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  1. Dear littlemoosey and BabyLock, you both asked in the middle of this page 27 (May 2nd) for a story with several keywords (e.g. locking top, vixen, force fed, feeding tube etc.), There was a connection with DPF - either the story was published there or they had a link to this story. I asked good old archive.org and it gave me a list of DPF-Novelettes from 1991 to 2002. In my view there is only a slight coincidence of our informations with very few stories. Please read the summaries and tell me your opinion. Perhaps it is better to repeat the search. Sincerely yours Diddldum Novelettes from DPF - 1991-2002.rtf
  2. Dear BabyLock and Controlmybum, My first search over my whole abdl spectrum was not successful. The questions of BabyLock gave me a new impulse, but now I decided to search first on fictionmania. The result is attached but I do not dare to make a prognosis. With great hope Diddldum Peter's Potty Training in 2 parts with 8 chapters - by dirteesissy.rtf
  3. Dear members, please note that I did NOT say anything about the (good to very good) quality of the story. But I don't want to imagine once again a long pause and then a new beginning. Sincerely yours Diddldum
  4. Dear members, CDFM is right. I have four different files with little differences: First sentence: Really last Chapters Last saved sentence: I woke with a start. ? - I'm curious... 8 2016.12.07 I woke with a start. ? - I'm curious... 7? 2018.11.28 I woke with a start. ? - I'm curious... 4 2019.01.20 I woke with a start. ? - I'm curious... 5 2019.05.08 Exciting, isn't it? Happy reading! Diddldum
  5. Dear Leftovers, in August 2018 I saved "Danielle and the Great Big Do-Over" (No. 5183) from abdlstoryforum.info. It had exactly the same text (3 chapters) as on foxtalestimes - and this was from October 2012. I think it's OK to bury your hope for a continuation of Elibean's story. Don't be sad and have a good night! Diddldum
  6. Dear Controlmybum, an unknown page multiplies the search effort, but some keywords are better than nearly nothing. In this case, we make a promise that the butler (Freddie Frinton) gave the old lady (May Warden) before his grand entrance in a special room. He said: I'll do my very best! Have a nice evening! Diddldum
  7. Dear Controlmybum, would you please be so kind to tell me on which website your story was posted? Thanks in advance! Sincerely yours Diddldum
  8. Dear littlemoosey and BabyLock, Fulldiaper Michael sent me 20 hours ago the following message: I wrote one years ago, where the creator of the remote developed it to help people with incontinence, but his evil assist, well she reprogrammed the device to release at random times requiring the doctor to wear diapers for her. From Michaels stories I could extract four which contained the words ' 'doctor' - 'crib' -' remote' - 'assist'. Further I found only one long other story in which a locking top of a crib was mentioned. I have to read these stories, but I can't exclude that I have to search all abdl stories for this locking top or other words. In short: a nice work for the beloved PC and me... Have a nice weekend! Sincerely yours Diddldum
  9. Dear littlemoosey and BabyLock, I've just sent a message to Fulldiaper Michael with the question whether he wrote this story. The mentioned circuit let a little bell ring in my brain, but I'm not quite sure. Michael is one of the greatest specialists for diabolical procedures - let's wait for his answer. Have a nice evening without diabolical elements! Good night! Diddldum
  10. Dear Hawkx1, thank you very much for your compliment - a real refreshment in our efforts to make the impossible possible. Only sometimes we have a kind of eagle eyes (don't ask for the dioptries...), more often we have to work ten times with a slingshot than once with a precision gun. Today you can only download the first two parts of "Jenne and Timmy's new AB Life" from an old DD Story collection - and that's all despite other attempts. Perhaps we'll see a parallel to a story from another website which the author removed from the site and gave it to a giantess (a real big Amazon) for marketing. And in the background you now hear the lively little tune 'Money makes the world go round....' (sung by Wonderful Liza in the movie 'Cabaret') - who knows? We are always receptive to surprises! Before you continue your search PLEASE think of the Fabulous Four and their trend-setting song 'Let it Be'. OK? With best wishes BabyLock and Diddldum
  11. Dear wap655321, the proven team BabyLock / Diddldum presents the story 'The year in between' by Mr. Smith. Happy reading! With best wishes BabyLock and Diddldum The Year in Between 01-14 - by Mr. Smith.rtf
  12. Dear RoboNarples, I think it's possible you mean the attached story. Correct? With best wishes Diddldum En Aulidi 01-06.rtf
  13. Dear DiaperBoyy, BabyLock and I proudly present the story "By Court Order" (see attachment) and wish you a happy reading during a sunny Easter Festival. Sincerely yours BabyLock and Diddldum By Court Order 01-33 - by Botox.rtf
  14. Dear Nana Abby, very slowly a pearl begins to shine - I think it will be an honor to be your companion to the high art of writing... With my best wishes Diddldum
  15. Dear DiaperBoy86, I have attached the story "Tommy's Problem". Have a nice evening! Sincerely yours Diddldum Tommy's Problem - by The Attendend.rtf