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  1. wow! so many good advice. have a look through all the postings. will take time to read later today after dinner and google those words that i am not familiar with. thanks so much!
  2. hi guys, been thinking of my own finances. not very savvy here, so been putting most of my money in the bank. earning pathetic interest rate. wary of stocks after 2008. of course with hindsight, now i realised it was stupid, should have kept all money in stocks and be happy now in 2017. so decided to look at some long term investing and see what i can do to plan for my retirement (hey, i cannot be a baby forever right haha)
  3. yup. but sometimes i didnt bring enough because my luggage is not that big haha
  4. 12 hours ago, MrE said: Asia has loads of diapers. I live in Vietnam and have a reasonable selection. Personal recommendations to try are as follows:
  5. hi i have to go to asia to work (singapore, but travelling around malaysia, thailand and hopefully more) anyone here with experience of buying adult diapers in asia? Except for singapore, most other countries are developing countries and do not really have an elderly care sector. i bought online from singapore and its actually even better in america as they deliver to me in 1 day, and prices are cheap. i bought from this site Adult diapers tena pants
  6. hooooa birds of tokyo. interesting. i just googled it and listened to it. nice song for a boring wednesday. waiting for the next holiday. =P
  7. i still play it. ironically, i moved to asia to work, so the asian pokemon is available for me... but but but.. i didn't catch the american pokemon before i flew over. yah. stupid me. did not catch tauros before i flew off.
  8. On 9/26/2016 at 7:15 AM, yurguardianangel said: Made in china = shit 'quality' usually.
  9. On 1/10/2016 at 11:13 AM, erevu said: According to what I know, the only truly permanent hair removal is via electrolysis, and that costs a fortune and takes forever. My solution is