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Who Is Your Superhero?

Guest Sasha

Who is your superhero?  

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  1. 1. Batman? Superman? Spiderman?

    • Batman
    • Superman
    • Spiderman
    • Other

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My favorite superhero is The Question. He s not the most well known hero out there but, he is very fascinating. I just love his intelligence and how he approaches things in the comics. I have always like d a ot of the lesser known heroes out there.

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I'm not really sure if this counts or not, but mine would be Master Chief 117. He is super in that he's a genetically modified soldier, and can do things none of us could ever dream of. And not to mention he saved the universe from total destruction on multiple occasions. Stupid Covenant. "Our religion has been shown to be false. Let's make our new religion wiping out humanity so that we can still believe our false religion". Real smart guys.

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Adam Strange or Magnus: Robot Fighter. They have no super powers. They do it with smarts

Actually this first appeared in a 1958 Showcase comic which was where DC tried out new series

This first appeared in Dell comics in either late 1962 or early '63

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Superman can be seen on ME-TV, I believe 4 PM weekdays. This was the original with George Reeves from 1952 to, I think, '59

How about a bit of gender equality here? What about the Bionic Woman?

People say I have a bionic brain: It is always in slow motion

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No way, Iron Man is the best.

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The closest of any real enduring characters is Felix. Although he did appear in comic books that was a much later migration as happened with all such very successful animated characters. Sustained multi-media presence is the mark of the truley successful character, such as Popeye, who started in the funnypapers in 1929 and then migrated to animation shortly thereafter and appeared in a feature film




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