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  1. I think we all cn tell where this is going from here Nice start. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  2. I didn't expected a new chapter this fast. I like it^^ Another great chapter that also shows a bit more of the world and the dynamic between Littles and Amazons and how they are seen. Seems like Dawn isn't done with her "tantrum". I think the Problem here is, Dawn doesn't know how good she has it with Kathrine and James. No other Amazon would have asked for Dawn's opinion for anything and would just do what they think is best for the Little. Which also includes more thick diapers and less Pull-Ups. Dawn is really lucky in that regard that she is not fully forced into them. Kathrine and James really want to help her and not force her to anything she don't want. BUT they also have to follow the rules of their world. That's something most visiting Littles, Dawn included, don't understand. They are not longer in their dimension and society they have grown up in. Here, the rules about what is normal are different and Littles have to adapt to them. When they know the rules and laws, they could probably use some of them to their advantage. Looking forward to what Kathrines reaction will be to Dawn's little foul language.
  3. I think Dawn is in for a spanking from her "mother". I can see Kathrine being so worried about her that she forgets that Dawn isn't really her adopted daughter and even James will refuse to help her here. After the spanking, Dawn is set into a stroller for the rest of the trip and as extra punishment, doesn't get a say in what clothes her "mommy" is buying her and is just forced into one of the animal jammies. GOD! I can't wait for this to continue! One of the best DD stories I have read so far. It's kinda slow going, but in a good way.
  4. I think Erin is so far the most understanding Amazon ever in a story. It's certainly a nice change from the other stories.
  5. Awesome new chapter! I love the interaction between these three. James and Kathrine are great. They don't force Dawn to anything but at the same time act like she is a little that needs their help and treat her like any other babied little. And, if I read Kathrines reaction right, I assume they will get a bit more then just some clothes for Dawn. Looking forward to this "family shopping trip" and how well Dawn will take it when she sees the clothes she is supposed to wear.
  6. I love how that played out between Dawn, Katherine and James. Looking forward how this will continue. Maybe, before they get her back to the hotel, they could go out to a nice restaurant together^^
  7. A really great story with an unexpected twist for a diaper dimension story. I really like that!
  8. Yes. The one that snatched her is a single women.
  9. A good start. I'm looking forward on how this goes^^
  10. That's certainly a new and interesting setting for the DD. Looking forward to more^^
  11. Interesting story. I will certainly keep an eye on it for future chapters^^
  12. It's really interesting to see how it goes in the other nations of this dimension. Nice World Building^^
  13. An interesting start for a story. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
  14. I actually don't think Lily just created Mommy Violet to get closer to Daniel. I think she was already an ABDL mommy, before she learned about Daniel. I also believe, except for her real name, she was always honest with him.