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  1. At what age were you fully potty trained?

    i was never totally potty trained do to my bed wetting the last time i wore diaper during the day as a child was 7 the school required my parents to have me wear them since i had wet my pants on and off during the year at school . not what was worse wearing and getting teased of wetting my pants and getting teased
  2. High Chair?

  3. ABDL nursery Furniture

    message me and i will give you a name of a wood shop that will make you one
  4. What's your favourite diaper

    i wear wellness diapers almost all the time when i can i like to wear barebum diaper very cute and baby looking but still do a great job.
  5. Potty training

    for me it was just before kindergarten. i was told i could not go if i was not. as long as i was paying attention or was asked about going i didnt have any accidents. by the end of the year my mom had me wear pull up trainer so if i didnt make it it was a big mess. nap time was always a challenge they would always ask to go to the bathroom before nap time.
  6. Poop position in diaper

    i would say when the urge come it too late to think of a position. i would say most of the time im walking
  7. ProtoType High Chair

    great job birch ply?
  8. Elf on the Shelf

    nice story well done
  9. Wellness Diapers!

    i wear wellness for a couple of years/ the old one are not so good but by far the Wellness Brief Superio are the best for the money out there can't really do the quote 3 diapers a day but i use far less than others. great fit too. i also love just not the price Barebum diaper
  10. i can remember having an accident in elementary school 2 grade. it was horrible i was in the middle of testing and was almost done when it happen. i didnt make a big mess just enough the girl behind me noticed. i was going to stay there until everyone left the room but she told on me. the teacher told me to say back as all the other left the room. she took me to office where they called my mom. i was know for wetting myself in kindergarten and half way through 1st grade. but i was doing real good that year. well mom had to leave work and come and get me NOT HAPPY. the school nurse told her i need to be in some sure of diaper before coming back school and my mom could leave a change of clothes and extra cloth diapers in the office for me and they would help me if it happen again. the next week when i stood inline for the classroom kid would go out of their way to brush up against me and tease me when they heard plastic pants. i quickly became know a diaper baby.
  11. Being exposed by security

    disneyland just has you open your bag and the have this stick thing they use to push things around in your bag. only once im my life was it a big deal and it was just after 9 11, i was flying when then they asked me to step aside. with my bag. they took me to a table and open it up taking everything out and going through every corner. i told them i was wearing a diaper they took me to a private area and where i showed them it by lifting my skirt. the lady asked if i would change to one that they had already looked at. by then all i want to do is get to my plane so i was taking to the restroom so i could change my diaper. that was the only time i ever had any trouble.
  12. Do You Keep Your Pacifier In Your Mouth All Night?

    yes for the most part i have been told that even in my sleep i will nurse on it. if for some resone i wake up without its a habit to pull the binkie strap and put it in back to sleep i go. the totally worse thing that can happen is i lose it at night and i go into a panic until i can find it .
  13. decades of diaper 24/7 and not caring has cause complete incont. i did try at on time to get it under control with biofeedback to retraining my mind to register the need to hold it. i was a complete failure after a month of trying i just gave in and realized this was going to be my life. so i own my diaper use
  14. Cartoons?

    i know so dont have it but i have the baby channel its for preschoolers lots of fun activities and sing along counting
  15. ok for what it's worth my doctor told me if i must to drink a type of formula then drink ensure or some sorta adult protein drink. that baby formula is not good for me