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  1. BabyTara

    Tea Drinkers ~ What's Your Bag?

    I love just about anything from http://www.svtea.com/ I like loose tea with novelty infusers. I have a strawberry, a "Deep tea" diver, a rose, and a few others. I drink most of them hot and without additions, but some of them are good with a splash of milk and/or some Splenda. I have an electric kettle I use to heat my water.
  2. BabyTara

    Decently sized childish rucksacks

  3. Freddy and Henry are the sweetest tabbys.

  4. BabyTara


    http://www.cooshietooshiez.com/ sells Rearz products in the US. They're in UT.
  5. BabyTara

    Worked for 2 whole hours!

    Take it easy, Mr. Bossman.
  6. BabyTara

    DD Mike sick

    EEEEEKKKKKKK! I hope you're better soon!
  7. BabyTara

    Tech question

    AB Chiropractic. Hehe.
  8. BabyTara

    Howzit, Hi, Hello!

    Your age puts this site at risk of being shut down. It's nothing personal. Just come back when you're 18.
  9. BabyTara

    Blocking Users

    When you block a user, does it prevent them from seeing your profile and posts, or does it just make them disappear to you?
  10. BabyTara

    Aww So Cute

    The product I ordered was clearly represented as "Adult Frilly Ankle Socks". https://www.awwsocute.com/adult_baby_socks/Adult%20Frilly%20Ankle%20Socks The product I received clearly says they are for children.
  11. BabyTara

    Aww So Cute

    Again disappointed by Aww So Cute. They sent me
  12. BabyTara

    Wanted: Baby Boy

    You shouldn't kick babies.
  13. BabyTara

    Large Are Erxta Lage?

    Look at the sizing chart for the brand you want. Go by your waist/hips- whichever is larger.
  14. BabyTara

    Purpose of butt plug diapering

    You can still pee.
  15. BabyTara

    Psychiatric Service Dog

    For the dog, and the intense specialized training. That's actually pretty reasonable for