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  1. Dear Pedroo, Your description of the family circumstances in the story you are looking for is okay. I couldn't find a story in my DD stories that went with it. Therefore my question: which diaper stories from other websites have you also read? Thank you very much for your answer! With best wishes for a nice Sunday afternoon Diddldum
  2. Dear DLClayMoongoose and other fans of fairy tales, for the near future you get a little hard work to read (see also second and sixth post on page 44 of "Looking for a story" here): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fairy_tales If you find all mentioned stories: Happy reading up to perhaps 2022 ... With best wishes for a Herculean task Diddldum
  3. Dear kerry, I think you solved the problem, I've attached "Tommy's problem". Have a nice weekend! Sincerely yours Diddldum Tommy's Problem - by the Attendent.rtf
  4. Dear members, please look on Reddit's Diaper Story Page - it's perhaps an opportunity of a lifetime: https://www.reddit.com/r/abdlstories/ Please look at the narrow gray bar on the right, whether it jumps up after a few second, only then you can save the file. Much luck! Diddldum
  5. Dear Inky_Wonky, in your post here on August 18th you complained about my post a week ago. Would you please be so kind to look at the top of this site? There is written: Official "Looking for a Story..." Thread There is not written "...for a diaper story"... On this basis, I cannot find any mistake in my mentioned post above. If the other members agree with you it shouldn't be a problem to add the word "diaper". I think that not many websites have a similar service. Sincerely yours
  6. Dear members, archive.org is one of our best friends and sometimes a source of valuable links. If you don't know the following links there is only one solution - try them: https://openlibrary.org/subjects/fantasy#sort=date_published&ebooks=true https://openlibrary.org/authors/OL25712A/Terry_Pratchett Sincerely yours Diddldum
  7. Dear DLClay Moongoos, in my ar-archive I only found five short fairy tales. Enjoy (if possible)! Have a nice Sunday! Diddldum grave.html mushrooms.html pandora.html rattled.html witchie.html
  8. Dear DLClayMongoose, perhaps you find a story with the added link from ararchive (mentioned by paddedpiplup). Much luck! https://visibletime.ararchive.com/storyfetish.htm Sincerely yours Diddldum
  9. Dear DLClayMongoose, I have some questions: 1. Were these stories published in the DD universe? 2. When were these stories published? 3. Do you remember one or more titles of these stories? Thanks for your informations! Sincerely yours Diddldum
  10. Dear Baby-Business-Comrades, in 2018 I had three different versions of this Baby-Business-text. First I saw that in the text of Baby Brr four parts were missing and filled these gaps. A few weeks later I saw a somewhat longer text - so the actual version was born. There will probably not be much more or even larger versions - at some point it will also be t ime to draw the line. Now I have attached my last version from 2018. A comparison of the kilobytes might be interesting. Thank you for your interest!
  11. Dear community, let's first solve the problem with "Out of nappies...".I hereby offer Chapter 2 of this story . You are now responsible for the next six steps (or chaps) ... Much luck for all of us! Diddldum Out of Control and into Nappies 01-02 - by Pink nappies.rtf
  12. Dear parkintochter, the night is not very long, so I send you the story without complete numbering of the chapters. Happy reading! Sincerely yours Diddldum Shuttle Launch - by l.b.k..rtf
  13. Dear Aria and alwayswet12345, I think the post of Aria is correct the post of alwayswet12345 not (the latter speaks about the end of chapter one - not two). The second story should be deleted and posted once more as a single new post. Otherwise the reader would be only irritated. Much success for both authors Diddldum
  14. Dear boboa1140, thank you for your two text stories. Google found the following links (you'll see that there exist much more...) 1. https://www.asymmetryfiction.com/shrinking-space/ 2. http://giantessworld.net/Stories5/my_life_as_a_little_husband.htm 3. https://iowareview.org/from-the-issue/volume-48-issue-2-—-fall-2018/twelve-inches 4. For members of deviantart - Mature content: https://www.deviantart.com/plusi/art/Shrinking-Husband-1-415539287 Much luck with finding other creations
  15. Dear Mike97, I'm so sorry! I forgot the word 'cuck' in literotica: 1574 stories in smutmd: 1214 stories and the word 'cuckqueen' in wattpad: No result Have a delightful reading! Diddldum
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