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  1. Double Diapers or more...

    iluvmydiapers: I used to wonder about this too. What you want to do is puncture or perforate the inner diaper(s) so that when it is saturated the outter diaper will begin to take on the liquid. It helps if the outter diaper is one size larger. For instance, I will often use an adult S with an adult M on the outside
  2. Double Diapers or more...

    WHat is the MOST punitive diapers anyone have ever had on? Has it produced a waddle? I have on a ridiculous amount rite now!
  3. OMG what is the most DIAPERS anyone has ever put on at once? I have gone WELL BEYOND double-diapering this time...

    1. widdlebabyjacky


      I think i put on three depends once. it wasn't that exciting. Two tranquilities get a good waddle though

    2. hj7654DL


      Using a stuffer and then 4 or 5 diapers over that is not unusual for me. I just love that thickness. How I can't walk normally. Makes me crazy:)

  4. I really NEED a good SPANKING!!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Babyloulou


      You are right, never been diapered disciplined or even spanked as a kid....

      Was shouted at and I believe that this is far more damaging.....

    3. dyprgrl


      Ya know, oddly enough, you are right, in a way...

    4. Babyloulou


      In an odd way i understand why you feel you deserved it.....maybe it was the only time you were looked after....not in a good way but still looked after....and that need to be recognised is probably something that we all have...

  5. Forced diapering and humiliation

    i AM bi but with guys (NOT with grlz) i want to "put them in their place" more or less. so so many dbag guys in junior and high school... so arrogant... calling me flat or "muffin top" or whatever insults or aspersions they'd cast to draw attention away from ( i would hazard a guess ) their microdicks! lol. i loved to humiliate guys i dated. most would let me put some of my or my sister's (fat bitch she is) clothes on them and even a touch of makeup! i learned early what sheep dudes can be when alone with a grl who sees through their silly little (and i DO mean "little ") facades to the cringing toddler beneath. so yeah, glad to hear your wife gives you what you deserve. i really really hope she paddles you too as PUNITIVELY as possible and yo cry like a little sissy ps. i am sure i am not offending you as you were probably hoping for these kinda responses when u posted!
  6. i have a deep abiding craving... no, it's honestly a sincere, legitimate