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  1. Dear Baby Jessica, in my archive I had three Eric-A-text parts of different sizes from 7.2010, 8.2010 and 8.2013. From the parts of 2010 I made a reconstruction of the whole text which is attached. In every case you can get a good impression of the story. Additionally I attached the text parts of 2010 and 2013 - perhaps you can extract some more sentences. For the second story (dominant man turned into a sissy little girl or a baby) some more informations would be not bad - I think there exist some variations of this theme. Is the babysitter female or male? Do you know a prename of (one of) the actors? Do you remember specific details of the different characters of the apartment or the furnishings? Thank you! Sincerely yours Diddldum A - Text of 01-03 - not quite complete.rtf B - 3 text parts from 2010 and 2013.rtf
  2. Dear Tfmonkey, I think I found your story. Happy reading! Sincerely yours Diddldum DTA - Don't Trust Amazons 01-25 fin.rtf
  3. Dear Sherlock, we have some clues for finding your story: A man and a woman move to another town. The woman makes the proposal to share the rest of their lives in diapers. The male in the couple wasn't into it, but she had shared it with him, and with the move was the perfect opportunity to do so. It's a looong story. Now I found a combination of short prequel and looong sequel which perhaps suits to the above facts. The title indicates that someone will get used to it (whatever 'it' means - in this case I think of diapers). If it isn't the desired story you have enough reading for a (hopefully) beautiful sunday... Many thanks for the efforts of Sherlock and BabyLock! PREQUEL - Diapered At The Dentist 01-09 - Sequel is 'You'll get used to it'.rtf SEQUEL - You'Ll Get Used To It 01-82 - Prequel is 'Diapered at the dentist'.rtf
  4. diddldum

    Inbox problem only for me or for all?

    Dear Elfy, thanks for your answer*. With a click on my "D" in a green circle I reached the inbox with the multiple square boxes including messages, but where is the most wanted but nonexistent trashcan at the bottom of the screen? Or do you mean the little black triangle in the square box to be deleted? When I click on this triangle I get the desired result. Many thanks for your effort! Sincerely yours Diddldum *Go to your inbox, click on the little square boxes under the avatar of the messages you want to delete and then click the trash can at the bottom of the screen.
  5. diddldum

    Inbox problem only for me or for all?

    Dear Mikey, thanks for your answer. When I click on my "D" in the green circle, I see the new inbox messages - okay? And a message is deleted by clicking on a little black triangle near "Options" - okay? But how is it possible to erase the old messages first? Up to this day I never deleted a message - that's the reason for my stupid questions. Sorry! Sincerely yours Diddldum
  6. Dear moderators and members, I don't know whether only I or we all have a communication problem. When I klick on the "Message" button of Mikey or Elfy or several members I only get the info "Your inbox is full. You must delete some messages before you can send any more." So many inboxes can't be full at the same time! I hope somebody can fix this problem. Sincerely yours Diddldum
  7. Dear Tfmonkey, I have attached "A French Fashion Statement". Your title was not in my DD-archive. Sincerely yours Diddldum A French Fashion Statement 01-18 - by Naughtybottomboy.rtf
  8. Dear abjeffrey, some minutes ago I found a story with the title "J. Crew" (not in DD). I saved it in December 2013 and i hope this is the story you search. Thanks to BabyLock for his helpful comments. Sincerely yours Diddldum J. Crew.rtf
  9. Dear abjeffrey, you write "Thanks everyone for all the great work you do." With this you honor our work in an outstanding way. In return we would like to thank you very much. In order to be successful in this high paid job as Story Detectives you must be a mixture of Miss Marple (ladies first), Sherlock Holmes and a few other related professionals ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fictional_detectives) It would be nice if you could wish us much luck with our search in the future. In your case we probably need a much greater portion than in others - but we will not give up. Sincerely yours Diddldum etc.
  10. Dear Diaperboy86, please open Google and insert abdlstoryforum.info "tricked into diapers" and you'll get all 17 chapters. Sincerely yours Diddldum
  11. Dear Kasarberang and other searching members, klick in my profile on the white "D" on the green background and you'll find "Baby Candy" in four parts for downloading. Sincerely yours Diddldum
  12. Dear Kasarberang,

    I have Baby Candy in four parts (downloaded at the 

    end of 2014). Happy reading!

                                           Sincerely yours



    Baby Candy 01-05.rtf

    Baby Candy 06-10.rtf

    Baby Candy 11-15.rtf

    Baby Candy 16-20.rtf

  13. Dera sherlock, diaperpt posted in August 2018 a revised and complete story (with chapters 6 and 7). Happy reading! Sincerely yours Diddldum 'A Better Way' complete and revised by diaperpt .rtf
  14. Dear BabyLock, DD-member looklook2 and I can only say WOW! and a great THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! I would never thought that this attempt would have a positive result so soon! I have inserted your text in the story and I'm sure that looklook2 will be overjoyed when he sees the full text. I think this is a convincing example of excellent cooperation. If you have a wish please tell me. Sincerely yours Diddldum The New Babysitter 01-19 - by Astra.rtf
  15. Dear unicornbabe, I have attached "Back to Basics" here. Happy Reading! Now I have a great request. As a team DD-member looklook2 and I got from harddisk and archive.org the chapters 1-10 and 18-19 of the story "The new Babysitter". Do you or any other member have the chapters 11-17 ?? It would be very nice if you or someone else could send them to me to get the whole story. Thank you so much in advance! Sincerely yours Diddldum Back to Basics 01-42.rtf