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  1. lilzander382

    Caught by mother due to my own mistake

    Well, so far so good. My mom has still not said anything. We talk or text almost daily. I think in some way she has known all along. I was a bed wetter until about the age of 7 or 8. When I was in 1st grade, my mom used a cloth diaper as punishment and sent me to school with it on under my clothes. I was begging her to let me go back to diapers after that. So she no longer used that as a punishment. After that I would steal diapers from my cousins stash when the would come over to our house for overnights. I thought I had them hidden well, but then I would find them removed from the hiding places and once again my mom would never say anything. Then my cousins grew out of diapers so I started to make home made ones out of trash bags and female pads, and those would disappear from the hiding spots without a word from my parents. Then I got a job and my driver's license and a whole lot wiser to buy diapers and hide them elsewhere in the house along with my underage whiskey (I wonder if the bottle of Jack Daniels that I left in the attic or the diapers I left in the crawl space of the basement of the house we lived in Chicago have been discovered). Yeah, I think my mom has known for a while that I am an ABDL. I am still embarrassed about my mistake though.
  2. lilzander382

    Caught by mother due to my own mistake

    That was my thought all day today. Back in the 90's up in Chicago, I caught my dad with "Depends" while my Mom was out of town back in St. Louis. Little did my parents know then, that I had a love for diapers.
  3. Crap, I was caught by my mother today due to my own carelessness and mistake today. My mother arrived to my house last night from St. Louis last night (I live in the middle of the state of Missouri) and I had hidden all ABDL. I didn't put on my nighttime diaper until I was sure my mother was at rest. My mom does know I where footed PJ's (that look a little juvenile) as she had hers on last night as well. Well crap, I had a plan of hiding diapers from my mom. I woke two hours before she told me she would wake. Took a shower and worked on configuring her new computer. Planned to throw away nighttime soaked diaper before my mother woke. Opps, I forgot about it, and my mother showered in my bathroom and made up with it balled up on the bathroom floor. I went into my master bathroom and saw it sitting there... Palm/face.... shoot. My mother did not say a single word about it all day, but I am sure she recognized it for what it was.
  4. lilzander382

    How Long To Train Yourself To Bed Wet?

    It took me about a year and a half to become a bed wetter again while I sleep. What I found worked for me is the need to have absolute confidence in your protection (plastic sheet, good nighttime diaper). Even with that confidence you will still have to mentally accept that you might occasionally leak and that it is ok. The hypnotic training file from baby-pants.com and listening to that while I go to sleep, driving, or at work also helped me achieve this and I still listen to it often. Keeping a daily log, I have also found to help encourage this and increase the frequency of sleep wetting. Once I was to the point of being able wet laying down, I would wake in the middle of the night and with some concentration be able to wet while in bed, then go back to sleep. Then that started to become I would wake, simply wet with little effort and then right back to sleep. If I leaked, then oh well, I wet the bed and now I have to sleep in it, no big deal. I keep the mindset "real babies have to sleep in a wet bed until checked upon in the morning so I have to as well". Now I am to the point of wetting 5 to 6 nights a week while sleeping. I am also noticing that it is becoming multiple times in the night as I will wake sometime in the middle of the night and find my diaper is a bit wet and then when I wake in the morning it is filled to near capacity like a balloon. So yes, as a lot of people have said before me, this is something your have to be sure you want, and there is a lot of mental retraining you have to remind yourself of daily.
  5. lilzander382

    My wife's new requirement of me

    It is awesome that you have a family that knows about and is understanding of this side of you life.
  6. lilzander382

    Going To Bed At Night: Wet Or Dry?

    Dry in a fresh Confidry 24/7 that I put on just before bed.
  7. lilzander382

    Diapers At Work

    I wear a didee and a onsie under my adult clothing and a paci in my pocket to work every day.
  8. lilzander382

    I have achieved bedwetter status

    well, I do live in the perfect center of the USA, and my City and State is supposed to receive the best show of the 08/21 total eclipse nation wide.
  9. lilzander382

    I have achieved bedwetter status

    After about 16 months of trying, I think I am back to bedwetter staus. I have wet my Confidry 24/7 the
  10. lilzander382

    Bedtime items

  11. lilzander382

    Bedtime items

    Christine, you never fail to impress me with your responses in most posts on this site.
  12. lilzander382

    Bedtime items

    I was curious what others keep in or attached to their beds/cribs.
  13. lilzander382

    Pre potty trained memories?

    I have one distinct memory of still being diapered while potty training.
  14. lilzander382

    New mommy needs advice on ABDL

    Oh were to begin.
  15. lilzander382

    New toddwer fwom Missouri

    I live in the middle of the state between STL and KC.