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Exchanged - Chapter 35 - 5-19-2018

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By BabySofia

DD Story

I'll start reposting this over the next couple of days. I had posted through Chapter 20 before the crash, so a few posts of 5 chapters should bring us back up to that point. I'm planning on spending some time this week hopefully getting back into the swing of writing here. I've begun going through and re-reading and proofread some more before posting this again. I do have through Chapter 22 completed at this point, with a start on Chapter 23. I'd like to get through Chapter 25 though before I begin posting new chapters. Sorry it's been so long, but it's been a long tough few months for me in real life!

Before I begin I have to give full credit to PrincessPottyPants for the universe, as well as Langtab and KWOceans for writing the stories that inspired this tale. This is of course fan fiction with probably several universe blips, but I hope you enjoy this Diaper Dimension tale!

Warning: While I think this story is quite tame compared to some of the works on this site and community, I was requested by a reader to add a disclaimer that there are cases of graphic abuse of individuals in the Diaper Dimension. If you enjoy the Diaper Dimension works there won't be anything within this story that's out of line for the other works you have read. However if you have issues with that type of content, caution in reading is advised.


Chapter 1: 

I STARED AT the computer for a long moment at the text of my ad in front of me.

“Inter-Dimensional College Exchange Student Looking For Room And Board

18 year-old student is currently seeking room and board for his time studying at Emerson University. Emerson University has accepted student into Computer Science program and hopes to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. Upon researching the dynamic at the university believes renting a room in a home would be the best option. Open to ‘traditional’ little living conditions, but must remain mentally unaltered and able to physically still walk and function normally as adult. Must be allowed to complete degree and be delivered back to home dimension.

Terms open for negotiation. Contract of funds to be paid half upon agreement and half upon delivery of little back to home dimension.”

Two years ago my family had gone on an adventure to the new dimensional world of the Amazons. Our guided trip had been a life-changing trip; as I had been amazed at their level of technology, and how far they had brought their computers and engineering beyond our current levels! It was incredible! A tour of a college called Emerson University made me really want to go to school there. During the tour I saw supercomputers and faculty that blew my mind, even if when I looked around it seemed like being as short as I was would be a problem.

Apparently for many people one of the side effects of going through the dimension was a reduction in height. I had been five feet eight inches tall back home at the time, but only about four feet and an inch when I arrived in the other dimension. All around me had been giants in the form of the Amazons! Even my parents felt like kids in comparison to them. My dad had been alone amongst us in remaining a height that could be considered an ‘in-betweener’ according to our guide. The guides had immediately assured us that they would make certain we were not ‘poached’ if we remained with the group. We were strongly discouraged from any outside exploration though!

It hadn’t taken long after that conversation for me to see why when I saw a nearly naked college girl being breastfed on a bench. Her breasts gave away the idea she wasn’t a regular baby, but other things like her yellowing diaper made things more confusing. The lady, her ‘mother,’ gave me a quick glance and a wink before noticing the guide. To their credit they managed to get us back home safely after a two-week tour of the amazing new world. I had taken in every bit of information about how adult ‘littles’ ended up as babies. It disturbed me that nearly seventy percent of them that ended up that as surrogate babies, but the world was so amazing!

Towards the end of our trip I was able to sit down and pick the brain of one of the few free littles we met while we were at a restaurant.

“I’d love to come to school at Emerson,” I told him.

“What for?”

“Computer science,” I told him.

He nodded, “I hear we are way ahead of you with our technology… but you would have to be very careful. Most of the time they’ll let an intelligent little get through the first three years of college because they get so many grants for them from the government. But as soon as that fourth year rolls around they find an excuse to send you to an etiquette school instead… Then it’s back to diapers, drooling, crawling, and breastfeeding for life.”

I found myself slightly enticed by that, but asked, “I don’t suppose there are any that survive to graduate?”

“A few… sometimes a very clever little like myself can make it through if you are always watching. Too often though you let your guard slip one time and the nearest Amazon to you will spank you, diaper you, and adopt you as their new baby…”

The last day of our trip I had managed to snag a brochure for the university and for the last two years had dreamed of nothing but going to school in that dimension at that school. I just had to figure out how to do it and still have my mind and my body mostly intact when I returned.

Given the cost of the network hop to the inter-dimensional network I proofread the ad several more times and changed its wording in the hopes my meaning would be clear. My parents were very well off and had invested and saved quite a college savings account for me. Emerson had been very intrigued by my application and had actually awarded me a full-ride scholarship there. That meant the savings account was available for other expenses. I figured if we decided on a monthly fee for rental and board that we would pay in full, then with another payment of that full amount plus thirty-three percent upon my delivery back here at home I would have a good shot at remaining free in the end. Money seemed to make the world go round there too.

At least that was the hope… I opened up the brief connection and submitted to that universe’s Craigslist server and hoped for the best.


A WEEK LATER I found myself looking through fifty-eight responses to my ad. About half of them seemed to not care about the money and just wanted a baby… those went in the trash file of my computer in a hurry. Another dozen or so I held as a backup in case the others fell through, and finally I had it narrowed down to about five real possibilities.

All of the replies left were couples that currently had no kids. I had decided upon that requirement after thinking more on what the little had told me. Apparently when a toddler is taller than you they see you as a great target to pick on. The last thing I wanted to deal with was an Amazon baby picking on me and making life miserable…

From that final pile I picked out two couples that both had at least one person working at the university. First couple on the pile was Jennifer and Mark Nimitz. Mark was a doctor in the med school focusing on ‘Little’ care and Anatomy and Physiology of them. Jennifer had earned a doctorate in Psychiatry focusing on Little needs, but wasn’t currently working full time after having left a recent position. “They certainly would understand your needs,” his mom had said.

“Yeah, but I’m a little scared they might understand how to manipulate me too well…”

She had just nodded, but didn’t say anything more. My parents weren’t actively fighting me on this decision, but they had both made it clear that they thought I was crazy to be willing to go risk my adulthood there.

The second couple was named Amanda and Fred Westerfield. Fred was a professor at the medical school specializing in obstetrics, and Amanda was a professor in the engineering department teaching courses in bio-mechanical engineering. Both of them worked on the university campus I wanted to attend. I hoped I could continue through school without ending up in the campus daycare, and on paper they really were a good bet to help. Amanda’s field was the next most interesting to me to study, so I thought we might have some common interests.

In the end we had gone down to the Inter-Dimensional Portal Center and video conferenced with both couples in a private room. My vibe on Jennifer and Mark stayed the same, practically screaming a big warning sign when they spoke. I had ended the call by saying “I’ll be in touch when I’ve made my decision.”

Amanda and Fred though were a completely different experience as my parents and I talked to them. “I love this idea of being your surrogate family so you can come study here. I believe you can learn a lot from us and probably vice versa,” Amanda said with a smile.

“You understand the stipulation that I would be coming back home upon graduation?” I asked.

“Absolutely Stacy, we’d be happy to have you on those terms,” he said with a smile, “I’ll even guarantee you we’ll get you through that degree even if we have to help make sure professors don’t play games with you.”

“I’m not asking for you to fight all of my battles,” I said with a little bit of concern.

“We’re not saying we will,” Amanda soothed, “but this is a different dimension and to be perfectly honest there are professors who won’t take you seriously as anything but a baby.”

I nodded, “That’s what I heard when we visited.”

“You visited?” Fred asked surprised.

“We came for a family vacation with a guide two years ago,” my mom told them over my shoulder as she absent-mindedly played with my long hair. “Ever since then all Stacy has wanted to do is come there to study at Emerson. He wants to learn about everything that you all do in computers since it is so much further ahead of us here.”

They nodded and Amanda looked perplexed for a moment, but asked, “You do understand if you come we will have to alter some of your… umm… clothing options?”

I nodded, “I kind of expect that based on the other littles I saw around. I just don’t want to end up with the mind of an infant, toddler, or preschooler,” I tried to cover all bases there, “or end up with some of the bizarre surgeries I saw there where teeth were removed, or something was done to where they could only crawl…” I shuddered visibly at the thought of a few of those ‘babies’ we had seen.

Fred smiled, “Don’t worry about those types of things, we’ll not only make sure you don’t go through those, we’ll help you avoid some of the traps that some of our kind have setup. I’ll go ahead and forewarn you don’t watch TV on your own. There’s a program called Naomi and Oliver, which I know for a fact will regress you and addict you to it. We also have some scientists that have come up with other shows that will mess with your head. Please regardless if you choose us avoid those if you don’t want to be a mindless drooling baby.”

I nodded, “If I do come… what will you expect?”

“Well right now any little without a diaper on is a sitting target for kidnapping. I honestly believe your best bet is to plan on wearing them for the duration of your time in college here.”

I sighed and nodded, “I kind of expected that, what else?”

“Well… If you don’t mind letting me indulge myself a little?” Amanda asked calmly.

“How much is a little?”

“Well if you’re going to be in diapers… just a nursery and a highchair at the dinner table.”

Dad practically seemed to be laughing next to me but mom pinched his leg hair or something and he suddenly became serious. “You’re serious?” He asked.

“Mr. Slane it’s a matter of custom as much as anything. But it will also serve as a way for us to keep Stacy safe. If they found out a little wasn’t being properly cared for the state could come in and take Stacy to an orphanage… We have to be very careful with this plan, especially if Stacy is going to attend classes.”

“Oh my!” My mom said worriedly next to me.

I looked at the screen and the two friendly looking faces on it. Her blonde hair actually matched mine nearly perfectly. His eyes twinkled and seemed to be a similar Hazel to mine. They actually mirrored my own parents so closely it was almost unnerving. Mom’s hair was just a bit darker than mine, and dad had the same Hazel eyes I had. The risk of this was great, but if I could return with the knowledge of their level of technology I could make a fortune back here.

“So yeah… I guess I could deal with that.” I responded.

They both beamed at me and I felt my own parents shudder a bit. “Great! Now with this deal I know you’re trying your best to make a safe contract for yourself. This is such a unique opportunity I agree that it needs to be done right. Do you have a contract drawn up already?” Fred asked me.

“Yes sir, let me just note the items we agreed to real quick and I’ll send it over to you to look it over and sign.”

“If you don’t mind I’m going to have our own attorney look it over?” Amanda suggested.

“That’s fine, and then we’ll countersign it when it comes back.” I said before adding, “My parents are going to sign as witnesses to the action as well.”

“Sounds good!” Amanda said, “This is really exciting Stacy!”

My own parents began talking as they turned away from the screen and I just made out something about “I can’t wait to have our own little g…” before the screen went blank.

‘I told them I’m a guy… Right?’ I asked myself. Stacy was a terrible name for a boy!

“Stacy let’s go ahead and note the items you all agreed to here,” mom said. We noted that diapers were okay, a nursery was okay, a high chair was okay, and car seats I knew were mandatory by law. The clauses stating I was to be unaltered psychologically via brainwashing techniques, or physically altered to prevent my locomotion as a normal adult on two legs was also noted. I hoped we had hit the majority of the things that would be fates worse than death in the contract before we scanned it through the offices scanner and sent it on to the Westerfields.

I also made sure to send a polite message to the Nimitz couple to let them know I had gone with someone else. I had been told by the little and the guides that to be rude in any way was a bad idea for a little!

As we drove home I couldn’t help but note the fact that sitting in a regular car seat, eating in a regular chair, and sleeping in a regular bed might be a short lived idea. At home mom called, “Stacy are you going to just keep letting your hair grow for college?”

I shrugged, “I suspect it won’t matter one way or another there mom. I like it long myself, so I’m just going to leave it.”

She nodded, “I hope it doesn’t cause problems there.”

I thought back to whatever was being said by Amanda as the screen cut off and just shook my head. ‘It’ll be fine…’


THE NEXT FEW weeks were crazy as May wrapped up and I graduated from high school with my plans for my future set in motion. I was proud to be the salutatorian of my class to my good friend Gabby who was .01 points ahead of me GPA wise. I had made the mistake of taking some non-AP classes as electives like band and it had unfortunately brought my GPA down. I was bummed, but with a full ride to college in the other dimension I had no real reason to be upset.

At the post-graduation party the school ran she asked me, “So you’re really going through with this plan to go to school in the other dimension?”

I nodded and smiled, “It’s an adventure!”

“Sure… but haven’t you heard the stories? I me I’m sure they’re just stories… but…”

I shook my head, “They’re actually true…” I said softly, “when we visited a couple years ago I saw it happening.”

She looked horrified, “Then why the hell are you going?”

“You wouldn’t believe how advanced their computers and technology are! If I can go and learn their level of computer science and come back with that knowledge I’ll be able to make a fortune here!”

“From what I’ve heard and you just said that’s only if you don’t come back drooling and crawling on the floor waiting for an Amazon mommy to change you or feed you…”

I sighed, “We’ve setup a pretty strict contract to make it worth the families while to get me back here unharmed. Basically they’ll get $100,000 when I go to pay for my room and board for four years, and then an additional $150,000 when they send me back.”

“What if they decide it’s more worth it just to keep you…?”

I didn’t have an answer to that question and just shrugged. After that night I just kept moving towards my future plans. I was young and invulnerable! I spent the summer enjoying every bit of freedom I could though! Not that I was partying and drinking, but I drove everywhere I could and spent as much time with my friends as was possible. I watched many of them leave for their colleges early, leave for the military, or just generally begin working hard at menial jobs.

Once a week I traded e-mails back and forth with the Westerfields about the upcoming move. On a whim I sent them the graduation photo of me receiving my diploma, “That’s a great picture of you sweetie!” Amanda Westerfield had responded almost immediately. I liked the photo as my hair was just behind my head where it should be, and I had a great smile.

Their responses made me wonder how hard it would be to get used to the new life I had agreed to. They were invaluable though in acting as liaisons with the university registrar and deans offices. Together we had gotten all of the paperwork squared away for my scholarship, my course request list was in the system, and the week after I arrived I would be able to pick up my schedule.

There had been several hiccups with the system as we’d moved forward since I was ‘just a little,’ and I was from the dimension they considered behind them. It was only the backing of Amanda that had really guaranteed me a spot in the department of my choice without further issues provided I passed a local exam. She guaranteed I would be ‘disciplined’ and would ‘stand up to their rigorous standards.’ I had been fearful of what that could mean, but there was a clause in the contract that stated should I be kicked out or drop out of the university I would also be returned home.

About three weeks before it was time to leave I couldn’t help but notice that I was paying attention to babies and their care more than I ever had. Diaper commercials would come on TV and I would blush thinking about how I would soon be wearing them myself. Strollers and car seats, high chairs, everything seemed to make me shudder when I saw them - I knew it wouldn’t be long till I was stuck in them myself… I just had to hope it really would be temporary. One day Gabby called me and asked, “Hey Stacy, I’m over babysitting, I’m bored, do you want to come over?”

Knowing friends would be fleeting I had agreed and went over. She was holding the little baby girl in her hands as she answered the door. “Hey Stacy!” she said as she gave me a hug from the opposite side of the baby.

“Hey Gabby,” I told her and followed her inside.

“I was just getting ready to give Elena her dinner, why don’t you come sit down with me?” She asked.

I watched her buckle Elena into the high chair straps, “How old is she?”

“Seven months,” she said, “isn’t she adorable?”

I had to agree, “She is,” looking at her wearing a pink romper with flowers on it.

I watched as Gabby opened a jar of some disgusting looking baby food and poured some into a little bowl. She microwaved it briefly and then sat it aside while she put a bib on her. “Want to taste?” she asked me as she sat there.

I made a face.

“I dare you baby boy,” she smirked.

I sighed and let her put a spoonful in my mouth. It was some sort of beef concoction, but the texture made me want to gag! I managed to swallow it without puking, “That’s awful,” I told her.

When she rinsed the spoon off though and fed it to Elena she didn’t quite agree. While she wasn’t fan enough to let it all in her mouth, she did seem to mostly be okay with it. Her face and bib were a mess though when I think Gabby decided she had enough.

“Stacy there are some pouches of Elena’s milk in the fridge, would you mind getting one and pouring it into one of the bottles over there?” she asked me as she began attacking the squirming Elena with a baby wipe.

“Sure,” I said, certain that I could manage such a task.

I reflected that as an only child I’d never really been around babies. Babysitting as a boy wasn’t really common and I was usually too busy to have ever been asked anyway. Inside the fridge I saw some pouches I recognized as breast milk storage having been looking at such things on the Internet. The closer the day drew it seemed like I found myself looking at what existed for babies and I couldn’t help but shudder and picture the woman I had seen when we first stepped into the dimension on our visit. I did as I was asked and poured a pouch in one of the bottles and even was smart enough to assemble the bottle.

“Just place it in this warmer?” I asked her.

“Yes, there’s a mark on how much water to add from that jug next to the stove.”

Before long the bottle was done and the next thing I knew I was sitting in a rocking chair in her nursery holding the bottle for baby Elena while she nursed. Gabby coached me every now and then and then took a very content and sleepy Elena from my arms and burped her over her shoulder. I watched stuff come out of her mouth and grimaced a bit there but Gabby expected it and just wiped her face off. I watched as she laid her down on the changing table and popped open the crotch snaps on her outfit. She quickly changed her diaper, which had been more than wet. I felt my nose scrunch up at the smell...

“You ready for these moments?” Gabby asked me quietly as she taped her diaper back up.

“Not really,” I admitted to her quietly. She placed a pacifier in her mouth and we quietly snuck out of the room.

“I think you’re crazy Stacy, but I’m kind of envious of your adventure,” she told me before I left to go home.

“I know I’m crazy…” I admitted.

For the next couple weeks I would find myself waking up from nightmares. In those nightmares Gabby changed my messy diapers or fed me that disgusting mush. The cold sweats I woke up in didn’t do much to help me relax about my upcoming adventure.


ALL TOO SOON it came time for me to pack my belongings. The dimensional portal charged for luggage much like an airport. Since the ticket I had purchased was a long-term ticket I was allowed two large suitcases and my backpack. I had a feeling I wouldn’t necessarily be wearing a ton of ‘my’ clothes over the next few years there though. I remembered seeing the diapers and how they had poofed out of just about every set of pants I had seen on littles. I settled on taking some sweat pants at least, some other wind pants, my letterman jacket, some other jeans and underwear just in case I ever had that freedom - though I doubted that would occur, and then packed some more important essentials. My flute fit in the luggage easily, along with my XBOX and PlayStation, both of which were the latest models. I had no idea if I could connect those to their TV, but I took them and a plethora of games anyway.

My final real item I cared about was my state of the art laptop. It was a 15” model that I could easily carry around in my backpack, and had a battery that was rated well above ten hours. It had the latest graphics card and processor, and I had maxed out every bit of the options I could when I ordered it. I knew realistically it would be way behind the specs of the computers in the other dimension, but at least I could be assured it would be my size… Or at least I hoped it would be. I assumed it would shrink with me at least. Otherwise I would regret not going smaller!

My grandparents, cousins, and even Gabby gathered for a last dinner celebration the night before we left. Before they all arrived though Mom brought me a women’s razor and said, “I’m not saying you have to do this… but I remember some crazy advertisements about hair removal. It might be a good idea to at least shave your legs and down below…”

I blushed but took care of those areas like she suggested. It had been awkward contorting to take care of it, but I had felt her suggestion wise. I didn’t do my arms though… I felt I needed at least that bit of maturity. I was self-conscious throughout dinner with my naked legs under my shorts!

After dinner my grandfather cornered me late in the evening, “Stacy I’m so proud of you. You have an adventurous spirit that lives up to the Slane name,” he told me with a smile.

“Thanks Grandpa!” I told him and gave him a hug. Grandpa Stacy Emile Slane, II was a big man like dad and stood three inches taller than me. His grey hair was still full and contrasted with his still black bushy eyebrows that rose above his blue eyes.

“That being said I think you should pack one last thing… just in case!” He said and handed me what looked like a Nintendo Switch.

“Umm I already packed two game consoles Grandpa,” I started.

“I’m sure you did,” he said with a laugh, “which is why I’m pretty sure this will fit in well. The only games that are in here for this one are child games that should seem tame to your surrogate family.”


He then pressed on one part of the case, then another in a sequence and I watched the back come apart. My mouth dropped as I saw that inside the cover was a small pistol…

“Grandpa I can’t…”

“Yes you can. Every member of the Slane family that has ever gone on an adventure like this has been armed. This pistol is something you’ll hopefully never need, but if you do I hope you’ll have it if you do.”

I felt some tears in my eyes as I gave him a hug and examined the pistol some more. It looked tiny, but had a clip of eight rounds of 9mm ammo. “Where did you get this?”

“I had it made for you,” he told me. “It’s made of a material, along with the rounds, that can go through a metal detector unseen. The case is designed in such a way that it looks like just supporting components on a X-ray machine.”

“That sounds…”

“Illegal?” He laughed, “Yes, this is a very illegal gun and storage for it. It would be stupid to send you away without something though.”

I hugged him tight. “Well hopefully this doesn’t get me in trouble…”

“If someone finds it just tell them your grandfather gave you this as a gift - you had no idea it was in there.”

I nodded and we reassembled the Switch to where the pistol was once again hidden. He walked me through the steps to open it one more time before we rejoined the rest of the party. That night my dad gave me a single beer to celebrate. As we looked at each other I knew we both feared that would be the only beer I would ever drink with him.


THE NEXT MORNING it was suddenly the day! It was Monday; two weeks from the day orientation would be starting. The night before my nerves had barely let me sleep. Right after lunch I found myself driving to the Inter-Dimensional Portal with my parents in the passenger seat. They both seemed to understand my time to drive was not going to exist in the other dimension. Both remembered well that every time we had entered a vehicle there had been booster seats or car seats for all of our kind. Dad had been the only one spared that indignity since his height kept him from being a true little when he arrived for some reason.

No one was actually completely certain why the portal shrank some more than others. For some reason Dad shrank all of an inch on that last trip, while I had definitely experienced more shrinkage! I expected the same would be true on this trip and had steeled my self for it. Dr. Bremer supposedly had a few theories, but she never shared them with anyone before she disappeared one day. I calculated out that should it affect me the same way as last time, I would be at about 4’7” max! At the terminal I checked my bags just like at an airport and kept my backpack with the Switch and a change of clothes.

Mom brushed my hair out of my face and gave me a big hug, “Stacy take care… we’ll be here to take a video call from you Friday…”

“I love you Mom,” I told her and felt tears on my face and knew they were on my hers as well.

“Take care Stacy!” Dad said to me and hugged me tightly too.

I wiped my tears and said, “I love you guys, see you soon!”

As I turned I made sure to wipe my tears just in case any marks were visible when I got to the other side. My backpack with the Switch in it made it through security with no problems and I found myself in the final room before being allowed to the portal. The portal had its own branch of TSA agents that questioned me, “Purpose of your trip?”

“I’m going to college.”

The agent looked at me coolly, “You sure that’s a good idea?”

I shrugged, “I have a family that I’ve made a contract with. We pay them for my room and board now and then an additional fee upon my return. I won’t say it’s without flaws as a plan, but I think I can learn enough there to make it worth the risk.”

“You are aware…”

“Yes sir, if you look at my passport you’ll notice I passed through here two years ago.”

He shook his head, “Well it’s your life ma’am… I mean sir.” He added the last bit after looking at my passport.

“Girls name?”

I sighed, “Family name, it’s my grandfathers, and was my great-grandfathers too. Back then at least it didn’t have a feminine leaning to the name. I’ve heard it all growing up and just kind of tune it out now.”

He just shook his head again, and said, “Good luck son, you’re cleared.”

I walked down the hallway and stood in line to watch as groups of about pass in a single file line through the portal. Soon enough it was my turn and I walked in between a group of tourists that I hoped were all smart enough to have a guide. A moment later the world flashed and then I was standing on the ground on the other side. Signs clearly marked to keep moving with inbetweeners seeming to draw the job of first contact here. I walked down the hallway and gathered my luggage from a conveyor belt before going to stand before a huge customs desk.

“Anything to declare?” The large nearly Amazon size in-betweener lady asked me as she leaned down to look at me through the window.

“Just my computer and gaming systems?” I asked.

“No need to declare those. Any food? Perishables or Alcohol?”

“No…” said without hesitation.

“Okay what’s your business here?”

I found myself repeating my previous conversation with the agent on the other side, but this one didn’t offer advice. If anything I felt like there was a predatory smile on her face. She eventually stamped my visa and then had me pose for a local identification card. The agent smiled again and said, “Enjoy your stay sir.”

I walked quickly down the hallway to the concourse and hoped I would see Amanda and Fred quickly. As if to underscore the perilous situation I could see several amazon women eyeing me just beyond the tall barrier. Just as I was beginning to panic a little I spotted Amanda and waved! I pulled my suitcases quickly towards her and had just about gotten to her when I felt a large hand on my shoulder.

“Excuse me, but you aren’t with a tour are you?” A sinister sneer was in the ladies voice.

“No, but she’s with her mommy,” I heard another voice say and saw Amanda close in.

“I got here first bitch,” the lady started to snarl.

“Hold it!” I said. “I have a contract with Mrs. Westerfield here.”

“Sure you do… Stupid tourists and guides…” the lady griped as she walked away.

“That was a close one,” Fred said quietly under his breath. “Well, how are you doing Stacy?” He asked with a smile as he crouched down to my level.

I couldn’t help but shudder involuntarily as I realized just how different our heights were. Especially with the shrinking I didn’t feel like I even had hit toddler height compared to him. I smiled though and stuck out my hand, “I think I’m glad I met up with you right away… That was scary, it’s nice to meet you!” I said with a smile.

Amanda was crouched down next to me a moment later and said, “I’m so glad that you decided to come!” She engulfed me with a hug and asked, “Is this all of your stuff?”

I nodded, “Somehow I had a feeling that much of what I would normally bring won’t get used…”

I eyed a pink bag she had sat down next to her feet and had a feeling it was a diaper bag. ‘Why pink?’ I wondered.

She smiled and said, “Probably not…” She pushed me back to arm’s length and then still on one knee brought her mouth close to my ear. “Look, I planned originally to slowly get you used to everything, but I’m thinking with that lady still glaring at us it would be in our best interests just to get things out of the way…” Her sideways glance to the diaper bag said it all.

I sighed, “It’s not like I didn’t agree to it.”

She laughed, “Then I’m going to take you to the family room and get you changed. Honey can you get Stacy’s bags and get the car?”

“Sure thing honey!” He said with a smile and easily scooped up my luggage. It was all so small compared to him that I had a fear he would accidentally crush everything. The only thing that remained with me was my backpack.

I watched Amanda carefully put the strap of the diaper bag on her shoulder and then she picked me up and settled me on her hip. “Just out of curiosity, why pink?” I asked her.

She laughed, “I know you’re a bit of a tomboy Stacy, but I think we’ll have to get past that for these next few years…”


Apparently I had forgotten something in the contract!



Chapter 2:

I WAS IN total shock as my mind processed what she had just said. She carried me a few more steps to a family station with multiple countertops spread around that was obviously for changing diapers. She sat me down for a second on the floor while she pulled out a pink changing pad and then scooped me back up before I could find words. “Umm… There’s a problem…”

“What’s that Princess?” She said with a smile and tickled my belly for a moment before quickly taking my shirt off.


“Wow, you have small breasts even for a little!” she said with a larger smile like that made her happier.

“There’s a reason for that,” I started to tell her as the door slammed open. The crazy lady was struggling with a man my dad’s age in a suit and tie. Plastic was quickly shoved between my lips to keep me quiet.

“Put me down you bitch!!!” He screamed and she quickly stripped and spanked the poor guy before he even knew what hit him.

“Not going to happen!” She said as she punctuated her sentence with a strong stroke to his rump, “You’re going to make a nice addition to someone’s nursery baby boy.” The spanking continued until he was a blubbering mess. Breathing hard she then looked over at us and said, “Well at least if you’re going to get the cute one you’re doing things right. No way should a cute little like that ever be considered an adult!”

With that Amanda quickly finished off pulling my pants off. It was then that I think the first real clue hit her with the underwear. The second was there when she pulled my underwear down and off of my legs. My body stiffened nervously as I was now naked for the world to see. I could feel the blood rushing to my head in embarrassment and knew my face was redder than a stop sign.

“I guess you are a tomboy…” she whispered in my ear. “You know we never said anything about that in the contract, right?”

I gulped and felt a tear go down my face before she stroked my face and said, “Don’t worry, I promise I would only do that one with your permission. But we are going to have some problems here… Thank you for at least taking care of your nasty hair there. Let’s get you diapered and dressed so we can meet up with Daddy.”

I just grimly nodded as she pulled a large folded diaper out from the bag. It was decorated like a Pampers diaper from back home. In fact it seemed identical to one I had seen Elena changed into just a few weeks back! She wasted no time grabbing my ankles in her enormous hand to lift my legs up. When she sat me down on the thick padding it was softer than I would have imagined.

From the bag she dug out a bottle of powder that she opened and generously sprinkled on my groin. She moved her hands gently around my butt and everything else to make sure she didn’t miss anything. It tickled in a way and I felt myself get aroused and embarrassed all at the same time. She was quick though and lickety split she had the front of the diaper and back of the diaper taped together with the little tapes… sort of…

“Uh-oh,” she said, “you are way smaller than I expected…”

She sat me up and I could see myself in a mirror next to me and giggled around the pacifier. The diaper came all the way up nearly past my ‘tiny breasts’ as she had noted them. The tapes had to crisscross to be tight enough to hold. I looked beyond ridiculous in my opinion and was red with that embarrassment, but that of course wouldn’t matter.

“We’ll just have to stop at the store on the way home.” She said with a smile. “If you’re a good girl I’ll even let you pick out a stuffie!”

I blinked like, ‘really?’ but just found myself sucking on the pacifier that was strangely far more soothing than I expected.

She dug through the diaper bag and said, “I really hope this dress still can fit you…”

A second later sure enough I was enveloped by a dress that was probably four sizes too big. She tied the bow in the back as tight as she could though and then said, “Well I guess that will have to be good enough. Unless you’d rather just go in your diaper?”

I shook my head and she smiled. “You’ve been so good so far, thank you sweetie.”

I was then given a high view from her arms as we traveled through the terminal. As we passed a random height gauge I couldn’t help but feel my mouth open in awe. Amanda was obviously incredibly tall even for a giant! I could tell her height was over ten feet if the gauge was accurate. I remembered Fred was even taller…

One guide had given us a way to guestimate the difference between Amazon and Little heights/ages. The simple way was to just divide the height of an Amazon by about six-tenths, then you could sort of guesstimate the relationship with heights. As we cleared some automatic doors the math in my head made me nearly drop the pacifier. This put Fred and Amanda at like six-feet and five-foot eight’ish?

I had a very good memory and had intentionally memorized a few data points for at least my projected height I had guessed. I seemed even smaller than I had been before, but without a measurement I couldn’t guess just how small I had become...

I was so taken aback at the shock of the situation that I almost missed that Fred was standing outside of a nice looking car that looked like a BMW SUV. It was humongous compared to me, but not unexpected. Inside a pink rear-facing car seat awaited me. The pink and rear-facing… that I had not been expecting. “Since she’s smaller than we expected I went ahead and installed it as a rear-facing seat,” Fred told Amanda.

“Good thinking. I’m really glad we got one of the carrier models now, I worried she would be a bit bigger than we expected... I never expected her to be even smaller!” She said that with a glee and tickled my belly through the too large dress. Or at least tried too… the diaper was in between her fingers and so my skin was safe from tickling for the moment!

He stepped out of the way and she gently sat me down in the seat and then brought a set of straps together and then tightened down on them. I wasn’t going anywhere with those as tight as they were. “Comfy?” She asked me as she pulled the pacifier out of my mouth.

“Umm… not really to be honest,” I told her.

“Well the clothes and diaper being way too big probably aren’t helping that. I do want to go stop by a store on the way home and at least pick up some diapers that will fit you and a few outfits, are you okay with that?”

“I have a choice?” I said.

“Well if you really aren’t ready for it I could take you home and Fred could stay with you while I go shopping.”

I sighed, “I might as well get used to it. But….”

I started to say something about the gender issue when she interrupted and said, “Good girl! Would you like something to drink?”

I was thirsty after all of this stress so I nodded. I pretty much expected a baby bottle straight away, but she surprised me with a pink sippy cup instead. I took a tentative suckle from it and discovered apple juice inside. I examined it for a moment and was surprised to feel like something meant for a baby could feel almost too large in my hands. She gently closed the door and I heard both of them get in the car.

“We’re so excited that you’re here!” Amanda said for the billionth time.

“I think I’m glad to be here too…” I hedged politely, “Thanks again for saving me from the psycho lady earlier. I so don’t want to end up in a random orphanage here…”

“We wouldn’t let that happen to you sweetie,” Fred said.

“So just out of curiosity… just how tall are you two?” I asked, “I mean if that’s not a rude question…?”

Amanda laughed, “Well I could see why you would wonder. I’m ten feet with an extra inch, while Fred is ten feet ten inches.”

I gulped, “You’re taller than average… right?”

“Fred is… I’m just above the norm.” Amanda said.

“So… Not to sound ungrateful as I see there’s a ton of pink around… but…”

There was a sigh from Amanda up front, “I think we’re going to leave things as they stand Stacy. You’re going to have to get used to dressing up while you’re here. If nothing else for the fact that the university has you down as the same.”

I groaned and Fred asked, “What are you talking about honey?”

“I’m not a…” I started to say.

“She’s not a girly girl,” Amanda said. “But we’re just going to get her over her aversion to pink. I mean after all a little tomboy is just sending up an invitation that they aren’t being taken care of… Her hair with a little bit of styling is going to just make her so adorable!”

I groaned but decided there was nothing I could do on this subject. She clearly didn’t want Fred knowing about my extra parts. How she planned to keep him from seeing them though through diaper changes was beyond me. I stuck the massive sippy cup back in my mouth and quietly drank it as we continued down the road. The cup itself reminded me of a large fast food cup from one of the restaurants back home. My rear view of the car wasn’t exactly inspiring, but I was able to see some of the city that I remembered from last time. In fact we even passed our hotel that we stayed at last time right as a tourist group with a guide was being organized on the sidewalk. One teenage girl locked eyes with me for a brief second and waved at the baby in the car seat.


I WAS ACTUALLY feeling a little more relaxed by the time we pulled into the parking lot of a big store that shared the name of one in our dimension. Babies’r’us seemed to be a universal chain and I just hoped it wouldn’t be too humiliating as Fred undid the base of what was apparently an infant carrier and dangled me from the handle.

“Don’t swing her too much Fred!” a warning came to him, “You’re cleaning up if she throws up!”

“Yes dear,” he said with a smile before looking down at me and then tickling my chin. “She really did pick the wrong clothes for you!”

“You have no idea,” I muttered quietly.

She came around with a cart to him and he secured the carrier to the front of the cart somehow to where she could push and look at me. “There we go Princess!” she said with a smile. She took the large juice cup from my hands and popped the pacifier back in. Knowing it was in my best interest to go with the flow I just sat quietly and nursed the pacifier.

After a while though I was definitely growing bored as I couldn’t see much of anything other than her and her breasts - and I wasn’t thrilled too thrilled about that view for the moment. Not that I didn’t appreciate her exceptionally large breasts! What I appreciated most though that they seemed in proportion to her body to be a normal cup size for a girl. I had never liked girls with breasts that stuck out beyond a regular proportion. Amanda pushed the cart quickly around the store. I was surprised that she didn’t seem to take her time shopping like my mom would. “Ah here we are, let’s find you some diapees that fit!” She said with a smile.

I heard an attendant in the aisle ask, “Do you need some help ma’am?”

“You can probably help me figure this out quicker than we will on our own. We just got our little girl here and I misjudged her diaper and clothing size by a mile…”

A young lady amazon was suddenly peaking her face at me and said, “Oh she’s adorable! Aren’t you sweetheart,” she cooed at me. She tickled my face for a moment before looking at Amanda and asking, “what size dress is that?”

“Twelve months?”

“Oh yeah, you definitely overshot. If she fits in this carrier like this…?” I watched her face think hard for a moment, “I think you’ll either need a Size Newborn in Little Diapers or Size 1 in regular diapers.”

“What’s the difference?” Fred asked.

“Well the little diapers have a bit more room for hips - though it doesn’t seem like you really have a need for that with this baby girl. The regular diapers won’t tell her she’s in a diaper as much as the little diapers do.” I saw Fred give her a questioning look that she answered, “You expect a baby to learn to crawl and then walk. What little this size needs to do that though? The little diapers are thick enough she’ll have to work to even crawl depending on the brand you choose… Really though it’s all Mommy’s preference! Cool? Huh?” She said looking back down at me and squeezed my cheek.

“Honey grab that Size 1 package of Pampers?” Amanda asked Fred before turning back to the young lady and asking, “If you were going to buy some little diapers for her, what would you get her?”

Amanda pushed the cart down a little ways and ended up being told, “These are great for night time! You can easily leave her in this for over twelve hours easily without a leak. They also will keep the baby from moving about!” I overheard the talk of diapers for ten more minutes before hearing three more packages land in the basket and wondered just what had been placed in the cart. Based on the way she’d cooed over some diapers made especially for princesses I was certain those landed there. They were designed to guarantee I would have to crawl as soon as they were wet according to the bubbly girl.

‘Just as long as it wasn’t a package of those ones…’ she had mentioned something that would basically abuse me with a sex toy. It sounded awful and I couldn’t imagine why anyone would think of that in context of a surrogate baby!!! ‘How can that not be against a law...?’

“For such a recent adoption you seem to have a really good baby girl here!” the girl commented. “We have a punishment aisle if you are worried though…”

“No thank you Miss, I don’t think we have anything to worry about from Princess Stacy here.” Amanda said with a smile that sort of disarmed my nerves from the last ten minutes of horror.

As she pushed me down the aisles towards her next stop she whispered, “Don’t worry, I didn’t buy any of those disturbing diapers. Just some of the night time ones as they make sense… and some of the princess ones because they’re sooooo cute!” she smiled at that, “And then some of the ultra-thin ones that she wasn’t a fan of. They’ll probably be better for you getting around campus.”

I genuinely smiled around my pacifier at that. “Thank you,” I said around it.

“Trust me, I promise I won’t harm you,” she told me with a smile.

Of course she said that and then we were in the clothing section. The GIRLS clothing section! I couldn’t really see, but the dress that was held up to me made it clear. “Hmm… I think this is the right size, but let’s get you out of your seat so I can tell!”

As soon as she had me unstrapped she pulled the dress I had on straight off and pulled the new one on right in the store. I was mortified as I looked around and saw another little in a cart stare at me. He was dressed in just a diaper though, so I guess it was normal for the store. Another little down the row was made to crawl after her ‘mommy’ and was being scolded for not keeping up.

“Maybe we need to just make it to where you can only get on your tummy if you’re not going to even keep up as a crawler!” the lady said as she roughly picked up the little and spanked her until she bawled.

I shuddered as my vision was obstructed by the new dress coming back off. “Still too big I think…” She stood up and I heard the clicking of hangers above me before she produced another dress over my head, “Here we go!”

The new dress had puffy sleeves and flared out quickly from the top of the dress. I couldn’t see my toes around the skirt, but I could tell there was no way it fully covered my ill-fitting diaper. I could see a butterfly embroidered on it and had to grudgingly admit it was probably a really cute dress for a real baby. I absentmindedly touched the butterfly and she cooed, “You like butterflies don’t you?”

I blushed even more than I had before.

She hugged me tight and said, “So do I!”

I absently sucked at the pacifier as a way to bite my tongue as she said, “Honey, help me pick out several more outfits in size three months. I want to get out of here and be on the way home so I can get dinner started.”

From the ground I watched them fly through the racks and waddled after them. A growing need to go pee was coming, but I was kind of scared to go in a diaper that clearly didn’t fit right. I watched as rompers, onesies, pajamas, nightgowns, four more dresses, and six pairs of shoes were added to the pile in the cart before I was returned to the carrier. I whined a bit about that before she said, “Oh, we forgot to get you a stuffie for being such a good girl didn’t we?” She picked me back up out of the carrier with nothing but the badly fitting diaper on and carried me towards a large toy area filled with stuffed animals. “Which do you want sweetheart?”

I looked around and couldn’t help but find a white teddy bear that had two turquoise bows in her hair on her ears cute. I pointed to it and she smiled and said, “Good girl, you picked one out all by yourself!”

She tickled my thigh and then placed me back in the carrier that Fred had pushed to follow us. Once I was strapped in she covered the carrier with a blanket from the diaper bag. I kind of hated not seeing and losing the airflow, but at least I was covered and ‘decent’ now. Just before we got to the checkout she whispered, “I’m doing this to make it a little bit easier for you, just nurse your paci and pretend to sleep.”

I wondered what she meant until I heard the cashier. “Looks like you must have just picked a new little up?”

“Yes ma’am,” Fred answered.

“She must be a tiny thing if she’s fitting into diapers this small!”

“She is, we got so lucky!” Amanda squealed. “We just finally got her tired out and got her to sleep though, so can you keep it down?”

“I’ll be quiet and good,” the cashier lady said with a little laugh. “Your total is three-hundred thirty-four dollars and sixteen cents.”

I had a feeling that there was a card swipe before the lady said, “Have you signed up for our rewards program yet?”

“I signed up awhile back…” Amanda said.

“Well now that you have your baby, make sure you go to your account online and let us know her sizes, actual age, and her new age. That will let us be sure to send you coupons that you can use.”

All of this talking about me using baby items made me need to pee even more… and I quietly squirmed a little.

“We’ll keep that in mind, thanks!” Fred answered.

The cart was pushed forward and I heard some bags rustling, a box being ripped open, and then a few other things before the carrier was picked up. “Fred I’m going to go to the changing room and get her in some clothes that fit.”

“Okay, I’ll load up the princesses new things in the car and pull it around for you. Do you want to just carry her so that I can get the carrier back in the seat before you get back?”

“Sure,” she said and the blanket came off as she sat the carrier back on the cart and unbuckled me. “Come on sweetheart, let’s go get you in a diapee that actually fits you!”

I blushed as she wrapped me with the blanket and carried the diaper bag and me back inside. I really needed to go pee at that point, but the fear that the diaper would leak kept me holding on. I could see the door for the family room near as I lost the battle and just let myself let go. My face turned bright red and I leaned my head against her shoulder in embarrassment.

Just as she cleared the door to the changing room and nursing room I felt the diaper leak and urine spilled down my leg. She noticed as she pulled the blanket away from me. “Uh-oh!” she said in a singsong voice. “Good thing I had you all wrapped up in your blankie…”

I felt tears stinging my eyes as she said that.

“Oh don’t worry Stacy, I expected that would probably happen if you had to use that diaper, no harm done. We’ll get you all dry in a jiffy!” She smiled kindly at me.

The wet blanket was sat on the ground and she sat me on top of a cushy pad she had placed on the changing station. I was pushed back onto my back and she moved my hands out of the way before untaping the ridiculously oversized diaper. “Definitely too big, huh?” she said as she grabbed my ankles in one hand and wiped my bottom and everywhere else. I squirmed a bit at the cold wipe but tried not to cry out in embarrassment. I knew I was as red as ever then as she pulled the oversized diaper out from under me and placed the right one instead.

She added rubbed in some powder quickly and then taped it shut. “There, all dry, huh?” She said in her mommy voice. “Let’s get you in this pretty new dress!” She pulled the first dress she had me try on back over my head before pulling a matching diaper cover up my legs. “All done, and cute as a button!” She told me with a smile and a light tap to my nose.

She clipped a pacifier clip onto my dress and the pacifier that was in my mouth before picking me up on one hip and grabbing everything else with her free hand. I felt awkward with my bare feet and hung onto her shirt nervously. I found myself leaning my head against her shoulder as she carried me to the car and I genuinely felt like a nap would be a good idea heading to their house. I was scared though to let them have one moment of me unconscious though… what would they do?

At the front of the store Fred had the door open and I was quickly strapped back into the carrier, given my new stuffed bear, and we were back on the road. “Stacy I can’t believe how well behaved you were in there,” Amanda cooed at me as we drove down the road. “I do believe you might actually survive college here.”

“What now?” I asked as I popped out the pacifier and let it dangle from the clip.

“Well we’re going to get you home and unpack what you have. I’m going to have to take back most of the clothes and diapers I put in your nursery, but I saved all of the receipts and tags so that won’t be a big deal. We can go do that this weekend or something.”

“Does it have to be…?”

“Yes it will be girly Stacy. The second you try and not be girly I have a feeling we’d have social services involved. You being a good girl out in public though should help keep that at bay while you’re in school. Everyone expects a bad little, since they believe you’re just helpless babies. If you want to act grown up enough for classes you’ll have to act more mature than most.”

“That’s kind of hard with a diaper on…” I complained.

“It could be way worse, you saw that, right?” Fred said.

“Yes I did… how can anyone…?”

“Be so cruel?” Fred said, “I don’t know. It doesn’t even make sense to say you’re a baby and then be so cruel to you. If a little really is a baby then you should shower them with love and affection just like a real baby.”

I heard a contented sigh from Amanda as I guess this was one of the reasons she married this man. ‘It could be way worse,’ I told myself.

“So after we unpack?” I asked.

“Well we make din-din and then I think an early bedtime for all of us seems like a good idea today. I know I hardly slept last night in anticipation of you coming!” Amanda said. “We’ll also give you a chance to message your real parents that you made it safely.” She added the last part with a kind of sad cadence on the word ‘real.’

“Thanks, I know Mom must be worried sick,” I said to them. I knew most Amazons would probably have taken me from the terminal, dressed me as she had, but just gone ahead and given me the full blown baby treatment. I really was luck that so far they had limited their actions. Of course I had been on my best behavior too…

A quiet silence fell as we made numerous turns and I could see large trees beginning and a neighborhood forming. I saw the entrance to the university flash by my window a few minutes later… at least I thought it was that from what I could see anyway. I played a little bit with the butterfly embroidery on my dress and tried to touch the outside of the dress hem too, but I really was strapped in securely! The view looking back really meant that I could just make out my bare feet and the seat easily. It was only an occasional view through the side of the window that really showed me much.

Amanda came around to my door and opened it before fiddling briefly with the latch on the harness and working me free. I expected her to carry me inside, but instead she sat me down on the ground on my own two feet. I looked around and realized I missed us pulling into a large garage with at least one other car in it. “Can you get your bags while we get your new stuff?” she asked me.

I nodded and managed to get my luggage back into a little train like I had when I checked into the portal as Fred handed them to me. Amanda giggled, “You look so cute like that!”

Sure enough a phone came out and she took a quick picture of me fighting with my luggage. Once I made it through the door into the house I discovered we were in a huge kitchen. The lowest cabinet knobs were at the level of my head so I had no chance of seeing any higher. It was scary how tall everything was inside. Amanda took the lead and led me past a huge kitchen table and a highchair that I knew was for me against a wall. A living room was through the next space and she stopped and said, “Why don’t you just leave those there for a moments sweetie.”

I looked up and she motioned me to follow her to the tall couch that I could just reach my arms onto the cushions. I found myself picked up and propped up on a pillow on the other side from her. Fred came and sat in a recliner on her right to where we could all look at each other.

“Okay, so what is this elephant in the room Amanda,” Fred asked her.


“You’re hiding something and trying to get Stacy in on it too…?”

I sighed as Amanda pursed her gigantic lips at me. There was no doubt that I was afraid of what she would do, but she nodded at me. “Well sir we have a bit of a misunderstanding right now…?”

He motioned for me to continue on, “about?”

“Well… my name is Stacy, and I should have made certain you knew… but I’m one of the rare boy Stacy’s.”

He laughed, “You’re a boy named Stacy? I’ve never heard of a boy being named Stacy?”

“My Great-Grandfather was named Stacy along with quite a few other males about 1900 or so. It wasn’t only a girl’s name then in our dimension…”

“So we’ve done all of our preparations for a little girl… and you’re really a little boy?”

He laughed a belly-roaring laugh, and I blushed, as I did have to admit the joke would be pretty funny from the other side, “Tomboy” he laughed again.

Amanda was giggling too for a moment before she said, “And that’s going to be part of our problem.”

“Why?” I asked.

“The university has you registered as a girl. If you attend as anything else they’ll probably use it as an excuse to take away your scholarship and deem you not fit to be in school.”

I gasped, “but…”

Fred nodded, “Unfortunately she’s probably right… Damn… We put together such a pretty nursery too…”

“So what do we do?” I asked.

“Well… I don’t have a clue,” Amanda offered. “Thank you for cooperating long enough for us to look at buying some time here. For not being a girl you certainly have long hair?”

I blushed, “I just like long hair,” I said.

“Well it definitely helps you blend as a girl…” she said. “How about shaving?”

“I did that this morning?” I felt my face, knowing stubble was unlikely.

“How often?”

“Every other day?”

“We could help with that…” Fred said.

“Well… we’re going to have to do something…” I said, “I would hate for all of my hopes and dreams of going to this school to go up in flames before I even get there…”

“There is a solution at least for now,” Fred suggested while looking at his wife. “Providing no one is changing your diaper no one should guess that you’re not a girl. Even if they did with all of the crazy things in this world I don’t think anyone would do anything more than tease you?”

“So you’re saying just pretend to be a girl?” I asked and felt my face flush, “If anyone back home finds out…”

“Surely some of your friends already know about some of it?” Amanda asked.

I felt my face was never going to not blush, “Just my friend Gabby… She and I talked quite a bit over the summer,” I told her.

“Girlfriend?” Fred asked.

I shook my head, “We both cared about our studies too much. Though I guess it would probably have been smart to go off and have crazy wild orgies or something before coming here…”

Fred laughed like crazy about that while Amanda shot me a glare, “IF you’re going to pull off this college degree you’re going to have to behave better than that young lady.”

I gulped, “Sorry…”

“Well, I guess we probably should go over some more of these expectations then Stacy… For now are we agreed as far as anyone is concerned you’re a little girl?”

I looked down at the pink dress I was wearing and the hair from my head that hung down to the top part of it. I sighed, “I don’t want to lose my scholarship or worse, so yes.”

“We may have to think about this some more Amanda, but I’m okay with it. I’m glad you told me before I changed a diaper and got a surprise!”

As if by magic the word diaper made me think of my bladder and I couldn’t help the feeling that I needed to pee again. I had long since steeled myself that this was going to be a part of my world now so I just let it go in the diaper. Both my pause and the expanding diaper must have let them both know what I was doing and the blush returned.

“Good girl,” Amanda said, “That’s going to be the next thing. You already agreed to the diapers. Please understand that means we’re watching your toilet habits like good parents… if you don’t go poopie at least once a day we’re going to have to see if you’re stopped up… and help otherwise.”

My eyes opened wider, “That won’t be a problem…” said quickly.

“Also understand we’ll try and change you as soon as we can, but sometimes you may have to wait a while.”

“Could I just change myself?” I asked, knowing that would probably not be a yes.

“For right now no,” Amanda said, “Maybe in a few months I’ll think about it if you can be trusted. Depending on which diapers you’re in you may not even be able to do so though. The pamper you’re in would probably be possible, but any of the other diapers we bought today are designed to where littles can’t untape the diapers themselves.”

“Oh…” I sighed, “I understand I’ll have to wait sometimes. What else?”

“Well obviously once you see your crib you’re going to understand it’s probably impossible anyway… especially given how small you are, but even if you CAN climb out of your crib somehow you are not to do so. Same thing with your playpen.”

I shuddered at memories of failing at rock climbing walls, “Okay, I won’t even try either of them. Just please don’t lock me up like an animal and forget about me?” I asked.

Amanda smiled, “Don’t worry, good mommies never forget about their babies.”

“That’s going to be the next thing,” Fred said, “for your own protection we’re not Amanda and Fred, we’re Mommy and Daddy.”

I nodded, “I figured we’d have to do something like that… Daddy,” I said, “just please remember my real mom and dad?”

“Don’t worry, that’s part of why he said Mommy and Daddy, I figure we can keep things straight about who you’re talking about. Especially now that we know you’re really a boy I can’t imagine you’ve called either of your parents by those names in years?”

I shook my head, “By sixth grade my friends gave me enough crap I stopped calling Dad that then.”

“Obviously you came here for school, so we expect you to keep your grades up Stacy,” Amanda said. “I’d like to honestly see you get at least a 3.5 GPA, but as long as it’s a 3.0 things will be fine since you can keep your scholarship.”

“IF it doesn’t though you need to be aware of consequences that won’t even be in our control.” Fred said.


“You’ll most likely be seen as too immature to be in college and at the least sent back to a preschool. If that happens they may begin to look at us as unfit parents…”

“And I’m a goner,” I nodded, “that’s at least something I’ve already prepared myself for. Given the fact I’m not exactly going to have a crazy social life it shouldn’t be too big of a deal for me to come home from classes and study.”

Amanda smiled, “No it won’t be a big deal, but be warned our days are longer here…”

I nodded, “I remember from my visit. It was kind of nice to naturally be able to get more sleep!”

“Well when we tell you it’s night-night time, it’s night-night time,” she told me.

“Got it… what about downtime and fun? Am I stuck with those toys over there?” I pointed to toys that looked like they were straight from Elena’s nursery back home. Shape puzzles, blocks, stuffed animals, and a couple dolls were popping out of a couple elegant looking bins in the corner next to a folded up playpen.

She smiled, “Well, you will probably have to pretend to play with those at least a little bit. If we have visitors you’re going to have to pretend like we’re treating you normally…”

“Even with me going to classes?”

“Especially with that, because we can say we’re indulging you in some maturity because you’re being so mature and a good baby too.” Fred said.

‘That makes no sense at all…’ I told myself.

“What would you like to be able to do? Remember we said no TV…?”

I nodded, “I brought some video game consoles?”

“Ooh, really?” Amanda asked excitedly.

“Wait, that excites you?”

“Well yeah, we have better computers here but no one has completely mastered making video games as entertaining as yours!”

I must have looked dumbfounded but Fred chuckled and nodded, “you brought probably the most valuable commodity you could have from your world.”

“How come the customs officer didn’t care?” I asked.

He snorted, “She probably figured by now you’d be on your way to being a brainless infant and your mommy would sell them.”

“This mommy just wants to play them with you!” Amanda said. “Luckily for you I’m in my profession! The cables won’t go directly into our TVs as you have them, but I should be able to rig up some adapters!”

“Okay, so video games are okay… reading?” I asked.

“You mean Dr. Seuss and other picture books? Those are fine!” Fred joked with me. I felt terror as he added, “As long as it’s just us here you’re free to do any of those things.”

“And if other people are here?” I asked nervously.

“Well, that’s going to be the next big thing before I go get working on dinner sweetheart.” Amanda said, “If it’s just us like tonight you’ll be able to eat regular table food.”

“Thanks!” I said with a smile.

“Well don’t thank me yet, I or Daddy will be the ones feeding it to you though.”

I sighed, “As long as it’s real food, I can deal with that.”

“Good girl. Now if we have company or we’re out and about that may not always be the case. I’ll do my best to make it myself if we’re home, but company will expect you to be eating baby food with the size you are.”

“Will they be okay with that even?” I asked and then regretted it.

“Well some of them may very well be of the opinion that you should only be breastfed. Especially with as tiny as you are sweetheart.”

“Remember you’re only the size of a three month old baby here,” Fred added on. “Three month olds should still only be on a liquid diet.”

I shuddered, “Okay, we’ll deal with that as we have to and I’ll try not to pitch a fit?”

Amanda replied, “That’s all we ask most of the time. Once in awhile though it’s okay if you have to pitch a fit… it’s almost more unnerving that you’re such a good girl.”

“I kind of came prepared…” I told them while noting they hadn’t said anything about not feeding me liquids as a diet… ‘We definitely missed some things in the contract…’

“Seems like it,” Amanda said. “Let’s go check out your nursery and change that wet diaper before we let you send a message home.”

I shrugged and started to climb down from the couch but was quickly intercepted by Amanda, “I want to show you!” She said as she tickled my side a bit. I started giggling uncontrollably as she kept going for a moment and then kissed the top of my head, “I know this is only for a few years here, but I hope you know we’re going to love you as our own baby for this time. I hope you’ll grow to feel a connection to us as your surrogate parents.”

I felt my eyes moisten a little at her words, “I hope so too.”

She held me at her side and I could now really view the rooms a bit better. She actually made a point to go back to the kitchen, “Okay, so obviously I like to cook,” she said as she pointed at a kitchen my mom would kill for.

“Wow, how many ovens do you need?” I asked quickly counting three along with eight burners and an indoor grill built into the stove.

“Well we like to entertain, so when we bought this house we redid the kitchen. You’ll see the dining room table can hold twelve people, so I like to be able to cook for that.”

Sure enough I could see the table was long and other than a missing seat next to one chair was set up for twelve. I suspected she planned on placing my high chair next to that spot there. She walked over to a high chair that was something that would fit into any house back home. It was pink with butterflies printed on the fabric with a white tray. I saw that there was a harness like a car seat to restrain me, and I could see wheels on the base to make it easy to push it around.

“We bought a normal baby high chair and not a little’s high chair,” Fred told me with a voice that sounded like it was trying to reassure me.

I looked up at Amanda, “What’s the difference?”

“Well this one is just meant to keep a baby safe from falling out… the other type would let me strap your legs down to keep you from kicking me, and arm straps to keep you from hitting me, or getting your hands in Mommy’s way of feeding you.”

I gulped, “Thank you,” I said quietly as she gave me a squeeze.

“Let’s go check out your room then sweetheart,” she told me. We walked down a hallway with pictures of them together, with friends, with older people I assumed were their parents, and Amanda seemed to have several sisters in another picture with her. She stopped there, “These are your Aunties, Aunt Cassie, Aunt Chloe, and Aunt Megan.”

I gulped as I looked next to the photo and saw another where Aunt Cassie seemed to have two real babies and a little. Aunt Chloe seemed to have a set of three littles of her own too in another picture. “Are they…?”

She sighed, “They’re not necessarily what you would consider to be nice people to your kind. When they come to visit we may have to be a little bit different with them here…”

“Are they coming soon?” I asked.

“Well Aunt Megan wants to come over soon and meet you - she’s the baby of the family so she’s still in college herself.” She smiled at me and pointed at the youngest blonde haired girl who actually seemed much shorter than the rest. She was still obviously an Amazon, but the line was closer to inbetweener. “She’s also the safe one,” she told me as she moved down the hallway. “She’ll probably help us with getting you to classes occasionally. She’s actually the only person in my family I’ve told about you.”

I nodded and noticed the absence of any more information on her other two sisters. I was distracted as we came up to a room that had a white door and “Princess Stacy,” in cute fabric letters alternating in a light green and pink with a mixture of polka dots and such on them. It was adorable and I found myself reaching out to touch them. I grimaced at the princess part, but it looked like they had wanted me to feel special.

Amanda opened the door and I looked at a work of art in awe. White paneling went from the floor to just about the level of the top of a massive white sleigh crib. Above the white was a pastel green, with pink and purple butterflies chasing each other along the wall. At the bottom edge were flowers that other butterflies appeared to sit on. Above the crib was painted in flowing pink script outlined in purple, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

“You had a Walt Disney in your universe too?” I asked while smiling at the words.

“He’s always been a bit of a hero to me,” Fred responded from behind us. “From what I understand yours did more with amusement parks than ours did.”

“We’ll have to compare notes later,” I said as my eyes continued to look over the room.

Pink curtains with butterflies on them framed two large windows in the room. A cute quilt hung on the side of the crib that continued the butterfly theme. It even had a mobile above it that had four plush purple and pink butterflies hanging from it.  I looked closer at the furniture and had no doubts that the crib would easily contain me. It would easily be a foot or more taller than my head from the mattress to the rails. I actually shivered a bit and felt myself going more in my diaper, which made Amanda squeeze me tighter. “It’s okay sweetheart.”

She moved towards the changing table that had drawers underneath it and several cubbies as well. I noticed a nice glider chair sat in a corner next to a light and a bookcase. The changing table had all of the normal things you would expect to see and I couldn’t help but feel helpless as she sat me down and then pushed me gently by the shoulders to get me to lie down. “Oh goody Daddy, you brought her new diapees with you!” She told Fred as he had followed with all four boxes of them.

“Which do you want?”

“Hand me another of her Pampers,” she told him with a smile as she took a belt from the table and secured it around my chest.

She pushed my dress up towards my face and said, “Hold your skirt for Mommy please.” I did as she asked if nothing else because it hid my face from them looking at me as I felt her pull down the diaper cover first and left it dangling on my ankles before she popped open the tapes of the diaper.

“We are going to have to figure out something here,” she sighed to herself as she wiped my genitals.

“What do you mean?” I asked nervously.

“I’m not sure yet…” she said gently.

I was more than a bit nervous at that, but I held my tongue. “Such a serious baby,” she told me and tickled me just as she put some lotion on me. I felt myself harden again and hated that I felt so helpless and aroused at the same time. I was grateful that she didn’t make it more than an innocent diaper change, as I was sure I couldn’t have taken that! Soon I was sat back up to look at the room from my perch on the changing table. A diaper pail device sat next to the crib that I watched her place my wet diaper in it.

Around the room at my new height toys sat everywhere. In the corner though was an odd little desk and chair that was just a little bit bigger than my size and seemed kind of out of place. It had pencils and pens in a cup, but other than the white that matched the nursery it was something I could have had back home as a great workspace. I noticed there was even a power strip there that looked like it would let me plug in my laptop. “That’s a power strip for my electronics?” I asked.

“We bought it at the portal station since you said you were going to bring your laptop?” Amanda said. “Where’s it at anyway?”

I held my arms out for her to pick me up and set me on the ground. Fred had just returned with my luggage and I went to my backpack and dug around for my computer and the cord that I had stuffed in a compartment. I had guessed correctly that it would end up coming down in size for me and it seemed proportionally the same as it had.

Amanda had sat down on the floor next to me, “Oh my god that is soooo cute!” She told me.

I blushed, “I figured it would be a good idea to bring a computer my sized with me…”

“That was very smart,” she said with a smile, “Can I see it?”

I held it out to her and she opened it to watch the computer start up. It made me feel even smaller that in her hands it appeared to be even smaller than a netbook. “This keyboard is sooooo tiny! But it’s got everything it should!”

“Well it’s the state of the art back home… I know that might bring it only into the mid-range here, but I’m hoping the size of it will let me still take it to class?”

“It’s better than anything we have for littles for certain,” she told me. “What are the specs?”

“Processor is a 5.2 gigahertz processor, it has 64 gigs of ram,” I went on about the specs quite proudly because I had put my heart and soul into getting the machine all but custom made for me. We took the time to make sure the power would work for the computer and it seemed to be charging it just fine.

“You know it only has about a quarter of my machines processing power, but it starts up quickly…” She said to me. I felt more than a little bit nervous at how far behind we were from them, but that was why I had taken the risk.

“Well, we’re so far behind you… It should be okay for most things I would think.” I told her blushing.

She nodded, “It should. Oh hi honey,” she said slyly to Fred who had sat there just staring at us.

“It’s bad enough she gets like this anytime I let her and Megan get in the same room… Hmm… at least I can do this with you though,” he said as he playfully reinserted the hanging pacifier in my mouth.

I glared at him but he just laughed. I spit the pacifier back out and hoped I wouldn’t get in trouble for it. I remembered a little getting a spanking the first trip here for that. “I take it he’s not of the computer people?” I looked at Amanda.

“Nope! He’s great with bodies, not so good with computers!” she told me before looking at him, “Maybe she can help you when you get stuck on the computer now…”

After a few more minutes she said, “Fred, can you help Stacy go through the stuff she brought and put it away? Go ahead and put any clothes on our bed so I can decide if there’s anything she can use.”

I sighed, “I didn’t bring much.”

“Won’t take long then! I’m going to go get dinner started. When you’re done you can explore a bit Stacy?”

I nodded and between Fred and I we soon had everything unpacked. My XBOX and PlayStation gaming consoles were taken to a room Amanda had set aside for her electronics tinkering. I had nearly wet my diaper again with excitement at all of the REAL toys she had, but Fred shooed me right back out before closing the door, “That’s off limits to you Princess.”

“Yes sir,” I said.

“Not sir Stacy, Yes Daddy,” He smiled when he said it, but I got the feeling he meant it.

“Umm… Yes Daddy,” I blushed.

“I know this is weird for you Stacy, but it will only take one slipup to make people believe you’re not the well behaved baby that you need to appear to be.” He paused before adding, “Especially around any of Mommy’s family but Megan.”

I grew nervous but he said, “Now go off and explore. I know you have to be curious about the house.”

So that’s what I did. I walked back to my nursery first… ‘my nursery?’ I had to think at the girly extravaganza. I looked down at my dress and pulled up on it to look at the diaper cover that matched it. I pulled it down to look at the diaper for a moment of curiosity but then put everything back where it should have been and looked around. If there was a baby toy meant for a child less than two years of age I was pretty sure it was in the room. I had more toys in that room than I probably had as a real baby! I noticed that next to the changing table several were strategically placed to be used as distractions while my diaper was changed… Several of them looked like teething toys.

‘I’m so glad I said nothing could be done with my teeth…’ I shuddered at the thought of having all of my teeth removed.

My backpack was set next to my desk for now and I used the chair to go ahead and sit down for my computer. ‘I forgot to ask the Wi-Fi password…’ I thought to myself while also being grateful that the technology was the same in this world. I stood up and went down the hallway to where Fred seemed to have a home office. This thinner diaper definitely affected my gait a bit, ‘those night time diapers…’ I shuddered.

“Umm… Daddy?” I asked as I approached him sitting in his chair high above me.

“Yes princess?”

“What’s your Wi-Fi password?”

He laughed, “The important things in life, huh?” He paused, “most people would probably argue that babies shouldn’t have Wi-Fi access and Internet unmonitored?”

“You probably have NetNanny or something here, right?”

He laughed again, “Right you are, and it’s already installed through the modem. You should be able to do homework, play some games, but don’t plan on anything more adult than that!”

“I just need to email my parents,” I reminded him.

He scribbled on a notepad on his desk and handed me a twenty-character password, “You memorized that?” I asked looking at it.

“Well of course, it’s your mommy’s birth year, my birth year, your birth year, along with all of our initials.”

“Oh,” I responded looking at it. I noticed that instead of SES for my initials it was SEW. I had no idea of their ages until then, but now I knew could see they were exactly ten years younger than my parents. “Thanks,” I said and turned to go back to my room.

I was able to quickly login and connected to a mail server that worked trans-dimensionally. My e-mail was pretty short, but it did contain some new information like their address I quickly found by digging around online, along with some code phrases that said I was okay. We had established about thirty innocuous phrases that were keys to saying everything was okay and going according to plan. Additionally there were ten danger phrases that said I was in trouble and that I needed help.

At the last minute I added, ‘By the way my name has struck again… Somehow we never told them I wasn’t a girl. When we video conference this week don’t be surprised by my clothing… For now I think we may have to pretend I am a girl so I don’t lose my scholarship.’

I sighed as I pressed send and thought about it. She had mentioned there being maybe something they could do to help me. Knowing what little I did about this world I had little doubt there was a clinic that would gladly take me and correct the little error down below... What would they do while they were doing that though? That was what terrified me. I was used to people seeing me as girly… honestly it didn’t bother me that much either. I’d never had one of those moments of thinking I was born in the wrong body, but I also wasn’t married to my male body like so many other men were. I sighed and decided to go explore some more of the house. I had found the bedroom doors closed for the most part but one door was cracked open and I found myself in a huge bathroom. I’d seen a toilet for an Amazon on our last trip here, but I’d forgotten how intimidating it was. Most of the places we had stayed were designed for littles or in-betweeners. This place was pure Amazon comfort and I couldn’t even see above the edge of the tub or the toilet.

“What are you doing in here missy?” Amanda asked suddenly.

“I was exploring,” I told her honestly, “even if I wanted to do anything it’s not like I could in here,” I added.

She laughed, “You’re very right princess. I don’t think you could probably use this toilet hardly even if I held you on top of it!” I found myself being picked up, “Let’s wash your handsies up for din-din.”

She held me up to the sink and leaned me towards the water after putting soap on my hands for me. I did the work for the most part but she found a towel and dried me. “We’re going to have to do something with your hair later,” she told me as she brushed it out of my face.

“Just don’t cut it off?” I said, nervously remembered there had been nothing in our contract about it.

“What, I can’t have my baby girl looking like the newborn baby she practically is?”

I was genuinely scared for a moment while she laughed and placed me down on my still bare feet with a pat to my diapered behind. “Why don’t you go downstairs and meet us in the kitchen.”

I nodded and started down the stairs very carefully. Like everything else they seemed twice the size of my world, which meant they were probably about fourteen inches high. I thought back to my own childhood and found myself sitting on the stair and then sliding down to stand on the next. I repeated that until I was at the bottom and heard Amanda call out, “What a big girl you are!”

I turned and smiled at her, “I’m not completely helpless…”

“No, but make sure you are careful on those stairs. I probably am a terrible mommy to have let you climb them…”

I sighed, “You’re doing a good job so far,” I told her.

I found myself quickly in her arms as she gave me a squeeze and carried me to the dining room. The smell in the air was incredible with some sort of beef. I could see she had already pulled it out of the oven and it looked great, if not humongous! I didn’t take long though before she moved the tray out of the way with a free hand and then plopped me down into the highchair. The harness was quickly pulled over my shoulders and the tray placed back down. I put my hands on it. “The little ones are more restrictive?” I asked unintentionally.

She nodded, “Don’t worry, as long as you’re a good baby girl at meal times I’ll never use one of those here…”


She sighed, “We’ll have to figure out what we’ll do when we visit my family…”

“Just how bad are they?” I asked as she moved to cut the beef and plate it.

“Well… I’m not going to lie, Chloe is about as bad as it gets…” She sighed as if wondering if telling me was smart but continued, “If you were Chloe’s little you wouldn’t have any teeth or need to sit at this table. She nurses all three of her littles only.”

I gasped a little.

“I wish that was the worst, but she also had all three of them through an etiquette school and about all they can say is mama, poopie, and baba. She also had some sort of surgery done on them to keep them from standing. Well… actually Kacey can’t even crawl and is stuck with ‘tummy time,’ as Chloe calls it. It’s really really sick,” she told me with tears in her eyes.


“I honestly don’t know other than maybe she feels like they’re dolls? Sadly she’s not alone. She convinced Cassie to get her little boy Neville back to crawling status. At least he can still talk, but he’s also missing all but three of his teeth so he can’t bite his mommy anymore too.”

“Umm… what… why…” I kind of stumbled over my words.

“Why am I not like that?” She asked. She smirked, “You hope I’m not at least right?”

I shuddered.

“I’m not, but I wouldn’t trust an Amazon further than I could throw them if I were you. I can guarantee Chloe is going to do all sorts of pushing towards me to do that when she visits. I’m going to promise you right now that I’m not putting you down that day. You’re going to just have to be a clingy baby that day and just not say anything if you can help it.”

“I have to meet her…”

“Daughters?” She asked. “Yeah… She’ll expect you to play with them too. Not quite sure what you’re going to do. Know that they might as well be babies now and treat them as such and you’ll probably be okay.”

Fred slipped in the kitchen then, “Smells good!”

She was just dishing stuff onto plates then. A small plate that looked smaller but maybe even still too big for me looked to have more of the butterfly motif on it. “Anyway, you asked why I’m not like that?”

I nodded.

“We had a ‘baby sister’ little growing up at home…” she shuddered, “Hannah was so cute it was hard not to see my mom needing to baby her. Especially as we have children grow up or don’t have kids the mothering instinct in us is incredibly powerful! Studies have actually shown that it’s significantly more so in us than littles or in-betweeners… Anyway, I always viewed Hannah as the cute toddler baby sister to play with and treated her well. Chloe though… Chloe I think was jealous and would constantly bully poor Hannah and get her in trouble. One day something happened… I don’t even know what, but Hannah fell and was killed at a park with her while I was at a summer camp.”

I saw the tears in her eyes and wished I wasn’t restrained so I could give her a hug. “I’m sorry,” I told her.

“It’s not your fault. To this day I think Chloe did something… Anyway, when no one else was around I would talk to Hannah like an adult and she would help me with my homework. She’s the reason I made straight A’s through eighth grade when the accident happened.”

“Why didn’t you…?”

“Try and free her?” She asked with a laugh.

“I was the second daughter and seen as the one with her head in the clouds. My parents would just laugh at me and say I didn’t understand the world when I would suggest we potty train her or something to help. Mom would usually use that moment to grab Hannah and put her to her breast and say something about babies that feed from Mommy have no reason to potty train.”

“Are your parents?”

“Still alive?”

“Yes,” she told me. “I don’t speak to them every day, but I’m sure I won’t be able to keep their new granddaughter away from them forever since they live pretty close to here.”

I felt bad for her but at least I could sort of understand why I probably could trust her more than most. I felt a shiver of true fear though of the idea of dealing with her family. “What about your parents Daddy?”

“They’re still around, but they live on the other side of the country. They may very well want to come out and visit their new granddaughter too, but it may wait until Christmas or the New Year as my dad is always busy with work.”

“Are they…?”

“As bad as Mommy’s parents?” He asked while shaking his head, “No, they never took a little and honestly they will be kind of looking at me strange that we have. I’ll explain everything to them though and I know they’ll be proud that we helped keep you from being someone else’s mindless baby.”

Amanda sat a sippy cup of juice on my tray and then a bib appeared from somewhere that went over my dress. It seemed to have been bought for the expected proportions rather than the way I had come through.

“I wonder why you shrank so much when you came through?” Fred asked thoughtfully as he took his first bite, “This is great Amanda!”

She had just sat down next to me and asked, “See what you think?” A plastic fork had skewered a very small piece of meat that was clearly mutilated to keep me from choking. I opened my mouth wide for it though and took the meat and chewed.

“That’s really good!” I told her. It was in fact one of the best roasts I could ever remember eating!

“Good!” she said with a smile before loading some mashed potatoes up and feeding me a bite of that. “I wonder if it’s because it was her second trip through? Stacy, you said you shrank like eleven inches last time? So this was what probably double that?”

I nodded and said, “yes,” after swallowing the last bite.

“So going back and forth for the summers…” she took it to a logical conclusion I hadn’t thought about.

I just sat stunned for a moment… “If I get any smaller…”

“Yeah, you’re already just a little bit above newborn size right now… you’d be like a preemie,” Fred said.

“It’s something to think about,” Amanda said with a little bit of worry in her voice. Over the rest of dinner they began asking me about other things and in between bites of food I would tell them about our versions of people and things like Disney and they would tell me theirs. Turns out in this world he had actually gone on to be a vice-president of the country. He never built a theme park there though; a rival of his seemed to have beaten him to that. Disney had nearly as much of a market though still on cartoons and toys.

When dinner was done I found myself quite full and had finished the sippy cup. “May I please get down?” I asked Amanda.

“In a few minutes sweetheart, let me clean up dinner. You need to get used to this... “

I sighed.

“Here, why don’t you drink this while you’re waiting?” She said as she brought forth something I had been surprised not to see yet. A pink baby bottle contained what looked like a liter of white fluid that I presumed was milk or formula. I made a face but she told me, “You should be grateful that’s not your dinner. Just drink what you can, but I want half of it gone before bedtime.”

I tentatively picked it up with my hands and couldn’t believe the size of it compared to me. It was actually almost too heavy to handle but I was able to get it in my hands just barely. I stuck the nipple in my mouth and gave it a tentative suck. The milk inside actually tasted pretty good, sweeter than the milk back home, and she had taken the time without me noticing to heat it up so it was nice and warm. It was awkward leaning towards it though as I kind of tried to prop it on the tray. She solved that with some sort of latch on the seat and I found myself leaning back quite a ways. “Is that better?” She asked me as she pulled the tray off and trusted in the straps to hold me there.

“It’s pretty heavy,” I admitted as I sort of thrust it away from my mouth. It felt like I was trying to drink from something like a 2-Liter.

“Well I probably should get the smaller nursers for you… I never dreamed you’d be this small. I mean in your normal world size you’re almost an in-betweener!” I kept nursing a little bit here and there but my arms were definitely getting tired as she cleaned.

I heard Fred tell her, “Here honey, let me get the rest of these honey, you can help Stacy out…”

“Thanks!” She told him almost gleefully. I held the bottle out to her with both hands. She grabbed it from me and sat it down on the table before she fiddled with the harness for a moment. I was soon loose and she picked me up and placed me on her right hip before grabbing the bottle in her other hand. I just stayed still as she carried me upstairs. I saw quickly she planned to sit with me in the glider and she grabbed the quilt from the crib and wrapped me in it before turning me face up in her arms. I watched as the giant bottle and nipple came towards my face and opened my mouth up to accept it while she held the bottle for me.

She began humming as I nursed and I felt myself relax. The whole plan was crazy, but at least I seemed to be with a couple that didn’t want to mutilate me. I found my eyes closing and heard her say, “Well, I guess you’re okay with this part at least baby.”





Chapter 3:

THE NEXT THING I knew the room was dark except for a butterfly nightlight next to the changing table. I tried sitting up and found I was severely impaired by the diaper I was now wearing. ‘Must be one of those night-time diapers…’ I thought to myself and rolled over to see if I could push myself up. Carefully I was able to get on my hands and knees and looked at the bars in front of me. I quietly pulled myself up to my feet with the help of the bars. I looked up and curiously checked something by raising my hands as far in the air as I could. Sure enough I couldn’t even touch the top part of the rails with my hands. I found standing difficult in the diaper and a moment later decided to just give in and sit back down my butt.

‘Not that I planned to try to escape like that,’ I acknowledged. ‘What time was I put to bed?’ With no clock I had no way to know, but I definitely had a strong urge to pee. For a moment I held it in, but remembered how silly that would be. ‘You knew diapers were part of the deal…’ I mentally scolded myself. As I let it all out I was shocked at how much the diaper expanded! I couldn’t believe it could get any bigger! I found myself back on my stomach and grabbed the new stuffed bear that lay next to me.

‘Elena,’ I named her in my mind and cuddled her closely to my chest. I would have expected a soaked diaper to be uncomfortable, but other than how much it had expanded I couldn’t tell that it was wet. ‘Tomorrow is going to be another long day’ I told myself and forced myself to close my eyes and go back to sleep.

It was hard though… I found sleep difficult as I thought about how yesterday had filled in so much information on my future. The gender misunderstanding was embarrassing and tough to deal with pink dresses suddenly, but nothing compared to being the size of an infant! I had come to this dimension expecting to at least be the size of a toddler… or maybe even almost an elementary school kid. Being either of those sizes would have allowed a little bit of freedom compared to my new size. In our world a three-month-old baby would rarely be left alone, and then only when caged safely… In the Amazon world I couldn’t see much more freedom for me either.

Being called ‘princess’ was certainly also a novelty. ‘Being a princess might not be too bad,’ I had to admit with a king and queen like my surrogate family. So far they had shown remarkable restraint and kindness to me.

I couldn’t help but notice though that there were certain things that hadn’t been thrown away as possibilities. It sounded almost certain that baby food was a possibility in the future for meals when we were away from home. ‘If Amanda makes it that might be okay,’ I allowed. She really was an excellent cook, so if it was just pureed food from her cooking it would probably at least not taste terrible. Any sold jars from the grocery store though were most likely going to be disgusting. ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell even worse tasting stuff for littles to be tortured with…’

Amanda’s sisters for the most part sounded like a horror movie brought to life. They were everything I had been warned about, or worse… It sounded like her mom might have been cut from the same cloth too…

‘So was it regular milk or her milk?’ I wondered sleepily as I finally succumbed to sleep again.


WHEN I WOKE again I found I had been rolled back onto my back and had a pacifier back in my mouth. ‘They must have checked on me at some point,’ I said as I sleepily stretched and remembered the wet diaper I was wearing. It now cold and clammy and was rather uncomfortable. I pulled myself back up by the bars and was just about ready to holler for someone when Amanda walked in.

“Oh, you look so cute with that bedhead!” she told me as she walked up to the crib.

I held my arms in the universal ‘up’ pose and she carried me straight over to the changing table as I pulled the pacifier out and let it hang by the clip. “Gee thanks…” I told her.

“Oh no, do I have a grumpy princess?” she asked.

I sighed, “I’m not a morning person.”

“Well, we’ll just have to work on that! Probably a fresh diaper is a good start, huh?”

She proceeded to strip me of my sleeper quickly with a zipper that went all the way to the foot. Once my diaper was exposed she said, “Okay, now which diapee today?”

I groaned, “Pampers?”

“I think we need one of these instead,” she said and I could see one of the princess themed diapers that she had been sold on.

“It’s so thick!” I said as she laid me back down on it a moment later after wiping me clean.

“It’s soooo adorable though!” She smiled at me. “And just think of the waddle or crawl I get to see you with!”

I groaned, “It’s too early for this.”

She tickled me and I found myself back in the sleeper. She grabbed something from the bottom of the stand and carried me to the glider. At first I thought I was about to be fed another bottle, but instead she produced a hairbrush. “Let’s take care of your hair, then we’ll go feed you breakfast and see where we get from there.”

I sighed in relief that was all she had planned.

“What are we doing today?” I asked sleepily as she ran the brush through my hair.

“Well first we have to go to the store and do some shopping for some other things to replace what we bought way too big for you.”

“Like what? I mean besides clothes?”

“Well bottles for one… You could barely lift the full size nursers I bought you! The sippy cup was a smaller one and you were almost fine with it yesterday, so I think we’ll go get one of the half-size nurser sets that are more appropriate for you.”

I sighed but nodded. I felt her twisting my hair around and guessed that she must be braiding it into pigtails. Gabby had insisted on braiding my hair like that for a cross-dressing day for homecoming week. Scarily I had seemed pretty normal looking as a cheerleader in uniform I borrowed for that day…

I felt her tickle my side and she said, “I said I’m done, you really aren’t a morning person, are you?”

I shook my head, “Not without a lot of coffee…”

She turned me to face her in her lap and said, “I hate to tell you this princess, but coffee is one of those things that’s going to be off limits for you.”

I bit my lip but nodded, “I’m not surprised. But would love for you to consider changing your mind…”

She looked thoughtful for a moment, “Tell you what, you make it through your midterms with a 3.5 and I’ll let you have a latte in your bottle each morning.”

I smiled, “Deal,” I extended my hand to hers and she enveloped it with hers.

“Okay let’s get breakfast in you…”

I was carried down to the kitchen where my highchair sat waiting for me and I was soon strapped in wearing a bib with a sippy cup of milk sitting on the tray in front of me. I drank some milk from the sippy cup she had sat down in front of me and watched her move around for a couple minutes to make a bowl of oatmeal for me.

“Some special mornings we’ll have a hot breakfast with eggs, bacon, and such, but this will probably be breakfast for you normally,” she told me.

“That’s fine, a lot of times I don’t even eat breakfast,” I told her as she sat right next to my chair and pulled it on the wheels closer to her.

“Well that won’t work here Stacy, you’ll have something for breakfast every morning.”

I nodded, ‘that wouldn’t be so bad…’

“Let’s get this airplane in your hanger!” She smiled while making an engine sound that made me grimace but I opened up anyway. For the next ten minutes she fed me while playing every cutesy little baby feeding game I’d ever heard of - and then a few more.

By the time she got to the last spoon I said, “I’m full Mommy…”

“Just one more spoon,” she said and I opened up. I felt really stuffed then. “All done!”

She wiped my face with a baby wipe since it had been a casualty a few times that I happened to look the wrong way. The bib definitely had some evidence on it too and I just sighed as she unbuckled me but left the bib on. I started to remove it but she said, “Leave your bib on sweetie.”

She picked me up and carried me to the living room where the playpen was sat in front of the couch. “Play here for a few minutes while mommy cleans up.”

I nodded and tried to stand in the playpen but the diaper was so thick it made it difficult to do so. Just thinking of the diaper brought to mind an urgent warning my body was giving me - I sighed knowing this would come. Given Amanda’s warning about needing to poop each day I knew I didn’t dare hold back on this either. I found myself using a larger ring toy as a way to pull myself up so could squat. ‘Come on, you know you have to do this…’ I told myself.

Suddenly I felt my bowels let go and I could feel the diaper accept the pieces while I kept pushing until I didn’t feel like I needed to go anymore. Suddenly it was like I flashed back to when I was three years old standing back in my grandmother’s house. I remembered being in diapers and just wanting to play with her electric organ there. I pooped my diaper and kept playing. ‘Stacy did you poopie your diaper?” Grandma had asked me and I had shook my head and lied so I wouldn’t have to stop. It hadn’t seemed so bad then!

I didn’t want to fall backwards on the mess so I leaned forwards onto my hands and knees and could feel the mess rubbing against the bottom of my genitals. I sat there a little bit in shock before looking over at the toys in the playpen. I knew Amanda would come soon and decided not to make a big deal out of what was going to become an everyday occurrence for me.

I was looking closely at how a doll in my hand was made when the inevitable happened, “Uh-oh, I think someone made a stinkie!”

I groaned and tried to stand up to hold my arms out to her but instead ended up falling back on my mess. “Eeewww…” I said.

“You didn’t seem to mind it for a while there,” Amanda told me. “You sure you’ve not been a little baby here before?”

I nodded, “It wasn’t too bad until I smushed it…”

“Well let’s go upstairs and changie that stinky diapee!” she told me with a kiss on my forehead and carried me up the staircase and into the nursery. She laid me down on my changing table and I began to smell it worse as she opened the diaper up. To me the smell was enough to make me gag, but she acted like I was a normal baby and this was no big deal at all. ‘Shit happens with a baby,’ I reminded myself. She didn’t try and embarrass me anymore about it too - which I appreciated.

I was quickly re-diapered back into a regular pamper and lay on my back waiting for her to figure out what she was dressing me in. She reappeared a moment later with a pink romper I remembered here cooing over yesterday in the store. It had the words, ‘smile, I’m cute!’ on it and ended basically at the crotch with a little more of a short pair of legs to it than a basic onesie. I appreciated that she’d been good about only shopping in the actual baby portion of the clothing aisle. I had caught a few glimpses of some of the odd clothing they made specifically for littles to wear… It was a thousand times worse!

“Well, now that we’ve got your stinky diaper out of the way for the day, why don’t we go see what trouble the two of us can get in?” She asked me.

“What about shoes?” I asked, noticing my still bare feet.

“You don’t need shoes today Stacy. Everywhere we’re going you’d probably just look out of place.”

I nodded remembering most of the littles I remembered seeing rarely walked, but asked, “Socks?”

She looked at me, but nodded and found some pink socks that folded down and had lace around the bottom of the folded portion. They seemed appropriate to a baby of my age and I groaned at that, but appreciated having something warmer on my often-cold feet.

“Better?” She asked me.

I nodded. “Thanks! Where’s Fr… Daddy?”

“Daddy’s at work, he decided not to take paternal leave right now. I took a few weeks of maternity leave so I don’t have to go to work until after you start your orientation… well I could take off more than that, but what’s the point?” She smiled at me.

“You get maternity leave…?” I asked shocked.

“You’re my new baby, of course I do!” She giggled like that was a truly stupid question. Her behavior was a little bit different this morning, but so far she was still being sweet so I just went with the flow. I was placed on the ground for a moment and watched her repack my diaper bag with the correct size of diapers. I was grateful to see that she only put the regular Pampers and a couple of the thinner diapers in there. She filled my large sippy cup back up with juice and handed it to me to hold two handed as she carried me to the garage and set me in my carrier.

“What’s the outside of the house look like?” I asked as she buckled me into the harness.

“Oh that’s right, you still haven’t seen… I’ll show you when we get back?” She asked.

I nodded and watched her close my door and walk to her side of the car. With a press of a button above her the garage door opened leaving me squinting my eyes with the sudden exposure to daylight. She carefully pulled out of their driveway and began slowly driving down the road. I was just able to catch a quick glimpse of their house though. It looked like a very pretty, and expensive, suburban home with a nice lawn. I couldn’t see many details though before it quickly passed from sight. Bored I began to slowly nurse at the sippy cup of juice, and probably had finished a quarter of it when she stopped.

Our first destination was apparently like a Walmart with a different name, ValuMart. She pulled me out of the carrier and carried me a short distance to where a cart lay unused. As she strapped me into the cart’s seat she asked, “I assume you’d rather sit here than in your carrier?”

I nodded, “I can see this way.”

“Well just remember where we are... If I feel like you’re about to say something you shouldn’t, I’ll plunk a pacifier in your mouth. If you can’t control yourself before that please find that thumb of yours,” she told me.

“It’s not going to be that bad…?” I asked.

She shrugged, “We could run into friends here. Just go with the flow please.”

I was really nervous now, but I was determined to face anything to attend college here. As she pushed the cart towards the entrance I noticed that even though the seat was designed for babies I still felt like it was too big for me. Right away when we stepped inside I couldn’t help but feel intimidated by a store meant for giants and filled with giants. Most of the people inside seemed to be stay at home mothers with a mixture of real, ‘little’ babies, and preschool age children in their baskets. One mom had her little suspended from her neck with a sling and was openly breastfeeding her while talking to another lady.

I couldn’t help but stare at the size of the breast and looked up at Amanda’s set as she looked down at me. I turned red but she merely smiled without saying anything. Our destination was clear as we headed straight for the baby section. Amanda had just started looking up and down at the selection of bottles when I heard, “Oh hi Doctor Westerfield!!!” from a giant girl who appeared to not be much older than I was.

“Hi Jennifer!” She told her and gave her a hug.

“Oh my god, she’s adorable! Is she yours?!?” this new girl said suddenly close to me. “She’s sooo tiny!!!!”

“We just adopted her yesterday,” Amanda told her.

“How old are you?” She asked me.

I looked up at Amanda and she nodded, “Eighteen.”

“Going on three months,” Amanda added.

“I believe that… Are you going to…?” she asked almost accusingly.

Amanda shook her head, “We’re taking care of Princess Stacy’s needs, but we’re not going to mutilate her. She’s even going to start attending the university in a couple weeks.”

Jennifer sighed, “I’m glad to hear that. I hate the way my mom treats Lily…”

“Then why are you in this aisle?”

“Oh, Lily’s out of wipes,” she said and held up some generic baby wipes. “If I don’t get her some Mom will probably just leave her poop on her bottom until her next bath… whenever that would be.”

My eyes opened in shock at that and once again I was grateful for a friendly giant. “That’s horrible…” Amanda said.

“Yeah it is. Maybe I’ll be in some of your classes Stacy?” She smiled at me. “Let me know if you need a babysitter sometime,” she told Amanda. “See you later! Bye bye princess!” she waved the last part at me like you would a real baby.

I blushed and was shaking a bit as I felt Amanda put her hand on my head gently. “You’re okay, if there was one of my students we had to run into that was the one. She is much more like me than most.”

I nodded silently and watched as she began looking at bottles. I found myself turning myself sideways the best I could to see what she was doing. “Need help ma’am?” a helpful store employee asked.

“Just trying to pick out a smaller bottle for her. I never dreamed I would adopt a little so tiny. She can’t hold up a full size nurser.”

“Ah well, that makes sense. Are you wanting to breastfeed too?”

“Why do you ask that?” She asked, not denying that idea.

“Well if you aren’t then this one works fine,” she said holding up one smaller nurser that looked equivalent to the small nursers I remembered from back in my home dimension. “If you think nursing is important I would recommend one of these two to help with nipple confusion.”

In shock I followed her advice and stuck my thumb in my mouth at that point to keep quiet. Truthfully ever since I had seen that woman breastfeeding on my first visit the idea of doing it myself had kind of intrigued me in a strange way. I was curious which she would pick and found myself not surprised when she grabbed both of the types that would be considered good with breastfeeding. She threw in several multi-packs of each and some nipples before pushing the cart away.

“Good baby girl,” she cooed at me sucking my thumb as we continued down the aisles.

We ended up in the clothing aisle and I sat patiently as she threw in several onesies, rompers, dresses, and a pair of shorts that she liked with no request for input from me. Apparently she was satisfied with my three-month size, as she didn’t make me try them on like I saw several babies and littles experiencing in the open right next to the racks. While she was looking through the clothing I discovered who Oliver and Naomi were since they were featured on tons of shirts on the little side of the aisle. Amanda stayed on the actual baby side though which had other characters that mimicked many from my world. Apparently Anna and Elsa from Frozen, along with Sofia the First were sort of the same in this dimension as I recognized them. There were plenty of characters though that I didn’t recognize. Amanda must have sensed that as she would occasionally say, “Oh look there’s…” every now and then. Amanda moved on a mission though and before long we were in the checkout lanes.

Every Amazon mother we passed stared at me with longing in their eyes, but it was those that glared at Amanda in a threatening way that scared me. I hadn’t even realized my thumb was still in my mouth from earlier when she said, “I know that thumb tastes good, but let’s use your paci.”

The kiss on my head and the gentle squeeze made me feel a little bit safer.

“Oh my god she is the most adorable little I’ve ever seen!” The cashier said as Amanda pushed the cart past the card machine.

“Yes she is, isn’t she?” Amanda squealed a bit and kissed me on the forehead again.

There was small talk made for a few moments before the lady said, “You know hon, if you got rid of most of her hair you could pass her for your own natural baby?”

I shuddered and found myself instinctively grabbing to hold my pigtails. “But then she wouldn’t have cute pigtails like this?” Amanda said. “I love her hair, it’s not going anywhere… it’s too much fun to play with!” she smiled at me and I returned a small grimace.

“Suit yourself!” she said.

Once she had me safely strapped into the car seat she told me, “I’m sorry you had a couple of rough encounters there… Unfortunately that’s going to be a pretty regular thing here.”

I nodded, “It’s okay, I’m embarrassed when they happen, but at least I was warned before I came.” I paused and added, “Just please don’t give me away to one of those monsters!”

“No worries about that Princess! You’re all mine!!!!” she told me with a smile and closed the door and walked to the drivers side.

“Speaking of that though, I do want to take you to a local office to… register you as ours.”

I gulped, “What are they going to do?”

“Some of the offices are rougher than others, but this one should be pretty gentle by just doing a checkup, blood sample, and get hand and footprints from you.”

I nodded, “Then I’m officially adopted?”

“Yes…” She said.

“Will that be a problem when it’s time for me to go home?” I asked hesitantly.

“Well if anyone asks I’ll say I sent you to live with your grandparents for a while!” She kind of choked up for a moment before adding, “Thankfully we just got started, so that’s a long ways off!”

I nodded and sat quietly in the seat and drank the rest of my juice that she had handed me back. We pulled up quickly to an office building and instead of getting me out of the carrier she left me inside and just lifted it free of the car.

“If you’re in this carrier I don’t have to worry about as many things happening to you,” she told me.

I nodded, “I trust you,” I said before she put the pacifier back in my mouth and pulled the shade down over the top part of the carrier.

She walked through several doors before arriving at a receptionist’s window where she sat my carrier on the counter. “Oh my god isn’t she precious?!?” the lady cooed while looking in at me. “I never seem to be lucky enough to get one of these cuties!”

Amanda smiled, “As you noted, she’s a cutie. I don’t want to risk kidnapping…”

“Of course, I don’t blame you one bit! Here, take this paperwork and fill it out and we’ll get a spot with the doctor as soon as we can.”


I found myself picked up again and the carrier was gently sat onto the groan. Apparently the carrier could rock when it wasn’t in its base, as I discovered as she rocked me gently with her foot while she filled out all of the forms. It seemed like there must have been about twenty pages from what I could see! I found myself needing to pee again and let it flow into the diaper while my face turned red.

To ignore my now wet diaper I looked around as best as I could from my seat. Several other ‘mothers’ moved about the room in various delightful or hostile moods. All seemed to hold their ‘babies’ tightly to keep them from running and escaping. Just in the time she was writing I watched three littles get spanked bare bottomed, and another had her ear twisted for a moment.

When she finished Amanda picked my seat back up again to take the forms to the window. While the lady looked over them she popped a couple of the snaps open on my romper, “Do you have a place I can change her?”

I flushed red with the diaper exposed and Amanda clearly sharing its state with the receptionist and anyone within range. I bit down on the silicone of the pacifier a littler harder just then to keep from complaining.

“Why yes ma’am, right down the hall here, I’ll show you,” she said as she opened the door beside her and led us to a small nurses station with a padded surface. “I can’t believe how good of a baby she is!”

“Yes she is a special princess.”

Amanda popped the remaining snaps in a hurry and quickly changed me into a clean diaper before redressing me. “There, that should be more comfy, huh?” She said as she hugged me and whispered, “Pretend to be a baby as best you can while we go back. Don’t back talk no matter what they say… and try not to cry out.”

I looked curiously at her but nodded and nursed my pacifier that I was beginning to actually grow fond of. It felt like she had barely set my carrier back down on the ground when the nurse called, “Stacy Westerfield?” I started slightly at the change of my last name. I wasn’t surprised though; after all with Fred’s explanation of the password the night before I figured that was inevitable!

It was obvious to me from my surroundings that we were at a doctor’s office, but it certainly didn’t feel like a normal doctors office back home. Something about the place just gave you the creeps!

From my place in the carrier I could only vaguely see doors as we passed them. As we passed one of them I heard a mans voice shout, “You goddamn bitch!!!! You can’t do this to…” followed by loud whacks and whimpering. As we made it to the end of the hallway I thought I could hear the unfortunate person beginning to bawl.

By another room it wasn’t a thought, you could definitely hear the full on screams of pain and terror from a woman. It was the kind of thing you expected to hear in a horror movie… I found myself shaking slightly in the seat and nursed on the pacifier more to try and distract me.

Finally the nurse led us to an open walled nurses station where she said, “Okay, we’re going to need little Stacy just in her diaper for most of this exam.” Then she looked at me and talked to me for a moment like I wasn’t a baby, “Make sure you behave baby or you won’t like the consequences.”

I nodded meekly and I was quickly freed from the seat and my romper was taken off. “When did you change her last?”

“About ten minutes ago, she was soaked.”

“So she’s using her diapers just fine? Messes too?”

“Happily peeing and pooing like a good little should.”

The nurse nodded like that was the right answer as she picked me up and lay me down on what had to be an infant scale. “Okay… Twenty-four pounds… she really is a tiny thing. You must have had a tough time finding the right diapers!”

I jolted at that, twenty-four pounds? I had lost over a hundred pounds of my weight and not even realized it! ‘Unless they measured pounds differently…’

“Okay little girl, stand tall right here,” she told me and had me stand up next. “Thirty-six inches…” she mused, “I guess we could give you another half or the full inch, what do you want Mommy?” She asked Amanda.

“Just leave her at thirty-six inches, she’s just a little baby anyway,” she told her.

“Yep, no way this one could make her life through the world on her own…” Surprisingly to me she took my blood pressure, pulse, and did a body fat check before directing Amanda to carry me into a waiting examination room while she followed with my carrier.

“Okay, now some health questions for you Mommy,” most of the time Amanda actually knew more than I would have guessed, but several times I told her the answer and the nurse pretended not to hear anything until Amanda parroted it back. It was weird, but I could see how they wanted to continue to degrade any adult confidence a little might have.

The lady nurse left after saying, “I can’t believe how good she is!” to Amanda before looking at me and saying, “Just remember bad crybabies do get punished!”

I shuddered as she left and Amanda collected me in her arms. I snuggled gratefully into her warm body, as it was cold in the room. A moment later a man slightly shorter than Amanda came in, “I’m supposed to get some blood?”

“I think so,” Amanda said.

“Can you hold her arm so she’ll stay still?” He asked.

I just rolled my eyes and sat calmly while they took my blood like any other time I’d ever done it. Of course I wasn’t counting on the needle being twice the size I remembered in my last checkup! I managed to hold still though and other than a brief flinch did my best not to let them know how much the damn thing hurt!!!!! ‘It wouldn’t have surprised me if they used a bigger needle just to make it hurt more!’ I thought to myself. He filled three vials up before pulling the port out and putting a Band-Aid with that show Naomi and Oliver’s characters on it.

“What a good girl!” He said as he patted my head, “Just remember that if you’re a crybaby you will be punished.”

He left and I whispered to Amanda, “What exactly do they do?”

She shuddered herself and whispered, “I watched Hannah get given enemas and spankings with a paddle.”

I shuddered and leaned even closer into her. Shortly thereafter the doctor came in, “Hi, I’m Doctor Nimitz,” he said to Amanda. I froze, knowing he was the other ‘daddy’ I almost chose.

“Hi, I’m Doctor Westerfield,” she told him with a smile.

“So you’re here for this little cutie?” He said with a smile and looked at me. Something about the smile refused to expand to his eyes though and I believed in a heartbeat I had chosen correctly.

“That’s right, especially with this baby girl being so tiny and cute I didn’t want to delay getting her registered for adoption.”

“That’s very smart,” he told her. He looked down at the notes for a moment and then looked at me with recognition in his eyes, “We spoke a couple months ago, didn’t we?”

I nodded, “Yes, sir.” At least it sort of sounded like that through the pacifier.

“Well if I’d had any clue of how cute you would be in a diaper I would have made a stronger case for my wife and I. Truthfully I don’t know why you’d ever bother with college. You’re clearly meant to just be a cute little baby!” I just stared at him without saying anything. “Okay, please place her down on the table so we can do an examination. She’ll need to lose the paci while we do this…” He looked apologetic to me at that.

He felt my lymph nodes, looked in my ears, and listened to my heart and lungs before laying me back and untaping my diaper. When my diaper came down he said, “Oh, so you’re a baby girl with a surprise in your diaper! Mommy do you want me to do something about that?”

I cringed and shook a little in fear, ‘will he just rip off my parts?!?’

“Not now, I kind of think it’s endearing right now... I may change my mind, but her daddy and I need to talk it over a bit more before we do anything too permanent.”

“Makes sense, no rush,” he said.

“What are our options though?” she asked him.

‘Really?’ I screamed inside. ‘She’s serious?’

“Well, do you want her to have it as a punishment?” He paused, “Or do you just want to do it to get it to where she’s right cosmetically?” he shook his head, “There’s even an option out there that would go ahead and give her ovaries so she could have her own little babies.”

He paused for a moment, “I hate to think of this one like that, but she would be ultimate breeder if you mated her with a really short little boy.” He nodded before adding, “I bet I can even get you in touch with a couple of my patients that fit that bill…”

I was truly horrified as I sat there and he talked about making it possible for me to have babies just to make me a baby-making machine. There was no sense of compassion in his voice at all. As he gave her information he never stopped his examination of my groin. A second later he flipped me over on to my stomach while leaving me partially over my diaper. I feared what was coming next and sure enough I felt something enter my butt that I hoped was just a thermometer.

“We’re not interested in mating her,” Amanda said carefully, “but maybe that type of procedure would be best so that we could make sure we have options?”

“Well if you go that route you’ll be able to do it all in one day at the university’s hospital. We have a doctor trained in a new technique there with nanites…” He paused and added, “I’ve heard that they can do other modifications while they’re at it too if you want. Really great designer options!” He laughed, “Speaking of which I just now realized who your husband is. Tell Fred hello for me.”

“I will,” Amanda said as she gently squeezed my hand.

“Well I think that should be good.”

He pulled out the thermometer and I let out a silent sigh of relief. That sucked!

“Okay, last bits I’ll leave in my nurse’s hands. Overall you seem to have a very healthy little on your hands. Be sure to think about what I said and definitely have her back here in six months for a checkup.”

“We will,” Amanda replied as he left and she quickly put a new diaper on me and redressed me in my romper. “Sorry baby,” she whispered to me as the door opened again and the original nurse entered.

“Okay, let’s make some art for your mommy!” the nurse told me with a smile. A large ink pad was brought out and my feet and hands were covered in it before they put them on a large paper labeled, ‘Adoption Certificate.’ I looked at the details on the certificate. Both of my ‘parents’ full names and birthdates were listed, my real age of eighteen was listed with my birthdate, along with my height, weight, hair and eye color. I was surprised to see my gender listed as Female without any surgery required. The nurse scanned a bar code printed at the top of the page with some sort of gun looking device in her hand.

“Where do you want to put her chip?”

Without warning Amanda flipped me over onto my stomach over her lap and I felt her pull back my romper and diaper right on my right butt cheek. A second later I nearly bit my tongue in half to avoid crying out as I felt another feeling like a shot, but worse, go right in there.

“Stay there for a second baby, I know that hurt, sorry,” she told me. A scanner was run over the chip to confirm it was working correctly before the lady said, “You’re such a good baby!”

Amanda held me tight for a few minutes to reassure me while the nurse said, “The chip is active and confidential where it’s located. You actually didn’t put it in any of the most common spots, so hopefully any trader wouldn’t find it easily.”

“Can’t they dig it out?” Amanda asked.

“It’s a lot more work than you would think. Pretty soon scar tissue forms around it inside of her and you end up damaging the goods to get it out. They can reprogram them with a lot of patience, but the password you put in the reader prevents anyone but you from easily doing that. Make sure you share that password with your husband though just in case you need it in the future to update her medical or your contact info.”

Amanda nodded and I found myself sat back in the carrier with my pacifier again in my mouth, just grateful the exam was over! As she walked past another room on the way out the door I heard, “You can’t do this to me!!!! I’m not a baby or a girl!!!!!!!!” A smack and cries of agony serenaded us as she carried me past the receptionist.

Our exit out the door of the building didn’t happen soon enough for me as I could only imagine the horrors that existed in that building.


“I’M SORRY ABOUT that,” Amanda said a little while later after we had driven down a ways.

“That was horrific!” I told her bluntly having lost the pacifier from my mouth when she had closed my passenger door.

“And you were a good girl! You heard… well imagine how it is for most people…” She paused, “How in the world have you been so calm about all of this? If I had to go back to wearing diapers and being tortured and made fun of like you just were…” She took a breath in, “I’d be spitting nails!”

I sighed, “On my previous visit with my family I had a party where I was able to sit and talk with a local little for a couple hours. He had managed to remain free - which given his age of thirty seems even more impressive to me now - but he knew all of the ins and outs. He shared with me pretty much everything that’s happened so far and more… So it’s not like anything was a total surprise like it has to be for some. Just terrifying to see it for real though,” I shuddered.

I paused, “I want to go for this degree so badly that I’ve steeled myself for the past two years basically that any of this can happen. I know I don’t stand a chance of stopping it… my best bet is to be a good passive baby.”

Amanda was silent up front for several minutes before she said, “You’re probably right.”

I sat there for a few more minutes before the car slowed and she said, “You hungry? We’re going to meet Daddy for lunch,” she told me.

I sighed, for a moment it had felt like there was a brief pause in the babying but obviously that wasn’t going to last. She stopped the car and opened my door. She didn’t immediately grab me though instead she messed with something for a moment before she slung my diaper bag on her shoulder. She made quick work of the buckle and we were on our way inside a restaurant that seemed fairly casual. Amanda spotted Fred and we walked over to where a high chair was already waiting for me.

“Hi Princess!” He said to me with a smile and exchanged a quick kiss with Amanda after she buckled me in the highchair.  

The waitress came over and she handed her one of the new bottles, “Would you mind filling this with milk for her?”

“Why certainly, she’s too cute! What would you like to drink?” She asked Amanda.

“Iced tea would be fine,” she told her.

“Great, let me get this cuties bottle filled and I’ll be right back to take your orders.”

“Let’s get your bib on you sweetheart,” Amanda told me. She quickly placed one on me that read ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’ with a tiara underneath it. I groaned but smiled.

“Aren’t you just the perfect little Daddy’s girl?” The waitress said a moment later when she brought my bottle and Amanda’s iced tea. I could feel the bottle was warm - I guessed it was a sign the lady cared.

“I’ll have the Quiche here, and our Princess will have your child’s mac and cheese,” she told her.

“Does the chef need to do anything extra with her food? He can puree it if you need?”

“Oh no, we’ll be fine like it’s supposed to come. She’s a little, but I prefer to just think of her as my normal baby. She’s eating solids and pasta just fine!”

“Okay then, and you sir?”

“I’ll have the Bacon Cheeseburger and fries please.”

“Very good!” She said and walked away.

Amanda quickly grabbed the bottle from the tray and checked it on her wrist before handing it back to me, “Careful, it’s probably a little warmer than it should be, but it’s still safe for babies.”

She gave me a look that I took to be a hint to ‘start nursing,’ which I did. I noticed the milk tasted more normal like at home and couldn’t help but wonder what I had been given last night…

“So what did you two do this morning?” Fred asked.

“Well we had oatmeal,” she smiled at me and made a face, “then we went to ValuMart to pick up some new babas. I think she manages with that size a lot better!”

“Looks like it,” he nodded. “What else did you get?”

“Well first we ran into my student Jennifer Faulkner in the baby aisle.”

“She’s the one…”

“Yes,” she said cutting him off and making me curious.

‘One what?’ I wondered.

“How was she doing?”

“Doing well, her mom apparently was going to make her little sister go without wipeys for a while, so she went to buy some for her.”

“That’s awful, she could end up with more than just diaper rash…”

“You and I both understand that… her mom has always sounded like a piece of work though,” Amanda added. “Anyway, we talked for a little bit and she fell in love with our little princess here. I think she’s probably going to be our go to babysitter if Megan’s not available.”

“As long as you trust her?”

“I do.”

“What else did you manage to get done?”

“Well not much more, we made it to the doctor’s office to make the adoption official. I have three copies of her cute handprints and footprints with the certificate for us to use. I also got her chipped while we were there,” she said the last bit quietly.

“Probably a good idea,” he told her and looked at me nursing the bottle, “I know that had to have hurt princess, but believe me it’s for your own protection.”

I nodded.

“Anything else?” He asked.

“Nope, just lunch with Daddy so far!” She said as plates arrived. The macaroni and cheese actually didn’t look too bad to my surprise, but the burger Fred had sounded way better. It was humongous though, so I was pretty sure there was no way that I could ever have managed even one bite in my small mouth!

Throughout lunch Amanda fed me the macaroni and cheese. By making some sad eyes at Fred I was able to steal a couple of ‘Daddy’s fries’ from him. Each of those was practically a quarter of a potato back home! The bottle sat with a quarter left when we were waiting for the check so I sat and finished it. As I popped it out from my mouth I found myself letting out a huge burp.

Amanda smiled at me, “Did you have some wigglies in your tummy?” she cooed at me before she used the bib to wipe a little bit of stray cheese sauce from my face. She removed it and placed it in my bag before she picked me up out of the highchair.

“What are you two ladies doing now?” Fred asked.

“Well I think we’re going to run home for a little while for the princess to take a nap. After that I think we might take a walk over to the university.”

“Okay, I may be home earlier this afternoon than normal. Doctor Clark just about fired me when he found out I have a new baby at home and I’m not there helping my wife.” He smiled at both of us.

She laughed, “I bet, Bob has always been a softie!”

After a kiss from him Amanda carried me outside and I was once again bound in my car seat. I waited for us to get home for naptime. ‘Sounds so exciting…’ I thought grudgingly to myself. While she drove I felt the need to pee more and let it out into the diaper with a sigh.


Thankfully for my growing boredom the ride home took just a few minutes, and I once more found myself in their garage being picked up. Amanda didn’t set me down though; instead she walked out the open garage door so I could see the front of the house properly. “See there’s plenty of pretty grass for you to play on,” she said with a smile. “Though you won’t play out front much because I don’t need you getting hurt, huh?”

I looked at the two-story house and saw it was a sort of Victorian style home with gabled peaks. The front had a long porch complete with a white rail and porch swing. A single tree that looked like a Magnolia tree rose from the ground in the middle of the lawn. It was monstrous to me in size and I was impressed by how pretty the house was. I was also more than a little bit unnerved that it looked very similar to my parent’s house! It was different colors though, while my parents had painted their house in shades of yellow, this was painted in shades of green. And probably thirty feet or more in additional height...

“I’ll show you the backyard once I get everything put away,” she told me with a smile as she bounced me lightly on her hip and closed the garage door. She took me to the living room and sat me down in the playpen while also making me jump as I felt a fingers intrude on my diaper. “I’ll have to change that wet diapee here soon too!”

I blushed bright red as she disappeared to go carry stuff in, while she apparently felt safe leaving me alone since I was very effectively caged in the playpen. After watching her go back out to the garage through the white mesh fabric I went back to the doll I had been looking at a bit earlier. I began messing with her and a stuffed cat next to it debating about how I would be expected to play with them. Before long Amanda was back and took me upstairs for the needed diaper change. “Since I’m going to put you down for your nap I’m going to put you in one of your pretty princess diapers,” she told me excitedly.

I groaned.

“They’re not that bad are they?”

I nodded my head, “They intentionally make it impossible to walk!”

“Well good! You won’t need to because you’ll be napping!”

In an effort to avoid being bored in the crib right away I asked, “Could you show me the backyard first, like you promised?”

She sighed, “I did promise that didn’t I?”

I nodded, “Uh-huh.”

“You think you’re stalling your nap, aren’t you?”

I gave her my most angelic face I could possibly make, “I would never do that Mommy!” I kept my face and said, “I’m a good girl!”

She laughed at me and tickled me for a moment, “You certainly are a good girl! I have to keep reminding myself that you’re not a normal baby, or a normal little. It takes everything I have to keep from going and getting some other tools to regress you more…”

I shuddered a little bit, “Please don’t.”

“I won’t do anything without asking first. But I would suggest it might be a good idea to think about some help on unpottytraining yourself? I saw the look on your face in the car as you wet your diaper, maybe you might be less miserable if you’re not aware you’re going?”

I shook my head, “I was reading in the college handbook that if I poop myself in class I can be kicked out of the university. I have to at the very least keep my bowel control.”

She looked like that was a surprise to her. “What?”

“I’ll show you later. It was a small line that I think most people would probably overlook, but all it would take is one angry professor….”

“Gah, and it would probably be Professor Krantz too…” she muttered. She carried me down the staircase and said, “By the way, how did you know Doctor Nimitz?”

I sighed, “I had narrowed it to you two and him and his wife from my fifty some responses.”

“You have no idea how close you came to disaster…” She told me and I could see some tears in her eyes.

“I kind of got that feeling when I talked to them over the link and also today. I know I picked the right mommy and daddy!” She squeezed me and then led out a sliding door to the backyard. A fence that looked pretty formidable to me ran round a beautiful pool they had in the backyard. I saw a sandbox and swing set that didn’t look brand new like everything else.

“Those look older…” I pointed.

“They came with the house and came in handy when my sisters visited until they messed with their littles ability to walk. I think we might put in another playground at some point, but since you’re supposed to be a baby I don’t know how much we really should put in for you. A lot of people would probably prefer to see us use that infant swing and nothing else.”

I noticed that one of the swings had a traditional infants bar and harness to it to make it very safe for someone my size. ‘Or make it the perfect way to trap them for hours…’ I thought darkly.

“Okay, enough stalling, naptime!” She commanded.

“I wasn’t stalling,” I told her innocently.

“Right…” she tickled me for a moment and then retraced her steps inside the house. Back in my room she lay me down on top of the quilt in the crib for a quick second before quickly and effectively tucking me inside of it to where I couldn’t move.

“What are you doing?” I asked before being effectively silenced with a pacifier. I didn’t complain though and sucked on it lightly.

“It’s called swaddling Stacy, I should have done it last night but I was worried with the sleeper you would be too hot. It helps keep me from worrying about you flipping over and possibly having problems breathing…”

I looked up at her and wondered if I was now getting to another story, but chose not to push. She kissed my head and reached above me to turn on the crib’s mobile. Just as she began to turn around I noticed a dark dot on her left breast. She was out of my sight quickly though and I was left to look at the mobile of butterflies turning while Brahms Lullaby played softly. Seeing nothing else I could do I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.




Chapter 4: 

I WOKE UP to the sound of someone doing a really poor job of sneaking around. “Shhh, she’s sleeping!” Amanda scolded.

“Probably only because you made her,” the voice hissed back. “Oh my god she is so adorable.”

“Umm thanks,” I told the voice as I opened my eyes and looked at a shorter version of Amanda.

She squealed, “Can I pick her up?”

“Yes,” Amanda said, “just be careful…”

“I will,” she said the strange giant grabbed for me and released me from the quilt. I felt her finger quickly check my diaper and I blushed. “All dry!”

“Well, we’ll have to fix that soon, huh?” Amanda said to me with a smirk.

“Ignore her, she’s just grouchy cause someone else is holding you. I’m your Auntie Megan by the way,” she told me with a smile.

I sighed in relief, “Thank god, I was worried it was…” I caught myself.

“Chloe?” She shuddered, “Yeah, I think that would be a bad nightmare to wake up to her face. You haven’t told Chloe about Stacy yet, have you?” She asked her.

“Not yet. I haven’t even told Mom yet,” she added.

“Just me, your baby sister?” She asked with a smile as she held me in her arms like an infant and I could just make out both of their faces by going back and forth with my eyes and head.

“Well duh, you’re the only sane one in the bunch. You’re probably thinking about how you could sue me for taking a free little…” She seemed to be joking.

“Well if she was free and didn’t invite you to adopt her…”

“Yes I know the law sis. In this case we actually have that contract you saw.”

“Interesting contract too. What did your lawyer say about it?” She asked.

“In theory it’s legally binding that we return her after college. But he did mention that there were probably a dozen loopholes around it if we just wanted to keep her for ourselves,” she smiled kindly at the suddenly wide eyes I made at her, “but we’re not intending on that!”

“Good, I will come back and take you on myself if you or anyone abuse this cutie! I won’t let her become another Kacey…” she said sadly before saying, “So Stacy, tell me about yourself,” she said as I was carried downstairs to the couch where she sat me in her lap facing her.

“Well, I came here a couple years ago…” I told her all about why I was insane enough to come and she was good about listening to me. “So anyway, it seemed safest to go ahead and have I guess foster parents instead of risking whatever else came up out of the dorms.”

“That’s very smart of you,” she told me, “I’ve had a few littles in the last couple semesters of my classes - I’m going to be a junior by the way - that have all ended up disappearing to etiquette schools… Sadly it’s like a matter of time for every one of them. Last week they introduced a bill in the Senate to make it permissible for the first person to put a hand on a little that comes to this dimension to be their guardian.”


“Yes, yesterday that lady would have become your guardian…” Amanda said with a catch in her voice.

“Anyone coming through the portal?”

“There’s still a diplomatic clause in effect for the tour groups, but yeah, anyone else will be swept up into a nursery before they can say baba,” Megan said.

“What was I thinking…?” I said aloud.

“Well, two years ago when you visited it wasn’t as bad. There were some serious roads being made towards little’s rights then.”

“What about my ability to be in college?” I asked Megan. She honestly seemed to understand the situation better than anyone.

“Well your parents have decided they want you attending school. While every Amazon will think they’re nuts, they’re your parents and have full authority over you like any parent.” She said with a smirk, “same way they could enroll you into elementary, junior high, high school, or a regular pre-school and no one would bat an eye on those!”

“Anything but junior high again…” I looked at Amanda pleadingly with a smile.

“Don’t worry, you’re off to college young lady,” she smiled at me. “Speaking of which, I promised you a walk in your stroller, didn’t I?”

“Umm… yes?” I said, not really caring about it.

“Megan you want to come give her a tour of the campus?”

She smiled brightly at me and said, “sure!”

Megan checked my diaper and said, “Geeze Mandy, did you put her in a thick enough diaper?”

“It’s cute!!!” She told her. “Seriously pop the snaps of her outfit and look at it, it’s adorable!”

Megan looked at me sympathetically, “May I, she has me curious now?”

I nodded and she wasted no time pulling my outfit apart and looking at the very pink and feminine diaper. She sighed, “I’m so glad I’m not a little, I would burn this…”

I laughed, “You can still do that for me?”

“Nah, she’s right, it is cute… on YOU. You haven’t even put a dent in that padding, do you feel like you need changed yet though?” She asked me.

“No, I’m probably good. It could soak up half of the ocean I think…”

She squeezed me tight, “I like you. I have dibs on you if my sister gets tired of you!”

There was a bit of a circus that went on while Amanda grabbed a stroller she had stored in the car. My car seat carrier apparently connected into it normally, but so that I could see she just let me sit in the very oversized toddler seat. I was so small she could barely get the straps tight enough, and even then I could have slipped out if I wanted to! I watched as Megan filled a bottle of juice for me, while Amanda simultaneously stuffed a pacifier in my mouth, before handing me Elena to hold. I sighed as she started walking down the street and I learned quickly we were only a few blocks from the campus. “Look over there,” Megan said to me, “That’s the student union where we have a cafeteria, the bookstore, and some offices!”

She was being cute with her voice in a way that made me think she was hiding my intelligence from the people we passed by. Many of those waved and cooed at me, but we were other wise allowed to walk by unmolested. The buildings with massive lecture halls were pointed out from the outside for me. Apparently the university prided itself on small class sizes, but still had four large lecture halls; the largest seated seven hundred students! They also took the time to point out the building that housed the computer and math departments that would be my home. The sisters decided to take a break midway through the campus and sat down on a bench with my stroller facing them.

Amanda took the bottle of juice out of the diaper bag and replaced my pacifier with it. “So you’re keeping her on solid foods?” Megan asked.

“We have no agreement on that in the contract, but I think to be kind yes,” she told both of us.

“That is kind… and as long as you’re not using cloth diapers it doesn’t really matter what her poop is like, right?”

I looked up inquisitively enough that she told me, “breastfed babies poop is water soluble, which means your poopy diapers could just be put in the washing machine and everything would dissolve!”

I made a face at that and Amanda leaned forward to tickle me. Megan’s face changed as she looked at her and said, “Manda really? Already?”

Her eyes appeared drawn to two spots that were similar to the one I’d seen earlier. She sighed, “Yes, and this is with pads in!”

“You know most can only really deal with it in one way…”

She nodded, “I don’t want to push something on Stacy that she doesn’t want…”

“What’s going on?” I asked as I took the bottle nipple out of my mouth.

I watched her look around to see if anyone else was around, she sighed and answered, “Most Amazon mothers have a really strong maternal instinct. Sometimes all it takes is seeing a cute little and I deal with leaking breasts for a week… I’m not surprised that a day with you and I’m leaking like a cow…”

“Does it hurt?” I asked


“Those?” I asked, as she seemed to hurriedly dig something discreetly out of the bag. I could see for a brief second they were pads that she swapped out some others that were already there for ones she bagged in a plastic bag.

“No… but it would feel better if the milk was gone. I’ll have to buy a pump I guess to get rid of it…”

“Or…” Megan said looking at me, “Somehow I don’t think Stacy would mind trying it…”

“Well…” I put the bottle in my lap and squirmed in the stroller as I tried to think this through carefully… “I don’t know... I wouldn’t want to only eat it though…” I told her.

“New deal?” She asked me.

I sighed, “What?” I did my best to figure out what I had just implied.

“If it’s not horrible to you, we do this three times a day? I’ll feed you real food all the time - not baby food - but that will keep me from doing this…”

“And if I hate it?”

“Then I’ll buy a pump and use it instead. Maybe another baby can drink it?”

I thought back to that first woman I had seen when we came back and couldn’t deny there was a curiosity in my body from that. The very idea of it had been arousing to me since then…

“Deal,” I told her.

There wasn’t a second of hesitation then for here as she unbuckled me from the seat and promptly revealed a gigantic orb of flesh that I had little idea of what to do with. Her nipple stuck out from the breast far enough that it would easily reach my back molars. ‘Nothing but to try it…’ I had just thought as her hand guided my head and open mouth to it.

I really had no real idea what to do as my mouth tentatively rounded on her flesh. My tongue touched her nipple and discovered milk was already leaking out. It entered my mouth before I even suckled and I discovered that it didn’t taste bad at all! I gave her breast suckle like I did with a bottle, and was rewarded with a mouth of liquid that tasted far better than I believed it would! It was like an amazing vanilla shake or something. Before long I felt like the world was on standby as all I thought about was sucking more!

After awhile it stopped coming and I became a little annoyed. A finger tickled my chin and Amanda said, “Let’s try the other one instead…” I felt like I was on some sort of insane drug or something as I found myself latched onto her other side. “I guess it must be pretty good,” Megan said next to her.

Amanda sighed, “I guess so, we’ll see when she gets out of the milk coma what she really thinks.”

“Yeah… I have a hard time after that reaction not thinking there’s something to be said about our milk being addictive.”

I tuned most of the conversation out though as all I seemed to care about was getting the next gulp of milk. Before long I was actually feeling kind of full just before the last of this breast ran dry. “Hand me that cloth,” I heard Amanda tell Megan.

“Here sis,” she said. “You didn’t burp her between breasts, I bet she spits up quite a bit…”

“Yeah…” I suddenly became more aware of the world as I found my face being held to a cloth on her shoulder and my back gently patted.

‘This won’t work on me… will it?’ I thought just as a big belch issued from my lungs along with a bunch of milky spit up.

“Eew…” I said aloud as my mouth felt kind of gross then.

“It’s okay baby, that’s to be expected,” Amanda said as she gave me a loving squeeze. “Good thing we put you in that thick diapee, huh?” She told me then.

“Huh?” I asked.

“She’s still out of it…”

“Think I should I change her here, or just wait?”

“With how much she just drank she’ll keep going for a while I’d guess. You may have a stinker before long too…”

I felt myself bounced up and down as my eyes felt sleepy. “We’ll just let her sleep it off then,” Amanda said as I felt myself buckled in, a pacifier slipped in my mouth, and then nothing.


NEXT THING I knew I was laying in Megan’s lap with the news on TV. “Oh, so you decided to wake up, huh?”

I looked at her confused but nodded. My diaper must have been changed because it felt like one of the ‘thinner’ Pampers again. “What happened?” I asked and spat out the pacifier that I was nursing.

“Well my crazy sister exposed you to her psychotropic breast milk and then we decided to go party in the town. Before I knew it you were hanging on a chandelier daring some crazy twelve-foot tall lady to change your diaper before you shot her?”

I laughed, “So it made me crazy?”

“Not crazy per se, but definitely makes you zone out. Some of the littles groups have tried to make it illegal to feed littles the milk because it seems to have some side effects.”

“What else?”

“Well eventually you sort of crave it…” she hesitated, “I’ve seen research that it lowers resistance to suggestions and possibly may affect control of your toilet training.”

“Great… So one hit and I’m an addict?” I asked.

“No, probably not…”

I saw it was only Megan, “What do you think I should tell her?”

“You’re here for four years, right?”

I nodded, “That’s the plan.”

“Honestly neither of you has the self-control to not do it again; I say just go for it. Set a limit like you did and try and stick to it the best you can.”

“Have you ever had that happen to you?” I asked her.

She nodded, “Chloe’s littles caused it one time… You’ll probably do it to me too if I’m here much. I’m a sucker for cute princesses,” she said as she tickled my stomach a little.

I groaned with the thought, “Umm… did…?”

“Did I change your diaper and discover your secret?” She asked with a smile before answering, “Yes I did.”


“And… what?”

“Well what do you think?”

“Well it’s not like you have a say in the clothes you wear silly.” She told me. “My big sister is a nice girl, but she’s definitely going to want to play dress up with her doll!” She tickled my stomach a little more and blew a raspberry on my neck. I squirmed quite a bit before she stopped, “You honestly want to know what I think?” She asked, “Even if I may not be unbiased?”

“I think you’re less biased than anyone else from the way you talk. I think you actually believe in rights for littles?”

She sighed, “I do… but I’m also a realist. Stacy my advice would be to go ahead and do the procedure. With the technology at the university it’s just a matter of knocking you out, injecting you with some nanites, and then you wake up with the right parts for the Stacy that was admitted into the university. I’m worried if someone discovers something extra on you that they’ll use that as a pretext to dismiss your scholarship and insist you go to an etiquette school.”

I nodded, “Seems like something that could easily happen.”

The garage door opened right then and I jolted a bit at the sound. Fred came in a moment later and asked, “How’s my favorite princess?”

“Good,” I answered tentatively.

He took me out of Megan’s lap and held me before giving me a quick hug, “I know you’re not quite comfortable with me yet Stacy, but I promise you can trust me.”

I nodded, “I’m trying…”

“Hi Megan,” he said and gave her a hug from the side when she stood. “Where’s Mommy?” he asked her as much as me.

“She ran to pick up pizza, she should be back soon.”

‘So I was already left with a baby sitter, huh?’ I thought to myself.

“Great!” He felt my diaper without warning and said, “Well I guess that’ll last you through din-din?” I turned red and found myself hiding in his shoulder. Somehow it was even more embarrassing that he had checked me than it was one of the girls…

He just laughed, “You better get used to it sweetie, sometimes Mommy has to work and I’ll be the one taking care of you.”

I just nodded.

“Auntie Megan would you go ahead and take her back while I clean up for dinner?”

He handed me back to her, “Of course,” she answered with a smile.

“What now?” I asked her.

“Want to swing outside?” She asked me.

I shrugged, “sure?”

“You don’t sound too enthused…”

“Well this isn’t unexpected stuff, but it’s not why I came here?” I suggested to her.

“I get that,” she told me. “You really think you can make it through the program here?”

I shrugged, “I have no idea… I hope so. I know there’s a uniform for littles on the campus that I’ll have to wear. I know that diapers are okay as long as they’re not messy in class… I guess we’ll see what comes beyond that.”

“What about your real family?”

“What about them?”

“Aren’t you going to miss them?”

“I do already, but there’s nowhere back home that would have been as good for college as this. I would have had to move away anyway... In theory without that law you told me about I would think it would be safe for them to visit with a guide… now I’m not so sure. I think the last thing I want is to be in a crib next to my parents!”

She nodded, “I’ve always felt it’s especially cruel when littles over the age of 30 are kept like this. At least at your age you’ve only had a little bit of freedom so far…”

I sighed, “I think it is just plain cruel.”

The garage door opened again and soon Amanda came in with two huge boxes of pizza and a ValuMart bag in her hands. “Who wants pizza?”

Ten minutes later we were all sitting at the table… well sort of. I was in the highchair with a bib on and half of a ridiculous slice of pizza on a plastic plate in front of me. I had heard of a place somewhere in Texas that sold pizzas that were like 42” and could feed a family of who knows… The pizzas she brought home must have been pretty close to that size and I watched Fred tear through four slices like nothing.

I found myself carefully taking bites out of the slice slowly. It was good, but I couldn’t help the fact I was definitely still full from my experience a couple hours earlier.

“So what do you think of Emerson?” Fred asked me.

“I really like it!” I told him, “When we were given the tour a couple years ago I couldn’t believe how far ahead everything was from us… I just hope I can get through the basics and catch onto your more advanced ideas quickly.”

“I never asked, what languages have you learned so far?” Amanda asked. Megan seemed interested too.

“Well I can write well in about five of the languages back home, we call them C#, SQL, Java, JavaScript, and Python. I’ve also dabbled a bit on the iOS stuff Apple puts out. I don’t know if you all even have those?”

Amanda looked stunned but answered, “Well we have all of those actually. Those were our standard languages ten years ago. Those all have bumped up to new standards and we’ve added a few others you’ll need to learn too. If you know those though I think you should pick up on them quick…”

I sighed in relief, “Hopefully the syntax is all the same and everything here. I don’t suppose you would have some software and a compiler to work with those here at home?”

“Of course,” she smiled at me, “tomorrow we’ll both go play together with it?”

“Cool!” I said, suddenly feeling like maybe there was a future beyond drooling and messy diapers still. I looked at Megan, “What’s your major?”

“I’m doing two actually, Philosophy and Computer Science to go Pre-Law.”

“A lot of people would say those have nothing in common, but a lot of the logic principles carry over from the two,” Amanda said proudly of her baby sister.

I nodded, “I’ve heard that. If I was back home I think I would probably try to do the same. Here I’m just going to try and get away with my mind intact and one degree!”

“Speaking of your mind intact…” Amanda asked guiltily. I had just taken my last bite and gulped it down nervously. “How… how are you feeling now?”

I smiled at her, “I seem to be fine now.”

“What happened?” Fred asked nervously.

“Well… we went for a walk earlier,” Amanda started, “and… well…”

“Your wife started leaking from her boobies like a dairy cow at the farm,” Megan finished with a smile.

“Megan!” Amanda said annoyed.

“Well that’s what happened isn’t it?” She smiled and stuck her tongue out at her. Clearly she was determined to maintain levity at the table.

“So does this mean Megan nursed?” Fred asked with a twinkle in his eye.

“Eeeeew…” both Megan and Amanda said in stereo.

“No, but I did,” I admitted.

“Were you forced to do it?” He asked me with concern.

“No,” I said.

“We made a deal,” Amanda told her husband, “since as long as she’s around the boobs will keep leaking… she would try it and see if she liked it.”

“And did you Stacy?”

“Well she definitely became crazy about it…” Megan said.

“Stacy?” He asked.

“It was weird… Honestly it tasted amazing… Once I had one mouthful my body just wouldn’t stop craving it. I’ve never done drugs… but I felt like a drug user must. Is there something in Amazon milk that does that?”

He sighed, “It’s hard to determine which of the research into that is genuine and what’s been altered to fit agendas.”

“What do you think?” I asked him.

“Well… like I said the field is muddled. Most of the research studies that are done on breastfeeding real infants show that it helps with brain development, helps with body development, etc. We have movements like ‘Breastfed Babies are Best’ around all the time. On our infants it does seem to yield benefits above formula fed infants through the first few years… I think that research is absolutely certain.”

“And on littles?”

He sighed, “Well the majority of the research here has so much bias so clear it’s impossible for me to believe anyone can say it with a clear face. The research tries to say that breastfed littles are better-behaved, more docile, more loving, healthier weight wise, less sick, etc. The problem is that most of the major research is sponsored by people with their hands in etiquette schools. They make money by pushing the idea of littles needing their teeth removed so they can’t bite their mommies. I always find that funny given your teeth can’t even pierce the skin of an Amazon’s breast - no matter how hard you bite! They also push that it’s a healthier diet and you’ll live longer with a more youthful appearance.”

Amanda looked a little nervous, “What do you think…?”

“Well I thought we weren’t going to do this yet to be safe…?” I saw he was genuinely unhappy about this and Amanda kind of shrunk her giant figure down a little bit. He sighed, “Something in the milk of most Amazons seems to instantly make a craving happen. The little can’t really help needing to finish what their mommies have for them. It seems to have some sort of calming quality that becomes at the very least a psychological support for them. It does seem that those littles on a mixture of breast milk and regular food are in better health longer too. Those only on breast milk though tend to bloat up and gain too much weight. Many of those end up needing other care twenty years down the road for heart related issues.”

He paused, “The biggest downside, or benefit according to most Amazons, is that breastfed littles seem to lose their urinary continence very quickly. Bowels don’t seem to be as directly affected except how milk normally affects a person.”

“So I’m probably not an addict?” I asked him.

He shrugged, “One hit won’t do it, but if you keep it up you may find you need Mommy’s milk more and more? I don’t honestly know. We were going to wait until you were a bit more settled before it came up, but my wife has always had such a strong maternal lactation reflex I’m almost surprised it took her until this afternoon to soak through the pads.”

I looked at Amanda, “Last night’s milk?”

“Regular milk with a little bit of honey in it…” She paused, “I really am sorry Stacy…”

I sighed, “I don’t think any true harm has been done honestly.” I paused for a moment, “The bet was if I would enjoy it or not?”

“No Stacy, I’m calling…”

“Hold on… I know it probably wasn’t our brightest moment, but you’re doing me a huge favor by taking me in and NOT making me a mindless infant. If my presence is going to make your body have that reaction… I don’t mind helping out.”

“Are you sure?” Fred asked.

“Really Stacy… maybe it’s not a good idea…” Megan said. She had gotten stiller and stiller on the side and I sensed she felt even guiltier than Amanda had since she egged her on.

“We just have to be very careful when. I’m guessing I messed my diaper on the way back home?” I asked.

Amanda nodded, “About fifteen minutes later…”

“So I think you can probably add some bowel reaction to your research,” I told Fred. I thought for a second, “What time are my classes probably starting?” I looked at Megan.

“You’re a freshman, so you’re probably stuck with 8:30am?”

“And end?”

“Well you should be able to be done by 5pm every day. Once in awhile there’s an odd evening class. Extracurricular groups tend to meet in the evenings… most of those would be dangerous for you though.”

I nodded and thought through my agreement before looking at Amanda, “Okay, when I wake up and before bed I think would be safe?” I suggested to her. “On weekends after lunch?”

“We said three times?” She tentatively asked.

“Well let’s wait and see my class schedule first?” I said. “Remember if I defecate in my diaper in class I’m on a one-way trip to nursery school instead of that college degree.”

She looked guilty, “and you did zone out really good…”

I nodded, “So is that fair to you? I did make the deal and will stick with it.”

“Deal,” she said with a smile.

“You sure?” Fred asked me.

I nodded, “I’m a m… girl of my word.”

“I’ll try and see if I can’t get some emergency drugs for you to have on hand too…” he said.

“What?” Amanda asked.

“We both know there will be some close calls for Stacy here… probably best if she has some emergency injections to counter any bouts of diarrhea or in case someone tampers with her.”

She nodded, “By the way Stacy make it your habit to NEVER accept food, candy, or drinks from strangers. If a drink is out of your sight, even for a minute, don’t accept it.”

“What about at restaurants?” I asked.

“From now on I’ll make sure we take something with us…”

I sighed, “You know this is complicated.”

“Yes it is, if you’d rather just go to daycare and watch Naomi and Oliver that would be fine with me…” she smirked at me.

Fred and Megan laughed and I just stuck my tongue out at her.




Chapter 5: 

MEGAN LEFT SHORTLY after dinner with a promise to see us soon and also keep my existence secret from the rest of their family. I had then been deposited on the floor of my nursery after a quick diaper change.

I was debating what I was going to do when Fred brought a baby gate from somewhere and secured it to my doorway. “Really?” I asked.

He laughed, “This is one of those things the protection agency would look for if they ever come check on our house. Amanda asked me to pick one up on my way to work…”

The gate secured to the outer edge of the doorframe. Since the door swung in you could close the door and leave it in place as it had it’s own gate that swung open or closed. He left it closed and the door open when he left a moment later leaving me caged in my room. I walked over to my desk and got on my laptop.

There was a message from my parents,

Hi Stacy,

So they thought you were a girl? I bet you have a really pretty nursery… We didn’t make any deals on that front, so I hope everything’s okay? Or at least you’re okay with the consequences? We knew when you decided to take this adventure you would be taking a huge risk of anything being possible!

I sighed, ‘if I show up with a vagina I don’t think they’ll freak too much…’

We’re just glad that you’re safe and still okay. Please keep writing us, we promise to intervene if the contract is breached.

By the way Gabby came by yesterday, she wants pictures! I couldn’t help but laugh at that. I think if she were there she’d probably be jumping to be your Amazon mommy.

‘That’s just weird…’ I thought, ‘But yep, I bet she would…’

Write soon, we love you so very much,

Love Mom and Dad

I sighed and looked down at the romper I had been wearing all-day and let myself go pee in the diaper some. I watched the padding swell as I did so and couldn’t help but think about Elena’s diaper change by Gaby this summer… ‘Mom’s right, Gaby would jump on babying me in a heartbeat!’

The romper left my legs exposed and I noticed for the first time the hair on my arms and the stubble on my legs seemed more than a little out of place for a supposed girl... let alone baby. I knew decisions would have to be made on that and my boy parts very soon. I ignored thinking about that for a moment though and began writing a reply. As I began the letter I used a couple safe key phrases that sounded innocuous before getting to the heart of the message,

Today I heard some things that make me really nervous… should something happen I’m not sure it would be worth you attempting to enforce our contract… If I disappear I would really love the idea of you coming for me like a knight on a white horse, but think it through carefully. The reason I worry is that there are some new law changes from the past two years and several coming. In the likely circumstance that the new laws pass, anyone without a guide coming straight out of the portal can be adopted by the first Amazon to touch them.

It’s sick… it’s like a game to many of them! I would be in big trouble now if that law had already been on the books as another Amazon woman attempted to get me the second I came out of the line in the terminal. If Amanda hadn’t immediately claimed me as her baby this lady would have carted me off. While Amanda was dressing me in the changing room the lady actually showed up with a man that was fighting her tooth and nail! I watched as she spanked the living daylights out of him. He had to have been almost two feet taller than I am now too… She said things that make me certain he was taken straight to an orphanage or one of their etiquette schools.

Speaking of height… I shrank a lot more than expected this trip… waaaay more than last time! Last night when I messaged you I just honestly thought everyone was so much taller than me - like I expected.

With Amanda being ten foot one, and Fred being nearly eleven feet tall I didn’t think about it… Today at a doctor’s office I was measured and I discovered I shrank down to about thirty-seven inches… I know even in our world I would be toddler sized! Here I’m the size of an infant! We’re not sure if it’s related to a second trip, or it was caused by something else - for all I know it could be some sort of control on the Amazon’s end to allow them to have better designer control on their littles… not that they really need that as it is. I know without a doubt that I’m truly adorable by their standards and really in danger if left unattended. Dad you might be okay with a second trip, but Mom you might be doomed to shrink more like me too…

Amanda did take me today to get ‘adopted’ legally. With that they put a chip in me like some pet… It hurt like hell! But, supposedly if I’m kidnapped it’s not easy to remove. While I pretty much believe Fred and Amanda think of it that way, I’m sure most people think of it as a way to prevent a little from escaping…

Please… I’m not sure it would be worth coming for me if something goes wrong. I also think it would be dangerous for me to make the trip home for vacations. We’ll talk a little more at the portal Friday I guess though.

I made sure a few more safe phrases were included before signing it,



I felt a tear go down my face as I faced the reality of my circumstances. ‘If you have half a brain cell you’ll go home and never come back at the first chance…’

“Are you okay sweetie?” Amanda’s voice startled me.

I looked up at her form kneeling down beside me and wondered if she had read my e-mail as I typed it. It really didn’t matter if she did, I had written under the assumption that she and the authorities would all read it. I had been a little more open on my thoughts about them than maybe I should, but it was all stuff that should have been mostly protected by free speech clauses - even here in this dimension.

I shook my head and answered, “No, I’m pretty sure this whole thing was the dumbest thing ever done by a teenager on their way to college ever!” I shuddered, “I didn’t really consider how the laws would change… and how much I would change. Last time I visited I was still nearly my real size. I would be a toddler even in our world at this size… here I’m an infant! Am I going to be able to even walk to classes?” I said even softer, “Will I even be allowed to walk to class…?”

Amanda took me in her arms and cuddled me for a long moment before kissing the top of my head, “Princess we promised you you’ll leave this world with a degree, and your mind intact and able to walk. I intend to keep that promise no matter what!”

“I hope you can keep that…” I told her.

“I will,” she said with another squeeze. “Now, I think that diapee could wait a bit longer, but it’s definitely past time for Princess Stacy to have a bath!”

I smiled at that and asked, “Can I have bubbles at least?”

“Can you have bubbles?” She pretended to be angry, but I could tell already when she was joking, “You want bubbles?” She began tickling me mercilessly and there was definitely a steady stream of urine joining what I had peed before.

I giggled, “Please?”

“Please what?” She said slightly out of breath, “Keep tickling you?”

I giggled more and said, “Please stop?”

My hair had come undone in spots and several hairs blocked my vision. I managed to put my hand up to pull them back then as she said, “I guess I’ll stop… but bubbles?”

“You said I’m a princess, princesses have to have bubbles,” I said playing along a bit.

“You are so adorable,” she hugged me again and said, “Okay you can have bubbles.”

There was the flash of a camera and I looked up to see Fred holding an expensive looking DSLR and a big smile. “Have to add to our wall downstairs!”

Amanda picked me up and carried me to the changing table where she pulled out the hair ties first that had mostly come undone under her tickle attack anyways. She fingered loose the remaining braids before she quickly stripped me of my romper, diaper, and wiped me with a baby wipe. I was wrapped in a pink hooded towel before she carried me to the bathroom.

She left me standing next to the tub and began adding water and bubble bath to the monstrosity. I had no hope of seeing into the tub and guessed it was probably four feet in height. It seemed to be probably eight or so feet long too! That meant it could easily be a small swimming pool for me! Amanda must have felt very nervous about bathing me in it because it seemed like she probably hadn’t added nearly the capacity of water to it when she picked me up and sat me in water that only came up to my belly button sitting.

I looked up, “Can I have more water?”

She shook her head, “You know they say toddlers can drown in four inches of water here?”

“We say two back home,” I told her with a sigh.

“Really you should be getting sink baths…” she said with her eyes showing their concern.

I made a face at that, “I can swim really well?”

She laughed, “Well we’ll have to see about that soon! If you can swim without your water wings across the pool I’ll let you have a few more inches,” she told me.

I smiled, “Okay.”

“Always the little deal maker, huh?” She asked me as she threw a rubber ducky and a couple other toys in the tub with me. She played with the bubbles and me for a few moments, before grabbing a pink, bunny shaped mitt, and used baby soap to scrub my arms, legs, and everywhere in between extraordinarily well.

She had just finished that when she looked at me and said, “Stacy?”

I looked up and she had a serious look, “What?”

She sighed, “I think we need to seriously talk about some things here…”

“What?” I asked nervously.

“Well first of all you must have shaved your legs and groin before you came?”

I nodded, “I had a feeling something would need done…”

“Well, I appreciate you did that, but I think you would be better off with something more permanent.”

My eyes opened wide, but I calmly asked, “What do you mean?”

‘You knew this would probably come…’ the voice inside my head reminded me.

“Well there are some creams out there that supposedly make it all fall out and stay out. It never worked on Hannah though…. Maybe they’ve improved in the last twenty years, but I think the better bet is still laser removal.”

I gulped, “completely permanent then?”

She nodded, “Would you consider it?”

I stared silently at her for a moment before asking, “where would we get that done?”

She shuddered a bit, “Well probably at one of those centers or maybe at the university’s hospital.”

“Which is… safer?” I asked.

“Well it depends. If you just want to go to one of the centers I’ll pretend to make it seem like this is your big punishment and make them think I want to torture you with the other things later. They’d probably leave you alone other than taunting.”

“And the hospital?”

“Well that one only makes sense if you do something about that,” she said while pointing to where the water had cleared and you could see my ‘something extra.’

Fred came in the room behind her then and had overheard her last part and sighed, “I asked a few questions today, and I think if you want to have a chance at your scholarship you would be best to do it… and soon.”

I looked up at the towering man who really had given me every reason to trust him so far. “Do you have someone you can trust?”

He laughed, “I don’t trust anyone with littles honestly… something about our psychology just makes us all crazy around you. But I have one friend who I know does really good work with his nanites. You’d be able to walk in and get an injection of nanites under anesthesia that would keep you asleep until they were done.”

“And that one would let me have babies myself some day?” I shuddered.

“In theory…” he nodded.

“Let me sleep on it?” I asked.

They both nodded and said, “No problems baby,” Amanda said.

Fred left the room again and Amanda said, “Okay baby, close your eyes while I wash your hair!”

It was no tears shampoo, but I thought it was still a good idea to close my eyes! She rubbed shampoo into every inch of my hair before rinsing it out with a cup thing. “Where’s my princess?” She cooed at me when she was done. I opened my eyes and smiled at her.

Not long after that she pulled the drain stop from the tub and wrapped me back in a hooded towel with a face on it. I was amazed at the amount of time she was letting me go without a diaper right then as she had me brush my teeth first before laying me back on the changing table. A nighttime diaper with stars and moons on it was pulled out from underneath the table. After I watched her unfold it she grabbed my ankles and lifted my butt off the table and onto the new diaper. I tried to sit as still as possible while she rubbed some lotion and powder into my skin, but couldn’t help but physically react to her touch. My blush extended from my toes to my hair!

After she taped it shut she sat me up and worked my hair with a towel for a moment before picking up a blow dryer. The sound startled me with how loud it was and I jumped.

“Awww… did I scare you baby?” She asked as she flipped it back off and hugged me.

“Is that a Jet engine!?!” I shouted at her when she turned it back on. She laughed at me some more.

The air felt good as she combed through my hair and dried it carefully. When she finished she braided it all into a loose braid and tied it off. ‘That part at least is relaxing,’ I admitted to myself.

“Sleepy yet?” She asked me.

“Not really,” I told her wondering what her response would be.

“Why don’t we go downstairs then and we’ll watch TV for a bit with Daddy.”

“Is that safe?” I asked while thinking of what she had told me.

“The shows we watch are.”

“Okay,” I said before asking, “Aren’t you going to put something else on me first though?”

“What? A diapee is plenty!” She told me.

I sensed though she was feeling out where I felt my boundary actually was. “Please may I have pajamas Mommy?”

She smiled, “If you were being a brat I would say no, but I can’t say no to sweetness and a polite princess like that!”

She sat me down on the floor and I wobbled for a second before sitting down. The diaper was just too thick to stand easily! I watched as she went to a drawer and grabbed a onesie that looked different than any I had seen before on a baby. It had an extra panel coming over to the left of it with snaps in addition to the crotch. It was light purple for the main fabric with little bands of dark purple on the outer seams. “What’s that?”

I asked from my seat. She sat down on the floor next to me and said, “I’d never seen this style until today, but it’ll make changing night time diapers a lot easier!” She smiled at me.

I saw up close as she opened it and slid my arms through the sleeves that everything else unbuttoned easily to get it all out of the way to change me without taking it off of me. “Lay down real quick sweetie,” she told me with a smile and pushed me back down on my back.

A number of quick snaps later and I was in a t-shirt… sort of. I looked down at the bottom and how much the diaper pushed out the material. You could just see the frill of the leg gathers on either side and I was sure by giant standards I was adorable. I held my arms in the universal ‘pick me up’ motion and she obliged me. I watched as she grabbed a cloth on the way out the door and put it on her shoulder.

Downstairs I sat watching TV sitting her lap on the couch while she cuddled into Fred’s side. We watched the entire length of a TV show with him occasionally playing with both of our hair. The show itself was a really bad detective romp that reminded me of a Law and Order episode. Like back home every now and then commercials would come on. Several times Amanda covered my ears with her hand and her body so I couldn’t hear or see what was going on in those. The first time I had asked ‘why’ and she had explained since it was a product for littles it might have some subliminal messages.

I nodded at that then. At the end of the show she turned me to face her, “I think it’s time for night-night.”

I groaned but couldn’t deny I was sleepy so I nodded.

“Let’s get you filled up first,” she said with a smile as she pulled her blouse down and revealed her breast and nipple to me.

I looked briefly at Fred at her side and he just smiled and nodded, “go ahead baby girl.”

I leaned forward and took her nipple in my mouth again and was once again rewarded with the tasty liquid. Just as before I felt like I couldn’t possibly get enough and kept suckling quickly. When that breast ran dry I kept nursing on autopilot before she tickled my jaw again and lay me on her shoulder with the cloth.

‘Why’s she stopping?!?’ I felt a part of my brain cry out, ‘I’m not done!’

My awareness returned only slightly and I understood what was going on as she patted my back, and I burped twice, before she wiped my mouth and placed me at her other breast. I was happy again as I nursed and this time as I stopped feeling the liquid entering my mouth I just kept nursing and she let me. I went to sleep like that feeling very safe and contented.


I WOKE UP with it dark still and found myself wrapped so tightly in a blanket I couldn’t move. I sighed, ‘This is annoying…’ I knew of the concept of swaddling, so I guessed that was the problem.

With my arms and body unable to move with the simple swaddling I began to wonder how in the world I would have a chance at running away from crazy giants if I ever needed to. I had checked quickly before getting on my computer yesterday and discovered the Switch was still in my bag. If they asked about it I would just tell them it was a portable device and not even explain its connection to a TV. I feared if I left it with Amanda she would have her nerdy need to take it apart, and the next thing I would know she would find the gun!

‘What the hell do I do about my gender?’ I asked myself disturbed.

I knew without a doubt based on my conversation with the little on the trip before that giants only gave you one chance, if you were lucky, to prove that you were an adult. In theory by being ‘mature enough’ to wear a diaper I was avoiding that pitfall. My going pee in a diaper wasn’t going to land me in the orphanages, especially since I had a loving mommy and daddy.

However the chance of them saying that ‘Stacy Slane’ registered as a girl and lied as a reason to renege on the scholarship seemed not unlikely. All it would take is one professor or student trying to be helpful changing the littles wet diaper and then it could be all over… A liar would probably be seen as the most immature form of a little.

‘Did I really have much of a life as a boy?’ I asked myself. I was a virgin, having never even had a girlfriend long enough to even consider going all the way. The most I had ever done was with Kelly in 7th Grade at the school dance when she kissed me on the lips. By the next day I was forgotten as she was going out with Greg.

‘Let’s say I let them do this… and I can have kids… and I go back home…’

The possibilities of being a girl in my world weren’t terrifying. Really fifty percent of the population survived just fine. I would probably be able to go on to whatever future I wanted and if my current looks were anything to go by I’d have no end of guys wanting to date me. ‘Having my own diapered babies to breastfeed wouldn’t be a bad thing…’ I admitted to myself.

‘Okay, so you got yourself in this mess already… might as well see it through,’ I gave myself a pep talk.

Right then I felt something in my stomach and had only a moment of time to wonder before I realized I needed to poop badly. It felt like I needed to pee badly too… so I released a little bit of that hoping it would make keeping not messy easier. The plan was doomed to failure though as my stomach suddenly cramped up badly and I felt a liquefied mush enter the back of my diaper.

I lay stunned for a moment wondering what the hell to do. ‘Call Amanda,’  a part of me said.

I groaned as the mush had nowhere really to go and I whimpered out, “Mommy!” a few dozen times. The light turned on and a sleepy looking Amanda rolled in.

“What’s wrong…?” she started to say before saying, “never mind baby girl, let’s get you all nice and clean.”

I whimpered as she undid the swaddled blanket and I watched her face wince as she said, “Well looks like you had a bit of a blowout here sweetie. Eew…”

It was the first time I saw something actually make her look sick. She picked me up by my armpits and kept me at arm’s length until she got to the changing table. The cute outfit was apparently a lost cause from what little I could see before she buckled me onto the table. Poop had escaped my supposedly indestructible diaper and made it all over it and my legs and everything else.

I whimpered some more, “It’s gross,” I said and she found a pacifier and pushed it in my mouth.

“Shhhh… it’s okay baby girl, Mommy’s going to get you all nice and cleaned up.”

To clean me up she must have used nearly an entire box of wipes! By the time she cleaned me up, put a new diaper and outfit on me, she had her own share of poo on her sleeve that she made a face about. I guessed the changing table cover was a lost cause until it could go in the washing machine too. She picked me off of the table and sat me down in the glider saying, “Just stay there while I clean up your crib baby.”

I wiped sleet from my eyes as I watched her take the quilt she had swaddled me out of the crib, made a face, and then pulled the sheet off too. Those plus my outfit were walked out the door down to the laundry room.

I sat there and watched the door sleepily and listened to the sounds of closing doors and what was probably the washing machine starting. I heard her climb the stairs again and run to their bedroom before she came back up in a robe, “Well you sure were a messy baby! You feel better now?”

I nodded.

“Any idea why?”

“Nerves,” I told her, “if I get really nervous my stomach does that.”

“What are you nervous about?” She asked me.

I just laughed, “You’re kidding, right?”

She sighed and nodded, “I can’t even imagine actually.”

“Then why perpetuate what amounts to enforced slavery with me as a guest? Couldn’t I in theory just wear training pants?”

She sat holding me thoughtfully pushing the chair back and forth for a few silent moments before answering, “Because I’m certain of one thing Stacy after these two days…”


“I have already grown to love you, and I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you. If that means keeping you in diapers for your protection, having you sleep in a crib, even embarrassing you every now and then I’ll do it. You’re smart and I don’t want to see another Amazon put out the fire in your mind.”

I looked at her and sighed, “Thanks I guess…”

“So what had you up?”

“Well I told you I would think about something and give you an answer in the morning… Is this morning?”

She laughed, “It’s 3am, so yes technically.”

“Speaking of time… would you please get me a clock?”

She looked thoughtfully around the room, “Let me find one that matches the nursery. I’ll see what I can do. So you were saying…?”

I sighed and hoped I wouldn’t regret this, “Setup the procedure, just please let me be able to have babies of my own when I go home.”

She hugged me tightly and placed her chin on my head, “I promise.”

“Thanks,” I said.

I noticed then that her robe had come open and her breast was bare just inches from my face. ‘Why not?’

For the second time that night I nursed myself to sleep. 

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Dear Sophia,

here is a little help for the completion of the story.

                            With best wishes



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17 minutes ago, diddldum said:

Dear Sophia,

here is a little help for the completion of the story.

                            With best wishes


Thank you, but I do actually have the full thing saved - no worries about having lost it! With the big gap in time I've spent on it though I'm re-reading and proofreading some as I go before I get to the end of what I've written. Thanks for wishes and the comment! I'll repost some more chapters this evening! 

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Chapter 6: 

THE NEXT MORNING I woke up to Amanda gently rubbing my belly. “Hi baby girl!” She said in a happy cooing voice, “It’s time to get up!”

I groaned and tried to sit up but that was made really difficult by a thick swollen diaper. “Might be something to the theory of your milk making us incontinent,” I told her, “I haven’t wet the bed since I was four according to my mom.”

“I’m sure your late night snack probably didn’t help, huh?” She said with a smile.

She picked me up and carried me downstairs to my highchair and I found a treat of eggs and bacon. “What’s the occasion?” I asked her, remembering her mention that would only be special days.

“Well you agreed to go ahead with the nanite procedure… and happily nursed from me… and well, you’re just like the perfect little!” She squealed as she put a spoonful of eggs in my mouth.

“Thanks,” I muttered with my full mouth. She let me feed myself the two big strips of bacon before pulling me out of the high chair with my bib still on.

“Let’s finish breakfast, huh?” She suggested.

She carried me into the living room and sat in Fred’s recliner with me in her lap. “What if I’m full?” I asked.

“Well, if you’re too full for all of it I’ll pump what’s left,” she told me.

I nodded, “Thanks,” I said before adding, “How many eggs was that?”

She laughed, “Not even one, I made three and probably gave you half of one?”

I gulped, “how can birds that size exist?”

She laughed and said, “Come on, here’s Mommy’s booby.”

The nipple of her beast uncovered I found myself to have even less of a hesitation than I had yet as I latched on and nursed. She burped me after her first breast and I had only nursed for a few moments on her left breast when I just couldn’t take anymore.

I pulled my head away and said, “Sorry Mommy, I’m full…”

“Well thank you baby for eating so good! Stay in your playpen for me while I go pump what you didn’t drink.”

I sat in the playpen with a very soggy diaper. The already ridiculously thick diaper had swollen to the point I would never be able to stand. I looked around and crawled over to a new toy that had been added to the playpen. It was some sort of cube toy obviously meant for a baby to press buttons. Having nothing else to do I pushed some buttons at the top that were shaped like a cow, a cat, a dog, and a chicken. When I pressed them I was ‘rewarded’ with the sound of a cow mooing and the toy told me ‘Cows moo!’, etc.

I sighed and had to admit it was actually kind of a cute toy as I looked at another side seemed to have some maracas, cymbals, and a drum on it. The cymbals had to be slid together to crash them. The maracas sounded when you did the same while the drum made a snare drum sound when you pressed it. The next side had letters that flipped on a bar to an Apple, a Ball, a Cat, or a Dog to help ‘teach’ me the letters.

“You’re sooo adorable!” Amanda said a while later. “Do you like your new toy? Daddy got it for you yesterday.”

I sighed, “If I was actually an infant I would probably love it. If you sit me here and make me play with it for hours I will go out of my mind…”

She laughed and picked me up, “Let’s change that icky diapee and get you dressed for your big day!”

A pacifier was shoved in my mouth before I could say anything so I just nursed it and waited for her to want to talk again. “Looks like someone wasn’t over her nerves this morning…” she said to me as she opened up the diaper and quickly wiped me with some wipes before laying my butt back down on a clean regular baby diaper.

“Hmm… you have some red spots here baby, I’m going to put some rash cream on it to keep you from being miserable. If you feel like you have any poopy in your diaper today make sure and tell me so we can keep you from developing a bad rash.”

I nodded around the pacifier as she kept manipulating my legs and body for me. It was so weird and unnerving not only to have someone see you completely naked, but also to be able to so easily manipulate your body. Feeling like an adult was the furthest thing from possibility as someone rubbed cream on your butt!

“Okay there we go baby,” she said as she taped up the diaper. “Now let’s find you a real pretty outfit for today!”

She went looking through her small numbers of purchases after having left me strapped on the table and soon had a purple organza dress in her hand on a hanger that she removed a pair of bloomers off of too. While I continued to be strapped down on the table she worked the bloomers over the top of the diaper. She undid the strap and sat me up saying, “Arms up like a ballerina for Mommy!”

I groaned and put my hands up and let her slide the dress down over my head carefully. She tied a bow in back and said, “Well, looks like the princess is going to look beeaaaauutiful today!”

I blushed and kept sucking on the pacifier.

“Well let’s take care of her hair next… I really probably should cut this to a bob or something so it looks like a real babies?”

I shook my head, “Please don’t cut it off,” I said while taking my pacifier out.

She put it back in and said, “That’s a Mommy decision baby,” she told me, but smiled, “but don’t worry, I can’t see myself doing that as I’m going to have too much fun playing with your hair each day!”

She picked me up in one arm and held a hairbrush and some ribbon she had precut in the other. I was carried to the glider where she sat me in the chair facing away from her. She brushed out my sleep-braided hair for several minutes before beginning to do something else with it. “Your daddy called a colleague of his this morning about you,” she told me.

“And?” I muttered around the pacifier. I knew it had to sound cute and she giggled.

“And… he can work you in today. Apparently they have a new version of the nanites that need a little bit of coding that we’re going to do in exchange for the treatment being free.”

I tried to turn to look at her but she said, “Keep that head forward sweetie, I’m working back here still. Use your words…” she pulled the pacifier from my mouth then.

I sighed, “What exactly will this do to me?”

“Well these nanites are state of the art Amazonian technology. Their possibilities are limitless, but we’re going to just work with their gender adjustment system and hair follicles system.”

“What else can they change?” I asked.

She sighed, “The sky’s the limit probably... I know for a fact a couple months ago he used it on another little to reduce their size and rid them of some pesky breasts that they were growing! Some of the technology is being used by the research centers to make littles crawl only – or remove even that ability. It’s supposedly a more humane way to take teeth out…”

I started at those and tried to turn but she kept a strong hold on my head and the braid she was working on. “But…”

“That’s part of why I am agreeing to work on the coding here… If we both look through the source carefully hopefully we can make everything safer.”

I shuddered, “That could be a lot of code for something like that?”

“Most of the settings are in one file they told me. But we’ll both look through everything else as carefully as we can. We’ll have until three when we’re supposed to show up at the hospital.”

“I’ll be safe?” I asked feeling my eyes wet.

“This is safer than any other way I know…” she said.

“And I’ll be a girl?”

“That’s the plan… unless you changed your mind?” She asked.

“No,” I told her, “seems to be the only way. Besides this way you get to play with my hair, right? As a boy you’d have to shave it all off I’m guessing.

She laughed, “I wouldn’t, but you’re right.”

A while later she finished what she was doing and said, “Ready to see yourself Princess?”

I nodded and turned to face her, “Please.”

She stood up and walked me over to a mirror on the door and I gasped out loud. My hair really was too long for a normal infant as it normally hung past my shoulders. Amanda had braided it tightly to hide its length, and now it looked like two miniature bunches coming off the top with purple bows to match my dress. If I looked at myself as an adult still I would have to say I was back in preschool with the hair alone. The dress poofed out and you could easily see the diaper bloomers underneath. It was embarrassing, but there was no doubt I made a very beautiful looking little.

I turned and hugged her, “Thanks for making me pretty,” I told her.

“I never have to make you pretty, you’re already that!” she told me with a smile and a kiss to my head. “They were supposed to send me a link to those files, how about we go downstairs and take a look at them on Mommy’s computer?”

“Can we bring mine too?” I asked her, “I might be able to open it in something and help look?”

She laughed, “We can always try. Do you need the power cord?”

I shook my head. “I’m good for ten hours, so we’ll have to leave before I’d be out of juice.”

“Well then, let’s go check this out.” She sat me gently on the ground and watched as I grabbed my computer. With it under my arm I followed her to her crazy tinkering room Fred had told me to stay out of. A huge desk sat with four computer monitors on it at one end. I followed her over to the computer and debated what to do. “Here, let me put this up here really quick,” she said as she unfolded another high chair that looked a little less comfy than the downstairs one, but every bit as formidable against me moving. “Hand me your compy,” she told me with a smile and sat it on the desk gingerly. “Upsy daisy!” she said then and I was strapped quickly into the harness but she didn’t fasten the tray.

Instead she slid me up to the desk and said, “doing this is really a big no-no with babies. Don’t push this over and tip!” she warned.

I nodded at her and said, “Okay, what’s this system?”

She looked at me strangely for a moment before going to an Amazonian equivalent of DropBox and downloading a folder that looked to be three gigabytes … Much to my amazement she clicked ‘download’ and had the folder in less than two seconds.

‘That connection is ridiculous!’ I thought to myself.

“We’re going to look through three gigs of code?” I asked nervously.

“I know it’s a lot, but trust Mommy,” she tickled the front of my dress a little and said, “I’m good at this!”

I watched as she scanned file names and I noticed the overall folder was ‘patient3894901’ which must have been me. The first thing that jumped out at me was ‘preferences’ and I said, “Preferences?”

“Atta girl,” she told me with a smile, “most of it is supposed to be in there. Let’s see what’s in here.”

Just like many preference sheets on our systems back home we were able to basically look at it as a plain text file. At the top was a bunch of gibberish that looked vaguely Java’ish, “Is that your version of Java?” I asked.

I think she really was sort of surprised I could recognize that by the facial expression she made, but nodded, “We call it Espresso here.”

I laughed, “that was a late night naming session wasn’t it…?”

She laughed too and said, “I really love your laugh, it’s so adorable!”

We kept scrolling through the sheet until we got to the heart of the matter.

I noticed they used some different characters that we did for some reason for brackets and comments, but otherwise I could follow along and it made me sick to my stomach.

||Gender value 0 = Female, 1 = Male

gendervalue = 0;

||Subject settings 0 = object off or on = 1 (Recommended values)

{Change.Routine = object.nanitecontrol01}

||incontinent = 1

bladderincontinentvalue = 1;

bowelincontinentvalue = 1;

teethremoval = 1;

ovaryremoval = 1;

pacifierdependency = 1;

thumbsucking = 1;

|| Breast Size values 0 = none, to 10 = oversized

breastsize = 0;

|| Circadian rhythm value 1-10, 1 = infant pattern (eighteen-twenty hours of sleep needed), 10 = adult amazon pattern (6-8 Hours needed), default little = 6 (9-11 hours needed) (Recommended value 2-4)

circadianvalue = 3;

|| Sex drive controls, 1(none) - 10 (constant need)

sexdrive = 8;

|| Motor function adjustment. 1 = infant unable to situp, 5 = crawler, 8 = Preschool, 15 = normal adult, 20 = professional athlete (Recommended 3-6)

motorfunction = 3;

|| Verbal Function 1 = can’t speak, 5 = 2 year old vocabulary (200 Words), 10 = 5th grade (about 20k words), 15 = high school(about 30k words), 20 = full adult skills (Recommended 2-4)

Verbalfunction = 3;

|| Hair removal functions. 1 = on, 0 = off

leghairremoval = 1;

pubichairremoval = 1;

chesthairremoval = 1;

backhairremoval = 1;

butthairremoval = 1;

armhairremoval = 1;

handhairremoval = 1;

foothairremoval = 1;

eyebrowremoval = 0;

eyelashremoval = 0;

cranialhairremoval = 0;

facialhairremoval = 1;

nosehairremoval = 1;

|| Height Reduction value 0 = no change, 10% of body mass for each number 1, 2, etc. More than 3 is not recommended for littles, 6 for Betweeners, or 8 for Amazons.

heightreductionvalue = 3;

|| Hair color change value, 0 = no change, 1 = Brunette, 2 = Brown, 3 = Blonde, 4 = Red, 5 = gray, 6 = White, 7 = Blue, 8 = Pink

haircolorchangevalue = 0;


I had just finished going through the list of options and found I had long since dropped the pacifier from my lips. “That’s horrible!”

I looked up at Amanda and she said, “Oh my god those default values! Why would you make a baby oversexed?!?”

“It’s sick…” I said.

She shook her head, “I don’t think there’s anything we can really do about it for anyone else, but at least we can edit your values…”

“I just hope there’s nothing else hidden elsewhere…” I told her.

“Well let’s just start editing this…” she told me. “First option?”

“Well it’s the whole point, right? Leave it at female.”

She nodded, “Okay next is incontinent values…”

“Well please change the bowel back to zero…”

“And we’ll change bladder to zero too… I don’t want you to be diaper dependent when you go back home in a few years.”

I smiled at her, “Thanks… I kind of figured that one would be a non-negotiable for you.”

“Nah, you’re already making peepees and poopies in your diapees just fine,” she told me with a smirk that told me she was enjoying this too much.

“Teeth removal to zero please…” I told her.

“Well of course that was a part of our contract. Let’s take the ovary removal off, not sure what it will honestly do there, but hopefully in your changes you’ll get them and keep them.”

I just nodded, “If I’m going to be a girl I at least want to be able to have kids someday.” I moved onto the next one, “Pacifier and thumb?” I asked kind of incredulously.

“I want to leave those on…” She told me…


“But that would be tough going back to your world… just pacifier?”

I sighed, “I can almost live with that one… but what about classes?”

She looked sad, but nodded.

“Look, I’ll do my best to develop my own addiction to it when I’m not at school?”

She smiled and said, “I guess I can live with that.” With a sigh she changed the value to zero too and moved on, “Next up, breast size…”

“I’ve never had them before, it can stay at zero…”

“We can always fix that later, I agree with zero there.”

I looked at the circadian rhythm and wondered what she would suggest here. “Circadian?”

“Well, as much as I would like to just have you sleep, pee, poo, and eat all day instead of anything else I think we can use some of these values to help you out. I’m thinking a nine here?”

“So I’ll feel like staying up later like you all?”

“And be able to get through your classes with no naps…”

I nodded at that, “Okay.”

“I can’t believe this next one is in here…”

“It is, and it’s dangerous and disgusting all at the same time. I don’t even know what the right answer should be to how sexed a baby should be…”

“I’m probably at a three right now…”

“A baby shouldn’t have any sex drive though,” she said.

“If that’s true for littles then why those scary diapers that lady showed you?”

She nodded, “How about the three you said then. Probably no change and I don’t have to worry about you trying to jump Daddy or constantly doing something with yourself…”

“That’s a mental image I didn’t need…” I said. ‘Hopefully if I make it through this I’ll have enough desire to have a family…’

“Motor function was something I knew we’d have in here. I’d like to make you an eight here…”

“An eight?!? I’d be helpless for a lot of things!”

“You already are…”

“But what if that also is looking at mental motor functions too?”

“What do you mean?”

“Most child psychology models believe there are stages beyond just the sensorimotor stages of infancy. So if that’s what this is asking, then it’s also asking about cognitive reasoning and picturing abstract ideas too…”

She sighed, “Which do you want?

“Seventeen,” I said.

“Absolutely not, you don’t need to be an athlete…”

“Don’t I? What if I have a sticky situation and need to run from some other crazed Amazon?”

She sighed, “Better make it nineteen then… Hopefully he doesn’t look at your file too much before he initiates it.”

I nodded and she selected verbal skills at twenty before I even asked. The hair removal was left alone as by default it left on eyebrows, eyelashes, and cranial hair… “I can’t believe some people would want to lose their babies beautiful eyelashes…” she decried.

“I guess it’s for those doll enthusiasts… You really would look like a cheap child’s doll then…” I shuddered.

“Height reduction.. Hrmm..” she said, “I think we definitely should take off another eighty percent don’t you think?”

I glared at her as she made the value zero and left the hair color at zero as well.

“Well that’s all of the obvious places and code…”

“I wish there was a height increase…”

“No you don’t,” she told me.


“Because right now your cuteness is going to help you more than you know.”

“Isn’t every Amazon going to take one look at me in an outfit like this and say go back to daycare?”

“You won’t be in an outfit like that,” she smiled at me, “at least not at school. Next week I have a seamstress that I sent your general size to who is making you your school uniforms.”

I sighed, “I guess.”

“Okay, here let’s start doing some double checking on everything here.”

I watched her search out the specifications of each class we had just adjusted and I was grateful that we did because bowel incontinence would have happened for certain otherwise! She also found another nasty easter egg for size of genitals that made both of our stomachs retch again. There was no end in sight to just what some of these sick Amazons did with their littles. I hoped that someday they’d gain some real rights and people that made these things would get the punishments they richly deserved…

After a while she looked at a clock and said, “Leftover pizza okay for lunch?”

I nodded, “Can I keep looking while you’re doing that?”

“Sure… but let’s have you work from a backup just in case you have an accident.”

“Okay,” I told her and eagerly watched her copy the folder and open that copy for me to work in.

As I used her computer I couldn’t help but marvel that while it was similar to our computers back home, it was so much more advanced! I’d watched her use touch screen stuff much more effectively than I’d ever seen. Even the keyboard that I was using had every key programmable to be different if you wanted. Currently she had it as a Dvorak keyboard, which suited me just fine! The ‘mouse’ for the interface reminded me more of a Wii in that you basically just gestured in the air.

‘Less playing, more avoiding traps…’ I yelled at myself.

I searched deeper than we had so far and came up with nothing new initially… but I just had a feeling something else was hidden. I opened a new window of her coding software and quickly guessed about what the syntax would be for a new subroutine to search everything deeper. I came up with keywords based on the items that had preferences, and then used those items to come up with variations of syntax, spelling, and even Thesauraus definitions and let it loose on the folder.

A bell sound rang five quick times and pointed me to files that had some really scary options. Most were in the null position, but I found one that made my stomach turn. The comment read:

|| stomach.processing function will cause subject to only be able to digest breast milk. Any baby food or adult solid foods will result in severe abdominal cramping and possible intestinal distress

“Oh my god,” I heard from behind me from Amanda. “That’s terrible!”

I looked up at her and said, “Yeah it is… I hope you don’t mind that I’m turning that one off!”

“Make sure you save this file and then I’m going to copy it over. It looked like you found more files in there. Anything else need adjusted?”

She sat over my shoulder for a few minutes while we made sure the copies made it to the live folder. I was enjoying the chance to learn a new file system and was surprised when she unbuckled the harness and said, “Come on baby girl, we’re going to leave the toys here and go eat downstairs. It’s a rule your daddy made.”

I shook off my confusion and looked up at her face, “Daddy made a rule?” I smirked, “Not just for me then?”

She giggled, “Early in our marriage he got tired of me disappearing for practically days at a time while I was working on one project or another. He came up with that rule to at least make sure I was coming downstairs to eat.”

“That’s actually kind of sweet I guess…”

She nodded, “I love him a lot. Without him I would probably just be hidden in a laboratory each day for hours at a time.” She hugged me and said, “You’re going to probably be just a bad about that too though!”

She deposited me in the high chair and then found the biggest bib she had practically that was a bit more uncomfortable to me as it was vinyl. I liked the cloth ones more and made a face, “I don’t like this one.”

“It’s going to keep that pretty dress clean though!” she told me.

“I can’t even put my arms out from it…” I whined.

“Good thing you don’t need to, huh?” She told me as she speared a piece of pizza she had cut up into bite sizes onto a fork and said, “Open up!”


LUNCH PASSED QUICKLY and I was a bit surprised that I wasn’t forced to take a nap after my diaper change, but instead was allowed to help her look one last time for any other Easter Eggs. Finding none she quickly re-wrote the subroutine they were having problems with before putting it all through the compiler and transferring it onto what looked like a flash drive.

“Let’s change that diaper one more time and then we have to go meet Daddy at the hospital,” she told me.

Seemingly no time after that I was strapped into the carrier and swinging gently from her hand as she walked through the hospital corridors to an office that had ‘Dr. Alfredo Westerfield’ on a plaque next to it. “There’s my little princess!” He said as he cooed over me.

“You seem happy?” She asked him.

“You never visit me here?” He said as he stood up and kissed her, “And you even brought me a present on this trip.” He leaned down and kissed my forehead too.

A knock on the door came and a nurse said, “Oh hi Amanda!” She looked down at me and said, “I had no idea you were even pregnant?!? What’s her name?”

Amanda laughed, “She’s adopted and her name is Stacy.”

“She’s a little? Fully grown?” The lady who was dressed in scrubs asked incredulously. “She has to be the tiniest little ever then!”

“Or close to it,” Fred agreed. “What can I help you with Doctor Kells? We were just getting ready to head to an appointment for little Stacy here.”

“Well it won’t take long. We need to work in Terri Castor for a C-Section soon… when can you be available?”

Fred looked at his calendar for a moment and made a note, “Looks like next Tuesday I’m free?”

“I’ll let scheduling know then. Nice to see you again Amanda,” she leaned right next to the carrier and said, “Bye bye Stacy!”

Her breath had been terrible and I found myself gagging. “What’s wrong?” Amanda asked me when she had left.

“Her breath was terrible!”

They laughed at me and I found myself soon being carried through the halls again to a wing that I saw labeled as ‘Little Care Unit.’ Right away I got the same vibe I had from the office yesterday and would have disappeared further into the carrier if I could. As it was I grabbed the pacifier that was clipped to the restraint strap of the carrier and nursed it to try and soothe my nerves a bit. It didn’t help much though!

“Hey Amanda! Fred!” I heard as we passed through a door and passed into a room that looked like an operating room.

“Hi Eddie,” Amanda said and gave him a sideways hug.

“So this is the little princess?” The man said as she sat my carrier down on a table and a giant head looked in on me.

“Yep, this is little Stacy!”

“She’s adorable already, why do you need my nanites?” He asked.

“Just a couple quick options we want to correct without too much trouble. Here are your new subroutines,” she said handing him a flash drive.

“Great, I don’t have a problem working a trade with you. Now you’re probably as familiar with this interface as anyone, since your department did the initial designs, so why don’t you go ahead and upload your program for the nanites here. As soon as they’re ready we’ll give her the injection.”

“Great, thanks!” Amanda said and I couldn’t really see her, but the clack of the keyboard at a fast rate made me believe she must have been working quickly.

“So how’s the house now that you have a little?” Eddie asked Fred.

“Great! She’s adorable and really well behaved. We haven’t had to spank her once yet!” Fred said with a smile as he squeezed my hand.


“Really,” he said, “She’s even been calm and sweet enough to snuggle with Amanda a good chunk of the time. Not even given us a battle with her diapers.”

“That is something isn’t it?” Eddie said. “But you know it’s not a bad idea to give them a spanking even if they haven’t done anything bad every now and then.” He smirked at me, “An occasional enema or other punishment can also be a good idea.”

“I don’t know, we’re pretty happy right now. If she starts misbehaving after this we’ll take care of that.”


“All done!” Amanda said.

“That fast?” Eddie asked.

“I’m good, what can I say?” She asked as she rubbed her fingernails against her shoulder, “I sent the nanites to production so the canister should be fully programed in four minutes.”

“Great,” Fred said, “you have the anesthesia I asked for?”

“Right over here, but if you ask me it’s not really necessary…”

“She’d be in pain if we don’t, right?”

“Exactly, but…”

“She’s been a good girl, I’m not going to make her feel pain when she doesn’t have to.”

“To each his own,” Eddie sighed.

Fred unhooked me from the carrier and laid me down on the bed. “I’m going to strap you down here honey just so if you start flinching you don’t fly off of the table.” He placed his hand reassuringly with his thumb on my chin before strapping me tightly on an infant sized gurney with a strap over my waist, feet, and arms.

‘I really hope I’m not going before the executioner the way he did that…’ I thought to myself. He brought a small vial of liquid and drew a tiny amount from it to set it aside.

Quickly like the pro he was he first hooked me up to a saline solution IV and said, “Okay Princess, I want you to count backwards from ten…”

“Ten, Nine, Eigh…”



Chapter 7:

THE WORLD CAME back in focus for me slowly and I felt pain in just about every part of my body. I tried to say “Owww” but something was in the way.

“I think she’s waking up finally,” Fred said.

“Where am I?” I tried saying and figured out that it was a pacifier in my way.

“I love when they try talking after the procedure… Depending on which settings you chose no one will understand anything but ‘Dada,’ ‘Mama,’ or ‘Baba, from now on!” I heard Eddie gleefully exclaim.

“I actually toned down those settings,” Amanda said.

I heard a disappointed sigh from Eddie, “I guess that does let you understand their whining better. Still all the same it looks like the treatment did the job. She’s definitely a she and there’s not a follicle of hair anywhere that’s not supposed to be!”

I opened my eyes a little wider and managed to get Fred’s eye. He gave me a reassuring glance that I hoped meant my head was fine. “Yes, but I’m glad to have a full head of hair on her head still,” Amanda said as if to also reassure me.

“If you ask me cutting that hair down to a newborn’s length would be a great look for her! Combined with what the nanites did to her facial structure and no one will be able to tell she’s not actually your naturally born infant daughter.”

‘Facial structure…?’ I thought to myself. I never thought to include that in the search? ‘Shit, what did it do to me?’

“I wasn’t expecting that one, but it does make her absolutely adorable!” Amanda chimed in happily. “But I enjoy playing with her hair too much to cut it. It reminds me of having my dollies as a kid. I would always change their hairstyles!”

As I became more alert I noticed Fred watching some readouts and he said, “I think she’s awake enough we can lose the support machines…”

“The straps too?” Amanda asked.

“Yes, she should be good for you to hold and cuddle now,” Eddie’s voice said. “But you might want to change that diaper first, it’s a little rank.”

I sniffed at that one, ‘what an ass!’

I stiffened, ‘I don’t feel any shame on that… not like I did last time… I sure hope we didn’t do more damage here than good.’

Fred pulled an IV line out of me, pulled a pulse monitor off, and also took off some EKG leads before undoing the straps on my legs and waist. “Here Mommy, do you want to change her?”

“Men… bunch of wimps…” Amanda said and I soon felt her gentle hands undo the diaper on my otherwise naked body, maneuvered my legs, and then quickly had me in a clean diaper that was clearly a thicker one from what I could tell. She quickly dressed me in what seemed to be a sleeper, but I was too tired to really notice what she was doing.

“So you think everything turned out fine internally?” Fred asked Eddie.

“Oh yes, she has all of the proper internal organs. They aren’t any more active than a toddler though. She’ll need an injection of a high dose of estrogen to begin her cycles and start growing breasts. Unless she gets that though she’ll remain free of any signs of puberty. I don’t know why you would even want her to have those though?”

“Well…” Fred started to say.

“Duh, how stupid can I be? When you get tired of her you can breed her for a fortune! I mean a fully-grown little at thirty-six inches of height? Make four or five offspring with her and you could probably keep breeding for forty years and get the perfect little like she is!”

“Umm…” Amanda said.

“Brilliant,” he said. “Well, before you take her home I recommend you nurse her exclusively now. There’s a subroutine in the nanites that will make sure she gets sick if she has anything other than her mommy’s milk.”

“It was only in one file, right?” Amanda asked.

“Yes… but not in the preferences file…”

“Oh good, that means she’ll be fine to eat regular food still.”

“You found that…?”

“Actually my beautiful princess here did,” she said as she picked me up and cuddled me against her shoulder. “She thought she could be a great computer programmer someday if she came here to get schooling.”

“Ah, and now destined for the nursery? How fitting!” Eddie said.

“Something like that...” Fred said.

“Fred, can you grab her diaper bag and the carrier, I’m thinking she needs cuddles right now,” she said. “Thanks again Eddie, let me know how those new subroutines work on the next generation!”

I heard some stuttering before he said, “Thanks!”

We made it down the hallway a ways before she started whispering to me, “You’re fine baby. Other than that little glitch with your face everything came out perfect… And I think the glitch made you even cuter and harder to resist!”

“Why can’t I talk?” I tried to say.

“Did you just ask why you can’t talk?”

I nodded weakly.

“That’s just the anesthesia wearing off, you’ll be fine in a while. I know we caught all of those subroutines. Don’t worry your pretty little face.”

“Amanda do you want to take her to my office to wake up the rest of the way?”

“Probably a good idea. Should I feed her now or back home?”

“I’d say wait till you get back home, your milk seems to be a powerful sedative to her, and right now it’s more important she fully wakes up!”

Not long afterwards she paced the office with me as I came out from my cobwebbed brain. She took the pacifier out and asked, “How are we doing Princess?”

“Better I think,” I told her and it sounded clear.

“Much better!” She said with a smile.

“So how much different do I look? I mean really?”

“Well… First I’m sorry I missed this one… He must have written a routine somewhere in there to fix one of the easiest ways you can tell a little and an actual baby apart, their faces. With a little, even a chubby one, the fat on their face isn’t quite distributed right…”

“So I have a permanent baby face?” I asked nervously.

“Looks that way,” she said a little guiltily.

“Mommy why don’t we let her see so she stops worrying,” Fred told her. “Here’s a mirror.”

I looked at the mirror and grimaced for a second but had to admit I was indeed much cuter now. My nose had a different character about it that I liked, but sadly my cheeks looked to have gained a ton of weight... It looked like the healthy baby fat of a toddler though, and at least I remained slender through the rest of my body. My eyes looked to be a little more open or something too.

“See, you’re adorable!” Amanda cooed at me.

“So no one will think I’m a little now I’m guessing?”

“I doubt it... at least if we cover that hair of yours with a hat or something. I think if we introduce you as a baby no one would dream that you are actually a little. That’s a good thing given how mean some Amazon babies can be to littles…”

“But what about school?”

Amanda laughed, “Don’t worry about that. Yes you’re going to get some grief there, but you’ll still be able to function fine… if not better. Thanks to the nanites you should be smarter now than you were before since I also implanted a couple extra traits to help your memory.”

“But I’m all girl now?”

“I guess you were too tired to look back there while I was changing you?”

I nodded, “sorry, I’m still pretty out of it actually.”

“I’ll show you when we get you home,” Amanda told me. “Do you think she’s alert enough to go home now Doctor?”

“I think so Mommy. Do you want to go out for dinner tonight instead of cooking? You’ve certainly had a long day.”

“That would be nice…” she said, “I don’t think the baby’s going to be awake enough to eat much though.”

“I think I’ll be fine,” I told them interrupting.

Amanda looked down at me in shock but squeezed me lightly in approval, “The princess has spoken my king!”

I was fastened into the carrier and a blanket put over the top as she carried me down to the car. Fred was to meet us at a restaurant they apparently ate at frequently.

“How are you feeling?” she asked when she left.

“Not so great,” I said, “I’m beginning to get a bit sore…”

“Daddy has some pain medicine he can get you when we get to the restaurant,” she told me.

I sighed, “thanks…”

“Are you okay?”

“Just nervous about what else happened to me that we don’t realize yet…” I thought for a second through my groggy mind, “Eddie was kind of an…”


“I wasn’t sure if you’d get mad at me, but yes!”

“Sweetie, yes I’m treating you like our baby… I can’t resist that urge… but I also know you’re not a baby. As long as it’s not constant, and you don’t do it in front of other adults, we can give you some leeway…”

“Thank you,” I told her and just zoned out a bit more.

The restaurant must have been close, or I was really out of it, because when she came back to get my I was back nearly asleep. “Do I need to bring the carrier so you can sleep?” She asked me.

I thought for a second and nodded, “Unless you want to look like a bad mother and have me sleep on the floor or in the high chair.”

She unlatched the carrier and carried it and the diaper bag into the restaurant and put her name on the waiting list. Fred arrived soon after that and we were called back to a booth. “Do you need a high chair or we have a seat cradle?”

“The cradle will work.”

“Okay, I’ll grab that real quick.” A moment later I felt the seat sat down in one of the mesh car seat cradles I’d seen back home for babies. “She is so beautiful!”

“Thanks,” Amanda said.

“How many weeks old is she?”

I gasped for a moment when I figured out she really had mistaken me for an Amazon baby. “Nine weeks,” Amanda said without skipping a beat.

“She has so much hair!”

“Some weird medical thing…” Amanda said and I saw her wink at Fred.

“Well here are the menus, you can look through it and let me know what you want.”

“Here sweetie, switch pacifiers with me for a moment,” Fred said.

I just got a glance at the new pacifier a second later and realized it was one meant to deliver medicine through the nipple. I sleepily sucked on it and hoped it was a good pain medication as I was feeling like I had growing pains all through my body again.

“Looks like someone is going back to sleep…” Amanda said to me after it was empty.


“Hungry baby?”

My stomach grumbled in response, “a little.”

She pried me loose from the carrier a moment later and held me. “I really do love you baby,” she whispered, “are you actually hungry for food or…”

“Or…?” I asked sleepily.

“Just nurse for now?”

I sighed as I’d had a feeling that would be on her mind, “Here?”

“I’m the one with boobies hanging out in public,” she whispered.

I giggled and turned red. I thought for a few moments and said, “Okay.”

She messed with her top and bra and presented me with her breast once it was free. I sleepily nursed at it and was conscious of the fact it felt like people were watching us. She had burped me from the first breast and just switched me to the other when I heard, “I’m so glad to see your little happily nursing from you. She’s adorable! I imagine that took a few spankings! My little Heather here must have a red bottom every hour…”

“She’s just a very good baby,” Amanda said, “if you’ll please excuse us, she had some surgery today. I’m just feeding her dinner before she naps in her carrier.”

“Teeth out?” The lady said, “best thing I ever did with Heather! I’ll let you enjoy your feeding…”

I was so tired that I didn’t even care about the horrific conversation at that point. I was feeling full and sleepy when she burped me again. A hug, a kiss, and a pacifier was placed in my mouth before she strapped me back in the carrier. I ran my tongue over my teeth to reassure myself they were there before I fell fully asleep.


THE NEXT THING I was aware of was being pulled out of my car seat, with Amanda lovingly cradling me. “Where are we?” I asked feeling drool was definitely around my mouth and the pacifier I had blocking my mouth.

“Home baby,” she told me.

“Oh…” I said. She had just walked through the garage door when a phone inside the house began ringing.

“It’s your mom,” Fred told her.

“Hand me the phone, I’ll sit down with the princess and talk to her in the living room.”

I sleepily watched as she walked to the living room and sat in the recliner with me before reaching for the phone Fred held to her. “Hi Mom,” she said.

The volume of the phone was way loud, or her mom just yelled, because I heard the reply clearly, “Don’t ‘hi Mom me,’ sweetheart! How is it I just heard from Carol Eastland that you adopted a little and you haven’t even bothered to call and tell me yet? Your own mother!?!?!” There was just enough pause for her to breathe before she added, “She saw you at the restaurant! She thought the little was a real baby until I said you hadn’t been pregnant! How can you not tell me? That hurts!”

“Mom, we were going to surprise you this weekend at the family dinner…”


“Seriously Mom, you’ve been bugging me for ages so I thought I would surprise you! Plus we were dealing with the adoption paperwork and getting her into a doctor to have some modifications made…” I felt her hold on me tighten just a little bit.

“Well in that case I guess I can understand trying to keep it a surprise… But, all of that is done, right?”


“Well then expect to see me bright and early tomorrow! Chloe will be coming too I’m sure. Her daughters will all be at daycare so the three of us can go to lunch and maybe I can even buy my new granddaughter something for the nursery…”

“What time?”

“Probably eight-thirty in the morning, that should give Chloe time to drop off her girls.”

“We’ll plan for it…”

“Good, and I want a picture tonight!!!! Carol said she was the most beautiful baby she’d ever seen, so whoever did the work… maybe Chloe should get her girls in there…”

“That’s natural for her as much as anything… I’ll send you pictures later. I have a messy diaper that needs changed right now, I’ll see you in the morning Mom.” She said.

“It wouldn’t hurt her to be left in it for a little while sweetie. I mean if she’s just a little it’s not a big deal…”

“Mom, my little, my house, my rules, and my decisions.”

“Stubborn as always… we’ll see you in the morning,” her mom said and hung up.

She looked down at me and sighed, “Sorry it sounds like you get to meet my crazy family members sooner than I hoped. Don’t worry, like I said I won’t put you down. You’ll have to be my clingy baby tomorrow.”

“That’s fine…” I said thinking what I had heard, “You’re mom certainly sounds special…”

“She is, let’s go change that diaper of yours now,” she sat the phone down and stood up with me.

“Am I really messy?” I sniffed.

“No,” she said with a smile, “I said that to get her off the phone.”

“Good… I would hate to have missed another of Eddie’s Easter Eggs…”

She squeezed me gently again and carried me upstairs to the nursery. I was laid on the changing table but asked, “May I please see?”

“I forgot you were asleep when I changed you…”

“At least you’re not rubbing it into me too…”

“I’m sorry you have come into contact with some of our more monstrous people the last couple days,” she said as she pulled down the bloomers and pulled the tapes off of my diaper, “there really are a lot of very sweet Amazons… I think you’ll meet some in school.”

“I hope so…”

As she pulled the diaper open I noticed it was pretty soaked with urine and wondered if I was just not noticing because of the drugs, the breastfeeding, or the fact that there was an Easter Egg we missed… I chose not to worry about it then and instead looked at the fact I was missing a part of me I’d had since birth. The slit that had taken its place looked exactly like it should, but looked so strange and wrong on me. I took my hand to touch it and felt the new skin.

“Now don’t be naughty,” Amanda told me.

“Sorry, it’s weird…”

“Are you going to be okay with it?” She asked as she gently pushed me back down on my back and began wiping.

A few tears stung in my eyes, but I shrugged, “No use crying over spilt milk I guess… or missing body parts.”

“For what it’s worth it just makes you more adorable… and shows a great deal of strength.”

“Kind of hard to feel strength when your grown-up ass is being wiped in the middle of diaper change,” I told her moodily.

“I’m going to let that one go now, but I won’t in the future sweetie. It’s okay if there’s really something to be angry about, but using vernacular just to use it isn’t acceptable. Your booty is being wiped.”

I sighed, “Sorry Mommy…” I told her as she taped the last tape.

“It’s okay, I think you’re understandably unnerved by it. Now I think you’re probably just going to end up sleeping on us some more if I had to guess. What do you want to wear to bed tonight?”

“I get to choose?” I asked surprised, “Aren’t I just a human dolly?”


“Sorry…” I sighed, “will you let me sleep without the swaddling tonight?”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“It’s just really hot… I like blanket sleepers, but that plus the quilt…”

“Hmmm…” she said and went digging through the drawers and came up with a pink sleep sack. “How about this?”

I shrugged, “in a nighttime diaper it’s not like I can walk anyway…”

She laughed and pulled the dress off of my body first before getting me dressed me in the sleeper sack. The sack itself probably would have been too short for anyone bigger than me. For anyone else it would probably keep them from being able to stand up, but for me it was longer than my legs by quite a bit.

“It’s comfy,” I told her honestly.

“So do I put you in the crib?”


“You want to cuddle with Mommy?”

“You choose, I’ll sleep either way…”

She chose the cuddle option, which didn’t surprise me. She sat down with me on the recliner downstairs and gently ran her hands through my hair. I didn’t last through one commercial break before I was asleep.


PRINCESS COME ON, wakey time,” I heard and felt my body being picked up.

“Huh?” I asked confused before remembering where I was.

“Feeling any better?” I was asked as I became aware my body was laid out on the changing table.

I thought for a second, “I think so?”

“Good!” she said, “We have a big day today, so I’m waking you up early and giving you a little bit more of a treat than I will normally.”

I opened my eyes more at her and just shrugged, “Okay?”

She had reached a soaked diaper then and I felt my skin suddenly exposed to the air and the reaction of my new body parts down there was so weird! “You sure did soak this diapee!” She told me, “I would probably have waited to change you until after breakfast, but this would have leaked with another drop!”

“How come I’m wetting in my sleep?” I asked, suddenly thinking about how weird it is to wet in my sleep so soon.

“I think you were right about the breast milk having that side effect... but you also have a tiny body now. Bodies that size often have these issues still even in your world I imagine?”

I nodded, “I’d probably only be two-and-a-half at this size… I still can’t believe I shrank when I came through…”

“Well anyway, not many babies your age sleep dry, so don’t worry about it. I wonder…”


“I wonder if you’ll get back to your original height when you go home?”

“I hope so… I can’t imagine being the size of a toddler back home for the rest of my life…”

“Well here you’re really only a three month old, so it would still be an improvement!” She said as she tickled me a little after closing the last tape of a new Pampers.

“I’m still getting a regular Pamper? Even with your mom visiting?”

“My mom and I differ on how to treat littles… and I’m not going to change that just to impress her.” She tickled my bare belly and I giggled.

“Thanks,” I told her gratefully.

“I picked out a pretty dress for you to meet your granny, but I’m going to wait to put it on until after breakfast. This onesie will work until then.” A onesie that said ‘totes adorbs’ was pulled over me and she quickly snapped it shut. “Let’s go get breakfast before Daddy eats it all!”

I felt safe as she carried me downstairs and then sat me in the high chair. Much to my surprise I was soon given a bottle that didn’t look like it was filled with normal milk, along with a plate of eggs, bacon, and pancakes sitting next to it.

“I think you’ll like your baba,” she told me with a smile.

Fred looked at me from down the table and shook his head, “Don’t let your mama know you fed her that Amanda…”

“It’s because of Mama I’m giving her that…”

“Huh?” I said but reached out to the bottle and gave it a tentative nurse. It contained a concoction that was warmer than a normal bottle, but still safe to drink. There was the unmistakable taste of coffee mixed with… “Breast milk latte?”

She smiled at me, “You’re going to have a hard day… thought I’d give you a treat to begin with. Don’t count on this happening regularly though until you show me you can keep that 3.5 GPA…”

“Isn’t this like…?”

“Unusual?” Fred asked, “Yes it is, but she’s also got to let you have a few more grown up things. Otherwise we might as well just finish regressing you to a babbling baby and send you to an etiquette school…”

She sighed, “A few, but not a lot.” She told me while looking at him as if to remind him who was the mommy, “Let’s feed you your breakfast!”

I snuck a long nurse on my caffeinated bottle first. ‘Oh coffee I’ve missed you!!!!!’ I thought to myself. I smiled as I pulled the bottle away for Amanda to fork a piece of pancake into my mouth. She fed me about half of it before going back to her breakfast. The eggs and bacon were sitting in front of me still with no utensil. She seemed in no hurry to get back to me with her fork so I just decided, ‘I’m a baby, right?’ they think and grabbed some of the eggs and then a piece of bacon with my hands and brought them to my mouth.

Apparently this was the right move because I heard, “Awww… she got it quickly too!” from Amanda. I looked at her and she smiled, “Babies eat with their hands all the time, remember that, okay?”

“But not when you’re at school…” Fred added while simultaneously taking a quick photo of me mid-bite with his phone. “You have to pretend to be mature there…”

“Point made dear,” Amanda said with a sigh.

I wasn’t sure what was going on but this sounded like a mommy and daddy fight if I’d ever heard one! I went back to nursing the caffeinated bottle of goodness until it was empty. I kept hoping for a few more drops though and kept nursing at it until Amanda pulled it away and fed me the last of the eggs and a couple more pancake bites.

“I’m full,” I told her as she tried to get me to finish the last of the pancakes.

“Last bite,” she told me, “lunch with my mom and sister is going to be a pain…”

I sighed and got the last piece of pancake off the fork and swallowed feeling pretty bloated. ‘I hope she isn’t expecting me to nurse right now…’ I thought to myself. Just as I said that I felt the need to pee and decided to hold it for a few minutes to see if I could still. It unnerved me how quickly I hadn’t felt it the previous days.

“Let’s get your hands and face all clean and then we’ll get you ready to meet your granny!” Amanda said to me.

“Just remember to stay calm dear,” Fred said.

“Who are you talking to? Me or mommy?” I asked.

“Definitely Mommy Princess.” He told me with a smile. He walked by and gave me a kiss on the top of my head before heading back upstairs.

“Why is he worried?” I asked as she picked me out of the chair.

“Well… I think he knows how many buttons she’s going to push on you, and knows I’ll probably blow at a certain point.” She reached the top of the stairs quickly, “I’m also worried she or Chloe try something to regress you without me having a chance to stop it.”

I nodded.

“Do you need to make a poopie in your diapee?” She asked me as we walked into the room and felt my dry diaper.

I thought about it for a moment and thought I might be able to so I nodded, “Probably?”

“Then I’m going to leave you in your room for a moment while I go to the bathroom, why don’t you go now so we don’t have to deal with our company rubbing that in your face.”

“That’s for you alone?” I asked her.

“Sweetie, we both know there’s no way you could use our toilets… I think even a toddler’s potty is pushing it for you.”

“Could we try that?” I asked suddenly wanting to push a button of my own.

“No,” she told me, “you agreed.”

I sighed, “You’ll have a stinky diaper when you get back Mommy.”

She hugged me and set me on my feet before closing the gate and going down the hallway. I looked around at the nursery again and remembered I had volunteered for this. I then noticed my little desk and computer were missing along with my backpack! ‘I hope she just hid it from her mom…’ I thought to myself. ‘Better get this over with,’ as a minor cramp made it possible for me to push and I felt a log exit into the back of my diaper and kept pushing until it was done. It bounced around down at the bottom of the padding as gravity took hold and I realized it felt different now that I was missing my old genitals.

“Did Princess Stacy make a little present for Mommy like she promised?” Amanda was back a moment later and picked me up. For once she seemed to be taking care not to smush everything.

“Yes,” I told her with a grimace.

“Good baby!” she told me before getting the traditional diaper change ritual out of the way. Peeing in the diaper wasn’t so bad, but I really wasn’t a fan of pooping necessarily. The stickiness… I tried to find that frame of mind of the toddler who didn’t mind but had a hard time today for some reason.

Thanks to the coffee I was at least feeling awake, “What time is it?” I asked her.

“Almost eight,” she told me.

“So your mom…”

“Granny,” she corrected, “and Auntie Chloe,” she added.

“Will be here soon?” I asked.

“Yes, and knowing my mother she’ll be here at about ten after eight instead of the time she said. The only thing that has kept her from being here earlier is that your Auntie is picking her up after dropping off her girls at daycare…”

I noticed the way she said daycare and asked, “How bad is their daycare?”

She sighed, “I remember as a little girl myself I used to go with Hannah to the same one… For an Amazon it was just a daycare. We played with finger-paints, read stories, had naptime, played on the playground… you know, the things you should do as a toddler.”

“For littles?”

“For littles… well understand that even good sized littles like Hannah was, they’re still smaller than our three year olds. The littles are always ending up picked on by most of the Amazons… I know I even did it sometimes to Hannah,” she said with a sigh and lots of regrets, “The truth is they’re babies and don’t know any better. In a good daycare an Amazon might get punished and it would eventually yield nicer behavior, but there… it was almost encouraged. Hannah used to be forced to let the toddlers feed her, or give her a bottle, change her, hit or spanked…”

My eyes opened a bit at the thought of babies hitting or spanking me…

“Yeah, it’s bad! Then you have the adults at that place who make it their mission to emphasize to the littles they will never grow up. I think eventually most of their minds crack and they just go with it like a younger baby, I know Hannah did by the end…”


“So no you won’t be going there. Regardless of what ‘great deal’ my mom can get us there.”

She had just taped a new diaper on me and was pulling a pink diaper-cover up my legs as she said that.

“Thank you,” I told her.

“You’re very welcome Princess. I do enjoy babying you… but I don’t intend for you to have your mind destroyed or to have PTSD flashbacks for the rest of your life.” She said with a shudder that made me think she had witnessed Hannah have some, “Anything we do will be lovingly done sweetheart.” She pulled a dress out that I had to admit was beautiful. The top looked to have capped sleeves and flared out to a shorter skirt that I was sure would barely cover my diaper. The bodice was smocked with these little bows embroidered at the points of diamond shapes that crisscrossed the front. It had two little collar pieces that came down.

“That’s pretty,” I told her, “when did you buy that?”

“Last night while you were sleeping in the car with Daddy,” she told me with a smile. “So ready to be Mommy’s princess today?”

I smiled at her and nodded. She unbuckled the strap and I sat up with my arms up. She buttoned several buttons at the back of the dress to fasten the dress securely to my body. I noticed she was moving faster as she quickly did my hair like yesterday and then showed me my reflection in the mirror.

“If it wasn’t for all of my hair I really do look like an Amazon baby, don’t I?” I asked her.

She nodded, “I’m sorry I didn’t catch Eddie’s last thing there… but your face makes you look even more adorable now.”

“I wonder what those changes will do when I go home?”

She shrugged, “You could always come back I guess if they don’t go away. You would still fit in well as our baby!” She tickled my side a bit and hugged me.

I hugged her back as much as I could and said, “Thank you for not reneging on our deal.”

“What? I just want the money,” she told me with a smile.

“I can tell that even double that amount isn’t going to make or break you both, so thank you for just being honest.”

“I still haven’t delivered you back home,” she told me with a smile and kissed my forehead again.

I just smiled at her and remembered, “Where did my desk and computer go?”

“Fred and I decided to put it somewhere safe in my lab… My mom will never go in there, but she will want to see your nursery. I guarantee she’ll be in here as soon as she can just to see what I did with it. We’ll bring it back tonight when she’s gone.” Just as she said that the doorbell rang.

“I guess they’re here?” I asked and she nodded as she bounced with me down the stairs. I caught sight of a clock and sure enough it was ten after eight!

Just as we reached the bottom of the stairs I heard, “Knock, knock” from a voice opening the front door. “Mandy you here?”

“Yep, how are you doing sis?” Amanda said as she gave a giant a little taller than her a sideways hug to avoid crushing me.

For my first time seeing Chloe I was surprised how friendly looking she would appear. Nothing about her said she would be a crazy ‘little’ kidnapping and maiming monster… She wore a simple dress with large flowers on it that reminded me of something a teacher would wear back home. Chloe was about the same size as Amanda – maybe a couple inches shorter, she had darker hair. Here eyes and nose were nearly identical to Amanda’s so there was a strong family resemblance. Her hair was cut in a bob and her smile seemed genuine as she cooed, “So this is my little niece?!?”

She stepped closer to look at me, “You don’t look like a little at all! You’re adorable!!!”

I found myself lean my head into Amanda’s shoulder nervously.

“Oh my God! She’s sooooo cute!!!!!” I heard another older voice say and looked to see a lady that was obviously their mother right behind Chloe carrying a big gift bag that she sat on the floor. “Come to Granny!” She opened her arms up and I could feel Amanda reluctantly pass me over to her.

“She’s really an adult little?!?” Chloe asked as she continued staring at me.

“Eighteen three months ago,” Amanda said for me.

For my part I was intimidated and scared beyond belief by these two women.  I found myself wishing I had my pacifier then, but just hoped Amanda wouldn’t let anything happen to me. “You are too cute to ever be an adult! It was a good thing your mommy adopted you, huh?” She cooed at me.

“Why is she so small?” Chloe asked.

“Well, it partially has to do with how I got her. She’s from the other dimension we have the portal open to.”

“Are you all this small there?” Granny asked me.

“No, I shrank when I came through…” I told her nervously.

“Baby you don’t have to worry about me doing something to you, your mommy would kill me if I did,” she told me reassuringly. I guess I was shaking quite a bit. “Here Mommy you probably should take her, I can understand that she’s nervous around strangers.” She gave me a quick hug and a kiss before passing me back to Amanda.

She squeezed me tight to reassure me and led them to the living room where she sat down on one end of the couch. Her mom sat down next to us while her sister sat in the recliner. I had my first chance to really look at her mother then. Where as Chloe and Amanda had similar faces and eyes, Granny was a shorter version of Amanda with a few more wrinkles. I had to imagine if you held pictures of them side-by-side at the same ages you would think they were the same person!

“How tall were you in the other dimension?” Chloe asked me curiously, interrupting my staring.

“Five foot, ten,” I answered quickly.

“You were almost an inbetweener…” she mused. “Now…? How tall is she Mandy?”

“A little over thirty-six inches tall.”

“So she’s barely more than a newborn…” Chloe said. “I assume you’re feeding her as such?”

Amanda squeezed me a little tighter and I could tell she had shaken her head, “I’m nursing her, but we’re still eating normal solids too.”

“A little that cute it’s almost a crime for her to still eat solid foods…” Chloe said.

“Chloe…” her mother warned her.

“I’m just saying… If she didn’t have her teeth and hair, I would be sure you’d somehow hid being pregnant from us!”

“I know, but that’s not happening to her,” Amanda said.

“So is she being a good girl for you so far?” Granny asked.

“Yes, she’s never put up a fuss about wearing or using her diaper. Hasn’t even really whined about anything at all yet actually. She’s the perfect little,” Amanda said with another gentle squeeze. I suspected she meant that.

“Well here,” Granny said, “why don’t you open my gift?”

Amanda repositioned herself to where she could reach over me into the gift bag and the first thing she brought out was a beautiful quilt that I assumed was for my crib. It was a pink, purple, and yellow quilt, with butterflies, dragonflies, and flowers sewn in blocks.

“Oh my god mother, this matches her nursery perfectly! How did you know?” Amanda asked.

Her mom laughed, “I always knew you would have a baby girl someday, or at least a little, so I figured you would need it eventually. I knew whenever that day came it would be pinks, purples, and butterflies!”

“Thank you Mom, it’s really beautiful, don’t you think Stacy?”

“Yes it is… umm… thank you Granny,” I told her.

“I can see what you mean, she is very polite too.” She reached a hand over and patted my head lightly, “There are a few more things in there too,” she added.

Indeed inside was a gift basket of bath toys, soap, and bubble bath. There was also a very cute teddy bear that she handed me and I cuddled. “Thanks Mom,” she squeezed the arm of the bear herself and said, “I do appreciate it.”

“So I talked to the daycare when I dropped off my girls and they said they could easily get Stacy in there,” Chloe said.

“Thanks Chloe, but I’m not planning on putting her in that daycare.”

“Why, it was good enough for you girls?” her mom said.

“Mom we’re not going to turn Stacy into a newborn baby only cooing, pooping, and looking cute like some sort of living doll. She’s actually very smart and I’m not going to destroy that. She’s also much sweeter than any little you’ve ever met, so it’s not like she needs to be reminded to behave either.”

“You say that now Mandy,” Chloe said, “but just wait a couple weeks and she’ll make her break for it. She’s probably just biding her time until she can run away when you’ve let your guard down.”

I actually laughed at that.

“What’s so funny little girl?” Chloe asked and I began to get the vibe I had expected more from her mom.

“Where would I run to?” I asked, “I’m not even like a normal little who looks like they might have a chance at an adult life. Right now the chances of anyone not naturally just picking me up for my own good are zero. I’m not even the size of a toddler, I’m not going anywhere that Mommy doesn’t want me to go.”

“You shouldn’t let her speak like that,” Chloe glared.

Amanda shrugged, “She’s right. I bought clothes originally thinking she would be about the twelve to eighteen month size range. She wears regular three month size Amazon clothes… No one will let her by without knowing for certain that she’s cared for. I’m not worried about her running away at all. Besides, she has her tracking chip too and she knows it.”

“Well, I know we came early, had you fed her already?” her mom asked, seeming to want to break the tension.

“Yes, we had breakfast early since I figured you would be here before the time you said.”

“Of course, how could I not rush to see my new grandbaby? I still can’t believe you didn’t call and tell me about her immediately!”

“Sorry Mom, I wanted to make sure I got her first and then wanted her to settle in first.”

She sighed, “I guess I understand that dear. Any chance I can see her nursery?”

Amanda smiled genuinely then, “Sure!”

She put me on her side and we walked upstairs to my nursery.

“This is beautiful!” Chloe exclaimed.

“Exactly like I imagined it would be!” Her mom cooed. “My baby girl really has grown up now and has her own baby!”

“Here, let’s put this over her crib rail for now,” Chloe said bringing the quilt with her. “Looks like you handled baby proofing the room pretty well sis. I know none of my girls have had any luck getting out since I put up that brand of gate - and they’re a foot or more taller than Stacy here.”

“Honestly I mainly have it up in case someone were to question me having her.”

“Nonsense sweetie,” her mom assured her, “you got her to come willingly like the law says?”

“Yes, she agreed to come live with us. Even agreed to the diapers and everything.”

“Then no one can say anything,” her mom said.

“Other than they wished they’d seen her first,” Chloe said, “which I’ll say that!” I looked at her as she hesitated, “Can I hold her for a moment?”

I felt Amanda get as nervous as I was but she handed me over to her. “You’re soooo tiny and light!!!!” She cooed over me as she squeezed me into a small hug and then turned me over onto my back to hold me like an infant. She rocked back and forth and cooed at me for a few moments while they continued to talk. “This dress is adorable Mandy, where did you get it?”

“Threadbare yesterday,” she said. “I went inside after we ate dinner out. This princess was sound asleep and Fred watched her in the car.”

“It really does make her look like a little princess,” her mom agreed. “You both would have loved that dress as little girls.”

“So what do you want to do?” Amanda asked as she looked worriedly at me in Chloe’s arms.

“Well, I kind of want to buy a piece or two of baby gear for my granddaughter that I see you’re missing.”

“Like?” Amanda asked as I internally gulped.

“Well you’re missing a swing and a walker for once,” she told her. “I mean assuming you’re not going to follow Chloe’s lead and keep her from walking like her littles.”

“How many times do I have to tell you it was for their own good, Momma?” Chloe asked. I felt her squeeze me a little tighter and I grew more nervous. “Kacey convinced Kendra and Katie they should escape. It was only because of the neighbors that they all didn’t manage to toddle away that night! They showed that I couldn’t trust them to be that mature, so I took that decision away from them.”

There was an awkward pause before she said, “I hope you don’t make us do that with you!” Chloe said looking down at me.

I shook my head and suddenly needed to pee. I decided to just let go and sure enough Chloe said, “Well at least you’re not giving your Mommy a hard time about using the potty. Lord knows I think even the training potty Cassie has for little Klara would be too big for you to get on without help!”

I sighed, “I know.”

“Here, why don’t you let me change her and then we’ll get going,” Mandy said with her arms out.

“Oh nonsense, I’ve been changing diapers forever - I bet I can do just as well as Mommy, if not better, huh?” Chloe said and turned to the changing table. She pulled the strap across my stomach and said, “Mandy, how come you bought a regular baby changing table? What will you do if she starts fighting you?”

“I don’t think that’s going to be a problem Chloe, she’s not tried to hit, bite, or kick me once in the first three days. If it was going to happen it would have happened the first time I changed her or nursed her.”

She pulled my diaper cover down and said, “Mandy, why do you have her in regular Pampers? There are so many other diapers are much cuter and make them waddle more!”

She reached down and said, “I mean this princess themed diaper is perfect! Plus then you don’t have to change them as much!” She untaped my diaper just then.

“She likes the Pampers more and I really don’t mind changing her more often.”

“You know I kind of like the Pampers on her better too,” their mom said, “it makes you believe she’s actually a real baby in them.”

“Hmmph,” Chloe said, “Why would you want to do that?”

“Because not every little needs humiliated all of the time,” I found myself saying and then instantly regretted the words as she had my bottom up in the air pulling the wet diaper out.


Chapter 8:

“OH, SO YOU do have some spirit, huh?” She asked me with a menacing glint in her eye. “I wondered when you would talk back! I won’t give you the spanking my girls would get for that this time...” She said as she lifted my ankles a little higher and pulled me into a tighter crunch position.

“With all due respect I didn’t talk back, I just pointed out that maybe if you really feel we need babied that could be fine, but then why wouldn’t you be just as sweet and kind to us as you would to a real baby?”

Her eyes narrowed as she began wiping me. Her finger lingered inside my new parts a little longer than it should have and she did the same in my butt. I bit my lip though and didn’t give her the reaction I was sure she was expecting. “Well I certainly do only act that way to my girls when they deserve it. Too often you all just act up and then you need to be punished.”

She finished up with some lotion and powder, and as she taped the second tape of the thicker diaper on I said, “Wouldn’t you act up if everything had been taken from you? All hope of a future of a job? Having your own babies? Of just going to the potty?”

She glared at me, pulled the diaper cover back over my diaper before she turned and handed me to Amanda, “She’s not physically needing restrained, but I’d take that tongue from her soon.”

Amanda cuddled me and replied, “I like her tongue,” she tickled my side, “and everything else about her. Yes she has a difference of opinion from you, but she was very respectful the way she said it, wasn’t she?”

Chloe just looked at her in disbelief, shook her head, and then asked, “Mom, are we going?”

“Sure sweetie,” she said. “Let’s take your car Amanda since you probably have all of Stacy’s stuff in it already.”

With that command Amanda grabbed my diaper bag, along with the other items needed for a day out with a baby… who just happened to be eighteen… years old. Amanda squeezed me gently as she began to set me in my seat whispered, “Careful sweetie, I wouldn’t have been able to stop her from spanking you.”

I just smiled up at her, “I love you Mommy,” was my reply.

Her whole face lit up at those words and she smiled back at me, “Well I love you too Princess.”

I was strapped into the carrier and was glad her mom sat next to me in the back rather than Chloe. Before she closed the door Amanda placed a bottle nipple in my mouth and I moved my hands to hold the bottle. It was cold apple juice that was nice and sweet.

“You really are adorable,” her mom said looking at me. “Amanda she fits into an infant carrier perfectly! I can’t believe how tiny she is!”

“She’s really easy to carry like that too since she’s so light. If I didn’t know how she had gotten that way I would be really worried about her medical situation. Of course we’ve had her checked over and Fred has looked at her a bit too… She has to use the infant nursers too, as the larger size are too heavy for her to hold up.”

“You said you did get her adoption registered?”

“Day before yesterday, I didn’t want to risk someone trying to say that she was theirs instead.”

“No, you wouldn’t want that,” she agreed. She peered down at me in the car seat and spoke softly, “Stacy I can tell that you have some fire in you - but there’s no way in this world you would ever be allowed to walk more than about ten steps before another woman would adopt you if my Amanda hadn’t. I think you got quite lucky with her…”

I continued nursing the bottle and nodded. I pulled out the bottle long enough to say, “I know,” before I went back to nursing it.

The drive to wherever it was that we were going seemed to take a while. “You two are going to love this new store! I still can’t believe how humongous it is! It truly has everything you could possibly want!”

“What’s different than Babies’r’us?” Amanda asked.

“Well they have a lot more discipline items for one… you really might think of getting at least a few things for your girl here. I don’t think she’s as well behaved as you think she is! Probably just doing things when your back is turned.”

“Well lucky for us she’s a baby, so I don’t turn my back on her, huh Princess?” She said to me with what I knew had to be a smile in her voice. “Remind me to see if they have one of those mirrors that attach to car seats so I can see her face. That’s the one thing I’ve never liked about rear facing car seats.”

“Why put her rear facing then?” Granny asked.

“Well she’s the size of a three month old… even if she has an adult body for a little I don’t want to chance that the bigger physics of a crash with our car would cause a spinal injury. Even us as adults would be better getting pushed backwards into a seat. I figure that in a few more years when the government mandates the self-driving vehicles we’ll all be sitting backwards not long after.”

“Rear facing like an infant? No way!” Chloe scoffed, “Though I do like the idea of not driving… Too bad they’re so expensive.”

“So what else do they have?” Amanda asked with interest getting her sister back on the topic.

“Well there’s a huge selection of adorable clothes! Of course that probably doesn’t matter as much for you since Stacy fits so easily in infants clothes?”

“Yeah, there’s not a piece of clothing on her that’s from the little’s department. I don’t even think they make little’s sizes that small.”

“I don’t think they do actually…” Chloe said as if she was sad. “Well if she was bigger you’d find a lot more selection of the clothes in that style. They also have some new nanny help items to keep them occupied and… happy.”

“Happy?” Amanda asked.

“Well you know they’re not adults, but still have some of their needs, right?” She paused as if waiting for confirmation of a fundamental fact, “Well studies have shown if you service their carnal needs they behave better. There’s a huge selection of items to do that with.” She paused for a moment, “Katie and Kendra can’t seem to get enough of their rocking horse and relief diapers.”

I felt bile rise up in my mouth and I almost threw up, thankfully I had the bottle nipple to bite down on instead of my tongue!

Amanda said what I was thinking though, “Chloe you really do need to make up your mind about things. Stacy is just a baby, she doesn’t need to think about such things!”

“Well haven’t you been thinking such things Stacy?” Chloe asked me directly even though I couldn’t see her. I could see her mother looking at me intently then.

“Honestly, no. I was pretty sheltered at home, and I’m kind of getting sick to my stomach picturing whatever twisted items you’re thinking of! In my world I’m pretty sure forcing things like that to someone would get you locked up for life if it wasn’t mutually desired. It sounds like you just force it on people! That’s rape!”

“Chloe, we’re going to agree to disagree on this one. Stop antagonizing Stacy with the threat of those despicable items.”

“You wait and see, she’ll be begging for them before long.”

“Somehow I doubt that,” Granny said. There was a sad look in her eyes that made me think that while she had loved babying littles, including her Hannah, there’d probably been none of that treatment of her. I could certainly see how Amanda believed Chloe had been responsible for Hannah’s death.

“I think I heard they have some toys that are helpful for learning there,” Granny spoke up next to me.

“Learning?” Amanda asked.

“Well might be something you would like at least… stuff to drill her on our basic math.”

“Huh…” Amanda said thoughtfully.

I was actually curious about that one myself. I had heard the fact that they used a Base 60 math the last time I had been here and had been doing my best to practice the changeover from our Base 10 system. It helped when I read some articles that explained how we still had some relationships, especially in geometry, to the Base 60 system the Babylonians used. It wasn’t second nature to me though like normal Base 10 math was... but at least I wasn’t terrible at it now. I had done my best the last couple of years to change my calculus worksheets into Base 60 to practice. If there was a toy - even if it was meant for a baby mind - that might drill that more I would be okay with that!

“So I hear Megan has a new boyfriend?” Chloe suggested.

Amanda laughed, “Maybe, but she’s never going to settle down easily. About the only way she might is if she were to find her own little… and she seems to be very opposed to that.”

“Don’t know what went wrong with her,” Chloe said, “Who wouldn’t want one?”

For her part Granny sighed and looked at me, “Amazon women when they’re young have what I would call a disease of the heart. They feel like they have to be mothers in order to live. With as hard as it is for us to conceive you all make it much easier.” She whispered to me, “I’m glad to see that my daughter is treating you well.”

I looked up at her in surprise, having been prepared for her to be the mother monster more than anything else. I smiled around the nipple at her and kept nursing like a good baby.

As I nursed on the bottle I couldn’t help but feel that I needed to pee again. As much as I wanted to make it out of this world with my mind and body intact… I had no illusions that my potty training would survive! I just went ahead and let it out into the diaper. My bladder felt relief and for the moment while the diaper was warm it wasn’t a terrible feeling. ‘Not like this one can’t hold like six of these bottles…’ I sighed, ‘I’m surprised the diaper cover fits over the top of it!’

Just as I had settled back down from wetting the diaper we pulled to a stop in the parking lot. Granny reached over and undid her seatbelt before asking, “Amanda are we taking her carrier or just putting her down in the cart seat?”

“She likes the cart seat a little better to see out of,” she told her mom.

“Okay, I’ll get her then,” she said and reached over to my seat. She gave my tummy a little tickle, which made me giggle nervously. She undid the harness latch before opening her door and then picked me up. “You really are almost too light Princess,” she told me as she stepped clear of the car holding me. I leaned into her and gave her a small hug, which made her smile. “Well, aren’t you becoming affectionate?” She kissed my forehead and carried me into the store behind Amanda and Chloe.

Right away as we walked into the ‘Littles Superstore’ I knew that this was not a place I would want to be with most Amazons as my ‘mother.’ Immediately at the cart pick-up the choices began... There were several different options from infant carrier type to your average grocery cart meant for older children to sit a little more comfortably on plastic forward facing seats with a seat belt. Some of those were even shaped like cars like I remembered in the grocery stores back home. Those carts seemed abnormally large compared to me, but at least they still seemed to be normal shopping carts. Next to those were the ‘special’ ones that seemed to come with leg, hand, and even head restraints in some cases! It looked like one said something about instructions on the little needing to just be in a diaper only so electrodes could make contact…

I shuddered and Granny patted my back gently while walking to a traditional cart and setting me inside the seat. “Uh-oh! This seat is too big for you,” she commented. “Amanda do you have a blankie in her bag?”

“Sure mom, why?”

“Let me see it please.”

Chloe seemed to watch in disbelief as her mother kindly rolled the blanket up and put it behind my back so I was more comfortable, “That better baby?”

I nodded, “Thank you Granny.”

“You’re very welcome!” She kissed my head again and said, “Let’s see if there’s anything in here worth buying for my granddaughter.”

I was surprised in a way that Amanda let her mother pushed me around in the cart, but I guessed she was trying to let her mom earn my trust a bit more. I already felt I could trust her more than Chloe… but that wasn’t saying much at this point! She paused at a large store directory board. Since the cart was sideways I could see that the store was laid out with different sections like diapers, clothing, nursing, car seats, furniture, and toys like a normal baby store would have. They added punishment aids, mental treatments, and automated nursery sections too…

I gulped as I realized we were right next to the punishment section. “You sure you don’t at least need a good paddle?” Chloe asked.

“No Chloe, Stacy is a good little girl,” she told her.

Another lady nearby was pulling a little girl around with a short dress and a child’s leash on looked at Amanda and said, “You should listen to her young lady, the hand is good in a pinch, but when they need to know who’s Mommy you want something more firm! When you get your little you’ll really understand. Regular babies like your little girl there are so much easier!”

“Umm… thank you for your opinion,” Amanda said, “Come on Mom, I would like to look at a few things over there I think…”

I was pushed down the aisles of the store and occasionally one of them would pick up an item to examine. Mostly it seemed Amanda must have already shopped most of the items before. The pacifier aisle contained some cute pacifiers that she began looking through. “Which of these do you like better?” as she held some options out to me. A good dozen pacifiers ended up in the cart after a few minutes.

Just before we left the aisle Chloe said, “You should get one of these for her too!”

The item in question was unquestionably cute, girly looking, and innocent until you looked at the label. ‘Lockable Pacifier: Twist and lock pacifier in place so your little can’t pull it out. Keeps littles seen but not heard!’

“Chloe, really?” Granny answered, “Have you heard her shout or scream once?”

“She talked back to me…”

“Only because you were being a witch…” Amanda said.

Chloe looked at both of them and just threw her arms up in the air, “I’m only trying to be helpful. I have three of these creatures at home. I have a lot more experience than either of you!”

“Calm down Chloe, we’re not saying you don’t.” Granny soothed, “But I think if you really pay attention Stacy is most definitely not your normal little.”

“No she’s not, and I’m sure we’ll not be needing one of those. She’s perfectly happy to keep one in her mouth on her own,” Amanda said and sympathetically offered me one of the pacifiers from my diaper bag.

“Thank you,” I said around it.

She patted me on the head and said, “See?”

The glare continued, but we kept moving through the aisles. In the car seat aisle she found a large mirror to mount to see me and would let me see her too. “Ooh, how about this?” Granny said from next to Amanda.


“It’s a TV screen you can hang from the headrest above her seat. She can watch movies on it instead of being bored…” Granny told her.

“That’s not cheap though,” she told her.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s one of her presents from Grandma!”

She smiled at me after putting the box in the cart, “We’ll see if we can find you some safe movies to watch in another store later.”

I nodded at her and we were soon to another aisle she felt Amanda hadn’t prepared for. “Oh dear, I thought we could pick up a walker for her here, but these are all going to be much too big for her.”

“We can go to a regular baby store if you really want to buy her one later,” Amanda told her. “She can walk though, so that was why I hadn’t even looked at them.”

“Yes she can walk, and yes she is a good little girl, but every now and then you’ll be grateful to have the ability to let her walk around downstairs and not be able to get in certain places. Plus it’s a comfortable seat that she’ll look adorable in!”

“We’ll go somewhere else and look then later,” Amanda said and smiled at me. Something in the smile told me we’d humor her, but it wouldn’t be getting a lot of use. It seemed to me like it might not be a bad place to do homework in though… I could actually remember a few memories of how much I loved mine as a baby!

Next to that aisle we came across the ‘Automated Nursery – Making Parenting Easier’ aisle. “Oh Amanda, look at this!” Chloe cooed.

“What’s that?”

“Well it’s like a modern swing… but it does so much more. Here let’s put Stacy in it and try it…”

The device in question looked like some sort of high tech baby bouncer or swing. I didn’t get much of a look though before Granny helpfully picked me up and sat me in the seat. “Let’s see how it works and if it’s even the right size for you!” She buckled the five-point harness around me and looked at Chloe.

“See it bounces her like a real mommy to calm her,” she read off and the swing started up, apparently activated by Chloe’s voice.

It was actually soothing at first until Chloe pointed out, “ooh, it does more too!” She smirked at me and I worried as she shouted, “Bad baby!”

All of a sudden I was flipped forward to face the ground. My hands and legs were suddenly bound in some sort of cuffs! Before I could even begin to get my mind around what was going on I felt a harsh tug as my diaper cover was quickly pulled down and my diaper was ripped off! “What…?” I said just before I began to feel blows of huge hands on my butt!!!!!!!!

Each blow felt like a sledgehammer was coming down onto my bare skin!

“Stop!!!!!” Amanda cried out.

“Unable to stop until unit has finished punishment cycle,” a mechanical woman’s voice responded to them.

Whack, “Bad Baby!” it said over and over again. I began to bawl as it hurt more than anything I could ever remember!!!! Just as I had given up hope of the pain ever stopping, the machine shuddered to a stop with my face still dangling out like I was at the top of a roller coaster going down.

Amanda’s hands were reaching to undo the buckle as I heard shouts of, “Well help us get her out of this!”

“Hang on baby, we’ll get you out of this…” Amanda tried to soothe me as I kept bawling uncontrollably. Her comforting touch didn’t mean much as she couldn’t undo the buckle.

“Get her out of this!” Granny’s voice said angrily at the person.

“It won’t release until it’s finished the punishment cycle…”

“And just how much more of a beating does this poor little girl need?!?!” Granny said, “It was supposed to be a swing…”

“Well it is that, as well as a complete care giver in absentia. It swings, feeds, and disciplines the little as needed.”

“So how are we getting her out?” Amanda said coldly while holding onto my hand. My blood was rushing to my head a bit at this point.

“The only way I know of is to let it finish.”

“How many times had it spanked her?” Another voice asked.

“Twenty?” Amanda’s voice suggested.

“Eighteen,” Chloe’s voice piped in amused. “It looks like it’s programmed to do thirty-five the first time to get its point across.”

“So she would have to be beaten seventeen more times?!?!” Amanda shouted angrily as I sobbed at the thought. “Where is the car seat aisle?” I heard her ask through my sobs.

“Over there…”

“I’ll be right back baby,” she reassured me. “Momma don’t you let anyone turn this piece of junk back on!”

“Don’t worry about that honey,” she said as she came and kneeled by me to take one of my bound hands. “Shhh… we’ll get you out of this,” she tried to reassure me.

I couldn’t stop crying even though the pain was beginning fading a little. My skin still throbbed though and the thought of being spanked more by this torture device was unbearable. ‘How can this seem reasonable for a first punishment?!?’ I wondered as I sobbed. I worried Amanda would never come back, or we’d all get arrested or something with me stuck in this machine. Time seemed to crawl by, but Amanda was soon back and one of the management voices said “No you can’t do that, it’s expensive!!!”

“So is my daughter!” she screamed back.

Through my tears I could see she held an emergency safety belt cutter in her hand. “Stay still baby,” she told me before she used it on the straps of the harness. Unfortunately it only made things worse as I now dangled by my hands and ankles toward the ground. “Stupid piece of junk!” Amanda screamed at it as she looked for anything that would release those too. She worked at it for several long moments before my feet were loose and then my hands.

Instantly I was in her arms being cuddled, “I’m so sorry baby, if I’d had any idea that would have done that I never would have let Granny put you in it!!!!”

“I don’t think she’s the problem,” I told her softly when I had calmed down. “Chloe is the one who started the punishment cycle. I don’t think Granny even knew it could do that.”

“You’re right baby,” she told me as she looked up and angrily glared at Chloe, “If you ever cause harm to my baby again… So help me you will pay for the rest of your miserable life!”

She grabbed my diaper bag and stormed away from the scene. I sobbed as she carried me to the front of the store and I found myself in a changing room. “Sweetie I think this dress is done for…”

She quickly pulled the dress off of my head and I could see that in the midst of my struggling and her efforts to free me the pretty dress was ripped in three places. I realized then that I had no idea where the diaper and the cover went, my face turned redder as I realized I had been naked for the world to see. Amanda reached into the bag and grabbed a regular Pamper for me and lay my bottom on top of it. I winced as she rubbed some baby lotion onto my inflamed skin, “I’m sorry baby…” she told me. With the diaper taped up she dug a spare romper from the diaper bag out. I let her pull it over my head and she had it snapped around my diaper in record time. All the while I was sobbing uncontrollably and shaking – it was like my worst fears come true!

She picked me up and just held me and cuddled me for a moment before sitting down at a bench in the room and presented me with her breast, “Maybe it will help?” She suggested to me as she nudged my head forward.

I couldn’t see how her breast would make this better, but I was thirsty after my screaming and crying so I latched on and nursed. I must have drifted off to sleep because I apparently missed a great deal of excitement.


SOMETIME LATER I became aware that I was swinging around in the air. I started and shrieked a little before I realized I was in my carrier - not that torture device. The bottom of the carrier pressed just gently enough not to hurt my butt, but I could still feel the heat of the blows.

Amanda sensed I was regaining consciousness and placed the carrier down on something and looked at me, “How are you doing baby?” she asked me while pulling out the pacifier in my mouth.

“Where are we?” I asked.

“Well we’re shopping at another store right now…” she told me.

My butt felt like it was still on fire, “My butt hurts,” I told her.

“I know, if it’s still really sore when we go home, we’ll stop by and see Daddy at the hospital. I can’t believe that machine…”

“What happened?”

“What do you mean?” She asked as she unbuckled me from the seat and said, “Mom can you latch this into the stroller and push it for a moment? I want to cuddle Stacy now that she’s woken up.”

“I don’t blame you dear,” Grandma smiled at me as she took the seat from Amanda’s other side, “I’m so sorry Stacy, I had no idea…”

I nodded, “I know you didn’t.” I looked around for Chloe but didn’t see her, “Where’s Aunt Chloe?”

“We made her find her own way home,” Grandma said with a sigh. “If only…”

I didn’t get a chance to ask what that meant before Amanda bounced me up and down a little and said, “Your grandma dealt with the managers after the police were called and we were in the changing room. They wanted the police to charge us with destruction of property. They were about to do it when Granny pointed out it was missing some necessary legal warning tags and signs. She then brought the police officers to where we were sitting and you had fallen asleep nursing. As soon as they saw how tiny you were, and I pulled down your diaper to show how red your bottom was, they instead insisted on the model being removed from the store.”

“I’m glad you didn’t get in trouble,” I told her while at the same time being mortified that my butt had been on display like that!

“Well I’m not done with them yet. I fully plan to sue them for this! Assault like that should never be okay, and there are actually some protection laws still in place that should keep that particular item from even being sold! Let alone sitting open in the store without some sort of safeguards!”

“Thank you for saving me,” I told her and hugged her as best I could.

“I’m sorry I didn’t catch it before it got out of hand,” she told me. “Now, do you mind shopping for a while longer?”

“No more machines?” I asked nervously.

“No more machines!” She told me and kissed my forehead before hugging me tightly. “Come on, let’s see if we can’t spend all of Granny’s money!”

I clung to her tightly as they wandered up and down the aisles of a regular baby store that didn’t seem to have anything directed specifically to littles. Grandma pushed the stroller around before stopping, “Amanda, how about one of these? Do you have one already?”

I turned my head towards what she held up and blushed as I realized it was one of those slings I had seen another little in the first time shopping. It held you to ‘mommy’ but let her keep her hands free. Looking at the packaging though I realized we were in a regular baby store and it held a mostly bald baby, sitting upright while the butterfly printed sling wrapped around the ladies shoulders and held her upright. The baby was smiling at the camera while I only wondered how humiliating that would be…

“No I don’t… do they really help?”

“You can’t do anything with your hands right now, right?”

“Not easily,” she said.

“It lets you have two hands free and keep her close. With as light as she is I bet you could probably carry her most of the day and never even notice.”

“What do you think Stacy?” she asked me. Something about her eyes told me she did care what I thought.

“It’s kind of embarrassing…” I started, “but I guess no more so than wearing a diaper and nursing from you…”

“Okay mom, we’ll get it.”

“Great!” she said and we continued wandering until we got to an aisle of walkers. They cooed over several before deciding on a pink one with a half dozen toys in the front that were removable. It made sounds and even had a handle on the back that was supposedly for the baby to use to help learn to walk by pushing it when they got older. ‘I hope a regular kid doesn’t push me…’ I thought about it.

“The activity stuff does come off so she can use it to do homework at since you seem to be wanting her to go to school still…” her mom said.

“Yeah, we’ll get this one.” Amanda said without even asking me this time.

We were walking for a little bit longer when I suddenly felt a cramp in my gut and I forced myself not groan out loud, this was not my day! “Mommy how much longer are we shopping?”

“Probably a couple more hours,” she told me.

“Okay,” I told her and leaned back in her. She stuffed a pacifier in my mouth as if to keep me from talking any more just then. It could have annoyed me, but instead I found it was pretty soothing to nurse on it.

‘I’m not going to make it a couple more hours,’ I admitted to myself. I tried to hold on at least until we were in a place she could change me quickly with some privacy. As they moved on towards the clothing section I knew it wasn’t meant to be. Amanda set me down on ground to toddle after her going through racks when the next cramp hit.

A sticky mass piled into the back of my diaper for a long moment. It was accompanied by the still new feeling of pee traveling through my new parts and I felt the diaper swell as it soaked it all in. When I was done I noticed Granny watching me with a smile, “Aww, did someone make a poopie?”

I felt tears go down my face and just nodded, “If you want to keep looking Amanda I can take Stacy and go change her?”

Amanda looked down at me and I looked at her with my teary eyes. She decided then, “Go ahead Mom, here’s her diaper bag.” She paused, “It’s one less stinky diaper for me to change,” she smiled at us both as I looked at her over Granny’s shoulder as she patted my back and carried me past where I could see Amanda.


Chapter 9:

GRANNY CARRIED ME to the baby changing station in the bathroom at the front of the store as I nervously clung to her.

‘I hope she doesn’t do anything bad…’ a part of my brain began to think before I reminded myself that she had been tame compared to Chloe the whole time. A part of me wondered why she was being nice given the horrific acts that I had heard happened with Hannah, but I just hoped that I was just going to be getting this uncomfortable mess on my behind cleaned up.

“It’s okay baby,” she cooed at me as she opened the door to the bathroom.

“No!!!!! You can’t do this to me you bitch!!!!!!”

I jolted and saw a man, well little, being stripped of what looked like a set of wet khaki pants. Granny froze just inside the doorway, and I felt my eyes widen as I watched the man be smacked on his butt more times than the machine had hit me earlier. Eventually the smacks stopped when you could no longer understand any of the cries from the man. I watched in disbelief as she began to set him down on the changing table. “You obviously aren’t ready to be an adult,” the lady said in a no-nonsense voice.

“But you cheated, I could have made it to the bathroom…” he whined through a raspy voice.

“But you didn’t, so you’re mine. We’ll get the adoption all done here in a bit. I’m glad you were here to help me shop for that baby gift though Dennis,” she said.

“My name’s not Dennis!”

“It is now, unless you want it to be Denise,” the lady said.

I watched the poor man stripped naked and a badly fitting diaper was taped on. She picked him up off of the changing table and looked at Granny and me, “Oh my! Isn’t she just the most precious baby?” She sniffed a moment, “Uh-oh, did you make a present in your diapee for your Mommy?”

I was glad she kept her hands off of me and Granny’s tighter grip on me suggested she thought the same. “I’m her Granny,” she told her. “Are you done by chance?”

“Why certainly! She’s a real baby, right?”

Granny nodded as I was laid down on a changing pad, “Just has a ton of hair for some reason… Well and she’s older than she looks. She’s eighteen months old.”

“So she’s actually going to be a little?” She paused as she washed her hands somehow while holding onto the broken man. “Does she have normal sized parents?”

“Her Momma was like this too, she ended up hitting over ten feet so it’s hard to say what will happen with her. Her Daddy is even taller, so I would be surprised if she doesn’t grow.”

“Well, we’ll let you get to changing that uncomfy diapee, huh?” She said as she looked at her new little. “I know you’ll be making Mommy a stinky present like that soon too, huh?” The lady squeezed the poor guy tight. “Let’s get you away from here since you don’t work here anymore. I bet we’ll find better clothing options for you at Le Bébé down the road.”

The poor guy whimpered some more and I felt bad for him. Looking at him in comparison to me I was sure he was way taller than I was. He might have even been as tall as I used to be and the lady just manhandled him as easily as a toddler. Fortunately for me the door closed and Granny got to work by opening up my romper snaps and slid the cloth back up to my armpits. “Arms back here sweetie,” she told me and moved my arms to up above my head.

The tapes were ripped off and I grimaced as the smell wafted towards my nose. She used the messy diaper to wipe as much poop off my butt as she could. My legs continued to be suspended in the air for several moments though while she then used baby wipes to clean every bit of the rest off my bottom. As she went into my anus for a second I squirmed but she said, “Just be a good girl sweetie, almost done,” and it was quickly done. Unfortunately she had to do the same with the new lips down there too and I squirmed more because it felt so weird to have them still.

She placed a new diaper beneath my bottom and left it open a moment while she balled up the old diaper and put it in a trash can next to it. “I’m going to put some of this cream we bought at the store on that sore booty sweetie, hopefully it will help you feel better sooner.”

I squirmed with the still unusual feeling of someone putting hands on private parts, but as she spread the sticky lotion on my butt I could feel it numb the area, and instead of the throbbing pain it became a little duller. The door opened again and this time a pregnant lady and an Amazon girl who was probably elementary school aged came in. “Look at the baby Momma!” the girl said pointing towards me.”

“Yes she’s a cutie, isn’t she! Just like you used to be!”

“I was never that small was I?” The girl asked.

“When you were a newborn you were a bit smaller, but you grew quickly into the big girl you are now, huh?”

The girl giggled and nodded, “Yes Momma, I’m not a baby anymore.”

“Well you’re still my baby, even when your little brother gets here!” The Mom looked at me for a moment beside the door and said, “Now go potty like a good girl!”

The lady lingered for a moment before going to a stall of her own. Thankfully my diaper was quickly taped shut, romper snapped, and then Grandma washed her hands before coming to let me down. “Okay, Granny needs to use the potty, come here,” she told me and started to bring me into the stall.

“We can watch her for a moment if you’d like?” The lady offered.

“Thanks, but if I let her out of my sight my daughter will beat me to death!”

The lady laughed, “I can imagine!”

I was carried with Granny into an open stall and she stood me up on my legs next to the toilet once she closed the stall door. Because I was so short I couldn’t even see the top of the toilet, but as she sat down I turned and faced the door hoping she would hurry. Sounds were made that I didn’t want to know about, and soon it seemed she was wiping, washing her hands, and she carried me back to where we had left Mommy.

“All clean?” Amanda asked when we got back.

“Yep! She’s such a good baby!”

“Yes she is!” She said and held her arms out for Granny to give me back. She hugged me and said, “You want to sit in your stroller while we shop?”

I just nodded as I didn’t want to walk and I think she was tired of carrying me. I was strapped into the carrier seat and she asked, “Do you want your baba?”

I nodded and she handed me another bottle of apple juice that I let her exchange my pacifier for and began nursing it slowly. “What did you find so far?” I heard Granny ask her as she pushed down a canopy over my face.

“Well, these dresses are too cute to leave here!” She said and I could just make out a few dresses before she gave them to Granny to look at.

“She’ll look adorable in these!” She paused, “I love the diaper cover on this one!”

“Isn’t it adorable?”

“Yes it is,” she said while I got a view of a diaper cover with several rows of frills going down it, along with a massive bow on the middle of the butt.

Since the infant carrier fit into the stroller and faced Mommy, the whole time I could only see the things that she occasionally brought into my view. I couldn’t even try and see straight up thanks to a canopy that was folded down, so I quickly became bored and sighed quietly. ‘It beats being spanked by a machine…’ I told myself and grimaced as I thought about my still sore butt. ‘I feel so horrible for Chloe’s ‘babies.’

I had no illusions that she was any better with them… and the thought of her being free to do whatever she wanted to me or anyone else was terrifying. She wasn’t alone though either, half of the Amazons we had encountered seemed just to have a desire to abuse their littles in some sort of sick game. If I had guessed wrong with Amanda and Fred things might have easily gone from awkward to horrifying without any chances to get away.

‘I hope I can go to college still… if I can’t this was a total waste of a life…’

“I like this one,” I heard a while later as I noticed we were now in a furniture type aisle and I saw a baby’s swing in my vision. I squirmed and found myself whimpering as I looked at something that didn’t look too far from what I’d been in earlier. I pulled the bottle out of my mouth and looked at the device terrified it would repeat my earlier abuse.

“Oh it’s okay Stacy, this isn’t one of those same types,” Amanda soothed and took the empty bottle and put a pacifier in my mouth. I felt tears going down my face and shook involuntarily. “Momma I think we’ll skip one of those for now, I think Stacy won’t go near one of those ever now…”

Granny looked down on me and sighed before saying, “Yeah, I can see why she’d be terrified of them. Maybe in a couple months?”

“Maybe…” Amanda said and gently wiped my face with a Kleenex while saying, “It’s okay baby.”

“So is that it?” Granny asked.

“I think so, let’s go check out and we’ll go grab a bite to eat.”

“Sounds good,” Granny replied.

I sat there like a good baby as we went through the checkouts. “Your baby is adorable!” a lady in line said while peering her giant head into my carrier.

“Thank you,” Amanda said.

“How old is she?”

“Three months,” she told her.

“How does she have so much hair already?”

“I don’t have a clue honestly. The doctors figured her baby hair would have fallen out – she had a full head of it when she was born! So far though it’s just kept growing. It’s so soft I hope it doesn’t!” Amanda winked at me.

“With that much hair you could almost believe she was a really tiny little, but her cheeks and not having breasts… Well, it’s obvious she’s a real baby. Would be nice if I could get our little to look like that. You get to have so much fun with the clothes that she fits into at that age!”

“We do,” Amanda said as the cashier began checking out their purchases.

“Amanda I insist you let me buy this stuff… especially after what happened earlier…”

“You don’t…”


“Okay Momma, we’ll step off to the side then,” she said as she pushed my stroller forward and I could just make out a stack of clothing, baby gear, and the walker on the belt.

“How’s that diapee doing?” Amanda asked me as she stuck her hand inside the romper. “Ooh, wet again, already?” She asked me.

“Mom, we’re going to go change her diaper, we’ll meet you right back out here?”

“Why don’t you give me your car keys and I’ll pull the car up?”

Amanda reached into the diaper bag and grabbed her keys to hand to her before pushing the stroller to the bathroom. My diaper was changed quickly in there with no one else coming in. Just as we were leaving I heard a page, “James please page the front office immediately,” and just as the line clipped “where is he?” bled through.

‘I guess his name was James…’ I thought to myself. ‘I can’t imagine being kidnapped from work…’

Outside the car was waiting and Amanda had my seat latched into the base in record time. “Where to for lunch?” She asked her mom as she sat down. It was only then as I really looked up at the seat in front of me that I realized I could sort of see them now through a mirror that was placed on the headrest. I appreciated that inroad into the isolation of the back seat!

“Well how about the soup and salad place down the road?”

“That will work,” she agreed easily.

I sat in the seat and had the opportunity to at least see more through the little mirror. The view wasn’t perfect, but I could now see a little bit of the road ahead of us through the gap. I could also see Granny digging through her purse for something. “I meant to give this to you earlier Amanda,” she told her as she handed something over while we were at a stoplight.

“Cool,” she said with a happy voice, “tell Cassie thanks for me… Is the plan still for everyone to go to your house for lunch Sunday?”

“Yes, and we’ll make sure Chloe doesn’t get ahold of Stacy…”

“Why…?” Amanda asked softly.

“I wish I knew where your father and I went wrong,” Granny told her. “At least with Cassie she’s not as cruel about it with Neville as Chloe is.”

“Mom, how has Chloe not been accused of abuse?”

“You and I both know there’s not much that can be done for littles…”

The car started up again and I lost the rest of the conversation as the engine noise and lower voices hid it from my ears. I watched through the mirror as she pulled into a parking lot and then came around to unbuckle me. “Come on sweetie, let’s get some lunch!”

“Do I have to eat salad?” I asked nervously.

“You don’t like salad?” She asked.

I shook my head, “Soup?”

“I guess, but you’re going to need to learn to eat some things you don’t like if you don’t want to just end up eating out of a jar the whole time…”

My eyes opened in fear, but I nodded. The pacifier hung from my romper as we walked to a counter, paid, and they got two plates of salad, two regular sized bowls of soup, and then a smaller bowl of soup for me. Granny grabbed a highchair for me and I was set into it gently, buckled, and just waited patiently. I was pretty sure feeding myself soup wasn’t going to be allowed!

“I think this has cooled enough baby,” she told me after she and her mom had been eating for a while. “Let’s get your bib on you first though!”

A cute bib that said “Mommies Princess” was fastened around my neck and she carefully fed me a spoonful of the vegetable soup. It wasn’t too bad, so I ate it as quickly as she would spoon it to my mouth. After a while she had a forkful of lettuce she brought to my mouth, “Open up baby,” she told me.

I looked at her and shook my head, “I won’t ask you again baby,” she said, “Just one bite is all I’ll make you take.”

I groaned but opened up and chewed up the tasteless leaves that I couldn’t stand!

“It’s not that bad!” Amanda admonished me.

“Is too…” I whined.

“Okay, here, you can have some more soup…” she told me and spooned another spoonful. We continued that until the soup was gone, but I was till hungry. I watched her eat some more forks of salad and couldn’t even think to ask for that.

“Someone still looks hungry,” Granny said.

“Yes, but she doesn’t want salad?”

I shook my head.

“Okay then, come here, we’ll get a little more in your belly,” she told me. I only had to wonder for a moment what she was planning exactly before I was in her arms while she struggled with her top and bra to present me with her breast. “Go on sweetie,” she told me gently and kissed the top of my head.

I sighed but began nursing and listened as the conversation around me most definitely wasn’t including me in it. “You look so natural there nursing her,” Granny told her.

“It feels that way too…”

“I wish this wasn’t the only way you could have a baby,” Granny told her.

‘Huh?’ I asked myself.

“Well… it’s not like you asked for the gene to be in yours and dad's family.”

“I know, but I hate that both you and Chloe ended up with it. At least Cassie was able to have two before she couldn’t.”

I felt her move a little bit and would have come away from her breast if she hadn’t held me there. “I know… who knows why we had that… at least I get to have my cute Stacy here – she’s better than I could have ever dreamed of.”

They spoke for a few more minutes before the breast was empty, I was burped, and switched to the other side. By the time she burped me again her milk was sloshing around in my belly with the soup and I was feeling quite tired. A pacifier was pushed into my mouth and I drifted off in the car carrier enroute to wherever they were going next.


WHEN I WOKE up I was being suspended in the air by fabric in the new sling they had bought. I moved a bit and Amanda cooed, “Hold on sweetie and I’ll adjust you to where you can see where we’re going.”

I had been in a typical infants cradle position and she moved me to an upright position like I remembered on the packaging. She looked down on me and gave me a kiss on the forehead, “You are so adorable!” I could see a little over her shoulder and then a bit to my right, but my main view was her. The fabric held me firmly below my diaper and I felt safe as she began walking again through what I decided was another mall.

“Where are we?” I asked as I let the pacifier fall from my mouth.

“Westgate Mall,” she told me, “I’m glad you’re awake as your Granny and I want to buy a few things for you here that we want you to pick out!”

“Okay…” I said nervously.

I expected to be walked into another baby store, or a toy store, or even the next clothing store. What I didn’t expect was to walk into a bookstore like Barnes and Noble back home. Especially given how much further technology had come here, I was almost shocked that they had places like this still! “Let’s look over here first Momma,” she said.

I watched as we approached a massive set of bookshelves and mentally slapped myself as I realized just how tiny I was now! The area was a test prep section of the store and the books were nearly two-thirds my size. “Those books seem really big…” I found myself saying aloud.

“Yes they are, I think we’ll be putting your books on a tablet for school. I don’t think there’s any way you’ll be able to carry a backpack full of them,” she told me. “I want to get a book or two for you to study before your placement exam next week.”

“I have a test next week already?”

“You’re a little Stacy… the university will need to make sure you still belong in school. If you don’t do well enough on the test they may suggest you go back to high school… or even back to preschool.”

My eyes opened wide, “But you promised…”

“We did, and because we promised you I want to help you make sure you get through this test.”

I leaned into her and said, “Thanks,” I leaned into her, “sorry…”

“After the day you’ve had?” She asked, “I can’t say that I blame you. Momma told me what you saw in there when you went in with her to get your diaper changed.”

I nodded, “So what’s the test I’m taking?”

“College Aptitude Readiness Exam,” she told me, “CAREs are considered to be the best way for a university to examine littles.”

“Is it even a fair test?” I asked her.

“Good question… Obviously some littles must pass, so all we can do is try, huh?” She asked as she hugged me before grabbing a book on a shelf high enough I didn’t believe any little would have a chance to grab it! She opened it in front of me and I flipped through some of the giant pages with her. It had some textbook type work in the front and then several practice tests that seemed the most useful. It also came with a subscription to a website with a few realistic practice tests. We grabbed another too before walking through more of the store.

“How about some fiction books?” I asked her.

She looked at me and shrugged. I grabbed one that looked like it was Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, but different in this dimension with Gandalf being an elf? I also picked out several others including one that supposedly told the tale of a little who won their freedom. The last looked like it had sat on the shelf forever with the dust on it. A few other books on computers and some on history joined it, before I eventually was carried to the children’s section. Several preschool and elementary math workbooks were added to the collection. Granny also added a couple of bedtime story worthy picture books.


“Don’t you want Mommy to tell you a bedtime story at night?” Granny asked.

I blushed and shrugged, “Okay,” was my response.

The bag from that store was heavy enough they decided to take it back to the car before walking some more through the mall. After a while though it was clear to me that Granny was getting tired and Amanda seemed to be ready to call it quits too. The car when we returned to it was stuffed to the brim of new clothes, toys, baby stuff, and now books that hopefully would appeal to me!

We drove for a while until we must have reached Granny’s house. From what I could see it seemed to be a little smaller than our house, but looked well kept and had a pretty yard with rose bushes in the front. “So you’ll be here for lunch Sunday?” She confirmed.

“Yes, we’ll be here… hopefully Chloe will behave.”

“If she doesn’t I’ll send her home, she was way out of line today!”

Amanda hugged her mom and said, “Thank you Momma, I love you!”

“I love you too sweetheart,” she said as she opened the door.

My door was then opened and Granny looked down at me, “You be a good girl and study! If you can’t get into college I’m sure the daycare would be more than happy to help take you though!” She smiled at me. Earlier today I might have thought she would prefer that decision, but she seemed to be a different person completely from what I expected. She kissed my forehead and I felt a finger check my diaper. “Amanda make sure you change her when you get home, she’s probably close to leaking.”

“Yes ma’am,” she told her and soon we were driving back down the roads and highways.

“Thank you for being such a good girl today Stacy,” she told me, “If I was you I probably would have gone on a rampage after all that you’ve been through and be demanding to go back home…”

I grimaced and said, “Well I’m not going to lie - if you weren’t who you are, I think I would be regretting this decision already. Well if I was still capable of regretting it...”

“Most of the times those people like Chloe leave just enough adult in you so that you can fight back and make them feel like you deserve to be treated like that…”

I just nodded, “I felt so bad for that guy earlier, you could tell someone in the store was looking for him as we left.”

“Well when you visited before there were at least some rules in place. If a little was smart enough to wear a diaper they were pretty much safe – you as a little had to give permission to be taken home with them… Of course ‘permission’ is just a word in all honesty, but it seemed to help a little bit. Now that law has been all but gutted… Any unclaimed little not in or out of a diaper just has to be seen doing anything immature and they can be claimed.”

“So what about me going to school?”

“You’re not unclaimed… and I made sure we’ve filed all of the paperwork along with linking it with your application so the school has to acknowledge our parental authority to enroll you.”

We were pulling up to our house now I could see through the mirror and she opened the garage door. “The one thing they can pull is if you do really badly on your placement CAREs, but the score has to be pretty low... I made sure you are allowed to use your diaper there, but we’ll be making sure you have nothing to drink or eat a few hours before you go to keep anyone from playing other games with you if we can help it.”

I nodded. She came around the side to my carrier after the garage door closed and picked me up, “Uh-oh,” she said. “You leaked! I guess we should have changed you at Granny’s, huh?” She asked me. Sure enough I looked down at the car seat and there was a massive darker spot in the fabric and my romper was wet.

“How did I not notice?” I asked her.

“You know what my milk does to you, and you’ve had several sessions today,” she reminded me.

I sighed, “It would be a whole lot easier to hate if it tasted bad.”

“So it tastes good?” She asked with a bemused smile as she carried me upstairs.

I grimaced but nodded, “It’s almost like a vanilla milk shake …”

“Well, I’m glad you like it, as I keep getting full every time I turn around. Your diaper is not the only thing leaking!”

I looked down at her chest just as she sat me down on the changing table and noted the growing spot over her right breast. “So, let’s change one leaky diaper and then maybe you can help me out?”

I sighed and said, “I guess I can’t say no when I already admitted it tastes good?”

She smiled at me and tickled me a little before laying me back on the changing table. My diaper was opened, I was wiped clean, and a new diaper was put on me in record time for her. Without putting anything else on me she sat down in the glider. I watched as she pulled her shirt over her head leaving just her bra on before she pulled it off too, leaving her completely topless. She pulled me in to her breast and I had to admit there was something nice about having my bare skin touching hers completely as I nursed.

She seemed to feel the same way as I could feel a lot of tension in her relax too as I nursed. When I finished she burped me and then brought me back into her arms and said, “Okay, I know you may be getting a bit sleepy, but do you want to come back downstairs with me and sit in your playpen?

“Do I have to?”

“I thought you could look at one of those test prep books?”

I thought for a second and nodded, “Okay, but can I have a new outfit and diaper first?”

“You think just because you wet that brand new diaper already it’s time for a change?”

I nodded.

“Well, if the Princess insists…” she tickled my unprotected belly and I giggled.

The diaper was fairly soaked for such a short time I thought, but given how much I’d had to drink in the past couple of hours I wasn’t surprised. ‘As soon as I begin nursing it’s like my body has to expel urine… I just hope whatever is in her milk won’t cause cancer or something…’

I groaned a bit when I realized she was dressing me in the thicker princess diapers! Given I’d made her change my diaper twice in an hour though, I was sure that was my own fault! I was quickly redressed in a cute dress with an embroidered flower with a bee on it. She carried me down to her room and sat me on the bed while she changed her bra and shirt. Amanda wiped off her breasts first of a substance I was sure had to be my slobber… ‘Eew’ I thought to myself.

As soon as she had thrown on fresh clothes she picked me back up and carried me downstairs to leave me in the playpen. I tried to stand up and found myself back on my butt a moment later from the diaper bowing my legs too much with the soft floor of the playpen. I just sighed and sat back up to watch Amanda come in and out of the garage. She brought me one of the test prep books and laid it on the floor of the playpen for me.

“Do you have a highlighter and a pencil?” I asked.

“I’ll be back with some,” she told me. Several minutes later she was back with both and I couldn’t help but once again have a moment of size shock. The pencils in our dimension would be about six inches long on average; in this new world they were easily a foot or more in length! Add to the fact that I was now tiny by either world’s standards and the pencil was nearly as long as my stubby legs!

Amanda watched me for a moment and asked, “Can you use that one?”

“I don’t know… we’ll just have to try!” I told her.

I sat down with the book and opened the first page with a lot of effort. It wasn’t that the page was heavy, it was more that it was nearly two-thirds my new length. It reminded me of the time I’d gotten a chance to look at some architectural diagrams and how tricky it was to open them! I began quickly reading through the first chapter that served as an introduction to the test.

The College Aptitude Readiness Exam (CARE) will measure the readiness of a student for university coursework in Reading Comprehension, Writing, Math, Sciences, and Basic Reasoning. The test allows for up to six hours for testing, with no breaks allowed for test security.

‘What?!?’ I thought to myself. ‘Six hours with no breaks?’

Should any test taker need to leave due to illness or a potty accident the test will be considered complete and grade what the tester has completed at that time.

‘So they’re just trying to make excuses to make littles into babies…’ I thought to myself. As I read through more of the introduction I couldn’t help but feel dismayed at the cards stacked against anyone who wanted to go to college and had to take this test! I was flipping through a FAQ section and found a somewhat helpful section.

Q: Are disposable diapers or pull-up garments allowed in the testing room?

A: Yes, diapers and pull-ups are allowed in the room providing the little checks the box on the sign-in sheet disclosing they are wearing them.

Q: May a soiled diaper or pull-up be changed during the exam?

A: Unfortunately due to test security a soiled garment may not be changed. Wet diapers or pull-ups may continue to be worn and the tester may continue taking the test until they deem themselves finished, or unable to continue testing. Should a tester defecate though they will have their test marked completed and someone will help them out of the testing center to get an appropriate change; they will not be allowed to remain in the testing room for sanitary reasons and to avoid distracting other testers.

I shuddered as I realized I would have to be very careful to not have anything of a need to poop that day. ‘It’s not any different than every day will be though…’ I thought to myself.

Amanda surprised me then by picking me up suddenly, “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to scare you,” she told me as she realized what she had done.

Inadvertently I knew I had gone pee in the diaper some and sighed, “What?”

“It’s time to eat din-din,” she told me.

“But it’s only…” I said before looking at a clock and realizing I must have been looking through that book for a couple of hours and keyed into the fact that I smelled some sort of chicken dish coming from the kitchen where she carried me to.

“You certainly get focused on your work, don’t you?” She asked me as I noticed Fred wasn’t home.

I nodded, “I always have… it’s part of why I like computers I think. I have the patience to sit through and code until it works… Where’s… Fr… er Daddy?” I asked.

“He called a few minutes ago and said he got pulled into an emergency surgery on a pregnant woman in a collision.” She looked at me and shrugged, “I married a doctor, so I expect this to happen every now and then. Because of the way the hospital schedules on call duties he actually doesn’t have it very much anymore, but if he’s there when it comes in at the end of the day he sticks around until the patient is taken care of.”

I nodded, “Sounds like he’s probably a pretty good doctor then.”

She sat me down in the highchair and latched the harness. “Most people think he is! Now, just cause Daddy isn’t here doesn’t mean we don’t eat! So, let’s get some chicken in that belly of yours!” The tray was placed in front of me and then a bib tied around my neck.

I watched as she put some pieces of sliced chicken breast on a cute plate with this dimension’s equivalent of Disney Princesses. She began cutting them up into tiny square chunks – mutilating the meat. I knew better than to argue about it though, she could of course throw it in the food processor if she wanted! A pile of mashed potatoes ended up on the plate too and then she put the plate down on the tray in front of me and handed me an almost me sized plastic spork.

“I’m feeding myself?” I asked.

“Well you don’t have to if you don’t want to,” she smiled at me, “but given how good you’ve been as a baby today I think a little bit of independence is okay?”

I smiled, “Thanks,” and began using the spork first on the mashed potatoes. They were delicious with just the right amount of pepper and salt, along with garlic and probably some cheese. The meat I was able to get stabbed on the tines of the spork and was amazed by how juicy and tasty it was. I made a satisfied sound and said, “You are a really good cook!”

“Thank you sweetheart,” she told me as she was eating her own plate of food. “Did you learn anything while you were studying?”

“That these CARE tests really seem to just be a way to take more littles and place them in nurseries?” I asked.

She grimaced but nodded, “I’ve heard some things, but I really don’t know anything that specific about it.”

“Did you know it’s a six-hour test with no breaks?”

Her eyes opened, “bathroom breaks are allowed, right?”

I shook my head, “No, and I get the feeling a wet diaper is the best thing you can hope to have. If you otherwise wet your pants without protection, or poop… well I wouldn’t be surprised if you were immediately taken to another school…”

She nodded at that, “I had heard many littles end up not going to school – or at least college - after them… I didn’t know specifically why though…”

“So between now and next week we’re going to have to figure out a way to keep me from pooping for six hours…”

“Well, I think I have an idea… you won’t like it, but I don’t think you’ll have much of a choice if you want to make it through. It’s not exactly a dinner conversation topic though.”

I grimaced, “I’m pretty sure I know what you’re going to suggest… no it’s not.”

“So did you get through any of the subject stuff yet?”

“I scanned through the reading section. That part seems pretty simple, maybe even easier than our tests back in my dimension.” For the next half-hour we both ate and talked like I might have with my mom or dad now. The fact that I was sitting in highchair, a diaper that I noticed was wet, a bib on my neck, and looking like a tiny baby didn’t enter into things for one of the first times since I had arrived.

After we were both done she came over to me and used the bib to wipe off a spot of mashed potatoes on my lip, used a baby wipe on my hands and face, then set me down on the ground.

“Okay sweetie, you just told me that you’re basically going to have to stay in a diaper for over six hours this week… I kind of want you to get used to that. Can you hold off on a change until your bath in an hour?”

I thought about it for a moment and nodded, “Can I keep studying for now?”

“That should be fine…” she hesitated before asking, “How about trying your walker to study in?”

I looked in the corner of the living room and just noticed the pink walker sitting on the hardwood floor. She must have assembled it earlier while I was engrossed in the book. “Can you pull the toys off so I can set the book down?”

“Sure!” She said with a smile.

I walked over to the walker and she lifted me up into the cushioned seat. My feet just barely touched the ground enough for me to propel it, “Is this the highest setting?” I asked, wondering if it could be lowered and trying a few steps.

“No sweetie, it’s the lowest,” she told me, “given that’s an actual baby one I don’t think we’ll find one any shorter!”

I groaned, “Well at least I can reach… barely!” I told her.

She reached into the playpen and grabbed the book and supplies I’d been using earlier and handed it to me. It was kind of an awkward system, but I was able to get the book propped between my belly and the front of the walker and the pencil and highlighter sat just in reach on the side. Amanda also delivered a bottle of juice to me in a little cup holder spot.

“So comfy?” She asked.

I thought for a moment and nodded, “I remember as a baby loving my walker actually…”

She smiled, “and it’s not mechanical!”

I shuddered and nodded. “Please keep it that way…”

She laughed and leaned down to kiss my head before she began moving about the house. I could just tell she had moved another load of laundry from the washer to the dryer from the sounds I was hearing. In the meantime I just began getting back into my studying. I scanned through the reading section not really worried about that one too much. From what I could see it really was as easy as I had told Amanda.

The whole test was to be on a computer, which boosted my confidence considerably. I worried a bit about typing fast enough on the keyboard and decided it might be a good idea to practice typing on her keyboard some more. Depending on what shortcuts were available on their keyboard it might be more or less difficult… The mouse could be really difficult to deal with too if it wasn’t gesture based like Amanda’s. I was under no illusions that they would be providing keyboards and computers appropriate to my size. I honestly expected the only accommodation for our size was to be a booster seat to reach the desk…

I looked carefully through some of the writing prompts they gave and looked at the grading guidelines. Nothing seemed unusual about any of it to me, and if anything I felt like I would be in okay shape for knowing those. “Hello Princess!” I heard from next to me as I was startled by Fred’s arrival. “You look adorable!” He said as he reached in and picked me up from the walker.

“Hi Daddy,” I told him.

“What are you working on so intently?”

“A practice guide for the CARE test.”

“Oh… I forgot they have you taking that next week. How do you feel about it?”

“It’s not too bad… I’m just worried about any tricks they may pull while I’m doing it.”

“We’ll do what we can to help you there,” he told me. “Why don’t we go find Mommy and she can tell me where dinner is?”

He carried me away from my study material, but given I looked at the clock and realized two hours had passed I decided that would have happened soon anyway. We found Amanda in my nursery hanging up a pile of new clothes in the closet. “Did you leave anything in the store?” He asked before going up to her and kissing her.

“Eeww,” I said for payback of having to be right in the middle of an intimate moment like that.

“What?” Amanda teased, “Jealous?”

I leaned into Fred, “He’s mine already,” I told her while sticking my tongue out.

“I was hoping she wouldn’t be a daddy’s girl!” she said with a pout of her own.

“Good luck with that!” He laughed. I wriggled a bit and he set me down on my feet while they talked for a moment. The diaper I was wearing had swollen so much from the padding expanding I had trouble standing. It was a true balancing act to stay upright! I turned carefully and saw my computer and desk were back where they belonged along with my backpack. I was happy to see that they hadn’t just disappeared, but it reminded me.

“Umm… Mommy?” I asked.

“Uh-oh, she’s pulling the I want something card for the first time…” Fred teased me.

“Yep,” she smiled down at me, “what does the princess want?”

“Well I was studying down there… and it sounds like the test is all on the computer – which is great… but your computers are so much larger than mine. Would you be willing to let me get on yours for a while tonight or tomorrow to take the practice tests?”

She looked at me and nodded, “Not tonight, you need to take your bath and go to bed, but tomorrow we’ll do that first thing.”

“Thanks!” I said and walked up to her leg and hugged it.

She promptly picked me up and felt my diaper, “Wow, someone soaked her diaper!”

“You told me to…” I told her.

“She’s got you there!” Fred said. “I’m going to go heat up those leftovers. Why don’t you give her the bath she needs and then we can all cuddle on the couch again?”

“Sure,” she said. I was picked up and she walked to the bathroom with me. She sat me on the ground and began running the taps before turning her attention to removing my dress and then the soaked diaper.

“Uh-oh, I need to remember to put some cream on you when you get out of the bath,” she told me.

“How about no diaper for a while?”

“No nakie baby time right now,” she told me with a smile, “but I’ll remember you’re willing.”

“No I didn’t…”

“I know you didn’t, but I do. Tomorrow we’ll go out and play in the pool in the backyard. We’ll see if you can swim like you said you can then too.”

I nodded. She seemed satisfied with the water a few minutes later and picked me up to place me in the tub. After she sat me down she played with me, and the bubbles, for several minutes. During that time I got to see what bath toys Granny had brought over that morning. We played with some tub crayons on the side of the tub before she began scrubbing me down completely and washed my hair.

“And look, I have a clean princess!” She told me with a smile as she picked me up out of the tub as it drained.

I smiled at her as she wrapped me in a towel before using the blow dryer on my hair while setting me on the bathroom countertop. The super jet engine was loud and I had to plug my ears as she worked to dry it all and brush it. “Is that too loud for you?” She asked sympathetically when she was done.

“I’ve never been a fan of really loud sounds,” I told her honestly.

“I’ll see if we can find a quieter one then,” she told me, “but we do have to dry your hair.”

I nodded, “I know.” She left it just brushed back and offered me a toothbrush with toothpaste on it a moment later. Not wanting to lose my teeth of their own accord I brushed them carefully, rinsed my mouth out with a cup she offered me, and then smiled at her, “thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” she told me before gathering me back in the towel and carrying me to the nursery. Just as she began to set me down on the changing table I noticed I was leaking from my bladder a little. I knew I had done so in the tub too, but hoped the towel would hide it.

“Uh-oh, seems we have a reason to be in diapers?” She asked me.

I sighed, “How can I lose a skill I’ve had for over a decade in just a couple days?!?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know the specifics on how, but I know it’s normal. Add in the fact that you have had all of your parts rearranged… In the rare occasion a little is set free potty training is more usually difficult for them than a normal toddler.”

I groaned but just nodded, “I can see that…”

She used a wipe to clean up my little wet area before placing my behind on an open diaper. “I need to make sure I put some rash cream on these little spots or you’ll be miserable tomorrow.”

Anytime someone was changing me it was like the ultimate invasion of privacy. You just didn’t get touched down there ever once you were potty trained except for during sex… and I hadn’t had that, so it was completely awkward and embarrassing! “I’m also going to put another coating of this other stuff your Granny found to help with the redness from that stupid device from earlier…”

I felt some soothing relief right away as she put the new stuff on and hadn’t even realized my butt was still sore from that! ‘I guess my body tuned it out,’ I told myself. Eventually her hands rubbed some other baby lotion all over my body from my neck down and then she wiped her hands before taping the diaper up nice and snug.

A nightgown was pulled out of a drawer that was really cute with yet another butterfly design on it. The bottom was weird because they had some elastic on it, “What’s that for?” I asked her as she brought it closer and unstrapped me from the table.

“It keeps it from riding up in the middle of the night – I wish they did it on adult ones actually,” she told me.

As she pulled my arms through the sleeves and I pushed my hands down I realized something was weird there. The sleeves had built in mittens that kept my hands mostly useless. “What are those for?” I asked.

“I hadn’t even noticed them…” she said clearly amused, “they’re so newborns don’t scratch out their eyes or something…”

I glared at her, “Can they come off?”

She looked for a moment but shook her head, “Nope, and that’s okay. You know a lot of littles get put in those so they don’t mess with their no-no areas.”

I sighed, “Do I have to wear this?”

“Just tonight?” She practically pleaded.

“One night!”

“Yay!” she said with a smile. “You know you have absolutely nothing to keep me to that?”

“Boy do I know it…” I grumbled.

“Come on, let’s go talk to Daddy for a bit and watch some TV before I give you your nighttime nursie.”

I just stayed comfortably in her arms as she went downstairs. Fred seemed to have just settled down on the couch, “So what did my two girls do today? Did your mom and Chloe behave?” He asked Amanda.

I shook my head, “Granny did, but Chloe is a witch…”

“Stacy the correct word is Bitch, with a capital B,” she said, but added, “don’t use that one though, that’s a Mommy and Daddy word!”

I stuck my tongue out at her as he asked, “What happened?”

Amanda and I filled him in on everything from the morning until he had gotten home. I watched his face turn red and his temper was obviously flaring when we told him about the torture device that had ended up being used on me. “I can’t believe anyone lets those things near humans!”

“I can’t believe on one hand everyone can consider us to be babies, but on the other hand feel we should be tortured and humiliated every time we turn around.”

He nodded at that, “I agree completely with you Stacy.”

We talked for a while and watched a movie on their equivalent of Netflix. Towards the end of the movie Amanda looked at the clock and grabbed me while opening up her shirt and bra. I sighed but nursed without complaint. I would have been more annoyed if it was nasty tasting... The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the near instantaneous wetting of my diaper during those sessions. Tonight’s unfortunately was accompanied with some mess too. I was feeling nearly drunk and out of it as she cleaned me up, placed me into a new diaper, and then pulled the nightgown back down.

She settled me into the crook of her arm while she sat in the glider and began to tell me one of the bedtime stories Granny had picked out. I hated the fact I only heard half of it given that it was unique to this dimension and I had never heard before!


Chapter 10:

I WOKE UP on my own in the middle of the night once again and sighed. I wasn’t swaddled at least, but with the mittens attached to the nightgown and a thick diaper that seemed soaked, there wasn’t much I would be able to do anyway. I rolled over and looked at the wall. I smiled when I noticed Amanda had found a clock at some point yesterday and put it up for me! Then I groaned as I realized it wasn’t even 2am and I had at least four to six hours left in this diaper before they would check me.

I was debating what to do when the door opened and a sleepy Fred walked in. “Everything okay Princess?” He asked quietly.

I shook my head, “I’m wet…”

“Let’s take care of that then,” he said as he reached into the crib and gently picked me up. I was laid out on the changing table and he pushed up the banded nightgown to get it out of his way. “You weren’t kidding,” he said to me.

“Why are you up?” I asked him.

“I needed to go to the bathroom and thought I heard something outside. I went downstairs to make sure the alarm was on.”

“Oh…” I said nervously, “was there anything out there?”

“Just a raccoon knocking over the trash cans I think. I’ll look in the morning.” He must have seen my nerves as he wiped me, “Don’t worry Princess, we have a state of the art security system with backups. Your mommy has even made her own tweaks to it - I guarantee no one can make it into this house without having the scare of their lives!”

I looked up curiously but shrugged and said, “Okay Daddy.”

He finished up and pulled the nightgown back down. Just as he was unstrapping me Amanda came in and sleepily asked, “What are you two doing up?” She asked.

“I came to check on her and she was awake with a soaked diapee,” he said.

“You mean Daddy actually changed a diaper?” She asked us both incredulously.

“He did a good job too,” I told her with a smile.

“Hmm… Let me see about that,” she said as she picked me out of his arms and lay me into an infants carry. She pulled the band of the nightgown back up, looked, and said, “Maybe Daddy can be useful!” She smiled at him.

“Now shall we all go back to sleep?” He asked.

“I’ll be there in a bit,” she told him. “Thirsty?” She asked me.

I squirmed a bit, but had to admit I kind of was thirsty so I nodded. She sat down with me and nursed me to sleep again and I had to admit nighttime rituals like this weren’t totally unpleasant as she brushed her hands through my hair.


THE NEXT MORNING I found myself awake, rolled over from my back where I lay. The now wet diaper I wore beginning to seem cold. I looked at the clock and saw it was now seven in the morning and could hear sounds from around the house. “Mommy?” I asked tentatively.

I heard a sound from the kitchen downstairs and footsteps came up the staircase. Amanda walked through the door shortly then with a pretty blue floral dress on. “Well this is an occasion, an eighteen year old up before noon on her own?”

I laughed and held my arms up to her. She came to the crib and picked me up gently, checked my soaked diaper, and then continued to carry me on downstairs. “You’re not going to change me?” I asked.

“It’ll hold a bit more, and we both know that you will need to go more before breakfast is over with.”

I nodded a little sadly.

“Oh come on, I know for a fact that diaper doesn’t let any of the liquid stay on your skin, it’s not that bad is it?”

I looked at her, “It’s kind of clammy still when it’s cold…” I told her.

“Well we’ll just have to eat breakfast quickly, huh?” She told me.

Downstairs I was set in the high chair and she brought over some pieces of apple to chew on while she busied herself around the microwave. I had just finished two of the impossibly huge slices when she sat down next to the chair with a bowl of some sort of mush.

“What is that?” I asked looking at the white glop.

“Cereal,” she told me with a smile and spooned a mouthful to my mouth.

I made a face, “What kind of cereal?”

“Baby cereal,” she told me with a smile, “perfect for a little that needs to practice eating what her Mommy gives her!”

I glared at her as she brought another spoonful to my mouth, “Why?” I managed just before it entered.

“Why not?”

I sighed, “It’s pretty bland…”

“I’ll give you the rest of your breakfast after this,” she told me, “but I also want to see if we can make it through a practice test of yours without having a poopy diaper.”

“This will help?” I asked.

“Can’t hurt…”

I sighed and opened my mouth and cooperated as she fed me the bowl of bland food. “What exactly was that?” I asked her when she went to wash the bowl out.

“Rice cereal mixed with my milk,” she told me, “which is probably the most solid food you should be eating according to my sister and most other Amazons.”

“I thought you disagreed with her?”

“I do, but we need to figure out something that will fill you up but not cause you to have too many problems out the other end.”

I nodded as she wiped my face quickly and then carried me to the couch. She opened her shirt up and just before I had my face planted in her boob I asked, “Won’t this make it harder for me not to?”

She shoved my head forward and I sighed before nursing the sweet liquid. “It might, but I’m also thinking if we do this early enough, you’ll get all of the poopy out of your system.”

I nursed until she was empty in both breasts before she carried me upstairs and asked, “Do you need to go poopy?”

I shook my head, “Not yet?”

“Okay,” she said and placed me in the crib. “Call once you’ve gone…”

“Wait!” I shouted but she kept going.

‘What is going on with her?’ I asked myself as I found myself on my hands and knees. The diaper was bloated from being so soaked, so walking really wasn’t really a good option right then. I went over to where Elena lay and cuddled her tight to me as I finally felt the abdominal cramping that was a portent of things to come. Sure enough a few moments later I felt the need and forced the mess into the diaper with my rear end sticking out. I pushed for several moments and it seemed like it would never end.

It did eventually and I found myself quietly sobbing at the gooey mess on my butt. “Mommy!” I cried out.

“Good girl, you made a stinky diapee for me, didn’t you!” She told me as she picked me up and carried me to the changing table. It took way too long for her to clean me up I thought before she lay me on a new diaper.

“This is so gross…” I told her with a grimace.

“No it’s not, it’s normal!” She told me with a smile and a tickle to the belly that I was afraid would release more pee. Thankfully for the clean diapers sake it didn’t! “Baby, I looked at the website that came with that test and registered you for an account with a fake name and e-mail address… and I’m spoofing our IP address… I don’t trust them to not have tracking going on there. I also took a quick look with another fake account to see if I could see anything that would be signs of brainwashing…”

“What?” I said as she rubbed a thicker lotion on me.

“I wouldn’t put it past someone to think that putting some subliminal messages in test prep materials would make it easier to catch you off guard in the test.”

“How can I possibly win against things like that?” I asked her.

“You can’t - that’s why I checked!”

I sighed, “Okay, so what now.”

“Now you’ve just been put into your thickest diaper with some extra rash cream… and we see if you can make it through the six-hour practice test.”

I nodded and let her dress me in a simple pair of really stretchy jeans and a yellow baby-doll style top that reached nearly as far as my dresses had. She carried me to the mirror and I looked at myself. The facial changes still kept me from looking like an adult, or even a teenager, but at least with the more mature top and jeans I actually sort of looked like I didn’t have to be in the nursery I was in. The top seemed to mostly disguise the diaper I wore.

“What do you think of your outfit?” She asked me.

“I like it,” I answered honestly. “Can I wear this again sometime?”

She laughed, “Of course, I want you to wear it the day of the real test too.”

“Oh,” I said.

She took my hair and brushed it back almost to the way it was when I arrived, but added a glittery yellow thick headband around the front to tame my hair out of my face. “No bow?” I teased.

“Tomorrow,” she told me with a smile.

“Okay!” I actually genuinely liked the fact I looked pretty and less like an infant!

“You ready to try this?”

I nodded, “Your computer?” I asked.

She shook her head, “No, we’re going to use Daddy’s computer in his office here… it’s a bit more like what you’ll probably be stuck with.”


She nodded, “They’re cheaper and some people like them better for some reason. The gesture pad I have is way more efficient… Even a trackpad or trackball is too!” She sighed, “Some dinos like your Daddy just can’t adapt though,” she winked at me and held her hand out to me. I reached way up high to grab the end of her fingers and she led me to his office down the hall. She had switched out his chair and sat an uncomfortable looking booster seat on top of a folding chair.

I looked up at it trying to figure out how I would get into it… “Will they help me sit down?” I asked.

She shrugged, “I don’t think they’d be able to help wanting to help you, but they may be instructed that if a little can’t get in their seat to take the test it’s not necessary.”


“So here,” she handed me a piece of plastic that looked like it would fit into a backpack my size – just barely. It folded out into a set of steps that let me just reach the chair. I pushed the chair all the way forward towards the keyboard before setting it next to it and climbing in awkwardly. It was a little scary, but I managed to do it without dying.

“Okay, what now?” I asked her.

“Well go ahead and login there,” she told me and handed me a paper with my login information. The keyboard was cumbersome and I was slowed down by the traditionally QWERTY setup, but I logged in successfully and was given a dialog box of instructions.

“Go ahead and start?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she told me.

I sighed and clicked the buttons to go through the first part of the test. As I had guessed the reading really was very easy, but I was impressed that the software seemed to gauge responses from one section to bring up a more difficult section if you could handle what you had just done. By the end of that section I was bleary eyed and had much more thinking and inferring of the text than I expected.

The writing prompt was succinct and involved reflecting over a passage written by a historian on a war that I had never studied, but the passage gave enough details I was able to fake a pretty good response. I definitely found myself slowed by the keyboard not being small enough for my fingers to fly over, but I was still able to do more than a credible speed as I wrote the required essays.

When the math began I could tell that same intelligent software was in action as I began with basic math, moved onto algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, and finally encountered some advanced level differential equations that I had some serious issues mainly because of dealing with the Base 60 math. I finished the section fairly certain I was doing well though.

Sciences were a repeat of that kind of test and I had to give answers on basically every science class I’d ever had. Towards the end I was just guessing as I didn’t have the slightest clue on some of the chemistry questions that I thought must be from upper level courses. Physics resulted in the same thing too.

I was in the final section of Basic Reasoning when I noticed I had a problem – I really needed to go number two. I clenched the best I could and kept answering. Just before the five-hour mark I could tell Amanda was standing behind me and I knew I was going to be losing the battle. Sure enough on question number forty I felt my bowels empty themselves and I quietly sobbed while I kept answering.

“Stacy, that means the test is done sweetheart…”

“But Mommy, I’m almost done…”

“You read the rules, we need to get a realistic score here…”

I sighed, “Okay.” I clicked the done button, it asked for confirmation before going into a mode that processed the results.

“Let’s see what you got and then we’ll go change that diapee,” She told me.

I realized as I sat there that the diaper had flooded badly and spots were formed around my crotch where it had leaked. I could feel the area around my legs was soaked and I groaned. “I’d be on my way to the nursery…”

“It’s not all bad news Stacy, look at your scores.”

Scores are out of a possible 400 points per section:

Reading – 386

Writing – 340

Math – 382

Science – 350

Basic Reasoning – 72

I looked below it and felt my heart sink at the bottom text.

Recommended school placement: Preschool

An info button was next to the recommendation and I clicked it to read,

Test not completed, subject lacks reasoning and physical capability of adult ready for university.

“It’s okay baby,” Amanda said. “Come on,” she said and picked me up to walk down the hallway to the nursery.

Once she lay me down on the table I saw the clock showed five-and-a-half hours had passed. ‘I just needed another half-hour…’ I felt tears roll out of my eyes.

“It’s okay Stacy, we’re going to get something figured out here.”

“It seems impossible though!”

“Well, some people do it – so we know it is possible.” She paused, “We just need to take more drastic measures.”

I nodded as she wiped my very messy bum and pulled both the top and bottoms off of me as I had leaked through to both. “Do I have another outfit like that?” I asked her.

“What if I want to put you in a dress?”

“Then I guess I get put in a dress,” I told her honestly.

“Hmm… You seem to understand that’s how this works… But I’ll compromise!” She finished putting a fresh Pamper on me before looking through the closet quickly. She pulled out a fairly cute cap sleeved top and a matching set of leggings that she dressed me in. The top and leggings were a light sky blue almost that I had to admit was pretty. I was back to looking completely like a toddler though for the design.

I sighed, “So this is what my parents will see me in later?”

She laughed, “Of course not!”

I perked up and looked at her, “What am I wearing then?”

“Well a dress of course silly! Your parents can’t meet their new daughter wearing anything else on a video call!”

I groaned, “I shouldn’t have asked.” My stomach grumbled and I asked, “Lunch?”

“Come on, macaroni and cheese work?” She asked.

I nodded, “Sure.”

I was carried down, bibbed, and fed a lunch of what apparently is a standard across dimensions. The spirals were even covered with the same fake cheese stuff as we had back home! After I had eaten all I wanted to she said, “I’m going to finish feeding you your lunch and then I want you to take a nap for a little while before we go swimming out back.”

I smiled at that thought, “Swimming sounds like fun after this morning!”

She carried me back upstairs and I nursed until she was empty. I was laid down in the crib and she said, “Now be a good girl and nap for awhile.”

“Okay Mommy,” I told her sleepily and found myself looking sleepily at the butterflies turning overhead playing their gentle lullaby.


I STIRRED AN hour or so later and noticed I had a major diaper leak. My outfit, crib bedding, and everything seemed soaked. “Mommy?”

A few moments later she came in dressed in a bikini and said, “Oh no, that diaper didn’t hold up did it?”

I shook my head. ‘Between this morning, this, what else can go wrong today?’

“It’s okay sweetie, let’s get you changed into your swimsuit and then I’ll take your bedding downstairs.”

There was something humiliating about having not only my diaper being wet, but everything else too. It was like the ultimate sign of immaturity I guess to me. “Definitely not going to be able to use a regular Pamper at nap time if you’re going to wet like that,” Amanda clucked.

When she was done stripping me and wiping me down she pulled out a strange looking diaper that I realized must have been a swim diaper. It felt a little different as it pulled on like regular underwear and had a much different cover. “Does this really work?” I asked her.

“It mainly keeps poopy out of the pool. In theory it’s supposed to catch your pee too if you’re not in the pool, but in the end it doesn’t matter does it? If you wore a regular diaper it would swell up like a beach ball!”

She tickled my stomach the and asked, “Feeling better?”

I shrugged, “I guess, I’m just scared…”

“It’ll be okay Stacy. Your Daddy and I talked while you were napping and we can definitely keep any poopy from happening during your test.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Really,” she said with a smile.

“How?” I asked.

She sighed, “The same way he does when he needs to do surgery in that area…”

I groaned, “That’s going to suck, isn’t it?”

“Not going to be fun for you, that’s for certain. But hopefully you’ll still be able to concentrate for the test.”

I nodded, “Okay.” I looked around, “Where’s my swimsuit?”

“Oh silly me, you don’t want to go outside topless?”

“Good girls don’t do that,” I told her very seriously.

“Big girls don’t, but you’re not a big girl are you?” She asked as she tickled me briefly.

I looked up at her wondering if she was serious before she pulled out a pink one-piece swimsuit that seemed to be the cliché little girl swimsuit to wear. It was edged with little ruffles along the legs and neck area. She had me stand up and helped me into what I knew should have been a tight fitting suit, but seemed a little large and too loose. I was not surprised that the diaper could be clearly seen peeking out from around the crotch area.

“Guess this one is too big, huh?” She said surprised. She reached and flipped the fabric from the back and shook her head, “It says three months… guess we’ll have to try on some next shopping trip. It’ll do for now though!”

She sat me down on the ground and gathered the wet bedding and my wet clothes before saying, “Come on, let’s go swimming.”

I did the sit and scoot method of getting down the stairs the last time, so this time I tried the hop down method. I would stand and jump down the distance. It was kind of scary actually jumping down something nearly waist high, but I was feeling kind of daring and proud when I reached the bottom.

“Stay there for just a minute while I take these to the basement Stacy,” she told me while opening a door I’d somehow missed the past few days. I peaked down and saw a staircase that led to an abyss until she turned the light on. Then it only looked mildly scary and I could see the laundry room must be down there, along with mystery…

She came back up and I asked, “What’s down there?”

Amanda laughed, “I guess I never showed you the basement, huh?” She picked me up and held me against her bikini-clad body. She opened the door back up, turned the light on, and showed me a simple laundry room and then a huge space filled with junk. “Nothing too special down here. Spare parts, old clothes, old furniture, some antiques we don’t know what to do with, stuff like that,” she said as she climbed back upstairs and closed the door.

She stopped and grabbed a can of spray sunscreen and some water wings before taking me outside with her. A ‘short’ chain link fence ran around the pool to keep babies and littles like myself out. Of course Amanda was easily able to open said fence before she stood me on my feet on the concrete!

It was kind of hot, so I kept hopping from one foot to another and she laughed as she led me to a couple of lounge chairs and lifted me onto it. “Let’s get some sunscreen on you so my Stacy doesn’t become a crispy critter!”

I smiled at her and let her spray the sunscreen on me before she quickly braided my hair into a long braid. “Okay baby girl, you said you can swim?”

I nodded, “I’m not the worlds fastest, but I’m decent!”

“Well then, let’s see you do it – I’ll leave the water wings off for now and get in there with you.”

I nodded and looked as she led me to a shallow area of the pool. The shallow area of their pool though was still marked 5’. At barely an inch over three-feet tall it didn’t matter which end she brought me in I would drown if I couldn’t float! I jumped in though and treaded water while she watched me for a moment before she said, “Okay, let’s see you swim to that side!” She pointed all the way at the end that was marked 10’.

‘I hope I don’t fail at this too,’ I thought to myself and began swimming across the pool. Their pool wasn’t huge, but at my smaller size it might as well have been an Olympic size swimming pool. I made it to the other side feeling pretty good and decided to flip and swim back. Something about having control over myself in the water made me feel a whole lot better than I had for the past several days. When I reached the other side I touched the wall, flipped, and continued to do about twenty laps before I was getting tired and swam to where Amanda stood with her feet touching the bottom looking at me with an amazed look.

“Are you part fish and you didn’t tell me?” She asked me as she picked me up out of the water and tickled me.

I shook my head, “No, I’m all human!”

“I don’t believe it!” She kept tickling me and eventually sat down in the shallow end holding me in her arms.

“Thank you for letting me swim,” I told her when I had my giggles under control.

“You’re very welcome, I take it you like swimming?”

“I used to… I haven’t had much time for it since I quit the swim team in eighth grade.”

“Swim team… so that explains how you swim so well?”

I nodded, “I liked the swimming, just not the other kids and the coaches.”

“Well I guess we have proof now that you can swim. You still need me or your Daddy out here for you to swim though!”

“What about Megan?” I asked.

“Well she counts too,” she told me with a smile. “And so does Jennifer I guess if she’s sitting for you. I know she’s a strong swimmer too.”

“What’s the chance you would let me do this in the mornings?”

“Well it is going to get pretty cold here in a couple months,” she told me.

“Really? When I was here before and now I would have thought this was kind of tropical for a climate?”

She laughed, “In a couple months you’ll know why I’m laughing. You must have visited in the summer or spring before?”

I nodded, “Yeah?”

“Well we get winter here, and it can be brutally cold and snowy sometimes too.”

I sighed, “So much for that tropical paradise for a college…”

She smiled and hugged me, “Don’t worry we’ll keep you nice and warm. Do you want to swim a few more laps before we clean up and get ready to go call your parents?”

“Please?” I asked.

“Go for it,” she said putting me gently back in the water.

I could feel her eyes on me, but I continued to swim until my body was getting sore. After another thirty or so laps I decided I was tired enough to go back to her. She wrapped me up in a big hug before pulling me out of the pool. “What time is it?” I asked.

“About three,” she told me.

“That’s it?”


“It feels later than that…” I told her.

“Probably because you’re tired from swimming.”

I nodded.


I nodded, “Kind of.”

“Come drink then,” she told me as she pulled her top down.

“I thought we were only doing this three times a day?” I asked her nervously.

“Don’t you like it?”

“I do… that’s what scares me honestly. There should be something in my brain screaming and running away from it.”

She laughed and said, “You’re thirsty - I have leaky boobs, that’s how we got into the mess pretty much, huh?”

I laughed nervously, “Yeah I guess it is.”

“I can tell you’re already sleepy from swimming, so what’s the worst that can happen? A wet diapee?”

“A messy one,” I told her, “and some sort of crazy Amazonian drug induced hypnosis…”

“Too late if that’s the case, you know that right?” She told me with a serious look.

I nodded, “I wonder how screwed I am given I can’t even make it six hours without pooping my pants.”

She hugged me and kissed my head before gently laying me at her breast to nurse. I was thirsty, it tasted good, and I just nursed past any common sense that lurked in my brain. When I had finished she wrapped me in a towel and said, “Okay, let’s get you in another diaper and lay you back down for another quick nap before I get you ready for our visit to the Inter-Dimensional Port.

I nodded and let her carry me, undress me, change my diaper, and then set me down in the crib with nothing by my diaper and a soft blanket she swaddled me in. I glared at her about that for a moment but just decided the nap sounded good. ‘I thought we didn’t mess with my sleep schedule…’ I wondered to myself.


 AMANDA WOKE ME about thirty minutes later and changed me into another diaper with a frilly diaper cover. I thought maybe she would have dressed me a bit more mature to reassure my parents that I was safe, but she seemed inclined to dress me completely as the baby girl she thought I was. The dress was a pretty yellow dress with ruffles and embroidery detail that clearly indicated it was not a cheap dress either! More to the point it fit me even better than anything else had yet in the bodice, with the fabric firmly gripping my flat chest. The skirt was only just long enough to cover my diaper cover if I stood still and didn’t bend over. I squirmed on the table wanting to look at myself in the mirror.

“Hold on baby, I’ll let you see in a few moments,” she told me and pushed me back down to the changing table in a seated position. She found some cute ankle socks with frilly lace on them that were pulled up to my ankles before adding some black shoes that she said, “Here are your Mary Janes,” with a smile.

I looked down at the shoes and saw they had quite a bit of shine on them and weren’t exactly the most comfortable feeling shoes. I frowned and she saw it, “What’s wrong?”

“They’re not comfortable,” I told her.

“Of course not, they’re for looks, not comfort. There probably isn’t a little or Amazon your size in our world that needs to walk and can fit into those…”

I sighed, “Please may I have a different pair?”

She looked at me and frowned, “Do they hurt?”

“They’re pinching, even if I don’t walk I’ll probably have a blister in a few hours.”

“Stay there,” she told me. I watched as she dug around in the closet for a moment and came back with a pair of white sandals with a flower coming from the top in the same leather. She looked at me for a moment and removed the socks before putting the sandals on instead.

I flexed my foot and toes for a moment before nodding, “Thank you, those are much better.”

“You must have an odd shaped foot,” she looked sad.

“Those other shoes are for Amazon infants?” I asked.

“So are those sandals,” she said.

“My feet are those of an adult, they’re probably shaped way differently with the weight I’ve put on it from years of walking on them. I know there are different positions for tendons as you grow out of infancy too.”

She nodded, “I guess we’ll have to see if we can get your future shoes in the littles department… that may be really tough though.”

I nodded and let her pick me up and take me to the glider where she sat down with me in her lap and began playing with my hair. I was half certain she would do something like she had before with bunching it up and hiding the length, but instead she left it mostly loose except two small braids that came from the front to the back and held my hair out of my face. She added a half-ponytail and a large bow that matched my dress.

“May I see?” I asked.

“Sure sweetie,” she told me and to my surprise let me down to my own two feet and with a light pat to my diaper directed me to the mirror.

I was able to walk surprisingly easily in the much more comfortable sandals, and thinner diaper, over to the mirror and stared at my reflection. The girl in front of me looked to be not quite three with the dress and the hairstyle. My diaper was actually hidden from view by the skirt of the dress unless I moved side-to-side. The actual skirt of the dress full and I gave an experimental twirl just for curiosity and watched my diaper cover come into full view as the skirt flew up. At least it didn’t look like I was abused for my parents’ sanity I guess. We all knew diapers were a given coming into this, so it would have even been okay for them to see those. ‘Dad’s going to give me so much crap someday if I ever make it back home…’

“So what do you think?” Amanda asked standing above me.

I turned and looked up at her and shrugged, “Well there’s no doubts about my status in your family…”

She picked me up and hugged me, “I’m sorry if it feels like I’m rubbing in everything.”

I sighed, “It’s fine, I agreed to it. How am I going to have a chance at college though?”

“Trust me, we’ll get you taken care of. We need you to see what it’s like now to be a baby, and then we’ll start helping you to avoid maturity mistakes next week.”

‘Maturity mistakes?’ I wondered to myself and recalled the conversation that had given me every bit of intel I’d been given.

‘No matter what don’t let an Amazon call your maturity into question, the second it is you can guarantee they’ll scoop you up, diaper you, send you to an etiquette school, and you’ll get to drool for the rest of your life…’

I just nodded to her as I didn’t have an actual response. “What now?”

“Well now we’re going to meet Daddy at the Port and then we’ll get dinner somewhere.”

I nodded and held my arms up and invited her to pick me up. I was soon comfortably being carried downstairs and sat down on the couch while she made sure the diaper bag was filled with what she needed.

While I waited I couldn’t help but get nervous about the fact I was going to see my parents shortly in a dress, diapered, and that it would be obvious I was now a babied little. Everything that really could possibly go ‘wrong’ with a visit to this dimension had so far. I was being breastfed on a regular basis; well on my way to losing my continence, dressed in baby clothes, and finally found myself now a girl when I left a boy.

“What was I thinking?” I quietly asked myself.

“What’s that Stacy?” Amanda asked surprising me with her presence.

“Nothing,” I said to her.

She had the diaper bag over one shoulder and picked me up, “Come here baby,” she said soothingly. “Are you nervous about your parents seeing you?”

My face looked at hers closely and I nodded, “This is going to be really embarrassing…”

She squeezed me, “You knew what you were getting into Stacy,” she reminded me.

I nodded and sighed, “Yes I did… Can you…”

“Can I what?”

“Can you just try not to rub it in my face and theirs?”

She looked at me, “I thought for a moment you were going to ask something silly like not wear a diaper or something…” she walked towards the garage and suddenly paused at the door handle and kissed my head, “I will do my best not to make it worse than it has to be.”

“Thanks,” I told her.

“I know it may be hard to believe, but we really are going to try and make things easier for you as we go here.”

I nodded, “Thanks. I really do appreciate you taking me in… this just seems even more embarrassing knowing my parents are going to see me like this.”

“Can’t be much of a shock,” she said as she opened my car door.

“Umm… how do you get that?”

“Well you’re their baby, they already saw you in your diapers and everything, right?”

“Not the dress…”

“Maybe not that,” she agreed with a smile. “I can have you on the conference in just your diaper if that would make you feel better?”

I squirmed as she tickled my leg, having just latched the car seat, “The dress is fine…”

“Here, why don’t you suck on your paci while we drive…” she told me as she inserted a pacifier into my mouth and closed the door. I watched as much as I could through the mirror and my limited view as she opened the garage door, backed out, and drove down the road in reverse of the trip we took the first day at first. She ended up taking some different turns though and I was soon feeling lost since I didn’t have a good view of the road.

Just when I had reached the point of being bored though she came to a stop in front of a building that I remembered traveling through. Amanda came around my side door and unbuckled me before carrying me towards the building.

“Amanda!” I heard Fred’s voice and I turned to see him waving at us from the front of the building just in front of the automatic doors.

“There’s Daddy!” She said to me with a high-pitched coo.

I groaned internally but just put my head against her shoulder and looked around. I’d just been here a few days before, but I couldn’t help but notice all of the activity going around. A group of tourists was with their guide getting off of a bus. I noticed one man complaining about the tour guide, “Did she really have to put me in that carseat? That strap was damn uncomfortable!”

A teenager with the group looked frantically from side to side but held a man I assumed was her dad. “Dad, can we get out of here already? I hate this damn diaper and I don’t want to spend another minute in it!”

“Sweetheart they warned you not to separate from the group,” a woman next to her told her. “You’re just lucky we found you before you were adopted out.”

“Will I still need them when…?” I heard fade away as Amanda carried me closer to Fred and he hugged us both, kissed her on the mouth, and then me on the forehead.

“Ready for this Stacy?” He asked.

I shrugged, “No.”

He smiled at me and said, “You look beautiful and it’ll be fine Princess.”

We had just walked through some metal detector looking devices at the door when a loud shrill noise sounded. Security guards immediately approached us, “Excuse me, is this your daughter?” They seemed to have their hands ready to draw pistols at their sides and I felt my eyes widen.

Amanda answered calmly, “Yes she is. We’re here to make a trans-dimensional video call.”

“We’ll need to verify your identities before you can move past here,” he said.

“That’s fine officer, do you have your reader?” Amanda replied.

He held out a wand and suddenly I felt my butt presented to him as a quick beep sounded on the device and I was turned just in time to see my information pop up on his screen. My name, age, and their names were presented on the screen. “I need to see some photo IDs,” he told them.

Both Fred and Amanda pulled them out and he looked at them before nodding, “You’re cleared. Thanks for your patience - we can’t have littles making a run for it if they’ve been legally adopted. We worry if they get here they might try to escape to the other dimension.”

“No problems officer, we understand,” Fred told him.

I had just sat numbly in Amanda’s arms the whole time of this encounter. Escape clearly wasn’t as easy as making it to this place and hopping through the portal… ‘I really have got myself into a scary situation…’ I admitted to myself while remembering what everyone had said about the chip when I first got there. ‘Maybe I could reprogram the chip… it’s the same password as the WiFi router...’

I became aware of where I was as we approached a desk that was labeled ‘Trans-Dimensional Communication’ and a smiling woman. “Can I help you?”

“We have a reservation for a video conference room? Westerfield?”

She typed for a second and said, “Yes I have you here, if I can just see your ID and your credit card we’ll get you all setup. Do you need us to take your daughter to a playroom while you take care of business?”

“No, that won’t be necessary. We’re just taking her to talk to her parents in the other dimension.”

The lady smiled, “Ooh, that’s cruel. Letting them see their daughter is now a baby? I love it! What did she do to deserve that?”

“Don’t worry about that,” Amanda said as she seemed to mean it to me too and squeezed me in a gentle hug.

“You’re going to be in conference room sixteen. Follow this hallway down the red line and you’ll find it on the right. This card will open it for you. You have up to an hour allotted for your call.”

“Thanks,” Amanda said and we walked forward to the room we were assigned.

At the door she swiped the magnetic card and the door opened to a room that looked like a bigger version of the ones back home. The door closed behind us and she sat me down on my feet on the table. “I don’t think we can leave the room without the workers here getting suspicious Stacy… but we did bring some headphones and promise to not allow ourselves to hear if you need to have a private moment.” Fred said to me.

I looked up at him and nodded, “I think I would appreciate that. You can wait a little bit on that though.”

Amanda took a moment to fiddle with my hair and dress, apparently trying to make me look perfectly cared for… I couldn’t help but feel like my nerves were getting the best of me, as I thought of the response from my dad in just a few short moments. ‘What are they going to say?’

I was shaking as a large screen that seemed to take the entire wall in front of the table turned on then with the text, ‘Incoming Call Answer?’

Amanda did something and suddenly my parents’ faces were in view on the other side. “Hi Mom, hi Dad,” I said.

Both of my parents seemed frozen in place as they got a good look at their son. 

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Chapter 11:


DAD REACTED FIRST saying “Oh my God!” and looking like he was trying not to laugh and horrified at the same time.

Mom looked at me silently for a moment before saying, “Stacy?”

I nodded.

“Well you do make an adorable little girl at least…” Mom said after staring at me speechless for a long moment.

I sighed, “Yeah I guess I do.”

Mom’s eyes seemed to narrow at my image like I had just been busted for lying to her about something, “What happened to your cheeks though?”

Amanda waved at them and said, “I apologize, that’s a side effect of a process we thought we had in hand to make her able to stay in school here.”

“What did you do to our son?” Dad asked, less inclined to be blasé about the new detail.

“Dad, Mom, it was something I agreed to. And she said we thought we had it in hand…” I groaned and wrung my hands for a second before continuing, “I told you in that last e-mail that my name caused problems. Both the Westerfields and Emerson believed I was a girl.”

“I still can’t believe you and your dad convinced me to name him that…” Mom glanced angrily at Dad.

“Sorry, if three generations of us had already been stuck with the name what was one more?”

I sighed and said, “Look what was done eighteen years ago doesn’t matter now…” They both looked skeptically at me, but I continued, “Things were dangerous when we were here last… but it was nothing compared to the way things are now. Littles are in much more peril of being adopted and turned into brainless drooling infants now...” My parents both looked more worried but I pressed on, “Because I’d been registered as a girl it would only take one person to lodge a complaint and claim I was in violation of the universities honor code and I’d lose my scholarship.” I paused for a breath and shuddered, “I would probably at the least be shipped to a preschool instead… Or worst case I would be removed from Amanda and Fred’s care and sent to an orphanage.”

Mom looked through the screen, “Is this true?”

I turned and looked at Fred who nodded, “Yes it is, as soon as we realized the mistake I quietly made some inquiries and found that several littles have been shipped off for violations like this.”

“I knew this was a mistake Stacy…” Dad said before asking, “So just what did you do to him?”

“One of the departments at our hospital is using a new technology with nanites to be able to deliver care to littles and make changes without things being quite so invasive…”

I shifted uncomfortably and just came out with it, “We edited the coding heavily first, but we used the nanites to make me a girl so I can remain in school.”

“You what?!?” Dad asked.

“I’m now a girl Dad, complete with the correct plumbing for those people who change my diapers to know I am. I told you in the e-mail we might have to do something…”

“But…” he stuttered.

“Is this permanent?” Mom asked.

I watched Amanda in a little video monitor box at the bottom corner of the screen nod, “In theory you could inject Stacy with the nanites again, but I’m pretty sure that to do so would be really dangerous. Some of the nanites will still remain from the first batch like a set of T Cells keeping watch for invaders. It’s quite likely that the two sets of nanites would battle inside of Stacy and kill her in the process.”

Both of my parents looked at me with horrified expressions for a long moment. Mom snapped out of it and asked, “You’re okay with this Stacy?”

I shrugged, “Fifty-percent of the world including you make it just fine as girls, I can do it too.”

“You’re okay though… other than that?” She asked.

I shrugged, “Other than having a different set of parts nothing else is different than I expected. We knew babying was going to come with the territory…” I pulled at my skirt nervously; “at least if I’m stuck wearing dresses I know I belong in them now.”

Mom looked at me before saying, “Did it do anything else?”

“I insisted on editing the file myself, with some help from Stacy, so that we could avoid surprises. We used the coding as a chance to also improve her concentration, motor skills, and staying up on our longer days better. As far as we know the only thing we missed was a routine in the programming that changed the placement of fat to her face. She’s got those adorable looking baby cheeks now,” she squeezed one of them gently, “but other than that Stacy’s fine.”

“Actually it should help her avoid being picked on as much sometimes too,” Fred added, “as a lot of people assume she’s actually our real baby.”

Dad looked dumbfounded and Mom just looked worried. “You’re really okay Stacy?”

“Mostly… I mean there’s no denying that taking a step back to infancy is one of the most embarrassing things that could ever happen… but in the short time I’ve been able to play with even their home technology I’ve learned a lot. I knew this was a risk when I came here…”

“But a girl?” Dad asked.

I shrugged, “It’s not like I was having wild sex every night anyway Dad.”

“You’d better not have been…” He told me with a stern look.

“How complete…?” Mom asked, semi-changing the subject.

Fred fielded the question, “She’s not going to have periods for now as her body is behaving as a pre-pubescent girl about age four hormonally,” he paused and added, “but if she is given a large dose of estrogen she will begin developing breasts and menstruating as a normal girl her age would. I can give her that before she leaves.”

“So she can get pregnant?” Dad asked nervously.

“Yes,” Fred said, “well… at least once she receives the shot and enters puberty.”

“You’re okay with that?” Dad asked incredulously as he glared through the screen at me.

I shrugged, “It beats one of the other options where I wouldn’t have been able to have kids. As drastic as this was I still have options.”

As I stood there I couldn’t help but feel like I really needed to pee and ended up just letting go. Mom stared at me and asked, “Did you just…?”

I grimaced, “I agreed to it.”

“Yes you did…” she said.

I turned to Amanda and Fred, “Would you be able to use those headphones like you offered?”

They nodded and Fred said, “Actually I’m going to go walk down the hallway, Amanda is more than enough here to meet the guidelines of watching you.”

He looked down at his watch and added to me, “You have about thirty minutes and then our time is up…”

“Thanks,” I told him. Amanda meanwhile turned a chair around away from the screen and put some headphones on. I could hear the music coming out of them by the time Fred turned to leave.

“Can you hear me Amanda?” I asked.

With no reaction I turned back to my parents, “I really am fine.”

“No you’re not,” Mom told me, “You are exhibiting Stockholm Syndrome or something. How in the world could you have willingly agreed to mutilate your body?”

“I didn’t mutilate it,” I told her, “I look like a normal girl,” I told her.

“A normal baby girl maybe…” she told me before sighing. “That dress is adorable though…”

I blushed, “I didn’t pick it out…”

“I kind of figured that…” Mom said before sighing, “So are you doing anything else besides peeing and pooing your diapees?”

I blushed some more, but nodded, “I’ve been studying for that test that I have to take next week –the CAREs exam.”

“What is that one?” Dad asked.

I proceeded to tell him about it and he said, “That doesn’t sound so bad, you do great on tests!”

I shook my head, “The test portion isn’t, but it’s a six-hour test that you’re not allowed to leave until you complete it or the time runs out.”

“Bathroom breaks?” Mom asked.

“Not as necessary with a diaper… but if you poop it you’re done.”

“And if you fail?” Dad asked.

“Then it assigns you to the level of education you should be in…”

“Meaning?” Mom asked nervously.

“Meaning if it had been the practice test I took earlier today I would have been in big trouble. When I had a messy accident Amanda had me stop to see what the results would be. I would have been sent back to preschool for maturity even though my scores on everything else were almost perfect.”

Mom looked at me and I could see tears in her eyes, “Stacy why don’t you just come home? I bet we can still get you into a state school here this year…”

I shook my head, “I know this is crazy Mom, but I don’t want to give up!”

Both of my parents stared at me worriedly for a moment before Mom said, “Can you get Amanda’s attention?”

I nodded and walked over to her and tapped her shoulder. She looked at me and I mimed taking the headphones off. She did so and looked at my parents, “You’re done talking with them?”

“They want to talk to you,” I told her as she looked at them.

“Something wrong?” She asked hesitantly. I guessed she probably was wondering what I had told them if she had been honestly not listening to our conversation.

“I’m a worried mother,” Mom told her, “If Stacy fails this test, will you be able to send her back home?”

‘Huh?’ I wondered for a moment. ‘Wasn’t that one of the provisions…?’

I looked at Amanda and she said, “I would try… but if she ends up with that restriction they may not allow me to send her back through. My husband and I are trying to be very careful so we can’t be accused of neglect…”

Mom nodded, “Please help him… er… her pass the test. I really do want my baby back home.” She looked at my questioning glance and said, “Figuratively of course. I don’t really want to change diapers again. I think you’re nuts to actually have a desire to do that one… I was so excited to have him finally potty trained the first time!”

Amanda laughed, “Changing her diapers is kind of fun actually... Besides she’s a good girl and doesn’t fight me with it like I worried she would.”

With that Mom looked at me and said, “Look Stacy you decided to go to this world and be her baby girl, you better behave or she has our permission to punish you…”

I felt my face redden, “I’ll be good without that threat Mom.”

“I hope so,” Dad said, “You realize you have absolutely no room for error, right? All it takes is one mistake!” He shuddered, “I was so glad to make it home with my body intact from that crazy world… I just can’t believe you’d be okay with all of that… and willingly go back.”

I felt like his words were semi-accusing as a timer on the screen warned of three minutes remaining. My parents had seen theirs too and Mom said, “Look Stacy I love you very much.”

“Love you too Mom, Dad,” I told them. Tears were in my eyes now.

“Amanda, could we do this again in two weeks?” Dad asked.

I looked to her and she nodded, “I don’t think that will be a problem.”

“Thanks, talk to you then,” Dad said.

“I love you Stacy,” Mom and Dad said almost as one.

“I love you both too!” I said, and then the connection cut off.

Amanda let me sit with my tears for a moment before gathering me up and saying, “Let’s go change that wet diapee and go get din-din.”

I leaned against her and enjoyed the calming feeling of her arms around me. Outside Fred waited with the diaper bag over his shoulder and they walked down the corridor to the desk and checked out. “Do you need anything else?” The lady asked us.

“We need a reservation for two weeks from now,” Amanda told her.

The lady looked suspiciously at her, “Why such regular calls?”

“We’re working on getting our little girl some playmates,” Amanda said as I stiffened.

The lady giggled, “Now isn’t that a smart way to do it! With there being so few free littles now, I think the last chance for many of us is the dimensional visitors. Unfortunately by the time I see them at this desk they’re already claimed!”

Amanda squeezed me slightly, “It does take some work…” she kissed my head and said, “So two weeks from now?”

“Yes ma’am, you’re all booked Mr. and Mrs. Westerfield.”

“Thanks,” she said before asking, “Where’s your nearest bathroom or changing room? Our princess here needs a change.”

“Down the hall to the right is a bathroom, there are also some changing tables outside if you want. It’s not like they need any privacy for their cute little parts anyway…”

“Thanks,” Amanda said and they walked down the direction she was given before Fred handed her the bag. “Let’s go inside,” she whispered to me. Even as she did so though I saw two littles being changed on the tables outside. One was kicking and screaming, “I’m not a baby! You can’t do this to me!!!!!!”

On the other table a naked woman had her foot improbably in her mouth sucking on her toe as an Amazon woman wiped her disgusting poopy bottom.

The sight made me shiver as the door closed them from view.

“It’s okay Stacy,” she told me as she gave me a quick hug. “That was just a way to make it seem okay for us to be calling…” There was a convenient hook for diaper bags next to a fold down changing table that she pulled down and made a face at. I looked and saw remains of poop all over the table.

“That’s gross,” I said aloud.

“Yes it is… I think I’ll just change you in the car…”

Given the only other option was in full view of the rest of the airport I nodded. She picked up the bag and we left the room as quickly as we had entered. We walked right past the man who was now in tears and being dressed in a onesie with a large pacifier had been stuffed in his mouth, effectively muting him. I could tell it was one of those locking ones and felt terrible for the poor guy. The little girl was being hoisted on her ‘mommy’s’ hip and waved at me.

For my part I waved back…

Thankfully Amanda and Fred were able to walk back to the car quickly and Amanda popped the back open. “Daddy can you hold your princess for a moment?” She asked him as she handed to me.

“Sure,” he said and gave me a quick squeeze. “I thought you were changing someone’s wet diapee?” He asked.

“The changing table in the bathroom was a mess… I wanted to throw up from it – there was no way I was putting my baby on it!” She said assertively.

“I could have taken her into the men’s?” He suggested.

She paused and I could tell she hadn’t even thought about it. “Why didn’t I think of that? Well I guess I’ll have to remember Daddy isn’t helpless, huh?” She asked as she turned back to me and I could see she’d laid out a soft changing pad on the back cargo area of the SUV. She laid me down on it and proceeded to pull down the diaper cover before I realized I might as well have been getting changed in the airport hallway with as many people were passing our car. Just as she undid the tapes I saw the lady and the little girl from earlier walk by and get a full view of my naked bottom.

I blushed and turned my head to the side to try to pretend no one was looking at me. For her part Amanda was thorough, but quick with the diaper change. She used a couple of wipes to quickly clean me, put a new diaper on me, and then sat me up without the diaper cover.

“What about my panties?” I asked her embarrassed.

“Your diaper cover got a bit wet sweetie,” she put it to the side as she picked me up, “I should have changed you a little earlier.”

“Oh,” I said as she held me and I knew my diaper pronounced my status to the entire world with or without the cover.

“It’s okay sweetie, you’re just a baby!” She hugged me and whispered, “You look more normal in a diaper than you would ever look in real panties. People will just smile at you like this and move on. In panties you would really draw way more attention to yourself.”

She put me inside the harness of my car seat and handed me my teddy bear from somewhere. “Here’s your bear Princess.”

I hugged Elena tightly and listened as the door stayed open and she talked to Fred. “What about going to Elevated tonight?”

“I guess that works. Don’t they have a pretty strict policy though?”

“She’ll be fine. It’s some of the best food around either way, meet us there?” I heard Amanda say as she closed my door. 

When she got in the door I asked, “What’s their strict policy?”

“Well… little’s have to eat umm… differently.”


“Like you probably won’t like the looks of it, but it’ll taste good?” She suggested before pausing and adding, “If you’re a good girl there I’ll let you have another of your special morning babas each day of the week the rest of the week?”

My caffeine addiction almost immediately overrode my common sense, but I did maintain the sense to ask, “It’s going to be that bad?”

She stiffened from what I could see of her in the mirror, “For you maybe, but for Mommy and Daddy it’s one of our favorite places to eat? You might even be okay with it?”

“Two weeks,” I told her.

She was at a stop sign and turned to look at me through the mirrors, “Deal.”

“Somehow I feel like I didn’t negotiate hard enough…” I muttered. I squeezed Elena tightly and sat as we continued down the road with the green light.

It must have been about a fifteen-minute drive before she pulled into a parking space and came to the door to get me. Fred was right there to grab the diaper bag. I had been about to leave Elena in the car when she said, “Bring your bear with you.”

“Okay,” I told her.

“Did you name her yet?”

I looked up at her and squeezed my bear tighter, “Elena,” I told her.

“What a pretty name for your bear,” she told me with a squeeze as we walked inside.

I looked around the upscale restaurant and noted the name, ‘3lev4t3d’ used leet speak for some reason. ‘Was Elevated already taken? Or does the 343 have some significance?’ I wondered to myself. A man dressed in an expensive suit stood as the Maître’D. “How many tonight?”

“Two plus our little girl here,” Fred said.

“Please follow me,” he said a moment later after fiddling on a computer screen. We were led to a small table with booth benches on either side. I watched as a waitress appeared from the side and placed a very nice looking wooden high chair next to the table. Amanda placed my feet in the appropriate holes and cinched the waist strap down before placing a bib on me. I was still holding onto Elena then when Amanda gently pulled her from my grasp and sat her next to my diaper bag.

“She’s able to behave properly?” The waitress asked nervously while glancing at me.

“Yes, she’s not going to be a disturbance to other guests,” Fred said to her.

“Very good sir and ma’am,” the lady said and I watched as a basket of bread was placed on the table far out of my reach. Amanda and Fred both munched on pieces in front of me and I couldn’t help but have my stomach grumble and feel this was unfair. Iced teas were brought for them upon their request, but I remained ignored still other than an occasional pet on the head from Amanda.

“Have you decided?” A waiter appeared and asked about ten minutes later.

“Yes, I’ll have the Veal Parmesan,” Amanda said.

“And I’ll have your New York Steak,” Fred said.

“How would you like that cooked?”

“Medium rare please,” he told him.

“And which meal would you like your little girl to share?”

“She’ll have the Veal with me,” Amanda said.

“Very good ma’am.”

I sat there squirming a bit and thought about begging for a piece of bread or something but thought better of it. Something about her warning before… and something else just left a niggling in my brain that made me worry. I looked around and noticed there were only two other babies or littles present. One seemed to be an actual baby though, and the other might have been a little. Both seemed to be getting fed from a bowl next to their mothers.

As I continued to look around Amanda presented a bottle to me and said, “Here, let this take a little bit off of that grumbling stomach.”

I looked at the bottle and knew instantly it was breast milk and began nursing it. It wasn’t as good as straight from the source, but it was still pretty tasty so I nursed at it without a word. I wondered about the rest of dinner while I sucked at the bottle, something about the restaurant just seemed ‘off.’ About the time I had finished my bottle they turned up with two delicious looking plates for Fred and Amanda.

Fred’s steak was one of the tastiest looking meats I had ever seen cooked. It was also the largest piece of steak I’d ever seen on a plate! I believed I had seen prime rib roasts smaller than the steak on his plate was… It came with a baked potato and my mouth watered at the sight of it. I looked at Amanda’s plate and saw a nice looking plate of veal parmesan with a pasta covered in a red meat sauce that would make any Italian restaurant proud.

Then I noticed the bowl.

Inside the bowl looked to be a red pasty mush with little bits of white sticking out. There was a little bit of a liquid consistency to it, but mostly it looked like something that had been put through a blender… or was on the bottom of the little I had just seen on the changing table. My stomach turned as I now understood what she meant about the meal. A baby spoon was pulled out of the diaper bag and she asked, “Ready to give your din-din a try?”

I made a face and she whispered, “It’s exactly what I have, it’s just been pureed.” My glare seemed to not affect her as she gathered a spoonful up and said, “Open up for the train Princess.”

I debated about not doing so, but I remembered that this mush would be worth two weeks of coffee… ‘Was it worth that?’ I thought to myself.

Amanda gave me a look that can only be given by a mommy… so I opened my mouth and she smiled at me, “Good girl!”

As the mush landed on my tongue I had a flashback to the little bit of the disgusting stuff I’d tried from Elena’s meal back home and nearly gagged, but fortunately this only had the texture in common. The truth was that if you could get past the mushiness of the bite the flavor was fantastic! I didn’t have anything to chew so I just kind of swirled it around my mouth for a moment and swallowed.

“Is that good?” She asked me in a singsong voice.

I shrugged and nodded, “It’s weird.” I said quietly. Somehow the restaurant felt like a place that didn’t want littles speaking whatsoever.

“The chef here is one of the best in our region… He believes littles should be fed well… but just that they can’t be trusted not to choke on their food whole,” she told me as she spooned another mouthful of the mush into my mouth.

The texture clashed with the taste so much I just forced myself to pretend I had chewed it to that consistency myself. One bite at a time I was given the goop from the bowl until Amanda said, “What a good baby girl, you ate it all!”

I glared at her because I swore the bowl was bigger before. I was still hungry and felt my stomach grumble in complaint. Just as I was about to say something though the waiter came back and asked, “Was the meal to everyone’s satisfaction?”

I looked longingly at the eighth of a huge piece of veal that still lay on her plate. “Yes it was thank you.” Amanda said before asking, “This is our first time here with our little, is it alright if I nurse her here?”

The man laughed, “Of course it’s okay. It’s the natural order of things, and we wouldn’t expect anything less here!”

“Thanks,” Amanda said somewhat red.

“Would you care for dessert while you provide dessert for your daughter?”

I squirmed in my own embarrassment now. “Please, I’ll have the chocolate dessert you have listed here,” Amanda said.

“I’ll take the slice of cheesecake,” Fred said from the other side.

“Right away! Would you like me to box the rest of that for you?” He asked Amanda looking at the same leftovers I wanted. “Or I can puree it and put it in a jar for your daughter to have for another meal?

“Just box it please,” she said, “it’ll make a nice snack later after I put her to bed.”

The man took the plate with him back to the back. As soon as he had the plate clear Amanda unsnapped the buckle at my waist and picked me up. “I know you’re still hungry sweetie, nurse from me and I’ll let you have the rest of the leftovers at home later.”

I looked up at her and said, “Thanks.”

She presented me with the fleshy orb and my mind went to a halt while my mouth did all the thinking I was capable of at that moment. My hunger at least seemed to take a back seat after her first breast had given all it had. I was zoned out from the milk as she burped me and placed me at her other breast.

As I nursed she must have received her dessert because other than an occasional pet of my hair or pat to my back her right arm seemed to be on the table. “You have one of the best behaved littles I have ever seen come in here,” a deep mans voice different from the waiter sounded in my ear.

“She is a good girl,” Amanda agreed.

“How did she like her meal?”

“I think she liked the taste of it… but honestly I don’t normally puree her meals or feed her baby food - so I think the texture was a battle for her.”

“She normally eats solids? Are you sure that’s wise?”

I kept nursing at her breast trying to contain my embarrassment.

I felt Amanda nod, “We know she needs some care, but we see no reason to rub it in her face by pretending she isn’t a little bit of an adult. Normally I wouldn’t bring her here and subject her to that, but I knew that you would be pureeing the same thing I was eating… I knew it wouldn’t be the disgusting jarred food at least.”

“You have some interesting views Madame,” the voice said. “But I can’t deny you have a beautiful and well behaved little there. Next time you are here let them know I said she could have the preschool version of the meal.”

“Umm… thanks,” Amanda said.

“Anytime, I hope to see you dine with us again.”

Her breast ran out just then and I kept nursing for a moment. She broke my suction and placed me to her shoulder, saying, “He’s gone Princess.” I let out a burp then as she burped me and she added. “You seem to have made an impression somehow though…”

She placed a pacifier in my mouth and then settled me back into the crook for her arm as she reached for another bite of her dessert. “That’s all I can eat I think Fred, you ready to go?”

“Sure sweetheart, see you at home?”

Amanda stood up and moved me to a position against her shoulder where I could just see behind her. A new little and his family had been seated and had just received their food.

“Matty you need to eat your din-din,” the woman said to him.

“No I’m not eating that disgusting ass…”

I just spotted the little being ripped from the highchair, and his diaper was removed to bare his naked butt to the entire world. I heard the first smacks of a painful spanking as we cleared the dining area. ‘This place is crazy…’

Back at the car I was feeling sleepy from the breast milk as Amanda checked my diaper. “Hmm… better change you now…” she said before repeating the process of opening my diaper up in a parking lot along a crowded street. It caused my face to turn red knowing that any stranger who passed by was getting a free view of my new parts that I had barely seen. She didn’t waste time changing me into one of my thicker diapers.

“There, all dry!” She told me and I just kept nursing the pacifier as she lay me in the carrier, moved my arms into the harness, and decided to take a nap on the way home.


BACK HOME I woke as Amanda had just pulled into the garage. I stretched in the seat as much as I could and waited for her to come get me. “Oh so you are awake?” She asked as she opened the door.

I nodded, “I don’t seem to be falling in quite as deep of a sleep from your milk every time now.”

“You hungry now?” She asked me.

I shook my head, “I do want to try that meal in a non-pureed form, but I’m pretty full right now.”

“Just let me know later if you get hungry and we’ll heat that up for you,” she said as she carried me into the kitchen and then set me down on the ground.

“Thanks,” I told her looking up at her face seemingly way above me.


“So what?” I asked.

“Want to see if Mommy made the right adapter for the TV to play your video games?” She asked just as Fred came in.

He laughed, “I really am going to have to watch you two, you’re going to feed off of each other!”

“You’re just jealous!” Amanda said.

“Of what?”

“She likes video games and not boring things like football…”

“What?” I asked. “I like football too…”

She looked at me and stuck her tongue out at me, “Traitor,” she muttered and suddenly picked me up. She tickled me mercilessly for a moment before letting up. “So video games?”

I nodded, “Okay.”

She sat me down on the couch and went upstairs to her work area before returning with the two consoles in the bags I had brought them in. “Which one should we try first?” She asked me.

“What kind of games do you like?”

“Shooters?” She asked hesitantly.

“So you’re okay with me playing them?” I asked hopefully.

“I won’t tell your Granny if you won’t?” She suggested with a smile.

I laughed, “Okay, get it hooked up and I’ll get the game going.”

I was kind of trapped on the couch with the floor looking a long ways down. ‘Real babies manage to climb and jump just fine!’ I reminded myself at the drop and crawled to the edge and took a leap down. It was almost scary how long I felt like I was in the air on the way down but I landed safely with an ‘oof.’

“Stacy!” Amanda looked at me, “Are you okay?” She asked worriedly.

“I’m fine, real babies get around just fine when they’re this size,” I told her.

“Not really, when they’re your size they can usually barely sit up…”

“Are we going to play or not?” I asked her as I dug through the consoles bag I brought and found the case of games I brought with me.

She shook her head, “I must be crazy…”

It was then that I noticed we might have a problem though as the controllers seemed just a smidge larger than back home for my hands, but positively tiny for hers. “Umm… we might have a problem,” I said as I held up the controller.

“Nope!” She said as she held up her own controller that looked identical but sized for her hands. “I made one for myself so no excuses for your butt getting whupped on the game.”

I looked at her like she had grown another head… “Are…?” I started to ask but shook my head and said, “Okay, put this in the disc tray and we should be good to go.”

I looked at the patch of wires and the adapter she had assembled and it looked like something that could have been purchased at the store. The same was true of her controller as she sat next to me and mine and hers connected to the console wirelessly. “How did you make those?”

“I have a printer upstairs that can make just about anything if I give it the plans to do so. From the plastic all the way down to circuits,” she told me.

“Cool!” I said.

She gave me a sideways squeeze and kissed my head, “So what’s this game?”

In the end I had settled on the latest Call of Duty game that had come out just before I had packed. I hadn’t played much, but it was similar enough to all of the past titles that the little I had played I felt confident I could beat the newbie. We settled on a team match at first and I was more than slightly surprised how confidently she played. In the end I won over her in points, but not by as much as I should have.

“Okay you two, Daddy thinks it’s time for Stacy to have her bath and Mommy needs to go night-night.” I heard as we had finished another round.

“Huh?” Amanda asked at the same time as me.

“Oh boy… you two are going to have to have some limits set, you’re both way too alike,” he muttered.

I looked at the clock and said, “Oh, we’ve been playing that long?”

Amanda stiffened, “Oops… Sorry honey,” she told him with a smile as she held her hand out for my controller and placed both of ours on top of the TV before powering down the PlayStation.

She gathered me up and said, “Good thing you have a thick diapee on! I guess I probably need to go myself before I need those!” She giggled as she tickled my feet and carried me upstairs to the bathroom. Amanda set me down on the floor and pulled the skirt of her dress up and then removed it all the way leaving only her underwear on. I watched morbidly as she pulled her panties down and sat down on the toilet and felt jealousy over being able to do so. She didn’t take long to begin sending urine into the toilet bowl and I had to wonder if she wasn’t joking about nearly having an accident of her own!

“Ahhh,” she said contentedly.

I watched her wipe, flush, then wash her hands before she turned her attention to the bath tub. She turned the nobs and added some bubble bath before turning to me and saying, “Turn around for Mommy.”

I did as she asked and she undid the buttons that held the back of my dress closed and untied the ribbon at the back as well. I felt her fiddle with my hair for a moment before she used her fingers to get the braids completely loose. While I was still standing she reached and undid the tapes of my diaper leaving me now naked. With a quick grab under my arms she sat me in the tub that was already filling. I noticed that it was fuller than it had been the last time. I watched as Amanda undid her bra and froze as she climbed in the tub with me. She sat down with her back to the wall of the tub and I found myself picked up and sat down on her legs that stretched out now.

“Mommy wants to take a bath with you,” she told me with a smile and a touch of my nose.

I was kind of dumbfounded at this point, and couldn’t help but have my eyes drawn to look at her body. A couple days before I was pretty sure that I would have been aroused at this sight, but now I just looked at an adult body and wished I wasn’t as small as I was. She really was pretty I decided. Before I could really see anything through the bubbles though she began washing me from top to bottom. Especially my bottom found itself getting plenty of attention, as she seemed determined to have a clean baby…

She washed my hair gently and I sat with my hair dripping as she began soaping up her own body and washing herself. I contented myself with playing with some bath crayons on the side of the tub when she began to go lower on her body. It didn’t mean as much when I had the same parts…

When she was done she hugged me to her body and said, “I’m so glad you came here…”

“Thanks… I think,” I told her with a smile.

She laughed and squeezed me before turning me in her arms to present me with her breast. “Three times a day, huh?” I asked.

“Please?” she asked.

I sighed, “I’m going to get fat…”

With that though I turned my head and latched on to nurse. A few moments later I felt my bladder lose control and knew I had to have just peed on her. As if to confirm that I heard Fred’s laugh.

I squirmed a bit but she held me there saying, “It’s just a little pee, Mommy doesn’t mind,” she said.

I shrugged and kept nursing hoping that a little pee wouldn’t become something else… at least for her sake. As I finished I was in that drunken state as she washed herself and me off one more time and carried me down the hallway to the nursery. I was barely aware of my surroundings as I was diapered and placed in another nightgown. Sometime between the change and the crib I found myself asleep.



Chapter 12:

THE NEXT MORNING I found myself on the changing table, Amanda was stripping me of a wet diaper. “So you decided to join us, huh?” She asked me as my eyes fluttered open and I wiped the sleet from my eyes while trying not to panic.

“What time is it?” I asked as I yawned.

“Eight, you slept really good last night!” She told me with a smile before she grabbed my ankles and I felt my bottom awkwardly held in the air as she pushed my knees towards my face. A cold baby wipe traversed my bottom and I was sat on a new diaper that I could instantly tell without looking was one of the princess ones.

I sighed, “What are we doing today?” I asked.

“Well we’ll get breakfast in that tummy of yours first, and then we’re going to go take back the rest of the clothes that don’t fit on that teeny tiny body of yours… Maybe we’ll go find some other pretty outfits too while we’re at it.”

I groaned, “More shopping?”

“What’s wrong with shopping?” She asked me as she dressed me in a romper that barely had parts to call legs it was so short.

“Besides seeing all of the constant hideous torture that other littles endure every time I turn around?”

She froze with one hand on my leg and another snapping the crotch of the romper up. “What do you mean?”

I sighed, “It’s like seeing a living nightmare most of the time, you know?” She looked at me, “You’ve been great and while I spend most of the time truly embarrassed… when you treat me the way you do, you at least still treat me like a human. Some of those poor people…” I shuddered, “I mean the things your sister alone seems to like doing?”

She gathered me in her arms kissed my forehead, and hugged me, “I hope you realize how lucky you got that we were being honest with you?”

I nodded, “I do.”

“Come on, let’s get some shoes on those feet and we’ll get you downstairs to your latte.”

I grinned at that, “Thanks.”

I was sat in the now familiar high chair, bibbed, and the bottle of hope was sat on the tray in front of me. I quickly nursed about half of it down before paying attention to the bowl of baby cereal she held on a spoon in front of my mouth. I groaned but had a hard time complaining when she was at least acceding to my need for coffee! I took about five bites before guzzling some of the bottle to wash the taste down, and repeated until the bottle was empty but a little bit remained in the bowl.

“Almost done,” she told me as she spooned some of the last of the paste in my mouth.

I sighed, “You do realize this stuff tastes terrible, right?”

“You got your bottle of latte, right?” she asked with the spoon raised next to my mouth.

I nodded nervously.

“Then don’t whine and open up.”

I sighed and finished the last four spoons of the gray mush and craved anything to wash it down. She seemed to understand because she unbuckled me and promptly presented me with her flesh. I just latched on without saying anything and nursed. The mush had left me feeling mostly still hungry for something good to eat, but between the latte bottle and the mush I slowed before I finished her first breast.

She sighed, “You’re going to make me go pump, huh?”

I looked guiltily up at her briefly before she placed me to her shoulder to burp me, felt my dry diaper, and sat me down in my walker. “Be a good girl while Mommy finishes,” she told me.

She walked over to the kitchen table again and I watched semi-curiously as she pulled out an electric pump and settled it over her breast. I did feel a little bad she had to do that - it looked uncomfortable. I turned my attention away and looked outside as best I could to see if I could see what was making the motor noise. Through the tall windows I could just make out Fred seeming to move about on a riding lawn mower in the front yard. I pushed my feet and the walker along towards the coffee table and could see one of the study guides there. The walker made it really tough to find a way to grab it though as it kept the table out of my reach.

She had placed the toys back on the walker and those gave me an idea. Since I knew they popped out I tried to see if I could get one loose to extend my reach. I tilted a couple of them and they made noise and wondered if Amanda would now be watching me. I looked over to her though and she seemed intent on switching out a full bag of milk from the pump. Since I had only seen her pump her one breast, I silently wondered again just how much each breast gave me when I nursed!

Turning my attention back to the walker toys I was finally able to pull out one loose that was essentially a long bead bar. It gave me just enough reach that I was able to pull at the book.

‘The walker is short enough maybe I can wedge it under the table…’ I thought to myself. I pushed it more towards the table and sure enough it slid under. I used the bar to reach and successfully pulled the book onto my lap!

“What are you doing?!?” I heard Amanda asked in a panicked voice next to me.

“Getting my book?” I responded to her and saw how worried her face looked.

“You could hurt yourself!” She told me.

“I’m fine,” I told her…

She pushed the table off the walker and the walker further away. “Don’t do that again! The table might have collapsed the walker…”

I thought about it for a second and thought it unlikely but not impossible, “Sorry… I figured it was sturdier than that.”

She sighed, “I’m going to finish pumping – you behave!”

“Yes Mommy…” I said in a small, contrite voice.

She turned and walked away and I resumed my original plan and opened the book up. I decided to skip the sections I had tested well on and went straight to the ‘Basic Reasoning’ section that had been my downfall yesterday. It was essentially an IQ test from what I could gather and forced you to find patterns in letters and shapes that varied from easy to ridiculous. I knew I was above average for intelligence, but some of this stuff felt tough to me.

I had just made it through a couple of tougher examples when my belly made a rumble and I had to groan. I could barely touch the floor with my feet in this thing I had a feeling this would be worse than normal. I was pretty sure there wasn’t going to be an opportunity to get out of it though before my body had to do something. Sure enough a cramp hit and I tried to pinch off my sphincter, but instead I just felt liquidy mush enter my diaper. I groaned and just forced it all out.

I sat there in a daze in the messy diaper. The smell began wafting to my nose, but more importantly the stickiness of it was squished to my skin by the seat of the walker. I looked up to Amanda who was still pumping and she took note of my face. “Did you make a big poopie for Mommy?”

I felt tears rolling down my eyes from embarrassment but nodded.

“Just give me a few more minutes here sweetie and I’ll get you all nice and clean.”

I wanted to complain about it but instead just rolled a few steps closer to her before thinking better of it. Every time I shifted my weight on the ground from one foot to the other to propel myself it just squished more. I felt gross as it seemed to make its way into my new parts too and the light tears down my face began streaming down.

“Oh it’s okay baby,” Amanda said looking at me. She looked down at the pump and switched it off, sealed the bag of milk, and cleaned up the contraption in the sink. Finally ten minutes later according to the clock she came over to me and lifted me out of the walker. “Let’s go get my poopy princess all cleaned up,” she soothed.

She did her best to reassure me, “It’s okay baby,” and seemed to not accept how awful the situation was until we were upstairs and reality hit her. The moment she opened up the diaper I could see her face grimace, letting me know that even she was a little bit daunted by the mess within it. I counted as she used more wipes than she had before. “Good thing I put you in one of your princess diapers Stacy, otherwise I think it would have ruined your pretty romper!”

“It’s disgusting…” I told her as she snapped the romper closed.


“Knew what I was getting into… yeah…” I said along. “Can you please not put me in anything that’s going to squish my poop in the mornings though?”

She looked thoughtful but nodded, “It is way easier to clean you up if you’re not playing in your poopy diapee.”

“I wasn’t…” I started to say but was interrupted by the pacifier placed in my mouth.

“Now stop being a grouchy guts and let’s go have a fun mommy daughter shopping day!”

I said nothing but just nursed the pacifier as she gathered up the usual stuff to take a baby out… ‘At least she’s nice about it…’ I reminded myself.

After a quick ride in my car seat we arrived at the first baby store we had been to the day that I arrived. I spit out my pacifier while I waited for her to come around. She didn’t say a word, but placed it back in a cover and inside my bulging diaper bag. She carried me to a cart, strapped me in, placed a blanket behind me like her mother had, and then walked back to the car with it. I watched as she pulled out four boxes of diapers that were too big of a size, a huge pile of outfits, and a pack of the huge bottles that apparently hadn’t been opened.

The doors of the store opened and an attendant waited by it, “Returns?” The brown-haired in-betweener asked.

“Yes,” Amanda answered.

“Go over to customer service there,” she instructed us.

“Thanks,” Amanda said and pushed the cart to a line several people long. I looked down behind me as much as I could and saw one little with a monkey shaped child harness on him so he couldn’t run away. He only wore a shirt and the harness so I could see he was definitely in need of a change.

The little looked up at me and seemed to concentrate for a moment on me. I waved at him and he looked shocked before waving back at me. His ‘mommy’ turned and faced us, “Oh my god, she is so adorable!”

“Thanks,” Amanda said, “So is yours,” she added politely.

“Not like your little girl… hmm… maybe that’s what we should do…”

I gulped as a look came in her eyes and she looked at her little. He opened his mouth in a smile and I had knots in my stomach twist as I realized all of his teeth had been removed. She picked him up and said, “Can you say hi to the baby girl?”

He waved and I think tried to say hi, but something was wrong and I could see the look of frustration on his face. I watched as he put his head on her shoulder as hard as he could and a fist fly. A quick swat to his bottom was apparently all she felt necessary to remind him not to do that. “Don’t do that baby boy, I’m not in the mood…”

He whimpered and she told Amanda, “You know her smile is really cute, but take those teeth out and I guarantee it’s a lot easier on you.”

“Umm… thanks for the advice,” Amanda said as thankfully the crazy lady was next and taken up at the register. She sat her little down on the counter and I mouthed, ‘Sorry’ to him. He smiled at me before plunking his thumb in his mouth.

I felt Amanda kiss the top of my head, “Don’t worry, no matter how much bad parenting advice I get I’m not going to do any of that.”

“Thank you,” I told her quietly.

“Next!” A shrill voice called and Amanda pushed us forward a little ways down the counter from where the boy sat. I looked at a lady that looked disheveled and generally like an angry woman no one wanted to piss off.

“What can I do for you?” she asked Amanda as we approached.

“Well I planned for adopting a little girl… just not one as little as she ended up being,” Amanda said with a smile.

The lady paused for a moment and her angry demeanor changed, “Oh I see what you mean, she’s adorable though! Did you catch her trying to play grownup?” She said the last part to me in as demeaning of a baby voice as I could imagine.

“Something like that,” Amanda agreed.

“I’m surprised no one caught her right at her high school graduation…” the lady said. “Anyway, I’m guessing you want to return these items, do you have a receipt?”

I sat there as they then talked without involving me at all. Amanda had receipts for most everything but a couple items. “If you want you can just exchange those diapees for the right size?” She suggested.

“Sure, it’s not like they’ll go to waste!” Amanda said with a smile and tickled my side.

I was growing kind of impatient with all of this and remembered her first warning. Deciding discretion was the better part of valor I stuck my thumb in my mouth to keep myself from saying something I shouldn’t. Apparently that must have been the right thing to do because it earned me a small hug.

“How long have you had her?”

“About a week now…”

“What did you do to get her to take to her thumb so willingly?” She asked as we waited for another employee to grab the right size of diapers to swap them out. “Hypnosis? Just spanking her?”

I sensed Amanda growing kind of annoyed too as she told her the truth, “Honestly I told her the first time we went into a store that if she felt like she couldn’t keep herself from saying something we’d regret to put her thumb in her mouth. I told her if I sensed it coming I’d put her paci in her mouth…” She smiled at me, “Want your paci?”

I nodded and accepted the pacifier without saying anything.

“Well if you want to keep it a secret I understand. The method if you patent it is probably worth a fortune!” she said as a tall guy made it up there somehow balancing all four new boxes in his arms. “So with the diapers exchanged… the rest means we’ll put three-hundred-and-forty back on your card?”

“Please,” Amanda said and quickly signed the receipt to accept it back to the account.

She pushed me and the diapers back out to the car and gave me a solid hug. “Sorry sweetie…”

“This is what I meant… I have a little bit of a reason to hate shopping, right?”

Amanda gave me a small smile, “I guess a little one.” She popped me out of the cart and into the car seat saying, “Let’s go hit the next store.”

I pulled the pacifier out of my mouth, “How many more?”

“Two more,” she told me.

I sighed but didn’t say anything. Our next two stops were the ValuMart where she returned two dozen outfits, and then finally another baby store that looked like a boutique store… and much higher on the income scale. “Here let me have your paci, you shouldn’t need it in here,” she told me as she pulled it from my mouth. I’d forgotten I was nursing it. ‘Who would have thought that those were so relaxing?’ She picked me up and settled me on her right hip while carrying four dresses in her other hand wrapped in plastic.

“Welcome to Fershings,” a nice lady behind a counter said as we walked in. Her attention was on something at the counter, so she didn’t look up at us.

Where as the other stores I’d been in for babies and littles had been practically huge warehouses, this one was small and quaint. Cloth diapers, clothing, and other more obscure baby gear seemed to be their market, and only for real babies? “Hi Mrs. Fershing,” Amanda said as she walked up to the counter, “I’m here to return some dresses that were too big for my princess here.”

“Amanda! In twice in a month to see me? What’s the occasion?!?”

Amanda patted my head and sat me on my feet on the counter. I felt a little guilty about putting my feet there before remembering the shoes had probably touched the pavement twice at the most…

“My land you’re tiny, how old are you?” The lady asked me directly to my surprise.

“Eighteen,” I told her.

The lady looked up at Amanda and then looked back at me, “And you went willingly with her?” She paused, “I won’t support idiot Amazons kidnapping littles without consent in this store…”

I laughed, “You can say that… it’s actually more of a contract,” I told her. Something about this lady made me think that she wasn’t your average Amazon wanting to baby everyone in sight. The store itself seemed made for babies and not for littles – not a single punishment device or abusive toy lay in sight anywhere.

She raised her eyebrows, “Well Amanda it sounds like you have a story here.”

“We do…” she looked hesitant about telling it.

“Can we trust her?” I asked Amanda before she said more.

Mrs. Fershing seemed a little taken aback but laughed. “Now this is the kind of little I can believe you would end up with Amanda.”

“Yes you can trust her, I’ve known her for most of my life… and she generally hates any Amazon that takes a little.”

I looked up at her and saw the sincerity in her eyes before looking back at Mrs. Fershing, “I’m from the other dimension, I came here to attend college. I’m sort of boarding with the Westerfields.”

“Boarding? In a diaper?” she asked. “Willingly?” She pressed.

I sighed, “It’s kind of dangerous for a little not to be diapered now…” I looked at her and she cringed but nodded, “and in order to make things the safest they can be for me as a student I decided I’d be better off not in the dorms. Amanda and her husband agreed to take me in and help me… her only request was that I let her indulge her maternal instincts.”

She looked at me before looking at Amanda, “If I’d known you were buying those dresses for a little… let alone your own little…”

“You wouldn’t have sold them to me…” she finished for her. “But now that you know what’s going on?”

She sighed, “You are a cute one.” The woman looked me over and shrugged, “You wouldn’t survive five minutes on your own without someone finding a way to say you needed this. Better it should be Mandy that’s taking care of you than them. You are letting her go to school still?” She said to her.

“Yes ma’am, just waiting for her to take that stupid CARE exam next week before we can pick up her schedule.”

“That infernal exam… you have a plan for it?” She scowled and asked us.

“We do,” Amanda said, “Fred is going to bring some things from work to help out…”

She nodded, “Unfortunately I think it’ll take that to beat that. I think I heard from someone in the CAMOL group that only like twenty to thirty percent of the testers that manage to finish that stupid thing. The only good thing is if you can make it through without a shitty diaper you should be good.”

I looked at her in shock for her bluntness for a moment but nodded in agreement.

“So those dresses are definitely way too big, you want to exchange them?” She asked Amanda.

“Yes please. Sadly she’s only in the three month sizes and it’s not like she’ll grow into these.”

“Nope, I don’t think she’ll be doing that,” the lady said with a tight smirk. “Okay then, you said three months?”

I was picked up by this strange woman and sat on the ground next to her, “Come along young lady and we’ll see if we can find you some pretty dresses…”

For the next hour I was changed into dress after dress after dress. Eventually ten of them hung from a small hanging rack next to the register. “You better change that diaper before she gets a rash,” Amanda was told.

Amanda laughed, “Yes ma’am, we’ll pay when we get back.”

“Here, put her in this dress when you get done, she looked adorable in it!”

The romper that had been back on me for all of two minutes was quickly removed and I lay naked on a changing table in a room for trying clothes on the babies that were the target of the store. Amanda took very little time to put me in a regular pampers diaper, and I was soon buttoned up in a very fancy, but pretty, yellow dress. She added some white shoes that she’d bought too and some frilly white socks.

Back at the counter Mrs. Fershing said, “She’s adorable in that… What are you going to do for uniforms?”

“You remember Jenny Murtha?” Amanda asked.

“Yes I do, she’s always been talented. She’ll have no problems making some beautiful uniforms for your little girl here.”

“That’s what I’m hoping, I figure I’ll get a couple more days of babying in here and then we’ll work on helping her grow up a bit.”

That was the first I’d heard of growing up and I looked up at her smiling at me. “Just a bit!” She said and kissed my nose. We left the store with the new dresses and headed back home.

“Let’s get some lunch in your tummy,” she told me after she had carried the new dresses up to my room. I held my arms up to her and she carried me downstairs and buckled me into the highchair. I watched as she went to the fridge and pulled out the leftovers from last night and placed them into the microwave. When it beeped she looked over at me, “So should I run it through the blender first?”

I gave her a horrified look but she smiled at me, “Don’t worry, I’ll let you have it the way it’s supposed to be eaten by adults…” She paused, “well if an adult is being fed…”

I groaned. She clearly needed to rub some things in, but at least she came over to me and began feeding me as she cut the meal up. The first bite was absolutely heavenly I decided. “Why did he destroy this in the blender last night?” I complained.

“You didn’t seem to mind that much,” she said as she stuffed another bite in my mouth before snagging her own bite.

I stuck my tongue out at her. “Careful or a little birdie’s going to bite that,” she told me with a smirk. For lunch that day she really couldn’t feed me fast enough with the way it tasted and I hated that I’d had to have mine mutilated. The noodles being fed to me by her were kind of tricky and I knew if you looked at my face it was a mess!

“By the way, what did he mean by preschool meal?” I asked her.

She shrugged, “I’ve never heard of a little getting anything other than the pureed meal.” I watched her think for a moment before she shrugged and said, “Maybe it’ll just be pre-cut for you to use your own utensils on?”

“It would be better than mutilating it…”

“Well, be prepared at least that depending on where we are that may not be the last time you have your dinner like that.”

“Why?” I asked, “I mean seriously, why do your people feel like they need to bring us down to that level?” I paused as she wiped my mouth with the bib, “I guess I maybe get the diapers with the huge toilets you all need, maybe even the highchairs and such… but why feed an adult pureed baby food?”

She sighed and picked me up out of the highchair, grabbed a cloth, and then carried me to the couch in the living room. I was gently turned on her lap to face her and she asked, “How much do you know about our reproduction?”

I turned red, “I assume it’s sex like anywhere?”

She nodded, “I didn’t mean like that, but yes it is…” I watched pain in her eyes, “The ultimate problem is our birth rate in this world is very low… really too low for the population to support itself for more than a couple more centuries without something drastic being done. When this all started somehow it became custom to look at the littles around and decide they would make good surrogate kids… and then somehow babies. It doesn’t help that you’re all so cute!” She said with a smile to try and lighten the mood. She ran her hand through my hair before continuing, “Depending on who you listen to there are between sixty and eighty percent of us that can’t have children.”

I looked at her and nodded, “You’re one of those… I remember your mom saying that.”

She had a tear in her eye that she wiped clear. “Yes I am, and so is Chloe… but just because we can’t have children doesn’t remove the urge to have them. I think in some ways it’s even worse for us because it seems that women like my sister and me really crave having a baby to take care of. We seem to have a full on syndrome at times that makes us go crazy if a little is cute enough – it’s why my breasts lactated within a day of you being here!”

“So it’s all instinctual?” I asked.

“Pretty much… And if you’re going to have a surrogate baby then you want to have all of the experiences of feeding them from the baby on up.”

“What happens as everyone gets older?”

“Well you all age much slower than we do. If you remain in this world your appearance probably won’t change for another twenty years or more. Your hair, face, skin, and everything will remain all but frozen at your current state. We tend to age faster… and there are more than a few cases of littles having their parents precede them in death.”

“What happens to them then?” I asked with a morbid curiosity.

She shrugged, “What happens to any baby when their parents die?” She paused, “Hopefully they have a Will and the little has a place to go. Occasionally the Will states the little should be free and that usually gets honored. If they’re still cute enough though often they’re adopted out to the richest couple that wants them.”

I shuddered as I looked at her, “Just out of curiosity…”

“Megan gains custody should we die sweetheart,” she told me with a smile. “Mom and Dad are in line after that… then Fred’s parents, then Cassie, and then a specific safer orphanage over Chloe.”

I reached over to her hand and squeezed it, “Don’t go making that necessary!” I told her.

She smiled, “We told you we’d get you through college didn’t we?” I felt my side get tickled mercilessly and my diaper begin to fill with urine.

I was out of breath a couple minutes later and she asked, “Thirsty?”


AMANDA HAD FED me from her breast again and I couldn’t help but notice it was becoming more mundane to me to be presented with the large orb of flesh. A diaper change followed and she lay me down in the crib for a nap that I took advantage of. As much as we didn’t change my sleep patterns with the nanites, I couldn’t help but notice I was still taking naps like a baby at least once or twice a day!

After my nap Amanda as dressed me in a swim diaper and swimsuit she asked, “I assume you don’t mind swimming?”

I shook my head and grew excited. Before she let me up she took some sunscreen and covered me from face to toe with it. A swim cap my size was then put over my hair.

I smiled at her and hugged her when she had finished getting me ready. “Thank you!”

She laughed and said, “If all it takes to keep you happy is a swimming pool I might have to see about getting it enclosed!”

I nodded as she carried me out of the nursery and we ran into Fred who had just changed into his own swimsuit. “Here, why don’t you take the princess outside while Mommy changes into her suit.”

“Okay,” he said and gave her a kiss as she handed me over.

“Ick,” I said for effect.

He laughed and squeezed me tight, “you make things a lot more fun, but you sure are squeamish about Mommy and Daddy kissing!” He tickled my side through the swimsuit and I giggled.

“Go throw her in the water and I guarantee she’ll stop caring about it,” Amanda said with a smile.

“Throw you in the water, huh?” He said. He walked downstairs and asked, “Did she mean like this?”

I went flying up in the air as he tossed me into the air like I had seen many daddies do with their babies before. I felt my face redden, as my nerved made my diaper grow warm, but also couldn’t help but smile. I had no doubts he would catch me, and of course he did.

I giggled, “Again Daddy!” I told him with a smile.

He tossed me up again and then hugged me before walking through the back door and out into the backyard. “So your mommy tells me she thinks you’re part fish…”

“I’m not a fish!” I told him with a smile.

“Is that so?” He said as he opened the gate.

“Uh-uh, I’m a dolphin. They’re mammals,” I told him while enjoying his attention. This was the most time I’d seen him without Amanda. I could kind of see what she saw in him when she married him.

“What happens if a shark comes along?” He joked with me as he waded into the water.

“Then I attack them,” I said with a smile, “everyone knows sharks don’t mess with dolphins!”

He laughed and placed me down in the water where I began treading water. “Thank you,” I told him though and reached over to hug him around his neck. “You are way nicer than I ever could have hoped for,” I told him.

“You’re welcome,” he said and I could see there were some tears in his eyes that he blinked away, “Okay my little dolphin, go swim,” he told me with a smile.

I did as I was told and began swimming laps back and forth across the pool like I had yesterday. The only thing that I felt like slowed me down was the stupid diaper… but I knew that wouldn’t be something I could negotiate my way out of. Even if they trusted me here, there was no way any Amazon in this world was going to risk a little pooping in their pool!

I counted eighty laps when I decided I was feeling tired and flipped on my back to just float and look up at the clouds. I had noted Fred and Amanda swimming off to the side while I swam. Fred was enjoying a beer, but I hadn’t paid them a lot of attention. I knew they’d been carefully watching me like hawks though, just in case I started having problems. The water lapped at me as I drifted on my back and remembered back to when I was nine or ten and would spend nearly every day at the pool with my friends. I’d always bring some sort of diving toys to go swim down to pick up and we would see who could get them soonest.

I squealed suddenly as I was unexpectedly picked up.

“I thought dolphins were able to fend off shark attacks?” Fred joked with me as I found myself in a cradle carry in his arms.

“Well they are when they’re paying attention…” I told him and stuck my tongue out at him.

He squeezed me into a hug and said, “Okay, your mommy said it’s time for us to get out before you shrivel up like a raisin.”

I looked at my skin and had to admit that wasn’t that far off the truth. “Do I have to?”

He laughed, “Yes, or it’ll be both our heads.”

“Where’d she go?” I asked him looking around as he wrapped me in a towel.

“Your Aunt Cassie called a few minutes ago and she’s talking to her on the phone inside. I’m curious what your Granny and Chloe have said about you…”

“What do you think they’ve said?”

“Well I’m sure both will agree you’re the prettiest and cutest little they’ve ever seen!” He said as he tickled my side, “Or at least while you smile like that.” He told me and touched my nose gently with his.


“Well I’m sure Granny probably thinks the world of you since you handled yourself maturely the whole day. Meanwhile Chloe probably is telling her that they need to convince us to take your teeth, walking, and talking away as quickly as can be done…” He sighed, “I shouldn’t talk bad about any of Mommy’s family, but Chloe is the nutty sister.”

I hugged him and said, “Yes she is!”

We walked through the back door into the house and I looked to see Amanda sitting at the kitchen table smiling. Clearly the conversation wasn’t going badly at least. “Oh they just walked in, just a sec,” she told her sister. “Daddy do you think you can manage to get our daughter in a new diaper and dressed? Cassie wants to meet us for dinner in about an hour…”

Fred looked down at me and I knew I had to look terrified. The thought of him changing me kind of scared me on one hand, but I knew this wasn’t going to be a one-time thing so I just gave him a slight nod.

“Daddy can handle that!” He said with a smile as he tossed me in the air without warning.

I squealed.

“Not inside,” Amanda muttered before saying into the phone, “Yes, Fred’s helping me out, but I swear having a husband is like having another kid sometimes… Stacy is definitely more mature…”

I giggled at that as Fred carried me upstairs. I couldn’t help but look at his hairy chest and think about the fact that would never again be my body… not that it had been that hairy to begin with mind you! “Hmm… Let’s see, what do I do first with the baby?” He asked as walked into the nursery with a smile on his face.

“Seriously?” I asked under my breath.

“Well I guess we have to skin the fish first, huh?”

“Dolphin, mammal,” I told him back while sticking my tongue out at him. He sat me down on my feet on the changing table and pulled the swimsuit off my shoulders and down my legs to have me step out of it. The diaper came off next before he carried me to the nearby bathroom and pulled the showerhead down.

My hair was still in the swimming cap so he could ignore my hair, and just sprayed the rest of me down with some warm water and some soap quickly before gathering me back in the towel, “I’m pretty sure Mommy doesn’t believe I can do this,” he told me with a smile before laying me down on the changing table. “Let’s see, this is the end that goes in front, right?” He asked with a wink and held the back up of one of the princess diapers.

I shook my head, “Don’t quit your day job to be a comedian.”

He smiled at me and put the diaper correctly under my bottom, rubbed some powder quickly over me, and then taped it up. I had been a little worried about a man doing that - especially now that I was a girl - but ‘Daddy’ had completely disarmed me by now. He left me lying on the table strapped down for a moment before coming back with one of the dresses we had picked up earlier.

The dress he held was a sleeveless blue dress that was smocked all over the short bodice. Like most babies dresses it flared quickly out to its wide skirt. At the top sat a white collar that I had been told in the shop was called a ‘peter pan’ collar. The smocking made a little diamond pattern across the front, and they had also added some tiny roses every few inches. It was the kind of dress that truly would make any baby girl look adorable! I groaned a bit when I realized I was going to again be that adorable baby girl a moment later when he undid the strap and sat me up.

I watched actually kind of amused as he looked at the buttons that extended all the way down back of the dress trying to figure out how to make it work. While he was doing so the bloomers that came with the dress rested at my feet and I decided to help him out. I pulled them up while he was still looking at the dress and he said, “Hey…”

“What? You don’t want Mommy to think you can’t dress me, do you?” I told him.

He grumbled, “She’d never let me live it down…”

“Okay, so she undid about the top five buttons earlier, do the same thing and pull it over my head like a t-shirt,” I instructed him.

I laughed as he struggled with the tiny buttons for a moment before he pulled it over my head as instructed and began buttoning it up to the top again. I waited patiently and he suddenly pulled the shower cap off my head having forgotten it was there. He seemed a little flustered going to look for shoes and socks while my hair was mostly a mess in the braid that had been under the swim cap. He returned with two dainty laced white socks that he put on my feet followed by a new pair of black Mary Janes we had picked out earlier that didn’t hurt like the first pair I had tried on.

“So you’re not worthless as a daddy?” Amanda came in dressed nicely in a sundress.

“I haven’t done her hair yet…” He said.

“Well that’s okay, I’ll take care of that for the princess. He put your diaper on right?” She teased and pulled the dress up to check. “Hmm… not on backwards… The dress is on right too…” she smiled at me. “I guess I’m out of a job, Daddy is the new Mommy!” She told me with a smile and squeezed me tight.

“I don’t think I’m quite…” He smiled nervously.

“Oh don’t worry, we know you don’t have the milk factory that a real Mommy has, huh?” She asked me with a smile. “I’ll do her hair if you’ll go get dressed in something a little less straight from the pool?”

“Okay honey…” he told her and walked away.

“Good job giving him tips,” she told me with a smile. I gave her a confused look and she pointed to the baby monitor.

I laughed, “Don’t tell him you know,” I whispered.

“Don’t worry,” she told me and gave me a squeeze, “You two seemed to finally starting to hit it off,” she told me with a smile as she sat me down at the edge of the changing table and began brushing my hair.

“I hadn’t really talked to him much before.”

“He is kind of quiet… probably as much trouble for him to warm up to you as it was for you to warm up to him,” she told me seriously. “But just remember he’s all mine,” she said and pointed the hairbrush menacingly at me.

“We can’t share?” I asked with a smile.

“I guess…” she said and went back to work. She wove my hair into twin braids and tied off each with a bow that matched the blue on my dress. She pushed me back and looked side-to-side at my head before giving me a hug and saying, “I know it may be hard to believe but I really do love you as my own already.”

I smiled at her but couldn’t think of an appropriate reply.

“Come on, we need to go meet your Aunt Cassie and your cousins…”

I hugged her tightly and tried not to shake but apparently failed, “Don’t worry, she’s not like Chloe…”

“But didn’t you say she took out her little’s teeth and he can only crawl?”

She looked a little bit surprised I remembered everything, but said, “Yes she did that to Neville… but he can still talk. He also still has a few teeth…”

“Why leave some?” I asked nervously.

“I don’t have the slightest clue Princess… I know she got paranoid about Neville making a run for it when Chloe’s littles tried… I think that’s why she did that to him.”

I sighed, “You can understand why I’m nervous, right?”

She shook her head, “Remember you are MY baby, not hers. I won’t let anyone do that to you and neither will Daddy, huh?” She said.

“Nope!” He said as he gave both of us a hug. “Where are we meeting them?”

“That diner in her part of town, I think it’s called Carmichaels?” she told him.

“Helpful to know the place we’re going?”

She slugged him in the arm, “I know where we’re going even if I don’t know the name. Now let’s get going so they aren’t sitting there waiting for us all night.”

“Yes Mommy,” he said with a smile. She kissed him and before I could say something we were all walking downstairs together. Fred grabbed the diaper bag and before I knew it we were in her car pulling out and driving towards yet another crazy Aunt.

I just sat through the trip nervously wondering what this member of the family was going to be like. The drive to the diner wasn’t short so I had plenty of time to think. “What are the names of Aunt Cassie’s… kids?” I asked.

“Kristina is her oldest real baby… she’ll turn four next month,” she added the last part and I groaned internally knowing she was certain to be bigger than me. “Klara is the youngest and just turned two… she’s in the middle of what she called potty-training boot camp with her right now…” I felt even more self-conscious knowing the two-year old would be out of diapers before me. “And then of course Neville is her baby…”

“How old is he?”

“Twenty-six I think…” she said.

“How long…?”

“Has she had him?”

“Uh-huh,” I said.

“About a year now…”

‘Poor guy,’ I thought.

I was quiet then as I thought about all of the possibilities ahead of me. The little I had spoken to on my trip before had mentioned how real Amazon babies would pick on littles. I had eliminated about half of the responses to my posting simply because they had kids of their own already. I could only imagine how embarrassing it must be for their little to watch two baby girls be potty-trained, while he was stuck crawling in dirty diapers instead.

The car came to a stop and Amanda said, “They’re here already,” she said as she pointed across the parking lot. I heard her shout “Hey!” as she went over to say hi and Fred opened my door since he was on my side of the car.

“You ready for this?” He asked me.

I shook my head, “Not really, you?”

He laughed, “Not really…”

I was picked up carefully and he threw the baby bag over his other shoulder. “Amanda she is so cute!!!!!!!” the woman who I surmised was Cassie cooed at me. She held a girl who I assumed was her youngest daughter in her arms. “I’m your Aunt Cassie, and this is your cousin Klara!” she said to me in a sing-song mothers voice.

Aunt Cassie herself looked like she was a cross between her mother and Amanda. Her darker hair and shorter height seemed to be the biggest differences, but they had the same noses and similar body shapes.

“Hi,” I said politely, “I’m Stacy.” I mentally berated myself since I knew she knew that… but it seemed polite.

“Oh she is polite!” she said to Amanda, “You weren’t kidding!” She looked down at Klara and said, “You want to see your Aunt Mandy?”

The little girl in her arms looked excited to do so and hugged Amanda tight when handed over. Aunt Cassie extended her arms out and pretty much demanded to get to hold me with her body language. “Come see your Aunt Cassie?” She asked. Fred and I sighed simultaneously but I think we both knew there was no other polite option. I was handed over and hugged tight to the strange ladies chest. “Are they not feeding you anything?” She asked me.

“Mandy she’s lighter than I think Klara was when she was born!”

Amanda laughed and said, “She’s close, but not quite that light… Shall we go inside?”

Cassie carried me in and then played with my braids and my dress while we waited for the hostess. “How many?” the lady asked.

“We need five chairs, one with a booster, and three high chairs please,” Amanda said.

“Big Girl Aunty Mandy!” Klara demanded.

She looked at Cassie who nodded, “Make that two booster seats and two high chairs,” she sighed.

“Give us just about fifteen minutes,” the lady said to us.

Cassie turned and faced me towards the man I knew must be her husband. He stood shorter than Amanda, but taller than Cassie it seemed. His scruffy looking red hair seemed to match the long scruffy beard he had. Something about him just felt rugged and a little bit intimidating to me. “This is your Uncle Kevin. Say ‘Hi’” she said as she waved my arm. “And that’s your cousin Neville!” She made me wave at him too.

Neville was clearly not actually a blood member of the family. He was black haired and fairly buff like an athlete actually. He looked to have two feet of height on me, but the pacifier in his mouth and the exposed diaper under his onesie left no doubt what his place was in the world. He stared at me with a vacant look that just seemed to indicate no one was home. It both confused and terrified at the same time - vaguely reminding me of someone I once met that was just fried from drug abuse. I smiled at him shyly before I turned and looked at Amanda who seemed to be holding in a giggle. I glared at her and she quietly let it out then. I sighed and was distracted next as Cassie sat down and I was face-to-face with the ‘oldest’ of her family.

“This is your cousin Kristina!” Cassie said regaining my attention with a smile.

“Baby!” Kristina said to me.

I sighed, “Hi Kristina,” I said with a smile. ‘Maybe if I treat the creatures with kindness they’ll repay it someday…’

She looked at her mom confused, “Not baby?”

Cassie laughed and said, “Oh definitely a baby, she just talks like you do, but see she has a diapee on!” My dress was pulled up and the bloomers down without any warning.

I turned bright red and looked as Amanda had set Klara down and the girl toddled over to see me too. “Hi Klara,” I said with a smile.

She looked shocked and said, “Mommy uppy!”

“I guess she’s jealous,” Cassie said and handed me over to Amanda who had sat down next to her. “I hate to give her back Mandy, she’s gorgeous!”

Amanda took me back and gave me a reassuring squeeze before saying, “Yes she is.”

“We have your table ready,” a waitress said to us a moment later.

Seating with two real toddlers and two fake babies seemed to take on a whole new level of chaos. Amanda ended up seated to my right and Fred to my left. I was very appreciative of the protection that I felt they gave me even as I felt myself turn red from embarrassment as the bib was put over my dress and a bottle of apple juice placed on the tray in front of me.

“Oh no, they gave you a regular high chair Mandy, we should get a little’s one…” she said to her.

I looked down and thought everything seemed normal to me with this one. I looked in confusion across the table to Neville and realized things were not so normal there. His high chair had arm and leg straps that he was being restrained by.

Amanda laughed, “She’s a good baby girl, she doesn’t need straps.” She kissed the top of my head and squeezed me gently from the side. “Besides, look at her size, and look at the size of Neville’s chair. She’d never be able to reach the straps!”

Cassie looked… more glared… at me and I realized jealousy was showing on her face. “How did you get one so little?”

“Think of her as an exchange student,” Amanda said. “She’s from the other dimension.”

I watched as she furrowed her brow and said, “Are they all this small?”

I turned and looked at Amanda who shrugged, “I don’t know… I think it’s because it wasn’t her first visit?”

The waitress came by then to get food orders and started at their side of the table. “She’ll have your grilled cheese,” she said pointing towards Klara, “and she’ll have your chicken and fries,” she said pointing towards Kristina. “I’ll have the Chicken Caesar Salad.”

“Good, anything for your little boy?” She asked.

“I’ve got his food in my bag… would you mind heating it up though? He likes it better when it’s warm.”

“Sure ma’am, if you’ll hand it to me I’m sure we can help out this cutie.” She reached her hand out and I watched a jar come out of the bag. On the label I caught a quick glance at an adult woman little in nothing but a diaper and a bib, that barely covered her breasts, look as if she was enjoying being fed the concoction. I just managed to read, “Haggis, tripe, and turnips” on the side of it as the waitress tucked it into the pocket of her little waitress apron. ‘That sounds beyond disgusting…’ I thought to myself.

She went to Kevin and he ordered a chicken fried steak that sounded infinitely more palatable than that baby food. A part of me worried just what Amanda would be feeding me as the waitress first took Fred’s order, which ended up being the same as Kevin’s.

“And for you ma’am?”

“I’ll have the roast beef melt sandwich,” she told her.

“Fries okay?”

“That’s fine.”

“And for the little princess?” She asked with a smile towards me that she hadn’t given to Neville.

“Macaroni and cheese?” Amanda said looking towards me.

“Grilled Cheese?” I countered, “Please?”

“Grilled cheese it is,” Amanda told her.

“Would you like that to come with fries or apple slices?”

“Let’s do the apples,” she said much to my dismay. She leaned over and whispered, “You can have a couple of my fries, it’s not like you eat all that much anyway…”

I sighed but said, “Thank you,” to her nonetheless.

As the waitress left I noticed that everyone on the other side of the table seemed to be staring at us like we were aliens. “Why in the world did you let her have a choice?” Cassie asked, “She’s a baby… they don’t get choices.”

“She’s my baby, I say she gets a choice,” Amanda said with a finality that left no room to discussion. “So how has work been going Cassie?” She asked trying to change the subject.

“Oh you know… same old thing this time of year. I get paid well to be an accountant, but I get tired of having to explain to the bosses why they can’t do this or that…”

I began to quietly tune out the drivel coming from her mouth and paid a bit more attention to what Neville was doing. He seemed to stare at me in wonder for some reason and I couldn’t help but ask myself why. I tore my gaze from him and looked at Klara and Kristina coloring in some coloring books their dad had handed them. I was kind of jealous as it was boring listening to Cassie talk, but I turned my attention back to her in time to hear, “So have you scheduled her appointments yet?”

“Which appointments?” Amanda asked.

“The ones with Doctor Wagner’s office. He did such great work on Neville and Chloes girls, I figured you’d want him to do Stacy’s too.”

“What work?” Fred asked. I didn’t know him well, but I knew this wasn’t the happy ‘daddy’ voice from earlier. This was more the ‘I will beat you if you hurt my daughter’ voice.

“Well her teeth and legs of course,” she said like saying the sky was blue.

“We are not removing her teeth and she is going to keep using her legs like she already does,” Fred told her.

“You realize she’ll just run at the first chance…”

“We’re not going to do that, end of discussion Cassie,” Amanda said.

An awkward silence filled the air then that was broken thankfully by plates of food being delivered for most of us, except the bowl of goop that was delivered next to Cassie’s plate. I felt my stomach turn at the contents of that bowl and I swore I could smell it from across the table. “Here you go sweetie,” the waitress said as she brought my plate. “Mommy do you want me to put it in front of her?”

“Yes go ahead, she can feed herself.”

I watched as Cassie’s face scrunched up and Neville looked red and embarrassed. Kristina and Klara seemed to be equally in shock at that pronouncement. For my part I looked at the large sandwich and asked, “Mommy, could you cut it up another time for me please?”

“Why sure baby,” she told me and did that for me. “You be a good girl and chew real good,” she warned me.

“Yes Mommy,” I told her.

I made sure to carefully chew every bite of the sandwich as the awkward silence carried on. It was broken a few moments later when Klara said, “Mommy I need go potty!”

“Hold on just a second baby,” she said to her. The just a second seemed to be too long though because I saw the poor girl start to cry.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Cassie asked as she pulled her dress up for the entire world to see the wet pull-up.

“I didn’t mean to…” she whined.

“Well if you’re going to wet your pants like your brother then you can certainly stay in that wet diapee until we’re done eating like him too.”

I felt my mouth drop in shock as I realized her attitude wasn’t just negative towards Neville. Amanda sighed beside me, “She’s two Cassie, accidents happen. Especially on a day like this.”

“If you don’t want me to tell you how to parent Mandy then don’t do it to me,” she said curtly.

For my part I took a bite of an apple slice and watched Cassie angrily feed a spoonful of the goop to Neville. He grimaced but he must have been starving because he still swallowed it. Klara was a mass of tears and ended up shoving her plate to the ground in her fit. I watched in horror as Cassie grabbed her, flipped her over and pulled the wet Pull-up down right in the restaurant and spanked her. As if that wasn’t enough of a horror though she said, “You want to be a baby like your brother that’s fine Klara,” she proceeded to grab another bib from Neville’s diaper bag, tied it on her, and fed her the goop that was supposed to be Neville’s meal. I watched in horror as she forced her mouth open for every bite and the poor girl spit most of it back out each time. Her bib was quickly getting covered in the goop.

I felt like I was watching a train wreck in that I couldn’t turn away from the horrible scene. My appetite was lost by then and I sat my sandwich back down on the plate. Apparently I wasn’t the only one, “Excuse me, can we get a few boxes for our meals and the check?” Fred asked.

“What?” Cassie looked angrily at us all.

I looked at Amanda who just looked at her and shrugged her shoulders, “Cassie you’re my sister and I love you, but I can’t sit here and watch while you treat your babies like this, insult me, and more importantly make me sick.” The boxes appeared and Fred and Amanda quickly took their meals and mine and boxed them up. “I’d offer to change Klara for you, but I suspect I would be refused.” I was gathered in Amanda’s arms while Fred grabbed everything else and we left.

“Bitch!” Cassie said loud enough for the whole restaurant to hear, but we just moved to the cashier and tried to pay.

“Your meal is on the house,” the manager at the desk said, “Thank you for standing up to her.”

Amanda asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yes ma’am, I am.”

“I’m so sorry about this…” she told him.

He shrugged, “They’ve come in pretty regularly, but when they come up here to pay I’m going to let them know they are no longer welcome here.”

We made it to the car and Amanda burst into tears as she sat me in the car seat.



Chapter 13:

FRED HAD TAKEN the drivers seat after he hugged Amanda for a moment and I couldn’t help but feel terribly sorry for her.

“I’m sorry,” I said to her when her sobbing calmed a bit.

“Not your fault baby, not Neville’s fault, and most certainly not Klara’s fault!” Amanda said.

“Let’s just go home and eat the rest of our dinners,” Fred told us both as he pulled away.

I sat patiently in the car seat during the lengthy drive home. I was growing kind of bored and impatient… not to mention my stomach began grumbling! ‘Why couldn’t she have been a witch AFTER I had chance to eat…’ I groused to myself.

Back home Amanda exited and picked me up out of the car seat to cuddle me. I had a feeling she just needed the equivalent of a teddy bear or a doll to hold, since she kept carrying me while throwing first Fred, then hers, and then my dinner leftovers into the microwave. Throughout all of that she didn’t say anything and neither did Fred.

Once our dinners were done she sat down with me in her lap at the table and handed me one of the now soggy pieces of grilled cheese.

“I’m sorry that’s not nearly as good now…” Amanda said as she looked at it herself.

I shrugged, “I saw how much worse it could be,” and wrinkled my nose at the paste that Neville and then Klara had been forced to swallow.

She hugged me and said, “Sorry about that…”

I turned towards her and gave her a hug, “You didn’t do anything. In fact you’re amazing! You stuck up for me!!! And you stood up for Klara and Neville, two people that are totally unable to alter their own situations! From what I can tell, you two and Megan, may be the only three sane people in this world!” I paused for a second and realized some tears had fallen out of my own eyes, “Thank you for being the ones to take me in!”

She gave me a squeeze of her own and handed me a piece of sandwich, “If that’s not edible anymore be honest with me, I’ll cook something else if I need to.”

The three of us ate in silence for a few minutes before the phone rang. Fred grabbed the cordless and looked at what I assumed was Caller ID on it. “It’s your mother,” he said.

She sighed, “Of course it is. Cassie always goes crying to her… you would think she was the baby and not Megan!”

For my part I just sat carefully in her lap as she sat her own sandwich remnants down and answered, “Hello?”

“Hi pumpkin,” I heard Granny’s voice quietly over the phone.

“Hi Mom,” she replied.

“So… what’s your side?” I heard from the too loud phone.

I forced myself to take a bite of sandwich while Amanda shifted uncomfortably in the seat. “Well…” I listened to Amanda recount the horrible affair that was dinner for nearly ten minutes while her mom said, ‘uh-huh,’ ‘really?’, and other one word replies leaving complete doubt in how she was responding. “So Mom, that’s what happened…”

“Didn’t you overreact just a bit?” I heard.

“What?!?” Amanda cried.

“Did Klara throw a tantrum and her food to the ground?”

“Well… yes…”

“And weren’t you just telling me a few days ago ‘your little, your house?’”

“Yes…” Amanda said meekly.

“Then how can you blame her for disciplining her daughter?”

“It wasn’t discipline Mom… it was abuse the way she did it. Okay Klara was wrong, and yes she just had an accident. But given the fact we were all going out to eat, meeting a new cousin, seeing her aunt, and everything else… is her having an accident surprising? If Cassie is really trying to potty train her she should have taken her to the bathroom as soon as she ordered. She’s only two!”

I heard her mother sigh, “I guess I wasn’t there so maybe it was that bad. I don’t know what to do with you two… or you and Chloe for that matter… The three of you haven’t fought like this since you were all living at home.”

“I don’t know Mom,” Amanda said and I looked up to see the tears on her face.

“Well, do you still want to come for Sunday dinner tomorrow?”

She looked down at me, having finished the sandwich piece she had given me and said, “We’ll come for dinner just so Dad can meet Stacy… but I’m not going to make Stacy eat baby food…”

Her mother laughed, “Don’t worry, we’re having a barbecue and she can have a hotdog like little Klara.”

“One tomorrow?” Amanda asked with a sigh.

“Yes, that gives us time to get home from church and your dad to fire up the grill. You could join us at church if you wanted to…?”

“No thanks Mom, we’ll just meet you at your house.”

“Sounds good then, I love you, see you tomorrow…”

“Love you too Mom,” she said and pressed the end button.

“Well that’s a mess…” she said.

I responded by giving her a hug as best I could from her lap.

“Thanks Stacy…” she said and returned the hug. She started to hand me another piece of sandwich but touched it and realized it and her own food were cold. “Why don’t we see if there’s something else we can have for the rest of our dinner…?”

She held me on her hip as she dug through the refrigerator. She seemed to not see anything in there, but I could see some shredded cheese inside, and some flour tortillas on the counter. I tugged at her shirt, “Quesadillas?” I suggested.

“What?” She asked me.

I looked up at her, “Umm… you know, a quesadilla?”

“What’s that?”

I was genuinely shocked that item didn’t exist in this world. “Take the tortilla, put some cheese in it… well if you’re doing it right you can put meat too… but you can either cook it in a skillet with some butter, or microwave it.” I looked at her wondering if she was joking, “You really don’t have that here?”

She shook her head, “I have those for fajitas?” She said it with the ‘j’ not being an ‘h’ sound like it should be, but rather a harsh ‘j’ sound.

“Just when you think this world can’t get any stranger…” I muttered to myself.

She laughed and squeezed me, “Just kidding Princess, we have those here too. Is that what you want?”

I glared at her but nodded, “Please?”

“Sure, why don’t we have Daddy hold you though?” She said as she passed me over to Fred.

It was good to hear her laugh even if she was picking on me. Fred settled me on his lap with a hug and I watched as he continued to devour his chicken fried steak. He cut off a piece a moment later and instead of bringing it to his mouth brought it to mine. I accepted it into my mouth and then thought about the fact I still had the bib on from when we had sat down at the restaurant, I turned red but chewed the steak and enjoyed the taste.

“Good?” He asked me with a smile as he looked down at me.

“Yes, thank you,” I told him.

I snagged a few more bites of the steak before Amanda finished the quesadilla and I was handed back to her. She had made one for herself too. I only managed about half of the massive one she made for me. “Hmm… I guess I have to remember we can just share meals sometimes, huh?”

I groaned a little bit but nodded, “Yeah, we probably can if you don’t mind giving up some of your meal.”

She squeezed me, “Of course I don’t mind!”

With a sigh she asked, “How about a bath and then a movie?”

I paused for a moment as the need to pee came and I gave into it before answering, “Sure…”

She smiled at me and I had a feeling she knew what I’d been doing. “Okay then, why don’t you go to the living room for a few minutes while Mommy cleans up.”

She sat me down and I did as she asked. Fred disappeared upstairs and I found myself exploring their living room some more on my own. Next to the TV there was a noticeable absence of movies sitting on a bookshelf. ‘Probably all on a server or on-demand’ I told myself thinking about the fact that we had been moving that way in our own world. I nosed around a little bit and found little baby toys that had been placed here and there for me to supposedly play with.

‘I’m sure glad I ended up with these guys…’ I shuddered and realized just how lucky I had gotten. I was just walking to the other side of the living room from the TV when I felt a familiar need and sighed. ‘This part though sucks still…’

A part of me fought the idea of pooping in my pants tooth and nail still. The idea of maybe them changing their mind and letting me use a potty came to mind, but I remembered then that she had said even a potty like Klara used would be too big for me. With a grimace I squatted and let the disgusting mush come out my behind just as Fred came down the stairs. We made eye contact as I finished and I felt my cheeks flush.

“Come here Princess,” he told me as he walked to me and opened his arms up. I held my arms up and he said, “Pee-ew, you stinky!”

I felt tears come to my face as I tried not to think about the mess and appreciated the fact he seemed to be avoiding smushing it. In my nursery Amanda saw my expression and said, “What’s wrong?”

“She just made a big present for her Mommy,” he told me as he handed me over to her.

“Wimp…” She said before kissing my forehead, “Well I’m glad you got that out of your system before we gave you your bath, huh?” I felt more tears stream across my cheeks and she said, “It’s okay Stacy,” as she sat me down on the changing table gently.

I felt the log smash against my butt and whimpered as she took that moment to put a pacifier in my mouth. “It’s gross…” I told her.

“We’ll get you cleaned up sweetie,” she told me. My dress was pulled from my body before she laid me on my back and pulled my shoes and socks, then my diaper cover off leaving me in the messy diaper only. As the tapes were pulled away I grimaced at an increase in the smell, “It’s not even that much sweetie,” she told me with a smile.

I groaned, “It’s sticky…”

She didn’t answer but just quickly wiped and cleaned me up before saying, “Let’s go pop you in the bath and finish up.”

She gingerly carried me and sat me in the bathtub before undoing the braids in my hair while I sat still in the water. Amanda handed me a squirt toy as she was doing so that I just held in my hands. I realized I still had the pacifier in my mouth and was sucking on it unconsciously. That was when the camera flash went off and I realized that Fred had his camera out again. I looked down and saw the bubbles at least obscured my lower body, but my chest was exposed. ‘You have as much to worry about being seen with your naked chest as any infant…’ I reminded myself. ‘And they’ve both seen you naked…’

I glared at him nonetheless and squirted at him with the toy.

Amanda laughed but told me, “No squirting water out of the tub Stacy!”

I nodded, “Yes Mommy” I tried to say but thanks to the pacifier it came out closer to ‘Yeth.’

Bath time was relaxing as she pulled the braids loose and then washed me carefully and gently. It seemed cathartic to her to wash me and I wondered if she would join me that night. She didn’t, instead pulling the drain plug and saying, “Come on Princess, let’s get you dressed in your jammies and go watch a movie with Daddy.”

She wrapped me in a towel and hugged me tightly in her arms like a newborn. She carried me to the nursery before sitting me back upright in her arms in front of my open closet. “How about this one?” She asked me while holding a pink sleep sack.

I shook my head.

“Hmm… Picky tonight?”

“If you’ll let me be…” I told her with a smile.

She kissed my forehead, “Sure…”

I looked around the section she had hung my pajamas in, as well as the rest of the closet. This was the first time I really had a chance to look around! It was clear she was the kind of OCD person who had to organize a closet! The section she held me to was all pajamas it seemed; organized by sleep sacks, one-piece sleepers, two-piece sets, and nightgowns. Looking to my right I saw t-shirts, onesies, skirts, and dresses all hung neatly and even organized by color. Color was my cue and I noticed a really pretty purple nightgown with pink hearts on it. It had little capped sleeves and I knew I would probably look cute in it. I pointed at it, “Dat one” it sounded like through the pacifier shield.

She smiled and hugged me tighter to her as she grabbed it and then lay me down on the changing table. One of the overnight diapers was put on me before she pulled the nightgown over my head and quickly braided my hair in a loose sleep braid. “You look adorable!” she told me when she was done.

“Of course I do!” I told her having pulled the pacifier out of my mouth. She pushed it back in and carried me downstairs where Fred had cooked a bowl of popcorn that sat next to him on the couch. I noticed a sippy cup sat on the coffee table in front of him as well as two glasses of wine that were obviously for the ‘adults.’

Amanda set me next to the bowl and handed me the sippy cup after she grabbed the pacifier from my mouth by hooking her finger through the ring on the guard. I looked at the cup and took a long drink of the apple juice in it before saying, “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome baby,” she told me. “What do you want to watch?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know?”

She turned the TV on and in the end we ended up putting on a science fiction film that was a cross between Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica. I grabbed a small handful of the giant popcorn and leaned against her with my body. She was soft and warm to lean against, which was nice since the nightgown was actually kind of chilly. After a while she said, “I’ll be back in a moment” and carefully got out from underneath me. The popcorn bowl that was empty went with her and I looked over at Fred who seemed engrossed in the movie.

As a chill came over me I made a decision and crawled across to him and climbed onto his lap, “Well hello there,” he said to me as he hugged me and settled me in. I leaned against his arm and had to admit I was comfy there. My dad had always loved me… but I hadn’t been able to feel close to him like this since I was little. His sarcasm and humor weren’t meant to be mean, but it was tough to get past it.

‘Maybe as a daughter it will be better…’ I thought to myself. ‘Daughter…’ I added thoughtfully. Truth be told since I wasn’t sitting down on the potty anymore the different parts I had now didn’t seem real to me. I’d been dressed in dresses from the moment I’d stepped foot there nearly a week ago, so nothing had changed there…

As the movie played on Amanda rejoined us and cuddled into her husbands side. I would take occasional drinks of the sippy cup while the scenes passed. It really was a pretty good movie, but even in a sci-fi film like this there was a bias against littles. Absolutely none existed on the movie, and it was like it was easier to just deny their existence. As the movie reached its final climax I felt a need to pee and gave into it as there was no reason not to. Fred seemed oblivious to that fact.

Amanda picked me up as the movie wrapped up, “After earlier I don’t want you to do this if you don’t want to…” she said to me as she held me to her.

“Thank you, but I think it’ll make us both feel better,” I told her knowing she was speaking about nursing me.

Her shirt and bra were pulled out of the way and she presented me with the leaking orb that I nursed contentedly from. ‘So glad I got these two…’


THE NEXT MORNING I woke up and stood looking out the bars of my crib. I held onto the bars to keep myself standing upright - otherwise the soaked pillow between my legs barely let me even crawl. The clock read 7:30am and the sun was peaking through the sides of the window curtains. I quietly waited for ten minutes and had yet to hear any noises making me think my two Amazon guardians were awake yet.

I sighed and looked around the crib to where Elena had been thoughtfully tucked in with me the previous night. I sat back down and held her thinking about my awkward situation. The skirt of my nightgown had ridden up to uncover the soaked night diaper. I poked at the puffed up garment for a moment. ‘What the hell was I thinking?’ I asked myself as I looked around the nursery and the crib I was currently confined to. Back home I could have been going out and doing things, enjoyed freedom, been a boy still...’

‘Well actually that doesn’t bother me as much,’ I admitted to myself.

I sighed and wondered what the day was going to bring with more crazy Amazon drama between Amanda and her psycho sisters. I couldn’t help but feel bad for the casualties in their insanity. Neville certainly was the most obvious case of abuse there, but what I had seen with Klara yesterday seemed to somehow go beyond discipline. Something in the tone…? It just didn’t feel right!

I shook my head and smiled as I saw Amanda sleepily walk in with her nightgown still on.

“Awake already?” she asked.

I nodded, “It’s weird… I never wake up before eleven at home on my own.” As I said the words I realized I had been sucking on my pacifier all night and hadn’t noticed it still lodged in my mouth. I blushed and pulled it out, “Guess we didn’t need the nanites there…”

She laughed, “Let’s get that booty of yours out of that wet diaper.”

She carried me over to the changing table and removed the wet diaper and soon had me dressed in a new regular pamper. “Let’s figure out what you’re going to wear today,” she told me as she unstrapped me and carried me to the closet. “Pick something you want to wear,” she prompted me.

I looked up at her and asked, “I get to pick again?”

She squeezed me, “I told you before you came I wouldn’t be able to help myself on some things… but after yesterday… and with school starting soon, I’m wanting to see if we can’t give you a bit more freedom…”

“Thanks,” I told her and leaned my head in to squeeze her. She was standing by the dress section of the closet so they were the first items that were in my view. I reached my arm out and she moved close enough for me to start sliding the dresses back and forth on the rack. “How in the world do I have so many dresses already?” I asked her incredulously.

She laughed, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you have triple that by the time next summer comes.”

I shook my head knowing she probably wasn’t joking. I looked through each of the ones and decided to ask, “In my world they have a saying you should ‘dress for success,’ after yesterday and our time with Chloe… umm…”

“How are we going to handle them?”

I nodded.

“I don’t know. I think there’s a couple ways we could do it. You could wear a very infantile dress with a built-in bodysuit, and I could keep you cuddled up to Daddy or me all day. I imagine that would probably be how Chloe or Cassie would expect us to handle you.”


“Or… I think there’s a couple of options that you could wear that would keep your diaper hidden except when I want to check it or it needs changed… We could pretend you’re more like Kristina?”

I nodded, “Is there another option?”

“Well, you have several cute sundresses that we could put you in and as long as you don’t flip them up they wouldn’t show your diaper, but they wouldn’t be pretending to be a big girl either.”

I sighed and thought for a moment, ‘I’m not going to pretend they’re not diapering me… I might think about that for school, but it’s pointless today. The infantile dress doesn’t seem like it would irk Chloe and Cassie enough though…’

I looked at the options chose something that matched her third option, “That one,” I pointed towards a dress that had an alternating almost quilt like appearance. The top part of the bodice was yellow with a crochet overlay, the next section began under a yellow ribbon and bow with mostly blue flowers and an occasional yellow one. Below that section was a mostly yellow fabric with green leaves on flowers and light blue flower petals. The final section was a white background with almost water colored flowers in various shades of blue.

“I like that one too,” Amanda told me as she took it and the hanger down before grabbing another dress with a bodysuit attachment.

“Why’d you grab that one?”

“Well we want to keep the other dress pretty for when we leave, don’t we?” She smiled at me.

I nodded, “I guess.”

She dressed me in the bodysuit dress, which was cute, but a quick view in the mirror meant it looked like I was the three-month-old baby everyone seemed to be expecting. I sighed as she patted my back and said, “Let’s get your latte bottle…”

Her nightgown was thin and I could see she was beginning to leak through it. I thought for a second and asked instead, “Can I reserve an extra day instead…?”

She looked at me oddly, “Why?”

“You need to get rid of some?” I asked shyly.

She looked down and laughed, “Alright, I guess we can hold that one off. But don’t cry later about caffeine withdrawals!”

I smiled at her and expected her to sit down in the glider, but instead she just moved the gown out of the way and put my mouth to her breast right there where she stood. It was a little odd at first, but she was supporting me solidly and I knew I was in no danger of falling. She rocked back and forth and I found myself growing more relaxed as my stomach filled. I was burped between breasts and discovered we had moved outside to the backyard on a porch swing as I began on her second breast. By the time I finished I was feeling pretty full and Amanda looked like she was in a good mood as well. The air outside felt like the perfect temperature and I enjoyed the breeze against my exposed skin.

“Okay baby girl, why don’t you study in your playpen while Mommy gets her shower,” she told me with a smile while feeling the state of my diaper. “That diapee should be good until I get done.”

I blushed but nodded. She carried me back inside and left me in the playpen with all of the books on the test and I began cramming information in my head again. When I began hearing noise in the kitchen a little while later I started a bit and realized that Fred was making breakfast. He stopped when he saw my gaze and came over to pick me up. “How about you keep Daddy company in the kitchen?” he suggested kindly.

He gave me a hug that I returned and brought me to my highchair, buckled me into the harness, and then left to grab my books. He kept working on pancakes, sausage, and eggs while I made it through another section of a practice test. I suddenly felt my stomach cramp up a bit and let the fart loose… only it wasn’t a fart. Wet mushy poop went into my diaper and I froze, shocked by it.

Fred had just scraped the eggs into a bowl and looked at me before sniffing. “Uh-oh, did some make a poopy?”

I felt tears going down my face and he said, “It’s okay, come on, Daddy will get you cleaned up.”

He pulled me back out of the highchair and carried me upstairs. About the time we reached there I felt another cramp and pushed more mess out. “Shhh…. He said, it’s okay.” He rocked me for a moment in his arms and then lay me down on the changing table. “You done?” He asked.

“I think so,” I whimpered.

“Well if not I guess we can always change that diaper too, huh?” He said in a good-natured voice. As he opened it up he asked, “You fed from Mommy this morning, right?”

I nodded, “Yes.”

“How many times yesterday?”

I shook my head, “I don’t know a few?” I had a sudden fear, “Is there something wrong with me?”

He shook his head, “No sweetheart, but your stool is more like an all breastfed baby right now. I wasn’t expecting that. Nothing wrong with it, but I’ll make sure Mommy gets some good solid foods in you today too.”

I shuddered a bit as he cleaned up a diaper that seemed to be among my messiest yet. He was quick about it though and pulled the snaps of the bodysuit closed quickly before giving me a hug, “There you go baby girl. Let’s go wash our hands and then we’ll have breakfast.”

He carried me back down to the kitchen and washed his hands and mine in the large kitchen sink. It was the first time I’d been so close to it and I knew without a doubt if they were any other pair of people I would probably be getting my baths in the sink for ‘my safety.’

“You’d fit in that sink just fine, huh?” He smiled at me, obviously reading my mind.

I sighed, “Hard to even think of people taking me seriously as a college student sometimes.”

He hugged me and carried me back to the highchair. “Not everyone is going to take you seriously Stacy, but just remember there are in fact two people in this world who will always have your back.” He kissed my head before saying, “Still have some room after Mommy’s milk?”

I nodded and he returned with a cute decorated child’s plate and a soft plastic baby spork that he gave to me. The plate had a mutilated part of a pancake, some eggs, and a piece of sausage. I looked at it all and laughed, “You all would starve in my world…”

“Huh?” He asked as he took a bite of a sausage.

“This is a full meal for me… and it’s not even full portions…” I shook my head, “Well hopefully your food bill isn’t going up too much on account of my stomach.”

He laughed as Amanda came down in a cute dress that matched one of the panels of the dress we had picked out for me later. She looked and saw the plate in front of me and said, “There is no way she’ll ever finish all of that Fred,” she told him.

I giggled, and she said, “Oh and what are you going to do, finish it to prove he’s right?”

“I doubt it,” I told her with a smile, “but he’s still right.”

She gave me a kiss on my forehead and said, “Honey you forgot something for her.”


“A bib?” She said while holding one up in her hands.

“I think she’s doing just fine without it,” he pointed out.

She sighed, “Oh well, we’re changing her outfit later anyway,” she lay it back down on a stack of them and gathered her own plate of food. “Thanks for making breakfast,” she kissed him on her way to the seat next to me.

For my part I had been eating on my own and kind of hoped to continue that. I hoped if I could do it without making a mess of my clothes maybe she’d let me do it more often. I ate carefully and daintily through the breakfast and managed to avoid making a mess with the spork. It was an awkward utensil that even as something sized for a baby still felt more like a long teaspoon to me. I finished all that I could eat and suddenly burped, “Excuse me,” I said aloud and realized they both had been watching me.

“Well, don’t we have a dainty princess,” Amanda said as she came over to me and used a baby wipe on my face and then my clean hands. “I don’t think you got a single drop on your outfit!”

“I don’t have to have a bib…” I told her with a smile.

“Sometimes no,” she agreed, “but you will later in that pretty dress.”

I sighed as she picked me up and nodded. She carried me to her lap where she was still playing with her own plate a little bit. I could tell her mood was about as in the pits as mine so I gave her a hug and leaned into her. She responded by putting her arms around me and kissing the top of my head. “How in the world did we end up with the perfect little girl?” she asked Fred.

“We responded to an online ad for a deranged lunatic,” he said with a smirk.

“Hey I resemble that remark!” I told him.

Just then Amanda decided to launch a tickle attack on my side and didn’t let up for several long moments until I was out of breath and more than a little bit wet.

When I managed to get my breathing under control, “Mommy you might want to change my diaper…”

“And why is that missy?”

“It’s going to leak probably otherwise?”

She laughed, “Fred you want the baby or the dishes?”

“I’ll take the dishes, she looks happy to be in your arms,” he said with a smile towards both of us.

Amanda carried me upstairs and I did feel comfortable in her arms. I was changed into a new diaper and she asked, “It’s still a few hours until we go, what do you want to do?”

“Study?” I suggested.

“I was thinking maybe something else?”


“Well, I thought we could go for a walk?”

I laughed, “Somehow I have a feeling that doesn’t involve me walking much.”

She smiled at me, “Well… we’ll probably take your stroller.”

I thought for a moment about how little I could see out of the stroller… “Could you take me in the sling instead?”

“Really?” She asked me, “Why?”

“I can see better,” I told her.

“Okay baby, we can do that.” She looked at me and said, “Wait in your crib for me,” and deposited me without a warning.

‘Why am I in a cage…?’ I asked silently. She returned a few minutes later with the sling carrier and began getting it set on her shoulders. Before she came to pick me up though she walked over to a drawer of my dresser and looked for a moment before saying, “Aha!”

For my part there was nothing I could do but look like the helpless baby I felt like. She came back over to the crib and picked me up to set me into the carrier. She seated me in it facing just to the side to where I could turn my head and see where she was going, but I could also see to her side. I felt very safe in the sling and said, “Thanks, this is way better than the stroller.”

“You’re welcome, as long as you keep being as skinny as you are, I don’t have a problem using this,” she said with a smile and a kiss to my head. “Now let’s get this hat on your head!”

I saw the cloth pink hat with a wide brim and the only real words that could describe it were cute and adorable… She fiddled with my hair for a moment into a scrunchy before putting all of my hair up inside of it. A moment later she kissed my nose and said, “Take a look at you!”

She walked in front of a mirror and I watched a baby with her mouth open in shock. With my hair hidden in the hat, sitting in a sling, with my new face, there wouldn’t be anyone treating me like a little. Anybody who saw us would think I was the three-month-old baby that Amanda never told them she was having!

“You look adorable!” She told me.

I nodded, “You could pass me off as your actual baby…”

“I think we might just do that sometimes,” she told me with a little hug, “for now let’s go for a walk!”

Fred joined us downstairs and we went for a nice walk to the university and then back with the two of them holding hands most of the time. Seemingly every time we ran into someone they would make cute faces at me or come tell Amanda how cute her baby was. It seemed to me that as long as they thought I was an actual baby they were just friendly to me. The second there was a suspicion I was a little though, then they felt the need to rub in my inferiority.

As we walked and they talked I thought a lot to myself about the dynamic of this world. I knew from my studies in school about the history of minorities fighting to have the same rights as whites in America, or even women having opportunities, that there were a lot of parallels. A power imbalance had been created that meant those with power, the Amazons, had something over everyone else… and of course they wanted to keep it that way. By not only taking care of their maternal urges, but also keeping competition down in their work forces they were benefiting themselves in a lot of tangible ways. By that same token though I couldn’t grasp why they would let littles even try and attend middle school, high school, or college if they just wanted drooling babies. There had to be some sort of ultimately sick twisted mindset that had caused this dimensions issues. ‘Almost like someone dreamed it up…’ I thought to myself.

“Sweetie, you okay?” Amanda asked me.


“You haven’t heard a word I’ve said, have you?”

“Umm… honestly no?”

“Let’s try this again then, I’d like you to take a quick nap before we go over to my parents… Actually I want to too,” she told me with a smile as I realized suddenly we were back in the living room.

“Oh… I don’t know if I’ll sleep but I’ll lay down,” I told her.

“Would it help to nurse first?” She asked me.

I thought to myself about it for a moment but shrugged, “Sure…”

Whatever was in her milk might as well have been sleeping pills most of the time, because I was out before I knew it.


THE NICE THING about naps is they do wonders to help pass the time when you’re nervous! I think that was part of why Amanda decided to take one. I woke up to find myself wedged on their bed between her and a body pillow. She gathered me up, changed my wet diaper, and dressed me in the dress we had picked out earlier. I was slightly surprised that she then added a pair of strappy sandals to my feet. They were white with little leather flowers attached to the front of my foot. Delicate, but to my surprise they seemed to have some tread on the bottoms. I found myself back concentrating on bigger issues though.

“I can’t believe I’ve wet in my sleep pretty much every time I’ve slept now since the first day…”

Amanda laughed, “It’s a good thing Stacy, it keeps things from being complicated.”

“What do you mean?” I asked her as she worked on my hair. She seemed to be avoiding putting it into pigtails for some reason this time.

“Well… I think we can pretty much assume my breast milk is doing most of it since your digestive track is full of liquid, and it has to go somewhere. Since you shrank when you came to this dimension that probably doesn’t help a whole lot either… but with you going automatically it keeps you from having to think about it, right?”

I shrugged, “Why does that help?”

“The less conspicuous you are about wetting or messing your diaper the easier time you’re going to have avoiding trouble Stacy.”

“Riiiight…” I told her.

“Trust me… when Chloe and Cassie both took their littles in the first thing they would complain about was having to get their littles to use their diapers without spankings or other ‘help.’”

I gulped.

“Yeah… I know you agreed to them before you came, but I was worried you would hold stuff in and end up impacted or something. I’m glad we haven’t had to help you with either part of using them.”

I sighed, “I guess I’m glad too…”

She hugged me as she finished doing whatever she was doing to my hair. “Want to see your hair?”

I nodded as she sat me down and let me walk over to the mirror on my own. She had again used two tiny braids from the front to make almost a ponytail holding section into the back. A yellow bow was tied to the back section of a half ponytail that rose from it. The dress fell to my knees for length – making it one of the longest dresses I owned! “I almost look big enough to be in elementary school again!” I told her semi-sarcastically but with a smile none-the-less.

I turned and hugged her gigantic leg behind me and said, “Thank you for not just deciding to dress me in what I’m sure Chloe or Cassie would have!”

She picked me up, “If I did Megan would probably beat me up - you know that, right?”

I laughed, but also got serious, “If she feels that way how does she put up with your sisters?”

“You ever hear ‘don’t talk politics and religion?’” She asked.

I nodded.

“Same idea with my family and littles.”

“Oh,” I said.

“Plus she’s truly the baby in our family with her height. She’s really just a smidge over betweener height… And the rest of us are taller than average! So she’s never gotten big enough to give it back to them physically.” She sighed and I could tell she actually felt bad for her sister, “Why don’t you come keep Mommy company while I redo my hair and makeup,” she told me with a smile and carried me down the hallway to their room. She sat me down on her makeup table and I was actually kind of fascinated to watch her redo her hair and then her makeup. When she seemed done she dug around for a second before telling me, “Pucker your lips like this Princess.” I did as she asked and was rewarded with some strawberry flavored lip-gloss coating my lips. “There, now you’re perfect,” she told me with a smile.

“You about ready to go honey?” Fred asked as he peaked back in from wherever he had been for the past couple hours.

“As ready as I think any of us are…”

He gave the two of us a hug and led downstairs to what I had decided was now to be considered the family SUV. Strapped into the car seat I sighed and waited to see if Amanda’s family was going to have a massive world war erupt when we got there. I was at least reassured that ‘Sunday Dinner’ meant lunch to them like it did with my grandparent’s generation. If nothing else I hoped we’d at least be done with whatever catastrophe in time to go home for ‘supper.’

I remembered from dropping off ‘Granny’ before that the house wasn’t far, so it seemed like no time before we pulled into their driveway. Amanda had driven so Fred was closer to my seat and freed me from the seat before settling me down at his side on the ground. “You want to walk in, or do you want me to carry you?” He asked as he knelt down next to me.

‘An excellent question,’ I thought to myself. With everything I had seen from Chloe and Cassie they would expect a good little to be carried in. Given their choices to rob their littles of their ability to walk I decided, “Walk and hold your hand Daddy.”

He smiled at me. Somehow I suspected he thought like I did! I looked around and saw five cars in the driveway and on the street so I guessed everyone was already there. I took a deep breath and extended my hand way up and he reached down a little awkwardly and we began walking. Amanda took up a spot right behind me while we walked up the steps of the large porch that had a swing sitting on it. I noted that there were a lot of pretty flowers neatly planted in front of the porch and a couple of nice maple trees around the front yard. Just before we reached the front door it opened up and Granny stood there.

“And there’s my new grandbaby!” she practically squealed and bent down to hug me.

I forced myself to relax my body posture and told my self that the touch was okay… as she was still mostly a stranger! It was terrifying to have a giant hug you though!

“Hi Granny,” I said with as much of a smile as I could manage. It must have been an okay job because she smiled back at me.

“Hi Mandy, Fred,” she said standing up and giving them a hug while leaving me still holding onto Fred’s hand.

Just then I saw one of the first men to actually make Fred not look like the tallest giant in the world came up. He hung back a little bit next to Granny and I suspected he was Amanda’s dad. Suddenly I felt myself lifted in the air and found myself in Amanda’s arms while simultaneously feeling some urine involuntarily leaving my bladder. “Daddy, meet your new grandbaby Stacy,” she told me as she carried me closer.

The giant man looked intently at me and I gave him a similar lookover. With short, cropped hair, and exposed biceps that seemed large even for an Amazon he was incredibly intimidating. He reminded me actually a lot of my real grandfather whom I had said goodbye to the previous weekend… Something about him just said ‘military’ to me.

“Well look at you,” he said to me, “I’m not into babies like the women folk but I have to admit you look like you’re about the most beautiful little baby I’ve seen!” His voice though low was sweet.

“Nice to meet you,” I told him politely.

“Glad to see my Mandy has more sense than to just silence you…” he muttered quietly to me.

I smiled at him, “Me too!”

“You want to hold her Daddy?” Amanda asked.

“The real question probably should be does she want to be held by me,” he said with a smile towards me.

I thought for a second about the best move and said, “Sure.”

He smiled at both of us, “Well give her over here then.”

I was passed over to the hulk of a man who took me gently into his arms and held me in an upright position. “So how old are you really?” He asked quietly.

“Eighteen,” I told him.

“And my daughter kidnapped you?”

I shook my head, “I’m living with them to go to college here…”

He raised his eyebrows and looked at Amanda, “You’re not planning on making her just another living dolly?”

Amanda sighed, “No Daddy, just her temporary parents really,” she smiled at me. “Though giving her up eventually will be very difficult!”

“So if you’re going to school? What are you studying?”

“Computer Science,” I told him.

“Oh, so that makes sense. You just wanted a nerd baby who could understand your babbling about computers,” he said with a smirk towards his daughter.

Fred laughed, “You have no idea Joe!”

“Well, everyone else is back in the backyard. I just started up the grill so we should have food ready in about a half-hour or so,” he told all of us. He gave me a gentle squeeze and then handed me back to Amanda, “You lucked out there Mandy,” he told her, “I’ve got to go man the grill, we’ll talk more later.”

Mandy gave me a squeeze of her own to reassure me before putting her hand under my dress and feeling my diaper. “Little wet, but I think you can probably wait for a bit?”

I sighed and nodded, “He scared me…” I told her.

She laughed, “Come on, let’s go see if your cousins want to play?”

I didn’t know what to expect outside, but she carried me through the large open living room and out a sliding glass door to the backyard without any other options. Once through the door I could see a large deck outside with a smoking grill that her dad walked to. At a table nearby two other large men stood, I knew one was Cassie’s husband and assumed the other was Chloe’s.

“Let’s come meet your uncles!” Amanda said excitedly in her annoying mommy voice. She carried me nearer to a red-haired giant and said, “You met your Uncle Kevin last night,” she reminded me, “Say Hi!” I looked nearer at him and he seemed put out that attention would be even given to me towards him.

I waved at him and said, “Hi,” quietly. I really was terrified at meeting anyone married to Cassie or Chloe! Though he was sitting I felt like he was shorter than Amanda, which gave me a bit of comfort there.

“And this is your Uncle Derrick!” She said pointing towards the other man who looked to be just a bit taller than Amanda. He had blonde hair that was styled in a short, gelled almost punk look. Though too old for it he reminded me of someone who would be a skater or surfer. “He’s Aunt Chloe’s husband.”

“Hi,” I said meekly.

They went back to talking about something else pretty immediately as neither seemed to suffer from the women’s baby fever. “Let’s go meet your cousins now!” Amanda said with a smile and a small tickle to my belly just above my diaper.

As she climbed down the steps of the large deck I noticed the large sandpit in the backyard. I recognized Klara, Kristina, and Neville as Cassie’s kids from last night. The other three had to be Chloe’s littles and my stomach knotted up as I saw them.

The three women were sitting in just their diapers, with nothing else on. I felt myself squirm awkwardly inside my head as no bras or shirts covered their small, but still developed breasts. One girl seemed to just be idly moving sand on her stomach. Something about her said ‘defeated’ and I guessed that was the poor girl that Chloe had really abused. She was the biggest, easily over two feet taller than me, with blonde hair that was tied into short pigtails. The diaper she wore looked to be full of sand… and I could smell and see the brown stain from the load in it from several feet away. I guessed that she looked to be the oldest.

Amanda introduced me to all of them and pointed to her first, “This is Kacey there with the poopy diaper.” I grimaced for the girl, but was amazed the Kacey didn’t even react more than to say, “Poopy” in a sad lifeless voice.

“Over there is Katie,” she pointed to a black haired woman who looked to be a bit more than a foot taller me sitting up in the sand with a small bucket in front of her. She waved back and smiled with an oddly happy look on her face, “Hi.”

“Hi Katie,” I told her.

“And this last poopy pants here is Kendra,” she said towards the remaining unknown woman with brown hair sitting dejectedly with her hands drawing random patterns in the sand. She was pretty much in between the heights of Katie and Kacey and looked to be the actual youngest of the women. The poor girl looked to be in tears at Amanda bringing notice to the state of her diaper, but she still said “Hi,” to me.

“Hi Kendra,” I said. “Umm… I’m Stacey,” I told them.

“Why don’t you sit here and play with your cousins while I go see if Chloe has any diapers for her girls…”

I nodded and timidly stood on my own two feet in the sand. I looked at the others and tried to decide what to do. Katie gave me a grim smile and I could see her mouth was devoid of teeth like Amanda had warned me. Just before I walked closer to them though Klara came up to me. I realized then just how tall an Amazon baby could be compared to me… She seemed to be two or three heads taller than me! Even at two years old I thought she looked to be taller than Katie too!

“Baby!” She said to me as she approached and I began to worry what she would do. “Come play!” Klara reached for my hand and I let the toddler lead me to the other side of the sandpit where she and Kristina seemed to be playing with a couple shovels and a bucket while Neville looked on.

From the deck I heard, “Oh Mandy you are so naïve sometimes! If you change a little’s diaper just because they went poopy you’re just wasting a good diaper! They’ll be good in those diapers until we go home. I didn’t even bring any spares since I knew they could sit in a dirty diaper for a couple hours. Sure they might get a little rash, but that’s…”

I lost some of that as I heard Kendra begin sobbing. I looked over there and Neville surprised me when he whispered, “she was the last little Chloe adopted… Just before they all made their run for it.” He sighed, “she’s only been dealing with this for a bit longer than I have and sobs most of the time.” Without his teeth he was tough to understand, it obviously hurt his skill at annunciation.

“You can talk still?” I asked in surprise that he could do that much.

He laughed, “When you can understand it without the other teeth,” he looked sad then but smiled and I could see he had three teeth left. Cassie had left him two incisors and one other tooth to the left on the bottom row of teeth. “She didn’t want me biting her nipple,” he answered my question.

“Mommy says you not supposed to talk in big words!” Kristina told him bossily.

He sighed and stuck his thumb in his mouth. “Baby pway!” Klara said to me and directed me to join her. I thought about my dress getting dirty, but just decided that was to be expected by a baby. I knelt on my knees though to try and keep it somewhat clean. Klara handed me a shovel and said, “Dig!”

“She’s just a baby, she can’t dig!” Kristina said.

“Can too,” I told her with a smile and began digging with the plastic shovel. I made a small hole and then piled the sand around it to make a shape that reminded me of the new Apple Headquarters that had just been completed back home. I looked up at Klara who smiled at me, clearly happy with what I was doing. Kristina scowled though and I wondered what was wrong. Klara began to draw on the walls of my creation with her fingers and I added some other little turrets and began making a castle.

I was playing with Klara for a few minutes when I realized something seemed odd. Last night it was clear she had been getting potty trained, but she must have thought it was an okay time to join the poopy diaper crowd because I watched her suddenly squat and mess the princess pullup she had been flashing occasionally as she played. I swore she then intentionally sat down on the mess to smash it. Her smile told me she clearly enjoyed doing so. Kristina as the big sister of course thought it was her duty to go tell mommy on this.

“Mommy Klara went poopy in her panties!”

“Klara? Really?” Cassie came storming over to the sandpit.

“Nuh-uh,” Klara said as she tried to keep playing.

Cassie pulled her dress up and the pull-ups back saying, “You most definitely did little girl!”

I watched in horror as her mom delivered ten smacks to her on her diaper and then five more on her thigh, “Bad girl!”

“Don’t be so mean, she’s just a baby! Maybe she’s not even ready to be potty-trained?” I said before wishing I could stick the words back in my mouth as Cassie grabbed onto Klara’s arm angrily and rounded on me.

“You little brat mind your own business!” Cassie said.

“I think it’s way past time for you to get a spanking!” Chloe said standing next to her as she swatted her right hand towards my butt while her left attempted to grab my arm.



Chapter 14:

WHACK! THE HAND connected and my butt felt like it was struck with a sledgehammer even through the padding of my diaper! I knew I couldn’t stand there and take that from her or I’d be seriously hurt! I dodged the hand grabbing for me, ducked underneath her open legs, and began running as quickly as I could towards the nearby playground set. The slide was metal with a fairly gentle slope that rose well above my head. I could see it was next to a tree branch and hoped my shoes had enough traction! Chloe chased after me as I attempted the difficult task of running up it. I could remember at the end of elementary school when I would always run up the slide in my backyard over and over again for fun. I’d sort of used to do it at a skate park in middle school too – so I thought it was my best bet to escape her. Just as I heard huffing behind me from a mad giant I made it to the top and jumped over to the branch of the tree.

It was more than sturdy enough for my light weight and I ran along it to the trunk and began climbing up branches until I was thirty feet up looking down at the pissed off ladies.

“Get your ass down here and take your spanking!” Chloe screamed at me and began looking at the tree herself.

I looked around and saw that there was another large tree right next to the one I was in and an idea came to me. I quietly followed a branch over to the next one. Because of the fairly full branches I could just barely see Chloe and hoped she would miss my transfer. ‘Thank you nanites! That agility setting helped!’ I thought as I climbed over towards the other tress trunk. I looked back and saw my switch had gone unnoticed as she began climbing up the original tree. Cassie stood at the bottom of the tree and I heard her say, “Umm sis, maybe we should just wait for her to come down?”

Meanwhile Amanda came back outside from the house and was just catching something was wrong, “What’s going on here?”

I chose that moment to start climbing down the new tree. I went unnoticed until I had made it to the bottom and Cassie spotted me, her face giving me a shocked expression.

“There you are you little brat!” She said as her giant legs began pounding her towards me.

I heard a “What?” and a thud but didn’t pay attention as I ran towards the deck where Amanda stood. I noticed a chair that I could climb up to and then make the railing of the decking. It was a near thing as I almost fell, but I clung to the rail and began running along it before suddenly feeling myself picked up.

‘Shit!’ I thought to myself and waited for the spankings to begin.

All I heard instead was laughter… male laughter.

I turned my head and realized it was ‘Gramps’ that had picked me up. “Gotcha!”

‘Shit!’ I thought to myself. He can probably hit way harder than those two!

But instead of hitting me he tickled my side, “Did you enjoy making fools of those two idiot daughters of mine?”

I was in shock, but smiled, “Maybe?”

The two idiot daughters in question were mere feet away at the patio by then. Cassie had helped Chloe up after apparently having a tree branch break in her hands, which caused her to fall. Some leaves were in her hair and I tried not to directly laugh at her. “Daddy give her the spanking she deserves or hand her over to me to do it!” Cassie told him.

“For what?”

“She’s a snotty brat who won’t shut her trap and mind her own business.”

Amanda came up then and asked, “What did she do?”

“Klara had an accident and she had the nerve to say maybe she isn’t ready to potty-train. Like I’m going to listen to potty training advice from a diapered little? We all know THEY can’t use it, so she wants my daughters to not either.”

I laughed, “You do realize I made it through about fifteen years of life using the potty just fine, right?” I decided to go for broke. “I’ve watched Klara have two accidents in the last day and not care about having either one. Until she cares you’re not going to have success at all – she didn’t even show signs she noticed she was pooping until she happily sat down in it. Speaking of which maybe you should get her out of that messy pull-up before she gets a rash?”

“You little…”

“She’s right Cassie, go change her,” Granny ordered.

“Daddy she still needs a spanking,” Chloe said, “she can’t keep mouthing off like this!”

“Why? You clearly feel like diapers are absolutely fine to wear since you keep three adults in them.” Grandpa said.

“They’re Littles! They’re not adults, they’re just babies!” Chloe practically hissed, “They can’t possibly live on their own! Plus look what she did by climbing up the tree, I almost got hurt!”

He laughed, “You know my thoughts on this, I fought alongside some of these so-called babies back in the war. I would have been proud to be around one like Stacy here.” I found myself given a small hug from behind, “Now why don’t you go get cleaned up so we can all eat dinner,” he ordered her.

The two of them fumed and I watched Cassie go angrily pick up Klara and felt bad for the poor girl. She began crying and couldn’t seem to make sense of why her mommy was so mad. Chloe just went straight into the house I assumed to do what her dad had said, or go complain more to her mom who had gone inside too. “Nice moves,” he told me when they were out of earshot and Amanda moved closer.

I smiled, “Thanks.”

“You know that wasn’t exactly a bright thing to do, right?” He asked me.

I nodded, “Yeah…”

“Do you mind if she hangs out with Grandpa for a while?” he asked Amanda.

“She’s safer with you,” she smiled. “You and I are going to have a chat later sweetie, that was about as dumb as it gets…” Her glare chilled the warm summer air and I hoped I wasn’t going to be in too much trouble!

I nodded meekly and started a bit as I was raised in the air and placed around her dad’s neck in a piggyback position. He moved over to the grill where he was putting cheese on cooked burgers. My eyes widened at the size of the burgers and had to laugh that the portions of food were so huge here.

He heard my giggle and asked, “What’s so funny?”

“The portions of food here are so huge… it’s like a food challenge back home,” I told him.

“Then you should see our food challenges! Eat three littles in one setting and you can get a free meal!” He joked as he tickled my thigh a little.

I squealed and he just laughed as he lowered the lid of the grill.

“So tell me about yourself,” he ordered as he took me off his shoulders and sat me on the rail next to the grill.

I looked up at his hazel eyes and responded, “Well… I’m eighteen and got a crazy idea to come to this dimension to go to college.”

“That is a crazy idea, especially if you were that short in your dimension,” he told me.

“Well back home I was nearly six-feet tall actually,” I told him.

He looked me up and down and asked, “What happened to those other three feet?”

“Good question,” I said with a sigh. “I expected to be at least four feet tall… Something about the dimensional trip made me get short the first trip, but this second trip made me even shorter!”

“That kind of sucks,” he said, “You would have been basically an in-betweener before and had a shot of being safe from this nonsense.”

“Yeah, I’m not going to lie and say it’s ideal. I knew what I was getting into though… I want to study your computers and programming so I can take it back to my world. We’re way behind your level of technology!”

We talked for another ten minutes about me as he moved burgers onto buns and plates as the men ended up eating first. “What about you?” I asked.

“Well I was in the military for twenty-five years before I retired,” he told me. “I run a martial arts and self-defense studio now,” he added.

“Cool,” I told him, “I used to take Tae Kwon Do when I was little… assuming you have anything like that?”

He smiled at me, “That’s one of the main styles we teach actually. How long did you study?”

I shrugged, “A few years, I got too busy with school to keep going. I had just finished testing for my red belt when I just couldn’t take any more time away.”

“You should think about coming and studying with me,” he told me with a smile.

“Littles are welcome?”

“Not normally…” I looked at him oddly, “Bigs generally don’t like the idea of dangerous littles… but as my granddaughter you would be welcome. Might even help you avoid some of the idiots like my daughters.”

I watched then as Chloe was sitting down at the table with Kendra and Katie each on a separate knee. Her shirt was pulled down and each had been placed at one of her breasts so she could feed them simultaneously. I saw Kacey laying on a blankie with a pacifier zoned into space occasionally looking longingly at the table of food above her.

Cassie was sitting next to Chloe with Neville at her side. She was feeding him from her breast, while occasionally giving a bite to the now changed Klara. Kristina looked to be doing alright on her own over by Grandma.

I sighed.

“Yeah, poor things,” he seemed to agree. “You want a hotdog?” He asked me.

“Yes she does,” Amanda said for me with a smile and picked me up. “No bun, just the dog,” she told him.

I made a face at her and she whispered, “If you hadn’t just nearly tried to get yourself killed I might have let you have a bun… but let’s just say I’m not overly happy with you right now…”

I squirmed a bit and said, “Sorry…”

She hugged me, “I know you are, and I’ll get over it, but you’re going to be a good little girl the rest of the day, aren’t you?”

I nodded nervously. Amanda grabbed her own plate with a burger, some chips, potato salad, and some jello on it. She had handed me my plate with just the gigantic hotdog and some ketchup on it before she added a small handful of the gigantic potato chips. She confidently held onto me with her right arm and her plate with her left. She sat down next to Fred and my two uncles on the other side of the table from Cassie and Chloe. Both of them glared daggers at me as she sat down with me on her lap.

“You got your dress all dirty!” she admonished me and tried to get sand and leaves off of it.

“Sorry,” I told her.

Thankfully she hugged me so I knew she wasn’t really angry over it. I watched her cut the giant hotdog in half and she handed me it, “Eat your hotdog,” she said.

I was glad she dipped the first part of it in ketchup to at least add some flavor. The actual hotdog was easily the size of a large sausage back home. My hand barely grasped onto it and I had to be careful not to drop it. As I took my first careful bite I realized it was tough to even get my mouth around what seemed to be a large salami or summer sausage. I ended up eating it by taking small bites at a time out of it. Gradually I carved it away with my teeth. When I had finished part of it she asked, “More ketchup?”

I nodded and she lowered the plate so I could dip it.

“Living dangerously there sis,” Megan said as she sat down next to her. “I’d be worried about ketchup dripping…”

She laughed, “Well it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world she’s dripped on me,” she told her.

I blushed brightly as Megan laughed. I sat quietly and listened to the conversations around me, not really interacting after having been told off by Amanda. I knew that with as attached as she was with me she must have been scared for me. I also couldn’t help but know I’d been stupid to say what I had. Running from Chloe had been just as unwise when you looked at the tree climbing from a parental perspective. My real parents would probably chew me a new one over that too.

I listened as Chloe and Cassie had a conversation across from us, “You know the only way you can trust a little is if they can’t walk?”

“Well, some like Kacey even if they can crawl…”

“Yeah I heard just last week at the daycare two littles managed to get out of the building and ran for it.”

“Did they escape?”

“Not for long, a mom coming to pick up her kids saw the two girls running away. She might have thought they were free littles, but they both had braided pigtails and dresses short enough to show their poopy diapers.”

“What did she do?”

“Scooped them up and put them in her stroller and dropped them back off.”

“What did the daycare do?”

“When I came for my girls they were taken care of like Kacey – they can only say about five words, cry, drool, and mess their diapers - just like it should be. If they’re not even going to be mature enough to play like good littles there’s no point in not treating them as anything other than the drooling infants they are.”

“Why do you say that?” Megan asked. “I mean seriously would you be happy being diapered and held against your will?”

Chloe scoffed, “Of course not, I’m an adult!”

“What if they really are too?”

“But they’re not Megan! I know because you’re the baby of the family you must feel some kinship with them… but seriously they’re just babies! We can’t leave them out there on their own! They’ll get hurt! Everything in our world is much too big for them to use, so we have to help them! I mean just think if Kacey had managed her stupid plan - no one would have been taking care of my girls! Every time they pooped or peed their pants they would have been helpless!”

“Only because you made it to where they have no choice…” Megan said with a sigh.

“Next thing I know I’m going to hear you’re at some rally for little’s rights little sister. Take my advice and just go with it,” Cassie told her. “You know there’s plenty of technology that could help you join them if you piss off the wrong person...”

“It would be fun to change Megan’s diapees again though!” Chloe practically squealed with what I knew had to be a classic case of Amazonian Baby Fever… I looked over at Megan for a moment and saw her face had the same look of horror on mine.

“You two done?” I heard Chloe ask drawing attention back to her. “Did you leave anything for your sister?”

I watched as she put Kendra and Katie over her shoulder in turn to burp them before laying them down on the blanket Kacey lay on. Kacey hungrily tried to nurse from her right breast and only did so for about two minutes before fussing. “Oh let’s try the other side,” Chloe said almost sadistically. I watched her nurse Kacey for another few minutes there… maybe a little longer before it was clear nothing remained there.

I could smell her dirty diaper from across the table, but I stared at her trying to feed unsuccessfully. As I looked I realized her ribs showed way more than the other two... It was clear it was a regular occurrence that she wasn’t fed well enough! Kendra and Katie weren’t exactly fattened cows either though. I felt a squeeze from Amanda as she apparently followed my gaze as well. She whispered in my ear, “I know…”

I felt guilty as I finished the last bite of the second half of the hotdog and wished I could help her.

Apparently Amanda felt the same way because she spoke up, “If Kacey’s still hungry I have plenty of milk she can have.”

Chloe looked at her and shrugged, “Whatever, it doesn’t hurt her to wait her turn, but if you want to waste your milk on her you can.” Amanda passed me over to Megan who pulled my plate with the remaining chips over to her and handed me a couple to eat. I watched as Amanda took Kacey from her and brought her back over to our side of the table. Amanda pulled her shirt and bra down and Kacey almost desperately put her mouth to her breast.

I wanted to pinch my nose in disgust at the smell from her rear end then… but didn’t, so that I wouldn’t make the embarrassment worse for the poor girl.

I knew Amanda had to have been full to the brim by this point, but Kacey hungrily nursed both breasts empty in no time. ‘I doubt this is the first time Chloe has done this…’ I thought sadly to myself. ‘I remember Amanda mentioning she blamed her for their escape attempt.

On the other side of the table Klara and Kristina were fussily trying to leave the table to play while Neville was at Cassie’s side now being fed more jarred goop from hell. The side said something about pickled eggs and durian fruit. I suspected he must have been either just as malnourished, or just seriously screwed by hypnosis, because he hungrily ate every spoonful without prompting.

I turned my attention back to Amanda and Kacey and noticed the poor girl was trembling as Amanda patted her back and cooed at her. Megan squeezed me tightly and whispered, “You do realize how lucky you are, right?”

I nodded just as Kacey made eye contact with me. I’d only heard her whimper and say a couple words, but something about her eyes let me know there was still an intelligent adult locked away in there. Her eyes showed a mixture of pain and jealousy – I could understand where both of those came from. Before I could even think of how to respond I watched Amanda stand and carry her over to Chloe and say, “Here’s your stinker back Chloe, do you want me to save some of my milk for you? Three babies is a lot for one momma to feed herself.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary Mandy, but I’ll remember the next time I see you that you have some to spare. Especially since you’re wasting yours by throwing it away?”

Amanda shook her head, “I’m nursing Stacy some, but I’m not switching her completely over. Much easier on both of us that way.”

Chloe just scoffed and said, “Okay girls, let’s get going home so we can get you poopy butts sorted out. You’ve been good enough I’ll change you when you get home.”

My mind came to a screaming halt then, ‘She would have left them longer in those diapers?!?!?’

Megan hugged me again before passing me over to Amanda who had just arrived to pick me up. “Hmm… seems like I have my own baby with the need for a change.”

I knew I had wet my diaper multiple times since we had arrived. Not the least of which was when I had to make my escape from the monster named Chloe. The longer I was around her the more I understood just how twisted she was. The world would probably have been better with her locked away in a padded cell somewhere…

Amanda carried me over to an end of the table without anything on it and I had a bad feeling a private diaper change was not in my future. As if to confirm my fear the diaper bag was opened up and a portable changing mat placed down on the table. She laid me down on it and I felt my face flush bright red as I turned my head to see Klara, Kristina, and Neville all watching. Chloe at least was busy getting her littles through the back door. My dress was pushed up and Amanda said, “Be a big girl and hold your dress for me!”

I groaned but used it to hide my flushing face. ‘If I can’t see everyone staring at me then it’s not really happening,’ I lied to myself.

My legs were raised in the air after the diaper was untaped and a new one was placed underneath my bottom with wiping in between of course. A little bit of lotion was used and I was less naked when the tapes tightened the Pamper to my body. “Where’s my princess?!?” Amanda suddenly said and pulled the skirt from my hands. “There she is!” She baby talked to me.

I weakly smiled at her still as red as a tomato. Cassie came over and said to me, “You dropped your paci,” and put a pacifier in my mouth. I was about to say something about a pacifier from the ground being gross when all of the sudden it expanded in my mouth like a balloon.

I looked at Amanda with pleading in my eyes, but she didn’t understand when I said, “What is this? Get it out of my mouth!”

Instead she just smiled at her sister, “Thanks, but for some reason I thought hers was still on her dress.”

I thought so too and realized it must have fallen off or she pulled a fast switch. I watched in horror as the new pacifier was attached to the pacifier clips Velcro and Amanda said, “Well, maybe we’ll see you in a couple weeks, we’ll be missing next weekend for a quick trip.”

“Sorry to hear that Mandy, good luck with the baby here. I think she’s more of a handful than you realize.” She looked at me with fury still in her eyes and picked up Klara. I noticed as she did so that Klara’s new pull-up looked like it had been peed in already.

I was carried from the table and awkwardly tried to say goodbye to Amanda’s parents through the pacifier. No one suspected any thing and as we got to the car I tried to take the pacifier out of my mouth. I remembered there being some sort of twist motion involved when they talked about it in the store but nothing I did made it come loose, in fact I accidentally inflated it to another level!

My mouth hurt from the pressure and I felt like there was a car jack in my mouth forcing it open, but I couldn’t get anything through. I forced myself to keep breathing through my nose, but my allergies were flaring up and they were clogged partially. I was in tears by the time we got home and Fred came to my side of the car. He immediately sensed something was very wrong and asked, “What’s wrong baby?”

I pointed to the pacifier frantically and pulled on it. “What?”

He tried pulling it out and figured out what had happened. “Amanda when did you make a decision to use one of those inflating pacifier gags? I thought we agreed not to.”

“What? Of course I wouldn’t,” she said as she rounded the car to my side as he gently twisted the lock and I sighed in relief as it deflated and he pulled it out.

“How…?” Amanda asked, but before I could respond angrily said, “That bitch!”

Fred picked me up and hugged me tight before passing me over to Amanda, “I’m sorry I caused problems…” I told her.

“Shhh…” she told me, “I know you are. I also know they overreacted and you did all you could to keep from getting hurt. Is your mouth okay?”

I rubbed my jaw and shook my head, “My jaw is really sore now. Do you have some advil or something?”

“I have something I can give you,” Fred said. “Let me go get it, Amanda why don’t you both go have a seat in the living room. Maybe get an ice pack?”

Amanda took his advice and we stopped by the freezer first, wrapped an icepack in a terry bib sitting on the counter, and then carried me over to the couch. My jaw hurt like hell and I hoped no permanent damage had been done. The ice pack helped a little as I waited for Fred to come with medicine. He ended up bringing a liquid bottle and an eyedropper like device.

“Given your jaw hurts I’m guessing nursing a bottle probably doesn’t sound pleasant?”

I shook my head, “No, not even remotely.”

“Amanda I know you’d prefer her to drink out of bottles and sippy cups, but it’d be easier if she had a regular cup of milk with this mixed in…”

“Here, you take her and I’ll go mix it,” she told him.

He hugged me tight to him while she dug through the cabinets and went to the fridge. I watched her grab what I knew must have been a bag of breast milk that she emptied into a sippy cup, mixed the liquid medicine in, and then brought it over to me.

“Drink this very carefully,” she admonished me, “do NOT spill it.”

Even though it was a sippy cup without a lid it was the most adult cup I’d had in the week since I’d arrived! I drank the cup slowly so I wouldn’t spill, but also as quick as I could so the medicine could take effect. By the time I finished it and handed it to Amanda she seemed just relieved I hadn’t made a mess. I sighed at her, “You do remember I really am an adult, right?”

She sighed, “I know that… in my mind, but it’s really hard to remember that. Of course you say that, but what you did earlier was stupid!”

“I can’t say that was your brightest moment Princess,” Fred added.

“You could have been hurt or killed climbing like that!”

I sighed, “I know that in retrospect, but the first swat from Chloe was like sledgehammer blow to my body! If my diaper hadn’t taken some of the impact I would probably be severely bruised from that one hit,” I told her and watched her wince. “She was clearly itching to go at me the whole time and I could tell she wasn’t going to just let me go… I didn’t think then and reacted. I knew I could get under her legs and the slide was nearby with the branch… I just reacted trying to get away from her. What should I have done? Let her abusively beat me? I didn’t exactly say something wrong. There’s no way Klara is ready to be potty trained. She’d already wet that pull-up again before we left!”

Amanda sighed, “You are right, I don’t doubt that… but giving parenting advice to an Amazonian woman when you are a little in diapers… can you understand why she would be offended?”

“Maybe she should have been. Chloe clearly got even with me,” I said with a sigh.

“Yes she did, and I think we’ll let any further punishment go with this too.” She hugged me tight, “You have to be smart here Stacy. You have taken a crazy risk to come here and I really do want you to succeed in your dream! Mouthing off to giants is going to land you like Kacey if you’re not careful…”

“Poor Kacey…” I said.

“Yeah, I’m genuinely concerned about her,” Amanda said.

“I’m a hairs breath away from having to file a LPS report based on what I saw today,” Fred acknowledged.

“There is actually a line your kind views as uncrossable?” I said semi-incredulously.

“It’s pretty far,” Fred acknowledged, “but Kacey is clearly malnourished. She needs to be supplementing with formula at least even if she doesn’t want to feed her solids… Of course I’m doubtful any of the girls can eat those anymore.”

“What?” I asked, “Why wouldn’t they?”

He sighed, “I don’t know for certain, but among the things I think she had done to them was a reintroduction of the infant tongue thrusting reflex…”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It’s a natural reaction that keeps babies from choking on solid food before they’re ready for it,” Amanda answered. “I’m pretty sure she did do that. So yeah, you’re right that they couldn’t even get solid food down now if they tried.”

“I don’t even have words for how awful that is!” I said.

She squeezed me tight, “It’s bad.”

“I’m guessing since you’re talking your jaw must be feeling better?” Fred asked me.

“It’s still sore, but the ice helped…”

“Let me take a look at it,” he told me. For the next few minutes the used his hands to gently probe my jaw, had me open my mouth, close it, and finally said, “There’s some mild bruising, and you’ll be sore for a day or so, but I don’t think there’s any permanent damage. In the future if one of those gets thrown in your mouth don’t mess with it. They’re designed to be tamper proof from any angle your hands would approach it. Plus you have to use a fair amount of strength, and press the right way…”

“I got that… thanks,” I told him semi-sarcastically.

He smiled at me, “well, hopefully you learned.”

Just then the phone rang and he walked to get it, “Hi Mom!” he said into the phone. “It’s my parents,” he said to Amanda as he covered the receiver.

“No, I’m sorry we didn’t call yet… we had kind of an exciting afternoon so far…” he said into the phone.

He came down sat by Amanda, “Well, I’ll tell you what, I told you about the little we were fostering here?” There was a pause, “She’s sitting next to me. You want to video conference instead so we can all talk?” Another pause, “Okay, give me just a second and I’ll call.”

He hung up the phone and looked at me, “You up to meeting your other grandparents over video call?”

I shrugged, “They can’t be like Mommy’s psycho sisters…”

“They’re not all psycho,” Amanda defended them.

“You’re right, I like Megan. She’s sweet,” I told her.

She squeezed me and grabbed the ice pack from my hands and sat it on the table. “Why don’t we put that away for a bit while we talk?”

I nodded and was pulled closer to her in her lap while Fred messed with some controls on the TV remote and said, “Call Fred’s parents.”

I watched the screen come alive with a pretty cool connecting screen and then the TV was filled with an image of two people that Fred was clearly the result of. His dad had white hair and looked to be in his early 70’s. Wrinkles filled a face that still seemed quite happy. His thick glasses made it hard to tell what color his eyes were. His mother was grey haired and seemed a little bit younger. Her nose was his nose, and I could see her eyes were very similar to his. Both smiled and said, “Hi!”

Amanda stood me up on her lap, “This is Stacy,” she squeezed me into a hug, “say hi to your grandparents.”

“Hi,” I said shyly.

“You’re adorable!” his mom cooed. “I’ve never understood how every Amazon woman in your area seems to want to kidnap every little and put them in a nursery, but you clearly are cute enough to fill the role!”

I blushed, “Umm… Thanks I guess?”

She laughed. For the next hour we talked and I learned more about them. It put some pieces in the puzzle for me to understand why Fred really didn’t have the lust for conquering littles that so many giants I had met seemed to have. In the end they promised to let Amanda and Fred know soon if they were going to come out for Christmas. Originally they weren’t planning on it, but as I was the closest to a grandbaby as they were going to get they were now strongly thinking about it.

Just before we ended the call my body made the need to go poop known and quickly let loose of it. Amanda picked me up off her lap and smelled my rear before saying, “I think someone needs a clean diapee, let us know, we’ll talk to you later!”

I turned bright red and was too shocked to say anything in response.

“Come on stinker butt,” she told me as she carried me upstairs.

I tried not to cry at the gross mess sitting next to my skin. She placed me down on the changing table gently, but it still smeared my butt with poop. “Arms up!” She told me with a smile and pulled my dress up. “You got this dirty enough let’s put you in something cleaner.”

She pushed me back to lay down then and got to work on the sticky diaper. Amanda started to put a pacifier in my mouth but then remembered I was still in some pain so thought better of it. She moved quickly through several wipes before re-diapering me in a regular pampers, and then dressing me in another shorter dress that clearly marked me as a true infant. I guessed it came with a diaper cover that she didn’t bother putting on me.

“That’s better!” she told me with a smile.

“Not really,” I told her honestly, “I liked the other dress better.”

“Well don’t go climbing trees in it next time I put it on you and you can wear it longer!”

Sure enough I looked at it on the table and realized there were stains and dirt on it, as well as some pitch or sap. “Sorry,” I sighed.

She picked me up and hugged me, “No, I’m sorry. I definitely overreacted myself back there. I should have just plain stuck up for you…”

I shrugged, “You were right it was kind of dumb…” I thought for a second and added, “Thanks for feeding Kacey. That poor girl…”

She nodded, “Why don’t you take some time for you for a bit and then we’ll have dinner downstairs on the patio tonight?”

I nodded and she sat me down on the floor. I looked around the room for a moment before making the easy decision to walk over to my desk. I opened the computer screen and sat down in front of it. Amanda smiled at me and walked through the doorway, closing the gate before she left. I sighed and accepted my caged status without much grumbling since I had a computer. I logged in, and then took a quick look to make sure my Switch was still in my backpack. I breathed a sigh of relief noting that it was. ‘I’ll have to make sure the gun is still okay at some point, but I think it can stay in my backpack safely?”

That actually made me wonder and I triple checked that the backpack was still possible to carry. Thankfully it had come down in size with me! It wasn’t exactly a girly backpack though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up getting a different one. I got back to my computer and began writing a new letter to my parents.

I created my greeting with the proper safe messages and then talked about the past couple days,

‘Well I hope you aren’t too ashamed of me having seen me on Friday… Sorry it has had to go so far, but I can still give you grandkids someday… I’ll just be the one with the baby in my belly! (That is definitely a weird thought though!)

This weekend has been a rollercoaster of a weekend. We started off yesterday by going to return some clothes that didn’t fit me. Amanda was taken as much by surprise by my size as I was, so she had purchased a ton of diapers and dresses that were way too big for me. While we were taking the diapers back I saw some more of the Amazonian cruelty and I can’t help but wonder why this dimension is that way. There are bright spots though, as we went to another boutique baby store that had a sweet lady who owns it. She’s an old family friend of Amanda’s, it was funny to see her practically give Amanda the bright-light treatment to make sure she hadn’t kidnapped me off the street! Apparently she refuses to serve customers who do that to littles... She and I actually hit it off quite nicely!

We came home then and ended up in the pool. Their pool is probably nothing to write home about for an Amazon their size, but for me it’s pretty much the equivalent of about eighty feet I think. When you add in that I’m barely three-feet tall now it might as well be an Olympic sized pool. I did a ton of laps the last couple days and it felt really nice! I’m glad they’re letting me swim like this, as it’s good exercise! The only downside is the temperatures apparently fall enough for snow to come later on and we’ll be closing it up in a bit over a month.

After swimming I was dressed to meet Amanda’s last sister I had yet to meet, along with her husband, her two real kids, and the little she kidnapped. She’s not as bad as Chloe (this is Cassie), but I still feel like she’s abusive. Sadly not just to her little who has had his teeth removed, but also to her two-year old daughter that she’s forcing to potty train. In the end dinner went over like a lead balloon, and Amanda and Fred ended up collecting me, and our food to leave early. It was sad, but I was glad they took a stand. We ended up eating dinner at home and watching a movie last night.

Today we went for a walk in the morning before we headed to Amanda’s parents. I managed to get on the wrong side of Cassie though when I made a dumb comment about the accident her two-year old had. It was the second I’d seen since yesterday, and she just sat down in it happily. I told her that maybe it meant she wasn’t ready to potty train yet... Not my brightest moment! Chloe was right behind her and gave me a whack to my butt that thankfully was cushioned by the diaper. I ran for it and gave Amanda a bit of a heart attack when she realized I had climbed a slide like I used to do in the backyard, jumped onto a tree, and climbed out of reach. I ended up crossing to another and then coming down. With my weight it’s safer now than it ever would have been before.

Anyway Chloe tried following me and fell out of the tree (which was kind of funny), when she was surprised I had dropped out of another one. Their dad ended up saving me from any further torture and I hung out with him for a while around the grill. He runs a self-defense school and I may pick my Tae Kwon Do back up with him. He reminds me a bit of Grandpa, as he is a Veteran too. He strikes me as a really good man!

Lunch was a hotdog the size of a large salami that I had to take little bits off with my teeth as it was huge!!! Their normal meals for adults I swear could be eating contests back home!

I noticed Amanda was standing by me looking over my shoulder and she said, “Come on, let’s go get dinner?”

“Let me just sign off here,” I told her.

Well anyway things could have gone better there too. It confirmed Chloe is not the amazon I would want to be my mommy here! Amanda’s here now so I’m going to let you go. I’ll write again after I take my test Tuesday probably. Talk to you later!


Amanda picked me up and felt my diaper, “Can you wait?”

I noticed it was damp but not too bad, “Yes.”

“I really am sorry for what happened earlier,” she told me.

“I know you are, it’s one of the risks when you’re dumb enough to antagonize a giant…” I said.

She kissed my forehead and carried me downstairs.

“What’s for dinner?” I asked.

“Chicken Fetuccini Alfredo?” She asked I think hoping I was okay with it.

“That sounds great!”

“Good!” she told me.

I was pleasantly surprised as we sat down to eat. While I was sitting in the highchair with a bib on, she provided me with a plate of pasta and a fork that was just barely my size. She had diced the chicken up small, but otherwise it was as grownup of a meal as I’d had here! “I figured you could feed yourself tonight,” she told me with a sad smile. I noticed then that she set what would be a small plastic cup to her on my tray with juice in it.

Small to her meant it was like a large 44 ounce drink for me, but I said, “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome sweetie,” she said.

I dug into the pasta hungrily and ate until I couldn’t eat anymore. I didn’t leave much on the plate and she commented, “I guess someone was a bit hungwy!”

I nodded, “Yes, and you cook very well!”

She smiled at me and looked at the mostly empty juice cup, “finish your juice while I clean up?” She asked me.

I nodded. When she was done cleaning up I found my face and hands wiped before a diaper change and then she brought me down to her office. She showed me her various code and debugging software selections and we played for several hours before Fred came in and said, “Okay you two, bedtime!”

“But we’ve only been here…” Amanda said.

“Oh,” I said looking at the computer clock.

“Yes, oh is right. You realize she leaked onto your clothes?” he told Amanda.

She laughed and I did too. “Let’s get you changed. How’s your jaw?” She asked me.

I rubbed it, “It’s still a little sore but it’s better.”

“Can you help me with my other leaks?”

“I can try,” I told her with a smile.

It was mildly painful at first, but I managed to nurse both breasts dry as I wanted to help her. I knew after this weekend that I couldn’t have found a better Amazon to be my adoptive Mommy!



Chapter 15: 

I LOOKED UP and saw Chloe swing her hand at my face and smacked my face before gripping my arm angrily and flipping me upside down and ripping my diaper down. Swat after swat her hand swung at me until I was a trembling mess of snot and tears.

“That’ll teach you to tell me how to mother my children. Let’s go ahead and feed you some of the last ‘solid’ food you’ll ever have before we go get those nasty teeth pulled.”

I watched in horror as a jar of the goop Neville had been fed appeared in her hand and she spooned a spoonful towards me…

And then thank God I woke up!

“It’s okay baby, it’s just a nightmare,” Amanda said as I found myself being rocked in her arms.

“Thank God it was... just a nightmare... it was scary…” I told her through my sobs.

She offered me one of her breasts but I shook my head and refused to take it. I just couldn’t bring myself to nurse after what I had just seen in my nightmare. Instead she ended up just cuddling me close to her and shushing me. When I had finally calmed down a bit she asked, “What happened?”

“I dreamed Chloe got me…” I told her tentatively.

At that she hugged me again tighter, “I’m sorry she managed to get to you today…”

“It’s not all your fault,” I told her, “but she’s as terrible of a monster as Hannibal Lecter…”


I sighed, “He’s a fictional character back home. He’s a cannibal who likes to especially eat people with poor manners… There’s a whole series of books, movies, and a TV show that go into his story.”

“He eats people?” She asked horrified.

I nodded, “It’s a horror series.”

She hugged me tighter, “Chloe wouldn’t eat you…”

I shook my head, “No she would do worse, she would lock away all of my abilities to speak, walk, eat… You have to see how monstrous that is?!?”

She hugged me again, “I do… maybe even more so than you. I think she’s engaging in little abuse but I don’t know what to do about it. For most Amazons they’re going to look at it and see her just making some tough parenting decisions…”

I snorted, “She needs a taste of her own medicine…”

Amanda sat quietly with me in her arms for a few moments before muttering, “That she does…”

“What would happen…” I started, “never mind…”


“What would even happen if Kacey was ever freed? What kind of future could she possibly have now that Chloe has done what she’s done?”

“Not much of one,” Amanda said, “It’s not like you can easily put teeth back in. You might be able to do implants… The problem is that the standard procedure when removing little’s teeth now involves inserting an implant in at the same time just under the gum, so that would be a problem…”

“Gum implant?” I asked.

“You ever see a really old person without their dentures?” She asked me.

I thought back and nodded.

“You know how their lips can’t support the shape it should without their teeth? And their lips sink into their faces?”

I nodded, “Yeah… wait, littles have their teeth pulled all the time though?”

“The gum implants act as ‘teeth’ bumpers. It’s really just a semi-rigid material that gets placed underneath the gum and becomes a ridge. The little still has that ‘gummy’ grip with their mouths, can’t chew, etc., but no worries of old person face.”

I shuddered, “Who thinks up this stuff?”

“People like my sister,” she said sadly. She ran her hands through my hair for a moment, “You asked what would happen… Well assuming she did it by hypnosis - those triggers can be trained back out with a lot of care and patience. Then it would be a matter of a lot of physical therapy, but they could in theory walk again with that and a surgery or two... I don’t know what she did to Kacey’s tongue to keep her from speaking, that’s probably beyond hope…”

“It reminds me of a dystopian series of books from back home where they have mutes for servants…”

She nodded, “Hunger Games?”

“You have that one but not Silence of the Lambs?”

She shrugged, “I wish you had brought some of these movies so we could compare them. It’s kind of like speaking to an alien sometimes, but other times you’re in the same universe as me,” she hugged me again. “Are you going to be okay?”

I shrugged, “I’m sure this won’t be the last nightmare I suffer while I’m around here… Hell… sorry… I’m pretty sure I’ll have these nightmares even after I go home.”

She squeezed me tight, “Try nursing for a bit to get that nice sleepy milk coma back?”

I shrugged, “It might help.”

Without another word she bared her breast again and I sighed before giving it the old college try to get back to sleep. My jaw slightly hurt still, but I nursed at the offered nipple anyway. ‘If I ever get back I want to put a sign up at the trans-dimensional terminal to quote Dante, ‘Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here,’ seems quite appropriate.’ I was glad that between the nursing naturally relaxing me, and the milk with whatever crazy narcotic properties it had, I was able to go to sleep.


“COME ON SWEETIE,” I heard the next morning.

“Huh?” I said realizing a giant was looking over the top of me. I looked around confused for a moment before going, “Oh.”

“Oh, so that’s how you’re going to be this morning,” I heard as I stared blearily eyed at Amanda. Suddenly I jumped as she tickled me!

“Stop!” I whined, “Too early!”

“Too early says the little girl who woke me up screaming in the middle of the night,” she said going back at tickling me after a pause.

“Sorry,” I said as she stopped. I realized I was laying on top of the changing table then and hoped it was the wet diaper I had just made wetter.

“Sorry she says after she wets a brand new diapee!”

I blushed, “You’re the one who tickled me,” I complained as I thought back to how I must have just peed and not realized it. ‘That milk is destroying my bladder muscle control,’ I thought with a sigh.

“Sure, blame it on me,” she said with a smile that I tried to return but just couldn’t. “I’ll change you after your bottle and breakfast,” she told me.

I sighed and let her carry me downstairs still dressed in the pink nightgown from last night. Once buckled in the chair I was given my latte bottle and watched as she moved about the kitchen and made some gigantic French toast slices. Once she’d cooked them on a griddle she cut one slice up into eight triangles that were still big for my size. Bacon and eggs sat on the plate as well to make up a sight of a huge breakfast! I was provided a little baby fork and a gigantic plastic disposable knife to cut with. I looked up at her, “You trust me with a knife?”

She laughed, “I don’t think you can hurt yourself with that – even if you tried.”

I looked at it some more and thought it looked almost the size of a large chefs knife in my hand. Still being plastic I guessed she was right and nodded. I cut into the first triangle that she had placed just a bit of syrup on and took a bite. “Yummm!!!” I said.

“You like it I take?”

I nodded, “Thanks for adding cinnamon to your egg wash!”

She smiled at me, “Glad you like it!”

I ate quietly for a few minutes while alternating nursing at my caffeinated bottle. “So what’s up for today?” I asked.

“Well we’re going to give you a chance to do some more studying this morning, maybe get a swim in, and then we’ll let you eat a tiny dinner early tonight before we begin your fasting for tomorrow’s test.”

“Fasting?” I asked.

She sighed, “Fred and I think the best way to do this is treat it like you’re going to have a colonoscopy.”

My eyes widened when I remembered what my dad had gone through with that…

“Don’t worry, we’re not going to do one on you though,” she said with a smile, “I agree that is going to suck some day when I have to have one… Trust me though, I think annual exams down on our plumbing are probably just as bad!” I groaned as I realized I would be in for those in the future myself. I heard Gabby talking about them one time to Cami… I turned back my attention to her, “The main thing is we’re going to make sure you’re completely clear of any stool from your body by the time you go to take your test tomorrow. It’ll make it easier to avoid having problems.”

I nodded, “Okay…”

With that information I dug into my food like it was the last meal I was ever going to receive. I ate way past the full point. I looked up at a shocked Amanda when I put down the fork and the plate was empty.

“How in the world did you eat all of that?”

“If I’m not going to get to eat much the rest of today and tomorrow?”

She shook her head, “You do realize all of that has to come back out of your body before tomorrow?”

I shrugged, “It was good while it went down!”

She laughed and picked me up out of the high chair and sat me down on the ground. “Go find your books and study for a bit. I’ll change you after you make a poopie.”

I sighed but toddled off towards the living room. My diaper was wet enough that without much support it was beginning to sag away from my body. I found my books on the edge of the coffee table and pulled one carefully to the floor where I lay down and studied some more. I had spent about an hour on the history section when nature’s urge made itself known. I groaned and stood up to squat. With my diaper filled I called, “Mommy?”

“Ready for that change?” she asked me with a smile and my day continued in what was now semi-routine. Once changed, I was sat at Fred’s desk, for another go at some test prep software by another company. The cool part was that I actually managed to make it through the six-hour test without a messy diaper! The software even claimed I was in fact ready for college. The bad part was it meant I skipped lunch and I had to wait until that early dinner before I was able to eat. I did get a quick swim in though while I waited for that. While she was changing me into the swimsuit I discovered I most definitely had a girls tan coming on with the swimsuit lines as visible as they could be!

Finally about three in the afternoon Amanda provided me with a bowl of soup. Apparently it was this dimensions version of alphabet soup and wasn’t exceptionally filling. I could understand the need for softer food though for the pain of what was to come. Fred had come home early so he could eat at the same time as us.

Their dinner consisted of similar soup with grilled cheese sandwiches… I was very jealous of the sandwiches as my stomach still grumbled when I finished what was mostly broth. I noted that Amanda hadn’t nursed me from her breast today, with the only milk being from the bottle this morning. ‘Guess she’s trying to help me there…’ I thought.

When everyone had finished dinner Fred picked me up with an ominous baby bottle filled with ominous yellow liquid. “Okay Princess, this isn’t going to be a fun evening, but we’ve got to get you cleaned out for tomorrow.”

I nodded, “Amanda told me earlier.”

He nodded, “Well let’s get this started… it’s going to be a long night of messy diapers for you.”

“Any chance I could just have a potty?”

He made a thoughtful face but shook his head; “I looked at the store the other day just to see if there was anything small enough for you to use. Even the smallest is about six inches too tall for you to stand a chance with. You’d need our help even with them.”

“You could help me?”

He smiled, “We could, but diapers really are easier to clean up than using one of those constantly.”

I sighed and reached for the bottle, “Let’s get this over with.”

I gagged as I sucked the first mouthful down. “That’s awful!” I said as I pulled the nipple away.

Fred nodded, “Good thing you only have to drink four of these, huh?” He said.

My eyes must have been wide saucers then. “Fo…” I said before he stuck the nipple back in my mouth.

I groaned but drank the liquid down at a constant pace. It was a mix of a lemon flavor, chalk, and… nasty! I tried to speed up so I could get it down quicker. ‘This would be easier to just chug from a cup,’ I thought to myself. Eventually the bottle was emptied and Fred placed me on his shoulder to burp me.

“Amanda hasn’t nursed me today?” I asked as he held me back in his lap.

“I suggested we not until you get done tomorrow.”


I looked for her and didn’t see her, “Where is she anyway?”

“She’s working on a project for her lab work,” he told me.

It wasn’t even five minutes later that the concoction of awful fluid began doing its job and I filled my diaper with a liquidy mush. “Eeew…” I whined as Fred carried me upstairs.

“Eew is right,” he told me when the diaper was opened. A semi-solid mush was in the diaper that he bravely cleaned me up from. When he was done he said, “I’m going to put some of this special cream on you to keep you from getting a rash tonight.”

And so the rest of the evening commenced… By the fourth bottle of that crap I was pretty sure I couldn’t take anything more. Pretty much after every bottle there had been at least one poopy diaper with this final one just resulting in a watery mess as much as anything.

“Is that it?” I asked miserably.

“That’s the first treatment,” he told me.

“The first?” I asked.

“I think it would be wise to go ahead and use an enema too…”

I glared at him, “You want to… stick… something…”

He nodded, “Where the sun don’t shine… You do want to pass the test tomorrow?”

I sighed, “Let’s get this over with,” I told him.

“We’ll wait a little longer for this stuff to travel through your body first.”

“Ughh… I just want this over with,” I whined. I wasn’t in tears, but I could feel water at the edge of my eyes.

He hugged me and said, “You’re almost done with this stuff. Trust me, I think you’ll be much happier for having done this tomorrow than failing the test and ending up in daycare with Chloe’s littles?”

I nodded numbly at him. I was deposited into the playpen with a study guide and a bottle of water, “Try and get that bottle down in the next half hour…” I glared at him, “It’s just water I promise,” and then we’ll do the enema, wait for it to clear, and then give you a bath before bed.”

“You know this has got to go down as one of the worst days ever…” I grumbled.

He reached down and patted my head and said, “Drink!” with a smile.

I did so and tried to focus on the study guide. I was doing more of the reasoning problem sections. It had become a little easier to see patterns in the sections as I spent more time looking over the examples. I felt the need to pee and was startled by the urge. ‘I actually felt the need to do it?!?’

I sat for a moment and realized it had to be because I hadn’t had any of Amanda’s milk since breakfast, with the crap to clear me out I was probably completely clear of whatever was in that milk! I held the urine for an extra ten minutes just to feel the sensation of holding it in again. After that though I chose to let it out and sighed when I realized the back of my diaper was filling too. I sighed and said, “Can someone change me please?”

Fred was standing over the playpen a moment later and asked, “Sure Princess, do you think you have it all out?”

I looked at him like he was crazy but shrugged, “I’ll try to make sure…” I squatted and pushed, pushed, and pushed some more. All that was coming out then seemed to be liquid when stuff did come out. It felt nasty though and I felt some tears on my face. I whimpered, “I’m done I think?”

He gently picked me up and carried me to the nursery where he undid the diaper and used far more wipes than I would have thought a single box contained! Eventually though he said, “I think I’ve got it all Princess,” and laid me down on a clean diaper. “I’m still seeing a few bits of semi-solid fecal matter though, I think we need to go ahead with that enema too.”

“Is it as terrible as I’ve heard?” I asked nervously.

“Probably,” he answered and gently stroked my face. “We don’t have to, but if you’re at least clear of anything solid if they check your diaper in the middle of the test they can’t say you pooped it.”

I squirmed a bit on the table and said, “Just get this over with. By the way tell Amanda she’s a chicken… She could have helped and I wouldn’t have held it against her…”

He laughed, “Believe it or not she’s pretty squeamish about the idea herself. I guess she saw Hannah get them…” he said the last part sadly.

I sighed, “I’m a little surprised after meeting her mom that she was as bad as it sounds like she was.”

“People change sometimes Stacy… I suspect when Hannah died it changed her perspective. Plus once a woman hits menopause it seems to lessen the baby fever.”

I nodded, “She still cooed over me like I was the most precious thing in the universe.”

“Well all grandmas do that when they meet new grandbabies!” He laughed.

“Just get this over with…” I told him again.

“Turn over onto your stomach,” he told me after he removed the strap holding me on the table. Once I was flipped I felt it refastened… but couldn’t blame him as I was pretty sure kicking was going to be involved in a moment. Sure enough the intrusion to my butt was anything but pleasant! It seemed to go on forever before I was flipped back over onto the diaper and it was fastened. “Hold it in if you can for a few moments.” He gently stood me up on the changing table then.

I wondered for a second what he meant but the sudden urge to poop became as strong as it ever had. The cramping I’d felt all night from the other stuff seemed like child’s play compared to this! A few minutes longer I asked, “How much longer, this hurts…”

“Try and make it two more minutes,” he told me.

So I held on, and on, and realized it had to be more than two minutes. I finally said time or not it was coming out and squatted to release it… and release it… It seemed to take forever and my head was pounding from the pain. I was gently changed into another diaper and he said, “Why don’t you play on your computer for a little while and I’ll clean you up again and give you your bath.”

“I’m not done getting rid of this yet, am I?” I asked.

“Probably not. Drink this bottle of water too – dehydration is not fun!” he told me while placing a baby bottle of clear water in my hands.

“Yes sir,” I told him with a sigh, and waddled over to my desk. My rear felt sore from all of the wiping it had endured as even baby wipes hurt after enough of them!

I sat down at the computer and read a reply from my e-mail last night from my mom. She wasn’t thrilled about anything in it, but she echoed she thought I couldn’t have been luckier to find these two benevolent giants to take me in. I sent a quick reply with safe headers in it and a promise to write tomorrow. I didn’t feel much like doing anything with some of the nights concoctions still wrenching my guts and oozing out my butt. I started up a simple shooter game and ran around blowing things up for probably an hour before Amanda picked me up without warning and I died.

“Hey!” I griped.

“Hey yourself!” She said with a hug, “You can play again tomorrow after your test.”

I sighed, “Okay, let me exit the game first though.”

She gently sat me down and I quickly exited everything and put the computer to sleep. I was cleaned up at the changing table and she said, “Sorry I didn’t help tonight… I just have too many bad memories of poor Hannah,” she said as she wiped my rear clean.

“I get it… let’s not do this again anytime if we can avoid it,” I told her, “it really does suck…”

“I can imagine… Mom did it to me once…”

My eyes opened at her admission, “What?”

“I was being punished for it happening to Hannah… it wasn’t me though, Chloe filled the poor girl with two enemas and blamed it on me.”

“Didn’t Hannah say something?”

Amanda shook her head, “Chloe threatened her and she just trembled in fear and cried.”

“You realize your sister is more than just in baby fever mode, right?”

Amanda didn’t reply, she just carried me to the bathtub. She started first by placing me in there and using the nozzle sprayer from the shower to wash me off before letting the tub fill. I was gently washed and she finally broke the long silence, “I know Chloe is probably a victim of some sort of mental disorder. The problem is there is no way to accuse her of it without her pointing the finger right back at me and getting LPS involved. Her littles might be removed, but you would be as well…”

I shuddered, “I get it, thanks in that case…”

She kissed my forehead and finished washing me. Once I was clean she put my hair in a sleep braid and carried me back to the nursery. “I think you should probably just try and get some sleep tonight. I’ll check on your diaper before I go to bed, but I’ll wake you up about six or so to get ready.”

“What time does the test begin?”

“I got you an 8am appointment, so they want you there by 7:45.”

“Ughh…” I sighed.

“I know… not exactly a time any teenager wants to be awake, let alone a little who’s had her body tortured tonight.”

She enveloped me in a hug once she had me dressed, “I hope you can get some sleep tonight Stacy, I do really love you.”

“Thanks,” I told her, “I know you aren’t a fan of this stuff…”

She lay me down into the crib and covered me with a light blanket, handed me Elena, and placed a pacifier at my lips. I hesitated on the pacifier but opened my mouth anyway and sucked gently on it. “Good night Princess,” she told me and turned on the mobile playing its lullaby above me. I heard Fred’s voice, “Good night sweetheart, see you in the morning.”

I sighed and closed my eyes. It was only eight-thirty, but I forced myself to close my eyes and at least try to sleep. The music at least helped with getting me to sleep, ‘Hopefully there’s no chance of me pooping for the next forty-eight hours…’


“TIME TO GET up Stacy,” I heard as I was lifted out of the crib and embraced into a hug.

I groaned and sat passively as she checked my diaper, “How come you’re not wet?”

I realized then I could again feel the need to urinate and just let it go into the diaper to save the time of answering her. I sighed then and said, “My fasting meant I haven’t had any of your milk since yesterday morning… I’ve actually gone back to knowing when I need to go, so I guess its effects must not be permanent?” I sleepily suggested.

“Hmm…” she said. My diaper was changed and she found the tunic and pants set from Friday and dressed me in it. I sat quietly as she did my hair in a style other than pigtails and found myself quite curious. Soon enough she said, “Okay sweetie, I don’t want you to have any solids still, but I have some coffee for you downstairs if you promise to be careful with it.”

I smiled, “Cofffffffeeeeeee…”

As she carried me past the mirror I saw my hair was curled underneath and my bangs were brushed to the side of my face. The outfit I was wearing hid the shape of my diaper, so it looked like I wasn’t a babied little after all, and that made me feel the most mature I had since I’d arrived! “What do you think?” She asked as she paused for a second.

“I like it a lot!” I told her.

“Well don’t get too used to it, you’ll have the uniform required for school days… I guess it’s between the two looks though.”

I sighed, “Well thanks for letting me feel a little grown up… as much as you can in a diaper anyway…”

She squeezed me tight and carried me downstairs. Once I was sat in the high chair she brought a me-sized mug of steaming coffee to me black. “Do you need sugar?” She asked.

I shook my head, “No, it’s good like this!” I told her as I savored the vapors coming over it. I took a tentative sip and felt like I was in heaven. The latte bottles were good, but this was coffee as it was supposed to be enjoyed! I let out a satisfied sigh.

“You are an addict…” she told me.

“I see you have your own cup too!” I pointed out to her.

She laughed, “You’re right, takes one to know one. Here, you shouldn’t have solids but give this a try,” she said while handing me an opened packet of some substance.

“What is it?” I asked as I looked at a red gel oozing inside.

“It’s meant for cyclists or runners,” she told me, “it shouldn’t cause any solid waste for you and will help give you a little bit of sugar to get going today.”

I nodded and tasted it. The texture sucked, but it wasn’t terrible tasting. I alternated a few slugs of the gel and the coffee to get rid of the taste.

Fred came in the room then and held something in his hands, “Here Stacy, let me put this charm bracelet on you,” he told me.

I looked closer at a pretty silver charm bracelet with eight charms dangling from it. Gabby had one that was similar back home and I knew they weren’t cheap. There was a pacifier charm, a baby bottle, a computer, and several other hearts and such on it. “The important ones are the pacifier and baby bottle,” he told me.


“If you feel like you are going to have a messy accident pull either of them off the bracelet by yanking on it and swallow it.”

I looked at him dumbfounded, “they’re silver, aren’t they?”

“The others are, those two are actually a plastic like material like you would find around pills. It dissolves instantly in the stomach and sends a chemical signal to your brain and muscles of your bowels to stop you up. You won’t be able to go poop on your own for about a week though – so try not to use it if you can avoid it.”

I gulped at the thought that I would have to use other help… “I’ll try to never take it… why would I need to?”

“Well first if for some reason something is going wrong today it’s a good idea – you can’t afford a mistake today,” he reminded me.

I nodded, “I get that… and?”

“Well as you go to school if you do well there will be some jealous classmates that will probably inevitably try and spike your drink or food to make you lose control. While we in theory should be able to reclaim you as our daughter if they try to kidnap you, it’s far better if we don’t ever have to try to do that. Not to mention the university’s policy on pooping in class…”

I nodded and sighed, “I hope you have some spares?”

He laughed, “I have a couple dozen replacements upstairs.”

I shuddered but said, “Thank you.”

Amanda looked at the clock, “I’m going to change you into a new diaper when we get there, do you need to go poopie though?”

I shook my head, “I have a feeling I’ll be cleared out for a week after last night…”

She smiled and kissed my forehead before taking my empty mug away. “Let’s go then,” she told me.

I was surprised when she loaded me up into the car since we had walked to the university so many times, but as she parked in one of the many faculty parking lots I suspected she planned to distract herself by going to work in her office while I was testing. My harness was unbuckled and she laid me down on the back of the SUV to change a soaked diaper. She gave me a hug when she was done and I realized she had replaced my thinner Pamper with one of the thick princess diapers. The pants showed clearly the diaper bulge if they were uncovered, but the long tunic still hid it. I didn’t think it would hide my waddle when it got wet though! “Why the thick diaper?” I asked.

“You need that long of protection,” she reminded me. She sat me down on the ground on my own two feet and gave me a new purple backpack that was my size and had the university emblem on the back of it.

“What’s in this?” I asked.

“Supplies, an extra diaper, wipes, your ID for the test, pens, pencils, etc.”

“Thanks,” I told her politely.

“Come on, let’s go take your test,” she said and directed me to walk beside her. It was a novelty as we walked a good quarter mile on my own without her hand, a stroller, or being carried. I got the feeling my slow pace kind of bothered her, but we made it to a department in a tall building labeled ‘Student Assessment Center’ with more than ten minutes to spare before the time we were supposed to be there. She pushed me forward to a table that said, “C.A.R.E. Registration.” In front of it was the surprising sight of a table manned by a betweener and a convenient set of steps to help with my height impairment. Of course even with it I could barely see above the table.

“Name?” The girl asked in a bored voice.

“Stacy Sl… Westerfield,” I said.

“Not sure about your name?” the girl asked suspiciously.

“It changed recently,” I told her.

“Oh,” she said while looking at me oddly but shrugged. “ID?”

I opened the front of the backpack and was rewarded with a wallet and my ID from back home… except it was different. My name, gender, and address were the new ones… like an endorsement there was a mark on it that said ‘ADP.’ I was genuinely curious what it meant, ‘probably adopted,’ but just gave it to her to verify my information. After a moment of scrutiny she handed it back, “Okay, you need to go down the hallway here, third door on the right is your room. Show this ticket to the lady in there and she’ll get you all setup.”

“Thanks,” I told her.

I looked up for Amanda but saw she was gone. I sighed, but smiled when I caught sight of her mouthing, ‘Good luck,’ to me as she left the doors. I squared my shoulders and marched towards my destiny in the room three doors down on my right.

As I reached the door I was glad to see it was open since the handle was well out of my reach. ‘It’s the little things,’ I complained to myself. I looked up to see a giant about Chloe’s size notice me. “Ticket please,” she said brusquely.

I handed her the paper and she said, “Okay, right this way.” To my surprise the stations were actually little sized, so I didn’t have to feel quite as out of place. It was still awfully big for me since I was tinier than normal, but compared to Amazon sized furniture I felt comfortable! When I climbed into my designated chair my tunic got caught and rode up a bit, exposing the diaper hanging above my pants. I blushed but pretended it was normal, and once I settled in I pulled it back down. A moment later the lady said, “I’ll have to hang onto your bag until the test is completed.”

I sighed but nodded, teachers back home did that stuff too. She came back over and her fingers flew over the keyboard that must have seemed like a tiny tablet keyboard to her. A short while later she spoke to the group that was seated, “Okay, here we go. The software keeps track of your progress and will automatically score the test when you are done. You have six-hours to complete the test and you may not take any breaks – that includes bathroom breaks. Should you poopie in your pants, you will have to leave and your test will be scored as you have completed it to that point. Any questions?”

I shook my head, “No ma’am,” I told her, along with a small chorus of the others.

“Then begin,” she told me.

I looked at the screen that read, “Press any key to begin the College Aptitude Readiness Examination.”

I sighed and started the exam with the reading section. I flew through the passages and noted there was a definite bias in the passages and questions that seemed to take jabs at littles even believing they could be ‘adults’ in this world. One passage was all about the author extoling the necessity of littles being diapered and properly cared for at their adopted mothers breasts… I just answered the questions and was pretty certain the section was perfect when I finished it – even if my answers to the content made me ill. It just wasn’t all that difficult to me!

The writing section wasn’t much more difficult, because of the relatively small keyboard my fingers flew over it to type nearly as fast as I could on my own computer. I proofread the essays several times apiece, before pressing submit, and moved onto the first section that had me slightly nervous – math. Fortunately for me it appeared my time of practicing my calculus problems back home in the Base 60 math seemed to have paid off. Even the most difficult Calculus questions seemed easy. Only the final two questions seemed to get me flustered at all, but I was sure that I had handled even handled those Advanced Calculus level questions without too much trouble.

‘I was expecting worse than this,’ I told myself nervously.

The sciences section was relatively simple until some things that I vaguely recognized as organic chemistry level questions came about. I was sure I missed those last ones, but I managed to do well at the physics and biology portions. Another couple jibes were taken at littles in the biology section trying to explain why littles were destined to never be potty trained… I just sighed and kept answering questions with what I knew the Amazons had to consider were the correct answers.

I had a little less than two hours remaining when I reached the reasoning portion of the exam that I had been scared of. Just as I was answering the second question in that section I was distracted by, “No, I didn’t mean to! How can you expect me not to go potty through a six-hour test?!?” A teenage boy my age, and about two feet taller than me asked with a wet spot clearly visible on his pants.

“If you were mature enough for college it wouldn’t be a problem, or you would have worn protection,” the proctor said with a smile. She pressed a button on a panel next to the door and I watched in horror as robotic arms swung in and captured him in their grasp. “You’ll do better back in preschool or daycare. Your new mommy or daddy can make the decision of which to send you to and make sure you're nice and protected! For now we’ll send you down to the universities daycare center while we wait for someone to take you to the orphanage."

My mouth dropped and I noticed the other three littles testing in the room looked panicked! I closed my eyes and forced myself to breathe before focusing back on the test. I would have expected it to be tougher to concentrate, but the fear I had seemed to send my adrenaline into overdrive, and my focus was razor sharp. I was on question number fifty of the section when I heard, “I smell a poopy pants, which wittle baby had an accident now?” She asked in a sweet voice that made me sick. I turned and looked at her and she said, “Was it you Ms. Westerfield?”

I shook my head, “No ma’am,” I told her.

“Better check first, huh?” She told me. Without warning she came over to my seat and pulled tunic up and out of the way. My pants had some elastic to them so she was able to pull them and the diaper back to look at my butt and I blushed bright red in shock, “Hmm… just wet. You at least had the maturity to wear a nice thick diapee. Keep working on your test,” she told me before looking at the little girl that was a few feet away from me, “Must be you, huh?”

The girl who was quite pretty and about my age whimpered and I watched a tear go down her face as she shook her head, “N…n…Not me,” She said.

The monitor pulled her dress up though and you could clearly see a purple Pull-Up with visible bulge on the backside of it. Her mess appeared to be a bit watery too, and it had escaped the edges of the pull-up. I tried not to stare too much and looked instead at the monitor as she shook her head, “Not even mature enough to own up to your messy pants. I’ll make sure they know being a toddler isn’t even a good fit for you. I’m sure they’ll have you crawling or squirming only across the floor by the end of the week. Those beautiful straight teeth definitely won’t be wanted by your new mommy,” the lady said.

I gasped but turned and looked at my computer as robotic arms snaked into the room again and removed the sobbing girl. ‘Poor girl…’ I thought to myself.

“Would anyone care for a bottle of water?” The lady asked during our final hour warning.

“Thank you, but no thank you,” I said politely ignoring how thirsty I was.

“Please!” The remaining boy and girl across the room said. At this point I realized they were the only other littles still in the room with me, and I just wanted to warn them off. I didn’t dare say anything though and just got back to the test. While the other sections were all about sixty questions long I was now on question eighty of what it listed as a hundred-and-twenty. I sighed and ignored my overwhelming hunger and thirst that seemed to grow by the minute. I had just answered question one-hundred-and-eighteen when I heard, “What the hell?”

“Smells like we have another baby, huh?” The lady cooed at the boy. A white diaper with a brown stain in the back was visible as she pulled his pants down and a repeat of the arms flying in made me jump again. I shivered in fear over the idea that they would come for me next! I was worried that no matter what she would find an excuse to target me.

Once he was gone though she checked the girl and said, “Well I thought you might have been mature enough, but I know wet and poopie panties when I see them! I’m honestly shocked you didn’t at least wear training panties little girl. Oh well, diapers for you too I see!”

I clicked submit on question one-hundred-and-twenty just as she rounded back on me. “Wow, you actually finished?” She asked shocked. “Better make sure you made it with no poopies though!”

She pulled my pants back again and found a once again soaked, but not messy diaper, “What a big girl you are?!? Making it through your test all nice and clean!” Her voice dripped with motherly condescension that made me feel a need to run away.

I shrugged though and calmly asked, “So how do I find out my score?”

“Just press that button there,” she told me.

Following her directions I clicked through a couple more screens and the scores came up.

Scores are out of a possible 400 points per section:

Reading – 398

Writing – 389

Math – 397

Science – 378

Basic Reasoning – 367

Total Score: 1,929 – Averaged Score: 385.8

Recommended school placement: University

I sighed in relief and the lady said, “Well, congratulations on being such a smart big girl!”

“Thank you, I know my mommy will be proud. How do I get a copy of my scores?”

“I’ll print a copy for you,” she said seeming more shocked by the moment by my success and scores. I stood up and gathered my backpack while she worked at a workstation that was sized for her. Two minutes later she handed me a copy that matched the screen and two sealed versions of them. “It’ll be e-mailed to you, sent to the university, and a hard copy will be mailed to your residence.”

“Thanks!” I told her with a smile that tried to act like nothing had happened earlier.

“How about I change that soaked diaper for you?”

“Thank you, but I’ll get my mommy to do it, she should just be outside.” I told her.

“Wait, you’re adopted already?”

I nodded, “Mommy wants me to be smart just like her! Thank you for taking such good care of me today, bye bye,” I told her as I walked through the door that was thankfully open.

“How the hell did she do that?” I heard behind me as I walked away.

Amanda stood in the hallway pacing nervously as I came out and she quickly picked me up and wrapped me in a hug. “How did it go?”

“I passed!” I told her with a smile.

The girl that had checked me in earlier blurted out, “You passed?!?” She blushed as we looked at her, “Sorry, it’s just that not many do… you must be really clever!”

“I am, thanks!”

“Well let’s go change the clever little girls diaper and then go out to celebrate,” Amanda said to me.

“Great, I’m starving!!!” I said as my stomach grumbled loudly.

She carried me off to a nearby bathroom and changed my diaper back to a normal Pamper. “So how did it really go?” she asked me.

“I made it with some high scores I think… none of the others taking the test made it though,” I told her sadly.

“Tell me about it when we get home…” she said.

“Okay,” I told her.

She sat me down on my feet again and I walked out of the building and the distance back to her car on my own. As she strapped me into the car seat, “I am so proud of you! I’m guessing you’re starving?”

“You have no idea…” I told her.

“Good, let’s go meet Daddy and Megan for food!” 

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Chapter 16: 

ONCE WE ARRIVED at our destination I instantly recognized it as 3lev4t3d, the restaurant I had been stuck with pureed food the week before. The Maître’D recognized Amanda and said, “Good afternoon, just you two beautiful ladies today?”

“No my husband and little sister are supposed to join us - have they arrived yet?”

“No ma’am, would you like to be seated while you wait?”

She bounced me up and down a little right then on her hip then and said, “Please.”

“Right this way then,” he said and took us to a round table close to the kitchen doors. A nice highchair was brought over for me but Amanda kept holding me in her lap while we waited. I remembered that the mush from the last time tasted good, but the texture was disgusting if I stopped to think about it. ‘If that mush is what I’m getting to eat for a celebratory meal, then I would rather have gone to McDonalds…’ I groused in my head. We were celebrating an adult milestone after all!

Fred and Megan came in not too much later, “Congratulations sweetie!” Megan cooed at me and gave me a hug. “I knew you could do it!”

I was passed over to Fred who said, “I know last night was terrible, but I’m glad it paid off!”

“Me too,” I told him.

As soon as I was set down into the highchair, bibbed, and the seatbelt was buckled the chef came back out and recognized Amanda, Fred, and I. “This seems oddly early for you to be dining with us?”

“We’re celebrating,” Amanda said with a smile.

“What’s the occasion?” He asked.

Amanda looked at me and nodded at me to go ahead, “I passed my CARE exam sir, and I’m allowed to study at the university.”

He looked at me in disbelief like that was scandalous, “You’re letting her go to school at the university? You mean the daycare, right?”

Amanda smiled at him, “No, she’ll be a regular college student… Sort of, she’ll be in protection of course.”

“Aren’t you worried about her getting hurt?”

“Of course I am, but we’ll make sure she’s safe. She’s quite brilliant and I want to nurture that rather than extinguish that.”

“I said before when you came that you have some unconventional ideas Madame, but I do remember this little girl is the first new diner who has impressed me with her maturity in a long time. I’ll be sure that she receives a meal befitting the occasion tonight,” he told me with a smile that seemed genuine.

“Thank you sir,” I told him politely.

The waiter came over about then and he told him, “Anton the little girl may order whatever she likes. Please mark it with PS so I know which meal is hers.”

“Yes Chef…” the guy stuttered a little nervously before looking at me like I had grown two extra heads or something.

“Enjoy your meals ladies,” he said, “sir,” and turned around to head back to the kitchen.

“Umm… we don’t have separate children’s menus?” He said looking alternatingly at Amanda and me.

“May I just have the Veal Parmigiana that you had last time?” I suggested to Amanda.

“That seems like a great plan!” she told me with a smile. “I’m going to have the Veal Saltimbocco tonight.”

“You Madame?” he asked Megan.

“The Lasagna please,” she said with a smile.


“Let’s do the Chicken Piccata tonight,” he said.

“Very good, we’ll have that right out!”

As we waited bread was once again brought for the table, and I settled in to only get to watch them eat it… but to my surprise a plate of cut up chunks was placed in front of me too! On another tiny dish the waiter placed a dribble of the seasoned olive oil dipping sauce. A couple with a little at a nearby table looked at me with shock in their eyes when they saw the plate. When the little’s head turned and I saw pure rage and jealousy on her face. I decided to ignore it though and carefully dipped a chunk of what had to be fresh made bread into the oil. It was delicious and I slowly savored all eight cubes I’d been provided with. Not eating much for nearly twenty-four hours definitely left me famished!

After a while our food came out from the kitchen. I noticed a bowl again and sighed, ‘I really had hoped to avoid pureed food with whatever a preschool meal is...’

The chef came out right then and said, “I hope you enjoy your meal little one,” and grabbed the bowl from the tray and presented it to me.

I realized then that it was actually a little larger bowl than last time - and much to my surprise was actually filled with sort of full-length noodles! I thought they were probably half the size of the normal meal, but that was fine to me! The veal was sliced up into thin chunks inside, but the way it was served it could have almost been considered whole at first glance. He presented me with a fork that was perfectly my size and said, “Buon Appetito.”

“Grazie,” I told him with a smile.

He smiled back and left me to the bowl of food. I took my first bite and closed my eyes in satisfaction! The veal was tender, perfectly breaded and cooked, and the sauce was to die for! I was pretty sure the noodles had been freshly made as well so that it easily ranked as one of the finest meals I’d ever had. Leftovers and pureed had left the meal tasty, but not like this! I now understood why Amanda and Fred liked this place!

The couple that had stared at me earlier was now glowering at me as I daintily ate the meal. It was as their food was delivered that the little girl truly became truly unpleasant. When she realized I had real food, while she was getting the pureed mush, it caused a meltdown for the poor girl! The next thing I knew a spoonful of that mush was flung against the floor not far from our table and the bowl had landed on the shoulder of the now shocked ‘mother’ of the little.

I sighed and wondered just what horror I was about to see. The chef came out and looked at the little and scowled, “And you littles wonder why you can’t be trusted with adult food…”

“How come she gets real food?” The little sobbed just before her diaper came down and she was spanked a couple dozen times. I truly felt bad for her! The loud smacks and her screams made me wince in sympathy.

As her diaper was pulled back up the chef answered her blubbering, “Because the first time she came in here she politely sat through her meal without complaint. I’ve never seen a better behaved little, so she gets to be treated like a big girl.”

“I’m so sorry about this,” the lady apologized.

“It’s fine, if you come in again though please just plan to only breastfeed your little girl. She’s obviously not mature enough to eat even a pureed littles meal.”

I gulped and kept carefully eating the tasty food from my bowl. I had made it my goal to eat the entire bowl without getting anything on my bib, clothes, hair, or face!

“So what were your scores?” Megan asked me.

“You never said earlier?” Amanda asked too.

“Am I allowed to talk in here?” I asked quietly.

“Yes you are,” the chef’s voice frightened me enough I felt some urine escape my bladder.

I turned and looked up at where he had appeared out of thin air behind me, “You behave maturely, not like bratty littles like that girl,” he said. “You may converse with your family without fear of any consequences. Just please don’t argue or shout,” he told me with a smile. “Do you like your food?”

“It’s amazing sir. Your sauce, noodles, the preparation of the veal… you have to be one of the finest chefs in the world!”

He beamed a smile at me and said, “Grazie,” before he walked back to the kitchen.

“Scores?” Megan reminded me.

“Oh… Let me see if I can remember them all…”

“How about the total?”

“I think it was around 1900?” I said.

Megan looked at me in shock, “You realize the average score is like 1,200 for admission, right?”

I shook my head, “I suspect it’s lower than that if you count all of the littles who don’t make it through the test?”

Megan looked at me and asked, “How many took the test today?”

“Four others,” I told her.

“How many made it?” Fred asked.

“You’re looking at her,” I told him sadly.

Megan gasped but I just kept eating; trying not to think about the fates of those poor people.

I had begun to slow down a little as I reached the bottom of my bowl… But, since I hadn’t eaten in nearly twenty-two hours I was still a bit hungry. As if he could sense my stomachs cries, the chef appeared with a small goblet that looked to have tiramisu in it. He sat it on my tray and said, “Please enjoy this with my compliments, congratulations on your test,” and disappeared quickly.

I looked at Amanda who looked surprised, “Not quite sure exactly what you did, but you definitely impressed him,” she said with a smile.

I used the tiny spoon that was in the goblet to eat about half of it before I couldn’t eat anymore. “Anyone want the rest?” I offered.

“I’ll take it,” Megan said with a smile.

She ate the rest and said, “This is delicious!”

“I know, right?” I told her with a smile.

“Everything was to your satisfaction tonight?” The chef reappeared one last time.

“Yes sir, it was amazing!” I said with a smile.

“Please come back soon!” He told us with a smile. Our check was taken care of by Fred quickly and we were soon walking back out to the car.

Out by the car Amanda told Megan, “We’ll see you next week maybe, we’re going to go out of town this weekend.”

“Where are you going?” Megan asked.

“Call me later and I’ll tell you, we figured we would make it a surprise for Stacy.”

I looked at her curiously and she shook her head, “You’ll find out when we get there!”

I sighed and leaned against her, “Spoilsport…”

She laughed and felt my damp diaper, “Well we need to get this one home and in a new diaper. I’ll call you later,” she told Megan.

“Okay Mandy,” she said as she hugged mostly her and a little bit of me, “Bye Stacy,” she told me.

With that I was latched into the car seat where I sat silently on the way home while reflecting on the day. ‘One impossible victory achieved!’ I thought to myself. I couldn’t feel genuinely happy about it though when I thought about the poor people who had totally lost their freedom today.

“Watcha thinking about?” Amanda asked as she undid my harness back home.

I sighed, “The people who were sentenced to being treated like who knows what…”

She picked me up and squeezed me into a hug, “What exactly happened?”

“The first boy didn’t even bother wearing any protection… He wet his pants early on in the test after I think he asked to leave to go to the bathroom? I wasn’t paying a lot of attention until the proctor started chewing him out!” I paused while she walked through the door into the kitchen, “Then these scary mechanical arms came from nowhere and grabbed him and took him off to the daycare,” I said sadly as she carried me over to the couch in the living room. She turned me towards her in her lap as she sat down. “The next girl was wearing a pullup at least, but she messed it… I was terrified though as the lady actually checked the back of my diaper first…” I shuddered at the fact that I no privacy here. “Once she checked and found me clean she moved to the girl. The poor girl tried to lie to her… but after that she said she’d make sure they knew she wasn’t even ready to be a toddler and taunted her that her teeth would be removed… poor girl is going to be like Chloes littles…” I felt a tear in my eye then.

“Oh my God…” Amanda said.

“The other two for some stupid reason trusted the bottles of water that the lady offered them. The boy at least had worn something for protection, but the girl was just in panties. They were carted off by those mechanical nannies quicker than you could believe… Poor people…”

She hugged me and rocked me in her arms for a few minutes, “But not you – it’s not your fault either.” She told me, “Don’t go feeling survivors guilt! The information and warnings are out there if they had looked for it and they could have prepared like you did.”


“What do you mean maybe?”

“Those test prep books I studied?”

“What about them?”

“They were all high on the shelves where no little could realistically read the titles or even get to them. How many littles do you actually think get them?”

I looked up at Amanda’s face and I think she realized the horrible answer to that, “Not many,” she said softly.

“So what now?” I asked after some moments of silence passed.

“Why don’t you email your real parents and let them know you survived the test. I’m sure they’re as worried sick about it as I was… Then maybe we can take a swim?”

I smiled at her, “Okay!”

She sat me down on the ground and I walked with her to the stairs wondering why she hadn’t just carried me. She looked down at me, “What are you waiting for?”

I began the awkward climb up the steps, almost like crawling, and realized for the first time I’d gone down them many times, but I didn’t think I’d had to climb up them once! When I made it to the top I looked down at the staircase feeling like I had climbed a mountain! Even with my seemingly new athletic abilities that I’d demonstrated against Chloe I still felt like that was tough!

“Good girl,” she told me with a smile. She’d hovered behind me the whole time making sure I didn’t fall backwards, but hadn’t offered a bit of help.

I blushed, “that’s harder than it should be…”

“Well you’re the size of a three-month old infant! They definitely don’t climb stairs!”

I nodded and walked to my bedroom… nursery and sat down on my small desk chair while she disappeared to their room. As I sat down I noticed she hadn’t changed my diaper yet, and it was definitely at capacity now! I sighed, but it didn’t take me long to login to my e-mail and I saw the copy of my score report. I glanced at it really quick and looked at the total composite score of 1,929 again. ‘Megan said the average score was 1,200?!?’ Maybe I won’t be in totally over my head the next few years…

I created a new message then to my parents, made my greeting and added some safe phrases before beginning,

I just wanted to let you know I did pass the test. I ended up with a score of 1,929, which is supposed to be an exceptional score for the test. The methods that Fred as a doctor took to keep me from possibly having messy pants in the test were fairly extreme, but given the other four littles in the test are now probably toothless, drooling babies, I have no complaints! It was a tough test, but I’m proud I passed!

Anyway Amanda mentioned swimming so I’m going to end this, but I just wanted to make sure you knew I passed and was still safe! I’ll write more later on.



I hit send and looked up at Amanda standing in her bikini. “Ready to swim?”


I lifted my arms up to her, but she didn’t take them. “Let’s see if we can’t start teaching you how to change your own diapers.”

I looked at her with a confused look, “What?”

“Well if you’re going to be a big college girl you need to be able to change yourself, right?”

For a second I looked for the second head she had to have sprouted but nodded, “Right?”

“Then here let’s teach you how to do this!”

She handed me a package of gigantic wipes, a swim diaper, and a changing mat. “Here you don’t really need the changing mat by yourself, but it’d be good for putting your wet diaper on in a moment, just stand on it.”

I nodded at her and laid it down before standing on it, “Okay, take it off?” I asked.

She nodded and I pulled my skirt off and set it out of the way before I undid the tapes from the diaper. It wasn’t as easy to pull them off as I would have thought, but I still managed with a little bit of effort. I gently held it and without being told rolled it up like Gabby had shown me with Elena’s diaper.

“Go ahead and use plenty of wipeys now,” she told me.

I wiped myself as clean as I’d felt anyone else do for me carefully. My fingers jolted a bit as the wipe touched my still new vagina, but I just kept cleaning until I felt like I was done. “Okay?” I said as I put the wipes I’d used on top of the diaper.

“With regular diapers the websites say there are a few ways you could put a new one on… But this is a swim diaper, so it’s the easiest since all you have to do is pull these up like big-girl panties. You don’t even have to worry about powder with it like you will a normal diaper.”

“Okay,” I told her.

“I’ve spent some time researching how free littles manage with normal diapers too, I’ll teach you that later today or tomorrow.” she told me, “I know you’ll need to do this on your own.”

She was right with the swim diaper it was just a matter of pulling it on. There I looked down and felt like it was probably a good fit, ‘I feel like a big kid now…’ I joked internally.

“How’d I do?” I asked her jokingly.

“Let’s see!” She said with a smile and she tickled my stomach as she picked me up and sat me on the changing table. She ran her finger along the waistband and said, “Good! Of course you didn’t really have to do anything with this one!”

I blushed, “Yay…” I told her.

She hugged me, “Don’t worry, I’ll still change most of your diapees!”

I blushed some more, “Thanks… I think.”

She handed me my swimsuit and I pulled off blouse and put the swimsuit on instead. I let her put my hair up in a swim cap and she carried me downstairs to the backyard. She sat me down on my feet outside as she opened up the gate.

I followed her to the waters edge and looked up at her, “Well jump in!” she said with a smile.

‘What in the world is going on?’ I asked myself. I was stunned that after a week and a half of being allowed to do nothing to care for myself, I now had the ability to do something as simple as jump into the pool! I stood at the edge and performed a fluid dive into the water and turned around to look at her smiling.

“You’re letting me just swim?” I asked.

“You’re capable, right?” She asked.

I nodded, “Yes… but…”

“I told you this weekend, last week was about acclimating you to this dimension, now for the rest of the week we need to get you ready to be a college kid!”

I just smiled at her and said, “Okay,” before turning and beginning to swim some laps.

I’d only made it about half of what I had done most of the time the past week before I became tired. ‘Probably still catching up my energy levels from the fasting,’ I admitted to myself. I noticed Fred was sitting in the water reading a book while Amanda looked to be catching some sun in a lounge chair. I swam towards Fred and flipped to float on my back. “Watcha reading?” I asked.

“Just some trashy crime novel,” he told me with a smile. “Tired of swimming already little fish?”

“I told you I’m a dolphin,” I smiled and stuck my tongue out at him. “It’s nice to just float,” I told him with a smile.

He read for a while longer while I floated on my back and let the sun shine on my skin. I heard a splash not far from me and opened my eyes in time to get a flood of water in them that I blinked out and struggled to right myself. Large arms encircled me though and it was obvious from the material of her bikini that Amanda had picked me up. “I heard it was time to go fishing!” she told me.

I looked up at her, “I was enjoying relaxing.”

“Uh-huh, and beginning to bake your front,” she said as she moved the strap of my swimsuit over to expose white skin versus tanner skin.

“Guess I’m getting an obvious girls tan, huh?”

“Well that makes sense since you’re a girl?” She said tentatively, “Are you really okay with that? I would have expected anyone else to panic and be depressed over that change.”

I sighed, “I hadn’t planned on becoming a girl, but compared to half of the things I’ve seen it seems minor. I guess I’m okay with it as much as anything as it’s not a mistake to call me that anymore… Used to get on my nerves growing up being put in girls PE classes because of my name, called a girl, called much worse things,” I shrugged, “It’s not like I had any grand plans that required me to be a guy.”

“Well, why don’t you get out of the water and sun your back with me?” she suggested.

I shrugged, “Okay.”

As we got out I noticed for the first time that between two large loungers a smaller pink one had been placed. I smiled at the thoughtfulness of it and walked over to it after she sat me down on my feet. I laid face down on it and felt her spray some sunscreen on me before deciding it was a good place to take a nap.

I wasn’t out too long though before Amanda scooped me up and said, “Come on little girl, let’s go take a quick shower.”

“Okay,” I told her with a smile.

She carried me upstairs straight to their bedroom and their bathroom where she started taking her bikini off. “Can you be a good girl and get undressed?”

I nodded and began pulling down the straps of my swimsuit. I noticed my shoulders were a bit red, but hopefully not too sunburned. When I had it down she said, “Go ahead and take off that diapee too. Pull the sides apart so it’s easier,” she told me.

I was kind of shocked that I’d been allowed to both put it on and take it off now! I ripped the sides off like she said and soon held it balled up, “where do you want me to throw it away?” I asked her.

“Hand it to me,” she said now having taken both pieces of her bikini off. I handed it to her and she threw it in a trashcan before turning to start the showerhead of a large walk-in shower she had.

When it was a safe temperature she opened the door and let me walk through carefully into the shower. The water came down like a warm rainstorm down where I stood and it was a nice feeling. She handed me a mini loofa with soap on it and I scrubbed my body while she did hers.

“Ready for your hair?” She asked me?

“Sure…” I said.

She handed me a palm full of shampoo and I closed my eyes and carefully lathered up all of my hair. I felt like I had gotten all of it lathered when she must have pulled the nozzle from the wall and began carefully rinsing out my hair for me. “There, I think we got all of the shampoo out, here’s some conditioner,” she said and gave me a palm full of it to work through my hair.

The shower was the most grown up thing I had experienced in a week, and I relished the ability to not feel like a newborn baby! Once the conditioner was all rinsed out she took care of her own hair while I stood soaking in the bits of the water that went by her. As she turned off the water I hugged her leg, “Thank you,” I told her.

“But of course Princess,” she told me. Apparently she had controlled her mothering instincts as long as she could because I was wrapped in a towel and sitting on the counter while she blow-dried my hair. I sat patiently with my fingers in my ears until she pronounced me done and carried me into my nursery – her hair still up in a towel. Instead of setting me on the changing table she handed me a pamper, a nightgown, and a travel size bottle of baby powder that was the size of a full bottle to me.

“Okay, let’s teach you how to put on your regular diapers…” she said. “Might be easiest to sit down with it on the changing pad to powder yourself. Littles say it is sometimes easier to tape it though standing up against a wall?”

I looked up at her quizzically and tried her directions. The swim diapers were really just pull-ups and very easy to handle, this would be trickier I realized. I opened the diaper up and laid it on the changing mat. I made sure to sit down with the front at the front of me and reached for the powder. I used a good bit and felt self-conscious the whole time of touching myself and knowing Amanda was watching me. I laid down on my back and got some on my butt with some gymnastics before sitting back up. I pulled one side to the front and had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to get it tight enough sitting. I ended up carefully standing and moving with my back to the dresser next to me to hold the diaper in place as I taped it. I was careful to keep the diaper’s front and back even so it looked even and pulled everything as snug as I could.

“Good girl! Let’s see how you did!” She said as she picked me up and sat me down on the changing table. She ran a finger along the waistband and the leg holes before saying, “Look at you, you did a great job!” She tickled my belly a little, “You’re going to put Mommy out of a job!”

“Thanks…” I said. A little disturbed that being able to put on my own diaper would be a milestone.

“Don’t give me that look, you need to be able to change yourself in-between classes if you need it.”

“Won’t every Amazon girl in my classes be checking me and wanting to change me themselves?”

“Yes, but if you’re smart you’ll refuse most of them unless you implicitly can trust them.”


“Do you really want a surprise enema?”

My eyes widened at that, “They’d…?” I shook my head, “Of course they would, but they’ll let me change myself?”

“You are a college student who has taken the mature approach to wearing protection – it’s in Emerson’s code of conduct. Plus if they know you’re already adopted, which I’m sure will get out; they won’t want to step on your mommy’s toes too much. You might have a mother like Chloe that wants her baby left in a messy diaper for some reason…”

“I hoped she was the only deranged lunatic…” I said before I could stop myself, “Sorry…”

She looked upset and blinked away a tear, “It’s true though.”

“I’m still sorry,” I told her.

She leaned over and gave me a hug, “It’s okay. Here I’m going to put you down on the ground, get your nightgown on and then why don’t you play on your computer or something for a bit while I go take care of myself.”

“Okay,” I told her and accepted her lift down to the floor.

I quickly pulled the nightgown over my head and noticed it had that elastic band at the bottom too that gathered at my ankles. The nightgown was nice in that it was pretty warm, but the pink color with little white bunny embroidered on the chest was almost cause for a diabetic coma. I followed her advice and got onto my computer and began exploring to see if I could perform some subterfuge with my IP address like I knew she had done for the practice tests. To my surprise the techniques were pretty similar to back home. I discovered some newer methods and tools were available here, but I was quickly able to learn some techniques that the hacker crowd considered to be nearly impossible to break through.

I was just testing it out when I realized I had an audience, Amanda was back. “Uh… hi,” I told her.

“Hi yourself,” she told me and said, “log out of it all,” she said.

I groaned but did so quickly and found myself in her arms while she sat in the glider. “So am I in trouble?” I asked.

She laughed, “No, you’re not in trouble, but you need to be careful…”

“I know, I promise I won’t use my knowledge to break into anything…”

“I actually am glad you know how to do that. It’ll keep us from having to worry about you doing things online and it getting back to us as easily. Just be very careful to wipe your footprints! I’ll give you a couple other tools tomorrow to put on your computer if you remind me.”

“Wait… you’re okay…?”

“I figure at some point you’re going to stumble onto some of the more liberal littles rights sites. I’d rather if you don’t get involved with them honestly, but if you do please make sure you can’t be traced back here. I’ve heard of littles being removed from parents when they’ve been tracked…”

I nodded, “I’m honestly not planning on getting involved in any protests… I just saw a couple old articles from the past few years and I have no desire to have my brain become mush like they did.” What I didn’t say was that I saw similar nano-technology had apparently been used on the supporting Amazons to turn them into littles too – that seemed a fate I would never want Amanda and Fred to go through!

She gave me a good squeeze,  “Good, neither do I,” she said.

“So what’s up for the rest of this week now that I passed the test?” I asked her.

“Well tomorrow I’ve got an appointment with a lady named Jenny Murtha in the morning for you. I gave her all of your measurements last week after your procedure so she could make university uniforms for you. She’s an incredible seamstress so I know they’ll look very fitted and that should help you out a bit with dealing with your classmates.”

“How’s that?”

“Well most littles will just walk into the University Bookstore and buy the closest sizes to them they can find. Most of them tend to be pretty baggy and it makes them look uncared for. Amazons just can’t stand to let littles not receive proper care…”

“Oh,” I said.

“So by having clothes that fit you perfectly like a model everyone will know you’re well taken care of – or at least not your average little.”

“What do I do if…”


“If some random Amazon tries to take me?”

She hugged me, “Tell them you want them to call your mommy.”

“If they don’t believe us?”

“Tell them to take you down to any hospital and read your chip. The second they try and adopt you anywhere else they have to try the chip reader and when they find you have parents already they’re required to remove you from their care and get in touch with me as soon as possible.”

“That sounds scary still…” I said.

“Well I’m not going to lie sweetie, lots of bad things could happen in that time. If something like that happens just be sweet and non-defiant so they don’t feel like they need to do anything to regress you.”

I just nodded at that, “After we get my clothes?”

“Well you’ll wear one of the uniforms to go meet with Doctor Butler, your advisor, to get your class schedule figured out.”

“I can’t just do it online?” I asked.

“Every little must do their schedule with their advisor, it’s a university policy that is set in immovable stone. Even freshmen Amazonians must do it that way next week though too, so don’t feel like it’s a big deal.”

“What is this guy like?” I asked.

“A condescending asshole,” she told me.

“What?” I said, startled by the venom in her voice.

“Sorry, it’s the truth. He’s the Dean of Computer Technology and a pain in the ass to deal with. I’m glad my department is with the engineering department so I don’t have to deal with him too regularly.”

“Fun…” I sighed, “what do I need to do there?”

We spent the better part of an hour cuddled up on the glider talking before Fred came in and said, “You two want to come down and have a snack?”

“Oh, what are we having?” Amanda asked.

“I made some sliders?”

“Okay,” Amanda said, “how’s that sound to you Princess?” She asked me.

“So sliders… meaning a normal burger for me, I can live with that! Just keep it plain though…”

“No cheese?”

“Well of course cheese is good… ketchup too… but hold everything else.”

“What is your problem with veggies young lady?” Amanda asked as she stood up with me on her hip.

“I don’t know… I just never have liked them.”

“We’re going to get you over your aversion to them before you graduate college. Proper young ladies eat salads to watch their figure,” she told me with a smile and a kiss to my forehead.

“Not tonight please?” I asked.

“Hmm… maybe I can get Cassie to bring by some of that little food…”

My mouth opened like a fish and she said, “Just kidding sweetheart, no way in hell I’m feeding you that slop.”

I sighed and hugged her tight. “I don’t know how Neville eats that without throwing it up immediately?”

“I don’t know either,” Fred said at the bottom of the stairs. “Seriously, why in the world would you combine pickled eggs and durian fruit? Two of the worst smelling things on the planet!”

Amanda squeezed me, “Maybe he had been fussy?”

“I’d be fussy too if I had to eat that,” Fred said. “The jar wasn’t any better the day before… and then she forced Klara to eat that one! I mean Amanda, I’m not trying to pick a fight here, but your sisters both seem to be getting worse and more out of control each time we’ve seen them this year.”

She nodded, “I don’t know what happened to them both… but I think Chloe started it all. Cassie has just always looked up to her so much I think she feels like she has to keep up.”

I watched from my highchair as Fred finished cooking some burgers on the grill that was built in on the range. Well, sliders for them… He presented me with what was the perfect size cheeseburger a few minutes later. The bun had a glossy sheen to it and felt warm and fresh! Some ketchup had been spread onto the burger and I didn’t wait for them to even think about bibbing me I took a bite.

“Oh my God, this is perfect!!!!” I said aloud.

“See I can cook something,” Fred told Amanda.

“One thing… but I agree,” she said as she took her own bite, “these are really good.”

It was intimidating to watch her eat in two or three bites what was an entire hamburger to me, but I relished the adult taste of a burger. I finished it off and couldn’t help but wish for some fries. “Still hungry?” He asked in surprise.

“Just needs some fries or something…” I admitted.

Amanda laughed, “I said one thing… that’s basically it. Hold on a second and I’ll see if I can figure out something else. Unless you just want another slider?”

I thought for a second, “Just another slider will work. No need to go cook something else for me.”

“You are way too polite,” she told me with a smile. “Chef, your Princess needs another slider… I’ll take two more myself.”

“Gah, no one told me that I was going to be a slave when I had another girl come live in the house…” he grumbled as he stood up. We both had our second order a few moments later with a smile and a kiss to both of our foreheads as he delivered them. “Your wish will always be my command my ladies.”

That earned a giggle from both of us.

After the late dinner/snack Amanda, Fred, and I sat down and watched some TV before I was carried up to the nursery. I realized something then, “You haven’t nursed me today?”

“Fred and I think it might be more trouble than its’ worth Stacy. You and I both know your continence has sort of returned today without it, if we do that all the time… well it may just very well end up costing you your adulthood.”

I leaned in to hug her, “But isn’t it painful for you to keep it?”

“I’ve pumped a few times today,” she told me, “I can always give it to Chloe to try and keep her from starving her little girls.”

I thought for a second and shook my head and whined, “But what about your own little girl?”

“You sound like an addict Stacy… That’s why I don’t really want to feed you any more of my milk.”

 ‘Why does this upset me so much?’ I asked myself as I realized I was pouting.

“Why are you frowning? Shouldn’t you be happier knowing you’re safer?”

I sighed and looked at her from the changing table she sat me down on. “Maybe?”

“Look, did you even realize that your diaper is still dry?” She asked me.

I did for the first time realize that my diaper was dry and I needed to go pee. I must have looked shocked, “No I didn’t…” I paused and let it go into the diaper a little awkwardly since Amanda was watching me.

“So you can see why?”

“Okay, how about this… I honestly actually kind of appreciate not knowing I’m peeing… We both know training potties aren’t likely in my future anymore, and there’s no chance that a regular toilet is.”

She nodded.

“How about just at night before bed?” I asked. “You can save the rest for Chloe’s girls… but that should probably be enough that I can not have to worry about waking up needing to go every night too.”

Fred came in just then, “I told you…”

Amanda sighed, “Okay Stacy, night time only now is all we’re going to do – that won’t change to more no matter what! If I think it’s still affecting you too much we’re cutting that out too.”

“Why the sudden concern?” I asked.

“Since Sunday I realized that Fred is right - there is a line I don’t want to cross with you, otherwise we need to just take you to an etiquette center and make you like Neville … And I refuse to do that! I want you to be you, the smart adorable girl who is going to finish college… If I don’t have you do stuff on your own there’s going to be a slip-up somewhere that’s going to keep you from succeeding here. I’m sure of it.”

“And more than anything else,” she said after a pause, “I cannot allow myself to become what Chloe and Cassie are…”

I hugged her, “You won’t become that - I know that!”

“You agree with this Fred?” She asked him.

“It should be okay. Bedtime allows a long time for the chemicals in your milk to process and go through her. She should be fine by the time she goes to classes.”

“Okay then,” she said and seemed to be relieved as she presented me with her breast and I was relieved that she had.

‘Maybe I really am an addict,’ I thought to myself as my stress and cares seemed to abate as I thirstily nursed on her nipple.

‘I’m okay with that,’ I added when I was laid down in my crib a while later.



Chapter 17: 

THE NEXT MORNING I woke up to Amanda picking me up, “Come on baby, let’s get you ready for today!”

I yawned and leaned against her, “I hate waking up…”

She laughed, “Don’t we all!”

She lay me down on the changing table and pulled the nightgown up to see a very soaked diaper. “Hmm… I’m surprised this held out last night. But, we need to make sure you’re getting enough to drink.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked sleepily.

“It’s a really yellow diaper sweetheart.”

I thought for a second before nodding, “Yeah you’re right, I didn’t drink a lot yesterday…”

She changed me quickly into a new pamper before bringing a cute sundress over to pull over my head. “I’d sure like you to help me a little bit here sweetie,” she told me with a smile as she said, “arms up.”

I sleepily put my arms up and apologized, “sorry, I think yesterday just drained me really badly. It was a long stressful day.”

“Yes it was,” she agreed with me as she worked the dress down over my chest and fussed with it for a moment. “We’ll do your hair after breakfast,” she told me with a smile.

I put my hand up to my long hair and was grateful she must have braided it into a light sleep braid when she put me down. Her breast milk was like the best sleeping pill known to mankind! Back home I would take hours to fall asleep, the idea that I could do it before even getting put down in the crib sort of amazed me. I blushed as I thought about the fact I had all but begged to at least get one hit of it a day!

Thankfully for me Amanda seemed to accept my lack of interaction with her in the mornings as normal and didn’t push interaction. She strapped me into the highchair and brought over another me-sized mug of coffee. I looked at her questioningly and she responded, “Only at night sweetheart, so I guess that means I’ll just give you your morning coffee like I take it.”

I nodded and sipped at the black liquid, letting its flavorful taste work its magic to wake me up! I was excited to see she gave me a plateful of French Toast! Of course it was pre-cut for me… I daintily ate it with the offered fork since she had been kind enough to skip the bib again. Other than being strapped into the high chair, and the big meal, this could have been a normal breakfast back home! Fred stopped by dressed in a set of scrubs and kissed me on the head before saying, “I’ll be late tonight, I have a pretty complex surgery scheduled this afternoon. Our team will probably be at it for at least six-hours. See you late tonight,” he told us both with a smile.

“Bye,” I told him.

I finished breakfast, then sat patiently and watched Amanda finish hers. After she took both of our plates to the sink she grabbed a hairbrush and began working on my hair while I sat in the highchair. “I should have worked on your hair like this before… It’s way easier to reach you!”

“Umm… Is there a chance maybe we could get me a haircut before next week?”

“We are not cutting off your hair,” she said looking at me sternly.

“No, I don’t want it cut off – trust me it took me a long time to grow it out - I’m just thinking there has to be a style that would seem to make me look appropriately mature, but not too mature for a little going to school?”

She mulled that over as she tied a ribbon into my hair. “You’re right, we should do that. Why don’t you go to the living room and take care of finishing that diaper off and I’ll pump and make an appointment for your hair?”

I nodded, “Okay.”

She unbuckled me, hugged me, and sat me down with a slight tap to the back of my diaper to remind me what she expected me to do. I sighed as I went to the living room and went to the other side of my playpen that was setup. I squatted and tried for a few minutes, but all I could get out was a little more pee. When she came to get me a while later she said, “You don’t smell like you went?”

I sighed as she picked me up, “I think it may take me a day or two to need to after Monday?”

She nodded, “You’ll have through tomorrow, if you haven’t gone by tomorrow night we’ll need to help you make sure you’re not constipated.”

“Great…” I muttered.

My wet diaper was changed quickly into a dry pamper and she gathered everything up for another trip out. Once I was buckled into the seat I asked, “So school clothes first, right?”

“Yep, we’ve got to make sure you’re in a proper uniform before you meet the Dean.”

I sat quietly and blushed as I wondered what exactly the girl’s uniform requirements were. Of course before coming here I’d researched as much as I could about the way littles were treated. There were only a few brief chances I had to get onto the website to look at uniforms, and I honestly hadn’t paid a ton of attention to the girls. I knew as a boy it would have been basically khakis, a button down shirt, a tie, and a blazer. The girls from what I had seen had a few options that were allowed through the year. I never looked closely, but I remember thinking it was a dress code that seemed straight from a British private school rather than an American school. Here in this new dimension it was apparent that the British influence was more prevalent for uniforms.

‘Might just have to do with the fact that it looks cute and works to get someone feeling powerless,’ I admitted to myself.

The car came to a stop after about fifteen minutes, and Amanda came around for me. She helped me out of the car seat and sat me down on my own feet while extending her hand out to me. I took it and let her lead me inside a store labeled, “Jenny’s School Fashions.”

“Mandy!!!!” a voice screeched at our entry.

“Hi Jenny!” Amanda said letting go of my hand and hugging a lady that looked to be a tall inbetweener.

“How are you doing? It’s been so long since we’ve gotten together. I couldn’t believe when you called me last week!”

“Sorry about that Jenny, it really is hard to get outside of the lab most of the time. You know how obsessed I got around computers in high school…”

“Boy do I ever! Nerdiest girl ever!” She said and looked down at me for the first time, “when you called saying you needed to get clothes for a little I thought you were joking! But when you gave me her dimensions I thought you had to be really messing with me, no way could a ‘little’ be that little! I guess you weren’t making it up though!” She smiled at me.

“You still made…?”

“Oh yes, I still made them. I figured it was for a doll or some sort of new robot. Hi, I’m Jenny,” she said extending her bigger hand towards me.”

“Hi, I’m Stacy,” I said accepting the hand. She was smaller than Megan, but with my tiny size she might as well have been another gigantic Amazon.

“This crazy lady adopted you?” She asked incredulously.

I looked up at Amanda who nodded at me, “Sort of… I’m an exchange student from the other dimension. Amanda and Fred took me in as kind of a foster child I guess.”

“Well didn’t you hit the jackpot? Both of you really!” She said with a smile. “But enough of that you probably have other places to go today too?”

“Yes, she’s supposed to meet with her dean this morning for registration.”

“Well come on back here sweetie,” she told me with a smile and led me to the back of her shop where she dug around on some racks for a moment.

She pulled out a number of plastic covered garments and set them on an empty rack before turning back around towards me. “Emerson has some rather odd uniform requirements for the little girls that attend. Really the boys uniforms aren’t that far away from business suits, but the girls are very old school! You have three options depending on the time of the year. For the entire year you may wear these green jumper dresses, a white blouse, knee high socks or tights, and black Mary Janes or Plimsolls.”

The green jumper was a dark forest green color and appeared to have a pleated skirt. It was clear that you needed a blouse to help make it appropriate with the round opening. It looked like something you would expect out of a British movie. The jumper itself looked to have a little bow accent detail on the left side of it and I had to admit I would probably look cute in it.

“That’s not too terrible,” I said.

“No, there are much worse sets of uniforms required by some of the schools out there,” she told me. “Some of the outfits for the littles in elementary schools in this area are just ridiculous… The university says that if the temperatures are below freezing for the highs you may switch out the jumper for a pair of these green pants,” she pointed them out. Somehow they didn’t inspire much liking from me even though it was the most masculine bit of clothing I’d been near since I arrived! I thought the elastic waist especially made them seem more babyish than the jumper dress…

“Yuck…” I heard Amanda say.

“I’m not a huge fan myself. For littles the university of course insists that the pants have snap crotches for easy checking and changing, so these have the snaps all the way around the legs,” she said as she pointed them out.

I felt my face turn a bit red, but I knew I really needed to get over myself there. I sighed, “You said there’s a third option?”

“Yes, before September Thirtieth, and after April First of each year you may also choose to wear these gingham summer dresses,” she said as she held up a very juvenile pale green checked dress with a white peter pan collar. It was almost nauseating to look at, but I had to admit I’d rather wear it than the pants.

“Those are adorable!” Amanda squealed, “I always love it when I see the littles wearing those on campus!”

For my part I looked up at her and said, “Really?”

Jenny laughed, “Yeah, I’m not going to lie – you wouldn’t catch me dead in one. But it at least gives you another option.”

I sighed, “I guess it does. I’m assuming I have to play dress-up doll now?”

Jenny laughed, “She’s perfect for you Mandy!”

“Don’t I know it,” Amanda said as she leaned down and tickled me for a moment. “You have a changing room somewhere?”

“We’re in it,” she said, “don’t worry, I’m closed for your appointment.”

I sighed and participated in the longest clothing try on session of my life! There were six sets of everything to get me through the days that Jenny insisted that I had to check the fit on each. I pulled the first blouse on over my head and began buttoning it. The buttons were on the opposite side that I was used to so it took a moment to adjust my finger motions for it.

I had just finished buttoning the buttons, when Amanda said, “Arms up!” and pulled down the green jumper over the top. “It fits perfectly!” Amanda said with a smile, “You look adorable!”

A large mirror stood before me and I had to admit she was right there. It hugged my body as if it had been tailored just for me - which I guess it had. Jenny checked the outfit carefully, but didn’t feel like anything needed any alterations. The skirt fell just below the knees so that you could see just a little bit of skin between my socks and the skirt. The blouses themselves fitted well to my torso and had cute puffy sleeves that ended just below my shoulder. I couldn’t help but think there was more danger of me being accused of skipping out of my elementary school in these outfits than being thought a college student!

I tried on all six sets before trying the pants on. Those weren’t nearly as form fitting as they had the elastic for the waistband like a pair of toddlers’ back home. The now damp diaper I was wearing was poufy and showed out the back of the pants; making it obvious I was diapered. At least with the jumper you couldn’t tell if I was wet or not.

Next came the gingham dresses and I couldn’t help but feel like I was a doll when Amanda played with the skirt getting it to sit just right. “You look so adorable in this!” She told me.

I sighed, “Yes, I know I do. What’s to stop someone from thinking I should be in the local elementary school instead of college?”

“Oh, didn’t you notice the little monograms on the sleeves of the blouses?” Jenny said with a smile. I looked questioningly as she showed me one of the blouses. As I examined it closer I could see ‘E.U.’ embroidered in flowery cursive on each sleeve. “Also now that you’ve made sure the jumpers fit I’ll put the Emerson University shield on each of these real quick with this rapid embroiderer.”

Amanda picked me up and held me to watch as Jenny put the first jumper in a hoop and lined up a laser sight on the spot of the jumper she wanted to use. I had watched a regular embroidery machine before, but hers was basically instantaneous! From the time she pressed start until it dinged was about three seconds. The Emerson University shield sat on the left chest area and said ‘Emerson University’ above it and ‘Stacy’ below it. “Wow,” I said aloud.

Jenny giggled, “How have you not seen one of these before?”

“I’m not exactly from around here,” I reminded her.

“I use this machine for all of the mothers of the kids in daycares and preschools too. There’s actually a microchip that gets placed in the stitching that can be scanned by the automated nurseries and attendance systems.”

“This has me labeled as a college student… right?” I asked nervously.

“Yes ma’am!” she said to me with a smile and I watched her feed the other jumpers and the gingham dresses through the machine.

“What about if I wear the pants?” I asked.

“Oh, I didn’t show you the blazer, did I?” She said, “Let me find it…”

A moment later I looked at the blazer thinking it would have looked right at home on Hermione in Harry Potter. It was tried on quickly before being embroidered too.

“Let’s get you changed back into the jumper for your meeting,” Amanda said after she paid for everything.

“I could use a diaper change while you’re at it too,” I said quietly to her.

“Jenny, may we use your bathroom really quickly?”

“Yeah, probably a good idea to change that wet diapee, huh?” She said with a smile and I blushed. “Go ahead, there’s a counter in there for it.”

“Thanks,” she said and walked back there with me.

Quickly I was changed into the new diaper, the blouse, jumper, knee high socks, and the shiny Mary Janes. Before we got in the car Amanda said, “I have to send a picture of you to Daddy and Megan!” She brought her phone out and took a quick picture before looking at the time and saying, “We’d better get a move on, Doctor Butler won’t appreciate you being late…”

She practically shoved me into the car seat and strapped me in before hurriedly going to her side of the car. Thankfully we weren’t too far from the university, and after she parked she carried me most of the way to where the Dean had his offices in the Undergraduate Student Office. She sat me down and straightened my jumper, “I’ll wait for you out here so the Dean doesn’t necessarily immediately hate you because of me.”

“What?!?” I said in a hushed annoyed voice.

“Just go up to the secretary and let her know you’re here for your appointment. You’re still fifteen minutes early.”

I sighed, “Okay.”

She gave me a pat to my backside and handed me my backpack, “This has your ID and some other information you need with you still in the front pocket. I also put a copy of your CARE scores in there if you need them.”

“Thanks,” I told her. “Hopefully see you soon…”

I walked to the doors of the office and was grateful they were automatic and I was able to go towards the secretary who sat at a high counter. She looked down at me and said, “Oh my God! You are so adorable!!!”

“Thank you,” I said politely, “I’m Stacy Westerfield, I’m supposed to meet with Doctor Butler about my schedule?”

“You’re… a… that can’t be right. How is…?” She stuttered.

“Please check his appointment book?” I suggested politely, all while seeing a clear case of baby fever in her eyes.

She forced herself to look down and seemed dismayed that I was indeed scheduled to see the Dean. “I see you here… you’re a little bit early. If you’ll just wait out here in the lobby he’ll be out to see you shortly.”

I smiled, “Thank you ma’am.”

I walked over to the chairs and thought about climbing up them, but instead just leaned against one and absentmindedly looked through the bag. Amanda had packed two extra diapers, a package of wipes, a sealed bottle of water, and a few other odds and ends like pens and pencils she must have gotten from my old backpack since they seemed the right size for me. I zipped it back up and threw it over my right shoulder when I heard a deep voice call, “Stacy Westerfield?”

I looked and saw an older gentleman with a salt and pepper beard in a crisp suit, “Yes sir,” I said.

He looked at me with a surprised look before saying, “I’m Doctor Butler, the Dean for the Computing Technologies department. Let’s see what’s going on with you and classes,” he said. He motioned down a hallway and I walked with him to a large door that he opened and found a very well appointed office with wood furnishings. He looked at me awkwardly for a moment before asking, “Do you have protection on?”

“What…?” I said not certain what he meant for a second before answering, “Oh that… yes I do.”

“Just wanted to make sure before I let you sit on my furniture, it is rather expensive I’m afraid.” He picked me up under my arms awkwardly and dropped me into a large seat that practically swallowed me, before he went to the other side of the desk that I could barely see the top of. “Okay, so tell me about yourself…”

“Well I’m Stacy Westerfield, I’m eighteen years old and from the other dimension.”

“Were you this small there?”

I shook my head, “No, I was about six-feet tall there. Not sure why I shrank…”

“And why come here? You must know as a little you’re… well you’re in a little precarious position…” He chortled at his own joke there.

“The computing technologies here in this dimension are at least a decade ahead of my own. I figure if I can come here and learn everything I can and take it back I’ll be able to do very well for myself back home.”

“Fair enough,” he said skeptically. “You took your CAREs?”

“You should have a copy?” I asked.

“Let’s see…” He said before turning his head to the left and his computer and began typing quite rapidly. “Hmm… These are impressive… if you had taken these anywhere but our own testing center I would be certain you had cheated. These scores are through the roof from what our average littles here score.”

“Thanks,” I said.

He looked at me skeptically, “Okay, what’s your background in coding languages?”

For the next half-hour he actually picked my brain and had a much more in-depth conversation than I think either of us expected. He sighed at the end, “This is all a waste of time, you’ll be adopted on the first day of school probably and it won’t matter what I schedule you into.”

“I’m already legally adopted,” I told him after thinking about it for a second.

“Wait… what?”

“I’ve been adopted by a host family, it’s all legal. They’re exercising their parental right to have me attend whatever schooling they feel appropriate.”

He looked at me like I was crazy before digging a bit more into my file on the screen and saying; “Well I’ll be damned, Doctor Westerfield you sure as Hell don’t disappoint with crazy ideas…”

I nervously sat there while he looked at me like I had two extra heads, “So may I sign up for classes?”

He laughed, “You must have found the only Amazon in the world who would go along with a crazy idea like this. I’m curious to see if this works out for both of your or not… You’re right she’s chosen for you to attend here so I don’t have to worry about you being adopted the first day – but you should plan on a dozen or more attempts to do so before lunch!”

I nodded, “I’m expecting it’ll happen.”

“Well since you seem to be smart enough, and I shouldn’t have to worry about you instantly disappearing, let’s get you signed up for your classes… Keep in mind you may have to change some options after you take the placement tests next week…”

In the end I walked out with a copy of my schedule of seventeen credit hours.


MWF 8am-9am: Math 125 Calculus – 3 Credit Hours

MWF 9:15am-10:15am: EECS 115 Introduction to Computer Programming – 3 Credit Hours

MWF 11am-12pm: ENGL 140 Technical Writing – 3 Credit Hours

MWF 3:30pm-4:30pm: CHEM 115 Principles of Chemistry – 3 Credit Hours

TR 9:30am-11:00am: HIST 134 History of Amazonian Civilization – 3 Credit Hours

TR 1:00pm-2:00pm: Freshman Little’s Seminar – 1 Credit Hour


He had told me I needed to figure out a PE credit soon too. I asked if I could do an off campus study in Tae Kwon Do to count and he said he would look into that for me. He also been given my schedule for orientation events the next week. In the end I was fairly happy with the meeting as I walked out to where I could see Amanda sitting at a bench waiting patiently for me.

“Well aren’t you just cute as a button?” A sweet girls voice said above me, making me cringe.

I turned to see a college student with a too short shirt and skirt that from my position I could see way too much looking down on me. “Umm… thanks,” I told her.

I began turning, “We can’t have a cutie like you walking around unescorted. Obviously you must need a mommy…”

I dodged the hand that she reached towards me and said, “I’m actually already adopted and that’s my Mommy over there,” I said pointing towards Amanda who had stood up. Her height was certainly above that of the baby-crazed girl and I saw her look in shock at me.

“She’s telling you the truth,” Amanda said as she came over and joined me.

“But she’s wearing a university uniform.”

“Yes she is, as well as protection. You’d have no reason to even try and adopt her even if she was still free, huh? The code of conduct for the university?” Amanda said.

The girl stuttered and apology and turned and ran. “How many times a day am I going to get that?” I asked her.

“A lot…” Amanda said with a smile and extended her hand to me. “How about some lunch at the Union and then we’ll go shop for some more school supplies. I trust Doctor Butler got you setup with classes?”

“Begrudgingly,” I told her. “Actually I don’t think he minded the idea of me taking classes so much as he thought there was less than a zero percent chance of me making it through one day unadopted… Basically meaning he didn’t want to waste his time.”

She laughed, “Well I can see his point there, if you weren’t already, you would have just been adopted by that kid…”

“She can’t even dress herself appropriately, how could she take care of a little?” I asked her.

Amanda laughed at that as we walked away. We went what seemed fairly far to my legs, but couldn’t have been more than a half-mile to the student union. It was a beautiful old building that opened up into a food court with multiple restaurants inside. We passed several other littles who must have arrived early, or stayed over from the summer term. Most of the girls seemed to be dressed in the summer uniform, but a few wore the same more formal uniform as I had on. I noted that the uniforms seemed baggy on most of them and wondered if they knew it was a glowing welcome sign for bigs?

I noticed that they looked at Amanda and me with more than a little bit of terror in their eyes. Once we had ordered our food and dropped the trays off on the table I stood beside it while Amanda went to find a booster seat for me.

One of the littles came up to me nervously, “Hanging around someone like her isn’t good for you girl, you’ve got to run while her back is turned!”

I smiled at her, “I’m already adopted by her, so running isn’t something I’ll be doing.”

“But you’re in a university uniform?” The girl said in shock.

“She’s letting me attend university still,” I told her with a smile. “Hi, I’m Stacy,” I told her.

“Umm… I’m Sarah,” she said nervously. I looked up at Sarah and took in her appearance in the regular school uniform. Hers hung baggily from her frame, but something about her stance and eyes said she had a powerful will to stay free. She stood about a foot taller than me, but that still made her tiny by Amazon standards. Brown hair hung loosely around her face, just brushing the top of her shoulders.

“So what are you majoring in?” I nervously asked first free little I’d met since I’d arrived.

“Chemistry, I’m going to be a junior this year,” she told me. She looked around nervously, “you?”

“Computer Science,” I told her just as Amanda returned.

“Oh, did you make a friend Stacy?”

“Maybe if you don’t terrorize her too much,” I told her with a smile.

Sarah looked at me with terror evident her eyes! I guessed she was worried I was going to have the living daylights spanked out of me, or that she was in danger of being swept up right there to join the family. Amanda laughed at that look, “Sarah, you are safe – as safe as Stacy is. I’m not going to adopt you because you’re within arms reach. Stacy is a special case and more of an exchange student. Why don’t you join us for lunch?” She suggested. I watched as she looked over at a group of other littles with horrified expressions on their faces.

“Umm… I think my friends are waiting. I hope you are telling the truth…” she said to Amanda, she looked back at me, “If you really are a full time student we’ll have to get together sometime and do something?”

“I’d like that,” I told her. “I just found out my university e-mail is swesterfield if you want to email me.”

“Umm… okay,” she said nervously running back to her friends. Amanda helped me into the booster seat and I watched as the group of littles nervously looked back at us multiple times.

I just sighed, “Am I like a leper since you’ve adopted me?”

“Some may see you like that,” Amanda said honestly.


“Others though may actually become a bit envious. You’ve got a protector that’s allowing you to go to college still – most of them would kill for that.”

I nodded at that as I picked small bites carefully out of the miniature cheesesteak sandwich I had gotten.

“I know, I’m just worried that I won’t have any friends?” I said softly.

She laughed at me, “Stacy, if I know anything about you after having you living with us this past week and a half I know this – you will have many friends both Little AND Amazon I’m guessing.”

“Why do you think anyone would want to be friends with me?” I asked her honestly. “It looked like hanging out with me made them think they were on a one-way trip to the nursery themselves.”

“Well aren’t they already?” she asked me honestly. “Sure they made it past their CARE test to get here - and they look to not be freshmen, so they’re probably at least on their second or third year of avoiding adoptions - but don’t kid yourself… Out of those ten littles over there at least nine of them will be adopted and messing their diapers within the next two years.”

I nodded, “And that’s just depressing,” I told her, “because they won’t find themselves a family like I have. They’re more likely to find a Chloe and have their brains turned to mush.”

Amanda smiled at me, “Well at least you’re safe,” she reminded me, “we can’t save the entire world…”

I nodded at that.

“So I have a schedule, and I know I have different orientation events to go to next week… but what else is up today?”

“Well we need to go to a store and pick up some things for you to have just in case something happens, and I want to go to a small supply store I heard about that sells little sized school and office supplies.”

“Sounds interesting.”

“Well if you’re done with lunch why don’t we find a bathroom to change you and we’ll get going?”

I looked over at the table of littles who occasionally still glanced at me and sighed, “Can we do that wherever we’re going?”

She laughed at me, “It’s either in the bathroom here or in the car?”

“Car,” I told her.

She looked surprised, but said, “Okay then, let’s go!”

She picked me up out of the booster seat and sat me on the ground. She then helped me put my backpack straps over my shoulder. I didn’t feel like an adult, but at least I did feel like more of one than the poor little we passed on the way back to the car. He wore a onesie and was being being led with one of those backpack leashes in the shape of a monkey. I sighed knowing that it was quite possible that would be in my future on a non-school occasion!

I walked back alongside her to the car where she opened the back of the vehicle up and promptly picked me up and laid me back on the floor. Mercifully the diaper change was quick and the parking lot remained empty during it! “You really didn’t want those other littles to see me changing your diaper, did you?” She said as she buckled me into my seat.

“Well… not really. I feel like it’s kind of like when you’re a little kid and you want to hang out with the big kids…”

She laughed, “I’ll indulge you every now and then, but remember you are an adopted little. That means I’m expected to embarrass you and change your diapee in front of your friends from time to time.”

I blushed and said, “Sorry…”

She kissed me on the forehead, “It’s okay Stacy, I think it’s pretty natural. You’re going to have a tough time fitting in at school – you do have to understand that.”

I sighed as she closed the door and got in to drive us wherever we were off to. I looked in the mirror and out the window as she drove hoping that moments like today would stop seeming like a big deal. When she stopped the car I was surprised to see we were in front of an electronics store that reminded me of a Fry’s. The storefront read Motherboards, and I simultaneously wondered if ‘Mother’ meant it had baby stuff too… Amanda unbuckled me and then held my hand as we walked towards the store. I was shocked as she skipped the carts and walked straight to what reminded me of a standalone cell phone store just inside.

“Good afternoon Ma’am, how may I help you?” A polite older gentleman asked. He was shorter and looked to be eight-and-a-half feet tall with graying hair.

Amanda picked me up and sat me on top of the glass countertop. “My eighteen year-old daughter is going to college next week and I want her to have a new cell phone for me to call her, her to look up homework stuff, and I guess probably text her friends with. I want to surprise her with it at her party this weekend.”

“I’m sure she’ll love that gift!” The man said, “Anything in particular you’re looking for?”

“Well she’s got a thing for wanting ridiculously tiny phones for some reason… What do you have in the compact sizes?”

“I’ve got just the thing for you! The Melon Corporation just put out this new CZ3 phone. It’s a tiny 4.6” screen that also seems to be popular for littles. It’s kind of tough for a bigger hand to text on, but the voice recognition software is so solid you don’t really need it. You can also get the optional earpiece that taps into cognitive waves to do neuro-to-text to get even more accurate.”

“Well I’m not interested in the earpiece today, but show this phone to me.”

The man assumed I was the baby sister of the girl and didn’t matter at all, but Amanda was kind enough to hold the phone up for me to see. It looked something like an ultrathin iPhone with a modernized flexible display that bent all the way around if you wanted it to. It was more like a small phablet for my hands, but I couldn’t see doing any better. Its specs handily beat my phone from back home!

“I like it, I’ll take it!” She said.

“Great, is there anything else I can help you with today?”

“Well maybe…” she held my wrist up, “I’d like to get my daughter a wrist phone that can call me or I can locate her on…”

“Oh, little protection? That’s over there on aisle seventeen. There’s a bunch of models to choose from there!”

“Thanks! Do I need to pay for the phone here, or can I take it with me and pay up front?”

“Well it might be best to go find your little protection item over there and then we can setup the plans at the same time?”

“Sounds good,” she said as she picked me up by the armpits and sat me on the ground, “we’ll be back!”

Amanda grabbed my hand and held it as she led me around the store. The position really was awkward for both of us and I wasn’t sure why she didn’t just pick me up and carry me in the end. A part of me did appreciate her treating me a little more maturely even as my arm ached from the position…

We approached aisle seventeen and I instantly froze as I looked down an aisle that looked like something from a high-tech torture store!

Immediately my eyes focused on signs advertising, ‘Shock collars for little control,’ ‘Sound isolating earbuds – garble language recognition to condition your little to simple baby words only,’ and the horrifying list went on, and on, and on. I found myself gripping Amanda’s hand tighter and she actually instinctively picked me up and settled me on her hip, “It’s okay baby…”

I found myself shaking as we walked down an aisle of things I could only have imagined in my nightmares. ‘Special punishment’ tools were organized in a section complete with items that I was sure Chloe probably used on her littles for ‘release’ and punishment… I wanted to throw up at the sight of most of the items.

An employee in a bright orange polo spotted us and waved, “Can I help you Ma’am?”

“Umm… I hope so. I’m looking for a tracking device for my little girl here.”

“Oh, well have you seen our collars?” He said motioning towards the side, “This latest model is GPS sensitive to punish her if she leaves an area she’s supposed to be in. It can also put her to sleep by limiting air intake if you need to put her down to nap for a while…” I looked at a pink collar that looked to belong on a dog that was covered in lace on the edges. “Or we have…”

“Umm,” Amanda said interrupting, “my daughter is not a dog, I’m not a fan of collars.”

“Oh, well… That’s an unusual opinion as they are quite popular right now… but okay, we have these down here,” he said bringing us to a section that included things that began to look like FitBit devices back home. “These have most of the same functionality. They’ll shock her if she misbehaves, leaves an area, and can be paired with some of our anal and vaginal…”

“Umm… still not what I’m looking for.”

The man was flustered, “Well what are you looking for?”

“Something she can wear on her wrist that can tell me where she is… maybe she can call me or I can call her on it?”

“Oh… you’re one of those…” he said condescendingly with a sigh. “Why would you want that?”

“If you can’t help me I’m sure I can find someone who can? Or maybe another store?” She suggested.

“No, I’ll help you, it’s just weird… It’s not like they’re intelligent adults or anything…” he muttered the last part.

I bit my tongue and didn’t say anything even as she gave me a tight squeeze, “To each their own. Now do you have something like I mentioned?”

“Yeah… come on down this way,” he said and led us all the way down the aisle to a small, almost forgotten looking, display.

I looked at a variety of colors of a few styles of devices called, “LittleProtect+” that seemed much less intimidating.

I started to read the signs and boxes but was distracted as he began a sales pitch. “These are designed primarily to be a GPS locator for your little. The bands,” he said as he grabbed a display model, “are made of a high-tech nano-carbon fiber and titanium mesh with a silicon covering for comfort. The bands can only be unlocked if the correct password is provided by an authorized device. Attempting to cut the band off will be all but impossible without surgical methods.”

I gulped at that and looked at the small display that reminded me of a cross between a narrow FitBit and an AppleWatch.

“What else does it do?”

“Well it does more than most parents want, including letting your little know the time by pressing on it. Of course it’ll say it for her since I’m sure she can’t read.” I fumed but didn’t say anything, “This one will also let the little wearing it video call up to four pre-set numbers. It also has an emergency button that when pressed three times rapidly and then held will send an emergency alert with the next minute of audio recorded and the location. You can then determine if it’s a real emergency or just the fact she didn’t like the color of her new diaper…”

I really wanted to hit him then as she asked, “Can I call it if I need to?”

“Oh yes, you can call it and look in on her. You can look up her location at any time too… It even has an option like the better devices that can be marked with GeoFencing and let you know if she goes out of bounds… Doesn’t have a shock capability sadly.”

“We’ll keep looking at it on our own, thanks,” she told him.

“You don’t need…?”

“No, we’ll be fine,” she said to him.

“Okay, I’ll be down the aisle if you need me…”

When he walked away I said, “He’s a total ass…”

She smirked at me, “Yes he is, but mind your manners and language…”

“Yes Mommy…”

She hugged me, “It looks like this one also does fitness tracking… ooh, how cute! It also has a built in tamagotchi style pet you can take care of. Seems like the best bet to me and the cellular contract should work well I hope.”

“It definitely seems to be the most humane …” I noted.

“Sweetie this could potentially save you if you get kidnapped. We’ll put it on just tight enough you can’t get it off without cutting it off. It says it can last for six-months on a charge, so we’ll be able to just leave it on to keep you safe.”

“Watching where I am all the time?” I grumbled.

“And just where do you think you would go?”

I sighed, “I know… just a little big brother’ish to me.”

“I get that…” she admitted, “but you have to admit you are too cute… someone will probably try something every day there at school.”

“Will this at least help make it clear I’m ‘adopted?’” I asked.

“Maybe… It’ll definitely make you safer, so we’re going to get one. What color do you want?”

I looked at the options and then looked down at my most definitely now feminine self. ‘I can give in to my favorite color now actually…’ I thought to myself. “That purple one,” I said while pointing to the dark purple band.

“Are you sure? Might be hard to coordinate with some of your outfits, the pink might…?”

“Purple,” I told her.

“How about this lighter purple?”

I shook my head, “the dark purple please.”

She sighed, “I guess I said you could choose.” I watched as she grabbed a box in her left hand and walked around the corner of the aisle and walked around I figured to avoid the man and the despicable aisle. She carried me back to the man at the counter and once again sat me down on it while he waited on us. The plans were setup for the cell phone and the watch with the carriers.

“Do you want to go ahead and put this on her now?” The man asked, far nicer than the ass in the aisle.

“Sure, what do I have to do with it?” Amanda asked.

I watched as she downloaded the app and connected to it before programming in a password that looked like the standard one around their house. “Hold out your hand baby,” she told me.

With my wrist outstretched she attached the watch on the opposite wrist from my charm bracelet. The device really wasn’t too much bigger on me than my old AppleWatch was back home. It felt comfortable and I watched as with the press of a button some sort of relay on the band closed and it cinched itself tight to my wrist. “Is that too tight?” She asked.

I felt it with my hand for a moment and realized there was a little bit of give at least. “I think it’s okay,” I told her.

“Great!” she told me and kissed me on my head. “Try calling me!”

I pressed the simple button to call contacts and pressed, ‘Mommy,’ while noting she had also quickly programmed ‘Daddy,’ and ‘Megan’ into it. Instantly I could see her face on my watch and she could see mine on her phone. We tested it for a second before she hung up on me and said, “Thank you!” to the guy at the counter.

“Any time, thanks for shopping at Motherboards!”

She carried me, and the bag with my new phone out to the car, “Okay, one more stop and then we’ll go home so I can get something going for dinner.”

“Okay,” I told her and began playing with my new watch.

The interface was cludgy and reminded me of something like a Chinese knock-off of a better product, but given the price she’d paid I knew that couldn’t really be the case. I pressed the time button and listened as it said that it was “Two-thirty in the afternoon,” in a vaguely Siri like voice. It was a little more motherly and condescending though in its tone. I shrugged that off though and pressed the button for ‘Pet’ and a menu came up asking me what kind of pet I would like to raise. I clicked through and decided to raise a tiger looking creature.

I was actually pretty enthralled apparently with naming it, feeding it, and a couple other little parts of the silly game, because I was startled when Amanda was suddenly unbuckling me.

“Having fun?” She asked with a smile.

I blushed, “For a little bit I guess…”

She laughed, “Don’t be embarrassed, I thought it sounded like a cute idea myself.”

“Where are we?”

“”Little Notes,” she told me, “it’s an office supply store for littles. I’m hoping we can find your school supplies and such here.”

“Oh,” I said as she lifted me up and sat me on my own two feet again.

“Hopefully I don’t bash my head too many times inside…” she grumbled.

“Huh?” I said as she motioned be forward without taking my hand.

She held the door open for me, but I could have reached up and grabbed the handle if I needed to! It made me look around and I immediately realized it felt like we were actually back home in my dimension almost. I turned and watched her duck her head and laughed when I saw she had to hunch over to not hit the ceiling with her head.

“Uh-huh, laugh it up little girl,” she told me while sticking my tongue out.

“Umm… Welcome to Little Notes…” a little that was about a foot and a half taller than me said as she approached.

“Hi,” I said.

“Umm… not to be rude ma’am, but we don’t get many big folk in here… how can we help you folks?”

Amanda nudged me forward, “Stacy needs some supplies for college and I’m hoping you have some items that are a it more in her size than we can find in a big store.”

“You’re her…?” The girl asked nervously as a man a little taller than her joined her. I realized the whole store felt much more mom and popish than like a chain.

“Foster mother?” I suggested helpfully. “I’m boarding with her and her husband while I go to school in this dimension.”

“That just makes my head hurt,” the man said.

The lady smacked him on the shoulder, “Don’t be rude you idiot…” she whispered.

For Amanda’s part she just laughed, “You’re safe from me trying to adopt you. So I don’t wreck half your ceiling, can you help out Stacy in finding her stuff? I’ll just have a seat over here on the floor while you do so?”

I turned and looked again at Amanda who looked like an adult who had just managed to squeeze into their child’s tree house. I turned back at the lady and she said, “Umm… sure. What school is she going to?”

“Doesn’t my uniform give that away?” I asked.

“It could mean pre-school or elementary school in all honesty,” the man said kindly to me.

“I’m going to Emerson as a university student,” I told them and decided I was going to take the reigns here if Amanda was going to let me. “Can you show me your pens?”

I ended up making a pretty hefty pile during a few trips around the store with the girls help who was apparently named Bella. When we were down far from Amanda though she asked, “Do you want me to get someone to break you away from her? I have connections in the underground railroad…”

I shook my head, “No, she really is as good as it’s going to get and they’re letting