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  1. Just donated. I'm low on funds but this chat has been amazing to me for an increasing number of years. I would hate to see it go since I've met some wonderful people on here. Good luck raising the funds.
  2. I've been secretly... or not so secretly working on two rewrites of feature length screenplays this spring/summer. The one I mentioned before

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    2. booberinnappies


      Depends which one you're talking about. This one, I think is a family drama that also features a life size puppet coming to life. I finished it just before Christmas. Along with another script I started before the summer.

    3. BabyGirlSamantha


      That sounds pretty cool :D

    4. booberinnappies


      You can read one if you like. PM me if you want to know anymore.

  3. I have been secretly rewriting a feature length screenplay I wrote back in the summer of 2009. I am around 45 pages into it. Huzzah.

  4. Finished my screenplay... clocking in at 89 pages. Happy with this. Written so much in 2015, great closer to the year.

    1. minachan16


      Congratulations! :D

    2. booberinnappies
    3. peedpants


      bit late on the comment but wtg !

  5. Now 60 pages into my screenplay... on fire :D

  6. 46 pages into a new feature length screenplay... huzzah :D

  7. Feature length screenplay is complete and busy going through it... huzzah :-)

  8. So the first draft of my feature length screenplay is complete. I have started a new screenplay and 40 pages into that. Woo hoo! I work quickly :-)

  9. Completed my feature length screenplay - clocking in at 96 pages - huzzah!

    1. DailyDi


      /me slides my headshot across the table.

    2. booberinnappies


      lol - long ways from anything like production as yet.

  10. 71 Pages complete and nearing the last act. Not long to go now :D

  11. Over 60 pages complete of my new feature length screenplay... 2/3's finished... huzzah!

  12. 40 pages into my new feature length screenplay. Had to rewrite the first act, since I thought I could do better. Also have the next twenty planned... huzzah!

  13. 40 pages into my new feature length screenpay. Had to rewrite the first act, since I thought I could do better. Also have the next twenty planned... huzzah!

  14. 25 pages into my new feature length screenplay... now in the second act... huzzah!