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  1. Start a UK campaign to block all 'aged' citizens from voting and using the internet. The old ones are evidently suffering from a mental disease and for their 'safety' they should not be on the internet. Block their voting because they are getting senile and their votes shouldn't count anyway. Make sure the over 70 crowd has cheap access to alcohol, drugs, and diapers. happiness is wearing cotton diapers
  2. order more stuff from Babykins and your shipping cost per unit drops Babykins products are darn well worth the extra cost happiness is wearing cotton diapers =
  3. Will miss you Abi Have a good time
  4. 2sail2 Break the cycle by not wearing the diaper. Get a pair of roomy plastic pants and put them on without the diaper. Now watch your porn, get excited and behold, you have found a way to exquisit fapping without a diaper. Next, try wearing just plastic pants with a touch of lubricant. Wearing plastic pants this way under your jeans or shorts while out shopping or at work will help you keep on the edge. Nothing wrong with daily masturbation.
  5. Remembering the tune: "How dry I am ..... How dry I am .. Nobody knows .... How dry I am .... In Playtex Pants" also: "Out of the inkwell comes Coco the Clown" ... usually shown with Fritz the Cat and Baby Huey happiness is wearing cotton diapers
  6. Who says you have to wear underwear? If i'm not in diapers, then I'm going commando ! happiness is wearing cotton diapers
  7. https://www.vermontcountrystore.com/baby-powder-spray/product/64545 The very best powder scent I've ever found .. strong too. comes in a fine mist sprayer happiness is wearing cotton diapers
  8. GREAT response, Elfy. I do agree. for "iweardiapers" .. try a pacifier next and see if your desires are limited to just diapers. You are old enough now to realize that all you were taught as a child about 'sin' is just someone else's' fears. Think for yourself. Enjoy life. You are blessed with 'Free Will'. Accept yourself and BE HAPPY. leave no room for guilt. happiness is wearing cotton diapers
  9. Welcome to Daily Diapers, Slim Please take your time and look about, practice patience and observation.. Most of the questions you have, already have answers here. Look for them. Your excitement in discovering the pleasures of diapers is obvious. There is so much more to diapers than the over-the-counter products from chain stores. I suggest you discover the sensual side of fabrics to enhance your experience. You should make lots of friends here. happiness is wearing cotton diapers
  10. Stay cool . You can "What If" yourself crazy. Meantime, do your own laundry. happiness is wearing cotton diapers
  11. As HotDogg suggests, you want a plastic pant that fits tighter. perhaps best would be latex pants: waterproof, stretchable, tight fitting. both plastic and latex pants would deaden the sound of your diaper. happiness is wearing cotton diapers
  12. After a fall that has such an affect on you, I would see a chiropractor. If you're not a fan of chiro, then I would look for a good masseuse. Either way, that costs out of pocket money to the self-imployed. If you're not all out losing control and flooding, just frequent dribbles, then i suggest a plastic pants and a pad system, much more discreet. Cuddling in mommy's lap and letting her know you wear diapers is not going to solve a nerve problem. It will make her worry more. happiness is wearing cotton diapers
  13. Donating now. Can I get a Gold Star for my 2017 badge?
  14. you do NOT need therapy , only thing to do is accept yourself. happiness is wearing cotton diapers
  15. Masturbation is NORMAL Now here's a way to enjoy it without a diaper. Wear just a pair of roomy plastic pants over yourself. Eliminate all the friction with a dollop of KY on the end of your penis. You get nothing like these feelings outside of a vagina. Now pull on your jeans and go for a walk. happiness is wearing cotton diapers