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Have You Ever Been Peed On? Do You Want To Be?

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Hmmm... this is really weird but I let my cousins pee on me growing up. Don't know why I did...

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dyprgrl, that doesn't sound weird to me at all, at younger age we were all experimenting to see what things felt like, and that helps us all know what we do like. I would say no different than a kid jumping into a big mud puddle face first just to experience it. My brother and I would have fights and end up peeing on each others beds, I mean standing beside the bed and just taking a leak on it. Then Moms punishment was to make us sleep in it. we were about 4-7 yrs old, when we did that.we probably peed on each other in those fights. I really mostly remember getting in trouble for peeing on the beds. 

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