde letting out a squeak as the mother’s hand gave her padded bottom a couple of soft pats. After a couple seconds, she relaxed in Lindy’s arms a little more than usual, the recently-emerged feeling of comfort and security that the woman’s hugs gave her being stronger than before. Lindy tucked Fate’s head under her chin, and began softly rubbing Fate’s back. The little blonde stiffened a bit, letting out the tiniest of whimpers; she was still a little uncomfortable regarding her back, and Lindy’s soft, warm hands could almost-certainly feel the scars. But the woman showed no signs of caring about that, and before long Fate murmured softly as she relaxed again, the gesture proving to be strangely very soothing. She closed her eyes and shyly returned the hug as best she could, causing Lindy to let out a quiet giggle and nuzzle her closer. Yes, Fate decided, this was actually kinda nice. And, despite the embarrassing-ness of it, the diaper was actually pretty comfy, too, and as a little girl she couldn’t help but feel a little bit drawn to the cute design. “Now then…” Lindy said as she (eventually) released Fate from the hug. “Shall we go have breakfast?” Fate gave a little nod, and took Lindy’s offered hand. She set her bare feet down on the soft carpet, and Lindy began leading her out, moving slowly. Fate’s blush flared up again; the thick, powdered diaper felt odd (though not exactly unpleasant) as she walked, and its puffy bulk forced her legs apart enough to give her steps a little waddle, in addition to the garment rustling and crinkling as she moved. She was also embarrassed about being naked except for the diaper and the two pigtail-holding bows in her hair, though the fact that Lindy was the only other person in the house for the next week mitigated that; she would likely still automatically be careful not to let her back be in Lindy’s sight, though. Lindy led Fate out into the living room, over to the big comfy chair. Fate had a seat, feeling the thick, powdered padding over her bottom; Lindy giggled at how Fate’s sitting position, leaned back with legs spread, was essentially displaying and showing off her diaper, and then headed off to the kitchen. The little blonde girl sat there, occasionally shifting around in her seat a little, hearing and feeling her diaper as she did so. She cautiously brought a hand down, slowly moving it over the soft, cool plastic, and then gave it a couple little squeezes. With a blush on her cheeks, the tiniest of smiles formed on her face without her being aware of it, as she dwelled on the strange feelings of security and physical & emotional comfort. Lindy came back into the room, now carrying a plate of food on top of a small floating rune that hovered along beside her. Curious as to why she would bring the food in here, Fate got up out of the chair and made to start moving toward the kitchen, only for Lindy to gently grab her by the arm and stop her. The woman then sat on the chair, and patted her thigh. “Come here, Fate” she said with a warm smile. “Come up on my lap.” Feeling very shy, Fate nonetheless did as she was told, climbing up onto Lindy’s lap, blushing from the feel and sound of her diaper as she did so. Lindy grabbed and maneuvered her into position, so that she was reclining in a semi-diagonal position across the woman’s lap; her head was comfortably tucked in against Lindy’s left shoulder and upper chest, with Lindy’s arm around her shoulders & neck supporting her head, while her torso and legs went across to the right, her slim legs bent a little so she would fit on the chair without her little feet hanging over the edge. She let out a tiny murmur as Lindy’s right hand briefly, softly stroked her bare tummy while the other arm cuddled her a little closer. The magically-supported plate of food drifted closer, and Fate felt her mouth water a little at the smell. Lindy’s right hand reached out and grabbed a fork, spearing a piece of food on it, and then brought it up to Fate’s face. Fate’s blush deepened as she realized Lindy intended to feed her; she looked up, her innocent red eyes showing bashful confusion, but Lindy simply smiled down at her. Turning her attention back to what was in front of her, Fate shyly opened her mouth and allowed Lindy to push the food in, pulling the fork back out once Fate closed her mouth. The little blonde let out a quiet noise of appreciation as she chewed & swallowed; Lindy’s cooking always made her feel a little warm & fuzzy inside. Over the next several minutes, Lindy hand-fed Fate her breakfast, feeling the diapered blonde increasingly relax as the meal progressed, even semi-subconsciously snuggling closer to her. Finally, once Fate had eaten every last bite, she let out a sigh and relaxed, her cheeks flushing a little, as Lindy’s hand started to slowly, softly rub her bare tummy. After a minute or so of this, she gave the front of Fate’s diaper a couple of soft pats, making the girl squeak quietly, and then carefully got up off the chair while somehow keeping Fate on it, gently lowering her back onto it. “I’ll be right back, sweetie” she said as she caressed Fate’s cheek. “Then maybe we can watch something together. Okay?” “Okay…” Fate replied quietly, one hand held up to her mouth. Lindy petted her on the head and then walked away, and Fate relaxed as she leaned back against the couch, blushing as she looked down at her diapered crotch and rested a hand on her pleasantly-full tummy. Again, a tiny smile formed on her face, but this time she was conscious of it. ----------------------------------------------- Should I try to space posts out (i.e., wait for at least one other person to post a comment after each entry), or just rush 'em out in a flood?
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    Summer's Retreat

    Summer's Retreat by BabyStevie26 "These grades are abysmal," her father said. "I didn't raise a dullard. Do you expect your tutors to be pleased to find out you've wasted their time?" "That-that's not-" "It's not what?" Father said, his lips curled into a sneer. "Not that the work was hard? Was it just laziness, then?" "No!" she said. "Some girls in my class, they needed help-" "Then next time you will deny them," Father snapped. "You have enough problems of your own without contributing to others' failure." Summer closed her eyes and cried as her father's tirade continued. She begged, prayed to be somewhere, anywhere else. -------------------- Summer opened her eyes. Then blinked as nothing seemed immediately familiar.Where am I? Summer asked herself.She wasn't sure what had just happened. One moment her father was berating her for getting C's in school. The next she was someplace else entirely. Looking around she saw she was sitting on her knees on a carpet in front of a coffee table. A child's coloring book was open in front of her, overlarge crayons scattered around. A green one was in her hand. Further in front of her was a television. It was currently turned off. Reflected in the screen was the sofa directly behind Summer, as well as Summer herself.What am I wearing? Summer thought. She looked down at herself. She needed to see it with her own eyes because the image reflected the screen was simply too absurd. Yet when she looked down she saw exactly the same thing that was in the reflection.Seventeen year old Summer was wearing a pastel pink one piece dress. Its hem, sleeves, and collar were ruffled. It would've been adorable… on a preschooler or something. Which brought to mind what else she was wearing. Sitting on her knees she could tell the ruffly pink dress went barely halfway past her thighs. As a result, it was easy to see her underwear poking out. Her thick, white, padded underwear.Why am I wearing a diaper? Summer thought.Any further questions were interrupted by a woman entering the room. Summer immediately recognized the short black bob of her Aunt Jennifer, or "Aunt Jenn", as she had insisted on being called. Summer watched as her uncle's wife moved about the room, dusting the shelves. She paid Summer no mind, going about her task as if Summer were not even there.Summer kept quiet, terrified of drawing attention to herself. She liked Aunt Jenn, she really did. Yet even knowing Aunt Jenn was one of the nicest people Summer had known her mind imagined the woman seeing her and demanding to know why Summer was sitting in her home dressed like a toddler.Butterflies gathered in Summer's stomach as that image filled her mind. She found herself leaning forward to try ease the feeling. She heard a crinkling noise as she moved and realized it was the diaper wrapped around her. Aunt Jenn noticed, too. She looked directly at Summer when she heard the crinkle. Rather than the screaming tirade Summer had anticipated, Aunt Jenn smiled at her and finished her dusting without a word. Summer watched her aunt, wondering how she could take Summer's outlandish appearance in stride.Summer tried to speak up, tried to tell Aunt Jenn this wasn't what it looked like. She opened her mouth, but no words came out. She couldn't bring herself to even make a sound as Aunt Jenn went back into the kitchen.Summer's stomach had begun to feel better, so Summer straightened out of her hunched over pose and sat back down. That was when she felt something squish against her bottom half. Summer's face turned pale, then became completely red as she began to realize what a squishy sensation from a diaper had to mean. If she had any doubts, the odor that began to hit her nostrils took care of them.When… when did that happen? Summer thought. The only thing she could think of was when she leaned forward moments before. She had just thought she was nervous. Apparently it had been more than that.Now a sound did escape Summer. A soft sobbing as she began to cry. It wasn't loud, Summer had never been loud, so no one responded to her distress. Summer's self-pity was interrupted by the sound of a door opening and closing, followed by a voice calling out."I'm home!" it said, breaking Summer out of her daze. She looked up an saw a young girl walk in from the front hallway. She looked just like Summer's younger cousin Bailey, except she seemed an extra foot taller than Summer remembered. She also didn't recall her cousin wearing glasses. Judging by the bag slung over Bailey's shoulder, Summer assumed she had just returned home from school. At the sight of the bag, Summer let out an involuntary whimper. Bailey's head turned to look at Summer, her head tilting one side."What's wrong, Summer?" Bailey asked with clear concern.She dropped her backpack and approached her crying, diapered, stinking cousin. Bailey's nose wrinkled as she noticed the last part. Then shook her head and sighed."Is that all it is?" Bailey ruffled Summer's hair and grinned at her. "You had me worried."Bailey walked behind Summer and lifted the back of Summer's dress. Summer felt a tug and realized only then that Bailey was checking her diaper. She heard Bailey "tsk" after a moment."Mom!" Bailey yelled out. "Summer needs a diaper change!"Summer thought she could not possibly be more mortified. Then she heard her aunt's reply."I know. I saw her in her pooping pose earlier," she called back from the kitchen. "Does it seem like she's done?""Pooping pose"? Summer thought. Her mind reeled at the implication. Was she referring to when Summer had been bent forward?Bailey looked at Summer for a few seconds before answering."Well, her face is still red, but it looks like it," she called to the kitchen. "She might have a rash, though. She's been crying.""Okay," Aunt Jenn called back. "Take her to the nursery and I'll change her when I'm done here.""Alright!" Bailey replied. She took hold of Summer's left arm. "C'mon, Summer. Let's go to your room."Bailey pulled on Summer's arm clearly trying to indicate the girl should stand up. Summer refused to move. She didn't so much fight as sit there as dead weight Bailey was not strong enough to move by force."We have to go upstairs so Mommy can change you," Bailey said as she tried to get the older girl to her feet. "Don't you want clean pants, Summer?"Summer desperately wanted just that. She just as desperately wanted to avoid moving around in dirty pants. She could feel the mess in the diaper shift and squish just from Bailey's attempts to move her. She dreaded trying to walk, let alone go up a flight of stairs, with a messy diaper smushing every step of the way.Fortunately, after a few more attempts to tug Summer to her feet, Bailey gave up."Mom! She won't move!"Summer's aunt came back into the room and saw Summer right where she'd been last, Bailey still holding her arm."In that case," she told Bailey, "go upstairs, please, and bring her changing supplies here.""'Kay." Bailey let go of Summer and got up to do as she was asked.Summer's aunt knelt down in front of the girl and smiled."It's all right, Summer," she said soothingly. "Mommy and Sissie are going to get you out of those icky pants and into a clean diaper in just a little bitty bit."She gave Summer a firm yet gentle push on her shoulder. Unlike Bailey, Aunt Jenn was strong enough to force her to move, so Summer soon found herself lying down on her left side. At that point Aunt Jenn took hold of Summer's legs, using them to help Summer turn onto her back. Summer whimpered as the motion shifted the mess around. Aunt Jenn whispered soothing nothings at her until Bailey came back down. With her head resting on the floor, Summer felt as much as heard her cousin's footsteps on the stairs and carpet as she returned."Perfect timing," Summer heard Aunt Jenn say. She then lifted Summer's legs until her bottom was off the floor. "Slip the pad under her, please."Summer's dress was hiked up past her waist as she was lowered back down. She heard something besides her diaper crinkle. She moved her head to try and see and found a plastic changing pad had been placed under her."Do you want any help?" Bailey asked as her mother got everything Bailey had brought down organized to her liking."I can handle the dirty work," Aunt Jenn replied, patting the front of the diaper Summer wore as she said it. "Keep Summer occupied, though. She's really distressed about something. Some attention from her Sissie might help.""Sure thing." Bailey sat down next to Summer's head."Hey, Summer," Bailey said in the sing-song people reserved for speaking to infants. "Look what I got!"She held a rattle over Summer's head and shook it in front of her face. Summer found herself enthralled by the jangling of the rattle. So much so she was only vaguely aware of the sound of tapes being torn. She immediately noticed the rush of the house's air conditioning on her bottom half as the diaper was opened. She closed her eyes and shuddered a little at the sensation.When the rattle stopped moving she looked at her cousin and saw her face scrunched up, clearly trying not to gag. Obviously the smell from the open diaper was getting to her. Summer couldn't help laughing at the expression on her face."You think that's funny, do you?" Bailey asked. She then started making faces at Summer, some with sounds. Summer started laughing as Bailey kept it up. Summer felt a hand grip her ankles as she started to kick."Sorry," Bailey told her mom."It's fine." Aunt Jenn pushed Summer's feet forward until her knees were at her chest."Hold her for a moment," Aunt Jenn instructed Bailey. Bailey took hold of Summer's ankles and held her legs in place. Summer couldn't see what was going on but yelped when something cold started moving across her lower body."It's weird…" Bailey said."What is?" Aunt Jenn asked."Summer's face. It's all red. It's not a sunburn and she isn't pooping anymore. It almost looks like she's blushing. Like she's embarrassed.""That is odd," Aunt Jenn replied. "I honestly can't remember Summer being embarrassed during a diaper change."Summer herself couldn't imagine not being embarrassed by a diaper change, since she didn't normally wear them at all in the first place, let alone need them changed. Obviously, her aunt and cousin thought differently. As far as they were concerned, she soiled herself often enough to earn a nickname for when it happened. Summer wanted to tell them to stop. To stop wiping her rear end. To stop talking like she wasn't even there. To tell them that, yes, she was embarrassed at being stripped down in front of her younger cousin after soiling herself.Say something! Summer screamed at herself. You're seventeen years old, for Heaven's sake, not seventeen months!She said nothing. She did nothing. Summer laid there, with that younger cousin holding Summer's legs so her dirty bottom was on full display to her aunt. That aunt was cleaning her niece's most private areas like it was the most normal thing in the world."All clean!" Aunt Jenn announced. Bailey continued to hold Summer's legs. Summer heard more crinkling noises and only after they stopped did Bailey lower Summer's lower body back down to the floor. Summer felt her bottom rest on something soft. Before she could register the obvious, Aunt Jenn was already sprinkling powder on Summer's lower half. After that she took the front of the clean diaper and folded it over Summer's front.Once it was secured, Aunt Jenn took Summer's hands and pulled her back up into a sitting position. Before standing up herself, she gave Summer a kiss on the forehead."All better now, huh?" she asked. She stood up before Summer could think of answering, revealing to Summer she was likely not expecting one."Do you have homework, Bailey?" she asked, turning her attention to her daughter."Just a little," Bailey said. "I'll have it done before dinner."Aunt Jenn agreed to that and went back to whatever she'd been up to in the kitchen. Bailey didn't leave. Instead she got her backpack. Summer flinched when Bailey plopped it down next to the coffee table. Bailey sat on her knees on the carpet next to Summer and began working. Summer sat passively and watched as her cousin worked on math. It seemed more advanced than the fourth grade math she remembered taking. That was when she noticed one corner of the worksheet Bailey was using. On it was what looked like a teacher's name. Below it were the words "sixth grade.""Sixth?" Summer asked out loud. Bailey looked up, then back down at her paper as she followed Summer's gaze."Yep, that's a six." Bailey smiled at Summer. "That's there to show I'm in sixth grade."Summer stared, but said nothing further. Bailey went back to her work, leaving Summer to her thoughts.Since when is Bailey in sixth grade? Summer thought. Then again, since when is Bailey suddenly a foot taller than she used to be? Since when did she wear glasses?Summer began looking around the room more. This time she was looking for something specific. She saw a clock and a few digital displays on some of the electronics, but all of them only had the time. That alone wouldn't confirm what she had begun to suspect.The kitchen! Summer thought. She stood up from the coffee table and began walking to the kitchen where her Aunt Jenn was currently cleaning the counter tops. Summer winced as she heard the diaper crinkle with her every motion. Bailey watched for a moment then went back to her schoolwork. In the kitchen, Summer looked around, trying to find what she was after.There, Summer found a calendar on the wall next to the pantry. On the bottom was the month and various little notes written in, such as Summer herself having a doctor appointment on the sixteenth. On the top page, mixed in with a picture of frolicking puppies, was a four digit number. Summer looked at the last digit and began to panic.Two years? she thought. The calendar's year was two years ahead of what she could last remember. She had been right, there was a gap. A gap of two years. Two years in which her cousin had hit at least one growth spurt and entered the tail end of elementary school. Two years during which she had been prescribed glasses. Two years during which Summer had become an overgrown baby.Summer tried to remember anything she could from before today. Everything was hazy at best. She could remember Mommy-no, Aunt Jenn singing to her. Bailey playing with her. Daddy… no, Uncle Henry managing to carry her. None of the memories were clear. Rather they were apparently things that happened enough she could remember them through sheer frequency. The first memory she could recall with any clarity involved her father.As the memory of his scowling face entered Summer's mind, she squatted into a fetal position, burying her head in her legs and starting to sob."Summer?!" Summer heard her aunt's voice as if it were far away. She didn't even notice the woman bend over and wrap her arms around the girl."I'll do better, Daddy," Summer moaned."You always say that," she heard her father's voice answer, "and you always fail to keep your word. You often do worse than before. Does that make you an idiot, a liar, or both?"Summer sobbed loudly. Instinctively leaning into Aunt Jenn's embrace. "I'll do better!" she sobbed."It's all right, sweetheart. Everything's all right." Soothed by her aunt's voice, Summer gradually quieted down."Mom, is Summer okay?" Bailey asked from the kitchen doorway."I think she had some kind of flashback," Aunt Jenn explained. She helped Summer to her feet and helped her into the living room. She laid Summer down in on a blanket on the floor. She went back to the kitchen, leaving Bailey with the older girl just long enough to return with a bottle."Drink this, sweetie, you'll feel better." Aunt Jenn handed Summer the bottle and helped hold it to the girl's lips. Inside the bottle was sweet juice that Summer began to suck down greedily. As she did, she heard Aunt Jenn start to sing, and everything become hazy again. -------------------- Summer awoke to a smell much nicer than a dirty diaper. I'm the distance, she heard sizzling she realized was coming from the kitchen. Someone was cooking."Look who's awake," Summer heard a man's voice ask. Her eyes went to the sofa where she saw her Uncle Henry. He had something in his hands. Next to him, holding the same thing, was Bailey. She was intently focused on the television. Summer turned her head in that direction and saw a colorful video game on the screen. She got caught up in it herself for a moment. So much so she didn't notice the game pause nor Bailey kneel down where she lay. "Hey, sleepyhead," Bailey tickled Summer lightly across her belly. Summer laughed and tried to pull her dress down to cover herself."Don't excite her too much," Uncle Henry told her. "Her late nap is already going to make her impossible at bedtime."The ticking stopped. Once Summer blinked away the tears she saw Bailey looking at her father with a serious expression on her face."You didn't see her this afternoon," Bailey told him. "She needed that nap. She's already in a better mood now.""I know that, sweetheart." Uncle Henry pressed buttons on what Summer now realized was a game controller and behind her the TV went dark. "You and your mother were quite clear. How's Summer's diaper?"Bailey rested a hand on the front of Summer's diaper for a moment."Wet, but just a little," Bailey said. Summer tensed. "Mom's giving her a bath tonight and she's already pooped, so she'll keep."Summer moved around a little, squeezing her legs together and squirming. Indeed, the padding felt different than she remembered when Aunt Jenn had diapered her before. Summer realized she had wet herself in her sleep.An image entered Summer's mind at that realization. A memory of herself, late at night. A memory of a maid wordlessly stripping sheets off a bed. Standing at the door, silhouetted by the light in the hallway, was her father. She didn't need to see his face clearly to know it was scowling, or maybe sneering at his ten year-old daughter's lack of control. He blocked the door, preventing the maid from leaving until Summer, already full of shame from her accident, removed her wet panties and nightdress and handed them over. "Bubble kissie!" A shout suddenly interrupted Summer's thoughts as Bailey blew a raspberry on Summer's stomach. Summer squealed in a way she couldn't remember ever doing before."You keep that up and you're the one staying up with her if she doesn't want to go to sleep," Summer heard her Aunt Jenn say from the kitchen door. "Dinner's about ready, so get Summer seated."Bailey complied, taking Summer's hands in her own and helping her sit up. This time Summer didn't resist when Bailey pulled on her to suggest she stand up. Bailey let Summer to the dining room, where four chairs were set up.Summer was guided to one chair and told to sit down. She did and was promptly reminded of her wet diaper as it squished under her."Oh, please," Bailey said dismissively at the expression on Summer's face. "You've sat in worse."Says you, Summer did not say out loud. Of course, if she had indeed spent two years as a baby, Bailey was probably right about that.Bailey tied a bib around Summer's neck while Aunt Jenn and Uncle Henry brought plates over. Summer immediately noticed three differences between her plate and the rest of the family. Her meat was already cut up, her drink was in a plastic sippy cup, and there was a noticeable lack of metal silverware. While even Bailey used a knife and fork to cut into what looked like chicken, her elbow precariously close to her glass of juice, Summer had an oversized spork and the next closest thing to a baby bottle. She took a few stabs at the meat and eventually managed a couple bites. Then she started getting frustrated and began just eating her chicken by hand."Two bites before abandoning the fork," Bailey said. "That's a record.""She's feeding herself this time, at least," Uncle Henry said."She's been a lot better lately about needing to be hand fed," Aunt Jenn said.Summer froze, suddenly self conscious with everyone's attention on her eating habits."You're fine, Summer," Uncle Henry assured her with a smile. "Keep eating."Reluctantly, Summer continued eating her food by hand. Summer didn't take part in any of the conversation, nor was she apparently expected to. The grown-ups talked about their days at home, work, and school respectively and left the baby to herself except to wipe her hands and face when she finished. Summer stayed in her seat, unsure whether she was excused and not sure how to ask. Everyone else, slowed by conversation and having to actually cut up their food, was still eating. Bailey seemed to hit a particularly stubborn bit of chicken as she was struggling to cut it. When she finally succeeded, her arm slipped and sent her elbow right into her glass, sending it crashing to the floor."Bailey!" Aunt Jenn exclaimed."Sorry!" Bailey said as her father moved to start cleaning the glass and spilled juice off the floor.Summer felt a hand clamp on to her shoulder and turned to see Aunt Jenn holding it, pushing down if Summer tried to move, and risk her bare feet around broken glass."How many times have we told you to be careful about your glass?" Aunt Jenn scolded."Sorry!" Bailey said again. "I didn't notice it was right there.""That's my point, Bailey. You've said over and over you'd be more careful, now look." Aunt Jenn sighed in frustration.As Summer watched her cousin's expression fall as her mother scolded her, a strange sensation came over Summer. She blinked several times, only for her vision to blur each time. She brought a hand up to her face and felt the tears running down it."How many times have you been told?" A voice rang in her head."Obviously you weren't thinking!""Is this all your promises are worth?""Bailey's good!" A voice cried out. Summer realized it was her own."Bailey's good," she repeated. "Bailey played with me! Don't yell!"Everyone stopped to like at Summer. Then Summer, her voice much quieter, said "Please don't yell."Summer closed her eyes and began to sob. For a moment the only sounds were her crying and her uncle's continued collecting of broken glass. After a few moments of that, Summer felt a weight on her legs. Summer opened her eyes to see Bailey sitting in lap, looking up at her. She grabbed a napkin from the table and dabbed Summer's tears with it. Summer wrapped her arms around Bailey and squeezed."Don't cry, Summer," Bailey said. "Mommy's not yelling. She's just a little upset, that's all. Sissie isn't in trouble…" Bailey hesitated at that, then looked to her mother. "Um… I'm not, am I?""No," Aunt Jenn replied. Then took one of Summer's hands in hers. "Even if you were, I certainly couldn't punish you now, could I?" Mother and daughter chuckled. "Still, if this happens again, Summer won't be the only one using a sippy cup at the dinner table for a while.""Mom!" Bailey's face went red."I'm not kidding," Aunt Jenn insisted through a big grin. "If you don't start shaping up, Summer will graduate to big girl cups again before you do."Bailey glared, but Summer didn't feel that same tension from a few moments ago. While they spoke Uncle Henry had finished cleaning the glass and the spill, brought Bailey a new drink, this time in a plastic cup, and everyone soon resumed eating. The only difference was Summer couldn't bring herself to let go of Bailey, forcing Bailey to finish her meal from Summer's lap.After dinner, the family moved to the living room and sat together. The television was on, but Summer didn't pay it any attention. Bailey insisted on playing peek-a-boo with her. Bailey spiced it up by doing things like funny faces or "bubble kisses" when she uncovered Summer's eyes. Summer's aunt and uncle watched a movie, content to let the children entertain themselves. Some hours later, the movie was done and Bailey had gone through more rounds of peek-a-boo, some pattycake, and rolling a ball. Aunt Jenn took Summer to the bathroom and gave her a bath. The bath was uneventful, other than Uncle Henry walking in to ask her aunt something. Nobody noticed Summer's embarrassment, as nobody really looked in her direction or seemed to care she was naked as the day she was born. Similarly, after the bath, Aunt Jenn dried Summer then led her, still nude, to her own room to be dressed for bed.Once Summer got a good look at her room, she became too surprised to be embarrassed.It was, for all intents and purposes, a gigantic nursery. Against the left wall was a bed with a raised mattress and bars that raised or lowered on tracks set into the headboard and footboard. To Summer's eye it looked like those bars could go nearly to the ceiling to make sure no large errant babies got out of bed without supervision. On the opposite wall was a long bench or table. Summer saw underneath there were several large diapers, boxes of wipes, and bottles of lotion and powder.On the floor in the room's center was a playmat with a few soft toys and blocks scattered around it. On the wall opposite the door, under the window, was an open toy box. Baby cartoon characters decorated the walls all around, which were painted a pastel pink. Other furniture, such as a nightstand and bookshelf, were lined up around the room.Summer was so busy gawking at it all she paid no attention to Aunt Jenn leading her to what she was only just realizing was a changing table and made her lie down on it. Just like in the living room, Aunt Jenn put a new diaper underneath Summer and taped it onto her after applying powder and lotion. As her aunt had her stand up, Summer was quick to notice that this diaper was even thicker than the ones she had worn already.As she marveled at that, Aunt Jenn got Summer dressed for bed. The first thing her aunt did was guide Summer's arms through the straps of a bra that, once in place, Aunt Jenn fastened from behind. Summer giggled at the idea of a baby in a bra, then realized there were probably practical issues of physical support or comfort that could not be ignored just because she didn't act like a young adult.Lost in her thoughts, Summer didn't pay attention as Aunt Jenn pulled another piece of clothing from the dresser. This one she knelt down and navigate Summer's feet into one at a time. Summer supported herself with her aunt's shoulders. Once that was done. She lifted the garment up the length of Summer's body and guided the girl's arms into sleeves on the front. That was when Summer realized she was being dressed in an adult sized footed sleeper. One that zipped up in the back, as her aunt's next step was to stand behind Summer and zip her up. Summer's attempt to reach for the zipper herself got her hands lightly slapped away, but not before she felt a button where the zipper was supposed to end. Finally, Aunt Jenn led Summer to the bed and had her lay down on it. As she raised the bars, Bailey entered the room with a baby bottle in her hands. She passed it to Summer through the crib bars. This time the bottle was just regular water. Regardless, Summer was thirsty enough to put the bottle to her lips and start drinking."You go get your pajamas on, too, Bailey," Aunt Jenn said softly. "Tell Daddy I'll be down as soon as I give Summer her lullaby.""Sure." Bailey reached through the bars one more time before she left. She brushed Summer's cheek and wished her good night. Soon after she left, Aunt Jenn began singing, just like the living room. Summer didn't fall asleep right away like before. Instead she started to think about the past several hours.So much had happened in that span of time. Summer had found herself in a diaper, a sight nobody except her seemed to find unusual in the slightest. She had soiled herself without knowing she'd done it until she sat down, only for her aunt and cousin to clean her up without a fuss. She'd lost two years of her life to what she could only assume was this second babyhood, yet when she had reacted by freaking out Aunt Jenn and Bailey had stayed by her and helped calm her. Bailey had played with and entertained her, even if they had been baby games. At dinner no one had so much as cared that she had eaten with her hands when everyone else had been using silverware.Then there was this nursery. This nursery filled with baby furniture sized to fit Summer. The adult diapers, sippy cups, and baby toys were one thing, but there was no way they just had anything like the nursery's furniture just lying around. That meant Aunt Jenn and Uncle Henry needed to have had it made specifically for Summer. She could not imagine her father doing anything even remotely like this. If she has begun acting like a giant toddler around him, he would have had her committed."Just get her out of my sight!"Summer screwed her eyes shut at the imagined sound of his voice. This time, her father's voice seemed quieter in her head. Lesser. As if it were being drowned out by something. Then Summer opened her eyes and saw that Aunt Jenn had stopped singing and was looking at her with concern.Summer should tell them. Reveal that grown up Summer was back or, at least, coming back. She should let them know she wasn't the baby they were treating her as anymore. She should show her family her gratitude by explaining they didn't need to take care of her like this anymore. She knew that she should.Yet…"Sing again!" she said instead. "Again!"Aunt Jenn smiled and began her lullaby anew. Summer found a stuffed animal in her crib and hugged it tight. This time she felt her eyelids begin to droop at the sound of her aunt's song. She knew she should speak up. But…Would that bring an end to all this? Summer asked herself. An end to feeling cared for, instead having to earn her place in this household. An end to being free of expectation, as she resumed the life she had been nothing but a failure in. An end to being unafraid?That question was the one that decided Summer. Whenever she thought about anything Before, she felt fear. She saw she the man she called father ready to pounce any error she made. Be it failing grades, misbehavior, lack of manners. Summer had lived knowing any fault would be presented to her as soon as her father knew of it.Now, she could poop her pants and nobody would scold her. Nobody cared if her table manners were subpar. She wasn't even expected to know what a six was! In her mind, she knew that was absurd. Her aunt and uncle and cousin wouldn't change if she did. They wouldn't go through all they clearly had if they didn't care for Summer.Yet…"Again…" Summer said softly as her eyes closed. Her aunt cleared her throat and sang one more time.This time, Summer feel asleep before Aunt Jenn finished.
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    Did some minor editing on this story to fix a number of spelling errors and other minor errors. Hope you folks like this repost. If you think your life is tough then try mine for a while. I am only 4 foot tall and have looks that make me highly desirable to many Amazons. My hair is jet black and currently down to just barely above my shoulders. I have gray eyes that seem to compliment my face and hair to make me look very cute unless I am angry and then I have been told that my gaze is a bit spooky. Both my parents are gone now and I have been trying to find them but it is not easy to do. They were forcefully adopted while I watched from hiding where the amazon could not reach me without pulling back a bloody stump. We had gone to the mainland to negotiate the rights to sell some devices my parents had designed that would revolutionize the computer industry. They were both brilliant and way smarter than anyone knew. The computer system sitting snugly inside my own head was proof of that. I have a fully functional computer hooked up to my brain inside my skull. The system is at least a thousand times faster than anything else out there. I can hook a slim data cable onto the jack on the right side of my head and a millisecond later I am going to be cruising through your data network and stealing all of your secrets and crashing your computer before you can stop me or even try to stop me. Another bit of proof that my parents are smarter than anyone else is me. They spliced genes and then after almost ten years of hard work they got a breakthrough that enabled them to make me out of the best genes available. I am highly intelligent and very agile and strong. My body is able to fight off almost any poison or virus you throw at me and allow me to survive things that would kill you. When the negotiations were finished my parents signed the agreement which would make them the richest littles in the world. While they were busy making the agreement I was quietly sitting in a coffee shop in a corner plugged into a data port. I skimmed through all of Mr. Long’s business dealings to make sure there was going to be no double dealing or attempts at other types of trickery. His accounts were in meticulous order and all 100% legal. He even donated to agencies fighting for littles rights. A number of attempted buyouts by a Mrs. Black had been resisted and since he owned 52% of the company he could fight the buyouts easily and stay in control of his company. I was watching the security feed when an Amazon lady came walking in with ten big men and started to shoot everyone in sight. The alarm had been interfered with and it took me a few seconds of screaming through the networks to find that it been ruined by a malicious virus designed to erase it’s programing. I watched in horror as she stormed into the office, shot the secretary and then had her men grab my parents before they could escape. She stole the data cube with the all the information on it but not before I put in an encryption program that would take a mainframe at least a year to crack. Mr. Long was shot six times in the chest and then twice in the head. Before she was satisfied. She turned and smiled as she waved at the security camera like a smug bitch. I will not forget that long silver hair and the cold look of sadistic enjoyment in her brown eyes as long as I draw breath. She had enjoyed killing those people and inflicting pain on them. The men held my parents as she scanned the data cube and then I laughed as her face grew dark with rage as she could not get through the security on the cube with any program she tried to run. Every time she ran a program I attacked the program and turned it into lines of useless zeros. My parents smiled as they knew I was watching her work and recording everything she was trying. “Tell me the security code or spend the rest of your days as babies!” My father shook his head. “We don’t have it and Raven will never give it to you! She’s our greatest creation and will avenge us while you sit and stumble around like a dumb amazon trying to stop what can’t be stopped!” The lady smiled an evil smile. “So she’s watching now? Good! She can watch as I adopt the two of you!” “You can’t! We’re free littles! You have no cause to adopt us!” “I’m rich and can do what I want!” She tore the clothes off my father and laughed as he struggled to get free. She moved out of camera sight a few minutes as my father screamed in terror and all I could see was his legs kicking in futility until she grabbed them and lifted his bottom up. A minute later she passed him off to one of the men and all he had on was a diaper. She had put a pacifier in his mouth and made sure he could not spit it out. One of the men pointed out that she had done this outside of the camera’s view so she laughed and grabbed my mother next. My mother screamed and struggled as she was laid down on the floor and had her hands held by one of the men as the lady grabbed another diaper and pacifier. She put the pacifier in my mother’s mouth and inflated the nipple so it could not be spit out. She stood and laughed as she unfolded the diaper slowly and in full view of my mother. My mother kicked at her and she simply smiled as she grabbed the legs in one hand then lifted my mother’s backside up far enough to slide the diaper under her. Before she pulled the front of the diaper up and taped it she pushed a suppository up inside my mother’s rectum. My mother broke down in tears as she knew she was doomed. The lady pulled the diaper up between my mother’s legs and then adjusted it before taping it shut tightly. She motioned for the man holding my father to bring him in sight of the camera. His eyes went wide as his bowels exploded into the seat of the diaper he had on This was followed by him wetting the diaper uncontrollably as well. He hung his head and cried as she laughed and made my mother watch the entire event knowing that she would soon be wearing a messy wet diaper as well. The lady laughed and teased my mother as tears rolled down her face. My mother tried to double over in pain but the lady held her upright as she wet and messed herself almost to the point of leaking. “I don’t really need a pair of babies to take care of but they are young and in excellent shape to breed. I can sell them off as breeders and they can spend the rest of their lives being raped and wearing diapers while I make a fortune off selling them or renting them out! I know you are watching Raven so I’ll give you one chance to end this. Decrypt this cube and I’ll change them into fresh diapers before letting them go and taking the cube with me. Resist me and I’ll be more than happy to diaper you and sign you up as a breeder. You can stay free and not end up in a diaper by my hand.” My only answer to her was a middle finger showing up on the monitor in front of her and the data cube exploding. The lady snarled and hit the monitor with her fist. The monitor shorted out but that was fine with me as she would never get the data. The only other copies were in the mainframe network back on our island which had such high security that it was nearly impossible to storm it. The last group that tried this wound up dead and fed to the sharks in the ocean so I had no worries as I turned off all the power to the top ten floors of the building and emergency sealed every door leading off of the floor they were on. It would take them some time to escape and I intended to make it as tough as I could on them. I smiled as I was about to send a copy of the video off to the police. Someone yanked the data cable out of the data port and threw me roughly to the floor. I hit the floor stunned for half a second as another tall lady grabbed me with one hand and smiled as she pulled a diaper out of a bag hanging from her shoulder. “Such a cute little girl! She started to try to remove my clothes when my hand came flashing down with a combat knife in it. She screamed as the super light and strong blade sliced through the fingers hand and left bloody stumps for fingers. I grabbed my specialty data cable and ran for it as the lady had a pair of Amazons stuff the diaper over the hand to try to stop the bleeding. My parents had always made it clear to me that if faced with adoption by force that I was to maim or even kill to stay free. Having been trained all my life by the nastiest street fighters and little soldiers they could hire it made a big difference. I don’t believe in a fair fight. I fight to win and I fight dirty with no compulsions against maiming or even killing if I have to. By the time the lady in white and her bodyguards got out of the building I was on the other side of the street with a frame pack on and a 7 mm pistol in my hand ready to shoot her and then grab my parents. To further humiliate and break my parents she changed them into super thick diapers right on the street in front of everyone. A crowd of Amazon ladies congratulated her on her luck of adopting a pair of such cute littles. This pissed me off as I could not get a clear shot at her and with the crowd there I would not be able to get my parents away safely. She threw the used diapers in a trash can then put my parents into the limo parked out front of the building. Her men made damned sure to stay between her and the possibility of any sniper so I still had no clear shot. I snarled in silent rage and was about to holster my gun when another Amazon lady grabbed my right shoulder. “Where’s your mommy at sweet heart?” I spun and pointed the gun at her and barely managed to not blow her head off in anger as the limo drove off. I tried to not yell at the lady but I was angry. “You fucking idiot! I almost had the bitch that just kidnapped my parents and you got in the way!” I tried to get around her to get the license plate of the limo but was instead grabbed and thrown over a lap! She stuck a finger in my pants and frowned when she found them dry but proceeded to try to pull my jeans off to see if I had dirty panties on. This lady was damed strong even for an Amazon and she frowned when she found my panties to have a single skid mark in them from where I had used the toilet earlier only to find that the stall for littles had no toilet paper in it. “It’s plain that you can’t take care of yourself and you tried to hide messy panties! And to think, I was going to adopt another little today and here an even cuter one with messy panties shows up!” When her shirt sleeve rolled up I instantly knew why her strength was higher than normal. She had one of the new cybernetic arms that were far stronger than a normal flesh and blood arm. There was no way with even my strength that I could force that arm away. I panicked, squirmed and twisted as she pulled a diaper out of her bag and unfolded it with one hand. I was lowered onto the diaper and held there as she smiled and then tried to stick a pacifier in my mouth. I knocked the pacifier away but she continued to diaper me despite my protests. The thick diaper was pulled up between my legs and then taped shut. My fate had been sealed and I would only escape diapers when being washed or changed into a fresh diaper. Several other Amazon ladies watched and smiled as I was diapered and talked to like a toddler. “Give me the toy honey and you can have it back later if you behave.” My senses returned and I pulled the trigger without any hesitation. She screamed as the bullet slammed into her shoulder and almost blew the limb off when it exploded on impact. The lady dropped me and screamed in pain as I landed, grabbed my jeans and panties then ran for it. Having seen me shoot the lady with an actual working gun no one wanted to risk trying to stop me. The damned diaper was thick and forced me to waddle a bit as I made my escape into an alley then over a dumpster and into another dead end alleyway. I stopped and tore the diaper off then took a minute to get my panties and jeans back on again. The lady had been rich or she would not have been able to afford that new hand. Those were still new to the market and cost almost a cool million credits just to buy one then you had to find the right doctor to do the work of attaching it and that was just as expensive. Someone was spending a lot of money to stop me so that meant someone super rich and with connections. That lady being there was possibly a random accident but somehow I doubted it. The lady in white had killed over a dozen people in a building and no one had sounded a single alarm yet! I also had to not allow myself to panic again or I would end up in anther diaper and this time I would not escape. That had been too damned close for comfort. I needed information and to contact the one person who could help me find my parents and rescue them. The coffee shops were too dangerous as they would surely have too damned many Amazons who would be more than happy to try to adopt me and I did not want a bloodbath from me escaping and shooting anyone in my way. I was stuck with very little money and no gear other than what I had on me. It took me most of the day to get a ferry to the islands where I could get a private boat to the lab island my parents owned. Boarding the ferry alone attracted the attention of two more Amazon ladies looking to adopt me regardless of the law. I presented my ticket then boarded the last ferry to the islands for the day. We were half an hour out when an explosion surprised me. A building on the mainland had just blown up and it would not take a genius to know that someone was covering their tracks. Nothing explains dead bodies like a natural gas explosion. I had used an alternate ID when purchasing my ticket and paid cash so their was likely to be a delay in anyone tracking me down. It would take time to find me since they had only looked to see if I was a runaway little that was listed on their printouts or one of the rare terrorist littles being looked for on the mainland. Terrorist little was a line of crap and I knew it. They were littles who had helped others escape a lifetime of diapers and cribs and had to use force a few times to do so. This got them labeled as terrorists. When the ferry was about 20 minutes from the island one of the Amazons made her move for me. When she reached for me I pulled a gun and looked at her. “Touch me and die!” “I was only going to see if you needed a fresh diaper is all! Surely your mommy would not want you getting a rash!” “I do not wear diapers and you are not forcing me into one!” The lady seemed to think my gun was a toy which made her brave enough to offer me a fresh diaper. “If you wont let me change you then here you go. You can change right here and I wont interfere.” The other lady must have been her partner because she suddenly grabbed me from behind and clamped a hand over my mouth. “Naughty baby! Babies never run away or curse their mommies!” I grabbed the hand and twisted it until her wrist snapped, then jumped up onto the one in front of me holding the diaper and punched her in the throat hard enough to hurt but not kill. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion as I jumped back down and then used the but of my knife on the knee of the diaper holder. I grabbed the diaper and then stuffed it into the mouth of the other one as her eyes went wide and she opened her mouth to cry out in pain from the snapped wrist. From start to finish the entire thing took maybe two or three seconds. When I stopped moving again and calmed down both ladies were on the deck of the ferry in pain and incapacitated. A pair of littles had seen me attack the pair of Amazons and gave me smiles and thumbs up for my actions. When we reached the island I departed the ferry and was lost in the crowd of littles on the island in seconds. They would play hell finding me now and the government on the islands would drag their feet in searching for me. Even if they found me they would be more likely to buy me a beer and laugh than arrest me. Amazons are not very popular on the islands. I spent the night in a motel that catered only to littles and had a sign stating that Amazons and inbetweeners were not welcomed. Three days later I was back at the lab and screaming through the Internet via a satellite connection looking for news of any kind that would lead to the identity of the lady in white. I had hoped that the waters had been muddied enough by me coming here to cause the lady to stop looking for me. I was wrong. In a freak accident the ferry had been hit a fishing boat and sank with all hands on both ships reported as lost at sea. The lady or whoever she may have worked for wanted the information my parents had been about to sell off with an agreement for a percentage of the profits and all rights to modify the information left up to them to decide. It was worth a tidy sum of money to the right computer company and several companies that make robotic nannies to babysit littles had offered money for the designs. I had not looked at the data personally yet as my own computer was much more advanced than what my parents were willing to allow limited sales of. I suspect that the lady wanted everything my parents had created and would let nothing stand in her way. She might not know what I looked like yet but it would not stop her from trying to find out and then tracking me down until she could grab me and stick me in a diaper then a nursery. I would be held as ransom until she had every last piece of valuable information out of my parents and then we would be adopted out , killed, or sold to breeders. With all the information on the computers it was a weak point and the information could be lost at almost any time due to any number of disasters both man made and natural. Within five hours all of it was backed up onto a set of special data storage devices that looked like over sized sugar cubes. Normal data cubes hold about ten terabytes of data and are about eight inches on each side. Mine hold about almost ten times that much and are only about an inch on each side. If replicated by a computer company they would be worth billions of credits. Making them was difficult but my parents had found a way to overcome that obstacle almost six years ago. I wished there was a way to contact Baelorn and his wife, Melina, but I had no idea how to get in touch with someone who lived outside the normal cities let alone someone who lived off world like they did. I was going to have to rely on Janice. Trying to contact her by way of a phone call or the Internet would be dangerous for her and for me as it would tell them I was looking for her and they would be waiting for me. My best bet was to show up in person and contact her without warning her. Just to be certain that anyone managing to somehow get into the lab could not steal or destroy the data I made copies of everything in the mainframe data banks then spent another three hours programming in a failsafe to prevent data theft. The link with the satellite was now encrypted heavily so no hacker would get into the data banks easily. Should someone get into the computer room on the island and try to get the information it was all encrypted just as heavily as the satellite link. If anyone got the password wrong three times in a row then all the data would be scrambled beyond recovery. As a mean trick I left five data cubes of the current standard design used on the mainland. All of them contained experiment data with false results added in to screw up anyone trying to use the information. There was also a worm program embedded in each cube and set to release four days after the cubes were accessed. The worm programs would destroy the data on whatever computer was used to read the cubes.. I don’t play fair and never will when the stakes are this high. As soon as the sun set I left the island again. Under cover of darkness I slipped down to the shore line and climbed into a concealed little boat that was powered by a very silent electric motor. Getting to the main land took almost all night but it was better to slip ashore at night so as to not be spotted by a bunch of Amazons with the desire to forcefully adopt a little . Once the boat reached the mainland I Hopped out and set it on a slow course towards an island owned and run by Amazons. Anyone finding the boat would not know where it came from and it would hopefully throw off pursuit of me thus making them waste time looking for me in the wrong location. With their attention focused in the wrong location I would be able to get a bit of a head start. I had changed into some B.D.U.s that had the unit patch of the Hellcats special forces unit. This is a special forces unit of all littles and they are very dangerous to try to stop. Anyone with half a brain will leave them alone unless they are fond of pain and fond of possibly being maimed for life. My dog tags listed me as blood type A+ and my rank insignia listed me as a specialist E-4. The littles in this unit all use a call sign for their name as a way to protect their identity. My call sign was Hellion and it is actually listed with the littles special forces unit that I am an honorary member of. I have nearly 10,000 credits in cash and four other fake identities and paperwork as well to back them up. I was determined this time not to be messed with and I figured that looking like a little in a special forces unit was a disguise no one would expect. Hopefully I could use this disguise for a few days before changing to another identity and continuing my journey to find Janice and then free my parents before it was too late. Half a day after landing my stomach let me know that food was needed. A small diner nearby looked like as good a place as any. My plan was to eat then leave and continue my trip across the city to a contact that would help me reach the city where Janice lived without risking being adopted. A number of Amazons eyed me as I walked past them with my full frame pack on my back and a pistol in a holster within easy reach. Every inch of me screamed predator at them and they left me alone as I pulled the heavy door to the diner open without difficulty. A normal little would have struggled to open the door but I am not a normal little and when the two Amazons following me saw me open the door easily they stopped following me. I think they were intimidated a bit, which was exactly what I wanted. Upon walking in to the place an Amazon with big tits and no brains reached out to grab me. I grabbed her hand and twisted it as fast and far as I could without breaking the wrist then proceeded to knock her to the floor painfully with some nasty tricks I had been taught by Janice. “When I want you to touch me I will tell you, otherwise keep your hands to yourself! Next time you will pull back a bloody stump and if you think I’m kidding then try me!” I let go of her hand and walked over to a booth where I promptly removed my frame pack and let my right sleeve roll up far enough to show off the special forces tattoo. The lady reported what had just happened and when another one saw the tattoo they treated me with respect instead of as a toddler needing to be diapered and babied. A server walked over to me and waited for me to make my order. “What can I get for you today?” “I’d like the small steak and a black bolt beer, please.” Black bolt beer is almost as strong as some whiskeys and few people drink all that much of it. I ordered a 20 ounce glass of it which surprised the server. I love the stuff and it is one of my minor vices that I indulge in when on the mainland. She put in my order then returned to the table with a foaming black colored beer. I politely thanked her and drank almost a third of it down in one long draw. There was a surprised look on her face when I not only smiled after drinking it but showed no sign of it being very strong. “I’ve never met a little from the Hellcats before, but now I can see why you folks have such fearsome reputation! You on leave right now or mustering out?” “I’m on leave for a month and doing some sightseeing, but with the way things are I could be called back to active duty at any time. Things are heating up in the Southeastern part of the globe again so who knows what will happen.” “What do you specialize in?” “Mayhem! I’m an expert in it and that’s all the information I will give you. We all take an oath when we enter the unit and none of us will talk about what we do or where we have been. For every one thing you see on the news there are numerous other things we do that you will never hear about on the news and all of it is dangerous and usually lethal to someone.” The lady smiled and then tried to grab me. “That unit is fake and does not exist! You will look so cute in my nursery!” My combat knife flashed out and I made sure she saw it stop a millimeter from her left eye. My other hand had my gun out and it was aimed at her chest where her heart is. “Try that one more time and I stop being nice. You are not authorized to know anything more than I have just told you and if you attempt to grab me ever again you will end up very dead very fast! Just because you can’t read beyond a first grade level is no reason to insult me! Now either bring me my food or I will leave and take my business to another place where my money is welcomed!” A large man came in and saw me in a standoff with the server who was too afraid to move. “Martha! Get your ass in back right now and tell Liona to serve this nice young lady while you do the dishes!” She backed up slowly from me and I did not holster my gun until she was out of sight. The man came up to me and smiled politely. “She is bound and determined to adopt a little and is too damned stupid to realize how close she just came to getting herself killed! Your meal is on the house and I apologize for her actions!” He shook my hand politely and I noticed a similar tattoo on his right arm. “Third lightning brigade. Mountain infantry. Got out after finding a land mine the wrong way. Started this place for a way to keep from going stir crazy and getting sucked into a dark depression. I recognized you from my last tour. You guys pulled my unit out of the shit when we got cut off and then you went on to make the enemy look like children playing with toys! I remember you especially as you patched me up and then drug me out of that death trap and to a medic! I have never seen a little move like you but I can understand why you were in that unit after seeing you in action! No one else but me will ever know this information either, so your secrets are safe with me!” I noticed his left leg was a prosthetic and not a very good one at that. “This junk leg works good enough for me to run this place and I’m too set in my ways now to go back into the service, even with a new leg.” I stood and faced the man then saluted him. I am surprised he remembered me from my only actual combat assignment with the Hellcats. It had been a real nasty surprise to us to be called out of a training mission to rescue his unit. I ended up getting hands on experience in combat during that five day rescue mission. The men were shocked big time when I stormed the enemy stronghold with a satchel of explosives and an assault rifle. I was moving in overdrive and everyone else looked like they were moving in slow motion. I was adopted into the unit after that and they promised me that should I ever wish to do so, they would take me in an instant and grant me a promotion from E-4 to E-5 gladly as I had earned it. That attack made headlines around the world and after that the reputation of the unit grew as they went on to take numerous more hazardous assignments, some of which made news again and shocked the world that they were all littles and had done things that Amazons had thought to be impossible. That had been almost two years ago and the unit was always active in hot spots around the world proving that not all littles are meant for diapers, cribs and bottles. I had finished my meal and was strapping on my frame pack again when the new protection acts were signed into law. If things were not already dangerous enough for littles, the new law made it even worse for them. Under the new law any non Amazon found to be in need of care could be adopted immediately. Should a little break a law they could be adopted as they were not able to even follow simple laws so therefore were in need of care. If a little became ill it meant that they were able to be adopted as they did not have the ability to take care of themselves. Littles also could be stopped and have their pants inspected by any Amazon. If they were wet or messy they could be adopted on the spot. Even having a single skid mark in your pants was enough to get you adopted. Any little caught not telling the truth was to be adopted immediately as they needed someone to watch over them since they do not truth from fantasy. The list was long and dangerous, but it amounted to open season on littles and inbetweeners as well. I was walking down the street and an Amazon lady stopped me for a pants check. Her mind was already made up as she already had a diaper in hand when she stopped me. When she found no marks of any kind she was disappointed. “Where is your mommy at dear?” “I’m a free little and a member of the Hellcats special forces so therefore you are not allowed to adopt me! The law specifically forbids you from touching active duty and reserve duty members of any military unit and therefore I am off limits by your own laws, ma’am!” I showed the lady my reserve status duty card for the Hellcats and she turned a little pale then got brave. “That’s not a real Hellcats registration card and you are a liar! You tried to lie to me just now!” When she grabbed me I acted fast. This time I did not panic and let myself get put into a diaper again before coming to my senses. I broke her wrist and messed up her knee pretty badly then left her laying on the ground in pain and unable to even stand. I took the diaper out of her hand and thanked her for it before walking off with it. I examined the diaper and decided it would serve for toilet paper since many stalls for littles did not have any toilet paper stocked and it made the little leave brown and black streaks in their underwear. They would be inspected the moment they left the restroom and then promptly diapered and adopted on the spot for failure to even keep clean. I passed by a store and saw a number of littles being drug in against their will and promptly diapered and adopted on the spot. One lady came out with an inbetweener girl in tow as the tears rolled down the pretty girl’s face as she was wearing a very short skirt with a very thick diaper under it. I felt sorry for the girl as she was going to be put into a crib and would be wearing diapers for life now. She had been adopted by an Amazon after the giant found an excuse to do so. Several more times I was stopped and had to endure pants checks. I had only had to hurt four more Amazons by the end of the day and my collection of diapers had grown as I had taken one from each Amazon as a souvenir. Any time I had to knock an Amazon down a few notches and prove they could be hurt by a little I would take one of the diapers as a souvenir. Who knows, by the end of tomorrow I might be able to sell them to some idiot Amazon for a handful of credits. It was almost six at night when I found a branch of the public library. So far I had managed to stay free and whoever might be looking for me was not having any luck in finding me. I wanted to check the island labs remotely and lay a few false trails on the Internet for anyone trying to find me. It was a little risky but the risk was low enough to not be dangerous. Besides, I am the only one with the access codes to the servers and security systems. Anyone else trying would find a lot of encryption and security firewalls that would take a lot of time to hack through. The library branch was fairly large for not being the main hub but this would work in my favor if I had to run. With so many shelves of books the place would be like a small maze. Finding me would be tricky and unless they blocked every exit I could lose a pursuer in the stacks and then slip out an exit quietly. Once inside I found a data port easily enough. Everyone else was using wireless connections, but for me a data port was better. I pushed a chair to right next to the data port then removed my pack and sat down. A librarian watched me with interest as I plugged one end of my data cable into the data port and then pushed my hair out of the way of the data port in the side of my head. I smiled at the lady as she watched me then began walking towards me. The look on her face was priceless when I plugged the other end of the cable into my head was priceless. She saw the plug go into the port and her mouth was open in surprise. I closed my eyes and half a second later the Internet beckoned me. I screamed along the connection at the speed of light and found the information I had been looking for. I was still being looked for it seems as someone had put out a rough sketch of me and posted a reward for the safe return of me to the nursery I had been kidnapped from. The sketch did not look very much like me but they had my name right so they had not given up yet. The lab had indeed been breached but they only got what I wanted them to have. A review of the security back up files showed that they had stormed the island with at least a full company of mercenaries. Bodies were left laying where they fell as the defenses killed them. It was a mess with at least 70 dead. Good luck covering that up. They had lost almost 15 more trying to retrieve their dead as they missed a few automated defenses and had been caught by them. Had I been on the island they would never have gotten in to the lab without heavier losses as I would have activated every defense and set them all to lethal. All five data cubes were taken but the mainframe security had worked correctly. All the research data had been instantly moved to a secured and hard as hell to find data storage system hidden 100 meters underground and accessible only by a long ladder climb down a narrow access pipe big enough for a little and maybe a small inbetweener. No Amazon would ever fit. The access was well hidden and only my parents and myself knew about it. The route and the room the machine sat in were not on the building floor plans. I watched as a person dressed in casual clothes hacked into the lab mainframe and stole the false information. They never even knew about the secure mainframe or even looked for it. A message flashed up in front of me as my intrusion detection programs alerted me to an attempted trace and report attack. They were getting sneaky but not sneaky enough. I hijacked the program and then gave it false coordinates to relay to it’s watcher. I do so hope they enjoy trying to adopt Hellcats. A message was left in the inbox for me to read. “Raven, turn yourself in to me and you will not be adopted. I will even set your parents free without diapers or baby clothing. Help me resolve this peacefully and we can put this behind us all. You can have your life with your parents or any life you chose without interference from me. Your parents will no longer be adopted by me and will be free from my control. If you want a nice mommy I can be that for you too if you truly desire that. Just contact me and we can work this out. I knew better and was not going to fall for her tricks. I erased the message and left her the image of a hand giving her the middle finger. To be a bitch I erased the time date data attached to my log in and all activity on the net. I had not thought that the lady would try to use lethal force but I was wrong. I went to jack out by pulling the plug out when an emergency warning flashed and then the power surge hit me. I almost screamed in pain as the electrical power barely overwhelmed my buffers and hit my brain. I saw an Amazon librarian come running as blackness threatened to claim me. End Part One Part Two Mrs Emily Whitestone paced her office impatiently as two diapered littles shivered in a playpen and held each other desperately. “This can all end right now you know. Tell me everything you know and give me access to the information then you can be changed and sent on your way. Surely after nearly a week of wearing diapers you want out of them and want your lives back. That can be arranged easily. You are both very smart and you know that I can easily return your lives to you. Some of the information on those cubes looks very interesting and I’m honestly impressed with the work you two have done so far. I’m very surprised just how formidable the defenses on your little island were. It took my men almost a full day to get inside your buildings to retrieve these out of there. I even lost 119 of my men to retrieving these cubes. Those men are expendable but there is still money involved in everything and operations like this are not cheap. Still, I’m willing to pay you a generous sum in addition to returning your lives to you. You can even continue to work for me and stay free if you only tell me what you know. Give me the access codes to your computers and this whole ugly mess can be brought to an end. I get what I want and you get your lives back. I’ll even pay you each a million credits as well as setting you free. I loved the genetic engineering ideas you talked about and how you could even possibly cure the sterility in so many of us. I got a glimpse of some of the initial work and it makes me wonder just how far you have gone since that information is almost 30 years old. You research into computer design is also impressive. Some of the new stuff coming out now is your old work from nearly 30 years ago and only just now coming out to the public. How far have you two gotten with all your research? It’s all got to be way beyond what we’re using now. Surely you can understand the value of working with me instead of refusing to help me out. When my men retrieved these cubes they had orders to not break any of the computer equipment in your labs. You only need to give me the access codes and this can all end without any further ugliness. No more diapers, No more cribs and bottles. No more diaper changes. I don’t want to use drugs because if I have to then the side effects could very well turn you into babies for life and that would be a huge waste of genius. An example of your genius was the defensive weapons on the island. We did get into some of the computers running the defenses but still, it was not enough to prevent the number of casualties the team suffered. I lost 119 well trained and loyal men to your island defenses. Machine guns we expected, but what you used was spooky. Miniature rail guns firing at the speed of a machine gun! Those things fired a single pellet weighing about a gram and then shot it out at nearly five times the speed of sound! Focused high intensity microwaves that boiled my men alive! I loved the tricks you pulled on my men! The weapons alone would be worth setting you free if you gave me the those designs. Is that so much to ask? I’m more than willing to be nice to you and let you go free if you just give me the access codes. I’ll even call off my search for your daughter. Surely you don’t want her in diapers and signed up for breeding do you? The new laws make it very easy for anyone to turn even an inbetweener into a baby. I turned my younger cousin into a baby along with his girlfriend for trying to steal from me. I had them diapered and given some medicine to help them clean themselves out. She got to watch as I diapered him and then gave him the shot. The look on his face when he peed his diaper then messed it was priceless. I did the same to her next and her eyes were wide as can be when she began peeing herself without being able to stop. When she messed her diaper she was actually crying! I made them both an offer and they refused. All they had to do was give me back the money they stole. They lied to me about the location of the money so I signed her up for breeding. She looked so terrified when we strapped her down to the bed and removed her wet diaper. She was used by three very well endowed littles before she cracked and told me how to get to the money. She is quite attractive and when given a choice she readily agreed to the diapers instead of being used for more breeding. She’s still in diapers and is almost due. My little cousin is still in diapers as well. He spends his days crying and begging to be set free. You know, I could arrange to have him brought over to breed you. He’d be very energetic and quite willing to do the deed after a shot to make sure he performs without reservation. If you like, I can arrange that for you. I’m sure we can even find a nice little for your husband to breed. I have a little in my office staff that all but drooled on the floor when she saw your husband in nothing but a diaper. Care to give me the access codes or do we continue with this?” “Fuck you bitch! Raven will kill you for this! She’s our greatest work and you will never get what you want from us! She will kill you as you stumble and bumble around like an idiot! You can do what you like but we wont give you any information!” Mrs. Whitestone thought for a moment. “As you wish.” The two of them were separated and taken out of the office in different directions. A few minutes later she watched on camera as the wife was raped by an inbetweener while her husband was forced to watch. When the man was finished he was diapered and led out while she laid on the bed in pain. She smiled as the husband was strapped down to a bed and the office little walked in smiling. She removed her clothes and then took off a damp diaper. Within minutes she was smiling as she rode the husband and denied him release for some time before she finally allowed him to finish off deep inside her. She panted with exertion and smiled as she picked up a fresh diaper and diapered herself before getting dressed again. “Thank you ma’am for this! I promise to have those reports on your desk within two hours, ma’am.” At that point she left the room. Mrs. white walked into the room as both little were being diapered again. Both of them were crying as she looked at them. “Give me the access codes and this will never happen again. Surely the data is not worth that much? I’ll fix you two up and get you out of diapers. I’ll pay you each a generous sum of money and I’ll even let you work for me at a very high pay rate with benefits. You will never again have to be used as breeders. Think about it a while.” RAVEN I woke up on the floor with the librarian checking to see if I was still alive. My head hurt like hell for a minute as my hand pulled the data cable out of the jack in my head. “Fucking sneaky bitch.” The librarian gasped. “Such naughty language!” I looked at the lady as I got to my feet as I yanked the cable from the wall port I had been plugged into. “You’d be rude too if you just got zapped with almost 100 volts directly into your cranium! Hurts like a bitch!” A quick look at my data cable pissed me off. It had been ruined in the attack on me. I had passed an electronics shop a few blocks back so they would be my next stop. “Where’s your mommy at?” I looked at the lady and resisted the urge to hurt her, but not by much. “This is ridiculous. I am not adopted! I am a free little perfectly capable of taking care of myself!” The lady was bound and determined to see me adopted. “I doubt that! I just found you passed out on the floor!” My patience was worn real thin by this point. “Lady, move or I move you, and I wont be gentle about it!” “I have to call for littles protective services! You need help!” I looked at the other end of the cable that had been plugged into the port in my head and cursed when I saw the scorched end. The lady’s eyes went wide with my string of profanities as I coiled the cable and dropped it into my lower right pocket. “Such a naughty baby!” When she grabbed for me she found herself grabbing air and falling forward as a couple of other littles in the area watched and smiled. She hit the floor and I simply grabbed my frame pack then put it on and started to walk towards the main door. A group of men and a lady came running in the door while four more blocked the exit as I was grabbing my beret from my left top pocket. “Excuse me please, I’d like to get through here please.” The large lady looked down at me and smiled. “Where’s your mommy at honey?” The temptation to start shooting was getting real high and harder to resist. “I have no clue where my parents are since they were abducted almost a week ago and I am in the process of tracking down their location.” “I see. Do you need fresh diaper, honey?” I held my temper in check and did my best to stay polite. “I do not need a diaper. I am a free little and registered as such.” I pulled out my wallet and retrieved my free little registration card. She saw the black star on it and frowned. “May I see you other identification, please?” “This is ridiculous!” I handed her a civilian identification card then waited a moment. Okay, it says here you are in the military, which is hard to believe. What unit?” I handed her my black beret. “Hellcats!” she stared in surprise at me. “No way! That can’t be right!” “Fine!” I dug out my military identification and handed it to her. She ran an ultraviolet light over the card and gasped. “Okay, this is a first for me! My apologies for this! What is your call sign?” “Hellion. Anything else you want to know is classified and above your pay grade so be a good girl and leave it at that unless you like getting into a lot of trouble.” She handed me everything back and motioned for everyone to let me through. The lady I had tripped looked pissed. She yelled at the lady that was letting me pass. “You can’t just let her go! She’s a little! She passed out and I saw it!” The lady sighed and looked at the librarian and I knew the look all too well. The urge to shoot someone who is an idiot and pushing all the wrong buttons. “I can’t stop her ma’am. She’s a reserve member of the Hellcats special operations unit. By international treaty we can not hold her or attempt to adopt her unless that is her wish.” “She tripped me! It was a deliberate attack! I want her stopped and adopted right this instant!” The lady looked at the librarian and smiled. “Lady, if she had wanted to, she could have killed you before you even had a chance to move. Look up the Hellcats special operations unit on the computer and you will see why we have a treaty of non interference with them. If you still want to try to adopt her then feel free to try. I wont stop you, but I wont help you either.” Ten minutes of angry walking found me wanting to slug a wall in frustration. The giants in this town were baby crazy and it made me want to start opening fire on all of the idiots. What I needed was a new data cable and transportation out of this town before I shot half the idiots in the town. A number of amazon women looked at me with longing in their eyes but seeing me in a uniform and wearing a black beret with the Hellcats unit insignia on it kept them from bothering me. After an hour more of walking across the city I spotted a sign that caught my interest. “Sam’s Custom Electronics and repair” On the off chance they had what I needed I stopped in the small shop and browsed a minute before a giant man behind the counter spoke up. “Can I help you find something ma’am?” It surprised me he was polite to me and did not attempt to adopt me or insult me for being a little. “Perhaps. I need a four foot class one fiber optic data cable with class one data jack ports on it.” “I don’t have anything like that in stock. Do you have one with you I can look at for comparison?” I dug the fried cable out of my pocket and handed it to him. “What did you do to this poor thing!? It’s fried!” I looked at him with frustration “Tell me something I don’t know! Can you get me a new one or do I have to go somewhere else?” “I can have one made, I think, let me ask someone real fast. Hey Beth, got a challenge for you! It’s safe!” I heard the sound of feet then a ladder being moved into place and climbed. A blond haired little with the prettiest blue eyes took the cable and looked at it a moment. “I can make another one in about 20 minutes. An amazon plug it into an electrical outlet?” “No. Got hit with an over voltage attack. Hurt like hell too.” The little looked down and her eyes went wide when she saw me standing in front of her. “You never told me we had a Hellcat for a customer you big dope!” He smiled at her as she jumped down off the counter and came up to me with the cable. “What’s this hook up to anyways?” “A computer.” “Bullshit! No computer on the market can utilize the speeds this can handle!” “Very true. The computer is a one of a kind at this point and when in use it pushes the data ports to their limits.” “If that’s the case you need this type of connection then but I’d love to see the system!” I looked around and saw no cameras or anyone else in the shop. “Fine, but if asked by anyone, this does not exist.” I brushed me hair aside and showed her the data port in my head. Her eyes went wide and she gasped at what she saw. You have a fully functional system in your head controlled by your brain?” “Yes. I can run digital circles around anything on the open market today. I was not counting on a nasty bomb being left for me though. I need a buffer to stop over voltage but not slow down the data flow. Let me show you what I need.” Within minutes we were discussing a design and the components to make it work and still keep it small, light and portable. It took the two of us about 30 minutes of back and forth talking to create a circuit design that would work and not be overly bulky. “I can make it and the cable in about two hours time if you can afford it. It will cost around 600 credits and use some specialty components I made myself. The capacitors I use are my own design. They take about one tenth the space of a normal one and do the same thing with less weight as well. A variation off the Par’s design for micro capacitors.” I gladly paid the money and waited while she worked on the device and the cable. Barely two hours later she came back with both. She showed me the features of the over voltage buffer and I loved it. “The Hellcats could use something like this! They’d love it with it so small and portable. Do yourself a favor and copyright the circuit design paperwork then patent the device as well! Do not let any giant other than this guy here know about it until after you have it legally protected!” “You sure you don’t want a share of the profits if this design sells?” I smiled at her. “My last name is Par. You need the funding far more than I do. If I get truly desperate for money I can go back to active duty for a few years.” she smiled at me. “If half of what I’ve heard about you guys is true then I would not want you guys after me! I will call them and see what type of tech they might be looking for.” “Good. Tell them that Hellion told you to call them. Hellion is my call sign.” Beth vanished into the back with the card and a smile on her face. I was halfway to the door when a large giant of a lady came storming in. She saw me and tried to kick me out of the way. “Filthy vermin! Out of my way before I stick you in a crib where your type belong!” I looked at the lady and held my tongue but refused to move for a bully, no matter the size. I looked over my shoulder and called out as I drew my pistol. “How hard would it be to clean the blood off the floor and dispose of this trash for you?” “Not worth it ma’am! Take an hour to get rid of the blood off the floor and then the police get involved and I have to explain that a Hellcat was being treated improperly by a rude customer and threatened as well. “Take her out back and shoot her so I don’t have to close up for half a day!” The Amazon lady scowled at me. “Do something about this vermin before I put a diaper on it and put it in a crib where they all belong!” Sam winced and he knew what was coming next. I did not shoot her, even though it was tempting. I simply dropped my pack and leaped up to about knee level and used the but of my gun against the side of her knee with as much force as I could. She let out a yelp of pain as the gun hit and caused her knee to buckle, dropping her to the floor. A couple more quick hits on various pressure points left her laying on the floor in pain. “This young lady you chose to insult is not so helpless it seems. It would be my guess that she is more than capable of taking care of herself. Threatening to put her in a diaper and have her put into a crib was not such a good idea after all I guess. I always warned you that one day you would threaten the wrong little and would end up hurt. Just because she is a little does not make her vermin, helpless, or stupid! I think, Mrs. Carson, that perhaps you should take your business to another shop as you are not welcome here any longer!” The lady glared at me as I watched her leave the store mad as hell. As soon as the door was shut Sam broke out laughing. Beth came out from behind the counter laughing as well. “That was hilarious to see the look on her face as she fell on her face! When you continued to hit her on various places and left her hurting she looked about ready to wet and mess herself!” It took Beth a moment to catch her breath. “If you ever come back this way please stop in again! Don’t worry about losing her business either! She’s a pain in the ass to deal with. She asks stupid questions and rarely buys anything then when she does, she insists we are overcharging her and trying to rip her off! She’s actually cost us customers a few times so no loss losing her few sales a year!” I would not forget this place anytime soon as I waved at them and left to find a way to get out of town without attracting anymore attention. I had drawn enough attention now that the bitch looking for me would be looking for a Hellcat in combat uniform and causing chaos. I almost smiled as I caused a bit more trouble in a few places and made my appearance memorable. Once the sun set it would be time to vanish and and be someone else. At the dock I made very public inquiries about prices of ferries going to the other islands, further North along the coast and further South as well. No camera got a good look at my face but they all got a damned good look at my unit insignia on my shoulder. With this much chaos and attention drawn to myself it would be interesting to see what that bitch would decide to try next since in a few hours Raven Par would vanish off the radar. The reserve Hellcats member would turn into a ghost. I only had to debate on which identity to assume next. Upon walking past a bank it was tempting to try to pass myself off as a bank officer but it would be way too much work and too risky as well. I needed a disguise that would not get me adopted immediately and not draw a lot of attention either. In the end I wore a nice set of slacks and a nice blouse. I tied my long black hair back into a long ponytail and then went into five different electronics shops to purchase the tools needed for my disguise as a computer technician. There were littles that were indeed computer technicians and they were uncommon but not rare. An hour of Internet time purchased at a run down cafe allowed me to create a dummy company real quick and to have my name listed as the technician. Two more stops at office stores helped me to create my fake computer technician identification. I had a laminated card with my company name on it and a picture of me. It said in bold letters below the picture that I was a computer technician. Anyone checking my briefcase would find the tools of my trade in it. Once done with my cover identity work it was time to make Mrs. Whitestone’s day so to speak. A quick change of address and I entered her network with an eye out for signs of more traps. There were several very tempting prizes dangled in front of me but I ignored them as they were likely traps to try to snag me. So far no one knew I was even in the network. The data cubes were starting their data worm program and within a few hours she was going to really be mad. I found what I was looking for and went to work with some minor vandalism. Every employee of the company was now going to receive a pink slip and be told the company was closing for good and they would have to find employment elsewhere. I about left a calling card so to speak but changed my mind and slowly erased all traces of my presence in her network as I carefully and quietly backed out of it. Once this was done I logged off the net with no traces that I had done anything from the shop except check some online library books for information on car repair for older cars made for littles. Anyone seeing this would think nothing of it. I was now Alexis Darlene and was on my way cross country to a computer show on the East coast. A hotel near the convention had my reservations and I was signed up for the convention as well. I was also a registered free little with no history of discipline or potty problems with a Gold star rating from a nice college on the mainland and a family still on one of the islands. This should do nicely I figured and most folks did not bother to look too deeply at the past of a little. I have extensive knowledge of computers as well so if they try to trip me up with computer questions I can give them answers and hopefully not blow my cover. This identity helped me get into a motel that served littles and the man running the place never even gave me a second glance. I was just another little and nothing about me stood out in the least as I went to my room and prepared to sleep. A sign on the wall stated that all littles were required to be diapered while sleeping but it had been badly defaced. A diaper was not going to be part of my attire tonight. Not being the trusting sort, I kept my gun loaded and within reach as well as a charcoal filter mask since some of these places were black market outlets for giants looking to get a cute little by paying a few hundred credits. They would take the out cold little that had been gassed and turn him or her into a baby with no one caring enough to look for another missing little on the mainland. In the middle of the night I thought I heard a hissing sound and grabbed my mask then my gun. The door was locked and would not budge as I tried to open it. I turned the safety off on my gun and quietly waited for the next person to step through the door. About ten minutes later an amazon with a mask on stepped into the room and went for the lump under the covers on the bed. The man yanked the covers back and stopped when all he found were pillows. He spun around and saw me with my gun out. “Surprise!” I shot him in the head when he tried to make a grab for me. I kicked his body then looted it for anything useful before leaving. Downstairs and behind the main desk I found a hidden set of switches to activate the gas and to lock the door of any room. Three other switches were flipped so I flipped them back and proceeded to lock the rest of the rooms that had giants in them and turned on the gas to them. The littles would wake up and be able to leave the place but someone was going to have to free the giants. I yawned and went back for my briefcase while making certain to avoid the blood on the floor. Dawn was about three hours away so I grabbed my things and headed to the nearest bus station with storage lockers. I took the data cubes, all my ammo, five fake ID cards, and my combat knife from my frame pack before shoving it in a locker and paying the fee and taking the key with me. Nothing in the pack was irreplaceable so if it was never retrieved nothing critical was going to be lost. Outside the bus station I walked a few blocks and curled up inside an abandoned building for some more sleep. My filter mask was concealed in a pocket along with my gun and knife just in case. I have learned to not trust too many people too closely. Getting too trusting as a little is a quick one way trip into diapers and a crib for life. The motel tonight had proven to me it pays to be very paranoid when your instincts all scream at you that something is not quite right. Last night my instincts had warned me that the man had been a little too eager to get me into my room for the night. I had been right. Passing by the crime scene with my briefcase in hand and dressed fairly nice made me just another little in a sea of littles, giants, and inbetweeners. I blended in and did not stand out as I passed the scene and ignored it as I walked on. I was about to enter the bus station when a police officer stopped me. “Not many littles traveling alone. Where you headed?” “Is this an official police stop or are you just out to make me miss my bus?” The officer smiled at me. Maybe I should make it official and see if you are a run away from a nursery! You trying to avoid going back to your mommy?” I looked at my watch and had an hour before my bus left. “I’m a registered free little and heading to a computer seminar on the East coast. Happy now?” He looked at me a moment. “You need a diaper change?” I was starting to think that almost all Amazons were idiots. “If I did, it would not be you changing me!” “Mouthy little aint you! Maybe I should just adopt you here and now for your own safety!” “You are not legally allowed to do so. I have not demonstrated any reason for you to adopt me legally. I am free and gainfully employed. I have broken no laws nor given you a reason to stop me.” The officer let me go reluctantly but kept an eye on me as I proceeded to go get my prepaid bus ticket. I showed my Identification and was handed the ticket by the lady manning the place. “Here you go dearie. You do know about the rules regarding littles riding cross country on the bus right?” I decide to play it safe and asked the lady politely about the rules. I allowed her to examine my briefcase full of tools and a few common supplies for computer work. “No spare diapers?” “I don’t wear diapers. I have not been in a diaper since the age of three.” The lady smiled and showed me a copy of the rules about littles going cross country on a bus. I was required to wear a diaper and could not board without a diaper on. “It’s not my idea ma’am, but a little accidentally messed herself on the bus last year so the company made this new rule and a few others as well.” She was very polite and explained the rules to me and made sure I understood them. She was nice and sold me a bag of diapers in my size then led me in back and diapered me gently without teasing me or threatening to adopt me. “I know they are thick and make you waddle a bit but it is the brand the company has us sell to littles who do not already have any.” She was a very nice lady and showed me the paperwork as well as her official disagreement with the rules about littles being diapered. “Look at it this way, If the toilet is filthy, full, or not working you can use the diaper and no one can complain. Each bus has a small changing table that folds down and one attendant on each bus that can change you so you don’t have to spend an entire trip in a wet and or messy diaper. Those not wearing diapers will have to hold it until the bus stops somewhere with a restroom if they can’t use the one on the bus.” I thanked her for her help and checked in my briefcase. She examined it and I told her what each tool was for and then let her x-ray it as well. It passed and she put a tag on it certifying it as safe. My next hurdle was the metal detector. I had a false federal concealed weapons permit so they could not take my gun as long as the gun remained on safety and unloaded while on the bus. The computer in my head would be an issue though. No way to disguise it. I would bluff when the time came. I figured that my day was going better than my nemesis. She was going to have a company full of very irate employees to deal with as she had fired all of them. I might have to ask my folks about that when I freed them. For now the dreaded metal detector waited. A giant tried to pick me up and I rewarded his efforts by dropping him to the floor as fast and hard as I could before I realized it was the police officer. Oops. “Sorry about that, sir. You did not identify yourself and so I reacted to defend myself from possible illegal abduction! He got up off the floor looking a bit surprised to have been taken down by a little. “How the hell did you learn that nasty trick young lady?” “I had an uncle that served in the military and he showed me that and a few other tricks. Is there a reason you tried to grab me sir? If not then I’ll be on my way. I still have to go through the metal detector and show them some proper paperwork.” I walked off and the officer just stood staring at me as he rubbed his sore left knee I kicked hard enough to almost cause severe damage to. I walked through the metal detector and set it off. I was ready for that and handed the man my permit and then showed him my firearm with the clip removed and in another pocket. “I remove the clip when traveling on a bus or aircraft.” I cleared the round in the chamber already and put it in the clip. The firearm is currently on safety as you can see. My combat knife is in a sheath and within legal length limits at only ten inches. I set the items aside and let him run a portable detector over me. He got to my head and stopped. “What’s in the hair?” “It’s not my hair or anything in it sir. I have a data port and a few other devices inside my skull, sir. The devices can not be removed without extensive surgery and will not have any effect on the bus.” I was ushered off to a full body scanner and forced to strip down to just my diaper. I walked through the machine and watched the look on the faces of the men looking at the display. They were confused and it almost made me laugh. “What the hell is that thing in your head?” “I’m not at liberty to discuss it yet. It is secret technology that my company wants to sell to the military in a few years after they have it field tested heavily in numerous settings.” They finally let me go after that and a quick check to see if my diaper was wet or dirty yet. I got on the bus and was happy to be on my way. They had believed me about my built in computer system and did not log anything onto the computer about it except for a few quick notes to send off to the other stations that it was legal to have and would not harm anyone. Twenty minutes later the bus pulled out of the station. I was relieved to get this far without getting caught by the bitch that had my parents. The bus route passed by the white industries building where there was a lot of confusion going on. I was so tempted to smile and laugh but held it in. In a few hours my next surprise present for her would activate and destroy her computers. This was going to be one hell of a fun day for her to deal with and I had a few ideas of what to do to her next. I was going to do everything possible to keep her reeling and off balance while setting her up for the final fall. Mrs Whitestone It was a nice morning and she looked forward to breaking the will of the two littles in her care and stealing all their technical secrets. Once broken she would have their brains worked on a bit to make them compliant and working for her to make more high end miracles of science for her despite being in diapers for life. Once she caught their daughter she would put her in a diaper, sign her up for breeding and then sell her unless she had just as many wonderful ideas that her parents did. Her limo pulled into the garage and she was surprised by the number of irate people out in front of her building instead of inside working on keeping the company running. The driver let her out next to her private elevator and made sure she was safely in it before driving off. The elevator stopped at the top floor and the doors opened to an empty floor. Everyone was gone. She walked into her office and found her private secretary and head of security waiting for her. “We have a problem ma’am. Last night you sent out a notice to everyone in the building. You fired everyone.” “I have been trying to keep things going as best I could ma’am but there are a lot of angry folks constantly calling and asking why they were fired! I canceled all your appointments for the morning ma’am and have been trying to calm everyone down. Jake is going through the computers now trying to find out what happened. He has been sending updates every 45 minutes. You did not fire anyone as you always have me draw up the paperwork or tell me who to call and you have done neither so I believe it is an attack from outside as does Jake.” Mrs White slammed her fist into her desk as she set down. “That little fucking bitch! I am going to kill her when I catch her! Julie get everyone you can back in their offices and tell them we were hacked and they are not fired. Jake is doing the right thing looking for the source of the hack but I suspect he wont find it. That daughter of theirs is too damned sneaky! No little should be able to do this to me!” Julie was already back behind her desk making calls to get everyone back to work. It took almost four hours to get everyone back to work again and she had given some of the ones that had stayed on the job trying to do damage control raises for their loyalty and smart thinking. Jake called and was hysterical. “Pull the cubes! Unplug them before it’s too late!” “What are you talking about, Jake?” They are time bombs! Unplug them now!” She reached for one and her terminal went dark along with every other terminal in the building and all the phone lines turned off as well. Mrs white grabbed a radio and was answered by Jake. “Too late ma’am. Those damned cubes were bait and we fell for it. They had fake computer files in them. Almost all those experiments were fake but close enough to truth that we were suckered by the data. Each cube had a virus in it that was carefully planted in and designed to go off at a preset point after the cubes were opened. Everything we had on the computers is gone! Those worms ruined everything! We need new servers now as well. They were over clocked and then had the cooling turned off as well as the warning systems bypassed! Until we get new computers and run the backups we are dead in the water! We are looking at about five days to get everything replaced and it’s not going to be cheap either!” “How bad, Jake?” “Rough estimate, about 500 million in equipment cost plus another two or three in labor.” “Thanks for trying to warn me Jake. Get started right away and see if we can savage anything.” “Yes ma’am, and sorry.” A pair of littles looked at her from a playpen and laughed at her. “Raven is not going to be caught until she wants to be and then you are in for an even bigger world of hurt. Our little Hellion is too good for you!” Mrs White looked at the two littles in the playpen and then walked out of her office and around a corner where she promptly slugged a wall as hard as she could which resulted in four broken knuckles and two broken fingers as well as a fractured wrist. To say she was mad would be an understatement. END PART TWO PART THREE The bus trip was not fun. The toilet was off limits to littles and they forced me to use a diaper for wetting and for messing. A lady on the bus changed my diaper for me and put a fresh one on me each time and on the last change she tried to feed me a bottle of formula. It did not go as planned for her as I am certain she wanted to adopt me and keep me in diapers and a crib forever. She had just changed my messy diaper and pulled my slacks back up when she tried to shove a bottle in my mouth. The bottle did not smell right to me and there was no way she was going to shove the garbage down my throat. It was bad enough to force me into a diapers for the duration of the trip but now she was trying to force feed me a bottle with who knows what lacing the formula in it. I bent her hand hand back far enough to hurt but not break it. I then squeezed it hard enough to drop her to her knees. “I have to let you diaper and change me, but nothing requires me to drink from a bottle and let you try to force me into a life of wearing diapers and living in a crib!” When I let go of her now very sore hand she grabbed it and held it with the other one. One sniff of the formula told me the truth about it. The can of dry powder formula under the changing station had directions for mixing the formula. This stuff was made to turn a little who drank it into a baby for life as it would rob them of control so they could be adopted and kept in diapers for the rest of their life. This was never going to happen to me if I had my way. Later that afternoon she left her mug of coffee with heavy cream sitting while she went to use the restroom on the bus. I dumped in two scoops of the formula and stirred it in real quick before returning to my seat and staying silent. It should be interesting to see what happens to her in about four hours when we arrive at the terminal. It took a great deal of effort to not smile and look at her drinking her drink without being aware I had spiked her large cup with a couple of scoops of formula. She filled up her cup again and dumped in more powdered creamer then went to the restroom again. This time I waited only long enough for her to close the door before moving fast. I emptied almost a third of the can of formula into her powdered creamer and mixed it together quietly and quickly. The only other little on the bus smiled when he saw me spiking her drink and almost laughed when he saw me mixing her powdered creamer with formula. Paybacks can be a bitch! The bus finally pulled into the terminal and I was still dry so the lady did not get another chance to change my diaper for me but she did check it. When she set me down I accidentally knocked the formula over and spilled it everywhere. She saved what she could and gave me a look of frustration as she put the formula back on the shelf next to the diapers. I picked up my half bag of diapers and exited next to the other little who was also carrying a half bag of diapers. I had to wait for the baggage to be unloaded and brought inside before I could retrieve my briefcase. I bent over to retrieve my briefcase and the lady from the bus came over towards me. “I want to see your identification! I have to make sure you did not run away from your mommy!” I showed her my identification card for this identity and smiled at her as she farted noisily. “Sounds like you need to go change yourself. Hope you remembered to bring spare diapers.” Another fart escaped and then she bent over in pain trying to hold back what was soon going to be impossible to hold back. Urine ran down her legs and another noisy fart escaped her as she suddenly messed herself horribly. She looked horrified. “Funny thing about the powdered creamer. It is the same consistency as the formula and almost the same taste. Are the effects permanent or do they wear off?” “You little bitch!” She tried to grab me and a brown runny mess ran down her legs! I stayed out of her reach until security marched her to a hallway and out of sight. I waited around for my hotel bus to come and got to see her as she came out into the main area again about 20 minutes later obviously waddling a little bit from the thick diaper she was now wearing. I myself had changed back into panties and was tempted to offer a spare diaper just to be a bitch. She gave me a dirty look as she left the terminal and I almost busted out laughing at her. “I’m George. That was worth sticking around to see!” I saw the little I had ridden the bus with and smiled at him. “She usually gets one or two every trip, but this time someone got her back. You here for the computer show?” “That and other things. Yourself?” He was cute but married, darn the luck. “My boss sent me here to look into the computer show and see if anything here is really all that new or just a bunch of upgrades and patches to the software.” “This year will be interesting . My company is owned by On Par industries and they have a whole new computer operating system to show off this year. It should be interesting to see how people react to the beta version of the operating system.” He was real interested to know if I had ever met the family and what their daughter was like. I laughed. “I never got to meet her when I met them two years ago. “She was away on active duty at the time. She’s a member of the Hellcats unit and from what I’ve heard, damned dangerous and sneaky when she wants to be.” He smiled. “I would love to meet her sometime! I hear she’s cute and only about three years younger than me.” I laughed. “And just what would your wife say when she found out?” “She’d find out that I did not have sex with her and treated her with respect. From what I hear she’s a genius with computers and my wife and I would both love to talk shop with her for a few hours if she’d let us. I’d love to hear more about her unit from her too!” “Good luck with that one! They are sworn to secrecy and they never break that oath! The best you can get is for them to give you the public information website. Anything more is classified and they wont talk to outsiders about it.” We talked shop for a while longer until my ride finally showed up. I shook his hand and wished this had been a pleasure trip so I could meet his wife as well. Talking shop with them would have been fun. Maybe in the future we could all meet after I took down the bitch and freed my parents. For now, I had more work to do and very little time to get it done. Once at the motel and checked in to my room I assured the check in person that I would not wet the bed. The temptation to shoot people at times. Just because I am a little they assume I will wet the bed if not wearing a diaper. After having my panties checked four times on my way to my room the urge to open fire was starting to get real high. Once behind closed doors I was able to finally relax before I went insane and shot the next fool offering to diaper me after checking my panties. A few hours of sleep would have been nice but there was still a lot to do so with that I got to work. I pulled up my pet project and put the finishing touches on it. Before my parents had been kidnapped I had been working on a new computer operating system. Without all the patches and workaround routines to plug holes in the code it was smaller and faster. The requirements to run it were lower as well and it was likely going to upset the mainline computer software companies. This was going to be the culmination of about three years of off and on work. I finished the work about four hours later and yawned. It was tempting to be lazy and order room service but they are all giants and one of them would likely try something stupid. I settled for going to a local fast food place for a quick meal then returned. Halfway back an Amazon lady stopped me and checked me to make sure I was not wet or dirty. What the hell is wrong with all these giants? Not every little has to wear diapers and those that do would love to throw them out the window and go back to wearing normal undergarments. She was upset to find me wearing panties instead of a diaper and to find the panties were perfectly clean. She had no reason to try adopting me and was forced to reluctantly let me go. A police officer noticed my large combat knife but let me go when showed the permit for it and for my concealed firearm. He was polite about it and thanked me for cooperating and did not try to check to see if I needed a diaper change or even needed to be adopted for not taking care of myself. The doorman greeted me politely and opened the door for me as I walked into the motel. Once in my room I double checked it for any listening devices before getting to work on my next trick. By Now Mrs. Whitestone was likely very unhappy and likely about halfway through replacing and installing new computer servers. That would keep her busy for a while and she would not have time to check on other angles I would use to attack her. I plugged the buffer into the motel room’s data port then plugged one end of my data cable into the buffer and the other end into my cranial computer. I closed my eyes and zipped out onto the net and then used a satellite to get to the island servers that had been brought back online right on schedule. Bypassing the security was easy and bearely slowed me. I downloaded all of Mrs. Whitestone’s financial information and started to go through all of it carefully. It was almost ten at night when I finally finished tracing everything down and putting it all together. She had been sneaky with splitting up her finances into so many files to hide her illegal activity. I smiled and began to arrange everything in a better format. By 11:00 I had everything I needed to make her life miserable one more time. I made notes and then put all the notes into a file and downloaded all her finance records to the ministry of finance audit department along with the notes telling them where to look for all of her hidden funds and where she had cheated the ministry on her taxes. After removing all traces of my computer work on the networks I finally unplugged and put things away before going to bed for the night. I had nice dreams that night about Mrs Whitestone getting a visit from the ministry of finance. I can’t figure out why she does not like me. I’m just showing her the holes in her security and the mistakes in her accounting. My sleep that night was wonderful with the dreams of Mrs Whitestone screaming privately in anger at me. All she had to do was return my parents to me undamaged and I would leave her alone. Oh to be a fly on a wall when she gets audited. Tomorrow night I would be busy with orders for the new operating system if it worked correctly, which it should. I had already electronically filled out and filed patent and copyright paperwork on the new operating system which I filed under my own real name. I made it to the computer store just as they were opening and purchased an older computer. When the show was allowing people in I got to the table for my display and had vendors laughing at my older system. I erased it’s operating system completely and loaded my own operating system then let it go to standby while we waited for people to file in. My display system was ten years old but ran the operating system easily. I had intentionally used an old system to prove the requirements of my work. I would also be able to run circles around their best gear since they had to use so many workaround programs to avoid the numerous bugs in their programming. An hour into the show I was making all the other big companies mad when they couldn’t beat the speed and efficiency that my operating system had. I gave the four biggest computer hardware companies limited copies of my operating system to try. Each copy was loaded with security features that would make attempting to view the source code a bad idea as it would scramble itself beyond recovery as well as alerting me to the attempt. I informed each company that this was a beta release and what they had was a light and limited version of the full operating system running on my old computer. A couple of gaming companies wanted to see if it could handle running one of their games so I loaded their new game onto the old system and shocked them when it alerted them to glitches on the game code. One older game was loaded with several lines of code that would steal information and send it to a server on the other coast to be stored and exploited by someone. My operating system took on every challenge and even the military asked to try one of their now declassified programs on it. The software loaded quickly and ran flawlessly once my operating system blocked several attempts at breaking into the core files of the source code. They expected it to have some minor issues and were pleasantly pleased with it. The military representative smiled as he spoke to me. “We had those exploit programs put in intentionally to test software security. Yours is the only one that passed the test!” “This operating system can be configured in a number of ways and with the source code a new version can be created and tailored to the customer. My cover was almost blown when my former commanding officer came walking up to me and shook my hand. “Nice work. The Hellcats look forward to your return. Good work on the other front as well, Hellion. You always did do good work and this should be interesting to see how far it goes before things finish.” I made 20 sales that day and promised to contact the companies in four weeks. At that time I would sign contracts and make a fortune off my pet project. Noticeably absent at the show was Whitestone industries. I made a few discrete inquiries and was told that they had canceled their reservation for the show at the last minute. A major power disruption and then surge had destroyed a large number of their servers and they were busy repairing the damage. I played innocent and continued to show off the new operating system the rest of the day. I showed other companies that it was able to run all sorts of software from games to advanced code breaking software. One person tested it on a newer computer and was amazed at how fast it ran. Another representative from the Hellcats stopped by and chatted with me about the computer operating system for a bit as well. When no one was looking I showed off a tattoo to him and handed him a card with my personal e-mail on it and then smiled and shook hands with him. He was sale number 20 for the day. The hellcats would get a good deal on the software and I would turn it inside out, upside down and do everything possible to make it flexible and super secure for them at a very reduced price. Giants and others would have to pay normal price for those services and it would not be cheap. On the way out of the conference center I stopped back at the fast food place and had another burger meal. I only endured one panties check on the way back and was glad to when once more the quietness of the motel room gave me a chance to relax. I watched the news feed and saw that Whitestone industries had a stock price drop of almost three percent thanks to the computer problem. I wonder how low they will go when the audit hits and the news of it gets leaked to the press. Mrs Whitestone “What the hell do you mean I’m being audited? Get the hell out of my office or I’ll throw your skinny ass out the window and let you take the fast way down!” The lady in the suit stood quietly a moment then spoke up. “If you do not wish to cooperate with this audit that is fine. All of your assets will be frozen. Both personal and corporate. Any attempts at bodily harm to me or any other auditor will result in severe penalties up to and including mind wiping and retraining. Now then, I shall require all of your people to step away from their terminals for the duration of the audit. Anyone not complying will be arrested. I would also like to note that any harsh treatment of your littles in my presence will also be reported as well so do not take your anger out on them. From the looks of things I begin to wonder if they are even legally adopted at all. The law takes a dim view into illegal adoption of littles.” “Do your damned audit but leave my personal life alone or I will make sure your next assignment is testing adult diapers yourself as no one else will hire you!” The lady left the legal paperwork on the desk and quietly walked out of the office. Mrs. Whitestone picked up her phone and called for her personal accountant to meet her in her office as soon as possible. The two littles in the playpen huddled into the corner as far away as they could get from Mrs. Whitestone. She was mad and did not dare punch anything with her right hand in a splint already. Ten minutes later her personal secretary let the accountant into her office then turned on the light above the office door to signify that no one was to enter without being called for personally by Mrs. Whitestone. She felt sorry for the two littles in the playpen and wanted to talk to them but she was told on the first day to say nothing to the two of them. The best she could do was to smile at them when she saw them but nothing more. “Who the hell is doing this to us? First the computers! Then everyone gets fired! Now a damned auditor is digging into things! Tell me we at least made some sales at the big computer show.” The accountant looked at her a moment before replying. “We never went this year. Due to the computer crash and the firing of all the people our reservation was canceled so we could focus on getting the servers working again. My reports from the show tell me that a new operating system was unveiled this year and it exceeded everyone’s expectations. The company had a little demonstrate the software to everyone on an old computer and then again on a new computer as well. We lost the military contract we were trying to get and the Hellcats have even expressed an interest in the software as well. I took the liberty of having one of our men obtain a copy of the operating system discretely and it is being sent here to be looked at by our own people. If it is any good we can break into it and change things then go from there.” “What company made the operating system?” The man looked through his paperwork a minute. “On Par Industries. The lead programmer was a miss Raven Par.” Mrs. White spun around to face her accountant. “What?! How the hell did they do that when they are both right here in this playpen?! “I do not know, ma’am. My agent is good and does not lie or exaggerate. They stand to make close to 5 billion in initial sales and long term sales are looking to be upwards of 20 billion over the next five years.” “Get me that software and I want the little from the show in my office in two days or someone is going to pay!” “How much do we stand to lose in this audit if they find everything?” The accountant looked at her tablet then spoke. “Almost four billion plus another two billion in fines.” “This is a fucking nightmare! How the hell is all this happening all at once? There is no way this is all coincidence! The timing is too perfect! Who the hell is doing this to us and how the hell do we find them and kill them for it?!” END PART THREE PART FOUR The show lasted for three days and I made almost 100 sales to various companies by the time all was said and done. Each and every company knew that a little had created the operating system. Two of the amazon ladies from one of the companies admitted to being surprised that it had been created entirely by a single little over the course of six years as a pet project during slow times so that there was always something to do to be productive. Every machine it was tried on worked more efficiently than with the old operating system created by Whitestone industries. “The whitestone operating system has a number of bugs and glitches that require extensive work around patches to fix and the fixes only open up more security issues. Let me show you the more common issues with it. We did a side by side speed test and even though my demonstration system was slower it still ran the same test programs faster than the other machines did. My benchmark scores were almost 50% better than the Whitestone operating system. I even let other people look at the computer without it’s side panel on so that they could tell it was not a trick. There was no wireless signal and no hardwired line piping in the signal to the system either. My parents had been thinking of revealing the cranial computer I have inside my head to the world but not one as advanced as mine. The new operating system was a very small version of the one I have running my own internal computer system with a few differences thrown in to make it work on a desktop unit. That was my base to work from and change the source code bit by bit for compatibility until all that was left was a few more tweaks and some debugging. A reporter asked me what was next for On Par Industries. “How about a computer that fits inside of a person’s head or a data cube the size of a sugar cube?” The lady laughed and agreed that the data cubes seemed like a reasonable thing to expect to see but the computer in a head was a far off idea. We both laughed at the idea of a huge mess of cables and wires and deformed heads. When the interview was over she shook my hand and thanked me for the interviews. “Too bad about the cranial cybernetic computers. It would be interesting to see.” I turned my head and brushed my hair out of the way of my data port so she could see it clearly. I smiled at her as I let my hair cover it again. “Just a pipe dream I guess. Maybe someday, when the world is ready for it.” I swear her jaw almost hit the floor as I vanished into the crowd of departing vendors before she could get to me. With all the contact information and sales information safely saved as well as what they wanted added or subtracted to their copies of the operating system. This alone would keep me busy for a good six to eight weeks and would net me a tidy profit. The old computer was no longer needed so I donated it to a family looking for a used system that would work reliably. They were littles with only a small budget and the guy kept trying to sell them on a long and expensive contract for used system. “What’s your budget for system?” The lady was surprised to see another little. “Only 300 credits I’m afraid. Rent is high in this town but to keep my job I need a computer that I can do all my work on.” “What work do you do?” “I run a clothing store for littles. No diapers or babyish materials, just good quality clothing at an affordable price. “In that case then I have just the thing for you since that giant over there can only think about making a fortune or putting us in diapers. This system in my arms runs good and I have a better one at home. I only used this to demonstrate a new computer operating system that I loaded on here. I’ll save you some money, to be specific, it’s free as long as you put it to good use and prove that being a little does not make one a baby.” I helped load it into their car and smiled when the sales person came storming out mad as hell at having lost a sale to my charity. “What gives you the right to just give them a computer! I’ve half a mind to spank you and then put you in a diaper for your own good!” “I’m a free little and if I choose to give away a computer that is my right. I have broken no laws either so you have nothing to use against me.” The man glared at me but soon stormed back into his shop and slammed the door behind him. It made me chuckle a little when the glass in the door broke. With that situation resolved peacefully I decided to go find something other than greasy fast food burgers. Who knows, they might have a place that sells good beer as well as good food. Right now I could go for a good Black Bolt beer and perhaps some steak. It took some searching to find a place willing to serve littles. The food was nothing fancy but at least they had Black Bolt beer. I walked in and a giant looked at me a minute. “Where’s your mommy at dear?” “I am a free little and you have just lost a sale for that stupid remark.” I turned and walked out the door without a glance back and kept walking until I finally found another place willing to serve littles. Halfway through my steak meal another giant asked me when my mommy was going to come and get me. “I am a free little ma’am.” She left and came back a few minutes later with wipes and a diaper. The moment she reached for me I moved at top speed. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion as I slammed into her legs and used the butt end of my knife to wreck her left kneecap. As she started to tumble forward in slow motion I guided her head into the corner of the table. Her head hit the table hard and I knew beyond a doubt she had a fractured skull. My next move brought me around to her right side where I promptly ruined her right knee by pulling it back and twisting it a little too far as she rebounded off the table and fell backwards with her weight on the now twisted right knee. She hit the floor screaming in pain. “I warned you. You chose not to listen. I am not your baby or anyone’s baby for that matter. I am more than capable of taking care of myself. Have fun with the double knee surgery.” I paid for my meal and walked out of the building with a dozen other littles staring in shock along with at least two dozen giants and a few inbetweeners. My entire attack had taken maybe three seconds and had ruined both of her knees, cracked her skull, and given her one hell of a concussion as well. So much for keeping a low profile. My temper had just gotten the best of me. Oh well, it was time to change identities anyways. My few clothes at the motel had nothing of any real major value and I could always pay for the room remotely. After looking through a thrift store and enduring three more diaper checks I left with two sets of clothes for my next identity. It was time to become another person once more and let this identity just suddenly vanish. I kept a careful eye on the motel for three hours then borrowed a half hour of Internet to look for any flags on my motel account. With nothing stopping me I went to the room and grabbed my few things. I almost left the diapers behind but changed my mind and took them with me. No sense leaving them behind when they could come in handy for my next identity. It took me 45 minutes of time in park restroom to change clothes and get my makeup just right. This time my identity was Marjorie Jones. My occupation was listed as a mechanic. My status was listed as free but injured. My injury was the right leg that had taken shrapnel damage during the last island conflict where I had worked as a mechanic in a run down garage. My cover story showed I had gotten caught in bombing run by sheer bad luck on my way to work. I downloaded a number of manuals for various cheaper vehicles and memorized them along with every cheap trick to keep a car running. I had control issues at night and wore diapers to bed to deal with the issue as was required by law. The background listed me as having a tendency to insult others when my limited patience ran out. I had been warned twice by police about threatening to hurt someone and it was listed on my record. Hopefully no one would dig too deeply into the background. For now I needed someplace safe to sleep since tomorrow I was going to find Janice and enlist her help. I was also going to watch the news and papers as well since someone had anonymously leaked out that Whitestone industries was being audited by the ministry of finance. That should knock her company’s stock prices down a bit more. I hope she enjoys the public scandal. Mrs. Whitestone The entire office building was in a state of chaos as a swarm of auditors poured over the finances of the company and began to find everything that had not been paid or declared on their taxes. Several accounts had been hidden and moved to prevent being easily found by anyone. Somehow the accounts were found and looked at with extreme detail. Company profits were falling with no one able to do anything until the auditors were done. “How the hell are they finding everything? Who is leaking information to them? We need these assholes out of here so we can get back to work! How long until they are done?” “I was told they would be here another three weeks at the most before they had a handle on how much we we are going to have to pay. I had to stop installing the new servers yesterday until they looked at every single one of them! “We need to keep this quiet or our stock prices are going to drop even further! Find out who is leading them to everything and silence them! I want those auditors out of my hair and now!” The head accountant walked in with a newspaper and dropped it on the desk. “Someone leaked the news of the audit to the press. Every one of the papers has this as their front page story. Our stock prices have been dropping steadily all day. Our stock is down to under 20 credits a share now.” The two littles in the playpen smiled but said nothing. Mrs. Whitestone looked at them. When the hell are you two going to tell me what I want? I’m getting tired of waiting!” “You can rape us and diaper us and even drug us, but you will never get the codes! Raven will have changed every one of them by now and anything you got will be worthless! She will never quit looking for us and making you look like a stumbling fool!” Mrs. Whitestone screamed in rage and grabbed the little man from the playpen and threw him across the room as hard as she could in anger. The little hit the far wall and fell to the floor, silent and not moving, as the other one screamed in terror. “The accountant ran to the little laying on the floor. “You better call your private doctor and tell him to hurry or this little is going to die! You broke half his ribs! Don’t let them get to you this way! This is what they want! You are smarter than this!” She about hit the wall until her computer technician grabbed her hand and stopped her. You’ll break the hand again ma’am! We can’t afford to have you out for hand surgery when we need you the most!” She calmed down and looked at the little on the floor and muttered several curses before picking up the phone. “Julia, get DR. Branson up here immediately and tell him it’s urgent. Tell him to bring everything he has.” The group of men and Mrs. Whitestone discussed ways to get rid of the auditors in order to get back to work before the company went bankrupt. She growled as she spoke in anger. “I can’t even sell my own stock without getting hit for insider trading and investigated for that as well! Who the hell is doing this to us? Who the hell is the mole in our...” She looked at the little on the floor. “Your daughter! She’s behind this! How the hell is she doing this?” The little in the playpen ignored her and only stared at her husband laying on the floor and barely breathing. Jake spoke up next as he looked back to Mrs. Whitestone. “It can’t be an attack from the outside. I have software monitoring every single connection to the computers and nothing unusual is going in or out! It has to be a mole working inside to take us down. We need the information they have. Maybe if we went back to their lab we could find the information if we sent a team with everything they need to get those servers to unlock and spill their secrets to us. I’m certain they have hidden back up data storage systems.” Mrs. Whitestone looked at the little on the floor then back to Jake. “Do it! Send in all my outside sources that we can! Anyone who is still available from the last raid should be sent with them as they will know what to expect and we can neutralize the threats easier! I want that information on my desk inside of four days! Make this a priority and do not put anything on the systems here! Those damned auditors are screwing everything up and snooping in everything!” “I’ll use a phone a few blocks away and call our friends and send them instructions. I’ll have a team on the ground by tomorrow afternoon. Nothing will trace back to us. We will have to pay them from our island accounts or it will be traced back to us.” “Do it! Triple the reward on that bitch daughter of theirs! I want her caught so I can teach her a lesson! I’ll make her pay for this!” “I don’t see how one little could be doing all this damage to us. The attacks on the company have to be the work of a highly skilled team that have people on the inside. There is no way a little is that smart or capable. By now she’s most likely wearing a diaper and sitting in a crib drinking from a bottle. It has to be a team working for some other company doing all this to us.” The little in the playpen was a bit spooked by the look on Mrs. Whitestone’s face. She was evil without any hint of remorse for her actions. She would destroy anyone who got in her way no matter the cost. The only reason they themselves were not yet in a nursery is that Mrs. White wanted all of their research information and was not about to risk losing it by putting them in a nursery. The office door opened and the doctor walked in to tend to the little on the floor. RAVEN I spent the next four days modifying my operating system for various clients and sending it out to them on data cubes to be installed on their computers. Most of the changes were just minor things but the government wanted very heavy security. I spent half a day on the security upgrades and added a trace and report program to the software so if anyone but me attempted to get into their systems it would trace their location and report it to those watching for attacks. When the government loaded it onto one of their systems and attacked it from every angle they could come up with they loved it. They hit the system with almost 200 attacks and nothing got through the defenses. Every system was traced and logged so the ones doing the attacks could be caught. When the Hellcats sent me a letter digitally they asked about security options as well as lethal feedback options. Checking on Whitestone industries was amusing to me. The auditors were having a field day with the company and the fines were stacking up heavily. In another day or two the auditors would be done and then levy their fine against the company for their attempts at tax evasion. So far it looked like the company was going to have to pay out close to 1,500,000 credits in fines. The little money they had trickling in was not enough to help offset the huge fine. I had no idea where my parents were being held at but soon I would find out and then begin to make plans to rescue them and if she hurt them then she would have no place she could hide from me. I would make her wish she had never met any of us. On Par Industries was making a fortune from government contracts but all of the money went into a holding account until the ministry of finance could go over it with an eye for details that I or my parents may have missed. The ministry had been asked by us to double check our accounting for tax errors. This arrangement has never once had us audited as we have never hidden a single credit from them and all funds coming in are sent into that account for examination before being passed into the main accounts a week later. It slowed things a little bit but kept us from ever having to be fined like most big companies were from time to time. Over the next two weeks I traced down the whereabouts of Janice until I finally found her. She had been laid to rest a month ago. When I first met her she had been battling an illness and now I found out it had killed her. Janice had died from bone cancer at the age of 56. I cried at the news and stopped working for the rest of the day. I made one stop on the way to her grave to buy some roses. She had always loved roses so as a farewell gift for a friend I bought her a dozen white roses. I had one giant lady at the cemetery show me to her grave site. “She was a good person. She helped us out a number of times and with that help we freed almost 100 littles and got them relocated. She worked until almost the very end. She had a seizure then a massive stroke. She passed away a week later. Did she free you too?” “No. she was my instructor in dirty tricks and dirty fighting. She showed me how to get inside a person’s head and keep them off balance. She taught me so much. I’ll miss her. Rest in peace my friend.” I laid the flowers on her grave and wiped away the tears before turning to leave. By the time I reached my cheap apartment I was not in a good mood. My best friend was dead and the bitch still had my parents. To top it off some stupid idiot giant lady tried to adopt me so I had to hurt her to get free. I really miss the islands now. Very few giants on the islands and they are not stupid enough to try to kidnap a little. It does happen but not often and maybe one out of thousand gets away with it. Part of me wanted to just take a nuke and put it in Mrs. whitestone’s building but too many innocents would be killed. It was still a tempting thought though. It was after midnight when the last of the software for the Hellcats was finished and sent off to them. With all this work I was now richer than Whitestone industries. It meant nothing to me without someone to share it with. As I was about to unplug from the Internet for the night a proximity alert from the island popped up. I looked at the security feed and frowned. The assholes had decided to try to storm the island again to get to the secure servers and data storage vaults. There was no holding back this time. I activated all weapons and security defenses. Everything was set to lethal force. A large force of nearly 700 men stormed the island and met with a defense that tore them to pieces anytime they tried to advance more than 100 feet off the sandy beach. The force trying to climb the cliffs on the other end of the island met a grisly end when a set of generators pumped up enough power to the focused microwave emitters facing the cliff to boil the men to death in a matter of seconds. Their blood literally boiled and they died screaming in pain as they fell to the water boiled alive. The docks were stormed by a force of men but the found that their armor was no match for the mass driver guns. These guns fired round projectiles at nearly mach five. The force of the impact tore through the soldiers and dropped them to the ground with no chance of advancing further. Drones flew over and dropped more ordinance on them. Each drone carried a small explosive charge filled with tiny needles. The charge would drop and at about 25 feet from the ground it would explode and send needles everywhere at high velocity. After losing nearly 500 men the soldiers withdrew under heavy fire. I sent the bitch a copy of the failed assault on the island by her hired mercenaries. It had not been a good day for the mercenary unit and after taking losses that heavy they would not try to storm the place again. The men withdrew and left their dead behind to rot in the sun rather than risk being killed trying to retrieve their bodies. The video was not edited to hide the carnage and if anyone had a weak stomach they would not like the video. I sent Mrs Whitestone and everyone working for her a copy of the video of the assault forces getting torn to pieces by the automated defenses of the island. It had been super expensive to create this defensive system but had proven it’s worth. I had offered the Hellcats a chance to buy a similar defensive system but they declined as they did not think it would be as efficient as I had claimed it would be. I had told them it would guarantee a 70% casualty rate to enemy forces. I was wrong and the rate was closer to almost 98%. I sent the head of the Hellcats a copy of the video footage and a detailed explanation of what had happened and when. They investigated and purchased the system after seeing the video and the dead bodies on the island and in the water. I unplugged and went to bed with my charcoal mask in place and my gun under my pillow as always. It will be most interesting when Mrs Whitestone reads her message and her board of directors start arguing over money. I was getting tired of the game though so I sent her a peace offering. “Let my parents go and leave me and my family alone and I’ll leave you alone. Refuse and I’ll destroy both you and your company. Please enjoy the video of your mercenary force attempting to Storm the privately owned island belonging exclusively to On Par Industries. In the middle of the night a hissing sound alerted me to another attempt at gassing any littles in the building. An alarm sounded a few seconds later and a giant came running down the hall kicking open doors and hollering at everyone to get out. I grabbed my small pack of things and went down the stairs in a hurry as the giant lady came stumbling out with two other littles in her hands out cold. Smoke was pouring out of the building as she cleared the front door and set the two littles down carefully while coughing and trying to get the smoke out of her lungs. I did CPR on one of the two littles and heaved a sigh of relief when she began to breathe again on her own. Another little came staggering down through the smoke and without a second thought I rushed in and grabbed him before he could collapse from smoke inhalation. Everyone stared at me as I came out of the fire with the little slung over my shoulders like they had trained me to do in the service. The fire department and paramedics credited my quick thinking with saving the life of the little. I blew my cover when a paramedic rolled up my sleeve to examine a burn on my arm and saw my tattoo. He laughed as he saw the tattoo. “I should have known with the way you charged back into the fire to save someone! That was good work ma’am!” “I did very little. That lady over there ran up the stairs and made sure to get us all out before anyone got caught in the heavy smoke! She kicked in every door and carried two others down the stairs with her and she had no filter mask on like I do! She’s the one who saved us all with her quick thinking! All I did was some CPR and then carried another little about 20 feet! If she had not warned us and risked her life doing so it would have been far worse!” The lady was sitting on the ground with an oxygen mask on. She smiled when she saw me. “Thought I saw you but was not sure you escaped! Sorry to spook you like that but I couldn’t let anyone die in there if I could get them out! I’ve been after Carlos for two years to fix the wiring and the gas lines but I guess it’s too late now. I saw a tattoo on her left shoulder and smiled. “First expeditionary force. Nice!” “That was a long time ago. I was just another soldier is all.” I smiled. “And I’m actually Mrs Whitestone’s best friend!” She threw her head back and laughed. “Spent a year in the service myself. First battalion, Bravo company, Third platoon. Hellcats.” We shook hands and both agreed the world is an ugly place and sometimes some folks have to be taught a lesson to keep things calm. I spent the next two hours at a police station giving them a report on the fire and then finally explaining that they could try to arrest me for arson if they were stupid but they had no proof. “Yes I wore a filter mask! I’ve had some less than scrupulous individuals try to gas me and then sell me! I do not take chances of it happening again. I sleep light, keep my weapon handy, and never let them take me by surprise. I have stayed free by being cautious and even ruthless when I had to. No one is going to put me into a diaper and stick me in a crib for life. The last one who tried it found out that I will fight to stay free.” The officer looked at my identification card and frowned. “This is a pretty damned good fake identification card. Almost impossible to tell from a real one. Who are you really?” “I am no one and anyone! I am a ghost that can vanish into the mists to never be caught! You know what I am if you use that tiny little pebble of a brain you have.” He looked at me a moment then rose up and grabbed a diaper from a stack on a table by the wall. I moved the moment he picked it up and broke both his kneecaps and his jaw before he could react. He hit the floor and a sharp blow from his stolen night stick to the back of his head silenced him as he tried to scream in pain. I retrieved my small pack after wiping my prints off his night stick and calmly walked out of the room and then the station as if they had let me go. Three blocks later I vanished like the ghost I had claimed to be. My clothes vanished into a trash dumpster and I dressed up once more in a nice blouse, slacks and sensible but nice looking shoes. A handful of wipes over my face removed my makeup to reveal my true face. I switched to my real identity to make it harder on anyone trying to find a mechanic that had escaped the police station. I will not be trapped in a diaper and a crib. Anyone trying is in for a surprise. My patience was wearing thin and I was about ready to grab some body armor from home and a few advanced weapons and then storm the bitch’s tower!” I slept under a bridge on some plastic to avoid making my clothes filthy. A newspaper declared later that Whitestone industries had been fined 1,559,000 credits for tax evasion and fraud. The stock price of the company was steadily dropping and they were hemorrhaging money big time. The value of On Par Industries was steadily climbing with recent sales of the new operating system and the defensive systems sales to the Hellcats. A close examination of my funds showed that I could buy out a majority share of Whitestone industries if I so chose to do so. They had some nice medical research facilities that would come in handy for creating various medicines to be used in treating all sorts of ailments and eventually curing the sterility of the giants. Curing their sterility was not high on my list of things to do though after how they had treated me. Maybe letting them all die out in a few hundred years would not be so bad. They would be replaced by littles who were starting to slowly outnumber inbetweeners. MRS WHITESTONE The video made several people ill and enraged the board of directors. The head of the mercenary force talked to Mrs. Whitestone. “That island was a death trap! We never made it off the beach! Everything we tried was countered immediately and we lost men trying to break out off of the beach! The docks were another deathtrap! Scaling the cliffs to come up on their blind side was equally fatal to my men! You never told us she had defenses like that on that island! We would have to hit it with artillery and even then I don’t think we could take it! That whole island is a giant death trap!” Mrs whitestone watched the video of the men getting torn to shreds by the island defenses and for once was actually left speechless and a little sickened at the mess. “How the hell did she reinforce the island so heavily so fast? We lost men last time but her defenses were not that tough to destroy and get past!” “I think she let us have those data cubes, ma’am. You said they were a trick and caused a lot of damage to your computer systems. That little is dangerous to pursue ma’am.” “I want to know who the hell is helping that little baby! I want them dead for this! No little could possibly do this much damage! I want her found and captured! I want her brought into my office so I can diaper her myself and then we will see how superior she is!” “I looked up her background and we are in trouble, ma’am. It took some bribes and digging but I found out how she can do all this.” The man put a video into the computer and it showed Raven take down a police officer in under three seconds with brutal efficiency. He stopped the video after she was out of the room. “The police spent five hours looking for her and did not find her. She vanished as if she had never existed. Her statements were disturbing since she did exactly what she said she would. She’s a ghost! Not the supernatural kind! She spent a year in the Hellcats special forces unit and during that time she saw combat action. They trained her in infiltration and disruption. As you just saw she is super fast and very dangerous. The video was not sped up either. She is not normal! No little could do what she did to that officer that fast!” Her mother laughed silently at the look of shock on her captor’s face. “She’s our best invention!” Mrs. Whitestone was about to back hand the little lady but stopped in mid swing. “You made her! She’s not normal because you made her somehow! You had her trained by criminals and special forces soldiers! She has been trained in business and a hundred other skills in order to blend in! She’s been behind every attack on my company all along! That’s impossible! It can’t be! How did you do it? I’ve had my top scientists working on that idea for a decade and we’ve gotten nowhere! How did she get into my computers without leaving a trace behind? Tell me or I throw your husband again and this time it will be out the window!” Raven The bitch had not released my parents so I sent the video of the attack on my home by her mercenaries as well as proof of her paying them to do the attack to the news media. They had a feeding frenzy tearing her apart and her company stock prices started to plummet further as international treaties had been violated in the attack. To help throw her further off balance I traced every one of her numerous inventions back to those who had actually created them and been ripped off by her stealing the work and then putting her name on the work while the actual people who did the work were never compensated so much as a single hundredth of a credit. She had made enough inventions on her own to stay in business but the lawsuits she was about to get hit by were going to almost bankrupt her. A look at her finances made me smile as her company was reeling financially and almost ready to collapse under it’s own weight. I watched over half of her staff refuse to work for her and walk out when she refused to pay them. I smiled and made a trip to the island for more gear. The cleanup had gone well as the robotic units designed for this task had dropped all of the bodies into a huge plasma incinerator then burned the bodies to ash. I walked calmly along the pathways leading to the main labs and living quarters I had shared with my parents. The countermeasures let me pass without a problem as I was one of the few cleared to be there. Anyone else would have to wait in a designated waiting area. My parents valued their privacy and the work they did was cutting edge work decades ahead of most everyone else. By the end of the day I had what I wanted and went back to the mainland with everything I needed. I was going to go say hello to Mrs Whitestone and get my parents now that she was reeling from the work I had done to ruin her. I am certain she was not going to be happy to see me, but I was looking forward to seeing her. I even invited some friends to watch me have a friendly talk with her. Things were going to get very interesting. END PART FOUR PART FIVE I spent the next three days reviewing all the information I could get my hands onto concerning the big main company building where Mrs. Whitestone was now staying. The place would be impossible to ghost into as they did not allow littles in without them being authorized and accompanied by an Amazon. The only littles allowed in now were always diapered and programmed to be babies so impersonating an employee or maintenance person would not work. I was going to have to break in and with the building security so high it would be tricky. All the windows had been changed to bullet resistant glass after an attack on her building several years ago by an insane Amazon with a machine pistol. He had shot out a a number of windows after she had stolen some invention from him and then had him arrested and thrown into jail to prevent him from claiming rightful ownership of whatever it was he had created. She patented the invention under her name and made a fortune off of it. This did not surprise me in the least and it was too bad that he had not killed the bitch but her office was designed to be almost a bunker. I finally found what I was after. A long forgotten maintenance tunnel beneath the building allowed access up into the central core that ran all the way up to the top of the building. This core ran all their communications and utilities in one neat and tidy bundle. It was only about three feet square and would make for a tight fit in a few places. There were five points at which the core could be accessed inside the tower for maintenance and it was at almost the top of the tower that I would leave the core and go after the bitch. I would have to load up on some very dangerous items but the bitch was going to regret ever having messed with me. I could kill her but that would be letting her off too easily. I wanted her to know who it was that brought her down and to have a lifetime to regret crossing me. I planned to beat the bitch to the point where she was going to beg for death to end the pain. I was pissed and nothing was going to stop me. Going through two floors of her lackeys was going to be a fun diversion and warm up for the main event. According to the schematics the access tunnel had an opening off of one of the main utility tunnels about three blocks from the tower. That would be my access in to the tower. Getting into the service tunnels was easy since the city used cheap locks to keep people out of it. With a little research I had found the floor plan for the company tower as well and memorized it. I had received a nice notice that she had no intention of letting my parents go when she tried to fry me again. My updated software gave me more advance notice this time and the buffer worked perfectly to shunt the excess charge into a grounded line to dissipate safely. I smiled and left her a message that she had two weeks to release my parents or I would bankrupt her and her company both then have her arrested on charges of violating international treaty. She had paid a fortune in bribes so far to various government officials to avoid being arrested for her numerous crimes. To further anger her and drop her company even further into the mess she had created I leaked all of the information on all of her thefts and bribes to the papers and other news sources along with the proof she had been carelessly hoarding as souvenirs of her conquests. Her ego was going to be her downfall and I looked forward to seeing her trying to escape and finding out too late that she could not run from me. I retrieved my gear from the bus locker and changed in the restroom into my old Hellcats uniform. I had walked into the restroom looking like a nice and innocent little but had emerged looking like a soldier looking for a fight. The two amazon women that had been stalking me and lost sight of me for a few moments and were looking all over the bus station for me when I emerged from the restroom. They stopped dead ion their tracks upon seeing me. My gun was in plain sight as was my combat knife. My uniform had my unit patch on the left shoulder and my black beret also had my unit patch on it thus marking me as off limits to their desires to adopt me. I walked up to the pair of them and stopped to look up at them both a moment without even a hint of fear in my face. “I have seen more hell than you ever will and if you think trying to intimidate me will work you can forget about it. If either of you touch me without my consent you will both be left laying on the floor in need of medical attention and a lengthy hospital stay. I am not a baby and you will not adopt me. You can take your diapers, bottles, pacifiers and cribs and shove them where the sun don’t shine!” When the first one smiled and reached for me it was a big mistake on her part. I could have ended it fast by shooting her but a bit more violent and public demonstration would remind folks why you never mess with a Hellcat. I laughed and instantly yanked her arm forward while twisting it and as she began to fall I ran towards her and used the but of my knife to break her ankle. She was halfway down when I broke her left kneecap and then hit her in the back of the head as hard as I could before jumping off of her. The lady let out a scream as the little attacked her and busted her up as she fell forward uncontrollably. With her arm at the wrong angle and twisted she landed on it and tore the shoulder joint up badly as well. The final blow to the head knocked her out and left her with a concussion as well. The other giant stood staring in shock at me as I looked at her. “You have been warned. Next time I will use lethal force. I am a Hellcat and you will not touch me without my consent! Consider this your last warning!” I walked out with numerous giants in the station staring in shock at what had just happened. The hike to the tower was three miles but not one single giant decided to check to see if I needed a diaper change or attempted to adopt me. A few dozen Amazons eyed me but upon seeing the gun, knife, and unit patch, they left me alone. A recent mission by the Hellcats against a well defended amazon unit had made the news. The amazon terrorists had been attacked by ten other amazon units with no losses to the.terrorists. The Hellcats took them out in a under three days with every member of the terrorist group being killed. A few clips of the battle showed littles in Hellcats uniforms show up out of nowhere and do the impossible. They worked quietly and in a matter of three days they had gone through the city and destroyed 53 buildings. The unit suffered one loss as the little took a bullet meant for one of the hostages who was trying to protect her baby. The terrorist was cut almost in half by a spray of tiny metal disks from some new weapons the Hellcats had just received a week prior to the mission. Their new body armor had worked perfectly but the bullet had caught the little in the face and killed him instantly. The hostage was saved and body of the little was taken home to buried with full military honors. As was custom with the hellcats they cremated the body in a public ceremony and scattered her ashes to the winds. I left the streets a half mile from the tower and went into a utility access tunnel after cutting the lock. Once out of sight I simply changed into my body armor and even hooked up my dark vision glasses to my data port so I could receive a clear image of everything within 300 feet of me. This is one time I actually put a diaper on as I was not going to have time to stop and use the restroom. In future designs I would design a waste removal system so the suit wearer would not need to wear a diaper or take it off to take care of bodily waste. For now a diaper would have to suffice to take care of that issue. The suit added an additional ten pounds weight on to me. It had been a while since I had used the suit and when all the extra gear was added the weight went up to 20 pounds which was not bad. I stored away an idea for powered armor systems to be worked on later. For now it was time to go say hello to someone who was not going to be expecting me. The tunnel was a maze of side branches and I made two wrong turns in the total darkness before finding the correct tunnel branch leading to the tower. This run today was reconnaissance only. I wanted to shake the bitch up a bit more before hitting her in person. This should be interesting. I made it to the core of her building and tapped into the phone systems carefully. It was time to place a call to someone. Mrs. Whitestone “Where the hell is that little bitch at? She is making fools of you! She should be standing here in front of me wearing a nice thick diaper and answering all my questions! She is ruining everything and your incompetence is not helping! Surely someone must want the reward for her capture!” Her head of security quietly and calmly spoke up. “People are thinking you are broke or not going to honor the reward. The media is having a field day with us. I told you to destroy those files and now the media has them and the police are starting to ask questions.” She looked at the two littles in the playpen. One of them had cast on an arm and several bandages in various places on his body. “Why have they not given us the information? I ordered them to be given the drugs to loosen their tongues but still they give me nothing! I want to know who is giving her this information!” “They are resistant to the drugs we give them. Their bodies have some kind of an immunity to all the truth drugs known. Any higher of a dose will destroy their minds which will not help at all. “Then find their daughter! I need her to break them! As long as she is free they are able to hold out hope of being freed! Somebody change them! Their diapers stink!” Both littles were picked up out of the playpen and laid on a large set of changing tables. They had their diapers untaped and then removed. They were cleaned and then diapered again before being put back in the playpen. “Have you idiots tried hypnosis yet?” “Yes we have. It does not work even in conjunction with the drugs. Their daughter is giving them the willpower to resist. As long as she is free they will resist us. The daughter is also a highly trained member of the Hellcats as well so she knows how to evade capture and infiltrate into various places undetected. Regardless of how you feel about her, she is going to be near impossible to find and catch.” The phone on Mrs. Whitestone’s desk rang and startled everyone. “I thought I told you to hold all my calls you stupid bitch!” Mrs. Whitestone’s face went red with rage. She put the call on speaker phone. “Now that you are all in one room we can have a chat. I am Raven Par. You are holding my parents hostage against their will. I am not so stupid as to believe you will offer to meet me somewhere and give them back so here is my offer to you. You set them free unharmed and dressed the way they were when you kidnapped them. Should you hurt them any further I will make you beg for death after I ruin your company and your personal life as well. I know you have seen the news recently so you know what a Hellcat is capable of. I’m better than the average Hellcat as you are now aware. Release my parents and I leave you and your company alone. Keep them and we will be having a face to face meeting you will not like.” “Raven, if you think I’m going to give in to the demands of a diaper wearing little baby then think again. You have done your worst and I will find your mole. There is nothing more you can do to me. Give yourself up to me and I will be generous with you and give you a choice of parents to be adopted by. If you refuse then I will catch you and mind wipe you then give you to the worst parents I can find!” Raven spoke up again. “We’ll have to talk again sometime. You obviously are not thinking things through all the way so I guess you need some time to think. I’ll give you two weeks to consider my offer. Have a nice day ma’am.” The line went dead. The phone went flying into the wall as Mrs Whitestone lost her temper and screamed in rage. Trace that damned call! I want to know where it came from!” “I already did trace it ma’am. The call came from inside the building. She bypassed the main switchboard somehow and called you directly from the lobby security desk. Obviously she is not there and she did not place her call from there so she is using some type of hacking software to confuse us.” “I don’t care! Find her! Destroy her!” Mrs Whitestone walked out to where her secretary normally was and found the room empty. “Where the hell is my secretary?” “She quit this morning, ma’am. She turned in her badge and made them give her a receipt, then made them delete her security clearance as well. She has not been paid for almost a month so she took a job with another company.” “Get her back here! She’s the only one I trust to do the job! who’s she working for now?” “You wont like it ma’am. She was hired by On Par Industries to help run one of their satellite offices. They are paying her almost double of what she got here and she has benefits as well.” “How many have we lost thanks to the audit?” “We’ve lost almost 73% of our employees. The audit took a lot of money from us and having to stop all work during the audit cost us big time. The lawsuits and payoffs have not helped either. Our stock price is down to just barely over one credit per share. We have to get something out on the shelves that wont get us sued for theft of a patented device. At this rate we can hold off maybe another week before having to close our doors for good. The company is almost bankrupt, ma’am. We had to pay a huge fine for the treaty violation and that hit us really hard as well. The negative press has ruined our stock prices. If we declare bankruptcy and try to restructure we might be able to save the company but it’s going to be close. I think that at the rate things have been going that we are essentially finished. We lost too much to On Par Industries when they got all those software and weapons contracts we were after. I looked into their finances and they have never been fined even once. They have the ministry of finance double checking all their numbers for them at their own request so we can’t nail them for fraud or tax evasion. They have gotten some new patents for things they have not made but those people have received payment and full recognition from the company for the work. Of the nine people, eight have been hired by the company and still get percentages of the profits from the patents in an agreement from the company.” I tired to get past their security but never got past the first firewall. Their computer security makes ours look like child’s play. They are releasing press releases frequently to technical publications telling about various things they are working on. The company advertises mainly by word of mouth but still makes a huge profit. They are way ahead of us in every area and we can’t compete with them.” RAVEN I listened to their calls a few more minutes then laughed when they dumped a toxic gas into the core hoping to kill anyone in here. My filter mask filtered the garbage out of the air and made it so that I would not be affected. My body was pretty much immune to most toxins anyways but why chance it. A quick hack from inside of their core and into their computer lines showed some interesting notices that her angry employees never showed her. Tomorrow at two in the afternoon the utilities were going to be turned off for non payment of the bill. I smiled to myself as urine flowed into the diaper I had on. It had taken me four hours to reach here and I had stayed another two hours getting everything ready for tomorrow. It would be another hour before I was safely out of here without them even knowing I was even here. Tomorrow it would not take as long to get into place since I made sure to leave climbing equipment behind out of sight but easily found if you knew where to look. I had everything set to scramble their security systems and to cut off all communications as well. The scrambler would make a mess of things for her. She should have added better security in the core access but too late for her now. I smiled as I climbed down the maze of wiring and pipes to the bottom of the core access then finally made it out into the main utility tunnels. My diaper was soaked but for once I did not mind wearing one as it had been needed. Tomorrow I would use the toilet before getting the gear on and leaving. Once back in the main tunnels I debated changing out of the armor but changed my mind. This would keep any amazon from attempting anything stupid if they saw it. No one in their right mind wants to mess with someone wearing advanced body armor and carrying not only a combat knife, but also carrying a gun. I was wrong though. I came out of the access tunnels and out onto the streets again. An idiot lady saw me and thought I looked absolutely cute. “You are just too cute playing pretend like that! I can’t wait until you see the nursery!” She grabbed me and was rewarded for her stupidity by being shot by me in the right shoulder, the left knee and once in the lower abdomen. The lady screamed in pain and fell to the ground as I jumped clear of her falling body. I walked off as several others came running to her aid. They had all seen her try to adopt me against my will and then pay the price for it. A lady with a little in a stroller came walking by me and eyed me heavily. I stopped and looked at her. “Not happening lady!” “Aren’t you just so cute! Playing dress up like that!” “Touch me and die! I have no time to deal with idiots that don’t even know the damned law about accosting Hellcats!” She grabbed me and that was exceedingly stupid. I grabbed her hand and bent it back while twisting. I heard a satisfying scream of pain as it broke at the wrist and tore the soft tissue. I hit the ground and immediately used my knife to ruin both of her kneecaps. Her ankles were next. The both broke nicely with help from my steel toed boots and the application of a good hard stomp onto each one. The lady was in no shape now to take me anywhere and would need surgery then physical therapy before she could do much anything ever again. She lay shaking on the pavement with tears rolling down her face out of her eyes from the pain she was in. “I gave you fair warning and now you know this is not dress up! I bet your little in the stroller is not with you willingly either so how about I set him free?” I tore the straps out from the stroller and removed the gag she had put on him to keep him quiet. He hopped out of the stroller and then took off running down a side alley. “Looks like I was right about him being kidnapped by you. Consider this a lesson that was way cheaper than prison time. Have a nice day now.” The few others standing around made no effort to stop me as I walked off calmly and made my way towards the room I was renting out for a few more days. Two police cars passed by and a third one stopped me. Once he confirmed my identification he let me go and told me to have a nice day. He looked a bit nervous after confirming my identity and service status. Four blocks later the motel came into view and some stupid giant lady decided I looked to cute to not be in a diaper and a nursery. She started to reach for me so I shot a round into the ground next to her right foot. “Next one goes in your head! The uniform is real and I am not going with you!” She hesitated a moment until a police car pulled in and stopped her. “Are you just plain stupid lady! You see the uniform and the unit patches yet you still think you can get away with this? I’ll save your life this time lady, but next time you get this stupid you will likely end up dead! This little is a Hellcat and is authorized to use deadly force if you try to take her! I double checked a few minutes ago and confirmed everything! Now I have to advise you to leave this little alone or she will likely kill you and if she does all I can do is send a coroner to retrieve your remains!” The lady finally left after the police officer chewed her out and explained the law to her about illegal adoption and trying to take in a Hellcat. When she left he leaned against his vehicle in relief. “Sorry about that, ma’am. I think half the women in this town all together have and IQ in the single digit range at times!” I agreed with him and then went into my room finally. The diaper I had on was soaked almost to the point of leaking and I was tired of wearing it. I looked forward to taking the diaper off and throwing it away and then getting a shower. I let out a sigh of relief to be back and away from all the damned idiots outside the room. I took off everything and threw the diaper into the trash. I cleaned out the armor then showered and went to bed. I had a long day coming up tomorrow. I woke up and took care of some company work until about ten then got a thick diaper and put it on. After that I got the armor on and double checked all my gear. I had everything ready but checked it all one more time before leaving the room. I had used the toilet and gone with just a light snack for breakfast. This time I used a different access route in case someone was waiting for me at the one I had used last time. Getting into the utility tunnels was easy enough. By noon I was in the core and adjusting my presents for Mrs Whitestone. I had left my normal gun behind and brought my other two this time. The first one fired darts with different compounds on them from poison to tranquilizers. The other one fired small disks about half an inch in diameter and about an eighth of an inch thick with a beveled sharp edge. Both weapons used a gas cartridge to fire them and were silent as hell plus undetectable by metal detectors and when broken down looked like random junk so X-ray machines saw no threat. At exactly two pm the lights went out in the building. I fired up the scrambler a moment later and smiled as I turned on my vision gear so I could see. Just like last time, it worked perfectly. I triggered the fire alarms and everyone fled the building except for Mrs. Whitestone and her lackeys. I wet my diaper a little but ignored it after the first minor wetting. I began my climb up the core and an hour later reached the 23rd floor access panel. I used a portable cutting tool and cut around the lock then swung it open freely and silently. Emergency lights were giving dim light but I relied on my own vision gear to see better. One man saw me and made a grab for me. I shot him with a poison dart and stayed out of reach as he collapsed over dead almost three seconds later. If he had not come at me with a large knife I would have wounded him and let him live. I was forced to dodge and weave around obstacles to avoid dogs she had roaming the floor looking for anyone not belonging here. One dog got close to me so I fired a disk towards a monitor on the other side of the room. It ran off with three of it’s friends to investigate the source of the sound. I used the distraction to my benefit and reached the stairwell door before they returned. I bypassed the alarm on it and slipped into the executive stairwell silently. I was shot at inside the stairwell and the bullet bounced off the armor but still almost knocked me down. These folks were not interested in playing fair or taking it easy on me because I’m a little. I shot out the light and then kicked in my overdrive to reach the man before he could figure out a new tactic. I got up to him as he was leaning over the railing looking for me on another landing. I helped him over the railing. He screamed, grabbed for the railing, missed and hit the ground floor several seconds later. The next door had an electrical charge on it. Had I not been insulated and touched it I would have been fried in a second. Even with my armor being insulated it was not a good idea to trust that to be the only trap set for me. I set two grenades at the base of the door, pulled the pins and then ran out of the area. The noise was deafening in the stairwell when they went off. A fire alarm sounded but I ignored it. I had this floor to clear then I could go after the bitch. I found a few more nasty tricks waiting for me in the form of darts loaded with sleeping drugs. That old trick would not work on me. She was too smart for that so upon reaching the next door I used a mop handle to push it open. A spray of knockout gas filled the area quickly as I had suspected it would. As much as she hated me, she wanted me alive. I turned on my wireless transmitter and tapped into the scrambler. With a quick transmission of the authorization code it let me do what I wanted. Her phone rang and I smiled. She picked it up and I spoke. “I’m coming for my parents. You can let my parents go unharmed right now and this can end right here. There is no need for further property damage or injury to anyone.” She laughed. “I’m keeping my two little babies now! They have told me so many useful things! You should see them! They look so cute in their diapers and baby clothes! I gave them each a bottle a little bit ago and then changed them before putting them down for a nap so be quiet when you come up. Before I let you go, do you want ponies or flowers on your diapers?” My reply was sure to piss her off. “I found your guy in the stairwell with the gun. He’s on ground floor now. Cleanup in aisle four! The other guy you had near the core access is also dead. He begged me not to kill him! You know he was actually in love with you? I let him babble on for several minutes about how pretty you look in the nude. You really should find that camera he hid in your private shower. I hacked into it and followed the link. Nice tits by the way. I can see why he wanted you.” She slammed the phone down. I think I made her mad. I smiled at that thought and proceeded up the stairs as more darts shot out at me. Once inside her private outer office I smiled and went behind the receptionists desk to call her one more time. There was no answer on the phone so I waved at her battery operated camera overlooking the receptionists desk. A few quick shots and the lights were off followed by the cameras. The door from her office popped open and a grenade came rolling out into the room. I ducked behind the secretary’s desk for cover. The explosion was bad. A fireball filled the top half of the room and peppered everything with shrapnel. The door came flying open and she came running out with my parents in a double carrier. My mother was hanging over her front side and my father was hanging off her back. She was using them as shields. I fired at her as she sprayed the room with bullets from a machine pistol. Each bullet exploded on impact and forced me to stay down as she ran for it. I think my diaper now weighed almost as much as my advanced armor. The bitch was not playing anymore and was running for it. She was willing to do whatever it took to escape me. Every time I tried to line up a shot on her I had to duck a spray of explosive tipped bullets. My armor can stop a normal round, but explosive tipped shells would rip it apart after a few dozen hits. That would not be good for me. She stopped at the fire door for a second and I fired at her. The disk glanced off her left knee and she cursed at me as she almost went down. She was through the door and running down as fast as she could. Twice more we exchanged gunfire. I’m not sure which was heavier at this point, my diaper or my armor full of shrapnel. I cursed the three cups of coffee this morning and kept going. The bitch threw another grenade at me when her knee almost gave out on her. I caught another large batch of shrapnel and got singed by the fireball rolling over me as I hugged the floor. How the hell she got her hands on low grade plasma grenades I’ll never know, but she made damned good use of them. She sprayed the stairwell with more bullets as we descended and twice more I winged her. My last shot hit the torn up knee again and she screamed in pain as she went down. She raised her gun to fire at me and it jammed on her. I jumped the remaining nine feet to land on the floor next to her. I hit her hard in the head and dazed her. I cut my parents free in an instant. “Run and don’t stop! The building is on fire from her grenades! Get out of the building and wait outside for us!” Mrs Whitestone started to come out of her daze as I pointed my gun at her head and pulled the cap off a syringe with the other hand. “Hi there! I found this in your stuff! Let’s see what it does! I injected her with it and she screamed at me then tried to get up. I hit her again and gave her another injection of the incontinence formula. My third shot of medication into her body was more mercy than anything else, even though she did not deserve it. I gave her a pain killer and then started to use a foam spray that sealed her cuts and stopped the bleeding. I let her look at it. “Foam bandages. Designed for emergency trauma use. Had to use them a few years ago on active duty when a giant saved my hide from mortar round. I saved his life with this and was able to get him back to a field medic for more help. Stuff works great and actually lasts for about 24 hours before dissolving into harmless water. A counter can be used to make it dissolve right away as well. Handy for combat medics and mash units. Been thinking of marketing it to hospitals and paramedics on the mainland here.” She tried to stand but her knee was too badly torn up. “I can’t carry you and I could just leave you up here out cold to burn up in the fire. It is tempting. Grab the railing and pull yourself up that way. I’ll help you down to the landing and splint the knee. Also, don’t try to bend it unless you want to rip it up more! On the next landing she was half asleep from the pain reliever shot. It made me wish I had a diaper for her to wear right now. The look on her face if she woke up wearing a diaper would be priceless. Fire fighters clearing the building met us on the ninth floor landing. By this time I had gotten an emergency splint onto her knee to keep it from getting any worse than it already was. They took her off my hands as an explosion somewhere above us sent debris falling down. A firefighter took a piece of shrapnel to his right arm and I did not even think about hesitating. I used an auto injector and then sprayed the foam on the wound to stop the bleeding. We got out of there as a fireball from another of her traps to stop me filled the stairwell and the core. The poor fire fighter was about out of it when we got him out of there but the pain blockers would wear off in about 30 minutes. Him and the others were exhausted by the time they reached the ground and got out. They had a right to be. The gear they have to wear is not light. A couple of photographers snapped pictures of me helping the injured firefighter out of the building but there was no way to identify who I was. My armor was full of shrapnel and scorch marks everywhere. You could make out my unit insignia on the helmet and on the left shoulder just barely. My call sign was clearly visible as it was stenciled above my left breast in black letters. The paramedics were looking over my work on Mrs. Whitestone’s knee when she wet and messed herself badly. They cleaned her up and put a diaper on her. She was out cold by the time they finished. I turned over a copy of the body camera footage to the police as evidence. My parents were fine other than being frightened out of their wits. Their diapers had to be changed but that was no shock. Mine was just about as bad thanks to the coffee this morning. When the police caught up to me I was about halfway done with an after action report of the incident. Old habits die hard. I stalled the officers a few more minutes then asked for permission to access one of their computers to give them the report. I was allowed to as long as an officer could watch to make sure nothing was messed with. The look on his face when I plugged that data cable into the port in my head was priceless. Inside of five seconds the entire after action report was loaded into his laptop machine and three more were filed with the federal authorities as well. “There you go sir. Reports are all filed with the correct agencies and copy for you station to review is on your machine still. You saved me some hassle at the motel yesterday so I returned the favor for you. Feds have a couple of copies as well to save you folks time and hassle of dealing with their nonsense.” He looked at me as I unplugged the cable from my helmet. The data cable from my helmet to my visor was still plugged in so I unhooked it then finally unplugged my helmet from the port in my head. When he saw who I was he was surprised. “Now I’ve seen everything! No wonder no one with any brains tangles with the Hellcats!” He looked at my armor as I began to unfasten it and remove it all piece by piece. The armor was heavy and a bit stuffy but damned good at saving one’s hide. I only had on boxer shorts and a skimpy tank top underneath as well as my dog tags. He saw my tattoo and smiled. “That confirms it! No one besides a Hellcat has that tattoo! I wandered over to the paramedics and retrieved a spare diaper and some wipes from them. “I forgot to pack extra panties.” My parents were starting to calm down now and smiled at me as I cleaned up and got a fresh diaper on. The firefighters thanked me for helping out one of their men. It took them nine hours to get the fire out in the building. Police debriefing took us four hours. They read my report and filed their own as well. I was not charged with anything as they had been looking for a way to get some dirt on Mrs. Whitestone for some time now. They knew she was dirty but she had hidden things and paid off the right people to stay silent. The police examined both of my guns I’d had with me and asked that I never market them to the mainland. “They are sold only to the Hellcats special units and they have to account for each one of them at all times! The next generation of these will have special chips in them to prevent them from working if removed from the authorized user of them. I figured this would help if any were stolen in battle by an enemy. They could grab it but it would not fire for them.” The police wanted to buy my body armor design for their swat teams and I told them I would be in touch with them in a few weeks about it. That was a few years ago now. Things have been real quiet since then. My parents are in diapers full time thanks to Mrs Whitestone. My mother and father both went through rape counseling at my request and they admit it helped big time. My mother delivered the baby she did not want into the world and gave him up for adoption to a nice couple on one of the islands. She left a letter explaining everything that had happened and why she gave him up. He’s good kid and I keep tabs on him when I’m not busy making more money for the company, inventing something new or working with the Hellcats. The Hellcats have me listed as active duty every six months for a period of three months. I train their infiltration and disruption units for them now. They consider my work at keeping Mrs Whitestone off balance as a perfect example of disruption. My multiple identities and disguise tricks are perfect for infiltration. I teach all of this. My motto is simple. Know thine enemy. I encourage thinking outside the box and anyone who does something new that works is asked to show me so I can learn the trick and pass it on to others. The Mainland swat teams love the new armor and more units have requested some for their own swat teams. I’m filthy rich and still hanging out with the Hellcats and acting more like a soldier than a corporate executive. My parents made me an equal partner in the company after we got back home. They loved every new idea I came up with and how I marketed everything. Mrs. Whitestone is in diapers for life thanks to some sneaky person injecting her with double the normal dosage of the incontinence serum while she was in a stairwell in her building and dazed. Wonder who could have been so sneaky? Her main building was torn down two months after the fire and her company went bankrupt. She herself is also bankrupt but not to worry, she still has six more years to serve in prison before she is released. At least she has a roof over her head, clothes on her back and a diaper on her ass. I bought out her properties and got things reorganized and running again. I rehired most of her former employees as we need the help to produce so many new products and research so much stuff. The medical division helped me find a cure for the incontinence serum but it has to be given to someone within a month or it wont work. Still looking into that issue. As for Amazons not being able to have babies as much, I found a partial cure and it helps about 45% of the time. That alone helped reduce forced adoption of littles by about 10% worldwide. My life has certainly changed a lot and I owe it all to Mrs. Whitestone. I have to go now and smack some new trainees around a bit. I wont hurt them too badly. Besides I’m engaged to one of them now. END That's all for this story repost. Hope you folks enjoyed it and, as always, thank you for reading this.
  9. Part 1 Hi this will be different to most stories here I think and I would like to emphasize that there will be no "daddy" role here I will try to keep it as "realistic" as possible with the hope that people like this do exist out there . Wetting diapers etc will be plenty humiliation and abuse however only in flashbacks hope you will like it ps sorry for the bad English Court house ND Sunday 4:30 pm fall Chris Reynolds sat on a bench looking at the kid questioned by the judge . "My god " - he thought - "how did this ever happen. 2 months ago someone would have told me I have a kid running around I would have laughed . But this is insane. This can't even be happening ." He was mad. At whom he wasn't sure . Himself ? He should have made sure that 1 time before he enlisted with his childhood sweetheart didn't lead to anything . But really what guy keeps track of what happened to a girl he dated when he was 17? His fathers family ? Well all they ever did was lie. So he found out when he turned 18 and his long dead mother showed up at his boot camp. Patricia ? She could have bothered to tell him she was pregnant with his child ! Sure she was only 16 and probably under the influence of his family . The thoughts raced through his mind but something in the sadness of the brown eyes of that child wouldn't let go of him . He can't be a father, he never wanted to be one. He had his carrier succeful actor. Hollywood loved him . This could easily ruin him. His lawyer , also one of his closest friends told him that the minute the paternity test came back positive . But still something in him just couldn't sit there and watch. He knew if he wouldn't do something he will never live with himself . " I m sorry your honor , but maybe I have a better solution " - he stood up looking at the woman in the cape who looked rather annoyed than happy he disrupted her sentencing . "What the hell are you doing ?! Are you crazy sit the hell down " - Theo wishpered angrily , his loyal lawyer who sat quietly by his side tried to pull him back down to the bench but he wouldn't budge . "Yes Mr Reynolds ? What solution is that you claim to have for us " the woman's voice was rather strained but Chris was not the type to break a sweat over a woman's annoyance , no matter her status. " with all the respect he is barely 13 even detention centers require the minimum age of 14 . I m not saying he didn't commit crimes he should be punished for . But he is just a child . And all of this is more the systems fault and mine than his . " "So you are blaming the system for the fact that a 13 year old stole money disrupted someone's home and ..." "no your honor I m not just blaming the system I m also blaming myself but with all due the respect calling the police on a child looking for his mother is hardly disrupting a property " " so you are a lawyer as well now mister Reynolds as you seem so familiar with the laws " " no your honor I m not all I m saying simply is that I don't find the current solution of sending a child to a severe detention center because the system is over loaded . And that sentence is one that I m sure the appeal we will file won't agree with it " "appeal ? What are you talking about ? You can't threaten a judge you are out of your mind !" - Theo jumped to his feet "alright I will allow that however like I said I have no alternative " - the judge sighed though looked as if she rather sentence him too to prison " I think you will find there is. Release him to my custody " silence fell upon the court room . The judge studied the man standing before her . Determined for sure . Theo looked as if he couldn't believe what Chris just said . The kid turned his tear stricken face towards the man he for a few weeks now known is his biological father . "Release him to your custody ?" - the judge repeated as if retarically " my parental rights have never been revoked nor have I ever given them up. The social services did a complete background check I m sure it's in the files" the judge turned some papers infront of her unwillingly and had to agree . There was no reason the man couldn't get at least temporary custody over the child . And she had to agree releasing a child to the custody of a parent would seem much less harsh than back to detention where by law he would only be sent to under special Circumstances under which no empty beds in children's home not exactly fell under. "Your honor , this child is not a simple case " - Katherine the social worker spoke up in clear dislike " he can not just be released into a hands of a man who never had a child before and has absolutely no qualification to deal with a child with these behavioral problems " "I m sorry so my lack of parental experience should be compensated by locking him up in a closed facility where you send teenagers who murdered people ?" "Alright alright that's enough ! " the judge spoke up " I want order in my court room . God what a mess this is ! Alright alright let it be . I will allow a probation period . But if he gets into anymore trouble with the law it is straight detention ! " " I find that very reasonable your honor . Thank you " Chris smiled at the judge as he sat back down next to Theo who buried his head in his hands. " well I don't find this reasonable at all ! - Kathrine spoke up angrily -" he has been moved through 2 homes and 3 foster families and a detention center ! How exactly do you think you could control him ?! "- then with a smirk she added - " have you even changed a diaper in your life mr Reynolds ? Because in case you haven't noticed that is 1 more thing your son can not control " Chris felt his temper rise as he saw his sons face turning from pale to beet red. It wasn't hard to tell he was indeed wearing" protection" . But clearly announcing that out loud made him increadbly uncomfortable . " I will assure you ms Jenkins I have handled a lot worse serving in a war." Chris said in a measured voice "that is enough ! I m releasing Christian Patrick West to your custody . I want social services to reevaluate this arrangengment in a month I m sure you can handle that ms Jenkins with your superiors . Well good luck . Court adjourned ! " "do you have any idea what you have just done ?! "- Theo asked in an angry whisper. "This could ruin your entire carrier !" "Shut up Theo for real " Chris wishpered back as he made his way towards Katherine and his son . There was something about those brown eyes he couldn't quite make out . He seen it before overseas , fear . The child was clearly scared . Katrine looked clearly angry. She didn't seem to like him since the moment he wanted to get visitation rights. "Alright well I m all ears please do tell me how to proceed . " Chris said though politely but his glance which caught hers was rather self assured . Christian or Tee as every1 called him stood next to them rather uncomfortable . Uncomfortable for several reasons . He was going to have to go and stay with a man he didn't really know but his size and strength predicted nothing good from his experience . Secondly he had to stand by and listen to his social worker go into embarrassing details of his problems. 1 of which he was experiencing on his own skin . The cloth diapers he was wearing were soaked by now uncomfortably cold too as they clung to his skin . Chris stood and pretended to patiently listen to the seemingly endless list of behavioral problems out of which bed wetting lying shoplifting were only a few to mention but hard to really believe when looking down at the child infront of him . He hasn't entered the rapid have of puberty yet based on his height . He seemed much more like a child than a teenager. " Alright then Wednesday after school we will be at the family sevices center" Chris sealed the conversation smiling . Katherine shook his hand unwillingly . " let's go then" - Chris turned to Tee laying 1 hand over his shoulder strearing him out of the court house towards the parking lot . As he touched him he felt him quivering . Tee was surprised by the tone. Chris's voice was pleasant as if this would be normal . No one used that tone with him. Not without that strange gleam in the eyes before the belt hit him or something even worse. But when he glanced up quickly Chris's eyes looked though a bit warn out but no sign of malice. Car ride Sunday later Tee was hunched up on the back seat Chris occasionally glanced back and the feeling of a new unknown pain hit him every time he did . What could have that kid been put through to be desperate enough to steal and set out on his own to find his mother . How heartless can a mother be to call the cops on her own child ? Did he really misjudge characters so badly ? For a moment he got worried . He was sure Patricia was his first real love but now it seemed evident she never loved him if she had how could she treat his child like that . But if he was so wrong judging her and his fathers family for so long could he possibly be wrong about Tee? Maybe the reports are correct and he only seems lost hurt and innocent ? - so now what is the plan ? - Theo asked rather cynically starring straight ahead from the passenger seat and though he didn't look at him Chris felt his anger Chris glanced to the backseat and though saw no reaction from Tee but he was sure he was listening to every word . - well getting late so I guess we could pretty much call it a night - Theo snorted in anger but Chris wouldn't let that interrupt him - I guess pizza will do for dinner ? - no one seemed to answer so he went on - alright then pizza it is . But first I think we will have to make a stop as the car stopped the sign medical supply store seemed to twinkle in bright yellow like the starts in the sky . For a minute none of them moved . Chris and Theo exchanged glances . Theos seemed to say well this was your brilliant idea then go figure it out . Chris took a deep breath before slowly turning to the back seat - I don't suppose you know what size you ... Need Tee didn't look up just shook his head in defeat . He knew what was coming next . He lived through the humiliation of "supply" shopping with his previous families . Though it was done by the women he didn't think the next 10 minutes to even over an hour would be any less humiliating than it was then . Especially since now he was a teenager rather than a child . Chris held on the strearing wheel trying to plan his next move . Diapers weren't exactly his thing . Won't be the first time he had to change one, he was a loving uncle willing to babysit occasionally but even with his twin nieces he never dealt with something larger than an infant . But based on Katherine's description changing diapers will be his task . He had to admit he wasn't quite sure of the reason . The age itself would have qualified for self diapering . Or that just wasn't a thing ? He will definetly have some googling to do ... He shot one glance to the backseat - alright I will be back . Tee didn't move. Didn't even unbuckle his seatbelt as if trying to put off the inevitable. He heard the radio channel being changed but no opening of the backseat door . He looked up puzzled . Chris was not in the car or near the car . He must have gone into the shop . The sign was clear he was sure he was even in this particular one before more than once even . Yes the first time was 2 years ago . When his last foster family took him . He clearly remembered the sign it was shining bright yellow even though it was bright daylight . He took a sharp breath as the memories washed over him . Maybe that was the moment he started to realize that family won't love him for real either . He remembered the condicending smirk look of the sales lady Jane or Janine was her name ? He remembered begging Martha his foster mother not to make him go . He promised he would work harder not to wet the bed. But she said his 1 week was up , he lived with them for a full week now and he couldn't keep his bed dry . - get out of the car ! I don't have time for your whining ! I told you 1 week I even gave you an extra night you are making me regret not giving you the belt this morning ! - Martha made no effort to keep her voice down in the parking lot . He got out of the car not daring to anger her more . His foster father Terry's belt marks were still prominent on his body from a couple of mornings ago . He knew he best avoid any extra punishment he still couldn't lean back in the car from the last belting . The sales lady was smirking the moment they entered as if she knew or sensed before she was told , Martha had no intentions of being discrete about the purpose of their visit . - what can I help you with ? - well my foster son - it hurt him even then to hear the emphasis that he wasn't her real son - can't seem to keep his bed dry , they warned me about that at the home but I was too naive to listen . Well too late now. So we will be needing diapers . And cheap ones . I m not spending a penny more than I ought to ! - very well ma'am follow me I can show you what options we have of course each was worse than the other and the deliberation took what seemed to him as forever till Martha settled for clothes ones since those could be reused . - and making him wash them will teach him a good lesson about how much work they are - the sales woman put in - what a brilliant idea - Martha agreed delighted - now you will of course need plastic pants to go with it to keep the bed dry . These are quite reasonable priced . What color would you like ? - she held up a pink ruffled 1 up teasingly but Martha's choice was just as humiliating - how about that yellow one ? Pee color isn't it ? - she added laughing and just when he thought things couldn't get any worse ... - do you know how to use them ? - actually with my children I used disposables but that was years ago . They are properly potty trained - Martha gave him a stern look - I will be more than happy to show you if you like. Does he have any daytime accidents too ? - well so far only twice but who knows - in that case perfect ! Keep him in diapers until he learns to keep them dry ! Here follow me and I will show you how to put them on he felt his cheeks go hot red just remembering a complete stranger stripping him and demonstrating how to put on his new diapers . It felt like it was real at that moment though he knew he was 11 then but he was sure that having Chris change his diapers won't be more pleasant . He got somewhat stronger in the past 2 years but he was no match to Chris . Even if he didn't use his belt . his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the trunk being slammed he realized that Chris has returned to the car . What items he purchased ? He couldn't tell but he was sure it won't take long for him to see first hand . - whats with all the bags ? Did you empty the whole store ? - Theo asked but Chris just rolled his eyes and started up the car
  10. BabyStevie26

    Student's Pet

    Student's Pet A Diaper Dimension Story Part One by Babystevie26 Catherine Benton, math teacher at Hippolyta Middle School, sat on the toilet in one of the girls' restrooms. In front of her, the door of her stall had just been swung open. Standing at the door, staring at her was Allison Jaruwalski, one of her seventh grade students. In Catherine's hands were a pair of panties and a skirt, both wet due to the fact that she had not quite made it to the toilet on time, despite the rush that had prevented her from remembering to lock the door properly.The scenario would be bad in any context. For a Little in Amazon society, it was the Kiss of Death. It mattered not how old the Little nor how young the Amazon, once the former had a potty accident in front of the latter, there could be only one outcome.Today would be no exception, but it would be unlike many such encounters before it."I'm sorry, Miss Benton," Allison whispered. "I couldn't think of anything else that would work."Allison took a deep breath, as if preparing herself, then continued speaking."To think I believed you were different," Allison said loudly. "I'm disappointed in you, Miss Ben-no." Allison shook herself. "I'm disappointed in you, Catherin-no, Cathy. How can you teach middle school when you can't keep your panties dry. That's something even kindergartners figure out. An adult shouldn't have any problems; but, then, maybe you aren't an adult after all."Throughout her student's tirade Catherine… Cathy now… had closed her eyes, struggling not to cry. It took her a few moments to realize that something sounded… off. When Cathy opened her eyes again, she saw Allison was not looking at her. Even as she continued talking about how Cathy was no better than her own Little sister when her diapers leaked, Allison was watching the door."Come on." Allison held out her hand. Before doing anything, Cathy started to put on her panties again."Leave them off," Allison instructed quietly."But-""I said leave them off," Allison repeated, this time in a shout. "When we walk out of this room everybody needs to see what you did!"Before Cathy could even attempt to argue further, Allison grabbed her hand and pulled her out into the hallway dressed in nothing but her blouse and socks. Cathy's wet skirt and panties were held tightly in her free hand, visible to any onlookers. Her shoes, kicked off so Cathy could remove and inspect the damage to her clothing, were left on the bathroom floor where they'd been discarded. ---------- Cathy struggled to keep up with Allison as she marched along. It didn't help that as she moved Cathy looked around her to see if anyone was there to see her humiliation. She caught sight of one person as she and Allison passed her. An In-Betweener girl, not much taller than Cathy, who Cathy recognized by face but not by name. The girl watched them pass, eyes wide. She seemed about to try and stop them, but thought better of it.The halls were otherwise empty. It was near the end of the school day, and last period was finishing up. In fact…"Shouldn't you be in class right now?" Cathy asked."I ditched," Allison replied in a whisper."What?" Cathy asked. "Why?""To make sure I could get to you before Ramirez did."With that answer, everything began to fall into place."My 'accident' was nothing of the sort," Cathy seethed."Oh, I highly doubt that, Miss Benton," a man's voice said. Both Amazon and Little froze.Entering the hall behind them was a man of impressive height even for an Amazon. He easily towered over both Cathy and Allison. He looked the pair up and down before turning to Allison."So it seems the inevitable happened, Miss Jaruwalski?""I-If by that, Mr. Pavel, you mean Miss Be-er, Cathy had an accident, then yes."The tall teacher nodded."No surprise. We were pressured to hire for diversity but…" Pavel sighed theatrically, "everyone knew it was only a matter of time. I'll arrange to have someone manage the remainder of her class today." He smiled. "At least it's Friday, so we have until Monday for to get her replacement. Speaking of which, shouldn't you be in sixth period, Miss Jaruwalski?""I was feeling sick," Allison said promptly. "Something I ate, I think. I left last period because I had to throw up. That's how I found Cathy." She held up Cathy's hands, lifting the bottomless Little up to her toes. "She ran into the stall next to mine just a tad too late.""I see." Vice-Principal Pavel's eyes narrowed. "Then get 'Cathy' here to the Home Economics classroom. They'll have everything to care for her properly and you can go back to class.""Actually, Mr. Pavel," Allison responded, "I-I was thinking I'd take her back home. My parents have been talking about adopting a playmate for my Little sister at home. Seems a perfect chance."Pavel's face turned grotesque from the grin that appeared on it."Aren't you going to put her into a diaper, first?""Um… no," Allison said, then, more quickly, "I told her to carry her wet clothes so everyone could see right away that she can't trusted with panties or big girl clothes."Pavel laughed."Not bad. Yes, I think that will send a message just diapering her could never convey. Very well, take her home and get her situated. I'll explain to your teacher that you left with my permission and we'll see you on Monday.""Yes, sir. Thank you, Mr. Pavel."Allison hurriedly led Cathy out of the school building, leaving Cathy's career as a schoolteacher behind it. ---------- True to her word, Allison did not diaper or otherwise re-dress Cathy. She was led naked but for a pair of socks from the waist down and carrying the clothes that would have been covering her bottom half had she not peed in them. More than a few passerby pointed and laughed as she was led along. An occasional Little watched her go by, in their eyes a mix of sympathy and "better her than me."After about thirty minutes of walking, Allison had led Cathy to a suburb with several two-story homes. Allison opened the fence into one, painted a pastel blue. Cathy had to catch her breath thanks to the pace Allison had set."Mom! Dad!" Allison called as soon as she was inside. "I'm home!"There was no response. Cathy assumed that meant nobody else was home. Once Allison was sure of that herself, she let out a sigh and let her shoulders sag."Come on, Miss Benton," Allison said, leading Cathy further into the house. "It's not much but you can borrow a pair of pants from my sister. I'm afraid she doesn't have any underwear, though, unless you want to wear a diaper right away."She guided Cathy to a nursery. Knowing Allison's family had a Little, Cathy was not surprised to note that she could fit comfortably on or in every piece of furniture in the room. Allison pointed out the dresser where she could get a pair of pants then, to Cathy's surprise, turned her back to the Little."Seems kind of late to worry about my modesty after marching me half naked over several blocks," Cathy said as she pulled on a pair of pastel pink shorts. They were on the baggy side, since they were meant to be worn with a diaper, but Cathy was just fine putting off that part for even a little bit longer.After taking off her socks, dirty due to the walk, Cathy told Allison she could turn around. Since she had not changed her shirt, Allison turned to find her former teacher barefoot, dressed in a white button down blouse and baggy pink shorts decorated with puppy paws."I'm sorry about that," Allison said. She averted her eyes from Cathy's face. "I had to act fast. Get you out of the school as quick I could.""Because of Ramirez?" Cathy asked. Allison nodded."Which Ramirez?" Cathy asked. "The teacher or the student?""Does it matter?" Allison asked. "They're mother and daughter, anyway.""Point taken." Cathy began pacing the nursery. "The mother has made more than her share of remarks that I'd be better helping her teach home ec than teaching math myself."Allison shuddered. Cathy did not notice."On the other hand, the daughter's been failing my class. She's failing most of them but mine's the only one taught by a Little," Cathy's tone grew ironic, "so that, of course, had to be a mistake.""I overheard them talking after home ec," Allison said. "They said on Friday they'd put something in your coffee to make you have to pee badly.""Then when I had my accident, they'd swoop in, get me diapered like I should've been from the start, and that would be that. Since it was Friday they'd have all weekend to break me, too, if they were worried about anyone missing me. Except, of course, you got to me first.""I… I couldn't let that happen," Allison said. Cathy noticed her voice had become shaky. "They aren't very good to the Little they already have. Y… You deserved better, even if 'better' is just… just convincing my parents to adopt you instead."Tears began forming in Allison's eyes."I'm so sorry," she sobbed. "You're not like any other Little I'd ever met. I didn't want anything bad to happen to you, but the only thing I could think of was take you before they did." Allison wiped at her eyes with her hands. "I destroyed your life as much they would've!"Cathy was stunned. She stood there, eyes wide, as the thirteen year old Amazon cried her eyes out and apologized for doing what her kind had done to Littles since time immemorial.Maybe there's hope for them yet, Cathy thought. I better comfort her before she convinces herself otherwise.She walked to Cathy and held her arms open. The girl took the hint and she fell to her knees to embrace the Little who had once been her teacher. Cathy, being barely two-thirds the younger girl's size, staggered under the weight but stayed firm on her feet, hugging Allison back."You're far better than Ramirez or her daughter," Cathy told her. "You're better than a lot of people out there. You truly wanted to protect me from something you knew would be terrible. I'd be lying if I said I was happy about becoming someone's baby. But-urk…"Allison's hug suddenly became tighter for a moment. A few desperate taps on her shoulder from Cathy made her loosen her grasp."I'm not happy about it, Allison, but I'll let you in on a secret."Allison released Cathy, who took a few steps back."None of us want to admit it, and we'll do whatever it takes to avoid it as long as possible, but every Little who lives among you Amazons knows deep down that this," Cathy gestured to the nursery around her, "is inevitable. Even the ones like me who try to make it work as adults know the moment will come. The moment where we piss off someone who thinks we should be pissing ourselves, or the moment where some vulnerability shows in the wrong place and the wrong time, or just a moment where we're sick and tired of fighting it and simply let someone take us."Cathy approached Allison and rested a hand on her shoulder."Every Little knows that moment will come. Mine came the moment I drank my diuretic-laced morning coffee. In fact, when you get right down to it, I hit all three. I ticked off the wrong person. You caught me with my wet pants down, and…" Cathy sighed. "If the choice is the nursery or having to keep looking over my shoulder for the next attempt to force an accident, I'll take the nursery. I'm not happy about becoming a baby, but if it has to happen at least I know I'll have a Mommy truly out to protect me."Allison was quiet for a moment. Then she began crying again. Unlike before, at least, she smiled as she did. She hugged Cathy again, picked her up, and stood."I promise I will!" Allison wailed. "I promise to not let anything happen to you! I'll be a good Mommy! I swear it!""That remains to be seen, young lady!"The voice shocked Amazon and Little out of their personal moment. Both looked at the nursery door to see an Amazon woman standing over the both of them. Clinging to the woman's hand was a Little dressed in a bluish-green jacket and red skirt. Cathy recognized the uniform of one of the local daycares. Pinned to the Little's chest was a name tag with "Eloise" written on it."M-mom!" Allison stammered. Her grip on Cathy suddenly tightened as the she saw the unamused expression on her mother's face. Student's Pet A Diaper Dimension Story Part Two by Babystevie26 "Sissie!"The other Little, seemingly oblivious to the tension in the room, slipped out of her Mommy's grip, ran up to Allison, and hugged her legs. "H-hey, Stinker," Allison said."I'm not stinky," the Little protested. Then she looked at Cathy, still in Allison's arms. "Who's that? And why's she wearing my pants?""Th-this is Cathy," Allison said. "She's- she was a teacher at my school. She wet her panties so…" Allison swallowed. "So I…""You brought her home," Allison's mother nodded. "Actually, Vice-Principal Pavel called me on my way to get Eloise from daycare and told me what you did. I must say I'm not very pleased with you, right now, Allison.""But why?" Allison asked, then she shook herself. Probably, Cathy thought, because she realized how petulant she must have sounded. "Why, Mom? What was I supposed to do? Leave a Little who obviously can't care for herself alone? I wouldn't do that! Not when I saw her sitting in that stall, looking at her wet clothes like it was the end of the world. I wouldn't leave her there, not knowing when, or if, someone else would come along."Allison had begun to squeeze Cathy tighter during her monologue. In a way, this was fortunate since the need to breathe meant Cathy didn't get tempted to respond to any of Allison's remarks. Cathy understood her fate hung by a thread now. Whether she remained with Allison or got sent to some Littles' Orphanage or worse depended on a thirteen year old girl's ability to get her mother to say yes to "Can I keep her?" Cathy looked up at Allison's mother. Gone was the look of disapproval, replaced by a look mingling, to Cathy's eyes, understanding and maybe just a little pride."Oh, Allie, sweetie, I know just where you're coming from." She placed a hand on her daughter's shoulder. "Perhaps I should've had this talk with you sooner. I thought I had more time, but you're growing up so fast." She sighed. "When a girl reaches a certain age, Allie, she starts to experience changes, both in body and mind.""M-Mom…" Allison started blushing."Hear me out," she insisted. The hand on Allison's shoulder moved up to her cheek. "You saw Cathy there, with her wet clothes, and your heart ached, didn't it? You said you wouldn't leave her alone, but the truth is you couldn't, could you? The thought probably never even crossed your mind, did it?"Cathy watched Allison avert her eyes as her face grew red."No," she answered quietly. "I never even considered it.""That's a woman's maternal instinct," Allison 's mother explained. She smiled at her daughter. "When we see a child in trouble, it's our very nature to want to do something about it. You saw a Little in distress, which is pretty much the same thing, and you had to help. Of course, it's never quite that simple. How did you expect to take care of her, for starters?""Well… haven't you and Dad been talking about adopting again?""Yes, but that was us. We hadn't decided yet." The adult's tone instantly went from understanding to firm. "You don't get to make that decision yourself, then try to hand off the responsibility when you realize you can't handle it.""I wasn't!" Allison said suddenly. "I won't! I can handle the responsibility. I swear it.""Can you?" Allison's mother said, then turned her head and narrowed her eyes at Cathy. "Then answer me this: If you brought Cathy here home because of a pee-pee accident, why haven't you put her in a diaper yet?"Allison tensed."How can I believe you can be trusted with a Little when you aren't able to recognize your Little can't be trusted to keep her pants clean?""Mommy those are my pants!" a voice cut in.Cathy had almost forgotten the other Little in the room. The same was probably true of the Amazons, as they briefly turned to look at her. Eloise had been quietly following the conversation same as Cathy had, apparently."If she can't keep the pants she's wearing clean, then," Allison's mother corrected with a roll of her eyes and a twitch of her otherwise frowning lips."I-it's not like that, Mom," Allison said. She stepped away from her mother, her eyes were scanning the room, as if searching for inspiration. Then she turned back to her mother."I was going to give her an enema," Allison told her mother. Cathy's eyes went wide at the mention of enemas, but Allison continued before Cathy could respond. "I remember Dad said that Littles on their own live in squalor. Dirty homes, bad food because they can't reliably cook for themselves, things so on. So I got to thinking Cathy's tummy's probably full of unhealthy stuff like that and should be cleaned out.""Really?" her mother asked, raising an eyebrow."Yeah, so I didn't put a diaper on her right away because I was gonna do that. Then I realized I'd never given an enema before. Only helped you when you gave Eloise one."A whimper from the floor told Cathy that had not been a pleasant experience."I'd hardly be responsible if I tried to do something like that and hurt my Little girl because I didn't know what I was doing. So I decided to wait for you to get home and, since you'd be home real soon, I thought it'd be a waste of a diaper."Allison's mother looked at her daughter intently. Cathy didn't know it, but that look was one Allison had seen on her mother before. The look said "You're lying. I know you're lying. You know I know. But your excuse is just plausible enough to pass muster."Unfortunately, in Allison's experience, this meant often having to put her money where her mouth was. That promised unpleasant things for Cathy's very immediate future. "All right," Allison's mother said eventually. "You have a point. No time like the present. Undress her and bring her to the bathroom."Allison hesitated only for a moment before setting Cathy back on her feet and unbuttoning the Little's blouse. Once that was off the pants came next. There was no bra. Littles didn't have much in the way of breast size so one could go either way without much undue effect. Cathy had opted to go without because it also meant going without comments about how she was dressing like a grown-up or was padded in the wrong places.Once Allison was done, she took Cathy's hand and followed her mother to the bathroom. Once there, Allison released Cathy and left her to get own devices while she was shown how to prepare the solution for the enema. The other Little, Eloise, waddled in close behind them. Cathy was left naked, standing next to her fellow Little, still in her daycare clothes."It won't be so bad," Cathy heard Eloise say. The other Little placed a hand on Cathy's bare shoulder."Mommy and Sissie aren't doing it because you're naughty or trying not to poop," she continued. "So you'll get the soft kind. It'll make your tummy tickle from the inside but it won't hurt unless you try and hold it super long."Cathy only nodded as her new friend imparted her wisdom. If tips on how to take an enema could be called such."Try to hold it in for a while, though," Eloise went on. "If you poop too soon, Mommy will think it didn't work enough and do it again.""How long is long enough?" Cathy asked. "How many minutes should I aim for?"Eloise looked at her blankly."Are minutes the long hand or the short hand?" she asked."Um… the long hand," Cathy replied. Eloise considered this then held one arm straight up and the other just slightly off to her left."About this long," Eloise said.Before Cathy could ask for clarification, a pair of large hands grabbed her from under her arms and lifted her from the floor. Allison's mother carried her to Allison herself, who sat on the toilet with one hand in her lap and an enema nozzle the other.Cathy was placed on Allison's lap, lying face down as if to receive a spanking."Everything is lubricated?" Allison's mother asked."Yes," Allison replied with a hesitant nod."Then begin."Cathy tried to brace herself, but she still yelped as the nozzle entered her rear. Cathy began to squirm as warm water began to enter her body from the wrong end. She felt herself held down be Allison's relatively large hand on her bare back. Held down that way, there was nothing to do but lie there, naked, facing the linoleum floor while a girl she had assigned homework literally mere hours ago shoved a tube into her butt and pumped her full of water, or whatever it was this family used in their Little's enemas."You're doing very good, Allie," Cathy heard a voice say from above her. Then a hand patted Cathy on her head. "You're being very well behaved, too, Cathy. You're making your mommy very happy."Cathy heard a footsteps move away from her before the voice spoke up again."Now stay like that until the enema bag is empty. Once it is, set the alarm and get a diaper on her. There's a few under the sink with wipes and lotion.""I won't need the plug?" Cathy heard Allison ask. Silence for a moment, then…"No, this first time we can go without. Littles always try to hold it when they're first put into diapers. I'm sure you can count on Cathy to hold out as long as she can before she expels the enema. If that still isn't long enough, we'll fill her up again and use the plug then."Cathy, beginning to feel bloated from the liquid going into her, resolved to hold it as long as she had to in order to avoid a repeat."Speaking of filled up, I haven't changed Eloise yet."Cathy heard a rustle of cloth and then a crinkle."Ellie's a soggy girl all right," Cathy heard Allison's mother say. "I'll get her changed and come check on you in a few minutes, Allie.""Okay, Mom," she said. After a few moments, presumably to ensure they were alone, Allison spoke to Cathy directly for the first time since her mother came in."I am so, so sorry," Allison whispered desperately."I can't decide if your improvisation skills are great or terrible…" Cathy muttered."It's almost done," Allison said."Oh, joy…"Eventually Allison announced the bag was empty. Cathy heard her press a button then lift Cathy herself off of her lap. Allison put the Little down on her back on the bathroom rug and left her there to get what she would need. Cathy felt no motivation to move from where she was. Eloise's description of her "tummy ticking from the inside" was apt. It wasn't painful, but it wasn't pleasant either. Eventually Allison returned with lotion, powder, a box of wet wipes, and a diaper."The first of many…" Cathy sighed as she eyed the plastic rectangle in her teenage mommy's hand. Allison looked guilty again, but Cathy shook her head."I told you, already." Cathy frowned. "Inevitable. Let's get it done."Allison nodded and got to work. She took some wipes and cleaned Cathy's diaper area. They were cool to the touch and made Cathy flinch. Allison further wiped down the Little's legs, which Cathy realized she had never properly cleaned besides a quick rub down with toilet paper following the accident that brought all this about.Following that came lotion being rubbed into Cathy's skin, followed by a liberal coating of powder. Finally came the thing itself. Allison gripped Cathy's ankles, lifted her bottom half off the rug, and slid the diaper underneath her. From there it was a simple matter of bringing up the front and the sealing of Cathy Benton's fate was complete with the sealing of the diaper tapes.Once a Little was put in a diaper, they were never going to be taken out of them except to be changed into a new one.Which is going to happen sooner, rather than later, Cathy thought as the tickling sensation in her stomach grew stronger."Stand up, please," Allison said. Cathy did so, and saw Allison was under the sink digging something out. When she emerged, Allison was carrying another white object. They almost looked like panties, until Cathy got a closer look and realized they were panties. Plastic panties."Mom told me to put these on you, too." Allison held the pants out for Cathy to step into. "In case of leaks when the enema comes out."Cathy obliged and the plastic pants were lifted into place over the diaper itself. Cathy briefly examined them and tested their fit before looking up and seeing Allison staring at her with a faraway look in her eyes and a rather vapid grin on her face."Is everything all right?""You…" Allison stammered, "…are so adorable!"Cathy's reply ended before it began when she doubled over slightly from a cramp."How much time do I have?" she asked instead. Allison checked the timer she had started before diapering Cathy."About three minutes," she replied.Left with that time limit, Cathy huddled down into a fetal position and decided to wait it out. Under most circumstances, she preferred to pace. To keep moving. The enema churning in her belly made that prospect sound more uncomfortable than she would have liked. Instead, she stayed put and tried to find a position that took some of the pressure off her stomach until it was time. The diaper created a noticeable crinkle each time she moved. Allison sat on the toilet watching her. Whenever Cathy turned her head to look of Allison, the Amazon girl was grinning with that same faraway, dreamy look in her eyes.Eventually the timer dinged and Allison confirmed that time was up."You can go anytime, now, Miss Be-er Cathy," she told the Little."Any chance of getting to use the potty?" Cathy asked as another cramp made her wince."Sorry." Allison shrugged. "We don't have a potty. We used to, when I was a toddler. Mom and Dad wanted to train Eloise and I together but she flat out refused. So once I was out of diapers they just tossed it.""So you don't have a potty at all?""Nope.""Um… Allison, what about that?" Cathy pointed."What about what?" Allison asked. Cathy seemed to be pointing at her, but Allison just stared back. Cathy moved her hand down. Allison looked further, eventually she bent down further until her head was level with her knees. It took Allison a few seconds staring at the base of the toilet bowl before she got it."Oh!" Allison exclaimed. "Potty, right."Cathy rolled her eyes."But the answer's still no," Allison shook her head. "I wouldn't mind, but Mom's expecting a dirty diaper and if she doesn't get it she'll think I'm not dedicated to doing this right."Cathy knew the answer before she'd even asked the question. It had been worth a try to ask, but Allison was right. If Cathy didn't follow through from her end, so to speak, her fate as a Little of this household would become a great deal more uncertain. Given the alternatives, and that poopy diapers were going to be a common part of her life now whatever happened, Cathy resigned herself to what had to happen.She breathed deeply and tried to relax, only for another stomach cramp to hit. Rather than start the process, it instead made Cathy instinctively clench and try to hold it. She tried to bend over or squat, as she had seen Littles and babies do before, but she couldn't quite make herself release, even with the enema."Wow, Mom was right," Allison said. "You are holding it as long as you can, even when you're trying not to.""Soiling yourself on purpose isn't easy when you haven't done it literally in decades, enema or no enema," Cathy told her. Then, finally, she managed a push that started the ball rolling.Allison watched the ex-teacher assume a bent over, knock-kneed position as wet farts sounded off from her diaper. Cathy grunted with the effort as she filled her diaper. It was the runniest, most watery bowel movement the Little could remember having.As she did her business she felt a hand on her back. Eloise had come back, changed out of her daycare uniform but not into anything more than a dry diaper. She took Cathy's right hand in her free one and held it. The hand on Cathy's back began rubbing."Did she hold it long enough?" Allison's mother asked as she walked in."A minute or two extra, actually," Allison replied. "Just like you said, she held it as long as she could.""I've seen enough Littles try to fight it at work," Allison's mother said. "She'll learn eventually. In the meantime, be mindful of how often she goes. If she isn't making mommy a present at least once a day, she may be trying to hold it. Or she may be legitimately constipated. Either way it'll be time for some encouragement."Cathy shuddered, but wasn't herself sure if it was from having finished soiling herself or the idea Allison might have to do this to her again."Now, Allison," her mother went on, "you gave her the enema, she's filled her pants, what comes next?""A diaper change," Allison answered immediately. Her mother waved her finger theatrically with a "tsk tsk"."Not yet," her mother said. "You're probably thinking that since this isn't a punishment there's no reason we shouldn't change her right away?"Allison nodded."As much as she's gone, there may yet be a bit in her system. Before we change her we need to make sure as much of the enema is out of her as possible. Otherwise you'll just have another poopy diaper within the hour.""What do I do, then?"In reply Allison's mother took Cathy's left hand and walked her to her mommy. Eloise, still holding Cathy's right, followed along. Cathy's expression soured as she moved in her dirty diaper. Allison took Cathy's hand in her right. Her left found its way behind Cathy and cupped the back of her diaper."Feels like she emptied out pretty good to me," Allison noted."There's always more," her mother said in a chiding tone. She took the hand Allison had been using to check Cathy's diaper and moved it to the Little's stomach, and instructed her to massage Allison's tummy. Allison complied, and Cathy didn't think it felt too bad until suddenly her bowels pushed more out into her diaper."See what I mean?" Allison's mother asked. "Keep that up until nothing's coming out then you can change her. I might do it in the tub, give her a rinse before you put a new diaper on her. We'll give her and Eloise a proper bath after dinner."Allison acknowledged the instructions and continued rubbing Cathy's stomach. Cathy didn't keep track of how long this went on, she only knew that it ended when she heard a door somewhere in the house open and close and heard a man's voice call "I'm home.""Daddy!" Eloise squealed. She immediately ran off to meet him. Unfortunately, one thing she didn't do was release Cathy's hand first. Eloise's rush to leave yanked Cathy unexpectedly backwards. Eloise stopped when she felt Cathy's weight getting pulled behind her but it was too little too late.Cathy fell backwards and landed squarely on her butt. The good news was, covered as it was by a diaper, that was the most protected part of her body to land on. The bad news was that she had also spent more time than she cared to think of soiling it, meaning she landed right into the mush that filled the seat of her pants.For the Little who had once been Catherine Benton, math teacher, this was the last straw. In a matter of hours she had been abducted, however well intentioned it had been, forced into a thirty minute walk half naked, given an enema, made to release it into a diaper, then sent careening into her own filth. All while everyone around her, including possibly her would-be savior, regarded her as a toddler with no say in any of it.Well, fine! Cathy thought as the tears began. They want a toddler, I'll give them one!Cathy began to cry. Student's Pet A Diaper Dimension Story Part Three by Babystevie26 Not the head not the head anything but the head!That was the thought running through Allison Jaruwalski's mind as Eloise's carelessness sent Cathy tumbling backwards. Fortunately, her prayers were answered when Cathy landed on her butt. Unfortunately, falling like that caused some of the enema mess to leak out of her diaper even with the plastic pants. Cathy sat on the floor in her leaking diaper for a few moments, her face expressionless. Then began to cry.Not just cry, but scream. Allison watched in helpless shock as the most adult Little she had ever met gave herself over to a massive temper tantrum. Cathy went so far as to throw herself backwards; still, thankfully, not hitting her head on the floor but hitting the floor with her fists and feet.Instinct took over then. Allison ran up and picked Cathy up from the floor."Shh…- Allison said, attempting to soothe the Little even as she screamed in Allison's ear. "It's okay Cathy. Mommy's got you. You're okay, baby."The sweet nothings eventually worked their magic as Cathy's screaming died down."There we go," Allison continued in that same soft tone while stroking Cathy's hair. "There's a good Kitty Cat."Still softly cooing Allison stood up and carried Cathy to the bathtub. Allison put Cathy down on her feet, facing the Little toward the wall. Cathy leaned forward, resting her hands on the wall and making no sound other than an occasional sob.Allison helped Cathy step out of the plastic panties and saw that her landing had essentially caused a blowout in her dirty diaper. The mess that should have been contained within had been squished out of both leg and waistbands. Cathy's lower back, belly, and upper legs were covered to some degree. Allison took deep breaths through her mouth to try and avoid gagging or vomiting from the sight and stink.She reached around Cathy and undid the tapes of her diaper. As the diaper plopped down into the tub and Allison got a full look of the Little's mess covered lower half her self control failed, sending her scrambling to the toilet to throw up. After a moment she braced herself, went back to the tub, and found a shower nozzle to begin rinsing off Cathy."I suppose we can't question your sincerity after that display."Both Allison and Cathy flinched at the sound of that voice. In all that excitement, Allison had genuinely forgotten her mother and sister were still in the bathroom with them.Cathy stayed facing the wall, but Allison looked back and saw her mother beaming at her. Eloise was in her arms, sucking her thumb and watching everything before her with worry in her eyes. At some point during the tantrum Allison's father had entered the bathroom. When he had come in, Allison had no idea, but she saw the pride in his eyes, in both her parents' eyes, and grew suddenly bashful."You still have a lot to learn," Allison's mom said, eyeing the toilet bowl where the girl had just lost her lunch. "However, I'm a lot less opposed to this adoption than I was an hour ago.""I was very impressed, too, Allie Cat," Allison's dad told her. He kneeled down to her current eye level. "When your mom messaged me that you brought a Little home, I was concerned. Too many people, even adults who should know better, treat the Littles in their families like toys or pets. I was very happy to see you weren't like that. You understand that a Little needs to be cared for like a child and acted accordingly.""So… so Cathy can stay?" Allison asked hopefully. Her parents nodded."We'll work out the details over dinner," Allison's mom said. "For now, get Cathy cleaned up and diapered. It's spaghetti night so she won't need more than that." Allison's mother briefly nuzzled Eloise, also in just a diaper, getting a giggle from the Little. "Get yourself cleaned up and changed, too, dear. You need it almost as much as Cathy."Allison looked down at herself and discovered, to her disgust, that hugging someone wearing an extremely leaky messy diaper caused unpleasant things to happen to one's clothing. The front and sides of her school uniform was covered in brown where Cathy's stomach and legs had come into contact. Thanks to her blouse's short sleeves, her bare right arm, where she'd held Cathy's legs, also had some of Cathy's mess on them.Allison made a grossed out face, then turned around to reclaim the shower nozzle and continued to wash the rest of the poop off of Cathy first. From the corner of her eye, Allison saw her father nod, as if she had passed another test of some kind."I'll take care of cleaning up the bathroom itself while you get dinner started," he told Allison's mother. Then, to Allison herself, "I'll take care of the tub, too once you're done. We'll be needing it after two Little girls get done with their spaghetti."With that, Allison finished rinsing off Cathy's body and began drying her with a towel instead of wipes. On her father's advice, Allison was thorough with the job, getting into every nook and cranny she could think of. Aside from an occasional squeak or moan, Cathy was silent during this process.Once that was done, Allison asked her father to hand her a diaper for Cathy. Allison did a quick stand-up diapering of the Little before taking her hand and leading her to Allison's own bedroom. Once there, she turned to Cathy and found the Little glaring at her."My… my room has its own bathroom and… and shower," Allison explained to Cathy, stammering in the face of that glare. "And I… kind of get the feeling you'd… you'd rather be alone right now. Can I trust you to stay here while I wash up?"Cathy didn't answer. Instead, she climbed onto Allison's bed and turned to the wall."I… guess that's a… yes?" Allison shrugged and got a change of clothes before heading into her bathroom. She stripped off her uniform, wondering if it was even salvageable after that enema fiasco. She'd have to talk to her mom about that.She took about twenty minutes to make sure everything was scrubbed off of her before she got out. She dressed herself and, as she brushed her hair, stepped back into her bedroom to find one of her dresser drawers had been opened. Looking to her bed, Cathy was more or less where Allison had left her, sitting on the bed facing the wall except she now wore one of her Mommy's tops. As a thirteen year-old who had not yet had a major growth spurt, Allison was one of the shorter Amazons in her grade. She still had a full head on the tallest In-Betweener, but even with that factored in her shirt was big enough on an adult Little that Cathy might as well have been wearing a dress.Allison smiled but suppressed the powerful urge to gush and say 'awww'. Instead, she walked to Cathy, grabbed the hem of the shirt, and yanked it up over the Little's head before she realized anything was happening. Cathy let out a yelp of surprise as the shirt went past her face and past her arms before she could attempt to resist."Allison!" Cathy hastily put her arms in front of her chest."No extra clothes until after your bath," Allison told her."Why not?" Cathy asked."It's spaghetti night," Allison said."That doesn't answer my question," Cathy replied. Allison tilted her head and blinked at her, unsure how that didn't explain everything."Have you seen babies eat spaghetti?" she tried."I'm not a baby!" Cathy said, tears forming in her eyes. "I'm not a baby and I'm not your 'Kitty Cat', either!" Cathy began breathing heavily. "You know, as loathsome as they are, at least Ramirez and her daughter would have been intentionally humiliating me! You… you put them to shame without even trying!"Allison, stunned at the remark, fought back tears of her own. She took a deep breath and smiled at Cathy."So…" she began hesitantly, trying to sound light-hearted, "I guess you're still upset about the enema?""Maybe. Or maybe it's the diapers, or the fact that every member of this household saw me covered belly to knees in my own filth, or that I needed to be comforted like a toddler by someone literally half my age, or the utter lack of any dignity I've had from the moment I wet myself today! Take your pick!"Allison sat on her bed next to her Little girl."I'm sorry about that whole enema thing." Allison tried to get her arms around Cathy, who squirmed free and sat at the foot of the bed. "I'm sure Ellie is, too. And I'm sorry I'm not treating you like a grown-up. I know you are, really. Even if I can't show it around Mom and Dad."Cathy didn't answer, but she no longer looked like an animal ready to bolt either. Allison went on."You know… Eloise is the only Little I've really been around until I started middle school. I thought all Littles were like her: babies who couldn't grow up.""Then you met me?" Cathy asked."Partly." Allison nodded. "Everyone else thought a Little teaching was funny-""I remember…" Cathy said bitterly."-but I was amazed. You were just like the Amazon teachers. Better, actually. My math grade was never better than in your class."Cathy blushed."But some times, like when I first saw you in a diaper, this feeling comes over me. I think it's that maternal instinct Mom talked about. It's why I lied about a stomachache, why I hid in the bathroom near your classroom, why I came up with that stupid enema idea in the first place."I wanted to protect you, Cathy. I wanted to hold you tight and make sure nothing could hurt you." Allison sighed. "Great job I did at that. Mom thinks I can do it now, but I'm not so sure myself, anymore."Wallowing in self pity, Allison never noticed Cathy scoot closer."It's all right, really…" Cathy leaned against Allison. "You're trying to be good at it, at least. I told you before that's more than a lot of Amazons do. Your dad was right. Too many of you giants see us Littles as baby dolls to dress up and parade around."This time Cathy didn't resist when Allison scooped her up and sat the Little in her lap."I'm sorry for throwing that fit," Cathy went on. "After I landed I… well… it kind of hit me." Cathy here her hands palms outward and spread them apart. "'This is my life, now'. I thought I was prepared for that, but I think it made me panic a bit to realize it for real. I thought to myself 'you want a baby I'll give you one'.""You sure did that," Allison chuckled. "Actually, thanks to that, we're past the biggest hurdle. Mom and Dad are okay with keeping you. They'll never see you as an adult, but they won't go out if their way to embarrass you, either.""I suppose that's about the best I could hope for," Cathy said."It won't be all bad," Allison said, patting Cathy on the back. "Eloise is a pretty happy Little, and she's lived here since before I was even born. Why take tonight, for example."Cathy looked up at Allison and tilted her head."Have you ever seen babies eat spaghetti?"Cathy shook her head. Allison laughed."It's a mess. There's a reason you and Eloise are going to be in just diapers while you eat, and why bath time comes immediately after. I, meanwhile, have to remember my manners, not make a mess, and use silverware. I remember being four years old and jealous because I had to wear a bib while Ellie could just make a mess to her heart's content."Cathy grinned at that."All right," she conceded. "I suppose it wouldn't be a bad idea to get into the spirit of things. If I'm not going to have much choice may as well try and look on the bright side where I can find one."A knock on the door ended their conversation."Dinner time, Sissie!" a Little voice called through the door."Okay, Ellie," Allison called back. "We'll be there in a minute.""Is Cathy in there?"Little and teenager looked at one another and shrugged. Cathy got down onto the floor while Allison stood and opened the door. Eloise walked in and approached Cathy. She fidgeted and averted her eyes rather than look directly at her fellow Little."Um… I'm sorry I made you fall on your poop."Allison had to bite her lip. As apologies went that was certainly… unique. Cathy herself blinked a few times before responding."Um… it's all right…" Cathy told Eloise."Really?" Eloise asked hesitantly. Cathy nodded, prompting Ellie to give Cathy a hug. Cathy reluctantly wrapped her arms around Eloise while trying very hard to ignore the squee coming from Allison."Okay, Stinker," Allison said when she collected herself, "can you take Cathy to the dining room please, and let Mommy know I'll be there in a minute?""Okay!" Eloise released Cathy from her hug, but still held one of the other Little's hands. Holding it tight, she ran from the room, pulling Cathy behind her and treating Allison to the sight of two Little girls, naked save for their diapers, running off to get dressed in the spaghetti dinner they would certainly end up wearing as much as eating."So… adorable!" Allison squealed after they had left. Student's Pet A Diaper Dimension Story Part Four by Babystevie26 Michelle Jaruwalski watched as her Little Eloise led Cathy into the dining room. Not for the first time, Michelle reflected how the figure of a Little girl in just her diapers was not all that different from a woman's. Minus, of course, the beyond proportionately smaller chests and, in Eloise's case, the layer of baby fat that gave her a pudginess the other, skinnier Little lacked.Well, time to get a start fixing that, Michelle thought as her eyes went to the two plates of pasta cooling on the counter."Sissie said she'd be a minute, Mommy," Eloise reported."Thank you, Eloise," Michelle replied."Minutes are the long hand," Eloise said."Yes they are, sweetie." Michelle smiled at her girl. Then Eloise turned to her high chair."There's two chairs." Eloise pointed to the extra high chair Alastair had set up after he finished cleaning the bathroom. "Is the other one for Cathy?""Actually, Ellie, the other chair's for you," Michelle told her. "It used to be Sissie's."Eloise looked petulant, like she wanted to argue giving up her high chair. Her expression changed to one of interest when she was told it was Allison's old high chair. Cathy, meanwhile, looked at Allie's old chair, then to Eloise's, and her expression became a glower. Unlike her more innocent counterpart, Cathy apparently understood why Eloise was the one changing chairs.And that, Michelle thought, is because those high chairs demonstrate the difference between Littles and children.Allison's old high chair was built for a baby. The other high chair, now Cathy's, was built for a Little. Unlike a baby chair, a Little's high chair had noticeably more restraints and straps on them. Between the leg straps, the waist buckle, the wrist cuffs and the headband, it was possible to render a Little absolutely immobile when she sat in that chair.That was important because, unlike children, Littles were all too certain they knew what was best for themselves. A child needed only the waist buckle so they didn't accidentally slide out. Littles like Cathy, who had yet to understand that they were not and never would be the equals to their Amazon caretakers, would kick and fight and consistently end up getting hurt trying to get out of their high chairs if they were not properly restrained in the mistaken belief that they could eat properly at the adults' table. A pediatrician's receptionist like Michelle saw that kind of thing frequently. At least once every other week parents brought their Littles in because they tipped over their high chairs while sitting in them, or fell trying to get out of their cribs, or any other of a whole host of things Littles did to hurt themselves because they thought they could be independent. It frequently reminded Michelle what a blessing Eloise had been. It helps we got Eloise early, Michelle reflected. Ellie was hardly immune to needing discipline every now and again, but she has always understood that she was their Little girl and was as obedient a Little as one could hope. That was why Michelle knew Eloise could be trusted with the child's high chair. Cathy, meanwhile, had only hours ago been removed from her inevitably doomed attempt at adulthood. She seemed cooperative, but how much of that was just biding her time?And will Allie be able to handle it when she decides to act? When Michelle approached, Eloise raised her arms without prompting for her Mommy to pick her up. As Michelle placed her into the high chair and buckled the waist strap, Eloise seemed to marvel at how the chair didn't have "wrist pads" or even a "headband", even though neither had been used on Eloise in years."Is that my old high chair?" Michelle heard Allison ask as she entered the dining room."It is," Michelle answered as she locked the tray into place. "Your dad got it out for Eloise. Would you put Cathy in the other one please?""Sure." Allison held out get arms and waited for Cathy to take the hint. Once she did, Cathy raised her own arms so Allison could lift her into her high chair. Allison had noticeably more trouble lifting her Little than Michelle had. That was hardly surprising, Allie was still fairly tiny herself to her mother's eyes.Then again, what child isn't? Michelle thought wistfully. She watched Allie buckle Cathy's waist strap, but was interrupted from placing the tray by Michelle suddenly clearing her throat. Allison jumped and looked at her mother."What are you forgetting?" Michelle asked her. Allison stared blankly at her. "The straps," Michelle told her. Allie stared at Michelle."But we never use those," she said."We never use them for Eloise," Michelle told her, putting unmistakable emphasis on the last two words. "You don't know what Cathy will try, so she needs to be more secure.""I'll do her legs then," Allison said. "She'll need her arms free to eat."Michelle nodded her approval as the girl did just that, securing her Little's legs to the high chair and leaving her immobile from the waist down. Cathy was clearly unhappy about that as Allison put the tray in place. Michelle saw Allie give the Little a sad, almost apologetic look. Michelle grimaced.Yes, she definitely needs a better idea of what being a Little's Mommy means. While Michelle thought about how to accomplish that, she got two plates of spaghetti covered in marinara and placed them in the two high chair trays. Eloise began digging in immediately, heedless to manners as she grabbed some noodles in her hands and stuffed her face. Cathy watched the other Little indulge her inner glutton for a moment before looking around her tray. Which prompted Michelle to give the Littles each a bottle of milk. Eloise ignored her bottle in favor of the spaghetti. Cathy held hers for a moment, still examining her tray as if looking for something more, then shrugged, set the bottle aside, and grabbed a handful of spaghetti of her own.She was looking for silverware, Michelle realized. If Cathy was used to silverware before, she would have to learn to live without. Leaving implements like that where a Little's hands could find them was asking for trouble. She'd seen more than one Little hurt themselves or their parent because a knife or fork was left too close. The most Cathy could expect in this house, if she held her own utensils at all, would be a plastic or rubber spoon.Allison dished up her own pasta and sat down. Her father Alastair arriving from the attic soon after."Allie's old crib is there, all right," he reported. "It's disassembled though, so we won't be using it tonight.""No rush," Michelle told him. "She can bunk with Ellie for a few nights until you have time to put it together."Michelle noticed that Allison wasn't paying her parents' conversation much attention. Cathy, on the other hand, only looked inattentive. The Little made just too much of a show of eating her food when Michelle glanced her way.Nobody spoke much during the first helping. Just small talk and Alastair getting the story of finding Cathy in the bathroom stall out of Allison. After about two or three helpings per person, everyone was content in their chairs, high and otherwise.Eloise's upper body was covered in sauce and, the way she ate, Michelle knew she'd find more than a few noodles in her diaper when it came off for bath time. There always were. Cathy wasn't as lathered in marinara as Ellie had been, but after a slow start she got into the spirit of things and ate with gusto. Her hands, face, and chest were saucy, but she'd kept it out of her hair and Michelle doubted she'd find any pasta in her pants. Then again, going by the gas Cathy seemed to think she had passed without anyone noticing, some might soon end up in the Little's diaper for an entirely different reason.Clearly that enema didn't quite finish its work, the Amazon thought to herself. Not that she could blame Allie for re-diapering her too early. That whole thing had turned into a bit if a mess for more then just the literal reason. That thought brought Michelle back to the topic she needed to broach with Allie."Allison," Michelle said, continuing when she saw she had her daughter's attention, "it's time to discuss Cathy."Cathy started paying attention to the conversation from her high chair."For now, she will sleep with Eloise," Michelle began. "Daddy found your old crib, but it's going to need some assembly and it will be a while before we have enough time to devote to it.""So like when Gwen sleeps over?" Eloise asked from her high chair."That's right, sweetie," Michelle confirmed. As Eloise kicked her legs in delight her Mommy turned back to Allison."She's going to have to use some of Eloise's clothes, as well, until we can go shopping for more," Michelle went on. "For day to day, Cathy will be under similar, but more restrictive rules as Eloise.""Why?" Allie asked. "Cathy's a good girl, right?"Allison directed the last part to Cathy, who nodded."She says that now," Michelle said, "But until I've seen for myself that she can be trusted to behave I don't want her being given any more chances to misbehave than can be helped. So she will be on a short leash, and you will be the one holding it.""Um…" Allison began, raising a hand as if to raise it in class, "Are you talking about an actual-""I'm being metaphorical," Michelle interrupted, then turned to her husband. "That reminds me. Al, do we still have Eloise's harness?""She outgrew it when she was fourteen." Alastair shook his head. "We never replaced it."Michelle nodded and continued."Furthermore, when she does misbehave, you, Allison Jaruwalski, will be the one to discipline her."Allie nodded."You will also be the one responsible for making sure she's fed, clothed, clean, and happy. Daddy and I will help, but the bulk of the work is yours. That means, for example, if you want to make plans to hang out with your friends, you will need to either take Cathy with you or arrange for us to babysit. We will not allow you to dump the responsibility on us because you want to go running around on a whim.""I told you, I won't!" Allison protested."And we're going to hold you to that, Allie Cat," Alastair told his daughter. "We also still expect you to keep your grades up and handle the obligations you already have.""What… um… what if I can't?" Allison asked warily. "Then you won't retain that responsibility," Alastair said. "You'll likely end up losing a few of the privileges you currently enjoy in the process, like going out whenever you feel like with your friends.""What?" Allison asked incredulously. "But that's not-""Fair?" Alastair finished for her. "You earn privileges be proving yourself responsible, Allison. You're allowed to go out without an adult chaperone because you've shown you don't need constant supervision. You'll earn the privilege of a driver's license when you're old enough and can demonstrate you know what you're doing. On the other hand," he nodded to the Littles in their high chairs, "if you couldn't be trusted to reliably use the toilet you would be put into diapers. If you couldn't be in a normal chair or bed without the risk of falling out, you would be placed in a high chair or crib."You want to assume some very adult responsibilities, Allison. The problem with that is you aren't an adult. No, you're not," Alastair repeated quickly and firmly to stop the teenager's automatic protest before he continued. "You are also not a child anymore. Unlike Littles, who are incapable of succeeding in adulthood despite their most earnest efforts, you're growing into a fine young woman. If you're truly as determined as you've shown yourself to be, you'll have your chance to prove you're up to the challenge. Should you be unequal to that challenge, the consequences will fall on your head."While her husband spoke, Michelle watched her daughter and newly adopted Little. Allie had looked steadily more nervous as her father spoke. She was clearly only just now realizing the magnitude of what she had gotten herself into. Cathy looked at Alastair, her face red and expression a grimace. Michelle assumed the Little was either feeling offended at Al's dismissal of her "adulthood" or pooping."Is that understood, Allison?" Alastair asked.Allison was quiet for a long moment. Then she nodded."Understanding everything I've told you, do you still want to adopt Cathy your Little girl?""I…" Allie swallowed, "I do."Allison's expression was anxious as she answered. Her voice cracked as she spoke the words. Yet despite that, or just maybe because of it, Michelle's heart swelled with pride.My baby girl is growing up… she thought. Then she heard a loud belch to her left. Michelle rolled her eyes.My Little girl, on the other hand…"'Scuse me," Eloise said as she set her empty bottle on the high chair tray. Michelle couldn't stop herself from grinning."And now, with the mood burped into ruin," Michelle said, "I'd say it's time to give our Littles their bath."With that, Michelle moved to release Eloise from her high chair. Allison followed her mother's lead and did the same for Cathy. In her case it took longer due to the leg straps that had been used. Eloise was allowed to walk on her own. Allison, mindful of Michelle's concerns about Cathy, grabbed the Little's wrist and led her back to the bathroom. As they walked, Eloise kept pace with Cathy and Allie and talking to her fellow Little. Michelle walked a way behind the children."Don't touch anything until we get to the tub," Eloise said in what she seemed to think was a conspiratorial whisper. "Mommy and Daddy get mad and spank when s'ghetti sauce gets on stuff."Eloise was giving her new crib-mate advice. Michelle smiled. It was exactly that kind of helpful behavior that earned her Little high praise at daycare."And if you gotta poop, do it now," Eloise continued."I don't have to p… I don't have to," Cathy said, a tad too quickly."Then why were you farting?" Eloise asked with her ever absent sense of propriety."I-I wasn't-""Don't lie," Allison suddenly said. Michelle nodded approvingly. Cathy pouted and became quiet.Looking at the Littles, Cathy didn't seem to be messy. No telltale sag or smell to indicate poopy pants. Eloise wasn't dirty, either, but Michelle knew by now she had wet at least a small amount.Alastair had finished cleaning the bathroom of the mess from Cathy's enema leak before dinner. It was now ready for its more typical purpose, at least where Littles were concerned, of bathing. Allie, having helped bathe Eloise plenty of times since growing too big to bathe with her Little sister herself, was already turning the taps for the bathtub to fill it.Michelle saw to the Littles. As she suspected, Eloise's diaper was damp. In other circumstances she would have left it on for further use before changing. For now, she removed it and, as she'd known she would, Michelle found a half dozen stray spaghetti noodles had fallen inside during dinner. Eloise either never noticed or never cared that her food had worked its way into her diaper that way.Michelle turned to Cathy to see her bent forward, her hands on her knees, which themselves were touching. The red on the Little's face and occasional grunt told Michelle she was trying to take Ellie's advice and soil herself sooner rather than later. Michelle tapped Allison on the shoulder and pointed her Little's situation out to her. She tried not to be too amused when Allison got that glossy eyed, faraway look she got when she watched something she thought was adorable.The tub filled quickly but Allie waited for Cathy to finish her business before doing anything else. Once she was done, Allison took off her diaper and used some of the wipes from earlier in the day to get the worst of this new mess off her bottom. Allie plopped Cathy into the tub in front of Eloise and washing began.Eloise cooperated as much as she ever did. She let Michelle get the basic scrubbing without incident but started to squirm and whine when it was time to shampoo. Ellie had very low tolerance when it came to her hair. It was the main reason the Little's brown hair was kept short, just above her shoulders. It was simply easier than having to constantly chastise her for complaining and whining when washing it or brushing out the extra tangles that came with longer hair. As if to contrast her companion, Cathy handled washing her longer blonde hair fine, other than trying to insist on doing it herself. Yet when Allison scrubbed her down, she squirmed, complained about roughness, and positively yelped when Allie's washcloth found more personal areas.Eventually the two Littles were cleaned to their mommies' satisfaction. From there on the girls could be left to entertain themselves with the bubbles and bath toys until they became too pruney to stay in the tub. It was at this point that Michelle called Alastair to watch the girls while she took Allie to go pick out pajamas for bedtime. Cathy looked dismayed at being left with Allison's father.That's too bad, dear, Michelle thought towards the Little. It was normal for new adoptees to be shy around caretakers of the opposite sex. She would just have to get used to Alastair changing and cleaning her as much as Allison and Michelle.Besides, Michelle thought, I need to talk to Allison alone. Without Cathy around to influence her reaction.They quickly settled on a nightgown and diaper cover for Eloise. Cathy was trickier. In keeping with her desire to keep the newly adopted Little from getting into trouble, Michelle's first thought was to put Cathy in what Eloise referred to as "mitten jammies". True to the nickname, they had padded mittens clipped on them that prevented Little from fully closing her hand, effectively removing any dexterity she otherwise had. They saw a lot of use when Eloise would try to get into and grab things she shouldn't, when she had her climbing out her crib phase at twelve, or when Eloise's grabby handed daycare friend slept over.The reason it was a difficult choice was that the mitten jammies were footie pajamas with the mittens attached to the sleeves. The seasons were in the early stages of transitioning from summer to autumn, which left temperatures too warm for a full body sleeper. Allison had argued, rightfully so Michelle had to admit, that making Cathy suffer through a sweaty night was unfair to her when this was more about preventing problem behavior than punishing it.As a compromise, Allie found a long sleeved nightdress that could be used. The mittens could be attached to the sleeves, if not as securely as to the footies. Allison promised to give Cathy a very clear warning that she would wear them all weekend if she got out of them. They also found an old diaper cover of Eloise's that could be secured to prevent Little wearing it any access to her diaper. Allie laid out the pajamas on the changing table and was about to leave to get the girls out of the tub."Allie, wait," Michelle said suddenly. "I need to talk with you before we get the girls.""Um… Okay?" Allison said. There was some clear nervousness in her voice. "Is this more about responsibility?"To Allie's credit, she caught herself about to roll her eyes and stopped it."Yes," Michelle said. "Your Dad covered the bulk of it at dinner. However, there's one thing he left out. One thing we agreed upon while you were in the shower."Allison nodded."When you started school, and word got around that one of your teachers was a Little, a lot parents were dismayed," Michelle explained. "For good reason, I think. Little Cathy was going to have an accident, make some mistake, or otherwise confirm to that she had no place in a grown-up's world. Everyone knew it. That's why one of your teachers, Ramirez, promised to keep an eye on things and take action when the inevitable happened." Michel shrugged. "She would have, too, except you beat her to it."Allison's eyes suddenly became hard and her mouth became a thin line at the mention of Ramirez.I thought that might be it… Michelle thought. She had met Elizabeth Ramirez only once, at Parent-Teacher Night. The woman had come off as abrasive. The type that was clearly used to getting her way. Michelle remembered her Little, a miserable looking boy who sat in the playpen she kept in the Home Ec classroom. She had not met Cathy that night. The Little teacher had gotten permission to skip, presumably out of concern a parent would get the urge to adopt her before the school had made plans to replace her.She knew Allison was not particularly fond of her home economics teacher. Michelle vividly remembered that Allie had come home very upset one day, rambling about how Ramirez had used her Little as a demonstration in baby care. At the same time, Allison had been fascinated by Cathy, a Little who knew her mathematics. Not surprising, since Eloise's math skill was limited to counting on her fingers and toes. Allison didn't spend enough time around other Littles day-to-day to realize that many Littles frequently did have an education, useless to them though it was.Allison hadn't said so, had noticeably avoided saying so, but Michelle was now certain she had acted as she had after learning Ramirez planned on adopting Cathy herself. Between the maternal instinct she had developed for the Little and her distaste for the person who had planned to take her, Allie could only have reacted one way. Cathy, obviously sharing that distaste, seemed willing to go along with it, as well. That was exactly what Michelle hoped to confirm before she continued."The reason I bring this up is because since this afternoon I've received several voicemails from Mrs. Ramirez." Allison's eyes went wide at that. "I haven't answered them yet. Eventually I'll have to, but before I do I wanted to make sure you understood yours and Cathy's positions."Your dad talked to you about personal responsibility. If you try to do something and fail, on your head be it. What I'm going to explain is that things are very different when you take responsibility for someone else's well-being. If you do that and fail, it has consequences for the person you've taken into your care as well as yourself. Do you understand me?"Allison managed to nod, despite how nervous this conversation was clearly making her."Good. Now, Daddy promised you the chance to prove you're capable of taking care of Cathy on top of your other responsibilities. I promised that if you failed you would not retain those responsibilities. So this is what's going to happen: in short, you have two months. If, at the end of that time, we feel Cathy has been well cared for and there has also been no significant change in your grades at school, she will remain in your care. If you can not take care of Cathy properly, or your grades fall below what your father and I are willing to tolerate," Michelle made sure she was looking directly into her daughter's eyes, "we will send Cathy away to Mrs. Ramirez as originally discussed." Student's Pet A Diaper Dimension Story Part Five by Babystevie26 Mrs. Ramirez stood in front of the class, lecturing her home economics students on using the sewing machine. Everything was going normally until an odor began to make itself known, and every eye turned to the playpen Mrs. Ramirez kept next to her desk. The Little inside sat on his knees, holding a stuffed bear in front of his face. His only clothing besides his diaper was a powder blue T-shirt. Mrs. Ramirez stopped her lesson and sniffed loudly. "Oh, dear," she said. "It seems Rafael made a stinky." The reactions among the students varied. Several, especially the boys, made exaggerated gagging noises or pulled their collars over their noses. Most of the others started giggling like little kids when someone says a dirty word. A few, including Allison Jaruwalski, tried to comfort the Little with assurances that everything was okay and they'd get him cleaned up right away. Little Rafael only hugged his bear harder. "I'm so sorry, everyone." Mrs. Ramirez sighed theatrically. "Let this be a lesson for all you potential parents out there. Poopy pants can happen anytime, anywhere." Then she grinned. "Now, who's going to change him?" The gross-outs and the gigglers immediately went silent. Most of the girls who had been cooing suddenly became reluctant to offer their services. Even those who had changed Rafe's wet diapers in previous classes backpedaled at the prospect of a dirty diaper. As a result, there was only one volunteer. "I'll do it, ma'am," Allison offered, raising her hand. With Ramirez's nod of approval, Allison stood up and walked to the playpen. Rafael tried to back away from her, scooting himself as far back into the corner of the playpen opposite Allison as he could get himself.And smooshing that mess of his all over… Allison lamented. His Mommy was having none of that, however. She got hold of him under his arms and stood him on his feet. He was oddly shaky standing up. In fact, he had to hold on to Mrs. Ramirez's arm to not fall on his bottom. In doing so, his bear moved away from his face and Allison saw the Little's face was red, even though it didn't seem like he was still pooping. "Before I hand my Little man over," Ramirez said. "Let's make sure he actually is our poopy pants. It wouldn't do to go accusing him when someone else might be our stinker." At that, Mrs. Ramirez looked over at the students, her gaze lingering on the In-Betweeners in class as it passed them. They blushed but said nothing in response. Ramirez then cupped the back of Rafael's diaper in her hand and moved it around, shifting the mess contained inside her Little's pants. Allison watched little Rafe's eyes close and begin to tear up. He must have a rash, Allison thought as Mrs. Ramirez picked up her boy and handed him to Allison. Mrs. Ramirez took the liberty of spreading Rafael's changing mat on the side of her desk opposite the playpen. Allison laid him down gently, not wanting to move the mess around and irritate his rash more than she could help. "Hold on, Miss Jaruwalski," Mrs. Ramirez said. "I remember you once said you had a Little at home, right?" "That's right," Allison answered. "My little sister's been at our house longer than I have, so I've helped with plenty of dirty diapers." Rafael whimpered from the desk. "That may be," Ramirez told her. "However there's one tiny difference between changing a girl's diaper and a boy's. For that reason, I recommend turning him to the side a bit. Yes, exactly like that." That last came as a response to Allison turning the Little boy so that his lower half faced the class instead of Allison. Once that was done, Allison started her work by untaping and pulling down the front of Rafael's diaper. As his messy bottom was revealed to the class there was a chorus of "ews", "grosses", "that stinks", and laughter. Rafael was crying openly now. Allison used the front of the boy's diaper to clean the worst of the mess just as she did with Eloise at home. Afterward, she put the messy diaper aside and began using proper wipes Mrs. Ramirez had set out for her. As she did all this, she cooed at Rafe, promising him he'd be all clean real soon. It didn't have the desired effect, as the boy just shook his head. As Allison wiped she suddenly learned what Mrs. Ramirez meant by the difference between a boy's diaper change and a girl's. Eloise occasionally peed mid-change, but in her case it had never been a projectile. Even though Mrs. Ramirez's warning meant she wasn't in the line of water, Allison still jumped back. The stream shot forward from the teacher's desk and stopped just short of the front row of student's desks. The kids nearest jumped back, desks and all, and the girl who had been closest screamed that it has gotten on her shoes. Allison leaned down and have Rafael a kiss on the forehead. "Don't mind them, sweetheart" Allison whispered conspiratorially. "They're just a bunch of wusses." "Please…" Allison heard a tiny voice say. A tiny male voice. "Please, just make it stop." ---------- Allison lay in bed, pondering that day. It had been early in the school year and, until that moment, Allison had made nothing of the fact that Ramirez kept her Little at school. That scenes such as the one she remembered were common, as the students in her class regularly got to feed, change, and play with Rafael. Until that moment Allison had assumed the Little guy had just been shy.Hearing that plea was the moment it all feel into place. Holding the bear in front of him. The red face even after he'd pooped. The tears even after Allison confirmed there had been no rash. The soft words that worked on Eloise failing.Rafael had been embarrassed. No, it was more than that. He'd been ashamed.And that… that didn't make any sense…Why should a Little be embarrassed of messing himself? That was what Littles did! There was nothing for him to be ashamed of. Then Allison had found herself thinking how it would have felt if it were her. If she had sat in that playpen and pooped herself. If a random teenager had yanked her out of it to change her. If it had been her dirty butt on display for all to see…The very idea mortified her. Yet wasn't that because she was an Amazon? She was a mature woman, whatever her father might say. Littles didn't care. Littles didn't know any better.Or did they?After that, Allison started paying close attention to Rafe. The boy never touched his toys. Never made a sound if he could help it. Anytime he caught Allison or someone else looking his way, he threw his bear in front of him like a shield. He seemed determined to make sure nobody noticed him.If that was so, Rafael was doomed to failure. Putting aside the smell when he soiled himself, Mrs. Ramirez frequently set aside ten or fifteen minutes before the period ended to let the students get their things together to leave and then, if they wished, spend time with her Little. Ramirez did that almost every day, and taught her class almost every period. So several times a day Rafe had people, mostly girls, carrying him around, trying to make him play, and changing him if he needed it. Or sometimes regardless of whether he needed it, since Ramirez was not averse to letting him be used as a practice doll.At first Allison thought that Mrs. Ramirez, like herself, had simply not realized that she was humiliating her Little. That had prompted her to start watching Ramirez more closely during classes. The next time Rafe made a stinky, Allison kept her eyes on her teacher and watched her instead of the Little like everyone else did. What she saw on the woman's face was a look of glee. That was the moment Allison realized that Elizabeth Ramirez was absolutely aware of what she was doing. She knew full well how embarrassed her Little boy was by being the class doll. She reveled in it.That had been the day she has come home crying. She had tried to tell her mother what was wrong, but knew she hadn't gotten the message across very well. Her mother hadn't seen the problem with a parent having her Little be used as a teaching aid in home ec. Eventually Allison had gotten across the fact that she thought Ramirez was doing it on purpose to embarrass Rafael. Her parents had gently explained to her that some adults viewed Littles like toys, or even pets. Things to display or to use to put on a show.Allison's heart had ached for Rafael. He went through that every day and there was nothing she could do other than volunteer to change him and make it quick as she could.One day, as she came into home ec, she saw Mercedes Ramirez complaining to her mother about her math grade. The grade given to her by a Little."That can not be right," Ramirez told her daughter. "Obviously Catherine Benton does not appreciate the work you put into your classes." Allison watched her teacher as she eyed the playpen beside her, and the Little within. "Perhaps it's finally time she learned just how precarious her position truly is."She was sure Cathy, or Miss Benton as she had been at the time, fully appreciated much work Mercedes did. The issue, from what Allison knew, was that Queen Bee Mercedes didn't put in any work if she could get someone to do it for her. Not that her mother believed any such thing. If the woman put as much concern into caring after her Little as she did spoiling her flesh and blood child…Allison shook her head. Now was not the time for such thoughts. Right now, the important thing was to focus on the Little she could do something for. She didn't know if her mom truly would give Cathy to Ramirez. Not if she had a choice, at least. Even so, the only other options Allison could think of were a Littles' Orphanage or Etiquette School. Neither struck her as much better in the way of alternatives.Allison's thoughts were interrupted by a harsh buzzing. She reached her arm out almost instinctively to hit the snooze button on her alarm. Ordinarily Saturday was a "sleep in" day. Allison's mother had other plans. Today was to be a girls' day out at the mall. The main reason was to get Cathy things of her own so she would not need to share everything with Eloise, followed by a playdate with one of Eloise's daycare friends. Allison's mother had made it clear, however, that this was also to be her next real Little's mommy. ---------- "I'll have my hands full with Eloise," she had told Allison. "It will be on you to make sure Cathy behaves herself and is disciplined if she can not do so." That had sounded simple enough, except Allison's mom had one last bombshell to drop. "By the way, you are forbidden to tell Cathy about anything we've discussed tonight." "What?" Allison had asked on confusion. "Why not?" "Because if she knows the situation she will behave accordingly to avoid the outcome she doesn't want." "Isn't that a good thing?" "If it were just a matter of getting her to accept her life as your baby, yes. However, the point of all this is not for her to behave but for you, Allison, to make her behave. If I have reason to believe you have told her then I will end this whole test in failure and you will be saying your good byes to Cathy before the day is done." "But that's not fa-" Allison began, then stopped herself and took a deep breath. "Mom, Cathy's smart enough to figure things out without my telling her." "Some of it, sure," her mother conceded, "but not all of it. Even if she does, Cathy can only suspect unless you, I, or your father tell her. None of us are going to do that, are we?" Allison was silent for a moment. Then she sighed. "No ma'am." ---------- Allison pulled herself out of bed. As she did, she thought back to the family's talk during dinner last night. She realized only in hindsight that her parents had tricked them. Or, perhaps, they had just tricked Cathy, since Allison's mom had come clean to her soon after. That talk had made it sound like Cathy was all set to be adopted without a hitch. Cathy wouldn't have any reason to think that her status as a member of the family would be in danger. Not immediately, anyway. She might well act up if Allison did something she didn't like, which would put Allison in the position of having to do something about it. As she dressed for the day, Allison realized that the only thing she could do now was meet her parents' demands or fail in the trying. She had to become the best mommy for Cathy she could, whether Cathy herself liked it or not. Her Little girl deserved nothing less. Student's Pet A Diaper Dimension Story Part Six By Babystevie26 It hadn't even been a full twenty four hours yet, and already the Little who had once been Catherine Benton was discovering how being an adopted Little differed from being an adult Little.She sat in a carseat in the back of Michelle Jaruwalski's minivan. The morning had started early, with the Littles being taken out of their cribs and dressed for the day. Allison was putting one of Cathy's arms through a T-shirt sleeve before the Little had been awake enough to realize what was happening. Unfortunately, her reaction to the realization was blind panic that resulted in Allison getting kicked in the face.Fortunately, the girl was not hurt. Amazons were so much more sturdy than even the strongest Little that Cathy's random flailing didn't even cause a bruise. In fact, Cathy had wondered more than once if that difference in delicacy was one of the reasons Amazons viewed Littles as they did.Unfortunately, while Allison hadn't been hurt, she had punished Cathy. It seemed out of principle more then anything, since the incident had been accidental and punishment light. Allison had put Cathy over her knee and given her a spanking with her overnight diaper still on. The diaper was still dry after a full night's sleep, to both Allison's and Eloise's genuine surprise."Littles on their own always manage at least some potty training," Allison's mother explained. "Never for long. There's inevitably an accident and, if they're lucky like Cathy was, it happens around a grown-up who can help take care of it."We have very different definitions of "lucky", Cathy had thought as Allison swatted her padded behind. The swats actually got a bit harder when Allison heard herself acknowledged as a "grown-up". Allison was clearly determined to impress her mother with how responsible she was.After all that had been done, Cathy and Eloise were each dressed in shirts and overalls with ruffles on the bottoms, buckled up, and off. Just as with the high chairs, Cathy suspected that Eloise's current car seat had originally been Allison's. Putting aside Eloise nearly throwing a tantrum over the seat Cathy was placed in, Cathy's seat was a tighter fit, as if designed to prevent her from moving around while Eloise was luxuriating in her ability to stretch and turn any way her seat belts allowed.Cathy had not had much experience riding automobiles. Driving herself was simply out of the question in a city sized for Amazons. Car services and taxis were required by law to put Littles in car seats like the one in which she now sat, and even with the most reputable there was no guarantee once you were buckled in that you would be let out. At least not at the place you wanted to go. Cathy had used the bus on occasion, but had begun avoiding it after an Amazon woman who rode regularly tried to insist Cathy sit on her lap when there were few seats available. Now she was free to enjoy the car ride free of the paranoia of being driven somewhere to be diapered thanks to the fact that had already happened. I'll take what I can get, Cathy mused as she watched the scenery go by the window. Cathy's pleasant mood sank immediately when the minivan entered a parking lot and she realized where they were heading.The Otrera Mall was, as its name implied, the biggest mall in the city of Otrera. It was also a place no Little ever ventured near given the choice. The paranoia that Littles wanting to retain adulthood developed as a survival skill warned that any place guaranteed to be crowded with Amazons was a risk. It would be all too easy to get scooped up by some would-be Mommy or Daddy and go unnoticed in the crowd. However, that alone was not the reason free Littles avoided the mall like the plague.Like many malls, the Otrera Mall boasted, along with its main entrance, multiple entrances that took shoppers through its largest stores. One of them, the one the minivan was currently trying to hunt down a parking space in front of, was called simply "The Little Store". The name was ironic because it was easily the largest store the mall had, if the size of its signage was any clue. It also was not a store for Littles to shop in. It was a store for Amazons with Littles to shop in. In short, it was a baby store. A baby store whose merchandise was specifically catered to babies whose actual toddler years were far behind them.The Jaruwalski minivan finally found its space only a mild hike from the doors. A hike that neither Cathy herself nor Eloise had to make themselves. Allison and her mother each picked up a Little and carried them along. As Allison unbuckled Cathy from the car seat and lifted her, the pressure of the Amazon's grip on her midsection reminded Cathy that she still hadn't peed today and her bladder was beginning to make its resentment of that fact known. She twisted and turned in Allison's arms trying to find a position that would take some pressure off without fighting the teenager's hold or make Cathy too awkward a burden."Stop squirming," Allison chastised. She tightened her grip on the Little. Ahead of them, Eloise was just as squirmy, but more in excitement as she chanted "Toy store! Toy store!""If you behave," Michelle told her sternly. "And that starts with calming down before Mommy drops you."Eloise stopped jumping and twisting quite as much, becoming a more manageable weight in her Mommy's arms. Once inside, Michelle got two shopping carts. She plopped Eloise into the seat of one while Allison hefted Cathy into the other. "I'll be in the diaper section when you're done," Michelle was telling her daughter as Amazons buckled their respective charges in the seats of the carts. "We're running low anyway and we'll need a few other things now that there's a new Little in the house."You and Cathy head over to the clothing section." Allison began grinning at the idea of going clothes shopping. Michelle grinned but spoke seriously. "Don't get too excited. You can pick an outfit or two, but your main job is to get Cathy daycare clothes. Understand?"Allison gave her mother an exaggerated salute and took Cathy's cart off in one direction while Michelle and Eloise went in another. Eloise waved happily at Cathy and Allison as they parted. Cathy looked around as they made their way to the clothing section. Cathy had only ever seen the Little Store from the outside or in television ads. Now a morbid curiosity and a desire to distract herself from her need to pee prompted her to get a good look at the reality.On the surface, it looked like any store that sold goods for children. The clothing section which they headed toward had dresses, rompers, and so on that any child would look positively adorable in. Parents carted their children around, trying to find something that was just the cutest thing. It was only when one looked closer the differences became apparent.Clothing marketed for Littles, or more precisely clothing marketed for the parents of Littles, advertised features like extra room in the chests to accommodate a woman's bosom, modest as that often was for Littles. The children shopping with their parents were not excited, hyperactive, bored, or some combination of as one might expect. Most were solemn, resigned to their fate to become dress up dolls in this place. A few fought with determined futility. Cathy watched one boy fight being put into a sailor suit until his Mommy put him over her knees and spanked his bare bottom. "So, daycare clothes?" Cathy asked, tearing herself from the sight. "What are those?""Clothes you wear at daycare, silly," Allison answered. She seemed to be watching the mommy and Little boy too."I mean what kind of clothes am I getting?" Cathy tried again. "Oh, right." Allison blinked and turned to Cathy. "It's basically like the outfit you saw Eloise in when her and Mom got home yesterday. The lady who runs the daycare is Miss Matsuko. She's an immigrant from the Hankokku islands, and she modeled her daycare here after the daycares and preschools in her homeland."Cathy nodded. She'd only ever heard about Hankokku. It was a much more conservative country than their own. Here, a Little could be recognized as an adult, at least until she inevitably proved she wasn't. There, the law had long skipped that step and flat-out regarded Littles as somewhere below Amazon children. Children were expected to grow and contribute to society. Littles were not. The idea that Littles were capable of living as adults was literally a foreign concept to them."She has the cutest name for Littles," Allison went on. "She calls them 'chibikos'. You'll love it there, I'm sure. It's been years since I went but Miss Matsuko is still one of my favorite teachers.""I can not wait," Cathy said. She squirmed again as her body continued the fight to keep her pants as dry as her tone. "Are you okay?" Allison asked. "You've been wiggling around since we left the house.""I'm fine," Cathy said. A blush creeped over her face. "Just need to pee.""What's stopping you?""Years of habit, mostly," Cathy told her. Allison bit her bottom lip for a moment. To Cathy, Allison's face had the look of a student who wanted to ask a question but was too nervous to raise her hand to ask it."Do you have a question Miss Jaruwalski?" Cathy asked in her most teacherly tone. Allison stayed silent for a moment longer before speaking."Why?" she asked finally. "Why do you try so hard?""Huh?""When I got you home yesterday, you told me that every Little knew being adopted was inevitable. You said they knew it, but never wanted to admit it. Mom has all kinds of stories of Littles who come to the doctor she works for. Stories of Littles who worked as programmers, or writers, or even one who tried to run for mayor before his opponent adopted him. Why did they all do that if they all knew that they were just going to end up in a crib somewhere in the end?""Why does anyone do anything, when each and every person knows they're just going to end up in a coffin somewhere in the end?" Cathy asked, bitterness creeping in to her voice.The cart stopped abruptly. Allison stared at Cathy wide-eyed."Is… is that what adoption is for you?" Allison asked in a quiet voice. "Death?""M-Maybe that's a bad example," Cathy said quickly at Allison's distress. Allison just stared, her expression unchanged. She apparently knew as well as Cathy did that it was actually a perfect example."We just want to take care of you," Allison said. "We want you to be happy. Like Eloise.""How old is Eloise?" Cathy asked. Allison blinked at the sudden question, then started thinking. "She had her twenty-third birthday this summer.""And when was she adopted?""Before I was born," Allison answered promptly."So she was ten or younger?"Allison nodded. "In other words, Eloise has been subjected to this for more than half her life. Almost as long as she can remember," Cathy explained. "She probably barely remembers a life where she didn't wet herself daily, if she does at all. On top of that, your parents are nice people, views on Littles notwithstanding. Because of that, you may never have realized Littles like Eloise are the minority. Most Littles are much older than you before their adoptions, and aren't so lucky in who their parents are. They all know, on a subconscious level, whatever they'll admit, that even if they're lucky they won't reach their thirties in dry pants."You're right, in a way." Cathy sighed. "We probably shouldn't bother. But when you know you won't truly see adulthood, or won't for very long, you do everything you're able to because you know this will be your only chance. People, be they Big, Little, or In-Between, want to leave a mark while they can.""Even… even you?""Even me," Cathy confessed. She crossed her arms managed to grin. "I didn't make it through the first semester, but even so people will remember, at least for a while, that there was a Little who was a damn fine teacher."Despite her attempt at levity, when Cathy looked at Allison the girl was frowning. Allison pushed the cart again without another word and picked outfits. Cathy watched Allison silently toss in a pair of sea green smocks like the ones she had seen Eloise wear, along with white undershirts and red skirts to complete the ensemble. She picked up a package of socks and a pair of shoes and tossed them in. Allison didn't say a word throughout."Hey, um, Mommy," Cathy said. Allison's eyes perked up at being called "Mommy". Cathy pointed to a random rack. "Doesn't that dress look like it'd be cute on me?"Allison looked in the direction the Little had pointed in. The rack had frilly dresses that would indeed look adorable on a Little girl. Cathy hated giving her Amazon ideas in that direction, but decided it was worth it when Allison started to smile again.Whatever she wants to think, she's as much a kid as they think I am. Cathy leaned forward and rested her chin on her arms. Shouldn't have opened my big mouth.Cathy watched Allison's mood pick up as she looked at another dress. Allison was just about to hold it up for Cathy when her eyes became wide again. This time, she wasn't looking at Cathy, but at something behind her. Cathy turned in the seat of her cart to see what was so bad. Her own eyes went as wide as Allison's.A few clothing racks behind them stood two girls. At a rough guess Cathy thought the smaller of the two was an In-Betweener. She was about Cathy's size, but her features looked legitimately young; about middle school age. In fact, she even looked familiar. At the same time she didn't come close to Allison's shoulders, suggesting she wasn't an Amazon. She also barely reached chest height of the taller girl holding tightly on to her hand. The taller girl was definitely an Amazon. An Amazon both Cathy and Allison knew all too well. When the dark haired Amazon girl turned and saw Cathy and Allison, a smile spread across her face. She immediately made a beeline for the pair, dragging the In-Betweener girl miserable behind her.Cathy wasn't ashamed to admit that she felt a surge of terror at the sight of Mercedes Ramirez coming towards her with a smile on her face. She was slightly more ashamed to admit that terror caused her need to hold her bladder to completely fall off her list of priorities. Student's Pet A Diaper Dimension Story Part Seven By Babystevie26 "Look Estelle! It's Miss Benton!"Cathy sat in the baby seat of a shopping cart, trying very hard to ignore the fact she was flooding her diaper in fear. Allison looked like a deer caught in a car's headlights. Striding towards them was the younger half of the mother-daughter pair that had placed Cathy in their sights for adoption. The mother-daughter pair Allison had thwarted at the last minute.Mercedes released the hand of the In-Betweener and walked right up to Cathy, completely ignoring Allison."Lookit'chu, Miss Benton, you are just the cutest ever, yes you are!" Mercedes reached up and pinched Cathy's cheek. Cathy couldn't quite help crying out in pain at the Amazon's grip. The sound seemed to rouse Allison, who immediately placed herself between her Little and her upperclassman. "And who are you?" Mercedes asked Allison sweetly. "Oh, I know. I heard that Miss Benton was taken home by a seventh grader after she had a pee-pee accident." Mercedes smirked. "You must be her little sister!"Even though Allison had her back to Cathy at that moment, the Little could almost feel Allison's face turn red. "What grade are you in, honey? Third? Fourth?"Allison's grip on the cart tightened. "I'm in seventh," Allison replied. However, it was so quiet Cathy had to listen to hear her. The In-Betweener girl tilted her head, as if she hadn't heard. "Don't be shy, sweetie," Mercedes went on in that syrupy tone. "Did you say second? You're a bit big for second grade, though. Had a growth spurt early? I've been there. It's hard to be the biggest girl in class.""I said I'm in seventh," Allison said through clenched teeth. Mercedes smiled a predatory smile. "Don't lie, now, cutie." Mercedes wagged a finger at Allison. "You can't be in seventh grade. You're too tiny. Oh, I suppose you could have skipped a grade or two. But, you see, I don't think that's the case because anyone smart enough to do that wouldn't have been stupid enough to take what's mine!"The last sentence came out so hard, so fast, and so suddenly that that Allison flinched as if she'd just been struck."I know exactly who you are, little girl." Mercedes grabbed the In-Betweener's arm and yanked her forward. The girl let out a "meep" of surprise as she was pulled."Estelle here was our lookout on Friday. She was supposed to tell us when Baby Cathy here peed her pants. Only you got there first, and Stella didn't even try to stop you, did she?"Mercedes directed the last words to the In-Betweener, who shook her head miserably. Cathy realized this was the girl she had seen briefly as Allison had left the bathroom with her."We actually don't blame her for that." Mercedes patted Estelle's head. "Stella here knows her place well enough not to try to stop an Amazon, even a midget. She told us she tried to find us and tell us what had happened, but you know who she found instead?"Allison shook her head. "The vice principal caught her in the halls without a pass. The stupid man even took her to his office and lectured her. By the time she got out and told us what went wrong you were long gone.""I- I said I couldn't-""You couldn't find me or Mother." Mercedes patted Estelle's head again, then that predator's smile appeared. "You say that, but didn't you have your phone the whole time? In fact, weren't you supposed to call us when the time came? You never actually did that, did you?"Once again, the final words came out so unexpectedly harsh the In-Betweener flinched."N-N- It was…""Speak up, Stella," Mercedes said sharply."I didn't!" Estelle shouted. Some eyes of the other customers looked their way. The small girl turned red and began to tear up at everyone's sudden scrutiny."No, you didn't." Mercedes turned to Allison again. "In-Betweeners… they aren't much better than Littles when you get down to it. Why when Mother started making her displeasure known, wittle Stewwa hewe went pee-pee, didn't she?"Estelle started openly crying now. Mercedes turned back to Allison. "Right onto the floor of the home ec class. Well, my mother knows how to deal with tiny people who can't keep their underpants dry."With that, Mercedes reached down and lifted Estelle's dress, revealing a thick diaper underneath. The In-Betweener fought Mercedes for about half a second before a glare from the taller girl made her put her arms to her sides. "Still dry?" Mercedes asked sweetly. "Good girl, Stella. Keep it up and maybe you'll be back in Big Girl Panties on Monday." Mercedes patted Estelle on the head a third time and addressed Allison again. "She's staying at our place this weekend, you know. Mother thought Rafael could use a playmate and her parents certainly didn't object." Didn't dare object, you mean, Cathy thought to herself. In-Betweeners were barely a peg or two above Littles on the Amazon social order. It was less common for them to be adopted and babied like Littles, but it was not unheard of. It wasn't difficult to imagine the senior Ramirez arranging a permanent adoption for Estelle and her parents if they didn't consent to letting her "borrow" Estelle herself for only a couple days.Allison bit her lip, her eyes wide as she watched the In-Betweener be humiliated in front of her. Mercedes let her stare a few seconds longer before speaking again."Now, Jawalski-""Jaruwalski," Allison managed. "Don't care," Mercedes said, quick enough that Cathy wondered if she'd expected the correction. "I don't know whether you realized what you were doing when you took Cathy here home. Mother thinks you did, but me, I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were an idiot instead of an obstacle. So, here's what we'll do." Mercedes wrapped her arm around Allison like they were friends. "You give Cathy to us, we go our separate ways, and we all pretend this unpleasantness never happened. We can have our mothers negotiate the details if you think it's needed.""A-and i-if I refuse?"Mercedes looked at Allison in disbelief for a moment, but recovered quickly. "If, for some reason, you're foolish enough, to tell me 'no', then I will use all the clout I have as the popular girl and make your life a living hell."Allison's face became pale. Mercedes removed her arm and turned Allison to face her, looking down at the smaller Amazon."You see, right now, you're just some scrub. You are beneath me in more ways than just eye level. Nobody in school knows or cares who you are. You defy me, and I'll see that changes very quickly. Catch my drift?"Allison have a shaky nod."Good. Now, what's it going to be?"Cathy watched Allison. From the new angle Cathy could see her face. Her eyes were wide and flitted between Mercedes, Cathy, and even Estelle the In-Betweener. Cathy saw Allison's hand still on the cart trembling. Mercedes's intimidation was doing its work, frightening Allison and keeping her from thinking clearly. Every time Allison's eyes met Mercedes's, Cathy saw the girl shudder again. Cathy realiz