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  1. Dear specialists of the Tech Support, since my first post on February 6th you were a little bit taciturn. I wonder why - it's an interesting stuff - isn't it? Now I allow myself to open the scientific part of the problem to shed some light on the dark. It is a magic word that immediately after sending a message is converted into another - unfortunately not applicable - magic word (see attachments - 01 before and 02 after sending). Only the first five letters of the German magic word are translated correctly! Please answer my question "WHY?" Thank you for your answer (which I definitely expect) in advance! Sincerely yours Diddldum
  2. Dear Piddly, your writing performance is almost gigantic. I just want to draw your attention to a really tiny mistake. Between the chapters 31 and 33 you write 'Chapter 3'. I think you meant 'Chapter 32'. Okay? I wish you a peaceful night Diddldum
  3. Dear ninetailedfox, FA is probably an abbreviation. Abbreviations make the question shorter, but they lengthen the puzzle. Which website do you mean - for example furaffinity.net or another? Is membership required? Or can anyone search on the website without membership on the website? Thanks for your reply! Sincerely yours Diddldum
  4. Dear adam333, what about the attached story from DD? With best wishes Diddldum All Alone 01-24 - by JohnDoe3815.rtf
  5. Dear adam333, at the end of page 21 of "Looking for a story" the member looklook2 asked for the story "The new babysitter" Page 22 of "Looking for a story" has the solution for his problem. It was a cooperation between BabyLock, looklook2 and me which resulted 19 chapters of "The new babysitter". We did not find more chapters. If you find more please tell us - we would be very grateful if you would be so kind to give us the last (hopefully not fictive) chapters. In a second post I will try to find your first mentioned story. Thank you very much in advance! Sincerely yours Diddldum Dear adam333, abdlstoryforum didn't show me "All alone". I found the following alone-titles: 1307 Alone no more (one chapter) 1615 Alone in the dark and 2849 Oneshot - I know I'm not alone Please tell me whether you search one these three titles or if you're not quite sure whether the story was published on abdlstoryforum. Thank you very much for your answer Diddldum
  6. Dear MagicGuy1971, please read the following story which Baby Sofia found on page 24 of "Looking for a story" for a DD-member: Would you be so kind to tell us whether this story corresponds to what you are looking for? Thank you very much! Sincerely yours Diddldum
  7. Dear Babyjustin25, Good old Google says (2 pages): https://www.google.com/search?client=ms-google-coop&q=shadowbang32&cx=000707402002193009409:9ekzk52_6b8 If this isn't enough - on warpmymind I found an email address of the author: My email is [email protected] -Joe Much luck! Diddldum
  8. Dear Babyjustin25, I only found one part for "A misfired curse", published 2012 by shadowbang32. Websites: mcstories.com and old.ararchive.com. Who told you there are two chapters? When was the second chapter published? Thanks for your answer! On ararchive the story was mentioned 2012 and 2015 - it was always mentioned "completed - 1 chapter". Last sentence: James fell asleep that way, his bare ass presented to his open door. mcstories.com mentions that the story was published 2012. Last sentence: James fell asleep that way, his bare ass presented to his open door. Sincerely yours Diddldum
  9. Dearest members, after a refreshing sleep I present you the corrected and almost completed version of "The Exchange". I removed the double chapter 17 and inserted the chapter 8 (I found it under part 8). The chapters 22-24 are missing, perhaps a member has these in her/his archive Now my task is completed. The first post will be removed.Thanks for your patience! I wish you a pleasant read! Diddldum The Exchange 01-21 - CORRECTED VERSION - by Toddlergirl.rtf
  10. Dear WillinglyUnwiling, Now I have attached your story here. I wish you a nice weekend with your new reading. Sincerely yours Diddldum Outsourcing 01-15 - by Naughtybottomboy.rtf
  11. Dear elfenlied, I am very glad that this is the story. Now I hope one knows where your story hides in the labyrinth of Deviantart or has it in her/his archive. Much luck! Diddldum
  12. Dear elfenlied, I heard a little bell ring when you said "spaceship", many pages and deviant art. On page 14 of "Looking for a story" (fourth post from above asked the member LilRedAli for a story: Hiya!!! Anyone know if the story “The Exchange” by Toddlergirl has Chapter 22 any where?? I found up to chapter 21 on DeviantArt. Thank ya kindly!!! Is it possible you mean this story? Please wait for the opinion of other members who know this story better than I . Sincerely yours Diddldum
  13. Dear elfenlied, I've attached the story - happy reading! But don't forget: before beddy-bye always a Schlaflied... With best wishes Diddldum (with slowly opening mouth before yawning...) Kidnapped to be a toddler 01-06 by AnnBabygurl.rtf
  14. Dear specialists of the Technical Support! Sometimes I correspond with german members via message. Today I wrote: Marika = ein nicht bBlahbarer Treffer (that means 'an unusable hit)' Then I sent the message to a german speaking member. After sending I read the text once more....WOW! The text suddenly had changed into "ein nicht bBlahbarer Treffer (seems to have nothing to do with Blabla). I saw this mistake for the first time 2 weeks ago in the text of a german member. He couldn't answer what language this strange term came from. I'm quite sure you're able to tame this unwanted sign of life in a (hopefully) dead text. Thank you so much in advance! Sincerely yours Diddldum
  15. Dear Drownedinp, I don't know whether it's complete, but for the moment.... Sincerely yours Diddldum Glory Be 01-143 - by Drownedinp.rtf