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  1. That's one of the few stories that explores one of the darker countries for Littles in the diaper dimension. I'm actually looking forward to read more!
  2. I really love how Sean is handling all this. He is not reacting like all the other littles who come to this dimension and act with anger and violence or, as the Amazons call it, "throwing a tantrum". He plays by their rules and still tries to enjoy himself a little, like at the aquarium. It's certainly a different story from the other DD stories, in a good way. I'm looking forward to how Sean is handling the future.
  3. A great new update! I actually hoped to "see" Sean in one of Abby's dresses. But the Sailor outfit is also nice^^ You should try to add a bit more room or something between the different POV. I sometimes got confused who it is I'm reading about.
  4. I think I know how this goes. And I LOVE it! Looking forward to the next chapter! Could have only been better, if an Amazon mommy would have been injected with them by a little to give her a taste of how it is to be a little in an Amazon society.
  5. A great chapter! Looking forward how Tracey is handling the nursery^^
  6. Hello there! I'm not looking for a specific story, but for stories with specific themes. I'm looking for non-sexual stories where an adult human is mistaken for a baby by a giant creature who maybe doesn't speak the same language (doesn't matter if they are human, ogress, dragon, furry or something) and is then treated like a baby. I already know of the story "Big Changes" that's about a girl that find herself in an Ogre village and is adopted by an ogre women who believes she is a baby and treats her as such. I'm happy for any story you can recommend. Thanks in advance.
  7. I get a feeling Tracey's parents actually WANT her daughter to be a baby. Awesome new chapter! Looking forward to more!
  8. Seems like we are already off to a good start. Looking forward to what happens next^^
  9. It is already pretty outside the norm that they just bring her back to the hotel, despite their wish to adopt her.
  10. I don't think Dawn will be getting back to her dimension anytime soon... if at all...
  11. That's a great story you did with our RP! Lots of cuteness alone in the first chapter^^
  12. Kathrine and James are certainly nicer then other Amazons for not just spanking Dawn into submission. But they still don't treat her like an equal, mature women. I think Dawn has worded it pretty nicely as she asked Kathrine to imagine their positions being switched and she being the one treated like a baby and forced into baby clothes by a much bigger person who don't see her as an adult. Dawn don't want to be a baby. She has dreams and goals of her own, not none of them involving her wearing diapers, carried around and getting kisses from an giant women to make her feel better. I m
  13. I can see how, when they go to the clinic and explain how she hurt her wrist, that Dawn get's scolded for bein a naughty girl and running away from her mommy and daddy. I actually hope she is not throwing another tantrum and behaves for the doctors out of fear. Maybe meeting a few other littles there telling her how it is to live with an amazon mommy and/or daddy. Kathrin and James probably talking with the other parents about their experiences and maybe already setting playdates for little Dawn to help her adjusting to her situation. without Dawn hearing any of this.
  14. No so sure about that. I can imagine Kathrines patience is growing thin, and with Dawn's last comment, she is probably going over her "mother's" knee for a spanking. Even when she is really loved by her new parents, it doesn't mean it's not abusive. They take away her independence and force her into a new live she doesn't want. Even when the have good intentions, it still hurts Dawn.
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