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  1. Dear punk18, I wish you happy reading with the attached longer version. Sincerely yours Diddldum The Irony of Pretending - by Baby Niki.rtf
  2. Dear DD-members, I just sent a message to DiapersInTheNaturalState: Question about three of your stories Dear DiapersinTheNaturalState, yesterday DD-member pampersandluvs asked for your three stories Karlie's Life - The Beginning Katie and Kayla get diapers and Vacation of a lifetime Yesterday I asked pampersandluvs what DiapersinTheNaturalState means, since today I know that you are a DD-member too. Since you posted in 2016 the above mentioned stories I would like to ask you whether you could post these stories in DD once more. If you no longer have the stories, please tell us whether you agree that other members post them to DD. You posted them in 2016, unfortunately archive.org is for exactly this year NO HELP! Thank you very much for your answer in advance! Sincerely yours ............................................................................................................... I hope he is alive and not on a lifelong vacation.... Diddldum
  3. Dear pampersandluvs, you told us three story titles: "Karlie's Life", "Katie & Kayla", "Vacation of a Lifetime". In ALL my files I could not find these probably ABDL stories. One story had the title "Vacation of a lifetime", but it was from ivillage and had no ABDL content. This means I really need the correct internet address. With high tension awaiting your answer Diddldum
  4. Dear pampersandluvs, first I downloaded "Life Changes" from page 29 of this thread (sevent post from the bottom) and attached it here. Happy Reading! Is DiapersintheNatural State a website? Do you have the correct address? With DiapersintheNaturalState an address could not be found (I have never heard of it). Even archive.org could not find it. Thanks for your help in advance! Sincerely yours Diddldum Life Changes 01-29 - by GoodnitesBoy12.rtf
  5. Dear Hawkx1, I think with "site" you mean archive.org. I just opened it - it's full alive. Thanks for your info. Sincerely yours Diddldum
  6. Dear Willnotwill, this here is the Official "Looking for a Story..." Thread. And when I look back at all the pages in this thread, you will find many other members who want to give searching members the stuff, they didn't find somewhere else. And there were many members who posted here a story which didn't belong to them. I saved your story in 2012 as a so-called "Short Take". Now I made the horrible mistake that I forgot your own page (Read completed, cleaned up versions of my stories at the newly rehabbed site: http://www.willnotwill.com) If I hadn't forgotten it I would have told Dprlvrmike to visit your site and download it from there (but until now I don't know whether I'll find it there). But there are other authors who have no own site - what should we do with them? I did not want to offend you but I was so glad about my success that I overlooked other aspects. Sorry! But I am curious whether it's really necessary to damn members who post here an old story which does not belong to them. If one reacts too narrow-minded there appears a solid bottleneck and probably not so much applause.... With a slight frown Diddldum
  7. Dear DiaperedDLinSouthFL, I think you mean the attached story. Happy reading! With best wishes Diddldum Life Changes 01-29 - by GoodnitesBoy12.rtf
  8. Dear Rostr90, I have attached "Casey's Nanny 01-03", but I heard from a member that this story had originally four parts. Perhaps another member can help you and me. Sincerely yours Diddldum Casey's Nanny 01-03.rtf
  9. Dear Vulpix77, the story "Some things just sneak up on you" was published on "Daily Diapers". In this text there are mentioned the words female divorce attorney lawyer continence but no regress I can't exclude that this is the story you mean. If yes - once more Happy Reading of the attachment! Sincerely yours Diddldum Some Things Just Sneak Up On You 01-06 - by TaliZorahFanGirl.rtf
  10. Dear Vulpix 77, I think you did not remember the title correct. in "Too good to be true" is no female lawyer, in "Playing dress up" and "A not so normal world" is no divorce. The last candidate is perhaps the story "The Profesionals" by AliceTheFoxlet, they show a female lawyer and a divorce, but no regress. Sorry - but: Successful searching! Good luck! Diddldum P.S.: Perhaps you have to search a non-DD story. Dear Vulpix77, I just saw that "The Profesionals" in my collection have no author, there a big SORRY to AliceTheFoxlet! Sincerely yours Diddldum
  11. Dear Vulpix77, do you mean the attached story? If yes - happy reading! Sincerely yours Diddldum Too Good To Be True 01-10 - by Cya or ZoZoZoe.rtf
  12. Dear Cya, your plea was heard, and I think other members will follow willnotwill and me. Attached are 95 files with the word "playground" out of 1808 files of abdlstoryforum.info. Please tell me when you're able to read the 735 files from the same forum with the word 'park'..... With best wishes Diddldum
  13. Dear Mikey, thank you very much for your answer. Your suggestion could be successful if one has enough endurance. As the saying goes: constant dripping hollows out the stone...(or: victory after fifty messages...) Have a nice afternoon! Diddldum
  14. Dear members of the Technical Support, over several weeks I searched for DD-member NorboyDL (his first post was on page 25 of the Official "Looking for a Story..." Thread) a story about two twins. My search had no success. Some time later I suddenly saw on top of page 6 of the Official "Looking for a Story..." Thread a precise summary of the twins story which had been searched by DD-member Lyra on November 8, 2016. She got at once a copy of the twins story from DD-member Diaperingdaddy. I sent a message to both of these DD-members, but I got no answer. In the meantime the above mentioned copy is no longer available, you only can enjoy the sentence "Sorry, this content is no longer available." Now I would like to know whether the whole attachment was completely erased or whether there is perhaps a tiny info about the title of the file/story. If the result is NO INFO: is it possible to get a contact to DiaperingDaddy or Lyra without a message? Thank you very much for your answer! Sincerely yours Diddldum
  15. Dear AJDougie, would you please be so kind and try the attached story? Happy reading! Diddldum Mommy's Charges - by SX or Tailie.rtf