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  1. Diaper *Crinkle*

    You go Brendon
  2. Diaper *Crinkle*

    Who cares what they think! I crinkle all the time, if people are that interested then ask ! But they don't lol
  3. What diapers do you wear

    I really like Attends or Depends. Occasionally do cloth thick stack!
  4. Did you grew up a bedwetter

    I too grew up a b/w . Am still
  5. My experience with stents

    I understood a doctor had to insert a Stent. Now I am confused! And a Stent is perminant? Yes?
  6. Anybody have an AB side?

    Oh ya! I have several pacifiers, diaper covers, even same bottles. I don't feel that this scene is at all black and white. It should be whatever we want it to be.agree?
  7. Getting Rid of Your Undies

    How do you get a Stent? How do you install?
  8. Are diapers a sexual turnon for anybody?

    Yes very much so.more so when I was a teen. 56 y/o not so much.
  9. Have You Ever Been Peed On? Do You Want To Be?

    Sounds like it could be fun!
  10. Looking To Meet Someone In The Worcester Area

    Like you over a relationship. I too surprise to wear 24/7 can't afford to. But I will for you thou. I am very confortable with myself in diapers. We should do dinner say at THE 99? Good like/Be well
  11. Planning a campout

    Cabins in sicluded west central Mass. Diapers and diapers.:)
  12. What Decade Is It For Your Inner Child?

    My decade is the late 60's. That's the time the real abuse started.
  13. Central Mass

    I am a dl right here in Rutland. Love to get back to the ab dl world. A very confortable place for me.
  14. Other Guys In Diapers

    That's where dl party's come into play, great times!
  15. Other Guys In Diapers

    Maybe your feeling more a daddy role play more than little boy. Nothing wrong with your feelings.Go with gutt.