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  1. 2 hours ago, diapersalways said: i always have to have a bottle of juice by my bed when i am sleeping, to drink as i wake through the night, and i usually have a bottle of formula to help me fall asleep.
  2. I never liked using pacifiers but love a bottle when I go to bed. I have about 300 vintage ones from the 70s to 90s that have the harder clear plastic and cartoon prints. If it says BPA or Lead free, I dont want it ^__^
  3. ~Pamperchu~


  4. He came with a tie-die t-shirt and blue shorts. I got the sleeper for him and, a few different outfits to dress him in for when I take him to cons or parties.
  5. I diaper most all of my plushies. The smaller ones seem to fit well in size 2 and my biggist one, chucky, fits in a size 6.
  6. Its funny they talk about it lowering your IQ, some of the smartest people I know smoke pot.
  7. I use to sleep in a crib when i visited my dad on weekends as a kid, so age 5-9. When I got too big I had to sleep on the couch.
  8. I get some of my plushies very dirty or stinky from my diaper leaking on them at night. My daddy will just throw them in the washing machine when im not looking, then let them dry outside in the sun. They always come out like brand new. Just never use bleach or put them in a dryer and they will be fine.
  9. I made my fursuit in 2008, his name is sandy wolf. When I go to cons or just around the house, I wear a diaper under. I have worn a diaper on the outside for pictures tho.
  10. they sell glass baby bottles at just about every store where i live. I know they where available in 2004 when I started buying baby stuff.
  11. I guess so. that house looks different tho, he was in some old farm house.