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  1. Collect unemployment or grow dope.
  2. New Huggies Overnites?

    I can squeeze into them. They're smaller than Pampers Cruisers 7, and Baby Dry 6, but I am able to tape them up. They're very soft and feel thick. I'm wearing one now, actually.
  3. I swear this happened. Worst "caught" story ever.

    Yeah. Seriously. I look back on it now about a week later and it's kind of funny. Especially how abrupt it ended after they were confronted with a very wet Molicare Super! I have been felt up before at security...a couple times the padding has set off some sort of alarm in those body scanning machines, necessitating a pat down and they feel my diaper, and usually a mutual look is given, and then my hands are tested for explosives. Nothing has ever come of it. As far as our rights being stripped post 9/11...I wholeheartedly agree. Unfortunately too many people decided to forsake liberty for "security", the octopus is growing, and the cat is out of the bag. It's not a good set of circumstances.
  4. What is Worse, Diaper or Nude?

    I think it's worse to be seen with wet/messy pants than it would be to be seen in a diaper or even naked.
  5. what is your best diaper experience?

    I told someone close to me over the summer while we were away from school and we talked about it, which really helped me loosen up with regards to the whole situation I'm in (I have to wear 24/7 due to no bladder control from an injury). Now that we're back in school again, she's taken a real interest in it...talking about regularly and lately she's even been a sort of "babysitter" who comes over after class for a couple hours and changes me, puts me down for a nap (she naps too), and just kind of makes me feel good about the whole thing. My anxiety and stress levels have fallen off a cliff as a result too. The other one, was, right when I had ended back in diapers, my best female friend and I were in a store and I accidentally messed myself (painkillers can do that). I tried to hide it but she smelled it right away and whispered in my ear "did you have an accident?" I nodded, and she said "It's fine. I love you even if you do poop your pants. I'll change you when we get home." and she did so. I could probably list a few more too. But those two stand out.
  6. You can believe me or not believe me. But I swear this all happened today, and all before noon, to boot. I don't know if this is in the right forum. But it's the truthful events of this morning so I don't know if it qualifies as a story or not. Yeah. Anyway. So I was flying back from a country overseas today that has a dubious reputation as a violent, drug-riddled hellhole. Anyway, due to the fact I booked the trip a day before I took off and only stayed 3 days in said place apparently set off a series of red flags that led to me getting interrogated by customs. I didn't have any drugs on me; I don't do drugs, and I sure as hell aren't going to be trafficking them. Anyway, once they went through my belongings, and then questioned me about being a "drug mule" and having baggies of drugs in my stomach (as an incon I just kind of LOL'd at that), I got taken to a back room to get thoroughly searched. Here's the problem. I'm urinary incon and I wear 24/7 because it's quite frankly easier to deal with that way. The flight I was on had left at 7:15 and I didn't sleep all night owing to the fact I was going to fly out in the early morning and didn't want to miss my flight. I knew I would fall asleep on the plane. I had a Molicare Super Plus on and when I got off the flight, it was throughly soaked. I intended to change, but the bathroom was closed. So I was standing there, getting frisked heavily by 2 customs agents. Finally, one grabbed my rear-end area, and felt the "squish" of the wet diaper. "Are you holding something?" He asked. You could almost hear his voice perk up as he thought he finally found the stash. I told him "it's a diaper. I'm incontinent, and I need to change." He said "Is there anything in it?"" I told him "yeah, piss." Both seemed totally taken aback. The dude just kind of darted out chortling "I'll call about this" and the woman sat there half-dumbfounded. I told her "I"m sorry to make you go through this" and she told me, "It's a medical problem. I have a little niece, well, I guess she isn't little, she's 19 now, but she has the same problem. It's a medical problem." And just stared off. Finally the dude showed back up and told her something and she told me to follow them. So this guy and a woman drug me off to some other room so I could take my diaper off for them and show them it wasn't full of cocaine or something. So I go into this room. I have to take my pants off, and I'm standing there in a shirt and a very wet diaper. The woman just kind of went "Jesus christ", and then ordered me to take it off. So I did. They then looked through it gingerly and poked at it, and the dude said "there's nothing" and then they told me I could wait and put a new diaper on and they'd wait outside. I did. They then escorted me back to my belongings and told me to leave. I don't know what to make of the whole thing. It was surreal.
  7. Alfie's Nappied Life

    I love this. Your writing style is pretty awesome too...reading through reminds me of "The Gift" by the Velvet Underground with regards to how you write. There's something about it. In any regard though, it's great. I hope you keep writing more onto it.
  8. I got found out

    So I have to wear for a number of reasons. I wet the bed because of an injury and I also have day problems too. Anyway, long story short, because of that, I have a stash of diapers and a bodysuit or two to help with it (a childish one too, for fun, of course) Anyway, I woke up yesterday to find that half of my apartment was underwater, and I was asked to move out for a day whlie maintenence handled it. I grabbed a bag of my diapers and brought them with me, however, I did leave a couple bags there, albeit on the other-side of the house from where the leak was. I also left my onesies there. Well, all but one. Anyway I went back last night and found that everything had been moved, and all my dirty clothes (including a stained onesie that said "I heart Mommy" across the front of it, stained from an accident the other night) had been washed and cleaned and laundered for me! The diapers were also in a neat, stacked pile, and there was a note from the girl at the desk I've flirted with regarding "We did your laundry and hope all is well". I'm so embarassed. And I'm sure that sounds like a fap story, but I guarantee you it's true. I have horrible luck...often.
  9. New to wearing

    Honestly, once you realize nobody probably cares what you're wearing and so long as you aren't totally blatant about it, nobody is going to notice. It's getting over that hump that's the first hard part. As far as using the diaper, practice makes perfect I suppose. Changes can be awkward but they can be rewarding too. Some of the most intimate moments I've had are in diaper changes. And I'm in Florida.
  10. What diapers do you wear

    Discretion is everything. So I'm glad I made a pretty recent discovery that Pampers Baby Dry Size 6 can fit and actually work for me. I have to change more often, but its amazingly functional. I wear Abena at night though.
  11. I've been using my diaper for everything for the last month...I have bowel control but it's just easier to use the diaper. Today for some reason I loaded 3 different diapers.
  12. Just Diapers Or Pajamas Too?

    Just a shirt and diaper. Even when I'm home, that's pretty much my outfit
  13. How long have you been a bedwetter?

    I wet every night until I was about 16. I waa put in mostly pull-ups then, though diapers too. It went away. I got assaulted about 8 months ago and got spune damage and I've lost all urinary control, so I'm wetting again at night.
  14. Pooping In Public?

    I'm in a diaper 24/7 anyway for wetting so I use it for messes too. It's just easier.
  15. being put back into Diapers

    It was kind of an ultimatum, but it saved my relationship. I got hurt and lost control of my bladder mostly, due to nerve damage, and it was better than peeing my pants or bed on my fiance.