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  1. London Littles

    Hey, Is there any london littles here?
  2. its becoming harder and harder to regress

    i used to do it for sexual enticement, but now it is more for fun. i love doing it.
  3. hi all, so recently i have found that it is becoming a lot harder for me to regress, and i have no idea why. i try puting on my baby stuff and putting on a disney movie but i still cant regress. has anyone else ever had this problem and if so how did you sort it out?
  4. anyone near the Isle of Wight (uk)?

    do any of you guys want to meet up and do some ab stuff?
  5. Second Life

    i know i am extremely late to the party but do any of you still use sl? if you do anyone want to friend me on it cuz i have no idea what i am doing lol
  6. small batch for people to test out

    hey guys, we will have our website up and running very soon, so if you are interested in our designs be sure to keep any eye out in this space for the link. we will still need testers for each of the items so when the site is up, drop us a email saying that you want to test for us and we will dramatically reduce the price for you.
  7. Inside?

    No idea if it is safe, but I want it done to me
  8. Who Is Your Superhero?

    captain america is by far the best super hero
  9. More then one little side

    i am really similar, i have the 1 YO boy called lyle and the 1YO girl called samantha. samantha wears rompers and dresses and lyle wears footed pajamas and onesies and playsuits. both use pacifiers and plushies and baby bottles. they both drink milk as well, and wears diapers for both 1 and 2. they both have a teddy with them 24/7. (well whenever they are out), and i have a pacifier gag for them when they cry to much.
  10. Diaper Lovers London

    ok guys, this month the ABC meet is on the 16th in london and me and few friends are going, did any of you guys wanna joins us for an evening a babying?
  11. How can I change my user name?

    how do people sign up to a babybanker account, cuz i want to change my user as well
  12. split personality

    i might just try to combine the two but if it is my ab side becoming its own personality then i dont think that is going to help much as that is what it used to be so i will go and see a therapist soon.
  13. split personality

    hey guys, this probably isnt the right place to put this so if it isnt sorry, anyway, so i am having some issues with my AB side, he is starting to become more self dependant, and what i mean by this is that he is practically becoming a second person inside of me. there are times where my friends have met him but i have zero recollection of it. this is really starting to scare me because it is just happening, like the other day i went to bed and woke up like normal after 8 hours of sleep, but when i went to meet my friends one of them told me i had spent the night there but was acting really strangely, and no one know my AB name but somehow he knew it. has anyone else had any issues like this or know of anyone that has had anything like this? and before people start asking about drugs and alcohol, i can say hand over heart that i wasnt on them at the time.
  14. Diaper Lovers London

    ok, so lets arrange a meet, see how it goes and then if enough people come, we make it a monthly thing, anyone up for that?
  15. BEARDS

    i wish i could go baby smooth but i dont think i could get away with it lol