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  1. to start with my parent would never come and see me, and anyway my father passed years a go no lost to the world. but when you open my front door you think you are in a playhouse and yes i have adult chairs and stuff but right in the middle of the room in front of the TV is my rocking horse king. in the kitchen i have a high chair i really dont use it but their is always bottles and stuff in the drainer.as far as my person room is full on winnie the pooh down to my sheet and the decals on the walls. i have a pink and white crib near the window. the master bedroom is like any normal master with an master bath. i feel it my house if you dont want to see it dont come it. and yes my neighbor have see it and a few woman stop in on and off.
  2. Going out question

    funny part no one really cares you are wearing a diaper. but wearing little clothes no that always get a few looks. i wear jumpers most days even to work for the most part i dont get push back. i will say last pride i wore a pink baby dress to SF even stopping in Vacaville to get a hot cocoa from pete's i did get a few rolled eyes but hey no my problem but when i left 2 old woman stopped me and want to ask question even ask if i like to sit. know that was a surprise so i did. they came right out and ask if i was wearing a diaper and you know the next thing "yes". but buy far is was a great chat
  3. Do You Carry a Diaper Bag?

    yes why not i need to be able to change and take my lunch to work
  4. nail salon, embarrasing!

    i go every other week and get my nails done they dont care as long as you pay for it all i can say is just do it
  5. this morning like every morning i wake up with a messy and wet diaper.
  6. giggle i guess yes when every like all the time i mess myself it just confirms what a baby i am. im sure if i worked on it i could stop but it so natural anymore its like farting as an adult it happens.
  7. Sacramento?

    hey just normal maybe we can meet sometime for cocco at starbucks
  8. At what age were you fully potty trained?

    i was never totally potty trained do to my bed wetting the last time i wore diaper during the day as a child was 7 the school required my parents to have me wear them since i had wet my pants on and off during the year at school . not what was worse wearing and getting teased of wetting my pants and getting teased
  9. High Chair?

  10. ABDL nursery Furniture

    message me and i will give you a name of a wood shop that will make you one
  11. What's your favourite diaper

    i wear wellness diapers almost all the time when i can i like to wear barebum diaper very cute and baby looking but still do a great job.
  12. Potty training

    for me it was just before kindergarten. i was told i could not go if i was not. as long as i was paying attention or was asked about going i didnt have any accidents. by the end of the year my mom had me wear pull up trainer so if i didnt make it it was a big mess. nap time was always a challenge they would always ask to go to the bathroom before nap time.
  13. Poop position in diaper

    i would say when the urge come it too late to think of a position. i would say most of the time im walking
  14. ProtoType High Chair

    great job birch ply?
  15. Elf on the Shelf

    nice story well done