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  1. OMG that was so great, i missed this story so much.
  2. Baby Billy

    Morgan Thinks She's Sly!

    Most definitely, as I said I think this is cute
  3. Baby Billy

    Morgan Thinks She's Sly!

    I am sorry if you misunderstood me. I do not feel this story was sexual nor was I thinking you should take it down. Read the post that is on the first page ( rules of underage chanters )
  4. Baby Billy

    Morgan Thinks She's Sly!

    That was cute. I am glad to see the the members writing stories are again felling it is ok to use children in the stories. I feel that some stories just do not work with age restriction that was put on by some of the members. There is a difference between being sexual and loving.
  5. Baby Billy

    Babies of Madison High

    this is getting really cute
  6. Baby Billy

    I am... (Updated 03/03)

    why she does not just tell her she saved her life, I have read other DD stories where the dimension took them before something bad was about to happen. The way she lived and drank she was do a short life.
  7. Baby Billy

    Exchanged - Complete

    I just wanted to thank you for the last time for all the hard work you put into this story. It is one of the best diaper dimension stories of all time.
  8. Baby Billy

    Exchanged - Complete

    All I can say is thank you so much for the happy ending. I knew I was right about you writing, I do not no how many read this story and picked up the clues you planted in early chapters about what was to come. The only problem now is when Stacy finishes college. If she goes home she will never be able to go back and visit Amanda Bella or Fred. If she stays she will never see her parents again. No win completely for her.
  9. Baby Billy

    Exchanged - Complete

    Baby Sofi, I don't know how many of you readers understand the amount of time you put to the outline you have for this story. You put little things into chapters that you have planned for latter on. I love the thought you put in. Not to spoil the next chapter, but how many remember the landing on the upper stairs.
  10. Baby Billy

    Exchanged - Complete

    I really loved the last two chapters, I had a feeling after Stacy was kidnapped the she would be taken to the place they held Bella. I thought that Amazons were very smart but i feel criminals in each dimensions think to highly of themselves. If the people in this group were smart they would forget Stacy and move on. I love you mention of the Hellcats, I read another story about them and if grandpa brought them in as a personal favor all hell would break loose. I am going to be sorry when this ends, I have loved this story for far to long. You should really put it together into a book and put on a platform like amazon. At 400,000 words you could break into 3 or 4 volumes. As I said in the beginning this will go down as one of the best diaper dimension stories of all time.
  11. Baby Billy

    Exchanged - Complete

    Hi Baby Sofia, I really have loved this story. I have been following from the first time you posted and was a little sad when I thought you had stopped. I know the we all have other things going on and can not devote all our time to one thing and was delighted when you came back. I will be sorry when this comes to an end but all things do. I have grown so much in love with the characters and feel that both Stacy and Amanda have begun to truly love each other. I feel that if Amanda does not get Bella back it will be to much for her to let Stacy go when she finishes with college.
  12. Baby Billy

    Exchanged - Complete

    Hi, I haven't commented in a long time. I told you at the beginning that I thought this was going to be a classic and one of the best DD stories ever written and you have not disappointed me. I don't mind you posting weekly since you put much more work and thought into each chapter then most.
  13. Baby Billy

    Adjustment Chapter 1

    I like this, you should keep this up even if you don't have time for poor Chris.
  14. When you first posted this I read the first chapter and decided I decided I wasn't interested. I decided to continue today and was amazed by how good it turned out.
  15. Baby Billy

    Chris the Clever Boarder 1 - 18 Finished!

    I really like this, a far cry from most of your stories. I too would like to see Chris turned into 3 year old little girl and help mommy at the store