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  1. How Long To Train Yourself To Bed Wet?

    It took me about a year and a half to become a bed wetter again while I sleep. What I found worked for me is the need to have absolute confidence in your protection (plastic sheet, good nighttime diaper). Even with that confidence you will still have to mentally accept that you might occasionally leak and that it is ok. The hypnotic training file from baby-pants.com and listening to that while I go to sleep, driving, or at work also helped me achieve this and I still listen to it often. Keeping a daily log, I have also found to help encourage this and increase the frequency of sleep wetting. Once I was to the point of being able wet laying down, I would wake in the middle of the night and with some concentration be able to wet while in bed, then go back to sleep. Then that started to become I would wake, simply wet with little effort and then right back to sleep. If I leaked, then oh well, I wet the bed and now I have to sleep in it, no big deal. I keep the mindset "real babies have to sleep in a wet bed until checked upon in the morning so I have to as well". Now I am to the point of wetting 5 to 6 nights a week while sleeping. I am also noticing that it is becoming multiple times in the night as I will wake sometime in the middle of the night and find my diaper is a bit wet and then when I wake in the morning it is filled to near capacity like a balloon. So yes, as a lot of people have said before me, this is something your have to be sure you want, and there is a lot of mental retraining you have to remind yourself of daily.
  2. My wife's new requirement of me

    It is awesome that you have a family that knows about and is understanding of this side of you life. I cannot imagine how my family, let alone my mother, would react if they knew about me. Heck I often have dream that I am out in public with my paci. In the dream I keep taking it out of my mouth in fear someone will see me with it, and seconds after I take it out, I find that it is still in my mouth while around people and I am mortified. of course, when I wake, I then find it in my mouth and I feel happy.
  3. Going To Bed At Night: Wet Or Dry?

    Dry in a fresh Confidry 24/7 that I put on just before bed. 50/50 chance I will either wake up in the middle of the night and wet then quickly fall back asleep or those wonderfull nights where I actually wet in my sleep and wake in the morning to a nice surprise.
  4. Diapers At Work

    I wear a didee and a onsie under my adult clothing and a paci in my pocket to work every day. I don't use the didee while at work but rather wait till my lunch break and as soon as I leave for the day. Nobody seems to have noticed.
  5. I have achieved bedwetter status

    well, I do live in the perfect center of the USA, and my City and State is supposed to receive the best show of the 08/21 total eclipse nation wide. My parent's are coming from St. Louis and will get my king sized bed for two nights, so perhaps this is a good time to stop and see if I can control myself upon desire. Now, my location is also under danger if North Korea decides to launch a nuclear attack on us as my location is known to cripple the entire nation by nuclear EMP wave and take down the entire Country power grid. North Korea now has the means to hit my location and take us all out.
  6. I have achieved bedwetter status

    After about 16 months of trying, I think I am back to bedwetter staus. I have wet my Confidry 24/7 the last 5 out of 8 days consistently without waking up already wet with the urge to go more, so I just let loose. How I did it. I downloaded hypnotic recordings from baby-pants.com. After that was unsuccessful with me wearing cloth (which would always leak), I started to buy first Walgreens Certanty (again always leaked in bed), then I started to buy Confidry 24/7 or Northshore Supreme. Would wake in the middle of the night having to go, and I suddenly felt protected in those and let loose and then went back to sleep comfortably until I had to wake a few hours later. When I woke, I was wet, but my bed was dry. The last three nights, I have woken between 3 and 5 am already wet and having to go more. So excited about this, but now also worried of what the futer means. I can stop this now and retrain myself, or do I want this to continue?
  7. Bedtime items

  8. Bedtime items

    Christine, you never fail to impress me with your responses in most posts on this site. I am a wittle boy nos matter whats. Freswith's response, although out of context to my quemstions dwidden't cwoncewes me. I swills goes to beds with my plushy and mobile still on and my AR-15 and Kimber Colt 45 at my side as my home has been broken into in the middle of the night while I was sleeping a few years back. I don't think Feswith thought about that before he made his "bayonet" joke. that was poor taste on his side even if he did not know.
  9. Bedtime items

    I was curious what others keep in or attached to their beds/cribs. I personally go to bed with my plushy and I keep a mobile that lights up and displays stars on the ceiling as well as plays music. I was hoping get more ideas to add more to my bed time and nap time routine. Also does anyone make more youth full bedding for king sized beds?
  10. Pre potty trained memories?

    I have one distinct memory of still being diapered while potty training. We were on a family trip to cape code. I wore training pants during the day but at night and during naptime I wore disposable diapers. I do have also have one memory of my mom placing me on the small potty trainer and then placing that cup thingy in front of my wee-wee to catch my pee pee and send it down. I was a bedwetter until about seven or eight, but my parents never put me back in diapers for night time. Once in kindergarten, my mom put me in a cloth diaper and sent me to school like that as punishment. I liked it so much that I asked my mom to keep it on and wore it to school again the next day. Mom mom wouldn't let me do a third day, and she never used that punishment again.
  11. New mommy needs advice on ABDL

    Oh were to begin. It is good of you to your understanding of this feeling many adults are feeling since childhood and are less afraid to talk about, thanks to the internet. I am responding to just your side and feelings without knowing and understanding his side and feelings. Relationships are a "two way street", so please keep that in mind for my response I agree with comments of others posters to your essay of questions. I feel he is sounding a bit selfish and a manipulative by asking everything of you or going into his AB/na
  12. New toddwer fwom Missouri

    I live in the middle of the state between STL and KC. So far my searches have not found much. Are there links that can be provided to some of these groups?
  13. Baby Walking?

    saddwy, I have to keep a jwob and cannot do that all the twime. I wish I could, but pwofessional jowbs don't like aduwlt babie ow diaper lovews duwring the day time. Anybody else have experience wit this?
  14. New toddwer fwom Missouri

    Hi awl New toddwer fwom Missouri. My wocation some can says is dwead center owf the countwy. Been a diaper lover since I was a young child. Became a paci lover around the age of sixteen. College and lack of privacy put a hinderence on everything for a few years. regained some privacy and I have flitted with DL and paci love off and on over the years. Just recently, I have decided to become full ABDL when I am not at work. I still remain partial ABDL though as I make a point to where onsies under my proffesional clothing to work. I think they have been spotted a couple of times, but I don't care. When I am not at work I am in my recently purchased AIO cloth diapers and other baby clothing. I am loving this life and the freedom. I just need a mommy or daddy to share with and treat and care for me like a toddler (good hawd spankins fow this stwubewn own espeswy two make me wegitimatwy cwy).
  15. Sleeping in a crib

    I would love to sleep in a crib. I tried it once or twice when I was a child and my parents set one up for a relative of mine to spend then night on weekends. Little did I know that I would inherit that crib for a bit when I had babies of my own to take care of. I looked at them once or twice and though "sleep well in there, it is secure as I very well know." but still to this day, I cannot give myself a crib as I cannot conceal it easily.