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  1. I think that one of the reasons that this story has gotten so many post is that your writing style is easy to read and well done. One thing though why do you switch from one size to the other. I like the large font you use sometime.
  2. I really enjoyed this and I have a feeling how things want after, Jack has a loving mommy and she never has to worry ever again.
  3. I liked it, you really should not put your writing down at the being of a story.
  4. I also like your story, just a few questions that I could not find in the story. How big is Kathy and what does she weight. If she could pass of for 24 months then she would not need adult diapers or get cloths from a shop like that. If she is small enought to sleep in a crib in the infant ward she would be able to fit into cloths and diapers from a regular store.
  5. First I find this story very interesting. Second you should write the story how you want, many authors have their idea about the amazon world. You seem to be working on a rescue story and I like that. There have been a few with that theme and they work well. I hope you keep this up as I am interested to see if Daniel gets better with more baby treatment.
  6. If Jamie started to feel good when he got into it, wait until he starts to get milk. He will think he want to heaven. Gentle Gemma if you neber did that when making love with woman, you missed the feeling they have from you playing with their breast.
  7. Yes but they should know it can cause problems that Jamie may not like and become addictive.
  8. I'm just wondering why Amanda and Becky would even take a bottle of breast milk if they didn't want to nurse him.
  9. I can live with that, still I think it would bring him closer to Becky as his mommy. I love Diaper dimension stories where the Amazons are really trying to help.
  10. RE your reply,, maybe having Jamie catch Becky pumping and putting in the fringe for his formula. He is already been given a bottle to nurse on
  11. I have been reading this from when you first started and would like to say who much I enjoyed it and you are a very good author. One thing I find is that Jamie has been there four months and neither Becky or Mandy has had the desire or effects to nurse him like most Amazons do with littles living with them.
  12. happened to my mom to on Microsoft but was able to reinstall the original set up using a hard restart and going to the control panel.
  13. Most definitely, as I said I think this is cute
  14. I am sorry if you misunderstood me. I do not feel this story was sexual nor was I thinking you should take it down. Read the post that is on the first page ( rules of underage chanters )