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  1. Yes i was just thinking of Emerald Princess and i am hoping for some more chapters in that story as i really enjoyed it
  2. wow, that was a very cool chapter and i liked how she handled herself in court and that she was very smart getting immunity and that she was able to give Bella a better shot at life
  3. Wow what a chapter, i really enjoyed that and it wasn't what i was expecting at all i am looking forward to the next part
  4. Wow, i just hope she has her switch with her She was just too cocky and did not listen to Amanda
  5. that will be awesome if you can share more of your awesome dimension story i look forward to it
  6. wow, what an awesome update, the left turn at albuquerque was interesting i look forward to see where that goes Meeting meg like that was cool and look forward to seeing more of her and seeing more of stacy's friends can not wait for the next chapter
  7. wow, that was awesome and exciting thank you so much for an awesome story
  8. i am so very happy you decided to give us a nice Thanksgiving present thank you for continuing your awesome piece of work and sharing it with us
  9. awesome, i am glad for another chapter of your awesome story as i love reading diaper dimension stories the best keep up the awesome work
  10. woohoo i am glad you are back with your awesome story and look forward to reading more as the forum needs more dimension stories in my opinion lol but i am biased as they are my favourites
  11. thanks for an awesome story i loved best ending and good ending #4 some of the others i just left as i realized that it was not going to end well down that rabbit hole thanks for all the time and effort you put into it
  12. Woo-hoo another awesome meredith chapter Thanks very much as i really enjoy the story and love what is happening Keep up the great work
  13. Wow that was awesome, I really love your dimension stories, even though some of them make me skip some parts lol, you are a very talented dimension writer Thank you very much for that snippet and man I would another snippet to see how things changed but I also understand that most probably won't happen I look forward to the next dimension story you share with us
  14. Going through severe Exchange withdrawal symptoms as it has been 2 months hopefully we get a fix soon