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  1. treasuresman

    Discussion: Barbara Davis, Why Thirteen?

    thanks for an awesome story i loved best ending and good ending #4 some of the others i just left as i realized that it was not going to end well down that rabbit hole thanks for all the time and effort you put into it
  2. Woo-hoo another awesome meredith chapter Thanks very much as i really enjoy the story and love what is happening Keep up the great work
  3. treasuresman

    Wishes Do Come True

    Wow that was awesome, I really love your dimension stories, even though some of them make me skip some parts lol, you are a very talented dimension writer Thank you very much for that snippet and man I would another snippet to see how things changed but I also understand that most probably won't happen I look forward to the next dimension story you share with us
  4. treasuresman

    Exchanged - Chapter 36 - 8-3-2018

    Going through severe Exchange withdrawal symptoms as it has been 2 months hopefully we get a fix soon
  5. Given the current political climate in the USA then it will probably be months then
  6. treasuresman

    Exchanged - Chapter 36 - 8-3-2018

    Waiting with anticipation for another chapter of this exciting adventure
  7. Wow, this story rocks and is starting to heat up
  8. treasuresman

    Breaking the Girl: A Novel

    Are you going to post more of the diaper dimension story?
  9. Awesome thanks for the new chapter looking forward to the next one
  10. What a great story i am really enjoying it and looking forward to chapter 4
  11. treasuresman

    The Little Thief ch11 (7-2)

    Wow what an awesome chapter Thanks for sharing and continuing and awesome story
  12. Interesting little snippet, would have loved more
  13. treasuresman

    The Little Thief ch11 (7-2)

    I am really enjoying this story please continue it
  14. treasuresman

    Exchanged - Chapter 36 - 8-3-2018

    Wow, what an awesome chapter so worth waiting for. Can not wait for the next chapter of this awesome adventure We are so blessed that you are sharing it with us
  15. Very cool start looking forward to were it will go