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So sweet I love it 

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Based on comments in the past, this one is going to please a lot of people. 🙂

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3 hours ago, Author_Alex said:

Think of her as a cow. No, bad idea. Very, very bad idea

🤣🤣🤣 Oh man that's hilarious . Brought back some memories 😊

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Loved the description of the sensations they each had, even though this is so not my kink.

You are posting so frequently I keep running out of likes. Happy Easter!

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10 hours ago, Author_Alex said:





“I’ll bring you a bottle of water. Sleep tight.” They both did.


I love how she eased him into this.... 😊

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7 hours ago, YourFNF said:

I love how she eased him into this.... 😊

Haven’t heard much from you lately. Hope everything is good.

I thought about how  awkward this must be, and if it were me, on either side of it, how would I want it and how would I want to do it.

I’ve nursed from a partner once (she wasn’t lactating), and to my surprise, that was enough for her to climax. She had done that in the past, but the whole thing was spontaneous and she didn’t tell me if might happen. Was kinda proud of myself.

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If Jamie started to feel good when he got into it, wait until he starts to get milk.  He will think he want to heaven. 

Gentle Gemma if you neber did that when making love with  woman, you missed the feeling they have from you playing with their breast.

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1 hour ago, Baby Billy said:

If Jamie started to feel good when he got into it, wait until he starts to get milk.  He will think he want to heaven. 

Gentle Gemma if you neber did that when making love with  woman, you missed the feeling they have from you playing with their breast.

That's rather what surprised me. We weren't making love. I didn't touch her anywhere else. She seemed quite proud of herself, too, making a point of saying not all women could do that.



Chapter 42


Dear Jamie,

I’m bringing you a Christmas present.


Your forever friend,



Jamie was excited and nervous and some other feeling he didn’t know the name of.





“Hey, Jamie!” He smiled and stood up, putting his things away in his cubby and happily walking out of daycare hand in hand with Amanda. This was one of the favorite parts of his day. Ella has already left, and he had spent the rest of the day jogging around the perimeter of the field.


“What are we doing today,” he asked.


“What makes you think we’re doing something?”


“Because we almost always do.”


“That means I must be spoiling you. Mel’s in the car We’re going on a short hike. How does that sound?”


“Like fun,” he said. They drove away from home, skirting the outer edge of the city, where Jamie still hadn’t been, and crossed a narrow river. The area on the far bank wasn’t so heavily built up as their side of the region, and land quickly gave way to bare farm fields arrayed at every conceivable angle across rolling hills lined at their crests with cypress trees.


They crossed a half dozen ridge lines until they saw a forest. Amanda followed a gravel road down from the ridge and into the woods. It was a good fall day for a hike. They pulled into a small lot by a trailhead not far into the forest. Amanda and Mel got out of the car, and Amanda went to the trunk while Mel helped Jamie out of his car seat. When she closed the trunk, Jamie saw she was wearing the little-carrier pack she’d bought at J.J. Legume.


“Can I walk,” Jamie asked.


“Of course! This is just in case you get tired, plus it has water and your things in it.


“They set off down the trail trying to stay at a cadence that worked for all three of them. Mel, the most athletic of the three, slowed down for Amanda, who slowed down for Jamie. Still, the trail was difficult for someone of Jamie’s stature, with roots and rocks he had to climb rather than step over. Amanda and Mel took to holding his hands and lifting him over the taller obstacles.


“Up we go,” Amanda would say, and Mel would take his other hand and Jamie would use his momentum to go up and over whatever was in his way. The woods were as big as a redwood forest to Jamie, and the moss growing on the trees and rocks and smelling so deeply of earth in fall, that just-past-summer smell before the autumn rains when the earth in the woods was dusty and hard despite the darkness cast by the canopy overhead. Still, around the edges of puddles Jamie saw the occasional footprint left by what looked like deer.


Even with their help, by the time they reached their half-way point Jamie was tired. The forest opened up on a meadow, not very large, on a flat and low part of the trail that ran along the river they had crossed, which Jamie hadn’t even known was there through the trees. The two bigs looked fresh and ready to go twice as far, but Jamie was sweating and estimated they’d walk three miles at a clip that was for him not sustainable much longer. He could run at that pace, but he couldn’t speed walk at that pace and clamber over rocks and roots for much longer. Amanda unslung the pack from her shoulders, revealing that even she two was perspiring underneath it, and withdrew a blanket from inside of it. She spread it out on the grass, and the three of them sat down.


From inside the pack, Amanda next fished out some apples, still cool from the fridge, some cheese, a plate, a knife, and several water bottles. Jamie removed the nipple from his; he needed the water faster than that would have allowed. The trio ate their snack and talked about nothing in particular. They landed on the topic of career plans, of which Mel had none, and Jamie did his best as the senior member of the group to pass along his insights as the only one to have ever had a career.


“Ignore that BS about how you should find what you love and try to do that for a living,” he assured her.




“Because one, you don’t want to turn your hobby into work, and because two, you don’t want to turn work into a hobby. Work is something you do first because you have to. If you like what you do, that’s just a bonus, but don’t let your hobbies and your work get so mixed up that you have no identity separate from your work. Trust me: the work will not save you or make you happy.”


“Speaking from experience,” Mel asked.


“Yes. ‘Do what you love’ is great advice if you’re a business owner trying to get more dedication out of his workers, but that’s all it is.”


The two of them absorbed his insight and weren’t sure what to make of it. Just because it hadn’t worked out for him didn’t mean it couldn’t. It made sense on its face to try to get a job doing what you love.


“Can I go look around,” he asked.


“Sure, but stay where I can see you. There are wild boars in these woods.”


“Are they …” He wasn’t sure how to ask and realized the best way to do so was to think it from their perspective. “Are they small or medium sized.”


“Small.” So what to Jamie was normal sized, not that he’d ever seen one in person. He did know they could be mean and would attack a person until that person stopped fighting back and held still. But Jamie didn’t think much of the chances of running into one. He walked toward the river.


“So how’s his therapy going, if you don’t mind me asking,” Mel said.


“Pretty good I think. He’s got a long road. Just the other day he wrote a letter to his caseworker back where he’s from. Totally put him in a funk. I don’t think he can even think of that place without getting all melancholy.”


“He writes to his caseworker?”


“I’ve never read any of the letter, but I get the sense that they were something of an item briefly.”


“Hmm. He seems happy.”


“He could be in a car wreck with you and have a good time,” Amanda rejoined. “But he is less prone to bad moods, and he hasn’t had a tantrum in a while. Still … the doctor thinks all the newness in his life is just distracting him, and that’s why he seems better on the outside. At first I thought that was BS, but I think I can see what she means.”


“Like what?”


“He’s just … I don’t know exactly what to call it. Anxious, depressed, but also just guilt, I guess. It takes like nothing for him to feel guilty about something.”


“Like what?”


“Like three days ago, these two bullies at his little care got in enough trouble that their mom came from work. She took them to the quiet room and gave them each a spanking. Jamie completely lost it.”


“What did it have to do with him?”


“Nothing. In fact, one of those boys spent two months picking on Jamie trying to get him to fight. But he just heard spanking and crying and bolted over there trying to interfere.”


“A spanking isn’t such a big deal. Though that wasn’t the time or place.”


“Well, I’ll disagree with you – people shouldn’t hit littles – but to Jamie it was just awful. He got … hit,” she swallowed, “growing up, and he dealt with a lot of abused kids.”


“You never told me that.”


“He won’t say much about it. He’s just alludes to it sometimes. What I’d give to get my hands on them … anyway, the daycare owner and his teacher both had to jump in. He was in full on rage mode and pounding on the door to the room, and then he just started sobbing. Mom had to go pick him up early.”




“Can’t say I blame him.”


“Was it like flashbacks or something?”


“Maybe, but I think he just hates it when people hurt littles or kids. Apparently, that mom is a piece of work anyway. Jamie told me the receptionist told him she goes months thinking her boys are angels and then loses her shit and then goes right back into denial. And Jamie is just a very gentle person anyway; he lost his temper with one of those littles and felt terrible about it, even though he really didn’t do anything wrong. He even asked Mom last week at the garden store not to use weed killer because it’s bad for butterflies and fish and frogs.”


“So how was he when your mom picked him up the other day?”


“Inconsolable for at least an hour. He thought it was partially his fault for the time he got one of those boys in trouble.”


“Ughh. That’s awful.”


Amanda looked thoughtfully at the blanket. “I’m glad he’s here. He’s safer with us than he would be anywhere else.”


“You do take good care of him. Honestly, I love him, but I’m not sure I could handle caring for a little 24/7 even without Jamie’s needs.”


“I think everybody says that until they have one. You know how I felt about it – didn’t want a little at all.”


“Heh. And now look at you. You’re actually nursing him.”


“Not yet. We decided to let Mom get started, see how it went, and then if it still makes sense for me to do it.”


“Are you jealous?”


“Well, a little. She’s not even lactating yet, though.”




Amanda looked up and around the meadow. “Where’d he go anyway? I told him not to go where I couldn’t see him. JAMIE!”


Mel looked around, too. “JAMIE!” They heard no reply and went to look for him in the direction he’d headed.




“JAMIE!” No reply. They spread out a little.


“JAMES PATRICK,” she shouted. “Ooh, he is gonna be in so much trouble.” They were both growing increasingly worried.


“JAMIE!” Very faintly they head his voice and quick stepped toward it.




“DOWN HERE,” Jamie shouted. “Don’t Come all the way to the edge.” Jamie was in the river to his knees. Fortunately the water wasn’t fast.




“The river. The bank crumbled. Don’t come all the way to the edge.” Amanda and Mel stopped a few feet shy of the ledge.


“Oh my god! Are you okay?!?”




“How do we get him back up,” Mel asked.


From below the ledge, Jamie answered, “One OF you lie down and take the other’s ankles, and the other one lie down and see if you can reach me.” They did as he said.


When Amanda peered over the edge, she saw a wet, muddy Jamie staring up at her. “Guess you didn’t hear me call for help, huh?”


“Are you okay?”




“Here,” she reached down with both arms and was able to get her hands around Jamie’s wrists. It wasn’t comfortable, but she was able to lift him up high enough that she could get an arm around his waist and drag him over the ledge.


When he was seated up there, Amanda hugged him tight and then let him go. Jamie had seen that look from her on his behalf before, but never directed at him. “I told you to stay where I could see you.”


“I did!” he replied, pointing at the blanket. Amanda turned and saw there was a line of sight between the blanket and where they were.


“Oh. Sorry. We didn’t see, or I guess hear.”


“That’s okay.”


“Let’s get you cleaned up.”


“Is he alright,” Mel asked, worried still.


“I think so.” They walked back to the blanket. “Here. Hold still.” She pulled the wet tee shirt off of him, followed by his wet shoes and socks and shorts and finally his diaper.


“Save some water for the animals next time,” Mel joked.


Jamie was naked. He’d never been naked in pubic before, obviously, and he was also wet and cold and starting to shiver. He was glad they were alone.


“Sit,” Amanda said, indicating the blanket, and when he did she wrapped him up. “You sure you’re okay?”


“Yeah, I think so.”


“Well, good thing you’re a little,” she said.




“Because if you weren’t I probably wouldn’t have brought an entire change of clothes for you. Except your shoes. Let me see.” She pulled back the blanket and checked Jamie for bumps and bruises, feeling his arms to make sure nothing hurt when she gently squeezed. Satisfied, she opened the back pack and pulled out a change of clothes in a grocery bag. “Arms up.” She got a shirt on him. “Lay back for me.”


She got out a diaper, and Jamie laid back, knowing the drill, and she cleaned him thoroughly of the river water. She applied rash cream, which she didn’t normally do when they were out, and then checked his legs just like she had his arms and chest and back. She put dry socks on him first, which always feel good, and then a pair of his athletic pants.


“You’re fine.”


Surprising all three of them, Mel’s voice broke when she said, “Are you sure he’s okay?”


“Yeah.” Jamie got up and walked to Mel, sitting down in her lap. She was hugging him before he could hug her.


“I’m fine, really,” he said. “Thank you for helping me.”


“You scared me.”


“I’m sorry.”


“It wasn’t you’re fault, buddy,” Amanda said. They packed up, putting Jamie’s wet things into the grocery bag. “Guess you’re riding back,” Amanda said. Jamie would have asked to anyway; between his jog at daycare and his steeplechase to the meadow, he was very tired.


Mel helped get Jamie situated in the carrier. It was comfortable padded while also being ventilated, and though the padding between his legs was kind of wide, he mostly found it comfortable. It hugged his butt firmly. Mel was about to give him a playful pop on the butt through the carrier and thought better of it. Still anxious over not being able to find Jamie, even if for less than two minutes, she casually said, “Maybe we should get one of those harnesses with the leads.”


Jamie gave her one of the dirtiest looks he’d ever given a big. “No way, Donna, not happening.”


Amanda honked, “Ha! Burn.” They started on their way back, mindful of low branches.


“How is it up there,” Amanda asked.


“Good. Kinda weird. I feel like I should be pedaling or something.” That got a good laugh out of Mel and Amanda both, and they all started to forget being scared. It underscored for Jamie the nature of their dynamic. He wasn’t afraid when he fell, or even when he struggled to regain his footing. He was afraid when he called out and no one heard, just as they were afraid when they called out and didn’t hear a response.


Back in the car, Jamie got buckled in, and Mel decided to sit in the back with him, not because she was afraid or even because she wanted to feel close to him, but just so it would be easier for him to participate in the conversation.


“Anyone hungry-hungry,” she asked. I could use more than an apple.”


“TexMex” Amanda asked.


“Yes, please,” Jamie answered. They drove back to town and went straight to the TexMex place in the downtown part of their little suburb.


“Mom won’t be mad if we spoil our dinner, will she,” Jamie asked after they were seated.


“Not if we text her and ask her what she’d like us to bring her.”


“So other than going for a swim, did you have fun, Jamie?”


“Yeah.” He told her about how he was still getting used to how big everything was, how he wished he saw a boar, and asked if Mel hiked a lot.


“Not a lot. But it is nice to go, especially in the middle of a weekday when you have the place to yourself. That trail’s a zoo on nice weekends.” A bowl of queso arrived.


“I was into hiking for a little while. It always ended in me eating too much food at a place like this.,” Jamie said. He looked at their drinks. “Is it too late to order a virgin one of those?”


“Not at all.” Amanda flagged down their waitress and ordered a virgin margarita and asked them to add any little juice they had that they think would be good. In a few minutes, Jamie was sipping a cold margarita, and what it lacked in booze it made up for in the little juice they added.


“Woah,” he said. Amanda dipped her finger into the glass and tasted it.


“Woah. They certainly didn’t forget to spill a little in the glass. Don’t finish that.”


Between the exercise, fresh air, missed nap, filling meal, and margarita, Jamie was feeling sleepy before the check came.


“Looks like an early bedtime after a nice, hot bath.”

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That definitely was a good chapter was kinda scared something at the poor boy 😮. Thank you Author Alex for the wonderful chapters made this Easter absolutely wonderful.😇

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18 minutes ago, Shawnie said:

That definitely was a good chapter was kinda scared something at the poor boy 😮. Thank you Author Alex for the wonderful chapters made this Easter absolutely wonderful.😇

Thank you! It makes me happy to know this makes other people happy.

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Realy the way that you are conducting the story ! Like Amanda said it’s a long way to find true happiness 

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Glad he enjoyed the hike and they are definitely awesome during the work week! 

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Perhaps  the boars might follow Jamie home and perform riverdance for him in his yard so he can have some animal watching fun and terribly confuse the neighbors :)

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They should get him a whistle like sports referees use. Good insights into how Jamie might be progressing emotionally.

Interesting that moving away from the situation physically helps so much less than he expected. Why is it that acting out an emotion tends to develop that emotion (love, hate, misery, whatever) but acting as if an emotion wasn’t there doesn’t really make it go away?

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Here's hoping they don't have some kind of mutant poison ivy or sumac or something in that dimension...

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1 hour ago, WBDaddy said:

Here's hoping they don't have some kind of mutant poison ivy or sumac or something in that dimension...

Yeah, Amanda or Becky or Mel would have to spend a whole day rubbing calamine lotion on him. He’d hate that! 😅

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I took a little hiatus to get a couple other writerly things done. Back probably tomorrow.

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Remind me next time I have surgery to just bring my laptop to the hospital with me and work all hopped up on narcotics. What a shit show this week is turning into, and Amazon need to hurry its ass up approving my new books.


Grrrrrrd 🤬

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I hope everything got better for you !!! Are you better ?

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4 hours ago, Pierry Louys said:

I hope everything got better for you !!! Are you better ?

I’m still at my desk, so not especially.

Healing fine from surgery, though.

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So happy to hear that !! 

Take some time and thing would be better !

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