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  1. Wahou, sounds like a great start.... Just wondering what punishments are in store for little Danny....
  2. The Guardians 1-2 (end)

    Cool.... I am an offender.....where do i sign to be regressed?
  3. Forgive Me Father… Parts 1-4 (final)

    Another great chapter! Personally for me the punishment seemed to fit the crime but after that chapter, maybe diapers at school were not the best idea! Looks like really bad time ahead for the Jefferson!
  4. Forgive Me Father… Parts 1-4 (final)

    Great second chapter...really enjoyed it! Thought that he could have been severly punished and treated like a baby by the Rendle, could have made an extra chapter or two...but who knows, might still happen. As usual, really well written! Cannot wait for the next Chapter.
  5. Hi From Scotland!

    let's clarify.... Am new to the site yes, been a month and really enjoying it... But 15 years in Scotland already..... Aorry for the confusion
  6. Hi From Scotland!

    Thanks for that but been in the UK for 20 years and Scotland for the last 15.... So a wee bit late mate!
  7. Removing Hair in sensible areas

    As i should have been aware of, there was already a topic on the subject. Thanks for the link.
  8. Removing Hair in sensible areas

    Cheers for all that. Might use a chemical lotion but not sure yet... Have until beginning on November to decide anyway...
  9. Removing Hair in sensible areas

    Not sure exactly where to post this but soon i will go and see someone and the person asked me to remove my "hair" from a sensible area... Any tips on what is the best way to do it? Removal Cream? Shaving? Thoughts and advice are more than welcome.....
  10. Forgive Me Father… Parts 1-4 (final)

    Not a religious man at all but love that story so far.... Totally understand the parents frame of mind...and spankings.... Thanks Les Lea!
  11. Auntie Joan Part 1-13 (final)

    Shame the story is finished... However, great to see that Dean has found a balance in life thanks to his wonderful Auntie.... Wish I had one like that....
  12. Auntie Joan Part 1-13 (final)

    Young people are so cruel...they all deserve a good spanking! Poor little Dean, really feel for him....hope someone will help him getting out of this awful situation....
  13. Très bon Anniversaire d'Ecosse Diaper Delight!

    Have a fab day!

  14. looking for a mommy :)

    Well Froggy, I live in Scotland and unfortunately no mummy around.... However in England, you have few of them....
  15. Auntie Joan Part 1-13 (final)

    Well, here comes trouble i guess... Poor Dean, he was doing so well....