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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, all you lovely people! Recently, one of my ABDL sisters brought to my attention a site for ABDL hypnosis and I wanted to share it with you. The site is called "My Little Lullaby" and it is a site where you can buy lots of different trance recordings and even order custom tracks. The tracks follow the same kind of suggestive messages you find in meditation recordings and the like and are meant to encourage ABDL behaviors you would like to have more often. I have bought the two free ones, "Sleep Like a Baby" and "Forever Young" and also purchased the "Diaper Wetting" one to see if it would help me with the mental block I often have when I need to go potty during my little time. I am very pleased to report that they both worked like a charm! The "Sleep Like a Baby" one had me down for the count like magic, and I woke up feeling very little. I was so impressed that I tried the "Diaper Wetting" one right after waking up, as I had to go potty and even though I tried lying in bed it wasn't working. This is pretty common for me, as I need to be upright to actually pee. It annoys me in little space because it just doesn't feel right to me. So I listened to the diaper wetting track and after it was over, still lying down, I relaxed and was able to wet myself right in my bed! I was ecstatic! I'll be listening to this track every time I have little space with the hopes that soon I will just be able to wet myself regularly into my diapers! The one selling these tracks, Ember, has the softest sweetest voice, and each track comes with boy and girl variants so you are being directly addressed by the gender you identify with as a little in any circumstance! I cannot recommend her enough. After being burnt so much in the past on piss-poor hypnosis tracks, here's one that really works! If you're looking for good hypnosis files, please check the site out! http://mylittlelullaby.com/
  2. This is a story of forced mental regression. It contains nudity and some sexual content of both male/female and male/male nature. So read only if you can accept that. Enjoy. ** For too long I’d put off having a normal relationship. My work and my other interests had made it so difficult. It was just too easy to put it off and say, that’s something for when I’m a bit older. But then I’d met Elly. It was a chance meeting, one that didn’t actually start in an auspicious way for a relationship. I bumped into her and spilled my hot coffee on her shirt at a Mugg & Bean. Despite that bumpy start we hit it off almost immediately and for the first time in years I had a real relationship on my hands. I’d been dating Elly for a month when she told me she’d been hiding a pretty big secret from me. Of course my first thought was, shit, I knew this was too good to be true. I mean Elly seemed like a perfect catch. She was young, successful, funny and beautiful. How was it possible that at age twenty-eight she was still completely single? Did she have an STD? Was she in witness protection or something? “I have a husband, Eric,†she told me. My face fell. Damn it! I knew it was something big, but this was worse than I thought. What did she want from me? Did she think I’d want to have a damn affair with her, leading nowhere? “Jesus!†I gasped, shaking my head. “No Eric, it isn’t that simple,†she interjected, putting a hand on my chest to keep me sitting. “Not that simple? You think I can just overlook the fact you’re married?†I demanded. “Eric you have to understand, there was an incident with my husband, he was left a different man. Well, really he was left not a man at all.†My eyes widened, picturing the poor guy castrated in some construction accident. She saw my look of horror and understood what I was thinking. She shook her head. “Oh, no, not like that. I mean he’s not a man anymore, he’s a boy.†“A boy?†She nodded. “His body is fine, it’s his mind that’s changed.†And now I understood. Her husband was brain damaged, probably lying in some nursing home little more than a vegetable, drooling on himself, staring at the ceiling. Poor bastard. “Is he in a home?†I asked. “No, I care for him now. I still love him very much, but it’s a different kind of love now. He’s my little one now. He’s such a sweet little guy you see. He’s funny and so cheerful and loving.†Hearing her talk of her husband this way felt odd. She spoke as though he were a real kid, her little boy. “How bad is it?†I felt compelled to ask. “He’s got the mentality of a three-year old. His memory of his life before is very patchy and I’m not sure how much he understands of those memories. He believes he is a three-year old boy, bigger than other his age, but three nonetheless. He knows he used to be bigger but he doesn’t understand that it would be unusual for someone to be an adult one day then get littler and be a boy.†There was a part of me, a dark and hidden corner of my mind that found this exciting. I felt a twitch in my loins and quickly forced my thoughts back on track. “And he’s happy the way he is?†“Oh yes, he’s definitely a very happy little one,†she assured me. “So why are you telling me this now?†“I like you Eric. I like you a lot. And more than that I trust you now. I want you in my life and that means being in Benny’s life too.†“I want to be in your life too Elly, but I have to say having your husband around would be very weird.†She nodded. “I understand that, but you have to see that he’s a child now Eric. He’ll see you as an adult, as a care provider. He’ll love you too. I promise he won’t resent you at all.†“Maybe, but I just feel really awkward about it.†“Please, just let me introduce him to you. We can have dinner at Spur on Friday. Just see how it goes, give him a chance. Give us a chance,†she pleaded, looking into my eyes. Despite all my misgivings I couldn’t help but give in to those beautiful eyes, nodding. “Wonderful! I promise you two will get along just fine.†** Friday evening I really did think about calling the whole thing off. The idea of meeting my girlfriend’s husband just seemed insane. The fact he was a total retard now actually made it seem even worse. What would the guy be like? Would she roll him in in a wheelchair? Would he be screeching weird noises the whole time, having tics and convulsions? That’s what I pictured brain-damaged people being like. In the end though, I focused my mind on Elly and I went. I arrived at the restaurant first, taking our seats at a table near the entry. Spur was a family restaurant and it was a bit loud with kids running helter-skelter between the play area and the seating. I only had to wait about five minutes, perusing the menu and feeling nervous, before Elly walked in. I immediately focused on the young man entering with her. He couldn’t have been any older than her. If anything he looked a bit younger, early twenties even. His had short blonde hair and was about the same height as myself, five foot nine. He was of medium build, certainly not muscular, but not overweight. What I really noticed was his mannerisms and the way he was dressed. Benny was holding Elly’s hand, but not like a loving couple would hold hands. He was letting her lead him along like a little child would. He was smiling, looking over at the kids play area with eager eyes, like he actually thought he could go join them. He wore a red t-shirt with a Spiderman motif. I was surprised such shirts could even be bought in adult sizes. He also wore navy track pants, which were normal enough, except that they ended a good inch above his ankles. They made him look like a kid who’s recently had a growth spurt but still wanted to wear his old clothes. But by far the most noticeable element of his outfit was the fact that he was barefoot. That really got my attention. He was a grown man but there he was, walking into a sit-down restaurant in bare feet. He certainly wasn’t the only barefoot person in the Spur. Many of the kids had shed their shoes and sandals under their tables to play in the kiddy-area and were often running and skipping back and forth across the restaurant in bare feet. A good number of those kids had arrived barefoot as well. But it was safe to say that Benny was the only person over the age of about ten, maybe twelve, who was barefoot here. Elly spotted me and gave a little wave, heading across the restaurant to my table. I noticed a few patrons looked up and gave Benny a quick glance, but most tried to avert their gaze quickly, not wanting to be caught staring at an obviously ‘special’ young man. I felt most awkward myself. He wasn’t handicapped looking at all. In fact he looked like a real overgrown kid, like something from the stories I liked to read when I was alone with my computer. I had to conceal my interest though. I was here for Elly, for a chance of normality, a chance of a future that didn’t involve a lifetime of loneliness. “Hi, sorry we’re late,†Elly said, arriving at the table. “No problem, I just got here a minute ago,†I assured her, standing. She led her hubby forward and said quietly, “Benny, this is my new friend Eric. Can you say hi to him?†The young man smiled at me and then loudly declared, “Hi! I Benny!†“Well hi there Benny, I’m Eric. It’s nice to meet you,†I replied, speaking to him as though he were a little kid. Benny smiled but said nothing more. Elly helped him into a seat and asked our waitress if we could have some crayons and a play mat for him. Within a couple minutes Benny was happily scribbling away at his play mat, the crayon grasped in his fist in a juvenile way. His fine motor skills were evidently all but gone and I was pretty certain he wouldn’t have been able to hold a pencil or even write his own name in crayon if I asked him to. Elly and I chatted about our weeks and Benny seemed content to be left out of our adult talk. When he finished with a maze he flipped the mat over and just drew crude scribbles on the back. Elly was telling me about a recent issue she’d had with her boss when Benny suddenly interrupted her mid-sentence, oblivious to social etiquette. “Look!†he shouted, holding up his play mat and pointing to one of his scribbles. Elly feigned a pleased smile and put on the high-pitched sing-song voice one uses with the smallest of children. “Oh my, that is a good one sweetie. What is it?†“A choo-choo twain,†he proudly told her. “Oh, is it Thomas?†she asked. “Noooo,†he giggled. “Thomas bwue mummy!†he reminded her. I immediately registered his use of the name ‘mummy’ for his wife. I wondered if he really thought she was his mum, or if it was just simpler for him to think of his wife that way. “That’s right, of course,†Elly chided herself for his benefit. “Siwwy mummy,†Benny agreed. “So what colour is that sweetie?†she asked, again feigning ignorance. Benny looked at it hard for a moment, then smiled broadly and declared, “Dat’s Wed.†“Of course! What a bright boy you are Benny! You know all your colours now, don’t you?†Benny nodded proudly. “Yes, he’s… um… very smart,†I chimed in, nodding too. “So which train is it Benny?†“Is James,†he informed us. “He a naughty twain.†“Yes, James can be very cheeky, can’t he darling,†Elly said. Benny nodded. The waitress arrived to take our orders. Elly and I each put ours in, then Elly proceeded to order for Benny, from the kids’ menu to boot. Benny didn’t seem to mind though. He was looking over at the play area again. He turned back to Elly. “Mummy, c’n I pway?†he asked. “Okay honey, but you have to be careful of the other children. Remember, they’re much littler than you. So no rough stuff,†she reminded him sternly. Benny nodded dutifully. “Okay, go ahead then. But you come right back when I call you.†Benny beamed as he stood and scurried over to the play area, climbing right into the ball-pit. “You don’t think that will cause any trouble?†I asked, a bit worried that other parents would complain or the restaurant would get angry. Elly shook her head. “No, we’ve come here before. He’ll be fine.†I nodded. “He’s really, um, cute.†“I know, he’s just precious now isn’t he?†“Does he always dress like that?†She shrugged. “He really loves Spiderman.†“No I mean, is it normal for him to go places barefoot?†“Does it bother you?†she asked, looking surprised. I quickly shook my head, not wanting to upset her. “No, I was just surprised by it, that’s all. You don’t see many adults go out to restaurants in bare feet like that.†“No, you don’t, but Benny isn’t an adult. You see Eric, that’s what I need you to understand. Benny is a little boy in a big body. He sees lots of other little boys going barefoot pretty much everywhere, so he sees no reason why he shouldn’t be able to do the same if he wants.†I nodded, trying to seem understanding. “So, he likes going barefoot now.†“Oh yes, he just loves the feeling of it. On the rare occasions when he needs to wear shoes he always pouts at having to put them on.†“And you’re fine with that?†“Why shouldn’t I be?†she asked, sounding defensive. “He’s a little boy and it’s natural for them to go barefoot. In fact I think it’s the best thing for them. His feet have gotten nice tough soles since he started running around that way, so he has no problem with glass or hot surfaces. He’s just fine the way he is.†“I can see what you mean,†I agreed, letting the whole thing drop. “I’m glad Eric. I really want you to be a part of our lives, but that means accepting Benny for what he is. When you look at him you need to see a big toddler and nothing more.†“I can do that. I mean, I’ll try the best I can.†** Dinner went smoothly after that little hiccup. Benny returned and sat quietly with his legs drawn up to his chest, playing with his toes while Elly cut up his chicken finger strips for him. Then he used his fingers to eat his food, ignoring the utensils. It wasn’t the cleanest eating job I’d seen and at the end Lisa needed to wet a napkin and clean his face up. He then returned to the play area while we enjoyed tea. Eventually it was time for us all to go home. Elly seemed satisfied that I’d been tolerant of Benny and was clearly still interested in her. I was glad to see that Benny wasn’t a complete slobbering mess and physically looked quite normal still. One final test came as we left. Benny took Elly’s hand and then reached his free one out to me expectantly. I hesitated a moment, but then swallowed my pride and took his hand into mine, letting his pad along between the two of us like he was our child. We headed out to Elly’s car and I finally got my hand back as Lisa loaded him into the back seat. “Puppy!†the young man squealed. I was confused, but Elly just reached down to the far side of the back seat floor and picked up a stuffed dog, setting it in Benny’s lap. The young man cuddled the stuffed animal close and rubbed his cheek against the soft material, smiling and closing his eyes in contentment. “Why don’t you come over tomorrow afternoon,†Elly suggested. “We can have tea and you can see my place finally.†“That sounds great. I’ll be over about three.†We parted ways and I felt pretty good about how that went. Yeah there was some weird stuff to deal with but at least I was getting closer to Lisa now. She was going to let me into her life.
  3. The tears were at the corners of his eyes, on the side of his cheek, and on the soft padding underneath where he lay. His mouth was open and a pitched wail was emanating from his throat. His arms and his legs fidgeted on their own, his hands balled into fists. John was crying out for something. It was crying reserved for creatures that can only communicate in such a way, a completely helpless and dependent call to a stronger power caused by discomfort or need. It was the action of a baby, yet despite the very real tears that ran down his face, the very wet diaper hugging his hips, and the fact he was laying in a padded crib, John was very much a 24 year old man. “What’s wrong baby?†the woman said as she opened the door, entering a nursery any parent would be proud to own. It had all the equipment one would expect, plus the extras that show how well-cared for babies can be; only in this nursery everything was much bigger than what you might normally expect to find. The woman walked across the room at a relaxed pace, wearing a casual outfit to match her pace. Even in the grey sweatpants and white tank top, she was beautiful. Her hips swayed back and forth seductively, her wonderful butt going right to left slightly with her movements. Her ample breasts also got in on the act, sensually moving in one sleek flow with her glowing body. When she reached the large crib on the opposite side of the room she pressed against the wooden bars and peered at the diapered one in front of her, perfect teeth flashing a smile that her warm eyes confirmed. “What’s the matter sweetie?†she said to the one in front of her. Nothing in the world seemed out of the ordinary for these two adults in their mid twenties, each on one side of the bars of an adult-sized crib in an adult-sized nursery. For the moment, John’s crying had stopped. His eyes were beginning to get puffy and the sniffles and gentle sobs were all too ready to leave his chest at a moment’s notice, but as he looked through tear-stained eyes at the beautiful woman in front of him, he felt an indescribable peace enter his body. Why had he been crying? Nothing should have made him react like that, and yet his unease was suddenly abated when Molly had entered the room. “I wet my diawpos†he told her in a very baby-sounding voice. His response seemed to shock him. It was such an odd way to say it, why the baby accent? It just seemed to come out of him on its own. “Very good baby†Molly said through the bars, smiling down at John below. Instantly he felt a warm feeling of reward come over him and a big smile came over his face. “Let mommy put this back in, it’s important baby keep this in his mouth right now†she said while reaching through the just big enough gap in the crib. She grabbed a large sized pacifier off the crib padding and held it in front of his mouth, waiting expectantly. John started to open his mouth and move his head to accept the object, but suddenly a small voice cried out in his mind. Don’t put it in. He hesitated to move, unsure of what to do next. “Come on†Molly said again, with the slightest tinge of force in her voice, her eyes narrowing a miniscule fraction. Don’t let her do it. The voice was a bit louder now. Suddenly John seemed to realize this was all a little odd. Why am I in a crib at all? Am I…am I wearing a wet diaper? John was more confused than anything. “What am-“, John’s mouth was suddenly filled with the rubber paci, his lips barely open to ask his question. A calm flooded his body as the confusion went away. His face relaxed and he began a rhythmic suck suck suck of the pacifier, a kind of blankness in his eyes. Molly let out a sigh from her nostrils. Her smiled re-appeared. As she lowered the side of the crib she said “I think baby’s paci must have fallen out for a while. We’ll have to make sure that doesn’t happen again.†She reached in and sat John up, swinging his legs over the side of the crib, they were unable to touch the floor below. She felt inside his diaper. “You wet like a good baby!†John smiled and let out a little laugh from behind his pacifier. Molly reached in a lifted him on to her waist. John was 5’ 10â€, but Molly was taller at 6’ 1â€. She had him beat in muscle and strength too, Molly had always been strong. While John was never the strongest, he was weaker now than he’d ever been, and the fat on his body had been trimmed down too. Largely liquid diets will do that to a man. Gently and with only minimal effort she carried him over on her hip to the large changing table against the wall. Securing his chest, stomach, and wrists she untapped his diaper and threw it in the trash. A few wipes, puffs of baby powder, and a leg raise later he was secure in a new thick disposable. She reached in a drawer and grabbed a bonnet, putting it on his head. Using a special ribbon she tied a knot around one of the pacifier’s side holes then went around the back of his bonnet and secured the other end to the adjacent pacifier hole. She pulled it tight, the pacifier plastic pressing against his lips. “Now baby’s paci is nice and secure.†Carrying him gently back to the crib she laid him down inside. John was absent-mindedly sucking on the pacifier and fidgeting with his new diaper when he reached a hand out to grab Molly’s hand. She smiled and gave it a gentle caress before putting it back and raising the crib’s side once more. “Sweet dreams baby†she said as she reached to the side table and pressed play on a speaker. Gentle music began playing softly as she turned and left the room. She walked through the door and just before closing it completely took one last look at her baby boy, feeling so happy about where her hard work had taken her. Then she shut the door and left her baby to a night of sleep and suggestion, looking forward to the day she wouldn’t even need his control paci.
  4. Introduction Jessica was younger than her husband Jack that fact never bothered them to be happy however. Sam Jacks 18 y o son however did very much . Jessica being only a decade or so older than him was hardly a mother figure for him especially since his mother was travelling around the world not giving too much care to her son. Jessica felt that when it came to Sam Jack set no real boundaries and the boy felt he could do anything . Living in the same house became more and more tense as Sam continued to provoke Jess. Though the house was more than enough for 3 people with Jacks income and though many think that Jessica only married him for his money she had her own fashion business. As Jessica once more complained to her best friend Kate about Sams latest insults over some well deserved coffee Kate suggested that the reason he is so disrespectful to her is because his mom never taught him right. - yes well I can't change that can I ? I can't turn back the clock to teach him a lesson in how to treat women - well actually you could - oh Kate not with this hypnosis thing again ! You know I love you and all and I know you have tons of clients but hypnotizing him to be a kid again is ridiculous - I wasn't thinking that . Something far more sophisticated -Like what ? - well, you said that Jack mentioned that they had a hard time potty training him and he used to wet his bed till quite late . We could hypnotize him to wet on command . Till he learns his lesson of course . Then it can be reversed .He will have no idea it's even happening and neither will Jack. All you need is a 3 word command that doesn't stand out but is unlikely to be said around him . Jess took another sip from her coffee considering . - how long do you think it would take ? - to hypnotize him ? Not long at all phe won't even know it's happening - no I mean for this to work . He should be leaving for college in the fall ... - well that leaves you the entire summer then . I'd suggest some bedtime wettings before school end then step it up to day time once he is out of school .
  5. Just wandered, 'cause this is coming up and down every once in a while: Has anyone tried hypnosis? Does it work? It always seems like the things that aren't really working. General responses?
  6. mental ar

    Hi guys >\\< I'm new on this board! I hope that it's ok for me to post something like this!! I was wondering if anyone would like to rp with me :3 I like being the baby /^\ I like when the character doesn't actually physically regress but rather mentally. I love when it's forced, using hypnosis, punishment...etc!! If anyone is interested in doing a RP like this, please PM me!! I want a partner who will be the mommy or daddy! Thanks!
  7. RP?

    Hi guys >\\< I'm new on this board! I hope that it's ok for me to post something like this!! I was wondering if anyone would like to rp with me :3 I like being the baby /^\ I like when the character doesn't actually physically regress but rather mentally. I love when it's forced, using hypnosis, punishment...etc!! If anyone is interested in doing a RP like this, please PM me!! I want a partner who will be the mommy or daddy! Thanks!
  8. Rosie stood nervously in front of a strange door in a strange hallway. There was nothing outwardly strange about them. It could have been any other apartment door in any other hallway, but the reason she was here was certainly strange. She had taken it up on a whim. A single offer, coming to her from someone she had spoken too online but had never met in person. After years visiting a... strange... community online, speaking to people without seeing them, even making art for it, she had been offered a chance to actually try living it. The person's name was Samantha, and they certainly had a lot of similar interests, but it was still frightening. She didn't really know this person, did she? How well can you know someone you've never seen before? Do online meetings and relationships count the same as in person? On top of that, she was here to play the sub. It was a role she she was always interested it but didn't even discuss as much. Almost every discussion she had and every drawing she made had her playing dom. She knew this would be difficult, having to let someone take control of her for a change. Not only that, but the plan was meant to be a surprise. She had no idea what was in store for her, it was all Samantha's decision. That was all part of it, and they had similar interests, but it was still frightening. She closed her eye and psyched herself. She could do this. Just turn off the dominant side, and let someone else take control. At least if it turned bad she could always ask for it to start. Holding her breath, she knocked. The door was almost immediately answered by a tall, athletically built blond haired woman. Rosie, herself almost 6 feet tall, wasn't used to having to look up at another woman. Rosie stared at the woman's arms, hoping whatever the plan was didn't involve a lot of spanking. This was definitely a woman who could make that hurt, and definitely one who would have no problem dominating over someone. "Rosie?" the woman asked, and Rosie nodded. The woman dragged her in by the arm, closed the door and locked it. She looked Rosie over, examining her wavy brown hair and shorter, broad hipped build. She smiled and tapped her nose. "Hehe your just as cute as I expected," she smacked Rosie on the butt, making her yelp. "Perfect for what I have planned." Rosie blushed over the treatment. It was... sudden, she thought. She tried to back up a bit, then mentally checked herself. She was here to play sub, she told herself. This was the sort of treatment she could expect. "Ummm... thanks. Are you Samantha?" "Yes, that's right dear. Good girl!" Samantha patted her head. "Uhhh... thanks. So what are we going to do? Are we going to just start, or talk a bit first?" Rosie was trying still play the role of submissive while making sure the boundaries were kept. "Oh, don't worry, you'll see soon enough." Samantha began dragging her further into the apartment. Rosie's instinct was to pull away, but she let herself be lead. They passed a well stocked kitchen, a cozy living room with several couches and a television, and went down a white walled hallway into a bedroom. The bedroom was large and spacious, with a queen sized bed, bookshelves, and paintings on all walls. Once they were there, Samantha turned Rosie to face her and examined her again. She looked at Rosie's black jeans and button up shirt. "Hmmm... we will have to do something about those clothes. Far to mature, and the want-to-be rebellious look isn't good for you." Rosie gaped at her and couldn't respond. Instead, she was pushed onto the bed. "Now, wait here a moment little one. I need to get some things ready." "Alright," Rosie said. Samantha's tone gave no room for argument, and the anticipation of what could come, along with her clear control was exciting, she was sat nervously, a pit forming in her stomach. What did Samantha have planned? Samantha left and closed the door. After a moment she haired footsteps in the hallway. Wait, she thought, how many are there? Suddenly her nervousness turned to pure anxiety, even fear. How many people where there? She didn't know there was more then one, she hadn't agreed to that. She opened her mouth to argue, but was interrupted as the door burst open, and Samantha stood in followed by two other girls, each holding articles of clothing. Rosie didn't have time to fully process what was happening before they had grabbed her. "Hey... what are.... no!" She said as her shirt was forcibly removed. She had agreed to be submissive, but this sudden invasion of her privacy was still shocking. She struggled, but was held tight, and felt her arms being pulled into a pair of sleeves. She barely had a chance to comprehend what was happening before she realized she was being tied into a strait jacket. Her arms were pulled behind her and secured. "Hey, I said.. MPHH...!" she was silenced as something was shoved into her mouth. She gagged at the bitter taste, and realized it was a bar of soap. Samantha was moving it back and forth as the other girls strapped her arms behind her back. Her mouth filled with creamy white foam as she shoved the bar into her mouth again and again. "There, that will wash out any more naughty words," Samantha said. She then took the bar out. Rosie gasped, and the foam dribbled down her face. She tried to speak, but found her mouth was filled again. This time it was a pacifier that was tied into place behind her head. It filled her mouth completely to her throat, forcing her to swallow the rest of the soap, and turning her protests into incomprehensible mumbles. "What was that?" Samantha said. "Something you don't like? Well just tell me, and I'll be sure to stop," she laughed, and Rosie glared. Now that she was tied and silenced, the Samantha's two friends lifted Rosie's feet into the air, forcing her to her back on the couch. Rosie tried to kick and pull herself away. "MPHHH!" she shouted at a sudden, sharp pain on her backside. She looked to see Samantha standing over her with a long black paddle. She wondered what she had gotten herself into. Playing sub had seemed so exciting in theory. Even now, part of her was eager to keep going. But this much pain and control was so foreign and coming on so quickly. She was overwhelmed with emotions, and struggled not even knowing if she wanted to leave or stay. She was spanked again. "Now now, that's enough of that," Samantha said. It was pointless anyway, Rosie found the two girl's grasp was unbreakable, and Samantha simply moved on. The next thing Samantha grabbed was the one thing Rosie had expected from the start, but now stared at nervously. It was what she wanted for months, but by far the most embarrassing part yet. Seeing the frightened, humiliated but excited look in Rosie's eyes, Samantha smiled. "Yes, I'm sure this is what my baby wants, isn't it? She's just been lying to us, to everyone, with her naughty big girl clothes, posing as an adult, posing as a professional, pretending to be mature... we all know it is a lie, don't we?" Rosie stared, and Samantha smiled and lifted the object into the air. It was a large, thick diaper. It was white but with a pink, flowery panel on the front, with letters proclaiming the wearer "Princess," and a design that let everyone know that the wearer wasn't a real adult, but simply an overgrown, adult baby. It didn't look like an adult diaper, but a baby's Pampers made in a larger size. More then that, it was a sign that her last shred of adulthood was gone, that even the most basic levels of control and maturity were forcibly stripped from her. It meant she couldn't even be trusted to use the toilet, and if that was true, what could she be trusted with? Rosie cringed, helpless as Samantha powdered her and placed the thick pamper underneath her. She felt the thick padding go up between her legs and close on her, then get tapped securely on. Samantha then pulled the strap of the strait jacked underneath the diaper and attached it on either side, leaving her locked inside her humiliating, childish garment. The other two girls put pink baby booties on her feet, then stood her up. She was made to face herself in a mirror, and sulked. Even the straight jacket seemed to have been made on the similar theme, with a pink and white design consisting of flowers, babyish drawings and "Princess" written on her chest, along with a skirt of fabric around her waist that made it look like a tutu while leaving her diaper fully exposed. She thought of her own image of herself- serene, powerful, in control- and tried to compare it to the baby she saw staring at her in the mirror. This is what she wanted, she reminded herself, though part of her wondered why. She closed her eyes and told herself to just listen to what Samantha wanted, as she had agreed to. Samantha came up to her smiling, and seemed to smile even broader when she saw the defeated look on Rosie's face. She attached a collar to her neck, then a leash, and brandished the paddle in her other hand. "Now, come along my little princess, and be a good girl. Its time to meet some more friends." Friends?! Rosie thought. There were MORE people!? She tried to pull away, but was forced forward by the leash, and the pacifier turned any argument into mumbles. "Whats that? Remember, if you don't like something, just tell me!" Samantha said, then laughed. Rosie simply followed. The abnormal bulk of her diaper felt odd between her legs, and made her waddle. Rosie had tried the thickest adult diapers she could find, but this was still a surprise. The only thing she could think of was Snuggies waddles made with a custom design, but that still didn't seem to cut it. Perhaps Waddlers with a thickening pad, she thought. Whatever it was, it was clearly designed to be intrusive, and it worked. The strap of the straight jacket added to the feeling, making it feel thicker and stiffer and pressing it against her. The diaper crinkled loudly, and was hot and heavy, but at the same time soft and, in a way, comfortable. Rosie was pulled into the living room, which was now full of people. They all cheered and laughed at once as she entered, blushing. Some were people she had seen before, acquaintances from work or people she had run into, but most were strangers. There even seemed to be other fetishists there- a woman in a black leather full body suit held on a leash by a man in a suit, a blond haired boy who sat whimpering on a woman's lap while wearing a diaper and dress and suckling a pacifier, a girl in a bunny outfit with ears, and others. The attention, however, was all directed at Rosie. "Awwww she's so cute!" a stranger proclaimed. "Yes, I agree. She was an excellent choice." "Just look at her blush! She is sooo embarrassed haha. I wonder if she's wet already?" "Oooo imagine her look during her first diaper change." Samantha quieted them with a have of her hands. "Now now, we will get to that. First, we need to prepare our baby. Now, Rosie, you may be wondering what this is." Rosie nodded, humiliated and terrified. "Most of them are my friends. We've been looking for someone just like you to be our new baby girl. We already have a baby boy and others, so we needed you for a new playmate. We meet from time to time for... fun." She smiled at the word, leaving it open to whatever Rosie could think of. "The others are people you knew who were open to the idea. We like to have a few people our subs recognize on the first night. It adds to the... fun... and ensures people will know about your new lifestyle." She continued. "Tonight, Rosie, is all about you. This is your initiation, then you'll be part of our group. Remember, if you don't like it, just say so," she laughed. With that, Samantha grabbed the leash right by her collar and gently pulled her down. Rosie shook her head violently, making as much noise as the pacifier would allow. This was too far, she thought. She'd agreed to play sub, and would have, but did not agree to have other people. She wanted out. Samantha, however, ignored her pleas. She made Rosie crawl, much to the delight of the audience, and sat her on a plank in front of the wall facing outward. "This here is something that is going to help you be a good baby. In a little while, all your naughty arguing will end," she said. She threaded leash through a hoop on the blank Rosie was sitting on. Next, she felt it pulled down underneath her and between her legs, then upwards. It was attached to the wall above her, forcing her into a kneeling, head down position from which she couldn't move. Rosie glanced around, struggling even to keep her head up, and tried to figure out what was going on. The people were smiling at her, though some of the obvious subs stared at her nervously and with pity. Soon Samantha was in front of her, holding a pair of headphones. "Now now little one, don't worry at all," she said soothingly. "Mommy will take care of everything. Just listen to this, and everything will soon be better." With that, she placed the headphones on Rosie's head, and hit a button. ... Finger's snapped. Mommy was standing in front of her. Wait... Mommy? she thought. It was Samantha. She was taking off the strait jacket. Wait... she was stripping her naked in front of all these people!? Rosie was horrified. However, when she went to stop it, nothing happened. Her arms didn't move. She wanted to, but she didn't. Soon she was naked except for her bootie and the diaper, and she didn't mind. At the same time, the pacifier was unhooked, but Rosie kept suckling. "Come here little one. Crawl!" Rosie crawled toward her mommy. Why was she crawling? She could walk... but somehow she didn't want to. Crawling was for babies, and she was a baby. Of course she wanted to crawl. She also realized that now that the straight jacket was gone, she could easily take the diaper off, spit the pacifier out, and say no, but she didn't want to. She heard the laughter around her, directed at her. Strangers, people she knew, dozens of them, laughing. Why was she humiliating herself? But while part of her protested, screamed at her to stop, she couldn't make herself. She pouted, almost in tears from the humiliation, but kept crawling. "Good baby," her mommy said. The words filled her with warmth, making her happier then she had been for a long time. She took Rosie's hands. "Up up up!" Rosie stood up instinctively. "Do you want to speak?" Rosie tried to say something, but the pacifier stopped her. She could spit it out, she realized, she wasn't a baby. But at the same time, she didn't want to. Samantha smiled as if she had won an important bet. "Good baby," she said. She grabbed the pacifier and took it out. "Now, what are you?" "I... I a baby giwl," Rosie said, as surprised at her own childish, lisping voice as she was at the answer. Why would she say that? She wanted to, she realized. She didn't want to be an adult. She blushed at the chorus of laughter. "Good baby. Do you want to be an adult." "Nuuu..." more laughter. People were moving around her, pulling a dress over her head. Like the straight jacket, it was pink, childish and frilly, designed as a cross between a princess and a Lolita dress, with hearts and flowers decorating it. The skirt was short, and like before, did nothing to conceal her diaper. This time, however, she didn't mind. It was natural, she thought, how else would they check it? Wait... CHECK IT!? she thought. FOR WHAT!? But of course they would... her mind went back and forth, and she did nothing. Rosie pulled her by the hand into a bathroom. The crowed followed them, giggling. Rosie looked around at the sink, bathtub, towels and.... something. A strange white thing, shaped like a seat. "Do you know what that is for?" "No," Rosie said, getting the loudest laughter yet. But of course she did! It was a... she didn't want to even think the word. It was frightening to her, dangerous. "Do you know how to use the potty?" "Whas dat?" Rosie asked. Again, she knew she knew, but she didn't want to, and the thought was frightening. "Good baby." The warmth and happiness again. "Now, I am going to feed you your supper. Its a bottle of baby mush and milk, and it will help you fill your pampers like a little baby. Ok?" Rosie nodded. Something about that was wrong... was it about filling her pampers? But that was what they were for, wasn't it? Part of her screamed no, but she couldn't think of why. She was pulled back into the living room and sat on her mommy's lap. She put the tip of a bottle in Rosie's mouth, and she suckled easily. "Good baby. Now remember, this will make you use your pampers. There is no way the old Rosie would want that, especially in front of all these people. So, if you don't want that, stop drinking." Rosie looked at her confused and kept drinking, and they all laughed. "Yes, old Rosie was confused, because she thought she was a big girl. You're not a big girl, are you?" Rosie shook her head, though she was in near tears from it. Of course she was! She was an adult, she thought, not a baby, and this was wrong. But she kept doing it. After feeding her the bottle, Samantha pulled Rosie closer. "Now," she said. "Is baby still hungry?" Rosie shook her head. "Well, we have more bottle, and people who want to feed you. Also, the more you're feed, the sooner you are going to fill your diapers. So, we are going to pass you around, and you will keep drinking until you we are done, ok? You'll do what mommy says? You don't want to be a bad baby?" She put emphasis on the last phrase. As soon as she heard it, Rosie was filled with the deepest guilt and anxiety she had ever felt. It came up suddenly, and left her shaking. There was something wrong, and she didn't blame her mommy, but blamed herself. She hugged her mommy. At that moment she'd do anything to avoid the feeling and make her mommy happy. "Good baby," Mommy said, and the feeling was gone. "Now, time for the rest of your num nums." She pulled Rosie to the next person, a woman, and sat her down on her lap. The woman placed a bottle in her mouth, and she suckled instinctivly. she was passed around from person to person. Each one sat her on their laps, bouncing her up and down and feeding her more and more bottles. Rosie was stuffed, but she kept drinking. Her stomach began to ache, then cramp. The bouncing only made it worse, and her stomach was soon grumbling. After a while she was being fed and bounced by a man in a suit when she heard a loud brrraapppttt noise. She looked down at her diaper. There was laughter all around her. "Oh my god, the babies gassy!" someone shouted, and they laughed again. "Better check her diapers, just to make sure that's all there is," the man in the suit said. He bent her over and lifted her skirt, pulled the back of her diaper. "No, all clean." Rosie didn't know what was worse, the fact that a stranger was seeing inside her undergarments, that he was doing it to check if she had messed those same undergarments, or that the sound came again and again. She found she was powerless to stop any of it. "Yes, but now comes the best part," Samantha said. She took Rosie by the hands then stood her up. She looked her dead in the eyes, and Rosie was trapped by her gaze. "Rosie," she said, snapping her fingers. "You're a big girl now." Rosie looked around in panic. What had she done!? What was she wearing?! She wanted to scream, she wanted to cry, she wanted to run. "Please... please stop," Rosie pleased. "You can go if you want Rosie. Its all up to you." She had been hypnotized, she realized. She knew hypnotism was something you had to want to work, and if she rejected it, it wouldn't have worked. But... did she want to reject it? It was all she had wanted, after all. It was what she had come for. This was what she dreamed about and talked about online, but was too afraid to do. It was humiliating, mortifying, and terrifying, but even when she wasn't hypnotized she couldn't make herself run. Maybe she had accepted it all. Or was this all some trick? Either way, she remained. "That is what I thought. Good baby." Even when no longer thinking like a baby, the words filled her with a sudden happiness. Samantha noticed. "Like that? Thought so. Oh, and watch this. BAD BABY!" She scolded. Instantly Rosie shrinked back at the words. She whimpered, almost sobbing, knelt and hugged Samantha's knees, inwardly pleading for her approval. How could she feel this, even as an 'adult?" Since when did she want someone else's approval? But this was submission, Rosie realized. It was an extreme version of it, and not in the way she had thought, but it was submission. She had wanted it, and she got it. "It's ok little Rosie, you're a good baby," the feeling was gone, and Rosie sighed. "Now, Rosie," Samantha said. Rosie found she was still trapped by her voice and gaze. "Do you want to mess yourself?" "What?" "You heard me. Do you want to fill your diapers in front of all these people?" "NO! Oh god please no! Don't make me!" Rosie felt her stomach grumbling from being force fed dozens of bottles. She was cramping hard, and needed release. "Please let me use the toilet... please... I'll do anything. ANd please don't make me do it in front of these people." Samantha laughed. "Silly baby. You think you can argue, don't you? But you know what? You are going to fill your diapers. You are going to do it happily and in front of allllll these people as they laugh and take pictures. You are going to lift your skirt and show off when you do it. You are going to grunt and do it loudly, parade around in your stinky pampers, then get changed as they watch." "NO! Please! Anyhting but that. At least give me privacy... I'll do it, but just with you, ok?" She bargained. "Yes you will, and in front of everyone. And you know why?" Rosie shook her head. Samantha held up her hands. "Because I'm going to snap these fingers and you will be powerless to stop it. You will helplessly fill your pampers and will do whatever your mommy says. Then I will turn you back into an adult to feel the humiliation, and back and forth whenever I want, wherever I want, forever. Got it?" "No pl..." Samantha snapped her fingers. "Rosie... You're a baby now." Rosie smiled at her mommy and giggled. A sound came from her diaper, and she laughed. "Now, is the little baby gonna fill her diapers?" "I dunno mommy," Rosie said incredulously. How could she decide something that important? "Yes you are, then you are going to become a big girl again so you can blush while we laugh." Rosie was puzzled by the strange sentence. A big girl? What did that mean? She was a baby. "Now, fill your diaper for mommy." Rosie grunted. There was a noise like before, but louder. She felt a warm pile of mush come into her diapers and coat her. All around her were gasps of laughter and mocking ewws. She crinkled her face. "Is icky mommy!" she said. What had she done? Why was she still talking like that? She tried to stop herself, but couldn't. "I bet it is baby." "An is tinky!" Mommy laughed and plugged her nose. "Yes, very stinky. Now, undo your onesie and show everyone." Rosie instinctively obeyed. There was more laughter and comments she could barely make out over the collective noise. "Good baby. Now shake it around!" Rosie stuck her bottom out further and wiggled it, feeling the mesh slosh over her, and hearing more ewws and gasps for breath. A window was opened, a fact which barely registered in her mind. "Dance for me baby." Rosie, still wanting to make her mommy happy, did her best to imitate a ballet routine. She had never done one before, and the thickness of the diaper made every movement awkward and difficult, but she twirled around and kicked her legs as much as she could. This seemed to be enough, as the audience laughed and clapped their approval. "Now, come here." Rosie followed helplessly as her mommy, who once again pulled her onto her lap and bounced her. This time, however, the messy diaper made it much worse. The feeling was horrible, it itche horribly, and the smell and laughter was worse. When Mommy was done, she passed Rosie to the next person, who continued to bounce her. Like before, Rosie was passed from lap to lap and bounced like a baby, squirming, squinting, and crinkling her nose the entire time. She endured the laughter, the humiliating pats and comments, and outwardly acted as if she loved it. Finally Samantha picked her up again and snapped her fingers. "Rosie, you're a big girl now. Wasn't that fun?" Rosie felt tears in her eyes. "No, please, just... just change me, please. I want out of this diaper." She was broken, she realized. All the pride and strength she had coming into this was gone. She wasn't even certain at first if she would submit, but there she was, standing, spanked, in a onesie and messy pampers, and willing to do anything for a change. "Oh, I will. How would you like to be changed here in front of everyone?" Rosie almost outright cried. "No..." she whispered. "Here's whats going to happen. I'm going to bring back baby Rosie, and she is going to happily lay down on a changing mat in the hallway as we tie her down. Then I'm going to bring big girl Rosie back, and she will very un-happily get her diaper changed in front of everyone. Got it?" Rosie couldn't even speak as the fingers were once again snapped, and baby her was lead into the hallway. Her onesie was lifted up, and she lay down, smiling, laughing, willing. Mommy held up a pair of cuffs. "Put your hands in here baby girl!" Rosie obeyed. "Good baby! Now put your feet in here! That way we can bring back big girl Rosie and she won't be able to stop us from changing her riiiiii-ight here, no matter how much she wants to." The words rolled around in her mind. She knew what was going to happen. This was all a set up to humiliate her and make her do something she wouldn't otherwise. As soon as Mommy snapped her fingers, she knew she wouldn't like this anymore. However, at the time, all she wanted was to please her mommy, so she obeyed. Soon she was then tied with her arms stretched out on the floor and her feet in the air. She giggled at the funny position. SNAP. "Rosie, you're a big girl now." Rosie struggled, sobbed, and squirmed. A pacifier was pushed into her mouth and she suckled. She could call for help, she realized. This was an apartment building, someone would come. But then... what would they see? A bunch of fetishists, with her in a diaper she clearly messed herself? She cringed at the thought. Then, if the called the police, there may be an investigation, reporters... she pictured herself on the news, having an image of herself in a messy diaper paired with a full explanation of what she had come from being shown all over town. She everyone from family to total strangers knowing her as the diaper girl who got tricked.... she couldn't do it. Also... did she really want to? The hypnosis couldn't make her do anything she didn't want, just bring out things she didn't admit she wanted. This was, in a way, her dream, if rougher and more rushed then she expected. She suckled her pacifier for comfort, willingly this time, closed her eyes, and tried to think of something other then the laughter. She felt her diaper get opened. Wipes from hands all around her cleaned up the mess. The baby wipes were cool, and made her shudder. Soon she was powdered again, the smell of talcum replacing the smell of her used padding. Another diaper was put between her leg and tapped on, this time followed by thick plastic pants. She was untied, and stood up. "Now," Samantha said, raising her fingers. "Do I need to do this again, or will you be good?" Rosie pouted. "I'll be good." "Good. Turn around, apologize for your stinky pampers, and thank them for changing you." Rosie blushed and pleaded with her eyes, but obeyed. "Hello everyone. Ummm... I'm sorry for being so stinky... Thank you for changing my diapers." The all laughed and clapped. "Good baby. It's been a long day for you, so its time for bed." Rosie nodded, accepting that the early bedtime was now part of her life. "Lets get you in your pjs." Rosie didn't resist as she was stripped and put into a footed Disney Princess sleeper and had another pacifier put in her mouth. She didn't want to risk resisting, and having strangers dress her as a baby was far from the worse thing that had happened. She looked down at the footed pjs. She always had liked Disney. Samantha saw her looking at it. She cupped Rosie's face soothingly. "Yes, I thought you'd like that. This isn't all going to be bad sweetheart. It is, after all, what you wanted. If, in the morning, you really want to go and not come back, you can. But I don't think you will, do you?" Rosie just stared at her. Samantha smiled. "Good baby. Now, go kiss everyone goodnight." Rosie looked at her, but saw no signs of joking. Reluctantly, and much to the amusement of all around, she went to the first man she saw. She kissed his cheek. "Goodnight," she said. He laughed and patted her diaper. She went to the next person, repeated the routine until she had done a complete loop of the room, getting her padded bum patted and rubbed the entire time. When Rosie was done, Samantha took her hand and lead her down the hallway. Samantha then led her into a separate room. It was dark inside, but Rosie could make out piles of toys, a changing table, and a large, wooden crib. There was a smiling cloud and a rainbow painted on the wall, and a mobile hanging from the roof. It was a nursery, Rosie knew. Samantha lead her toward the crib. Rosie followed without the hypnosis, without the leash, without a threat of spanking. All willingness to argue was gone. She crawled into the crib. Samantha closed the top of it, turning it into a cage. Rosie pushed at it. "Hey! If you break that, I break you!" Rosie stopped. "You may recognize this as something like your own scenarios, back when you thought you were a dom. Someone in the crowed tipped me off about it, and I couldn't help but play it. We can't have little ones crawling around all night, can we?" "But what if I have to... oh..." Rosie looked down at her diaper, blushing at having answered her own question so obviously. "But I wouldn't have you be lonely..." She through a teddy bear inside. Rosie hugged it, feeling something hard inside. A recorder, she realized. "Now, be a good baby girl! Ill be listening." Rosie lay down. She would be a good girl for her mommy, she knew, for as long as her mommy wanted. She slowly fell asleep.
  9. Hi, having read many of the stories on this site, I thought I would share one of my own. I wrote this some time ago and it is published elsewhere. I share this with you. I hope you enjoy it. Baby centre. Evan shut the car door, and walked towards the entrance of the building. He noticed a woman walking towards him. They exchanged glances but did not speak. They entered the building together. How did I get here? Evan thought as the smoked glass door slid open automatically. He walked into the brightly lit foyer. A few months earlier, Evan sat at his laptop; as he did most nights, staring into the screen. He was exploring his fetishes, on line, just to while away the time. He was lonely now, since the divorce, and was not really a social person. He had found an on line hypnosis site, and was down loading some files, that appealed to him. He felt he wanted to regress and perhaps this would help him solve his problems. He carefully arranged some cushions on the bare floorboards of his flat, turned out the lights, lay back with the headphones and pressed play. The sound of the hypnotic voice entered his head, his face lit from the glow of the laptop screen. He was trying baby time files, diaper wetting and loss of bladder control. He looped the files and fell asleep. He eventually awoke, but felt no effects. He repeated the files over several nights, as he had researched. Later in the week he had the urge to go and buy some diapers from the pharmacy. His excitement at this purchase made his mind race and he left work early to get home and try on the new purchase. Once inside, he locked the door and removed his trousers and underpants. He removed a diaper from the pack and unfolded it. Lying down he placed it under his butt and pulled the back and front sections together, securing them with the tapes. That wasn’t too difficult he thought. At the same time a wash an emotion of comfort and wellbeing washed over him. The diaper felt part of him, like it was meant to be. He booted up the laptop and played the files as usual. He was much more relaxed now and fell into trance much more easily, and deeper than before. When he awoke, to his amazement, he had wet the diaper, not just a little, but a good soaking, so as it sagged heavily when he stood up. Its working, at last, he thought and excitedly ran to the bathroom to change. He re-diapered himself and made a coffee. Returning to the website, he downloaded some more files and added them to the list. After a few weeks, Evan started to be come more distant from his work colleagues and went out less and less. He was wearing diapers at home virtually full time now, and enjoyed the comfort and sense of freedom they bought. He played the files at least once a day, sometimes twice or more. He was hooked on them, but wanted more. One morning, after listening to the files as he slept, he woke to find the bed wet. Having not worn a diaper at night, he was both shocked and excited by the sodden sheets. He was becoming dependant on the diapers. He further retracted from normal life and just spent more and more time indulging in his newfound pastime. He sold off his possessions, gave his clothes away to charity shops, and told his friends he was moving. He didn’t have a close family, and no kids. Then one winter’s afternoon, he paid the rent on the flat up to date, handed the keys to the Landlord and left the district. He just drove north. He knew where he was going, even though he didn’t need a map, but hadn’t been there before. He drove for hours, and turned into a long, tree lined; gravel drive which lead to a grand Victorian building nestled in the centre of a large area of open ground but surrounded by extensive landscaping and woodland. He drove past the main entrance, to the small parking area to the left of the building, parked the car and walked up to the side entrance. He saw a woman who had done the same. They walked in, silently, together. “Good afternoon, Mr Davis and Mrs Stevens, we have been expecting you,” smiled the fresh-faced blond from behind the reception desk. “I am not sure why I am here, but somehow I know I should be.” Evan stated in reply. The receptionist reached out her index finger and pushed a small red button on the lower part of the desk that was hidden from view by Evan and the Woman. Immediately they both collapsed to the floor. The button released an inaudible sound that was a hypnotic trigger to the new arrivals. Both then wet themselves uncontrollably, the discharge seeping through their clothes and onto the polished marble floor. From behind a door to the left of the reception desk emerged two nurses in white uniforms. They walked up to the new arrivals and tagged each of them with a white plastic tag. Evan was labelled M767 and the woman W56. Both were then lifted onto trolleys and lead away to individual preparation rooms. Each room, allocated to each arrival, was a good size with ample space for the medical trolley and space for a number of staff to work on the new interns. Each room was sparsely finished, but to medical standards, including trunking and outlet points for all the equipment that will be required to complete the treatment process. M767, still in a trance, was undressed, and any jewellery removed. The body in trance was wheeled to an adjacent room. A rubber mask was placed over the head and face, to be feed an oxygen supply. The entranced body was lowered and submersed into bath of warm water, containing special chemicals and solutions. The bath contained underwater speakers, issuing hypnotic sounds, both to maintain the existing trance and create new triggers for the future stages of treatment. The solution removed hair over the entire body, softened & smoothed the skin. The solution also erased any tattoos, moles or other distinguishing marks, to leave an even coloured skin tone free of blemish and hair. The process took about 4 hours to complete. After which the entranced body was removed and carefully dried. A cannula was then inserted to allow vital vitamins and nutrients to be fed into the entranced body. These were perfectly balanced and contained no waste. The body discharged nothing. Further immersions were carried out over a period of weeks to prepare the entranced bodies. Bodies had to be supported on platforms at all times. The process was so complete at relaxing that total relaxation was achieved and bones softened. Relaxation was stopped short of preventing the heart from working, but it was able to run at a very slow pace so as to maintain circulation. As the process continued, and with the aid of the chemical treatments, bodies were turned gender neutral. On males the penis and balls disappeared. Body shape changed to create a slimmer waist, and thinner face with slimmer legs and arms. Breast developed a little, as did nipples, but only enough to show definition. On females, the breasts, reduced to a very small size to create definition, waists thickened, and thin legs and arm filled out a little. The vagina disappeared, as did the vaginal opening and clitoris. Once this stage of the process was complete, neither male nor female could be told apart. Prepared bodies were placed in rooms in controlled conditions to maintain the entranced state for storage until needed. When the time comes, M767 is removed from the storage area, and wheeled to the new life area. Details of new gender and body characteristics arrive via a computer link. Special software is used to create stem cells and these are injected onto prepared, entranced and waiting body to create the new individual. Once the stem cells are ready, the entranced body is placed in a hermetically sealed bag containing special solutions to maintain life. The stem cells are injected via the cannula, and the transformation process begins. It takes about 3 weeks to complete. The neutral body is fed and changed with the new characteristics from the stem cells; excess fats and tissues are absorbed by the solution as part of the process and feed for nutrients. At the end of the process, the bag is opened, and the new baby is delivered. A perfectly formed newborn baby with the genes of the donor parents, just as though it were their own child. Newborns are taken to the nursery and cared for as any other helpless baby. Babies are all breast fed, from wet nurses, to give them the best start and lead them into a new ‘normal’ life. M767 is now a healthy bouncing baby girl, with all the functioning attributes that will be needed in later life. Gender swap is always performed to prevent any crossover from one life to the next. Choices are made by applicants via a website link. Basic characteristics are selected and entered. The specific details are created from swabs taken from the ‘new’ parents and sent to the laboratory. Her very excited new parents arrive to collect their new child. Not being able to have babies themselves, this was a way to give them the experience of children they craved. The world population stabilised a little in the process. Individuals carefully selected for the treatment, to limit the loss and avoid discovery of the process any treatments. The clinic makes money from the sale of goods handed over upon arrival of donors. All expertly done by the use of hypnotic triggers in the entrapment process and all done apparently willingly by the donors. Evan is now a happy bay girl about to be given a loving and caring new life away from his previous mind numbing, depressing and hum drum existence. end
  10. Hello Everyone, I want to preface by saying I'm not creating a short story, this is intended to be quite a long one and will take a very long time to flesh out. Also, I'm not a skilled writer, this is in fact my first novel so please forgive me for any improper grammar or writing issues. The story will have topics including romance, abdl , hypnosis, diaper training and possibly more as I see fit. I'd love your comments, suggestions etc. So without further ado, I present to you "Her New Life". ___________________________________________ CHAPTER ONE From Humble Beginnings Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Ugh, Kate thought as she was suddenly brought back to reality, her eyes straining briefly soaking in the dimly lit apartment room she called home. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Groggily, Kate reached for her phone which rested upon the top of her oak bed frame. *Click* Kate's phone had finally ceased from it's seemingly endless monotone warning. Thinking to herself, "First victory of the day". Laying in bed Kate reflected upon the dream she had just awoken from. In the dream she remembered meandering through her local town's garden market with her friend from work, Kyle. They were laughing for no apparent reason, happy, while the sky was lit in a explosion of stars. It felt so real she thought to herself as she smiled. They were good friends, but Kate had no further feelings past friendship for Kyle. Still she wondered, why out of all the people did he pop up in her dream? As Kate's eyes adjusted to the lifeless and dull room she stretched and started to lethargically arise from her tiny apartment room. The room was small alright, having only enough room to fit a bed sideways her bed touched wall to wall. Behind her bed was a jammed closet full of clothing, accessories, a few books, and her personal stash of pens & art pads. This apartment was her parent's last gift to her, rather their way of saying it was time to move out. Clumsily Kate arose from her bed, her feet touching the dirty & abysmal stained carpet the previous tenants had left her. She reached for the light switch, as the electric current lit up the single lightbulb hanging from the ceiling by something that reminded Kate of a fishing line, her room's colour came to life. The walls which were once white now stained yellow from tar reflected back to her. Upon the walls were a few photos her vacation, when she was eighteen. Kate stared at the photo of herself, the innocent girl in the photo smiling standing behind a serene park in England. Those days were simpler she thought, how much easier it had been. Kate was born in Richmond, Virginia to the loving parents of Robert and Amber Lin. Their parents who thought it would be coy named her Kate. Kate Lin had grown up a single child, her parents had raised their daughter the best they could. Her father, Robert, was a paediatrician, and a successful one at that. He was loving, but his work had kept him out of her life growing up. Amber was an elementary school teacher, in fact her mother had been her teacher back then. How embarrassing that had been. Kate grew up like any other girl, her teenage years had been spent hanging with the other wall flowers. She was a bright girl, and her friends who knew her best would say she was warm but childish. Art was Kate's passion, she loved it. But her lack of ambition had caused her to fizzle out into the nothingness in life. After high school, Kate had enrolled in an art school and dropped out within her first semester. She was lazy, and had wanted to just spend the day at home on her computer. And so she had done so, until she was twenty. Her parents who had finally had enough of her, angry that she refused to do anything to better her life decided to kick her out. On that day Kate had decided to finally leave her parents house after spending the last three weeks dwelling inside to go out and see a movie with friends. This only after her friends wouldn't stop harassing to see her. She came home to see boxes outside her parents house, wondering what her parents had ordered and why they had not taken the packages inside as it was already past five and they had been home from work. As she was walking up the small driveway she noticed the boxes were her belongings, her clothes! "What was going on she thought, have my parents gone nuts!?" Her parents were waiting in the living room, Kate's temper vanquished immediately with the stern and vehement look upon her parents faces. "Kate, we've had enough!" ,"You're twenty years old and all you do is sit at home watching tv or playing on your computer." Her father had said. Tear's started to roll down Kate's eyes as her mother although quiet had that agreeing look upon her face. "You don't have a job, you're lazy, and you are not doing anything with your life. When we were your age, both your mother and I had already moved out on our own." Lividly, Robert handed Kate a key she had never seen before. "Your mother and I have purchased you a small apartment and paid for four months rent, after that you are on your own kiddo." They loved her, and she knew that. But Kate also took to heart what they had to say, she just didn't think they this would ever happen to her. # Turning to the mirror hanging upon the other side of the wall, Kate's eyes met with her reflection. The mirror returning a rosy-pale 4'9 young woman with long auburn auburn hair highlighted with a ruby red reflection. As Kate rubbed her eye's still trying to fully awaken surveyed as the reflection of her hazel eyes followed down her baby blue babydoll nightgown. It's white flowery pattern and cute motif was one of her favourites ended just below her waist. Twinkling, Kate grinned as she sheepishly pulled up her nightie to reveal an adult pull up which was Dry. Kate was an ABDL, she had been so since she was young, and while she had no idea that others out there were like her growing up it was a part of her she loved. Her little desires had started when she was young, and while she could not remember exactly when she could remember when she was six the time Kate had been with her mother to visit their aunt Jasmine. Their Aunt had a daughter who was only four and still potty training, Kate had a strong desire to take one of the many diapers strewn about the place. She remembered putting it in her box of toy dolls, fearful of being caught but eagerly awaiting to come home to wear it. As she grew older Kate still had those desires, they had never left. She thought she was the only one in the world who dreamed of being a baby, wishing she could still be in diapers and kept it to herself. Afraid that sharing something in her mind so childish would put her in the freak category with all her friends. That was until she was fourteen had made a web search while at home which changed her life forever. She found there were intact others! Plenty of them too, and it made her smile to realise she was not alone in this world after all. Stripping off her clothing and pull up , Kate meandered out of her room debating on wether a shower or breakfast was more important. "Shower First", Kate thought, and opened the tiny shower door adjacent to her room no bigger than english phone booth. Quickly turning the water on, she heard the obnoxious groaning of the pipes and outdoor water heater coming to life. Shower's here were never perfect, on a good day you had maybe three minutes of hot water and on a bad day, the neighbours had used all the hot water which left you with a frigid mount everest experience. With a grin, Kate quickly showered happy that it had been a good day feeling the hot water revitalising her body. Walking back to her room, Kate dreaded this part the most. Finding something to wear in a closet which felt like a tuna can. Kate rifled through various clothes and chose a striped black and white t-shirt, a pair of curvy blue jeans, bra , and a comfy pair of knickers which she had not worn this week. Today she had to go to work at Malones. Being a waitress had perks, for one it was an easy job which she did excel at but she most enjoyed not having to wear a uniform. After spending more time getting ready, Kate readied herself for another long day with little breaks. A grumbling in her stomach told her it was time to get some Breakfast. The Apartment's kitchen was like something out of a Steven King's horror film. It had been ages since the kitchen had ever received any form of tender loving care. The kitchen was small, had a small metal stove which had a knack for being one of the most difficult things to cook on. Kate's prized possession was the free Microwave she had picked up on a community website. After microwaving the instant oatmeal, with bowl and spoon in hand, Kate grabbed her things and walked towards the door. Time to Seize the day! Kate's chariot awaited, a 1992 volvo gti teal in colour awaited her outside. It was wasn't much, but she was proud of the fact she bought it herself. On the way to work Kate was tactfully able to eat her oatmeal and drive while also juggling with making sure her makeup was ok before getting out of her car and joyfully walking through the door of Malones.
  11. I think I would prefer playing this through notes, so please message me if you would be interested. And I will warn you now.... I might be a little picky about my partner. Please do not be offended if I tell you that I would prefer not to play with you. (One helpful hint: If you contact me, try to use proper grammar. I am a little bit of a Grammar Nazi, I just try not to be mean about it.) Warning: RP involves underaged characters, but is obviously meant to be a work of total fiction/fantasy. I will only play with consenting adults who are 'playing' as younger characters. Basic Idea: I will play as Maxwell Curtis, a government social worker, working with the Department of Child Services. By day, he is a government employee helping to find new homes for orphans or children that otherwise need a new place to live. But in his private life, Maxwell is a slave trainer for the underground slave trafficking market. He has always wanted a slave all to his own though to allow him to train and involve in his own personal kinks and fetishes. Your character would be a 10-13 year old boy or girl in need of a new home. Maxwell comes to see you as an official social worker, but after getting to know you, he decides to bring you to his own home instead. He begins to implant you with subliminal commands and triggers that will help him to train you once your conditioning is complete. The RP would start a few weeks after your adoption, after the hypnosis has become embedded in your subconscious. Beginning post: (Was originally written for female character, but male is fine too) The orphanage had called Maxwell a few days before the girl's thirteenth birthday. They didn't like it, but they had to draw the line somewhere. They were underfunded and understaffed as it was, yet overcrowded. They were only able to take care of children up until they turned thirteen. If they were still unadopted by then, then the orphanage had to turn them over to child services for placement in a foster home or state-run orphanage. The girl had already been told that she would be leaving today, and had packed up all of her stuff. She had said her goodbyes and was waiting in the front when Maxwell arrived. He seemed nice when they first met. He was well dressed, and reminded him of a school teacher or principal. He took her out to lunch that afternoon and discussed a few different options for where she could be sent to live. There was something about her, though. Something he couldn't put his finger on. He couldn't help but feel a bit of an attraction towards her. He hadn't originally been interested in anything except his job, but now that he had had a chance to talk to her, he decided that she would be best off coming to live with him.... not for her best interests, but for his. The first few weeks in her new home were normal enough. She was clearly impressed with the huge home she had been placed in, and the massive room that was all hers. She had her own TV, her own computer, a closet full of some of the nicest clothes she had ever seen. He even got her any toy, video game, or gadget she wanted... all except for a phone, which she had really wanted. She had full reign in the house, except for a few locked doors... some on the second floor, and the one on the main floor which led to the basement. But up until now, she hadn't really cared what was in there. She was happy with the parts of the house she was allowed to see. Everything had been normal and lovely up until now, and she had no reason to suspect Maxwell was anything but a kind man who wanted to be a loving caretaker to her. What she didn't know, was that he had planned these three weeks as a time of conditioning for the girl. Each time she turned on her TV, or played a game on her computer, there were actually subliminal tones playing throughout her entire room. They were completely silent to her ears, but were embedding hidden commands and triggers within her subconscious. By now, they had to be nearly permanent, and it was today that Maxwell planned to begin testing these commands. She had been home alone most of the day. Maxwell was just arriving home from work, and called her down to the main foyer. "Sweety... Are you home?" He called, laughing to himself, as if she would be anywhere else. He came in and removed his shoes, kicking them under a bench, just inside the main door.
  12. So I've been incubating this one over at Renko's place (for those who follow over there, it's under the working title "The Wannabe Hypnotist") and, since it feels like I've got a full head of steam again, I decided to post it here so you all can get a look at what I've been doing for the last several weeks instead of banging my head against the Panda wall, where I've been hopelessly stuck for ages... It's a hypnosis-type story, though set in a time far enough back to where all the technology one usually sees in these sorts of stories doesn't exist, so things kinda have to happen the old-fashioned way. Hope you enjoy! ---------------------------------------------- 1 I don't know what possessed me to do it. Maybe it was the rush of power. Maybe it was revenge for all the times she got away with shit that Ma never let me do. Or all the social life I missed out on in high school because I had to babysit her. Anyway, I did it, and while it was a hell of a thrill for a while, I took it way too far, and I've been regretting it ever since. - - - - "Alright ladies and gentlemen," Professor Price announced, snapping me out of my daydreaming, "I assume you are all prepared with your subject declaration for your final paper due next month. Please turn them in before you leave today." Shit! I thought morosely as he launched immediately into a lecture on some guy named Dement and his "important research about sleep", which made me chuckle a bit. Wonder if that's where "demented" comes from... Normally I'd just tune out and let my little portable tape recorder Mom bought me do the listening, but something the professor said caught my ear. I listened intently, my eyes widening with every word, my little old brain spinning with possibilities. I started scribbling in my notebook, putting together the declaration old Price wanted as fast as I could. I swear, for the first time since kindergarten, I was gonna have some FUN with a dumb old school project! Handing my paper to Price on the way out the door, I scampered to the parking lot. I piled into my beat-up old Brat and turned the key, silently praying it'd start, which thankfully it did. Ma bought me that old car when I got my license back in 10th grade. It was only five years old at that point, and still kind of okay. Now, two years later, I hated it, but the idea of working at the Piggly Wiggly or Big Boy on top of my classes and having to babysit my bratty little sister just to afford a new car just didn't seem worth it. My best friend Jessica's parents bought her a brand new '86 Trans Am when she graduated last summer, and even paid for her to go to some big fancy college all the way down in Miami. I get letters from her like every other week telling me how she's partying and living it up, while I'm still stuck here in Abbeville, which might as well be the middle of nowhere, going to community college. I drove home as fast as I dared, what with all the local cops having nothing better to do but pull people over. I swear, the biggest crime this stupid little town has ever had was when some black guy from Greenville tried to rob Jesse's Corner Grocery, only old Jesse put two barrels of birdshot right in his chest when he pulled his little knife. City folk can be right stupid at times. Anyway, no sooner did I get home and dump my books on the kitchen table than Gabby's bus come rolling up the street. You could hear that beat up old thing from half a mile away, I swear, with all the brake squealing and backfiring and all the other noise. I grabbed the mail out of the box while the bus pulled up in front of the house. No letter from Jessica today, just a bunch of bills and stuff for Ma to sort through when she got home. Gabby came bouncing off the bus, all three sets of ruffles on her little pink dress flopping up and down as she skipped across the road, showing off her little stretch tights. I just rolled my eyes. I spent my entire childhood in my cousins' raggedy old hand-me-downs, but she gets new clothes every other week! So unfair! Ever since Pa skipped town when Gabby was a baby, Ma had to go to work at the mill, and now she's a big-shot foreman, so she gets first pick at overruns and irregulars, which means Gabby always has something new to wear to school. Sure, I get new clothes a lot too, but still! "You got homework?" I asked as I opened the screen door. "Nope!" she said confidently, skipping through the door and dumping her school bag on the floor next to Ma's rocker. "You know that bag don't belong there!" I shouted after her as she made a dash down the hallway toward our bedroom. That was the worst part of living at home, having to share a room with my little sister her entire life. Ma kept saying she'd get an addition built onto the trailer so I could have my own room, but it never did happen. Now, every time I complained about it, she'd just invite me to get a job and go get my own place. So I was stuck putting up with my slob sister taking over the whole room with her mess and leaving me hardly any space for my stuff at all. She ran back out and grabbed her bag. "Hey, Skipper and Mary-Sue are goin' down to the crick to swim! Can I go too?" she asked. "I got schoolwork to do, and Ma said you can't go down there without me to watch you!" I huffed. "You never let me do NUTHIN!" she snapped, her eyes squinting up like she was gonna start crying. "I HATE you!" "Quit bein' such a baby!" I sneered back as I walked over to the sink. "I'm not a baby!" she yelled. "I'm tellin' Mama!" "Go ahead!" I hollered back. "And I'll tell her you lied about not havin' homework, 'cause Mrs. Beane already told Ma you're supposed to be studyin' every night since you're damn near failin' math! You know she'll whip your tail if you have to go to summer school again this year!" She shrank back at that and ran down the hall, slamming the bedroom door behind her. "Little brat think she can get over on me," I huffed as I set about washing the breakfast dishes. The words from our exchange rattled around in the back of my mind, and I started thinking about how much cuter she was when she was little, how she copied everything I did, and hardly ever sassed me or fussed at me when I told her to do stuff. An idea bubbled up somewhere, and I smiled a little. 2 "Come on, Ma! I gotta go to the library on Saturday for my Psych project!" "Beverly Jean, I can't help it, it's mandatory overtime. You'll just have to take Gabby with you." "I don't wanna go the dumb old library! Why can't I just go down to the crick with my friends?!" "Sweetpea, you know darned well you can't go off by yourself like that!" "Mama, I'm nine years old! I'm not a BABY anymore!" "Young lady, don't you dare sass me like that again! Now we are DONE with this conversation! If BJ's gotta go to the library, then you're goin' with her, and that's THAT!" Gabby and I humphed in unison, but neither of us dared protest any further. I glared at her, she glared back at me, and we both picked up our forks and resumed eating. There was a lull, then Ma spoke back up. "Now tell me about this project you're doin', BJ." I paused for a minute, choosing my words carefully, both to impress Ma and confuse Gabby. "Well, it's about the effects of auditory stimuli on delta wave sleep. That's why I gotta get to the library and check out some papers that were published a couple years ago. Apparently it was some real breakthrough stuff." Gabby didn't even lift her eyes from her plate, and even Ma had a little glazed look to her. "Well, that's lovely, BJ, I'm sure you'll do a great job. Gabby, you make sure and behave yourself on Saturday so Sissy can get her work done." "Yes, Mama." Gabby grumbled back. I wasn't looking forward to having her tagging along with me all day on Saturday, but I couldn't help but smile as Ma scolded her. That sword cut both ways, really. Ever since Gabby nearly drowned at the lake one summer when she was 6 and spent a week in the hospital with pneumonia afterward, Ma wouldn't let her go anywhere by herself. Of course, that meant most of the time that I had to tote her around and, more often than not, go suffer through whatever little get-togethers her little friends had going on. Thank God Ma hadn't made me attend a sleepover, but I swear it was coming sooner or later. I finished the dinner dishes and headed out to the living room to watch Dial MTV, just like I did every night at six. Not surprisingly, Gabby had the TV on Nickelodeon, watchin' that stupid cartoon she liked so much with the blond kid that talked to a rose all the time. "Gimme the clicker, Gabby," I demanded. "No! I'm watchin' The Little Prince! Mama said I could watch this show!" she yelled. "I ALWAYS watch Dial MTV after dinner, Gabby! Now gimme the damned remote!" I reached over to snatch it from her, but she twisted away. "No!" she screamed. "MAMA! I'M TRYIN' TO WATCH MY SHOW AND SISSY'S BEIN' MEAN!" "BJ! Let your sister watch her show!" Ma called out from her bedroom. "But MA!" I yelled back. "I..." "I don't want to hear it, BJ! You can watch whatever you want when she goes and takes her shower! Let her watch her show!" I flopped onto the couch and growled in disgust. Gabby stuck her tongue out at me, and it was all I could do not to slap it right out of her mouth. "God, you're such a baby!" I muttered under my breath. She either didn't hear me or decided to ignore me, but either way I was over watchin' stupid baby cartoons, so I stormed off to the bedroom and got my notes back out. I decided to skip the next day's English Comp class and spend the day in the library getting my research done, so I wouldn't have to try and do it with Gabby harassing me the whole time on Saturday. Didn't mean I wasn't gonna take her to the library, just that my work would already be done, so I could have a little fun torturing her instead. After an hour or so of my brooding and scheming, Gabby wandered in. I ignored her completely as she grabbed her nighty and stuck her tongue out at me again before heading to the bathroom, but as soon as she was gone, I put my books up and went to reclaim control of the TV. Stupid little brat made me miss my face time with Richard Page, and Don Johnson was another hour away, so I glumly sat through a barrage of David Lee Roth and Madonna and a bunch of other noise I didn't care about. Gabby reappeared shortly with her hair wrapped in a towel and sat down on the opposite side of the couch. "Don't even think it," I growled. "What?" she asked innocently. "You got your show. TV's mine now." "Aw, but You Can't Do That On Television is on!" she whined. "Tough luck. You made me miss Dial MTV." Another huge tongue in response. I just rolled my eyes and started flipping. "You ain't even watchin' nothin' right now!" she pouted. "Ain't you supposed to be in bed already?" I snapped. I knew it wasn't her bedtime, but needling her about it always got a rise out of her. "It ain't but seven thirty! I ain't gotta go to bed until nine!" Ma surfaced from the bedroom at this point, so I bit my tongue instead of commenting further. "Can't you girls go five minutes without fussin' at each other? I swear, I oughtta call the cable man and tell him to shut the damned thing off," she announced as she sat down in her lazy boy rocker. "And you know darned well your bedtime on school nights is eight o'clock, missy," she added. "Aw, Mama!" Gabby protested. "Don't 'Mama' me! I'm not the one who's failin' math! And you'd better believe it'll get even earlier if you end up in summer school over it!" "I got a 85 on my last test, Mama! You said..." "I said you could go back to nine o'clock when I see a progress report says you're passin' again. I ain't seen nothin' of the sort yet, only that you got a fightin' chance of makin' it happen between now and the end of the school year!" "It's not fair," Gabby said as she crossed her arms and pouted in the general direction of the TV. Ma and I exchanged knowing glances and shared a quiet chuckle as she brought out her knitting and I locked back in on the TV. Next morning, after Ma was off to work and Gabby was on the bus to school, I headed for the campus library and set to digging. It didn't take long to find what I was after; the studies were in some recent issues of Psychology Today. It was all right there; they demonstrated that people could be hypnotized during sleep using traditional hypnosis techniques, though without the need for visual points of focus, obviously. I made my own notes, but also photocopied the pages to keep with me. Now it was just a matter of learning how to do it. I started digging, scanning through book after book on hypnosis, looking for methods and techniques, but also paying attention to limitations. Wouldn't be much point in going through all this trouble if I couldn't get her to do what I wanted, after all. I filled up damn near an entire notebook before I looked up at the clock and realized it was near time to get home and get Gabby off the bus. Scanning over my work, I was quite satisfied that I had everything I needed not only to ace the report, but get into my little sister's head and scramble her little eggs around a bit. I drove home with a head full of possibilities, sorting out what I'd read and what people had done. The idea of getting Gabby to bark like a dog on command or even make her say a cuss word in front of Mama was pretty funny, but then I started thinking about the previous night, and how much I missed the quiet Gabby who just thought I was the greatest thing in the world. Maybe I could get that Gabby back with a few of these tricks, or at least take her down a peg or two, so she wouldn't be quite so sassy with me. A simple little idea started to take shape, and I chuckled to myself as the images flashed through my mind.
  13. So, I've been looking into the 12 month program, and one of its main points is to look into hypnosis mp3s and listening to them to get your mind used to the idea of bedwetting and incontinence. I looked through the forums and found that people assumed he was referring to EMGs tapes made pre 2005 (stuff like Curse Bedwetting and Instant Wetting). I tried them out last night and.... They're absolutely awful. I don't want to seem like a tech snob, but there are just so many small errors he makes that take me out of what he's saying. Each time I feel like I'm getting into it, there's a dog in the background, or a heater turning over, or he records twice in completely different settings. And even then, his extreme repitition and telling you how to feel kill the mood. I've used hyposis tapes for other stuff, and I've seen hypnosis work on me. But EMG is horrible. Does anyone have any suggestions for better hynotists or better tracks?
  14. This is a sequel to Soft and Fuzzy and contains many of the same themes, though it has a darker tone. Malice Aforethought Chapter 1 Extortion It was a warm summer’s evening outside. I could see the cloudless blue sky through my window and the humidity was obvious even inside. I probably should have been outside enjoying such a lovely day. That’s what my mum would have told me as a kid. She would have been scolding me for wasting such great weather squirreled away in the house. But mum wasn’t here to tell me off, I was a grown-up now and I could waste the day inside playing video games if I wanted to. In any case it would be the same kind of weather tomorrow and the day after that and I could make the most of them if I felt like it. I probably wouldn’t though. I was on a winning streak on COD, Call of Duty that is, closing in on a 2 to 1 kill to death ratio. Summer was my time now, the wonderful seven weeks when I didn’t have to work or go to meetings or do anything I didn’t want to do. And what I wanted to do right now was game. I’d been playing since I’d got up, about noon, and I was nearly ready for a break for dinner at about seven in the evening when a chime from my laptop announced one of my buddies was online. I’d just been pretty well thrashed in one my most hated maps so I was happy to throw down the controller and check the computer to see who was around. I pulled up Yahoo Messenger and scanned through the names: Diapeed_One, Baby Paul07, Ickleboy and so on. I only had a few close buddies I chatted with but dozens of more casual acquaintances. My real-life friends had no idea about my secret interests of course. No one but the people on this little list knew about that, and few of them knew more about the real me than my screen-name. The icons told me most of them were off-line at the moment. Then I saw something that made me lean forward right away. There was a little yellow circle next to a name that had been off-line for months. I’d given up hope of ever seeing him around to chat ever again. But there he was, Little Eric, back on the board. I hadn’t been that surprised when he’d disappeared months earlier. Eric had gone through bouts of self-rejection before, tried to leave the whole scene. He would delete his account, vanish, only to reappear a month or two later. But this last time Eric had not simply reappeared. He had gone dark for close to a year. Eric was probably my closest buddy in that world, someone who I’d shared lots of information with, roll-played with, wrote stories with. He was one of the only ones who did know a lot more about me than what was in my profile. He was a real friend. We’d even met for real once. I’d had to travel overseas to do that, to a country that had a reputation that scared away most would-be tourists. In fact it took a lot of convincing to me to entertain the idea of visiting a country known as the gun murder capital of the world. But I had gone, and I had enjoyed it. It was that which made his final disappearance, without a word to me, even more painful. So I sat staring at the screen for a long minute, trying to decide what to do. Did I want to open myself back up to all that hurt again? Could I really just say, ‘hey, you’ve been gone without a word for a year but that’s okay! Let’s continue on like nothing happened?’ But if I didn’t click on it, I knew that would bother me too. What if this was my only chance to reconnect? We’d shared so many good stories before, I couldn’t let that go again. I clicked on Little Eric and watched a chat box pop open. I sat with my fingers hovering over the keys for a few seconds more. I didn’t really know what I wanted to say. I wasn’t sure he’d even reply. He might disappear offline the second I messaged him. Finally I managed to type, “Hey there.†It didn’t get much simpler than that. It was the digital equivalent of a shrug. I hit send, then waited, barely able to breathe, eyes glued to the screen. One minute passed, though it felt like ten. Then a little italicised script appeared, “Little Eric is writing something.†I inhaled sharply. He was going to reply! What might he have to say? An apology? Was that too much to hope for? His reply appeared in a blink, written in bold blue text a bit different from what he used to use. It was a brief reply. “Hello Aiden. Is that you?†I blinked and furrowed my brow, slightly confused. Of course it was me. Who else had ever used my handle? I began typing again, quickly. “Yes it’s me. Who do you think it would be?†A quicker reply to my query this time. “It’s been a long time Aiden. We need to talk. Can we video chat?†It seemed an odd request. We hadn’t done video very often even after we’d met in person. Now he suddenly needed to see me to chat? I looked myself over. I was wearing a simple yellow t-shirt with a sarcastic message printed on the chest. I hadn’t shaven that morning but I didn’t think I looked too scraggly. Well, I had nothing to lose really. “Okay,†I typed, then hit the button to start a video call. A larger box opened and I listened to the customary American-style ringing Yahoo uses. I took a last chance to fix my hair as the light on my camera went on and I saw myself in the smaller screen below the still black bigger one. Then came the noise signalling connection has been made and the bigger screen resolved into a scene that so shocked me I nearly dove out of view of my camera. For it was not my old buddy Eric looking back at me but a young woman I didn’t recognise at all. She was a pretty woman, mid to late twenties in age I guessed. She had short light brown hair and hazel eyes. Her skin was lightly tanned and she was wearing a short-sleeved pink top. I could see she was sitting not in some bedroom but in a kitchen, the stove and cabinets visible behind her. Morning sunlight was streaming in from the sliding doors to some unseen deck or back garden. “Hello there Aiden,†she greeted. “I’m sorry to surprise you like this. I’m sure you have a lot of questions.†That was quite an understatement. In fact I was left speechless for a moment, still stunned by having this woman staring back at me when I’d expected my friend Eric. I did immediately register her accent. It was different from Eric’s but in some ways similar. He had a British South African accent, drawling and deliberate. Hers I recognised as an Afrikaner accent. She spoke English in the way White South Africans of Dutch descent, who were raised speaking Afrikaans, were known to. When I recovered my voice I managed to say, “Well to start with, who are you? And where is Eric?†The woman smiled and gave me a slight chuckle. “Well, you are direct.†“So people tell me. Again, you are who exactly?†“My name is Elly. I’m Eric’s mummy.†Now I knew something was off. There was no way she was old enough to be Eric’s real mother. So was she some kind of mistress he’d hired? If that was the case making contact with me made no sense. What was her motive for wanting to chat with me on the video? “So, you’re what? A mistress? His girlfriend?†I asked, trying to clarify. She chuckled again, dismissively. It was beginning to annoy me, her chuckles. “No silly, I told you. I’m his mummy. I take care of Eric. He’s my little boy.†I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, I got that part of it. But you’re obviously not really his mum, so he’s either paid you to treat him like a baby for a bit, or you’re his girlfriend and you’re roleplaying with him. So which is it?†Elly nodded now, at least sparing me another derisive chuckle. “Well, I did used to be his girlfriend, in a way. But now I take care of him. He needs me for everything. Without me he couldn’t possibly survive. His mind simply isn’t up to the job anymore. So that makes me his mummy. I take care of him and my other little one, Benny, his big brother.†Couldn’t take care of himself anymore? His mind isn’t up to the job? What was she playing at? I knew for a fact that Eric was a professional with a sharp mind. Was this part of her roleplay with him? Was he tied up just out of camera and she was humiliating him? He’d hinted he was into humiliation before. Maybe that’s what this was. That made me kind of angry, made me feel like I was being used. “Look I don’t know what game it is that you’re playing with Eric, but I don’t need to be part of it. So as nice as this has been, I gotta get going,†I told her, moving the mouse to close the video box. “I wouldn’t do that Aiden La Fleur,†Elly snapped in a suddenly threatening tone. My blood ran cold and my fingers froze on the touchpad. She knew my full name. Why the hell had Eric told her that? “Excuse me?†I replied. “I don’t think you should say goodbye too early dear. You haven’t even seen your old buddy Eric yet.†So, Eric was there, probably just off camera. She probably had him all dressed up in one of those outfits he spent so much money on. He just loved dressing up all babyish, showing off all the elaborate juvenile patterns on those cotton overalls, his yellow ducky socks and baby-blue onesies. And he wanted her to show him off to me, part of his humiliation kick. “I was actually in the middle of something…†I started to explain. “Oh this won’t take too long and it’s been such a long time since he got to see you last,†she assured. “Just wait one minute. I promise it will be worth your while.†I frowned and sighed but said, “Okay.†“Wonderful, stay right there now,†she urged, leaving her seat and walking out of the kitchen. With her out of camera I could see more of the kitchen. There was a child’s potty seat, decorated bright red and yellow, sitting in the far corner. A set of large swallow-proof blocks were also left spilt across the floor. The fridge was just in camera range and I could make out a number of childish scribbled drawings pinned to it. It really did look like a child lived there, a toddler in fact. Maybe this was her house, set up for her adult baby clients. She certainly knew her craft well and she was good at being in character. I could hear Elly returning with someone, their footsteps getting closer. Then they appeared from another room, walking into the kitchen. My jaw surely dropped at the sight before me. I immediately recognised Eric. He was about five foot ten, of a medium build and had brown hair which was now cut very short, almost buzz-cut. He wasn’t in any silly toddler outfits though. He was only wearing his birthday suit, letting Elly lead him by his hand right up to the table where the computer sat. I had met Eric before, seen him act like a little boy in our roleplaying, and something looked off about him now. Eric didn’t look like he did when he’d acted. He walked with a noticeably wider gait, his feet slapping the floor quite heavily as he went. His face had a relaxed kind of slackness to it, a total lack of worry about anything. Even at this point it just looked like more than just an act, just a roleplay. “Come on Eric, come see your old buddy,†Elly was coaxing him, using the high sing-song tone one expected an adult to use for a very small child. Eric giggled and it was unlike anything I had heard from him before. What was going on here? “Up on the chair honey, uppies,†Elly urged him. Eric climbed awkwardly up onto the seat. But rather than sitting in it he squatted atop it, gaping at the computer. I could see his whole nude body this way. His bare toes were curling and uncurling along the edge of the chair and I could see they were grimy as though he never wore shoes. His legs were smooth and hairless, as was the penis hanging freely between his thighs. His eyes were kind of glassy, like he really wasn’t all there. He had this kind of curious half-smile too and he pointed at the camera and declared, “Das man.†His voice was nothing like I recalled. It was higher and his words were short and garbled, barely comprehensible. But Elly was smiling and nodding at him encouragingly. “Yes Eric, that is a man,†she agreed. “Can you say hi to him?†Eric gaped at Elly then nodded jerkily and twisted back to face the camera. He flapped his hand in a silly toddler wave and chirped, “Hi! Hi! Hi!†“Good boy!†Elly cooed to him, rubbing the top of his head so he smiled. “Um, hi there Eric,†I replied. “You playing a game?†Eric looked confused now, his eyes wide and empty of recognition. He didn’t look like he was playing a game at all. He looked like he was actually confused by a simple question. Elly stroked his bare arm and said, “Can you tell the man your name? Go ahead sweetie. Tell him your name.†The confusion was gone and was replaced by a look of love. He looked so happy to have Elly there to guide him, to do the thinking for him. He gazed into the camera. “Ewic. Me Ewic!†he declared, hopping in place on the seat. “Clever boy,†Elly cooed to him, pecking a kiss on his cheek. “Hi Eric, I’m Aiden. Don’t you remember me?†I responded, no longer sure this was a game after all and feeling a bit more uncomfortable with it as the doubts crept in. Eric stared back at me in slack incomprehension again, then he leant forward and began slapping a keys on the computer. A series of random letters quickly began to fill the text box with no apparent meaning. “Look at Eric typing like a big boy,†Elly cooed, chuckling again. Eric didn’t seem to register the condescension at all. He grinned from ear to ear, sticking out his tongue and blowing a happy raspberry as he continued punching keys and rocking on his bent knees so that his penis jiggled about. “What’s wrong with him?†I final asked, directing my question to Elly as it was now obvious Eric was actually incapable of responding himself. “This doesn’t look like a game.†Elly shook her head and took Eric’s hands off the keyboard. “Okay honey, no more typing right now. The grown-ups need to talk,†she told him. Eric nodded, slack jawed in wonder at his mummy again. He rested back on his haunches for a moment then dropped back onto his bare bottom on the seat and seemed to gaze about the room looking for something pleasant or shiny to catch his eye. “I told you honey, this isn’t a game,†Elly told me, sounding serious again, the high-pitched voice gone. “What’s been done to him?†I asked, now growing truly concerned. Elly shrugged. “Nothing he didn’t want to happen honey. It only works when they want it.†I looked back at Eric, chewing on the tips of his fingers of his left hand and playing with his penis with the other now. It remained flaccid despite his manipulations. He wasn’t pleasuring himself, he was really just playing with his penis, like it was a toy. “He didn’t want this,†I told her. “He had all kinds of outfits. He liked dressing up. And he was a bright man. I don’t know what you’ve done to his mind, but he couldn’t have wanted this.†“He wanted to be little Aiden. He wanted to need a mummy to take care of him. And that meant giving up his ability to care for himself, it meant losing all those intellectual powers that let him be independent. Without losing those it would just be a game. This is very real. “And as for his outfit, well grown-up Eric may have liked dressing up, but that Eric is long gone honey. Little Eric likes his birthday suit. He likes being mummy’s nakey jaybird. Losing all that intellect also meant losing all his silly modesty and all his ideas about how toddler’s should dress. Now he likes to dress however mummy decides to dress him. Isn’t that right sweetie?†she asked, switching to the high voice again and turning to Eric, tickling the blackened bare sole of one of his feet. Eric giggled at the tickle, smiling up at Elly and then grabbing the tickled foot and popping a couple toes into his mouth to munch on. It was obvious he didn’t understand any of our conversation. He hadn’t a clue what had been done to him. His actions were incredibly arousing to me on one level, but I had to remind myself that this was real for him. “What you’ve done is a crime,†I told her. “I didn’t force anything on Eric. If he hadn’t wanted this he could have walked away at any point.†“Well thanks for letting me see my old friend. I hope you’re happy together, but I have things to do, as I said before,†I told her, not wanting to watch this any longer. It was so hard not to get excited watching Eric continue to suckle away at his own toes, those vacant eyes gazing at me and conveying such total lack of intelligence. “Hold on Aiden, we aren’t done yet,†Elly warned, her voice once again threatening. “Well I am,†I retorted. “But I’m not done with you dear. Have you forgotten about the photos Eric took of your visit?†I took my hands off the keyboard and sat up straight. “The what?†I stammered. “The photos Aiden. Have you really forgotten?†she said with a nasty smile before opening a photo sharing window in the chat box. I could only sit and watch in horror as she shared photo after photo of me playing with Eric. Photos of me dressed like a toddler, photos of me doing all kinds of things that I’d prefer to be kept private, very private. “You need to see more?†she finally asked. “No, you’ve made your point,†I said, trying to regain my composure. “But so what? You think they really scare me?†I added, trying to seem unconcerned. “People post photos of themselves dressed up like babies and such all the time. There are thousands on the internet.†Elly shook her head. “Yes honey, but you certainly haven’t.†“Maybe I would,†I suggested. “I don’t think so dear. I’ve read all your chat logs with Eric. I know all about you. I know about your job. What is it you teach? English literature wasn’t it?†This was worse than I could have possibly imagined. I knew how I must look now, like a deer in the headlights. She had me and she knew it. “Imagine what would happen if a student, or a parent or a prospective employer googled your name and these photos were what popped up. Maybe in New Zealand they’re more liberal than us. But I doubt it.†“I’ve done nothing illegal,†I insisted. “Oh I know honey. But isn’t there something about conduct unbecoming to the profession or something like that? Do you enjoy your job?†she asked with that wicked smile. “What do you want? If you know I’m a teacher then you also must know I have no money.†“I don’t want your money Aiden. All I want is some of your time.†“Some of my time?†“You’re on summer holiday aren’t you?†“Yeah.†“Well I want you to come here, come to meet me, see your old buddy Eric.†I stared at her for a moment. “Why the hell would I do that?†“As I said Aiden, I’ve read your chat-logs. I know you have the same feelings as Eric. I think you want to be sitting right here beside him, nakie-bummed, having a munch on your tootsies too. I want you to come and let me try to give you that release, give you your dream.†I couldn’t deny that I stiffened down there at the very suggestion. Of course that was exactly what my dream was, but nevertheless I knew it needed to stay that, a fantasy. To actually be reduced, as Eric clearly was, to a simple-minded tot in need of total care, was clearly not a fate I actually wanted. I shook my head. “I don’t really want that.†“If you don’t want it, it won’t work. I only ask that you let me try.†“And if you fail, you’ll really just let me walk away and you’ll give me the photos?†“Yes, I will.†“How do I know you’ll really keep your word?†She shrugged. “You don’t. But you do know I’ll definitely post the photos if you don’t come.†I frowned and considered my options for a moment. What kind of risk was this? If she was really able to do that to Eric could it happen to me? No, I was stronger willed than that. I had to be. And if I didn’t go it could be the end of my career. That and once it was online the photos would follow me forever. What choice did I really have? “So where do I go?â€
  15. I know that this is an subject that has been discussed many times and the majority seem to feel that downloaded hypnosis is of little help in training the subconscious to just let go. I desire to wet without thought when wearing a diaper; a sort of 24/7 incontinence but only when diapered. I am used to hypnosis and can get into trance easily and so I thought I would try a few from Warp my Mind. I have downloaded a few and have found one which is called TrainDiapers by EMG. Like all hypnosis, you hypnotise yourself, which means accepting trance without reservation. It's key is simplicity - It commands only that you have a desire to wear and wet diapers without control when in a safe place. I believe that this simplicity allows the programme to lock into the subconscious. A second one, TrainDiapers 2 which commands that you wet when drinking, washing your hands or hearing the word diaper is less effective as my subconscious has an understandable concern about being in a vulnerable place when this occurs. Most sessions on this site command either regression or dual bladder and bowel incontinence and suffer the same problem that the subconscious does not want all of the instruction but cannot pick and choose.. After two weeks of daily induction, I can now wet without thought when wearing, even in bed, but have control when not diapered. It could be that this session has just allowed the necessary relaxation rather than programming the mind but it works and is free. Has anyone else experience with either this session or other hypnosis which may help others in relaxed wetting?
  16. City Slicker Chapter 1 Julian had just purchased a very attractive apartment in the fashionable part of Canary Warf close to Bingham and Bingham the respected London firm of stockbrokers whose offices were situated in the heart of the capital. He alighted from the lift of his swank apartment block and was immediately in the small marina area where he had one of the small berths that in themselves were worth their weight in gold. It was empty at the moment and although he had received many offers to buy or rent it from him, he had remained adamant that he would one day have his own craft in the space. The office was only a short ride away and he had plenty of time to take a coffee in the over-priced coffee bar that was near the glistening water. He sat down, taking a glance at the Tag Heuer wrist watch that adorned his wrist. He had plenty of time and regarded an equally well-cut figure sat on the other side of the small quadrangle. She was probably twice his age, just coasting out of the latter part of her fifties, but a successful life had spared her many of the ravages of time. In a word, she looked radiant in her crisp cut black silk suit with a small diamond pendant glinting in the early morning sun at her neck with diamond stud earrings that probably went to 2 carats apiece. Her hair was well cut and coiffured and just showing the shades of grey that had been professionally tinted into a colour that was described by her colourist as golden harvest. Julian had spotted her before a few days earlier, but on that occasion they had both been in a rush as the rain was starting to fall and at this temperamental year when summer could not decide whether to be change into autumn. Their eyes had locked for a brief moment and there seemed to have been a spark that passed between them. She was far too old for him, he had argued subconsciously, but there was something about her that made him look twice. It might have been her elegance, or her statuesque demeanour for she was tall and graceful (maybe close to six feet tall). He ample but firm breast might have also captured his admiration or maybe it was the strange brooch she wore on her lapel. It was about three inches long, clearly made of gold. What on earth was it? He pondered to himself. A banana perhaps? No, it came to him now, it was a safety pin, it was a large golden safety pin with a diamond set in the gold coiled spring at its base. He suddenly realised that as he was sat in the small square and despite himself he was staring far more than would be considered polite. His coffee arrived, a large espresso full strength, Italian style and served with an amaretto biscuit and two cubes of sugar. He unwrapped the sugar and stirred it into the coffee savouring the aroma. He felt his pockets for the drug that would kick-start his morning and took out a packed of Marlboro reds and a solid gold Dunhill lighter. He lit one and deeply inhaled the smoke, allowing the nicotine to drive into his blood stream the penetration enhanced by the unique spice that these cigarettes contained to give them their almost unique taste. As he exhaled he stole another glance at the mystery woman who had provided his morning entertainment. She was now looking at him with disapproval. She picked up her cup and drained the remains of her cappuccino, using the spoon to scrape up the remains of the foam coated in ground chocolate. She teased him slightly by making a theatrical show of licking the spoon. The next moment she was gone. In the time Julian had spent to turn around and find an ash-tray she had settled her bill and gone. The waiter was emptying the coins into the small pocket of his waistcoat that served to keep his tips. The waiter was smiling as the tip had been a generous one. Julian finished his espresso in one swallow, stubbed out his cigarette and signalled the waiter for his bill. He replaced his smoking items in his suit and dusted off the ash from the expensive Armani cloth. The waiter returned. “Her name’s Miss Bridger and she owns the building you live in. Sorry sir, but I could not help notice you looking at herâ€. Julian looked startled. “Yes, she owns the whole building and sold off the lower floors, which is where I guess you have your apartment?†continued the waiter “she comes in here every morning rain or shine, orders the same coffee and leaves at the same time to return to her penthouse flat. She was much earlier than usual today, as I can normally set my watch by her.†“She have a husband? Any suitors?†asked Julian just increasingly curious. “The odd young man may join her for coffee, but they never seem to last very long†said the waiter collecting up crockery “you are better off coming at lunch time, that is when she comes down for lunch with her girlfriends. Gorgeous.†The waiter smiled the biggest smile and pocketed another good tip. “Any idea what she does for a living?†asked Julian “No sir, but I’ve got to get on, new customers just in†he said making his hurried apologies and moving over to a table where a trio of business men had come in for breakfast. Julian glanced again and realised he was running slightly late. Maybe he would pop back at lunch time for another look. He looked in the reflection of the café window and straightened his tie, dusting the mop of dark hair back with his hand and again dusting the front of his suit. He tapped his pockets to make sure that his wallet and cigarettes were in their right places and set off for work. All through the journey he could not take his mind of Miss Bridger, although she was far too senior for him, she had a fascination that would not go away. He was 27 and she had to be well into her fifties, what on earth was he thinking of? The walk from the station helped to focus his mind and he knew what the fascination might have been. She reminded him of his aunt, who had died when he was only a teenager, he was fifteen if his memory served him correctly. The woman who had first awakened his sexuality, who had instilled in him a longing that was commonly called “puppy love†and whose passing had caused him such pain. Miss Bridger was the incarnation of his Aunty Jean the only woman who truly understood him and was his shelter and comfort when his mother and father were having one of their frequent and often bloody rows. She never shied from cuddling him, and although it was not the masculine or ‘grown up’ thing to do, Julian relished and savoured the reassurance of being drawn into her comforting bosom. Aunty Jean made things right, sometimes escaping into the less senior world was a mental utopia where things could be made better. She had rescued his old baby shawl from the bin, when her efficient sister had decided all things should move on. No ‘blankies’ or comforting bits of fuzzy cloth, no dummies or other baby paraphernalia. Julian was a big boy now. Sadly when his mother and father were shouting at each other, throwing things, breaking things and the father was knocking nine bells out his mother, then being big did not seem to be his zone at all. They were so obsessed with their fight that it was not difficult for Julian to slip out and go unnoticed to his aunty in the street next door. At that time he must have been about six or seven. He would sneak out and then run as fast as his legs would carry him. Aunty Jean lived alone. Julian had never known his Uncle Jack and never was he talked about, so he never asked questions because they brought tears to his Auntie’s eyes. He would pound on her door and his mother’s sister would sweep him up and wipe his face of sadness with her hand and quiet him with “There, there, don’t fret, it’s alright, you are safe nowâ€. It was at these times when she would take him into the front parlour and sit him on her lap, clutching him to her, and the old shawl, now beautifully laundered, white and bright and smelling sweet would be pulled from beside the chair and snuggled around him. Julian would be at peace. The soft wool caressed his face and brought bliss. Julian was outside the building in which he worked and was so engrossed in his thoughts that he almost walked through the plate glass door without opening it. A commissionaire in a smart uniform saved him from almost certain injury “Morning sir, not quite awake yet then?†he said cheekily relying on his seniority to get away with it. “No, clearly not†Julian said haltingly as he allowed the thoughts of his Auntie slowly drain away “no, I er…, I am somewhere altogether different, thank youâ€. He followed the daily track to his lift mindlessly. “It’s Auntie Jean!†he said aloud and the entire lift of silent people turned to look at him “yes, it is Auntie Jean†he said without embarrassment. Knowing the reason for his fascination put his mind at rest. At lunch time he thought of going back to his flat and having coffee outside at the same café, but he decided against it and he spent a pleasant day making close on £20 million for his company and assuring him of a very good bonus that Christmas.
  17. Hi I am really in the mood for a good slow regression story with some humiliation. I like stories such as Mary Had a Little Lamb and Growing Down. However I also love the well written and well timed stories that we get from people such as WBDaddy . So basically I am wanting a humiliating regression, which moves very slowly in the story.I quite like it when charters are regressed by hypnosis or in a way so that they are not aware their being regressed until the last moment.I love it when a story goes into detail of how someone becomes a baby. I tent to rather women being regressed by women but for this kinda story I also quite like it when a male is regressed. I love the stories of a naughty husband being shown how to behave but it doesn't have to be like that just if you know any stories like that please say. So yeah if anyone knows any stories that go kinda like that I would love it if you suggested them to me :3
  18. Chapter 1: Discovery You know that dream-like state when you're sure you're awake but something odd happens and for a moment you realize you're dreaming before it changes or ends and then however long after this you wake and briefly recall that strange sensation? She was certain this was happening to her because it was all too strange. She had been waiting for someone to enter her life for years, someone to make her feel something that all the romance books promised; wanted, loved, but also exhilarated and enticed. What was missing? Why had she never found it? Her friends all seemed to be happy but it just never worked out with the guys she had been with. Her name was Danielle and she was a "typical" woman, living in an apartment, a high school administrator, long hours for months, summers off, a few close friends and family, forgettable really, normal and "average" in every way from her brown shoulder length hair to her b-cup, and slender but not skinny body. Sure she worked out and was tight, but not model tight, and nothing overly stunning about her. No children, 32 years old, not too late, but getting there. She was up late after a mediocre date that had gone just okay, she couldn't sleep, they made out a little, she would have probably done more had he just asserted himself, but he backed off as you'd expect any respectable guy would on a first date. He wasn't the typical guy she dated either which probably put her off a bit. He was her height, soft features, slender, not handsome, but not unattractive, cute. If anything he looked and sounded a bit effeminate and that was ok, just not something she was used to. She had been aroused during the making out, he had slipped his hand up her skirt and gotten a fingertip inside her before he backed off fearing he was crossing a line. "What a shame" she thought, "even this guy who has my panties bunched up and wet doesn't want me..." The date ended uneventfully, but she was worked up enough to keep her awake, so, time to hop on the internet where porn was plentiful, free, and most of all, free of judgement, no holds barred, skies the limit! She had a few sex toys, nothing grand or elaborate, a vibrator, a dildo... a vibrating dildo, she once tried a butt plug that vibrated but felt strange after using it. Not that it wasn't pleasurable, but, guilty, shamed that she was a "degenerate" for using it and thought "if I die tomorrow and my relatives clean out my stuff and find this, what will they think???" ...straight to the garbage Mr. Plug. Her porn tastes revolved around watching women masturbate with the toys she could never use, big toys, anal toys, machines built to bring women to orgasms multiple times sometimes squirting which she was certain was pee, or at best some kind of put-on, a little water in the pussy before the "money-shot" and viola a new genre of porn is created that REAL women could never fulfill. Still, it was exciting to watch and to fantasize about. "Let's get with it and get to bed" she thought, on to google, safe search off, she looked for masturbating dildo videos, gone through several old standards, they got her attention but not getting the job done. So, she went to her panty drawer and got her sexiest panties, they weren't much, but for her they were good. Fairly standard high cut french panties with a standard cotton crotch that she just loved to get nice and wet with her excitement. Panties on, non-vibrating dildo in hand, back to the computer, a slight excited flutter in her belly to get a good wet spot going with her fingers on the outside of the panties, then pretend a nice sized cock slides into them, parts her wetness and takes her home. That's it... that's how her life was, no in-depth thought on how it happened, just watching other girls masturbate, wishing it was her, or wishing it was a real cock inside her making her cum... zero creativity. She stopped. Tired of the cycle. She googled a new search, wet panties masturbation. This was different, girls with panties wet just like her doing what she was doing, she watched a few and this was working, still pretty standard, but different, at least it wasn't the "old" her. She slipped the toy inside her and started wiggling around on it. Nice... but it's the same, "I'm going to cum on this toy while wearing my wet panties, i'll take the panties off, wipe off my pussy, wash the toy, go to bed..." She stopped, she started to sob, excitement gone... she looked at more of the videos. She got pretty deep into the search where the results start varying from what you initially intended and found one where a girl was tied up, wearing panties, and peed them. "Hrm... that's really different" she thought "don't know if I like that or not, but what else..." some more videos like this, then a video where a girl was peeing and masturbating at the same time in panties. "That's kinda gross...but no one is here, and if I do die tomorrow, not like anyone is going to find out how my panties got wet in the first place... hrm." This is where things got strange, soon after seeing this video she started having that sensation of waking from a strange dream. A vague lightheaded sensation like she was lying down but also still sitting in the chair, wet panties, dildo, watching girls pee and masturbate.The sensation passed and she kept watching, the porn was gross, pee everywhere, sopping pissed in panties and a girl, screaming through an orgasm that she must have been faking because it was all too much. Yet, she kept watching, like when you come upon a horrific accident, your curiosity glues your attention to the spectacle. She felt her clit tingle and her nipples harden nicely and kept gently stroking her pussy through her panties. "Whatever, no one can see me for being interested, so what if I am, big deal" she said to herself. Several more videos like this, and a very wet pair of panties, her dildo every now and again slipping inside, she wasn't ready to give up and cum, especially watching these videos. It was almost like throwing in the towel, if she came watching these, what kind of person was she? It was getting to her though, she was keeping herself on the edge, prolonging it over and over. This was new to her, delaying an orgasm, denying herself the pleasure was both pleasurable and agony but something about it felt so right. She decided to do a new search and looked for pleasure torture... not much came up, "what do you call this" she thought, orgasm prolonging had more results but not much then she saw a link to something called orgasm control and a whole new world opened. Chapter 2: Awakening These new images flashed on the screen like a secret world she had stumbled into. Men and women, almost all restrained in some way being manipulated by someone else, teased, humiliated, given pleasure, then denied it, over and over the same theme, pleasure, denial, pleasure denial. This is what she had started to do to herself and here was a whole group of strangers doing it with one another. They all had a pain aspect to it also and this was way out of her comfort zone "but you know what" she thought, "I've gone this far... why not a little further?" She started rubbing her nipples first gently, and much to her surprise this sent a massive wave of pleasure straight to her pussy that made her gasp and clench her ass tight on her wet panties. The warm wetness in her ass gave her an extra little thrill but nothing like the new pleasure of playing with her nipples. She teased them gently, pinching them slightly and each time a tingle, a pulse of pleasure, what could be almost described as a mini-orgasm each time, not enough to satisfy but it directly aligned with her new-found pleasure torture. She pinched each nipple harder and harder and reached a point where the pain was too much, no more pleasure now, and her nipples were getting sore. She took some of her wetness from the now slippery and wet pussy lips and rubber her nipples to soothe them. Much better, "maybe pain isn't my thing after all, only 1 way to be sure though!" With that, she stood up started to rub her tight little ass and *whack*... stars. "OH MY GOD NO.... no fucking way!" No, pain was not her thing after all, but the experience did teach her that she could receive pleasure from her nipples and that was well worth the now red and throbbing ass. Sitting back down was delicate but the warm wetness of her panties quickly made her forget the pain. She continued watching and the next video was of a girl, tied up, panties on, and another girl slipping a dildo into her panties so the panties held it inside, then focused on sensual kissing, tonguing her all over, and consistently rubbing her captives nipples. The submissive girl couldn't get away and couldn't stop the onslaught and clearly didn't want to had she been able. This suited her, she felt drawn to this and looked for more like it, some with men in charge, some with women, but all were about 1 person dominating another woman, and controlling her through a pair of panties that would ultimately "catch" all the girls wetness as well as serve as a point of humiliation in some form or another. Her panties were doing the same thing, they were now holding in her wetness as well as the dildo as she watched countless videos and mindlessly rubbed her nipples, never letting herself cum, and why should she, she had nothing to do as the summer had just started and she wanted to see how long she could keep this up before giving up, giving in and going back to her "normal" life. Then it happened again, that wave of dreamlike confusion, this time she felt like she had actually woken up and seen Chris, then man from the date earlier, standing over her doing something but then back to reality in front of her computer, humiliating herself. She stopped again. "What's wrong with me that I can't just finger myself and go to bed?" Expecting an answer she sat there, for nearly 1/2 an hour, sometimes sobbing, wondering what the point was, going so far as to think "if I just end it all now, would it even matter, look at me, a fake dick deep inside me wearing wet panties watching women basically get raped and I'm enjoying it? How far I've sunk, I should be ashamed of myself and I am, but for whatever reason I like this, I hate that I like it, but I do, so now what?" An answer came this time, but not one she was expecting. The dildo popped out of her pussy with an audible "pop" and got caught by her panties followed by a warm trickle of pussy juice. She started laughing immediately "look at me, I squirted, I should call someone and proclaim what a slut I feel like. What would that be like? Hey, Chris remember me from a little while ago, yeah I've been jerking off and just kinda shamefully squired in my panties with a rubber dong want to hang out tomorrow?" No. Her laughter subsided but her desire to finish herself off never did. "Friday night... panties soaked, nipples burning in a good way, wishing I could figure out why I like this porn and needing to get my rocks off all alone... might as well end it with a bang!" Back to google, "how much lower can I sink I wonder" she said out loud. "Let's just combine it all into one search now... 'girls being dominated and not allowed to cum while wearing panties". That got her a big fat nothing in terms of videos, but this time she started getting story results and clicking around and reading the stories was just as good as the videos if not better because now she could insert herself into the stories and fantasize about someone doing it to her rather than watching someone have it done to them. Several of the stories had dialogue in them unlike the videos, an interaction between the captive and the captor. Words, names, suggestions, an overall tone. This fueled her fire as now she started thinking, "Who is doing this to me? Master? Sir? A stranger with no name? The school principal? A student?" One story touched on a girl being tied up and fingered endlessly by her teacher a woman. This hit home with Danielle because she thought of some of the high school girls she taught, but she thought of all the bitchy ones, always coming late, always flirting with boys and how she could teach them a lesson by humiliating them in class, holding them down, making them beg to cum even though they hated her for it... but it didn't seem right, she was too horny to think about making someone else cum and invariable in her mind, the girls would hold her down, and molest her until she agreed to change a grade, or let them leave early. Absurd, but it was working and her mind went with it... what if one of the girls showed up for a parent teacher conference, with her parent, and they did it to her then. "Now that would be something" she thought. "Some bitchy little 18 year old who needs my class to graduate shows up with her cunt of a mother and they start demanding I change her grade so she can graduate, I refuse, they do something to me to knock me out or something and I wake up, tied up somewhere... oh fuck that's nice" she thought with the dildo back inside her, playing with her nipples. Her screensaver had kicked in at this point and rightly so, with these fantasies, who needed porn, "I can think up anything I want, and if I die tomorrow... no one knows a thing! Ok, so I wake up somewhere tied up, spread eagle, we're all naked and the girls mom decided she's going to teach her daughter about control and you can make anyone do what you want if you just bend their mind a little." An interruption happened again, there she was, lying in bed with Chris, him standing over her, he's naked, she's naked, he's got his cock inside her and he's slowing pumping away and a rustling noise fills the room, she's wearing something strange like a thick pair of panties, he's rubbing her nipples and she's babbling something while he comforts her with his words "what a good little girl...." Back to reality again and sitting in front of her PC, her slideshow going, panties drenched, thinking about this anonymous student and mother manipulating her. Danielle thought "why the hell is Chris calling me a little girl? in my dreams? Chapter 3: Training "So, sweetheart, you think you're going to fail my daughter is that right?" said the anonymous woman in Danielle's fantasy. "Let me go, you can't do this to me, this is insanity, you think you're going to get away with this? Not only are we going to get away with it, but you're going to change her grade, you're going to thank us, and you're going to become a whole new little girl when I'm done with you... That's odd" she thought, "that's what Chris called me in my dream... hrm, do I want to be shamed and punished or whatever like a child might be? It does fit the whole submissive rape-fantasy role playing Master/slave kind of role but if I'm her little girl, is she the teacher? No, I'm the teacher, she's the parent of a student, she's a parent. Hrm. No, lady, none of that is going to happen, what's going to happen is that you're going to let me go, Christine here is going to fail my class, and you Mrs. Johnson are going to jail for kidnapping! "You got some of that right little girl, I did 'KID'nap you, because when you take a little girl against her will that's what they call it." Christine giggled at her mothers wit. "Christine dear, girls like Danielle have got a sickness inside them and its up to real women like me, like you'll be some day, to work that sickness out of them. It's like a toxic juice that gums up their inner workings, clouds their minds and makes them all grumpy and bitchy toward real women, big girls, like us. So what do we do now mom?" Christine asked her mother. We get her all prepared and ready to get that nastiness out of her and see the world the way she needs to see it, it's all for her own good, and eventually she'll thank us but it's going to take some time and effort to train her properly. Wow" thought Danielle... "where the hell is all this coming from??? Why have I never thought of this before, it's so fucking sick, but... it totally works. It even aligns itself with my boring life, my failed relationships, everything... if someone would just 'help' me get a better outlook that would fantastic, and I could cum over and over to boot, win win!" "We're going to start with gagging her so no one here's her screams because this is going to get very intense, very fast. Take her panties and stuff them in her mouth, then secure them with this pair of nylons. Good girl Danielle, now relax because the more you struggle the longer this will take. You'll appreciate this, I'm going to give my daughter a lesson and use you as the subject, you should be flattered little girl!" There it was again but this time it felt both humiliating and exciting, Mrs. Johnson's tone was so positive, so full of esteem and yet so condescending at the same time. Danielle was proud of herself for getting so into her fantasy and not feeling guilty about it, and why should she, she was in her own mind, and no one could stop her or judge her, this was hers, she owned it, sick or not, it felt right, let the world go fuck itself with it's right/wrong. She didn't have to answer to anyone. Mrs. Johnson: "Now, Christine, she can't get up, she can't alert anyone to what's happening and she's totally helpless, who else is like that?" Christine: "I'm not sure mom." Mrs. Johnson: "Well, is that what it's like to be you or me at this moment?" Christine: "No... we're in control." Mrs. Johnson: "Exactly, we're in control of little Danielle the helpless little girl who can't get up and can't talk and can't control herself.... what a good girl you are Danielle, lying there helpless and in need, just unable to fend for yourself... like a... like a....?" Christine: "Like a baby!" Mrs. Johnson: "Bingo! But not like a baby... a baby, who can't do anything but take what's given." "Here comes that sensation again like I'm about to wake up, but I'm already awake" thought Danielle. There was Chris, balls deep inside her hot little pussy, thick white panties pulled to the side, rustling like a plastic bag, nipples being teased, something buzzing, somewhere in her panties, feels like she has to poop but not really... "is it my plug, the one I threw out years ago" she wondered, who cares she was in total ecstasy, like a non-stop rolling orgasm, being kissed, nipples burning, ass buzzing, a big thick cock inside her as he said "that's it, you get nice a wet in your diaper for me". To which she heard herself reply, "I'm a good girl Daddy?". "You're a good little girl for me, baby". Ripped back to reality again, Danielle felt tired, she had been masturbating for hours, in and out of consciousness and her pussy was getting a little tender, panties we're clinging to her and her chair was even wet at this point, she felt like she had to pee, but she'd finish up soon, pee, and pass out. "Wait, diaper? You know what... at this point who cares I just want to cum. Christine: "So what's first mommy? Do we beat her up? Do we take pictures of her like this and threaten to send them to everyone?" Mrs. Johnson: "It's almost as though you're not listening at all Christine... I'm going to teach you how to make her a helpless little baby and when you're done, she's going to change your grade willingly." Christine: "I still don't get how that's possible but whatever...let's get started?" Mrs. Johnson: "Baby, Christine is going to begin working on you, I hope you don't fuss too much, it's time to make all that nasty negative gunk inside you come out and turn you into the sweet little girl you really are. Christine, gently insert this vibrating plug into her ass and while you do it, praise her, constantly be praising her and telling her how she needs this and how she really wants it but is too scared so we have to force her." Christine: "Ohhhh I get it, we're going to fuck with her so much and humiliate her to a point where she just accepts it and gives up, and does what we say? Like how they torture prisoners but instead we're going to make it like this is to her benefit?" Mrs. Johnson: "Mommies little girl, I'm so proud of you for picking it up so quickly... and soon she's going to be your little girl!" Christine: "Ok little one, time for your bottom to get nice and full, lets just lift you up and spread those pink little cheeks... that's it, you can't stop me, you're such a good baby, that's it, let it slip inside nice and easy, it gets wider but then it gets smaller again and it's going to feel so good in your little baby bottom, what a good girl you are, I see you struggling and trying to push it out but you know this is good for you so just relax... and... all the way in... yayyyyyyy what a good girl you are baby, you're mommies good little baby!" Mrs. Johnson: "You're doing great, but while you're praising her you have to give her some positive feelings as well, so now the next phase is to keep her clean, secure, but also happy... babies never like to be changed and hate being cold so we need to cover her up a bit while also making her feel good. Go get the diaper from my briefcase and some powder. Good... now... slide the diaper underneath her, that's it... Danielle stop fussing, no need to cry baby, it'll all be over when you accept it. That's it Christine powder that little cunny because she's going to need that once she starts getting wet. Good, now, pull the diaper up but don't tape it closed yet, rub some powder under her nose and tell her she's a good little baby slave. Perfect. Now the fun can start little Danielle! Take you hand start rubbing her pussy over the diaper, gentle little circles, this will arouse her and infuriate her at the same time, while you do that I'm going to gently rub her little nipples and baby is going to get VERY upset at her arousal so we need lots of praise and continued rubbing" Christine: "Here we go with your baby training little girl, I'm going to make you so happy in your diaper! Chapter 4: Reality? Danielle imagined this continued for quite some time in her fantasy while in reality the pressure in her bladder continued to build and she was still gently masturbating in front of her computer, all sense of time gone, lost in pleasure, lost in thought, just going with it, exhausted and accepting. Mrs. Johnson: "I think you know what to do now, I'm going to leave and when I come back I expect a well trained little baby slut who needs her mommy and does what mommy wants... this is how you get what you want in life sweetie, people will love you and if they won't, you make them through controlled pleasure. See you later little girl" Christine: "Bye mom! Ok honey, mommies here little one, making your little cunny nice and wet, nice and warm in your baby diaper, you're going to be such a good little diaper slave for mommy always creamy in your diaper, always wanting to make cummies for me, always turned on and needing to be filled but trapped in your diaper like a baby should be. Christine now alternated between rubbing Danielle's nipples and diapered pussy, Danielle couldn't stay still, she couldn't believe this was happening to her, being raped by a girl being diapered being treated so nicely but for all the wrong reasons she didn't know what to do but couldn't deny the fact that her body was so turned on she could cum at any moment, if only she could get more of the sensations, more would be so much better and then she's agree to Christine's terms even if it was a lie she could finally get away and get help. She couldn't help moan though, and she loved her fantasy, being so twisted but feeling so good. Christine: "Mommies little girl is getting awfully wet in her baby diaper isn't she, I can peel back the diaper and see you're little lips are so creamy and gooey your bottom is probably used to the plug by now so its time to turn it on. There we go, its buzzing away, ohhhh no, baby don't squirm, it's good for you, it makes all that nasty girl poison come out of you, that's why you're getting so wet, it's the bad stuff I told you needs to come out in order for you to be my trained little baby slut remember? Mommies going to work it all out of you, and your diaper is going to catch it all and you'll be a good little diaper girl from now on. The plug is in your bottom to help, you see the longer mommy works your hot little cunny in your baby diaper, the more goo comes out into your baby diaper and the quicker you'll be turned into my helpless little baby slut. That's also why mommy keeps saying these key phrases to her little diaper girl over and over with all the pleasure you can handle. The more mommies helpless diaper girl hears all these baby words and phases the harder it'll be for baby to resist, and soon enough mommies little diaper baby will love her diapers so much, she'll want her diapers wrapped tight around her wet little baby cunny keeping her nice and warm and catching all her sticky goo-goo's." Danielle started crying, in her fantasy, and for real, this was the release she needed, she wanted to make this a reality somehow but she couldn't, and her mind was in three places at once it seemed, fantasy, reality, and her dream of Chris doing this to her. She needed to cum, she needed to pee, and it was all so close. Christine: "That's it baby, you let it all out, mommies going to fasten this diaper on nice and tight and let you rest a bit, ok? Or does baby give up, does baby need her mommy, if baby needs her mommy to make her creamies come out into her baby diaper then baby just needs to beg? Mommy understands you can't talk but I'll understand if you shake your head, if your mommies girl now you shake your head and mommy will complete your baby training?" Danielle panicked, she didn't shake her head and her mommy walked away, and in her fantasy screamed through her gag for her mommy to keep going she was so close it couldn't end like this, what was wrong with her, why was she denying herself pleasure, all night she did this to herself, stopping and starting because her sad thoughts got in the way, just like real life where everything was plain and boring, where Chris wouldn't get closer, where her friends and family were dismissive and her job a dead-end. She was going to finish this, she was going to go through with it and complete this weird journey regardless of her own mind getting in the way. Danielle cried out and her mommy looked over, Danielle gave up and shook her head. Christine: "Is baby ready to gush out all her goo-goo's into her creamy baby diaper and become mommies good little diaper slut?" Danielle shook her head again. Christine: "Good girl, now let mommy fasten your diaper on nice and tight so her hands are free and mommy can turn you into a full time diapered little baby slut. That's it, is that good, nice and tight, your creamy diaper all slick and ready for you to wet with your naughty stickies? Of course you are, your mommies good little diaper slave. I have a surprise for you, the only way to get the bad stickies out and train your right is to get nice and deep inside your little cunny so mommy has this big thick strap-on to work it out of you. All I have to do now, is slip your baby diaper to the side and gently ease it all the way inside you. That's mommies good little girl, you take it nice and deep while I rub your little baby nipples. Now that's it you grind on it... mommies not going to stop pumping and rubbing your nipples until you scream and cream... good girl, you work your cunny against that diaper and around your mommies pee-pee, that pee-pee feels so good doesn't it, it's your salvation baby, it's your way of transforming into a good little diaper baby." Chapter 5: Acceptance? Just as she Danielle was feeling like this was it, she faded back into her dream with Chris, there he was, his slender effeminate body, big thick cock pounding away at her, the thick diaper rustling away, the buzzing in her ass from the plug, her pussy working against his cock... when he spoke... Chris: "That's my good girl you keep working your cunny and you make a creamy soon, your training is almost over baby, just give up and let the machine do it's work." "The machine?" Danielle thought? She looked around in her dream and saw she was on a medical table, an IV in her arm, heart monitor, blood pressure cuff, and she was up in stirrups. Chris noticed her becoming more aware and spoke again. Chris: "You're such a good girl Danielle I just had to have you, when I slipped my finger inside you on our date it was to distract you from the tiny injection I gave you in your arm, an injection that would keep you sedated long enough to get you into my special room in my home." Chris, all the while was still gently rubbing Danielle's nipples and sliding the cock effortlessly in and out of her soaked, hot, wet diapered pussy. "I've wanted to meet you for some time, I've been watching you, I know how miserable you really are and I know just how to make you happy, but it required some training on your behalf and I knew you'd never get into it willingly..." With that, Chris took off his shirt and revealed breasts, Chris was a girl, Christine, s/he was her height, soft features, slender, not handsome, but not unattractive, cute... Chris: "Please relax Danielle, I know the real you, it's exactly who you just fantasized about with a little help from the sedation and the programming you've been getting during your training... you've been here with me for days, reminded of your life, reminded of what you're going to leave behind and reminded that the real you is worth it, let me complete your training and you'll be mommies little diaper girl forever..." It all came crashing down. The dream of Chris fucking her was a reality, the reality of her home in front of her computer was part of a conditioning and training torture she was enduring, and the fantasy of being raped by a girl and turned into a baby slave tied the 2 together. Danielle burst into tears, real tears, she didn't know what to believe and she started to panic and try to get away. Christine was crushed... but selfish, and determined to follow through with her plans. She pressed a button on the IV to sedate Danielle further.... Danielle slipped back into her fantasy with Mommy Christine. Christine: "That's it baby, you're almost done, you're just about there... you're going to make a nice sticky creamy on mommies cock. Your baby cunny is going to flood your baby diaper, and then you'll be all mine. Cum for mommy, cum in your diaper, cum like a little baby who can't control herself and wants a new life as a diapered baby slave..." Danielle tensed, Christine turned off the IV, Danielle woke into reality as she flooded her diaper with cum, pee, and pushing the buzzing plug out. An orgasm would be a cheap way to describe what happened. It was literally life altering, she came so hard, crying, screaming into her gag, pushing the strap-on from her pussy, pushing Christine back from her with pee and cum running out of her, running out of her diaper the plug falling to the floor snapped her back to reality. Gasping for breath Christine released the gag and she drew several deep breaths like a newborn filling it's lungs for the first time. Christine got back between her legs and slid the strap-on back inside her and continued to gently pump and rub her nipples. She knew if Danielle had truly been trained this moment was key to establishing a bond with her and gaining her trust as her mommy regardless of who Danielle really was now she had to try. Christine: "That's mommies good girl, you did so good making a big wet creamy and pushing out all the naughty girl cummies, are you ready for a fresh diaper little baby girl?" Danielle: "... yes mommy, baby wants a clean diaper and another creamy in my cunny, I still feel like a naughty girl and only mommy can make me a good little diapered baby slave." This is what Danielle said... but is it what she thought?