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  1. treasuresman

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    awesome, i am glad for another chapter of your awesome story as i love reading diaper dimension stories the best keep up the awesome work
  2. woohoo i am glad you are back with your awesome story and look forward to reading more as the forum needs more dimension stories in my opinion lol but i am biased as they are my favourites
  3. treasuresman

    Discussion: Barbara Davis, Why Thirteen?

    thanks for an awesome story i loved best ending and good ending #4 some of the others i just left as i realized that it was not going to end well down that rabbit hole thanks for all the time and effort you put into it
  4. Woo-hoo another awesome meredith chapter Thanks very much as i really enjoy the story and love what is happening Keep up the great work
  5. treasuresman

    Wishes Do Come True

    Wow that was awesome, I really love your dimension stories, even though some of them make me skip some parts lol, you are a very talented dimension writer Thank you very much for that snippet and man I would another snippet to see how things changed but I also understand that most probably won't happen I look forward to the next dimension story you share with us
  6. treasuresman

    Exchanged - Chapter 36 - 8-3-2018

    Going through severe Exchange withdrawal symptoms as it has been 2 months hopefully we get a fix soon
  7. Given the current political climate in the USA then it will probably be months then
  8. treasuresman

    Exchanged - Chapter 36 - 8-3-2018

    Waiting with anticipation for another chapter of this exciting adventure
  9. Wow, this story rocks and is starting to heat up
  10. treasuresman

    Breaking the Girl: A Novel

    Are you going to post more of the diaper dimension story?
  11. Awesome thanks for the new chapter looking forward to the next one
  12. What a great story i am really enjoying it and looking forward to chapter 4
  13. treasuresman

    The Little Thief ---ch13 (11-9) + update

    Wow what an awesome chapter Thanks for sharing and continuing and awesome story
  14. Interesting little snippet, would have loved more
  15. treasuresman

    The Little Thief ---ch13 (11-9) + update

    I am really enjoying this story please continue it