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  1. I love the skin to skin contact and since she is a heavy sleeper lets hope she gets thirsty during the night and takes a snack lol Thanks for the awesome story look forward to the next chapter
  2. Thank you so much for the new chapter, i look forward to the next one
  3. I am glad you brought this story back and are going to finish it as Dimension stories are my very favourite stories
  4. Okay, i commented before reading the rest and finally figured out that the really confusing part was that you can gone back to the day Joyce had meet Emily and how that Joyce was not having a good day, Jackie is a handful and hopefully Micheal will help Emily understand that Joyce loves her and then that Joyce and Emily catch up to each other
  5. I think the story took a left at Albuquerque, when it was supposed to go right as i am horribly lost and confused
  6. wow, what an awesome story i can not wait for more
  7. I like being able to read your story on my kindle as controls the fonts better and the font size is better Thank you again for an awesome story
  8. Okay got the kindle version loved reading the story again and loved the preview can not wait for more And left you a review as well
  9. hey sarah, like you i was hoping it would be offered via kindle unlimited as well, oh well i really enjoyed the version on the forum maybe once my financial situation improves i can support alex but thanks for the awesome story
  10. I loved the Marmite Pacifer lol nice touch, but Vegemite is better lol Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing
  11. Woo-hoo i am so very excited that you are continuing this awesome story Thank you so very very much