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  1. Well, this is a different sort of story. I had the idea of combining a babyfur story...with the Golden Age of Piracy. Weird idea, but I've researched a bit, figured out how things worked, and it just...took hold. It's a lot less mature than most of my stories, actually (surprising for me), buuut I maaay include some things that are a lot more AB and regression themed than I normally do (which is normally a lot). Also, there will be a bit earthier stuff, like a brothel and tavern wenches (as was in the times. Don't worry, no sexual themes aside from...motherhood themes.), so consider that the warning. I'm also admittedly not sure where the story's middle and climax are, but I have an idea about the end; I just don't know where it'll go before then. EDIT: About critique, feel absolutely free to tell me what I'm doing wrong; in fact, I encourage it with all my heart! I want to publish this under my pseudo penname in books for AR/AB stuff, and in order to publish without mistakes and errors, I absolutely need to know what I've done wrong. If you can't find anything wrong, then tell me what you liked, please! These things make me a better writer. I'm not soft when it comes to critique, and I'll always listen to it. Okay, here's the first chapter: Chapter One: Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls The ocean in 1595 was a treacherous place, especially when one didn’t know what they were doing, and even more so when it was an area rife with danger already; the broken ships, names long since lost to the pounding waves, howling winds, and sea spray proved that without a shadow of a doubt. Fortunately for Florence Goodluck, the feared - at least, she hoped she was - black-furred fox captain of the seven seas, she and her small crew knew exactly what they were doing...or so they hoped. She wore few fripperies; while she and her crew were regarded as pirates, welcomed at Tortuga by fellow pirates, they weren’t a very wealthy or successful crew, having gotten few prizes over the time they were active. She and her crew wore simple, short, homespun dresses, ragged and torn from years on the sea. “Tack to port!” she called out in a high soprano, as she took the lookout point, seeing her crew of big cats maneuver the Catastrophe (her idea to let the crew, having known her lifelong friends since they all lived on the docks of Dover, England as orphans, know how much she appreciated them, especially since they unanimously voted her captain.) with Emma Everard, the stoic snow leopardess helmscat at her customary spot at the wheel. Not that the fox minded the lookout and rigging jobs; she never ordered her crew to do anything that she wouldn’t do, and she knew that Emma was better at the wheel than she could ever be. “Move port, bring the riggings up!” Grace Wythinghall, the powerful pantheress roared out, as was her right as quartermistress, helping the crew move away from the bow of a half-sunken ship, the stench of rotting wood in the air as a cold, heavy mist began to roll in. Florence sniffed the air, with most everything, even the familiar sea spray scents, fading into the furling mists. She realized that it could be a quest that ended all of their lives. No pirate had ever gotten this treasure, mostly because of silly and stupid superstitions that the older folk believed in. But she truly believed that she and her crew would be the first, and it would propel them to fame, glory…and mostly peace. Maybe because we’re the most desperate, that we have absolutely nothing to lose, she thought to herself. They were all veterans of the seas for a decade, and yet none of them were over the age of twenty-three, having lived hard lives as pirates, spending almost all of that decade in the bosom of their small frigate, rocked to sleep by the waves, avoiding privateers (those damned hypocrites, no better than they were…only with a letter of marque by the kings and queens of countries allowing them to prey on those weaker than them), fellow pirates, and legitimate navy ships that could’ve sunk them and sent them straight to Davy Jones. All Florence wanted was to retire. She was tired of the sea, tired of the dangers, tired of starving, and she wanted to put down roots somewhere on an island where the most she’d see of the ocean was occasional fishing, with more money than she knew how to spend. “Florence, I can’t see anything in this mist!” Agnes Coulthurst cried out, the cougaress’s tail lashing in annoyance, bringing her back to the moment. “Hold steady!” the black fox called. “Are you absolutely sure, Flory?” Denise Parkham called out; the lynx boatswain's voice tinged with terror. This was not a natural mist; the conditions for mist weren’t there; hell, it was far too cold for the normal spring weather of the Caribbean, and frost began to creep on the sails. “Do NOT call me ‘Flory’!” Florence snapped. “Hold steady unless I say!” A cheetah was scratching her claws on the ship deck, whimpering, “We’re going to crash into one of those ships-” “AVIS, WE ARE NOT GOING TO CRASH! TRUST ME!” the black fox shouted. “That goes for everyone! We are going to make it through! Have I ever led you wrong before?! Hold - damn - steady!” “You heard the captain!” Grace roared; the fox had to admit that the vocal cords of the quartermistress was a much louder sound that almost seemed to cut through the mist. “Hold steady until she says!” All eleven animals held their breaths, as if the very act of breathing would cause the water to hear and consume them. The tension in the air was thick enough to cut with a sword. Then Millicent Huchenson and Winifred Daundelyon, a serval and caracal as close as twin sisters (even though they weren’t actual sisters like the Rowes) heard a faint roar coming in front of them, their especially keen ears pounding with blood, and both of them screamed in terror, holding each other. Florence heard the faint roar as well, heard the sailmaker and cooper scream, and immediately bellowed, “DROP ANCHORS AND FURL SAILS RIGHT NOW!” Her crew reacted quickly, knowing that their lives depended on it. Whether Lady Luck existed or not, they knew one thing: they were lucky, for the roar was coming from a waterfall that plummeted down into nothingness - the anchors had managed to cling to rocks just in time to save them from going over. “This has to be the goddamned end of the world…” Isabel Hornboldt moaned pitifully, the jaguaress who served as the navigator unsheathing and sheathing her claws. “There’s nothing on my maps that says anything about a goddamned waterfall!” “That means we’re close to The Dying Night!” Florence shouted, her eyes alight with recognition. “Don’t you girls remember what the legend said?” “Other than some voodoo witch that cursed the pirates who killed her husband?” Sybil Rowe asked curiously, the tigress carpenter looking straight at her lioness sister, Cecily's eyes. “And they were never heard from again? And that everyone who tried to find this treasure died?” the gunner finished in a dour tone. “Cecily, Sybil, curses aren’t real!” the fox captain snorted to herself. Curses? Ridiculous. And they were a much better crew than those that had died; hadn’t they proved it by surviving until now? “Anyway, it’s at the bottom of the waterfall.” “Well, unless you plan on jumping off, I’d love to hear ideas, Flory!” Agnes snapped. “Always grumbling, Agy, always grumbling about something!” Florence retorted, inwardly seething about the childish nickname uttered by the cook. “Don’t you know that there are tributaries that lead downward? Or did you forget about the legend entirely?” The cougaress’s face flushed in annoyance, but Avis Ballett was quick to say, “But we can’t see anything in the mist!” Florence sighed, quickly wrapping a rope around her paw and stepping off of her perch, down to her crew from the crow’s nest, using her weight to counterbalance and land safely on her paws. Her crew had seen her do it so many times that they were no longer afraid for her safety…but they didn’t dare try it themselves. They would follow her anywhere…except with that; some things were just a death wish. “That’s why the legend is called ‘The Dying Night,’” the fox explained, mostly to the cheetah musician, but to the rest of the crew as well. “We wait until dawn; that’s night’s death, that’s when the mist will clear up and reveal the tributaries. Then we go down to them, find the ship, get the loot, divide it, and get out as rich women.” “You’re placing an awfully big bet on a mere legend, Flory,” Denise mused, her paw drumming on the side rail. “Enough with that stupid nickname! We know it’s real, Denise, there’s enough evidence to prove it, especially since it's here in front of our eyes.” Florence’s green eyes were desperate. “You’re my crew; I’d go down with and for you any day, and you know that, but we can’t be pirates forever. This could be the one. This could be the treasure that we could retire with and live like queens.” “I’d settle for a family.” All heads turned to face Isabel, who looked sad. “We’re family, Izzy,” Grace gently coaxed. “No, I meant…we stole this ship from the privateers together, and we're as close as we can get without being blood…but I want something…tangible,” the jaguaress said with a sigh. “No insult meant to you girls, but we see each other every day, every time I wake up on this ship. I’ve heard every argument we could ever hear. I want a different voice.” “Get enough money, and you could buy a family,” Florence said with a smirk. “Florence, not everything’s about scoring that big loot.” To the black fox’s shock, it was Emma that said those words, the normally quiet snow leopardess having a faraway look in her eyes. “I’d love a family myself. We all grew up as orphans; I wanted to know my mom for years. She died, you know. Died in childbirth. Dear ‘Dad’ left me on the docks. We all have similar stories, Florence, even you. Haven't you ever wanted someone to hold you, to love you, no matter what?” Florence sighed angrily. “Look, you want a mommy to feed you, pay a damn wetnurse. Those times are done, and you can’t ever go back. What’s done is done. We’re here right now, so let’s focus on our goal right now." She took a deep breath and rubbed the fur on her temple - a tic that she had when she was trying to calm herself down. "Anyway, we’re all tired, so get some sleep until dawn. Millicent, Winifred, take the first watch.” The fox’s crew looked at her…and let out collective sighs, knowing they weren’t going to change her mind; she could be quite stubborn. It was the trait that brought them this far, and the trait they loved and hated. But she was right, in a way: she had never steered them wrong, had always kept them safe. “Yes, Cap’n,” they chorused. They gathered their ragged blankets, shivering as, one by one, they fell asleep in the cold mist, their dreams right in front of them…one way or another. - Okay, quick explanation about the specific jobs of this crew on their frigate (a smaller ship used in the Golden Age of Piracy): Captain - Democratically elected on pirate ships, believe it or not, although they could just as easily have command stripped of them. In most cases, the captain was the brains, the one who got the ship through fair or foul means. The most successful captains could install rules on the ship. Quartermaster (quartermistress, in this case) - Also democratically elected, the quartermasters were the seconds-in-command of the ship, unlike various the various legitimate vessels (even though the pirates had first and second mates). They were the crew's answer to the pirate captain, sharing their concerns, and being an intermediatory for the captain to give orders to the crew. If the captain had taken another vessel and wanted to start a fleet, the quartermaster would be the captain of that ship. Navigator - Even though the captain and quartermaster often had knowledge of navigation, a pirate ship might have a dedicated navigator. With a good navigator, the captain would know where merchant ships struck, could navigate islands and shallows, that sort of stuff. Boatswain (bosun) - The supervisor of the various seamanship stuff around the ship, monitored the stores, and ensured sails, anchors, and rigging were in good condition. On larger ships, they'd have people under them. Carpenter - The carpenter was the one who was responsible for fixing leaks around the ship, making various repairs, and refitting captured vessels for the purposes of the pirates. They were also responsible for a lot of the, ah...immediate surgeries (i.e., amputations) in the absence of a surgeon. Cooper - The cooper was responsible for assembling barrels, used to keep wet stores, dry stores, gunpowder, water, rum, etc. from spoiling, making them airtight, fixing buckets, etc. Normally on larger ships, but I figured I could make a slight exception. Sailmaker - Sailmakers were basically the chief engineer on a ship, used to stitch and make sails, which, without them, ships went nowhere. In the absence of a surgeon, sailmakers were also responsible for stitching wounds shut. Gunner - The gunner was responsible for the cannons, how much gunpowder was necessary for to hit the target, who shouted the order to fire. Gunner teams (four to six men) were required to be accurate and speedy, and they were outfitted with a lot of guns. Cook - Yes, even pirate ships had cooks. Normally, they were ones with amputations (not here), but while they stole food stores from the ships they captured, and ate from taverns, yes, cooks were needed to prepare food and rum. Musician - Yes, pirates had musicians like fiddlers and trumpeters. Like in others, they created rhythms for shanties, to aid in manual task, and to entertain, but they also contributed to a cacophony of noise during attacks.
  2. 16-year-old Zelinda Seacrest is a vegetable, stuck in a coma for 11 years and counting. Her mother Zentroz is worried about the health of her daughter, hoping every day that she would awaken from her endless sleep. But unbeknownst to her mother, Zelinda's dreams have served as a wondrous, attractive, and nearly permanent destination since they began 11 years ago. A magical kingdom paradise born from her imagination, with Zelinda princess over it all. And with an imagination that has grown beyond her wildest dreams, Zelinda ventures to the surface of her subconscious, bringing her overactive imagination with her. Meanwhile, Zentroz grows restless with her husband Jonathan as they receive news of the moment that they were waiting for. A care-free Zelinda finally awakens, ready to experience the strange new world that awaits her. And with the kingdom in her mind, she slowly introduces it to her parents, before gradually growing homesick of her dream world again. The thought of the mysterious dream world that her daughter describes begins to worry Zentroz. And her daughter's growing attachment to it worries her even more. And as the days and weeks go by with Zelinda's numerous revisits to the land of her imagination, her daughter begins to change more and more. What was this mysterious land that she spent so much time in? Why does Zelinda keep becoming more and more different? Before any of Zentroz's questions could even be answered, Zelinda becomes as mysterious as the dream world that she first experienced in her coma and her parents begin to find themselves right in the middle of their daughter's fantasy world. Welcome to the kingdom born from imagination. Welcome to Zelinda's Garden. I. The Planting Chapter 1: Nowhere Zelinda Seacrest’s eyes looked so empty that you would believe that there’s nothing inside her. Her eyes never changed or moved. If you were to try to talk to her, you would clearly get no answer. All you would get is a glance of her dazed stupor. A robotic glance devoid of any real intelligence. Her hazel hair flowed down to her shoulders. Her face was lightly freckled with a couple areas of acne starting to form. Her left bra strap sagged over the v-neck of her sky-blue dress. Lacking any awareness, Zelinda continued to stare into nothing. While her own heartbeat proved that she was alive, Zelinda was nowhere to be found. She was sitting on a soft tan couch, with her neck hunched over. Her parents sat beside her, impatiently looking at their phones for the time. “When is he coming?” Jonathan said, staring up from his phone screen. “It’s three minutes after four! The doctor is three minutes late!” “Calm down, dear.” Zentroz said, patting her hand on his right shoulder. “Maybe she’s with another patient.” Zentroz gazed over at her teenage daughter and tucked the bra strap back into her dress. “There honey. I fixed it.” But Zelinda didn’t respond. She maintained her same blank stare as usual. “Why do you talk to her?” Jonathan said, sighing. “She is not even there!” “How do you know?” Zentroz asked him. “There might be something going on inside her. You don’t know!” “Do you still think that? She’s been like this for 11 years!” Zentroz took the defensive. “Maybe so, but she’s still my daughter and I want to talk to her. Isn’t that right, Zelinda dear?” She waved her hands up and down over Zelinda’s eyes, which remained still. Zentroz could remember the last time that her daughter was normal. It was just a few days after Zelinda’s fifth birthday, in the year 2043. Zentroz was putting her daughter to bed. “No mommy!” she cried. “Tell me more of the story!” Zentroz held the book shut and smiled. “Don’t want to ruin the surprise, dear. You’ll hear some more tomorrow night, okay?” She leaned over her daughter’s bed and nuzzled her nose over her daughter’s face. “I love you, dear.” Zelinda gave her mother a look of curiosity. “Mommy?” “Yes dear?” she asked, staring into her eyes. “Am I a princess, like the story you told me?” Zentroz waved her hand on her daughter’s face like a magic wand. “You are, dear. You’re a beautiful princess.” Zelinda’s face lit up and she began to smile. “Look at me, mommy! I’m a princess!” Zentroz nodded, giving her daughter a very excited face. “You are! Good night, dear!” She kissed her daughter goodnight and left the room. During that night, something strange started to happen. Zelinda quickly fell asleep and was filled with the dreams from all the stories that her mother told her. Stories about beautiful princesses and heroic princes to rescue them. Fond memories of all the playtime that she had during that day. Then it happened. In the morning, Zelinda stopped. Her face gave a blank stare, which has remained unchanged to this day. Wherever Zelinda went that one night, she never wanted to come back. The doctor finally came in and shook both Zentroz’s and Jonathan’s hand. Dr. Julia Prost greeted her patient with a warm smile. “How’s Zelinda today?” Zelinda gave her usual response, giving her a blank and emotionless stare. Dr. Prost nodded. “Fine as usual, I would guess?” She adjusted her glasses and gave Zentroz a serious stare. “I know that you want to see your daughter back in the right mind. Do you mind if we run some more tests on her again?” Jonathan sighed. “What difference would that make? You have done this every month for years!” Dr. Prost gave Jonathan a sharp stare. “Yes, I know. But what else can we do? There might be something else that we can find out about her. Something that might get you your daughter back.” Zentroz elbowed Jonathan and smiled at the doctor. “Oh, we would love that! Wouldn’t you want that, honey?” Jonathan nodded. “Yes, I would, but we’ve been down this road for about 11 years now. Do you really think that this would make any difference?” “Yes!” she sharply responded. “I think that it would make a lot of difference! Let’s just do what the doctor says. Okay?” She looked back at the doctor and nodded. “Go ahead and take her. If you have any questions regarding her, they’re all going to be the same as last time. Just to save you the time.” Dr. Prost nodded. “That’s fine. And that’s also why we would like to run some more tests on her. Just asking the same questions and trying all the same things as before isn’t going to change anything. All we can do is run some more tests. Maybe we can reach her this time.” “I hope!” Zentroz said with a smile. Dr. Prost held Zelinda by the hand and led her outside the room to the lobby with Zentroz and Jonathan following. Some other specialists were standing there, ready to take Zelinda. Zentroz’s smile faded when she saw the specialists guiding Zelinda down the hallway. “Leave her to us.” Dr. Prost said, giving her a reassuring smile. I’ve trained the new staff so they’ll know what to do with her. I’ll keep a good eye on her, okay?” Zentroz nodded. “Okay. Let’s go home, honey!” Zentroz and Jonathan left, leaving Zelinda to the doctors. The doctors ran all the usual tests on Zelinda, but the results were the same as last time. By that time, it was evening, so they placed her in one of the hospital beds. Zelinda’s blank stare retired for the day. Her eyelids drooped shut and she fell asleep. *** Zelinda watched as her mother tucked her in. That was a wonderful story. She wanted to hear more and how it turned out. Where did the princess go? What land did she travel to next? Maybe she’ll tell me more if I ask her… But the mother closed the book. Zelinda, now crushed, started to cry. “No mommy!” she whined. “Tell me more of the story!” But the mother just stood there, holding the book in her hands. Zelinda glanced at the book and frowned. If only I could get that book! Maybe mommy tell me just a little more…” “Don’t want to ruin the surprise, dear,” she told her. Zelinda’s tears were erased when she heard the word “surprise”. What? Surprise? Where? Zelinda glanced around, trying to find where the surprise was. “You’ll hear some more tomorrow night, okay?” Zelinda glanced at the book that was out of her grasp. Tomorrow? I can’t wait until tomorrow! Please let it be soon! Pleeeease? She felt the nuzzling of her mother’s nose against hers. Oh, I love it when mommy does that! I hope that she kisses me too! “I love you, dear,” the mother warmly told her. Zelinda then thought of the story that she just heard again. That princess in that story…Is that me? Maybe mommy knows! Mommy knows everything… “Mommy?” she said with great eagerness. The mother stared deeply into Zelinda’s eyes. “Yes dear?” Zelinda began to smile even more. “Am I a princess, like the story you told me?” She watched her mother wave her hand on her face. It’s a magic wand! She’s turning me into a princess! “You are, dear.” The mother told Zelinda. “You’re a beautiful princess.” Zelinda smiled very brightly. She closed her eyes, imagining her beauty. She then opened her eyes. “Look at me, mommy! I’m a princess!” The mother nodded and smiled widely at Zelinda. “You are! Good night, dear!” Zelinda glanced at her mother, who gave her a very nice kiss on the cheek. There we go! She didn’t forget! Yay! After the mother left the room, Zelinda’s eyes became heavy. When she opened her eyes, she was in a magical land. She got out of her royal bed and glanced out of the window. She was in a beautiful castle on top of a very high hill. When she saw the view, her royal chamber, and her royal princess gown, she sighed with ecstasy. “Wow!” she squealed. “I really am a beautiful princess! “I never want to leave this kingdom! Ever!” And that is just what happened. Since the night she dreamt that dream, she has remained princess of her very own kingdom. All while her body continued to age day by day from the outside. While her mother was worrying about her vegetative state, she was having the time of her life, living every one of her days as a beautiful princess in a land of her very own. *** Eleven years has passed since Zelinda began the wonderful journey to her very own kingdom. Every day played out exactly as the day before. Her mother the queen would tell her that one day, the land would be hers. Everything that she could see outside the window of her castle would belong to her. Zelinda, still five years old, squealed as she played with her royal blocks. She stacked the blocks to make a royal castle of her own. Looking out of the castle, she frowned. “Mommy, can we make the castle bigger?” Right after she said that, the castle grew to exactly the size that she wanted. “Yay!” She got to her feet and ran around all the new rooms that she made in her now bigger castle. When she entered the throne room, she went and sat on the throne. “Mommy?” she asked. The queen immediately appeared. “Yes dear?” “Can I be ruler now?” she asked her. Right after she asked her, a crown appeared on her head. “You are, dear!” she told Zelinda. “You rule everything!” Zelinda smiled. “I do!” All of a sudden, Zelinda suddenly remembered the story that her mother promised that she would tell her. She glanced at the queen. “Can you tell me the story now?” The queen looked at her in confusion. “What story do you want me to tell you?” Zelinda smiled. “You know! The princess story!” The queen nodded and smiled. “You’re already a princess. What story do you want to hear?” Zelinda frowned and began to pout. “You don’t know the story. I wanna hear the story!” A portal appeared and Zelinda saw it. Wow! A flashing thing! If I go through it, will mommy tell me the story? Zelinda ran eagerly through the portal and went through it, her very own kingdom vanishing behind her…
  3. TYME is on your side I’m standing at my bedroom window looking out at the view. Since we came here eight weeks ago I have to admit this place is completely different from our old apartment. Before my bedroom view overlooked a small communal garden (dumping ground) and into the back of a row of other apartments hardly fifty yards away. We lived on the third floor, in a five story block less than half a mile from the town centre. The neighbourhood was a bit on the rough side but I didn’t mind because that’s where I’d grown up and where all my friends are... were. The school was less than a ten minute walk away and I was a happy and popular kid in class. However, a few weeks ago both my parents got new jobs. I didn’t know they’d been looking for anything different so it came as a bit of a surprise when they announced one morning that in the school’s summer break, we’d be moving to a new location – miles and miles away I’d come to the end of 6th Grade and the following term, now I’m almost twelve (well in six months), I’d be moving up. I was looking forward to going with all my mates and because of that the thought of a new school wasn’t so scary. The announcement of the move had me worried and I cried that I didn’t want to leave, even having a hissy-fit, demanding that I be left with the neighbours so I could stay with all my buddies. Both my parents tried to soothe my stress and said that this was a terrific opportunity that they couldn’t afford to let pass, and it was a relatively new town in a wonderful part of the country. Everything, they emphasised, was geared for young families and we’d have a better house and a lot better standard of living. None of that meant anything to me if I wasn’t going to be with my friends. The start of the summer break was fantastic but at the back of my mind was the fact that we’d soon be moving and I’d probably never see these guys from the neighbourhood again. So when not out with them I was at home complaining about the up-coming move. I was adamant I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t know that it was a done deal and no amount of my protestations or grumpiness was going to alter the fact... we would be moving. We moved and that was six weeks ago. # Now, as I looked out from my bedroom over the fields and off into the countryside I had to admit that dad was correct - this part of the country is beautiful. Everything’s new and exciting, not least because I got my own bedroom and it was at least twice as large as my old one. Back at the old apartment I shared with my three year old brother Josh, which wasn’t ideal, what with there being such an age gap. He was still being potty trained so there was a constant odour of pee about the place, and the piles of diapers did nothing to make me feel in the least bit like a boy who was about to move up a level at school. Oh how things change in such a short time. As I look out of my window at this fine early morning it’s me standing wearing a wet diaper with plastic pants trying their best to hold it all up. I’m eleven and a half years old and surprisingly started waking up soaked on the first morning we arrived here and I don’t know why. I have to admit I was still not in the best mood and resented being taken away from all that I knew to somewhere strange and unknown. I didn’t like it and was still pouting even after I’d been shown my new room. In fact, compared to our old apartment the new house was unbelievable; all the latest mod-cons. Smart devices everywhere; you could command ‘Mimi’ do this that or the other; to turn lights on and off, play music or answer questions by simply asking. The house was large and every room spacious, it had a garden, as did all the houses on our street, that went back about thirty feet, which in turn led onto fields and had countryside in the distance. It was all so perfect but of course I was upset so stomped around behaving badly and generally being nasty to everyone about everything. I was completely disrespectful to my parents and poor little Joshy didn’t know why I wouldn’t play with him. I was getting on everyone’s nerves, which in truth was what I wanted in the hope they’d send me back to my buddies. However, when I woke up wet after that first night I was somewhat shocked and found it difficult to explain myself. Mom and dad deliberated on it and decided it was a mixture of nerves, anxiety, hormones and upset but that I should be over it in a matter of days. However, mom’s initial thought, I was just being difficult and trying to prove a point, made her attitude towards me harden. After the second and third night of it happening she insisted, despite my absolute refusal, I wear a diaper to sleep in from then on. “Until you’re over this little bit of trauma,” was the way she interpreted it but of course I made a big fuss about being treated like Josh. She was unsympathetic to my argument. “If you wet like Josh then you’ll be treated like Josh” was her assessment of the situation. She was taking no temper tantrum or dispute with what she’d decided and dad wasn’t a reliable ally as he’d once been. So, like my baby brother, I was made to wear a diaper at night. It didn’t sit well with me but at least it kept the laundry down to a minimum. I suppose mom must have spoken into ‘Mimi’ and ordered extra supplies of diapers for Josh and me because some arrived that evening right on cue for bedtime. Of course I made life as awkward as possible but mom wasn’t having it and said that if I didn’t wear one she’d just leave my smelly pee-soaked bed and I could lie in that for ever as far as she was concerned. Dad on the other-hand simply said if I didn’t wear one he’d spank my hide, something he’d never threatened before. He got my attention and that night mom fitted me, like she did Josh, into a soft fabric diaper and plastic pants. It was certainly the grumpiest bed time I’d ever had but my resentment was softened slightly by the fact that the diaper was incredibly soft... that was... to begin with. I also think there was a bit of punishment in there because they were both getting more than a little annoyed with my insolence and not giving the new place a chance. Unfortunately, with the threat of a spanking, which I’d never had in my life, ‘I’ decided to wear one at night... so that was another thing to hate this place about. That first night, despite the initial softness, I tossed and turned and wondered how Josh could sleep wearing such a mass around his little willy because I was as fidgety as hell. Of course it didn’t help that I woke up soaked, so mom had been correct in making sure I was well wrapped up for the night. However, it was becoming a regular occurrence and I was hoping to hide the fact from mom by getting to the bathroom first and changing before she could check. Unfortunately, she caught me sneaking there with wet PJs and carrying a sopping wet diaper so now insists that she sees me every morning to be inspected. I didn’t know why at that time she thought that was so important but was quite definite about it. I argued, blamed everyone but myself and absolutely refused to wear one in future but of course that amounted to nothing because when it came to night time she was there supervising making sure I did. However, that’s not why each morning I have to wait for mom to come and check my soggy diaper. So, that’s where you’ll find me most mornings, soaked and looking out of the window... waiting. # Nonetheless, despite my ‘troubles’ both parents were excited by all these new opportunities, “opportunities” they said would not be available back home. Everything was “better and brighter” here and even Josh loved that he had his own room and space to play outside. He soon had friends and our parents had loads of colleagues from work who they socialised with. They’d bring their kids over and although Josh settled in straight away, I hated these new people and either took myself off to my room or simply made life for our visitors uncomfortable. “Stop being so rude and join in.” Was my parent’s non-stop criticism about my behaviour. As I hadn’t had a choice I begrudged everything. Dad made it clear that he and mom weren’t going to put up with my dissent much longer and I’d just have to try and fit in - there was no going back because there was nothing to go back to. We had neighbours with kids my age but I hated that, despite them all being friendly enough, they weren’t Boogy, Sam, Tess, Adele, Smiffy, Amin... or indeed any of my friends from back home who I grew up with. Because everything was controlled by the smart hub, I couldn’t access any of the video games I liked to play. As there was a ‘TYME classification’ age restriction on most of those, the hub recognised my voice and limited access until an adult requested them, which they never did. Phone calls went through the hub and I wasn’t allowed to make calls again without adult supervision. So I just mooched around getting angrier and angrier. Mom and dad didn’t like what I was doing but thought I’d eventually come round and accept it all. I had other ideas... I’d simply hitch-hike home if I had to. # The town is called TYME, "TYME - is on your side" is the slogan as you entered the outskirts and which mom and dad thought set just the right tone for place. In fact, both had managed to find incredibly well-paid jobs at a new facility outside of town and if I was being honest the entire place seemed a huge step up from where we had lived and, if I hadn’t been so resentful, might have enjoyed being here. Joshy was in a huge pre-school play group every day, which a he loved. All the kids dressed in blue shorts and yellow and white t-shirts with a little emblem on the breast pocket indicating which year they were in. He went to that group every day and looked sweet and happy when they were all together. I envied Josh being able to adapt so easily but I was angry (and regarded myself as grown up) so had opinions of my own and being here wasn’t one of them. It had never even been discussed - I’d fume to myself at the injustice of it all. Meanwhile, I had yet to start at a new school, which I was dreading. The Academy, as it was called, was a huge structure that also incorporated the pre-school so all ages of kids from our section of town were together but in different parts of this enormous building. The playing fields stretched over several acres to encompass athletics and all the ball sports. Yes, the place was immense and “well-tended”, as mom enthused. Both her and dad loved how organised everything was and were passionate about their new jobs which, according to mom, were a damn sight better than anything back in our home town. I had no idea what it was they did when they got to work by 9am, but school was scheduled to start at 8.30am and finished at 4pm to fit in with company shifts. Mom was delighted that the shifts were geared so that if needed, a parent was always available to look after a young child. In fact, although the entire town was arranged to suit the needs of the company they saw that it was advantageous to look after its workforce. Family care was ‘top priority’ and well catered for with a calendar of regular fun social gatherings. As new-comers we were encouraged to meet our neighbours and make friends with a whole bunch of different folk. Josh and I were dragged along to these ‘get to know’ gatherings where it seemed everyone was keen to chat and be as amiable as possible. All the kids were well-dressed and lacked attitude, something that just wouldn’t have been acceptable at home, but were friendly enough. I hated it and kept myself away from any offer of friendship... I just didn’t want to know or get involved. I already had friends I didn’t need this lot. # Everything was in company colours - white, blue and yellow, and, as they built this town (or so I assumed) they got a say in whatever happened here. Even the police cars and emergency service vehicles were white, blue and yellow. All uniforms and official workwear was a combination of these colours. You’d find it difficult to find any other colours if you worked for the town or the company. Even the school uniform had the same colour code and again, that little emblem on the breast pocket indicated which class you were in. Most things were arranged; mom didn’t even need to wash Josh’s diapers because there was a collection service that did all that. It was the same for any family with toddlers and babies. The company was ‘green’ so diapers were made from recyclable fabrics and collected, washed and replaced weekly. Even Josh’s were in company colours, as were the plastic pants that accompanied them. Actually, now I’m wetting most nights mine come the same way but I’ve never discussed it with either parent it’s not something an eleven year old want to discuss with anyone. I explained to myself that of course I was having soggy nights because I’d been abducted from friends and neighbours I’d grown up with and knew. This was a terrible, stressful imposition so no wonder my body reacted in such a way. So, this wetness was entirely my parent’s fault and nothing to do with me... of that I was certain. Well, I say everything but the truth is, I hated waking up wet. I saw it as something else, like the move, I had no control over and that made me angry. Yet, despite my refusal to wear a diaper, I did so and could see the benefits of wearing one at night. I thought in some way at least this was something I could control, so accepted its use. Also that threat of a spanking if I didn’t made me a bit more amenable to that particular suggestion. Although my parents had never spanked me, I had noticed that their attitude towards my attitude had hardened a little so wasn’t sure if they would actually follow through with any threat. I think they thought I was coming round but I wasn’t, it was just easier and to my advantage to go along with night time diapers. I still didn’t mix and made it well known I wasn’t happy about being in this place. It was strange because each evening one of my parents had to fill in a household health report on the computer. I was told a smart hub (which ran throughout the entire house) was in everyone’s home and was explained as a way that the company could make sure shops were well stocked with what was needed. Power, water, food... everything all came under the scope of the smart monitoring gizmos everywhere. There was a small blue round hub in every room via which ‘Mimi’ would do your bidding. The powers that be said that the health and welfare of its citizens was of paramount importance so nothing, not even the slightest cough, should be left out of the daily statement. Mom said it was terrific because it took away any worries and if you needed help a touch on the computer screen and there was always someone on the other end to offer advice or solutions. # Unfortunately, my wetting continued right up to the first day of the new term and mum insisted that I wear a diaper under my uniform to make sure all went well. My uniform! Now that was a surprise as well as I only saw it on that first morning of school. At my old school it had been just normal clothes. Here it was dark blue shorts, yellow and blue polo shirt with matching blue, white and yellow striped blazer. I looked exactly like a larger version of those pre-schoolers. There was hardly any difference in what Josh and I wore, which I found insulting to my age. I complained about the shorts but mom said that all boys up to becoming teenagers wore them to school. Then, if grades were good, you got more and more independence and fewer restrictions. To me it sounded more like prison but I couldn’t get mom or dad to see that. They thought I was being silly and over dramatic and accused me of trying to make this ‘paradise’ into some kind of living hell. I hated having to wear shorts to school, even though all the others in my year wore them, it was just another thing that left me indignant. Although I’d had a couple of weeks now wearing a diaper at night, and the occasional wet day (which I didn’t tell anyone about though suspected mom had sussed), I didn’t want to wear one on that initial school day, it would have set a bad example should anyone find out. However, my no-nonsense mother put me in one first thing. She’d stripped me out of my soaked night diaper, cleaned me up and, without asking, simply put me in a new one. Needless to say I was furious but she gave me one of her looks that she wouldn’t put up with any disagreement, so that had the remarkable effect of keeping me silent. With only a few minutes to go before we had to leave I sneakily nipped back to the bathroom removed the damn thing and defiantly settled into a pair of white cotton briefs for the day instead. Getting ready for that first day I wasn’t feeling too confident because up until then I hadn’t made any new friends... so wearing briefs was a little confidence booster. There were plenty of kids around, all dressed the same, but I wasn’t interested, they weren’t MY friends and anyway, I was still hoping they’d get fed up with me and we’d all return home. Despite our neighbours on one side having kids my age, and on the other they had a couple of babies and a toddler like Joshy, I’d tried to avoid them as much as possible. As their parents also worked for the company, we all set off at the same time to school so it was a sea of blue and yellow walking down the street or disembarking from the school bus. Friends huddled in groups laughing or chatting but all seemed keen to be heading for a new term. There was a general aura of happiness about TYME, even the school kids appeared pleased to start a new term. I on the other hand, was nervous and alone and that made me feel really self-conscious. What I didn’t know was that my personal id was embedded in the school logo on my shirt pocket. With a sweep of a handheld scanner it made sure you were in the correct group but also flagged up any concerns anyone might have. So, on the first day of school the scan, despite the age group I was in, indicated to the teacher that I should be wearing protection as I was ‘incontinent’. I couldn’t believe that mom had let the powers that be know I wet... that was a breach of my privacy. The teacher with the scanner seemed a little perplexed and wondered first of all if I was in the correct class (had they got Josh and James mixed up somehow?) but then, after a few moments chat and deliberation with an unknown contact at the other end of the screen, in front of a line of girls and boys my own age, I was checked if I was wearing suitable protection. On finding I had briefs and not the required diaper I was told to report to the school nurse for ‘redressing’. I was so embarrassed and seething at such facts being made available to any person I upped and went home without going anywhere near the nurse’s office. I didn’t know that everyone’s medical and social records were stored and evaluated daily so any problems could be nipped in the bud. To me it was just another intrusion into my life, which I didn’t have back home. # My first day at school and my first bunking off... It was quite a walk but of course mom and dad had gone to work by the time I arrived at the house, Josh was at pre-school so I needed to get in. However, the door was locked and I didn’t have a key and my badge didn’t allow access. Thankfully, the weather was fine so I just went for a stroll through the woods expecting to be out and about in the fresh air for the rest of the day until 4:00pm, when I knew I’d be able to access the house. I walked out of our garden and into the back field intent on reaching the wooded area in the distance. It was whilst on this walk I hoped to formulate a plan to get away from this awful place and make my way back to a proper town... my home town. I knew it was going to be difficult. It had been quite a long drive to get here in the first place and I remember (as I was half asleep for most of the journey) that we turned off the main highway and drove for ages before we reached this place. The journey was up hills and down dales, through huge wooded areas and farming land before we got to a junction that pointed access to the town. TYME itself seemed quite a distance from any other civilization but, when we arrived, the bustling centre as far as I could see was new and just as busy as any other place I’d been to. Also, another surprise was that we had a coastline and the town, built on a hill, sloped down to beaches, harbour and small marina. As I thought about all this my mind was busy trying to calculate the distance I’d have to hitch-hike to even get to a main road. I came to the conclusion that perhaps a boat might be a possible solution except for one thing; I couldn’t sail or know which direction to go in. I’d have to try and find a map. Whilst all this was swirling around in my head I hadn’t noticed I was being followed by a man in a blue and yellow uniform (of course) on a quad-bike. “And where exactly are you going?” He demanded once I noticed him. “Just a walk around, I’m new here so just checking things out.” I replied but not very confidently. “Really,” He dismounted from his transport, “Well let me just check who I have here and where you should be.” He produced a scanner with a screen and held it over the logo on my shirt. “Mmm,” he read, “James Llewelyn, son of Anthony and Marion Llewelyn and, according to this, you should be in a history class back in school.” I was shocked he knew so much about me but of course, the scan this morning had told the teacher other stuff I didn’t want anyone else to know. Did this (I looked at his badge) Rural Deputy now have all that info on his device? “So, you shouldn’t be out here on your own without supervision but mainly... you should be in school. Your parents will be in trouble for this.” “Big deal,” I thought but didn’t say anything. “Come on, hop on I’ll give you a lift back.” “No, it’s OK, I’ll find my own way back thanks... I made it this far.” He looked at me as if he wasn’t used to anyone disagreeing with his directive. “I don’t think so James,” His tone was even but only just, “my job is to make sure you return to where you’re supposed to be... so, on you get.” He indicated the seat in front of him. “No, fuck off and leave me alone. I didn’t ask for you to be here and I don’t want to go anywhere with you... I don’t even know who you are and” I acted all stupidly coy, “mom says I shouldn’t accept lifts from strangers.” This showed a great deal of just how angry I was because I wouldn’t have had the nerve to say all this to either my parents or anyone, certainly a lawman, back home. “This isn’t a request sonny... on the bike NOW.” I took off into the woods as fast as I could. “This isn’t a game.” I heard him shout as he gunned the quad up but I’d left the track and was trying not to get entangled in the undergrowth. I battled through thick foliage, brambles and stinging nettles, which clawed at my bare legs leaving painful scratches and annoying welts. Unfortunately, he knew this area better than me and was waiting when I eventually broke ground and ended up in a little clearing. “That’s enough fun and games James... your parents have given me authorization to spank you if you don’t do exactly as I say immediately.” He was waving around his scanner and I had no doubt that it contained just such permission. # I hated the fact that I’d been foiled but the drive back, with me perched in front of him on the bike, was in silence. I felt like a recaptured prisoner of war I’d seen on TV. He drove up to my front door and there was my father looking exceptionally angry. “He should be in school,” the Deputy told dad as he set me down. “Make sure he’s there tomorrow sir, there will be a ‘clarification’ issued from Central Office.” “Yes, thank you officer, I’ll see to it and sorry for any inconvenience.” He held the door open for me to enter the house. Once the door was closed, in a surprisingly quick move, my shorts came down as did my briefs and he put me over his knee and gave me a thorough spanking. It was something I’d never experienced before and I didn’t like it one bit... as I screamed the place down. I’d never seen dad so angry or experienced anything so painful, the scratches on my legs from the brambles were now forgotten as I tried to be brave. I failed. Dad was letting my bare bottom know in no uncertain terms that I’d got things very wrong indeed. Despite begging for forgiveness and screaming I was sorry, he made sure I was in no doubt that my attitude would be curtailed. I couldn’t hold back the tears and for a moment, when there was a ‘ping’ on the hub screen dad stopped and took a look at what was written. “You swore at the Deputy?” He was even more incensed at my most recent display and my bottom felt the full force of his fury. Eventually he finished and I was left a sobbing wreck but made to stand in the corner, with my hands on my head, whilst he finished reading the message on screen. My bum was extremely red and very painful and I was still snivelling when he returned. He turned me round and I noticed that I’d wet down the front of his trousers whilst being spanked I was sure he was going to spank me again so cringed as he pulled me forward. “Well James it looks like you’ve made us the first family ever to get a warning. Your behaviour will not be tolerated by anyone...” “I just want to go back home.” I whined through the pain. “Well son, that’s not an option as we’ve made clear on every occasion you’ve brought it up. This place is clean, well run and safe. There are no gangs here, no crime from what we can see and if you give it a chance you’ll find it beneficial as you grow up.” He could see I didn’t want to hear any of this... I wanted my friends and thought it a horrible thing for a parent to do... take me away from all that I knew. “I’m sorry if you think we’ve made the wrong decision but it’s you that’s wrong. Mom, Josh and I all love this place and if you weren’t so destructive I think you’d find that it offered you a whole new set of friends...” “I just want to go home...” I pleaded. “You are home son and the sooner you realise that fact, and that nothing is going to change unless you do, you are going to have a very miserable life. The bottom line is you’ll only have yourself to blame.” Dad hugged me and told me he didn’t like to discipline me like he just had BUT, if that was the only way to get through then that’d be what would be on offer in future. He guided me upstairs and took me into the bathroom where I’d left the discarded diaper from this morning. He laid me out on the changing table and, having spread lotion and powder all over my red bum and willy, attended to the scratches on my legs and then fixed the diaper back where it started though added a pair of thick white plastic pants. “I think we need to keep you safe... and son... you’ll be wearing a diaper all the time from now on.” I was still worried about possibly getting another spanking at some point so missed the main thrust of what he’d just said. Thankfully, the fluffy thick material was kind and soft on my inflamed bottom. He lifted me from the changing area and stood me up. I felt too weak to do much so he took my hand and guided me, waddling slightly and slowly, down stairs and sat me on the sofa. It was too painful, so I crawled onto the floor. “Mimi, TV please, Channel 7.” Dad commanded and the screen burst into life with a cartoon. I was too scared to say anything as dad went off to do whatever it is grown-ups do when they’re angry. I saw him run his hands through his hair as he read the hub screen. He looked across at me and shook his head. I hated to think what the ‘warning’ the deputy had threatened actually said. I hated just how sore my bum was and how easy it had been for dad to punish me so hard. Just another thing that happened here that didn’t happen back in my home town. I hated this place even more. # tbc #
  4. Ch.1 Jack was an ordinary guy of 27. He worked security and found his job to be relatively easy compared to most people. He did security at a prestigious university during the period that the school was closed, specifically overnight. Jack was fine with it, as it gave him free reign to do as he liked, only occasionally would he be put in a situation where he'd have to really do anything. One quiet night, Jack found himself inside a science room in the school. This wasn't an ordinary school; it was known for its leaps and bounds in the scientific field. While checking the classroom, Jack noticed a large machine covered in LCD displays and lights. His curiosity got the better of him, and although he realized it might get him fired, he decided to check it out. As he was looking at the displays, Jack couldn't understand what the buttons did. The wording was very vague, but that didn't discourage Jack. He was very interested in the device's function. He noticed a couple of things on the displays, one of which read "1997" with "year" written above it. Jack thought to himself that it must be some kind of time machine. He knew that if it was a time machine, he shouldn't be messing with it, but at the same time, he couldn't help but think of all the ways he could make some serious money if he did. No more would he be stuck as just a security guard. He could be the world's greatest stock broker and invest in so much stuff that was certain to blow up in the future. Although he wasn't sure he'd want to travel back as far as 1997, he figured it might be fun to see what the world was like since he was only a baby in 1997. Jack had decided to use the machine to get rich and, while he wasn't sure he could work it, he was more than willing to give it a try. It's worth noting that the builders of the machine were certain that they had failed in building a time machine. When one of them had tested it out, it simply didn't work, likely due to the fact that the machine had nowhere to place the prospective time traveler, as they had not yet been born. You can probably see where this is heading, so let's continue with Jack. He found what he believed was the activation button and smacked it. He stood underneath an unusual metal coil with a metal orb as the base, and it started shooting out some kind of energy. At first, Jack assumed it was just electricity, but it was a red light, not any kind of electricity Jack had ever seen. That's for sure The machine was making strange noises Jack had never heard before, noises that were almost indescribable and he feared it might explode at any moment. Suddenly, a bright flash occurred and Jack found himself sitting in the kitchen of his childhood home. He rubbed his eyes, unable to believe what he was seeing. The house looked as good as new, better than he remembered it from his childhood. Excited, he shouted, "It worked!" However, he noticed that his voice was higher pitched than usual and he sounded more like a baby. That's when he realized he was sitting in a high chair, and he had been transported back in time, but not in the way you see in movies. His mind had been shot back in time, meaning he was either 2 years old or younger, depending on what month it was. His mother popped up out of nowhere and picked him up patting his back as she did so, and to his embarrassment, he burped loudly. His mother then made a comment that shocked him even further, "Uh oh, smells like somebody made a stinky." Jack, feeling embarrassed, tried to say, "I'm hoping you mean you," but it came out as gibberish. He realized he must be very young and couldn't talk yet. Jack's mother set him back down in the high chair and went about her business, not suspecting a thing about the time-traveling experience her son had just gone through. Jack, on the other hand, was trying to process everything that had just happened. He was confused, embarrassed, and more than a little overwhelmed. All he could do was sit there and observe, trying to make sense of his surroundings. He noticed that everything seemed familiar, but at the same time, everything was different. The colors were brighter, the sounds were clearer, and the smells were stronger. He was taking it all in when suddenly his mother came back into the room and said, "Okay, let's see if we can get you cleaned up." Jack realized that he was in for another embarrassing moment Jack realized with horror that his mother was about to strip him naked knowing he had indeed pooped his pants was more then he wanted to deal with. The embarrassment of the situation was compounded by the fact that he was now in the body of a toddler, unable to communicate his distress effectively he began to tear up. He was quickly stripped of his clothes and placed on his changing table. The sensation of the cool air against his bare skin was disorienting, as was the feeling of a diaper being fastened around him. He tried to protest, but all that came out were muffled grunts and cries. The whole diaper change was a blur of unfamiliar sensations and emotions, with Jack feeling completely helpless and out of control. As his mother finished up and picked him back up, he couldn't help but feel a sense of shame and embarrassment that he was now reduced to wearing a diaper like a common baby. As Jack sat there being changed into a fresh diaper, he couldn't help but think about his current situation. He realized that there was no way for him to go back to his own time, unsure if thats even what he would want. He opts to make the best of this opportunity and find a way to turn it into a profitable one. After all, he had always dreamed of making big bucks by investing in stocks and this was his chance to make it happen. He decided that he would use his knowledge of future events to his advantage and make wise investments that would ensure his financial success. Jack was determined to make the most of this unexpected trip back in time and secure his future, no matter how young he was even if that meant spending a year or two in diapers. Almost right on cue, his mother popped a pacifier into his mouth. He had no choice but to let his mouth work on it, as it had a mind of its own. She then picked him up from the changing table and placed him in a mesh playpen. Surrounded by toys, Jack scoffed, thinking to himself, "Hmph, I'm a big boy. I'm not going to play with toys." However, a wooden train caught his eye and he felt excited to see it again. He remembered loving this toy and began playing with it, making train noises as he sucked on his pacifier and bounced around, pushing the train on the floor. Soon, he was playing with all the toys surrounding him, and waves of memories flooded his mind. He remembered loving these toys and began to love them all over again. But then, he felt an overwhelming sense of sleepiness that he had never felt before or at least couldn't remember feeling. He tried to keep his eyes open as he played, but the next time his mother came in to check on him, she immediately knew it was nap time. She picked him up from the playpen and moved him over to the crib in the nursery, but she didn't leave him without a little gift. She gently placed a bottle in his mouth, and he grabbed it, drinking and drifting off to sleep at the same time. bit on the short side but still its a good opening imo hope yall like it I'm gonna be posting updates to this story to my patreon a week earlier then I'll be releasing it here starting now so if your interested in that my patreon is linked on my profile page!!! Also feel free to join my discord server!!! https://discord.gg/Y9yfuvAsFv
  5. You were scavenging around the local gamestores when you found a uses copy of pokemom emerald you misread it as pokemon and think nothing of it and purchase it but once you get home and open the game in your gambeboy advance it flashed and your find yourself sucked into the world of pokemom a world like pokemon but instead you have to wear diapers 24/7, be changed by your pokemom, and be fed by her etc, no matter how much you tell her you are fine and dont need it she doesnt listen and keeps looking in stores for baby clothes your size, pacifiers, diapers etc.
  6. Hi! I’m Elijah and I’m new to this forum. I would love to start a roleplay with someone who leans towards the caretaker side of things. I would love to roleplay as a little boy with a caretaker/adult. I’m incontinent so I like making that part of me a bit more fun! Let me know if you want to hop in, this is open to anyone.
  7. Chapter 1: With her lips pressed against the glass bottle, she took a large gulp. Emma didn’t know what she was drinking but only that it made her feel good. It made her feel numb. Her throat burned but she continued to drink, wanting to forget everything. Everyone. The room spun around and around and little twinkly lights sparkled in her eyes. The girl was aware that she was dead drunk. She was also aware that her best friend, Hannah was slumped over against Jack, more drunk than she. They’d broken up just yesterday. It was an ugly, sad fight that had not ended on the right note. But she had not expected him to move on so quickly. Not with Hannah. Never with her self declared sister. Emma giggled so hard that tears formed in her eyes and the bottle slipped from her hand, crashing into a million pieces, but nobody seemed to notice. Nobody ever noticed. Shouts sounded from the back porch. A game of beer pong was being played and In the kitchen, people mixed different drinks together, creating a cocktail of god-knows-what. But Emma stood in the living room. She hissed as the glass shards cut into her bare feet. The slight pain soon became overwhelming as the music pounded in her ears, sending a pulsing beat all the way to her soul. Her body swayed back and forth among the crowd of people. Now, she wasn’t usually into frat parties but was known to let loose every once in a while; and if she was desperate enough then would drink. She glared at the two of them as they sucked each other's faces and his hands groped her body. Emma had given Hannah the dress to borrow. It had never been a favorite of hers because it was too sparkly and tight. But it was exactly her friend’s style. Emma didn’t want it back now. She’d rather burn the damn outfit. Her feet moved on their own accord until she found herself outside, standing in the front yard. The grass was littered with red solo cups and over a dozen cars were parked in the driveway. She sat down and laid back, staring up at the starless night sky. “Emma?” Her head turned to the right. It was Julie Watkins. They were friends… kind of. “What’s wrong?” her eyebrows furrowed together. “You’re crying.” Was she? Her hand hovered below her blue eyes and fingertips were wet. She was. Julie sat down beside her. She was a nice girl. Her thick curly brown hair was pulled back into a long braid that snaked down her back. Her face was narrow, skin pale, and nose long and pointy. “I like your outfit.” Emma sloppily smiled. It was just a graphic t-shirt and denim skirt. Julie laughed. “I like your outfit as well.” Julie was nice. Everyone liked Julie, it was hard not to. Emma wore a plain black halter top and skinny jeans. She wasn’t quite sure where her shoes had gone. “Do you want to tell me why you’re out here crying?” the girl tried again. Emma shrugged. “Did you see Hannah and Jack?” “They’re drunk. I’m sure by tomorrow they won’t remember any of this.” Julie was too kind. How come she couldn’t be her best friend? “My parents are also getting divorced!” she blurted before she could stop herself. Her kind-of-friend was very understanding but Hannah had never been. Fuck Hannah Flynn. Fretfully, she tugged at a wavy lock of her auburn hair and Julie rubbed her back in soothing circles. She was crying again. “Do you want a ride back to your dorm? I haven’t drank anything.” Again, she shrugged, very indecisive at the moment. The whole reason she had come to college was to escape her parents who couldn’t manage to go a day without fighting. Emma thought it would be better being all the way across the country. The University of Seattle was an amazing school. “Let’s go,” said Julie as she stood up. “Do you know where your shoes are?” “No.” The girl sighed. “That’s alright. My car is just around the corner.” Clumsily she pushed herself up, leaning against Julie who was five feet and five inches tall. Emma was only five feet and two inches. She felt short in comparison. “I know what it feels like.” whispered Julie. “My parents divorced when I was eight. I’m not gonna lie, it’s not fun. But everything gets better in time. Just remember that.” The words passed right through her. Emma wasn’t sure what she’d remember by tomorrow. ooOoo She’d spent the past hour of the morning puking in the bathroom and after four ibuprofens for her pounding headache, still felt like shit. Her skin was pale, more so than usual, and clammy. The stuffy hot office only made it worse. The nineteen year old girl sat cross legged on the lumpy brown couch. Last night was a blur but she remembered them vividly making out on the couch. Hannah never came back to the dorm. It wasn’t hard to guess where she was. “Emmaline, can you answer me?” She looked up suddenly. Her counselor, Ms. Newman pursed her lips and shook her head. Her brown hair was pulled back into a severe bun and glasses sat on the bridge of her nose. “I’m sorry?” “Are you aware that you’re failing several of your classes? You got into this school on an academic scholarship and your grades right now are less than exemplary. You don’t want to be kicked out, do you?” Did she? Emma really couldn’t answer. “I-I’m going through stuff. I’m sorry but right now isn’t really the best time for… anything.” she tried to explain herself, truly she did. “We were understanding in the beginning but there comes a time when you need to pick yourself up.” Ms. Newman sighed. “You can’t continue this way. Many of your professors have expressed the same concerns.” There was no hiding that she was hung over. “Emma, there are people who want to help you. You’re only a freshman and have so much to look forward to. I understand your parents divorce has hit you hard but it helps to talk to others sometimes. You don’t have to struggle with this alone.” Sharing her feelings with strangers was the last thing she wanted to do. She’d rather jump in front of a train. “I’m going to give you the name of a therapist. She’s free and I’ve sent many students to her before. Trust me, they’re completely new people after they're done with her.” Emma could tell that it wasn’t really a choice and took the piece of paper reluctantly. This woman could spout whatever nonsense she wanted but nothing would change. Her life sucked and would always be that way. Afterward, she went back to her dorm, prepared to take another nap but stopped short. “I’m so sorry!” Hannah exclaimed upon seeing her. Mascara ran down her face and a dark tightly coiled curl stuck to her wet cheek. “I-I was drunk and wasn’t thinking straight and it just sorta happened!” Maybe if she had been thinking rationally, she would’ve been more understanding but at the moment she wanted to strangle the curl and watch as her dark skin lost color. “Fuck you, Han.” her voice was cold. “Of course you went after Jack McCroy! He’s mine-” “You broke up… again! For like the hundredth time!” her voice rose an octave. “I’m sorry that I made a mistake but don’t get angry at me. It’s not my fault that you’ve got a shitty life!” Hannah knew that she had hit her where it hurt. “Em… I- I didn’t mean tha-” “Get out.” Her hands formed into a fist at her side, knuckles white. “Get the fuck out!” She didn't need to ask again. ooOoo Her major was political science. Ever since she was a little girl, Emmaline Rodgers had dreams of becoming the first female president of the United States. However, as she grew older those dreams were quickly squashed as she realized what a misogynistic world she lived in. Now, she just hoped to be something. Anything other than a college drop out. Before, Emma thought she didn’t care but now took it back. The girl didn’t work so hard throughout high school and leave home only to end up right back there. She was determined to succeed. To do better than her miserable parents who they themselves never completed college. Her mother worked the farm and her father owned the local corner store. They didn’t make a ton of money but it was enough to survive off of the necessities. Townsford, Connecticut was a town of about one thousand. It was more a rural farming community with one stoplight in the entire county. Everyone knew everyone and it was not a good place to stand out. That’s why she had always hated her vibrant red hair. She got it from her father. Emma had always considered herself kind of a shy girl. Never straying far away from what she knew but there was a desire that burned inside her to escape the deadbeat town which is exactly what she did. The girl was doing more than her parents ever did but it wasn’t enough. That’s why a week later she met Marina Tischner. The woman was kind and almost had a motherly feel to her. She had straight blonde hair and a heart shaped face. She was dressed casually in a blue turtleneck, dark jeans and boots. The room was small but comfortable. The walls were painted a mustard yellow and there was one small window which was the only light in the room. In front of her was a coffee table and a chair on the other side. An icy glass of water and a bowl of mints were situated in front of her. She was surprisingly easy to talk to, something Emma had sworn she would never do. Everything came pouring out of her mouth at rapid speed: Hannah and Jack. Her parents. Hopes and dreams. The only sound she heard was the sound of the pencil tip against the paper as Dr. Tischner took down notes. “Are you happy with your life right now?” “Honestly?” her voice shook. “No. Sometimes I wish I could go far away and be a different person, live a second life. Don’t get me wrong, I want to try. I don’t want to give up but I’m just so tired of everything.” “It’s normal to feel that way. Everyone does at some point.” She supposed the woman was right but Emma just felt so alone. There was no one to save her. “Why don’t you have a sip of the water.” Dr. Tischner nodded toward the glass. “We’ve been talking for a while.” ooOoo Emma’s eyes blinked open but quickly shut, the bright light caught her by surprise. She tried again, this time more slowly and hesitant. Something wasn’t right. A headache thundered at the front of her head and vision blurred around the edges. She felt dead, unable to feel her body, everything was numb. “Mmmhph!” she tried to talk but it came out in a grumbled mess. There was something in her mouth that she couldn’t spit out. The girl was so tired. Her eyes began to flutter as different colors floated in front of her. “No, no Emmy.” a woman stood above her. “Nap time is over, you can go night-night later.” Nap time? Night-night? What the hell was going on? “You’re a silly girl. Just suck on your paci, there’s no need for tears.” Was she crying? The woman tapped the object lodged in her mouth. Without really thinking about it, Emma did as she said. It felt like she had been hit by a truck. Nothing made any sense. “Nurse Janie just has to change your diapee and then you can have some nummies.” Her blue eyes narrowed and brows furrowed together. Something really wasn’t right. Her heart raced against her chest and a high whine escaped her throat. The woman picked her up with ease and automatically her legs wrapped around her waist and head rested on her shoulder. The young girl suddenly stiffened, hearing a crinkle as the woman… patted her butt? “Don’t worry sweetie.” she cooed. “You’re just a little wet but it’s nothing I can’t take care of.” There was a sinking feeling in her stomach as her mind caught up with the lady’s words and realized what the feeling was between her legs. She was wearing a fucking diaper. “Nnn-nuhnuh!” she tried to speak but could only string together a few words. Her body shook and the woman just patted her back. Looking around the room it was empty, save for a bunch of oversized… cages? No. Cribs.There was a rocking chair positioned in each corner of the room and walls were painted a light pink. A rainbow, clouds, and a smiling sun were painted on the wall. It reminded her of her childhood doctor’s office. Except she wasn’t a child. She was nineteen years old. “Keep sucking your paci,” her voice remained calm. “We’re just going to get your little tush changed.” Breath. One, two, three, four… she began to count in her mind. Five, six, seven, eight… don’t think about what she’s doing. Don’t think about how she just strapped you to a fucking changing table that’s way to big for an actual baby. Tears burned in her eyes and a few trickled down her cheeks. She flinched at the touch of the wet wipe against her… her private area. No one but her had ever touched down there before. Her heart pounded in her ears and began to struggle against the straps that restrained her ankles and wrists. She was completely nakad. Oh dear god. Emma screamed, terrified of what was going to happen. The woman swatted her thigh and made a clicking sound with her tongue. “Is little Emmy having bad thoughts?” “Effmfa!” her voice grumbled as she tried to correct the woman. Her name was Emma. Emmy was a baby name. “Oh Emmy, your head is just filled with bad big girl thoughts.” she ignored her protest. “I’m just getting you changed into your pullup and pretty dress. Your diapees are just for night time.” That wasn’t what she was upset about, at least not in that sense. Emma had to communicate with her that there had been some sort of mistake. She wasn’t meant to be here. The young girl kicked her legs as hard as she could, straining against the restraints. The woman clicked her tongue and blue eyes narrowed. “You’ve been such a good girl the past few days. Perhaps you're just hungry, it is time for your nummies after all.” Emma almost laughed in disbelief. Nummies? How old did she think she was? Five? And what did she mean by the past few days? Emma could only remember the beginning of the meeting with Dr. Tischner. The woman bent down, opening a drawer and pulled out a thick pullup. Her cheeks pinkened as Emma wailed from behind the rubber object, unable to escape. “Oh, you’ll get nummies soon. I know how much you like nursie’s milk. Relax and suck on your paci.” But she couldn’t relax because a sudden storm raged at the front of her mind- a lightning strike, a clap of thunder. Her eyes blinked rapidly, persisting through the pain, trying to remember. But her mind was blank. How had she ended up here? ooOoo A/N: Hey everyone! Thank you to everyone who has reviewed and read, I really appreciate it! I’ve already started writing the second chapter and it should be uploaded soon!
  8. Yoshimaho: Yoshi Yoshi is the name of a new Anime project, where the protagonist is exhausted by his daily life. He starts thinking "Toddlers can be legally fawned over, they're so lucky...". One day, he buys a blue pacifier. And as he pops it into his mouth, he finds himself reincarnated as a five year old toddler in another world, where he goes to daycare and where beautiful young men take care of him and other children with their "there, there" magic. I don't know if any diapers are involved, but I think it could still be a cute anime for some of us.
  9. So many persons think that it is the thick diaper that make one toddle confusing the "waddle" with that mode of walking. That is not so. Toddling is caused by two things 1 the size of the head, and its weight relative to the body. As one grows, the actual size of the head changes very little so, for a toddler it is disproportionately large and heavy. 2 The nerve connections are not that well made and walking is quite new so it is not mastered, or mistressed if it is a girl, yet. Now the thick diaper DOES caus the legs to be spread. So here is how to do it 1. Stand erect with your legs spread out. Now SLOWLY 2. lean over a smdge to one side. 3. Slightly lift and move the leg on the opposite side forward, not bending it or bending it only slightly 4. come back to fully erect. 5. Repeat on the opposite side. 6. Repate 1 - 5
  10. Dan was a twin, at 12 years old and had just started secondary school with his twin brother. They both had a secret like for diapers and wanted to wear again, but didn't know how to tell their parents. It was the evening after school, and the twins were sitting watching TV, their parents sitting on the couch, and a diaper commercial came on the TV and both their faces lit up, the parents noticing the boys intently staring at the packs of diapers shown. Mike, the boys father looked at his wife "they seem to like the diaper commercials honey? good thing they don't wear diapers anymore" he laughs
  11. From the album: Let's Play! Hooray!!

    My favorite teddy is one my diaper. I got it from an ABDL STORE. In Las Vegas
  12. From the album: Little Heavenly Pics

    Hi everyone! I sowwy fo not being on here much. But I also have Fetlife! If anyone has one you guys can add me ^^
  13. Hello! Hello! ! My name is Infantwish for now, but you can call me Baby if you want . Just kidding (though I don't mind, in fact, I like any cute nicknames you give me XD ), I shall go by Wish. I wish I knew how to code here, but it's beyond my abilities at the moment, so please bear with my wall of text for a moment, and you can have some cookies by the end, ok? As you may have guessed by the gif, I am an anime enthusiast. Other interests of mine include reading, writing, roleplaying and philosophy, albeit I won't be doing much of the roleplaying part on this site seeing as that I've had poor experiences with roleplaying outside my main roleplaying site in the past. I am an opinionated person, but I assure you I mean well! So feel free to ask me for any feedback you'd like to receive Did you swallow that part yet? Good baby! So, of course, being on this site means one thing: I'm part of the abdl community. I've known I was part of it for a few years now, though I just joined this site like... today. I'm unsure if the kind of baby I envision myself as is a 2 year old or a 3 year, so I take the kiddy way and say I'm 2 and a half *raises four fingers*. I may be a straight guy, but don't mean I can't enjoy my share of cuteness, so bring it! <3 I'd say this development of this part of me comes from some mixture of innate curiosity and a desire to just be rid of stress, so the kind of baby I'd fit into would be a cheerful and silly one, but one that knows it's bounds still. Or maybe that's my adult brain telling me to hold my horses. Where's a genie lamp when ya need one, right? Speaking of confinement though, that's one thing about me: I keep this very much under wraps. I'm not the kind that can just willingly come out and admit this kind of thing to my family or close friends, and so I am pretty confined in what I can, considering I'm still in college (legally an adult though, so don't worry, things check out). Maybe one day I'll be able to indulge more in this wonderful little world of ours, but for the time being I'll stick to writing a few stories and trying to craft the perfect OC that encapsules my own inner self. wish me luck So, I'm not really sure how to segway into anything else, so I guess I'll go with the old, any questions, please ask them below (may edit the thread later and add more stuff, but for now, do ask me some questions, I'd love to answer them and get to know you in the process <3 ). Would you rather questions are really welcome, since I love games like would you rather and truth or dare XD So, I guess I see you mommies, daddies and babies around! Hope you enjoyed and nice to meet you! <3
  14. Howdy all! I am and old story teller and member that I guess one can say, I have come back from the inter-grave! Anyways, I did originally grow up here in Fresno from age 5 to 15. The in between of then to now will be told at a later time or of course during a get together, perhaps? Like i just slightly mentioned, I am from Fresno, I moved away in 2008 and life has brought me back here nearly 7 years later. Either way I just wanted too re-introduce myself in someway shape or form. I hope to hear back from the crowd and possibly have a great lunch or even a good heart to heart with you guys one day. Best of vibes and to infinity and beyond!
  15. I have an idea for a story with two characters. My character, Chris, is the 21 year old brother. Your character would either be my little brother or sister of 15 years old. Our parents leave on a month long vacation and ask me to come babysit you. You of course are adamant about being mature enough to not need a babysitter. Eventually, I start noticing various things: attraction to children's shows, focusing on diaper commercials, etc. This leads to babying and diapers.
  16. Henry Danger is a new super hero show on nickelodeon where a hero takes on a child sidekick. First episode ran in July and is currently available on google play. The toddler wants to turn all the babies in the city in to monsters.
  17. Strange to say, i've just realized that i'm still a little kid. Strange because i've been living in the adult world, and doing okay in it, without accepting that a lof of my behaviors can be traced to my toddler self. i was the neighborhood sissy--always the last of the boys to be chosen for teams on the playground--but my commitment to 'responsibility' kept me all this time from realizing that i'm still, at heart, a little momma's boy, that the nursery is really my home base. i don't really have much experience with this yet, so i'm glad to have found this community.
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    From the album: 2008

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