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Found 65 results

  1. Hey there folks. Long time lurker, I'm talking since 2011 here, but I dislike making accounts on websites from forums to social media. Today I decided to take the plunge and make a post, a plea for help if you will. This will be TMI, so be warned. I've been into this whole deal. As long as I can remember. Earliest memory? Three years old, perched on all fours over a beanbag pretending the bag behind me was my pants full of poop. Finally tried diapers a few years ago after years of only one successful pants pooping, because the thing is this. I don't know if it's a mental or physical block or what, but I can't poop my pants or diaper. Not even sitting on the toilet, not even letting it start to come out then pulling my underwear up, not even if I push until it hurts. I can go with marshmallows and/or bananas, sure, but I experience no urgency even after 1+ hours. I think I felt urgency once, ironically at a terrible time. Had just put them in and realized I had no diapers left. I knew I have a ring of steel, so I went out to buy some knowing I likely wouldn't even feel an urge like every other time I'd done it. And I was right, until I was 5 minutes from home. Felt an urge, strong urge, so I walked home really quickly, whacked diaper on, relaxed. Nothing. I had to push. Like, as I got in the door I was close to exploding and it was glorious because this had never happened before, the closest I had been to this state before was age 5 when I had a soft poop and feared I'd get diarrhoea which I hated so I held it for 5 days and struggled a bit on day 4, then my parents forced me to go on day 5. But yeah - as soon as I got in safely, got diapered (well, goodnited) up, I had to push to go. And even then, pee came out first. Few years later (2015) I tried Milk of Magnesia. I drank the whole bottle. I felt nothing. Then, I sharted. Tiny little thing. Put diaper on, no urgency even for several hours after. I couldn't feel a thing. Then I pushed, and wham. Ton of it. I did that a few times, and I always, always ALWAYS had to push. And even when I did start to feel it, long rumbles and growls and feeling heat travelling down and wanting out, I never had an accident. No explosion. I could feel it right there, POISED to come out, it never did. The urgent wave passed, and that was that. Got back into this recently. I bought my first tape on diapers, I'm old and late to the party and have been sufficing with goodnites and these things from the ladies' menstruation section (only buying when the aisle is empty, didn't want to be seen staring at pads and stuff) and I decided to use a different method for each one, as I can never go naturally. Diaper #1, Milk of Magnesia. Whole bottle. Lot of water. No urgency, just a slight need. Pushed to get it started. Had minor cramping, but no strong urges. Always had to push. I needed to go when I drank the stuff and I pushed and pushed but the solid part (which was very soft, too) never came out. Not until I gave up and went on the toilet. (Sidenote: first time I ever used MoM, the solid stuff came out with difficulty. It also came out recently with an enema, with a whole load of pushing and straining. When I go normally I never have to push or strain, I don't get constipated, it's never runny, I have NO ISSUES EVER.) Diaper #2, Last results of the previous night's MoM. I got excited, I had to. I did have plans for 5 different methods but ... yeah, no. I gave in. Anyway, required pushing even though urge was present and it was liquid. Diaper #3: Enema. Now, I've done them before. Never got so much of an urge, always pushed it out after 5-10 minutes. I'm impatient. This time, I decided to hold this close to 4L water and oil enema until the urge was so strong it exploded beyond my control. So I did. 15 minutes in, I thought I was there. I felt it, I felt liquid close to the exit, I held on, I waited ... It went away. An hour in, I got bored. Pushed. Teaspoon volume of water came out. Push again. Nothing. Kept pushing for several hours, and all I can feel is something solid - I hadn't needed to go before doing the enema, and lo and behold, I'd held it long enough that I DID need to go, it was solid, there was no more water than the teaspoon, and even this urge was barely an urge that didn't become prominent and normal level urge until THE NEXT DAY! Diaper #4, Prunes. I had never had prunes before. I don't do a lot of fibre, just average. I ate a ton of them. Drank a ton of water. Hours later, not even a normal urge or anything solid to need to come. So I shoved some marshmallows in, held 20 minutes, got bored and pushed them out because I'd given up by this point. Diaper #5, I bought some suppositories. I bought them online, waiting on them to arrive in a few weeks. I can't do it in person, everyone around here knows me and I have issues talking about this thing. I'm several dissociating right now enabling me to do it anonymously online. I'll insert two (200mg) with 20 minutes in between if it permits. But I know I will ultimately fail, and be able to hold it too long. Any advice on making myself LESS able to hold stuff? I don't mean self mutilation, I just mean increasing the urge. Like if I need to go (naturally) and hold it a few days, any way to make it feel urgent and not just present? I've gone 4-5 days holding in my adult life, no issues, no urgency, still can't go in pants/diaper. Note: don't recommend laxatives or oils or other things I haven't mentioned trying. First of all I can't get them in this small town, second of all I'm poor and barely scraping buy. Seriously, I saved up months to be able to afford $20 of diapers on eBay. MONTHS. Two weeks for a bottle of Milk of Magnesia. I have the WORST enema kit ever, it arrived damaged, but it was $2 on Wish. I'm THAT poor. So I can't listen to any recommendations of different laxatives. More info for you: I work out casually a few times a week and walk a minimum 5km daily. No foods cause reactions in me, from spicy things to fibre loaded things to dairy. Coffee also does nothing, I drink strength 10 stuff every day and it has no influence. I feel like an immovable anomaly with a sphincter made of steel and insides of the same. Help. I want to have an accident or as close to it as possible. That always has been my only enjoyment factor of this whole stupid fetish I spent so long wishing I didn't have in the first place. One last thing, weird thing of note: used to be able to pee my pants/diaper as a kid or adult with no problems. Now it takes either deep, long concentration or pushing. Haven't suffered any illness or injury or traumatic event to change anything. It's weird.
  2. looking for help from other diaper wearers .i recently got injured at work without health insurance and currently on fixed income and bed rest due to that recent injury and in need of more diapers then i can cover on current income any help with some free diapers or information of groups or places that might be able to provide assistance would greatly help in this time of need i am a size medium / large in some brands
  3. Hello everyone ! I am new at this !!! the urologist is planning the possibility of having a urinary sphincterotomy of my internal sphincter, with two cuts, in order to solve the problem of obstruction of the urinary flow. SOMEONE HAS EXPERIENCE ABOUT THIS? I do not have incontinence, I would like to know what effects this intervention would have, whether it would bring incontinence or not. Thank you very much and greetings !!!!!
  4. I’m trying to find this recently new diaper that came out and if anyone could help, i would greatly appreciate it. The primary and noteable thing that stands out is it has Velcro tabs and looks very much like the old Active X or fit diapers (I can’t remember their exact name). But now they have a print on them, something like pastel-ish colors. I can’t remember what the print is exactly either. I understand this is really vague but any help I’ll be grateful for.
  5. Hello ok today I went to my dentist's to get my dentures relined with temporary silicone lining I have connected sinus and mouth where teeth were pulled and when I bit down to let the silicone lining adjust to my gums/dentures the connection between my sinus and top of my mouth where my teeth were pulled got filled with silicone denture liner accidentally and my dentist's spent like an hour trying to remove it with no luck so my dentist's referred me to an oral surgeon and said to give the oral surgeon a slip of paper which said on it what needed to be done I will quote what it said "while doing a denture reline soft reline material was inadvertently pushed into sinus connection please remove reline material and repair sinus connection" my questions are as follows is this likely to cause problems if left untreated? and if so what could said problems be?how much is this likely to cost? I have no insurance so will be paying out of pocket and is it worth having the procedure done and what are the risks of said procedure Please note I am not taking the answers as guaranteed I would just like to have some rough and or general idea of the best and worst case scenario as well as a price range estimate and I completely understand prices and outcomes can and will vary significantly but currently I don't know if this going to cost in high hundreds of dollars or be up in the thousands or tens of thousands so even an extremely vague guess range will be very much appreciated fyi I am not going to be upset if your guess is way off and do not plan on using this post to try and negotiate a price with the surgeon I'm just really worried and have not the slightest idea of the effects or costs of getting this done Thank you have a nice day
  6. Hi, I'm Alejandro from Venezuela, and I need help, I want to tell my mother that I want to wear diapers. Wetting the bed didn't worked, when I was 8 I was a bedwetter for 8 months and nothing happened, i'm trying to become incontinent again to
  7. Hi! I’m new to this community and very happy to have joined! So I’ve been a diaper love for about four years or so and I’ve just gotten a hold of diapers themself a couple months ago, and let me tell you, it was good. That’s it. It sucks, because all these years I’ve been longing to try on a diaper but way to scared to ask my parents or tell anyone about this (still don’t plan on that) so i have a feeling of not knowing how a diaper feels really upped my standards of how they were going to feel. Although, I’ve built up the courage to tell my friend about it and they found a way to get me some diapers. I think they’re attends women (im male lol) and i don’t know what it is but i just didn’t expect it to be exactly like how they felt, again, probably because I’ve raised my expectations a little too high over the years. I’ll get used to it though. The thing is, I’m super conscious about them and I really do enjoy wetting them, or i think i could, but i feel like its too hard to actually let the pee come out, as if i have to push even when i have to urgently go, when as if i have to pee with the same urgency and go on the toilet, it comes right out. Also, is there anything else you guys suggest to do with diapers? Other than just wet and soil them? My expectations weren’t EXACTLY reached as you might assume, so maybe there are different things I can do to better please myself. Thank you all so much!
  8. Hey everybody. I've been living with two issues most of my life. Mild to moderate ibs and lactose intolerance. Lately in the morning the urge to go becomes so unbearable. Sometimes I come close because I usually have to wait an hour for the bathroom to open. Anyway I was thinking about diapering up overnight so I won't have an accident. Maybe during the day too. The urges and cramps aren't just at night, but it's really hard for me to get used to maybe having to wear more soon out of necessity than fun. Sometimes cramp really badly and can barely hold it. However there's such a stigma attached to diaper use. I'm also living with my gf's family (brother and father) So I need help being very subtle about this. Maybe some reassurance... If anyone has stories to tell or any insight please share with me.
  9. So a couple of weeks ago I broke up with my ex who hated diapers and I loved them but she tolyme not to wear them now that she's gone my brain and body still won't put a diaper on no matter how bad I want to ive even ask people to yell at me and force me to wear them but nobody would what do I do?
  10. I recently got a notification from Windows Defender that my computer has something called Brocoiner!rfn on it. My computer updated itself to Windows 10, but I do still have my Windows 7 disc. I don't have system restore available to me, or at least it doesn't seem to work. I've looked in the Control Panel to uninstall this thing, but it doesn't show up. Any advice on getting rid of it? I did a little research on it, and it appears to be a very bad Trojan horse virus.
  11. I'm relatively inexperienced when it come to add-ins (baby powder, baby oil, creams) when it comes to diapers. So I'm here for some advice regarding Desitin. As you can tell from the title I am uncircumcised, so I want to know if there are any ill effect from applying Desitin under my foreskin and if it is even recommended. Thanks in advance for any advice you may have!
  12. Someone would like to help me mess my diaper? I will have enema stuff and bananas. Wondering if i could add something else! Write and tell!
  13. Hi all I'm new to ABDL
  14. I'm living in Canada and the local pharmacies don't usually ever have the diapers I want or in my size and now that I have read ways to discreetly get them I want to at least try looking for them though I know almost nothing about diapers I'm hoping that if
  15. Hey everybody I know I've been gone from the forums a lot recently and there is a reason for that. I've been doing some soul-searching and realized perhaps why I have been very angsty and frustrated the past few years.
  16. Hey everyone it's Paige I'm 24 years old and from Southern California. It wasn't until just recently that I started wetting my bed again. I'm not sure if its due to stress and anxiety with school starting soon or its something more. All I know is that I've been wearing Attends 10 at night with two heavy Poise pads inside as stuffers and by the morning I'm leaking. It all started when I was starting to get up about 3 times a night to use the restroom. I have restricted my liquid intake at night so I'm not sure where all this fluid is coming from. But I was waking up at 11pm and then 3am and then 5:30am as you can imagine this has sucked. So over the past few nights I've been wearing a diaper to bed. Honestly I find it easier if i find my self waking up to have to go to the bathroom to just do it in my diaper. Sometimes I won't wake up at all. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good night time diaper that can hold about 3 wettings during the night. I thought about going out and buying some plastic pants but I've never been a big person on those. Are they worth it. I tend to leak near the leg gathering and sometimes the front of my shirt is wet when I wake up in the morning. I know I need to make a appointment with my urologist and I probably well I just wanna see if this thing goes away on its own, but until then I need a good solution. thanks for your time and reading my post. I look forward to you feedback. ThanksPaige a.k.a iCrinkle2
  17. so Im with a mommy but Im trying to figure the best laxative that I can use for myself I honestly like the no control part but like feelings like i made a big mess,anyways I digress so what do you think would be a good laxative for someone who is 6'4,
  18. Hello world, I was introduced to the community by my boyfriend of two years. He recently came out to me about a year ago. I can imagine this being hard for him but I'm a rather accepting and understanding person. Only wish I had known sooner so we could play. He expressed to me that he is a DL not an AB, which either way is dandy. I'm cool with his interests and allow him to play as he sees fit and will more often than not join him. My questions are necessarily about why how etc etc but more details. When I ask him or read online about how to go about sex and making the experience more enjoyable for the both of us I get generic answers. I want specific details on what to do and how to do it. We have regular sex and are switches. I'd be interested in letting him "be my daddy" or I "be his mommy", or at least trying it. I just need specific details on how to do things or again what to do. Neither of us would neccessairly be interested in full baby play such as, pacifiers, clothing, or baby talk. I need help so I can fully satisfy my boyfriend and gain some satisfaction for myself.
  19. I am trying to get some help, from some pros, on how to get a big messy load, but in a time frame. I will be taking a two hour flight later this month and when I land I will have some time to myself before anyone else gets to our residence. I will have about 4.5 hours before anyone else arrives. My plan was to diaper up before my flight and take something like 60mL of
  20. Hey everyone, I will be (as long as everything goes ok) getting a Psychiatric Service Dog. The only thing is, I need YOUR help. Yes, YOU! If you could spare even $5USD (minimum donation), please consider donating to my GoFundMe to help me get the dog. His name is Hunter and he's an 8 month old Black Lab. I could have him in about 4 months as long as he
  21. So I recently told my girlfriend about this fetish, and I apparently didn't do a good job. We have both just barely begun to do anything remotely sexual and she convinced me to share any fetishes I have. She told me that she was confused after she had several hours to think about it, and that she wants more information. So as I suck at explaining things, could someone give me some advice please?
  22. So I'm trying to upload a picture to be my profile picture from my phone buts saying the size of anything I try is too large. I can't use my lap top. How can I get my pic up?
  23. I am a true ABDL at heart but I cannot seem to pee or mess while a sleep any help appreciated